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Re: Testimonies From Hempworx CBD Oil Users by boysn(m): 7:17am On Mar 07, 2019

I literally was just talkin to my sister-in-law about this. I cramped two weeks prior to my cycle in the whole entire time I was on my cycle. I also had sharp stabbing pains every now and then throughout the day because of endometriosis. 2 months in of taking CBD oil I told my boyfriend that I was pregnant. I had no cramps whatsoever and I was 3 days late! But I wasn't a started on the fourth day. Lol
Still to this day I don't have any pain like I had before and I don't cramp before or during my cycle at all. I also don't get those sharp stabbing pains throughout the day. I hope this can help you out! I also can enjoy sex now all the time! �
Re: Testimonies From Hempworx CBD Oil Users by boysn(m): 5:44pm On Mar 27, 2019

Hempworx ❤
I am one of the fortunate ones that don’t have many health issues but I will share my story I started to take Hempworx CBD Oil for knee pain not ever thinking what it would do for my iron (had to get iron infusion at least every 2 months) deficiency and my extreme hair loss
2 months on Hempworx CBD Oil my knee pain is gone and according to my Dr my iron level had never been as good . As for my hair is growing like crazy ,not falling any longer and once again looking very healthy

Love Hempworx ❤
Re: Testimonies From Hempworx CBD Oil Users by boysn(m): 3:04pm On Mar 29, 2019

A client of mine residing in Umuahia had diabetes, hypertension with associated urinary incontinence for several years now but became bedridden few years ago.
When I discussed with the wife I assured her that CBD oil will help control her husband's sugar level and blood pressure but I am not really sure if the incontinence will be corrected. However if it is neurogenic it will be corrected by CBD oil, but if it is mechanical it may not.
He was commenced on CBD oil 2 drops twice daily. By the second week while on 3 drops twice daily the blood sugar and blood pressure became normal. On one occasion he even had hypoglycemia and was corrected. By the 4th week the urinary incontinence stopped. The man is now ambulant and can now move around freely.
Re: Testimonies From Hempworx CBD Oil Users by boysn(m): 5:08pm On Mar 31, 2019
God bless the people that invented the miracle in this CBD oil...
My 15year old son, who had learning disabilities took the oil for about 2 months plus before the 500mg bottle finished (I was taking it too)...
*The miracle* ��������
My son came back from school as a *transformed person*; he is more confident, full of life and vitality �� and his grades has greatly improved (his teachers were so amazed), my hubby and I are so flabberwhelmed (forgive my grammer, I need to let you know how joyful I am). God will surely bless you for introducing this oil to me. I need more bottles please, this miracle must continue �.
Now, my own miracle; my menses have been unstable since my early 40's and throughout last year it came just thrice and flowed scantily. Now, it is back & regular for the past 3 months.. Our God is awesome and His good works is evident in this miracle CBD oil ���
Re: Testimonies From Hempworx CBD Oil Users by Nobody: 5:15pm On Mar 31, 2019
Mseeeeew! You people are mad!
Re: Testimonies From Hempworx CBD Oil Users by boysn(m): 10:07am On Apr 19, 2019
Enjoy Easter Bonus on all CBD Oil orders between Friday April 19 2019 - Friday 26 April 2019...
750mg- #42,000
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Re: Testimonies From Hempworx CBD Oil Users by boysn(m): 8:45pm On Apr 19, 2019
These products are changing the lives of so many people. Rex has been seizure free�

Last night marks one week that Rex has been taking HempWorx CBD oil. The only regret I have is not starting him on this sooner! The things that we’ve seen in this one week are phenomenal! His seizures have stopped, he is trying to sing along with songs in movies that he watches, he’s able to focus, he looks at you while you talk and you can tell he is really trying to understand and process what you’re telling him, he is turning pages one at a time in a book and not flipping through them quickly and accidentally tearing the pages in the process. He is more patient and tolerant while having to wait for something, such as getting him breakfast or a drink. He comes inside easily now instead of dropping himself to the floor which results in having to carry him inside (he’s a tank!) in fact I don’t think I’ve seen him drop to the floor all week, he walks out the door willingly when I tell him “c’mon Rex lets go bye bye” typically he’s in his own world and we’re just living in it, and I’ll have to walk over and grab his hand & say c’mon buddy lets go. None of that has happened this week. Rex put stickers on paper yesterday at pre-k all by himself, he did have to have assistance to press them down on the paper. This is huge as Rex has always had weakness with grasping small objects, let alone picking up a sticker. His therapists noticed the differences in him this week as well. Wednesday was a little rough because he had been at school all day & been up since 6:30 am and he was just ready to be done but overall it was a good session. He is going to sleep much easier, and not as much movement through the night. I have had people ask about the dosage, so what Rex is taking is HempWorx 500 THC free, he is given 2 drops in the morning and 2 in the evening. The dropper is glass so I have to put the drops on my finger and then put them inside his cheek, although I am going to have to find another way to give it to him bc now he is on to me and doesn’t want me putting my finger in his mouth so it has become a challenge. He bites the dropper and I’m afraid he will break it so this isn’t an option. Anyway, I thought I would update everyone on his progress.
Re: Testimonies From Hempworx CBD Oil Users by boysn(m): 8:48pm On Apr 19, 2019
HBP Testimonial

