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Tears Of A Pearl ( My Human Mermaid) By NICKY DA QUEEN by emperorblog(m): 2:35pm On Jul 17, 2018
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Tears of a pearl ( my human mermaid) . . Prologue . Daniella is a talented swimmer. She won a lot of gold medal since she is a kid. She is the national talk, everyone talk about her a lot some call her a mermaid, a siren and other sea creatures. There is one thing about Daniella, she have never for once cried in her life. Nothing can make her cry. Even when her boyfriend broke up with her she smile immediately. Apart from swimming she is extremely beautiful like a sea siren. Everyone call her a female fatale. A lot of men want her but hell no! She won’t give them a chance. Janelle is a princess in the mermaid kingdom. She is a princess who have never produce pearl with her tears. She is always the talk among other mermaids. Janelle live her life wanting to step on soil partying with human but she is not allowed because of her tail. The two girls met and you will find out why Daniela doesn’t cry and why janelle can’t produce pearl. . Written by…. Nikky Da queen . episode one . Under a very beautiful sea kingdom, the mermaids were and roaming about, swimming and singing with their sweet voices around the palace of their ruler. the queen is sitting on her throne of pearl beside her husband, she is pregnant and her protruding bely show it. the princesses are also chanting a beautiful song in their room. the kingdom is a quiet and a peaceful kingdom, filled with many beautiful fishes and sea creatures. • everything seem right until the queen felt a sharp pain in her stomach which signifies the little mermaid is coming. every thing became dark and there was a little commotion, the princess rush out of their room, this only mean one thing a strange creature is about to be born. everything went back to normal after the birth of the human like tail less creature. “i can’t feed her to the octopus again, this is third time I won’t ” the queen cried. “ mom its okay, we will just give her to humans, they will raise her” Adriana the younger princess said. “ no its dangerous ana we can’t ” Andrea the older princess disagrees. “ why can’t you just keep quirt when the smart one talks?” Adriana said with a frown. “ you guys should shut up and dont start your silly fight again” a quiet princess Amelia said. • meanwhile on earth, a woman named Arie just gave birth to a mermaid. a loud scream can be heard in mr and mrs smith’s House “tell me Arie how can we cope with this mermaid, how? I swear this is not my child” Mr Smith said. “ how can i give birth to a mermaid when I’m not from marine kingdom? tell me” Arie cried. “ maybe we should just take her to her habitat5 and there someone will raise het” Mr Smith said. “ maybe we should” Arie almost cry. to be continued……….

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Re: Tears Of A Pearl ( My Human Mermaid) By NICKY DA QUEEN by emperorblog(m): 2:36pm On Jul 17, 2018
episode two . Adriana and Andrea took the little princess and they swam to the surface of the sea. they just leave the baby there but on their way to the kingdom they were stopped by an old sea siren. “ hmm i thought its wrong for mermaid to go to surface of the sea” the old sea siren said. “ granny its none of your business, clean your tails first they stink” Adriana said. “ hey you can say that now, but when I was young like you mermaids my green tails were always even more shining unlike yours” the old siren mocked. “ of course we don’t have multiple tails like the old hag but we were more recognized in human world for good things unlike the old hag whose work Is to lure innocent fishermen with your temporary beauty to kil them am i right? ” Adriana hisses. “ alright girls I’m not here to cause trouble anyway., I just want to help you guys” the sea siren smiled. “ forget it don’t think you can help us” Andrea said and Adriana frowned. “ why can’t you just keep quiet and let’s hear? we are not in the kingdom so keep quiet let the smart one handle this ”Adriana yelled. “ so you are saying I’m not smart?” Andrea asked angrily. “ old siren did i say that? ” Adriana asked mockingly. “ no I don’t I heard that” the siren replied. “ oh OK what do you have for us?” Andrea asked reluctantly. “ right now in world of human world I can see it sense it all over my body” the old siren said. “ sense what?” the girls asked. “ hmm I’m not sure” the siren said. “ I told you not to trust her but what let the smart one handle this *lol*” Andrea mocked. “ I don’t blame you, I blame the one that put you before me, old siren please?” Adriana smiled. “ let’s go she have nothing to offer” Andrea laughed. “ oh my goodness I don’t know who is distributing height and brain, that offend me by giving you less brain and more height, your brain is just the exact opposite of your height” Adriana yelled. “ ok girls its alright, a woman just give birth to a mermaid right now maybe you can take the little mermaid and raise you know we siren can’t raise mermaids” the old siren said and Adriana’s face beam with smilesm “ of course thanks” Adriana said and she alone went to the surface of the sea to wait for the woman. just then Arie and her husband arrive so they switch the babies. the mermaids went with the maermaid while the humans went with the human. # twenty_years_later Daniella a young swimmer who was separated from her parent won a gold medal again. she is so happy that she forgot her birthday. her boyfriend, Daniel called her and it led to something else. “ hi my dan” Daniella said smiling happily. “ oh my dan my ella my missing part” Daniel said with a sad face. “ Dan what’s wrong? why are you like this?” Daniella asked with a concerned look on her face. “ nothing I’m just sorry on your birthday” Daniel try to say but he can’t. “ ah today is birthday I forgot, what did you get for me?” Daniella said with a smile. Daniel excuse himself. “ suzy i can’t ruin her birthday, another conditions I agree to break up with her but on a normal day not on her birthday Suzy please” Daniel said silently to his phone. “ you don’t reall eed the money do you?” suzy replied at the other of the line. “ suzy please” daniel pleaded but he heard something he look to meet the shock of his life . Daniella trying to pick his other phone. “ ha I’m sorry” Daniella said not looking at him. “ dan” Daniel called. “ Daniella that’s my name Daniel I’m not your missing part” Daniella said smiling. “ Dan you misunderstood ” Daniel try to touch her. “dont touch me! tell me what exactly did I misunderstood? tell me! because you need money or because you want me to cry? oh no Daniel I won’t ! I was created to smile not cry! ” she laughs, “ ha ha ha you idiot because you need money? because Suzy is rich? I’m just a swimmer I can’t give you anything? yes remember today Daniel 28 April 2012. Daniella ‘s birthday. you made the biggest mistake of your life today” Daniella yelled. “ I’m sorry Dan for ruining your day I’m so sorry” Daniel said crying while Daniella walk to her dorm singing. that’s what she always do when she is hurt. she cry through songs. to be continued…..

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Re: Tears Of A Pearl ( My Human Mermaid) By NICKY DA QUEEN by emperorblog(m): 2:42pm On Jul 17, 2018
Episode 3 Daniella immediately she enter her room she got a call from her mom. “ hello mom” she said smiling trying to cover her sad voice. “ you don’t have to come home for your holiday, I bought a house for you near the beach, you like the beach right?” arie said at the other end of the line and Daniella’s smile disappear. “ but mom, why do you always push me away? You bought a house so you won’t have to see me anymore? Are you sure I’m not adopted because why will you keep pushing me away for a reason I don’t know?” daniella said showing the anger and sadness in her voice. “ what? Why do you have to talk to your mother like that? I only bought the house for you since you like water” arie try to lie. “ thank you mom for ruining my birthday really thanks” Daniella end the call. “ so today is her birthday? How can I forget that? Oh my Arie you are stupid” Arie hit herself stupidly. “ what happened? ” Mr smith asked. “ today is daniella’s birthday, I forgot again” arie breaks into tears. “ don’t worry I will talk to her” Mr smith hug his wife. Daniella sang all night thinking about Daniel and her ruined birthday ,Daniel on his own regret his decisions greatly but there is nothing he can do, he need the money to pay for his brother’s surgery not knowing daniella actually save the money and was about to give him when he broke with her. Daniella look at the cheque beside her. She tore it into pieces, she wonder why she can’t form a single tear with her eyes and it bother her so much. She forgot the tear of a thing and drift off to sleep, she is still a junior swimmer so she have a long way to go. Daniel know he can’t face Daniella anymore so after his brother’s surgery he leave the city. The break up affect daniella greatly but thank god she is going on a holiday probably to forget everything. _____Under the sea _____ Janelle sneak out of the kingdom to meet the old siren. “ old siren janelle is here” janelle said smiling just then the sirens swim out, they were many that janelle can’t even count. “ what bring a mermaid to our kingdom” the most beautiful siren said. “ ha she is here to see the old one ” another one said and they all burst into laughter. “ its not as if the beauty is even permanent like ours( hisses) it will soon fade” janelle also burst into laughter. “ wait are you here to fight?” a young siren said. “ all I know is that, the fishermen are now wise and they won’t get carried away by your beauty anymore” janelle mocked and they all frowned. “ well I’m not here to fight” janelle added. “ she is here to fight girls carry on with your activities ” the old siren said. “ Janelle, what brings you here?” she asked. “ I want to ask, when will I be able to have temporary legs” janelle asked. “ hmm in two months time, last month was your twentieth birthday right?” the old siren asked. “ yes, I want to go to the human world” janelle said in a dream way. “ why? Humans are not like mermaids, they lie, hurt their selves, do sort of bad things although there are good ones too” the old siren said. “ whatever I will meet the good ones” janelle happily. “ she want to embrace her destiny, I wonder what is happening to the little princess” the old siren thought. “ two months time, I will wait” janelle said. Janelle swim away. Daniella move to the house her mom bought her, the house is very big and beautiful. She can see the beautiful sea from her room. The sight is beautiful, she went to the sea shore to get a good view but she saw something she thought it never exist. What do you think she saw?
