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On Your Own (o-y-o)....fendi by debbycreamy(f): 9:56am On Sep 27, 2018
hi my literature people

i'm not a writer but i get this story wey i for like to share, abeg make ona just get the point for the story, my english go bad oh, abeg no insult me if i do mistake just correct me

Hmmmm, i no sabi, do prologue and disclaimer them but abeg make person no copy this story for anywhere @copywrite

It is just a fiction

Lets go there
Re: On Your Own (o-y-o)....fendi by debbycreamy(f): 10:21am On Sep 27, 2018

'pls, don't harm my sister pls' i said as i saw some horrible looking men trying to eat my sister, i was crying and begging but they wouldn't listen, 'pls dont eat her' i continued shouting, i was shouting when i woke up, 'oh its only a dream thank God' i said sweating on the bed, my mat rather i looked around it will soon be dawn, i guess there is no need to sleep again, so i sat up and folded the mat, i usually sleep in the parlour since my sister and her husband occupy the first room, and his brother occupy the second room, its a 2bedroom flat, just as i was trying to arrange the sitting room, my sister came out dresssed to go out 'good morning ma, pls day never break ma' i said she looked at me with so much disgust, my presence has always irritated her ever since she got pregnant, her husband came out and i greet 'dad, good morning' i call him dad and call my sis mum cause my sis actually forced me to call her mum and her husband dad, 'good morning fendi' he replied 'dad i had a bad dream i don't think mum should go out' 'what do u know as little as u are, i'm going to aba to buy bail of clothes u better clean up the house and do everything before i get back' she shouted at me, i couldn't talk anymore, afterall who am i? She left, i did the chores and was relaxing when she came back crying that some boys beat her and took her market money, 'but mum i asked u not to go', 'u devil u sent those boys that is why u asked me not to go' she was yelling, ' how can a 9yr old girl send boys after u and will she ask u not to go if she is responsible?' the husband asked 'why do u hate your sister this much, is it your pregnancy hormones making u hate her or what?' i was just looking 'my leave is over i'm going back to work today' immediately he said that my heart sank, it means he will be gone for another 2months, which means 2mnths of sorrow for me, as soon as he stepped out she took the cane and came to me, 'ooohhh i'm finished' i said inside of me, she flogged me telling to tell her how i knew her journey will not be successful
Re: On Your Own (o-y-o)....fendi by debbycreamy(f): 10:45am On Sep 27, 2018
'it was just a dream sister' ' who are u calling sister' she flogged me to hell, i left me when i was almost fainting' i took my breath and cried till i wouldn't cry anymore '9yrs old and u r dreaming' was the last thing she said before she left me and went outside to gist with her friend, i cried again but not for the pains this time but for the reason why my biological mum will let me pass through this. Things were fine a year ago when she brougt me from the village to port harcourt promising my mother that she will take good care of me, my mother never doubted since since we are sisters, same mother same father but why is she maltreating me i asked no one in particular, 'so u are still there common go look for work to do, as a girl u are not supposed to rest after one work u look for another' she yelled 'yes ma' and said shaking out of fear, i never rested always working.

In school i was almost the smallest in my class, 'why aren't u growing like others?' my teacher ones asked, the school was the only place where i get rest of mind and ones its closing time, my heart will start pounding, i hate going home. I got home one day and was washing the dishes with fear, i'm always afraid because i don't know when the cane will land on me, i was shaking and washing when one of the plate fell and broke 'ooohhh i'm finished' i was staring at the plate when i heard 'what......U broke my favourite plate, today u are finished, i will never forget that day, see beating, it got to the extent that a neighbor had to interceed 'madam its ok na, will the flogging bring the plate back' oh this man will only increase the beating oh i said to myself 'is she not your sister? The man asked again, 'she is my sister not your sister so i have every right to treat her the way i want to treat her' she turned to me 'u, u see the insult u are bring to me u devil' and the beating increased.

No day passes without tears in my eyes, she is the 2nd child of my mother while i'm the 8th she is just 13yrs older than me, one day the 4th child of my mother also my sister came and i gave her a letter to give my mum telling her that i'm suffering, my mum visited few weeks later but didn't carry me away.

