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Unbreak My Heart - Romance Novel / You Captured My Heart( An Heartwarming Love Story) / Please help review: Beneath The Rubbles (2) (3) (4)

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Re: Beneath My Heart by SokoDobo: 10:16pm On Sep 20, 2018

Addy was an impressive, charismatic young man who looked very calm and vain glorious. He was tall with broad Spartan shoulders. His aggressive jaw was square, with hawk nose and protuberant eyes. Heavily built and athletic, he carried himself with ease and splendor, making his movements like a programmed drone.

He lay on an expensive poolside lounger, watching Lori as she enjoyed a swim in the Olympic sized swimming pool of Daralin hotels, one of the most expensive hotels in Abuja where he had a permanent suite and barred swimming pool.
He was delighted to watch her moving her body in the pellucid water, clad in bikini, showing him her youthfulness, and a feeling of satisfaction clouded in him.

That was Lori Jayden, a twenty year old American model. He had a taste for expensive girls, girls that sent upcoming millionaires bankrupt. He met her six months ago in Atlanta and their first date was on a private jet lunch.
Then she accompanied him to an invitation for dinner with a governor of one the states in USA. Somehow, he fell in love with her and suspended most of his girls. She had been in Nigeria for three weeks and he had been organizing parties for her. Such parties were only attended by the children of billionaires and multi-millionaires.

But these other kids respected him because they knew it was not just about money, there was something else about Addy: Power. International power. Addy himself did not know why he had such powers and connections.
What did he care? He was living the life to the fullest.

Lori came out of the pull, and he gawked at her slim shape as she took jaunty and calculated steps, shook water off her blonde hair, used her hands to pack it backwards, then came, kissed him on the lips and lay on the poolside bed next to him, and then drew her bottle of champagne and glass closer. That wine cost two hundred thousand naira.
And she loved it a lot. That was her second bottle for the day. All on him.
But that was nothing to him. He could do anything to keep her. She stretched her long smooth legs, took a sip, then relaxed.

Life was good.

Then he frowned.
The latest discovery bothered him. He could see fear on Dr Abbas's face. The idea that Adnan was alive was scary, not after knowing what was at stake.
The future was bleak with the existence of Adnan. And what would happen if the truth was found?
Oh no! That was unthinkable.
They had to be sure it was him. But something told him it was Adnan.
Uncle Mukhtar's house! That was where he saw him. Doing what there? Okay, it was on Naairah's birthday. He did not go there for the birthday. They were not in his class. He saw Zayyad there too. And Zayyad was feeling like a big boy because his father was a governor. Zayyad was not in his class. He would not even invite him for any of his parties.
He had only gone to see Uncle Mukhtar when he caught sight of him and it seemed the guy who looked like Adnan was trying to hide his face from him.

" What is going on that mind of yours, baby?" Lori said with a coquettish manner. Oh no! He knew when this money and power were no more, she would leave him. He could not bear that. What would happen to his status?

" I am good." He said. " Let me pop some champagne, darling."

As she passed it to him, he swore to kill Adnan if he was found. He was not going to allow Dr Abbas depend on Gajere. He would get involved now. Adnan had to die!

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Re: Beneath My Heart by SokoDobo: 10:32pm On Sep 20, 2018
" I was involved in a plane crash." Walter said. There was a pilot who jumped out with an infant and Aadila fell into the ocean. I don't know the connection between us but I am sure about that. I need your help, doctor. It was a private jet. I got some data that could help in finding out who the owner is. I need your help."

Doctor Mark nodded.

" How may I help you?"

" I need a to know where the aviation authority is."

"That is no big deal."

" Who is Don Vasitto?"

Walter did not know how he got the name. It just came out but the reaction he saw on the doctor's face shook him.

" How did you come up with such a name?" Dr Mark marvelled , his façade displaying astonishment, shock and a tinge of fear.
Don Vasitto?

The bald headed man with Maya had just arrived Bolivia. A Cadillac was waiting for them. Arrangements had been made. Doctor Abbas may be alive and they were going to find him, except if it was someone else who made the EBM beep but who else had the code?
They got into the backseat of the car without a word.
There was a huge man with pony tail and tobacco stained teeth sitting on the passenger's seat. The driver was a short, slim man wearing a bowler hat.

" Mr Mason, I am sorry about this...." The huge man began.

" Shut the fuc* up!" the bald headed man, Mason vituperated. " I got in touch with Tiger 606. You never found his body."

"The plane crashed. They could not have survived it."

" I guess he did and you know what that means.......we must find him!"

"Where is Don Vasitto?"Maya asked.

" I have not heard of him." Dr Mark said. "I think I have done enough. You are back on your feet and with time, maybe, you will recover your memory. I think I have something for you." He got up, went to a drawer and brought out some notes of money.

" Have this. It will keep you for a while but you have to leave now." He said. " And I will appreciate it if you keep our encounter a secret. Beg Carlos to do the same. I am just a medical doctor and anything outside my profession is out of my business. I don't want to know what you are involved with. Thank you for understanding and please, you do not need to come back here to thank me or visit because I will be very busy."

Walter watched him for a few seconds. The name Don Vasitto must have prompted such a reaction and instant decision to send him off. Then it must have been a lie when he said he had never heard of the name.
There was no point of arguing or pleading. He collected the money.

