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Amazing Practical Natural Tips For Healthy Living by wakes: 4:09pm On Mar 02, 2019
Dr Ferrydoon Batmanghelid was a political prisoner in Iran, where he was held in solitary confinement, and he decided not to eat any food and only to drink water. Over the next 7 days he noticed that his aches and pains disappeared, and it took away his hunger pains.

Once he was moved to the main cell block he started to treat sick prisoners simply by giving them this liquid to drink at regular intervals, with amazing results. Since then he has conducted major research projects and has shown that H2O can prevent and help cure arthritis, back pain, angina, migraines and high blood pressure. It also lowers blood cholesterol. And H2O and salt mixture can prevent and help cure asthma.

So, in summary, drink enough water throughout the day and eat foods rich in this liquid and you will find your aches and pains will reduce and could even disappear altogether...
Culled from The Book, "The world's best medicinal fruits and vegetables.."

Do you know there is a quantity of water your body requires for healthy living based on your weight and your blood,brain,lungs, etc are made up of large percentage of water?
Re: Amazing Practical Natural Tips For Healthy Living by wakes: 4:13pm On Mar 02, 2019
Testimonial on water therapy.
(8/28, 10:06 PM] Export Mrs. Williams: Thank you for sharing about the water therapy- great blessing.
I use to have issues with constipation but it practically vanished.
My energy level is boosted, don't find myself getting tired as before.
I began about 3weeks ago,taking it every morning.
[8/29, 2:31 AM] Damilola: Oh my God, iam so grateful to God.
This water therapy is really working. I spoke so much on water therapy during our Lagos seminar ,11th of August,a lady that her menstrual flow had seized,saw the flow in less than 2 weeks of water therapy.
Start your own now!���������������
Re: Amazing Practical Natural Tips For Healthy Living by wakes: 4:16pm On Mar 02, 2019
How to do water therapy. Take 3 cups of warm water first thing in the morning and don't eat till after an hour
Re: Amazing Practical Natural Tips For Healthy Living by wakes: 12:58am On Mar 04, 2019
*Here is another testimonial*
Mrs. Williams contacted me for fibroids and high blood pressure. Read to see what happened after the prescribed therapy.

"Hello ma.
Was the one who called earlier.
What natural remedies can you give for
1. high blood pressure
2. Fibroid.

*My prescribed recipe for her*
Pls if u can get fresh sour sop leaves u boil and drink
U can add turmeric and garlic to it while boiling

*Now the testimonial...*
[2/12, 5:14 PM] Export Mrs. Williams: Aunty dammy, a big thank you for the soursop advice
[2/12, 5:15 PM] Export Mrs. Williams: I had to wait to see how it will work
[2/12, 5:21 PM] Export Mrs. Williams: I took the tea with ginger& garlic, many times with hibiscus leaves (Zobo) for about 4 weeks.

The fibroid symptoms were almost not there:
*Period came at 27days instead of haphazard.*
*Back pain vanished.*
*No Terrible Menstrual Cramps.*
Still taking it morning& evening.
Thank you, greatly relieved.

[2/12, 6:02 PM] Dammylove�: To God be glory
[2/12, 7:27 PM] Export Mrs. Williams: Amen, thank you for not hoarding these secrets.
Re: Amazing Practical Natural Tips For Healthy Living by wakes: 7:03am On Mar 04, 2019
I received a testimonial tonight that got me so excited. It was a pathetic story of someone having a serious health condition who got his health and sex life restored after 2 years and has resumed work now. This is to validate the audio I sent earlier today.

The following are excerpts from the conversation with Mr. Joel whom I consulted for. He applied water therapy for ulcers. Read to see what happened after 2 weeks of water therapy.

