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Dark Night (episodes) by Oladipo Daniel by dsquare4d(m): 6:26am On Jan 17, 2019
Written by Oladipo Daniel

The breeze blew gently, toying the cotton room to and fro. No sound was heard except the snoring of a young damsel sleeping half naked with a short white cloth covered her tiny yellow thighs to the middle of her stomach. The two balls on her chest were looking at the roof - hun-un! hun-un! It was very early in the morning. Suddenly, a faraway barking of a dog disrupted the atmosphere, she slightly opened her eyes, stretched her two arms. Jesus! She yawned. She looked round the room as she realized half of the bed has been squeezed as if there was battle going on there. Chief?... Hono... What has happened said she. A fairly good looking man laid down beside the bed with a knife on his chest. Why would a man totally naked in such position? She ran to the door, it was locked, who has entered? Could this man have killed himself? Beauty sat down for a while only to think of what to do and the predicament that would follow. She hasted to the key beside the bed, packed her clothes, rushed towards the door, as she was dressing up. Quietly she found her self outside the hotel building without anyone notice or suspicion. She spoke to herself, beauty, use your brain else you put yourself in big mess. A time like this, unplanned thoughts occupied her mind. She took a cab without a certain destination. The cab man asked, madam, where are you going? Just keep move she retorted. Nothing to compare with her body not even the then Nokia 3310 as she was shivering behind the car 'crying over spilt milk', finally she uttered, Surulere, take me there. What is Surulere or why Surulere. A proverb says, "people run to God when there's trouble". Surulere is where aunty Helen lived (her long forgotten and abandoned aunty who brought her to Lagos). Aunty Helen was generous and kind. she had already knew something was wrong but could not ask at the moment, she brought her in, prepared her hot tea and told her to relax. Though, she (beauty) was laying down but widely her eyes opened like a man monitoring a crab. Her mind was filled with myriad questions which she desperately needed answers.

What do you think? Could she mistakenly kill Chief, or Chief kill himself? What advice would you give her in this condition

the story continues @www.toriperi.com and many other stories. Don't miss this.
Re: Dark Night (episodes) by Oladipo Daniel by dsquare4d(m): 4:39pm On Feb 07, 2019
© Oladipo Daniel

Early the third day Beauty came to aunty Helen's house, she was outside brushing when she suddenly saw a police car with its loud siren. She fainted immediately the car stopped at the other side of the road; she thought they were there to arrest her. People rushed to safe her life, fortunately, there was no car around than the police car to take her to hospital after they had poured several buckets of water on her and she did not wake up. Right on their way, the only murmuring on the street was the police were really nice this time. They could help the citizen without collecting money, they said... Before they got to hospital, a miracle happened, Beauty woke up. O, what a great irony! Her eyes were opened an ounce, she saw the raffle of long mouth pointed towards the side door. She looked at the front and realized the driver was a police too. She could not help herself but raised an alarm - shouted "moku ooo.. " (I'm done for! ), she fainted again. Every body in the car was surprised, what could have happened they murmured. The driver asked Aunty Helen if her sister was a criminal. She quickly defended her with a doubtful mind... Beauty spent complete three hours on bed before she could be herself, even when she was conscious. She found it difficult to open her eyes - thinking the police was still around. Thank God you are finally back, you really scared hell out of me', aunty Helen said in relief. She has been asking her what actually happened the very day she came to her on that faithful morning, now, was another event that really bewildered her. She asked again, what are you going through or you committed a crime because the drama that happened today portrayed such. Beauty response ever was "NOTHING", she never knew how she could tell her sister. even what truly transpired that night, she wished someone could explain her...
Beauty, in the evening after she was discharged, went to her house at Lekki. She has a young girl of about 12 years of age working with her as housemaid. She told her boss that various men have come to ask of her since she left home. She went into her room and came back with a book where she wrote the names of the visitors. Beauty seemed unconcerned on the list but just have to compose herself so that the young girl would not be suspicious. She only mentioned five names (honorable Ugo, he said he wanted to go to Abuja for the meeting two of you planned to attend. There was this man, he refused to tell me his name. He came with three big jeeps, he said he would call you. Mallam, Uncle soldier, Uncle Dennison... beauty finally opened her tiny lips which was painted red, Stop! She said, go inside and pack all your load. The girls was confused, but there was nothing she could say than to obey her boss. She went in and returned with a box. Beauty gave her an envelope. Take this and go back to your village. I'm traveling and don't know when I will be back. Pls, don't tell anyone about me, is that clear? She concluded, and don't ever come back to this side anymore. Beauty too went in to pack some of her clothes and some other things. She entered her car and drove off.
**** *** ** *
The hotel management had aware of the scenario, they called the police and the chief corpse was taken to mortuary till they found out the cause of his death... Various investigations were being taken, the hotel management was blamed for not installing CCTV in their twenty-first century building. Nobody, not even the staff on duty claimed to witness or have any information on the young lady with chief that night. The Chief family brought a detective, Shadow. He was a Yoruba man who had traveled abroad for good fifteen years. Shadow was a professional on his field. He was a family friend of the late chief too. He promised he would get to the bottom of the matter.

