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Fiction: My Child by I May End Soon by Nobody: 11:06pm On Jun 11, 2018
Re: Fiction: My Child by I May End Soon by Nobody: 11:07pm On Jun 11, 2018
Re: Fiction: My Child by I May End Soon by Nobody: 11:09pm On Jun 11, 2018

Zaynab was sitting on a couch in the living room; lost in thoughts. What had she heard? What seemed to be true to her? Was the man going to tell a lie? Her mother-in-law? That was serious!

“Zaynab!” She suddenly heard a voice as someone tapped her on her shoulder.

“Yes!” Zaynab said in her fright and shock. It was sudden!

“Ahn! Ahn! What are you thinking? You were lost in thoughts! I have been calling you by your name, but no answer from you. Are you alright?” said Hassan as he was curious.

“Don’t bother. I am fine. By the way, I came in and I did not see my boy. Where is he?” said Zaynab.

“Oh! Imran? He is with my mum. I took him to my mother’s place and my mum is travelling with him.” said Hassan.

Zaynab rose from the couch. What did she just hear?

“Ehhhn? What did I hear you say? You took him where?” said Zaynab.

“Zaynab, is there a problem? I said I took him to my mother’s place.” said Hassan.

“Why would you take him there? For what?” asked Zaynab.

“Zaynab, why are you acting like this over the issue? Is there a problem? My mum is travelling with him to a place where she will seek for solution to his problem according to her.” said Hassan.

“Haa! Why did you not tell me that you were taking him there?” said Zaynab.

“Zaynab, there seems to be a problem. I want to know what the problem is if there is. Is this the first time something like will happen? Zaynab, please, if there is a problem, let me know and stop giving me this attitude.” said Hassan.

“Hassan, listen to me. We must go and get that boy. Your mum must not take that boy away. In fact, don’t worry. I am going for my son!” said Zaynab.

Zaynab moved to go out of the bedroom but Hassan grabbed her and pulled her back.

“Zaynab, what is wrong? What is the problem? If there is a problem, let me know. Why don’t you want my mum to take him where she wants to? Had she not been involving herself in the search for solution to his problem? Is this the first time she would take him somewhere?” said Hassan.

“Hassan, I know what I am doing. Your mum must not take him anywhere. I don’t even want him to stay with your mum. It is dangerous.” said Zaynab.

“Zaynab, what is dangerous about that?” said Hassan.

“Hassan, don’t worry about that. What I know is that boy is not staying with your mother. Never! Not while I am alive.” said Zaynab.

“Zaynab, if you know you cannot tell me what it is, then that boy is staying with her. If you cannot give me a reason for him not to stay with my mother, then he is staying. In fact, they will soon be travelling. I have phoned her and I was told they would soon move.” said Hassan.

“Hassan, you are joking! You are not serious! Let me tell you, I am going to get that boy and there is no one who can stop me. I will get my son!” said Zaynab.

Zaynab moved to go out but Hassan grabbed her. He would not let her leave.

“Zaynab, you are looking for trouble this afternoon. If you don’t caution yourself, you may be harmed! Tell me why you want to go get that boy or you are not going out of this house.” said Hassan.

“Hassan, it seems you are ignorant. It seems there is something you do not know. It is dangerous for our son to stay with your mother. I know what I am saying. Let me go and get him before she kills him!” said Zaynab.

Hassan was taken by shock! What? His own mother killing his own son? What was Zaynab talking about?

“Zaynab, what did you just say?” Hassan asked in his curiosity.

“Yes! You heard me! Let me go and get my son before she kills him!” Zaynab said firmly.

“Zaynab, what are you talking about? Please explain to me.” said Hassan. What was she talking about? He wanted to know.

“Okay, you want to know? You want to know right?” said Zaynab.

“Yes, I want to know. Tell me!” said Hassan.

“Hassan, your mother is a witch!” said Zaynab.

Hassan was shocked! Like seriously? That was happening in their house? That had come from his wife?

“Zaynab, what did I just hear you say?” asked Hassan.

“Hassan, you heard me. I said you mother is a witch!” Zaynab said firmly.


“Haaaaaa! Hassan! You slapped me?” Zaynab said as she held the spot in pain.

“And I will do that again! Zaynab, are you insane? Are you crazy? Have you lost your senses? How dare you say that about my mother? My own mother? A witch?” Hassan said in an angry tone; raising his voice.

“Hassan, you slapped my face? You slapped my face?” Zaynab said looking pitiful.

Zaynab put her hand down and walked out on Hassan; she went into the bedroom. Hassan called after her but she did not answer. After the disappearance of Zaynab, Hassan went into his thoughts. He had heard something about his mother from his own wife. Where did she get that from? Could it be true? If it was true, how did she know?

While in his thoughts, all of a sudden, Zaynab got back into the living room with a bag. Hassan could see her and he stared at her face while she stared back. What was it with the bag?

“And what do you want to do with that?” asked Hassan.

“What does it look like? Hassan, I am leaving. I am leaving this house.” Said Zaynab.

Oh! Look at that! Hassan’s wife was going to leave him! How was Hassan going to feel? His wife was leaving!

All of a sudden, Hassan burst out laughing. Zaynab looked at him in surprise! Hassan laughed and moved closer to his wife. He looked her straight in eyes! His face had changed; it looked stern. Zaynab was somewhat afraid as Hassan moved closer to her. What was he going to do?

“Zaynab, if you leave this house and I go after you to beg you or I look for you to beg you to come back, call me a bastard!” Hassan said firmly.

Zaynab watched her husband as he laughed and passed by her side to go into the bedroom. He disappeared! Zaynab’s resolve to leave the house lost balance. Should she leave? Zaynab thought. Hassan did not appear like he cared. So what was the point?

The door to the bedroom opened while Hassan was gazing at a paper in his hands. Hassan brought down the paper to look at what was happening at the door. There she was – with the bag. It seemed she had decided to stay. Both of them stared at each other. Hassan burst out laughing then he said “LOSER!”. Zaynab was offended by that.

“What did you just call me?” said Zaynab.

“You heard me! And what will you do about that?” said Hassan.