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Re: Tears Of A Pearl ( My Human Mermaid) By NICKY DA QUEEN by emperorblog(m): 8:00am On Jul 19, 2018
Episode 4 “ wait I’m not dreaming am I? That’s not a mermaid or is it one?” daniella move closer. “ that human is not looking at me or is she?” Janelle asked herself rhetorically. Daniella move closer again and her leg almost touch the sea. “ oh gosh she is a mermaid! ” daniella exclaimed. “ oh no she is looking at me” Janelle quickly dive into the water. Daniella followed her, giving the mermaid a hot chase. Janelle knowing every nook and crany of the sea quickly hide. “ oh my god where is she?” Daniella said but something occur to her. She is breathing underwater! “ I can’t be mistaken, I’m breathing, this is strange” daniella thought to herself. She swim out of the sea and she return to her room. “hello Sera ” daniella said holding her cellphone to her ears. “ oh my god Daniella, longest time ” Sera replied. “ yeah something strange is happening to me, first I saw a mermaid then I’m breathing under the sea, I can’t understand ” daniella said with a shaky voice. “ oh the break up really affect my Ella that’s she is hallucinating ” Sera laughed. “ try to get some rest my friend” she added and end the call. “ I’m going crazy” daniella yelled. “ but wait I chased her and she hide in god knows where ” daniella thought. “ oh my I forgot I got a date with david” she hurry to the bathroom. _____Under the sea____ “oh my that was close ” Janelle breathe a sign of relief when she was sure daniella has left. “ what was close?” Adriana’s voice scare her to her bones. “ sister you are here I just want to….” she try to find a lie but her mind failed her. “dont try to lie janelle don’t act like humans, did you forgot we mermaids can hear each other’s mind?” Adriana said. “ I’m sorry sister I didn’t mean to lie” janelle apologize. “ I heard you are going to have temporary legs in two months time are you going to human world?” Adriana asked. “ yes of course, at least no one will mock me anymore” “ I will miss you” “so you support me?” “yes why won’t I ? You are my cute little sister” Adriana said and they both laugh. “ I wonder where my cute one is, I hope she is safe” Adriana thought referring to the human baby. “ which cute one? I can here what you are thinking” Janelle said with her hands akimbo. “you don’t have to worry janelle” Adriana said with her mind again. . After bathing,Daniella wear a beautiful dress and little make up.she is not ready for a relationship she is just going to sort things out with David. “ hi david” daniella manage to smile. “hi Ella thanks for coming” David also smile. He is very happy, the almighty daniella is in front of him, smiling at him. He is just smiling even Daniella noticed. “why are you smiling so much?” Daniella asked. “ your beauty is enough to make me smile all the days of my life” he said and Daniella almost laugh. “ you are so funny” she said. “ oh my god look at that smile” David thought. “ David, I want to make somethings clear to you, I’m not ready to be in another relationship yet but maybe we can be friends and see if I can find love with you” Daniella said and the atmosphere became tense. “ OK I understand, friends” David smile. After chit chatting and joking about petty things, Daniella is feeling sleepy so she hug him and she left. _______ Under the sea______ “ janelle i won’t allow that you can’t go to human world, if the princess become a human and she left the sea what do you think other mermaids will do?” the queen asked. “ but mom everyone says I’m useless, I can’t produce pearls” janelle said. “ no buts you are still a princess ” the queen yelled. What is going to happen to janelle now?
Re: Tears Of A Pearl ( My Human Mermaid) By NICKY DA QUEEN by emperorblog(m): 8:01am On Jul 19, 2018
Episode 5 “ mom you can’t do this to me, everyone in this kingdom look down on me, they mock me all they want the only friend I have in this sea is sister Adriana and the old siren let me leave please ” Janelle pleaded. “ no you will have your temporary legs and that doesn’t make you human and you will never be!” the queen yelled angrily. “ hmm coward, want to run away from your problem?” Andrea asked movkingly. “ here comes the brainless princess I’ve ever known, come to think of it, if you were given a brain instead of producing those ugly pearls with your eyes it would have been better, look at my pearl look at yours” Adriana defend Janelle. “look who’s talking, and what do you achieve with your brain?” Andrea try to hide her anger. “ something you can’t gain even if you work and your tail looses its colour” Adriana said laughing. “ I am your sister you don’t talk to me like that!” Andrea yelled and her eyes turn green just like her tail. All the pearls she form with her tears began to rise charging at Adriana with full force but the latter wave them off. “ what was that? A princess attacking with pearl?” Adriana asked while Janelle is already shaking with fear. “ you are too senseless that you don’t know how to use your powers” Adriana added. “ what?!” Andrea’s eyes light up again she made to strike janelle but something block her pearls from reaching Janelle instead hitting her with full force. While all this is happening daniella is having a terrible headache in her room, she keep hearing screams and voices in her head, what bothers her most is that she can’t get any meaningful thing from those voices. She grab her phone to call her mom but she lost consciousness, Janelle on her own part felt something she swam with full force to the surface of the water. She felt her tail touch the ground and they become legs. “ how did this happen I thought they said its two months time” Janelle said happily. She felt her legs dragging her, although she haven’t walk before but she felt she is running towards Daniella’s house. She barged into the room with the help of her instinct and she found daniella lying on the floor. “ what should I do? What am i doing here? I have to go back, what is even wrong with me?” she asked herself rhetorically. She manage to lift daniella up and she help her lie on her bed although Janelle’s legs hurts like hell because its still temporary. Just then a tear drop from Daniella’s eyes and immediately it turn into two beautiful pearls. “ how can a human tears form pearl?” janelle is terrified. She put one of the pearls in Daniella’s mouth and she kept the other. She hurried back to the sea when she found out she is naked. “ janelle where the hell did you go swimming like that?” Adriana asked. “im dreaming aren’t I? First I heard a scream, my tail turn to legs and I saw a human tear turn to pearl I’m going crazy” janelle said shivering. “ what? Janelle you are driving me crazy” Adriana shouted. “ just a drop of tears turn to two beautiful pearl” janelle show Adriana the pearl. “ this looks like mine ha the cute one is alive!” Adriana thought with her mind. “ hello? Who is the cute one? I swear sis you are driving me crazy!” janelle shouted. _____The next morning____ Daniella woke up with her headache and without a memory of what happened to her. She took her toothbrush and she made to brush her teeth but the image she saw in the mirror terrify her and she screamed. What do you think she saw?
