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Re: Devil's Bargain by harrystories(m): 6:31pm On Jul 31
Thanks for the update
Re: Devil's Bargain by harrystories(m): 6:32pm On Jul 31
The jewelry store occupied the ground floor of a very tall building. Two security guards stood at the entrance while few customers were seen walking in and out of the place.

Ugo and Femi stayed in a Toyota camry at the opposite side of the road, surveying the environment. "Use this." Ugo said, handing a white powder to Femi. "Rob it on ur face."

Femi stared at the powder thoughtfully. "What's this for?''

"It's a magic powder. No one will able to recognize you after the operation. It's better than using a face mask."

"That's cool." Femi nodded and applied the powder on his face.

Ugo checked his watch. "We only have five minutes," he said. "I want you to go in there and do as planned. Remember we don't have much time."

One of the two securities opened the door with a soft smile as Femi approached the entrance of store. The only customer inside was a couple, admiring a necklace that was made of diamond. They Stared at the necklace with there faces so bright and glanced at Femi as he made it inside.

Femi stared around to notice two beautiful young sales ladies, and a cashier. The cashier gaze was fixed on the computer monitor that sat on the table in front of her.

"Good evening sir." One of the sales ladies approached Femi, She was in her early twenties and her voice was very soft. "Is there any particular product..."

"Where is the manage of this place?" Femi cut her off with a frown. He couldn't believe his own voice.

"Is there any problem sir?" The lady asked politely.

"Just call me the manage." Femi yelled at her.

The lady was surprised at his reaction, wondering who he was. She turned and walked into a small office while Femi stood with his arms in his pockets. The memories of his runaway wife flooded his mind as the beautiful couple walked out of the store. He remember the day he slowly put ring into Ajoke's finger, it was the happiest day of his life and his parents were very happy after waiting patiently for a long time for their son to get married and give them a grandchild. Femi remained single for many years after his ex-girlfriend broke his heart. His friend and relatives were after him to get married, but that didn't change until he met Ajoke at a fast food restaurant on one of his lunch break. He fell in love at first sight and couldn't take his mind of her. Ajoke proved very hard on him, but after many weeks of disturbing her, she finally gave in to his wishes.

After two months of dating, Ajoke took in and Femi was very happy to hear the news. He decided to take Ajoke for a wife because he loved her, and quickly introduced her to his parents. The wedding took place two months later in a baptist church, in which Femi spent almost all his savings on the wedding ceremony.

A young man walked towards Femi. He wore a grey suit. "Good evening sir."

"Are you the manager of this place?" Femi asked in a harsh voice.

"Calm down sir," the manager said. "Yes I am and how may I help you?"

Femi deep his arm into his pocket and pulled out a gold necklace. "I bought this necklace here a month ago only to discovered its nothing but fake."

The manager narrowed his eyes in disbelief and collected the necklace from him. He studied it for a moment and met his eyes. "Sir, may I see the receipt given to you the day you bought it?" He asked.

''Receipt? Do I need to be keeping that as a treasure?" Femi said angryly.

"Sir, it's the only way to confirm it, and besides we don't sell fake products here."

"Are you saying that I'm lying?" Femi took a step closer and held his suit. "How dare you?" He yelled.

The two security guards outside the store hurried in and struggled the manager out of Femi's arms while the two sales girls and the cashier stood there with surprise watching the drama. The plan was set. Femi's mission was to gathered everyone in the store in one place.

Ugo walked in and fired a shot upward. "Everybody get down." He fired again while they all lay with their face down, shivering.

Femi quickly pulled out a pistol and advanced toward the entrance, ready to take down any opponents. Ugo collected all their cell phones into his back bag. "If anyone of you misbehave eh, I go blow ya head." He drew the manager up and pointed his gun at him. "I want you to be a good boy, put all the money you have in this bag."

The manager slowly advance toward the cashier table and pour out all the money inside of it. But Ugo wasn't pleased. He landed a heavy blow on the face of the young man. "You think I come play for here."

Femi was a bit scared, wanting Ugo to make it fast before they get caught. He had never robbed anyone with a gun in his life, but he couldn't remember how many times he had robbed his former company with a pen. He watched as the young manager took Ugo into an office where the big save was kept. A lot of money were loaded into the bag. Ugo held the bag and walked back into the store with the manager. "Everybody up." Ugo said while they all got up in fear. Ugo commanded them into the office and locked them in, throwing the key on the floor.