My sister finally put to birth, a boy and yet the maltreatment i got from her doubled
Re: On Your Own (o-y-o)....fendi by debbycreamy(f): 11:26am On Sep 27, 2018
i say things i saw in my dreams and they came to pass including the death of old and yound people even if i'm beaten because of my dreams, ' there is a prophet that catches witches, at kolo we are goin on sunday morning bacause i know u are a witch' my almighty sister announced, and where the hell is kolo i asked myself i was 10yrs old then, sunday came and we travelled when we gor there i had to join the queue of suspected witches, it hasn't even gotten to my turn when a woman seated by the entrance shouted 'witch....witch....this girl is a witch' pointing at me i couldn't believe my ears, why me, why was she pointing at me the pastor was attending to another person, before i could say jack, some ushers came and jacked me away from the line telling me to confess, i was shocked and too confused to talk i'm innocent was what came out of my mouth the pastor beckoned on me after a while and asked me to confess and my jaw dropped 'even u' i cried in disappointment i was beaten to confess, my sister enjoyed everything and left my there, 'i'm going i have a baby to attend to' i couldn't talk i just cried, she left with no clothes no food, no shelter, she left me her younger one to strangers, i knew no one, i was a witch stranger to them
Re: On Your Own (o-y-o)....fendi by debbycreamy(f): 1:14pm On Sep 27, 2018
i became a destitude, roaming round during the day, slept in uncompleted building during the nights, i was so hungry on tuesday, i thought about school, my mates are in school, i took a walk to the river had a bath and put on same clothes, they wouldn't let me sleep in the church or give me food, i was a lady eating yam, 'aunty pls i'm hungry can u give me small of your food?' 'who are u and where are ur parents?' she asked 'i was brought to that church and abandoned by my sister' i tried to explain in my dizzy state, her next question shocked me 'that means u haven't confessed have u?' 'no ma' 'then get out' i felt depressed and my heart was turning from white to brown i pray not to black. The following day i knew i was about passing out so i looked for a comfortable spot and lied down for death to come.

I woke in a local hospital with my biological mum by my side, how did she get here? I dont i answered myself, after a while i saw my almighty sister quarelling with my mum, i got to know that my mum went to visit her and since she didnt see me she asked after me and was told that i was left somewhere becoz i refused to confess, that was how my mum found me and lying helplessly and took me to the hospital. I recovered after some days and was taken home. My mum wanted to arrest the pastor but people pleaded, he said i can redeem myself by undergoing a three days dry fasting, i didn't know when i shout 'WHAT?' he continued 'during the fasting if she vomit then she was actually possessed but if she didn't vomit then she is free' i thought i was going mad to hear that i just recovered from a hunger strike and here is another hunger strike, i'm looking too slim already, i'm sure im going to turn into a skeleton by the time they are done with me.

Lo and behold, the fasten started when we got back to port harcourt, they didn't let me bath or even brush my teeth, day one was ok, day two was dizzy and day three came, they were all waiting for me to vomit an animal or something prayers started by 5pm pastor prayed till 6pm, i did not vomit 'SHE WAS NOT POSSESSED' he announced, my mum was angry, yet she didn't take me away from my sister, i was angry, bittered and hated my mum for it, because i didn't know why she left me to die in the hands of my almighty sister.


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Re: On Your Own (o-y-o)....fendi by debbycreamy(f): 1:19pm On Sep 27, 2018
i know say for nairaland people no they like to comment for literature na for politics them dey comment
Re: On Your Own (o-y-o)....fendi by debbycreamy(f): 5:02pm On Sep 27, 2018

after d whole witchcraft tragedy i went back to school and everybody stared at me as if i was a newcomer, 'u are like a skeleton' my friend Wariboko said, even the class teacher asked me what happened, i couldn't tell anyone the truth i just said i was sick. I took 27th position out of 32, how i'm i supposed to perform well with all i'm going through, my sister saw my result and beat me for failing. She got pregnant again and had another boy, that was were everything got worse as this is my schedule 5a.m i wake up clean the house, wash dishes, bath the first son, take him to school before heading to my own school, when i return around 4pm i go to the market buy the list wash clothes or dishes, carry the new baby till he sleeps off, if he cries at mid-night she wakes me up to do food for him, i dont sleep for good 5hours.

i know i haven't introduced myself, ok, my name is Fendi my father in his early 60s i hope is in another state delta state, my mum is in portharcourt where i am but far, im the 8th child of my parents, the 5th and the 6th are boys while the rest of us are girls, im the last born (so i thought) some years ago.

