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April 2018: Nairaland Book Of The Month-moon Walker By Onyeneke Abel / Moon Walker (fantasy, Mystery, Supernatural) Written By: Onyeneke Abel / Shadow(vengence!! (2) (3) (4)

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Shadow Walker by Parkflash(f): 8:35pm On Jan 20
Genre:Fantasy, thriller, paranormal
Teenfiction/Young Adult
Chapter One
Ellie's Pov
I quickly jumped up from the ground when i realized that i was not on my bed and definitely not in my house

"Where the heck am i?" I asked nobody in particular as i brushed the dust off my clothes and picked the leaves and little twigs out of my hair

"How did i get here" i look around me, i think i'm in a forest, well there are tall trees every where so it have to be a forest.

It was very dark because there was no moon and it was pretty cold, i shivered and pulled my jacket tightly to myself.

I better get out of here, it looks scary, i look around again the big trees were casting shadows with weird and scary shapes. I began to run, i ran for a while and eventually stopped, the forest seemed endless and i was tired.

Wait maybe i'm dreaming, i'll just try and wake myself up, i walked up to a tree and banged my head against it
That hurts, but i still think i'm dreaming so i'll just walk around until i wake up

I continued walking and after a while i smelled smoke, i looked around for the source and saw nothing but a giant bush in my front so whatever it is, it must be behind those bushes.

I took a deep breath and plunged through the bush, i nearly fainted at the sight before me

Sitting right there, around a fire were seven figures clad head to toe in black with their heads bowed. I don't think they saw me and i was making a hasty retreat when one of them spoke
"You're Late!"
* * * * *
Gabby's Pov
I sighed as i rubbed my hands up and down the sleeves of my sweater, damn was it cold or what , i quietly slid the garage door open and took out my bike, i was really late for the pack meeting and i hope the inner council wouldn't be very mad at me.

I pushed the bike away from the house and when i was far enough, i turned it on and rode into the dark night, soon i was leaving the quiet sleeping town and heading towards the dark woods my dad has warned me never to venture into, but little did he know...

I Got off the bike and pulled out a bag from a compartment beneath the seat, i stripped off my clothes and shoved them inside the bag, then i went into the woods and called on the change.

Transforming into my wolf self was relatively easy, unlike for some others. I stopped for a while and admired my wolf's silver fur.
"Come on let's go" My wolf (Gabe, silly name i know) urged me on.
Being a fast runner, i got to my destination in no time, the other's were waiting for me

"You're late!" the Alpha, who is also my mate mind linked-yelled at me
"I'm Sorry!" I yelled back
"Do not speak to me in that manner" He warned his eyes flickering between their icy green colour and his wolf's black ones

"I'm sorry" i said again, bowing my head a little "But my parents-"

I was not allowed to finish my sentence
"It's always your parents this or your parents that, i for one think you should be living in the pack house as a Luna and not with some silly humans"

"Silly humans?"
"Why can't you kill them and be free?"
"You want me to kill my dad and my stepmother? Are you crazy?"

He roared and pushed me against a tree, his paws clawing at my neck
"I said you will not speak to me in that manner, who the hell do you think you are?"

"I'm Gabrielle Jason and i'd have been living a peaceful life with my family if you hadn't turned me into some stupid were-animal

I heard audible gasps from the other werewolves present. My mate growled loudly and flung me away, i struck my head against a tree and laid there quietly, holding my peace.

"Guys stop it" the Beta cautioned, "we did not come here to fight"

"You're right, we did not" the Alpha said going back to join the rest. I remained where i was, not moving an inch.

I watched them for a while, the inner council of the bloodmoon pack, made up of the Alpha, Beta
Gamma Prime, Delta, Epilson and Luna which is yours truly. After watching for a while, i drift off to sleep.
* * * * *
Ellie's pov
Who the hell are this guys?
"Come forward"
All my instincts were yelling run, run and i was about to but my curiosity got the better of me. I quietly stepped forward
"Who are you?" i asked

"We are the council of seven" one of them spoke, removing his hoodie, i gasped and took a little step backwards.