"Let's get out of here, fast." Ugo said to Femi while they quickly hurried out of the store.

Before they could make it to where their car was packed, two police patrol van pulled to a stop. "Shit." Ugo said. "Run! Go go go!!"

Femi eyes widened in fear. Gunshot behind them as they ran. They quickly ran for cover between two parked cars. Ugo fired from between the cars, one of the police men went down, his face full of blood. Ugo hit one of the vehicle window, the glass powdered and clanged on the ground.

Femi was filled with fear, managing to shot his pistol to keep the cops from getting close. "Get in, fast." Ugo said to him while they quickly got into the car.

Ugo drove the car out in a reverse with a speed and stopped. The whine of the screaming tires filled the air as the car skidded turned in a complete circle and moved at the same time in a full speed.

One of the police men followed the move and fired a shot. The bullet got to Ugo at the side of his head. The car side wiped a line of cars across the road and came to a stop against them.
Re: Devil's Bargain by izaray(f): 6:49pm On Jul 31
Femi see what bad condition has led you into embarassed

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Re: Devil's Bargain by harrystories(m): 7:34pm On Jul 31
The world slowed to the speed of a dream as Femi stared at Ugo in disbelief. Terror coloured his face, even the sounds of bullets coming from the police men couldn't bring him back to reality.

Ugo's head rested on the steering, blood gushing out of it, all he could do, was jerking.

"Ugoooo!!" Femi screamed. He held him shaking his body, but no life was left in him. "Ugo!!!"

Femi stared out quickly through the car widow, the police men were advancing towards the car. He stared at Ugo with his eyes full of tears. There was no time for that now, the only thing on his mind, was escape.

He summoned a courage and breath in deeply. He held his pistol up in his right hand and took Ugo's gun in his left hand. He pulled the door opened, came out of it and fired heavily at the police with his two arms, running for escape.

Seconds stretched to minutes and the minutes stretched endlessly as they fired continually. Femi made it into a street, he disappeared into the darkness and hide beside a car that was parked along the street. He watched the police men searching for him in every corner of the street, they were more in numbers. If they get to him they will find him. He picked up a stone from the ground, and threw it to the next street. The stone aimed a gate of a house loudly, while the police team hurried out of the street towards the direction of the sound.

Femi let out a sign of relief and got to his feet silently. He looked around to notice a tall fence at the opposite side of the road, it was a school fence. He crossed the street towards the fence. He climbed it, then jumped into the compound.

The sounds of his footsteps Caught the school security guard attention. Femi quickly hid himself as he noticed the security man pointing his very bright touch towards the direction.

Femi couldn't see properly in the dark. He tiptoe towards a classroom window and gently climbed into the classroom, watching through the window in fear with guns in his arms, breathing heavily.

The security man stared around with his touch, and returned to his post after finding nothing. Femi breath a sigh of relief and leaned his head against the wall and listened to the police siren that was screaming from a far distance, he couldn't believe he escaped the angry policemen. He closed his eyes and wept, as the thought of Ugo flashed through his mind.

After staying silently for a very long moment, he pulled in a deep breath, thinking of how to get out of the school premises without alerting the security guard. He placed the two pistols on the floor and brought out his phone to know what the time is, he realized he had spent hours in there, it was 11:02pm. He pulled himself up and climbed out of the class room through the window.

He walked quietly, caution in every steps. He noticed the security man had fell asleep, he was sitting by the gate many foots away from the school building. Femi advanced towards the fence at the back of the school building. He found a small desk and used it to support himself in climbing. He jump down the fence into a different street, and walked slowly through a narrow part, leading to the main road.

The road was quite. Only few motorcycles were seen carrying passengers. He kept walking very fast as he need to get himself to a save place. His house was no where close to where he was, no taxi were seen on the road and he was very scared.

He turned to see a commercial bus driving towards him. He quickly waved his hand while the bus got to a stop in front of him.

"Yaba," the conductor said. "Enter with your change o."

Without a word, Femi got into the bus and settled at the back seat beside a young lady, watching out through the window.

The bus got to a stop some minutes later and Femi alighted from the bus. He checked his watch, it was few minutes away to midnight. If only he could get a taxi to take him home. He stayed at the road side for few minutes without success. Only few people were seen walking on the road, and the market women along the road were busy closing for the night.