My mother mrs mandy was with her husband mr noah (my father), she has being the bread winner of the family since they got married 1977, 'i'm pregnant' she told her husband, he looked at her from head to toe 'ok' was all he said, she was carrying her 8th pregnancy, she struggled going to the river to fish and travelling to aba to buy clothes to sell, the following year the pregnancy was about 7months mandy was coming from aba through a local boat there was an accident, mrs mandy hit her pregnancy on another boat and had a forceful labor, they rushed her to the hospital and induced her, she had twins! 'this one cannot survive ma, there is no incubator in this village, the baby is not well formed' the doctor said referring to one of the babies, 'we can dispose her' the nurse told mrs mandy my mother nodded positively and they threw the baby away, 'this one is formed but we don't think it can survive for long' the doctor said again 'i will keep her' mandy said, that was how Fendi was kept on a 50-50 chances, from birth Fendi has been sick, and couldn't walk till she was 1 and half yrs old, sometimes the mum regreted keeping her. 'mum my waec fee, u haven't given me oh' that was Pipe the first daughter they called her pipe because my mum gave birth to her by the pipeline. 'go and meet ur father i don't have money to give u'. Mr noah was a civil servant but also a miser. He brings out money only when he is been pressured to. He paid the waec for his daughter after being pressured.

Two years later 1995

'i'm tired of this marriage, i'm tired, i struggle day and night for my kids while they have a father, pls let me go i'm tired' mrs mandy said politely to her husband 'after 8children you are tired? Who are u leaving this children for? If u must go then we have to divide the children, take some and go' mr noah said without any emotions showing, at that minute mrs mandy picked only me Fendi and left.

Re: On Your Own (o-y-o)....fendi by debbycreamy(f): 3:20pm On Sep 28, 2018

Fendi lived with her mother before the almighty sister came and took her to port harcourt,.

back to the story

I eavesdropped as my sister was telling her husband they we should pack away from the house we are presently because she dreamt that her husband's brother that occupy the second room (he attends oluba and doesn't speak to anyone) put us in a coffin to bury, i couldn't stop laughing, she beats me for my dreams, so why is she scared about her own dream. 'i built this house with my money how can i pack out of my own house, to where?' her husand asked her, my sister said 'sell the house and lets go, he will kill us' i walked away from where i was listening and started thinking, i asked myself what exactly is she scared of, is there any secret this man knows that she is hiding, i was too little to think deep.

We packed to eleme,a four bedroom bungalow owned by his uncle (my sis husband uncle), as we approached the gate i saw an 'HU' i didn't know what it meant, till night that very day when mr donald (the owner of the house) told us to sit on the floor like a muslim and pronounce HU for a prayer, i refused to obey, he said thats how they pray in eccanca or something like that, i ran to my room and slept, my sister refused me from going to school some days to take care of the second baby that was about 8months old then, i fell sick but she didn't care all she know is that i must WORK. One day i forgot to warm the soup and the soup went bad, 'fendi!' she shouted 'ma' i replied 'so u allowed my soup to spoil u lazy idiot, u will never see a good man to marry' she continued swearing all the rubbish, i kept saying God forbid inside my mind, she was about beating me when the husband came out 'i heard u beat this girl often, what were u doing as the woman of the house that u didn't warm the soup too?' he asked, 'i will beat her' she said again 'if u beat her i will beat u' the man i already saw as my foster father said to my sister 'ok na' and the heavy slap landed on my cheeks and he also gave her a thunderous slap, she started to cry and faced me that i want to take her husband away from her 'im just 12yrs old how can i take her husband, he is like a father to me,infact he is my foster father' i dare not say it out, i said it in my brain. 'pack your things and get out of my house before 5pm' she shouted and stormed out 'u are not going anywhere' the husband said to me and i noded. When my foster father left for for long work my sister graduated into using clothes hanger beat me or stoning me with any object in her hand. So i planned on how to run away before she kills me. One day she travelled for a burial i kept the baby with the owner of the house and ran away to an unknown world

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Re: On Your Own (o-y-o)....fendi by debbycreamy(f): 4:50pm On Sep 28, 2018

Mr. Donald gave me #200 for transport, i paid to my mother's house at diobu, my mother said i can't say with her, the husband she married which is my step father will not let me stay. I spent just 2days with her and left for delta state to look for my sister the 4th daughter, i traced the name of the hotel where she works as a secretary. after a long search i saw her 'what are u doing here and how did u find me' she asked, i smiled i said 'i ran away to be with u' her next statement divided my brain into 9pieces 'how long will u stay, i gained admission at the university of portharcourt, u can't stay long with me' the smile on my face varnished, at that moment i asked myself if i'm cursed, is the devil after me, i'm i destined to suffer? Why didn't the doctors in the labour room throw me away like my twin? Maybe being dead is better for me. 'but u can go and stay with your biological father i wiill give u transport and the address' this her statement told me that i won't die, i smiled and nodded, 'stay with me for a week before going' i jumped at her she saw the excitment and understood why i was too happy.