I stared at the guy, his handsomeness was unearthly and he looked about 23-ish.

"Come here" He said again and i felt a force beyond my control compelling me towards him and even as i stepped forward, i saw him give me a little smile and then i saw two sharp fangs protuding from the edges of his mouth.
Hey guy's, so here's chapter one, hope you like it

Re: Shadow Walker by LightQueen(f): 9:06pm On Jan 20
Re: Shadow Walker by Ann2012(f): 10:13pm On Jan 20
Oya na.....I'm following
Re: Shadow Walker by Parkflash(f): 7:05pm On Jan 22
Chapter Two
Gabby's Pov
I slowly opened my eyes as the sunlight streamed in through my open window i forgot to lock last night after i sneaked in.
I went into the bathroom, took a quick shower and brushed my teeth.
Closing the door loudly, i peeked into my stepsister's room, the bed was neatly made so she must be up and downstairs. I noisily walked to the kitchen where my dad and stepmother, Sarah were making breakfast
"Hi dad, Hi Mum"
"Hey" they replied in unison
I stacked some pancakes in a plate and went to join my Half-Brother who was watching spongebob.
"Hey dude" i said as i sat beside him
"Hey Babe" He replied, his attention fully on the cartoon
"Spongebob huh"
"Mark you're 19"
"And so?"
"You can't watch that, it's for children"
"Say's who? Look an adult created this, why can't an adult watch it?"
"An adult huh?" some Adult, i look at my elder brother and sighed, he was such an idiot and whenever i remember the circumstances surrounding his birth, i can't help but laugh.
You see, when my dad was married to my real mother, he was having an affair with Sarah and then she got pregnant and her poor husband believed he was responsible. 2 years later, my mum died giving birth to me and Sarah's husband got to know about her illicit affairs with my dad. He ran a DNA on Mark, found out he was not his son and divorced Sarah.
She was pregnant then and nothing would make him belive that the unborn baby was his, my Dad finally married her and she gave birth to a pretty baby few months later.
"Hey, have you seen Ellie?" i asked Mark.
"No, not since i woke up" He said getting up and streching his trim body lot's of girls were dying for too bad his my brother.
The cartoon was over and he threw the remote control at me and took my empty Cereal bowl to the kitchen.
I sighed and searched for something better to watch.
* * * * *
Ellie's Pov
Oh God let him not be who i think he is, now i know i'm seriously dreaming because this cannot be real, vampires are not real they only exist in books and movies, they are definitely not real. As i tried to convince myself that it was all a silly dream, i willed myself to run but my feet seemed stuck to the ground.
All to soon, the vampire guy got to where i stood, the creepy smile still stuck to his face. I would have ran but my feet decided to not move.
The vampire guy stood towering over me and roughly tilted my head to the side, surely he was not going to-
"Hey!" i yelled
"Hi" He replied
why this self conceited bastard
"You do know i can tell what you're thinking right? You see we can be snappy and get this over with, but if you want to doodle around, be my guest" he sat on a tree stump and folded his hand across his chest.
My feet finally got a grip of themselves and i turned and ran. I ran for a few yards and when i peeked over my shoulder, he still sat there looking as bored as ever.
I continued running and a few seconds later, i felt something or someone rather gripping the back of my neck, okay note to all never try to out run a vampire.
"Don't mess with me" he said "I haven't got all night"
He gripped my neck tighter and tilted my head to the side again, i watched in horror as his mouth slowly descended to the side of my neck. I screamed as his fangs touched my skin and there was a twinge of pain which faded away as he kept on sucking. Just when i thought he was going to drain every drop of blood in me, he stopped, then i watched as he pulled out an ornate knife from somewhere in his hoodie and made a little cut in his hand and pushed it towards me.
"Drink it" he commanded.
I stared at the dark red blood for a while
"Ew i'm not gonna do that, it's disgusting
"Do it!" He yelled
"Why should i?"
He sighed and shoved his hand into my mouth
ew ew ew
"You better be drinking it"
This guy must be joking, when he realized i was not going to drink it, he pulled my head downwards and the blood trickled down my throat of it's own accord.
He let go of my head but the knife quickly replaced his hand and when i realized what he wanted to do, i passed out.
Re: Shadow Walker by Ann2012(f): 9:24pm On Jan 22
Guess he's turning her into a vampire too