A motorcycle drove to a stop, dropping a passenger. Femi walked towards the bike man. "Is there any hotel around here?" he asked the bike man.

"Yes, one dey Otaokun," the bike man answered.

"Otaokun? Is it far?"

"No, nah for the third street for back of Zik. The place dey ok well."

Femi nodded and climbed the motorcycle. "Take me there," he said while the bike man nodded and drove off.

Femi stared at the hotel building and back to the bike man as he got down from the bike. He paid the bike man and walked into the reception of the Hotel.
He was greeted by a young lady. "Good evening sir."

"Evening," Femi forced a smile that the lady couldn't see. "Give me a very nice room."

The lady smiled, she pulled a key from many keys that was hung on the wall behind her. "Alright sir."

Femi stood beside his hotel room window, staring at the darken sky. He couldn't believe he made it alive, he closed his eyes with so much pain as the thought of Ugo flashed through his mind, and he cried silently like a baby. "Why? Ugo I'm sorry." He said soberly, he couldn't stop the tears streaming down his cheeks. "I brought th..is on you..I killed you Ugo, I..killed you.." He went down to the floor slowly, closing his eyes tightly and cried, blaming himself for his friend's death.

"Why have you brought this on me?'' he cried, directing his words to God. "Why do you have make me go through all this, God why?"

The fact that nothing good came out of the mission made Femi very sad. He couldn't carry the bag of money they stole when escaping. Was he even thinking about the money? No, all he thought about was nothing but escape. He wept bitterly as the thought filled his mind.

He kept crying for many hours, blaming God for his challenges. He was filled with so much pain and sorrow. If only he had knew, he wouldn't have involved Ugo in his challenges. Ugo wouldn't have die. Now he has lost his childhood friend, not just a friend, he was like a brother.

Will he ever be able to face Ugo's parents and tell them that he's the reason behind their son's death? Will he ever be able to live with the guilt in his mind? He let his tears flow for a long moment, as minutes floods into hours.....


Re: Devil's Bargain by Ann2012(f): 9:03pm On Jul 31
Na wa ooooo

Well done OP

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Re: Devil's Bargain by maleeknasri(m): 9:33am On Aug 01
after everything femi no still carry da money......nawa oo sad

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Re: Devil's Bargain by harrystories(m): 12:52pm On Aug 01
Chapter Four

All that happened to Femi seemed like a dream as he blinked his eyes opened to a bright new day. Still in bed with his gaze fixed on the ceiling, the mental pictures of the robbery scene flashed through his memory.

He shifted from his side and leaned against the pillows. After a long thought, he pulled the bedsheet away from him, he got up slowly from the bed and sat on the edge of it. He let out a deep breath and slid his gaze toward the wall clock that was hung on the wall, it was a few minutes pass 7am. He pulled himself up slowly and walked toward the window. He held the curtain in one hand and was rubbing the sleep out of his eyes with the other, staring at the hotel staffs that were busy cleaning up the compound. He was happy to be alive, but sad for his lost.

If only they had succeeded in their mission, it would have been a different story. He thought of his son for a long moment, then his parents. What would they have said? That their only son, whom they had trained through education with their hard earned money, is an armed robber. The thought made Femi drew in a long breath and walked away from the window.

He was scared of not be recognised by any police officer. What if the white substance Ugo gave him to rub on his face failed, and the jewelry store camera caught his real face? He was filled with fear of what might be the consequence if he was recognised.

He walked out of the hotel room into the bar and met one of the hotel receptionist. He couldn't afford wearing the same cloths out the hotel, so he asked one of the receptionist to help him get a new cloths.

A low voice from the bar Television caught his attention as he was about walking back into his room.

"Two notorious armed robbers attacked a jewelry store last night along Western avenue," the news reporter announced. "Lots of money and jewelries worth of millions were reportedly stolen by the robbers."

Femi stood still with his gaze fixed on the Tv, listening to the morning news. He watched as Ugo dead body was been pulled out from the car by some police officials.

"One of the robbers was been shot dead by the police men while the other escaped." The reporter continued. "And about five police officers were reportedly killed by the robbers during the incident. This is Adewumi Bolaji, reporting live from our studio."