Re: Tears Of A Pearl ( My Human Mermaid) By NICKY DA QUEEN by pacifust058(m): 9:18am On Jul 19, 2018
Thanks for the story, please update quick
Re: Tears Of A Pearl ( My Human Mermaid) By NICKY DA QUEEN by emperorblog(m): 1:08pm On Jul 19, 2018
Thanks for the story, please update quick

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Re: Tears Of A Pearl ( My Human Mermaid) By NICKY DA QUEEN by emperorblog(m): 1:08pm On Jul 19, 2018
Divepen1 mostbles emperorblog Rosemary33 benita27 kimbra cowhard nastyogx bibi294 krizbaby where art thou you boy is here oo
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Re: Tears Of A Pearl ( My Human Mermaid) By NICKY DA QUEEN by emperorblog(m): 4:54pm On Jul 19, 2018
Episode 6 &7 Daniella loves keeping short black hair a lot although there is a little strand of red hair but she always dye it regularly so other people won’t notice. Now all her hairs are red but bother her is not the red hair but the waist length hair. Her once fair skin is now milky white. She took her phone to call her mom. “ mom I want you here right now or I will loose my mind” daniella said and she hang up immediately. “ but what happened? ” Arie wondered. Daniella paced all around not getting what is happening to her. “ but my hair was short and black yesterday, my skin is not pale what in the world happen to me? First I saw a mermaid, I chased her, I’m breathing under water, now my hair is all red and my skin is pale. Oh god or it because I chased the mermaid? Definitely not but why? Why did I deserve all this? All bad things keep happening to me but why? ” she soliloquizes. “ not me why me? Oh god not me” she began to weep just then Arie enter the house. When she saw Daniella’s state she cover her mouth. “ Ella honey what happen to you?” Arie asked. “ I don’t know I just woke up like this” Daniella said wiping her tears with the back of her hand. “ Ella you cried! You cried!” Arie exclaimed happily but when she saw what the tears are turning to she just sat beside daniella and she start her own part of tears. “ mom look at that, they are pearls where did you get them?” Daniella sniffs. “ your tears are turning to pearls honey” Arie manage to say through her tears. “ what? Since I saw that mermaid all this start happening to me but why? Is it a crime to see a supernatural creature?” Daniella cried more. “ I don’t know if I should cry more or be happy because I’ve never cried in my entire life” Daniella choke on her words while crying. “ dear we have to act like this never happens, I will dye your hair and cut it for you forget about the pearls just try not cry in public ” Arie wipe her tears. _______Under the sea_______ “ Amelia what did you see?” the queen asked. Amelia is the only princess who is a seer. She can see the future and read destinies. “ After the abdication of queen Paula on her hundredth year, one of the princess will become a ruthless monster, no one in the sea will ne able to destroy it not even, the queen , mermaids, mermans and siren will be able to destroy it, the sea will fall into chaos but the sisters born in the opposite world will be able to destroy the monster once and for all” Amelia said with her eyes shining bright. “ what ? Which one of the princess? So we can prevent it” the queen asked. “ there is nothing we can do, the power hungry princess will become a monster” Amelia replied. ______Daniella’s house_____ “ tada we are done now you are now looking more beautiful, this milky white skin is really a blessing” Arie said. “ mom stop being a talkative ” daniella almost yelled. “ don’t yell at me, your temper is something else, let’s go to the sea shore honey” Arie said happily. “ so you can also see a mermaid? And become like this? ” daniella frowns. “ since when did you start worrying about me?” Arie asked. “ of course I will, you are my mom” Daniella said and the atmosphere became tense. ______Under the sea_____ “ call me janelle” the queen said to one of her maids. “ okay your majesty, princess janelle the queen request for your attention ” the maid called. “ mom I’m here” janelle said smiling. “ I have grant your wish you can go to human world” the queen said and janelle almost die of happiness. “ thank you thank you” janelle cried. Who do you think the two sisters born in opposite world are? Which princess do you think will become a monster? Why do you think the queen is sending janelle to human world? Episode 7 “ why are you sending janelle away my queen?” Amelia asked. “ she is the weakest among the princess and my hundredth year is just next year and I don’t want anything to happen to her” the queen said and pearls could be seen falling from her eyes. “my queen it is better as she is not part of us” amelia said. “ what do you mean she is not part of us?” the queen asked. “ don’t worry my queen ” amelia replied. “ oh I wish janelle will just be stronger” the queen said. “oh my sister Ana ” janelle called as she entered Adriana’s room. “ congratulations I heard it” Adriana replied smiling. “ oh god since i got the legs maybe I should be going now” janelle said and Adriana sighs. “ honestly janelle I don’t want you to go, Amelia is a seer she can’t become a queen and I don’t have the intention of having the throne either” Adriana said. “what do you mean?” janelle asked. “ in this situation, you are the best candidate, please stay” Adriana begged. “ but what of sister Andrea? She is the oldest” janelle frown. “ yes but she have no brain, the kingdom is going to collapse under her rule but if you insist you can go janelle” Adriana said with a calm voice. “ you are the best princess I’ve ever known you have the characteristic of a queen just be queen for me” Janelle hug her. “ maybe I should get going” janelle added. “ OK my blessings are with you go I will contact you when its the hundredth year goodbye ” Adriana pick the pearls that forming from her tears. “ bye sister I will miss you” janelle sniffs. “ leave quickly or I won’t be able to send you off” Adriana’s pearls is now getting much. “ bye sister I will miss you” janelle wave at Adriana. ____Daniella’s house___ “ let’s just go to the sea” daniella said “oh god ella I wish to stay longer but I will have to leave now” Arie said. “ ok you can go but please bring Aria next time” Daniella replied. “ I’m sure the little princess miss you I will make sure i bring her ” Arie left and Daniela also weñt to the seashore. “ how did I do it ?” Janelle said trying to walk, she try to run but she fell down. “ that girl is strange, (lol) she did not even realize she is naked ” Daniella wonder looking at janelle. Janelle try to stand up but instead she faints. “ hey stand up before someone comes, hey hey” Daniella called. “ is she dead? Hey oh no she fainted” daniella manage to carry janelle to her own house. ____1hour later_____ “ she won’t wake up” daniella thought. To be continued
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Re: Tears Of A Pearl ( My Human Mermaid) By NICKY DA QUEEN by emperorblog(m): 2:25pm On Jul 20, 2018
Episode 8 . “maybe she manage to survive drowning ” daniella thought. Daniella place Janelle on her bed so she can sleep well. Exhausted after taking care of her she slept beside janelle. “ where is this place? What am I doing here?” Janelle wonder after opening her eyes but she screamed when she saw daniella beside her. The scream wake Daniella up and she also scream forgetting the girl she brought home earlier. “ oh you scared me” Daniella said holding her chest but janelle didn’t talk. “ what is your name? Where are you living? let me take you home” Daniella asked but janelle just sit there not talking looking like a dummy. “have you eaten? Oh what type of question is this? Ok ok what happened to you? Hey can you hear me?” daniella asked but janelle is just looking at her. “i swear! Did she loose her memory? Hey are you deaf? Can you hear me? But I heard you scream you can talk ” daniella said sitting beside janelle. Janelle shift a little bit. “ hey I don’t mean any harm, wait OK let’s put it like this, I’m a friend and I wish to help you just tell me what happened to you? ” Daniella said calmly. but Janelle’s stomach start making noise. “oh you must be hungry but there is something I’m allergic to fish I can’t eat fish and I’m a vegetarian” Daniella said but Janelle only nod. “ oh you can hear me now” Daniella smile. “ its not that I’m dumb but I didn’t trust you before” Janelle said for the first time. youh you can trust me I’m not evil but what happened to you? your boyfriend cheat on you? your parent disown you? why won’t you trust anyone? ” Daniella asked but Janelle just kept quiet. “ OK just eat and we will talk later” Daniella added. “ stand up or you can’t? ” Daniella asked. “ you go first” Janelle said trying learn how Daniella will walk. She try to stand up and copy the same thing but she fell again. “ ah just sit i will bring the food ” daniella said almost laughing. After eating the food Daniella ask janelle some questions but when she didn’t reply her. Daniella named her Elle not knowing its actually part of janelle’s name. “ mom I found a girl on the seashore she seems to have lost her memory, she refuse to talk or even tell me her name ” Daniela said. “ hey oh my Ella is so kind, she will soon talk” Arie replied. “ she wont even talk to me?” little Aria said angrily. “ oh my god aria? My little princess” daniella smiled after hearing her little sister’s voice. “ dont princess me All your classmates are in their parent’s house and you are nowhere to be found, I heard you broke up with Daniel, what in the world happened? I thought you said you can’t live without him but I hope you are still breathing ( lol)” little Aria said but Arie snatch the phone from her. “ excuse me daniella who is Daniel?” Arie asked. But before Daniella can answer aria talk again. “ her boyfriend her boyfriend you don’t know? She is so in love with him, I hope I’m not talking to a ghost because she said she can’t live without him( lmao)” she said and Daniella burst into uncontrollable laughter. To be continued…….