Well done OP
Re: Shadow Walker by Parkflash(f): 10:23pm On Jan 22
Re: Shadow Walker by Parkflash(f): 8:04pm On Jan 26
Chapter 3
Ellie's Pov
I groaned as i slowly opened my eyes, it was like someone dropped a ton of bricks on my head.
I sat up and looked around
I was in a little room, it was cold and dark. Where was i?
Suddenly, the events of last night came back to me
surely i was not-
I sighed and thought about my family, oh how i miss them, would i ever see them again?
* * * * *
Gabby's Pov
I curled myself on the couch and tried to get some sleep, i haven't slept much since we discovered that Ellie is missing, i wonder what happened to her.
Our house have been in chaos for the past 3 days since she went missing.
Oh how i pity poor Sarah, she's so close to Insanity.
Even Mark
Sure we were not always on good terms but i miss her too
And dad is out there with the cops searching for her
I watched as sympathizers, friends and foe alike streamed in and out the house.
After trying in vain to get some sleep, i went out of the house and headed towards the woods.
* * * * *
Ellie's Pov
The door creaked open and i glanced up
it was vampire guy
"Welcome back"
"The land of the dead"
I stared at him weirdly and started laughing, was this guy funny or what
"You know, you should dump the vampire business and try comedy"
"I was not joking" he said with a stern look
"So you mean i'm..." I couldn't complete the sentence and i started laughing again, this is hilarious
"You're dead" He said and that just made me laugh harder
"Well, thanks for the entertainment" i said getting up and stretching "But if you'll just kindly tell me where i am, i'll find my way home"
he stared at me really annoyed this time
"What's your name?"
"Well Ellie the faster you realize you're now a vampire, the better"
ok i dont think this guy is joking
"Come with me"
he went out of the room and i trailed after him, there were few other people in the hallway.
He descended down a stairway and i followed him.
I looked around me, we were in some kind of stone building
"Where is this place?"
"This is the Vampire academy, here you will learn what it takes to be a vampire" He explained
Vampire Academy? Like Vampires have a school? This guy is crazy.
We reached the end of the stairs and stepped into a large room, people were standing or sitting in little groups, he led me to a girl who looked about a year or two older than me
i noticed people bowing to him as we passed by them.
We finally reached the girl and she also bowed slightly to him
"What are you?" i scoffed "A king of some sort?"
the girl stared at me in shock
"Now, now dearie" she said "You do not speak to the master in that manner"
Some Master he is
"Becca, do something with this girl" he said and walked away
"I didn't get your name you know" i yelled after him
"His name is Ryan, Master Ryan and who are you?"
"Ellie" i said simply
"Come with me Ellie"
We arrived at a room and she went inside
"This" she said "Will be your room"
I looked around me, the room was large and done up in red and white.
At the middle was a large bed with red quilt and fluffy white pillows
there were heavy red blinds covering the huge window and a white window seat beside it
there were huge red and white tapestry on the walls and behind one was a huge bookshelf filled with all variety of books.
On one side of the room there was a reading table and chair and on another side there was a computer set.
I heard the door slam and realize that Becca had left
i continued my exploring
I opened a door and peered into a Grand bathroom
there was a huge jacuzzi type bath behind red and white curtains and on the other side was a huge shower closet
"Wow" i said again as i pushed open a door and steped into a walk in clothing closet
the room was filled with clothes of different types and brands
at one end there was a full length mirror and on another side was a mirror on a vanity with a chair in front of it
I pushed the chair aside and opened the Vanity cupboard
it was filled with all type of make up
what will i do with these
i've never seen varieties of make up as this
i felt a hand on my shoulder and heard a whisper
"You like it?"
i turned around and bumped into Ryan
"Wow" said I i've been wowing a lot today
"Students in this Academy are sure treated like royalty" i said
"Not all students" He laughed "Just you"
"Why just me?"
"Because you are special"