Whoot Whoot! I had my first doc appt since I started CBD oil back in October. I have had horrifically high blood pressure for years that was uncontrolled, and I was on 4 different meds. Today, my BP was 132/78!!! I know that's still a little elevated, but its no where near where I was even taking the four different meds. I mean I was regularly at 220/190, like stroke level high. Now, I don't recommend just dropping your meds cold turkey like I did, but today's BP was just proof that the CBD is working for me! I expected it to be sky high as I am facing some of my most challenging days EVER these past few weeks, but it wasn't! #CBDforthewin
Re: Testimonies From Hempworx CBD Oil Users by boysn(m): 8:56pm On Apr 19, 2019

I use the cbd oil for the bone pain i have. I am a stage 4 breast cancer patient. I have been able to go without my normal pain med oxycodone bc the oil does so well i simply forget to take it. Where as before i was literally writhing in pain every day bc the pain meds would only help a bit. I dont know what symptoms u are wanting to treat but it has helped with bone pain, anxiety, ptsd and restless legs. As well as a strange muscle twitch. Good luck
Re: Testimonies From Hempworx CBD Oil Users by boysn(m): 8:58pm On Apr 19, 2019

Well who thought it would have been possible to have a small bottle of oil do so much !
I have started treatment for breast cancer which for the moment means chemo. I have had one round of it which went well BUT the steroid anti nausea medication they prescribed left me so wired I couldn’t sleep not to mention how much it hurt my stomach!! Anyway have been taking 5 drops 3x day and stopped the anti nausea meds and last night I had 10 hours sleep am suffering from no nausea and actually feel pretty good � this stuff is amazing !!! Will post further updates on my treatment as it progresses, but it is certainly looking good �

Well well well what do you know...... even though I’m still undergoing chemo and was a total chrome dome ( bald head ) I have noticed my hair is starting to grow back !! I’m nearly at the end of my chemo ( 2 to go ) will be starting radiation every day for 6 weeks so am looking forward to seeing if the side effects are as curtailed as the chemo side effects. All in all I am feeling pretty damn good , especially when I see other patients undergoing same treatment and how they are suffering. Yes I have spoken to them about the oil but they have opted not to use it ..... can’t help people if they don’t want to help themselves.
Re: Testimonies From Hempworx CBD Oil Users by boysn(m): 6:45am On Apr 26, 2019
To order yours now call / whatsapp Boye on 0806 590 2259
Re: Testimonies From Hempworx CBD Oil Users by boysn(m): 6:30am On May 16, 2019
Call /Whatsapp Boye on 0806 590 2259 to place your order and share your testimonies too

*What is the difference between the 500mg and 750mg CBD Oils?*

Hempworx Pure Hemp Herbal Drops *500mg can be used for…*
• Adults with minor issues like periodic headaches, minor muscle aches, etc.
• Infants & Children
• Dogs/Cats500mg 1 dose (20 drops – approx. a full dropper) is 10mg

Most people do great with the 500mg and will never need the 750mg.

We recommend trying the 500mg first to see how it works for you!