That one week was almost the best one week, Dianah is her name the 4th and intelligent daughter of the noah family. She treated me like an egg, i wished the one week never ended, i wished for 7 days to be like 7yrs. Finally i went in search of my father, i was inside a local boat going to the town where my father is the ogbo town, a woaman in her 70s came to her and said 'blood is thicker than water u look exactly like noah' i didn't say anything, the woman paid my transport, little did i know that she is my grandmother.

I located the father's house, a one storey building with 8rooms i guess it's for 8 children, he wasn't around when i got there so i waited, the moment he saw me from the gate he smiled, i ran to hug him, he hugged me back and said 'welcome my daughter, come and tell me all u have being through' i started to cry i couldn't speak our native dialect so mix up all my statement but he perfectly understood. My father is a masters degree holder in accounting and a civil servant, he gave me a room of my own, i was so happy. 'its holiday now, u will start school when school resume' 'yes sir' i replied. 'daddy i heard i have a step mother where is she?' i heard that story when i was in port harcourt. 'i have 6girls and 2boys it will be war to keep her here, though your siblings don't live here permanently but they fight with her anytime they come visting so i rented a different appartment for her, i will show u later' he explained how the 3rd daughter Agnes beat up his wife because of water that leaked from the toilet, my sister Agnes removed my step mother's wrapper from her waist to clean up the toilet and many other stories, i smiled hearing all these stories, my family is a warrior family then, even the girls fight wow! No wonder TUTU, my almighty sister that maltreated me was behaving like a warrior.

My immediate elder sister came to join me in my father's house with her own bitter story, she is my best sister i can tell her anything maybe because she is 2years older than me, i loved her and she loved me. Our story changed when we found out who our father was...... A MISER
Re: On Your Own (o-y-o)....fendi by AugustineSilva(m): 12:04am On Sep 29, 2018
DebbyCreamy Nice Work....
The Idea Is Good But The expression Is below Par, Nice Work
Re: On Your Own (o-y-o)....fendi by debbycreamy(f): 2:43pm On Sep 29, 2018
[quote author=AugustineSilva post=71620378]DebbyCreamy Nice Work.... The Idea Is Good But The expression Is below Par, Nice Work[/quote
Thank u sir

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Re: On Your Own (o-y-o)....fendi by debbycreamy(f): 3:20pm On Sep 29, 2018

My immediate elder sister, Kigi, told me how our mother took her from our father to portharcourt to stay with her and our step father, how my step sister (my step father's daughter that was 2yrs older than her) maltreated her, she also ran to our father's house because my step father's relative attempted to rape her.

I was 13 and she was 15 with our different experiences of life that wasn't good to the soul, we both suffered in different ways, no body thought us the bible, from that age nobody thought us right from wrong.

Before i ran away when i was 12yrs old i saw my first menstrual flow, i couldn't tell anyone, i've heard about it before in school, i was too scared to tell my almighty sister, i had no pad no tissue, and i had to go to school, i folded an handkerchief and padded myself, i was lucky not to have stained in school, but when i got home i was confused on what to do next, i had just one handkerchief and now it's gone, i removed the handkerchief from my pants and threw it away because it was looking too disgusting to wash, i stay on empty pants, waiting for what next to happen. 'Fendi ! Is that not blood on your gown? Have u started to see menses?' i was too afraid to talk. She went inside her room and came out with 2 clothes hanger to flog me, 'so as small as you are u have started seeing your menses, so that u will get pregnant abi? I will kill you today' and thats how the beating of that day started, i was flogged for seeing period as if it's my fault, as if it's abnormal, i looked at the injuries on my body after she pieced the hangers on me, decorating my body with painful injuries, i asked myself if it's a crime to see period made by God, Mr. Donald gave me tissue paper and i thanked him.

