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Perfidy by nussyb(f): 1:06am On Dec 11, 2018
Ahkimah had never been a morning person but this Morning she left herself no other choice but to drive through the cold December morning. It was vital she gets to Lagos in a good appearance before 12 pm. Usually, she would have left a day before but she was enjoying her time with Deran so she decided to stay till Monday morning. She had been forced to start spending her weekends in Ilorin since two years ago when her father's lawyer came to read his WILL.

Getting to her usual spot in Oyo at 7:45 am where she would stop to take a break and enjoy the last freedom she has before proceeding to Lagos. she parked under the shade of a big tree and opened her safe to removed her pipe, lighter and a chunk of crack. she put the crystal at the tip of the pipe and lit it up, absorbing the content and enjoying the feeling, she slips into thought, her father had tried to stop her from using drugs when he was alive and he is still trying from his grave but by the end of the month it would all be over and she will be free to live her life the way she wants.

A knock on the window of her hummer truck pulled her back to life and it took her few seconds to recognize the image in front of her, standing beside the truck was a man dressed in a police uniform motioning for her to roll down her window, she thought of hiding the pipe but there was really no use, she had no idea how long he had been there so she did what she was asked.

"Good morning mam, Can you state your business here?"

'I am on my way back from Ilorin, am heading to Lagos'

'Step out of the vehicle please'

Ahkimah opened the door, stepped out and leaned on the door of the truck, her body shivered and she wasn't sure if it was from the cold or the reality of what was about to happen to her.

'what is the content of the pipe you were smoking ?' she searched her mind for the best possible answer to give but her state of mind was not helping "foreign tobacco" she replied.

"step aside miss I need to search the vehicle".

She moved away from the truck and watched the officer make his way into it, he inspected the hand rest, port compatible then advance to the safe, he didn't have to look it was the first thing he saw as he opened it, he picked up the small transparent nylon containing the white crystal and came down from the car.

'you are under arrest for the use and possession of illegal substances'.

Watch out for continuation soon.


Re: Perfidy by nussyb(f): 1:48am On Dec 11, 2018
Sitting on bare floor in a cell of a police station somewhere in Oyo town, Ahkimah couldn't help but regret the bad decision she had made the day before, she should have left on Sunday evening as usual especially with the shareholders meeting at 12pm and to think that just a while ago she was thinking she would be free to live her life the way she wanted by the end of the month and start next year in full control of her life.

She was brooding about the possibility of a way out and considering whether to call Deran if he would be sober enough to come to bail her out when the officer walked over to the gate of her cell and opened it.

'Get up, someone posted your bail'

She got up and followed him she couldn't help but wonder who posted the bail, she had been here less than an hour and she was yet to ask for her phone call. Getting to the reception the face standing over the counter was not a familiar one, THE MAN appeared to be in his early thirties, over six feet tall, muscular and light in complexion, the officer passed her belongings to THE MAN, what caught her eyes was not the key to her truck or her purse but her crack, she look at him and wonder who he was, not only was he able to post her bail he was also able to get her drugs back, he faced her and said "let get going" she considered her options she had no idea who THE MAN was but she desperately needs to get out of here and get to Lagos so she followed him.
They step out and she watched him get behind the wheels of her truck which she usually uses for her weekend trips to Ilorin, she got beside him and check the time from the watch on the dashboard it was 8:53 am and thought she could still make it.

They drove in silence and this left her daydreaming, if her father hadn't been harsh on her in his WILL she wouldn't have been in this mess, they were never close, she lost her mother when she was six and she and her father had lived a separate life since then, he kept himself buried in his business and sent her to private boarding schools for both her elementary and secondary education and got her b.s.c in accounting from a private university, in her elementary and secondary school days when she was on holiday she was mostly left with the helps and during festive period she stayed with the Odukoya's and that was the closest to family time she got. She pulled herself from her thoughts and turn her face to the road, at least they were moving towards Lagos she decided to find out who THE MAN was.

'who are you? ' She asked

THE MAN kept his face on the road and made no sign he heard what she said.

"how did you know I was arrested?" She asked trying to use another tactic to get him talking but it didn't work, She left him alone, she would let them get to Lagos first so she went back to her trance, she started smoking cigarette and marijuana in her final year in university , it became her best company on weekends when she would lodge in hotels rather than go home because there was no point, her father always send more than enough money and he was rarely ever home, She didn't start taking other forms of drugs until after school, during her service year in Port Harcourt, she started taking all forms of pills, codeine and crank. It was in Port Harcourt she met Deran and earned a friend, their mutual love for drugs made them close and they have kept in touch ever since Deran was now a student pilot at the Kwara state aviation college and stayed close to the airport which has been her safe abode every weekend.
She allowed herself to fall into a light sleep and by the time she opened her eyes they were in Lagos and to her surprise in Lekki, how did he know where she needed to be? He was going towards the administrative office of her dad's company where the shareholders meeting was held, she had to get home first and change into something appropriate because she was wearing a hoody and aleggings, she looked at the time it was 11:05 am

'You are going the wrong way, It essential I get home first' still no form of response from the man, it was time to give up she thought maybe he was hired by the shareholders, she had failed at trying to be careful for just two years and she would be left with nothing, she was 26, graduated when she was 22 and had done nothing with her degree since then, she had been spending the fixed deposit put in her name since after school when she was able to access it and that was almost out, as they approach the gate of the office she waited expectantly for him turn in but instead he turned opposite into Unique hotel.

Watch out for continuation soon.


Re: Perfidy by LightQueen(f): 5:50am On Dec 11, 2018
Nice one dear
Waiting for continuation

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Re: Perfidy by crownaayam17(m): 6:43am On Dec 11, 2018


Re: Perfidy by nussyb(f): 4:58pm On Dec 11, 2018
After THE MAN parked the truck in the hotel parking space, he got down and walk over to Ahkimah's side to open the door for her when she made no attempt to do it herself. she dismounts and followed him, while she was walking behind THE MAN into the building of the hotel she noticed a Toyota Prado jeep pull into the gate of the hotel and park not too far from where her truck was parked, she followed THE MAN into the hotel lobby and watch him ask for his key from the receptionist, whilst the receptionist was looking through the key cards she observed THE OTHER MAN in the Prado jeep from the car park making entrance into the lobby and he stood behind her, the receptionist passed a key card to THE MAN, he walked towards the elevator, she followed him and so did THE OTHER MAN.