“Hassan, you said that to me? Is this what our love has become? You slapped my face and you did not apologize. I even decided not to go despite what you did and you still call me loser. Hassan, this is unfair!” said Zaynab.

“If you say it is unfair, then what would you say about what you did to me? You called my own mother a witch? Do you expect that I would be happy hearing that from you? You expect I will smile at your or pat you on the head for that?” said Hassan.

“Hassan, I am still on the matter. I want my son back! I want my son. Get my son for him. I was the one who bore him.” said Zaynab.

“Zaynab, you are looking for trouble. And I am still on the matter too. If you cannot tell me why you want him back, that boy is staying with her. And for your information, I am not even going to hold you back if you leave for her house. Because I have been told that they have moved. Oh! Sorry for you! You will not meet her at home. And trust me Zaynab, I will never forgive you for this. You dare call my mother a witch? I will never forgive you until you tell me why you said that. What did you see? What did you hear? Where did you get that from? And Zaynab, if you are not careful, this marriage of ours may crash and you will go back to your father’s house!” said Hassan.

Hassan continued with the paper while Zaynab stood at the door. What an experience in their life. What a history in their marriage! But Zaynab was dissatisfied! And she was troubled. Her son was with her husband’s mother. He was close to danger. What was going to happen to him? Perhaps, she was not going to see her son alive again. Zaynab placed the bag somewhere in the bedroom and went out. She was going out. Where was she going?

“Shaykh, please help me. My husband’s mother has gotten my son. She has travelled with him. Perhaps, she was headed to her confraternity. Perhaps, they would kill my son! Alfa, please help! Do something!” said Zaynab.

“You mean that boy is with your husband’s mother?” said the man.

“Yes, she took her away! Please help me!” said Zaynab.

“Haaaa! Danger! This is danger! Your son is in danger.” said the man.

“Ha! Shaykh, help me. I don’t want my son to die. Please do something!” said Zaynab in her panic.

“Hmm! Madam, let me quickly check it out. What will we do next? Let me ask God. He will reveal what is to be done to me. Madam, don’t panic. God is in control!” said the man.

“Shaykh, please do. Please do something.” said Zaynab.

The man brought out the tray of sand and did something on it.

“Haa! Madam, this is danger! What I am seeing is serious! Your son is in danger!” said the man.

“Shaykh, what did you see? What have you seen?” Zaynab was scared.

“Madam, if we don’t do something, after three hours to the time, your son would be dead.” said the man.

“What? Haa! Shaykh, please help me. Help me! My son! My son! Please do something! Please!” said Zaynab.

“Madam, calm down. There is good news.” said the man.

“Really? What is the good news?” Zaynab asked.

“There is something that can be done about this situation. If we do it, trust me, God will save your child from their hands. Because, right now they are at their meeting point where they would kill him.” said the man.

“Ah! Alfa, what is to be done? Let us do it fast before it is too late.” said Zaynab.

“Okay! Madam, please hold on. I want to get something inside. I will be back.” said the man.

“Okay! Please be fast. Be fast oo! My son!” said Zaynab.

The man went inside and came back afterwards with a white piece of cloth in his hand.

“So Madam, you know what we will do now? To save your son, we would have to invoke his spirit to fight for him. His spirit will do the job! And both of us will do the invocation. But you cannot be in these clothes otherwise it will not work. So what you will do is that you will go inside with this cloth. You will pull off all what you have on you including your underwear.” said the man.

“Ehn! Including my underwear?” Zaynab said in her surprise. Her underwear?

“Yes! That is among the requirements for this job! Haa! Do you want your son to be saved? You have to do this if you want to. It is a condition for this to work. If you don’t meet this condition, it will not work.” said the man.

“Okay, I have agreed. But will I just stay naked or what will I do after taking off my clothes?” said Zaynab.

“You will wrap yourself with this cloth. After you have done that, you will call on me. Then I will come in and some other things will be done. Take this cloth and go and do that. Fast! Fast!” said the man.

Zaynab went into a room and did as she had been told. Afterwards, she called on the man and the man went in to her.

“So what will happen next?” asked Zaynab.

“Now, you see this your body is not fortified enough for the job. There is something required for the job that is missing on you. Ah! This is a great job we want to do. We are dealing with witches and wizards. These people are powerful! So I will have to give you some incisions on your body.” said the man.

“Incisions?” asked Zaynab.

“Yes. Don’t panic madam. They are not many. Just three incisions.” said the man.

“So on which part of my body is that?” asked Zaynab.

“One will be on your chest and the two others will be on both breasts!” said the man.

“Ah! Are you serious? No, I cannot allow that. I am a married woman!” said Zaynab.

“Look at this woman! Ah! It looks like you don’t really want your son saved. Woman, time is going. Your son is in danger! We have to do something fast!” said the man.

“But, is there not something else you can do? Why do I have to do that? Can you not give the incision somewhere else?” said Zaynab.

“Woman, you are wasting time. This is what is required for the job. If we cannot do it, we cannot do the job. Woman, if you know you can/t do it, please take your leave. We have to do it!” said the man.

“So you mean I will open my chest for you?” asked Zaynab.

“Yes! Woman, we are doing this for your son! Or don’t you want your son to be saved?” said the man.

“I want him to be saved!” said Zaynab.

“Then don’t waste time. Time is going and your son is in danger.” said the man.

Zaynab thought of what to do. Open her chest for this man? He did not seem like he was joking. Was she really going to do this? If she refused to, what about her son? She wanted him to be saved!

“Are you ready to do it? Remember, it is for your son!” said the man.

“Okay! Come and do it. Do it!” said Zaynab. Zaynab eventually agreed.

“Good! Now go and lay on that bed.” said the man.

Zaynab went to lay on the bed. She was dissatisfied. She did not want to do such. But her son! He was in danger! She wanted him to be saved! She had laid on the bed; so what was next?

“Madam, what you will do now is you will close your eyes!” said the man.

“Close my eyes? Why?” said Zaynab.

“Madam, don’t ask questions. If you want your son to be saved, just do as I tell you. You have to close your eyes.” said the man.

