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Devil's Bargain by harrystories(m): 5:28pm On Jul 10, 2018

Re: Devil's Bargain by harrystories(m): 5:35pm On Jul 10, 2018
To my mother, who
always believe in me
and my father who
thought me to
believe in myself.

©Harry Enomamien... 2018

All rights reserved. No part of this story should be used or transmitted in any form or by any electronic or mechanical means, including copying without the written permission of the author.

This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incident are the product of the author's imagination, used fictitiously, and any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, business establishments, events or locales is entirely coincidental.


Four pillars of fire stood tall at the four corners of the kingdom of hell. Four beast, having three heads, six hands and a long tail, stood on each pillar with very big trumpets in their hands. At the center of the place seated a very wide altar of fire that was burning very bright in a circle, and about fourteen beast, having two heads, three horns and a single eye on their forehead goes roundabout the altar every night and day without rest.

The dark kingdom was crowded with people from the four corners of the earth, each having two horns on their heads, waiting for their master who was the devil, and the four beast standing on the pillars blew their trumpets for the coming of Lucifer.

A red dragon with seven heads, ten horns, seven crowns on his head emerged from the air and every beast bowed as he landed at the middle of the altar, his breaths were breaths of fire.

"Gabi! Gabi! Gabi!" The crowd chorused.

Another beast emerged from the ground at the front of the altar, having four heads and three crowns. The beast was like a leopard, his feet were like the feet of bear and his mouth like the mouth of a lion and in his hand was the book of Death. He opened the book and read out loud to the dragon, called Lucifer, the names of the those they had succeeded in killing.

Lucifer breathed out fire after he had heard the numbers of the dead, and the crowd rejoiced, saying. "There's none like you, oh mighty one."

Lucifer spread his wings joyfully. "Oh great people of hell," his voice was like many trumpets. "I've come to bless you all with more power to make war with the saint, and to overcome them."

"Gabi! Gabi! Gabi!"

"Go into the four corners of the world, bring both small, great, rich, poor, free and bond, that our kingdom may be filled. I've given you power to perform great wonders. Let fire comes down from the sky in the sight of men. Deceive them with great miracles that they may come to me in multitude, and anyone that didn't believe in us, their blood we shall drink."

"Gabi! Gabi! Gabi!"

"Let your churches be multiply. Bless them with great wealth that would blind their eyes from seeing the light. This a war we must win. No man on earth shall see God, for I am the king of the earth and everything belongs to me." Lucifer ended with more confidence in his voice.

"Gabi! Gabi! Gabi!"


Re: Devil's Bargain by harrystories(m): 5:43pm On Jul 10, 2018

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Re: Devil's Bargain by harrystories(m): 8:47pm On Jul 10, 2018
Chapter One

The sun was shinning very bright by the time Femi alighted from the bus at the junction of his street. He wore a faded jean and a sky blue t-shirt and looked very tired as he settled on a wooden chair at the front of man selling cigarette at the bus stop. "Aboki give me ciga." He said.

The tall Hausa man got up from his chair with a frown. "I dey hold me money for two ciga, I neba pay."

"Haba, I go pay for this one na." Femi said and handed him twenty naira note.

The man gave him a stick of cigarette. "Na when I go pay my money?"

"Don't worry, I will pay you whenever I have money with me." He lighted the cigarette, inhaled deeply and blew the stream of smoke upward.

Femi was worried about his wife and his three years old son he had left at home with nothing to eat. He didn't want to return home empty handed because his wife, Ajoke would not be happy with him. He had searched for a job all day without success. He let out a slow breath, inhaled his cigarette, and thought of how he would raise money for his family.

He glanced up as a shadow fell between him and the sun, and lifted his right hand to his forehead to protect against the glare. His gaze travelled up to the fat, no-nonsense body of mama Debo who stood beside him with a frown.

"My god don catch you today," the woman said. "You think you can run away with my money."

Femi let out an explosive breath and pulled himself up. He had been hiding for the woman for months because he hadn't been able to pay her for the garri he bought from her. "It isn't what you think, madam."

"Abegi, pay me my money." The woman held his shirt. "Today today I will collect my money from you, shameless man."

"Madam please be patients with me I will pay you your money," Femi felt embarrassed. "I don't have money with me now. Please."

"Since how many months?" She yelled. "You won't leave this place until you pay me my money."

The hausa man walked out of his shop. "Madam, make I no bex, the man I no get money, walahi."

"Aboki, just mind your business." She attacked him with anger. "This man go pay me my money today, today."

Shame flushed over Femi's face as people gathered around them. "Madam take it easy na." One of them said. "This man has been begging you since and you refuses to let him go. How much is the money self." The woman hissed.

"What is your business?" Mama Debo yelled at her. "Do you want to pay for him?"

Annoyance swept through the woman. "How much is the money?"

