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Moon Walker 2 [the Dark Moon] Onyeneke Abel by Abelosas222(m): 6:34pm On Aug 18, 2019
Okay I am back with the second series of this blockbuster moon walker, enjoy.



'It's been 5years of peace, fives years after the defeat of Gaza. We all thought it was all over; well for a moment if felt like it. And hey, I broke the sacred rule, I got married to Arthur and yes, I stood against anyone who tried to oppose our Union. For crying out loud I am in love with this man, whoever had made up that God forsaking rule did it out of selfish reasons! Damn the consequences, my sister Tori paid the consequences already and I would not let it be in vain...
Her desire was I find happiness, and there is no better happiness than being in the hands of Arthur...
So yeah, my mind was made up and I got married to the man of my dreams. I had always dreamt of my first child, would it be a boy or a girl? If it's a boy, I was sure he would look like his father and if it's a girl then it should be me. During this times, one thought kept refused to blink, what if my child has powers like me, or even more than me. Few months after my wedding to Arthur things went smoothly, the kingdom was still in good hands until I got a vision of an impending doom at the birth of a child, a child who would cause the dark moon. I was so certain of the day this child would be born, and so I resolved to alert the council the next day. But then, I discovered I was pregnant! With a child. I had to keep this revelation a secret, even from my husband.
Months later the moon elites can see my protuding tummy and there are gossips on how my child would look like. Right from inside my tummy she could already move object with her mind, she could control my thoughts and communicate with me. There is no doubt then, I was sure she was going to be extremely powerful enough to be a tyrant, just like the one I saw in my vision.
"She carries a demon in her womb! It is as a result of the abominable marriage she had, the elites had decided to punish her and punish this generation for permitting this foolishness"
First of all it was a seer like me who had the guts to pout this nonsense! My child a demon? What fallacy. I smote the old man who could not keep his mouth shut... All the elites put together would not dare challenge me.
Sally was with me on this one, my child cannot be a demon. And Arthur, well you know he would do anything for his child.
Finally it is a girl, I was in labour for 3 days and the moment my child graced the land of the living the moon went dark. I could not see her beautiful eyes cos it was all dark, bloody dark.
The winds settled on the palace roof top, and the ocean divided in two, a sudden storm caused a hundreds of shipwreck. Arthur had to entrust her tender hands to a canvan bracelet!
It was confirmed! She is a demon! An abomination, an offspring of my sin.
The people I sacrificed everything for turned against me! They were going to kill my daughter, they called me a mother to a demon...
Kivach the army commander led a war against me and my daughter. Of course Sally stood with me and so did Arthur. We left the palace in search of a refuge for my daughter...
Now we are hunted not by hundreds of bounty hunters, hungry beast in search of my daughter's powers but also by my own people (the moon elites) who once served me.
I fear for my daughter, her powers is too much. I feel it's going to explode inside of her.
I fear not for her safety but for what she is going to become, would it be a savior, or a demon?'

Sara tossed her diary to fire set in the woods, she had written all that needs to be said. Now it's war for survival, and if anyone should be enlightened, they should be thoroughly taught that she would walk through hell for her daughter... And if they want war, she'll give it to them...

Moon walker 2

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Re: Moon Walker 2 [the Dark Moon] Onyeneke Abel by Abelosas222(m): 7:16am On Aug 21, 2019


Sara stood with both hands as she stared at her child sleeping peaceably in her father's arm. They were laying to rest for the night, it has been a long journey from the castle, and now weariness is written all over their faces.
Sara listened for a threat and was sure there wasn't any before she dropped staff to reach for Arthur.
"How is she?"
She asked and touched the child's burning skin...
"I don't know Sara, she is not getting any better"

"Lemme see"
It was Sally, she dug both her swords into a fig tree before she moved on to touch Kara, Sara's child. She lingered for a while before she ran her fingers through the lad's white coloured hair and then with a smile she reassured Sara.
"She is going to be fine once we get to the refuge"
Although she knew deep within her that the child might not make it there alive if they encounter bulwarks on the way.
"This would have been easy if we were in the palace, there are hundreds of healers that would help"
Sara lamented but then she remembered the palace is a lion's den for them now. Of course she can sweep off every soul in the palace but then her child would be long dead before she accomplishes that.
Sometimes she felt she was being stupid for standing for the moonelites in times of war and harmful threats, she regretted fighting and winning their battles. How could they do this to her? How could they hunt her and her child like they are some curse?

"How could they do this me? How could they do this to us Arthur?"
Arthur didn't share in her hatred, he had a better understanding. Sally was strangely quiet this time, she usually has a word to say but this time it was different.
"Sara you just have to understand that people would do anything when they are scared, even if it's to harm one of their own. They would soon realise that we are not the enemy"
Arthur was one father that has bluntly refused the prophesy that reveals his daughter as demon, as the doom of the planet moon, even when all the signs pointed towards his daughter.
Sara watched the affection in his eyes as he stroke the little girl's hair while singing her to sleep.
"We would find a solution soon Sara, just relax"
Sally had become friendly with Sara after the defeat of Gaza, Sara is the only person who made her go meta, a state of her powers full to the brim, she never imagined she could reach that point but Sara made it possible.
Sara stayed awake through the night and made sure the others were up early to resume their journey.
Kara was growing worse, her skin began to grow pale, at a point the canvan bracelet began to heat up on her skin.
"What the Bleep"
Sally made Arthur halt the horses when she noticed the canvan bracelet heat up to the extent it melted and burned Kara's skin.
The lad winced weakly in pain, but then within seconds the wound inflicted healed up.
"Sara? Arthur?"
Sally called and alighted from the cart to meet both Sara and Arthur who were strangely quiet.
"Arthur the bracelet, it's gone"

"That would be me, I did that"
A young lad spoke out from a thick smoke hovering over them in the woods.
"She doesn't need the bracelet anymore, she is safe"
Another voice spoke out
"What's that?"
Sara asked when she was not seeing anyone talk.
"Greetings oh great priestess, we are the four walls of the refuge"
Sara eyes went wide...
"We are here?"
She questioned because she wasn't seeing any proof around her, but then, as soon as she asked the thick smoke evaporated and slowly the big castle before them revealed itself.
"Here Kara would find peace, she would be free, welcome to the refuge"

moon walker continues

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Re: Moon Walker 2 [the Dark Moon] Onyeneke Abel by Abelosas222(m): 7:18am On Aug 21, 2019

Sally listened through telepathy and yes! She could hear the hearts of a thousand people in the castle beating hard for fear! Kara has shown no sign of life since she was thrown into the pool and Sara was already an impending explosion, ready to burn the castle to the ground.
Minutes gone it was quite obvious the lad would not make it, the ground on which Sara stood began to vibrate.
"All of you, get out now!"
Arthur screamed when he saw Sara going Meta, he knew if she did, it would be the end of the refuge.
Her eyes glowed white and her dragone could be heard in a distance, roaring with fire as it approached the refuge!
Her staff stood upright, her veins all stretched up to her eyes and then she swiftly took hold of the staff and let out a loud scream! The force field around her went for and explosion that would rend the castle in two but someone stopped it, someone small and little.
Kara teleported out of the pool and stood just in time when Sara let out an explosive wrath of her powers. As young as she was, she could not help but get scared, unintentionally her powers were loosed and in a twinkle of an eye, she returned time. She watched as her father called for everyone to evacuate the building, she watched as Sally hurried to throw her into the pool, she watched as Arthur tried persuading Sara to throw her into the pool, she watched as Sara had waved the keeper off and drew her back her back into her arms. It was all confusing to her small mind and when it seemed she was in another world where things were moving backwards she cried with her tiny voice.
"Make it stop"
And it did stop with the keeper instructing
"Throw her into the pool"
And as expected Sara screamed out.