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Re: Shadow Walker by Ann2012(f): 10:09pm On Jan 26
Thanks for the update
Re: Shadow Walker by Botaflica(m): 10:42pm On Jan 26
Thanks for the update, needs more.
Re: Shadow Walker by Olorichubby(f): 1:51pm On Jan 30
Re: Shadow Walker by Parkflash(f): 10:26pm On Jan 31
Chapter four- part one
Ellie's Pov
"Why?" i asked
"You'll know with time" he replied
"Are you hungry?"
"A little"
we left the room and went to a large kitchen he took a coloured bottle out of the fridge and passed it to me
i unscrewed the lid and peered inside
"What's this, strawberry juice?"
he shrugged his shoulders and laughed
i sighed and took a sip
"This is tasty, tell me the name so i can recommend it to my friends"
he just laughed harder
i drank the whole bottle
"That was human blood he said"
"Ew!!!" i yelled and threw away the bottle
"That's disgusting"
The door opened and Becca came in
Hey Bro, Hey Ell's"
"Hi" we replied
They were siblings?
"I was looking all over for you" she said to me "It's time for student orientation"
"Okay" i said and we left the Kitchen and went into a large hall
it was noisy and crowded with vampires.
A man came up on the podium and hushed us up
"Hello ladies and gents, welcome to the Vampire academy, now i know you all know why you are here"
there was a chorus of no's whys and tell us'
"Because you are Vampires stupid" he said
there was another chorus of ohhs and ahhs
"Yes you all are Vampires, some recruited voluntarily, others not
this academy was made for the likes of you,
Here you will be thought what it means to be a vampire
Now that's all i have to say, your timetables will be passed on to you by your guardians, now away with you all you make me sick.
Everyone quickly trooped outside and i went out with Becca
"So your brother told me i was special, why is that?"
"I myself don't know, why don't you check the library, there must be something in there"
"Okay" i said and walked to the library.
Re: Shadow Walker by Ann2012(f): 10:33pm On Jan 31
Thanks for the update
Re: Shadow Walker by LightQueen(f): 10:59pm On Jan 31
Well done Op
Re: Shadow Walker by Parkflash(f): 11:04pm On Jan 31
I opened the double doors and step into the grandest library i've ever saw
it was filled floor to ceiling with books,
i wandered around until i got to a shelve tittled Vampire history
i glanced the book but didn't see what i was looking for so i went to look at the huge map of the Academy on a wall
might as well get myself aquainted with the place
I ran my hand along the Map and i felt a bump, i pushed on it and a hole appeared on the wall beside me
wow a secret hiding place
There was a book in it which i took out
it was tittled 'The Crystal Coven'
i took it out and glanced through
there was mostly history and stuff i care nothing about
i was about to replace it when i saw something
That looked familiar
i ransaced my purse and took out a mirror which i directed to the right side of my neck
there was the exact same mark, a birthmark which my mum said she knew nothing about
I was about to read futher when someone yelled my name
i replaced the book and ran outside.
Re: Shadow Walker by Parkflash(f): 11:06pm On Jan 31
Last part of chap. 4 coming up in 15 or 20
Re: Shadow Walker by Parkflash(f): 11:35pm On Jan 31
Part Three
It was Becca
"Come quickly" she said and all but dragged me to a room
in it where Ryan and the Elders
"It can't be done!" one of the elders yelled at Ryan
"It can't?" He asked "It can't!, don't mess with me, this is my right and i'm taking what is rightfully mine"
"How is this your right?" Another Elder asked
"My father was the last master, it is my birthright!"
"This is not a family business, albeit your father was the weakest master in vampire history and how can we let his even weaker son take over,"
Ryan growled and flew at the elder, slamming him against a wall
"You do not raise a finger against an elder" Another one cautioned
"Be sensible, A master must be over a thousand years old, you're just a boy
"A weak one, just like his father" the elder who was held against the wall by Ryan said
i watched as Ryan tightened his hand around his neck and i watched as blood trickled out of his mouth, after a while, his body went limp anf Ryan flung him aside
My mouth fell agape
The elders stare in horror
Becca shrieked
"You killed an Elder Ryan!" she said as if he did not know
"Yes" He said "i did, who's next?"
the council stared at him in shock
"You" he pointed at them "Are going to make me the master and you will do it now"
"We...We...Can't" one stammered
Ryan clapped his hand thrice and a bunch of rough looking fellows hurried in
"Kill them" he said and took my hand, pulling me out of the room
"Gather the others" he said to Becca"I'm making myself the master.
Hey guys
hope you like the story
I tried posting Chap. 4 yesterday but something happened, i tried again this morning and then i finally decide to break it into parts.
I wa gonna join parts 2and3 but same thing happen.
Well comment, i'd like to know your thoughts on this story,
I'm so tired
night guys
-Parkflash Out.
Re: Shadow Walker by Ann2012(f): 1:25am On Feb 01
Well done OP
Re: Shadow Walker by emasahb: 4:17am On Feb 01
Morning Parkflash. I have been trying to reach you, I mailed you about two days ago. I have a writing job that needs your expertise. Please check your email.
Re: Shadow Walker by queenitee(f): 6:39am On Feb 01
Let's go, I love paranormal
Re: Shadow Walker by Parkflash(f): 1:48pm On Feb 01
Let's go, I love paranormal
me too
Re: Shadow Walker by Parkflash(f): 8:52pm On Feb 01
Morning Parkflash. I have been trying to reach you, I mailed you about two days ago. I have a writing job that needs your expertise. Please check your email.
i replied your email
Re: Shadow Walker by Parkflash(f): 9:26pm On Feb 01
Well done OP
Re: Shadow Walker by Parkflash(f): 11:59am On Feb 12
Chapter 5
"Don't you think its a bad idea?" i asked Ryan as i fastened his very regal looking cloak around his neck
"No" he said
"But you should not have killled the elders"
"You do not tell me what to do" he growled slightly
"Do not make me angry young lady" he said, louder this time
"Okay, okay" i sighed.
He left the room and slammed the door after him.
I stood by the window and watched the preparations for making Ryan master being made.
I know nothing of Vampire law and stuff but i think this is a bad idea.
"Ellie!" i heard Becca yell
"What!" i yell back
"Aren't you coming?" she asked coming into the room
"to the master making thingy?"
"What else?"
"Nah, i think i'll pass"
"kay but note, he is not going to be happy"
"Do i look like i care?"
"Whatever, it's going to be fun"
"Then i'll just watch from the window then, great view"
She sighed and went out while i went to my bed to get some sleep which i rather do than watch their weird vampire stuff.
The door slammed open and i was roughly shook awake.
"Hey Becca, what got your panties in a twist?"
"This is no time for jokes, you might want to hide about right now!"
"What why?"
"Trust me, you don't wanna know" she said leading me to the window.
"I want you to jump on three"
"Are you crazy! Thats a 30 feet drop!" i yelled
"You're a vampire! It'd be like jumping off a swing"
"Yeah a 30 feet high swing"
"Shut up-One"
"I won't jump"
A very angry Ryan barged into the room
I jumped out of the window before she finished counting.
Re: Shadow Walker by Vulcanheph(m): 6:11pm On Feb 13
[color=#990000][/color]Nice story, one sister became werewolf, the other became vampire ....keep it up and give us more.