To be continued....

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Re: Dark Night (episodes) by Oladipo Daniel by dsquare4d(m): 6:47am On Feb 17, 2019
Re: Dark Night (episodes) by Oladipo Daniel by dsquare4d(m): 6:48am On Feb 17, 2019
© Oladipo Daniel
Detective Shadow as promised, took with him a male policeman to seek for chief movements on that day. He started the investigation from chief's office. He asked his manager whatever he knew about chief, what he did and when he left the office. They were told chief only spent few time with them on August 25. He came late on that day, he (Chief) said he took his wife to work that her car was faulty. He was too busy on phone even when I went to drop a file on his desk. He could not attend to me, he only spoke with hand (gesture). I was with the secretary, the next thing I saw was, chief was on phone saying that 'I'm on my way'. He did not utter us a word but wave in goodbye. I didn't know it would be our last day, I would have... He concluded. Shadow was going back with the policeman to chief's house, the police asked why the detective did not arrest the manager because he seemed to be hidden something with that his uncompleted statement. Shadow said his case was infinitesimal to the matter at hand. At chief's house with his family, chief, as told was a good man, kind, honest and very STUBBORN (even incorrigible). He was one of the aspirants for this coming election they said. Shadow demanded for chief's phone and his lawyer approval to check through his line from the network provider in order to know where to start from.

**** *** ** *

Chief did call three numbers after he left his office on August 25. He received from mama Bola, the last wife of his late father who lived in their village; he called honorable Ankara, they were friend and in the same party before he joined another party, the last person on the list was beauty, his client when there was cold.

*** ** *

They took further, now there were suspects, men are equal but some are more important than others. Chief did not go to the village, so, nothing much could be done with mama Bola in the village (though, the wife said she was there first suspect because she (mama Bola) used to do charm. She might have, therefore, charmed chief to kill himself. They threw away this ideology because it was unproved according to the law. Shadow tried his best to investigate honorable Ankara, he often failed. Hon. could not be tempered at this time of campaign. He (hon. Ankara) told them he has nothing to do with the death of chief after all, they were not together at that night. The policemen suggested that so far politics is a dirty game. And, Chief and Honorable were once friend when they were member of the same party. They (police) said they must have known the weakness of one another. As the elder said, no man loves his friend and allow him to take away his daily bread to put him in hunger. So, Honorable might have played his opponent politics as they were both running for the same post in this coming election. Well, they might be right but Shadow's major suspect was a female because they were told that chief went to the hotel with a female who could not be found after the incidence. He demanded beauty's address she used for her sim registration when she bought her sim card. They set out to begin the investigation...

