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Re: Perfidy by Caramelllll: 1:36pm On Dec 29, 2018
Dear Writer, can I pls have your digit. I beg of you..

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Re: Perfidy by nussyb(f): 2:25pm On Dec 31, 2018
Ahkimah woke up very early the next morning and made them sandwiches which she served Junior in bed, after eating Junior got dressed in preparation to leave.

‘Bubba, Do you think we should get a house?’

‘A house ?’

‘Yeah, Our place, the penthouse is like your space and this is like mine’

‘It true when you put it that way’

‘Yeah so I am thinking of going house hunting today to find us a small house something that won’t be too big for you’

‘That’s nice, Do you need me to tag along?’

‘No that won't necessarily, I will pick the ones that might suit us then we go see them to decide on one ‘

‘Alright then, have fun without me’ 

Ahikimah who was sitting on the bed took a kneeling position, she pulls Junior’s shirt drawing him closer to the bed from where he was standing, knotting a tie, She pressed her lips on his and nibble gently before taking hold of the tie and finishing it for him, they walked out later when Junior was leaving.

‘Baby, your car has been sitting there since you fixed it after the wedding’ pointing to where the Bugatti was packed

‘I haven’t been drawn to it since then’

‘Oh, are yo...’

‘ You know what why don’t use it till your car is ready?’

‘Really, are sure you are okay with only the truck’

‘If I get tired of it I will use this’ tapping on the Camry

‘Let me get the key’ she went in and came back with the key which she passed to Junior,

‘Thanks, baby, how do I move the two of them from here now’

‘Drop the key to the Camry, I will ask someone to drive it to your place or you could ask Dan to come pick it up’

‘Great idea’ he planted a goodbye kiss on her lips, gets into the Bugatti and drove off.

Ahkimah satisfactorily watched him drive off happily, she then ran inside and got dressed and left the house, she sighted the grey sedan down her street and ignored it, she drove to chingy’s place and called him out, he came and got in beside her dressed in his usual style; jeans, scruffy T-shirt and dirty sneakers, She bought only pills this time, buying sachets of molly and Rohypnol after paying for her goods she said.

‘Chingy, I need a faavour’

‘What do you need’ he asked

‘Look ahead, can you see a grey Sedan parked in front of that small provision shop’

‘He has been following me, can you help me get some boys to hold him down and prevent him from following me when I leave here'

‘That is a small thing now if you even want him dealt with, I am your guy'

‘No that won’t be necessary, just delay him till long after I am gone.

‘ that’s won’t be a problem, I will fall out my boys now’ Chingy produced a phone from his pocket and called someone

‘Come road with them slim, matter don sup’ he said to the person at another end of the line.

She thanked him and gave him money to share with his boys, Chingy left the truck and walked towards the grey Sedan, Ahkimah watched has a guy joined him when they got to the Sedan, the guy moved to the front of the car and sat on the bonnet, two other guys came to join them by the car and started pounding on the side of the car, She decided she had seen enough and left, she drove to the address of Comfort hires which she had found online the night before, she left the highland behind and advanced to comfort hires in Ikeja using her google map. She entered th enterprise and found it empty, she turned and was about to head out when she heard ‘Good Afternoon’ and turned to see a young man who appeared to skinny to be called a man.

‘Hello, I am looking for something luxurious to hire for the weekend’ she said

‘Do you have a specific brand in mind?’

‘No, I just want something exotic’

‘Let me show you the garage, come with me please ‘ he walked and left the reception exiting through the back door that leads to an open space where several cars were packed with Ahkimah at his heels.

‘ Do you have an Aston Martin?’ She asked while following him eastward of the compound


‘ I think I will go for that, I hope it comes in a bright colour’

‘Unfortunately, it black but we have others in bright colours, we have a red Lamborghini’ he said as he stopped in front of a garage to open it.

They stepped into the garage that was occupied with a Ferrari Sergio, a Bugatti Chiron, a Lamborghini Veneno, a Mercedes AMG and an Aston Martin Vulcan, they were all oblivious to her except for the Aston Martin, she moved closer to it and examine it, it looks exactly like Junior's but there was no way she could be absolutely sure it the same one.