Kara called and all eyes turned to her. Sara searched for Kara in her arms but she realized her arms were folded to her chest with no lad in it. She would have swore she had Kara in her arms, and for the record Kara was dying, how the hell is she standing before her all well?

"Well well well, what do we have here? A time shifter I see"
It seemed only the keeper understood what had transpired.
She picked Kara into her arms and whispered.
"You would do wonders little one"
But then it began to get ugly as the moon went dark immediately, the child was awake and it didn't take long for the moon elites to realise that.
The weather began to get set for mass destruction but the keeper had a plan B, she wore the child a necklace and viam! The weather cleared up!

"What's that? What did you put on her?"
Sally questioned suspiciously.

"It's the canvan bracelet, moulded into a necklace"
The keeper explained and gave the child to her mother.
Sara folded her child in her arms so strongly, she never wanted to let go but she knew she had to, she had to leave Kara in the care of the refuge now. Her presence in the refuge would only draw enemies to her daughter.
She was going to go back to the castle and raged thunder on each and every one of them.
But the keeper had another agenda, after the evening's meal both Sara, Arthur and Sally fell into a deep slumber. The keeper had soiled their food with an enchantment that they should remain asleep forever; well of course the only witch powerful enough to break such spell was Ariel who had been murdered by Gaza.
She had them locked up in a tomb deep beneath the castle.
"Why would you do that to them Simra"
The keeper's true follower, Lia questioned
"It's for the best, Kara would never learn if she has the understanding that her parents would always be there for her. She has to believe they left her behind."
The keeper explained.
"But that would break her"
Lia tried to make a point
"No it would make her angry and an angry Kara is what I need"

"What if she finds out we are responsible for her parents disappearance?
Simra, the keeper, took a little time to reply Lia. She had Kara in her arms; she smolded the little girl's hair who slept peaceably and after giving it a deep thought she replied.
"Well let's hope she never finds out, else we are all doomed"

© Onyeneke Abel . November all rights reserved 2018

Moon walker 2

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Re: Moon Walker 2 [the Dark Moon] Onyeneke Abel by Abelosas222(m): 8:02pm On Aug 22, 2019

Simra had succeeded in convincing Kara that she was left behind, her parents grew tired of her liabilities, they had to leave her in the care of the refuge, it would be too dangerous is she lives in the open world.
It's been seven years and Kara is more of a teen who has been ostracized by every other teenager. They were scared of her not because she flaunted any supernatural powers but because her eyes were outlandishly dark. They nicknamed her the weak devil; the weak devil because Simra had succeeded in constraning her powers with thousands of canvan bracelet heated and made into a necklace.
"Never take this off my child, it would protect you from unseen harm"
She had always reminded Kara.

The teachers in every class of the supernatural were a little puzzled on how to fix Kara. She had no powers whatsoever. She was kicked out and transferred from class to class until eventually they insisted Simra would be best to handle her.
"I am useless Simra, it's the reason my parents left me, I am too weak, I'm a total liability"
Kara said one evening, during her martial arts class with Simra. She was the only who calls Simra by her name and somehow Simra didn't mind.
"No you are not Kid, you are special, very special, a rare breed that has never existed on the surface of this planet and beyond, you are the first and last of your kind..."
Kara rolled her eyes when she heard the same old story Simra had always said to her. It was of no use, she knew Simra was trying to make her feel better.
"I get it Simra, you are just trying to make me feel better, look at me huh"
She made a gesture with both hands on her waist.
"Look at my eyes, I am nothing but a freak without powers, the other kids call me a weak devil, they treat me like an outcast! I have no one!"
The canvan necklace began to radiate, her powers that had been locked up for a few years were obviously bobbling and posing to let loose, but the necklace was the only bulwark standing in it's way.
"You have me Kara, you always have me, I will always be there for you"
Simra could remember how the elders had criticized her decision to keep Kara.
"Are you mad Simra? Of all the kids you chose her? The girl is a demon, she would destroy us all! You of all people should know that, you know the prophesy, you know what it says!"
The elders had lamented bitterly and pushed for Kara's execution but Simra stood her ground and insisted no harm must come to the lad.
"We can't murder an innocent girl based on a prophesy! Leave her in my care, I would train and bring her up the right way, besides if we lay any hands on her, you know the priestess would burn this place to the ground" of course no except Lia knew Sara, the priestess laid beneath the castle.
After much deliberation Simra won but was thoroughly warned to keep the lad in check.
"They are jealous of you and the special treatment I give to you, you are the most beautiful girl in the refuge, I am not saying this to make you feel better"
Kara chose not to give credence to Simra's reassuring words, if she is as beautiful as Simra claims then she should be adorned, not ostracized.
Things changed when one evening someone touched her shoulder. His brown hair covered part of his eyes, his eyes were astonishly green, he was just like her father.
"Hey, emm, am Jason"
She could not tell if he meant good or if he was going to mock her like the others, but there was this strong connection she felt the moment he touched her shoulder, every fiber of her being reacted to his touch, there is something about him she could not explain and for a few minutes his right hand was left hanging till she realised and shook him.
"I am Kara"

"Kara you are beautiful"
Kara was at first pissed but then, she saw the sincerity in his eyes, he was saying the truth, she heard him say it but his mouth didn't move, he only stood in front of her smiling nervously. Wait? Did she just read his thoughts? But she was told she had no powers?

"Emm, I have been watching you for a while now and emm, you are always alone..."
Kara didn't see the need to reply him since he was stating the obvious.
"Sorry can I sit?"
It was a short bench and the moment he sat his his shoulder met with hers and once again her body shivered and heated up at his touch.
Questions began to build up in her mind.
Who is this guy? And what does he want from her?

© Onyeneke Abel . November 2018 all rights reserved.

Moon walker 2

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Re: Moon Walker 2 [the Dark Moon] Onyeneke Abel by Abelosas222(m): 11:58am On Aug 24, 2019


Kara still had a suspicious look on her face, she ensured there was a reasonable gap between herself and Jason, she didn't understand the waves that burned through her when he touched her, plus she didn't want to have the odd feeling again.

"Are you scared of me? I just want to be your friend"

Jason went on when he noticed Kara was trying to keep her distance. She was quiet, strangely quiet that he felt he made the wrong move when he decided to come talk to her.
He was about to excuse himself when she called.
"I don't know if you are here to mock me like the others, there is something strange about you"
She didn't want to explain that she felt some connection to him, she felt he might read a different meaning to it.
Jason sat back now, but before he could utter any word Kara's nightmare, Friya, arrived the scene with her gang to bully Kara as usual.
"What is this thing doing with you Jason?"
She pointed out with disgust.
Kara held her forehead, she had always tried her best to avoid friya; Friya always made life miserable for her in the refuge, she knew quite well that once the issue gets to Simra, Friya might get kicked out of the refuge, but she felt it was something she should handle on her own.
"Friya please, let her be"
Jason came to the rescue but it wasn't enough to appease the blonde.
"Look here bitch, Jason is mine and mine alone! You think a powerless freak like you can have him?"

"Friya you can have him alright, can you please leave me to think?"
Kara was getting tired of the situation, she hated herself anytime Friya came around.

"Is that the respect I taught you? Huh?"
Friya was a vampire, she had speed and of course super strength. She sped and picked Kara by her neck.
"Friya enough!"
Jason tried to stop Friya from doing anymore damage but he was no match for the vampire, she waved him metres away with her other hand and picked Kara off the ground as she strangled the life out of her.
Her fangs were out to do more damage when Gabrielle, a member of her supposed gang called out.
"Friya, that's enough, you are gonna kill her"
Kara was a bit surprised when Friya listened and threw her to the ground.
Jason was nowhere to be found when she looked out for him so after she spat on Kara she left unsatisfied, she still felt Kara deserved more than what she got, Kara should know she doesn't belong to the refuge, that she is a curse!

