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Re: Let The Guns Speak by kayusdguy(m): 5:17pm On Mar 15

Young man, I don't know who you are, and quite frankly, I don't care to know. It's obvious that there's a broken chromosome in your head, and I've managed to steer clear of retar.ds like you, well, until this moment.

Your comments are an overwhelming evidence that you are an enormous waste of rationality, of life, and I can only imagine that somewhere, somehow, a condom broke.

You dare come to my thread to spill the same garbage that has always been your identity?

Larry baba abeg no vex much na
this one is concentrated

Re: Let The Guns Speak by LarrySun(m): 6:13pm On Mar 15
The bullet had penetrated the glass window. The person outside was a killer himself, and his main objective was killing off these three operatives. As soon as the first man fell down dead, the calm but dangerous one who had initially aimed his gun at Irele's head threw himself to the floor and rolled behind the sofa. He was now weilding a pistol. To hell with the AK; that was too handful for this kind of combat. He knew who the guy was. He was a sworn enemy. His big brother had warned him about this particular person. He had strongly begged him to stay as far away from this killer as possible. He had said this one was the most dangerous hunter he had met. Big bro must have been exaggerating too much. The man didn't look dangerous at all when he first saw his picture. He was even responsibly dressed in the photograph. Which killer dresses like a banker? He must have considered himself a Nigerian James Bond or something. He would kill this idiot and make his big bro proud. The most brutal person he knew was his brother; this particular killer wasn't even close in the least.

Tobi threw open the door in one kick and fired into the chest of the man he knew would be there. He had calculated the move of this second killer as soon as he downed the first. The guy had fired five shots at the window. To Tobi, this was not a professional attack. An expert would not shoot blindly at something he didn't see. That was a stupid move for a trained killer. In the community of professional killers, these were merely janitors. He finished off the bloody killer with another shot to the neck.

Someone was screaming. He looked down and saw a woman in towel. What was she doing here? He thought this was the hideout of these killers. Apparently, he was wrong. The room was evidenced by the pictures of a lady that surrounded the walls. They were the lady's. What the hell were these guys doing here? And why was the lady dressed in towel? She must have been a captive. The car with a shattered window must have belonged to her. Whose blood was that in the passenger's seat? She was screaming too loud for him to connect the dots.

“Keep your voice down, ma'am,” he said calmly, but his words were drowned by the scream. The woman continued to scream at the top of her voice. Tobi was exasperated. He didn't know what he could do to calm her down. He would have shut her up with a single slap if it had been a man.

Then suddenly, from the corner of his left eye, he saw something slowly rise from behind the three-seater. He needed to act fast in this situation. He knew he would easily dodge being shot at, but he worried about the lady. He knew that she would be at the centre of the gun as soon as the killer stood erect. There was only one thing he could do to save the lady. It had to be a split-second decision or the lady would be shot dead.

He quickly reached down and, without seeking permission, untied her towel. He threw the towel at the rising figure and fired a clear shot. The towel covered the man's face and the bullet caught him in the right shoulder. The gun dropped immediately from his hand; that right arm had been rendered useless. He screamed louder than Irele.

Irele herself was not screaming anymore. She was dazed. What had happened to her towel? She stood up, totally frightened and Unclad. She was amazed to see the last killer wearing her towel over his face, then was more horrified to see the blood gushing from the bullet would. The strange new man raised his pistol and shot the other shoulder. The screaming man went down to his knees.

Irele quickly picked up the abandoned AK-47, aimed it at the bloody killer and said, “Say your last prayer.”

“What are you doing?” Tobi asked her, confused. This was a woman who was previously screaming like a witch. Where did she get the bravery to pick up a gun?

“I want to shoot him,” she replied firmly.

Tobi cocked his head to one side and asked why.

“Because he almost killed me. If your first gunshot had come a second late, I would have been deceased. He also told me to say my last prayer. I think it's fair that I tell him the same thing now that the table has turned.”

“Have you ever shot a gun before?” Tobi asked like an interviewer.

“No, but there's always a first time.”

“Have you ever held a gun before?”

“No, but there's always a first time.”