"Eight hundred."

"Is it because of eight hundred naira you're disgracing this man like this?"

"Ask him since how many months," mama Debo yelled at the woman.

Ajoke got down from a black Toyota Camry that dropped her at the road side. She walked passed the crowd and saw her husband, then narrowed her eyes in surprise. She moved closer. "What happened?" She directed her words to mama Debo. "What has my husband done to you?"

"Ask your husband," she said and pulled her face away.

Ajoke stared at Femi. "What's the meaning of all this?"

Femi met her gaze and told her what happened. "I promised to give her the money but I haven't been able to do so."

"But you never told me you bought it on credit," his wife said. "How much is the money?"

"Eight hundred."

Ajoke shook her head, opened her handbag and brought out out the money. "Madam, take your money."

The woman collected the money and walked away without a word while Ajoke stared at Femi for few seconds, then turned and began to walk away.

Femi hurried after her. "Why are angry with me? You know I would have paid if I had the money."

Ajoke ignored him and walked into the compound toward her neighbour's apartment where she had kept their son before going out. Femi took a long breath and crossed his arm over his chest.

Ajoke came out with their son, David and walked toward the front door of their apartment. She unlock the door and walked into the house while Femi followed. Ajoke sat David on the chair and brought out a meat pie wrapped in a small white nylon from her bag and handed it to David.

Femi stared at her silently. "Where are you coming from?"

Ajoke didn't reply, instead, she turned and started walking out of the sitting room.

"Don't you hear me?" Femi got to his feet.

Ajoke stopped and turned to face him. "I have no answers to your question." She said in anger. "Do you expect me to remain here and die in hunger? For three days now you've not been able to drop a single money in this house, and you're here asking me where I'm coming from."

"Ajoke? Are you talking to me like that?" He followed her into the bedroom. "Have I not been doing my best?"

"Your best is not enough," her cold eyes met his. "And I cannot continue to be living like this with you."

Femi felt his eyes narrowed. "Ajoke?"

"Yes, I cannot continue this hardship. You're just being lazy, how long will it take you to get a job? We've been living from hand to mouth for the past one year and you're telling all will be well."

"Ajoke, are you the one to be saying all this? But you never met me like this when you married me."

"And I wasn't living like this before you married me. You made my business crumbled with the family responsibility you put on me." She said. "To be honest with you, I've made up my mind to leave your home and face my life, because I don't see anything good coming your way with this lazy habit of yours."

Femi widened his in disbelief and stared silently. Ajoke picked her bag from the bed and walked out of the room. "Where are you going?" He asked.

She ignored and walked toward the front door, pulled opened and walked out of the house.

"Ajoke? Ajoke come back here." He hurried after her.

She turned and met his gaze. "Just leave me alone, it's over between us. Don't you understand? I'm done with you."

"You can't do this to me, Ajoke. What about our little son? How do you want him to feel?"

"I don't care. I didn't came to your house with a child, so David is your son and you should take care of him." She turned and left the compound.

"Ajoke? Ajoke?" Femi stood unmoved for a very long moment. How could Ajoke do this to him? Living him all alone with his little boy. He blew out a long hard breath and returned into his apartment. Sadness came over him as he gently sat down in the chair beside his son.

Things were beautiful when he first met Ajoke. They dated over a year before he proposed to her and his mother was never in support of his marriage but he waved away his mother's advise and married Ajoke.

Life became unfair after they had their first child when Femi lost his job. Ajoke was the one feeding the family with the little money she was making from her little business. Little by little, her business crumbled. Things became very rough and tough. What was he going to do now? He was filled with total confusion. He managed to pull himself up from the chair as he heard a knock on his front door. He walked toward the door and pulled it open.
Re: Devil's Bargain by Ann2012(f): 8:22am On Jul 11, 2018
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Come and enjoy!
Present Sir Harry stories

Ajoke shouldn't have left her son alone, some women sha......

Keep the updates coming biko

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Re: Devil's Bargain by izaray(f): 9:37am On Jul 11, 2018
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Come and enjoy!
Yes boss, i'm here already, just keep the update coming as e dey hot

We miss you sha wink

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Re: Devil's Bargain by harrystories(m): 10:06pm On Jul 11, 2018
Femi pulled the door opened to see pastor Daniel standing with a smile and a bible in his right hand. "Mr Femi."

"Good afternoon pastor," Femi said and left the door way for him to enter his apartment.

"I've not been seeing you in Church," Daniel settled beside David and carried him on his laps. "Hope all is well."

Femi went down slowly into the chair and met his eyes. "Nothing is well o, pastor."

"What's the problem? You should know God is capable of solving every problem. Have you not be talking to God about it?"

"God?" Femi signed. "Did God knows if I'm alive or not."

Pastor Daniel felt surprised. "Why would you say that? God knows everything about you and he cares."