" I have two pairs of clothes to spare." Said Dr Mark. " Wait for me."

He came back with small duffle bag.

" Two pairs of clothes, toothbrush, toothpaste and biscuits."

"Thank you very much." Walter said. " Can I have a street map of this city?"

" I don't have one with me but I guess you can get that elsewhere. Thank you. I think I have to get back to work."

" I will never forget what you did for me. I know it is circumstances beyond your control that led to this. I hope to resolve whatever it is...."

"It is nothing Walter."

Walter collected the bag and left. He walked hurriedly down the street after putting the EBM inside the bag. He reached the end of the street, walking without an idea of where he was going. He took a narrow street which was bordered but tall buildings.

"Walter" He heard someone call. He turned to a lady walking briskly towards him.

" Miss Angela." Walter said as the nurse caught up with him. He studied her for the first time. She was a little below average height, chubby with dark bobbed hair. Out of uniform, she looked more matured. He guessed she was around twenty- four.

" I heard what happened." She said at once. " I guess you don't have a place to stay."

Walter nodded.

" Let us leave here fast." She said. " I don't want to be seen taking you away. The name you mentioned scared the hell out of him and you just talked about a private jet which you crashed along with." She said . " He has a reason to be scared. You must have known Don and probably the jet belonged to him. Nobody wants to mess with him. Let us get a cab. I think you can stay in my place. I am very curious about you and I hope I am not making a mistake."

" Mistake?"

" I think I am taking a great risk doing this." She said. " If doctor knows I am harboring you, then my job is at stake but that is the least of the worries. If really you are on the wrong side of Vasitto, then I am a dead meat."


He saw sputtering images, flying in scabs, not really making any sense to him but something that looked like suits were visible. He could hear the rumbling of a boat, and the cry of an infant.

" Hola." She said at a cabbie, " me lleve a la cathedral parque ( Can you take me to the cathedral park)?

" Muy bien,pero le advierto que ahora mismo hay mucho trafico por alli ( sure, but I should warn you that there is a lot of traffic around there)."

" Pero coja el camino mas rapido por favor ( but take the quickest route, please)." She said.

"Ok senora(ok ma'am)."

She opened the car door.

" Get in." She told him in her Spanish accent.

They got into the taxi and he drove off. They talked less in the car, not trying to say things the cabbie might eavesdrop on. The cabbie was right when he talked about traffic jam but Angela was not surprised. It was her route to home.
They alighted near the cathedral then she called on another cab which took them to Gremaro Crescent. They went down the street until they arrived an old, neat small building. She opened the front door and led him into a small averagely furnished boudoir. It seemed she loved purple colour.
The walls were purple; dark and light. Then purple damask flowered curtains.

" This is my home." She said.

" You stay alone?"

" Yes. I used to live with my father who passed away three years ago. My mother died since I was five and I am alone."

She studied him.

" I have a spare room." She said. " But as much as possible, I will like you to remain incognito. The people around love to gossip. If it would have only stopped at calling you my lover, it would have been okay but I suspect that there is something more. Let me prepare food."

" Why do suspect that there is something more? Why are you so curious?"

She took a few steps towards the kitchen, paused and then turned at him.

" Don Vasitto is a millionaire and philanthropist." She said. " He draws a lot of water around here. He is the leader of the Vasitto family. My father knew his father. They were both military men who fought the second world war. Something happened which I would not tell you now. I am yet to know how much you are involved with them.
But I know some secrets which I learnt from my father. Don's father, David Vasitto died about twelve years ago..... he wanted my father dead and my father lived in hiding throughout his last years. He was crippled, bomb blast, and I did everything for him.
The Vasittos are a dangerous family. You were in his private jet, with a woman and infant. That I am sure of because while you were in coma, you used to come out some times and say things. I am the nurse. The doctor is not always around.
You were not only mentioning the woman and the boy.....you also called a man who I know to be a pilot. A trained killer and one of Vasitto's men. The reason for giving you a benefit of doubt is the fact that you were a target from what I deduced. He must have been asked to crash the plane and kill you. That means there is something very important about you that could make Vasitto crash a plane to kill you.
And that means you are of importance to some people. If you were not, Vasitto would only shoot you and nothing would happen. So they tried to make it look like an accident. In the course of your subconscious talks, you said something........my father was never part of this, I am moving out of here, get the fuckin* pilot and take me to the ranch. The Bastions of Ethics will never be happy."

She paused and gave him a searching glance.

" Bastions of Ethics..."she repeated. " My father mentioned it. BOE. And he told me it was a secret word and he never told me the details. He said it was dangerous. He was involved. David Vasitto was involved.....and your father was involved because you mentioned it. I never told the doctor this. I think we can work together. I want to find the reason my father lived in hiding and by doing that, I guess you would find out who you are and why you are here."

Walter frowned.

" BOE." He whispered. " They can't have my son!"

"Your son?"

He raised his face.

"They wanted my son! I have a son! They can't do that to him!"

"Do what?"

He grimaced.

" I don't know. I can't remember. I need to find my son!"

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Re: Beneath My Heart by MichaelBlake40(m): 11:23pm On Sep 20, 2018
Doing good Sokodobo
Re: Beneath My Heart by Amos15: 12:47am On Sep 21, 2018
Woow....this story is the bomb. Keep it up bro
Re: Beneath My Heart by teebee22(f): 10:43am On Sep 21, 2018
loving every update. thanks.