And Zaynab closed her eyes. The man did something on her. But what was he doing? Zaynab did not expect that he would do what he was doing! Zaynab’s eyes were closed. She could not see him. She did not want to open it. But she was feeling uneasy. This man seemed to be doing something else. Zaynab was curious! After awhile, Zaynab did not want to continue closing her eyes. No! She wanted to see what was going on! And Zaynab opened her eyes! And what did she see? What did it seem to her like the man was doing? It seemed like this man wanted to sleep with her!

“Get off Me! Get off!” Zaynab said as she fought and struggled against him to break free.

Zaynab struggled to get the man off and the man forced himself on her. Zaynab would not yield and he would not stop. He was going to rape her! What was Zaynab going to do? There was not weapon around! No knife! No bottle! No stick! Nothing she could use on him. Zaynab struggled to prevent him from achieving his aim. Somehow, Zaynab was able to push the man aside and she quickly got down from the bed. She broke free! She grabbed the white clothe and wrapped herself with it. What was she going to do next? Would she start wearing her clothes or she would run out of house like that. Zaynab thought of what to do!

The man got down from the bed and stood on his feet. He looked at Zaynab with such a determined look on his face. Zaynab felt it was not over. She watched at this man took steps towards her in way that seemed like he was going to grab her. Zaynab moved backwards as he moved towards her.

“Stop! Stop! Leave me! Stop!” Zaynab said as she moved backwards. She was afraid.

But he would not stop. Zaynab moved backwards until she could feel her back touch the wall. The man did not stop moving. He got closer and closer! Zaynab was afraid! What would she do? Zaynab looked to her left and her sight caught it! She did not want to waste time! She grabbed it and waved the sharp knife at his face to scare him. But to her surprise, the man did not look afraid neither did he stop or step back.

“Hey! Don’t come near me! I warn you! Don’t come near me. Get back! Get back!” said Zaynab as her moved closer.

“Arrrgggh!” The man yelled!

When the man would not stop, Zaynab struck him with the knife on his chest. He held the knife with one hand and fell down on his knees. Blood flowed out from the spot. He was weakened! Quickly, Zaynab reached for her clothes and put them on. She rushed out of the room afterwards. Out of the room, out of the apartment, out to the road! Zaynab was eventually out! Zaynab thought about what had happened! That man? Whom she had thought was a man of God? That man wanted to sleep with her. He wanted to rape her! Zaynab did not see it coming that he would try such with her. Zaynab was confused! Anyways, she was out!

Suddenly, Zaynab felt something touch her on her shoulder.

“Haaa!” Zaynab screamed. She was frightened by the touch.

“Zaynab, what is wrong with you? Are you alright” said the man who had touched her.

“Oh! Ibraaheem! It is you.” said Zaynab feeling relieved.

“Yes. It is me. Are you alright?” said Ibraaheem.

“Ermm… I…. Ermm…” Zaynab stammered.

“Zaynab, you don’t look alright. Anyways, come into the car and let us go and have a talk. I was even pressing the horn but you did not look there. Let us go!” said Ibraaheem.

Ibraaheem took Zaynab to where his car was and he drove her to his house. Who was Ibraaheem by the way?
Re: Fiction: My Child by I May End Soon by Nobody: 11:10pm On Jun 11, 2018


I, Musbaudeen ibn Tajudeen ibn Musbaudeen (I May End Soon) swear by Allaah, The Almighty, The Greatest, that in Islam, magic and soothsaying/astrology/fortune-telling is PROHIBITED!


It was narrated that Ibn ‘Abbaas (may Allaah be pleased with him) said: the Messenger of Allaah (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said: “Whoever seeks knowledge from the stars is seeking one of the branches of witchcraft…” Narrated by Abu Dawood with a saheeh isnaad.

It was narrated that Mu’aawiyah ibn al-Hakam said: “I said, ‘O Messenger of Allaah, I am still close to the time of Jaahiliyyah [i.e., I am new in Islam]. Allaah has brought Islam to us, but there are among us men who go to soothsayers (fortune tellers).’ He said, ‘Do not go to them.’ I said, ‘And there are men among us who practise augury [watch birds for omens].’ He said, ‘That is something which they make up. Do not believe them.’” (Narrated by Muslim).

It was narrated from Abu Mas’ood al-Badri that the Messenger of Allaah (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) forbade the price of a dog, the fee of a prostitute and the payment of a soothsayer. (Narrated by al-Bukhaari and Muslim).

It was reported that ‘Aa’ishah (may Allaah be pleased with her) said: “Some people asked the Messenger of Allaah (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) about soothsayers. He said, ‘They are nothing.’ They said, ‘O Messenger of Allaah, sometimes they say something and it comes true.’ The Messenger of Allaah (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said: ‘That is a word of truth that the jinn snatches and whispers into the ear of his familiar, but they mix a hundred lies with it.’” (Narrated by al-Bukhaari and Muslim).

It was narrated from Abu Hurayrah (may Allaah be pleased with him) that the Messenger of Allaah (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said: “Whoever comes to a soothsayer and believes what he says, or has intercourse with a woman in her back passage, has nothing to do with that which has been revealed to Muhammad (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him).” (Narrated by Abu Dawood).


Shaykh Ibn ‘Uthaymeen said:

Those who go to fortunetellers fall into three categories:

1 – The one who goes to a fortuneteller and asks him things without believing in what he says. This is haraam, and the punishment of the one who does that is that his prayers are not accepted for forty days, as it is narrated in Saheeh Muslim(2230), that the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said: “Whoever goes to a fortuneteller and asks him about something, his prayer will not be accepted for forty days.”

2 – When a person goes to a fortuneteller and asks him about something and believes what he says. This is disbelief in Allaah (kufr), because he is believing the fortuneteller’s claim to have knowledge of the unseen, and believing a human’s being claim to have knowledge of the unseen constitutes disbelief in the verse in which Allaah says (interpretation of the meaning):

“Say: None in the heavens and the earth knows the Ghayb (Unseen) except Allaah”

[al-Naml 27:65].

Hence it says in the saheeh hadeeth: “Whoever goes to a fortuneteller and believes what he says has disbelieved in that which was revealed to Muhammad (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him).”

