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Re: Let The Guns Speak by emperorblog21(m): 11:36am On Apr 01
interesting story

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Re: Let The Guns Speak by Kaycee9242(m): 12:29pm On Apr 01
nice one Larry
Re: Let The Guns Speak by Doubra12(m): 8:13pm On Apr 01
Abeg update. Some people no get money to buy d book, just pity us[b][/b][color=#550000][/color] cry cry
Re: Let The Guns Speak by Centyakam(m): 10:53am On Apr 02
bought the full story on Okada Books... nice and interesting story with many twists......

More Grace LarrySun
Re: Let The Guns Speak by Evold: 9:35am On Apr 04
Another man followed the follower. So now we have the follower,followee,and the followest. grin grin grin
Re: Let The Guns Speak by Doubra12(m): 9:58am On Apr 05
Another man followed the follower. So now we have the follower,followee,and the followest. grin grin grin
Re: Let The Guns Speak by LarrySun(m): 2:17pm On Apr 07

“Walk faster,” Tobi urged. They walked under the glare of the streetlights. Everywhere was quiet now. They had walked past the bridge and were now walking towards a street. Tobi had to do something fast about Irele's situation. He must find her something to wear; he could see that the towel and her barefootedness were making her uncomfortable. Her feet must be blistering for the long time she had spent walking on a hard ground. He knew that she was not totally comfortable with being almost Unclad around him. They were walking in gloomy corners; animal lust might possess Tobi's mind and cause him to rape her. These were all that was going through her mind, not even the fear of getting killed. Tobi wanted to tell her not to be scared of him but he couldn't; no word might assure her now. She was afraid and suspicious.

It was dangerous to expose themselves to the publicity of the roads. The enemies were everywhere. They would scour every street, every corner, to find them. Apart from that, they couldn't just continue trekking forever. Sooner or later, they would have to stop and pass the night somewhere. They walked past different slums before they found different clothes spread on line in front of a bungalow. Tobi selected a pair of ladies jeans trousers and a shirt for Irele. They went to a quiet spot for her to change.

“Turn around,” she said when she realised that it hadn't dawned on the killer to give her privacy. He was staring at her as he waited for her to change.


“For goodness sake, be a gentleman. You can’t expect me to dress up while you watch.”

“But I've seen your unclothedness already. What else are you trying to hide?”

“Stop acting like a pervert. I'm never going to be Unclad in front of you again. Turn around now!”

Tobi stared at her for a moment. Women. He shrugged and turned around. “You have just thirty seconds. We have no time to waste.”

“I'll know if you peek.”

“I'm not peeking. I have no reason to. I know you aren't armed.”

“Okay, I'm done. You can look at me now,” she said, “The jeans is a little bit short for me but it's part of fashion, anyway. The shirt is perfect, I wish I had a bra on. My chest feels heavier.”

“You look nice with clothes on.”

Irele flushed hotly at the statement. She knew an insult when she heard one, and she felt insulted; Tobi thought he gave an honest compliment.

“What's that supposed to mean?"

Rather than answering, he bent down, unlaced his shoes and gave them to her.

“Here, take,” he said, “wear these.”

“You can't expect me to wear your boots. They're too big for me.”

“You have to do with that for now.”

“What are you going to wear?”

“Don't worry. I'll be fine. Now let's get out of here. We've got to find where we'll pass the night.”

“But I'm hungry.”

“What are you two doing here in the dark?” An elderly man suddenly appeared. Tobi turned swiftly and, almost magically, his pistol was aimed at the man's head. The elderly person shrank back in fear, “Please don't kill me! Please don't! I beg of you. I have a wife and six children. Please!” He shut his eyes in terror.

“Who sent you?” Tobi asked sharply.

The man opened one eye, “Who sent me? Nobody! I'm just passing by.”

“You're a FAN, aren't you?”

“No, no, I'm not a fan. I don't know any fan. The only fan I know is the one in my room, and it's a handfan. I don't have standing or ceiling fan. Please don't kill me.”

“You're lying!”