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Re: Beneath My Heart by SokoDobo: 11:37am On Sep 21, 2018
Gajere moved with the stealth of a slow moving air, making sure his short steps were jaunty, until he stopped before the door. Without hesitation, he knocked at the door, and then moved aside to pave way for his two henchmen.
The boss was jittery and impatient. There was no need for hanky-panky any longer. They had to confirm the mark by force and nepotism would come to play in case of any threatening reprisal.

He nodded at one of the henchmen who in turn looked at a CCTV camera and fired something which was dark and opaque to cover the face.
Then the other man used a master key and silently opened the door. They went in silently into Adnan's room.

" Where is this boy?" Gajere said as he saw nobody in the room. It was 1:00 am and he was sure Adnan had not gone out since he saw Naairah off.

" Search the toilet." Gajere ordered.

One of the men went into the toilet but found it empty.

" Nobody." He said.

Gajere grimaced.

He looked round then settled his eyes on the wardrobe door.

"Open the wardrobe." He ordered.

One of the men went and tugged the door. It was locked. He used a master key and opened it with ease.
What he saw was a set of computers, piled meticulously, with big books stashed. The wardrobe could not contain the books, some were arranged near the bed. Gajere frowned. What on earth was he doing with over fifteen laptops and such big books?

" Where the hell is this boy? " He wondered. " Get those laptops out. We will ransack this room."

The man stretched his hand towards the laptops but quickly withdrew it with a reflex action.

" What are you doing, TJ?"

" Something shocked me."

" Get the hell out of there. I think you are high."

Gajere took quick steps, shoved TJ off his way with his short strong arms and powerfully tried to pull a laptop out.

" Wayoooo!" He screamed as a painful wave, which felt like an electric shock, with a force that sent him into the air to land with his head first.

He could not shout. His eyes bulged out, his mouth was dried up at once and he felt his body so hot internally.
He was panting, gasping for breath. His men quickly got him water, gave him to drink, poured some on his head before he lay, closed his eyes and felt his breathing normalising.

He lay there for about fifteen minutes before he was able to sit up. He said nothing but simply got on his feet. He carried his phone and put it in his pocket.
Without a word, he began to walk out of the room. His henchmen glanced at each other, pressing the urge to burst into laughter.
They walked out, closing the door behind them.

Tj looked at Gajere.

" Sannu fa ( Sorry)!"

" Ubanka ( He insulted him)!" Gajere said angrily.

They left the hotel premises at once.
Adnan who was hiding in the ceiling chuckled as he watched everything via his PDA. It seemed they did not know who he was. There was no where he stayed that he did not wire because he knew what was at stake.
Then he wondered who they were. He caught them on camera. Where they part of Bash's men?

Then he remembered Bash. Well, he guessed it was time to start the game!
He got down from the ceiling, then carefully set some radiations towards the door. If anyone opened it without his consent and tried to come in....phew!
Then his phone rang.

" Adnan." Someone said from the other end.

" Bash."

" News just came to me." He said. " Doctor Abbas suspects that you are alive. They want to find out if you have a mark. Do you have any mark?"

" I don't know what you are talking about."

" Do not play ignorant with me. They are after you. Gajere, his short right-hand man is handling it. I think we are running out of time."

" I have made up my mind." Adnan said. " I am in."

" Good! Very good!" Bash said excitedly.

Adnan ended the call.
He thought of Naairah. Only if she was not in the picture. He was never scared of anything in the past. Now he was sure his life did not belong to him alone. He was plunging into a very dangerous game.
A dangerous world!

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Re: Beneath My Heart by skubido(m): 11:50am On Sep 21, 2018
tanks a lot for the update
Re: Beneath My Heart by teebee22(f): 11:58am On Sep 21, 2018
I love every of your update and I love the fact that they are coming right on time. cos I can't stop refreshing my page every minute. thanks for the update. expecting more.
Re: Beneath My Heart by AvatarMode(m): 1:27pm On Sep 21, 2018
You write beautifully well. I am intrigued. Your story is interesting... keep it up...
Re: Beneath My Heart by MhizFavour: 9:50pm On Sep 21, 2018
Thanks for this update. Loving it lyk... cool
Re: Beneath My Heart by SokoDobo: 10:24pm On Sep 21, 2018
Naairah woke up with a start, she found herself breathing heavily, her heartbeat drumming, and her head seemed to ache. She yawned, wondered what woke her up. She sat up, allowing her fluffy blanket drop off her body, then she sent her hand to the bedside switch and put on the light.The wall clock told her it was twenty-three minutes after two o’clock in the morning. She ran her palms over her face, stretched then dropped her legs on the floor. She felt uneasy, and she could not remember having any nightmare.

Slipping her legs into her flip-flops, she went into the restroom, eased herself then came back. Adnan image fell on her mind. Well, he was always there though. Their relationship had become so sizzling her mother was in support of her.

Now, he was trying to gain admission into University of Abuja or Nasarawa State University to study computer science.
She was about going to bed when something told her to look at her phone. She felt like calling him, she wanted to hear his voice, and some of his jokes, perchance she would feel at ease. What if he was asleep? She did not want to wake him up.

She picked the phone then cringed. Sixteen missed calls from him. And the last call was twenty minutes ago. What was wrong?
She dialled his number, it kept ringing but he did not pick. She called again before he picked.

