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The Devil In The Suit by Iwrite(f): 11:22pm On Jun 21, 2018

He is the lion and she is the prey. He is the king of the jungle and she, the lowest rank of the cat family. The boss who gives orders and she the PA who must adhere to them or she could kiss her job goodbye.
Genevieve Miller accidentally landed herself a job at Coker enterprises, she thrives to survive in the midst of a horrifying job, working for an arrogant and callous man. She's lost in a maze of mixed emotions without a map, encountering challenges and difficulties only to get to the end realizing her prize was the boss.
©All Rights Reserved


Re: The Devil In The Suit by Iwrite(f): 11:43pm On Jun 21, 2018
This is my first time posting any of my stories here, pls do comment and share with friends. I promise to update really fast if i see positive reactions from you guys. So you own the key to unlock the next chapter. Thank you for choosing to read this, i hope you enjoy it. Thank you and God bless.

Events and characters are clearly
fictional. Any resemblance to actual
events and characters are highly


No part of this publication may be
reproduced, stored in or introduced
into a retrieval system, or transmitted
in any form, by any means (electronic, mechanical, printing,
recording or otherwise) without the
prior permission of the writer.

Phew! Thank God we're finally done
with that, now enjoy : )


Genevieve scrunched up another piece of paper into a mediocre ball and swiftly tossed it in a trash can lying at the far end of her room. If it was any other day, she would have rejoiced in excitement for an impressive throw. She groaned loudly, in a not-so girly tone followed by a stray sob.

She hit her head against the wall in front of her, crying slightly at the harsh impact the minuscule act gave her. She needed inspiration and she wasn't getting any. Writing has always been Genevieve's passion, it was a talent she thanked the Almighty for. Finishing secondary school at the top of her class was a great accomplishment on her part. Her dream was to become a diplomat then maybe write a few books and enhance her goals.

Her hopes and aspirations got temporarily flushed in the big hole when her father died of a cardiac arrest in a foreign state. She remembered how ecstatic her siblings and Mum were over the business trip, he was finally getting a promotion after years of fervent prayers, little did they know that the few joyous moments with their father that night was going to be the last.

She didn't further her education, she forced her mother not to continually take huge part in her schooling expenses. Her siblings needed it more. Mrs Miller was just a mere housewife, who was lavished and intoxicated with the packages that came with marrying a wealthy man. And now she rented an affordable shop to make an effort in regaining that fine and luxurious life her late husband bestowed them with.

Genevieve took it upon herself to help and assist her Mum in any way she possibly can- by searching available jobs online; ranging from being an usher, a brand ambassador, waitress. You name it. She needed to save up for the university, she just turned twenty and she knew she wasn't getting any younger.

"Genevieve!" Mrs Miller called from the sitting room, making Genevieve jolt in her seat. She groaned inwardly, refusing to let her Mum curse on a holy Sunday evening.

"Just a second!" She bleated feebly then weaved her way to the sitting room where her Mum was sprawled in on one of the couches. A house her father built but never got a chance to rest his tender head in. How devastating!

She relaxed on a cushion close to the wall and scanned the living room, in search of her little siblings, Mrs Miller smiled, reading her eldest child's mind, she sat up and motioned to the front door. Genevieve gave a subtle nod and peered at her Mum's middle-aged face. It was getting pale due to lack of refurbishment. But she knew deep within her that it was coming to an end pretty soon.

"Aren't you going to complain about your salary? It's been a month and they refused to pay you, aren't you bothered?" Mrs Miller asked the inevitable question, wrinkling her forehead in the process.

Genevieve simply shrugged, becoming dumb suddenly. It was one of those activation jobs she resolutely picked some weeks ago. She was a brand ambassador for a well-known establishment referred to as 'coker enterprises'. It was one of the leading industries in the whole of Africa which specialises in the production of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. It didn't stop there. They also owned various hotels and exquisite restaurants. She researched all about them for the previous casting.

It was only a month's job and she wondered why she was refused of her payment when her coworkers were paid fully.

"What kind of a thing is that now? They shouldn't rub you off your hard earned money" Mrs Miller continued, visibly annoyed at the imprudence the Multi-billionaire company were getting on. It was true though. It was a tough job, canvassing to strangers about a brand and patiently getting their interests on it and making sure they got it. To top it all off, it was in a bar. She worked all through the evenings in a pool of her own sweat. She remembered how harsh her supervisors were, not sparing her a minute to get her aching butt on a chair.

"Mum what do you suppose I do then?" she asked eagerly waiting for a response. Her mum didn't help getting an idea, all she does is complain and curse, pertaining the job.

"Go to the company my child, I heard one of their sites is at Victoria island. Make a move, instead of waiting for manner to fall from above" Mrs Miller explained vividly to her child then shook her head before going into the kitchen, leaving her daughter in a puzzled state.

So what do you think? I'll upload the next chapter tomorrow as long as y'all are with me.

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Re: The Devil In The Suit by marychommy(f): 1:06am On Jun 22, 2018
yea am with u. good concept waiting for lengthy episodez

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Re: The Devil In The Suit by OlufemiWhit(m): 7:59am On Jun 22, 2018
You've got something interesting here.....keep it up

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Re: The Devil In The Suit by xaviercasmir(m): 8:12am On Jun 22, 2018
Nice story line that you got here. Keep it up. And please mention me when you update the next chapter.

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Re: The Devil In The Suit by Iwrite(f): 8:45am On Jun 22, 2018
yea am with u. good concept waiting for lengthy episodez

Thanks so much. I'll do that now]

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Re: The Devil In The Suit by Iwrite(f): 8:47am On Jun 22, 2018
]You've got something interesting here.....keep it up

Thanks a lot

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Re: The Devil In The Suit by Iwrite(f): 8:48am On Jun 22, 2018
Nice story line that you got here. Keep it up. And please mention me when you update the next chapter.