To be continued (episode 3, coming soon).
Re: Dark Night (episodes) by Oladipo Daniel by dsquare4d(m): 7:33am On Feb 21, 2019
© Oladipo Daniel

Shadow's eyes were like a man that was just dethroned when he met Beauty's house lucked. He was told the house has been empty for a week or so. He didn't know anyone with beauty from all the information he has got since he started his investigation on her. Her number which should have been the only source was switched off, no relative. He told the police to make sure they guild the building twenty-four/seven (24/7). And, once they see anyone around the house, they should arrest the person irrespective of his/her status. Shadow went back to chief's wife, he asked her maybe she knew anything about the lady called beauty.

Chief's wife: of course Mr shadow, my husband has been going out with the useless girl for a while.

Shadow: when and how did you know of her?

Chief's wife: it was the stubbornness of a fly that makes it follows corpse to the grave, because I have warned my husband of that girl... I was at home one day when a young girl introduced herself as our neighbor. She gave me a picture of a girl that she was my husband concubine. She called her name beauty. Ever since then I have been spying on them.

Shadow was so happy to hear this, he wished to know everything she had known maybe it would help them to get beauty. She continued, beauty had a friend very close to chief's office where she believed they have met. She said from the information, the girl was coming from her friend when her husband was charmed with her so called beauty and.... Shadow cut in, is it true the girl is beautiful as her name implies? Yes, she replied, if you too are not stand, you might end up of sleeping with her. How on earth, never! He responded boldly.

Chief's wife: She was a street girl according to the news. Shadow was relieved having known a person has at least now been ascribed to beauty. He demanded for her address...

In Chioma's house, Shadow introduced himself to Chioma. Chioma a typical African girl - chocolate in complexion; worthy of African queen, wore a transparent lemon gown. On it was a fly over black jacket left unbutton. The gown was in between her laps so light that eyes could describe every mark in her body. Shadow smiled whenever Chioma talked, he could not control his eyes as it often glanced seen the two balls on her chest through the little space of the unbutton jacket: in his mind was another story entirely - love affection. Quickly he has to compose himself so that he would not be victim as well. Chioma said her husband that brought her to Lagos died after three months of their marriage. She could not go back to village and no man as well to propose. She has decided to go out with men that was what brought connection between her and beauty. She said she was indeed a friend to Beauty but for the past few weeks she could not reach her because her number was switched off.

Shadow emotionally asked, why did you decided like that, can't you see how beautiful you are to turn yourself out for men! He quickly covered his mouth, knowing so well that he should not have said that. Chioma smiled because she could read through his eyes that his mind was full of what she called "man lust".

Chioma: I'm 35 years of age without a man to man me. I believe you understand what I mean... As others, body is not stone, I do have feeling too. And I will need someone to fill me when there is cold.

Hearing this, Shadow could not control himself, He jumped up and asked for her toilet. Something like police rod was standing between his legs, pushed out his zip trouser as he was rushing to the toilet. Chioma shook her head, she thought within herself, "men are all the same". They hardly control themselves whenever they lost their mind. She pretended as if she saw nothing because so many of such she has seen before...

In the toilet, Shadow discovered his boxer has already wet. He stayed few minutes before he came back. No body actually knew what took him long. Coming out from the toilet, He went straight to his suitcase and told her he would come back next day for further information about her friend...