"Are you okay?"
It was Jason, Kara could not believe Jason would hide, she actually thought he had some supernatural powers that he could use in defending himself.
"Why didn't you do anything, you are powerless too?"
Jason smiled a little, he stretched forth his hand and touch her forehead, instantly all her wounds healed up.
"No I am not, they call me the copy"

"What's that?"
Kara asked when they both sat back.
"What's the copy"

"I can copy any supernatural powers and use it for a period of time. Like now, when I healed you, it wasn't my power, It was yours"
Kara shot him that disbelief look before she made a scoff and replied.
"I don't have powers mister, if you are here to mock me then just say so and for the record I just met you okay, I really don't know what you want from me, please...please just stay away, I don't want anymore trouble"
Three days after was the night of the full moon; Simra was summoned by the elders, the unspeakable has happened.

"Explain this Simra, this castle is meant to be a place of refuge not an harbour of evil"
The elders complained as they stared at the lifeless bodies arraigned in a row just by the entrance to the elders Chamber.
"It must be the girl, the evil girl, the curse has started, we are all doomed"
More complains arosed as the physician inspected the bodies.

"This is darkness, a dark magical creature called the Griffin"
Micheal the physician called out to Simra as he carried out his inspection.
"Why would a Griffin come after the refuge?"

"One thing, the priestess... The priestess moon light powers is the only reason a Griffin would be here, but the confusing thing is the Griffin is no match for the priestess and the priestess is certainly not here, except there is another person here with the powers of a priestess"
Micheal went on and Simra could only think of one thing, Kara is in grace danger!

"Simra what do we do? It's certainly going to come after her and Kara cannot defend herself, we can't help her either because we are no match for a Griffin"
Lia complained when Simra was back in her Chambers.
Simra was quiet as she paced to and fro.

"Quiet Lia I am thinking"

"Well there is no time to think, the Griffin is going to kill more children and eventually get to Kara"

"What's coming for me?"
Kara walked into the scene with questionable eyes.
With a sigh Simra drew Kara close with her mind and brought her to sit.
"First Kara you need to know that you are the most powerful being on this planet"
Kara made an attempt to talk but Simra was quick to hush her.
"Second you should know your life is in danger, it's time you use your powers"

©Onyeneke Abel . December 2018 all rights reserved.

Moon walker 2

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Re: Moon Walker 2 [the Dark Moon] Onyeneke Abel by Babysuccess02(f): 12:40pm On Aug 24, 2019
next please. thank you


Re: Moon Walker 2 [the Dark Moon] Onyeneke Abel by Abelosas222(m): 10:50pm On Aug 24, 2019


Simra was expecting an explosive wrath with the way Kara's hands tightened to a fist. She was apparently flummoxed to the extent she paced a little before she resulted to an impending exclamation.
"What? You are joking with me right?"

"Funny it took you almost 30minutes to reply"
Lia chipped in before Simra continued.

"No Kara, I am not, we have to teach you how to use your powers but no one must know you have powers, it must be a secret"
Kara stood with folded arms, her forehead had a confused frown, she was obviously looking for the right words to say; she could not tell what she actually felt at that moment.
"Kara we have to start now, I would be taking you down to our secret training Chambers, you..."

"Wait, wait, wait"
Kara interrupted now.
"All my life I have been ridiculed and deserted because you led me to believe a lie? Like you've utterly destroyed my life! You made me believe I was a freak without powers, I got bullied by my mates, ostracized by every kid in the refuge and now one day you just pop out from nowhere and you are like, Kara you've got powers, you need to start training..."
Accidentally a disbelieving laugh escaped Kara's lips.

"Are you fucking serious now? And you think I would just jump at the stupid idea and start your training? What are you both thinking? That I am a puppet?"
Simra had no words to keep Kara so she watched as Kara turned to leave. But, Lia was not going to let that happen. She magically drew Kara to stand before her and took Kara's right hand.
"Alright let's skip to the part where you die if you don't learn how to use your powers. Give me you other hand, I'll show you something"

Lia went ahead to hold Kara hands when she hesistated and showed her the kids murdered by the Griffin in a flash.
She went on to open up a memory of the past when she encountered a Griffin and how it horribly slew everyone who attempted to save her until she had to save herself by taking to her heels.

"What the hell is that!"
Kara shook in fear when Lia was done.

"That? That is what is coming for you! So you better skip all the pet talk and get to work if you want to live in the refuge for the next 24hours! Whatever the keeper did, she did for your own good. Now if she says it's time to evolve, you do just as she has said, understood?!"

Kara didn't realize when she subconsciously nodded to Lia. She knew no one likes her guts in the refuge, but she surely didn't want to die just yet.

"Okay okay"
She laughed nervously and continued
"Well I don't know how to start with this, I still don't feel like I have powers, I feel so ordinary..."
Kara felt awkward when both Lia and Simra looked to each other with suspicious smile.
"Well you are about to find out"
Deep beneath Simra's Chambers, Kara stood in a well organized training room. Kara was a bit flummoxed giving that she never fathomed there was a secret threshold that led to the training room, a threshold that had been in her room for years.
"So what now?"
She asked when Simra was done changing her clothes into an armour.
"Now you take off your necklace"

"Why my necklace? You said it's for my protection"

"Yes it is, but now you have to take it off"

"Why do I have a feeling that this is a bad idea?"
Kara stalled a little

"Come on kid take it off already, we don't have patience for this"

Slowly Kara's hands went to the back of her neck and surprisingly she noticed Simra and Lia getting set for battle.

"Why are you both acting like you are about to fight a demon?"
Kara stalled again

"Oh Kara get on with this already!"

"Okay okay"

And the moment the necklace came off Kara froze.

Lia hurried to her.

"She is burning up, what's going on?"

"Let her be, her powers has been locked in for a long time..."

Kara interrupted when a sudden wind began to revolve around her. The clouds went dark and her eyes glowed with darkness.

"What is hap-pening to me"
Kara stuttered, she was writhing in pain, like a force was trying to split her open.

"Kara calm down, take a deep breathe, this is normal, you just have to control it okay, calm down"

"I can't, I wanna scream!"

"Oh bloody hell, Simra if she screams we are all toast, take her elsewhere please"

One look at Kara proved what Lia said was actually going to happen.
Quickly Simra teleported her out of the refuge into the woods and gave the go ahead.

"Now scream Kara, scream!"

Dark veins welled up to Kara's forehead, she knelt to the ground, the grasses around her dried up, darkness oozed out of eyes and blood dripped from her nose... And with all the strength she had left she let out a scream, the trees around her vibrated and exploded to bits...
Simra called when it was getting out of hand.

"Control it!"

"I can't! it's tearing me up!"
She cried...
The dark clouds overshadowed the refuge, no one could see a thing, the elders summoned an emergency meeting with lamps as their means of light.

Simra had no choice, she magically fastened the necklace to her arm; exhausted she fell to the ground, the clouds cleared up and the head of the elders, Simon, called in rage
"Summon Simra now and that witch of hers, Kara!"
He knew only Kara had the power that affects the weather.

Kara woke up 24hours later to notice Lia sitting beside her.
"Where is Simra"
She asked

"Emm, she has a query to answer before the elders"

"Is it because of me?"

"I'd rather not talk about that now, she would be back soon, you have to rest"
A minute of silence had it's way until Kara questioned again.
"What was that?"

"What was what?"

"What happened to me, is that the power I possess? A power fueled with pain?"

"Oh Kara, what happened yesterday is nothing close to the power you possess, when you evolve the refuge put together cannot stop you"

Kara eyes went wide open
"Okay that's scary, I am scary"

"No it's not, don't you get it Kara, you are a goddess, there are many who will kill to have your powers, it's the more reason you have to be prepared, because your battle has begun..."

©Onyeneke Abel .December 2019 all rights reserved.