With the three of them in the elevator THE MAN press the third floor button, it was obvious they were together, Ahkimah deliberated on what she was up against and the best way to reason with them, if they were hired by the shareholders she could negotiate to double their price after all in few weeks she will be richer than all the shareholders combined. They got to the third floor and stepped into a long hall, THE MAN located the room and opened it, all three got in and THE MAN locked the door behind them, she sat herself on a comfortable space on the sofa without asking for their permission and await what to come.

THE OTHER MAN sat across her with his face on her, she noticed that he was dressed just like THE MAN in cooperate tee and pant trousers and they were both of the same body built, the man moved in to the room and came back out after a couple of seconds,

'Go inside and take a quick shower then put on the cloth on the bed,'

'Can we talk about this I have a lot more to offer you than them" THE OTHER MAN gave her a very stern look while THE MAN said, "get right to it". so she made her way into the bathroom, she bundled her long weave, pull off her hood, tank top, bra and leggings then stepped under the shower and opened it, she stayed under the water for a while tilting her head backward to avoid the water from touching her human hair before stepping from underneath it to wash her face, using her hand to scoop water from the shower. She picks the towel and dry herself then wrapped it around herself before stepping back into the room, there was a body oil with the clothes on the bed which she rubbed on her body then looked through the cloth, they left her a very stylish blue butterfly shirt with a black leather pencil skirt and matching undies and to her amazement they all fitted perfectly, who are these people they seem to know a lot about her, not only did the cloth fit perfectly the bra was also her exact size 32dd.

She stepped out back into the sitting area wondering what the time was and if she was still going to be able to make the meeting, on the table were two sandwiches and coffee, she went back to her spot and sat down, THE OTHER MAN was still sitting where she left him and the man had taking a sit between them, he pointed to the sandwiches
'Eat up, you have a meeting in few minutes'
Thank God they were allowing her go for the meeting but that means they were not hired by the shareholder or are they taking her in with proof she was arrested for drug use? She would figure that later, she was famished and in dire need of food, she munched on the sandwiches and then picked up the cup of warm coffee and started sipping she saw the man walk into the room and came back out with a file in his hand, he sat down and spread the contents on the remaining space on the center table, she almost drop the cup in her hand when she saw it's contents, she put down the cup and look through them, it was pictures of her burning crack in her truck at her usual spot while coming back to Lagos from Ilorin on several occasions. She was dumbfounded and like she feared doomed, if the other shareholders get hold of these her 60% entitlement in Bandi oil company will become theirs, what has her father gotten her into! No!! what has she gotten herself into, she had one job and that was staying off drugs for two years or not being caught using and she failed, she open and her mouth with her lips barely moving and said in a very low and mild voice

'what do you want?'

'what we want is simple, in exachange for keeping your little secret we are going to help you get settled and put your life on the right track, we want you to get married on the 22nd of this month before 2pm or else this picture becomes available to all Bandi oil company's shareholders and your late Dad's Lawyer" replied THE MAN

Ahkimah wonder how all this had got to do with her getting married and why on 22nd of this month, the day she was supposed to gain legal control of her 60% of Bandi oil and before 2 pm the time she was suppose to sign the legal documents? She heard the man say

'If you want to meet up with your meeting you better get going and for your sake I hope you get yourself someone to get married to'

He drop the key to her truck and purse on the table then held up her crack

"I think am gonna hold on to this"

She picked up her key and purse, then look through the purse for her phone to check the time, it was a minute to twelve, she better hurry.

Watch out for continuation soon.


Re: Perfidy by Kayallen: 5:37pm On Dec 11, 2018
It is a very good piece work...nice one

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Re: Perfidy by nussyb(f): 4:00pm On Dec 12, 2018
All through the meeting Ahkimah didn't catch a word of what was said, her mind was on the events of the morning, she sat at one egde of the table with the four shareholders at her sides; two on each.

She stared blankly at their old faces, the four of them including Mr Odukoya had earlier worked with her father in his mining company in South Africa before he moved back home, their ten percent share in the company was bestowed on them by her father because of the hardwork and loyalty they put in while they were in South Africa. She couldn't help but to consider if these men were involved in the events of the morning, if it was them the Lawyer would be here by now and her inheritance would have been gone or do they have other plans and how does that involve her getting married? This could also be coming from her father, he could have done this to make sure she gets settled? She wasnt sure of why or who was making this happen but she knew she couldn't risk her inheritance for anything, that was all she has, so she left the compound of the office with one thing on her mind; she was going to find a solution to her problem.

She drove the short distance home and went straight to bed, she was exhausted from what she went through plus she didn't get enough sleep last night. Hunger woke her later in the night it was then she realized all she had all day was sandwiches, she picked up the home intercom and dialled the kitchen, Nancy, the fifty four year old house keeper picked up.

'Good evening Miss Ahkimah'

'Bring me anything you have ready in the kitchen'

Ahkimah replace back the intercom without waiting for a reply and few minutes later there was a knock on her door, she got up to open the door, collects the tray from Nancy and shut the door, she carried the tray to the bed and sat down to eat, on the tray was a small plate which contain pasta and chicken. She ate it like she was being chased then pick up her phone and dail Deran, he didn't pick up on the first few rings and when he did he sounded as if she woke him


'Deran, am in trouble'

It was as if that woke him because he asked 'What happened?' With a sharp note in his voice

'I was arrested this morning then released on bail, some people are trying to use that to blackmail me, it a long story i will explain better when we see, can you come to lagos tomorrow i need your help in sorting things out?'

'Sure, I will leave here as early as I can, meet me at Travellers hotel'

'Travelers, okay I will come meet you there and bring more than a couple piece of cloths you might be staying awhile'

'I will put that in mind'

'Good night, hmm Deran thank you'

'It nothing, that is what friends are for'

She and Deran were never just friends even though they decided to call themselves just that but with what she has in mind the title was about to change in a big way, she had decided she will marry Deran it was the best option she has given the circumstance, she can trust him with anything; her secrets and most importantly her money. Now that the problem of who to marry has been solved, she needs to figure out what the end game of THE MAN and THE OTHER MAN was, what they stand to gain from her getting married, if they were working for someone or themselves, with all this thought floating in her mind, Ahkimah didn't know when she slept off.

Watch out for continuation soon.


Re: Perfidy by Caramelllll: 4:35pm On Dec 12, 2018
Nice write up.

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Re: Perfidy by Kayallen: 4:42pm On Dec 12, 2018
Hope Deran will not add more problems to her life

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Re: Perfidy by LightQueen(f): 8:04pm On Dec 12, 2018
Well done OP

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Re: Perfidy by nussyb(f): 11:39pm On Dec 12, 2018
Hope Deran will not add more problems to her life
I hope not.

