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Re: Testimonies From Hempworx CBD Oil Users by boysn(m): 5:58pm On Jul 24, 2019
We are waiting to share your testimonies too

Re: Testimonies From Hempworx CBD Oil Users by boysn(m): 5:02pm On Jul 26, 2019

Cbd has done so much for me. ��‍♀️ But I am very excited about these results alone. I had no clue CBD would have this effect on me. � But after 2 weeks of taking it my acne cleared up completely. ���

For almost 4 years I have suffered from horrible acne � and I tried every single "solution" out there and NOTHING worked. ��‍♀️

Here's some interesting facts I found out about CBD and acne. ���

Controlling inflammation – � CBD is a well-known anti-inflammatory; inflammation of dead skin cells is one of the major factors which triggers acne growth. CBD oil is best known to stop systematic inflammation and people have had great success in using it as quick relief from the prominent symptoms of acne.

Controlling oil production – � There is no better solution than CBD oil when it comes to helping the sebaceous glands to regulate the production of oil and sebum. Whether applied to the skin or ingested, CBD oil works well to overcome pore clogging.

Minimizing stress – � Most of us celebrate CBD for its ability to reduce stress by helping the endocannabinoid system. Anxiety, stress, and depression are all the result of a disturbed endocannabinoid system, whereas CBD oil helps heart rate by lowering it to normal frequency.
Re: Testimonies From Hempworx CBD Oil Users by boysn(m): 11:44am On Aug 01, 2019
Educating people about the benefits of CBD oil and helping them feel better *naturally* is the reason why this group was started.

We are sharing testimonials of others who have used the CBD oil to bring relief to health and wellness issues, including our own personal testimonials.

We would like you to read the testimonials and information and then think about anyone you know who might benefit from using CBD.

Call/ Whatsapp Boye on 0806 590 2259 to find out more and orders yours now
Re: Testimonies From Hempworx CBD Oil Users by boysn(m): 11:45am On Aug 01, 2019
*CBD oil and Downs Syndrome *

Michelle's Story �
It's almost day 20 using HempWorx 500 and I have failed to report in. Gotta love the holidays!

Looking back prior to my first order....
*How could I NOT afford to order? How could I justify not spending the money where I now view it as a necessity because it was to improve my child's quality of mental health? I'm ashamed that it took me so long to get him started & my only excuse is that I was researching CBD targeting depression & wanted a good quality brand. *

I found that at HempWorx. It's not the cheapest but it's the lowest priced PURE 100% whole hemp, made in the USA product I have found. The other 3 brands I considered were either imported from another country, cut with sunflower oil or the price was over $120 a bottle & did NOT have lab quality certificates.

*Now because I'm a mother I'm not going to give my child something I have not tried myself so we started together!* *Please note for those who don't know me personally *when I say my child, I'm talking about my handsome 27 year old son Joey who just happens to have Down's Syndrome!*

So yes, his well being is fully my responsibility �

*Just in 20 days he has had very noticable improvement in his mood, I'm so excited to now catch him smiling more! It makes my heart sing!*

I just started noticing a couple other things about him that I wasn't expecting but after more reading, I can attribute to the CBD oil as well. *His eczema is clearing!!* All these dermatologist prescription creams & shampoos have done nothing to little to even control and now it's clearing!!! *He's had fewer complaints, like 90% less stomachaches which has been an issue with him forever. I'm so happy and feel so blessed he's responding to CBD treatment I could just pop!*
He likes the peppermint flavor and will remind me to give it to him if I forget � *He calls them Happy Drops!*

Ok, like I said *I began taking it the same day and here is what I've found*. For several years I've been in pretty much constant pain from arthritis and inflammation. I'd been taking 400-800mg of Motrin a day foryears.
I went to bed hurting. I woke up hurting. I worked my tail off everyday hurting most of the time. *By day 3 taking HempWorx I had about 70% less pain. To me, that's a big, BIG BIG difference. Now that it's almost day 20 I will say I'm now 95% pain free most of the time & feel NO inflammation!*
I've also noticed *I'm calmer than my "norm" & am sleeping better.*

We both have had the flu this week (hey, it's not a 100% miracle cure all) but we're recovering pretty quickly and comfortably I think!