Moon walker 2

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Re: Moon Walker 2 [the Dark Moon] Onyeneke Abel by Abelosas222(m): 6:09am On Aug 27, 2019


Kara laid for some few more minutes when a few guards barge into the Chambers.
"You've got no manners? this is the keeper's Chambers, show some respect!"
Lia charged both hefty men who appeared like men set for war.
"We're sorry about that, the elders has requested Kara to stand before verdict hall"
One look at Lia's expression revealed that the hall of verdict is nothing good.

"She can't now, she is not feeling well"
Lia tried to make an excuse but the guards would not cooperate.

"Am afraid we can't do anything about that, she has to come with us"

"Give me a minute to get her ready"
Lia slammed the door and stood behind it for a while as she sighed several times.
Slowly she sat beside Kara and held her hand.
"You have to be strong Kara"

"Why do I feel this verdict hall is the end for me"

"Listen kara, you have to be strong, really strong"

Lia was whispering now and it made Kara a littke scared.

"Whats going on Lia, what will they do to me?"

Lia was quiet, but she soon realised her silence would waste more time. She held Kara's right hand to her chest, looking deep into her eyes she whispered.

"No matter what happens, no one must know you have powers, guide that secret with your life, its the only thing keeping you alive"

Kara didn't get the opportunity to ask more questions, the guards forced their way in and picked her onto their shoulder...
It didn't take more than a few seconds, Kara found herself in a large hall, standing face to face with the elders. The guards had teleported her to the hall to avoid anymore delay.
Her eyes skimped with fear burning in her veins. She noticed Simra in a square court box, it was obvious she was under questioning.

"Simra, care to explain, or should i say feed us with the lies you spilled earlier?"

Elias, one of the elders said the moment he saw Kara standing before them. Elias had never liked the idea of kara staying in the refuge, he had raised the suggestion that kara be killed to avoid the fufillment of the prophesy.

"As i said earlier, the girl is innocent and she has no powers whatsover"
Simra replied without looking to Kara's direction.

Friya's scoff made Kara realise she was not alone in the hall, looking behind her she saw the whole school standing behind her to see how the elders would decide her fate.

"Kara! Do you swear before the elders and the entire refuge that you've got no powers?"
Simon called to Kara who was obviously trembling.

Simra would not look to Kara's direction but she hoped kara would not spill the secret, it would be the end for her if the elders discover she has powers.

It took few minutes for Kara to reply

"No sire, right from my childhood i have been without powers and the whole school knows that"


It was Elias again

"You've been hiding under the shadows of Simra, you are the reason a Griffin is in this school, plus only a priestess has the power that controls the weather, it is you!"

Turning to Simon he called out

"We should execute this witch before its too late!"

Simra began to regret her decision to bury Sara in a tomb beneath the refuge, she would have been a good bonus to shut the entite refuge, she sincerely hoped kara would not be discovered else she would be executed immediately and it would definitely be the end of the refuge, because whenever or however Sara wakes up, she would rain thunderstorm on everyone of them.

"Silence Simon"

"Where were you when the school was enveloped in darkness?"

Simon next question proved technical, kara intelligently fathomed they must have checked Simra's chambers during the incident to discover she wasn't there.

"I was out in the woods, the keeper had sent me to fetch her some herbs"

"Deep in the woods we've discovered a massive explosion of a force that blew the trees around it to bits, only the powers of a priestess can do that Kara"

Simon stood up now when he noticed kara shiver.
Within seconds he teleported and stood before her.

"Maybe all this while Simra had found a way to keep your powers hidden until she figured a Griffin is out for you, you know the only reason we kept you in the refuge was because Simra assured us that she had gotten rid of your powers"
The hall was quiet, no one could predict Simon's next move.
Kara could hear her heart throbbing so fast against her chest.

"Perharps she found a way to surpress your powers instead of getting rid of it, perharps its a canvan bracelet, but i can't find any attached to your wrist, except this necklace that has never left your neck"

Simon hands went to carress the necklace.

"Tell me, what would happen if i pull off this necklace?"

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Moon walker 2
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Simon caressing the necklace around Kara's neck made Simra shiver where she stood, she knew Simon would definitely pull it off and of course hell would let loose the moment he does.

"If I may cut in sir"
All eyes turned around to see Jason who stepped out and stood before Simon.
"And who said you can kid?"
Simon's question erupted murmurs in the hall, they all wondered what gave Jason the guts to stand up to Simon.
"What is wrong with him? Is he mad?"
Friya whispered to katherine, a member of her crew, Katherine simply shrugged her shoulders and stood on her toes to see the end of the scene, she was equally flummoxed.
Jason knew Simon's question was meant to shut him up while he still had the chance but he was not ready to stand back.
"Sir with all due respect I would like to know the purpose of the refuge again and it's code of conduct, cos as far as I know it is for teens like us who have got nowhere to go and most importantly who have got powers, or is that not the case here sir?"
Silence enveloped the hall, Jason had a point, why is Kara being punished for having powers if the purpose of the refuge is to shield those with powers and teach them how to use it for good.

"Kid you are right but...."

"Then why is Kara treated like an enemy? Why has she always been left out, ostracized, bullied at even when she has done nothing wrong! Why do people call her a monster when she is the one that is being hurt, no one shows her love, no one shows her care, we all hate a person for things a prophesy said? The elders would kill an innocent girl who has shed no blood? What is the purpose of the refuge then? To kill the innocent?"

Jason walked towards Kara and picked her jaw with his finger to lift her face to him, she was in tears.
"Look at her Sir, if in the future she actually becomes a monster then it would be our fault"

"How dare you! How dare you, you peasant! You bastard! Throw him in the dungeon!"
Elias stood up in wrath.

"No, the kid has a point, he has been blinded by the pretense of the girl, they all have, they don't know that beneath this innocent crying face is a terrifying monster, if you would allow me to show it to you Jason"
Simon said and turned back to every other person who stood in the hall.
"If you would allow me to show it to all of you, the monster she really is"
With that he teleported back to Kara's side, shoved Jason from holding her and pulled off the necklace.
There was a pause of fear on everyone and Elias was eager to see just how Kara would show the crowd how monstrous she was.
Few seconds turned into few minutes and then more than 20 minutes but nothing happened, all that was heard was Kara sniffing and sobbing.
Simon felt disgraced and embarrassed.
"Guess I was right after all"
Jason last words lit up the anger in him that he slapped a tooth out of Jason's mouth
"Throw them in the dungeon, this meeting is dismissed"
He said and teleported into his Chambers.

Simra returned to her Chambers where Lia was waiting impatiently for some good or bad news.
"Simra? What happened, where is Kara?"

"In the dungeon, the elders are yet to decide her fate"

"Oh no, they discovered she has powers? She is doomed Kara, don't you think it's time to bring back Sara? She would die if Sara is..."

"They did not find out, they did not find out about her powers"
Lia made a pause and then squealed for joy before she noticed Simra was still pensive
"What's wrong, you are supposed to be happy right?"

"Lia, Simon took off her necklace and nothing happened"
Lia allowed a questionable frown on her face before she asked.
"Is that supposed to be a problem, maybe she knows how to control her powers"

"No, Kara cannot control her powers just yet, something must have happened, and I can not think of anyone but the boy, Jason, he is special and we need him"
Lia thought for a while and discovered she could not figure anyone with the name Jason and so she asked.
"Who is Jason?"