“No, I'm not! You can come and check my room, sir. Please, I beg of you–”

Tobi, with his other hand, ripped open the man's shirt, buttons flew around like pellets. The man's chest was clean; there was no tattoo whatsoever. He was just an innocent man. He wasn't a frat.

“What's your name?”

“My name is Jeremiah, sir.”

“What are you doing here at this time?”

“I'm just returning from work.”

“What do you do?”

“I'm a welder, sir.”

“Pull off your shoes.”

The man obeyed immediately.

“How much do you have on you?”

“Sixteen thousand, five hundred and twenty-five naira.”

“Bring it out now.”

“What are you doing?” Irele asked him, whispering.

“I thought you said you were hungry. I'm just finding us some food money.”

“You're robbing the man. We're not thieves.”

“We've got to eat, don't we?”

“Don't you have any money on you?”

“I have none.”

Irele was appalled. “Who leaves home without any money?”

“You and I,” he answered her then collected the money from the man. “Now run away without looking back. If you dare look back, I'm going to shoot you in the eye. You may call the bluff of my marksmanship and end up dead.”

The elderly man, now barefoot, ran down the quiet street like an athlete.

Tobi smiled and turned to face Irele, “That man is a runner. He should participate in the next Lagos Marathon.”

“You're a monster.” Irele declared. She was disappointed in him.

He shrugged, “Call me whatever, I won't allow you to sleep hungry. Now let's find a restaurant. I'm hungry too.”


Jeremiah was still running when someone driving a car stopped him.

“What's wrong, sir,” the driver asked, stepping out of the vehicle, “Why are you running?”

Jeremiah was breathless. He had to wait a moment to catch his breath before answering. “Thieves,” he said, “They robbed me. A man and a woman.”

“Blessed Virgin Mary,” the driver made a false cross sign, “I hope they are not coming towards this way.”

“No, I don't think so. I think they were going the other way.”

“Where did you see them?”

“In the middle of the street when you take the second turning. Please don't approach them; they are dangerous people.”

“I understand. Thanks for the information, and the warning.” He stuck a knife in the elderly man's throat, wriggled it for a moment before taking it out. The innocent man collapsed to the ground like a cave of sand on a beach. The killer cleaned his hands and headed back to his car. He was going after the two, after the document.
Re: Let The Guns Speak by LarrySun(m): 2:18pm On Apr 07
To be continued...

However, you can download the full story from the link below:


Re: Let The Guns Speak by Evold: 10:18am On Apr 08
Tobi seems too naive to me. I wonder whether he will be able to protect the document unless he gets external help
Re: Let The Guns Speak by Treasure17(m): 2:05pm On Apr 08
Thanks for the update.
Re: Let The Guns Speak by stblessing(f): 7:37pm On Apr 08
Update please
Re: Let The Guns Speak by Ann2012(f): 7:51pm On Apr 08
Well done OP
Re: Let The Guns Speak by Kaycee9242(m): 4:43pm On Apr 10
why must dt fool kill the old man na the man didn't do him anything. Larry thumps up
Re: Let The Guns Speak by LarrySun(m): 6:02pm On Apr 14

They found a restaurant with few diners. Tobi had to scan the diners carefully to be sure they weren't enemies before he and Irele took a table facing the entrance. As he sat down, he placed one of the pistols on his lap. If any man tried to be funny, he would be ready. They ordered for pounded yam and vegetable soup. While Irele attacked the food hungrily with her fingers, Tobi requested for a fork instead. The cutlery wasn't only useful for stabbing morsels alone; it could likewise be used on an enemy's neck, weakening him, before he would finish the bastard off with a single squeeze of the legendary trigger.

“Young man,” he called the young waiter, “you make delicious food here.” He flashed a charming smile at the young man.

The waiter smiled proudly, “Thank you, sir. We're only trying our best.”

“You guys cook the most delicious food in this part of the country. I'm impressed. I wish I could always have my meals here everyday.” He said, breaking a sad face.

“You're not from around here?”

“We're not, unfortunately. My wife and I landed in Lagos this afternoon, but the taxi driver robbed us of our things.”