3 – When he goes to a fortuneteller and asks him questions so that he can explain to the people what he is really doing, which is deceiving people and leading them astray. There is nothing wrong with this. The evidence for that is the fact that the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) went to Ibn Sayyaad. The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) though of something to himself. The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) asked him what he was thinking of and he said, “Al-dukh” meaning al-dukhaan (smoke). End quote.

Majmoo’ Fataawa wa Rasaa’il al-Shaykh Ibn ‘Uthaymeen, 2/184


There is no good magic in Islam – From: islamqa.info


According to Islamic teaching, all magic is evil, for two reasons:


The way in which it is attained, through which the practitioner of magic or witchcraft seeks help from the realm of the jinn and shayaateen (devils) to achieve his magic. This is a way that is filled with things that undermine one’s religious commitment and involves resorting to haraam things and – in many cases – falling into disbelief and apostasy. That is done is done to please the devils to meet the needs of that unknown realm which seeks to deceive the sons of Adam.


The aim of Islam is to close this door altogether and block the means that usually lead to spreading evil among the people and causing trouble among them. That is because most of the deeds that the practitioners of magic commit only result in causing evil and harm to people. Hence it is reasonable and acceptable to say that a complete prohibition is the only way to block this evil and to rid the land and community of those evil deeds and of the illusions and myths that are connected to them, by ridding societies of witchcraft and its practitioners. This obviously serves a great purpose.
From: islamqa.info


In fact some of the scholars have stated that there is no benefit whatsoever in learning witchcraft, as al-‘Allaamah ash-Shinqeeti (may Allah have mercy on him) said:

One of the clearest indications of that is the fact that Allah, may He be exalted, clearly stated that it is harmful and is of no benefit, as He said (interpretation of the meaning): “And they learn that which harms them and benefits them not” [al-Baqarah 2:102]. As Allah has affirmed that witchcraft is harmful and has stated that there is no benefit in it, how can it be permissible to learn that which is pure harm and in which there is no benefit?!

From: islamqa.info


The practitioner of magic is the person who uses the shayaateen (devils) and gets close to the jinn by doing the things they like – such as sacrificing to them instead of to Allaah, calling upon them alongside Allaah, obeying them by disobeying Allaah by committing zinaa, drinking wine, eating haraam things, neglecting prayer, covering himself with najaasaat (impure things) and staying in dirty places – until the shayaateen respond to what he asks them, with a gentle and kind approach, to do, such as harming the people against whom he uses his magic, causing division between a man and his wife, telling him some unseen things, and telling him about stolen items and where lost things are. Such a person is a mushrik and a kaafir, because he worships both Allaah and the Shaytaan, which is major shirk (al-shirk al-akbar). So he is a kaafir, because Allaah says (interpretation of the meaning);

“Sulaymaan did not disbelieve, but the Shayaateen (devils) disbelieved, teaching men magic” [al-Baqarah 2:102]

“but neither of these two (angels) taught anyone (such things) till they had said, ‘We are for trial, so disbelieve not (by learning this magic from us).’” [al-Baqarah 2:102]

From: islamqa.info


But someone may say “But we do see Islamic clerics who do soothsaying/fortune-telling and magic. If it is prohibited in Islam, then why do they do it?”

Check this out:

The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) also described them in the following terms: “My ummah will split into seventy-three sects, all of whom will be in Hell except one group.” They said: Who are they, O Messenger of Allaah? He said: “(Those who follow) that which I and my companions follow.” This is mentioned in the hadeeth of ‘Abd-Allaah ibn ‘Amr which was recorded and classed as hasan by al-Tirmidhi (2641). It was also classed as hasan by al-‘Iraaqi in Ahkaam al-Qur’aan(3/432), al-‘Iraaqi in Takhreej al-Ihya’ (3/284) and al-Albaani in Saheeh al-Tirmidhi.

It is clear from the above hadith that there will be some people who will claim or appear to people like Muslim, but eventually they will end in the hell-fire. It is not what a person does that matters; It is the rulings and teaching of Islam itself that matters.


Re: Fiction: My Child by I May End Soon by Nobody: 11:11pm On Jun 11, 2018

(At Ibraaheem’s house)

To Ibraaheem, Zaynab did not look alright. And he was curious to know what was wrong with her. Was she okay? If there was a problem, what was it? Ibraaheem asked Zaynab to tell him what the problem was if there was a problem. Zaynab was familiar with him. He was not a stranger. She knew him very well. And that was not the first time she would be in his house and on various occasion had Ibraaheem also been in her husband’s house. Zaynab wanted to tell him something. Why was she looking worried? What was wrong with her? Was she going to tell him her experience with that man?

Zaynab eventually spoke. Ibraaheem had asked and she would give him an answer. She said she was worried over the case of her son; what had been happening to him. She said that she was tired of her son’s condition. After her story, Ibraaheem felt pity for her. He wanted to sympathize with her. She sounded hurt and he was touched. He wanted to console her. Ibraaheem moved closer to Zaynab and wrapped his arm around her shoulder. Zaynab placed her head on his chest. He said consoling words to her as Zaynab’s face looked pitiful. This was Zaynab; someone’s wife. Who was Ibraaheem? Wrapping his arm around someone’s wife and Zaynab did not object? Who was he?

All of a sudden, the door opened! Zaynab and Ibraaheem looked up at the door. What? Someone was there! Ibraaheem quickly withdrew his arm. Zaynab sharply rose on her feet. What was the one who had showed up going to think? It was Zaynab and Ibraaheem like that!

“Hassan, please don’t misunderstand or misinterpret what you saw. There was not going to be anything between us. We did not want to do anything. He was just consoling me.” said Zaynab.

“Hassan, please try to understand. There is nothing between us. I was only consoling her.” said Ibraaheem.

Hassan was the one who had come in. and he saw who? His wife and his friend! In such position? Could it be? Could it be what he was thinking? However, what Hassan had seen made him remember something.


Hassan visited his mother. And that was after the day that his mother had come to their house to deliver the bottle which she had said contained medicine to Zaynab.

“Mummy, thanks for the other day.” said Hassan.

“Which day is that?” asked his mother.

