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Destiny by stblessing(f): 6:37pm On Jan 21
Hello there guys! Stblessing is back with a bang after such a long time. Anyways,I'm sorry I wasn't able to finish my story "beautiful and unlucky"but it would be pointless starting from where I stopped as it would be boring,which is why I have brought something fresh to your tables,"Destiny". Trust me,its thrilling,exciting and incredible and will live you glued to your phone screens. So hang on to your seat folks and prepare for a joy ride!!!

She was born into a poor and broken home. She wanted to grow up and change her and her family's life for the better. Then he came along and swept her off her feet. Little did she know that,that one single man she met would change her life....forever

Re: Destiny by stblessing(f): 6:39pm On Jan 21

Re: Destiny by stblessing(f): 7:13pm On Jan 22
"My name is Mediatrix Chioma Okoro. I was born in the ever busy streets of Bariga,Lagos. I was born into a happy family. I was the first born and I lived with my parents,my brother John and my baby sister Valentine. Although we were not rich,we were still able to make it each day. I was a happy girl who got whatever she wanted. However,that all changed when I was 10yrs old. My father abandoned us to finally live with his long time mistress. It was a devastating period and my young mother began striving to make us survive. My happy life turned up side down. From then on,I was determined to make a difference and change my life. Until HE! Came into the picture.... Once again,my name is Mediatrix okoro and this is my story...
Re: Destiny by stblessing(f): 8:05pm On Jan 22
Episode 1
Mediatrix walked into the school canteen feeling exhausted. She headed over for the booth and ordered for a meal worth #300. Although it was her last card,she decided that she deserved it. Seven lectures with cranky lecturers at a stretch wasn't as easy as talking. She was very tired and decided to have a little refreshment before heading to the hostel. University life was difficult she usually thought as since she arrived,it has been from one problem to the other either financially or academically. Although she was an extremely brilliant of Banking and Finance in the university,and even her departments vice president,her poor background made life difficult for her as most of the time,she either wasn't able to buy a handout,or carry out a project. However,God was her strength and she had faith that her labor wouldn't be in vain.
Re: Destiny by LightQueen(f): 8:10pm On Jan 22
Pls come and continue
Re: Destiny by Ann2012(f): 9:27pm On Jan 22
Keep the updates coming
Re: Destiny by stblessing(f): 11:29pm On Jan 22
Thanks allll,but I'm tired today. I promise to continue tomorrow. Goodnight!
Re: Destiny by stblessing(f): 6:42pm On Jan 23
Episode 1 continues
After munching her snack of sausages and a coke,she cleaned up her mouth and headed for the counter to pay when she heard a soft "hello"behind her. It was manly and deep. She turned her back and saw a huge manly figure. He was tall,dark and more than handsome. He had muscles all over his body with his chest puffed out. He was a bit hairy though but had all the qualities of a handsome guy.
Mediatrix looked at him for a while,a little aghast,but cleared her throat and tried not to look swept off over the mans goodlooks.
"Er...em,uhh,yes,how may I help you?"She asked with her head raised high
"I saw you from a distance"he said while pointing to his seat"you wouldn't mind if I pay for your meal, would you?"
Mediatrix chuckled before answering"thank you,but I can pay for my own meal,I'm alright by myself although I do appreciate your kind gesture"
"Are you sure?I don't really mind"and he got replied with a nod"o..kay,anyways,my name is Frank,and yours?"
Mediatrix looked at him from head to toe and vice versa before shaking her head and then standing up
"I'm sorry,but you don't have to.."She walked out and headed for the counter.
Re: Destiny by LightQueen(f): 9:44pm On Jan 23
Thanks for the update
Re: Destiny by stblessing(f): 7:03pm On Jan 24
Episode 1 continues
Frank stared at her as she walked on,mouth agape before grinning and walking away.
Mediatrix arrived the hostel very late. As she walked in she kicked her flat shoes away and sighed
"Wheeew!what a day!" She said.
Funke,her roommate who was punching her phone all along stared at her and grinned
"Madam,how far?"She asked.
Funke was a tall,fair and lanky lady. She had huge bulging eyes with plump lips. She was a lady who loved to go with the trends. Sometimes,people wondered how two people so unlike like Mediatrix and Funke were such close friends. They were not even in the same department. Funke was a theatre arts students while Mediatrix was a Banking and Finance students both at the Obafemi Awolowo university,Ile-ife. Anyways,they were still close friends and they didn't hide anything from each other.