All I know is I wanted to give an honest testimony & now I can give one for both Joe & myself. We are both customers for life and *I cannot put a pricetag on how we're feeling!*
It's priceless but thankfully it's also very affordable!

I am so excited to share this and look forward to how far we will both go to reach our goals of better health & happiness!!
*I plan to continue to study CBDs potential health benefits and the new studies that are just now beginning. So amazing this plant called hemp that had been used for centuries and has so many uses had become lost to our modern culture!* Thrilled it's known now and so glad I'm a part of it with HempWorx!

For those who do know me personally, you know I tell things straight up like it is & don't sugar coat. I'm skeptical & analytical by nature, read & research everything....if I'm this excited...GET EXCITED!!
Re: Testimonies From Hempworx CBD Oil Users by boysn(m): 5:30pm On Aug 02, 2019
*Diabetic neuropathy -Overview*

Diabetic neuropathy is a type of nerve damage that can occur if you have diabetes. High blood sugar (glucose) can injure nerves throughout your body. Diabetic neuropathy most often damages nerves in your legs and feet.

*Depending on the affected nerves, symptoms of diabetic neuropathy can range from pain and numbness in your legs and feet to problems with your digestive system, urinary tract, blood vessels and heart*.

Some people have mild symptoms. *But for others, diabetic neuropathy can be quite painful and disabling*.

Diabetic neuropathy is a common and serious complication of diabetes. But you can often prevent diabetic neuropathy or slow its progress with tight blood sugar control and a healthy lifestyle.


There are several types of diabetic neuropathy.

You can have one or more than one type of neuropathy.

Your symptoms will depend on the type you have and which nerves are affected.

Usually, symptoms develop gradually.

You may not notice anything wrong until considerable nerve damage has occurred.
Re: Testimonies From Hempworx CBD Oil Users by boysn(m): 5:31pm On Aug 02, 2019
* No longer on meds for Neuropathy, Cholesterol & Blood pressure*

From a Customer

I have been taking CBD Oil for 5 months now.

I am no longer on medicines for the following : neuropathy pain, cholesterol or Blood pressure.

I told my doctor about the CBD oil and she said if it's working then keep taking it.

I have been able to eliminate 3 out of 5 medications that I have been on for years.

I love having my life back.�

Thanks to HempWorx I can dance, play with my grandbabies and students, sleep good, and managing my pain to the point of little to no pain in my legs and feet.
Re: Testimonies From Hempworx CBD Oil Users by boysn(m): 1:21pm On Aug 03, 2019
Free delivery to every state in Nigeria

Re: Testimonies From Hempworx CBD Oil Users by boysn(m): 4:57pm On Aug 04, 2019


After a couple months researching, praying, and hanging out on the fence ~ my husband said to order because there was no point wasting more time researching when we've spent money on worse things.

Point taken and CBD ordered.

We're now 6 weeks in and my husband, 3 children, mom, good friends and their children are ALL having remarkable results thanks to Hempworx CBD oil!

The following is my Hempworx testimony...�

I started with 3 drops AM/PM because I tend to be sensitive to all things natural, or Rx. During the first week, I did not have any amazing, instant results, but definitely had a detox response. That told me something was changing, so I just rode it out. (headaches and extra trips to the bathroom)

Going into week 2
I started dreaming. That may not seem like that big of a deal, but when you don't dream, you're not getting REM sleep...the healing, restorative sleep necessary for health. I've never been a REM sleeper for various reasons...so this WAS a big deal! As a result of getting my first solid nights of REM sleep, I was waking MUCH less groggy, foggy, and zombie-like!