“That day you brought that medicine for Zaynab. So that medicine is intended to ease her labour right?” said Hassan.

His mother laughed. Hassan was surprised.

“Ease her labour ko? Look at this boy. Hassan, are you not aware of what is happening these days. Where a woman will give birth to a child and thus husband is not the father of the child? See that liquid I gave your wife is not for her labour to be easy. I said that to play a trick on your wife.” said his mother.

“Mum, what are you talking about? I don’t understand.” said Hassan.

“Wait, let me ask you. Has she been taking it?” said his mother.

“Yes, for over a week now.” said Hassan.

“Opari! The work is done!” said his mother.

“Mum, what are you talking about? Please explain to me.” said Hassan.

“Hassan, you want to know how it works? As she has taken that thing, even if she took only two spoons, if that pregnancy she has in her is not for you. I mean if you are not the one who got her pregnant, when the baby eventually comes out, it will be a baby of difficulties. It will be a baby of calamities!” his mother said.

Hassan was shocked and dissatisfied.

“Mum, but that is unnecessary. I know my wife and I trust her. She is not promiscuous. And besides, we could have a DNA test to confirm if I am the father of the child and I don’t even want to do that either. I don’t need what you have done. I trust my wife and I know who she is.” said Hassan.

“Come on, go and sit down somewhere! You trust your wife. Look at his mouth. That is a way for you to know if your wife is having extra marital affairs. Look whether you trust or not, I have already done that. And let us wait till the child is born. It is not in my lifetime that you will nurture a bastard child till he grows up and call yourself his father. Over my dead body!” said the mother.

(Flashback ends)

Hassam though of what he had seen. Was there a connection? Could it be? Could it be that his wife and his friend were having extramarital affair. Could it be that Ibraaheem was the one who had got Zaynab pregnant?

“Ibraaheem! Hassan yelled as he looked at his friend in fury. He did not seem like he was convinced of their story. Hassan then began moving! Both Ibraaheem and Zaynab were terrified at the sight of him coming towards Ibraheem. He looked dangerous! Zaynab tried to plead with him. Man, it is not what you are thinking!

“Hassan, please believe me. try to understand. It is now what you are thinking. There is nothing between. There is no…. Haaaaa!!!”

Zaynab screamed at the sight of what her husband had done to his friend. Hassan had approached Ibraaheem, grabbed his head and rushed forward with force, hitting his head against the wall! SMASH!!! Ibraaheem fell the ground! Zaynab looked closely at the body of Ibraaheem lying on the ground. What had happened to him? Perhaps, Her husband had killed someone.

“Ahhh! Hassan, you have killed someone!” said Zaynab.

“And you are next! You are next, you adulterer!” Hassan said. He was irate! He was enraged!

Hassan rushed towards his wife. She was able to dodge him as he tried to grab her and she ran out of Ibraaheem’s house. Hassan ran after her. It was such a chase! Hassan was furious! Hassan chased his wife until….. Ahhhhhhh!!!

“What? Driver, come down! Get down! Come and see what you have done!” Hassan yelled.

The person who drove the car that hit Zaynab stepped down from the car. Zaynab had run into a road and she was knocked down by a vehicle. Her body lay on the ground; although she was still moving. Hassan approached the driver who was a man and grabbed him by his clothes!

“You have knocked down my wife. Look at what you have done!” Hassan said to the man.

“Please be calm. It was not intentional. Your wife actually ran into my way!” said the panicky man who drove the car.

“Leave that story! What are we going to do now?” said Hassan.

Hassan and the man approached Zaynab and they lifted her into his car. The man drove off to the hospital. Zaynab had been knocked down!


The Prophet (blessings and peace of Allah be upon him) said: “No man should be alone with a woman unless there is a mahram with them.” Narrated by al-Bukhaari (1862) and Muslim (1341).

Abdullaah ibn ‘Umar(rA) reported that the Prophet (saw) said:
The Prophet of Islam (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said: “No man is alone with a woman but the Shaytaan will be the third one present.”


But a man may say “Musbaudeen, you are such an extremist. Are you going to tell me to avoid being alone with a non-mahram lady even if we are just friends or we have no intention to sleep with each other?”

The answer is: YES!

YES! Avoid it as much as you can and that is it!


Zaynab was attended to at the hospital. After a few days, the doctor declared her fit to go home. And together with her husband, Zaynab went home. At home, Hassan was not happy with his wife. He had seen her with his friend. He had seen them in a compromising position. He was connecting what he had seen to what his mother had told him. Zaynab knelt down before her husband and pleaded with him. It was not what you are thinking man. It was only a consolation. Come on, Man!

“Hassan, please believe me! There is nothing between I and your friend. He was only consoling me.” Zaynab pleaded.

“Consoling you for what? What was he consoling you for and besides, how did you get to his house? Why did you go to his house?”

“Hassan, erm… I …. Erm…” Zaynab stammered. Was she going to tell him she had gone to the house of that man who wanted to rape her? She had been hiding her dealings with that man from him. What was she going to tell him?

“You see your life. Liar! Adulterer! I will never forgive you for this, what explanation can you give to convince me that there is nothing between both of you.” said Hassan.

“No! Hassan please believe me. There is nothing! There is nothing between us.” said Zaynab.

“Then answer my questions! Why did you go to his house and what was he consoling you for?” said Hassan.

“Hassan…. Hassan… erm..” Zaynab stammered.

“SO you cannot talk?” You cannot…”

Hassan did not finish his statement. They both heard a knock on the door. Both went silent. They listened closely. And again; a knock on the door. They heard it. Someone was at the door! Zaynab rose on her feet from her kneeling position.

“Please, come in. the door is open.” said Hassan.

The door opened. Two men entered into the house. Hassan and Zaynab looked at them; they did not know them. They were strange people. Who were they and why had they come?

“I am sorry gentlemen, I don’t know you. How may I help you please?” said Hassan.

The two men bring out their identity cards and showed it to Hassan and his wife.

“I am Inspector Richardson and this is Inspector James; from Efficient police station. Are you Mr. Hassan?” one of them said.

“Yes I am.” said Hassan looking surprised. Policemen in his house?

