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Re: Medicine by marvel15(m): 9:43pm On Apr 27, 2019
he was very tensed as he walked around the room he held a gun in his hand he was very pissed there was no doubt about that he sent them on an errand and they failed him not even once but twice he walked from one end of the room to the other trying to decide on what to do about the guys
he took a cigarette and lit it

"I gave you a simple assignment I told you to kill one person but you fail not even once but twice and you all here know that I don't like failures and I explained to you how important that mission is but you failed me and I have concluded that before you guys destroy me I will destroy you first"
he raised the gun and pointed it at them his hands firmly on the trigger
one of them crawled up to him and held his leg

"sir please forgive us just this once and we promise you that we will show you such loyalty like never before "
he looked at him

"how ? the girl is already awake and she will know that I tried to kill her and that will be the end for me "

"she must have kept the evidence of the recording somewhere really safe somewhere someone will not suspect anything "

"what are you driving at?"

"sir I believe that if we can get our hands on the originals of the recording that will be the end of it all "

"that's good but do you think she would be so stupid to keep it just anywhere "

"I know sir but with serious and adequate planning we can get it sir "

"as good as it sounds I cant trust you guys again because you have already failed me "
the man held on to his legs tightly

"sir give us this last chance and to assure you that we won't fail you I will bet my life on this sir "
he looked at the rest

"does the rest of you also feel the same way ?"

"yes sir " they answered in unison

"alright I will give this last chance and I know you won't want to fail me again because that will mean the end for you all and your families "

"yes sir "
he dismissed them and sat down to relax . tbc


Re: Medicine by Ann2012(f): 12:03pm On Apr 28, 2019
Thanks for the update
Re: Medicine by skubido(m): 12:45pm On Apr 28, 2019
Welcome back

Tanks for the update
Re: Medicine by Evold: 6:50pm On Apr 28, 2019
The chief is a fool. Three chances to such weak assassins who were subdued by a weakling like Michael. I'm disappointed
Re: Medicine by marvel15(m): 11:28am On Apr 29, 2019
this was the third day and she didn't see Micheal showing up to check up on her she was worried and was sure something was wrong but the doctors and nurses refused to tell her what happened if she asked them but today she was going to make sure she finds out what happened she tried to stand up but it was very difficult for her to do so due to her weakness just as she continued struggling the nurse came in

"good morning ma'am "

the nurse looked surprised as she can now talk

"how are you feeling this morning ma'am"

"better "

"am glad to hear that "

"I have been asking you guys all this while to tell me where my fiance is but none of you could tell me "

"am sorry ma'am I dont know anything about it "

"I can see that you are lieing I think I deserve to know what happened to him I know you guys are very concerned about my health but I think I deserve to know what happened"

"am sorry ma'am I can't tell you because if the doctor finds out I could lose my job and it could even affect you phycologically "

"don't worry about me am alright and as you can see am getting better "
the lady was very reluctant but she assured her that she was alright she looked to and fro like a thief who was trying to steal something before she started to talk

"what actually happened was that someone attempted to murder you and that night your fiancee was there and he protected you against them in the process he was stabbed right in the lower abdomen"


"ma'am you will put me in serious trouble if something should happen to you with the way you just shouted "

"am alright so where is he now ?"

"he has been admitted and has already been treated he is alright so you shouldn't worry yourself "

"do you know where he is "

"yes why ?"

"I need to go and see him "

"absolutely no that's the least I can do for you anything other than this will end in losing my job as a matter of fact the doctor must not know i told you this so ma'am just relax and get better first before going to see him "

"alright but when last did you see him?"

"I saw him yesterday morning when the doctor was doing the normal routine check-up on all the patients "

"alright thanks for the information "
the after checking her pulse and other things she went out
some minutes later her mom came in and met her sitting down in a lying position

"good morning Mom"

"ohhh you can talk good morning to you"
she quickly and went and sat beside her on the bed and held her hand

"my precious daughter am so happy you are now back with us "

"mom why didn't you tell me.what happened to Michael "

"how did you find out ?"