Thank you.

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Re: The Devil In The Suit by Iwrite(f): 8:54am On Jun 22, 2018
]Nice story line that you got here. Keep it up. And please mention me when you update the next chapter.

I sure will..thanks a lot

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Re: The Devil In The Suit by Iwrite(f): 9:11am On Jun 22, 2018
Chapter 1
Title: Doomsday

Genevieve was venturing through the bustling streets of Lagos. She stopped in front of a colossal building with the words 'Coker enterprises' blazoned across the building, she shivered at it's magnificence. She suddenly felt intimidated but she was Genevieve. Doughty and confident Genevieve and she took shit from no one, after fortifying her self with quite a few pep talks, she finally decided to go into the building. But her feet stuck to the ground in total disagreement.

She sighed, dragging her shaky legs and traveling through the revolving doors and into the highly polished reception.
No one was there, shouldn't there be a receptionist behind that table? She wondered. She had an urge to take one of the office passes on the desk but shook her head against it, her moral scruples were kicking in.
She was here to get her money and her money she must get.

She spotted a lift and a wave of human beings dressed in appropriate office clothes, waiting for the lift. They all went in, including her. Some of them were glancing at their watches from time to time and others looked straight ahead, not bothering to shift their gazes while she tapped on her foot impatiently, slightly irritated with the chorus of piano solo filling her ears in the lift. Everyone in there had something on their minds obviously.

Finally it stopped and she hurriedly got out, not waiting a split second. Sombre faces watched her with identical expressions of puzzlement.
She bravely strutted to a desk and gave her best smile she could muster to the Lady behind it.

"Good morning miss, how can I help you?" The older lady with a office ID Ms.Tope asked with a similar smile but hers was genuine.

"Er. See- well....the thing is.." Genevieve started but couldn't utter a decent sentence, she suddenly felt embarrassed for coming here in the first place. Tope simply gave a humorous chuckle.

Genevieve was about to perhaps utter more pleasant words but was cut off by a haughty voice belonging to a tall, elegant woman, putting on a black office dress that Genevieve lust to get, not only that but her legs looked endless in those high heels she was in. Genevieve suddenly frowned at her own denim jeans and a last minute white flannel shirt and flat sandals. It looked like garbage complained to the lady's.

"And where is your office pass?" The woman requested firmly. Genevieve concluded that she didn't like her right there.

"Oh that" Genevieve scratched her head, suddenly hating herself for refusing to pick it up at the desk.

"Then I guess you should leave" the woman said, blatantly eyeing Genevieve.

"Just listen to me OK?" Genevieve started, looking for the right words this time.

"I worked as a Brand Ambassador for the Cokers and up till now, I haven't received my pay, everyone has but me" she explained slowly like she was talking to a five year old and the room filled with whispers and snickers.

What were they laughing about? She thought.

"Okay, now I can see that you obviously missed the wrong building. This isn't a psychiatric hospital for retards like you, so do yourself a favour and get out" the woman snarled pointing towards the lift. What was her problem?

Genevieve anger blazed up to the maximum and she couldn't stop the words from flying out of her mouth.
"You are the one who clearly needs to see a psychiatrist. I mean, its Not my fault you woke up at the wrong side of the bed, don't fix your rage on me, I know my rights pretty well" Genevieve retorted, she walked closer and stood in front of the woman, matching her height. She saw an office ID on her dress which read Ms. Sofia. Finance department.

"Rights? Pttf, now watch me throw them out the window. security! Security!!" Sofia yelled, scanning the room for any close by.

"What's going on here? and who are you?" A short, slightly bald man appeared from one of the doors displeased with the hullabaloo created.

"Who are you?" He inquired again, turning to Genevieve, scrutinizing her closely for familiarity but zero. Genevieve sighed inwardly, she had to re-explain her self again which was more than embarrassing for her today.

"I'm Genevieve sir and I just want to get my money, but she clearly doesn't understand" she said the last sentence through gritted teeth, referring to Sofia.

"Well Genevieve, I'm Mr. Augustine. You are a stranger here, you shouldn't cause a scene. Just follow me please and explain yourself properly" He motioned to a door adjacent her position and she nodded but again was stopped by a voice only that it was a nervous voice.

"He's here, he's here. The CEO has arrived. Everyone act natural" the voice instructed and disappeared in a whoosh. Genevieve was confused and seeing the nervous, scared faces of everyone in the room elevated her confusion. If that was a way to act natural then it was a total fail!

A mahogany skinned man stepped out of the lift in a three piece Armani suit and dress shoes. Genevieve couldn't make out his identity, his face was partly imprisoned in dark shades that inflated her curiosity more. He took gallant and bold strides towards them. Everyone muttering a 'good morning sir', but he didn't even bother to give an answer. And there she knew that he was the top dog. He was the CEO and she happens to meet him right at her first attempt on entering into the building. Today wasn't really going well!

He moved his head from side to side, sucking all her serenity away and drowning it into the Mississippi. Even if he was in a far distance, even if she couldn't make out his prominent features, she knew he was hot and really young of about twenty six perhaps? she expected him to be rusty and grey-haired but he was far from that. A son maybe?

He finally rested on her frame and opened his full velvet lips, slightly making out words that left her speechless.

"coffee. office. now" he ordered firmly.


Share your thoughts on this guys. Thank you.


Re: The Devil In The Suit by xaviercasmir(m): 2:10pm On Jun 22, 2018
I like how you described the characters and the settings. Keep it up

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Re: The Devil In The Suit by Folashadee(f): 3:12pm On Jun 22, 2018
this is good.