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Re: Shadow Walker by Parkflash(f): 8:09pm On Feb 13
I landed on the ground in one piece, good now i just need to find somewhere and hide.
"Where the heck are you?!" i heard a voice yell in my head.
Oh now he's in my head
"When i find you, i'm gonna break every single bone in your puny body"
Ha! Good luck finding me stupid
I ran away from the academy and into the woods surrounding it.
Maybe i'll hide here and wait for Becca
or maybe...
A nice nasty idea formed in my brain
good by Vamp academy, have fun without me
I turned around and ran, i wonder why i'd never thought of escaping before.
Well let me make hay while the sun shines
That's ironic, it's almost 11 pm
well guess i'll make hay before the sun shine seeing as i would be roasted meat if the sun caught me out here
mmm barbecue!
I smack my face into a tree and finally decide to pay attention to where i was going to.
I ran for a while, surprised that no guards came after me, that's good.
I finally came out of the woods and came into a vast stretch of land.
I looked at my reflective wrist watch, it was almost morning i've been running for hours.
I saw the east sky tinted orange, seems like i'll actually be barbecue, too bad i cant eat myself
It's not barbecue! I'll be pure ash
what a waste of meat
ok why am i thinking like a canibal?
I should be thinking of were to hide not how to barbecue myself.
Someone should write a book about that
ok Ellie get a grip
I spotted a house in the distance
i glance up at the sky, i don't think i can make it
damn it, i'm a vampire of course i can.
Now, how to make myself run like a vampire
i don't know
I should have read a vampire manual
Is there a vampire manual?
Sure, there's got to be one in the library
do Vampires even need manuals?
Course they do, i could use one at the moment
why am i having this silly conversation with myself?
My heart is at war with my mind
i looked at the house again and begin to run and somehow i find myself going faster
Ha! Beat that Usain Bolt i laughed as i stood in front of the house after few seconds of running
Barry Allen i challenge you to a race
right... You're fiction
i'm real baby!
I knocked on the door and it was opened just as the first rays of sun streaked across the glorious morning sky.
Re: Shadow Walker by donaldphilipizu(m): 10:37pm On Feb 13
nice story keep it up