Towards the end of week 2 I finally started noticing a decrease in my pain levels. I've struggled with Hashimoto's (an autoimmune disease that attacks the thyroid) for well over 13 years and in the last couple years, the joint pain has become constant and interfering with daily life. The Hashi induced joint pain was accompanied by pain from old injuries, several car accidents, vaccine injury, severe sleep deprivation, and aging in general.

As I moved through week 3, I realized I was not waking with my usual stiff, achy joints and as I'd climb into bed at night, I wasn't in pain either! I could squat down to grab things without my knee injury screaming at me, I didn't have to stretch my back multiple times a day, I wasn't wincing as I walked up or down the stairs, it didn't hurt to hold my littles, stand from sitting or vice versa, and the biggy...I wasn't at the chiropractor twice a week! �

Something else pretty incredible for me during week 3 (sorry to the guys...), is that I ended up thinking we may be pregnant and took a test since my period was due and after struggling with endometriosis and PCOS for 20+ years, there is NEVER a question when my period is coming. PMS has ALWAYS been very significant and painful for me and I had NOTHING except sore boobs, ladies! Not only that, but when I did get it...on time...it was nowhere near as painful and horrible as it has been for 27 YEARS! What?!?! (Also to note, my second cycle since starting Hempworx...same scenario minus the pregnancy freakout since I know better this time. LOL!!!)

Three weeks in and I'm sleeping really well, waking rested, having no pain except the occassional headache or migraine (wait for it....), am WAY less irritable, feeling more relaxed during our middle child's trantrums and struggles, and finally feeling relief from the extreme brainfog (Hashi's, sleep deprivation, and motherhood...) that makes concentration and focus really difficult. AH-MAZING!

It gets better as week 4 comes and goes! I'm legit in zero pain, those daily headaches are gone, I'm sleeping so well I wake in the same position I fell asleep in despite our youngest bed hog crawling into bed with us each night, my appetite is noticeably decreasing as well as my hardcore sweet tooth, I have like zero anxiety and less mood swings, my blood sugar seems more stable, I'm definitely less forgetful and clumsy, and just feel WELL in general! �

Now, after a full 6 weeks I also notice my ADD is more manageable, I'm more productive and clear-headed, I have no more chronic light-headedness and dizzy spells, I'm not winded using the stairs even though I haven't lost any weight, I've noticed less puffiness in my feet and fingers in the morning and evening, my nails and hair are growing like crazy, my skin and scalp are less itchy, the dyshydrotic eczema on my hand that has been a gigantic, uncomfortable annoyance for years is hardly noticeable, and my sluggish digestive system is definitely working better.

That is A LOT of improvements in a short amount of time from simply putting (currently, 5 AM/5 PM) drops of Hempworx CBD oil under my tongue twice a day!!!! I'm a LIFER, I will never go without and am slowly building an awesome team by sharing my own story as well as my husband and kiddo's stories as the perfectly sweet cherry-on-top!

My favorite part is that a God-given plant is activating a God-designed system in our bodies just as it should be and thousands are living higher quality lives because of it!!!! �
Re: Testimonies From Hempworx CBD Oil Users by boysn(m): 7:46am On Aug 08, 2019
*#Glaucoma completely receded!!*

From Sis Enkay in her own words...��


Goz my dearest bless you. I have a testimonial.
I am currently in the USA and went for my eye check-up last week Wednesday.

I was thoroughly checked going from one machine to another & I was told that the glaucoma had completely receded & that my eyes are very healthy.

I stopped doing the eye drop that was recommended to me about 3 years ago after the laser surgery I had because of the glaucoma.

Now my eyes are completely healthy.

When I get back home to Nigeria I will still go & see my eye doctor.

I told the doctor here that l started taking Hempworx CBD Oil a few months ago & he accepted that he has heard of CBD oil & its abilities especially for eyes.

I told him it does a lot of other health issues apart from eyes.

He totally agreed with me.
Re: Testimonies From Hempworx CBD Oil Users by boysn(m): 7:47am On Aug 08, 2019
We are waiting to share your testimonies too
Please send in your testimonies
Re: Testimonies From Hempworx CBD Oil Users by boysn(m): 12:44pm On Aug 20, 2019
*#InHouseTestimonial from sis Augusta, a member of this group in Abuja��*


Reposted in her own words as received...