“ I have been calling you.” He said and she noticed that he was whispering.

“ I was asleep and left the phone on silent mode.” She said. “ I was just contemplating on calling you. What is wrong, you sound low?”

“ I need you to get that PDA, you must locate me and feed me on.”

Her heart sank.

“ Subahahllah! What is going on? Where are you?”

“ I am in Lokoja. I came this afternoon.”

“But you did not tell me! Are you in trouble?”

“ Can’t explain right now….”

Bang! She heard a gunshot and Adnan was interrupted, as if he was running.

“ Adnan ! Adnan !”

He was now panting.

“ They are trying to kill me!”

“ Oh my God! Who….” She paused, rushed down and got the PDA. Her hands were shaking, and the whole of her body began to tremble. She needed to calm sown. She had to calm down but it was difficult. That was Adnan being chased with a gun.
She got the PDA on. This was not the time for barrages of questions.

“ I am on.”she said with a trembling voice. “ I am searching for your location.”

“ Okay.” He said. “ When that is done, go to satellite tracking system, then connect to my system. I am using my phone. Take a three hundred metres perimeter range, mark ‘bio’, you would see all humans within that range around me. I will be communicating with you so I can know where they are.”

“Who are they?” She could not hold back the tears anymore.

“ They found out that I am alive.”He said. “ They know I am with you and I don’t want to get you in trouble. I will not give you details. If I do……”

“There is someone coming behind you….!” She said at once, and then a gunshot followed. Adnan lurched forward, docked then rolled down before he got up and broke into a run. “ Ya Allah! Ya Rahman!”

She zoomed, and saw blurry satellite images of moving persons.

“ The only way to keep you safe is by not telling you.” He said as he seemed to have found a hiding place. “ They might try to find out something from you…..in case I don’t make it, destroy that PDA at once.”
In case I don’t make it….

“ Inna lillahi wa inna ilaihi raji’un! Please don’t say that. You promised not to leave me. Can't we call the police?”

“ There is nothing they can do at this point.”

“ Hayati…you sound like you have given up!” She was crying.

“ Just being realistic.” He said. “ They followed me from Abuja. They are bent on killing me. Please, in case I don’t make it, I got no one to pray for my soul except you. “

“ Stop it! Stop it…you are not going to die…You promised me. What would become of me? What do they want? Give it to them, please!”

“ What they want is my life. I am a threat to something deep.”

“ There is someone coming towards you. I can see a river close to you.”

“ Yeah…I am around Rokongoma New Extension.” He whispered. “ It is close to the river.”

“ Please let me call Abba.” She said. “ Let him get help from the police. What matters most is your life.”

“ Just hang with me…how close is he?”

She punched and she read fifty feet.

“ Fifty feet. I think he is behind a car.”

Adnan was lying under a car, he crawled forward and saw the person’s legs. He was unarmed. They had guns. This was not good.

Gajere cursed under his breath.

“ Pick this phone!” He said to himself before the line connected.

“ What the hell are you doing?” he asked. “ You are supposed to be on deck.”

“ We are in Lokoja, have you forgotten?” TJ said from the other end.

“ Lokoja? What for?”

“ I thought you knew. We are taking Adnan out. We are on him right now. Just a matter of minutes more. We got him cornered.”

“ What are you talking about?”

“ I was summoned to join a seven man hit squad and we were taken to Lokoja.”

Gajere grimaced, felt his hands gripping the phone tighter.

“ Oh my God! Stop the operation, now!”

“ What?’

“I said call it off! We need him alive.”

“ I am sorry I can’t. The other men are not known to me and the leader is a ruthless killer.”

Gajere frowned.TJ calling someone a ruthless killer? Then the person must be very bad. Gajere ended the call and called another number at once.

“ Good morning, sir…….I am sorry, I called by this time.”

“ I know there must be a reason. What is it?”

“ I am afraid, he had sent a killer squad to kill Adnan. They are on him in Lokoja now.”

“What?” Dr Abbas.

“ Tj is there and he does not know the other men. I asked him to call it off but he said they would not listen to him. You need to talk to him, sir. We need him alive and if we can’t get him alive, we need his body. “

The silence told him that Dr Abbas was jittery and angry.

“ I will get to him.”

He ended the call and called another line.

It was switched off. He called another line, it was switched off. He did it on purpose. The idiot. He was dabbling into something he had little knowledge of. He was going to make a mess out of it.

He called Gajere again.

“ All his lines are switched off.” He said.

“ I think I know where we can find him.” Gajere said. “ And I hope Adnan is not dead before we get there.”

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Re: Beneath My Heart by SokoDobo: 10:25pm On Sep 21, 2018
Addy sat before a table, a bottle of wine in front of him, a Cuban cigar stuck between his teeth as he starred vacuously at Lori as she lay on the big bed.
He had a phone in his hand, with a number Dr Abbas did not have. He had to handle this like a man and he felt they were not doing just that.
The other day, Gajere came, saying the guy suspected to be Adnan had some strange things connected to his hotel room. Then the guy left the hotel and went into hiding. Addy was told that he was going out with Naairah so he got someone up to trail her.
They found him and he made them take photographs of him without his knowledge. They zoomed the pictures which was numerous and saw the mark.
That was disastrous.
Addy could not sleep that day. What got him angry was the slow rate at which they were handling it. Then news came that Adnan was needed alive.
What nonsense was that? What if they got to find out the truth? What would become of him? He looked at Lori’s body again. She was lying on her stomach, sleeping.