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Re: The Devil In The Suit by Iwrite(f): 4:11pm On Jun 22, 2018
I like how you described the characters and the settings. Keep it up

thank yousmiley

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Re: The Devil In The Suit by Iwrite(f): 4:12pm On Jun 22, 2018
this is good

thank you.

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Re: The Devil In The Suit by Iwrite(f): 4:18pm On Jun 22, 2018

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Re: The Devil In The Suit by Silver1996(m): 5:26pm On Jun 22, 2018
Ride on..... Following all the way

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Re: The Devil In The Suit by Nobody: 6:58pm On Jun 22, 2018
Loving this oya kontinue

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Re: The Devil In The Suit by Iwrite(f): 8:11pm On Jun 22, 2018
Your comments are just so wonderful, now here's a reward. A long chapter. Thank you very much. Enjoy.

Chapter 2
Chapter title: DEAL WITH THE DEVIL

"Coffee. Office. Now" he ordered firmly and disappeared into the elevator doors. Who does he think he is to order her around? He was no boss of her. Was this the way he ordered his employees? Ruthless if you asked her.
She was neither his personal assistant to go errands for him nor a worker here. Yes she didn't work for him so that means that she could decline and retract her legs from moving.
Was it?

She stirred her head to Tope to go carry out her boss's task but Tope continuously shook her head against it and motioned to the stash of invoices surrounding her desk.

Genevieve peered at Sofia, competing with their hostile glares. "Your boss needs you" Genevieve stated.

"No, no. You put yourself into this mess by almost ripping this building apart. I need my money, I have rights" Sofia sniggered, mimicking Genevieve's voice. But it was a failed and exaggerated attempt. Genevieve didn't sound like a battered squirrel.

"The boss doesn't like to be kept waiting" Sofia added, snickering then strutted out of the room with the sound of her heels resonating.
Such a bitch. Genevieve thought.

Genevieve walked to an amused Mr. Augustine, a grin slither unto his lips, making Genevieve growl in disapproval. "This is a huge mistake, I'm not a worker here now" she groaned outwardly, she would never be forced to do something she loathed, not in this life. Not the next.

"Why don't you go on the little errand and we will talk about your payment over a hot coffee. perhaps?" His eyes twinkled with mischief as he finished. That was her weakness and she didn't have a choice but to give in to the
devil's demands.

She sighed exasperatedly in defeat. "Take this" he handed her a cup of freshly made coffee from a neighbouring desk that made her stomach churn. It was empty, she denied it of any food, just to make it to the location on time. Only if she knew...

"It belongs to me, but the boss needs it" Mr. Augustine clarified and added "14th floor"

"Fine" Genevieve bleated, collecting the cup and rolling her dark brown eyes. She got into the lift, punching the number. She did this all the time when her Dad was not dead, she would accompany him to his work place, so it wasn't new to her. This time, she didn't get irritated with the soft background music playing in the background. Ironically, she didn't want it to stop. If it did, it meant that she would be walking into hell. Which is the CEO's office. The devil in the

She sighed, getting out of the metal box. She spotted an empty desk. Shouldn't there be a PA seated right there? She wondered but that wasn't her mission to find out, she was going to give him his coffee and leave this terrifying building.
She saw a door, no one had to tell her it was his office. She paused in front of the door. This was a nightmare she pleaded to be out of, she inhaled and exhaled sharply. Well, this is it!
She gave two silent knocks and heard him say "enter"

What was wrong with this dude? was he an alien or something? Giving one word answers. If he was one she wouldn't be surprised, that would explain the hostility toward his workers. But were Aliens this appealing? She pushed back the strange thoughts at the back of her mind and bravely turned the doorknob and entered into her doom. She was hit with a strong, overpowering smell of his Cologne that filled the entire room and there he was, typing vigorously on his laptop not sparing to acknowledge her presence. She cleared her throat audibly in an attempt to get his attention but he wasn't giving in. This was harder than she thought.

"Your coffee sir" she tried again and swore that if he was some kind of Alien, she wouldn't let go until he was taken to the ER. She was that tough.

"Place it here" he motioned to his desk. Thank heavens he said a
complete sentence!

She shakily walked close to his desk, a whiff of his aftershave immediately tickled her nostrils and she inhaled deeply, capturing the subtle scent. She could see his face but not fully. He was still putting on his shades.

She placed the cup of coffee on the oak table, staring at his five o'clock shadow and the contour of his defined jawline, his tousled black hair... He still didn't look up from his laptop. She proceeded slowly for the door, wanting to get out of the brain-sick home. As she reached for the doorknob she was stopped by his clear and firm voice "wait" he ordered, his voice reeked of authority. She gasped slightly. She could just make a run for it and ignore him but he was the top dog, the man with all the money and she was the girl with- well none. Just a phone call could ruin her entire life.

"You must be my new PA I presume" he said, bringing her out of her dilemma. PA? No, no, she was far from that, but she knew better than to open her mouth.

"Come here" he instructed, his words clearly meaning she didn't have a choice but to adhere. With her eyes wide, she was still backing him, her feet were frozen to the tiled ground but she bravely gathered her spilt courage and whirled around, heart plummeting.

"Here, arrange these" he handed her a stash of foreign documents and she looked at him in sheer puzzlement.

This was a huge mistake she wanted to say but zipped up her mouth. He took in her confusion and he added "just arrange them in alphabetical order, it's stated there" he explained blandly. She immediately nodded like an exemplary student. It wasn't tedious, she could totally do it in less than five minutes, she smiled inwardly and started with the papers. Her butt ached and she wanted to be engulfed in the warmth of the cream coloured sofa surrounding the room.