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Re: Perfidy by nussyb(f): 11:25am On Dec 13, 2018
The next day Ahkimah kept trying to reach Deran to no avail when it was past 3 pm she decided to go check him in travellers to see if he was there already, she got dressed quickly wearing a black ripped jeans, a black round necked top and a black Adidas footwear.

She headed straight to the reception where she asked for him to find out if he had lodged in but she was told that he was not there yet, she wrote down her name for the young girl who serves as the receptionist to tell him whenever he arrives that she will be waiting for him in the hotel restaurant then ventured into the restaurant and ordered ofada rice and sauce with moi moi hoping by the time she was done he would have gotten there but she was wrong.

At half past 6, she decided she had waited enough Deran most have gotten high and passed out, why did she even assume she could rely on him, she sucks at planning , she decided to go home and come up with something else to deal with the matter at hand. she was walked back to the hotel parking space and saw a familiar face walking towards her, it was Junior, he was talking on the phone with someone, he didn't appear to have seen her till he got in front of her, his face lit up with surprise

'Ahkimah' he said and then rushed forward to hug her.

'Junior' she said

'Let me call you back' he said to the person on the phone and then faced her. 'how have you been?'

'Good, and you?'

'Am good too, you don't come by the house anymore'

She thought of what excuse to give and said 'have been busy lately' even though they both know it wasn't true.

'we should hook up and catch up'

'Yeah that will be great'

'Alright I will call you tomorrow' he said, then exchanged numbers before hugging again and he headed towards the hotel restaurant, she was glad he didn't stay longer to chat because she was not sure she could take his gaze longer than she did, there was something about the way he was looking at her but it was Junior so she must be wrong.

The next day ,she used most of the day hoping to get a call from either Junior or Deran and ended up not coming up with another plan to resolve her issue, she contemplated whether to go to Ilorin and get Deran, She laid in bed that night unable to come up with a solution or sleep when her phone rang and made her heart skip, she didn't know which to hope for; Deran coming through for her or Junior keeping to his word either one was actually fine by her, she grabbed her phone to found out it was Junior, not bad she thought.


'Did I wake you? '

'No you didn't, how are you'

'Am fine sorry I didn't call earlier have been busy, do you wanna come out?'

' Hmm... where to? '

'Somewhere you will like, should I pick you up in 20 minutes?'

'I have to look for something to change in to'

'Come the way you are, we are going to be indoor'

'Alright then, I will be ready'

She hurriedly moved in to the bathroom to wash her face then into the other room which serves as her wardrobe and her dressing room, she picked a gray joggers and jacket with a black tank top from the closet and changed from robe she was wearing in to them then pick up a powder from the dressing table and rubbed it on her face, she looked through her shoe rack and pick a light pink Palm slippers and change from her indoor slippers into it, she heard her phone ringing and walked back into her bedroom to picked it up; she told him She was coming out, not enough time to brush her hair she thought.

She walked out less than a minute later into junior's car, he drove towards somewhere on the island while gisting and reliving their childhood years.

Watch out for continuation soon.

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Re: Perfidy by Kayallen: 11:54am On Dec 13, 2018
Cool....but Junior

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Re: Perfidy by Caramelllll: 1:22pm On Dec 13, 2018

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Re: Perfidy by nussyb(f): 3:11pm On Dec 14, 2018
On getting to their destination which was a lake, Ahkimah discovered that junior had a speedboat waiting on them with two men, he passed the key to his Aston Martin V8 to one of them who then drove off with it and the second led the way towards the lake where they got into the speedboat.

She and Junior sat in the stern cockpit of the boat while the man who lead them to the boat got into the bow cockpit where he powered the engine, This was definitely going to be stuck in her memory for a long time, she had always love boat rides, Junior must have picked that up when she used to tag along with his family for boat cruises, back then she couldn't contain her thrills unlike now when she has a lot disturbing her mind, she plans on getting herself a Grandy White speedboat when her inheritance comes through but now that might be impossible, with junior's hand passing her a glass filled with Ciroc from the bottle that was placed on the board, she decided to forget about her worries at least for the night and enjoy the moment as much as she could. She collected the glass saying 'thank you'

'You are welcome' he replied

'Not just for the drink, for arranging for this too, you know how much I love boat rides'

He smiled before saying 'I was actually hoping you still do, I didn't like the way I saw you the other night so I thought of something that might lighten your mood'

'You succeeded, this is perfect'

The rest of the thirty minutes ride was in silence just like she liked it, she did not want to waste the time on conversation she could have later, she lived in the moment, feeling the cool breeze as it brushes through her skin, she watched the water as the boat cut through it she felt like feeling the water like the breeze so she passed her left hand through it then continued sipping from her drink ,the only thing missing was that there was nothing to smoke, it was as if junior understood what she wanted because he let her be, either that or he was having his own moment too.

The other side of the lake was filled with private cabins which they occupied one, when they got in, she sat herself on one of the Chinese sofas in the living area, Junior open the windows of the room then went into the bedroom and brought out a pack of cigar before sitting next to her, he poured them fresh glass each from the Ciroc then lit one cigar for them which they shared, with the cool breeze blowing in from the lake and sharing drinks and smoke nothing could make the night any better not even crack she realized, they gisted till very late , she didn't know what the time was and she did not care to, Junior later suggested they go in and get some sleep and to her surprise that was what they did, she was expecting him to make a move on her but he didn't.

The next morning after Junior called the man from the boat whom she had come to know has Dan to come pick them, he asked her to go for a walk close to the lake with him while they wait, after walking a short distance, Junior stopped them by grabbing her hands and turning to face her

'Ahkimah am sorry'

She wondered what he was sorry for, he had just giving her one of the best night in her life.

'we used to be close and I failed to be there for you through the passing of your Dad and your inheritance issues' he continued

She knew he was referring to her drug problem

'I have plans to amend the past and I hope you will forgive me so we can be close again' She heard him say and just stood there frozen, she didn't know what to say, the sound of the speedboat with Dan approaching saved her from having to say anything

'looks like our ride is here' said junior before walking towards the boat. The boat ride back was not as exciting as the night before maybe because she felt their time together was coming to an end and she was about to get back to her reality, at the other side there was nobody waiting this time around just Junior's Aston Martin which he collected the key from Dan this time around, they didn't say a word to each other till they got to her house when junior said

'I will like to do this again but next time I want us to talk about things that really matter, deal?'


'Okay then, I will see you tomorrow' he said before pecking her goodbye.

Watch out for continuation soon.