He could not let that happen. So, he set up his killer squad and followed Adnan to Lokoja. And he was sure he would be dead tonight and that part would be obliterated.
He smiled evilly.
Then he heard a knock at the door.

“Who the hell is that?” He barked. “ It is almost 3:00am, fool!”

“ Open this door!”

He frowned.

Dr Abbas!

He got up, moved out, closed the bedroom door . He must not see Lori. How did he know he was here? What was he doing here? Has he found out? But he warned TJ not to talk.

He opened the door and saw Dr Abbas and Gajere standing.

Gajere! This short bastard!

“ Call it off now!” Dr Abbas said.

“ But, dad you know what is at stake.”

“ What you don’t know is that if he dies there will be reprisal.” Dr Abbas said as he forced his way in. “ I told you that you don’t know what is going on. You are living his life and there is something I never told you. We need him alive to keep the secret and make you real. If he dies, be sure that you will fall…we will fall.”


“ We have plans. That is the only way you will remain the CO. You don’t have what it takes to cover the tracks, Addy. Call it off now!”
Addy quickly picked his phone, dialled a number.

“ Just get him alive!”

“ We can’t.” Someone replied. “ He is formidable. As slippery as ice.”

“ Get him!”

Dr Abbas shook his head.

“ I said call it off. You are not to handle it for us. We will get him at our own pace.”
Addy did not like this.

“ I need you guys to let it go……”

“ There is a problem…….”The thug began.

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Re: Beneath My Heart by teebee22(f): 10:46pm On Sep 21, 2018
wow, this suspense is hitting me o. thanks for the update though.
Re: Beneath My Heart by Born2Breed(f): 10:49pm On Sep 21, 2018
Sokodobo, Thanks for the update.
Like Oliver I wish you could add more tonight.
Re: Beneath My Heart by SokoDobo: 10:54pm On Sep 21, 2018
Sokodobo, Thanks for the update.
Like Oliver I wish you could add more tonight.

Re: Beneath My Heart by SokoDobo: 10:57pm On Sep 21, 2018
She walked briskly into the her big face very stern.

“ I guess there is a problem.” She said.

Bash sat up.

“What is wrong?”

“ Adnan did not arrive the lodge.” She said.

“ Why? I don’t trust that guy.”

“ It is not about trust. I picked his signals but as you know, you can never break into his system.”

“ What are you talking about?”

“ He is communicating with someone and they are using the it.”

“You mean he has another……”

“Adnan has a phone with him so what he has is the reflected version. Someone is using the PDA.”


“ Yes and I think I can locate the place. It is less than thirty kilometres from here. Adnan is in Lokoja but.”

Bash’s face sullen in thoughts.

“ Call him.”

“ You know he hates my calls.”

“ Yeah. Let me call him.”

Bash called him. He called several times before Adnan picked.

“ Why are you not in the lodge?”

“ They found me.” He said. “ I am on the run.”

Bash frowned.

“ Addy got to you. I should have known this. I saw the sign.” He said and ended the call.

“ I am afraid Adnan is going to die tonight.”

She raised her eyebrow.

“ How?”

“ Addy tricked us. They had discovered Adnan.”

“So what is going to happen if Adnan dies?”

He shrugged.

“ We must locate the PDA now. If we can get it, then the world is ours! That son-of-a-bitch was so secretive with it. I never knew he could ever let someone have it.”

She nodded.

“ Bas.” He called.


“We are going right away. Get Daxy.”

“ I think I know who has it.”

“Who?” he said with excitement splashed on his face.

“ His girl.” She said. “ I know where she lives.”

She said and went out with her tomboyish personality and intimidating huge body.

Adnan was running as fast as he could, hoping the darkness would cover him, and he saw a few men fishing on the vast river.

“ He is coming!” Naairah said in agitation,” Run!”

“ I am trying..” he managed to say, “ I hope I make it.”

“You will! You must!!”

He kept running,

His shoes making clefts on the sandy wet ground, sound of wind brushing his ears as he penetrated the wind, he could imagine Naairah, the girl who came to identify love for him, and made him see a side of life which he had never imagined.
Just a few months with her, his life was transformed and he almost asked why she did not surface before now. But destiny could not be surpassed. Now he wanted to live and be with her. He wanted to have the chance to find out who he was, and solve the mystery, and live a normal life.
He was running, knowing he was running out of stamina, the zeal to live kept him on. He moved then……


“ Ahhhhhhh!!!” Adnan screamed as the bullet hit him. He missed steps and fell down, rolled on the sand then moved up again.

Naairah could not shout.
She heard the gun shot, heard him shout then saw him fall. She saw him running towards a cliff, he was now staggering, moaning in pains.

“ I am not going to make it.” he said with an effort. “ destroy the PDA. I -am - sorry, Miss Sunshine. I-I wanted to come back to you….”

She saw him at the edge of the cliff.

“ I love you…please pray for me. Never forget me. You are the only love I ever knew….thank you….” And he flung his phone inside the river after removing something. He could not let them get it. he knew he was not going to escape from them.

One of the thugs was talking to Addy.