She was all done and grinned at her own accomplishment. She made an effort to place the documents on his heavy round desk but he immediately retracted her by firmly holding her wrist, which ignited a queer fire inside of her, it burned and she fleeted back at the weird feeling she suddenly had.

"Use your right hand, don't jinx it" he interjected superstitiously. She stifled an eye roll but gave a subtle nod instead and immediately succumbed to his request. He finally looked up from his laptop, removing his shades in the process and placing it on the desk. He met her eyes and she forgot how to suddenly breathe.
Very black as coal eyes plunged into her like a hole, draining her last drop of composure.

He was like one of those Greek gods she read about in books. What was happening? Why was she acting like a little girl with out of the place teenage hormones?
His lips slightly rose at the side into a smirk. Lost in ecstasy she knocked over a binder, he was currently working on, making the papers spill all over the floor in freedom. He rose with anger, making her gasp, her hands flying over her mouth and she blenched, moving back.

"How dare you" her act made him bristle with rage, he moved close to her, she made retracting steps and he followed until her back made contact with the artistic walls of the room. Was he actually going to hit her? He put too much efforts getting those documents in order and now he had to start over, he was right in front of her. Their bodies almost touching, his dark eyes were blazing with fury, she closed her eyes anticipating a slap, perhaps maybe a blow? but it didn't come. She slowly fluttered her eyes open scared to even apologize. He sighed, closing his eyes. "Get out now" he yelled, trying to keep calm. she did, scurrying to the lift and going down to Mr. Augustine.

Such a bastard she thought, who was he to yell at her? It was a simple mistake anyone could have made. She concluded that she hated him and prayed never to cross paths with him ever again.

* *

True to his words, two cups of slightly hot coffee were placed on Mr. Augustine's desk and she chugged it down her throat, making her happy stomach beam.

"I have a proposal to make" Mr. Augustine started. He rubbed at his jaw where stubble grew chaotically. Genevieve's brows rose.

"You have a proposal to make" she parroted, giving him a quizzical stare which he only nodded.
"you see, the boss needs a new PA"

"What happened to his old PA?" she inquired, she wouldn't be surprised if the PA ran off not able to handle the
devil himself.

"She went on a maternity leave, so he needs a temporary PA" Mr. Augustine explained.

"So how am I involved in this?" Genevieve probed, oblivious to his requests.

"I want you to be his new PA" he blurted out quickly and held her eyes with his gaze, afraid she was going to disappear. She stared at him in alarm wondering if he suddenly got infected by a mad bee.

"No, no, no. You're kidding me right? Please tell me you are" She stopped to ask but groaned when she saw his blank expression, she continued "no offence but your boss is terrifying. I don't even think he's human"

Mr. Augustine chuckled at her bluntness, knowing obviously that the little errand didn't go well. He squinted his dark eyes at her in warning at her earlier statement. He knew that it was partly true but he wasn't going to be bitchy about the company's head. She put her hands up in defence then pursed her lips in total disapproval.

"I have no experiences whatsoever in office work, so it's a big no no" she scoffed, folding her arms against her chest.

"Please Genevieve, the boss asked me to get him a new PA two days ago but I totally forgot about it. It's like you were heaven sent. I saw the way you handled Ms. Sofia earlier, you're confident and you've got potentials, the boss needs someone like you. Yes definitely you-" he stopped, searching her eyes then continued "-I need the CEO's vote to get voted as vice president in this company and this will gain his trust more. He already thinks you're his PA since you were the only one he wasn't acquainted with yet. I will double the money you came here for. I swear"
he confessed, searching her face again for a reply but she was nonplussed at his eagerness. He
wanted to double it! he got her silence all wrong because he quickly added "I will triple it"

She couldn't blink, this was an act of blandishment. She knew that but she was so enjoying the offer. She needed it, her family needed it. Her face softened, making relief sweep through Mr. Augustine, happy for finally making her see things his way.

"Are you serious?" She couldn't help but ask. She wouldn't be surprised if he tricked her into being the boss's PA then bail on her in the future. This was the 21st century.

"There is also a fixed salary going to be paid to you at the end of each month until I get a permanent PA for him. Give me your bank details, i will transfer the money to you right now" he smiled, bringing out his phone from his shirt pocket. She was dumbfounded, he wasn't bluffing or anything.
But does it seriously worth it? she couldn't help but ask herself, working directly for the devil.

Who was she kidding, she needed the pay so badly that she couldn't mind but take it. She gave him her details and immediately, her phone beamed. Her arms shook as she reached for her black mobile phone in her jean pocket. And almost screamed. Seventy-two thousand naira was credited into her account. She grinned, stretching out her arm.

"You've got yourself a deal Mr. Augustine"

So what do you think? Please do
comment. thank you.


Re: The Devil In The Suit by marychommy(f): 7:47am On Jun 23, 2018
I think with dis story my days won't be boring anymore just don't keep me waiting. time will come wen she will regret taking d job an time wen she will be happy she did.


Re: The Devil In The Suit by Silver1996(m): 8:24am On Jun 23, 2018
Ride on...

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Re: The Devil In The Suit by Iwrite(f): 12:44am On Jun 24, 2018
Chapter 3

Chapter title: The calm before...

"I will put you through since you don't have any experiences here. But believe me, it's easy. I need you to start work tomorrow, I will handle everything today. The necessary materials will be given to you tomorrow and a tour, So you can get accustomed with every nook and cranny here. 7am sharp, no African time" Mr. Augustine winked then brought out a file containing papers. He stretched it forth to Genevieve.