Hempworx Pure Hemp Herbal Drops *750mg can be used for…*
• Adults suffering from:
• Insomnia
• Migraines
• Mental chemical imbalances (bipolar, schizophrenia)
• Depression
• Anxiety
• Chronic pain (fibromyalgia, MS, Lupus)
• Major inflammation issues (**remember inflammation is one of the main causes for most health issues…get rid of inflammation and you’ll get rid of the issue**)
• Children age 10+ with SEVERE health issues like:
• Autism
• Epilepsy
• Depression/suicidal (use “small” dosages first…don’t start with a full dosage. Even in these cases we still like to recommend starting at 500mg for children. Use your best judgement and consult your doctor.)
750mg 1 dose (20 drops – approx. a full dropper) is 15mg

**These are simply recommendations.**

Use your best judgment and consult your doctor with any concerns.
Re: Testimonies From Hempworx CBD Oil Users by boysn(m): 3:15pm On May 21, 2019

So my husbands grandpa, has had to cath for 4 years now to urinate with his enlarged prostrate, he has also taken several medications and flow max. He took his first serving of HempWorx 500mg a few hours ago, he is happy to report he urinated ON HIS OWN! Without cathing, truly amazing!!!! ��

***NOTE: He does not have prostate cancer, he just has the enlarged prostate.
Re: Testimonies From Hempworx CBD Oil Users by jbblues24(m): 9:19pm On May 25, 2019
People always told me be careful of what you do And dont go around breaking young girls' hearts And mother always told me be careful of who you love And be careful of what you do cause the lie becomes the truth.
Re: Testimonies From Hempworx CBD Oil Users by boysn(m): 8:37pm On May 26, 2019
*CBD Oil and Kidney Disease: 2 powerful testimonies from customers *

Many people with kidney disease and kidney failure are finding that CBD Oil from HempWorx is benefiting them.

� *Less dialysis thanks to HempWorx CBD oil !*

My husband has been very very sick since July where he spent one mth in hospital. We started with Hempworx oil since mid Nov. he then switched to the 750 & still on same bottle using 3 drops twice a day.

Anyways he’s been on dialysis three times a week for four hour sessions every time. His kidneys only functioning at 6%. Well, today he was told that his dialysis is being reduce to twice a week for three & a half hours as it appears his kidneys are healing!!! WOW simply amazing. Can’t say enough about Hempworx.

� *My wife has one kidney and it leaks protein.*

Her Urine Protein/Creatinine Ratio test from yesterday is dramatically better.

She has been using the CBD oil for about 3 weeks.

She has only had a low test once or twice in 16 years.

Very exciting if this is from the CBD.

She’s not taking any other supplement. She gets tested every 6 months.
Re: Testimonies From Hempworx CBD Oil Users by boysn(m): 8:37pm On May 26, 2019
*CBD OIL Vs End Stage Renal (Kidney) Disease*

*Share this with anyone you know who has Renal Disease and is on Dialysis!! *

There is HOPE ����

*Paul's testimonial*‼️

*Paul has been suffering from End Stage Renal Disease for the past thirteen years*.

Eight years ago he was blessed to receive a kidney transplant from a living donor. *Before transplant he spent five years on dialysis, five to six hours a day, seven days a week.*

*He has been hospitalized over two hundred times*.

Over the past thirteen years Paul has continued to have many health challenges.
*He has suffered continuously from both debilitating headaches,and severe Neuropathy pain. *
Nothing his doctors have prescribed have given him any lasting relief, and at times his pain would get so bad he would have to be hospitalized to get it under control.

*A couple of months ago he had a conversation with a friend who is a pharmacist, of forty years, and he recommended an organic CBD Oil that he strongly believed would help Paul's pain and overall health.*
He showed him testimonies of *people suffering with Cancer, Neuropathy, Arthritis, Inflammation, MS, Back Pain, Etc*. all these testimonies people had experienced positive health benefits from the oil.

*Paul figured it couldn't hurt to give it a try, though I didn't have much hope of it doing much. After all he has been to numerous doctors, pain clinics, been prescribed Fentanyl patches, and Morphine...*

His wife says, *"Paul has been using the CBD Oil for eight weeks now and he has been nearly pain free! He hasn't even had to fill his pain medication this month. His Nephrologist & Primary Doctor are amazed and totally approve of him using this Oil. I can't even begin to express to you how much this improved his quality of life!!"*
Re: Testimonies From Hempworx CBD Oil Users by boysn(m): 4:28am On May 27, 2019
*#InHouseTestimonial from sis Augusta, a member of this group in Abuja��*


Reposted in her own words as received...


I have been reading a lot of daily life transforming testimonies shared in our testimonial group by both in house members and customers and am also glad to share mine to encourage those that might be having doubt about the health improvement that we can all gain through the use of CBD Oil.

It's about my son who is a sickle cell patient.

Due to adequate care and attention being given to him, he doesn't really come down with crisis on a regular basis but as a mother, am ready to risk any available help to see him totally free from been called 'a sickle cell patient' cos life itself is a risk.

I started administering 500mg Hempworx CBD Oil on my son on the 13th of April,2019.