Re: Tears Of A Pearl ( My Human Mermaid) By NICKY DA QUEEN by emperorblog(m): 2:27pm On Jul 20, 2018
episode 9-10 Episode 9 . “ seriously Aria you won’t kill me with your jokes” daniella laughs. Janelle is busy checking out her legs she manage to stand up and she walk very slowly to daniella. She carry the food and she devour it like she is under a spell. “ be careful Elle ” Daniella caution her. “ oh you even named her” Arie said. “yes I named her” Daniella replied. ( a knock) Janelle stood up to get it, immediately she opened the door she fell into David’s hand. After starring at each other for what seems like forever Janelle finally speak. “ he is so beautiful ” Janelle said absent minded. “ what? Oh gosh I’m sorry I thought it was Ella ” David try to explain but janelle smile. “ you are beautiful ” Janelle said again and this made David uneasy. “ you use handsome for a guy not beautiful ” David scratch his head. “ no I mean you are beautiful ” she said again but David just enter the house. “ hi Ella ” he smiled. “ Dave? Oh how did you know my address? ” daniella asked. “ never mind ” David replied. “ who is she?” David asked referring to janelle. “ oh you mean Elle? She is a friend ” Daniella replied. “ but she is some kind of strange, she said I’m beautiful imagine?” David frown. . “ I guess she like you because she hardly talk to me talking to you means something else, she like you dave” daniella said jokingly. . “ how can you say she like me when the one I love is you?” David said and Daniella’s mood changed. . “ oh really but I don’t want to break your heart I told you I love another person, let’s just be friends, its cool having you around ” daniella laughs. . “ I heard you will resume next week?” David try to cover the previous discussion. . “ yes finally on my way to become a professsional swimmer, cool right?” daniella smile again. “ yes cool, human mermaid ” David said jokingly and Daniella laughs. . “ does it mean she is also a mermaid like me? No absolutely not Janelle you are too dumb, but she is the one whose tears turn to pearls the other night I still remember her” Janelle thought. . “im going for shopping with Janelle she need some clothes can we go together?” Daniella asked. . “ sure” David replied. . “ but what is a shopping? I’ve never heard that word before” janelle asked curiously. . “ its because you lost your memory Elle, just buying some clothes for you ” daniella smiled. . “ but this clothes are okay” janelle said. . “ we need to buy more, you can’t keep wearing my clothed forever” Daniella smile again. . “ humans are weird” janele hisses. ____Under the sea____ The crown princess competition is going on between Adriana and Andrea , they were to summon other pearls aside from their own but none of them were able to. The second challenge is to touch the crystal embedded with royal pearls and Summon it but none of them pass the challenge also. . “ my queen I think you should involve princess Amelia also” Shelia one of the most powerful mermaids after the queen and Adriana suggest . “ no she is a seer, I think we should base the third challenge on their powers” the queen replied. Just then Amelia’s body starts to shake which signifies another prophecy. . “ for there is another princess, the strongest of all and the human born mermaid, together they will defeat the power hungry monster once and for all” Amelia said and her eyes shone red just like her tails. . “ who is the other princess and the human born mermaid?” Shelia asked. . “ the princess’s face is covered but I can see the human born mermaid , its no other than janelle princess janelle” Amelia replied still in the same spot. Murmurs can be heard among the little mermaids. . “ janelle? human born mermaid? How is that possible? ” the queen asked furiously. . “ that I don’t know ” Amelia replied and she became normal. . “ that’s nonsense, who is the power hungry monster? What’s all this rubbish you are saying? lia” Andrea said furiously. . “ Rubbish anyhow you call it, I’m saying what I saw. You know what ? Ana is right, you are too dumb” Amelia replied fixing some pearls in her hair. Andrea drag her angrily and send her crashing on a rock. Angry about what is happening, Adriana’s pearl start moulding together and she fired the giant pearl at andrea which send her crashing against a tall rock which look like pillar. “ I swear on the three ancestors of maidrian sea I will destroy you” Andrea yelled and her eyes shone green like her tail. She summon all her pearls at once and she fire it at Adriana but the latter made a shield of pearl and water which send the pearle back to Andrea and she fell again. Andrea try to summon the pearls but her mind fail her. Adriana’s eyes shone red very bright that Andrea green eyes turn to black again. . “ no doubt Adriana is the strongest, she won this challenge” shelia said. ____ Daniella’s house_____ “ janelle are you done?” daniella asked not noticing her hair colour is turning to red again but still the same length. . “ Daniela what on earth happened to you? Your hair” janelle said To be continued…… Episode 10 . “ my hair? Ha the dye is working don’t worry janelle the dye is reacting ” Daniella try to cover up her secret just then Arie and Aria enter the house and once Aria sees David, she shakes her head in a disgusting manner. . “ so Daniel got a replacement already?” Aria asked stabbing Daniella with her looks. . “ Aria don’t start today he is just a friend huh? ” Daniella try to defend herself but little aria won’t have any of it. . “ enough of that I saw Daniel and Suzy together what the hell happened? ” Aria asked and the question made Daniella uncomfortable. . “ seriously Aria when did you turn to relationship expert? Tell me? now sit down there and don’t let me hear any word from you understand? ” Arie warned. . “ OK mom” Aria said reluctantly. . “ your little sis is cute and smart” janelle said and within little period of time janelle and Aria became friends. . “ I brought some clothes for her” Arie said referring to Janelle. “ really we were just about going for shopping when you guys arrived thanks mom” Daniella smiled as she check the clothes. Since they are not going for shopping any more, David later Leave in the evening leaving the four females alone. Arie and Aria later went to sleep leaving Daniella and Janelle drinking. “ janelle let me tell you a story, (sighs) the first time I taste beer my throat tightens and I felt like throwing up and I wonder why people are drinking something so bitter like this(laughs) but now look at me I’m now drinking it with passion” Daniella said. . “ I have never taste it before but it’s not that bad” janelle said drunkenly. . “ what? Which planet are you from? Never taste beer? How old are you?” daniella almost laugh. “ I’m twenty years old” . “ same age as me, a twenty year old who have never taste beer, what a waste” daniella laughs. . “ the thing is am actually a mermaid” To be continued…. huhh?? I like where this story is going what the truth shall set you free

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Tears of a pearl ( my human mermaid) . by: queen nikky . . Episode 11 . “ you are too drunk that you are saying rubbish enough of the drinks talks, mermaids my butt” Daniella laughs. . “ Forget it, I’m joking too ” Janelle said after realizing the words she spewed out earlier. . “ ha I feel alive” Daniella said after a long yawn. . “ Maybe we should sing you go first ” Janelle suggested. . “ Eish forget it I am not so good when it comes to music, I want to sleep” Daniella yawns again. . “ ok sleep” Janelle said in a funny manner. . “ life is so cruel to me I haven’t enjoy my holiday yet I have to resume next week for trainings ouch I feel like dying, the d--n school won’t let me rest I feel like crying” Daniella said whining like a baby but Janelle is not paying attention, she is busy looking at two figures in the sea shore. She know one of them is either a mermaid or a siren while the other is a human. “ I wonder what could be going on between sea creatures and humans, but that’s not a ordinary human she doesn’t belong here and she look like witch, to confirm what is going on I have to make sure Daniella is asleep ” she thought. . “ Daniella? Daniella?” janelle called but its obvious Daniella is asleep. She sneak out with the help of her legs which always hurt as if she is walking on sharp nails. She didn’t walk loudly for two reasons. So her legs won’t hurt and so she won’t wake others or alert her target. She hide behind a rock to listen to their conversation with her heightened sense of hearing. The mermaid is no one but Andrea and the witch? Shema? The mermaid that was banished because she practices dark magic. “ I swear I feel like getting rid of Ana right now ” Andrea clench her teeth together. . “ not so fast my princess on the hundredth year we will destroy all the princess once and for all” shema laugh wickedly. . Janelle couldn’t believe her ears, she pinch herself so she can wake up from the bad dream but its not a dream. . “ as long as you keep your promises I will help” shema added. . “you will be breathing underwater very soon enough” Andrea said and she swims away and shema also disappear. . janelle cover her mouth in shock but poor princess there is nothing she can do. “ I tried to wake up from the silly dream but I couldn’t! I tried to believe Andrea is good but I keep having proofs that she is evil, why didn’t I notice this before? Shema and Andrea were best friends oh god who will save our world” Janelle cried as she walk to Daniella’s house. “ how on earth can I save my world when I’m this powerless? I can’t produce pearl not to talk of controlling them but why Andrea?” she thought . She couldn’t sleep for the rest of the night and for three days she didn’t speak with Daniella or Arie only crying when little Aria is not watching. Then she remember she can contact Adriana through her mind. . “ sister please I need to speak with you ” she said with her mind after creating the spiritual connection. . “ Janelle I’m too busy right now, I need to practice more to win the competition for you” Adriana replied. . “ don’t do any competition! ” she shouted not knowing she actually said the words inviting Daniella and Aria’s gaze. . “ what’s wrong janelle?” Adriana asked. . “ its dangerous Andrea and shema are seeing each other and you know what it means ” Janelle said with her mind again. . “ what? Shema? How did you know? And what did they discuss? ” Adriana asked . . “ I saw them together last night and they are planning to destroy every princesses I don’t even know if I’m safe” janelle say it out again which made daniella and Aria suspicious. “ hey who are you talking to?” Aria asked but Janelle only smiled. “ are you still drunk miss mermaid?” Daniella said jokingly.