"Here, fill in your details. I will send a copy to the boss now" he explained, diminishing her curiosity on the papers.

Few minutes later, she handed it back to him "any other thing I should know?" She inquired, getting up from her seat. She did a quick stretch, trying to wake up her legs.

"Ha, yes. Don't mention your age to the boss" Mr. Augustine warned, viewing her biodata form.
"And why's that?" She queried, curiosity lacing in her tone.

"Trust me, he doesn't want to know that his PA is actually twenty. He likes to work with- you know, mature minds. So let's extend it to a twenty-three" he chuckled, bringing out a correction fluid from his drawer and handing it over.

Genevieve rolled her eyes. "Remind me again why I took this job?" She said sarcastically, splattering the fluid over the surface of the paper and writing her false age with her not so clean handwriting. It looked like a cargo war in there.

"Having that said, can I go now?" She dropped the documents on his table and Mr. Augustine scrutinized them, for any other implications.

"I guess you can go now Ms. Miller, see you at work tomorrow" his tone became brisk and business-like. He wasn't only doing her a favour but himself too, he knew better than to evoke the wroth of his boss.

She headed straight for the door but paused and turned back, saying "you know, I never got the CEO's name?"

Mr. Augustine smiled, it was the first time he gave a genuine one. The layers of his eyes wrinkled in astonishment and it suddenly reminded her of her father.

"Daniel. Daniel Coker"

she left the building repeating the name over and over again.

* *

She made pit-stops on her way home, whistling out a rhythm only she could understand. She was so ecstatic that she realized she needed to share it with her family. she halted at her Mum's shop, feigning dismay. She walked into her Mum's little supermarket, bringing her head down. Mrs Miller noticed her daughter's sad presence, she dropped her store record and stood up from her chair, stalking to Genevieve.

"Yes, Thanks for shopping here. Do have a wonderful day" Mrs Miller politely dismissed a buyer, all attention now drawn to her daughter.

"Those good for nothing people, how bad was it?" Mrs Miller asked not hiding her rage. She settled beside her daughter and scanned Genevieve's face.

Genevieve went dumb, refusing to speak. Mrs Miller huffed getting up, she paced her shop in a brisk pace "ahh, God of widow and fatherless will definitely punish them for me. HE must o " Mrs Miller cried out, shaking her head in sorrow. She heard snickers coming from Genevieve and she turned to her daughter, sauntering her eyes.

"Mum, they paid o " Genevieve laughed at her Mum's reaction, holding out the boxes of pizza and shawarma she bought few hours ago. Mrs Miller eyes grew wide at her daughter's act but she couldn't still hide the grin slowing creeping it's way unto her lips.

"They did?"

"Better. Guess what? before you do, come sit" Genevieve offered, scooting close to the edge of the bench. Her Mother settled in then turned to her.

"You know I'm not good at guessing
na. Tell me"

"Well, they tripled it Mum. Can you imagine?" Genevieve jumped on her seat excitedly. She couldn't control her emotions anymore. Mum was family.

"It's a lie. Tell me it is" Mrs Miller gasped, her hands flying over her mouth in disbelief. It was too much for her to handle. She was unaware that her eyes were tearing up now out of profound joy.

"It gets better Mum"

"It does?" Mrs Miller choked, forcefully wiping her now running nose.

"I was offered a job there" Genevieve answered, searching her Mum's face. She was scared that her mother would have a heart attack, so she moved closer to her Mum, exploring her facials.

"You....what?" Mrs Miller looked troubled. A wave of apprehension surged through her, settling at the pit of her stomach.

"I was offer-"

"I heard you the first time. I'm- I'm just confused"

"I got a job Mum with a fixed salary too"

"But how come?" Mrs Miller asked alarmed. All these in just a day? She trusted her daughter. She knew her daughter wasn't capable of selling her dignity for material pleasures. Genevieve understood her, she held her Mum's hand, Slightly caressing it with her thumb.

"Look. I know what you're possibly thinking. I don't blame you though. We go to church everyday, praying for answered prayers and here's one. Miracles still happen as long as Jesus lives or don't you trust me?" Genevieve stared at her Mum, her eyes glistening with tears.

Mrs Miller smiled, breaking the walls of doubt "of course I do Genevieve" she rubbed at her daughter's cheeks. "I'm just so happy about it and didn't know how to respond. Wait. Is that shawarma?" Mrs Miller peeked through the white signature paper bag and grinned broadly.

"Yes Mum. Something to celebrate with. I bought enough for everyone" Genevieve laughed at her Mum's enthusiasm and her ability to end a discussion at the sight of food. She too was like that.

Genevieve spent two hours explaining vividly about the earlier events of the day that landed her the job. She spent so much time due to her Mum's persistent questions. Her Mum was definitely ageing. she thought.

* *

As Mr. Augustine promised, he took her around the building not leaving a stone unturned. She was his responsibility, if she messed up, he did too. Collectively. Few employees were seen around since it was barely time for work.

"You aren't the one making his coffee. That's why we have Mary. You just have to go pick it up and deliver it to Mr. Coker" he voiced, going away from the breaks-room. Genevieve nodded briefly, absorbing all the information.

"Your office has already been fully equipped with the necessary materials needed for work-" he paused, a grin slowly sneaking it's way onto his lips, making Genevieve squint her eyes at him.

"Why are you staring at me like that?"

"Your first assignment- well not your first,
anyways..go deliver his coffee, it's almost 9" he gave a sardonic smile, his eyes crinkling with mischief.

* *

Genevieve gave two silent knocks, staring at her hot pink coloured nails. But no response, she sighed, hitting it thrice this time but still no answers. She fiddled with the doorknob, pondering if it was nice to go in without his confirmation. She peered at the door intently, how each grains that made it up, staring back at her, inducing fear. She exhaled, slightly opening the door. She peeked inside but the room was clear of a bloke.