"I don't think so," Femi leaned back in his chair. "I've been jobless for over a year which you knows, are you telling me I've not been praying and fasting? Still I've not been able to get a job. I've turned a beggar, begging friends and relatives for money to feed my family, are you telling me he cares?"

"Mr Femi, God knows why you're passing through this challenges."

"If he knows how I had suffered for the past few months, he should have at least provide me a job, but instead he clothed me with shame and disgrace."

Daniel signed. He carried David from his lap and sat him down in the chair, then opened his bible. "In the book of Matthew..."

"Please," Femi leaned forward. "I've heard enough of bible teachings and none has done me any good. Do you think I've not been applying those teachings? Didn't Matthew 7:7 says that we should ask that it shall be given unto us? That seek and we shall find? But I've been asking God for a job for over a year, still here I am, jobless." He shook his head. "This is really making me to doubt God if he's truly up there or not."

"Be patients with God, Mr Femi. Remember the story of Job, how he lost all that he had and how Satan attacked him with  different kind of diseases, but yet he didn't give up on God. The book of Job chapter 1:22 says, In all that, Job sinned not, nor charged God foolishly. And in chapter 42:10 And the lord turned the captivity of Job when he pray for his friends; Also God blessed him twice as much as he had before. Verse twelve tells us that God blessed the latter end of Job more than his beginning. So Mr Femi, don't give on God yet. Trust him and have faith in him."

Femi leaned back in his chair and drew in a long breath. "Thank you."

"Let us pray."

After the prayer Daniel pulled himself up. "I will have to be going, and I hope you will be coming to today's evening service?"

"I will try to," Femi said as they got out of his apartment.

"How is your wife?" Daniel asked.

"She left me," Femi said. "She left home angrily few minutes before you came. She threatened to divorce me."

Daniel stopped and stared at him. "Why would she do that?"

"You knows we've been roughing it together all those while. She told me she's tired of everything, that she needs a better life."

"That's wrong," Daniel said. "Marriage is for better for worse."

"Say that to our mothers, not to those women of this generation."

Daniel shook his head. "Don't worry yourself, I will call her on phone and talk to her, but try to be in church in the evening so we can settle some issues."

"No problem, pastor." Femi said and wished him goodbye before he returned into his apartment.

Few minutes later, he left David with a friend and walked many miles away from home, in search of a job. After a long search, he got tired, hungry, with no strength to carry on and it was getting late. He sat down beside a woman that was roasting plantains along road, and begged her for water. Without a word the woman gave him a sachet water.

"Thank you madam," he drank the it quickly.

Some minutes later he pulled himself up, thanked the woman again and walked down to the bus-stop. He was having no money with him, and he was not ready to walk back the many miles he came from. He needed to eat and take something home. He couldn't stand the heart of seeing his son go hungry. He was having no choice, but to beg people for money.

He walked toward a man that came out of a supermarket. He was about to enter his car when he stopped him. "Sorry sir. Please don't be annoyed I just need your assistance."

The man stared at him silently for few seconds and dipped his arm into his pocket. He brought out one thousand naira note and gave it to him. "You're not a beggar.?"

"Thank you sir." He met his gaze. "No, I was stranded."

The man nodded. "I suspect. You don't have a job, I guess."

"No sir." Femi replied sharply.

The man nodded again and smiled. "I can help you."

Help me! Femi was so excited. He didn't doubt him because his Rolls Royce tells it all. "I will be very happy sir."

"It's okay. I knows how you feel. I was once in your shoe." He said and put his hand around his shoulder. "But now I knows it all. It wasn't your fault my friend. It has been so since the beginning." He removed his arm from his shoulder, opened his car door and brought out a business card. "Here is my card. See me at anytime you wish, I will give you a job."

Femi went down quickly to his kneels. "Thank you sir. God will bless you sir. Thank you very much."

"It's okay." He drew him up to his feet. "You don't have to do that."

He gave him another five thousand naira and told him to make sure he see him. Femi walked away happily, thanking God for sending him an helper.

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Re: Devil's Bargain by harrystories(m): 10:08pm On Jul 11, 2018
Present Sir Harry stories
Ajoke shouldn't have left her son alone, some women sha......
Keep the updates coming biko
Thanks for coming....
Re: Devil's Bargain by harrystories(m): 10:13pm On Jul 11, 2018
Yes boss, i'm here already, just keep the update coming as e dey hot

We miss you sha wink
I'm glad to be back, and as the thing dey hot, na so we go shop am rush rush. Laffss..

Thanks dearie.


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Re: Devil's Bargain by izaray(f): 10:14am On Jul 12, 2018
Wonderful story

Thanks op

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We miss you sha wink
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Re: Devil's Bargain by harrystories(m): 8:00am On Jul 13, 2018
Chapter Two

Femi walked toward the gate of a very neat duplex and rang the bell three times. The gate was opened to reveal a tall man with perfect black skin and a perfect black suit. The word smooth had been invented for this man.