“I'm so sorry. That's so bad.”

Tobi shrugged indifferently, “Well, we're most concerned with spending the night somewhere safe. We're so tired.”

The waiter smiled warmly again, his eyes revealed that he was glad to be a messiah.

“The restaurant has lodgings too. You can pass the night in one of the suites. It's not five stars but you will find it comfortable; at least for tonight.”

“What's the security status of the suites?”

“Security status?” He looked confused.

“You know? A soldier or something; someone whose job is to make sure we would sleep safely.”

He laughed genuinely then waved his hand as if Tobi had said something utterly ridiculous. “I am the security. No one dares ever try to go past me. I'm quite dangerous.”

“Where's your gun?”

“I don't need any weapon.”

You're a dead man, my friend, Tobi thought.

“Okay, shall we see the rooms, please?”

As the young man led them away, Don stepped into the restaurant. He sat where Tobi and Irele had sat shortly earlier. He brought out his phone and called Abubakar.

“I know where they are. They are going nowhere. Come as soon as possible. I'll watch them all night long. Light just came on through their window. I know their exact room.”

Outside the restaurant, the killer remained in his car and made another call too, “Where's the calvary?”


At 6:33am, the plane from Port Harcourt touched down at the Murtala Muhammed Airport in Lagos. Abubakar stepped down from the plane hurriedly. He had no time to waste. Don had called him at 4am and had informed him about presence of external enemies in the vicinity. They had come for Tobi but for some reasons, they hadn't struck. They had been passive but alert. Maybe they were scared of approaching him, or perhaps they were waiting for the right time to attack. Whichever way, Abubakar knew he had to be there before the show started. Don was not capable of taking them on, no matter how experienced he thought he was. They would kill him easily and move on. It was unacceptable, he didn't come all the way from Port Harcourt only to meet Tobi's corpse. He would be furious. He had to get to the location fast.

From the airport, he Ubered himself straight to the address Don had sent to him. How he managed to pass through airport security successfully was a mystery, for the backpack he carried contained ten guns and ten thousand bullets. From the ammunition, he set aside one gun and one bullet for Tobi. Like old coins, the rest would be spent on the intrusive bastards.

Don had been right; Lagos would burn, and there was nothing the firemen could do about it.


Tobi didn't have a minute’s shuteye throughout the night. A strange premonition from the back of his mind kept telling him an attack was imminent, but Irele had though he was only being paranoid. There was no way their pursuers would find them here. There was nothing to track them with. Their phones were switched off, the towel that might probably bear a tracking device had been discarded; there was nothing else for them to track them by. Tobi knew she was right but he still refused to let his guards down.

He would have loved that they discussed this issue of the red document but Irele was evidently too tired to stay up. While she slept in the bedroom, Tobi lay on the sofa in the living room, but the door adjoining the two rooms was kept open for Tobi to be able to watch over her.

He picked up the document and stared at it curiously for the first time. The laminated paper was indeed red, but there was no text on it. The document appeared to be folded before the lamination. The paper was obviously A3 in size and folded in half before burning a very thick nylon over it to keep whatever it contained hidden. And with the way things were going, they might have to tear it open and find out what it contained. He was almost tempted to discover what secret the FAN members were trying to protect, but the fear of regretting the knowledge held him back.

Irele slept too deeply. It was either she was a lazy sleeper or she was totally confident about Tobi's protection. She didn't even toss or turn; she maintained the same position until dawn. The morning sunlight shone through the blinds of the window and roused her awake.

“Good morning, sunshine,” Tobi was smiling over her. She noticed that he looked fresh even though he was still wearing the same clothes of the previous night. He was shaven and brushed. Somehow, she wished he could kiss her right there. She dismissed the thought immediately. What was she thinking about? She knew nothing about this man.

“You seem to have cleaned up,” she commented.

“Yes, I have,” he replied casually, “It's time to have your bath too. There's another new brush in there. Brush those beautiful pearlies while I go out to get us some breakfast.”

“And what do we do after breakfast?”

“We'll find out what makes this document so important that a thousand killers are dying to take it from us.”