Okay, maybe this was a bad idea. S he thought, she looked at his little coffee mug imprisoned in her palms, groaning then decided to abandon it on his oak table. documents were scattered around his desk. She fought the urge to arrange it.

I'm his PA, aren't I? Just a little shuffling couldn't possibly hurt. She said to her self, but to her dismay, a voice interrupted.

"What the hell do you think you're doing?!!!"

Your thoughts on this guys. Thank you.


Re: The Devil In The Suit by marychommy(f): 2:22am On Jun 24, 2018
bia Mr Daniel can't u see her arranging ur table? why must u be unappreciative. d writer show through more light on his background an childhood he can't be possibly dis way without some horrible past
Re: The Devil In The Suit by marychommy(f): 2:22am On Jun 24, 2018
bia Mr Daniel can't u see her arranging ur table? why must u be unappreciative. d writer show through more light on his background an childhood he can't be possibly dis way without some horrible past. thanks for d update
Re: The Devil In The Suit by Iwrite(f): 7:07am On Jun 24, 2018
]bia Mr Daniel can't u see her arranging ur table? why must u be unappreciative. d writer show through more light on his background an childhood he can't be possibly dis way without some horrible past. thanks for d update

Yes Mary, next chapter will explain more.

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Re: The Devil In The Suit by Opeade939(f): 4:15pm On Jun 24, 2018
Update na.... Op,thumbs up.

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Re: The Devil In The Suit by marychommy(f): 8:36pm On Jun 24, 2018
so u no wan do Sunday for persi? abeg update

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Re: The Devil In The Suit by Iwrite(f): 1:28am On Jun 25, 2018
Chapter 4
Chapter title: ... the storm

"What the hell do you think you're doing?!!!" Daniel Coker demanded, eyes suddenly fuming with rage.

She gaped at the opened door in incredulity and shifted her gaze to him. She still couldn't believe that he was right there.

"I asked you a question, didn't I?"

"I'm S-sorry S-sir. No one W-was in here" she managed to utter. How can someone be this arrogant. She thought. Spoiled brat!
He hissed, walking to his swivel chair. "Don't just stand there like a statue, come arrange these"

"Yes sir"

She fought the urge to roll her eyes. As if she wasn't just doing that.

"And what are you wearing?" Daniel blurted out, eyeing her sombre office dress. She stared confusedly at her clothes, feeling abashed.

"I beg your pardon?"

"You what?" He gave a sarcastic laugh "I won't have you dressing like a kid, if you must work here. You need appropriate clothes not old rags" he snapped, looking at her pale heels in distaste. She blazed up internally, her nerves trying to get a hold of her composure. How dare he say that! She blinked, diminishing her fortified anger. She needed her job.
She nodded, muttering a "yes sir"

He was the lion and she was the prey. He was the king of the jungle and she, the lowest rank of the cat family. The boss who gave orders and she the PA who must adhere to them or she could kiss her job goodbye.

"Mr. Augustine told me you are good with words" Daniel inquired, holding out a file. She nodded in answer.

"Good. I need you to scrutinize these documents. Can you do that?"

"Yes sir" she collected the file from his grasp and turned to leave his office quietly, rattled by his presence and she let out a sharp breath she didn't know she was holding, settling on her office chair.

"An animal that's what he is"
"Just because he wears the suit
doesn't make him the boss of me"
But literally, he was. She continued to soliloquy, not bothered about her surroundings.

"Oh my gosh! It's you again. What are you doing here?..Genevieve right?" Tope, the lady who gave her a bright welcome on her first day here came over.

Genevieve jolted in her seat, placing her hand on her chest in the process.

"Oopps, sorry. But what are you even doing here?" Tope rose her brow, taking the seat in front of Genevieve.

"Is that how to greet your fellow coworker?" Genevieve drew back her lips into a grin. pointing at her office ID. Tope covered her mouth with her hand, controlling her uncalled-for gasps.

"You're pulling my legs right?" Tope asked in disbelief. Genevieve nodded slowly "Wow, finally. Someone I can relate with now" Tope smiled then it faltered, making her pause for a brief second "wait, I came here to do something but I can't just figure it out" Tope scratched her false hair, racking her brain for clues. Genevieve smiled. She too was like that. Very forgetful, one minute she's in a place, the other minute she wonders why she suddenly came there or holding out a pencil but still nagging about her missing pencil even asking her mum and siblings about it too. Releasing a satisfying "Ahh" when it's discovered in between her fingers.

"Oh, I remember. the boss required these" Tope laughed hysterically, bringing the office flat files from underneath her armpit.

"It sucks to be you" Genevieve shuddered, glowering at Daniel's office door.

"I know right, but it's you I pity the most though"

"Thanks for the reminder" Genevieve drawled, rolling her eyes.

"Why don't we talk over lunch?..don't want to ignite the rage of Mr. Coker. Do we?" Tope sniggered, matching to the door. Genevieve couldn't help but watch her over her shoulder as she inhaled and exhaled. Probably preparing herself for the worst. Genevieve thought. Few seconds later, the door ate up Tope, leaving Genevieve with her towering stash of documents to review.

* *

"He's vicious Tope, I hate him. You should have seen how he insulted my clothes" Genevieve hissed, her mind bristling with the memory.

"Shh. You're just exaggerating" Tope carefully scanned her surrounding then turned her gaze back to Genevieve. "But there's nothing wrong with the dress now"

"Tell that to him" Genevieve snapped, scooping her jollof rice and bringing it to her mouth. When she was satisfied with the amount of chewing, she swallowed "what do you think is wrong with him?"