"Good morning. I'm here to see Mr Mike." He said.

"Do you have an appointment?" The man asked.

"Yes. I have his card." He brought out the card from his pocket and showed him.

The mam shut the gate silently and left him to wait outside like a delivery boy, which didn't bother Femi at all. Few minutes later the man let Femi into the compound. Femi looked around the beautiful compound as the tall man lead him into a room off the main building. The dark colours, the row of books and a bowl on the edge of a mahogany desk all befits the house of a very rich man.

Mike lounged in a graceful wing chair beside a small highly polished table. He was wearing a black garment. "Brother Femi." He leaned forward in his chair with a soft smile and gave him a hand shake. "Please do sit down."

"Thank you sir." Femi settled in a chair that matched his own

"Care for wine?" He held his glass up. "It's a lovely little pourlly fume.You will like it."

"No sir, I'm okay."

"Come on feel at home." He held the bottle of wine and poured the golden liquid into an empty glass cup. "It's quiet refreshing. It's from a charming little vineyard in the Loire valley that has been owned by the same family since the first vine was planted." He held the glass up and gave it to him.

"Thanks." Femi collected it with a smile and took a sip, then set it back on the table.

Mike lowered his glass. "So. What type of job would you want me to offer you?"

"Sir, I will take any job, as long as I'm getting paid."

Mike leaned back in his chair with a pretty smile. "Are saying you would do any job I offer you?"

He nodded. "Yes sir."

Mike held his glass up and took a sip. "Well, if you say so." He set his glass back on the table. "But what if I show you a way of making millions." He learned forward and stared straight into his eyes. "And a little secret to make you have dominion over all things on earth."

Femi smile widened. "I will be very happy sir."

"It's very simple." Mike leaned forward. "Only if you're willing to accept the truth, Only then will I show you to a world of freedom." He took another sip from his glass and learned back in his chair. "Are you ready to accept the truth?"

Femi stared at him in mid confusion. The truth? Secret? What is he talking about? He thought. "I don't understand sir."

Mike smiled. "I suspect you're a Christian. Right?"

"Yes sir."

"Have you not been praying to your God to give you a job?" He learned forward. "Have you?"

Femi signed. He can't even remember how many times he had fast and pray. "Yes sir. I use to pray." He held my glass up and perused the golden liquid."

"If you have been praying to your God and you still haven't get a job, that means your prayer is worthless before your God."

Femi stared at Mike silently as he moved closer to the open window, staring outside. "Do you know why the rich get richer," he turned to face him. "And the poor getting poorer?"

"No sir."

Mike smiled. "It is because the rich knows the secret of life. It's because they accept the true God." He walked back to his chair. "My dear young man, your religion has done a lot of damages to your life. Your prayer was not answered because the God you're serving is a selfish God. Who deprived you of all the good things on earth." He lifted his glass and took a sip. "The God I serve care and love all his followers. My God deprives you of nothing. He will give you the key to freedom and everlasting happiness."

Femi leaned forward.

"You Christians are blind serving a god who dose not care. A God that you can not please." Mike leaned back. "It was written in your bible in Genesis 3 vs 9. Your God said that in sweat of thy face shalt thou eat bread, till thou return unto the ground."

This is getting interesting, Femi thought and lifted his glass and took a sip.

"What would you call God who condemned man to death. Who could not forgive Adam and Eve that he made in his own image for eating the fruit of knowledge and wisdom?" Mike continued. "You Christians had been deceived. You think Jehovah will save you at the end, but Jehovah was not able to save his son when the children of israel nailed him to the cross. He forsake his only begotten son."

Femi heaved a sigh. "But we all knows that Jesus died for the sins of mankind. It was his destiny." He said.

"His destiny? Haven't you read the book of Mathew chapter 15 vs 34? Jesus cried out in a loud voice saying, Eloi Eloi lama sa-bachtha ni. My God my God, why have thou forsaken me. In verse 37 Jesus cried in a loud voice and gave up the ghost." Mike laughed softly and became serious."You Christians believed in a God that do not care about his children, and serving his dead son."

All Femi could do, was stare.

Mike got up from his chair. "Jesus is dead. There is no Christ to save the world. If you accept the true God, who fought for the freedom of mankind, he will give you freedom, wealth, fame and you will be free from the curse that your God placed on you through the first man Adam." He lifted the bottle of wine and filled his glass. He leaned forward and also filled Femi's glass. "Enjoy yourself my friend. It's a free world for those that knows the truth." He set the bottle back on the table and held his glass up, taking a sip.

Femi was speechless, not knowing what to say. He lifted up his glass and took a sip.