I have been reading a lot of daily life transforming testimonies shared in our testimonial group by both in house members and customers and am also glad to share mine to encourage those that might be having doubt about the health improvement that we can all gain through the use of CBD Oil.

It's about my son who is a sickle cell patient.

Due to adequate care and attention being given to him, he doesn't really come down with crisis on a regular basis but as a mother, am ready to risk any available help to see him totally free from been called 'a sickle cell patient' cos life itself is a risk.

I started administering 500mg Hempworx CBD Oil on my son on the 13th of April,2019.

2 weeks down the line I started noticing that his skin keeps getting fresher by the day believe me you will think he is on a special diet, but no he is not. He keeps glowing by the day!

So I said to myself if externally am seeing this physical changes on him, imagine the internal reconstruction going on.

So I want to appeal to parents regarding their children or adults who might be passing through same challenge to please give CBD Oil benefit of doubt and not conclude that is a scam cos like I earlier said "life itself is a risk" cos we go to bed everyday but it's not everyone that wakes up to see the light of day the next day.

Before I forget he will be 9year old on the 18th of this Month (May).���
Re: Testimonies From Hempworx CBD Oil Users by boysn(m): 2:58pm On Sep 06, 2019

I started taking Hempworx Cbd oil about 9 months ago for chronic pain. I am amazed at what else it is helping me with, restless leg, insomnia, headaches, anxiety, gut issues, plantar fasciitis. The list goes on and on! I have more energy too since I’m sleeping the whole night through. This oil is amazing and it’s changing lives. My husbands acid reflux is gone, I have friends whose migraines are almost non-existent, some are off meds for fibromyalgia, others are off meds for anxiety. This oil has changed my life and so many others that I feel it is my responsibility to share it with everyone. Hempworx is a pure, natural alternative and I am thrilled to be on this journey �
Re: Testimonies From Hempworx CBD Oil Users by boysn(m): 8:40pm On Sep 06, 2019

It's been 6 days since I ordered my first bottle and joined as an affiliate‼️ I posted a few days ago because I liked how I felt already!! I have lupus and with that comes SLE and lupus cerebritis( inflammation of the brain) I DECIDED TO TRY THIS FOR ( moderate pain cause I don't have severe pain with my lupus anymore) so moderate pain, anxiety, moods changing and menopausal issues, sleep issues!!!! I have to say that as far as the moods ,,,, I FEEL GREAT AND NO MOOD SWINGING. when I used to wake up I was miserable and it could last a while!! This week I feel better than I have mood wise in a very long time! I still wake up but can fall back to sleep after I pee lol ( I don't think Hempworkx will help with the pee pee during the night cause I am 45 and gave birth a bunch��but u never know !!! ) Falling back asleep was the biggest problem!!! I did not read or notice that it could help with my scalp which is an issue that makes me cry everyday!! I saw some things about using it on acne, dry skin ect after I purchased and became an affiliate! I lost all my hair and almost my life 4 yrs ago due to lupus cerebritis ect! My hair grew back but now have bald spots that started with my lupus rash which is like hives and a dry patch of skin like psoriasis ! AM SORRY I COULD NOT TAKE PICTURES TO SHARE CAUSE IT UPSETS ME !!! I AM HAPPY TO SAY THAT THE TOP OF MY SCALP IS NOT ITCHY AND THE DRY PATCHES ARE NO LONGER THERE AND THE RED HIVE PART IS FLAT AND NOT IRRITATED!!! I pray for the hair to grow back there of course but happy for this right now!!! I am stuck with a clip or barrette off to the side because the hair is so thin and almost showing my scalp ,,,,,,, BUT THE RASH IS HEALING THE QUICKEST IT EVER HAS WITHOUT A MEDICATED LOTION THAT THINS MY HAIR AND SKIN THAT THE doctor prescribes!!