"Me I don't know o. He's always been like that and it increased especially when his dad made him CEO. I guess it also has something to do with Melissa James. You know her right? Name rings a bell?" Tope asked Picking at her dodo (fried plantain).

Genevieve gave her a blank stare. "Who is she?"

"You're kidding me right? Melissa James. The model-Actress?"

"I've got nothing, Tope"

"How can you not know her. She's kind of famous you know"

Genevieve shook her head, if it was an Author she would have known without thinking. But she knew must celebrities. Maybe the Melissa wasn't that famous. Genevieve concluded. A B-list celebrity perhaps?

"Anyway, I heard he caught her cheating on him with his friend. What a bitch" Tope huffed. Genevieve couldn't help but wonder why a girl would cheat on him. Despite his arrogant nature. He was beyond hot and rich to add, what was she possibly searching for? Probably a less arrogant lad.

"I take it you don't like her" Genevieve laughed, bringing the bottle of coke to her lips.

"You guessed well my friend. I thought that she was the one though"

"The one? What do you mean?" Genevieve rose her eyebrow, suddenly piqued.

"You know, Mr. Daniel changes hot models almost every week and he actually stuck with Melissa for almost close to two months. Maybe if she didn't cheat, they would probably still be together. Now that's a record breaker"

"And she's the highest he has been with. Wow! I'm sorry to say this, but your boss is a man LovePeddler" Genevieve cringed at the thought of him going to bars, smooching and making out with random girls.

"Our boss" Tope corrected.

"Yeah, whatever"

"You know when you insulted Sofia yesterday. You should have seen her face, finally meeting her match"

Genevieve sighed deeply "I didn't mean to- but she pushed the button"

"She deserved it joor. You and I are going to be buds. So happy you work here now"

"No offence, but I can't say the same. You know the boss" Genevieve laughed.

"Fine then, let's make a toast" Tope beamed, lifting her bottle of Pepsi.

"To what?"

"I would have said to your new job but you know..so let's just say to life"

"That's better" Genevieve agreed, making a toast. As the bottles clicked she couldn't help but wonder if she was toasting to her life or death.

Her first day wasn't all so bad as she anticipated. Just his comments about her clothes. Order than that, it was strictly business.
She stopped at a boutique. It was her mum's friend shop, so discount was sure. She needed office clothes,
appropriate clothes not old rags. in the words of Mr. Daniel. She hissed, entering into the shop. She didn't care if she spent all the money she had just to prove herself in the sight of the boss. She needed respect and she must definitely get it tomorrow.

Whether the devil likes it or not.

Thanks for the previous comments guys. Please like, comment and share with your friends if you enjoyed it. Thank you.

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Re: The Devil In The Suit by Nobody: 5:27pm On Jun 25, 2018
Bad meets evil


Re: The Devil In The Suit by fkai(f): 7:46pm On Jun 25, 2018
ride on.looking forward for more updates

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Re: The Devil In The Suit by Iwrite(f): 9:41am On Jun 26, 2018
Chapter 5
Chapter title: In which she earns his respect.

"See this girl o, won't you go to work today?" Mrs Miller forcefully peeled the floral quilted comforter off Genevieve. Genevieve unconsciously shook her legs, slightly irritated that her legs suddenly felt bare.

"get up na Genevieve. It's 7 o'clock already" Mrs Miller pointed out, smacking her daughter on the butt.

Genevieve jerked up at the mention of the time, fully awake now. "Why didn't you wake me up sooner. I am toast mum" she nagged, fidgeting for her towel.

"You should be thankful I eventually did, else you'd still be in bed"

"Where is that stupid towel?" Genevieve complained, ignoring her mum, she wondered why it was so difficult finding things when you needed it the most but when you didn't, it would be laying everywhere like it suddenly duplicated. It was her boss's fault. She thought, letting her spend her entire night, figuring out an outfit to wear in order not to ignite his anger.

Daniel Coker scowled at his Rolex watch. "She is late!" He snarled, fingering beating a rhythm out of impatience. She eroded his self-control on her very first errand. He wondered why he didn't fire her. It took him a lot of restraining- not to strip her off her job that very day.

"What a chump, she couldn't even write her own age without making a mess" he glared at the white plastered fluid on her bio-form. I should fire her he thought, but Mr. Augustine gave his word pertaining this topic and he came to the conclusion that she was going to prove herself worthy of working for his company or he was going to dismiss her "foolish woman!"

He peered at the time again, he wouldn't be surprised if she decided to quit her job after yesterday's incidence. What a weeny who couldn't handle the truth. Maybe he was a little too harsh.

He remembered the first time he saw her two months ago but she didn't see him. How......

But what if she never comes back? He couldn't help but  wonder.

Contrast to his thought, he heard silent knocks and he requested the person to come in. Genevieve entered into his office, her perfume, a subtle scent of jasmine indicated her presence. He looked up with wide eyes almost as saucers. He had to do a double take to make sure the person standing there was Genevieve. She wasn't putting on those immature clothes he complained about. He stared at her, his eyes sweeping over the tight grey pencil skirt that hugged her glass-hour figure and a cream coloured shirt tucked neatly underneath her skirt. Damn! she had legs. Wrapped in black stilettos. She was barely on makeup yet she looked elegantly garnished- like put in a silver platter hot and ready. He exhaled, imagining hot steamy nights an unwanted thought he dismissed quickly. She was cute but definitely not his type and never would be. He did hot model-Actresses and not some old news.

"You're late" he reminded, a muscle working in his jaw. He victoriously smiled inwardly at his expertness in burying the erotic thought of her.