"How would you describe a God who made all those that believes in him to go through hardship? Who couldn't forgive Adam for eating the fruit of knowledge. Who enslave all his faithful to abide to his personal interest. Your God is so wicked, greedy and self centered." He learned back and took a sip from his glass of sweet wine. "All of you had been deceived my friend. There is no hope for you in your God because you can't please him."

Femi held my glass up and sipped the wine thoughtfully. Even if Mike was saying those words out of his believe, he was quite entertaining. He learned back in his chair and took another sip.

Mike met his eyes. "If you would accept the true God, you will live a life of happiness. You will be given the power to rule the earth." He leaned forward. "You will be given the key to freedom and everlasting life with him in his beautiful kingdom. Are you ready to accept the loving God who cares for you? To live a life that you desire? Are you ready?"

Femi pulled in a long breath and leaned forward. "I understand all you've been saying. But which God are we taking about?"

Mike smiled and pulled himself up. "The true God who cares about your well being. He is a mighty God who believes in freewill." He met his eyes. "His name is lucifer."

Femi was shocked. "Are you telling me to give my life to the devil?"

"It's a choice, my friend." He held his glass up and took a sip.

Femi got to his full. "Thank you so much , Mr Mike." He pushed his arms into his pocket. "I will hold on to Jehovah. He's the true God who made heaven and the earth. Who made you and I." He said.

Mike laughed, a full deep sound and became serious. "The end will tell. Only the wise ones will inherit the earth, and enjoy an everlasting life of freedom."

"I really appreciate your  concern," Femi said. "But I believed so much in my God. I will take my leave now Mr Mike." He walked to the door and pulled it opened.

"Think about it." Mike said. "At least about being rich. There are few things you should know about Jehovah before your decision."

Femi met his eyes with a weak smile. "Thanks." He stepped out of the room, shutting the door behind him.

Femi pulled out a deep breath as he safely stepped out of Mike's Compound. He walked faster as his legs would take him, looking back every minutes just to make sure no one was following him. "Oh Jesus, Mary and Joseph!" He said out loud. "Me to save the devil? Over my dead body." He stared back again and walked faster until he got out of the street through a small part that lead to the main road.

A gloomy weather walled off the sun behind heavy clouds as he crossed the road to the other side, while a strong wind kept particles aloft, leading them on an endless flight. Without further waning, the rain started heavily, and made everyone ran for cover.

Femi stood under a crowded tent, watching the rain fall steadily in front of him. He thought about what Mike had said over and over again. He was born into this world to believe in one religion or the other. Who really knows the truth about the unseen? Was it not what the bible told us we believed? He thought. What is my profit of gaining the whole world and lose my soul? Do I really lose my soul? He was filled with total confusion.

He walked out of the tent as the rain turned lazy, and hurried toward the bus-stop, hoping to get a bus quickly before he get socked. After few minutes of waiting, a black Range Rover jeep pulled to a stop in front him. The tinted glass prevented him from seeing the driver. He watched as the glass of the front door came down slowly. It was Mike. "Brother Femi," he said with a smile. "Why are you standing in the rain?"

Not again. "I'm..I'm waiting for a bus to take me my destination." He said without looking at him.

"If you don't mind getting inside the car, I can drop you home."

If that is your plan, it won't work. "No thanks." He said with weak smile.

Mike smiled. "Alright. You have my card," he said while Femi didn't bother to look at him. "You can call in for assistance at anytime."

"Thank you sir." He watched him drove away and let out a heavy breath. He quickly waved his hand at the bus that was coming toward the bus-stop, shouting 'Ojodu'. Before the bus could get to where he was, his eyes met a lady coming out of a white BMW car that pulled to a stop at the other side of the road.

A bus got a stop, blocking his view. "Ojodu enter with your #100." The bus conductor said.

"Sorry." He told the conductor, and walked forward to have a full view of what he saw. The lady at the other side of the road withdrew some money from an ATM machine that stood at the front of a supermarket, and turned walking back into the car.

Femi eyes widened. "Ajoke."

©Harry Enomamien.. 2018

All rights reserved.
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harrystories you no mention me abi. anyway present sir in your absent sir grin grin

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Ajoke don hammer oooo, only God knows how...

Thanks for the update Sir Harrystories

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Re: Devil's Bargain by just2day: 5:38pm On Jul 13, 2018
That's why we now skip the 'in sickness and in health. For richer for poorer' part of the vows. Can't blame her much for leaving a sinking ship, unless she leaves the kid; then she's truly heartless.

Intriguing storyline.

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Harrystories I have not been following, but I am back now. Thanks for the mention.

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nice one up there

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Re: Devil's Bargain by harrystories(m): 3:56pm On Jul 30
"Ajoke." Femi widened his eyes in a big surprice. He almost got hit by a coming vehicle as he was about to cross the road, not minding the insult of a bike man who almost knocked him off.