'Are you going for this?' Asked the Attendant who was now standing by her side

'No, black is the one colour I can never be caught driving in' she said hoping he didn't see her pull in with her black truck.

'Do you like the red Lamborghini?

'It not my brand' she move closer to the emerald green Ferrari and pretends to assess it

'This might do she said '

'Excellent choice, it one of our best fancy cars, let's get back to the office for the required documentation'

They stepped out and the Attendant locked the garage behind them while walking back she tried to induced what it means if the Aston Martin was also hired, an idea struck her and she blurted it out almost as soon as it was formed

'Do you have any Toyota Prado Jeep'

'Yes but I thought you want something more luxurious'

'I need the Prado for another purpose'

'We have two Prado Jeep but they are both black'

'Oh, let me see them'

The Attendant turned back and walked straight down to the far end of the compound where two matte- black Prado Jeeps were parked, she went through the contacts on her phone and started checking if the plates she saved on her wedding day matches any of the two Prado Jeep at Comfort hires, the Attendant watched her it was obvious her action bewilders him, the first Prado didn't match with the plates she saved but the second one did. She stood transfixed with horror, Junior and THE MAN had both used Comfort hires, was this just a coincident or part of a ballgame?

Watch out for continuation soon...

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Re: Perfidy by nastynic(m): 3:56pm On Dec 31, 2018
Damn! I've always suspected that Junior Of a Guy..
Nigga be giving Bad Vibes about my name..

Nice Updates Bruh...

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Re: Perfidy by nussyb(f): 12:47am On Jan 02
Following her near breakdown, Ahkimah had hurriedly given the Attendant an excuse of getting back to him and left, she spends the next couple of minutes on her phone while sitting in her truck finding out about Comfort hires what she unearth was another bombshell, Comfort hires belong to Adegbolaran Odukoya; Junior's father, she deliberated on If it wasn't just Junior involved but his parents too, she was sure her new tail would also bear the mark of comfort hires.

The last thing she wanted to do was to go back home to Junior so her mind went to her usual solace in time of trouble, she drove the short distance to Muritala Muhammed airport and paid for the 2:10 pm flight to Ilorin, she did over an hour wait before they boarded because she was early, while waiting she made arrangement for a hired cab to pick her up because she was unable to get through to Deran.

They landed in Ilorin at exactly 3:17 pm and left the airport immediately owing to the fact that she had no luggage to wait for, Deran study at the Kwara state Aviation college and stays in one of his father's house not too far from the airport, the road to his place was almost opposite the airport, the cab driver made a U-turn after leaving the airport before turning into the untarred road that leads to Junior's house, he forwarded down the long road and when they where almost at the end of it, Ahkimah pointed to a gate ahead of them

' We are here, just turn into that green gate' said Ahkimah

After parking in front of the green gate the driver honked the horn, Ahkimah was expecting the familiar face of Deran's gateman; Ikenna but it wasn't him, the unknown man came to the driver's side of the car.

'Good Afternoon' he said

'Good Afternoon, is Deran home?'


'Are you new here? Where is Ikenna?'

' I just start to dey work here'

' Do you know if Deran went far?'

' I no know Oga Deran, Oga Niran talk say him brother wey dey live for here die and they need person to look after the place, he be like say na the brother be Deran'

The severity of what he said refused to sink in maybe he wasn't sure of what he was saying

'Is the Oga Niran around?'

'No, he no dey stay for here'

' Can you call him for... You know what, just give me his number'

The gateman gave her the number and after calling, Niran confirmed that Deran was shot early December alongside his gateman; Ikenna, outside his house on his way for a journey.

Watch out for continuation soon....
Re: Perfidy by nussyb(f): 12:52am On Jan 05
Pacing at the gate of Ilorin international airport, subsequent to the revelation of Deran's death, contemplating on what her next action should be, Deran's death had really opened her eyes, she had never trusted the domestic staff at her house, one of them must have overheard her while talking to Deran on the phone, now she knows that her meeting with Junior at Travelers hotel was premeditated with Deran dead she had nowhere else to run to she concluded that the logical thing to do was to return home and act normal till she came up with a better alternative.