"it doesn't matter how I found out just answer my question why did he keep the fact away from me.?"

"it was for your sake "

"my sake I have the right to know no wonder when I woke I didn't see him beside me I knew something was wrong but you guys kept it from me "

"it was the doctors idea not mine he told.me.to.keep it away from you and he gave me valid reason for that and I believed him since he was in the best position to make such a decision "

"am not a baby mom am a grown up lady soon I will get married so stop treating me like a baby "

"I never treated you like a baby "

"that's by the way I need to see him and see how he is fairing "

"am sorry I can't allow you to take a step out of this room "

"mom you can't do this to me I really need to see him "

"am sorry I can't "

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Re: Medicine by izaray(f): 2:25pm On Apr 29, 2019
Alot of people has already abandon this story.

Thanks for the update

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Re: Medicine by marvel15(m): 6:44pm On Apr 29, 2019
Am very sorry but I will try and finish it up ASAP it was due to some recent happenings around that caused the whole scenario

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Re: Medicine by skubido(m): 8:11pm On Apr 29, 2019
Tanks for the update
Re: Medicine by marvel15(m): 10:03pm On May 01, 2019
she was very disturbed because she wasn't allowed and there were guards outside the door who were fully armed to protect her in case of any danger so it was really hopeless she was now able to seat up and eat since she was recovering on a fast note as she sat on the bed playing with her phone she saw the door opened and Micheal entered at that moment she couldn't believe her eyes she droped her phone slowly beside her she waited as he slowly came closer and sat beside her words were not necessary at that moment as they both held each other hands and love could be seen in their eyes and they both cried in each other arms they both cried
amidst tears she manage to talk

"i heard what happened and I would have come earlier but they didn't allow me "

"i know am so glad you are now okay you dont know how worried I was "

"thank you so much Micheal for saving my life I can't thank you enough "

"you don't need to am just glad you are okay because that's all that matters to me "
they hugged each other again after withdrawing they kissed passionately

"do you know who dis this ? I mean the person who tried to kill you "

"am not sure but we will leave that to the police "

"alright so have you eaten this morning?'

"yes my mom brought food for.me so am alright"


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Re: Medicine by izaray(f): 12:47pm On May 02, 2019
Thanks for the update Marvel
Re: Medicine by marvel15(m): 11:10pm On May 02, 2019
after several weeks they were both discharged from the hospital he was very happy Michelle mother took them home in her car at the gate they pressed the horn several times but there was no response Michelle wondered where the gateman could have gone she was about to come down but Micheal told her to seat back he came down came close to the gate and knocked but there was no answer he pushed the gate opened and to his greatest surprise the gate opened he stepped inside but every where was quiet like a graveyard
he went to hut built for the gateman but he wasn't there so he opened the gate himself and they drove him
Michelle came down almost immediately

"baby what's wrong ? didn't you find anyone inside ?"

"no I don't know where that guy went to leaving the gate opened like this "

"I found this really odd because he his a kind of person that doesn't leave the gate unless we call him something is definitely wrong "
her mom who stared at them interrupted them

"let's go inside first you guys need to rest just like the doctor said after you rest you can call his number and find out what really happened "

they collected a their stuffs from the car and went inside
inside the house they couldn't believe what they saw the whole house was in disarray and the whole place scattered someone had broke into the house and the greatest shock was that they found their gateman on the floor in the pool of his own blood that explains the reason the gate was opened
Michael moved closer to his dead body and examined it but he made sure he didn't touch him with what he saw he saw that he was shot in the head which he was sure he would die instantly but one thing he didnt understand was what they were looking for in the house Michelle almost fainted when she saw the dead body but her mom aided her
as she stood their she remembered the tape she recorded her only leash on holding chief that must have been the reason her house was buggled
after examing the body he turned to Michelle

"any idea on who could have done this?"

"am not sure but I think it's chief that sent this people"
her mother wondered who was chief they were talking about

"who is chief?"