2 weeks down the line I started noticing that his skin keeps getting fresher by the day believe me you will think he is on a special diet, but no he is not. He keeps glowing by the day!

So I said to myself if externally am seeing this physical changes on him, imagine the internal reconstruction going on.

So I want to appeal to parents regarding their children or adults who might be passing through same challenge to please give CBD Oil benefit of doubt and not conclude that is a scam cos like I earlier said "life itself is a risk" cos we go to bed everyday but it's not everyone that wakes up to see the light of day the next day.

Before I forget he will be 9year old on the 18th of this Month (May).���

Special thanks to Mrs Chollom for bringing CBD Oil to my knowledge and I have taken it upon myself to constantly spread the good news until it reaches everyone around me that needs it.
Re: Testimonies From Hempworx CBD Oil Users by jbblues24(m): 7:41am On May 27, 2019
I think I'm crying. It's that elegant.
Re: Testimonies From Hempworx CBD Oil Users by boysn(m): 12:39pm On Jun 03, 2019
I think I'm crying. It's that elegant.

I think you should try it
Re: Testimonies From Hempworx CBD Oil Users by boysn(m): 7:12am On Jun 07, 2019
From Benin city ��

My testimonies are many.
1. my husband is no longer experiencing that excruciating pains on the leg.
2. Before now, his libido has been very low, even myself, l was no longer interested in love making, but now, we can climb the mountain without stress. He wants to climb almost every day. Thanks to CBD OIL. Minimum wage on the way. I will order for another. Thank you my dear colleague for introducing me to CBD OIL.
Re: Testimonies From Hempworx CBD Oil Users by boysn(m): 7:13am On Jun 07, 2019
*CBD oil for multiple fibroid tumours...compilation *


I have been living with multiple fibroid tumors for a few years but the symptoms became excessive and very difficult to deal with in the last year. I sought medical treatment. As I was waiting for specialists appointments and testing, I found HempWorx CBD oil. In the 5 months I have been using it my intense cramping pain is so much less. I still feel it some days but not in the “bend over in pain” kind of way I was. Also, from the time I had my first test till now, *my fibroids have not increased in size at all. I know they had been growing prior so while I can’t prove it, I believe the lack of growth is due to the CBD oil. *
My bleeding has also become a little lighter which is amazing!! Overall I am thrilled with the results from this all natural product and will continue to use it to deal with my symptoms. I love CBD oil from HempWorx!!


I have PCOS and endometriosis initially I started to use CBD for my son who has epilepsy! I started to take it as well to see if it will help me during my “girl time” not only did it help *I didn’t even notice all the pain I normally have when it’s “girl time”. I was like Yes finally relief.*

Well a visit to my Ob/gyn taught me I should’ve NEVER ignored the pain from the beginning. (Before CBD) I thought it was regular pain associated with having PCOS as this is what the doc always says. I was wrong! I have multiple ovarian masses that are HUGE! ( they are benign, blood filled)

The doc says ” how are you not in excruciating pain? The masses are so big is forcing your uterus upward” I told him I did have pain *but started taking CBD all the pain was gone. *
Re: Testimonies From Hempworx CBD Oil Users by boysn(m): 10:56pm On Jun 08, 2019
*CBD and Prostrate Cancer...a very powerful testimonial!*

From an Affiliate...

I thought I would share this with everyone in the hope that it might help someone else.

I will try to make this short and to the point.

A little background, *in 2009 my husband was diagnosed with stage 8 Prostate cancer*.

Went through radiation 5 days a week for 9 weeks.

Cancer was in remission for 5 yrs.

PSA tests started to elevate and MRI showed the cancer had metastasized to the bone and hip and had gotten to the point where he had to have Chemo (which he did) and the PSA tests went back to less than 0.1. So from there he had a PSA test every 4 months and saw his Oncologist to make sure the cancer was under control.

Then last September the PSA tests started to elevate again but the Oncologist said he would see him the end of December and we would wait to do Chemo again until we absolutely had too.

Typically the PSA test will double every 4 months.

So we went back last December and sure enough the PSA test had doubled.

The Oncologist said we will wait for it to double one more time and then start Chemo and to come back in April, but because the Oncologist was on vacation we went back in May fully prepared to hear that the PSA test had doubled and to start Chemo immediately.

When we got in to see the Oncologist, after a little small talk, he looked at my husbands PSA test results and after a brief silence looked at my husband and said when did you have this test?

My husband said 10 days ago like I was supposed to, Why?

The Oncologist said well that's interesting because your PSA test did not double, in fact it is almost exactly what it was the last time you were here.