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Episode 12&13 . “ oh miss mermaid? Is it me by any chance?” janelle asked feigning ignorance. . “ our beauty queen said she is a mermaid now she can’t remember her words? Well Aria that’s the power of?” Daniella laughs. “ALCOHOL” daniella and Arie said together. . “ lol you guys are funny I just always imagine myself as a mermaid and I don’t know why I love mermaids ” Janelle said smiling broadly. . “ does that even exist? Well janelle I’m not saying you are strange but those creatures doesn’t exist” Aria said. . “ they do exist!” Daniella and Janelle chorused together. . “ hey you guys look scary don’t bite me, which proof do you have anyways ” Aria said. . “ I’ve seen one before in that sea I chased her but I can’t find her” Daniella said. . “ she is the human that was looking at me?” janelle thought. . “ and you Janelle you’ve also seen one? Ha sister you can lie!!!!! How can you say you chase something and you couldn’t catch up with it when you are a mermaid yourself. Your lie can sentence someone to hundred years imprisonment ” Aria shakes her head. . “ what do you mean she is a mermaid? ” janelle asked. . “ if there is a human fish like creature in this whole maidri its no other than my sister Daniella, she is always 30m ahead of other it always got me wondering if my sister is actually a fish or human being once her body touched water she is irresistible, she always win every competition that’s my sister Daniella” Aria explained and janelle burst into a loud laughter. . “ why are you laughing? ” Daniella and Aria asked together. . “ no one can defeat my sister Adriana when it cones to swimming, if you can defeat me then you can stand a chance against ana I repeat no human can defeat her” Janelle said still laughing. . “ how good is your sister? I’m sure my sister the only human fish like creature of maidri will defeat her” Aria boast. . “ I’ve heard of Adriana before where and when?” Arie who gave been listening to their conversation quietly thought. . # flashback After the birth of the human and mermaid born in different worlds, Arie and her husband went to maidriana sea to drop the mermaid maybe the baby can find her way to other mermaids or survive on its own. They have hope but Arie can’t let go of her daughter mermaid or not. She keep crying until she saw a figure coming to her. “ hi I’m Adriana I want to do some kind of business with you but I don’t think I can say it” the young lady said walking towards her. . “ well I’m not interested go to hell with your business ” Arie yelled just then Adriana’s eyes caught something in Arie’s basket. A mermaid tail? Maybe she is the human the old siren was talking about. Arie’s eyes also caught something in Adriana’s arms wrapped in a robe. A pretty baby? Maybe that’s the business she is talking about. “ if you want I can raise that mermaid as my sister if you can raise this baby” Adriana broke the silence. . “ how? You have birth to a beautiful baby with legs but you are willing to exchange it for a baby with a tail? How should I trust you” Arie asked. . “ we are both suffering from the same problem, my mom gave birth to a human like creature which doesn’t belong to the sea and you gave birth to a fish like creature which doesn’t belong to humans right? We can swap can’t we?” Adriana explained. . “ you are a mermaid I get but how come you have legs?” Arie asked. . “ well when mermaids reach a certain age they turn their tails to legs if they wish and this is my first time walking ” Adriana said. . “ so that means my Janelle can actually have legs?” Arie asked. . “ yes but only when she is twenty years three months. You must prepare because she will surely come back, when daniella turns twenty build a house on this spot and the two sisters will meet again” Adriana said. . “ with which money? My husband and I are very poor we can’t feed ourselves this baby came as a mistake” Arie started crying. . “ you will be rich more than you can ever imagine, take this pearls and You will say goodbye to poverty forever ” Adriana gave Arie many pearls. With that they switch the babies. # present “ the sisters have met Adriana I hope you keep your promise ” Arie sighs. “ mom I’m going to school tomorrow I think Janelle will have to live with you guys for the main time” Daniella said bringing Arie back from her thought. . “ great idea I will have someone who I can talk to everyday not the one who I hardly see in a year” Arie said. . “ Whatever just take good care of her” Daniella hisses. . # the_next_day . Daniella left for school while janelle follow Arie and the lousy daughter Aria home. Their mansion is big and very beautiful unlike Daniella’s apartment. Janelle almost faint at the sight of the building, wowing every now and then. . “ will you stop wowing and please enter the house ?” Aria asked. . “ oh okay” Janelle said regaining herself. . When Arie show Janelle her room she almost faint. The room is actually for daniella but since she doesn’t use it, it is now for janelle. . “ good day ma’am ” one of the servants greet Arie. . “ and the princess doesn’t deserve a greeting? Mutt face? ” Aria called the servant in a rude manner. . “ I’m sorry young miss, how are you doing miss” she asked referring to janelle after apologizing to Aria. . “ its Janelle not miss okay?” Janelle smiled she remember the faces of those mermaids that hate her calling her my princess whenever they need something. . “ janelle I will like to meet Adriana ” Arie said. Janelle was wondering what Arie mean when a voice said behind her. “ here I am” Who is the voice ? To be continued……

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Episode 14&15 . “ ma’am I thought you called me” Benita one of the maid said. ‘‘no i didn’t you may go just take Aria to the sauna okay” Arie replied. “ sauna? Today is not the best day to go to a sauna so I’m not going I will rather go to the playground ” Aria disagrees. _________Daniella’s school________ ‘‘make way my fish girl is here’’ Sera said acting like Daniella’s bodyguard. “ senior Daniella I’ve always admire you since I was little now that I’m this school can you please?” A new student said stretching a paper and pen to Daniella. ‘‘autographs?’’ Daniella asked. ‘‘thank u senior’’ the girl’s face light happily as daniella signed the autograph. All other freshers rush to Daniella with their own paper and pen demanding an autograph. . ‘‘ha im so tired right now, if i know the autograph of a thing still exist i would have take the back door’’ Daniella yawned lazily in the head coach office. . ‘‘‘stop being and let’s decide on your trainings’’ the head coach said. . “ head coach you are so cruel imagine it was you that was signing the tones of autographs I’m sure you will be in the hospital right now, please let me rest for today and I will start tomorrow ” daniella said stretching her body. . ‘‘‘ daniella smith you are too lazy take some rset drop your bags we are starting your trainings today whether you like it or not ’’ the head coach said. . “ its not as if I’m the first person to become a professional swimmer where are others please I’m tired” Daniella made to leave when Suzy enters. She smiled, ‘‘ as expected the loser always enters last, as for him you may have him but don’t think of joining the free style team or you will regret it’’ Daniella whispered. . “ why?you scared?” Suzy asked. . “ that’s the last thing on my mind, if the untalented Sera can defeat you in butterfly strokes competition just tell me how can you stand a chance against me in free style, b----t stroke, butterfly stroke or even back stroke?” Daniella smiled and Suzy’s smile turn to a frown. “ if you come to free style I’m telling you you will regret it cos I will make you regret ever swimming in your life just as you made me regret ever falling in love with Daniel I’m going to pay you in ten thousand no hundred thousands folds mark my words” Daniella smiled which got the head coach wondering why the girls are smiling and frowning. . “ I did not do anything to Daniel what happened? ” Suzy asked sincerely. ‘“ just take to my words okay? ” Daniella replied. “ head coach I’m going to start my training today okay even right now” Daniella said. “ its not actually a training but rather like a competition, one of my class mates when I was in school also now a coach said one of his chinese students in the fastest swimmer no knowing we actually have a mermaid here right Suzy?” head coach said. “ yes the only fish like creature in maidri our Daniella ” Suzy replied. ________Smith’s mansion_______ “ Janelle is here our daughter Johnson Adriana kept the promise ” Arie said happily. “ how is Janelle your daughter?” a voice asked behind her. to be continued

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Episode 16 . Its no other than janelle. ‘‘ah janelle? Did i said janelle? I want to say daniella you know its a slip of tongue’’ Arie laughed. ‘’ hmm but why did you mention my sister Adriana? You said you want to see her too’’ Janelle asked and this time Arie know she can’t cover her own lies again. ‘’ Alright janelle let me tell you a story’’ Arie said and janelle seems interested. “ go on”, “ twenty years ago a human baby was born in the water realm and a mermaid was born in the human world, both were sistets from heaven but were switched spiritually so they were born in different worlds and this gace them the strength over every other mermaids or human beings. They were later switched to their various habitat, the human lives on land and the mermaid lives in water” Arie narrated. “ so you mean daniella and I were switched right from birth? I belong to you while Daniella belong to the sea? And we are sisters?” Janelle asked. “yes, im your mother while Daniella is the real princess of the sea but since you are sisters you both are princess and you are sent here on a mission. Daniella is getting more powerful than I can imagine she can produce pearls now and very soon she will be controlling them, the thing is I want you to be queen of the sea. A monster will reveal itself among the princess and you need to become stronger” Arie said and Janelle notice something about Arie. She look as if she was a mermaid before. “ you are not joking are you? My tears don’t turn to pearls ” Janelle try to explain but all she got was a slap. The slap was so painful that a tear drop from her eyes. “ when the sisters meet they will unlock their powers” Arie said and surprisigly the tear turn to pearl and janelle was so happy. Now immediately her pearl is obeying her, she can control her pearl? Her own pearl? She cried more and more and the pearls are now many. “ hey stop controlling them your power is limited on land you will soon get exhausted ” Arie said. “ok thank you arie thank you so much” _______Daniella’s school.______ Soon enough coach ken, head coach’s classmate arrive with the pretty Chinese girl Lin Xiao jie. She is tall with long legs maybe that’s her secret charm. ” Ella please do something you can’t defeat her” Suzy whisper to Daniella. “ since when did we became friends? ” daniella asked. “ please Ella back out she will” Suzy try to say when Daniella snatch the sentence from her. “ I’m not a coward like you” Daniella shouted. “ hi I’m Lin Xiao jie but you can call me jie’er” Lin Xiao jie stretch her hand for handshake which Daniella accept immediately. Daniella and Jie’er both ready for the contest stood beside the pool, while Daniella is exchanging sincere smiles with jie’er she return it with a jealous one. ‘‘on your track’’ coach ken announced then the girls stand in position. ‘‘get set’’ he said then he blow the whistle. For the first 10m Daniella is very slow as if she is joking with the competition but suddenly she pick up her pace which surprise jie’er and coach ken. She is more faster than they thought or even imagined. Ji’er also became faster but not like Daniella because Daniella is already leading with 25m already. To be continued….