“How do we do that?”

“We may have to break the seal.”

“Break the seal?”

“Tear open the damn paper.”

“What do we do after that?”

“We'll get the hell out of here.”

“Where would we go?”

“It depends on what information we gather,” Tobi replied, “Now go and clean up.”

He placed the two pistols in his back pocket and headed out, locking the door behind him. Not that his safety measure mattered to determined killers, anyway. They would break down the door in no time. But that would only happen over his dead body. As he turned the lock, he heard water rushing from within and he smiled. She was in the bathroom already, Unclad again.

About thirty seconds after Tobi left for the restaurant, Don came out from the room opposite theirs, quietly worked on the lock for about five minutes, opened the door and stepped into the room.

Irele was still in the bathroom.



Re: Let The Guns Speak by LarrySun(m): 6:02pm On Apr 14
To be continued...

However, you can download the full story from the link below:



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Re: Let The Guns Speak by Treasure17(m): 3:32pm On Apr 16
Interesting story I swear. Thanks for the update Larry.
Re: Let The Guns Speak by XionTemmy(m): 6:50pm On Apr 16
Great story
Re: Let The Guns Speak by Kaycee9242(m): 9:13pm On Apr 16
nawaoooo which kind devilish paper is this. Larry u too much
Re: Let The Guns Speak by cyber5(m): 1:46am On Apr 17
This story is like seeing jollof rice but you can't eat out of it. wish i had spare cash
Re: Let The Guns Speak by LarrySun(m): 8:21am On Apr 21

Tobi reached the restaurant and ordered for food. He ordered for rice in two different dishes with covers, two table water and oranges. He thought Irele might like the fruit. All he wanted was to have his meal quietly and get the hell out of here. He didn't feel safe being here. Actually, nowhere was safe until he dealt with the problems circumstances had pleasantly placed on his laps. He was not scared. He had never been scared. Not since he lost Hannah two years ago. She had been shot dead by Abubakar and his crew of killers. They had come for him but had found his wife instead. He had returned her mutilated body. He had literally gone insane and had been committed to a mental institution for eighteen months. The home had been like a prison yard for mad people. When he finally regained his sanity, he had been calm. He didn't want to give the doctors any idea that he was still violent. In short, he had proved himself to be saner than even the doctors themselves. They had had no choice but to release him for his soundness of mind. His dangerous streak had returned as soon as he stepped out of the institution. He was on a revenge mission. They were all going to pay. For three months, he had hunted them down. He had managed to kill some of Abubakar's crew. But he wasn't satisfied; he wanted to kill Abubakar himself, but he had always been elusive. Abubakar knew how to cover his tracks well. Each time he tried to locate, Abubakar would have disappeared; he was always found one or two of his crew. Fortunately for Tobi, Abubakar had a little chink in his armour....his brother. Unlike the careful Abubakar, the baby brother lived a carefree life. He was nothing like his brother. And so Tobi had decided to use him to lure his big brother out of wherever hole he was hiding. But things had taken a different turn. Now the hunter had become the hunted. His hunters had been more dangerous enemies than Abubakar and ten crews combined. He had to avoid them by all means. The protection of Irele was more important than anything else.

As he turned to leave, he spotted a roughly-dressed man perched behind a table at a corner. The man seemed not to be aware of Tobi's presence but Tobi himself knew he was only pretending. The man was using a spoon to sip peppery sauce from a ceramic bowl, and dangling from his left hand was a pistol. There was no one else dining. Tobi knew it was time for action. The dining man oozed confidence; he seemed like someone sure of his relationship with triggers. He seemed to have an itchy finger behind a trigger.

Tobi sighed. He quietly placed the food on the table and gently reached for a pistol behind him. The man slowly raised his head and stared directly at Tobi. He gave a short smile and sprang up. He aimed his pistol at Tobi and squeezed three quick shots.

Tobi quickly ducked behind the table bearing the food he had dropped. The bullet flew past his left ear, the second shattered the plate that contained his food, sending pieces of rice grains and shards of the ceramic flying in the air. The third bullet caught the poor waiter in the eye.