Femi pulled in a long breath, and walked back into his hotel room. He thought about the incident for a very long moment, feeling very happy for his escape, and it seemed no one will recognise him since his face was not shown on the news. Maybe the white substance Ugo gave him had worked. He wished Ugo had survived.

He pushed the thought away from his mind, thinking about his next move. He need to meet Mike and discourse with him. It was his only hope left of getting the needed amount of money. He knew without doubt Mike will help, but hoping it won't come with a price.

He picked his phone and made a call. "Hello."

"Mr Femi," came the voice from the other end of the cell Phone. "We've been expecting you since yesterday, you need to come right away."

"I'm sorry doctor, I will be there very soon. How is my son?" Femi asked.

"His condition has got worse and we need to commence the operation right away, we need you here to sign some papers before we start. Anymore delay will be very ugly."

Femi let out an explosive breath. "I will be there very soon." He ended the call and dropped the phone on the small table beside the bed. He was left with no choice than to go to Mike for assistance.

A knock on his door brought him out of his thought. He got to his full and walked towards the door. "Here is it sir," a young male receptionist said as the door was opened, handling a small polythene bag to Femi. "Hope you will like it."

Femi offered him a weak smile. "Thanks."

"Here is your change sir."

"Don't worry, keep the change." Femi said and closed the door gently. He pulled out a blue jean and a white t-shirt from the polythene bag and placed them on the bed, ready to take a shower.

The rain came heavily that morning after Femi had left the hotel. Still, the majority of Lagosian tried to go about their businesses, ignoring the heavy rain. The rain brought a terrible traffic as every road leading was at stand still, the steady downpour that kept roadways dangerous and put drivers into semi hypnotic.

It had taken Femi several hours to get to Mike's house for, a trip that should have taken less than an hour. The driver pulled the car to a stop while Femi stepped out of the taxi.

He stared the gate of the duplex that he had vowed never to enter there again. He wanted to call Mike before comings , but he had deleted his number from his phone, hoping he will never see or come to Mike again. Letting out a soft breath he advanced toward the gate.

The gate was opened by the same handsome young man he met the last time he came visiting. Only the colour of his suit has changed,it was a navy blue. "How may I help you?" He asked, his face held no emotion.

"I'm here to see Mr Mike."

"Do you have an appointment?"

"Not really, but he asked to come in see him at anytime." Femi said with a soft smile.

"Just a minute please," the man closed the gate and left him to wait outside.

Few minutes later he was back. He let Femi in and led him into the house. Femi sat down in the chair silently as he waited for Mike to appear.

"Brother Femi," Mike said with a bright smile, walking down the stairs into the sitting room. He wore a red long red garment. "Good to see you again."

Femi pulled himself up and took his hand shake. "Good day sir." He said with a lazy smile.

Mike dropped into the chair and met his gaze. He was really happy to see Femi, he knew he would come back. "Hope all is well, brother Femi."

Femi shook his head. Should he tell him the hell he had been through? That didn't matter now, what matters is that he's alive and he's there. "I've be going through hard times," he shook his head slowly. "I need your assistant."

Mike smiled. It was an opportunity he had been waiting for. "How may I assist you, brother Femi?"

"My son is at the hospital, suffering from appendix."

"You never told me you had a son." Mike asked with so much concern.

"We never really time to talk about it, besides, you never asked." Femi said.

"How old is your son?"

"About 5 years old."

"Oh poor boy," Mike pulled himself up and walked toward the sitting room bar and back with a bottle of wine and two glass cup. He set the bottle on the small table by his side and filled the two glass cups. He Handled one to Femi and settled with the other. "So what do you really want me to do, brother Femi?" He asked, taking a sip.

Femi met his eyes. "I need 350 thousand for my son's operation."

Mike smiled. "That's much." he lifted his glass to his lips. "I will be very happy to assist you, but what would you give me back in return?"

Femi smiled. He had thought about it. He knew what would come out of it, but he has his plan. "What do you want in return?"

Mike smiled sweetly. "It's very simple. If you can believe in lucifer and help spread his gospel, only will I be willing help save your son."

Femi stared at him thoughtfully for few seconds and said, "I will."

Mike took a sip from his glass with a soft smile. "Are you willing to follow lucifer? To do all that he asked of you?"

Femi nodded.

Mike pulled himself up happily. "Then, we have a bargain.