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Re: Shadow Walker by Parkflash(f): 7:36pm On Feb 15
Chapter 6
The little woman with greying hair stared at me for a while
does she mind? I'm few seconds away from turning into roasted meat
"Come in"
Thank God!
I hurried into the little house
"Have a seat" the woman said and disappeared into a little room. She came out a little while later with a cup of coffee.
"I've been expecting you" she said
"My name's Kendra"
"I know who you are and that you are running away from your responsibilities"
Excuse me? What responsibilites?
"What do you mean?" i asked
"You'll know with time"
ugh! Why is everybody saying that!
"I'm a witch" she said
duh nobody asked you
"That's nice" i said, forcing a smile
not nice at all
"You can stay here for a while"
"I don't think so, right now i just want to go home"
"Very well then, come with me" i followed her into a dark room. She took out a little wand and recited a spell over me.
"This will protect you from the sunlight so you don't have to bother about that silly lotion you vampires apply"
"Thank you"
"Now, time to go home"
"Yeah, you can help by telling me were i am and i'll be on my way"
she laughed
I followed her into another room with lots of doors
she led me to one door and recited some weird rubbish and then told me to go in.
I walked into the room and she closed the door behind me.
I slowly opened my eyes
i was in the woods
The woods outside my town
I was teleported
I quickly ran towards my house, avoiding people on the way.
I am so excited to be back home.
I knocked loudly on the door and it was opened by my mother.
"Mommy!" i said engulfing her in a large hug
"What happened, where were you?"
I dont have a back up story so i did the easiest thing i could think of, i closed my eyes and slumped in her arms
"poo! I think she fainted"
Re: Shadow Walker by donaldphilipizu(m): 8:33pm On Feb 15
following,,,,but pls make it 2 b long.....thanks 4 d update
Re: Shadow Walker by Parkflash(f): 8:35pm On Feb 18
Chapter 7
I heard a flurry of activity around me and i adamantly keep my eyes closed i was carried to my room and i heard someone on the phone calling a...
A doctor!
Guess my playtime's over
I opened my eyes slowly and reluctantly
"Hey dad..."
"Oh my poor baby" mum says coming to seat by me
"What happened?" she asks
"I was... Um... kidnapped, yes i was kidnapped!"
"Obviously" Gabby snickered and i gave her my best dont be mean look
"Tell us everything" dad says
"Well... I was taken somewhere... Um far away by some people, i was held for a while but they released me"
"Why?" Mark asks
"Emm, they got me confused for someone else and when they realized i was not the person, they let me go"
"Oh thank God!" Mum says hugging me
"Yeah, the cops will come around soon to ask you some questions about those kidnappers"
"Meanwhile, Mark, tell Ellie about your new job"
"You have a job?" i ask
"Yeah, you'll be amazed"
"Oh spit it out all ready"
he stalled for a while damn this brother of mine, he knows i hate suspense
"Well," he finally said "I am now oficially a Vampire Hunter!"
"That's gre- what?"
"You heard me, my dream finally came true"
"Ok-ay, good for you"
"Aren't you excited?"
"Sure i am super excito you go out there and knock out some vampires!"
"Yeah right baby!" he said highfiving me and going out leaving just me and Gabby
"How did he ever become that?"
"Long story" she sighed
"But don't vamp hunters have like supernatural abilities?"
"Aye some do, take werewolves for example, they are natural vampire hunters but then they're the humans who use the norm, you know silver, stakes et cetera"
"I see..."
I see nothing
"Guys, there's something you need to see" Mark said, running into my room with his phone
there was a video playing
i gasped internally
on the screen was Ryan in all his vampire glory, passing a message. "We Vampires have been in hiding for too long, but now we're back, to take whats ours, to rule the world, i'm sick of all this humans who see themselves as powerful because of some executive positions, well, life is one big game of chess and you all are nothing but pawns..."
"That's intense" Gabby said
"I know right, well gotta go duty calls" Mark says, pecks my forhead and leaves the room.Gabby also stands up.
"Well i'm going out, but you might want to take a shower ASAP, you smell super weird.
* * * * *
Gabby's Pov
The large room was crowded with Alphas and other top members of various packs.
"This is unacceptable!" One Alpha yells
"It seems like they have forgotten..." another said
"Then let's make them remember!" a third imputed
"Quiet!" Damien, my mate growled
the room fell into silence instanteneously
I feel proud seeing him command such respect
"Those bloodthirsty motherfuckers dare rear up their ugly faces? They want war? If that's what they want, we'll give it to 'em!
Go back to your packs and stir them up, spread the message, prepare for war!"
Re: Shadow Walker by Vulcanheph(m): 1:12pm On Feb 19
[color=#990000][/color]Awesome update
I've always been a fan of supernatural stories involving vampire, werewolves and witches.
I've watched a ton of the movies and series like vampire diaries, the originals, bitten, true blood, lestat the vampire, twilight,underworld etc.