On the 26th of January 2019, Mr. Joel contacted me as shown below:

[1/26, 5:21 AM] 1/1/18 Joel Seeds: I'm ill please diagnose ulcerative colitis
[1/26, 5:22 AM] 1/1/18 Joel Seeds: Bloody diarrhoea frequently
[1/26, 5:24 AM] 1/1/18 Joel Seeds: Food does not stay in my stomach, multiple ulcerations.in my intestine
[1/26, 5:25 AM] 1/1/18 Joel Seeds: ulcer of the colon
[1/26, 11:48 AM] Dammylove����❤✈�: Good morning sir
[1/26, 7:31 PM] 1/1/18 Joel Seeds: Hello
[1/26, 8:15 PM] Dammylove����❤✈�: Pls,sir I want to take my time to study ur case
[1/27, 2:25 AM] 1/1/18 Joel Seeds: K

*Now read his testimonial which he shared with me today 10th February, 2019.*

[2/10, 8:28 PM] Joel: Dammylove, thank you for loving two much ooo
[2/10, 8:30 PM] Joel: Thanks so much ,the water therapy is working ,I say let it
Reach one month before I talk
[2/10, 8:31 PM] Joel: you are two much oo
[2/10, 8:32 PM] Dammylove�: Pls it is God that is too much, I'm just a servant
[2/10, 8:32 PM] Joel: Too much
[2/10, 8:32 PM] Dammylove�: So, share your testimony
[2/10, 8:33 PM] Joel: yes he Lives in you
[2/10, 8:35 PM] Joel: The water therapy and veggies has worked wonders for me for this two weeks
[2/10, 8:36 PM] Joel: Cucumber and spinach
[2/10, 8:38 PM] Joel: For two weeks now I've not taking any drugs except water therapy, cucumber and spinach
[2/10, 8:38 PM] Dammylove�: I am grateful to God
[2/10, 8:41 PM] Joel: I use to go to toilet up to ten times a day: loosed, watery, bloody stool, which had made me To be infused with 35 pants of blood and 7 pants of platelets
[2/10, 8:42 PM] Joel: But now is once or twice and at most 3
[2/10, 8:42 PM] Dammylove�: My God,i never knew is that serious
[2/10, 8:42 PM] Dammylove�: Thank you Jesus
[2/10, 8:43 PM] Joel: serious
[2/10, 8:46 PM] Joel: they told me from the national hospital Abuja that I should be infused every day with drip for me to have daily strength and to get a near by nurse to do the job ,but the water therapy control s all
[2/10, 8:46 PM] Joel: my urine becomes white as snow
[2/10, 8:46 PM] Dammylove�: Jesus is the Lord
[2/10, 8:47 PM] Dammylove�: It was not white before?
[2/10, 8:48 PM] Joel: Food digest well no diarrhea, as I'm chatting with you I will not go toilet till Moro am sure but before night vigil in the toilet
[2/10, 8:49 PM] Joel: Yellow
[2/10, 8:50 PM] Dammylove�: I am crying already
[2/10, 8:50 PM] Joel: wit pains and arthritis no pain killers I've not taking but now No drugs
[2/10, 8:50 PM] Dammylove�: It pays to serve Jesus
[2/10, 8:51 PM] Dammylove�: Jehovah is great
[2/10, 8:51 PM] Joel: Yes my sister Dammy
[2/10, 8:52 PM] Dammylove�: I will share your testimony with people
[2/10, 8:53 PM] Joel: my penis erect every early morning now ,my wife is happy cos no sex for two years now, I've been hospitalized for the two years
[2/10, 8:54 PM] Dammylove�: Are you serious?
[2/10, 8:54 PM] Joel: When I shared this in church they were all crying
[2/10, 8:54 PM] Dammylove�: God is great
[2/10, 8:55 PM] Joel: My live is a testimony
[2/10, 8:56 PM] Joel: My skin has changed from dark to fair
[2/10, 8:57 PM] Dammylove�: Amazement
[2/10, 8:57 PM] Joel: before was bad black
[2/10, 8:59 PM] Dammylove�: Ahhh
[2/10, 9:04 PM] Dammylove�: I'm over excited
[2/10, 9:04 PM] Joel: I can't walk any distant before because of lack of water and blood but with this therapy I can run to any where, of course I just resumed work now since two years ,like I came with juju in the office ,I'm a police officer, I have my daily strength to perform my job, cos two years I've not been to the office
[2/10, 9:05 PM] Joel: god bless you
[2/10, 9:05 PM] Dammylove�: Great God