"Very tired"she replied"its been from one lecture to the other"
"Toyin called me and told me she saw you talking with a hunk at the canteen today"
Mediatrix stood up and raided her eyebrows
"Hold on,Toyin was there?!and she didn't even make herself known to me?"
Funke shrugged her shoulders
"Anyways,who was that guy?"
Mediatrix lay back on the bed
"Meh,just some guy who approached me,no big deal"
Funke kept silence for a while
"Hmmmm,are you sure you don't have a boyfriend you're not telling me about?"
She sat back up
"You are crazy,you know that?"She asked"I don't have a boyfriend and don't intend to have one anytime soon. This is just my first year!"
"And so what?aren't you old enough?well,it would please you to know that I have a boyfriend"Funke said raising her phone up
"Well good for you,and it would also please you to know that both of us are not the same and therefore,I shouldn't be compared with you. And besides,I have priorities"
Funke scoffed
"Like what?"
Re: Destiny by stblessing(f): 7:23pm On Jan 24
Episode 1 continues
"Like finishing my university education before getting into a relationship. I don't have time for all this "lovey dovey"stuff right now.
"Lovey nko,dovey kni. Abegi go and sit down bo. Listen,you are a woman. No matter how you try,you can't run away from love. And besides,just because you are in a relationship,doesn't mean you can't excel in your studies. You're just being unnecessarily nerdy!"
"Whatever,let it be. Can we not talk about this now?I'm exhausted"said Mediatrix lying down.
"Hmph!priorities,as if you don't have any feelings for Tony!"Funke accused.
"Gosh!God forbid!I do not feel a thing for that guy!what makes you say that?"Mediatrix ask sitting up
"Because you are always with him. Isn't that enough reason?"
"As a matter of fact you pokenoser,Tony is just my friend. I feel nothing for him!can we just end this conversation right now,its leading no where!!ah ahh"
She hissed and lay back on the bed
"Ookkayy...ooo,miss priorities"she laughed and went to sleep.
Re: Destiny by stblessing(f): 9:09pm On Jan 24
Episode 1 continues
The next day,Mediatrix was seen stepping out of the hostel with a file that she was going through when she heard her name from the back
She turned back and saw Tony walking towards her. Tony Bankole was an average in height and chocolate in complexion. He was handsome though not as handsome as Frank. He war a pair of glasses which only enhanced his innocent looks.
He was Mediatix's classmate back at secondary school and close friend. He even had a crush on her. He was his secondary schools senior prefect once while Mediatrix was his deputy. Coincidentally,when they found themselves in the same department,he became the departments president and Mediatrix his vice. He was very brilliant and committed to his studies.
"O,Tony,how far?"Mediatrix asked when he came to her
"I'm fine. Have you finished your project?"He asked
"No,I'm still onto it"she said as both began walking away
"Men,that professor Tunde is impossible. He hasn't even collected our first project which was difficult,and now he is giving us another hard one?what kind of teacher is that?"
"My dear,that isn't even my business. If he likes,let him give us all the projects and assignments in the world,I will still do them. All I'm interested in is securing my marks. He'll get his just reward eventually"
"Amen...men,this heat is vengeful today"Tony said as he brought out a pamphlet and began fanning himself.
Soon,they arrived at a junction to wait for the student bus. Soon,a blue toyota camry car parked in front of them. The engines soon stopped and the glass slowly winded down. Soon, a head popped out of it and it was Franks head
"Hello there,black beauty,do you remember me?"
He asked
"How could I forget prince Charming?"She asked sarcastically.
"Anyways,if you check you'll find out that the heat seems violent today. You wouldn't mind if I take you and your friend for a lift in my car,so as to save your skin all the trouble"
"Thank you,but I have transport money"she said tapping her bag
"Please let me help you,I don't really mind"
Tony glanced at her quickly before turning back to him
"Will you please just leave me alone?I've told you I'm not interested in your help,so stop bothering me!!"She spat.
Frank just sighed
"Ok,sorry for bothering you"
He drove away. After he had gone a little distance,Mediatrix looked at Tony who had his face crumpled and mouth agape
"Why are you looking at me like that?"She asked,slightly frightened and disgusted
"Do you know who that is?"He began"that's Frank Williams,son of mr Thomas Williams a popular pastor under Faith Wing pentecostal church. His parents have big time shares with Star Bank and are rumored to even own it. Plus,he's one of the biggest shots on campus. How do you know him?"
"I don't really know him,he just approached me at the canteen one day and offered to...hold on,how do you know all this stuff about him sef?"