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Re: Devil's Bargain by izaray(f): 1:33pm On Aug 01
Thanks for the update

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Re: Devil's Bargain by Ann2012(f): 2:18pm On Aug 01
Na wa ooooo

Thanks for the update

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Re: Devil's Bargain by maleeknasri(m): 4:03pm On Aug 01
its really a bargain.......tnx 4 da update op

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Re: Devil's Bargain by harrystories(m): 6:51pm On Aug 01
Chapter Four

Femi got outside of Mike's compound and opened the big brown envelope which Mike gave to him after he agreed to do the wishes of Lucifer. It was the biggest decision he had ever took in his lifetime.

He smiled softly as he stared into the envelope. He put his hand into it and pulled out five bunches of one thousand naira notes. Mike had given him five hundred thousand.

Femi felt sad staring at the money in his arm. How could life be so hard in such a way that made one make a deal with the devil? The money is not more then what he used in clubbing during his happy days. The thought made him sad.

Heading back to the mainland wasn't an easy task for Femi due to a heavy traffic, caused by the morning rain. Femi was so worried staring out through the taxi window. He'd been checking is wrist watch every now and then, hoping to get out of the traffic. He needed to get to the hospital as soon as possible. He checked his watch again, it was few minutes to 2pm.

"I can't stand this traffic," he said to the taxi driver. "I want to drop. Take this." He handed the driver a reasonable amount of money while the driver collected the money with a sweet smile, and alighted from the car.

He stayed a few seconds at the bus-stop before getting a bike. Though the bike may not take him to his destination but it can at least beat the traffic to where he can get another taxi.

It was nearly 3pm when Femi got to the hospital. The sight of his cousin's wife walking out of the hospital caught his movement as he got into the compound.

"Baba David," Joy said. "Where have you been?"

Femi stared at her. "Joy, I was not expecting to meet you here."

"I had been here since morning, it was your neighbour who directed me here when I couldn't reach you. And why didn't you pick when I called you on phone."

"Called me?" Femi brought out his phone from his pocket, the screen of his cell phone displayed seven missed calls. He didn't notice because he had put his phone on silence during the robbery incident. "Oh I'm really sorry, my phone was on silent."

"I wonder," Joy said.

"I was busy looking for money, thank God I was able to get it," he said. "I need go see the doctor right now to pay the money."

"Your son had been operated." Joy said with a smile. "I've paid the bill."

"You paid what?" Femi took a step forward with a frown.

Joy was surprised by the action he displayed. Was he not supposed to be happy? "I had paid the money. I was able to make your brother see reasons. So, this morning he gave me the money to give to you. When I came this morning, I couldn't bear seeing David in pain." She said. "There was no time, so the operation was carried out emergently."

Why would she paid? Femi wasn't at all happy with that. After all he had been through? "Look Joy, I really appreciate your concern about me and my son, but I want you to go back in there and collect back the money while I make a new payment."

Joy stared at him in disbelief. "What do you mean? Why?"

"Because right now I have the money to pay for my son's operation." Annoyance rang in Femi's words.

"Baba David? I should go and collect back the money I already paid?"

"Yes please." Femi pulled his gaze away. "I don't want to have anything to do with my brother anymore, not in this life, never."

Joy stared at him silently. How could he be so ungrateful. It took her so many hours to convinced her husband before getting the money from him. How will she go back and tell her husband that the one she begged her husband to help had refused to collect the money. "Uncle Femi, I know you're angry about the way your brother treated you when came asking him for help, but that's not enough reason to reject the money."

"It's more than enough reason," Femi raised his voice so high that drew the attentions of the people around the premises. "Do you have any ideal of what I'd been through? Why would my brother had to made me go through hell before helping me? Why?" He took a step closer. "It's too late. Go and tell him I don't want his help anymore."

Joy breath out a long breath and met his eyes. He knew why he was upset. She had to find a way to calm him down rather than getting angry with him. Femi had been good to her right from the first day she knew him. When things were bad in her relationship with her husband during their boyfriend and girlfriend's days, Femi had stood by her. Femi was the reason her husband married her. He deserve her respect. "Baba David," she said. "You have every right to be angry, but I beg you to forgive your brother, please, for my sake."

Femi shook his slowly. "I'm really sorry for raising my voice at you. You won't understand my pains. I don't hold anything against you, this fight is between me and my brother."