SO HAPPY ABOUT MY MOOD CAUSE I Could not stand myself uggghh but Helping my rash is AWESOME!!! I also sold my first bottle !!! ( the holiday had me kinda of haulted and need to watch more of my training videos still)
Re: Testimonies From Hempworx CBD Oil Users by boysn(m): 10:26pm On Sep 13, 2019
Order your hempworx cbd oil now

Re: Testimonies From Hempworx CBD Oil Users by boysn(m): 10:34am On Sep 19, 2019

You need to build up the receptors in your body so it starts accepting the oil to work. Taking too much too quick can shock your body and cause the receptors to shut down.
To start....
Only take 2 drops in the morning and 2 drops in the early evening (I take mine between 6:30-7:30)
Continue this serving for a week. Then every 4-6 days you can add another drop with each dose.
When you get up to 5 drops in the morning and 5 drops in the evening evaluate how you feel. Stay at 5 drops twice daily for 10-14 days and evaluate how you feel. If you feel you need more increase a drop at a time twice daily every few days till you feel it’s working. Then stay at that dose. After awhile you may be able to back down a drop at a time to see if you continue to feel ok at the lower dose because your body is accepting the oil.
I was up to 14 drops twice daily after about 10 weeks and now down to 4 drops twice daily as my body adjusted to it.

Just put it in your mouth under the tongue.... (Count out the drops as you look in a mirror.)
Hold it under tongue for 30-45 seconds before swallowing. Don’t eat or drink for at least 15 minutes. If you take any meds make sure you take 1 1/2 hrs before or after oil. During the next few weeks drink plenty of water throughout the day to help flush toxins from your body.
Half your body weight in ounces is recommended.
The more water the better.
With this oil the key is to use LOW amounts and build up by taking SLOWLY.
Re: Testimonies From Hempworx CBD Oil Users by boysn(m): 7:27pm On Jan 30

I am so excited what the CBD oil is doing for me thus far, 10 months ago was diagnosed with Celiac and antibodies for Mitochondria ( Primary Bilaterally Cirrhosis) Liver, all from Gluten, some of the symptoms are joint and muscle pain, right upper quadrant pain, feels like my liver is popping, cholesterol has spiked very high, I’m taking no meds except a bile salt, I have always tried to treat myself as holistically as possible, well have been on the 500mg for 3.5 weeks all the pain is gone, my liver discomfort is non existent, yay! I am so anxious to get my blood work in March, no more insomnia, sleeping thru the night and not waking up tired! This is truly a miracle, thank you Hempworx!
Re: Testimonies From Hempworx CBD Oil Users by boysn(m): 12:55pm On Feb 12

��Hugely “TMI” post ahead��

Let’s talk about my horrible PMS and what I refer to as ‘Shark Week’.

I have been taking 4 drops of Hempworks sublingually for a week and a half.

***Normally a few days before I start my period, I’m a raging lunatic. I also have a completely irrational cycle, that sometimes is 30 days and sometimes 40 days.

About 2 days before I start, I will cramp to the point of putting me in the fetal position.... so I know it’s coming....

On day 2 of my period I normally have such a heavy flow that I will soak through a super plus tampon AND overnight pad within 2 hours, for 2 days straight.

I started my period 3 days ago and I am not kidding you when I say, I DONT EVEN FEEL LIKE IM ON IT!!!

AND..... I had no warning it was coming!�

To say I’m pretty stoked is an understatement!!!

Thank YOU HempWorx!
Re: Testimonies From Hempworx CBD Oil Users by boysn(m): 3:30am On Feb 16

Let's talk CBD, pain, and PCOS! Fellas this maybe TMI just a warning!!!

I have PCOS and endometriosis initially I started to use CBD for my son who has epilepsy! I started to take it as well to see if it will help me during my "girl time" not only did it help I didn't even notice all the pain I normally have when it's "girl time". I was like Yes finally relief.