[2/10, 9:05 PM] Dammylove�: Amen
[2/10, 9:05 PM] Dammylove�: ~
[2/10, 9:07 PM] Joel: I feel like I can fly cos I gat two much strength like never before
[2/10, 9:08 PM] Joel: my skin is shining now, I can sweat now but before nothing like sweat, the skin was so dry
[2/10, 9:10 PM] Joel: My hairs were falling away, they are growing well and fresh now
[2/10, 9:11 PM] Dammylove�: How long have u done this water therapy
[2/10, 9:11 PM] Joel: I've suffered but time for God's libration through the natural way is now
[2/10, 9:12 PM] Dammylove�: Hallelujah
[2/10, 9:12 PM] Joel: Two weeks or the very day you informed me
[2/10, 9:16 PM] Joel: For this two weeks now I feed on spinach as my soup for akpu cucumber after my water therapy, like you said I'm now 100percent conscious and mindful of what I eat
[2/10, 9:17 PM] Joel: The fact is that I just have strength
[2/10, 9:18 PM] Joel: I can fill my palms reddish not pale to death as before
[2/10, 9:19 PM] Dammylove�: God is good
[2/10, 9:20 PM] Joel: There has been no Day I have not suffered palpitation because of lack of water and blood but now I can
[2/10, 9:20 PM] Joel: fly
[2/10, 9:21 PM] Joel: You may not understand the degree of the illnesses
[2/10, 9:21 PM] Dammylove�: No more palpitation?
[2/10, 9:22 PM] Joel: Gone forever I mean it
[2/10, 9:24 PM] Joel: you may not know the degree of this chronic illness it is called ulcerative colitis says endoscopy from national hospital Abuja
[2/10, 9:24 PM] Joel: I've been in coma for days
[2/10, 9:26 PM] Joel: On oxygen as a result of Low blood and water cause by bloody diarrhoea
[2/10, 9:26 PM] Joel: l lost memory
[2/10, 9:28 PM] Joel: I just came back by faith directly from the hospital in Abuja to kaduna my base when u introduced this to me
[2/10, 9:30 PM] Joel: My parents calls me every day and I told them I have resumed work I told them of the therapy
[2/10, 9:34 PM] Joel: I have a lot to testify but let me message first, may God reward you, replenish you, elevate you and take you to the climax of success is in life and above all you will not miss heaven in Jesus name
[2/10, 9:41 PM] Dammylove�: Amen! Thank u sir
Re: Amazing Practical Natural Tips For Healthy Living by wakes: 8:30pm On Mar 04, 2019
✔It is highly helpful for *ulcers*
✔It is highly recommended for *fibroids*
✔It is great for *infertility* (both male and female)
✔It is used for the *management* of *HIV/AIDS* .
✔It’s a Long Term, *Weight Loss* Godsend
✔It Kills *Bacteria*
✔It Can Be Used in the other room ( *Bedroom* )
✔It Can Help You Build and Maintain *Muscle* (Not Fat)
✔Coconut Oil Curbs *Appetite*
✔It Can Help Prevent *Alzheimer's Disease*
✔It enhances with *Memory*
✔Coconut Oil Can Protect *Organ Function*
✔It Promotes *Heart Health*
✔It Gives Your Pancreas a Break
✔It’s Great for Your *Skin* and *Hair*
✔It Improves *Digestion*
✔It’s Good for *Oral Health*
✔It Helps Balance *Hormones*
✔It Helps Repair Chapped Lips(Great for harmattan especially for those living in West Africa)
✔It Can Prevent and Treat *Cancer*
✔It Can Reduce the Risk of *Seizures*
✔It Can Prevent Insulin *Resistance*
✔It Can Be Used to Treat *Inflammation*
✔It Can Be Used to Treat *Arthritis*

I care and am passionately committed to your healthy living. �
Kindly subscribe to my YouTube channel http:///2DR2Y3q
Blessings! NB- If u really want to see result with coconut oil make sure it is extra virgin cold pressed, no heating, no grinding, Just extract with an oil press)
Re: Amazing Practical Natural Tips For Healthy Living by wakes: 3:32am On Mar 05, 2019

*Drinking water in the morning, helps to kick start your metabolism.