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Re: Perfidy by nussyb(f): 1:19pm On Dec 15, 2018
Ahkimah decided the best thing to do for herself was to drive down to Ilorin and collect Deran even if she has to drag him to Lagos, all she would need to do his get him clean and keep both of them sober, she would go the next day which was a Friday, she would have probably been going anyway if not because what happened on Monday so she was going to go and make it feel like she was going for her usual weekly weekend trip but this time she won't be staying the whole weekend, she would come back on Saturday with Deran. Although she so much want to see Junior but that will have to wait till when all the inheritance problem was out of the way.

In the evening she drove out to a carwash to wash her truck, she does not allow Ali; the gateman or any of the other domestic staff do it because of what they might find, she plans to lay off all the domestic staff in the house after everything becomes legally hers, they couldn't be trusted. she realised this not too long after her father passed, right before she started going over to Deran's place, she usually use her drugs in the house but somehow words got to the shareholders and her Dads lawyer that she was still using although she denied she was threatened with a mandatory monthly drug test so she decided the best thing was to always go over to Deran's place.

She ate and went to bed early in preparation for the journey the next day, it was surprising to her that in the past three days she had not taken her usual codeine and pills that was her survival for during the week when she couldn't smoke it really shows how consumed she had been with what had been happening, normally every day she would go out with her water bottle and buy benelyine and coke which she will mix together in the water bottle, she sometimes add Rohypnol to it, She had always been a coke lover and a bottle carrier since she was young so that got none of the domestic staff suspicious.

On Friday morning she was woken by the ringing of her phone instead of the alarm she set, she checked it to see who was calling and learnt it was Junior, the clock on her bedstand said 6:23 am, why was he calling so early? She thought of ignoring the call but decided there was no harm in just talking to him so far she does not deviate from her plan so she picked.


'Good morning, am sure I woke you'

'Yeah you did but I was gonna wake up soon anyway'

'Okay, I cleared my day since we made a deal to see today, I would like us to spend the whole day together'

'Oh, that would have been lovely but my plan has changed, Am going to be busy'

'Is there a shareholders meeting? We could see when you are done'

'No not at all, we had that on Monday'

'Something personal?' he asked


'My bad, I didn't ask about your personal life if you were seeing someone and here I am calling you at 6 am'

She did not want him to get things wrong so she quickly explained;

'It nothing like that, am travelling to Ilorin to see a friend'

'Okay, but could we at least have breakfast together before you leave? '

'hmmm... Ohkay' she could spare a few hours before going.

'I will text you the address now, I will be waiting on you'

Ahkimah got up and started getting ready, she packed the cloth she was going to wear back the next day and a few other things she might need in her bag pack before leaving the house, she intends to head straight to Ilorin when she finishes breakfast with Junior so she took her truck.

The address Junior sent was to a hotel off chevron drive, she wondered if it wasn't too early to be meeting up and eating in a hotel restaurant, getting to the hotel she decided to call Junior to find out where he was, she spoke when she heard his voice at the other end of the line

'I just got here where are you?' she asked

'Am on the ninth floor, it the last floor, I already informed them at the reception am expecting you, just give them your name'

Before she had time to wonder what he was doing on the last floor or if the hotel restaurant was there, a familiar voice startled her she turned to face THE MAN, she suddenly turn pale, they won't leave her alone she thought.

'I know you have been hoping to hear from me so I decided to stop by and say hi, how is the wedding preparation coming up? Time is ticking better make use of it before it's up' and with that, he was gone.

Watch out for continuation soon.


Re: Perfidy by nussyb(f): 2:09pm On Dec 16, 2018
Trying to get past what just happened, Ahkimah walked to the reception, gave her name and was pointed towards the elevator, she didn't realise it was a private one till it halt and she stepped into a small corridor that led to the door of a penthouse, she rang the bell at the door and Junior ushered her in with a hug, she was wowed by the interior of the living room, the room was floored with black Mabel tiles, the plaster of Paris of the ceiling was white Vatican stucco design and in it were recessed lights, she walked towards a piano that was placed close to the indoor bar, the piano stand was made out of parchment panels framed in mahogany, she turns to face Junior who was at the bar fixing them Irish coffee; using black coffee and Bailey's.

'I didn't know you eventually learnt how to play'

'No I never did'

'So why do you have this' she asked

'I just love looking at it'

She smiled and collected the Irish coffee he was passing to her while sipping from it she noticed the proceed plastering of the walls of the room, almost everything in the room seems to be astonishing, she walked to the L-shaped couch and took a seat and Junior came to join her.

'This place is so beautiful, it somewhere I could get used to' she said with a smile

'Thanks, I bought it when they opened the hotel, you know have never been a fan of big houses'

'Unlike me you mean, it really nice so what are we having for breakfast I can't stay too long'

'yeah I know, breakfast is on its way'

With curiosity in her eyes, she asked ' what did you order? you didn't ask me what I will like to have'

'You should trust me to order something you will like, I think I at least know you that much' he said with seriousness in his face.

'There are two sides to you, am just getting to know the other you and I think I prefer the new you to the one I knew'

'What side did you know?' He asked

' My lips are sealed on that' she said with her hand gesturing zipping it up.

'Come... (he was interrupted by the sound of the bell) breakfast is here' he stood up to open the door and two hotel maids came in and set the food on the dining before leaving.

Ahkimah got up and walked to the dining area. 'Am curious to see what we have here' she leaned over and looked through the transparent covers to find out it was an English breakfast; toasted bread, fried sausages, bacon and omelettes.

' Just what I will like to eat' she saud

They took opposite seat and started eating, the food reminded Ahkimah of Deran because it was actually his favourite meal, growing up she wasn't much of a fan of bread but after spending so much time with Deran she got used to it and eventually liked it.

After eaten Junior took her hand and led them to the couch to sit, she checked the time and it was 8:26 am she could still afford to stay thirty more minutes before leaving, she saw Junior looking at her as she took her face off the watch.

'You are just in hurry to leave, I wish we could just spend the day together'

'Me too but I have somewhere important I have to be' she said wishing she didn't have the whole marriage drama to deal with.

'I understand, I will like us to talk before you go'

'Oh okay'

'Ahkimah, I meant what I said the last time, am really sorry for not being there for you, I don't know if you noticed but I have been in love with you for a long time'

Ahkimah was astounded, she knew something was up because the gentleman's character he has been wearing lately was not the Junior she knew but still she was not expecting the word "love" from him, they were very close growing up and during her senior secondary days she discovered she had a crush on him but because of his nonchalant attitude towards girls who were never scarce around him she didn't let it show and she started giving him space and she thought she was over him by the time she entered university.