Well a visit to my Ob/gyn taught me I should've NEVER ignored the pain from the beginning. (Before CBD) I thought it was regular pain associated with having PCOS as this is what the doc always says. I was wrong! I have multiple ovarian masses that are HUGE! ( they are benign, blood filled)

The doc says " how are you not in excruciating pain? The masses are so big is forcing your uterus upward" I told him I did have pain but started taking CBD all the pain was gone. He didn't believe CBD alone was working and said if you don't wanna to me the real "secret" you don't have too. So I said would you like some lol

Anyway the point to all this is if you have PCOS and Endo go to your regular check ups! CBD worked so well for pain for me I had no idea.
Re: Testimonies From Hempworx CBD Oil Users by boysn(m): 3:34am On Feb 16
To order your potent Cbd oil now, call / whatsapp
Boye on 0806 590 2259
Re: Testimonies From Hempworx CBD Oil Users by boysn(m): 5:34pm On Feb 17
Here is Paul’s testimonial on CBD Oil and his renal problems.
*CBD OIL Vs End Stage Renal (Kidney) Disease*

Share this with anyone you know who has Renal Disease and is on Dialysis!! There is HOPE ����

*Paul's testimonial*‼

*Paul has been suffering from End Stage Renal Disease for the past thirteen years*.

Eight years ago he was blessed to receive a kidney transplant from a living donor. *Before transplant he spent five years on dialysis, five to six hours a day, seven days a week.*

*He has been hospitalized over two hundred times*.

Over the past thirteen years Paul has continued to have many health challenges.
*He has suffered continuously from both debilitating headaches,and severe Neuropathy pain. *
Nothing his doctors have prescribed have given him any lasting relief, and at times his pain would get so bad he would have to be hospitalized to get it under control.

*A couple of months ago he had a conversation with a friend who is a pharmacist, of forty years, and he recommended an organic CBD Oil that he strongly believed would help Paul's pain and overall health.*
He showed him testimonies of *people suffering with Cancer, Neuropathy, Arthritis, Inflammation, MS, Back Pain, Etc*. all these testimonies people had experienced positive health benefits from the oil.

*Paul figured it couldn't hurt to give it a try, though I didn't have much hope of it doing much. After all he has been to numerous doctors, pain clinics, been prescribed Fentanyl patches, and Morphine...*

His wife says, *"Paul has been using the CBD Oil for eight weeks now and he has been nearly pain free! He hasn't even had to fill his pain medication this month. His Nephrologist & Primary Doctor are amazed and totally approve of him using this Oil. I can't even begin to express to you how much this improved his quality of life!!"*
Re: Testimonies From Hempworx CBD Oil Users by boysn(m): 2:55pm On Feb 24
Please share your testimonies here

Re: Testimonies From Hempworx CBD Oil Users by boysn(m): 1:35pm On May 21
Buy your pure CBD oil in Nigeria and get it delivered to your door step...

We sell to you at the company retail price..

Call or whatsapp Boye on
0806 590 2259
Re: Testimonies From Hempworx CBD Oil Users by boysn(m): 7:19pm On May 25
Cbd oil for Pain


Why am I taking CBD Oil??
I started taking CBD Oil while in � California this February. I tried several forms before settling in with HempWorx. Within days I could feel the ANXIETY lifting and my MOOD stabilizing. I was � SLEEPING more than my usual 4 hours a night, I was Sleeping 6 or more! I also noticed how deeply I was sleeping. I would wake up and not know where I was! � That's deep sleep. All Great Improvements in the life of CHRONIC PAIN �. As most of you know I suffer from Chronic Back Pain and several other Disorders associated with pain, so I have a pain pump filled with an Opioid. It was after just a couple of weeks of HempWorx that I felt a positive difference in my Joint Stiffness and over-all discomfort level. I could tell I needed less pain medication and I have had my pump adjusted accordingly. (I have also scheduled a second reduction for next week!) My Pain Clinic completely supported my choices and also approved the elimination � of the Anti-inflammatory medication I was taking. These are all milestones that I had thought were out of reach and here I have already accomplished them and More. HempWorx CBD Oil is my new Nutritional Supplement! I am so overwhelmed by the changes that I needed to get the word out there, I need to tell �‍�‍�‍� Family & Friends, I needed to shout it from the roof top �, I needed to become a HempWorx Affiliate �‍� �
Now you know my � Story....Why don't you start HempWorx Today and start writing your Story??
Re: Testimonies From Hempworx CBD Oil Users by boysn(m): 7:25pm On May 25