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Episode 17&18 . Episode 17 In the end Daniella won the 200m free style competition leading with 15.1secs. “ i see you are really a fish” jie’er hisses. “ almost down i thought you will loose” Suzy breath a sign of relief while Daniella hissed loudly. “ what do you expect snakie? The enemy that is throwing daggers at me” Daniella smile wickedly. “ Daniella i didn’t mean to get in between you and Daniel but my curiosity get the better of me I’m sorry I only want to see if you will cry” Suzy explained emotionally then Daniella blow in anger. “ you want to know if I will cry? Sincerely if I am Daniel I would have killed you, you know he needed the money badly and you took advantage of that? Suzy you are not a human being” Daniella yelled. “ I didn’t mean to, I have never seen you cry or just even one single tears from your eyes, I know Daniel is the most precious thing to you that’s why I try to make him break up with you maybe you will cry” Suzy continued but daniella won’t have of that. “ what type of friend are you? Suzy if I cry you can’t dry my tears but you are looking for a way for me to shed more tears? You are disgusting ” Daniella pulled Suzy’s hair in anger. I’m sorry is the only thing suzy manage to say before she left the office and she burst into an heavy tears outside. “ I know how you feel but you should try to forgive her because there is nothing going on between them” the head coach said. “ never! I will never forgive suzy” Daniella yelled before leaving the office. _______Smith’s mansion_______ “ janelle let’s go to movies together and maybe catch a little fun” Aria called but notice janellei is sleeping. “ she is sleeping ” she made to tiptoe but notice janelle is making a kissing sound in her sleep and she is even talking. “ you are too beautiful ? Maybe she is talking to me” Aria thought. Janelle make the kissing sound again which got Aria wondering whom she is kissing in her dream. Episode 18 . “ hey hey janelle you are day dreaming ” Aria try to wake her. Janelle woke up and she saw david standing beside her and smiling at her. “ beautiful one there you are” Janelle try to kiss david not knowing it was Aria standing beside her not david. “ hey janelle! Wake up!” Aria yelled holding Janelle’s head to prevent janelle from kissing her. She shakes Janelle’s head twice before janelle regain her senses. “ oh its little Aria I’m sorry I was actually dreaming ” janelle said but Aria stare at her with a cold face. “ I’m not little, I’m fifteen!” Aria yelled which scared janelle. “ok you are fifteen and you are not little, you are a big girl” janelle smiled “ ok lets go to the movies together” Aria blushed. “ what is the movies?” janelle asked. “ don’t worry you will know when get there” Aria replied. She gave janelle a dress, she want to cut Janelle’s hair but she stop her. “ what are you trying to do?” janelle asked. “ I want to style your hair, its too long” Aria replied. “ but it is beautiful like this i like it” janelle protest. “ no try to be a little bit fashionable i promise i wont make it too short” Aria said. “ i don’t want yo cut it” janelle disagree again. Then Aria show her some pictures of beautiful models with moderate hair. “ you see I know you have a crush on a guy and if you want to win his heart you have to look elegant and beautiful like this model” Aria said pointing to a beautiful model in the magazine. “ wow I will cut it” Janelle agree and Aria smiled. “ hmm I hope I meet my beautiful one” Janelle smiled as she thought. Aria is talented in styling hair and janelle’s red hair is now very beautiful all thanks to Aria. “ wow it is beautiful ” janelle smiled but suddenly her eyeball turn to red and her smile disappear. “ Daniella is crying” she said and Aria almost faint due to shock. “ hey janelle your eyes” Aria said but janelle didn’t care. “ do you know where my sister is?” Janelle asked which confuse Aria more. “ what do you mean ?” Aria asked. “ I mean Daniella where is she?” Janelle asked again. “ she is in school, do you want to see her? I can take you there its not far” Aria said. “ yes I need to see her” janelle replied. “your eyes is scary okay let’s go” Aria said and she called the driver to take them to Daniella’s school. _______Daniella’s school_______ Daniella is in her room crying silently many pearls were shining beside her. Her tears is really turning to them which terrified her but she won’t stop crying. There is not even a trace of tears in her eyes but her eyes is red. She remember how Daniel use to get jealous when other guys try to at least snap pictures with her. How they use to celebrate many parties together to how they use to fight back then when they refuse accept they love each other. Suddenly her eyeball change to red like Janelle’s own. She notice her eyes is getting brighter as Janelle’s eyes is also getting brighter which scares Aria. The hostel mistress knock Daniella’s door to tell her janelle and aria are outside. She quickly cover her eyes with her hand so others won’t notice only to bump into janelle who is also doing the same thing for the same reason. To be continued……

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Episode 19 “ what on earth? Daniella you too? I thought Janelle is strange but now my own sister?” Aria said as she tried to enter the room but daniella prevent her. “ Aria can you please wait in the car ? I need to speak with Daniella secretly please” janelle said, Aria hesitate but finally agree. Their eyeball is still red but not as bright as before. “ Daniella I need to tell you the truth because if I don’t you will find out eventually and probably from the wrong person” Janelle said after she made sure everywhere is locked and no one can hear them. “ which truth? Janelle look I’m strange and I don’t know why, I can’t form a single tear before but loot at me the day I start crying my tears turn to something I find very strange ” Daniella remove her blanket to reveal the pearls she is hiding under it. “wait Daniella I understand but do you wish to know why you are like that?” janelle asked and Daniella nodded. “ I was born a mermaid right here on land with human parents and you are born human under the sea with mermaid parents, we were twins sisters from heaven but were switched spiritually because we are here on a mission” Janelle explained. “ wait you mean you are a mermaid? But you know my mom she is not a mermaid ” Daniella said when she can’t seem to get it all right. “ I’m sorry to tell you this but they are your earth parents and your real parents are in the sea” Janelle explained. “ is that why my tears turn to pearls?” Daniella asked curiously. “ yes because we met each other we unlock our powers, in the mermaid world I was the only princess that can’t form pearls with her tears but when you chased me in the sea I have legs a little too early and my tears start turning to pearls” Janelle added. “ wait this is crazy I can’t believe it” Daniella said. “ you have to and Daniella we have to be stronger to save our world because the mermaid kingdom is falling apart, if Andrea succeed in taking the throne the mermaid world will be in chaos and it will affect the humans too cos the sirens won’t have any options than to kill innocent humans stronger and defeat the mermaids ” janelle explained with tears in her eyes and immediately they turn to pearls . now Daniella believe her. “ I don’t think I’m useful because i dont even have a tail” Daniella said it janelle wave it off. “ you can breathe under water right?” Janelle asked. “ yes but I don’t think that would do, ha I get you a tail make over?Daniella suggest. “ maybe , its not yet time but we need to get stronger before then” Janelle said. “ I have trainings now maybe when I’m on holiday we can embark on the magical journey ” Daniella said. ________Under the sea_____ “ I can sense it I feel it, janelle meet her sister ” Amelia said and Adriana smiled. “sister I need to discuss something with you” Adriana said. “ go on I’m listening ” Amelia replied. “do you by chance see Andrea as the monster?I mean in your visions ” Adriana asked. “ no I saw the monster in its form why do you ask?” Amelia replied. “ because Andrea is seeing shema on the sea shore” Adriana replied and Amelia raise a brow.“ you mean the mermaid that was banished because she practices dark magic?” Amelia asked. “ yes janelle told and the sirens confirmed it” Adriana replied. “ well let’s tell the Queen ” Amelia suggest but Adriana disagrees. “ we have to have an idea on what she is planning ” Adriana said and Amelia agree. _______Daniella’s school______ After discussing about the mermaid world janelle leaves and Daniella pack the pearls into a small bag. To be continued……..