"What did you do Jason, I made it clear the other day that you should Saturday away from me"
Kara said as she sat with Jason in the dungeon, her face buried in her palms.
"What? I can't believe you would say this right now, after I just saved your ass"

"I didn't ask you to Jason, I was ready to make them pay, all of them, for what they've done to me"

"And how to do you propose to do that? You can not control your powers just yet, I felt it, it's like a boiling water ready to explode inside of you, if it was still in you the moment Elder Simon removed your Necklace all you would do is explode and boom, you are dead"
Kara lifted up her head now to take another look at her saviour, he is an handsome teen indeed, just that now he was bleeding, her eyes went wide as she called out
"Jason you are bleeding"
Jason touched his nose and realised blood was dripping from his nose.
"Dammit, it's your powers, when I touched your Jaw I swapped my powers with yours, it's the reason nothing happened when the necklace was removed, now your powers is tearing me up"
Kara hurried to him when he lost balance and fell to the ground.
"What do I do Jason?"

She asked in fear.
"You would have to take back your powers, but if that happens, you would loose control, and I have got barely some few minutes before your powers shuts down my system completely"

"What does that mean?"

"It means I'll die Kara, and the moment I die your powers comes back to you, either way you are getting your powers back"
Kara looked up to the gates of the dungeon when she noticed a shadow cast upon them. She could not tell she knew the creature coming towards them is the most monstrous creature she had ever seen in her entire life and she could tell it was not coming for good.
"Jason, we've got company, big company, big problem"
Jason laid on his belly to see the Griffin approaching them with red eyes.
"Oh no no no, it's the Griffin, we are so dead Kara!.

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Moon walker 2

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"What do we do Jason? I...am scared"
Kara shivered, she could tell with the look the Griffin shot at them that it was out to kill.
"It's going to kill us"
She continued trying to get Jason on his feet but Jason was too weak to stand on his feet.
"You will have to take back your powers, now or..."
Jason was not able to finish what he intended to say, he past out with blood dripping from mouth.
The Griffin would not permit Kara to say anything else. He grabbed her by the neck and sniffed her continuously to discover she was not his target, she was powerless.
It's attention turned to Jason with haste, it flung her aside and picked Jason up with it's mind.
Kara could hear the voice in her head, it was clear and direct.
"Who is there?"
She asked in fright thinking it was the Griffin playing with her mind?
"You have to fight it Kara, you have to get your powers back else you are both going to die"
Kara felt she could trust the voice in her head, it was the only option she had at that moment.
She looked to the Griffin who had already dug it's teeth into Jason's neck, sapping every ounce of powers it could. The more it absolved the more it grew bigger!
"Kara it's me, your mother Sara, you have to trust me and get your powers back"

"My what? How?"

"There is no time for questions, now look to the Griffin so I can see it, you are my eyes"
Kara quickly looked back to the horrific creature.
"Now look to the tiny hole that glows just beneath it's spine, can you see it?"

"Yes I can see it"
Kara confirmed
"Hurry what should I do? It's killing Jason"

"Dig your hands into that hole you see now"

"What? I can't..."

"Do it or die, your choice, chose wisely"
Sara's voice came so firm that it sounded like the only option left for Kara. How she could hear her mother in her head was a mystery she was going to solve later, her who she felt abandoned her for dead. Now she had a problem to solve.
Quickly she hurried and dug her right hands into the Griffin. It let out a scream that alerted the guards outside the prison walls.
Immediately Kara's powers returned to her.
Her eyes went dark, the clouds thickened to form an ice... The foundation of the refuge began to shake.
"Kara you have to control yourself"
Sara's voice rang in her head.
"I can't, I can't control it!"
She screamed as veins stretched up to her head.
The Griffin in it's anger grab by her neck and held her against the wall but soon it's hand began to burn up as Kara set it on fire with her mind.
"Halt! Halt demon!"
The guards could barely see what was going on in the dungeon but they could see the Griffin burning in flames.
"Kara you are going to explode, cause a darkness so you can shield yourself from the guards"
Sara's voice came again..
"How do I do that?"

"Simple, just think of it"
And she did, total darkness covered the whole refuge that the elders took lamps and hurried to the dungeon to see for themselves, now they would have proof to show the whole refuge, proof that Kara was a demon.
"Kara direct your energy to the Griffin, think of killing it"
Sara's voice directed and Kara made the Griffin dissolve into Ash.
"Good, now close your eyes and take a deep breath, relax and say these words. *Glueth arisa tiarisa quickum*"
Kara began to recite it and slowly she could feel her powers subsiding
"Hurry and say it continuously, the elders are on their way here, sit down and cross your legs"
Kara sat and placed both her hands on her thigh as she repeated the words till she felt light. Her powers became calm.
"Now touch Jason"
She did and Jason inhaled and regained consciousness. It was all like magic to Kara.
"Now make these Ash of the Griffin disappear, teleport it out of the dungeon so the elders would not have evidence against you"
Sara instructed next.
"How do I do that"

"Like I said before, all you have to do is think, your powers would do the rest"
Kara stretched her hands over the burning Ash and it varnished the next second.
"Clear up the darkness and sit back, the elders are at the gates already"
Quickly Kara sat back with Jason and she made the darkness clear up.
Simon teleported to the dungeon immediately the darkness cleared up, but he was a little late, all he saw was Kara and Jason seated like nothing happened.
Without saying a word he teleported back to his Chambers, he knew he had to released Kara and Jason, he had no evidence against them, the guards in charge of the prison swore the saw Kara lit the Griffin on fire but there was no proof to second their accusations.
"Mum where are you?"
Kara asked when she was sure it was just Jason and herself, Jason gave her a suspicious look but she didn't mind.
"I am right here in the refuge, Kara, you need to find me"

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Simra felt it was time to opt for Kara and Jason's release from the dungeon. She gathered her wits together and approached Simon to request for the teens' release.
"Sire if I may ask, why is Kara and the boy Jason still in the dungeon, it's already 24hours without proof of Kara being a threat"
Simon was quiet as he continued his meditation, he was seated with his legs crossed and his eyes closed.

Simra didn't care if he was in the middle of something indispensable, her demand was paramount to her, she needed Kara out of dungeon that minute.
"Simra you can have her, now can you leave me to meditate?"

"Of course sire"
Simra bowed and left but immediately she stepped out, Simon called for his most trusted ally.
"Eric, follow her and monitor Kara's every move, report to me if you notice anything strange"

Simra called as she approached the dungeon.
Kara could recognise it was Simra's voice. She tapped Jason who was still asleep
"Jason, Jason, get up, the keeper is here"
Reluctantly Jason sat up and yawned to indicate he was famished.
"Kara, up you get"
Simra said the moment the guards opened the gates for Kara's release.
"You to boy"
Simra indicated as she turned to Jason, quickly she took hold of both teens and teleported them to her Chambers.
"Jason, I would love to speak to you"
Simra said and took the boy aside.
Kara saw it as an opportunity to communicate with Sara again.
"Mum? Mum?"
She said in her mind
"I'm here"
Sara replied.
"How do I find you Mum?"

"I can't tell you where I am a now because I was spelled here by magic, it has prevented me from discerning my exact location but I can see and feel everything in the refuge and beyond, like I can see the elders in a meeting now discussing about the yearly warlock competition which is to start off in a week's time, you would have to participate in the competition"
Kara didn't find the idea interesting.
"I don't think that is possible, I can't participate in such competition without my powers, and remember I can't use my powers"
Sara was quiet that Kara felt she had lost connection with her.

"Kara you have to participate, there is a reason for it, I will explain to you later, I would guide you on how win"

"Mum where have you been, I mean you left me, you abandoned me right? Like for how long have you been in my head?"

Kara did not understand how Sara just popped up from nowhere to tell her what to do.
"I never abandoned you, someone did this to me, someone i can't reveal to you now, and I could recently connect with you because your powers was let loosed. Something prevented me from connecting with you for years, I believe it's the canvan bracelet"
Kara was quiet when she notice Simra approaching the Chambers.
"Where is Jason?"
Kara was quick to ask when she noticed Simra came back alone.
"He would be back Kara, he has a special connection with you, I can sense it, he would be..."
Simra made a pause when she noticed Kara without the necklace, her eyes went wide open.