Damn! This bastard is fast!

He knew what he had to do; he had to lure him out of the restaurant to the open. Irele might come here and catch bullets in her flat stomach. He was not going to allow that. If Irele had the sense God gave a mosquito, she would find her way far away from here.

He shot two bullets at the man. The thug ducked easily and he used that moment to dash out of restaurant. The killer ran after him. Tobi's adrenaline was overpumping as he ran. He lived for this kind of danger. He looked back and saw the thug appear at the entrance. The bastard was going to shoot him again. This time, he knew the bullet would catch him in the back this time. There was only one way to avoid that. He dashed to his left and somersaulted twice and hid behind a watertank. Bullets raised the dusts all around him but the tank was temporarily shielding him. He checked the chamber of the gun, he had just a bullet left in it. He poked out of his hiding and squeezed a careless shot at his attacker. The bullet flew wide. Now the gun was useless. He dropped it and picked the second gun from his back pocket. This one had just eight rounds left from the normal twelve. What would he not give to have an abundance of bullets right now. The thug was a specially-trained; he knew absolutely what he was doing. Tobi knew putting him down would not come quite easily. He kept avoiding having his feet at a place where the thug might possibly send a bullet. Dusts rose and bullets ricocheted against the steel tank.

When he thought he had reached the peak of danger, Tobi heard the sounds of hurrying footsteps behind him and looked back. There were about twenty armed killers coming for him. He knew his current situation; there was no use fighting it. He could not singlehandedly take on twenty-one determined killers. He was trapped.

Suddenly, like a holocaust, there were rains of fire. There were shattering sounds of gunshots from everywhere, and those shots didn't come from the twenty men. As a matter of fact, they were the ones under fire. Some of them slept eternally while others scattered towards safety.

What was going on? Tobi was confused. Surely, some people were fighting his battle for him. He looked up and saw a man at the upstairs window. That was the room he and Irele had lodged in. He was shooting at the men. What the hell? Who was this man? What has he done to Irele? Why is he fighting my battle for me. Before Tobi could make sense of what was happening, the twenty men scattered, giving him a view of the man shooting them from behind.

His eyes and mouth opened wide. He felt like he was seeing a ghost. The man shooting at the enemies, the man who had made more than half of them kiss the bulleted dusts, was the one man he had been searching around for since the past six months.

It was Abubakar...his number one enemy!

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Re: Let The Guns Speak by LarrySun(m): 8:28am On Apr 21
To be continued...

However, you can download the full story from the link below:



Happy Easter, guys.
Re: Let The Guns Speak by cyber5(m): 1:44pm On Apr 21
Every update is like torture
Money is good oo, unfortunately i no get spare cash
Re: Let The Guns Speak by Kaycee9242(m): 4:32pm On Apr 21
well done Larry
Re: Let The Guns Speak by rukidanty: 9:47am On Apr 22
thanks for the update
Re: Let The Guns Speak by Treasure17(m): 9:46am On Apr 23
Thanks for the update.
Re: Let The Guns Speak by cyber5(m): 4:18am On Apr 24
Larrysun I'm ready to buy the book but Okadabooks does not accept verve card
Re: Let The Guns Speak by LarrySun(m): 6:31pm On Apr 28
Brutal Encounters

Don quietly stepped into the room. He could hear water rushing from the inner room. He didn’t need any prophet to tell him that it was the woman whom the deadly Tobi had taken along that was in there. He wondered if the lady had an aversion to wearing clothes; it was as if she enjoyed being Unclad or something – a typical nudist. Well, he wasn’t here for her. He was here to take that thing Tobi had held so dear that he had to kill his friend over – the document. He found it as soon as he stepped into the first room. It was lying there obliquely on the sofa. For a moment, he thought about how something so simple, something seeming so irrelevant could be the cause of so many havocs. He would have taken the woman instead but he didn’t programme himself that way; he wasn’t going to use an innocent person to get at Tobi. Even though the famed dangerous killer had killed his friend, he was not going to bring himself down to his level. If he would fight Tobi, he would not take the cowardly way; he would face him man-to-man. He knew he was very capable of taking on Tobi and finishing him off; he desperately wanted to prove his worth to Abubakar. Tobi didn’t look dangerous in the least; and Don believed the killer’s mean streak was highly overrated. He almost found it unbelievable that he was able to kill Abubakar’s brother. Well, if Abubakar himself was unable to do it, he would look Tobi in the eye when he killed him. That was indeed why he didn’t shoot him at the back of the head the previous night, and also for the fact that, for some reasons which was still mysterious, Abubakar didn’t want him dead yet. Whatever way it was, his friend’s death would be avenged. Tobi was going to die today whether anyone liked it or not.