Have you done anything different.

My husband said no I haven't done anything.

*I said yes he has, he is taking CBD Oil and has been taking it for 4 months now*.

He looked at me without hesitation and said "bingo".

*There are so many studies and research out there that proves CBD Oil kills cancer cells*.

I am not changing one thing. No Chemo *keep doing exactly what you have been doing* and I will see you back here in 4 months. *And he said, by the way, I take CBD Oil too!! *

Well needless to say we were beyond thrilled and so very thankful that we had found Hempworx CBD Oil and without hesitation made the choice to give it a try knowing we had nothing to lose.

This is just the beginning because we are anxious to see the next PSA test results in 4 months.

I'll Keep you updated.

*If you are interested, he takes 10 drops morning and night of the 750 mg Hempworx CBD Oil*.

It's a *MIRACLE *
for us.

Don't procrastinate, try it!!

*You have nothing to lose!!*
Re: Testimonies From Hempworx CBD Oil Users by boysn(m): 6:43am On Jun 25, 2019

�����Yesterday was my 1 month anniversary on Hempworx CBD Oil! I have never felt better in my whole life! My anxiety is under control, I have mental clarity(no foggy brain here!) my restless leg syndrome is gone, the inflammation in my knees is gone! I have Plantar facitiis in my right foot and it is nearly gone. At least it is to a dull pain and not all day long. It's manageable without limping. I have a kidney disease and a antibiotic resistant bacteria in my left ear. I do not have symptoms from these so I will have to follow up with doctors and have tests done to know if they are receiving benefit from the CBD Oil. I have an overall feeling of well being, while taking the CBD Oil. I am so grateful to have found this great product!
Re: Testimonies From Hempworx CBD Oil Users by boysn(m): 6:52am On Jun 25, 2019
Pain and CBD OIL
Another Testimonial

I started CBD oil a month ago now and i suffer from PTSD, panic attacks, restless leg syndrome, diabetic nerve pain in my feet, i also have cronic arthritis pain in my lower back and i have sleep apnea, and for over 40 years i have dealt with most of these symptoms and havent been able to get out much, i now no longer have pain in my legs from restless legs, i have gone from a 10 in back pain to maybe a 2 so far, more engergy to do things, and no longer panic about going out and driving down the hiway, i am excited to be on this journey to a pain free,panic free, life with this oil
Re: Testimonies From Hempworx CBD Oil Users by boysn(m): 7:00am On Jul 03, 2019
*InHouseTestimonial ~ FIBROIDS shrinking...*

From Omolabake in Nigeria ��

It was quite big before I started taking CBD oil.

I couldn't lie on my stomach.

After taking about half the bottle of CBD oil , five drops morning and night,

I discovered that it was becoming easier to lie on my stomach, the painluf bulge had reduced.

By the time I finished a bottle, I could actually lie on my stomach.

The size has shrank

I am waiting for the next bottle so It can continue.

I won't stop until fibroids becomes history in my life!

500mg bottle has lasted me over two months going

Five drops morning and night
At times I make it seven
Re: Testimonies From Hempworx CBD Oil Users by boysn(m): 7:42pm On Jul 12, 2019


Due to sickle cell disease, I've been suffering from headaches, insomnia, back pain, joint pains, Chest pain, ulcers and a few other problems deal with daily.
I've been on cbd oil 750 for less than 3 weeks, I have been experiencing more relief than I ever experienced before or even thought was possible.
CBD Oil is quite impressive and it delivers everything it promises. Honestly, it has exceeded all my expectations.
I give God all the Glory.
Re: Testimonies From Hempworx CBD Oil Users by boysn(m): 7:43pm On Jul 12, 2019
*CBD oil and Sickle cell*

A customer's testimonial

Hi everyone I was just doing some research on Sickle Cell Anemia an it was very interesting so I guess I do have another testimony for myself with it as the doctors are trying to find out why my iron is so low.

I found out that from the anemia I have swollen joints and low energy because the blood with the oxygen just isn't getting to where it needs to be but ever since I have been taking CBD Oil I have not had the sore and swollen joints that is common with anemia and even my arthritis is not acting up so this CBD Oil is liquid gold.