Please try and make your updates more consistent.
Re: Shadow Walker by donaldphilipizu(m): 10:09pm On Feb 19
tankz 4 de update
Re: Shadow Walker by Parkflash(f): 9:22pm On Feb 21
Chapter 8
Ellie's POV
I must admit, i'm very glad to be home, in familiar territory with the people i love, i just hope Ryan won't come looking for me, but then he'd put himself in danger since the whole world knows him now after his stupid broadcast.
I am also getting a hang of this Vampire stuff and its super weird to act normal around people but i'm learning to control my insatiable thirst for blood if not, there won't be a single animal remaining in this town.
So i'm basically happy, the only visible danger being Mark and his silly vampire hunting, but he's so dumb, he can't differentiate a Panda from a Koala so the chances of him finding out i'm a Vampire is practically non existent.
I'm even getting along with Gabby though she can be annoying at times and is always telling me to go and bath because i smell weird.
Mark came into my room, his face in a book
"I brought you a present" he said, giving me the book
i scanned the title
"How to spot a vampire, really Mark? What should i do with this?"
"I don't know! Read it?"
"So you can know a vampire when you see one"
"And have you read it?"
"of course" he said
"And will you know a Vampire if you see one?"
Ok this book is absolutely useless or my brother is absolutely stupid.
"Thanks then"
"Okay, gotta go to work, i'll catch a vampire for you"
The doorbell rang
"I'll answer it on the way you stay right there"
He left the room but came back a couple of minutes later
"There's this hot chic looking for you, i don't know her but maybe you can..."
"Save it Mark, i've left that line of business a long time ago"
"Damn you Ellie"
I shrugged as i went to the living room to see who was that. To say i was shocked is an understatement

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