To be continued...
Re: Dark Night (episodes) by Oladipo Daniel by dsquare4d(m): 9:30am On Feb 24, 2019
© Oladipo Daniel
Every town has its own way of cutting chickens, Shadow took with him a male police because of his last time experience in Chioma's house. He knew there are many colorful flowers in the path of life (but the prettiest one are dangerous): the beautiful ladies are dangerous. Chioma was glad to see them. She actually didn't know they would come that day, you are highly welcomed she said delightfully. Shadow's eyes penetrating through his spectacle thinking he would emotionally destroy this meeting again. Chioma pleaded for how she dressed last time that she never knew visitor would come and there was heat. She was quite aware what transpired in the last meeting. This time around she put on a slimy orange gown that nearly reach her knees.
'Back to the business' shadow uttered, we need to see your friend concerning the death of late chief... She cut in, She might be with her clients or peradventure she travels out of the country. She paused, oooh! Let me get in touch with her maid. She should know her whereabout. She was the one that brought the young lady from her village to work with beauty. She dialed the number of the maid parent. It was a voice of a young lady. Aunty chiomaaaa, the voice said, who are you please, chioma asked. It is your girl aunty, Glory. Ah, thank God, I wanted to speak with you that's why I called. Pls what happened to your boss and by the way why are you with your parent's phone. Are you not suppose to be with your boss? Glory told her aunty that her boss sent her away and how she told her not to let anyone knew anything about her. where is your boss? Chioma finally asked. I don't know ma, she was at home when I left.
Chioma sat down for a while, she stood up and went inside only to come back with a jotter. Officer! I will love to help but I don't think I have any information or know beauty's bearing. And, concerning this matter, i am not sure beauty can kill a fowl not to talk a man. Pls visit this address, ask for aunty Helen. The is the person that brought my friend to Lagos, she concluded. Shadow's appreciated her effort and exchanged numbers.
Aunty Helen was on her way out early in the next morning when shadow with three officers came. They told her whom they were looking for and why. Sister Helen told them beauty left her place few days ago back to Osogbo, Osun State and gave them her address. She nearly fainted after the policemen left. She could not hold herself because she had been imagined what caused charade of her sister during her return "from exile" as prodigal son. She called beauty's number to inform her the scenario but it was switched off. She could not go out any more, asking herself if her sister truly killed chief as the police said. She found it very likely due to the drama beauty performed on their way to hospital inside police car...
Shadow took a journey from Lagos to Osun state. On their way, he sat at the owner side, while two other policemen at the back seat.
Officer 1: oga! That lady is beautiful o.
Shadow: which lady (he turned back to look at the officer)
Officer 1: the woman we go visit yesterday, chi.. Chi.. Chin..
Shadow: o! U mean Chioma?
Officer 1: yes, you are correct oga.
I come see the reason why you talk make I follow you go. If na only me too. Hmm, I fit fall o.
He quickly paused as he saw Shadow's eyes red like god of thunder. Unexpectedly, BOOM! they were all shouting "jesus! Lailai ilalai! etc. One of their car tire busted. The driver could not control the steering, before a wink, the car tumbled. Alas! What an accident? People began to rush towards them after the car was eventually stopped by a big tree very close to the road. No casualty was record except a minor scar on shadow - at his right arm. Hope nobody get injury? Officer 1 inquired. Thank God we are all okay�. Wetin we go do now oga! Officer 2 frained.
Shadow: I never experienced anything like this in my life, hmm, the only problem now is this car.
Officer 1: Oga make we go back, maybe this matter get spiritual.
Shadow : (laughed) I don't believe in any of such. Let me call chief's family. We must continue our journey. (He brought out his phone and dialed a number) hello ma, ehm.. em.. We.. Had an accident!
Phone voice (chief's wife) : God! How? Hope it was not fatal? How is...
Shadow: nothing much ma. The only issue is the car we chartered.
Phone voice: don't worry about that dear, I will take charge of that. i will send my mechanic to the spot now. My husband must not die like that.
Shadow: Thank you ma (He ended the call). Officers, let's take taxi while the driver stays with the car till mechanic gets here.
Officer 1: Oga! To where. You no they fair?
He could not continue as Shadow shut him up. They followed him to the road to take matatu.
The address was right, they located the house. They met an old woman at the front of the house whom was asked if beauty was living in there. The old woman sent for beauty. Wow! if there should be better words than "beauty", Shadow would have used, he found it difficult to open his mouth as she was coming forth. She was more fairer, unblemished, template, the figure 8 and what she carried at the back drove men crazy. Her steppings too like the world paparazzi. He was carried away with "beauty".
Are you Ms. Beauty? Officer 2 cried. Yes I am, can I help you? she replied. You are under arrest, Officer 1 alarmed. She was about to collapse, shadow held her and she was taken back to Lagos and kept in police custody.

