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Game Development: Join The Team by worldbest(m): 2:18am On Jun 30, 2010
Hello fellow nairalanders, we ( contributors of the thread https://www.nairaland.com/nigeria?topic=3381 created by the admin Seun) have decided to form a team of programmers and  graphic artists who are interested in venturing into the Game development area of computer science. Because this is an area where one man cannot suceeed alone, we need you to join the team and together we will fulfil our dreams of having Nigeria's first commercial standard game.

So many discussions have been started by people who share the same dream with us. So if you are one of those people like us who think its high time we shifted focus from areas like web designing etc to looking into being one of the forerunners of an industry waiting to explode. If we Nigerians do not start it, who will? So my fellow nigerians lets do this.

If you are a programmer, a graphics artist, idealist or you've got skills in other game development aspects please drop a post stating the following details: Your name, email,phone number, and your skills

For example:

Name: John Adewale
Email:  Johnade@yahoo.com
Phone: 07031223196
Skills:    C++ (Intermediate),
               3DS MAX (Basic),
               Photoshop CS4 (Professional)

I will start first and i hope to see fellow members do the same. After we see about 10-15 of us, then we will begin to plan afterwards.

Re: Game Development: Join The Team by worldbest(m): 2:21am On Jun 30, 2010
Name: Kennedy Idialu
Skills:    C++ (Intermediate),
               Python (Intermediate),
               C# (Basic),
Javascript(jquery), css,
               Photoshop (Basic),
               Mathematics (3/5)
               Physics (2/5)
Re: Game Development: Join The Team by tundebabzy: 1:22pm On Jun 30, 2010
Name: Tunde
Phone:<please email me instead and i'll provide it privately>
Skills:LISP-Scheme (Basic)
Re: Game Development: Join The Team by worldbest(m): 2:17pm On Jun 30, 2010

That is nice of you. That makes you number 2. Dont forget to follow this thread.

lets do this. Eight more to before discussions begin. Lets keep the fire burning Who is number 3? Number 3!! Gameaddict, maxim etc
Re: Game Development: Join The Team by kennbox(m): 4:25pm On Jun 30, 2010

Name: Akposionu Kenneth
Email: kennbox@yahoo.com
Phone: +2348062842970
Skills: C++ (Intermediate++),
Game Development Theory 2D/3D ( Game Engines c/c++) (Intermediate),
Python (Intermediate),
Mathematics/Computational Graphics (8/10),
Game Physics (7/10),
Particle Systems (6/10),
Graphic Character Modelling/Texture (3/10),
Game Sound/Music (2/10),
Game Plan/Scene/Story/Game Play Design (3/10),

I love this Idea.
I humbly suggest that we start something, no matter how small, a community thing.
And Probably Host some code even if it is not too functional and make this code available via a code control system maybe GIT or CVS. (git preferably)

Re: Game Development: Join The Team by worldbest(m): 4:55pm On Jun 30, 2010
Great, that makes you number 3. Thats a good opinion. I would like us to create something small, along the line learning whatever engine we decide to use. We can even begin to design our own engine . Thats great, please always follow this thread for more updates

Am currently writing the management system for us. Something that will make communication and sharing easy.

Lets see a number 4. Number 4? Where are you?

Lets go there!
Re: Game Development: Join The Team by worldbest(m): 4:58pm On Jun 30, 2010
what do you guys think, a cvs or a custom made management system.
Re: Game Development: Join The Team by gameaddict(m): 9:21pm On Jun 30, 2010
Here I am! no. 4

Name: Adams Ibrahim

email: adamsibrahim@gmail.com

phone: +2348138491968 [ ladies who stumble upon this thread can call me anytime ; ) ]

skills: fast learner

newbie with basic of c++, java, PHP and blender

good knowledge of 3d gamestudio engine and the lite c scripting language

idealistic and hardworking

game ideas and design: jet lee!

ready, even when you're not!
Re: Game Development: Join The Team by telema2000: 9:29pm On Jun 30, 2010
my name is lawson datelemate.ive been a game developer with genesis 3d game engine and reality factory 2. my no is 07034293710, thanks man
Re: Game Development: Join The Team by gameaddict(m): 9:54pm On Jun 30, 2010
@ maximip: posted something on storyline in the original thread, check it.
Re: Game Development: Join The Team by worldbest(m): 10:12pm On Jun 30, 2010
Lol. Finally! Really interesting introduction you've got there. Yep, you are number 4. We are moving.

You are welcome, its nice to know that you are familiar with a game engine, really nice. Dont forget to follow us here as we plan. You are number 5

who is number six? Niaja people, action speaks louder than voice. Join now ooo
Re: Game Development: Join The Team by BigStar1(m): 12:13pm On Jul 02, 2010
Whao! This is interesting.

I guess am no. 5.