"Duh!I'm more sociable than you. Listen,stay away from that guy. People like him just end up ruining others lives"he said pulling his ear
"Don't worry,I don't intend to ever know that guy,so cool your mind ok?"She asked with a smile and patted him on the back"you worry about me to much"
"Duh,because you have a tendency to always do something stupid!"And they both laughed...
Re: Destiny by Ann2012(f): 9:47am On Jan 25
Thanks for the update
Re: Destiny by stblessing(f): 7:20pm On Jan 25
Thanks for the update
You are welcome,thanks for the encouragement all!
Re: Destiny by stblessing(f): 8:23pm On Jan 25
Episode 2
Mediatrix lay sound asleep on the bed dreaming of flying mansions and a money pool. She saw herself in her graduation uniform surrounded by her smiling mother and her kid sister hugging her and showering her with praises and then saw herself in suit working for a big firm. She could see herself attaining an award for excellence with hailing from the crowd. The person handing out the award to her was about to say something when a large "ko ko ko!!"Was heard from the background. She opened her eyes which were deep red.
"Jesus"she murmured.
She sat up,stretched and let out a big yawn. In her mind however,she was fuming. Why would someone wake her up from her sweet dreams. To her,dreams were a way of forgetting her problems. She often had good dreams and seldom had bad dreams. She cursed under her breath as she heard the knock again
"Who is that?!"She asked before wearing her flip-flops and headed for the door. She opened it but did not see anybody. However,she saw a red box tied with a pink bow. She looked left and right before slowly picking up the package. She walked inside and kept it on the bed. She saw a card attached to the bow and it read
"To Mediatrix"
She scoffed and slowly opened the box with little drops of sweat pouring out of her body. Finally,after what seemed like eternity,she finally opened the box and saw a brown teddy bear. Beside it was a little pink box shaPed like a heart. She opened it and saw little heart shaped chocolates. She smiled and kept it aside. She then saw a pink envelope beneath the package. She picked it up and opened it and read the poem inside it.
"They say pink is a beautiful color
But lie I say,I believe its black
Because that is who you are
Black and beautiful
So let me make your valentine a
Special one Black Beauty
Meet me at Chef Voulet restaurant tonight
I'll be waiting....."

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Re: Destiny by LightQueen(f): 8:55pm On Jan 25
Thanks for the update
Re: Destiny by stblessing(f): 9:00pm On Jan 25
Episode 1 continues
"Uhhh..Funke!I think you have a message!!"Said Mediatrix after dropping the paper. She just couldn't believe what was in scripted there was written to her. She thought that maybe,the messenger had written her name instead of Funke since she was into those kind of things. She had already made three boyfriends and she was about to have another.
"Hold on,I'm coming!"Her voice echoed.
After a few seconds,she stepped out of the bathroom with only a white towel wrapped round her. She also had a black net on her head.
"Yeah,what's up?"She asked
"Come and see this"She replied pointing to the items on the bed. She snatched the letter from Mediatrix and went through it before checking the back
"Ah..ah,but this has your name and description in it not mine. Abi can't you read again?"
"I know,but..but that's impossible. I mean, I don't even have a boyfriend and I get this on a valentines day morning?"She asked, raising the teddy bear.
"Hm,perhaps you have a secret admirer who wants to make your valentine special"said Funke reaching out for her cream.
"That's ridiculous,please don't add dramatic nonsense into reality. This isn't a theatre art class!"
"Did you see who brought you the message?"
"That's just the weird part. He just dropped the package and ran off. I wish I had gone after him"
"Stop worrying already,its no big deal. I'm sure it really is a secret admirer. All we have to do is to get you ready for your date with him at "Chef Poulet"tonight"she said corking the bottle of her cream
"Are you crazy or mad which one?how do you expect me to accept the invitation of someone whom I know nothing about?!!what if it is a kidnapper or...or a ro..."
"Shhhhhh.."She said tapping her lips"you're over reacting. Of all the girls in this school,why would the person choose to kidnapp or rob just you,abi are you rich?and besides,from the description he gave about you,I doubt you haven't met the person. Perhaps you just don't remember him...hold on,are you sure it isn't Tony?"
"Ha ha!as if Tony will have the time and money to take me out on a date to CHEF POULET of all restaurants"Mediatrix laughed again
"Whatever,listen just give it a try. I promise to make you look good"Funke said winking her right eye
"You don't seem disturbed about this whole thing. Rather you are encouraging me. Are you sure you don't know about this"She asked narrowing her eyes.
"Nooo!my hands are clean"Funke clapped her hands"just stop being suspecting and do as I say. If you don't go on this date,I will keep nagging you till you go deaf because it is for your own good!"