"mom it's a long story"

"why do you think he sent them ?"
Micheal asked again

"I think it's because of the tape I recorded "

"do you think he also sent the assassin ?"

"probably when I threatened him with the tape i could see he was very pissed he must have sent the assassin to kill me so that I won't be able to threaten him again but when he saw I survived he made another attempt again but failed "

her mother was very afraid now as it shown In her face

"what are you talking about? who tried to kill you and who is this chief that you are talking about ?

"mom relax there is nothing to worry about "
Michael turned to Michelle

"thats why I tried to stop you from doing this in the first place I knew something like this will happen "

"don't worry baby nothing will happen to me "

"so what do you suggest we do now?"

"first I think we should call the police and report this and let them investigate "

"alright " he took his phone and dialed the emergency number .. TBC

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Re: Medicine by Ann2012(f): 11:21pm On May 02, 2019
Thanks for the update
Re: Medicine by famopompy(m): 12:04am On May 03, 2019
Thank you bro.
Re: Medicine by marvel15(m): 8:03am On May 03, 2019
morning everyone
Re: Medicine by skubido(m): 9:03am On May 03, 2019

Tanks for the update
Re: Medicine by izaray(f): 11:27am On May 03, 2019
You guys should better act fast before chief kill you duo

Nice update dear

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Re: Medicine by francium001(m): 8:52pm On May 05, 2019
Thanks for the update
Re: Medicine by marvel15(m): 10:52pm On May 05, 2019
she and Micheal watched as the police and forensic men did their thing she really felt for the gateman and his family and wondered how they would be able to survive in this unfavorable economy one of the policeman approached the couples

"please we will need you come with us to write your statements on this incident "

michelle mother interrupted immediately

"they won't be able to come with you "


"they were just discharged from the hospital and the doctor said they need to rest "

"can I ask why they were admitted to the hospital"

"someone we dont know made an attempt on her life when they saw she was in coma so they sent someone to finish their handiwork which he tried to stop and the process he was stabbed in the stomach so can you see the reason they cant follow you guys to your station"

"alright I understand but we will surely come when you guys are in better conditions i hope thats alright by you "

"of course " Michelle and Micheal answered in unison

"and can you guys check to see if there is any valuable items missing "

"alright lets check the bedroom "the two of them went into the bedroom and after a while they came back

"nothing is missing in the room "

"that means they aim was not for the valuables it was for something else do you have any idea what that could be ?"

"nothing "
michelle knew they buggled her house because of the tape but she couldn't trust the police with such an important information so it's best to keep to herself
she knew chief was going to come for it so she went and kept it somewhere where it was only her that knew the place and she made sure even if something happens to her the tape would be released she smiled within herself Micheal knew she was not saying something but he kept quiet
after the police and her mother left he went to her

"Michelle am sure this is about the tape right?"

"yes "

"this is very dangerous Michelle you could lose your life and what do you think will happen to me "

"dont worry Micheal nothing is gonna happen to me just relax "

"how can you tell me to relax when someone attempted to kill you twice ?"

she looked at him and assured him but he was still very worried

"so where is the tape ?"

"i think the location should be known only to me "

"why ?"

"for security reasons my love and dont worry about me "

"alright but we will have to move out of this house staying here would be disastrous so lets start packing "

"lets pass the night here and leave tomorrow"

"absolutely no we must leave this house with immediate effect as a matter of fact we are spending too much time in this house "

"so where would we go ?"

"for now we will stay in an hotel and then look for somewhere safe "

"alright " she said as she threw her hands in surrender she watched as he went inside .. TBC


Re: Medicine by marvel15(m): 8:05am On May 06, 2019
good morning everyone
Re: Medicine by skubido(m): 8:56am On May 06, 2019
good morning everyone

S2u bro, Weldon

Tanks for the update
Re: Medicine by izaray(f): 11:02am On May 06, 2019
Thanks for the update