'You want to pull the silence thing again' he said

' No, I am just surprised'


'Yes, it surprising to hear you say you have always been in love with me, that was far from what I remembered, you were practically a playboy back then, You had tons of girls around you and I saw the way you treated them'

'there were lots of girls around me, true but they were not who I wanted I guessed that was the cause of the way they were treated, it was not easy telling you how I felt because of the closeness we were practically family and when I started to show you, you pulled away'

'I didn't pull away because of that, I didn't even notice anything, I pulled away because of the many girls I thought I didn't stand a chance.

They were both quiet for a while and Ahkimah started regretting she said too much, she shouldn't have let him know that she thought she didn't have a chance with him but he put the thoughts away when he spoke.

' Let's forget about what we thought, it in the past, let face the present, Ahkimah have never felt the way I feel about you towards any other girl and believe me have come across plenty, you are like the final piece to complete me who has as always been close to me but yet not close enough, I think it high time we give us a Chance'

Ahkimah obliviously lean closer and kissed him.

Watch out for continuation soon.


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Waiting patiently

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Re: Perfidy by nussyb(f): 4:33pm On Dec 17, 2018
They continued kissing for quite a while before they finally stop and when they did, Junior asked;

'Should I take the kiss as a yes, you are willing to see how we go?'

'Yes' replied Ahkimah nodding her head.

'This is the best day ever' said junior grinning then leaning forward to kiss her forehead.

They were quiet for long while cuddling on the couch, Ahkimah knew she had to go but she didn't feel like leaving, she was enjoying her time with Junior she felt like he was hers now and she didn't really need the inheritance, she didn't mind trying to get a job to help sustain them both although it looks like Junior might be able to get that covered, judging from this penthouse and his car it appears he is doing well but it wouldn't be wise not to even try? The wisest thing to do was to try and go after her inheritance and if all odds fails she might have someone to count on.

'Junior I have to get going'

'Really, I thought you decided to stay, Ahkimah please don't leave I really want you around' giving her the Pus in the boot look.

'I have to go, what I am going to do is really important'

'Okay can I please tag along I won't get in your way at all, I don't have any plans for the whole weekend'

'Am afraid you can't, it's not something I want you involved in'

'What are you going to do, am sorry if am intruding but I don't merely want you in my life I want us to be best friend, we should keep each other in the loop of whatever we both doing'

Ahkimah considered if she should share with him or not, he is the son of one of the shareholders, his father has a lot to gain if things went south for her but she decided she could trust him and she regarded his Dad as family plus she need all the help she could get and the fact that she has nobody except Deran who has gone AWOL.

' I am being blackmailed'

'Blackmail!!! By who?' He said looking shocked

'That is the thing, I don't know, just two nameless guys'

'What are they blackmailing you for ?'

She looked him in the eye, she was sure she wanted him and if she really want what they were going to have to be real she had to tell him everything so she did, about her weekly weekend escapades with Deran, how she was arrested on her way back from his place, THE Man showing up to bail her, the marriage blackmail afterwards, her plan to marry Deran and not hearing from him, how she was just threatened a few hours ago right in front of the hotel.

'You mean you are going through all this and you have kept it all to yourself, have you considered going to the authorities?'

'You know I can't do that I can be charged for using drugs even if am not I will surely lose my inheritance'

'Going to Ilorin to bring Deran here and marrying him you will be playing right into their plan'

'I don't have a choice if I want a chance at this inheritance at all after I get Deran here I can start figuring out what their plan really is and if there is a way I can stop them.'

'this is so complicated, you marrying Deran where does that leave us?' he asked

'I am going to get a divorce right after everything becomes legally mine, the marriage will solely be a means of getting what is mine, i think how we feel is what really matter'

'Am not sure it something I can be comfortable with, this isn't just any guy, You chose a guy you been having sex with every weekend for the past two years'

Ahkimah took a deep breath, she didn't know what to say, putting it that way he really does have a point and if she were in his place she won't be comfortable either.

'I don't know if you still be here when this is all over, am really into you and would like to see how far we can go but this blackmail thing is something I have to deal with'

'Why don't we see it through together' he inquired

His reply was totally unexpected and it took a while to understand what he meant,

See itt through together? Do you mean you taking Deran's place? '

'Yes but before then we can try and figure things out, I want us to be hundred per cent with each other we will try and resolve this together'

'I can't possibly put you in a position like that, I don't know what i will be dragging you into'

' Am already all in, the moment you kissed me a few minutes ago, am not allowing you slip away ever again'

He used his hand to lift her chin so that her lips can reach him and they started kissing again, Ahkimah had no memory of anybody ever kissing her so gently, his lips were so soft and tasted so good, she didn't know how desirous she was for his lips till he stopped abruptly and stood up, she almost pulled him back but she was stopped by his hand that took hers and led them into his bedroom.

Watch out for continuation soon.


Re: Perfidy by nussyb(f): 6:24pm On Dec 18, 2018
The past two days had been like living in a dream for Ahkimah, she and Junior spent the whole time in his penthouse, talking, drinking, smoking, playing games and making love.

She left on Sunday morning but before she did he made her promised that she was going to join him for dinner at his parent's house, she left her place later at 6 pm, she had to summon all her courage before she did because it had been so long since she visited and had not seen his mum in ages and who she has been leaving her calls unanswered and unreturned and when she does meets his dad in the monthly shareholders meetings, it was usually just casual greetings.

She drove to their place in her Bugatti Veyron which she uses on rare occasions like this when she was trying to make an impression, she got there right on time for dinner, she had always wondered why they like early dinners, it was the only thing that was hard to cope with when she used to stay over. As expected, she was warmly welcomed by both parent that was what she loved about them they were always so free with her, Mrs Odukoya looked as radiant as ever, she has a slim, tall, petite stature which makes her appear younger than her age it was hard to believe that she was married to a man like Mr Odukoya, although not particularly ugly looking but he was short and thick so there was no much compatibility physically between them and it is no secret that Junior got his good looks from his mum.

Dinner was cheese, potatoes and sausage casserole, just has dessert was served Junior said

' We have an announcement to make' he picked Ahkimah's hand from beside him where she sat and held it in his, she looked at him, guessing what he was going to say.

' We are getting married!!! ' he said happily

Both parent looked bewildered at first but afterwards seem happy with the news and congratulated them.