"How will I open my eyes and watch you and your brother living like enemies? I just can't stand it, and I will never take back the money I had paid for David's operation, never. You must accept it."

Femi let out an explosive breath and met her eyes. What's the use of the money after he had made a bargain with the devil? "I can't accept it, Joy I'm sorry. It's of no use now, I'm sorry. Maybe someday you would understand my reasons."

Joy stared at him silently for few seconds."I think I'll take my leave now. I will come to see David tomorrow morning." She turned and began to walk away.

"Wait, Joy come back here."

Joy ignored him and walked into her car.

Femi slammed his arm on his forehead, and pulled out an explosive breath.

He sat patiently in the waiting room to see the doctor. He closed his eyes gently and pulled out a long breath. He thought about Mike for many minutes. There was no need returning Mike's money because he still had a lot to put in place. He thought of starting a new life with the half a million, and it's a good thing Mike knows nothing about him, not even his apartment. Femi smiled softly. Thinking his bargain with Mike was nothing but a scam.

He became sad as he remembered his lost friend, Ugo. He felt the Pain deep down in his heart.

"Mr Femi."

A deep voice brought him back to reality. "Oh, doctor."

"We've been expecting you," the doctor said, offering him a hand shake.

"I'm sorry," Femi voice sounded weak. "How is my son?"

"The appendix is out and all is well in the state of your son." The doctor said with a soft smile. "Come with me."

"Thank you," Femi said and followed him down a very bright hallway.

"A woman came in this morning..."

"My brother's wife," Femi said. "I met her on my way in."

The doctor smiled. "That's good. She had paid the bill, I believe she told you."


David's space was walled off with hanging blue curtains. He blinked his eyes open as he heard his father's voice and managed a weak smile in response to his name. "Da..d..dy."

Femi hurried toward him and sat on the edge of the bed beside him. "My son..so sorry dear."

"My stomach is," David sound so low and sleepy that Femi had trouble catching his words. "paining me."

"Don't worry dear, you will get better." Femi said with a soft smile, then kissed him on his forehead.

"He needs a perfect rest," the doctor said while Femi nodded. "Let's go to my office."

"I want to see my mummy." David's voice was not more than a whisper.

The words caught Femi's attention as he was about to leave. He had been avoiding not to think of his runaway wife in other for him to concentrates and move on with his life. But now all the memory flooded his mind. He stared at his son for a long moment. How could a woman be so heartless.


Re: Devil's Bargain by Justice310: 7:53pm On Aug 01

You're good at it. I wish to work you in the near future.

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Re: Devil's Bargain by harrystories(m): 10:41pm On Aug 01

You're good at it. I wish to work you in the near future.
Really, that's great.

Thanks smiley

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Re: Devil's Bargain by maleeknasri(m): 9:26am On Aug 02
nice update


Re: Devil's Bargain by Ann2012(f): 11:54pm On Aug 02
Lovely update

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Re: Devil's Bargain by harrystories(m): 6:34pm On Aug 05
Femi left the hospital few minutes later, heading back home. He sat at the back of commercial bus staring out through the window. He had not been to his apartment for some days and he knew how messed up he left his apartment.

He'd thought of changing his apartment for a while, or maybe leaving Lagos to his home town will be a good idea of keeping away from Mike. He knew he could do well in his home town. He thought of buying a small car to start a transportation business; maybe loading goods from the village to the city would be a good trade.

Femi alighted from the bus and walked through a crowd of people. The smell of fried akara that invaded the air made Femi realized he had not eaten, may because he wasn't hungry. He approached a restaurant along the road. He walked in and settled with a plate of Eba and a vegetable soup.

After he had finished his meal, he leaned his back against the chair with his gaze fixed on the restaurant TV. He brought out his ringing phone out of his pocket and stared at the small screen that displayed a strange number.

"Hello?" he said into the phone.

"11:45pm tonight." Came the husky voice from the other end of the cell phone.

"Who is this?" Femi asked with a frown. "Hello, hello?"

The caller ended the call while Femi stared at his phone fearfully. He slowly pulled himself up. The caller wasn't Mike. Who could that be? He thought for a very long moment.

11:45pm? What is going on?

Femi made the rest of the journey home silently, wondering if the phone call he just received has any connection to his bargain with Mike or something else. He admitted he has never heard that kind of voice in his entire life, and the voice echoed in him.