"What?" Kara made a frown with her face as she asked trying to figure out the reason for Simra's outburst.
"Kara?" Lia came in next, she hurried and hugged Kara with laughter reverberating in the Chambers
"I thought I was going to lose you dear one"

"No way Lia, you won't, I am right here"
Kara ignored Simra for a minute to assure Lia.
"Lia, Kara is without the necklace"
Simra announced, Lia took a few steps backwards to take another look at Kara.
"How is this possible Kara?"
Kara acted like she did not denote what they meant.
"What? I learned how to control it"


"I don't know, I guess I figured it out on my own"
Simra did not need to think twice before she replied Kara.
"You are telling lies Kara, I can sense it with my mind, remember you can't lie to a keeper"
Kara's heart missed a bit, Sara had warned that she must not reveal to anyone that she could communicate with her.
"Kara, she is reading your mind, you have to lock her out"
Sara instructed and Kara did just that.
"Stop pushing me out Kara" Simra called out.
Lia stood transfixed at both Kara and Simra, she could not tell what was going on.
"I am not doing anything Simra"

"Liar, you are pushing me out of your mind"
Simra was clearly stressed, veins stood firm on her forehead while Kara seemed more relaxed with folded arms.
"Maybe you should not be in my mind, it's my mind right? It's supposed to for me and me alone"
Kara continued with a smile.
"Simra you are bleeding"
Lia announced when she saw blood dripping from Simra's nose.
Kara successfully pushed Simra out of her mind before she went to say
"And emm, I am going to participate in the warlock competition next week"
Both Simra and Lia looked to each other in shock and then back to Kara before Simra spoke out
"Kara you must be out of your mind"

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"I am not out of my mind, I meant every word I said, I am going to participate in the warlock competition this season"
Kara repeated her initial statement to prove she meant every word she said.
The warlock competition is a seasonal battle amongst the students to chose who gets to be recruited to the knights of the refuge.
"Kara quit the joke, the competition is a show of strength and powers, you won't survive a sec in the ring, you don't have powers remember?"
Lia chuckled before she spoke out, she concluded Kara was joking about her intentions to participate. All Kara did over the years was to watch the competition from the stands. The kids she grew up with in the competition were all knights already, she began to guess Sara wanted her as a knight of the refuge.
"I am not joking"
Kara said with a Stern face, her hands folded as she shot a look to show she is serious about it.
Lia's laughed went dry, she looked from Simra to Kara countless times before she spoke to Simra.
"Simra I think she is serious about it"
Simra was quiet, she wanted to pry through Kara's mind but Kara remained impenetrable.
"You are not participating in that competition Kara"
Simra gave the final verdict and gave no more room for Kara to protest when she teleported out of the Chambers.
Kara did not hesitate to push for her will to participate, she waited till the day of the general hall assembly, where all the students assemble to chose between a blue and red cloth shredded into bits. The blue Indicated no participation and the red indicated an interest and an Immediate entry into the competition.
As expected Friya was was first to come out to pick from both cloth, she pick the red and a dropped it at the feet of Simon as it should be.
Every other person followed suit till it got to Kara's turn. No one took her serious because they all expected her to pick a blue cloth as she had done over the years. But this time it was different, she picked the red cloth. Immediately every elder stood to their feet in shock; Simon's mouth stood wide upon as Kara took a few more bold steps and dropped the cloth at his feet.
"I hope you know what you are doing mother"
Kara communicated with Sara. The eyes that stared at her were not friendly.
"I am, trust me"
Sara gave a comforting reply.
"Oh well look who it is, the outcast without powers is participating in most dreaded competition of the refuge, what does she think this is, a food party?"
Friya spoke sarcastically and loud enough for everyone to laugh.
Simra could not believe her eyes, kara defiled her orders and went ahead to make her entry to the competition, this could lead to her death, is she mad? immediately she stood to her feet and spoke out to Simon.
"Sire it is suicide for a kid without powers to participate in the warlock battle, would the head elder accept such entry from a kid who is helpless?"
A sudden silence enveloped the hall, everyone waited for a word from Simon. Simon had two thoughts in mind, this could finally be the opportunity to reveal the truth about Kara's powers to the general public, or this could be the suicide as Simra has claimed, but there is nothing he could do about it, Kara has to participate.
"There is no law that says anyone without powers can not participate in the competition, and so if it is true that kara has no powers then I offer my sympathy and my condolences to you Simra"
Simra knew exactly what Simon meant when he said he is offering his sympathy and condolences, he knew Kara would not make it out alive.
"Sir I beg you, offer the kid a chance to rethink her decision, maybe she is confused about it"
Simra hurried to Simon's feet and knelt as she pleaded.
"Okay Simra"
Simon obliged and looked back to Kara who stood with folded arms.
"Kara, the warlock competition is not for the faint of heart, it is not for the weak and the soft. You may not make it out alive and so i am giving you this last chance to rethink your decision, go back and make your pick from the cloth again"
Kara did not look to Simra face, she ignored as Simra called to her with her mind.
"Kara you better pick the blue cloth! Don't be foolish!"
She knew Kara could hear her but it fell on deaf ears. Kara went ahead and picked the red cloth and this time she placed the cloth on Simon's hands.
"Sir I was not joking when I dropped the red cloth at your feet, and I do not need anyone's sympathy, I made this decision and I expect the elders to respect it"
Kara spoke with boldness that erupted murmurs in the hall.
"Alright Kara, you have been enlisted in the warlock competition, may the spirits be with you"
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Moon walker 2

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"Kara! Kara! You defiled my orders, you disobeyed my instructions! Who gave you such temerity! Who?"
Simra rage when they got back to the Chambers, her eyes were red with wrath that Lia felt she was going to tear Kara apart.
Kara was quiet, she had never seen Simra in such rage before so she thought it wise to remain quiet.
"Kara! I asked a question, who made you sign up for the competition, you have never disobeyed my orders until now"

"No one, I signed up myself"
Silence stood in their midst for a while before Simra sighed and made her conclusion.
"Then you leave me no choice"
Kara could not tell what Simra had in mind but Sara could see as Simra reached for the necklace she hid underneath her sleeves.
"Kara, she has the canvan necklace, she wants to keep you locked up without powers again, if she does that I can't communicate with you anymore"
Sara revealed and Kara asked immediately
"What do I do?"

"Stop time, and make the canvan bracelet melt off"