Not gonna lie. I really expected cbd oil to relieve some pain that I deal with from fibromyalgia. BTW I hate fibromyalgia. I expected diminished pain. However I got more relief that I expected.
After the first dose I had to clean house per usual, yay me right. Normally this means slowly but surely. Do a little and take a break. I start and next thing I know I'm done. Seriously 1 hour of cleaning with no break for pain. And cleaning normally also means pain the next day, but not this time!
So next day. I folded laundry. Ok so you may think so what, but I normally can't raise my arms far at all due to pain and repeatedly doing so to fold is a never, but not this time. I was able to fold 4 loads no problem.
Skip ahead to my most favorite part of this story. I wanted a bike for Christmas in the hope that a no impact exercise would work for me to get exercise and loose weight, so hubby got me one. I decided I felt so good that I was going to ride with my 9 year old son. We rode half a mile then came to house to get a drink of water. Then we rode another half a mile. It made his day and mine. Again no repercussion pain next day!
Without cbd I would never have done any of these things. I never would have managed to ride a bike with my boy and enjoyed his smile at doing it.
I look forward with great excitement to the future things I haven't done in the last 9 years. I feel like I'm getting my old me back.

Because many have asked I'm using hempworx 750mg with THC 5 drops 2 to 3 times daily at this time
Re: Testimonies From Hempworx CBD Oil Users by boysn(m): 7:32pm On May 25

Just wanted to share my story. I've been sick with multiple health issues in which all the doctors I've seen are clueless to what is wrong. Finally given dx of Fibromyalgia and symptomatic lupus my symptoms are dehabilitating @ times and make me bedridden for days @ a time and are present everyday. I recently met a wonderful woman at my last dr. appt who suggested that I look into and try the CBD oil from hempworx's.( I have tried another brand previously with no results..)Well I did and have been on the 500mg thc for almost 2 weeks and I can't believe the difference this oil has made in my life!! I am slowly getting my life back and am so grateful for her to take the time to speak to me. Presently I take the cinnamon 8 drops a.m. and 8 in the p.m. and it is working great. I now have hope for a better life! Thank you!!!!
Re: Testimonies From Hempworx CBD Oil Users by boysn(m): 10:49am On Jun 07
*How is it that this one product - CBD oil - does so much?* ��‍♀


The answer is simple...

*CBD does not do the work!*

✅ *CBD signals the body to do the work.*

When we supplement our bodies with Cannabinoids and feed our Cannabinoid receptors, our Endogenous Cannabinoid System begins to work properly and begins to self regulate and self correct.

CBD isn’t a quick fix.

CBD isn’t a bandaid.

*CBD is aiding to restore a system in your body that is deficient.*

This system is responsible for pain management, inflammation and immunity.
Check out the importance of cbd oil in your body support system.
You already have cannabinoids produced in your body system , which is known as endocanabinoid. It helps your body system work normally and naturally. However the deficiency of endocanabinoid results to setbacks like pains, Inflammation, insomnia ,sickness etc. Endocanabinoid signals the body to work naturally to fight those invaders. Bringing the body the to a balance called homeostasis. When you take CBD oil it go to join the the internally produced oil signaling your body receptors that have been stagnated to do its work.
Put it this way, when the police is in a shoot with criminals it is only logical to call for back up to win the war. Without the call for backup the whole team would be defeated. This is why it is very important consume CBD oil. If your internal CBD can no longer protect your body, the external one would gladly help.
The endocanabinoid system is like a guard always watching over your body, ready to take action any time there is a disturbance. CBD is the ammunition your body needs to fight invaders, that is the reason why it is a one size fits all. In conclusion, CBD OIL helps, supports, improves and enhances your general health and wellbeing.
*So help your endocannabinoid system to help you, try CBD Hempwork,* *it may be just what your body needs.*✅��������
Re: Testimonies From Hempworx CBD Oil Users by boysn(m): 11:37am On Jun 08
*"Had the best day ever!"*