'I truly wasn't expecting this, I didn't even know you guys still kept in touch but it a pleasant surprise' said Mrs Odukoya

'I have always told your mum you have a thing for her, glad to see that I am right'. Beamed Mr Odukoya

After dinner, Mr Odukoya and Junior excused themselves to the study and Ahkimah was left alone with Mrs Odukoya who engaged her in conversation of how and when she will like the wedding to be, she told her that she will like something very small and that she and Junior were yet to decided on a date, she couldn't tell her 22nd because it was too soon junior would have to be the one to tell them.

Junior and his Dad were taking forever and Ahkimah began to hope that Junior wouldn't tell him about her blackmail she came to the conclusion that she could trust him to keep to his promise not tell his parent, they finally came out after some time and she and Junior said their goodbye to his parent and left separately.

A week after that night and four days to the wedding, Mrs Odukoya succeeded in making Ahkimah drop her dream of dressing in casual all black for her wedding, they went shopping to pick two wedding dresses, one for the registry and the other for the reception, They picked a lovely white short spaghetti strap wedding dress for the registry and a nude long dress for the reception at Rammie's bridals which Mrs Odukoya got the manager to open for them on a Sunday afternoon, After which she followed Mrs Odukoya home and all four of them including Junior and Mr Odukoya had dinner, the Sunday dinner was almost becoming a ritual, having had dinner with them two Sundays in a row. She left with Junior to his penthouse after dinner and stayed over, the next morning she was awakened by an unexpected call from a foreign number, she picked the phone sluggishly and said 'hello'

'Hello, my name is Jessica, I am calling from Grand Primitus museum in South Africa, am I speaking to miss Ahkimah Bandi?

'yes' she replied

' We want to inform you that our staffs and security will be bringing in the jewellery as you requested, they will be in Nigeria by Wednesday evening, the jewellery will be handed over to you on Thursday morning and be retrieved before the end of the day.

Ahkimah wonder what jewellery and when she requested for it

'Sorry, what jewellery?'

'The pink diamond necklace, of course, your assistant has been in contact with us so you can use it on your big day, as requested by your father'

What Assistant? She pondered

Watch out for continuation soon.

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Re: Perfidy by nussyb(f): 8:21pm On Dec 19, 2018
Finally, she knew their plan, she didn't have to ask the museum to forward the number of the assistant that has been in contact with them she knew it was no other person but THE MAN, she called her Dad's lawyer who informed her more about the jewellery, her Dad found a pink diamond that the necklace was forged out of and made a deal with the South Africa museum for her to wear on her wedding day as part of his payment, it was obvious, THE MAN and THE OTHER MAN plan to steal it or why else would they want her getting married and requesting for the jewelry on her behalf, the necklace is said to worth over nine million dollars.

'Babe, you need to calm down' she heard Junior say but how can she be calm bearing in mind what she just found out
You know what, I have exactly what will help make you relax while we try to figure something out' continued Junior, he walked over to the dressing drawer and brought out a small bag where he removes a transparent nylon containing a white substance, she watched appalled as he empty its content on the dressing drawer and then removed his ATM card from his wallet that was also on the drawer.

' What do you think you are doing?' maybe if he had tried this some three weeks back she might have been awed but right now she wasn't

' Am just trying to help'

'Help!!! is that Blow? Do you want to help with Blow? '

I tho... ' she cut him short by raising her hand

'Save your explanation, I can't be here right now'

She got dressed and left and paid no attention to his pleas for her not to. Back at her house, she was filled with anger, she couldn't decide which was worse; finding out THE MAN's plan or Junior encouraging another addiction, today would make it two weeks since she first encounter THE MAN and THE OTHER MAN and since she last burnt crack, why would he want her to replace one drug with another, although she knew cocaine addiction was far better than crack's, at this point in her life she wants neither maybe he thought it was okay because they have been smoking loud together but that was not enough excuse for what he did.

Junior kept calling her phone till she was forced to eventually put it off, she didn't know what to do, maybe it was time to give up and face the consequence of her actions, she wouldn't give them the chance to rob the museum if she gets implicated that would mean jail time.

She picked the keys to her truck and drove out in search of Chingy, Chingy was her regular supplier before she started going to Ilorin, she met him at his usual corner in Aja and bought Loud from him then drove back home with the intention of smoking, there was no need hiding anymore, no more wedding means no inheritance and with no inheritance means there is no need to worry about anyone snitching on her.

She got home and found Junior's Aston Martin parked in the compound, she met him in the living room and asked him to follow her upstairs to her room because she wanted to avoid any of the domestic staffs eavesdropping to whatever they have to say to each other, in her room with her door locked, Ahkimah brought out her bag of loud and started rolling her blunt.

'You want to smoke in the house?' Junior asked

'Is there any reason not to?'

'Don't tell me you want to give up now'

'I have, I can't allow them to steal the necklace, I can be implicated'

'Baby, you just have to make sure you don't , let them get what they want and in return you get yours too, afterwards we can try and make it easy for the police to find them if we need to and by then you be worth more than the necklace you can pay for it'

Iooking at that way it was actually the smarter thing to do, everybody wins.

'Having you in my life is what has been giving me the courage to face all these but it was disheartened what you did this morning'

'Am sorry my love' he said

' So you are saying I should allow the museum bring the necklace and look the other way'

'If that is what it takes for you to get what is yours, you are not giving up yet babe pack up the smoke'

So she did and also contacted the museum and gave them the go-ahead to bring the necklace.

Watch out for continuation soon.

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Re: Perfidy by nussyb(f): 1:03pm On Dec 21, 2018
Thursday came swiftly, Ahkimah was filled with mixed emotions when she woke up; happiness, anxiety and fear. Happy that she might finally be getting her inheritance and she was going to get to spend forever with Junior, anxious to get both events; the wedding and the signing out of the way, scared of the outcome of what THE MAN and THE OTHER MAN might pull. She tried to look at the bright side of things, THE MAN and his partner though unplanned had helped her with her crack addiction even though she didn't accept her drug problem before now but she herself saw difference in her life maybe not in a significant way but at least she knew things were better she didn't just live to look forward to just weekends anymore, almost everyday was good on it own and that was thanks to Junior who she might not have come across again if not because them.

B.signature one of the best makeup artist in town was at her house early to make her up, arranged by Mrs Odukoya of course, after she was dressed with the pink diamond also endowing her throat which was delivered to her that morning and was about leaving the house for the registry when her phone beeped receiving messages from Junior, it was pictures and one of it was tagged "Bora Bora resorts' and the other with ' What do you think?' It was the perfect place for an honeymoon, her mind had been so engrossed with her crisis that she hadn't giving honeymoon a thought, she replied him telling him it was perfect.