Ajoke hurried toward the car the moment she set her eyes on Femi. She hurried into the vehicle, and told the driver to move.

"Ajoke!" Femi ran after the car. "Ajoke stop. Ajoke!"

Femi stopped and stood speechless for a very long moment, ignoring the rain that had begun to fall heavily. He closed his eyes with so much pain and hold back the tears. He blamed himself for everything. If he had been able to perform his right as a man, all of those wouldn't have happened. Ajoke would have stayed.

Femi got home few hours later in the heavy rain that has took over the day. He was wet all over as he walked toward his nerbour apartment. The was opened by a little girl of about ten years after he rang the doorbell.

"Welcome, daddy David."

"How are you princess, where is David? Is your mummy home?"

" My mummy has taken David to the hospital," the little girl said.

"Hospital?" Femi felt his eyes narrowed. "What happened to him?"

"He was feeling sick and my mummy na took him to the hospital."

"But your mummy didn't call me on phone, since when."

"Since..this afternoon, when the rain started falling." The girl said.

"Okay, I will call your mummy on phone." Femi left the doorway. He brought out is phone and noticed his cellphone had been off. He quickly switched it on and dialed his nerbour number.

"Papa David, I've been trying to reach you." The woman said from the other end of the cellphone.

"Where are you, what happened to David?"

"I'm at the general hospital in Ikeja, your attention is needed."

"Okay, I will be there right away." He ended the call, moved into his apartment, changed his dress and hurried out with an umbrella.

Few hours later he was at the general hospital. He meet a nurse who directed him to a ward where David was. He hurried toward the hallway and pushed the door opened.

"Thank God you're here," his nerbour got to her feet the moment Femi stepped in. "Doctor, here is the father."

A very young doctor in his late twenties, met Femi's gaze and offered him a handshake. "I'm doctor John Adesanya."

"What happened to my son?" Femi quickly sat beside David.

"Your son has acute appendicitis." The doctor said. "It's going to have to come out."

Appendix? He was silent for few seconds staring at the doctor. "When will you be scheduling this for?" His words tumbled out.

"I'm sorry I didn't make it clear, Mr Femi. Your son appendix has to come out right now. I know we'd prefer to wait at least tomorrow morning, but even that would be a great risk. No, we'll start as he's pre-op. Don't worry." He said. "I've done this at least eleven times and I'd never had a problem. When did he last eat?"

"He ate a little bit of slice bread and a glass of tea this morning, but only few sip." He said, while the doctor made a note.

"The nurse will take him to pre-op, and will show you where to wait. Mr Femi." He said.

Femi pulled out a deep breath and met the doctor's eyes. "How much will it cost?

"#350 thousand." He said. "You have to pay the money before the operation."

Where will he get that amount of money? "Please doctor I want you to help me. I don't have the amount of money you just mentioned. I don't have a job."

The doctor stared at him silently for few seconds. "Mr Femi if you want your son to live, you will have to go and look for the money." He said and walked away.

Femi sat down gently at the edge of the bed, watching David turning in pain. Where am is him going to get the money from? His brother came to his mind. He har vowed never to go to him for help again. But now he didn't have anyone else to turn to. I have no choice.

"Baba David," his nerbour said in a soft voice. "There's no time to waist, you will have to rally round to gather money for this operation before it's too late."

Femi met her gaze. "Mama princess, where will I get money from? You know my condition na, eh."

"I know, but you will have to try. Sitting here will not help." The woman got to her feet. "Let me ruch home, I left my children alone at home since afternoon. I will also help in my own little way."

Femi stood up slowly. "Thank you madam, I really appreciate your concern."

"It's okay, just try your best to save this little boy."

"I will."

"Okay, see you later." The woman said and left.

God why is all this? Why do I have to go through this? I need your help Lord. Please help me. Femi was so worried. What will happen to his son if he's not able to raise the money? He stood at the bus stop for a very long moment thinking of how to raise the money.

©Harry Enomamien..2019

All rights reserved.

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Re: Devil's Bargain by harrystories(m): 6:51pm On Jul 30
Chapter Three

Femi sat at the front a commercial bus hoping and praying to God to touch his cousin's heart who had vowed never to give him any money due to the last money he borrowed from him that he could not pay back. He claimed he took him for a fool and played him, but it wasn't true.

Dele borrowed him the some of 1.5 million when he lost his job. He was so happy when Ajoke introduced him to one Mr, judge, who claimed to be a major distributor at dangote company. Femi decided to go into cement business, and the man was supposed to supply him a trailer load of cement on a very good discount that worth the stress of going directly to the company. And since it was Ajoke that introduced him to the man, made him had no doubt about him. Even Ajoke never knew he was a fraud.

"Mami junction?" The conductor called out.

"Yes, please drop me." He alighted from the bus, and took another 15 minutes trek to his brother's house.