As he picked up the document and made to leave, a voice sounded behind him.

“Who are you?”

He turned around. It was the nudist. This time, once again, she was having towel around her. Don scoffed in amusement. There wasn’t a time he hadn’t seen her without towel.

“Do you hate wearing clothes or what?”

“Huh?” For a moment, his statement did not make any sense to her, she looked at herself and realized what he meant. “How is that any of your business? Have you been following us? Are you a FAN too? Are you here to kill us?”

“If I wanted to kill you, you would have been dead since last night.”

“What do you want with us?”

“I have nothing to do with you. I am here for that your bastard boyfriend that killed my friend.”

“Tobi is not here. He’s downstairs.”

“I know.”

“Then what are you doing here?”

Don realized that she was looking at him as if he was a rapist. “Oh! Come on! You’re not my type. I only came here for this,” he flashed the red document.

“Why do you want that? You said you’re not a FAN.”

“This is my leverage against your boyfriend, my dear. He’s going to pay for all what he has done.”

“I can’t allow you to take that,” Irele said, but she wasn’t moving. She was still frozen by fear. The only part of her body moving was her mouth. The intruder looked quite dangerous. She had to relate with him with caution.

Don carried a smirk on his face, “And who is going to stop me? You?”

The sounds of three sequential gunshots from downstairs interrupted their argument. While Irele ran into the inner room, Don initially laid flat on the ground. He thought he was being under attack. Maybe Tobi was across the street and shooting at him from the window. The gunfires soon became louder as the shooters seemed to have taken their fights to the street. Certain that he wasn’t under attack, he slowly rose up and cautiously walked to the window; he didn’t want to eye a stray bullet.

He saw two men shooting at each other – one armed thug was chasing Tobi. The thug seemed to be calculated in his shots; and Tobi himself, on the other hand, seemed to understand what his pursuer was doing as he jumped, somersaulted and hid behind a red water-tank. This was another man, probably a FAN too, trying to kill Tobi. No! He wasn’t going to allow that. He didn’t follow Tobi all the way here just to see him get killed by a random thug. Abubakar would not be pleased with him. He had to stop this pursuer, no matter what. Where the hell is Abu?

As he raised his gun from the window to shoot Tobi’s pursuer, he saw a group of armed men emerge from a corner. Holy Mouth Gig! Tobi was in deep trouble. How would he be able to get out of this trouble alone? Surely, not even Jack Bauer could escape this Sodom and Gomorrah on repeat mode. Don ignored the pursuer and began shooting at the group of men ready to tear Tobi into pieces with their bullets. But they were too much; even he would not be able to take them on alone; but he was going to do everything he could to make sure that Tobi was not killed. The guy was not for them to be killed. He dropped the document and began to squeeze the triggers of the two pistols he held like a maniac. Burn in hell, all of you! Burn in hell!

He thought that, through sheer miracle, it was his guns that were falling the men until he sighted the greatest shooter he had ever known – Abubakar. Joy filled his heart as he saw Abu shooting sporadically; blowing off the enemies’ head, necks, torsos, one at a time. Abubakar’s presence gave him more confidence and he continued shooting away at the men. The few left alive scattered to different directions, giving Tobi the chance to hide to a more secure place. Even the calculated and initially brave pursuer too managed to take cover this time around.