Did my first drops last night and I’ve seriously had such a good day today! I woke up feeling rested and not anxious what-so-ever. I even had some very vivid dreams, so I don’t if that means I got a deeper sleep or what, but I’ll take it! I never dream anymore.

I was much calmer and patient today and just ENJOYED the day today…like it was a legitimate enjoyable day and I felt such genuine appreciation for the NOW. I’m blown away already by this #HempWorx stuff because it’s bringing back who I KNOW I am.

*"Rhumetoid Arthritis Under Control!"*

I have Rheumatoid Arthritis, I was taking Xeljanz, I have personally used the cbd oil for 2 months 500mg, 20 drops 2x a day. I have since reduced the inflammation in my knees and hips, and I no longer take Xeljanz. I do have an occasional ache in the knee and I have been using relief and experienced no pain2 after.

*"Psoriasis Under Control - THANK YOU!"*
“I’m beyond impressed! This is the difference in my son’s hand with 3 drops of CBD oil applied directly to his skin at 7:48Ppm last night…this morning it looked so much better!

No need for the side effects of those steroid creams, one of which is “it thins the skin”…which is not what we need here..”
Re: Testimonies From Hempworx CBD Oil Users by boysn(m): 12:43pm On Jun 12
Female Issues

I've just started the big fat 'menopause' because of early surgery...boy oh boy the side effects were....unbearable...
I not only put on weight..I sweat like a grizzle bear, thought like a grizzly bear, spoke like a grizzly bear and I think I started looking like one..
Approached my doctor only to have a prescription written for HRT...
I stalled and decided to try HempWorx CBD...
The prescription is now still in my handbag , unfilled and I have returned to a non sweaty, calm and controlled minx that I am...
Re: Testimonies From Hempworx CBD Oil Users by boysn(m): 9:04am On Jun 28
*CBD - Diabetic Wound dries up...*

From Ngozi in Nigeria ��

Ok so my testimony is actually long over due.

For starters, I am an affiliate on this group chat platform, so you're hearing from the horses mouth�

*My mom who is both diabetic and hypertensive has had a loooong history of insomnia, athritic, pains all in addition to her condition. *

To top it all up, she got injured on her leg at some point. As we all know (I presume), its a complete no-no for a diabetic person to get a wound on the leg, it almost never heals.

*Anyways, I started her on CBD oil mostly cos of the insomnia and athritic pain issues. At the time, I had not even known about its effectiveness in healing wounds. *

She started off with 5 drops and had no significant effect so I advised her to increase to full dropper, morning and night.

You guys can only imagine how happy I was when she told me she slept soundly through the night ( this woman never sleeps at night - no jokes). Plus her athritic pain has gone down quite significantly.

*Her energy level is something else to the point she feels she doesn't need a steward�. *

In her words, she said ' I don't think I m that old that I can't help myself'. I knew that was God working through CBD oil���.

*I was too excited and cos I've known more benefits of CBD oil at the time, I started off, telling her how it can even heal wounds and all ( honestly, I didn't know about her leg before this time, she never told me). *

She screamed at this point and told me how her oil dropped accidentally on the floor when she wanted to take it sublingually. She usually drops in a spoon before pouring in her mouth. She said she couldn't just let it waste, considering the cost of the oil, so she decided to scoop it off the floor and rub on her wound- boom!

*Wound that had defied every treatment sealed up instanta! *

But she didn't realize it was the oil till I told her.

Brethren, truth is I'm hooked for life.

*Why continue to suffer and die unnecessary when God already provided a solution, a way out?*

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