“ There is a problem. It is too late. One of the boys just shot him.” He said as Adnan fell off the cliff, dropped into the water and his body was flushed away by the flowing river.

For a split second, Naairah sat still. She could not move or tell if her heart was beating or not. Everything seemed to be still, as if the world was frozen. The signal was gone and …Adnan gone?
Then she began to hear the drumming of her heart, but it felt like the pounding of yam. She was just trying to assimilate, assure herself that it was all a nightmare. She wanted to believe she was still on her bed, sleeping, and what she had here was just an image, illusion.
But her head was filled with his image. The ever happy funny young man. Those brown eyes of his, his cosmic smile and jokes. Did he just leave her?

Was that Adnan who got shot and fell into the river?

Then the wind of reality hit her.

She let out a sharp scream that startled everyone in the house. The scream did not only startle the house members, even Bas, Bash and Daxy who were leaning by the fence of the house were shocked.

“ I think Adnan is dead.” Bash whispered . “ And the PDA is with her. Good news.”

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Re: Beneath My Heart by Born2Breed(f): 11:10pm On Sep 21, 2018

I think Adnan is dead.” Bash whispered .

Oh Adnan!!!
Re: Beneath My Heart by tijehi(f): 3:25am On Sep 22, 2018
Adnan dead? Never, it can never happen.

Let me be patient and wait for the next update

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Re: Beneath My Heart by MichaelBlake40(m): 9:36am On Sep 22, 2018
What an unexpected turn of events
Re: Beneath My Heart by anneboy02(m): 10:04am On Sep 22, 2018
Thanks for the lengthy update
Re: Beneath My Heart by teebee22(f): 10:14am On Sep 22, 2018
No na, adnan can't die. actor nor dey die for film. sokodobo pls o, adnan must not die. cos am already falling in love with him o. grin anyways thanks for the update.

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Re: Beneath My Heart by excelmerry: 10:20am On Sep 22, 2018
Well, me I know say actor no dey die for film, so he'll come back. It's good they think he's dead at least, this will get them off his back for the time being.

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Re: Beneath My Heart by SokoDobo: 10:59am On Sep 22, 2018

To understand what has been going on, it is imperative we go back to the day the huge tomboy approached Adnan after he left Naairah and Nadia at the boutique.

“Listen to me you schnook! I must talk to you.” She had said.

“ I told you my wife is in the labour room and if you are one of my mummies, then congratulations, you are going to be a grandma.”
He turned to leave then gave a hard stare.

“ Don’t try to throw something at me or else……….” His face became a mask of horror, “ I will run away.”
She had to laugh.

“ Okay, Mr Clawn. You ain't got nowhere to hide.” She said. “ Don’t be a bitch.”

“ I won’t. You got that title already?”


“ I said you are a swell and don’t try any bullshit. I am good at sprinting.”

“Now let us talk about the micro-chip era!”

Adnan felt a bang in his head.
What did she just say?

“ Who are you?” He asked.

“One of your unusual mummies” she said.“We have a lot to talk about. Your wife’s labour can wait.” She smirked.

“You can call me Bas.”

“ What offence did you commit to make your father give you such a name?”

“ You swine, it is Basirat.” She said.

“ Basirat..hmmm if it still means "insight" or "perception", then I still feel it is a wrong name for you…”

“What? What did you just say?”

“ Just a compliment.” He said. “ Bas!”

She grimaced.

“ I don’t think I have a sense of humour.”

“ Do you have any other sense?”

“ I will smack your face if you dare insult me again.”

“ Now she can’t even understand a simple statement. I asked a simple question. Just say yes or no, simple.”

“ I hope you have not forgotten what I said about micro-chip era.”

“I haven’t. I was hoping you have forgotten. But how did you come up with such a word. I guess you are onto the wrong person. I am in the production department and I don’t deal with micro-chips. I don’t know it.”

“ You must come with us now or else………the police would be all on you and The Spirit would be identified today.”

“ Bas! You are my bad luck, hope you know that?” He said but deep inside he was shocked. How on earth did she come up with that? “ Come with you? Where?”

“ It does not matter. You either come with us or the police will go with you.”

He grimaced.

“ Let us go.”

She opened the back door for him and he got behind. She got back under the wheel and started the car engine.
There was a tall, dark and slim guy sitting beside her. He turned and gave him a smile.

“ I am Daxy.” He offered a hand.

“ Correct man.” Adnan said. “ No, chop knuckles.”

Bas set the car in motion and they left.
Thirty minutes later, she was parking the car in front of a small bungalow in a quiet part of Kubwa. They alighted the car, she locked the doors then walked impressively to the front door. She knocked, waited before the door was opened after a click sound.

“ Come in.” She said.

“ Okay, Bas.”

“ What the hell is your problem with my name? fuc* you!”

Adnan turned at Daxy who was behind him.

“ It seems she is in love with me.”

“ Hey, come in.” A thick voice said from inside.

They walked into the moderately sized living room, which was well furnished. There was a guy, who Adnan saw as the male version of Bas. He was also very huge, brawny, and intimidating. He wore a pony tail, side burns and low moustache with an earring on his left ear.
The guy split his hard face into a grin and offered a big hand for a hand shake.

“ Finally, he is here.” He said with a voice that sounded like ten bass bands synchronized.

Adnan shook the hands, felt the strength then quickly prayed.