“Do you know of any man by the name Ibraaheem?” asked Inspector Richardson.

“Yes I do. He is my friend.” Hassan said.

“Were you at his house on Friday” asked Richardson.

“Ye… Yes, I was.” Hassan said.

“Mr. Hassan, you are under arrest!” said Richardson.

Zaynab looked at her husband’s face. Ehh! Trouble! Did Ibraaheem die? Was he dead? Perhaps, they had come to arrest her husband for murder! Zaynab was panicky!

“Mr. Hassan, please don’t waste our time. Get up and come with us. You are under arrest!” said Inspector James.

Hassan got up and the police men took his out into the compound. Zaynab was worried and moved to tears. Perhaps, her husband was going to be sentenced for murder! What was going to happen to their marriage? She regretted going with Ibraaheem to his house. Zaynab walked behind the three of them as her husband was being walked towards the gate. Then something happened that gave Zaynab a shock! Suddenly, three figures came into the compound. Zaynab looked at their faces. She was shocked at the sight of one of them! She could recognize him. Zaynab tried to hide her face!

“Hey! Don’t hide your face. I can see you. Officers, there she is. The woman who stabbed my father! Look at her. Look at her face! Officers, get her!” said the man who Zaynab knew.

Hassan looked at his wife in surprise. What? His wife stabbed someone? Hassan did not know of such. Who was it and why would his wife do that?

“Zaynab, what is he talking about?” Hassan asked in his curiosity.

Zaynab kept mute. She understood what was happening. She knew who she had stabbed. The Shaykh! The man who wanted to rape her. His son had come for her.

“Madam, are you Mrs. Zaynab?” one of the police officers who had come with the Shaykh’s son said.

“Ye… Yes!” Zaynab replied.

“Madam, you are under arrest!” said the officer.

“Don’t waste time. Get her! Get her! Criminal!” the Shaykh’s son said.

And it so happened that afternoon that both husband and wife were taken away by police officers. Perhaps they were both going to be sentenced to death; perhaps Ibraaheem and the Shaykh were dead!

But no! Ibraaheem was not dead! Yes! Ibraaheem survived the attack. He was taken to the hospital and treatment was administered on him. He had regained consciousness. He was the one who had told the police by himself that Hassan had attacked him. And afterwards, what happened? Hassan was released. Ibraaheem was not dead and he himself had declared that he did not want any case against his friend. Hassan was eventually released. After his release, Hassan went home!

Hassan eventually arrived home! Hassan wondered and pondered. What was the state of their house?He could remember they had left their door unlocked! Perhaps, someone had broken into the house. Hassan was curious to know the situation of his domicile. He opened the door and… Look! Hassan was shocked! What? How come! What did he see?

Zaynab fell on her knees looking pitiful as she had seen her husband arrive. His wife was already in the house. Was she released as well?

“Hassan, please I am sorry. I am sorry for what I have done. I am sorry I did not tell you.” Zaynab pleaded.

Hassan thought of what she meant. Perhaps, it was about what he was curious about. Who was the man she had stabbed and why did he stab her? Hassan was curious! But first, how did she get into the house?

“What are you doing here? I thought you were arrested.” said Hassan.

“Yes, I was. But I was later released. The man survived the attack and he said that he did not want any case against me. Hassan, I did not just act like that. I did not just stab the man for nothing. I did it to defend myself.” said Zaynab.

Hassan heaved a sigh and went to sit on a couch close to where Zaynab was kneeling. He wanted an explanation!

“Zaynab, please explain to me. What happened? Who is the man and what happened between you too?” said Hassan.

Zaynab narrated her story to Hassan. What she had been hiding from him; she told him. Her first visit to the Shaykh; the sacrifice and the soap; how he had asked her to pull off her clothes; how he wanted to rape her; Zaynab told him. Upon hearing the story, Hassan was hurt. You know what it felt like for him? You know what it felt like for another man to have seen his wife’s unclothedness? Hassan was hurt! He heard the story and his heart was struck with grief. Seconds later, it was tears. Tears! Hassan could not hold back the tears. Grief! Grief!

“My wife! My wife with another man! My wife’s unclothedness was revealed to another man!” said Hassan in his tears and grief.

“I am sorry, Hassan. But please trust me. Nothing happened between us. I tried to prevent that from happening and that was why I stabbed him. I defended myself. Trust me, nothing happened!” said Zaynab.

“Aaaarrrrgghh!” Hassan yelled as he rose from the seat in his grief. He then went to the door and placed his forehead and right arm on it as he cried bitterly. He was really hurt!

“Hassan, please believe me. Nothing happened between us. Please trust me.” said Zaynab.

Hassan continued to cry. Zaynab was worried. Was her husband going to be pleased with her in the house? Was their relationship going to be smooth? What was next to do? This man did not stop crying. His condition looked pitiful. How were they going to deal with the situation?

“Hassan, I swear by Allaah, nothing happened between us. But if you know you are not satisfied and are no more pleased with me as your wife, why don’t you take a divorce?” Zaynab said.

Hassan lifted his head from the door as he heard that. Divorce! Was the idea of divorce buyable? Was divorce a good option or measure to take in that situation? Hassan thought about the whole thing. His wife had said nothing had happened! Hassan did not know his wife as promiscuous. Hassan decided he was not going to let the matter get to that level. He left the door; went to his wife; grabbed her; lifted her up on her feet; looked straight into her eyes. Zaynab was curious! Curious to know what he had in mind; curious to hear what he would say. Perhaps, she was going to regret saying what she said. She did not really mean it. She did not want it. She did not like it.

“I know what happened to you. I know what you were doing. It was for our son; you were concerned about him. You were after his well-being. You were after solution to his problem. Zaynab, I never knew you to be promiscuous. I believe your story. And I also believe you that there is nothing between you and Ibraaheem. And I still love you as my wife. Zaynab, I have forgiven you.” said Hassan.

And both of them embraced each other in their tears. Hassan’s mother got back from travel. She arrived their home with their son. Hassan and Zaynab were curious. Perhaps, their son was now fine. Hassan’s mother brought their son alive. He was not killed. It seemed to Zaynab that the man had been lying. But was their son okay?