Name: Quadri Salami(omoSalami)
Email: bigstar4sure@yahoo.com
Phone: +2348(0)60678106
Skills: VB (Expert)
           SQL Server(Intermediate)
           Java(Beginner and fast leaner)
           Ability to work alone and team work (even under tension within a tight corner)
Re: Game Development: Join The Team by worldbest(m): 2:01pm On Jul 02, 2010

Yes! You are welcome brother. That makes you number 6. Stay with us as we begin the real discussion.

I think with the number of friends (6) we have signed up, we can begin to make plans and bring ideas while we await more to join us. Below are some of the areas we need to talk about:

1. Storyline - A short and interesting story line that can be completed in short while.
2. Game Engine - We need to discuss which game engine suits our purpose and skills. As at this moment, we have 3 of us who are familiar with C++, 2 for pyhton, 1 for c#, 1 for lisp and 1 for VB. We have to decide what language we are going to be working with. As soon as we decide this, we begin to talk about game engines for our choosen language.
3. Management: How can we manage this project to ensure success.

Let us begin, meanwhile, we still need more to join.

Re: Game Development: Join The Team by BigStar1(m): 3:09pm On Jul 02, 2010
Important Notice:

Planning or Starting this project is not my fear. But the completion of it is what am thinking of.

Because we've had so many proposals like this on this forum, talk of software army, talke of web conference etc they are no where to be found today. How is this one gonna be?
Re: Game Development: Join The Team by tundebabzy: 3:17pm On Jul 02, 2010
thats a very valid point but i guess we'll just have to wait and see and hope for the best. It all boils down to the team members and their individual motivation. Even though it seems like the norm for such projects to be abandoned, you just have to give the benefit of doubt and you yourself must be willing to follow to the end even though it means you have to finish the job alone at the end of the day. In our environment, thats the kind of mindset we need.
Re: Game Development: Join The Team by gameaddict(m): 4:20pm On Jul 02, 2010
@ Big star: True talk. There are many things that could hinder projects and collaborations like this not even considering the fact that it's Nigeria where we face constant blackouts amongst other things. That said, I do believe this has a higher chance of turning out alright. We can do it as long as we can manage things as much as we can. There's a reasonable number of free tools on the internet to make things easier. We don't have to go over the top at this time. We're taking it little by little. We'll make little levels and have fun 'em, decide what to add or remove and implement other things.

@Everyone: So what's the plan? People management and stuff? If you have a storyline or idea or want to add to the one I posted on the original page: https://www.nairaland.com/nigeria/topic-3381.32.html#msg6311399 please post it here.

Here's the storyline I was thinking of: A simple maze in the form of a jungle. The player will not only face the task of terminating enemies but they'll also have to master the maze so they won't get lost. We can add a timer to see who completes it in the shortest time. As we develop the story, we should also concentrate on AI which will depend largely on the nature of enemies we decide to use.

Post yours or add to it so we can get started quickly.
Re: Game Development: Join The Team by tundebabzy: 4:34pm On Jul 02, 2010
nice story line (if its 3d). wot do y'all think
Re: Game Development: Join The Team by gameaddict(m): 5:42pm On Jul 02, 2010
Yup, 3d. Guys post your ideas.
Re: Game Development: Join The Team by worldbest(m): 5:51pm On Jul 02, 2010
Yes, i totally agree that individual motivation can make a difference in a project. I believe we can complete a project if we plan well, we dont rush things and most of all have fun while doing it.

I am currently working on a story for a 3d game. I will post it when am done. I would like to point out that our stories needs to be Nigerian, we need to write with our country at the back of minds. For example, if there is going to be a flag, it should be ours.

Lets set a deadline for the storyline. I would suggest we take a week to develop our story. So please lets all send in our storyline and remain positive.


NB: We still need more to sign up. Be part us.
Re: Game Development: Join The Team by pcguru1(m): 10:08pm On Jul 02, 2010
Okeowo Aderemi(StandaloneComplex)
Php/MySQL(4/5),HTML/CSS(5/5),JavaScript/Jquery(Basic DOM Manipulation)

I can help out with Design of the Website for the Project and Icon Creation,as for C++ knowledge am not yet acquitted with that Sorry, there are tons of tools from Sourceforget.net to add this and maybe an IRC channel or a community sitte for this project, take care

@Dueal you will be much needed here too

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Re: Game Development: Join The Team by worldbest(m): 10:46pm On Jul 02, 2010
@pc guru
You are welcome. We are in need of ideas to get us together. Your web design skills will be greatly required. Right now, we need entries for our storyline, please share your ideas with us here. Thanks for being one of us.

I suggest that, as we discuss about storylines, we should also talk about how we will be managing the project. Do you think a community, irc will do? Do you know of other tools we can make use of? I think should figure this out right away.

My storyline will be posted later today.