*Drinking water in the morning, on an empty stomach helps purify the colon, making it easier to absorb nutrients.

*Drinking water, first thing in the morning increases the production of new blood and muscle cells.
Re: Amazing Practical Natural Tips For Healthy Living by wakes: 8:24pm On Mar 05, 2019
*AMAZING TESTIMONIAL: How Simple Naturals helped with DIABETES*

On this fateful day, Grandma Wale, as I call her, sent in the following message about her son who was battling diabetes.

"Shocking, Sis Damilove, my son suddenly getting lean and emaciating, after laboratory tests they came up diagnosis of diabetes to which he has been on insulin injection since Nov last year. Kindly help and guide on what natural thing he can take and be weaned from insulin. His is 38 years old. Both parents are not diabetic neither does it run in the family."

*My Recommended Recipe for him*
I recommended the following therapy:
✅ Eat 3 cucumber daily.
✅ Avoid processed food totally.
✅ Squeeze a handful of bitter leaf in 75cl of water and take it morning,afternoon and night for the next 7days.

After 7 days go and check again.

*Diet Advice*
� No Processed flour mill e.g. semovita,
� No meat,
� No soft drinks and
� No synthetic snacks.

*Amazing Testimonial*
[2/22, 8:20 AM] Grandma Wale: Good morning to you madam, may your joy be boundless, may the Lord enlarge your coast, expand your ministry and your territory in Jesus name.
My sons' blood sugar came down 7.6mg today as against 13.8mg when I started your recommended therapy on the 15th of Feb. Following your advice not to stop the medication.
I remain eternally grateful to God Almighty for his grace upon your life and ministry.

[2/22, 8:28 AM] Grandma Wale: Obviously, this therapy has taken him off the insulin injections the tablets morning and evenings are still on. Waiting patiently for you further directives please. May God bless you real good.

*NOTE:* This testimonial came in a week after the therapy.

Please note- I realize lately that most people I sent broadcast messages to on health didn't receive them. So if these health tips have been a blessing to you or you have people you wish to bless with the messages, kindly join my group through the link below.

That's the means we will be sharing health information going forward.
Thank you so much.
I remain...
*Dammylove* �
Your Health Coach

Kindly Follow this link to join my WhatsApp group: https:///LxZSlOeA63G1LCDx4baGA2
Re: Amazing Practical Natural Tips For Healthy Living by wakes: 11:09pm On Mar 12, 2019
From a cardiologist,
Pls read & save your life & others.

A patient was brought into our hospital just two weeks ago in the early hours of the morning at about 5.25am he was foaming, & gasping for breath.

We immediately got him on the oxygen gas & tried to stabilize him. Upon inquiry as to what happened, the wife told me that he came back from work late & their was no power & the generator was faulty this infuriated him the more. He took little EBA & egusi soup & retired to bed.

But complaining of the unbearable heat, before going to bed he had cold shower twice, only to wake up around 2am to have another shower this was were the damage was done. The wife said she heard him using the showers in his room suddenly their was silence until she went to wake him up to prepare for work only to see him lying down in the bathroom floor after forcing the bathroom door open & foaming from the mouth. She raised alarm & the gate man & co tenants assisted in bringing him to the hospital. He developed stroke due to brain haemorage & passed away on the 31/1/2019

Upon further inquiry we learnt he took 2glasses of cold orange juice after food before going to bed, & He is a known hypertensive patient.

My warning here is this,
1, Never rush into the bathroom to take a cold shower at night especially if you have HBP the result could be regrettable as seen above.
2, Never take cold drink as the last thing b4 going to bed this could block the arttries causing heart attack at the most unexpected time.

3, Always take warm or slightly hot water after food this will help in the flow of blood & quick digestion of food consumed.

4,Never lock the bathroom door when in the shower especially when u are alone so that you can be reached easily in the case of any eventuality.