Was he okay?

Was he okay?

Like, was he free of his predicament?

Did his problem go away?

After all Zaynab’s steps with the man she went to. After all what Hassan’s mother had done over the child; taking the case to various men; men who had requested for money to get this and get that; after all the money she had given out to those men, was the boy okay?

Was he okay?

No! Something happened again! The bottom-line was that the boy was not free of his predicament!

Re: Fiction: My Child by I May End Soon by Nobody: 11:14pm On Jun 11, 2018

The problem with their son made their hearts softened that they felt moving closer to God. It was a moment of trouble; moment of panic. It was beyond their capacity! They had tried different means. No result! Their hearts were taken by grief out of all what they had experience over and because of their son. What was next? What were they going to do? Hassan and Zaynab had not been religiously committed! More of secularism than their religion! How many prayers had they missed in their lives? How many times had Hassan stepped into a mosque for prayers in his life? Their hearts were softened and they decided they would pick up some things in their religious affairs which they had neglected.

One day, Hassan was in a mosque. Sometime after Asr prayer, Hassan sat somewhere in the mosque. Part of his face was wet with tears; he cried and cried. All of a sudden, Hassan felt a tap on his back. He looked back and saw someone.

“Asalam Alaykum brother. The Imam is calling for you.” said the person.

Hassan looked at the direction which the person was pointing at and he saw who had called for him. Hassan looked at this man; examining him. His turban; his white fine-looking beard. Hassan sensed something about him. He looked closely to confirm; was it what he was thinking? It seemed like the man he was looking at had lost his eyesight. And actually, the man was blind. Afterwards, Hassan rose up and went close to him. The other man followed.

“Imam, he is here.” said the other man.

“Ask him to sit down if he is not sitting.” said the Imam.

“Brother, sit down.” said the man.

The other man left; leaving Hassan with the Imam.

“I had asked that you come to see me. Though, I am blind but I am not deaf. I had heard your cries. Anyway, let us leave here and go have a discussion in my place.”

(At the Imam’s place)

“So brother, why were you crying?”

Hassan narrated his story to him. The Imam thought of what to do; he asked that Hassan take him to his house. And Hassan took him. Eventually, they arrived at Hassan’s house. What was going to happen next?

“Where is the boy? said the Imam.

The boy was brought and the Imam recited Qur’an on the boy. All of a sudden…


“Look! Look at my son. Look at the way he is acting. Look at his voice! He sounds strange! He does not look alright!” Zaynab said. She was terrified at the sight of how her son was behaving. It was strange to her.

“Calm down, woman. Calm down both of you. Husband and wife, please calm down and wait. I can relate with what is happening. Just calm down.” said the Imam.

“Argghh! My son! My son! She killed my son! She killed my son! I was taking my revenge! I was taking my revenge!”

Zaynab and Hassan were surprised! They did not expect that their son would speak like that. That little boy who has not aged two years? But it was not the boy who was actually speaking.

“What is happening? This is my son; what son is he talking about? What is happening?”

“She killed my son! She killed my son!”


On one afternoon, inside the home of Hassan and Zaynab, both of them were in such a frenzy. Something was happening in the house!

“Zaynab, be fast. Get me the machete! Get me the machete!” Hassan said; frenzied.

Zaynab appears with two objects in her hand; a stick and a machete. She handed the machete to her husband. This was a time when Imran had not been given birth to.

“Have this! (the machete) I will hold on to this (the stick). Where is it now?” said Zaynab.

“It is crawled under the couch. I suggest we move this couch. We must kill this snake today.” said Hassan.

Hassan went to one end of the couch and moved it.

“Have you seen it?” Hassan asked out.

“No, I haven’t. I suggest you move it further.”

Hassan moved it. Zaynab’s eyes caught it!

“I have seen it! I have seen it!” Zaynab said aloud.

“Let me come and machete it. Move away!” said Hassan.

Before Hassan got there, Zaynab pounded the snake’s head repeatedly. Blood! Blood! Afterwards, Zaynab withdrew. Hassan looked at wife’s face. He was amazed at her courage.

“Have you killed it?” Hassan asked his wife.

Yes, she had! She did! She killed the snake! They had found a snake in their house and Zaynab had… finished it! But there was something they knew not about the snake. The snake was a… story continues.

(Flashback ends)

“Do you know what he is talking about?” asked the Imam.

“Yes, I can remember that event. I was the one who killed the snake.” said Zaynab.

“Arrggh Arghh! You killed my son! That snake that you killed is my son!”

“Sir, what is happening? What is he talking about?” asked Zaynab.

“Don’t you understand what is happening? It is a jinn speaking. The snake which you killed was a jinn who had transformed into a snake. And that was his son.” said the Imam.

Zaynab covered her mouth in her shock! Hassan and Zaynab looked at each other. They did not know.

“Yes! She killed him! I felt so hurt. I felt so pained. And I got angry! I wanted to take my revenge. And what did I do? What did I do? I entered into her body! Yes! I entered into her body. It was in the bathroom; in the bathroom. I wanted to take my revenge. And I saw that she was pregnant. I entered into her body and possessed the child. Yes, I did it! I did it! It was me!”

“Okay, O jinn. I ask of you! Come out of the child! Leave the child for the sake of Allaah.!” said the Imam.

“Really? Hmm! Okay, I have agreed. But for your sake. For your sake, I will come out.”

“No! Who am I? Never! Don’t do it for my sake. Rather for the sake of Allaah, get out of the child!” said the Imam.

“Hmm! You have passed my test! You passed my test! You passed my test! Okay! I am out! I am out! I am out!”

Afterwards, the child started crying. The jinn was out and that was the problem. The baby was healed!


As for the one who calls himself a Shaykh or Alfa and he involves in magic and soothsaying/fortune-telling, Shame On You! Shame On You!