To be continued... (Episode 5, coming soon)
Re: Dark Night (episodes) by Oladipo Daniel by dsquare4d(m): 6:43pm On Mar 09, 2019

The room was nearly empty, alone Beauty sat down facing a student table with no cover. In this dilapidated room, how on earth could one think straight even the music in her belly was worthy of hip hop beat. The door opened, officer, she said, I think I need to use toilet. You're insane, the male officer replied, when you dey kill Shief you no know. You batter kooperate. Her mind flashback to three years ago: she was called on that afternoon from B Division where told a young maiden of early twenty had just arrested. She went there to intercede for Billy who was allegedly charged for walking late. She remembered the post on the wall - "police is your friend" and how she settled with #15, 000 to get Billy released. This made her to conclude, "police is friend when money is involved or at hand". she thought she could settle her case friendly once money is involved. Officer, I told you I know nothing, I will give you anything you ever want if you can let me leave, she said romantically. You will give anything the officer responded. Yes, I will. Just settle my case, she continued, whatever you want, be it monetary or (she shook her chest). The door banged behind the officer, it was a female officer telling Beauty the deceased family has taken the case to court. What do you have me do? Beauty inquired. She was advised to get her own lawyer. The male officer furiously left the room making a hug hiss as if there was a long train sounding its horn. He said as he was going, 'she enter spoil my business'. Don't mind her the female officer said, let's make the matter "hiss-and-tell". She asked Beauty what has happened and the cause of living that warrant the present fettle...

She started her story, I never killed in my life except... even one night on bike there was this useless and stupid citizen of this nation that could not take his mind away from female 'property'. He would mashed his break to ensure my breast hit his back taking the advantages of this and drove me beginning of journey. What do you mean by that? Officer asked. I mean it was the beginning of a new chapter in my life. I was sixteen, he (the bike-man) stopped at the road side beside forest, at first, I thought he wanted to pee having known man's heart was too far from his physical appearance. I crossed to the other side, He... he... I mean he followed me quietly where I bent easing, grabbed me from behind, forced away all my clothes. strengthfully, I struggled to set myself loosen but all to no avail. He pulled my back on the ground, got my legs... (She was crying as she wanted to continue with her story). The officer sympathetically turned the table down and took her seat. She raised up her head looking as the roof, picturing if it would be night of fun or curse, sorrow, fierce grief, and shook her big head incomparable to Oke-idanre in pity. Despite of my struggles, she continued, he pulled my legs apart and.... She covered Beauty's mouth... You killed him? She asked. I never killed him, but every body blamed me because I had the privilege to do just that immediately he stood up but I was too scared to kill. I let him go, she said remorsefully.
I did shame to go back to my aunty.
Officer: No, it wasn't your fault.
Beauty: it was.
Officer: you mean...
Beauty: my aunty told me to abstain from Lisa...
Officer: Lisa! what is Lisa?
Beauty: a friend, she lived in next street. My aunty called her 'unworthy', that she would one day destroy my life.
Officer: what does that has to do with this?
Beauty: I was coming from her place when it happened.
Officer: oh!
Beauty: she made me stayed late which I later realized was deliberate.
(Officer adjusted her seat)
Officer: Sh... She..
Beauty: there was no bike, because it was late. she told me she had her personal bike-man whom she called to take me home.
Officer: geez! The bike-man did you this?
Beauty: (tears ran down her cheek) yes. (She smiled)
Officer: OMG! You let these animals go just like that? Why not brought them to book?
Beauty: I was too poor for that. And, ever since this day, I did not go back home. I joined the street.
Officer: why is it that females are always the prey of our society? Where is this Life?
Beauty: after three weeks, my system changed. I went to her house, she did embarrassed me. I flushed it... The next year, I heard she did of accident.
Officer: amen, amen, amen! Hallelujah! Hallelujah!! Hallelujah!!!
Beauty was confused to see the prison suddenly turn to church... The door was opened, a voice said, oga they call you ma. Officer who was walking round the cell with her hallelujah, stopped and gazed at Beauty, said, for the case of Chief, collect lawyer if you know you are innocent...