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Re: Testimonies From Hempworx CBD Oil Users by boysn(m): 12:33pm On Jul 24, 2019

I've been waiting to give my testimonial until I saw results that were definitive and that I could say were a result of taking the CBD oil, and Only the CBD oil. So here goes... (This is SOOOOOO long lmao)
I started looking into CBD oil after seeing it in my Local dispensary and hearing about it everywhere, so I decided to really look into it because I had suffered my entire life (or as long as I remember) with Anxiety. I was diagnosed with Social anxiety, PTSD, and Agoraphobia in about 2012 (or earlier, I don't remember exactly). I also had chronic back pain from being hit by a car over 10 years ago.. As someone who has seen addiction first hand (In my friends and family) and what it does to people, I wouldn't agree to take ANY pain meds, hardly even an Advil unless a hot bath didn't work to take the edge off my back pain. I did however try a few different Anxiety meds which did NOTHING but turn me into a zombie, or made me sleep all day every day. I wasn't taking care of my children, nor was I taking care of myself.. I was in a very bad place for a really long time.. So I decided to forgo any more medication for anxiety, or depression almost 5 years ago now, I've been handling it all solo.. So, jump to January/February-ish this year.. I saw a post in my local neighborhood group about Hempworx CBD Oil, and it had a TON of info, and any info it didn't have the poster was more than happy to share! So I delved into the process of looking into any and all companies, locally and online that I could to see if the hype was real.. The ONLY company I researched that had Proof and explanations for it all right down to where it's made how it's made what's in it and what it does with all the details, in language I could understand was Hempworx. I thought about getting some CBD from my local dispensary and was going to but when I asked the person working there about it, he didn't know anything about the product he was selling, so that was a HUGE red flag for me.. I backed out and a few days later I believe it was, I got a message from the Amazing Neighbor asking if I had given it any more thought etc, and what an angel this man was!! He messaged me at exactly the right time and I ended up ordering Hempworx CBD oil, I started using it March 5th and now, (here's where it gets good)...
I've NO anxiety (never ever happened a day in my life that I remember) unless I smoke weed, which I've been smoking maybe 3 times a week now as opposed to every day to help sleep. (Honestly don't even know why I'm still smoking it lol)
NO racing, irrational thoughts.
no over thinking
The vision flashes from the PTSD are a thing of the past
I sleep soundly
no night sweats
no hot flashes
my back pain has decreased SIGNIFICANTLY to where most times it's not even there
I have motivation, energy and the WANT to get outside and not be in my house all day every day where as before Hempworx, this was my safe haven, my bubble but also my cage...
Restless leg syndrome GONE.
Symptoms from the Pinched nerve in my back are decreasing more and more over time.

Things I've noticed that I wasn't looking for..
My hair is growing like crazy! 3 inches since my start date!
My nails are growing so fast and are STRONG! (been a nail biter my entire life, Not anymore!)
Acne clearing up
All of this on 4 drops (500mg) 2x's a day.

So I was the guinea pig, and now I'm sharing....

My son (15) 4 drops twice a day, No aches and pains, no trouble sleeping, he's had a huge boost in his attitude (he no longer spends his free time hiding in his bedroom with video games) he's starting to get up and out of the house on time for school, His anxiety has diminished and he is now suggesting things to do as a family rather than trying to get out of everything. He started CBD 2 weeks ago.

My 12 year old has had trouble sleeping and waking up for a long time, he's been on Hempworx 5 days now, He wakes up feeling rested, he's more willing to do things asked of him without complaining, He has had back pain due to quick weight gain, which is gone, he said he feels like he's losing weight even!
He's had behavioral issues since birth and each day he uses CBD oil, he gets better and better, he's more content and able to stay focused. I love this shit!! cheesy

My 4 year old daughter suffers from developmental delays which are undiagnosed, so far we know she has an abnormality in her 16th chromosome which may (or may not) result in behavioral disorders, ASD, ADHD, Cerebral palsy, Epilepsy etc etc, she's going through assessments now for Autism spectrum, and is a very sensitive (and VERY CAUTIOUS) girl when it comes to loud noises, new people, places or animals, she has meltdowns sometimes inconsolable ones and sometimes she just cries because she can't process how she feels. She's had to switch preschool classes to a smaller one because she was crying the whole time she was there. sad And starting to not want to go at all, as it was giving her some anxiety issues.
She's been on CBD 3 days now, and well..... see the photo in comments lol! She's soooo different. No more restless legs at night, no more grinding her teeth, she hasn't had a single melt down other than regular 4 year old drama, Her teacher sent me the photo when she was blown away at the thought of my daughter doing something so out of her realm! <3 Hempworx has turned my life around, and is proving to make my kids' lives amazing! I just wish I found it sooner! lol
Thanks so much Alex for posting the original post that changed my life <3

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