His brother lived in a big duplex which he had built after selling his four bedroom bungalow. The building was painted white and it was decorated with beautiful flowers.

Femi knocked at the gate three times, increasing the volume each time, until the gate was opened by the security man. His expression changed from frown to a weak smile as he saw him. He wore a brown khaki and a black pullover. "Ah, Oga na you?'' he said and let him into the compound.

"Is my brother at home?" He asked, staring at the many cars that was parked in the compound.

"Oga I dey inside," the man said in hausa accent.

The front door was opened by Dele's wife after he rang the door bell for the second time. "Baba David," she said with a lazy smile. "Long time. Come inside."

"How are you Joy?" He asked with no emotion as he walked into house.

"I'm fine o," she closed the door and met his gaze. Hope all is well? You look sad." She walked up the stairs to call her husband.

Femi was amused by the new look of the richly furnished sitting room. Everything in the sitting room had been replaced with new ones, and they all matched the magic paint that was used on the walls. It was like sitting in paradise. He leaned his head against the chair as the memories of the past flashed through his mind. The day Dele entered Lagos one Sunday afternoon with a polythene bag that contained two shirts and a pair of jean. Femi wasn't all that happy when he arrived due to the fact that he did not informed him before coming, leaving him with no choice than to accept him.

The determination he saw in him made Femi took him to a friend, where he was thought how to trade in building materials. After gaining his freedom, he supported him with a large sum of money, and he was very happy.

"Bros," Dele said as he walked down from the stairs into the sitting room. "It's been a while. Hope you've come to pay back my money?" He settled down and picked a Tv remote to reduce the volume of the Tv.

He shook his head slowly and met his eyes. "I'm suffering, Dele."

"Don't tell me that." He said with a frown. "If you're not here to pay my money, please leave my house."


"Please. Do you think I'm a fool? Or you want me to be happy that you played me?'' He said with annoyance.

He sucked in a deep breath. "Dele please. It's not what you think. Please I beg you in the name of God. My son is at the hospital."


"He had an appendix. The doctor is asking for 350 thousand for his operation."

"That's your business." he said without pity. "What goes around comes around. You're reaping the works of your hand."

"Dele?" He said angrily. "I'm not what you think I am. I did not played you."

He pulled himself up. "I don't have time for this. The only Way I can be happy with you is if you return my money." He said, and turned to walk away but his wife stopped him.

"Honey please." His wife said at once. "Your brother son's life is at risk. Show some mercy please."

"Stay out of this." His voice was harsh. "Do you understand." He said to his wife, and walked up through the stairs.

Femi pulled himself up silently and sadly walked out of the house. He held his tears before it could fall, pulled out a deep breath and closed his eyes. If Dele could not help him then who will help him? Where will he get the money? He was lost in his thought. As he was about to get out of the compound, Joy hurried out of the house.

"Baba David." She walked toward him. "I'm really sorry about your son. Please take this, and find to it. I will talk to your brother to reason with you."

She gave him some money that he didn't bother to count. "Thank you. God will bless you.''

"It's ok, I will call you on phone later to come and see David at the hospital. Just try your best to raise some money, I will see what I can do to help."

"Alright. Thank you very much Joy."

"And tell your wife to call me. She should have something doing to support the family. She can't just fold her hands and be watching you going through hand times like this."

Femi shook his head slowly. "She left me."

"What?" Her eyes widened in disbelief. "Ajoke left you ke?"

"She did. Leaving our son behind."

"You don't mean it." Joy folded her hands over her chest in disbelief. "Did she know about your David's illness?"

He shook his head.

She let out a long hard breath. "It is well. don't worry, I will call you later. Don't think about her, just concentrate on how your son will get better. So sorry, ekpele."

"Thank you. I really appreciate your concern." He told her goodbye and walked out of the compound. When he got outside, he counted the money she gave to .him, it was 85 thousand naira.

The pain Femi felt after leaving his cousin's house was one of a hell. He stood silently at the bus-stop for a very long moment. He was his hurt, sad, and depleted. Who say men dont cry? For the first time in many years, Femi let the tears flow, streaming down his cheeks.

He wiped the tears off with an handkerchief as he slowly walked along the road, with so much thought going through his mind. He pulled in a deep breath and stood for a moment. This isn't the time to cry, but the times to be Strong and faced the challenges that surrounded him, he thought.

His thought kept him at the same spot for a very long moment. There was an advantage and a disadvantage to what he had thought. But was his son's life not worth taking the risk for? He sucked in a deep breath and waved his hand. "Taxi."

He got into the taxi as it pulled to a stop. "Take me to Ikotun."

"Oga na #2500," the driver said, staring at him through the review mirror.

"I'll pay you 2000." He said while the driver nodded in agreement.