To be continued... (Episode 6, coming soon)
Re: Dark Night (episodes) by Oladipo Daniel by dsquare4d(m): 2:33pm On Mar 23, 2019
By Oladipo Daniel
The court was set, two lawyers were stood against me. Aunty Helen was there, I could see my friend Chioma too.. The judge was yet to arrived. I didn't have lawyer. Lawyer for what? Though the female officer (who was now a friend) advised me to take lawyer but what will I tell him? I didn't know how it happened. I only woke up to see Chief laying flat on the floor...
The judge has come... The clerk pronounced my case. None of the words I understood, it sounded like speaking unknown language. But I got it very clearly that the case would be adjourned for three weeks...
I saw the look on my aunt's face, the pity even my dearest Chioma too. But what would I do. Aunty helen came to meet me at the station, asked if there is anything she could do to help. She pleaded me to open up on her. Chioma too said the same thing. My answer still remain, I don't know how it happened... Days were gone, I found the police custody more interesting and lively. My new friend (female officer) did visit. She did bring tape recorder whenever she came. She said her little sister who was a writer had interest in my biography and she has been writing fiction on it. I didn't know where fate would take me, so I decided to let the world learn from my story by narrating her without hidden a bit of it...
(Beauty's narration)
I needed to survive after I left home, I was taken from place to place. Men of all kinds went through me. At first, I never had a home, I slept at the road side. Until a young guy; Adebayo promised to help me, he took me to his house and turned me to sex machine. It was there I decided to use what I have to get my want. This guy only gave me daily bread and often brought home some friends to sleep with me. One day, I took his money and ran away where I would have freedom. This is how I began the work in fullness, I have traveled to many states, called for business. But now, my level has changed, I have become international supplier. My officer friend still wished to know more about me, but was not allowed to visit my cell anymore. She was reported to DPO and commanded her to abstain away from me...
Finally it was time for the court again, I was taken to witness box. Chioma was indeed a good friend, she brought me a lawyer. Who came to me, asking me time without number whatever I know about this case. He said for him to help me, I have to open up. Well, as usual, I never knew anything. The last thing I remembered was we (chief and I) drank that night. And, it seemed chief had a knife and a gun with him which he told me it was for self-defense. As politician I knew he needed it. I never remembered we had anything together that night because we were too high. The last word I heard from chief was "I will enjoy you in the morning". It was a surprise, woke up in the next morning, I saw chief laying down on the floor, stabbed. One of the lawyers of the plaintiff asked, did you see sign of anyone entered?
No, we locked the room immediately we entered, and in the next morning, I saw the key rightly in its position. The door remained locked. The only thing was, the bed, I mean his side was dogeared... The court lasted an hour, my lawyer defended me. I was surprised to see a man who knew nothing about me and the crime, proving to the court with evidences I never could imagine in my life that I am innocent. Well, I believe he was trying to do his business. After much debate, hearsay witness from the hotel, chief's family and the like, the judge pronounced his judgment... "Beauty you are guilty and therefore charged with murder, you are to spend the rest of your days in prison"... I never surprised, I have long awaited this fate. Thank God it was not execution, I whispered to my self.
Aunty Helen said as she walked up to me, you put this upon yourself, you should have heeded to the advice of elders... I became a lady looked at with pity by others but looks at herself and laughs. I took this as my cross and the reward of my waywardness... Shadow became an hero as they were taken me away, he was celebrating, thank you Mr shadow, you never allowed my husband to die in vain...
The prison was not friendly, but what would I do? It was my new home, where I would live till death closes my eyes... But one thing I have learnt from aunty Helen was that when there is life, there is always hope... I will....

To be continued... (Coming soon, episode 7)
Re: Dark Night (episodes) by Oladipo Daniel by Odinakatechboy: 11:10pm On Mar 25, 2019
Guys can't just stop laughing ��

This comedy make me laugh a lot. Guys please check it.
And please subscribe and share.

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Re: Dark Night (episodes) by Oladipo Daniel by Nobody: 8:10pm On May 30, 2019
This is clean work. cry

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