daddy is not always at home, he is either at his office or in church, he attends the cherubim and seraphim church, he is a special apostle, he sits in the inner alter. 'i'm hungry, how do we eat, daddy is not always around' i squeezed my tummy looking at my sister, Kigi. She felt pity for me and went to our father's office which is not too far from the house, 'daddy we are hungry' she told him immediately she marched into the office 'don't u people fast? Have u seen me eating anyhow, i will give u people #400 everyday to cook, when u finish cooking keep mine' my father said, 'thank u daddy' i was so happy when she came with the #400, it was when we went out to buy the ingredients we found out that the money was too small, 'is it inside this #400 we will buy garri, salt, pepper, maggi, onion, fish okra, leaves and everything?' i asked my sister, we were so confused on what to do with the money, well, we managed to cook one unreasonable soup and ate it with gladness, atleast no one will beat us again, no one will scare us again, we were free from those maltreating us, 'free at last' we shouted

WE GAINED INDEPENDENCE at that age because my father cared less
Re: On Your Own (o-y-o)....fendi by debbycreamy(f): 4:18pm On Sep 29, 2018
my father doesn't give us money for toiletries or cosmetics 'i need pad' kigi said to me 'remove #30 out of the #400 for today's soup and buy tissue' i suggested, 'are we going to continue like this, thank God we have natural fairness we have not been rubbing cream since', she complained again and as the smart one i replied her 'i will write letter to mummy, i heard our step father is now a big man and mummy drives her own car, i will send the letter through anybody going to portharcourt' so i wrote the letter and luckily sent it through somebody, few days later a package was brought to us through that same person that delivered the letter, we were about going to our new school, which my father registered us, when the package came, we opened it and saw creams, pants, powder, pad, spaghetti, soaps and plenty other things we shouted in joy and hugged each other. We went to school hungry and by the time we return we will find our usual #400 in the kitchen, the food is too small to last us the following day, after dishing out our father's own, we eat the remaining one. The following day we go to school with hunger again that was the routine. My mother stopped sending us the packages she sent it just twice and stopped. 'we have to grow up and take care of ourselves' kigi told me. 'i can't sleep with a man for money, i'm too small to prostitute' i told her, 'nooo we won't prostitute, but we have to hustle for money but i don't know how' she said. the problem here is we don't have money to eat during breaks like other kids we don't have toiletries and cosmetics again, our father is not a poor man but he won't release his money.

Fortunately, Pipe the first daughter also relocated to Ogbo town, and we were over joyed, we rush to her house every morning for breakfast and she gives us pocket money at times. Pipe is married with 2kids, her house was close to our school.

Fairness is in our blood, my mum looks like a white woman despite all the struggling she went through, Pipe was exactly like my mum, tall, fair, meek and humble while the 2nd TUTU my almighty sister was also fair but fat unlike the rest of us, the 3rd Agnes fair but not like them, her fairness wasn't as shiny as others, Agnes has brown eyes that makes her unique, the 4th Diana the tallest, intelligent, pointed nose like my mum still a virgin at her age 21, she's the most beautiful i must confess, i don't know much about the two boys except that they are also fair and handsome and women are always after them. The 7th, Kigi is tall, she's almost white in complexion and i know u will get fat as we grow, finally i'm the 8th beauty runs in our blood, i'm not as fair as they are i get kinda reddish in complexion when the weather is hot i'm not as tall as they are, i look kinda different from them, they took my mum's pointed nose while i took my father's beautiful but not pointed nose.

I was in JSS 3 and my sis Kigi in SS1, when our father admitted us, during second term i received a love letter from an SS3 student, saying that he wants to date me, i had a friend Bio that advised me wrongly to date him, i was smart enough to reply the guy that there will be no sex and he is going to take care of me till i clock 18 then i will allow him deflower me. I thought i was smart to come up with the idea, little did i know that i was making a mistake. Suprisingly, I.k the lover boy agreed, and started buying me clothes and provision as i told him.

i was too naive to think of the consequences

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Re: On Your Own (o-y-o)....fendi by Conqueror89: 8:55pm On Oct 11, 2018
i was too naive to think of the consequences[/quote]
Nice write up. Kindly continue.
Re: On Your Own (o-y-o)....fendi by debbycreamy(f): 4:45pm On Oct 12, 2018

i was too naive to think of the consequences Nice write up. Kindly continue.