“ I am Bash. Bashir and that is my sister, Basira. We are not twins if that is what you think. I am two years older. The nigger there is Daxy. A real gee and I guess you gonna like him. I am delighted to meet you Adnan. Please sit down.”

“ Thank you.” Adnan said and sat down.

Bas sat on a sofa, her face as hard as diamond. Daxy was more of a placid guy, with a pacific expression.

“ What would you like to have? Beer, wine, ans cidar, Vodka,gin…….”


“What?” Bash frowned.

“ BKT. Burukutu.”

Bash looked at Daxy.

“ Never heard of that.”

Daxy smiled.“ It is a locally brewed alcohol. I guess he does not take alcohol. My man seems to be a master jester.” Daxy said.

“ We don’t have such things though. Soft drink?”

“ No thanks. I only take tsimi.”

“Tsimi?” Bash shrugged. “ Well, I am sorry my sister is not too friendly. She have made you look like a foe. You are a friend indeed. I will go straight to the point. We are a family. We were born and brought up in USA but relocated three years ago.
We cover Africa. We lost our parents a long time ago so we had to survive and been with the family has been good. I hope you know what I am talking about is strictly confidential? If we fall, you fall but it is very difficult for us to fall. We are highly connected and powerful.
We are all around the world. Let me give you a brief history of us. We are a family of hackers. We are professional hackers, national and international.
We are experts in using vulnerable scanner, password cracking, spoofing attack, packet sniffer, viruses, Root kit, Trojan horse, and key loggers. There are a few legitimate hackers who use their skills to find flaws in company security system, preventing identity theft and other computer related crimes.

We are not them. We work just for money. We don’t give a fuc* about ethics. Ethics never paid our tuition fees and bills. We got a racket, a citadel of computer wizards, technological avant-garde with deepest knowledge of computers and networking.
There is a limit to which I can tell you about us. And that has been reached. We are contractors. No personal grudges. We have a network, though like every organization, there is always rivalry, cabals and cliques.

So we relocated to Africa years ago. We are Nigerians but don’t know shit about this country. Thank God we met niggers like Daxy and you know what, there are raw talents here. Then something happened.
We came across a hacker who we had never witnessed anything like his. He has no mate in the racket. He was brought to our notice by our FBI informant. There was a secret file belonging to National Financial Crime Agency.
It was a list of the bank details of seven hundred corrupt government officials. This file was impenetrable. Several hackers tried to reach it and this led to an integration of various master hackers to reach it but nothing was found.

Then it was realised that there was someone who got in, and crossed to the banks and was withdrawing ten dollars daily. This accounts had a lot of money in them running into millions. This happened for long and no one noticed the serial withdrawal because of the minute amount which was negligible and even when it was found, they thought it was a kind of error because it made no sense that someone would crack into such money and steal just ten dollars.
Until ICT expert, John Farreli raised an alarm that it was a heist. It took months to discover this. The first thing that got the world alarmed was how the file was cracked. The FBI invited a lot of ICT experts, hackers and black ones included.
No trace was found of the culprit. Then it was found that the heist was watching or following the moves made to crack him and he would send messages of humour, as trackless as the sea. He was named the spirit.

This became the biggest internet mystery. And he became a phenomena, a dream guy and set as an outstanding genius. The guy or girl stopped the stealing and vanished into thin air. Nothing was heard again and the case became an unsolved mystery even though we know they may still be on it.
Then you met Bas. I don’t know how you got her to buy food for you and collect money off her. She is not so approachable but you did it.
She saw you again doing the same thing to another girl so she became curious. She set eyes on you. This led to her finding out that you are a computer genius because she detected some radio waves which you tapped, enjoying anything and everything free on internet.
Bas is better than me. She is a connoisseur when it came to computers, and networking. A programming queen and hacking giant. She started programming since she was eleven but she could not hack into your system and could not identify the properties of your waves.
Your phones were not traceable, and she became very suspicious. She spent months working on you and found out that you used to go to Zone 4, near Sheraton to sell ten dollars every day and stopped when the heist stopped.

I could not believe it at first until the FBI discovered that the moneys were sent to Africa but they could go no further. I could not believe we found the spirit and you called the era the micro-chip era because all you took was a micro amount.
You set up a very complicated program which let this money out through circuitous ways that no one would ever suspect.
You used BQMN. But you vanished into thin air and we kept looking for you until she found you just a few months ago.”

Adnan was shocked. He never had the slightest idea that anything like this was going on. He had underestimated some things. Whoa! She must be a genius!

“ We are not your foes. We are not planning to report you. We want you to join us. We can’t understand why you chose not to take much. It seems you only stole to eat food. A foodie, right? We want you to come into our family and make some real cool cash. We don’t break into accounts, but we are hired to hack and get paid. You have what will make us the greatest hackers.”

Adnan was silent for a while.

“ Okay, there is no prevarication.” He said. “ I hacked into those accounts because I needed food and felt I could pick it from those corrupt officials. “ I did this for a while. Making an equivalent of one thousand six hundred naira daily. But at a point, I realized that it was not justifiable to steal from a thief. Thieving is thieving irrespective of who you thieve from. So I stopped and stopped using the App completely.
It was tempting but I never took more than ten dollars a day because my intention was not to get rich from it but survive and food was my main desideratum.
And that includes hacking. I do not want to get involved. I want to live a peaceful life. I am sorry I can’t concur.”