He pushed open the small gate into his compound, walking toward his front door. To his surprise, the front door was slightly opened. Did he forget to lock his door? He pushed the door opened silently and walked slowly inside the house.

He narrowed his eyes as he heard sounds from his bedroom. Femi walked slowly into the kitchen and grabbed a big wood. Everyday for the thief, one day for the owner, he thought and advanced slowly toward his bedroom.

As he got closer, he slowly opened the bedroom door to see Ajoke with a big bag in her right hand.

Femi widened his eyes in disbelief. "Ajoke? What are you doing here?"

Ajoke stared in dull shock. She was not expecting to see Femi in the few minutes she'd planned in coming to the house. She stared at Femi silently, not trusting herself to speak.

"I said what are you doing here?" Femi's words came with annoyance.

"I came to get my belongings." Ajoke pulled her gaze away.

"Your what?" Femi yelled. "After all you've done, you still have the mind to come into this house?"

Ajoke met his gaze with a frown. She opened her mouth to speak, then closed it and resumed walking out of the house.

Anger consumed Femi, he hurried toward him and drew her back forcefully while she fell into the chair. "Where do you think you're going?" Femi said with his eyes so red.

"Don't dare me.'' Ajoke's voice was harsh. "What do you expect? To stay here and die silently with you this lazy man? I....''

Before she could finish her words, Femi landed a heavy slap on her face. "Keep quite, you idiot."

"Aaaah!" Ajoke held her face, and jumped on Femi like a cat on a mouse then held his cloth so tight. "Kill meee!"

Without thinking twice, Femi poured all his annoyance on her and beat her seriously while Ajoke struggled. The fight continued for some minutes before the noise drew in the attentions of their neighbours.

A young man and a woman hurried into the house and the man held Femi while the other woman struggled Ajoke out of him. "Baba David, leave her alone." The young man said.

"Let me kill this good for nothing prostitute." Femi yelled in anger.

"leave me alone," Ajoke struggled herself from the other woman. She grabbed a stood and threw it at Femi "You this shameless man."

Femi struggled to hit her but the young man held him tight. "Baba David, it's okay."

"Leave me alone let me deal with this idiot." Femi struggled.

The other woman forced Ajoke out of the house into the compound. "Mama David, please leave for now." The woman pleased with her.

"No," Ajoke was struggling from the woman's grips. "He will kill me today."

"Mama David.."

"Leave me alone."

Femi walked out of the house. "Don't ever dare come to this house again," he yelled and threw her bag on the ground in front of her.

"Baba Junior?"

Ajoke struggled. "You will regret this, I promise you that."

"Regret what?" Femi took a step forward but the man held him.

Ajoke grabbed her bag from the ground. "We shall see." Ajoke said and walked out of the compound.

"Go to hell." Femi yelled. "You can't do anything."

"It's Okay," the woman Said.

"Fight is not the solution," the young man added.

"Thank you.'' Femi said and walked into his room without anymore words.

He pulled out an explosive breath and slammed his hand on the wall. How dare she come into this house? He paced the sitting room for a very long moment and finally settled in a chair. He tried to focus on keeping his breathing slow and easy.

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Re: Devil's Bargain by maleeknasri(m): 7:15pm On Aug 05
nice one op following

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Re: Devil's Bargain by harrystories(m): 7:33pm On Aug 05
nice one op following
smileyI'm glad.

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Re: Devil's Bargain by duruZed(m): 3:29pm On Aug 06
Love this story but i pray you finish it to the end.

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Re: Devil's Bargain by harrystories(m): 3:55pm On Aug 06
Love this story but i pray you finish it to the end.
I'm happy you love it. I will do my best to complete it, but too many spies in here
Re: Devil's Bargain by Ann2012(f): 3:55pm On Aug 06
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Re: Devil's Bargain by harrystories(m): 3:57pm On Aug 06
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Re: Devil's Bargain by harrystories(m): 3:58pm On Aug 06
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Glad you're here smiley
Re: Devil's Bargain by Ann2012(f): 3:59pm On Aug 06
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Re: Devil's Bargain by harrystories(m): 4:22pm On Aug 06
Few minutes later, the sound of the door bell woke Femi up from a dream in which Mike appeared in front of him. He rubbed the sleep out of his eyes and advanced toward the front door.