Types of jinn

Allaah has created different types of jinn. Among them are some who can take on different forms, such as dogs and snakes; some who are like flying winds with wings; and some who can travel and rest. Abu Tha’labah al-Khushani said: “The Messenger of Allaah (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said: ‘The jinn are of three types: a types that has wings, and they fly through the air; a type that looks like snakes and dogs; and a type that stops for a rest then resumes its journey.” (Reported by al-Tahhaawi in Mushkil al-Athaar, 4/95, and by al-Tabaraani in al-Kabeer, 22/214. Shaykh al-Albaani said in al-Mishkaat (2/1206, no. 4148): al-Tahhaawi and Abu’l-Shaykh reported it with a saheeh isnaad).

From: islamqa.info

Shaykh Ibn ‘Uthaymeen (may Allah have mercy on him) said:

“Undoubtedly the jinn can have a harmful effect on humans, and they could even kill them. They may harm a person by throwing stones at him, or by trying to terrify him, and other things that are proven in the sunnah (prophetic teachings) or indicated by real events. It was reported that the Messenger (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) gave permission to one of his companions to go to his wife during one of the military campaigns – I think it was the campaign of al-Khandaq – as he was a young man who had recently got married. When he reached his house, he found his wife standing at the door, and he objected to that. She said to him, ‘Go inside,’ so he went inside and found a snake curled up on the bed. He had a spear with him, so he stabbed it with the spear until it died, and at the same instant as the snake died the man also died. It was not known which of them died first, the snake or the man. When the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) heard of that, he forbade killing the harmless kinds of snakes that are found in houses, apart from those which are maimed or are streaked and malignant.

From: islamqa.info

The dwelling-places of the jinn

The jinn live on this earth where we do. They are mostly to be found in ruins and unclean places like bathrooms, dunghills, garbage dumps and graveyards. Hence the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) taught us to take precautions when entering such places, by reciting the adhkaar (prayers) prescribed by Islam. One of these was reported by Anas ibn Maalik (may Allaah be pleased with him), who said: “When the Messenger of Allaah (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) entered the toilet, he would say, ‘Allaahumma innee a’oodhu bika min al-khubuthi wa’l-khabaa’ith (O Allaah, I seek refuge with You from the evil ones, male and female).’” (Reported by al-Bukhaari, 142; and Muslim, 375). Al-Khattaabi explained that khubuth is the plural of khabeeth (evil or dirty – masculine form), and khabaa’ith is the plural of khabeethah (evil or dirty – feminine form), and that what is meant is male and female shayaateen.

From: islamqa.info

When a man has intercourse with his wife, he should say: “Bismillaah, Allaahumma jannibnaa al-shaytaan wa jannib al-shaytaan maa razqtanaa (In the name of Allaah, O Allaah Keep us away from the Shaytaan and keep the Shaytaan away from what You bestow on us (our children)).” The Messenger of Allaah (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said: If Allaah decrees that they should have a child, the Shaytaan will never harm him.” (Narrated by al-Bukhaari, 9/187)

From: islamqa.info

As regards treatment (of one whose body has been entered by the jinn), Ibn Taymiyah said (Majmoo’ al-Fataawa, 19/42): “When the jinn attack a person, they should be told of the rulings of Allah and His Messenger, proof should be established against them, and they should be commanded to do what is good and told not to do what is evil, just as should be done in the case of people, as Allah says (interpretation of the meaning): ‘And We never punish until We have sent a Messenger (to give warning)’ [al-Israa’ 17:15].” Then he said: “If the jinn does not leave after being addressed in this manner, then it is permissible to rebuke him, tell him off, threaten him and curse him, as the Messenger of Allah (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) did with the Shaytaan when he came with a falling star to throw it in his face, and the Messenger (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said: “I seek refuge with Allah from you and I curse you with the curse of Allah” – three times. (Narrated by al-Bukhaari).

We may also seek help against the jinn by remembering Allah (dhikr) and reciting Qur’an, especially Aayat al-Kursiy. The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said: “Whoever recites it will remain under the protection of Allah and no Shaytaan (devil) will be able to approach him until the morning.” (Narrated by al-Bukhaari). And al-Mi’wadhatayn (the last two soorahs of the Qur’an) may also be recited.

From: islamqa.info

Protection from the harm of the jinn

Because the jinn can see us while we cannot see them, the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) taught us many ways to protect ourselves from their harm, such as seeking refuge with Allaah from the accursed Shaytaan, reciting Soorat al-Falaq and Soorat al-Naas (the last two Soorahs of the Qur’aan), and reciting the words taught by Allaah in the Qur’aan (interpretation of the meaning): “Say: ‘My Lord! I seek refuge with You from the whisperings (suggestions) of the shayaateen (devils). And I seek refuge with You, my Lord, lest they may attend (or come near) me.’” [al-Mu’minoon 23:97-98]

Saying Bismillaah (in the Name of Allaah) before entering one’s home, before eating or drinking, and before having intercourse will also keep the Shaytaan from entering the house or partaking with a person in his food, drink and sexual activity. Similarly, mentioning the name of Allaah before entering the toilet or taking off one’s clothes will prevent the jinn from seeing a person’s ‘awrah or harming him, as the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said, “To put a barrier that will prevent the jinn from seeing the ‘awrah of the sons of Aadam, let any one of you say ‘Bismillaah’ when entering the toilet.” (Reported by al-Tirmidhi, 551; Saheeh al-Jaami’, 3611).

Strength of faith and religion in general will also prevent the jinn from harming a person, so much so that if they were to fight, the one who has faith would win. ‘Abd-Allaah ibn Mas’ood (may Allaah be pleased with him) said: “A man from among the Companions of Muhammad met a man from among the jinn. They wrestled, and the human knocked down the jinn. The human said to him, ‘You look small and skinny to me, and your forearms look like the front paws of a dog. Do all the jinn look like this, or only you?’ He said, ‘No, by Allaah, among them I am strong, but let us wrestle again, and if you defeat me I will teach you something that will do you good.’ The human said, ‘Fine.’ He said, ‘Recite, ‘Allaah! None has the right to be worshipped but He, the Ever-living, the One Who sustains and protects all that exists…’ [Aayat al-Kursi – al-Baqarah 2:255 – interpretation of the meaning]. The human said, ‘Fine.’ He said, ‘You will never recite this in your house but the Shaytaan will come out of it like a donkey breaking wind, and he will never come back in until the next morning.’” (Reported by al-Daarimi, 3247).






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