Mediatrix placed her hands on her ears and remembered Funke's nagging. Truly it was very annoying and deafening. She couldn't bear the thought of having a bout of it the whole day.

"Fine!you win..."
Re: Destiny by stblessing(f): 9:01pm On Jan 25
Thanks for the update
God bless you
Re: Destiny by Ann2012(f): 8:15am On Jan 26
Well done OP

Keep the updates coming
Re: Destiny by stblessing(f): 9:14pm On Feb 08
Episode 2 continues
Funke spent almost the whole day outside. She went to different parties and had a few lectures. By the time she came back to the hostel,it was already 6:00pm and she was exhausted. Mediatrix on the other hand was having a splendid nap on the bed
"Mediatrix!"Funke tapped her on the arm and called her name again. Mediatrix got up and yawned.
"Can you tell me why you're not yet ready?its almost time!"
"Really?"She yawned again"well were have you been?"
"Today is valentines day, of course I'll be busy. Anyways,I got your dress"she said and brought out a dark blue dress wrapped in a nylon from her bag"Tada!"
"Where did you get that from?"
"I bought it,you can thank me later. Anyways,let's get you ready. I believe you've taken your bath?"
She got replied with a nod.
The make up session began in earnest. It took more than one hour thirty minutes just to get Mediatrix ready. By the time Funke was done,it was already. 7:45pm.
"Ok,you can open your eyes now"said Funke as she handed Mediatrix a mirror and cleaned her sweaty face. Mediatrix slowly opened her eyes prepared for anything. What she saw however shocked her.
"Waaaaaawwww,is this me?"She asked placing her hands on her blushed cheeks. She had completely
transformed from the plain and simple girl everyone new her as to a super model material. Funke made sure that the yellow and black themed eyeshadow blended very well with the deep red lipstick. She wore golden earrings and an identical necklace with bracelet. Her natural hair was replaced with a curled up black wig. The dress was a dark blue strapless dress. The make up completely blended with her very dark skin.
"Yes,who else?"Asked Funke beaming
"I can't believe this is me. Waw Funke,you are so talented"
"I always watch our make up artist do her work"she said and smiled"now get up and wear your shoes,we're already late!"
"I don't know. Maybe we shouldn't be going for this stuff. I feel very uncomfortable"she said playing with the ring in the middle of her necklace.
"Stop panicking,you are only stressing yourself I've told you not to be worried. And besides,I'll be accompanying you so that incase the nappers come we get "napped" together"she said and chuckled
"Very funny. Anything that happens to me is in your hands though"
"Oo,I've heard. Now get up!!"She cried and pulled Mediatrix out of the seat.
"Now wear these"she brought out a pair of blue heels.
"Noo,I can't wear that!I'm not used to it"
"Well you better. Your secret admirer may have taste and might not appreciate girls with yeye shoes like flats. Now do as I say"
"But the note didn't even tell me what to wear"
"Not my problem,order by me!its for your own good so that you'll get used to it"
Mediatrix put in her legs in the shoes and almost tripped
"see?did you die na?abeg come let's go!"
She handed her a pink shawl for the chilly night and both began to set off...
Re: Destiny by stblessing(f): 8:20pm On Feb 11
Episode 2 continues
Mediatrix and Funke arrived Chef Poulet restaurant at exactly 8:00pm. The environment was quiet and almost empty as there were no signs that today was the day of the lovers. Mediatrix became worried
"Are you sure this is a good idea?look how quiet the place is"Mediatrix said
"Ah ah,for the umpteenth time there is nothing to worry about,what's your deal?anyways,I need to get going. I'm sure you can take over from here."
"Wait,you're leaving me here?"
"Ehhehn,abi am I the one doing the date for you?abegi bye bye and good luck!!"Funke said and ran off
"Funke..Fu...ah,my God,I'm in trouble today"Mediatrix said before turning back and looking at the towering building facing her.
"Okay,I can do this. God help me"she did the sign of the cross and began climbing the steps. As She reached the fourth step,the shoes almost tripped her
"Ow!stupid shoes,stupid stairs,stupid da..."She was interrupted by a tall,dark man who was dressed in a pink jacket with a white t-shirt and a red rose in his breast pocket with a pair of white trousers and white shoes
"Bonsoir madame,suayez la bienvenniue dans la chef poulet"he said and bowed
"We have been expecting you. Please come in"he said before taking her through the glass door. The entire restaurant was also empty,not a soul in sight. The lightings were valentine themed ie pink and red. At the center of the building,a huge board was placed and it read 'HAPPY VALENTINES DAY' with the french translation underneath it. There was a fragrance of sweet roses all around as its petals were scattered all over the floor. Mediatrix marveled at all of this for a while before regaining herself. Soon,the young man left her and a french man,with a curled up mustache and in the same uniform walked in playing a lovely melody with his violin. After playing for a while,he bowed and gave a smile
"Bonsoir madame"
"Please,speak english. What's going on here?why's the place all empty,this is valentine right"
"It was specially reserved for you madame"he said in his french accent.