When he pulled the door opened, he narrowed his eyes to the sight of two police men and Ajoke was standing behind them.

"I'm inspector Daniel." One of the police men said, showing his ID. "You need to come with us to the station."

Femi stared at Ajoke with cold eyes. He need not argue, he just said. "Just a minute, Let me put on my cloths."

The police men followed him into the house just incase, and waited for him to get ready while Ajoke outside the house with her arms folded over her chest.

When they arrived at the police station, Femi wrote down his statement in a possible way to defend himself. After many argument between him and Ajoke, Femi was detained and Ajoke was ready to make him suffer.

Ajoke walked out of the police station with inspector Daniel. "I want that goat to learn his lesson."

"Don't worry madam, leave everything to me, I will do as you have said," the police man assured her with a soft smile.

"Thank you," She secretly gave the inspector some money before turning to leave.

A black Toyota camry pulled to a stop at the front of the police station while Ajoke watch as the driver got out of the car, it was Joke, her name sake.

"Mama Junior," Joke walked toward her with a frown. "What happened? Baba Junior called me on phone."

Ajoke stared at Joke for some minutes. She respected her in so many ways and she didn't want to ignore her. She explained all that happened between her and Femi. "I just can't take it.'' She added.

Joke folded her hands over her chest and shook her head slowly in pity after she heard all Ajoke had told her. "Ajoke," she said. "I wouldn't be in support of you. What you've done is very bad."

Ajoke stared st her silently.

"How do you expect an heartbroken man to be happy? Do you know what he had been through all those while?"

"I don't care."

"Yes you don't care because you don't have a heart." Joy said angrily. "You're just so heartless."

"I have my reasons." Ajoke managed to control the anger in her voice.

"That is not enough reason to abandon your family for another man.'' Joy raised her voice in anger.

"Enough," Ajoke said in annoyance. "What do you understand about poverty? Tell me? You live in a good house, married a wealthy man and you want to preach to me about life? Have you ever gone on a day without food? Have you? Pleasssse.."

"That's still not enough reason to abandon your five year old son for a jobless man. Don't you have a little love toward him? You...''

"Don't tell me about love." Ajoke snapped.

Joy shook her head slowly. "It's just a pity, Ajoke. I just can't believe this is you."

"Now you know me, Mrs perfect," Ajoke said and turned, walking away.

"You think you have won," Joy said angrily, "but you've not. And you definitely have not broken him. Instead, you have made him stronger, and one day you will regret your decision."

The words caught Ajoke's attention. She stopped and turned to face her. "Regret?" Ajoke gave a soft laugh. "Thank you for reminding me that."

Joy shook her head slowly. There was no need waisting her time with her. She turned to walked into the police station then stopped. She turned back to see Ajoke walking away. "Are you aware your son is at the hospital?" She said and turned, walking into the station.

Ajoke stopped but refused to look back. For the brief moment, the thought of her son filled her mind. She stood silently at the same spot for a very long moment. Not that she didn't love her son, she just have to do what she thought is right for her. Taking her son with her would slow down her action in finding a better life.

Few minutes later, Ajoke reconsidered her action. She walked back into the station and dropped her charges against Femi and he was released on bail.

Femi walked out of the police station. "Thank you very much?"

"It's okay." Joy said. "I know it's not so easy but at times patience is necessary in a situation like that." She opened the door to her car. "Let me drop you at home."

"Thank you.''

By the time Femi got back home he was very tired. He sat silently in his sitting room thinking of a way to deal with Ajoke. He was very sad about the whole drama. He knew it wasn't the right time for that, he still have to face the challenges in front of him.


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It look like a story I'd like,so I don gum you like super glue cool
Abeg no disappoint me ooo
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Where is Ann2012 and izaray
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smiley That's beautiful.


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Re: Devil's Bargain by harrystories(m): 8:38pm On Aug 06
It look like a story I'd like,so I don gum you like super glue cool
Abeg no disappoint me ooo
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Thanks dearie smiley
Re: Devil's Bargain by harrystories(m): 8:41pm On Aug 06
Nice 0ne..
Nobody should take me seat here.,.
Seat booked..
Am coming back for this..
smiley Much appreciated.
Re: Devil's Bargain by Ann2012(f): 6:31am On Aug 07
No fear we dey ur back like sch bag smiley

Correct Sch bag cheesy


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