“Is Tobi alive?” Don heard Irele ask behind him. She was dressed in jeans and shirt this time around, but her hair was in disarray; she had no time to comb or style it. However, she looked good enough. “Please tell me he’s not dead.”

“Calm your nerves, lady,” he replied her, “Tobi’s death is in our hands, not those bastards’.”

He looked back to the street, Tobi’s pursuer was nowhere to be found.



Re: Let The Guns Speak by LarrySun(m): 6:58pm On Apr 28
To be continued...

However, you can download the full story from the link below:


Re: Let The Guns Speak by duruZed(m): 7:36pm On Apr 28
Real gun battle, just like jack baure's 24. Thumb up bros.
Re: Let The Guns Speak by Kaycee9242(m): 9:59pm On Apr 28
nice update Larry
Re: Let The Guns Speak by Treasure17(m): 2:05pm On Apr 29
I hope Tobi will survive this incessant attacks from unknown enemies. Thanks for the update Larry.
Re: Let The Guns Speak by LarrySun(m): 7:31pm On May 05

There he was, the madman who took Hannah from him. He was about a hundred yards away from him. He could bring him down with just a bullet; but that would be too easy. This crazy person didn’t deserve such easy exit. He wanted to make his life a living hell. He wanted to make him feel the sense of loss he had been feeling since two years ago. No, he wouldn’t be given an easy way out. All Tobi wanted to do now was find a way to capture Abubakar now that he had sought him out. It didn’t seem like an easy task but he knew it was achievable. All he had to do was get rid of this useless amateurs who called themselves FAN. Let’s chase away the wolf before getting back at the sheep. He looked at the upstairs window and saw the stranger who had occupied his room. The man too had helped in killing the men. Who was he? Why was he helping him? Was he part of Abubakar’s crew too? A lot of questions to which he could find no answer teemed in his mind. Then he saw Irele come to the windowside. He breathed a sigh of relief. She was safe. Indeed, the stranger had not come to hurt her; that was satisfactory, at least. But where the hell had he come from?

He looked around for the killer from the restaurant but couldn’t find him. He was sure the man was around somewhere. That was the only man among the men who had come for him who knew what he was doing. Tobi respected him. He was a true killer. He was calculated, fast and clever. He seemed to have predicted Tobi’s every move. It was just miraculous that he was still alive, coupled with Abubakar and the stranger’s intervention. Tobi didn’t understand the stranger’s true intentions, but he was sure Abubakar didn’t come to his aid from the goodness of his heart. The crazy guy wanted the pleasure of killing him himself. But one thing Tobi feared was getting hit when he least suspected it. He had to look for that restaurant pursuer. It was imperative that he had to be sure he was not still lurking around. He saw one of the armed men run towards him. He rose up suddenly and squeezed one shot into his chest, precisely where he knew the tattoo would be. The man was rocked backward and he fell down dead immediately, spittle mixed with blood escaping from the corners of his mouth. Another one appeared beside him with his gun raised. He was taken down by the stranger from the window before Tobi could react. The man had just saved his life. As a show of gratitude, he gave the stranger a thumbs-up sign. The man smiled, placed one pistol at the windowsill and pleasantly replied Tobi’s gesture with a raised middle finger. Tobi frowned.

Instead of taking cover like every other sane person, Abubakar was walking around with his AK-49 and shooting at will. He had no visible target. The crazy guy was just shooting for the pleasure of it. Perhaps, that was what made him so dangerous in the first place. He could be as dangerous as a bee in a paperbag if he put his mind to it. Tobi wondered how he was going to capture this ultimate enemy and torture him accordingly. He wanted to ask him why he had to kill a noncombatant innocent woman because he couldn’t catch him. That was the peak of cowardice. And he hated Abubakar more than the devil for that act alone. Hold on, Hannah, your death would be avenged.

Then he saw the calculated thug. He was the only one who saw him, but it was too late to react. The man had appeared from a behind an SUV with a broken window and he was aiming at the window where Irele and the stranger stood.

“Irele, get down!” Tobi screamed out loud.

But it was too late. The thug squeezed out two quick shots. Blood spattered the window upstairs.


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