She returned back to Lagos with the 5:45 pm flight and was back in her truck by 7:10 pm, she didn't, however, get back to the penthouse till after 10 pm because of traffic, she licked two pills of Rohypnol and swallowed one capsule of Molly before going up into the penthouse, She entered using her keys and found Junior sitting on the couch watching television with a bottle of wine and a filled glass in front of him, she trotted forward to the couch and gave him the most passionate kiss she could summon giving the situation.

'Babe, you 've got a blue tongue, are you sure you went house hunting?'

Ahkimah started laughing hysterically and Junior was forced to join in.

'I got some stuff for us to party with when I get back but the realtor was a real party groover '

'So you were out having fun without me'

'I left your share' she opened her bag and produced the remaining merchandise from Chingy

'Molly!!! Babe, you just made my night, tonight is going to be a long one, let me get you a glass for the wine'

She felt like getting as far away from Junior as possible, she wished she could at least go into the room and lock herself in but instead she stayed up with Junior drinking, gisting, pretending everything was okay.

Ahkimah grew edgier has days ensues, trying to speculate what laid in stock for her, since the plan to use THE MAN and his partner to get rid of her had failed, it simply would have been ruled as a robbery gone wrong, On Thursday afternoon she got the most unexpected call

'Hello' she said

'Hello, It Niran; Deran's brother'

'Yes, I know, how are you?' She inquired

'I am fine, thanks, I was hoping we could get together, it would be good to talk with one of his friends'

'Oh, sure but I reside in Lagos'

'I am aware of that, I stay in Lagos too, Are you free this evening?' He asked

'Yes I am'

'Do you know Amasi's cuisine?'

'Yeah I think I do'

'Join me there for dinner, is seven o'clock fine?'
Yeah seven is fine' she replied

'See you then'

Ahkimah wearing an ivory and blue french doors wrap dress lingered till exactly 7 pm before leaving the house, this she did so that whoever was on her trail won't see Niran, she hoped Niran keeps to time and would already be in the cuisine before she arrives.

When she eventually got to Amasi's cuisine, she entered and hope Niran had picked a concealing seat for them, she dialled his number while looking to see whose phone will ring she suddenly became perplexed with the face she spotted sitting in the right corner.

Watch out for continuation soon...

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Re: Perfidy by nussyb(f): 1:46am On Jan 12
Travelling across the room to the far right-hand corner, she took a pause as he got up revealing the drab white shirt worn on a shapeless grey checkered woven pant, the black tie he wore was the biggest Ahkimah has ever seen, the dull unfashionable style brought her eyes back to his face to assess it, his eyes were covered with thick-framed nerdy glasses, he was on low cut with a deep side part. Deran was one of the most modish people she knew, he had always kept his hair short at the back with a crop fringed in front.

"You must be Ahkimah she heard him say'

She muddlingly replied with a nod, she watched him pull her a seat opposite where he sat before, she took the seat and continued regarding him as he took his seat and waved to a waiter.

" what will you like to have?" He asked as he thumb through the menu with his left hand

"Whatever you are having" she replied

"I heard they make the best pork here" facing the waiter that was now standing by their side to take their orders "We will have your fried pork chops with peas and potatoes, bring us a bottle of red wine first"

After the waiter left they were both quiet for a moment

"Ahkimah, you have been staring"

"Oh! Am sorry, am just confused, your resemblance with Deran is just indistinguishable"

"Of course, as it is with most twins" Said Niran

"Deran mentioned is brother a couple of time but he didn't say it was his twin"

"He is always talking about you though, intact I have..."

They were interrupted by the waiter who was back with a bottle of wine and two wine glasses, their dinner was served not long after that, they ate and talk about Deran, talking about how weird and cool he was at the same time. After eating, when the empty plates were gone and were just left with the almost finished wine.

"Ahkimah, have been trying to get in touch with you long before you called, the only way I could have gotten your number was his phone and it was the only thing that was stolen when he was shot"

"I would have called long before I did too if I had found out earlier"

"That is one of the things that have been bothering me, why didn't you find out on time?"

"Hmmm... I don't understand what you mean"

"We both know you spend every weekend with Deran before the incident, why did you stop going right after it"

The last thing Ahkimah was expecting from Deran's was an accusation and she was left dumbfounded and on spur of moment, she realised that she was the direct caused of Deran's death.