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Re: Tears Of A Pearl ( My Human Mermaid) By NICKY DA QUEEN by emp1995(m): 8:31am On Aug 03, 2018
Episode 20 . As Daniella is busy packing the pearls she notice some are floating in the air she raise her hand and all the pearls follow the direction of her hands. This is strange but she put her hands together and the pearls also join together. She imagine some things in her mind and the pearls also follow suit. Her eyes get brighter as the pearls obey every of her command. Everything seems new to her but she like the new development and the magical thing. Days after days she learn how to control the pearl and her powers like changing her eye colour and making pearls do things for secretly with Janelle’s help. She prepare for her final competition to become a professional swimmer. She trained day and night which got Suzy and Sera worried she might die of fatigue. Janelle on the other hand with the help of Arie and Adriana she get to explore her powers better. She can’t control pearl more but when it comes to waves she is very good at it. She can strangle her fellow mermaid with just a flick of her fingers except Daniella because they can’t defeat each other even when it comes to swimming. While the girls are exploring their powers andrea is also with shema learning every spells of dark magic. She is now powerful even more than shema and this make shema jealous. How can someone she taught dark magic will be more powerful than her? This piss her off but she need Andrea’s power to get revenge on the mermaids who made her life misrable. Shema is just a young mermaid with a lot of courage. Other mermaids admire her boldness and intelligence. Adriana is her role model but she is Andrea’s bestfriend. She want to be powerful like adriana and she find herself wanting that power till she develop a greed for it and she start finding every means of getting that powers till she came across an old witch who taught her the element of dark magic and how to use it forgetting dark magic is forbidden in the mermaid kingdom. She was found out unfortunately and she was deprived of her powers by the queen but her dark magic is still there. She can’t breathe under water and she can’t have tails again as a mermaid. She despise all those who support the queen’s action. Janelle misses the sea greatly so with the help of her new found strength she decided to go and check on her family. She is tired of talking to to adriana through spiritual sensing. She saw someone sitting at the seashore playing with rocks looking at the sea with an absent mind. “ oh gosh I won’t be able to see my family but who is it?” janelle thought as she move closer to see David staring at the sea. “ beautiful one?” Janelle said and he turned to see the see the person behind him and he give her a hug immediately. “ hey I’m not Daniella this is Janelle ” Janelle said excitedly though she thought he is there for Daniella. “ I know just let me stay like this I miss you” David said and janelle felt electric shock in her body. “ how can you appear just now? Where the hell have you been?” David yelled after the hug. Janelle is shocked. “ wha wha what do you mean” janelle manage to spew out the words. “ do you know how long I’ve wait hers for you? You appear in my life once and you disappeared? Who gave you the right?” david yelled more which Janelle cant get together. “ I don’t get you its not like we have something together we’ve only seen each other once so what?” janelle try to pretend. “ hey dont pretend i know you feel something for me even Daniella confirm it. I try to believe I love Daniella not you, I try to get you off my mind but no I realise I love you but why did you charm me with your love at first sight only to disappear the next day?” David said and it lead to 7 mins awkward silence.

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Re: Tears Of A Pearl ( My Human Mermaid) By NICKY DA QUEEN by emp1995(m): 7:38pm On Aug 03, 2018
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Re: Tears Of A Pearl ( My Human Mermaid) By NICKY DA QUEEN by emperorblog(m): 6:01pm On Aug 15, 2018
Episode 21 “ wait wait wait are you telling me you love me? But you and Daniella are dating ” janelle finally broke the silence. “ are you deaf when she made it clear to me she is in love with another person? We are just friends” David said sitting on a rock and janelle join him. “ and how sure are you? I don’t want to fight with my sister because of a guy” janelle said though it hurt her badly. “ wait you and Daniella are sisters? But she told me you are only friends ” David said but janelle only smile. “ sister or friend any one you calk it but I can’t fight with her because of you” janelle try to stand up but David pull her hard that she end up sitting on his laps which send thousands of butterfly fluttering in her stomach. “ Daniella loves Daniel and I can swear even on my life on that” David said. “ stop doing this to me I don’t even know your name and you are telling me you love me? Come on if that’s a joke I dont like that kind of joke, we only saw each other once ” janelle try to stand up again but David pulled her back. “ tell me you don’t love me tell me you don’t feel something for me, swear just swear” David said and janelle keep mute. “ oh my god Daniella can you hear me?” Janelle try to create a spiritual conversation with Daniella. The conversation is new to Daniella which made her loose control when she is swimming. “ janelle this thing is new to me you scared me” Daniella yelled still in the pool. “ can you please stop shouting? You are freaking me out ” janelle replied while David stare at her awkwardly. “ OK what’s the problem? ” Daniella asked now out of the pool. “ ehmm you and the beautiful one are dating right?” Janelle asked. “ who is the beautiful one? Ah OK david no we are just friends why are you asking? Are you in love with him by any chance” Daniella asked and it caught janelle off guard. “ no I mean yes, he actually ask me out” janelle said and daniella laughed happily. “ hmm I hope Daniella is not crazy” Suzy said watching Daniella as she talk to herself. “ oh my sweet sister is in love, if I win this final competition I swear I will set a date for you guys” Daniella said and janelle laughed. “ hey what is wrong with you? Are you thinking about it? Cause I won’t take no for an answer” David said and janelle finally break the spiritual connection. “ I can’t deny beautiful one , I love you but I don’t know why I actually fell for you because some unseen force drag me to love you at first sight” Janelle said and David’s handsome face beamed with smiles. “ even I try to deny it but you keep appearing in my dream ” David said and with Janelle still on his lap he bend his head to kiss her when they hear Adriana’s voice. “ Janelle Janelle ” Adriana called and janelle pull David under a under a giant rock. “ janelle stop hiding I can see your legs”
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Re: Tears Of A Pearl ( My Human Mermaid) By NICKY DA QUEEN by emperorblog(m): 6:02pm On Aug 15, 2018
Episode 22 . “ Adriana stop this please I’m begging you ” Janelle prayed silently. “ who is that? And why is she coming out of the sea?” David asked. “ David promise me that once you know my true self you wont hate me” janelle said and David stare at her awkwardly. “ of course i won’t hate you why are you thinking like that? Whether you are pretty or ugly you are still that girl who always call me beautiful one” David smiled although Janelle is still uncomfortable. “ Janelle I’m waiting” Adriana called again and this time she is out of the sea with her red tail resting on a rock. Janelle stand up holding David’s hand. “ that’s what I am” janelle said pointing at Adriana. David is scared because all this is strange to him. He remember Daniella freaking out because she saw a mermaid and he did not even think Janelle could be one. He want to say something but can’t find his voice. “ Janelle I didn’t know you were with someone I’m sorry I only felt your presence that’s why I rushed up here” Adriana said but janelle is scared maybe David won’t love her anymore and she is angry because Adriana is the cause. She is still waiting for David to say something, she understand he must have been shocked to even say anything. “ I think I have a lot to get off my head” David said when he finally found his voice. He left the scene and janelle burst into uncontrollable tears. “ its all your fault sister, I thought you said you are smart , why will you come out here during the day in the first place? What if there are many humans here?” janelle yelled at Adriana. “ I never thought my sister will yell at me because of a human, Janelle wake up I sent you here to find your sister not to fall in love” Adriana yelled back. “ is it my fault I fell in love? If David hate me for this I will have you to blame” janelle cried more creating waves in the sea and more pearls were shining beside her courtesy of her tears. “ if he really love you as you claim, he will come back for you whether you are a mermaid or a human” Adriana try to calm Janelle’s anger. “ if he doesn’t come back you will never see me again not to talk of fulfilling the prophecy” Janelle warned and this time her eyes is already bright. “ hey calm down he will dont worry he just need to clear his head” Adriana replied. While the ladies are discussing David is trying to believe he is not dreaming. He try to forget the whole incident and even janelle but he can’t just himself to do it. It is hard to forget his feelings for Janelle and to forget that she is a mermaid. “ Being a mermaid is cool., she is not a monster after all and she is beautiful and she even love me maybe what I did was wrong, Daniella probably know what she is and they are still friends, why can’t I accept her since I love her ” All this thought run on his mind the suddenly turned back to the direction of the sea. He ran and her quickly hug Janelle whispe
im sorry in tears

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Re: Tears Of A Pearl ( My Human Mermaid) By NICKY DA QUEEN by pacifust058(m): 7:33pm On Aug 15, 2018
Thanks for the update but why is it taking so long?