"I can stop time? Wow"
Simra threw the necklace at Kara, the canvan necklace was design to cleave to her neck the moment it was released but everything slowed down till it all became stiff. Lia and Simra remained in one position, the necklace remained stiff in the air and Kara was the only person who could move, she had stopped time.
She looked intently to the necklace and made it melt off before she released time from her grip.
The shock on Simra and Lia's face made Kara laugh, she shook her head and reinstated her will to win the competition.
"I would win the competition Simra, I do not even have to struggle, I know what I am doing"
But it was not enough to convince Simra. She teleported to Kara and attempted to teleport her down to the depths of the refuge where she had Sara buried in a tomb but Kara heated up and she became to hot to touch.
Simra screamed as her hands burned up when she tried to touch Kara. She would not stop there, she harnessed her energy and created an energy blast, huge enough to blow Kara to dust.
"Simra stop, you will kill Kara!"
Lia called but Simra was determined to stop Kara no matter what.
Kara was a little scared when she saw the volume of the energy blast Simra created.
"Take your stand Kara, and redirect her energy back to her"
Kara nodded and stamped both her feet on the ground, it emanated an energy field around her, a strange wind began to tear the Chambers apart.
Simra could barely see as the wind around Kara made her vision blur but she knew which direction Kara was and so when she was done creating her energy she threw it at Kara.
Unfortunately the energy bounced back when Kara's forced field seemed to strong to penetrate.
Simra's eyes went wide as she saw her energy return back to her in a greater force, she was sure it would either cripple her or send her to her early grave. She only used such amount of energy on a formidable enemy.
Kara knew Simra might not survive the hit. She had to do something fast, she made a move, she could not tell if it was time she slowed down or if she was moving too fast. She dissolved the wind and sped to move Simra out of the way.
But then energy got to her, she stood her ground and absorbed the energy but it was too much, she bled from her nose and fell unconscious.
"Hey, hey" Kara could feel someone tap her, she could barely see but the green coloured eyes that had sparks in it gave her the intuition that it was Jason.
"Up up, you've been sleeping for quite some time lady"
He was full of smiles and Kara found it a little irritating.
"What? They sent you to talk me out of my decision to participate..."
Jason would not permit her to drop her thoughts he quickly interrupted
"No no, Kara, not at all, as a matter of fact I am a little glad you opted to participate, but still I am scared for you girl, you sure about this?"
Kara was going to reply but Jason's hands met with her arm, a sudden zap of energy shook both of them that Kara had to spring up.
"What was that?"
She asked as she panted.
"Who are you? Please stay away from me"
Simon was seated observing his usual meditation when his spy, Eric, came with his report. His voice was shaky and in haste.
"Sir, the girl has powers, powers I have never seen before, I saw her withstand the keeper's stage five energy blast, a blast that is intended to blew her to dust sir!"
Simon sprang to his feet with wide eyes.
"Are you sure about this?"
He asked in disbelief.
"I swear with the spirits sir, the girl powers is out of this world, no one can comprehend such power sir"
Simon was quiet until Eric pushed further to ask.
"What are you planning to do sir?"
Simon did not hesitate to answer.
"Now we make sure she participate in the warlock's competition"

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Moon walker 2
[The dark moon]

Chapter 12

Back in Simra's chamber Kara sat with worried eyes as she observed her distance from Jason. She could not explain the zap of energy she felt each time he comes too close to her.
"Jason, what is going on with you?"
Jason understood what she meant but he felt she asked the wrong question.
"Me? Nothing Kara..."
There was silence till he continued.
"I am just drawn to you, I can't explain why, it has always been like that, there is something about you I can't explain"

"Means you are threat..."
Kara did not hesitate to conclude.

"But we were together in the dungeon Kara, nothing happened, why now? Would you want me to stay away from you after everything?"
Kara understood what he meant, she felt bad immediately, Jason has stood by her when she had no one, it would be unfair to judge him like that.
"Okay I am sorry Jason, but there should be an explanation for this right? I would love to ask the keeper but we are not in good terms for now"
Silence stood for few minutes until Kara spoke up again.
"But emm Jason? Can you try to observe a little distance for now, you know emm... Emm like anytime we meet, just try to observe a little distance, the shock I get is very uncomfortable, I would not want to feel that anytime soon".
Jason giggled although Kara felt it wasn't funny

"What's funny?"

"No nothing, nothing, I'll try but I am not sure I can for long, your lips is not helping the situation my lady"
Kara felt a little shy and embarrassed when she noticed Jason has been staring at her lips. She flushed and cleared her throat before she stuttered out.
"What's? What's...that supposed to mean Jason?"

"It means your lips looks soft and warm, I wonder who has had the privilege to touch those lips, he is one lucky guy you know"
Kara found her mouth open with no words coming out. Wait, is Jason flirting with her? How does she tell him that she has never been kissed before, it felt embarrassing.
"Your mouth is open my lady"
Jason reach for her jaw and again the energy zapped but this time it was different, it traveled down her spine to her center of gravity to erupt a strange feeling she had never felt before. Now she understood what Jason meant when he said he was drawn to her, because at that moment she was drawn to him, it felt like a rope kneaded together.
"Emm Jason, I think you are straying....past your boundaries, it took less than a minute to cover the distance between us, what happened to your promise to try and observe a little distance"
Kara said when she realized her.
Jason was going to say something but Lia butt in when she walked in.
"Jason, that would be all for today, I would love to speak to Kara alone"
Lia said and watched as Jason found his way out.

"Lia nothing you say would stop me"
Kara had to spell it out to Lia before she made the move to say anything.
"I know, the competition starts tommorow and I want you to be extremely careful, some folks play dirty, you have to be wise and play smart, I pray the spirit be with you"
Kara responded with a nod and offered a quick smile, she was tempted to ask after Simra but she changed her mind.
"Alright little one, you need to rest, it's a great day tomorrow"
As soon as Lia stepped out, Sara communicated to Kara.
"Kara, I have a bad feeling about the boy Jason, you have to be careful"

"Why mom? What's wrong with him, he has been good to me"

"I know, but be careful child, I am reading a repulsive energy from his veins, he has powers I cannot place my hands on. Remember he could easily swap your powers, in my time it took Gaza, the raelic stone and a group of wizards to take my powers. But he could do that with just a touch. He is not what he says he is, be careful"
Kara felt her mom was over reacting but she conformed to Sara's wish anyway...
"Alright mom, I will"
Through the morning fog, Jason sped with the sped of lightening, the birds of the air fled out of their resting place as he sped with a strange lightening trailing him. He stopped deep in the woods. Soon beings in a hood stood all around him until he stood face to face with a Druid. The druids were magical creatures who sort after dark magic for selfish purposes.
"How are you son, and how is the girl"
Jason had good news and with a smile he revealed.
"Everything is going according to the plan father"

© Onyeneke Abel .March 2019 all rights reserved.

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Moon walker 2

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Re: Moon Walker 2 [the Dark Moon] Onyeneke Abel by Babysuccess02(f): 9:50pm On Sep 11, 2019
embarassedJason is bad o. I pray he doesn't succeed in what he is planning on Kara. next update please.
Re: Moon Walker 2 [the Dark Moon] Onyeneke Abel by Abelosas222(m): 9:16pm On Sep 15, 2019


"Give me some goodnews kid, I want to hear it"
The druid led down his hood to reveal the large scar inflicted just below his eyes.
"I want to hear her scream in pain, huh son, I want to inflict her with the same pain her mother Sara Inflicted on me"
Grodd spoke with voice of vengeance, his eyes were stony red.
"Easy father, we would have our revenge, but it would be delayed because the girl is too powerful, I was able to take her powers but it was too much for me, I almost lost my life in the process, it shut down my organs and almost stopped my heart"
Jason expressed his concern in the quest for vengeance, if he was going to help his father achieve his vengeful dreams then stealing Kara's powers is the only way.
"Hmm, we would need to sacrifice more souls to perform this dark magic, you need more energy to..."

"No father, no..."
Jason would not permit his father to finish up.
"No, no more blood shed of innocent people, I would think of another way"

"And what way is that? Indulge me"
Jason smile evilly before he replied
"Love, love is the way to get Kara, I make her fall in love with me, and in her weakest moment we strike"

The loud bells of the refuge rang continuously in every quarter and hall.
The general hall is packed with students dressed like warriors on for battle. It was the first day of the competition. Simon had to address the crowd before they move to the arena.

"Dear ones, now is not the time to look back or be faint in heart, now is when you prepare your mind for the inevitable, now is when you prepare your mind for death, if you have to say your goodbyes to your friends then you do that now..."
He made a pause as he searched amongst the contestant for Kara.
"Where is Kara?"

"Here sire"
She popped her head up for him to see, she wasn't dressed in any armour that it bothered Simon.
"You are not dressed in an armour, you are really prepared to die?"
He didn't know if it was sudden sympathy he felt for Kara or he was scared of what her power outburst would look like.
"I won't be needing it sire"
A sudden giggle started up in the hall that later resulted to a lot of persons laughing their eyes out. No one believed the feeble Kara would last a minute.
"Okay then, let the battle of the warlocks begin!"
Simon announced and with a shout the crowd opted for the arena.