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Re: Medicine by marvel15(m): 10:07pm On May 07, 2019
He looked at the screen in front of him as he saw the activities that went on in the house
He had told them boys earlier to plant a.camera in the house so that he can monitor and know their next move but it seems the tape was not kept in the house he was getting very frustrated because if he doesn't find it sooner she would soon point her dagger at him and he would be finished when that happens he watched as they left the house he switched off the television and stood up he picked up his phone and called one of the boys who he told not to go home that he had an assignment for him
The man who had a huge build up came in and bowed himself in greetings

"I want you to stay on there tail for now because our priority is to find that tape or else we are doomed so stay on her heels and find out any clue which can lead us as to where the tape might be "

"Yes sir "

"For now don't attack or try to assassinate her make sure you tell the other boys am sure she planned this very careful even her fiancee doesn't know where the tape is "

"Yes sir "

"And one more thing make sure you don't get caught there will be a lot of people protecting her from now on so be careful"

"I will keep that in mind sir "

"And if you guys need anything don't hesitate to call me "

"Yes sir "

"You can go " he bowed once again and left the room . TBC


Re: Medicine by izaray(f): 10:18am On May 08, 2019
Chief is even more serious this time sef

Michelle need to step up her game

Thanks for the update buddy
Re: Medicine by marvel15(m): 9:28pm On May 08, 2019
they found an hotel and lodge in it was an hotel which was okay but it was not a five star hotel they book and paid for two weeks before they find an apartment to stay but he felt someone was watching them but he hoped he was wrong he sat on the bed and watched as she unpacked their clothes into the big wardrobe
Michelle knowing him very well knew he was thinking about something she stopped what she was doing and faced him

"what are you thinking about ?"


"i Know you better than anyone so tell me what is it you are thinking about

"I was wondering where you could have kept the tape am very curious but you refused to tell me "
she came and sat beside him and held his hand

"am sorry for not telling you where I kept it but I think it's better if only i know where it is "

"dont you trust me "

"of course i do but am doing this to protect you "

"how ?"

"because if you know that will put you in danger and I can't let that happen so please understand "


"are you sure ?"

"yeah " but she knew he hadn't let it go but had no choice

"so what do you plan to do now ?"

"resume back to my normàl life and lets see how it pans out and moreso I have a plan which i will soon set in motion"

"what plan?"

"you will know once it has began"


"am sorry for keeping a lot of things away from you but I will let you know when it's Time"

"okay"she kissed him before resuming back to what she was doing..tbc

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Re: Medicine by Ann2012(f): 9:35pm On May 08, 2019
Thanks for the update
Re: Medicine by wonderjewel: 9:51pm On May 08, 2019
The update short na.Nice story though
Re: Medicine by skubido(m): 7:06am On May 09, 2019
Tanks for the update
Re: Medicine by izaray(f): 11:19am On May 09, 2019
Too short mbok

Well done
Re: Medicine by marvel15(m): 9:12pm On May 18, 2019
the past three weeks was a little bit tensed Because she knew someone was trailing her strangely she always had this confidence that nothing was going to happen to her something in her gut was always telling her that after they left the hotel room they got an apartment and moved there they had done the decorations and also gotten settee to put inside the large sitting room and the whole room has been painted since the house was empty she needed to get groceries in the house so that she can prepare for Micheal when he comes back from work
she also made sure there were CCTV cameras in every corner of the house in case something happens to him maybe that was what was giving her confidence that nothing was going to happen to her
it was a sunny day and the sun was high up in the sky which made her body hitch as she came out of the grocery store she was putting on a pink blouse with flower decorations and she was also wearing a skirt above her knees she looked around to see if there was someone spying on her but she didn't see anything she opened the back door and put the groceries she bought inside and closed the door
she then went to the driver's side opened the door she started the ignition and drove off ....tbc

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Re: Medicine by izaray(f): 11:24am On May 20, 2019
Too short, after waiting for like 2weeks fa

Thanks for the update
Re: Medicine by marvel15(m): 12:39pm On May 20, 2019
am sorry i will try harder

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Re: Medicine by duruZed(m): 10:49am On Jun 24, 2019
Wetin dey happen, hope all is well.

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