Re: Tears Of A Pearl ( My Human Mermaid) By NICKY DA QUEEN by emperorblog(m): 10:06am On Aug 16, 2018
Episode 23 “ whether you are a mermaid or not I will always love you” David said still hugging janelle. “ I was scared I thought you will hate me for that ” janelle reply also hugging him tightly. “ you guys are making me feel somehow but don’t worry I will find someone to fall in love with” Adriana said and they all laugh. “ I love you” David said looking into Janelle’s eyes. “ I love you too david” janelle replied. “ keep it to the minimum please someone is jealous here ” Adriana said again. “ OK sister” janelle smiled. “ what about Daniella?” Adriana asked. “ here she is ” Daniella said running towards them with her full speed. “ I thought you are busy ella” janelle said “ never too busy to learn new things, oops David is here” Daniella said when she finally notice David . “ don’t tell me you are also a mermaid ” David said. “ not actually one , I don’t have a tail I was born under the sea” Daniella replied. “ ah I get it that’s why you are a human fish (lol)” David said and they all laughed. “ my love I will be back I’ve got something to do down there ” janelle said but David look sad. “ you don’t have to look sad wait for us in my apartment ” Daniella throw the jets at him. “ OK promise you won’t take too much time or I will miss you too much” David reply and they laugh again. David left and they dived into the sea, then something strange happen Daniella’s feet start changing to a tail. Her tail is very beautiful and shiny. It is red just like Janelle’s and Adriana’s tail but her fin got some golden spot just like the Queen’s tail. “ wow that’s beautiful I guess ” janelle said but Adriana is marveled at the beauty of daniella’s tail. “ show me what you got girls” Adriana ordered. The girls start showcasing their skills, Daniella with the pearls and janelle with the waves. Meanwhile somewhere in the ocean shema now breathing under water and Andrea are discussing about the human born mermaid. “ we have to get rid of the human princess my princess ” shema suggest. “ hmm you are right I have to get rid of my main enemy don’t you think?” Andrea replied. “ of course my princess but you have to be careful she is too powerful” shema said which triggers Andrea’s anger. “ shut up! No one is as powerful as me no one! I’m the most powerful princess in the mermaid kingdom hahahahahaha no one I repeat no one can get me not even my mother get that into your block head!” Andrea laughed wickedly. “ really seriously when I’m not dead wait till I get my mermaid powers back I’m going to destroy you and take the throne” shema said silently. “ you say?” Andrea said but shema pretend as if she said nothing “ when that day comes I will be the ruler of this kingdom, all mermaids, mermans and sirens will bow to me and you shall be one of my loyal servant” Andrea laughed again. “ I will not be a servant never!” shema murmured. To be continued…..
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Re: Tears Of A Pearl ( My Human Mermaid) By NICKY DA QUEEN by emperorblog(m): 10:07am On Aug 16, 2018
Episode 24 “ what are you saying?!” Andrea asked angrily. “ nothing don’t pay attention to me” shema just laugh it off. While they were discussing their frenemy plan, huge waves from Janelle’s power started affecting them. “ what was that?” Andrea asked no one in particular. They start tracing the direction of the great energy, unfortunately for them one of daniella’s huge pearl hit them badly and andrea fumes in anger. She try to attack them but shema stop her from doing so. She told her not use the dark magic carelessly or she might be banished just like her. Andrea listens but thinks about the strange mermaid with golden fin( Daniella ) she might be the human born mermaid she is looking for. Daniella and janelle after showing Adriana their skills, they swam out of the sea tired and exhausted, janelle suggest they spend the night at Daniella’s apartment but daniella told her she need to prepare for the competition in school but janelle can sleep there if she wants. They have forgotten that David is waiting for them in the apartment as soon as janelle enter the house she collapsed on the couch not knowing David was lying there so she automatically collapsed on him. “ ahhhhhh” janelle screamed when she finally noticed someone is on the couch. “ hey thats too loud jany I’m the one my love I guess you forgot I was waiting for you guys here where is daniella?” David asked. “ ah I’m sorry I’m just too tired” Janelle yawned lazily. “ oh I understand, are you sleeping here tonight? ” David said. “ yes why do you ask?” janelle replied with another question. “ I’m afraid you will have to sleep alone because my boss just called me right now” David said. “ its not as if we are sleeping together before ” janelle murmurs under her breath but David heard it loudly. “ that sound like a murmur but I heard it clearly” David teased and it occur to janelle. She probably can’t keep anything from David anymore because anything she said with her mind will be heard by David whether she like it or not. If a human being loves a mermaid he/she is capable of hearing the mermaid’s heart when they are together so it is almost impossible for them to keep things from their selves. “ I guess I have to go now bye my love” David said but she janelle frown. “ not even a goodbye kiss?”she murmurs again. “ oh I’m sorry ” he want to kiss her when daniella barged into the house. “ I want to …. Oh gosh am I interrupting anything ?” daniella said while janelle look away shyly. “ continue with what you are doing don’t act as if I’m here I will just go” daniella teased. Daniella walk to the main road trying to get a taxi but she couldn’t so she try to trek. A car almost knock her down while she was trekking, she curse under her breath determined to teach the reckless driver a lesson but when the driver get out of the the car she melt almost crying. To be continued….. Who is the driver? Find out in the next episode

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Re: Tears Of A Pearl ( My Human Mermaid) By NICKY DA QUEEN by pacifust058(m): 3:41pm On Aug 16, 2018
Please add the update quick, and thanks for this one
Re: Tears Of A Pearl ( My Human Mermaid) By NICKY DA QUEEN by emperorblog(m): 1:48pm On Aug 17, 2018
episode 25 . “ Daniel?” Daniella called “ Dan ? Dan?” Daniel also called repeatedly. Compare to the Daniel Daniella use to know he is now a little bit different but still handsome. his face is bow filled with sadness unlike the jovial and funny Daniel. it hurt Daniella to see him like like that but she still manage to maintain a straight face. when she couldn’t bear the pain anymore she try to walk out but Daniel held her hand. “ Dan for the first time please my love hear my story” Daniel said and it took Daniella her last strength so she won’t cry at the moment. “ let me go, as you can see I’m in a hurry I’m not here to hear your pathetic story” Daniella yelled. “ just for once! Ella! hear me out!” Daniel also yell. “ seriously Daniel you have changed so much, the Daniel I know will never yell at me” Daniella fought the tears that are threatening to flow out of her eyes. “ yes because you changed me, your temper is the only thing that break us apart do you know?” Daniel said. “ if you don’t have any reasonable excuse please let me go” Daniella yelled. “ how how how am I the fault ? Suzy told you to break up with me and you agreed remember? how is it my temper?” the tears she is trying to hold are now flowing like a mad river she quickly cover her face with the other hand to hide the pearl that will soon form from the tears. “ Daniella calm down, I didn’t want to break up with you its just a prank” Daniel said still holding her hands. “ there was a rumor that you are witch or something like that among other swimmers, and they even justify it by saying witches don’t cry and that’s why you can’t firm a single tear with your eyes. Although all this were kept from you but Suzy was worried and that’s why she told me, she suggest a break up prank which I quickly reject but syr told me she will make a quick video of you crying and show it to those who were carrying false rumor about you to clear your name but your temper!” Daniel explained. “ what’s wrong with my temper? if you are in my shoes what will you probably do?” Daniella asked. “ I would have ask the reason behind the break up which you didn’t even do instead you walk out on me, Suzy is not my girlfriend she is my cousin ” Daniel said calmly when he notice that Daniella is emotional. “ Daniella are you crying?” he asked but Daniella try to hide it. while he is trying to remove her hand from her face he end up spilling the pearls that Daniella was trying to hide. “ oh my goodness what is that? ” Daniel asked but Daniella kept mute. “ that is my tears the tears you wish to see that’s it satisfied? ” Daniella said after minutes of awkward silence. “ pearls? only mermaids tears turn to Pearl which means you are one? Daniella ” Daniel yelled. “ yes I’m one so what? I’m a mermaid what? but I’m not a witch” Daniella replied angrily. “ how? you never told me anything ” Daniel said calmly. “ how can I tell you anything when I just found out ?” Daniella can’t help but smile even though she is still angry. “ you smiled! you just smiled!” Daniel shouted happily. “ from now on I don’t want anymore tears from my pearl all I want is smile from my human mermaid ” Daniel said jokingly and Daniella notice for the first time he is more handsome. “ seriously Daniel are you asking me out again?” to be continued……..

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