She drove herself to the registry with the security detail of the south African museum at her heels where her love was waiting, looking tall and handsome as ever, the whole registry affair was shorter than she expected; it was over before she knew it and her title changed from ms to Mrs, she had to go to Saidu's law firm for the inheritance before going for the wedding reception at the Odukoya's family house,

She was so tensed and kept touching to check if the diamond jewelry was still on her neck , Junior the darling that he was sensed this and offered to escort her to the law firm but Mrs Odukoya insisted that at least one of them must return with them to the house for the reception, so Junior asked Dan to take her, has they left and drove to the law firm she was glad to see the museum's security at their rearview, they got to Saidu's law firm at exactly 2pm and she became alarmed when she didn't see the south African museum's security pull in after them, she removed the jewelry and put it in her purse before she hastily slipped in to the building of the law firm seeing no sign of THE MAN or his partner.

The SAN's Secretary a pretty young lady who strike her as being in her late twenties and looked far too sophisticated for her position pass her right through to him immediately without wasting time she was however now few minutes away from becoming a billionaire client, the SAN was waiting with two other colleagues and again in minutes her status changed she became the owner of sixty percent of Bandi's oil and the personal properties of late Mr Mololu Bandi, she was worth about eight hundred billion naira but she couldn't allow that sink in, not right away not when THE MAN and THE OTHER MAN might be outside waiting, she asked the Secretary where the restroom was and she was directed to it,.

She entered and decided it was just what she required, the toilet sit was just below the window, it was imperative that she take a peep into the compound so has to know what awaits her, she took off her block heels and climbed on the toilet sit and just has she expected she saw her worst two nightmares getting down from their Prado jeep, she saw THE MAN look towards her car, Dan was standing by the car and he was looking towards the building,she got down from the toilet sit and sat on it, she needed to figure a way out that doesn't include an encounter with them, she climbed back up to take another peep but being carefully this time knowing they would be on the look out for her, she saw Dan walking out of the gate of the firm, THE MAN and THE OTHER MAN were stationed outside the entrance of the building both standing at each side, she took down the registration of the plate of the Prado on her phone and got down, it was high time she finds out more about them. She took her time to wore back her heels before she left the toilet and approached the secretary again

'Excuse me, please is there a back exit?' She implored

The Secretary looked her over as if trying to surmise the reason why she would need a back exit before replying ' there is a back exit from the building but none from the compound you still have to go out through the front gate'

' I think that will do just fine' thinking it was better than nothing, the Secretary led the way to a hallway on the right of the reception room and halfway through the hallway she turned right into another hall and stopped.

'This leads straight outside to the right side of the compound'

Ahkimah murmured a thank you while thinking she couldn't be more fortunate, Dan parked the car just at the right corner of the building, proceeding alone cautiously towards the exit, she emerged out of the exit into a narrow path, the building was so close to the fence and the space couldn't take more than one person, she took off her heels once more and tiptoed towards the front of the building, at the edge she took a peep and saw THE MAN backing her, moving fast on instinct she dodge back to the path seeing THE OTHER MAN turning to face where she was before he caught sight of her, she had to try and make it to her car, she need not worry about the key being with Dan she always keep a spare of both her vehicles in her purse, she started keeping spares because of numerous times she had negligently locked the key in the car when she was high so she kept spare keys of her cars in her purse.

She opened her purse and searched for the right key then said a silent prayer before making a dart for the car while blanking everything out; the yells and threats from THE MAN and THE OTHER MAN for her to stop.

Watch out for continuation soon.
Re: Perfidy by BOSSkesh(m): 1:38pm On Dec 21, 2018
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Re: Perfidy by Caramelllll: 2:27pm On Dec 21, 2018
Dear writer pls I need your digit here. Awaiting the continuation in anticipation.

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Re: Perfidy by nussyb(f): 12:00pm On Dec 23, 2018
The car being her aim, she didn't notice when the bullet tore passed her and she was shocked and almost paralysed by the 'boom' sound it made when it hit her car. She was right by the car when it happened and rush to open the door to the driver side, activating the central lock as she got in.

Several other shots rented the air and she ducked, fumbling with the key trying to start the car, The front windshield crashed on her as she ignites the car, she ducks down while moving the car and turned left trying to manuever towards the gate, she knew she had to pass a handful of cars before turning left again and exiting through the gate.

THE OTHER MAN was now beside the back door and was trying to open it, she heard another pop from his gun and put more force on the accelerator not minding that she couldn't see where she was going, she turned sharply to the left heading for the gate, her car grazed the side of the car close by as she did.

Ahkimah left the compound of the chamber in high speed not daring to stop to recollect herself in case she was being chased, her first thought was to head home instead of facing the people waiting at the reception but she decided there was no safer place for her than to be surrounded by people where THE MAN and THE OTHER MAN couldn't get to her, she didn't bother to slow down before entering the Odukoya's compound , there was no point in trying to act normal, the car was evidence enough that something was wrong.

She parked the car, got down and ran barefooted to the house, ignoring the guests sitting outdoor under the tents staring at her, Junior and his parents met her at the door with lots of questions and fussing, seeing that she was in no state to answer questions, Junior carried her into one of the rooms. It was not until their family doctor; Dr Pius who happened to be at the wedding reception was called in to have a look at her that she realised that she had a cut on her right cheek and some bruises on arms and thighs, the doctor treated her wounds using a first aid box the Odukoya's kept in the house after which she told Junior's parents and two police officers who they had called what happened to her, a tale of how she was nearly robbed of the diamond jewelry which was actually half true, Junior knew of course that it was THE MAN and his partner but she withheld from telling him that they were willing to kill her for the diamond, she didn't think it was necessary .

She insisted that the reception should go on has planned, she told Junior that the robbery attempt wasn't going to make the day any less perfect for her but she was simply just afraid and wanted to be amidst people. She returned the jewellery to the security of the South African museum who had made their way to the Odukoya's after losing her and Dan on their way to the law firm, the wedding reception turned out more beautiful than she expected because of the delay it did not start till late in the evening and ran on till late at night which she realized she preferred to afternoon receptions and Mrs Odukoya's fine taste for almost everything made it lovelier, gradually people began to thin out and Junior asked if they should get going too but Ahkimah declared that they were spending the night at his parent and he didn't argue so they spend the night cuddled up in Junior's old room.

Watch out for continuation soon.