_mum what does the competition entails?_

Kara communicated to Sara

_i have no idea Kara, but whatever it is, we would be ready_
"Warlocks, gather around!"
The host called and led the warlocks to an open barn just by the arena.
"The first part of this battle is a race"
It didn't sound difficult to Kara until the statement was completed.
"A race in the sky, with your chosen dragones!!!"
A roar from the crowd proved they were all excited but it was not same for the warlocks, a good number of them had fear in their eyes. The dragones looked hungry and fierce.
_Mum you heard that?_

_I did, trust me you are going to enjoy this_
Sara communicated back.

"So go on and chose your dragones"
Kara was going to rush in but Sara stopped her.
_easy Kara, you do not chose a dragone, a dragone chooses you, if you rush in you might get eaten up, it's a trick, be wise_

And it was just as Sara said, Kara watched as three warlocks got eaten up by the supposed dragones!

"No way! I can't do this!"
A kid cried out and attempted to run for his life but he was shot dead with an arrow.

"Is there anyone else who would want to run away?"
The question came just after the kid laid dead.
"There is no turning back warlocks, pick your dragone and prepare for the race"
The host called out again but Kara would not permit anyone else to be eaten.

"Wait, wait!"
She took front and stood in front of them.
"Get out of the way scared rat"
Friya spoke mockingly but no one laughed this time, they were all visibly scared.

Kara ignored Friya and went on
"Wait guys, if you go in there you will all be eaten, you do not chose a dragone, a dragone chooses you, watch this"
Kara was not sure of what do when she took the lead and stood in front of the barn.
_what do I do mother, they are all watching me_

_simple, open your mind and call for your dragone, it would come to you_
Sara replied.

Kara shut her eyes and opened her mind, within minutes a loud roar was heard in a distance up in the sky, her dragone was not in the barn. Suddenly a white dragone landed with a force that blew off the barn.
The dust had to settle for the crowd to see Kara handling with the white dragone.

"Is that a white dragone?"
The murmur erupted all over the arena.
"A white dragone?"
Simon muttered from where he sat.
"Do you know what this means?"
Elias spoke up next...
"It means the girl is not just a seer, but a priestess, only a priestess has the power to command a white dragone, she has been deceiving us all these years, we have to make sure this girl do not survive this competition!"

© Onyeneke Abel .March 2019 all rights reserved.

Moon walker continues.

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Re: Moon Walker 2 [the Dark Moon] Onyeneke Abel by Babysuccess02(f): 11:22pm On Sep 15, 2019
thanks dear. please try and Update soon


Re: Moon Walker 2 [the Dark Moon] Onyeneke Abel by Hardes(m): 10:41am On Sep 16, 2019
Thanks for the update

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Re: Moon Walker 2 [the Dark Moon] Onyeneke Abel by Abelosas222(m): 9:34pm On Sep 17, 2019

Chapter 14

Kara was a little scared of riding her dragone, she didn't know how to ride, she has never ridden a dragone before, she stood with it as she watch the others get chosen by their dragones. The dragones pick a suitable match based on the desires of the heart. Friya got a vicious looking dragone, no one was surprised she did.
"Hey, you've got the eyes of everyone now, what a dragone you've got huh"
Jason drew near to Kara with a flashy smile.
"What can I say, I am lucky I guess"
Kara chuckled out.
"No Kara, no one gets lucky with a white dragone, it has special powers unlike the other dragone, only your mother Sara, has the record of a white dragone, guess you've broken that record"
Kara became a bit interested now. She never knew her mother had a white dragone too.

_mum is that true? Do you have a white dragone_?
Kara asked Sara without hesitation.

_Yes Kara, I named it Sieral, we fought great battles together_

_okay so where is it?_

_it won't be visible to the eyes of any being until I call for it_
Sara went on to answer Kara's disturbing questions.

_okay so when will you call for it?_

_when the time is right kara_

Jason had to touch Kara to bring her back to their discussion.
"Kara, hey..."

"Oh sorry..."
She apologized when she realized she had been staring at him without any response to all he said.
"So you were saying?"

"I was asking if you know how to ride, this is going to be one hell of a ride Kara, not many will survive this ride"
Kara's heart pounded against her chest, she could not tell what the race was all about, over the years all she witnessed were those who survived the race, they usually arrive battered with wounds and one time a few died minutes after they made it back to the arena, no one knew what it was all about, or what obstacle they would face.
_mum, I do not know how to ride_
Kara complained to Sara immediately.

_you can, all you have to do is connect with you dragone, give it a name_
Jason snapped his fingers again to bring Kara back to the physical world.
"You seem lost Kara, are you okay? Can you survive this ride?"

"I won't just survive Jason, I would arrive at the finish line first"
Jason chuckled softly, he knew Kara is not skillful enough to ride a dragone.
"I love your guts young lady, we would meet at the finish line"
Kara felt no need to say anything else, she simply offered a smile and climbed on to her dragone.
"I name you Zara"
She muttered and her dragone responded through telekinesis.
Kara's eyes went wide.
_mum, I can hear it, it spoke to me_

_of course it will, it would teach you how to ride, now Kara listen to me, Elias is plotting against you, he has assigned a few deadly knights to see that you do not survive this race_
Sara revealed to Kara, she could see and feel everything and every being from where she laid in a deep slumber beneath the refuge.
Kara's heart doubled its beat.
_Relax Kara, they are no match for you, I will tell you what to do, just be careful and trust no one, not even Jason_

"Alright warlocks! Gather around to the starting line!"
The host called when he was sure everyone had their dragone ready for the race.
"Now the rule is simple, get to the finish line before sundown, whatever you would encounter in this ride should be kept a secret, that is if you come out alive! You are to travel through the dark deserts..." He made a pause as if he felt he was revealing too much, murmurs erupted among the warlocks.
"The dark desert? Is this a ride or a mass murder?"
One of the teens said aloud with fear in his eyes.

"On second thought, all you have to do is follow this star"
He paused again to reveal the golden star that stood just up in the sky...
"where ever it leads is where you are supposed to ride past till you find yourself back here in the arena...if you find yourself back in the arena"
Friya shot an inimical look toward Kara when she noticed Jason picking a leaf from her hair.
"I am going to kill you, you daughter of the cursed!"
Friya said in her mind but Kara heard it, she swallowed a lump of saliva down her throat.
Apart from what she was going to face in the race, she was sure not just Friya but a good number of powerful knights, would do anything to see she did not make it.
The host called to get the attention of the riders!
All hands tightened to their Dragone as they got ready to take off.
**You ready Zara?**
Kara questioned and got a response from her dragone, it gave a low roar.
A forceful wind swept the host off his feet as every dragone flapped its wings and dashed into the sky.
Kara was a little shaky, she was left far behind as she struggled to maintain balance on her dragone.
"It won't take long to get this freak eliminated"
Friya chuckled out as she flew past Kara.
_kara relax, don't fight it, connect with your dragone, you do not have to use your physical strength to ride your dragone, you use your mind_
Sara instructed and Kara stopped the dragone from flying for a moment.
She placed both her hands by its neck and soon light began to radiate from eyes till it made a spark, her eyes shone white and so did the dragone.
"Yes am in! Now go, Zara!"
Zara let out a loud roar as it spread its wings! With the speed of lightning, it took a spin and speed past every other dragone within minutes.
Friya could not believe her eyes, she was not going to watch Kara take the front.
"Oh, it's game on Kara!"
She took out her arrow, aimed and shot at Kara.
"Zara down"
Kara called, she could feel every ounce of power vibrating in her system, she could feel everything, even the heartbeat of her dragone, and so when Friya shot the arrow she heard it as clear as a key falling to the ground.
Her dragone obeyed swiftly and twisted downwards to dodge the arrow.
Looking back Kara witnessed every rider bringing out their weapons, she soon realized that this wasn't a race, it was war!

Moonwalker 2

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battle. more inspiration to you dear.

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Thanks for the update.

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