Mediatrix widened her eyes
"Who reserved an entire restaurant for me?!"She asked
"It was I.....
Re: Destiny by stblessing(f): 9:17pm On Feb 11
Episode 2 continues
"It was I"said a deep masculine voice
Mediatrix slowly turned backwards and jaw-dropped at the sight she saw. He was wearing a black suit with a red rose at the breast pocket. His dark hair was neatly gelled backwards and his dark skin shone like the sun. He was with a pink and red colored bouquet of flowers. He also seemed to have put on an expensive perfume. It was none other than the mighty Frank Williams!
"Y..you?you set up all this?"Mediatrix asked still shocked
"Happy valentines day Mediatrix. You look beautiful tonight"he said as he handed over to her the bouquet of flowers. What he got however as a reply was a thunderous slap which could be heard beyond the borders of Morocco. Even the violinist almost dropped his treasured instrument at the sound of the slap.
"Keep your complements to yourself you overgrown electric pole!!so you were the one who sent me that package earlier today"
"But I..."
"How did you get to know my address?and how did you even know my name as I don't remember telling you!!"
"It was your best friend who gave me your details"Frank said still rubbing his cheeks
She gasped"Funke..she is so gonna get it from me when I go home"she said as she began storming out. She was however held back by Frank
"No don't leave,you would let all my efforts be in vain"he said still holding her
"Excuse me,but I never asked you to reserve an entire restaurant for me. Its completely out of place!!"She said as she took back her hand
He sighed"I know,I just wanted to make this date special"he said as he walked over to a seat"its just..ever since I broke up with my last girlfriend,I've never really had a chance to celebrate valentines day with a girl I like and I just wanted to try it out this year. Which is why when I found out Funke was your friend,I asked her to set me up with you because I knew coming to you directly will just be a waste."He sighed again"I guess it all ended up a waste after all"he said and blew out a candle. At this point,a tear drop could be seen streaming out the corner of his left eye.
Mediatrix soon began to feel guilty. She hated to make people cry no matter who especially not a guy. And besides,Frank didn't do her any wrong. He was just being a guy and she was being to proud.
"W...well I guess I could stay for just a few minutes. Let me try out this valentine nonsense sef".
Immediately,Frank sprang to his feet and began screaming
"Yes,yes!!thank you thank you thaank yooouu!!!!"
He soon regained himself back and calmed down
"S..sorry,I mean thank you"he said and bowed as a marveled Mediatrix smiled.
Re: Destiny by stblessing(f): 9:14pm On Feb 13
Episode 2 continues
Frank led her to the table at the center of the hall. He called for the waitress when the sat down. The waitress was a petite white woman with blonde hair. She handed over to them the file sized menu. All the food there was written in French and looked expensive. Mediatrix concluded that she would have just rice.
Frank introduced himself. He admitted that he was the son of the owners of star bank and that his father was Rev Thomas Williams. He explained that even though his parents were rich,he wanted to study in Nigeria so as to know what the masses are going through so that in future,he would be able to assist them. Mediatrix marveled at his level of humility and kindness.
After the sumptuous meal,both of them had a long chat. They talked about everything ranging from cranky and corrupt staff,to educational debates and family issues. Mediatrix didn't even realize that it was past bed time.
"O my God!its past bedtime!I have to go"she said after looking at the wall clock. Frank decided to accompany and drop her off as it was already very late.
They arrived the hostel by 15 minutes past twelve. Mediatrix made to leave but Frank held her back
"Thank you for making this valentine a special one for me. I had fun. I guess this makes us friends?"
Mediatrix anxiously nodded
"Great. Remember,if you need anything from me,just send me a message"
"Ok,ok now can I go?"She asked and he released her. She shut the door and waved at him. He waved back as the car slowky moved into the moonlight...

"And so the tale begins,
Their journey of a
Thousand miles began
With a night. Will Venus
Favor their journey?,or will
It be another tale. Let us
Watch the plane of DESTINY
Take its flight..........

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