"If you had gone the following weekend after he was shot you would have found out early enough" she heard him add

"The reason why I stopped going was that I got married" she picked her purse that was sitting on the table " I am so sorry for your loss, I have to get going "

"Please stay a moment" getting up briskly and held her hand till she got back in her seat

"I am sorry for coming on you like that, It just that I can wrap my head around why someone will be murder over a phone" and with that he broke down and started crying, Ahkimah not knowing what to do pick a serviette and passed to him.

"He was found with his bag packed, do you have any idea where he might be going to?" he asked after calming down

"No, he didn't tell me anything"

"Do you think he was trying to run away from whoever shot him"

"I don't know"

With Ahkimah unable to provide any useful information for Niran they said their goodbyes, Ahkimah made sure she left before him because of her tail, she left Amasi's cuisine in high speed with a new determination in mind, she was going to revenge Deran.

Watch out for continuation soon...


Re: Perfidy by LightQueen(f): 8:30am On Jan 12
Thanks for the updates

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Re: Perfidy by jamestkul: 8:38am On Jan 12
wow....very good 1,this is very interesting ,,,i like the plots and the way the story is going.even more matured than the first perfidy...pls continue this good work.

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Re: Perfidy by nussyb(f): 9:07am On Jan 12
Thanks for the updates
You welcome
Re: Perfidy by nussyb(f): 9:08am On Jan 12
wow....very good 1,this is very interesting ,,,i like the plots and the way the story is going.even more matured than the first perfidy...pls continue this good work.
Re: Perfidy by Nelly21: 9:26pm On Jan 15
Cool story, I like. More ink to your pen

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Re: Perfidy by nussyb(f): 10:50pm On Jan 17
Cool story, I like. More ink to your pen
Re: Perfidy by nussyb(f): 6:16pm On Jan 18
Days drifted after that night with Ahkimah indecisive of if she was strong enough to go on with what she was brewing, Sunday night made the decision for her, after looking at them grinning like Cheshire cats she wonders what they have in store for her, on top of that Niran had called a handful of time succeeding their dinner to meet up which she had refused with excuses that further her guilt and helped motivate her decision to make the first move.

On Monday morning, she left the house and drove to chingy's as was now customary for losing her tail, she was surprised when she didn't see the grey sedan after parking for a while, she guessed the driver was staying clear of Chingy's, happy that she didn't have to use Chingy himself again, she continued to Saidu's law firm, positioning her truck at her new found favourite spot in the compound when she arrived at the firm before calling Niran to get all the necessary details she needed. She then entered the building and exited with a happy smile contend on what she had achieved. They would get nothing even if they got her before she executes her plan.

She spends the next couple of days on research that would help with her plan, Early Friday morning which was the day for the monthly shareholders meeting, she notifies Junior she wasn't feeling too good and implored he go in her place which he gladly agreed to, they arranged to meet at her place afterwards. Ahkimah went home and gave the domestic staff the weekend off, she and Junior spend the day alone with her playing the sick patient and Junior her nurse, when they woke up the next morning with no changes with her health Junior suggested he takes her to the hospital but she insisted she would be fine so instead Junior called their family doctor and informed him about her state of health and the symptoms she had, the doctor recommended some drugs and said he will come by the house if she didn't feel better soon, Junior got her the recommended drugs which she used.

On Sunday afternoon Ahkimah got up and started preparing for the routine family dinner, Junior who had been watching TV in the living room walk in on her brushing her hair.

'Babe, are you going somewhere?'

'Yeah am going early to your parent's, I promise your mum I will be making the dessert this week'

'But you heard me when I was talking to her this morning, I already told her we won't be coming today because of your health moreover it not compulsory we show up every weekend we could start our own weekend ritual'

'Starting our own weekend ritual is a great idea but have been looking forward to making the dessert all week, we will take a break next weekend' she said before disappearing into her dressing room

'Babe, are sure you are strong enough to be making anything?' Junior asked peering through the door

'I am fine, Bubba ' she walked to him from the wall mounted shoe rack where she was about to pick something to wear and gave him a kiss 'you don't have to worry'.

Watch out for continuation soon

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