Good night
Re: Game Development: Join The Team by emmaraj(m): 11:13pm On Jul 02, 2010
Emmanuel Baldwin
email: emmaximum2008@yahoo.com
No. 08032117135
Re: Game Development: Join The Team by worldbest(m): 7:40am On Jul 03, 2010
Welcome, thanks for joining.
Re: Game Development: Join The Team by worldbest(m): 7:44am On Jul 03, 2010
Here is my own idea of a storyline:

The government of Nigeria is having problems with groups of militants who have taken it upon themselves to terrorise the oil rich Niger-Delta. They engage in vandalism, extortion, Robbery and kidnapping.

An american oil expatriate is kidnapped. Pressure begins to mount on the government from the U.S to rescue the man. They know going all out with the Nigerian Military will endanger the captives life.

They call on the Nigerian Secret Agency(NSA) who then appoints Agent Badmus Haruna aka Baba, their most trusted and experienced agent. His mission is to find and rescue the man.
Agent Baba will be our actor. He is to go from one militant base to another. Because we want this short and less complex, we may just draw out 3 militant bases located maybe in a forest, building and around moutains etc. As he goes, he picks up notes/clues telling him important details. From this we will again enough knowledge to  begin a RTS/FPS Game engine.

So friends, what do you think? Lets read more storylines. Its getting interest already.
Re: Game Development: Join The Team by gameaddict(m): 12:23pm On Jul 03, 2010
@ world best: please lets modify that storyline. The Niger delta case is a sensitive one and creating an agent who goes around shooting the militants(fellow Citizens) because the Americans want him to rescue their own people just doesn't appeal to my senses. We should be trying to solve the regions problem instead of planning to shoot them. I had some game ideas related to militants and the region months ago but had to change it to reflect the people's plight better because of this thought. It's on a larger scale though plus it's really wide and complicated for what we're planning. I think we should make up new enemies and reasons. How about the agent is working on his own trying to bring down a powerful arch enemy or drug lord who has blackmailed him in the past. That way, we can give the character some moral conflicts and resolutions. The plans for different bases would still be implemented. I think we should also implement other elements such as humor and flashbacks(perhaps through the notes he finds).

I think our first game has to be lighthearted and non controversial. What do you think?
Re: Game Development: Join The Team by worldbest(m): 1:51pm On Jul 03, 2010
True, i see your point, makes sense. I think there should be a valid reason for the killings. Lets writeup a less complex story with your suggestions later and post it for reviews.

We have began discussions of storyline, please lets all participate.
Re: Game Development: Join The Team by mikeoki(m): 3:54pm On Jul 03, 2010
Name: Michael Oki
Email: mikeoki.oki@gmail.com
Phone: 08063453209
Skills: VB.NET (Expert),
J2ME (Intermediate),
Macromedia Studio(Expert)
Sybase PowerBuilder(Beginner)
Re: Game Development: Join The Team by worldbest(m): 4:19pm On Jul 03, 2010
welcome, mikeoki. we have started, we need contributions/ideas/suggestion on storyline. Please post yours right away. welcome again
Re: Game Development: Join The Team by kennbox(m): 5:34pm On Jul 03, 2010
Great Contributions guys.

I think a simple story that will provide the opportunity for our team to fix it's base (define it's mode of operation) is what we need.
I buy the Idea of a 3d Maze walk around (Doom Style). But for first time sake, we could remove shooting of objects and add an interesting puzzle instead. e.g finding a key to open a portal or something, also, we could re modify the maze to reflect our local environment (possibly inside a cave), also with the use of music and speech that reflects who we are.

This as simple as it seems would be enough to test the team. As it involves almost all aspects of GD. I would say Let's give it a shot.
WE would need some thing though.
1. Collaboration Point (sourceforge.net might be usefull here)
2. Repository (a simple statement file is enough to start)
3. Development tool set (Game engine choice, Platform Choice e.t.c)

plus more.

keep em coming.
Re: Game Development: Join The Team by worldbest(m): 7:20pm On Jul 03, 2010

Nice suggestions there. I think we should go with gameaddict's maze story. A game without shooting for now will do.

I suggest we build a story around gameaddicts maze idea and that of kennbox. I think that is achievable. I urge everyone to post theirs here. We need to have a complete storyline we all agree with. I will post my modification of the maze story soon.

Also, i believe sourceforge can handle the management concerns. I will go through it to be sure.

Re: Game Development: Join The Team by gameaddict(m): 7:27pm On Jul 03, 2010
cool guys! Anyone tried out sculptris? Its the coolest 3d app I've ever tried. kaii!!!!! This thing sweet.
Re: Game Development: Join The Team by worldbest(m): 10:40pm On Jul 03, 2010
From the video. It looks easy. Its a lite remake of ZBrush. Downloading it,

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