The trip took two times longer than it should have been between the heavy traffic. Femi alighted from the taxi after paying the driver, and walked into a dusty Street filled with uncompleted buildings. He was there to see a friend whom he had never seen for a very long time, but feared if he still lives at the same place. Ugo isn't a man to find easily due to the nature of his job, and he always change his phone number at all time.

He was Femi childhood friend. their parents were very closed. They were like one family. Femi and Ugo attended the same primary to secondary school. And luckily for them, they both gained admissions into the same university, but Ugo was expelled during his second year at the university, due to secret cult activities.

His parent were very sad about the news. Even Femi parents were not happy about it. Because his parents were rich, they sent him abroad to further his education, but Ugo was deported three years later after he was caught dealing in hard drugs. He became frustrated, doing things Femi never expected of him. Femi became scared of him, and stayed very faraway from him in other not to get himself into trouble.

Ugo lived in a three bedroom bungalow at the end of the street. Femi surveyed the environment as he approached the gate. The gate was covered with so much dust that made him think if anyone still lives there. He knocked at the gate for so many times, but there was no response. He became sad and stood for few minutes before turning to leave.

He remembered something and stopped, it was a signal. Ugo and Femi had a sign they used in calling each other out of the house whenever they don't want their parents to know about their affairs. Femi turned towards the gate, he whistle three times, and waited to see if he would get any reply.

Few minutes later he heard footsteps from inside the Compound, and a voice followed. "Who Knows him?"

He smiled happily as the words were spoken. It's been long since he heard it. Those were the words Ugo used in identifying him whenever he's in a hideout. "The one you hold dearly." He replied him.

The gate was opened to show Ugo in a very bright smile. He wore a play pant and a white t-shirt. His bushy mustache match his last skin cut, that made him look like Rick Ross. He had put on weight from the way he was many months back. "I can't believe it, Femi," he pulled him into a friendly hug.

"Ugo mighty." Femi smiled happily.

"How far na?''

"I dey my broda, how hustling?"

He closed the gate as Femi got into the compound and padlock it. "Hustling dey......I'm surprise to see you, Femi. You just abandon me like that."

"Not really," Femi said as Ugo lead him to the back of the house.

"You're very lucky, I was about to go out.''

"Thank God you haven't," Femi said as they approached two plastic chair under a mango tree. "It's important I see you."

"Really? Sit down let me get us something to drink." He said while Femi settled down on one the two white plastic chair that were together. Ugo walked into the house and back a few minutes later with two bottle of beer. "Here you go.'' He handed Femi a bottle of cold Star.

"Thanks," Femi collected the offer with a soft smile. He opened the cover with his teeth, and swallowed a few content. He couldn't even remember the last time he held a bottle of beer.

"What's so important that brought you here?" Ugo asked, rolling a big size of marijuana.

Femi swallowed a few more content from his beer and met his eyes. "Ugo, I'm going through the most difficult moment of my life."

"That's sad," Ugo light his weed and inhaled deeply, then aimed the tin smoke upward. "How?"

"My son is at the hospital suffering from appendix, and my wife had left me."

"Your wife left you? Why would she do that?"

Femi shook his head slowly. "She got tired of the hardship." He lifted the bottle of beer to his lips and swallowed more content.

"That's very bad of her." He inhaled his weed and tapped a length of ash to the ground. "I'm really sorry about your son's health. How is he now?"

"He's at the hospital. I need 350 thousand for his operation."

"That's a big amount of money." He inhaled again and lifted his bottle of beer from the ground, a different brand from the one Femi held. "What happened to your job? I remember you were doing well those days."

"I got sacked."

"Sacked? How come?"

Femi shook his head slowly. "It's a long story."

Ugo let out a deep breath and took another drag from his marijuana. "I'm so sorry about your challenges. It really sad." He perused his beer and placed the bottle on the ground. "How far have you gone in raising the money for your son's operation."

"That's why I came to see you.'' Femi said, looking more serious. "I need your help."

Ugo took a deep drag from his marijuana and blew out the smoke thoughtfully. "I will be happy to help if I have the money. But right now, I'm seriously broke." He said with sincerity.

"I want you to help me find a way to raise the money. I can't afford to let my son die. You have to help me.'' He lifted the bottle of beer to his lips.

Ugo smoked his marijuana silently for few seconds and met his eyes. "Will you be able to come with me tonight?" He said. "I believe you know what I do?"
Femi nodded and lifted his bottle of beer to his lips. He know how hard the job is, but it was the only way of getting the money, and he promised himself never to go back into it after getting what he want.

"Good," Ugo smiled. "We're robbing a jewelry store along western avenue tonight. If we're lucky, we can make away with millions of money."

Femi stared at him thoughtfully and swallowed the last content from his bottle.
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Hmm, Femi you have to be very careful

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touching story....following
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Hmm, Femi you have to be very careful

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