5,For hypertensive patients they should always seat camly under the fan or in an air conditioned room at home after food & shower this will help bring down the BP to a manageable level before finally retiring to bed.

Why u should not rush into the bathroom to take a cold shower at night is that the body temperature is instantly altered without any notice sending shock waves to the brain this could make you loose balance in the bathroom leading to a fall as above & should he/she hit the head on the floor then the chances of survival could be very slim.

God bless us all as we make amends in our daily routine.

May the soul of the departed RIP.

Dr, Akinsola Akintunde.
Consultant, cardiologist.
Re: Amazing Practical Natural Tips For Healthy Living by wakes: 9:24am On Mar 19, 2019
Your Toilet-Is your Best Laboratory

Please I got this from another platform, so I believe it may help, that is why I shared it here.

In some Laboratories, one cannot help But wonder why people queue always to submit stool samples. Understanding your stool can save you from many Troubles.

You maybe skeptical as I was when Dr. Espinet taught us this for the First Time in Sydney.

Your stool is your Health. No wonder Major Laboratory Tests are done using your stool.

I have proved this beyond doubt in any human I have come in contact with health wise.

While I cannot deliberate upon many stools that people pass daily, let me quickly go straight to Healthy Stool.

Normal Healthy Stool:

★Should take 3-mins and you are done.
★7-10mins still using the toilet- You are not well.
★Healthy stool should be long at least one foot long.
★Light yellow in color because of the presence of bile. Similar colors are ok.

★Shaped or Shapeless √
★Brownish √
★Floating on Water√
Why Should it Float on Water?
★Because Bile is oily, oil is always lighter than water. Meaning that Anything that contains oil must float in water√
Bile stool is the healthiest stool ever.
It means your liver is very healthy.

It should be soft. It is the softness that facilitate The easy passage.

All Is not well If You experience the following:
★If you have News Papers/Magazines You read In your Toilet-Room, You're not well.
If you browse on phone/laptop while Toileting-you are constipating/ you are not well.

Diameter (1½ or 2Inchis/is OK)
★Narrow or very Narrow pencil-like stool is not a Good Sign Especially if It Mixes With blood & persists Up To 10-Days. It indicates growth in The colon. tumor: benign or colon cancer. (Stop All Animal Products Immediately and Go On Raw Food for Few Days)

White, Gray or Pale Color Stool Indicates:
Lack of Bile. (Cirrhosis, Hepatitis or Other Liver Diseases)
(Start Eating Peeled Apples, Watermelon and Pineapples to Cleanse The Liver)
Limit Cooked Food Drastically.

Tomatoes, Vegetables etc Present in Your Stool. tells you that you eat Hastily, No Proper Mastication or Indigestion. (chew slowly and eat with grateful heart. Don't Rush!!!)

Dry hard stool meaning you are constipating. The liver has extracted a lot of impurities back to the system. Also meaning delayed evacuation (you need to drink more water).

★★Pieces stool stand For--
Complicated digestive system.
You have food allergies. liver problems.

★★Watery stool stands For poor or very poor digestive system.
★★Splash stool means overeating, wrong combination of foods, eating too many foods at once. Compromised digestive system.
★★Two/Three days without any bowel movement means some eliminating organs Are not working. Typhoid/Malaria maybe present.

★★Four Days/A Week One Bowel Movement means stagnation of lymphatic system.
★★Smelly Stool means completely or partially fermented foods. (Cleanse the liver pls)
★★Mucus Stool Meaning fermented undigested foods. While increased mucus in Your stool can be associated with inflammatory bowel disease like Crohn's disease, or ulcerative colitis, or even colon cancer, especially if accompanied by blood or abdominal pain (Over intake of Sugar/Pls Reduce Milk)

Gassy stool indicates gallbladder troubles, undigested proteins or liver Obstruction.

Unless you are on a cleaning diet, your stool should take the form of a healthy stool.
If you understand this technique you will spend less money in the Lab.
Remember, Good Health is not by luck, but by Implicit Obedience to Divine And Health Laws.

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