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Re: Perfidy by nussyb(f): 11:21pm On Dec 24, 2018
The next morning Ahkimah woke up and discovered she was alone in bed, she got up and went in search of Junior who she found making breakfast in the luxurious island kitchen, the kitchen was designed with custom cabinets that extend to the very high ceiling, beige decorations and spotlights

The large wooden island sat in the centre of the kitchen, the rich combination of medium brown with blue-black granite countertops gives it a calm contrast, there is an eat-in section at the island where Ahkimah sat without calling any attention to herself.

Junior who was pouring banters for pancakes into a hot, lightly greased griddle suddenly looked back as if he sensed her presence.

' You are the one making breakfast '

' Good morning to you too' he said as he walked over to where she sat and gave her a peck on the forehead

' Good morning,'

' I was going to serve you this in bed' said Junior who was back to the pancakes he was frying

' Sorry for ruining that, where is everyone?'

' They thought we might need some privacy so they left the place for us'

' That is so thoughtful of them but didn't you tell them we have our honeymoon planned? She asked

'Hrrr, honeymoon...'

' yeah, bora resort '

' oh yeah, I haven't finished working that out yet '

' okay, we should go to your place then we would get plenty alone time there, I would hate to rob your parent the comfort of their home'

' As you wish boss, breakfast is ready' he said setting the meal in front of her

' Chicken and potato pancakes, nice, I could get used to this'

The next couple of weeks after that morning was the best period of Ahkimah's life, she never believed that the level of happiness she felt was possible, the whole world was still to her except for the both of them, they spent almost every minute together but despite all these she didn't fail to notice that Junior was making no form of arrangement for their honeymoon trip, at first she thought someone was doing it for him and kept hoping that he would receive an update from the person but when he didn't she decided to find out more about the resort herself, it was then she discovered it different ranges of price, she then begins to wonder if money was the problem, another thing that made her think she might be right was the fact that she had not set eyes on Junior's Aston Martin since the wedding, he has been using an XV70 Camry.

So on one Saturday night after they just got back from a romantic dinner which Junior treated her to, she announced to Junior that she couldn't find her phone and was going in search of it in his car which they just got back in. she took the elevator down in pursuit of her quest and proceeded to the lot where the Camry was parked, She opened it and picked her phone on the front passenger seat where she had deliberately left it, this she did because she wanted to inspect his car, without having any particular thing she was looking for in mind she examine the safe, hand rest and the port compatible and found nothing, she gave up and got down to lock the car when the thought of searching the back seat organiser struck her , she open the back door and check the back organiser of the front passenger's seat and saw a brown envelope and and a Samsung phone, she switched on the phone, while it boots she looked through the envelope and uncovers the car's documents, skimming through it she realised the XV70 belongs to a Comfort hire, She tried to browse through the phone but it was locked so she returned everything to the way she came upon them and made a quick return to the penthouse.

Watch out for continuation soon.

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Re: Perfidy by nussyb(f): 1:21pm On Dec 29, 2018
Taking into account the blisteringly hot day it was earlier, Ahkimah wore a high slit plunge paisley long dress that evening to the accustomed Sunday dinner, after dinner they traded goodbyes on the porch of the house with Junior's parent, she and Junior matched outside into the big compound, the Camry was parked right in front of the porch, Ahkimah tilted her head skyward before entering the car and gazed at the ocean of blackness decorated with shimmering stars, It would have been a lovely night to do something outdoors with a loved one but her last night's discovery was still bothering her, she knew she had to get some form of clarity so when they pulled out of the Odukoya's compound Ahkimah said;

'Bubba(her new nickname for him), I haven't seen your Aston in a while, what's up with it'

'It needs some new parts which have ordered, it just taking a while to get here'

'I like this your other one too, I am thinking of getting something like this' dropping that as a bait

'You want a new car?' he asked

'Yes, I want something I can use when I don't want to use the truck or the Bugatti but I haven't decided yet'

'Alright let me know when you decide'

The calming presence of the night slowly made Ahkimah close her eyes, at first she was relieved when Junior said the Aston Martin was undergoing repair but that was gone when he didn't say the Camry was a rental after she implied that it was his, she didn't know what to think, if he didn't say anything consciously or if he just didn't think it was important.

She opens her eyes to the orange glow of street lights on the road, shinning on sidewalks, the remaining drive home was quiet, Ahkimah used it in plotting a plan to uncover whatever Junior was hiding if there was any and when they got to the penthouse she was satisfied with what she came up with.

The next day she suggested to Junior that they should spend the night at her house and they agreed to meet there later in the day, few hours after Noon she put a call through to Chingy before driving to his usual spot, she parked and called him again, a grey sedan drove passed her and parked ahead, opposite where she was, one of Chingy numerous customers she assumed, when Chingy eventually came he got into the car and she bought a few bottles of codeine and a sachet of Rohypnol from him before she went on her way.

She was going to her place early to set loose the domestics staffs so she and Junior could have the place to themselves but something in the rearview mirror cut her eyes it was the grey sedan from Chingy's place, could someone be following her? She needed to be sure so instead of driving straight home she drove to a mall not far from her place and went straight to a lounge on the first floor, she took a seat facing the glass wall where she could see the parking lot of the mall, she ordered two shots of their liquid cocaine, while she awaits her drink, she produced a Dunhill cigarette from her bag and lit it,she scan the lot for the grey sedan and was able to locate, she was now sure she wasn't just being paranoid, she was actually being followed. When her drink arrived she gulped the shots one by one and left the lounge.

At the ground floor, she purchased a bottle of Ciroc and a pack of yoghurt before heading back to her car, she drove towards the exit of the mall and as she approaches it she purposely slowed down so that the grey Sedan that was also now on the move could catch up, she got to the gate and made a scene looking for the tag when she knew it was right in her purse, seeing the Sedan behind her she produced the tag and hand it over to one of the securities, the Sedan was tinted so she couldn't see it driver so she made a mental note of the plate and saved it later on her phone when she back on the road.

After getting home, she excused the staffs for the day then catch on some series while she waits for Junior's arrival, Junior, however, did not show till after 8 pm, when he did they ate dinner and afterwards Ahkimah produced her purchased from earlier in the day, they mixed up the codeine and the yoghurt, Ahkimah swallowed two of the pills and made sure she sticks to the Ciroc , Junior drank the codeine alone, took a couple of pills and still drank from the Ciroc but he didn't go to bed till almost two hours past midnight contrary to what Ahkimah thought.

Ahkimah quietly pick up the key to the Camry then creped out of the house, on getting to the Camry she went straight for the back seat organizer of the front passenger seat and found nothing before searching the whole car, she was hoping to go through the Samsung she found the last time, not only was the phone gone so was the car's documents. Did Junior found about her last search? She pondered

Watch out for continuation soon...

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