“ I think you must think of the prospects and what is at stake. We know about the micro-chip era and that would be a global gargantuan discovery.”

“ If you want to blackmail me, then go ahead. What do you think I have to lose? Do you think I find happiness in my existence? I don’t give a hoot. Maybe that would be chance to be famous.”

“ You are acting all stubborn.” Bash said. “ We know you. We will give you ten million naira.”

Adnan had smirked. “ Do not think such an amount can make me change my mind.” He had said. “ I have over one billion naira in my account, two houses in Victoria Garden City, two in Asokoro and a country house in Miami. So fuc* your ten mil.”

“ Where do you have all of these?” Bash had asked.

“ In my day dream.”

Bash had laughed.

“ They told me you were crazy, but you are crazier.”

“ I have to leave. I have got bread outside. Won’t you guys buy some? Our bread is delicious.”

“ We have another offer.” Bash had said. “ If you oblige, we would not reveal the micro-cheap era and you will have the chance of knowing who you are.”

Adnan had paused and turned.

“ What do you mean?”

“ You will have to tell us what we want, and do what we want and you will know what you need most in your life. We know all about you Adnan.”

“What do you know?”

“ You were not picked up from a dump site as claimed.”

“What are you talking about?”

“ You were brought there to be pictured.”

“Why would they do that? And who?”

“You can’t get that free. There is a price for it. He said. “ Your life is more complicated that you can imagine. You were brought for a purpose and something happened. Let me tell you this, there is someone living your life out there. A life that was meant to be yours. There is another Adnan Abbas. I guess you don’t know why they gave you the surname, Abbas. We got your cradle. Recognise this?”

He showed him a white fluffy cradle. Adnan saw it to be similar to the one in the picture.

“We were expecting your reaction.” Bash had said. “ And we were ready for you. You were not dumped. You were brought from somewhere. Now, I guess you would love to know where you came from, ICT boy. And when you do, you will be shocked. The mistake they made was leaving a tag on your cradle with the name, Adnan Abbas”

“ This sounds ridiculous. Who are you? What are you? How do you know these? You are about my age mate.”

“ I am twenty three, Adnan. But you don’t know shit about me. We know things because we looked for things. I give you three days to think about it. Have you heard that Nigerians prisons are so congested and yet they would still accommodate more inmates…..like the micro-chip guy? Then think about the freedom, money and a chance to know who you are.”

Adnan did not know why the image of Naairah came into his mind. It was not as if she liked him and he did not intend to ask her out but something kept attracting her to him, and now that prison was mentioned, he realized he may just have a reason to want to live.

“ How do you expect me to believe this? You can just get any cradle and tag it. But do not think the prison issue scares me.” He said, not convinced himself.

“ Have you heard of Dr Abbas?” He said and Adnan paused. “ He has a son called Adnan. Addy, huh? That is the guy living your life. You were with them as a kid. They claimed you were picked from a dump site and they adopted you. Now you know I know what I am talking about.”

Yes, he knew.

“How did you know this? You just came into country three years ago.”

“ That is how enigmatic we could get.” He said proudly. “ I hack for him and to be on the safer side, I peeped into his archives. I found you there. Are we not lucky dudes? And we matched it with what Bas found out, we had a gold mine. You were not picked from a dump site. That was a staged photograph.”

“Where do I come from? Who are my parents?”

Bash smiled.

“ See why you have to join us? We got a job right now, and no one has been able to crack it. We need you to come in but you must tell us how you do it. What do you use to hack? Why are you so unique? I am not asking you to give it to me, I guess it's your little secret but tell us how. I have never been more curious in my life. You are a world figure but you don’t know that.”

Adnan hesitated.

“ Okay, we will take it bit by bit.” He said. “ Let me give you an idea on how I hack. It is not the conventional way. It all began one day……..”

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Re: Beneath My Heart by Born2Breed(f): 1:52pm On Sep 22, 2018
If you are on literature section and not reading the SokoDobo stories....then you are on a long thing.

You can't just get enough....


Re: Beneath My Heart by olukuewu(m): 3:39pm On Sep 22, 2018
You always put me on the edge, thanks again and again.
Re: Beneath My Heart by MhizFavour: 5:12pm On Sep 22, 2018
Thanks for this juicy update SokoDobo . I want more still cheesy
Re: Beneath My Heart by Horlhamhi(f): 5:37pm On Sep 22, 2018
Well, this is the first time I'll be passing a comment on your stories and I must confess, this story up here is captivating and it leaves me thirsting for more..
Thumbs up @SokoDobo, your story line is on point!

Guys, don't miss out in other stories of his...intriguing stories he got.

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Re: Beneath My Heart by skubido(m): 6:43pm On Sep 22, 2018
u too much OP

but they must not get that PDA from Naairah oooo

just can't wait for the next update
Re: Beneath My Heart by misspearlz: 7:43pm On Sep 22, 2018
Thanks for the update So interesting
Re: Beneath My Heart by tijehi(f): 7:49pm On Sep 22, 2018
Sokodobo was definitely a science student in school.

Please, more updates oooo
Re: Beneath My Heart by barag(f): 7:51pm On Sep 22, 2018
Oliver, Oliver Twist..... more we want more. The suspense is too much oooooooo

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