Thank u, i stopped writing coz i tot d story isn't interesting
Re: On Your Own (o-y-o)....fendi by Conqueror89: 5:42pm On Oct 12, 2018

Thank u, i stopped writing coz i tot d story isn't interesting
Love the storyline. Looks real though.. oya do the needful. grin
Re: On Your Own (o-y-o)....fendi by debbycreamy(f): 3:59pm On Oct 13, 2018

Life went on, better than before, a line on one of Wyclef's song kept me going which is ''hoping for the best buh expecting the worst'' i sang that particular every morning and evening so i don't get disappointed or dejected when life hits me hard again. Sept 23rd came i totally forgot that it was my birthday, the day i turned 15, i went to school and i didn't know my classmates slipped in cards and gift into my bag. 'today, i'm going to help you carry your bag' that was Blessing, my friend that didn't add any positivity to my life, she is always lively, i don't have any dull moment around her. 'thank you' i said almost whispering. When we got home i realized my bag was bigger than usual, 'blessing what's inside my bag?' 'happy birthday to you, the smartest girl that forgets her birthday' she replied. I was surprised to see different gifts and cards and from that moment i loved all my classmate. That evening my benefactor and lover boy I.k came to pick me up, he took me to an isolated place that is quite and beautiful, the place was dressed red flowers and roung table with drinks and cake. 'happy birthday' he said to me, i didn't know when i started crying, i couldn't say anything 'will you be my wife?' were his next words, that was when i realized that he was kneeling right in front of me with a golden ring. So many thoughts ran through me but the main question i was myself was 'if i say no will he stop providing for me?' i kept discussing between the black angel and the white angel in me. 'yes, i will be your wife' i finally said, he was so excited he threw me up since he is much bigger than me. i just smiled, the smile wasn't from my heart probably from my neck, i couldn't say no for all he has done for me and the ones he will still do. he brought out a big bag and said 'your gift baby' i took the gift and exclaimed 'wow!' the bag was full of clothes, expensive clothes i thanked him, the truth is i don't talk much whenever i'm with I.k, i feel scared and cautious. He made me promise him that i will wear the ring all the time.

That is how 15years old Fendi started wearing an engagement ring, there was no parent or siblings to tell her what to do, nobody to teach her right from wrong, nobody to teach her how to cook or clean up. Fendi learnt everything by herself, she was on her own, her own world of a bitter soul, her own world of doing things because her head asked her to do them meanwhile Kigi had a boyfriend that loved her so much, though he was poor but he struggled to provide for Kigi and i was happy for.

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Re: On Your Own (o-y-o)....fendi by debbycreamy(f): 4:37pm On Oct 13, 2018

Days turned to weeks and weeks turned to months, about 3months after my 15th birthday i went to visit I.k as he instructed it wasn't my first time of visiting him but i was still nervous, I.k moved out of his father's house after finishing his secondary school, his roommate Kingsley has always being like a brother. He was moody when i got to the house that day 'babe whats up' i said sitting down on the floor as i usually do. He didn't say anything i got closer only to find out that he was crying 'haba! U are scaring me, what's the matter?' he sobbed louder and started naratting how his mother left him with his father and ran away when he was just 3months old, and he just heard that she is alive somewhere 'where?' i asked 'i don't want to see her, pls can u be my mummy, my wife to be can also be my mummy right?' he asked me looking straight into my eyeballs, i simply nodded and brought his head to my laps, i rubbed his head with my fingers, telling him funny stories till he slept off. I kept his head slowly on the floor and ran off.

ever since then i took the responsibility of washing his clothes during weekend, cooking for him, making him happy and always spending time with him, i started feeling comfortable around him, i started talking more around him, i'm a born talker, i'm known as a talkative, i can actually talk from morning till night reasonably though.

kigi left town after her waec and neco, and i was left alone. i.k has really been helpful. Few months to my waec something happened. I went to visit i.k as usual and he started acting funny, he first asked for a kiss, which i didn't object 'i want to make love to you he whispered into my ears, i was shocked and shaking, i tried running but he held me strong, pulling my clothes, i fought with him till i couldn't 'i'm not yet 18' i shouted but he payed deaf ears i looked around and saw a glass frame with the picture of our Lord Jesus, i picked it up and smashed it on his head, 'aaahhhh' he shouted, i quickly dressed up and looked at him, he was bleeding and helpless, i felt pity for him, if i stay i will be in trouble, if i run away and he dies my conscience will kill me before they arrest me. The white angel in me said 'shout for help and take him to the hospital' then the black angel said 'run before they arrest u' i followed the voice of the black angel and ran away.

'what just happened, how did i kill him, how can i kill, is he really dead, what will happen to me if he dies?' all this questions repeating in my head while my legs ran faster than usain bolt.


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Re: On Your Own (o-y-o)....fendi by Conqueror89: 11:18pm On Oct 13, 2018
She quite confused. Felt for her.

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