"I'm so sorry sir..i-" she started but was cut short by him getting up and mooching towards her, she blenched, moving back, making a satisfying smirk creep it's way unto his lips at her anxiety.

"Didn't you see the message I sent?" He asked, his eyes searching her tender face for an answer. She shook her head continuously unable to speak at the close proximity. Just one more step from him would make their bodies touch.

"Mute are you? I rather you speak. Genevieve" he commanded, emphasizing every letter of her name. But she didn't utter a word. He hissed, getting back to his desk. He brought out an iPhone pack from his drawer and straight it towards her. He could see her eyes almost plunging out of it's sockets. She blinked rapidly and stared at the box in sheer shock.

"Here, I knew it would definitely come in handy, well- my contact is already saved, don't worry about the subscriptions. It's been fully settled. I will take care of the rest charges also". Daniel said blandly with a nonchalant expression drawn across his face.

"I can't accept this. It's, it's too much" she managed to croak out.

"Who said you had an option? it's strictly business. So here" he dropped the box on his table abruptly, typing away on his laptop. She slowly picked it up, bringing it to her chest.

"Any meetings today?" Daniel brows arched in questioning.

she nodded "the board meeting. Well, it starts....now" she declared, searching her notepad.

Sophisticated people gathered around the conference table, staring at Mr. Ajayi. A member of the board meeting. Even in the Air-conditioning, sweat was still seen sluggishly cascading down his forehead. "There's a decrease in the demand of our new Lager beer and it keeps deteriorating daily. What can be done to help enhance and promote our sales?" he explained the matters arising and took his seat.

"I think we should make a more appealing bottle design, make it more eye-catching. You know it's what attracts me to new beers" Mr. Bello. Another board member informed, laughing richly while tapping at his pot-belly in the process. It seemed that his dress shirt was apart to to rip apart due to too much weight.

"That's a good idea Mr. Bello, but any other suggestions please?" Daniel asked, flicking his eyes to the rest members.

"Well you see, getting a new design would cost so much and all the previous profits were put in the hotels and restaurants recently constructed in Benin. So, we need to consider some factors before jumping into conclusions in order not to get bankrupt" Mr. Williams, a lanky man disputed, slightly irritated at Mr. Bello's suggestion on re-designing the bottle but Mr. Bello couldn't hear the last of it- because he got up suddenly, angry at the blatant dismissal of his idea.

"Who the hell do you think are? Can you even compare what I've invested into this company to yours!" Mr. Bello yelled, bristling with rage.

"This isn't about competition Mr. Bello. It's about the success of this organisation" Mr. Williams hissed, getting up too.

"Gentlemen, we are all mature here. Why don't you have your seats and let's discuss this in a professional way" Mr. Augustine interjected, facing the two men who were seen, competing with their icy glares that could burn villages to sit and they did, huffing in disgust.

Mr. Ajayi cleared his throat, facing the rest of the members "any other suggestions apart from Mr. Bello and Mr. Williams' please. Anybody?"

Everyone shrugged, shifting their gazes to each other. Genevieve looked up from her notepad in which she was scribbling the minutes in. She knew so much about the new beer. It was 'spirax' a brand in which she worked as a brand ambassador and she couldn't stop the words from flying out of her mouth.

"Can I say something please?" she asked shyly, she too was surprised at her words. Daniel jolt in his seat. What was she trying to do? He thought, was she getting back at him by publicly disgracing him here? He had to do something to thwart her contribution.

"Genevieve! not now" he warned, sending her a signal to shut the hell up.

"Mr. Coker, please let's hear her out. Who knows, she might have something tangible to say after all" Mr. Ajayi countered, giving Genevieve a warm smile, Urging her to speak up.

She stood up, anxiety nipping at the edge of her nerves. She suddenly regretted why she offered a statement. She was just a mere PA whose opinions wasn't needed but she was already in the spotlight and there was no going back now.

She smiled weakly "Good day everyone, well- as we all know, the new spirax lager beer has 2.0 percent of alcohol which is of the standard ingredients as we are familiar with. You see, we need to see things in the perspective of a consumer to be able to understand what they want and don't want" she paused, scanning everyone. They all nodded, giving her a 'go-on'.

And she did "many of them complain about the taste. It lingers in their mouth for hours, making anybody notice they were currently in a bar compared to other competing beers. Others complain that it's too strong, giving them blinding headaches after taking just few bottles which therefore looses their interests. It's not just about the bottle design sir. It's about the contents itself. That's the problem" she finished, clearly giving out all the complains she acquired from customers while working as a BA in a bar.

She hazarded a glance at Daniel but was shocked to see him elated. He was finally smiling at her! The members erupted in loud claps, everyone suddenly happy at the new-found solution to the problem facing them. It suddenly dawned on them, fast like a moving truck. They were beating around the bush the whole time. Not digging in. She never thought the little activation job she had could give her this much recognition. she knew then and there never to take anything for granted because you never know when you might need it or what's waiting.

Hey guys! Do you think this will eventually gain his respect for her? Comment please. Thank you.

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Re: The Devil In The Suit by Lizilicious(f): 11:56am On Jun 26, 2018
This made me remember that I need to sit down with those guys that makes #Star radler and tell them to stop making it taste so horrible...
Back to the story, I think he will start respecting her but his ego won't let him show it..

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Re: The Devil In The Suit by Iwrite(f): 2:12pm On Jun 26, 2018
This made me remember that I need to sit down with those guys that makes #Star radler and tell them to stop making it taste so horrible...
Back to the story, I think he will start respecting her but his ego won't let him show it..

Lol Lizilicious and you're on the right track. Thanks for reading.

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