“It's not as easy as that,” Tobi said and gently took the gun from her. “This kind of gun is way out of your league.”

“Screw both of you!” The wounded killer said loudly. “You shot my arms! You shot my arms! You've turned me to a freaking handicap.”

“With quick medical attention, you can still get your arms working back. Answer my questions and I promise to get you medical help.” Tobi said, his eyes dead with seriousness. Anyone could easily detect how dangerous he was by looking at those eyes alone.

The kneeling killer began to laugh. “You must have really thought I was so stupid. Do I look stupid to you? Medical help my foot!”

“Who sent you?”

“Go to hell!”

Tobi cursed under his breath. He knew what he needed to do to get information from this thug. He knew how to make him sing like a parrot. But he didn't want to do that before the lady. He was sure she would faint with revulsion. He just had to play it cool. He decided to take another angle.

“Your brother sent you, didn't he?”

“What if he did? You know he will hunt you down and kill you,” he turned to Irele, “and you too, you wouldn't be the first.” He glared at Tobi as he made the last statement.

“Let him come,” Tobi clenched his teeth tightly together. He was getting angrier. Something within him was about to explode.

“I know,” The bloody man smirked, “I know about the massacre. I thought you had learnt your lesson. I can't believe you still had the guts to come after us when you know his reputation.”

Tobi hit his right arm with the butt of the gun. The thug screamed out in pain. “It's good to hear that you can still scream. It means your arm isn't totally damaged; you can still feel it.” He turned to Irele, “Do you have a First Aid box?”

“What are you doing?”

“Answer my question!”

“Yes, yes I do!”

“Bring it immediately.”

“What's this?” The bleeding thug asked.

“I need to stop the bleeding or you will die.”

“Isn't that why you're here in the first place? Aren't you here to kill me?”

“No, I'm not here to kill you,” replied Tobi as he tore the shirt of one of the dead killers and used it to tie the bleeding man's shoulder. “I'm here to take you hostage and have your brother come for you. I can't allow you to die yet.”

The killer scoffed, “You fool! You think I'm working under the order of my brother?”

“What are you talking about? Who else are you working for if not your brother?”

The thug couldn't answer; he began to whimper in pain. Irele came with the first aid box and Tobi began to work on the wounds. As he worked, he said, “I'm going to ask you just two questions now: Who sent you here? And where can I find your brother?”

The man in agony shook his head and said, “You don't know what you've just got yourself into. Your second question is the least of your worries right now. You don't know the kinds of people you would be dealing with after me. If you know what is good for you, leave this room right now with this stupid woman and run as fast as your legs can carry you.”

“What about that document?” asked Irele, “What is it all about?”

“It's the devil's manuscript. Neither of you should get involved with it. Leave it there and escape right now when you still can.”

“What are you talking about?” asked the lady.

Tobi shoved her aside, went to the kneeling thug and tear open the front of his shirt. Right there on his chest was the brand of the word FAN. Tobi shrank back in horror.

“You're a Fan?”

The thug nodded slowly. “Take the girl and leave immediately!”

“You're a Fan?” Tobi repeated. He could not believe the revelation.

“You know about us,” The thug observed, “How did you know about us? No one is supposed to know about us.”

“Is your brother a Fan too?"

Instead of replying, the thug gave a final smile and shut his eyes. Something that appeared like a caplet of cod liver oil suddenly appeared in his mouth. Before Tobi could react, the killer bit hard into it, spilling the liquid within into his mouth and swallowed. Within two seconds, he began to convulse and foam in the mouth before he gave up the ghost.

Tobi quickly grabbed the document on the chair, held Irele's hand and ran out of the house. On reaching outside, Irele quickly returned to the house and took her phone from the pocket of one of the dead men and joined Tobi who was already behind her wheel and hot-wiring her old Mercedes.

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Re: Let The Guns Speak by LarrySun(m): 6:14pm On Mar 15
To be continued...

However, you can download the full story from the link below:


Re: Let The Guns Speak by LarrySun(m): 6:15pm On Mar 15
i dey for ur back!...keep it flowing...
Thanks, boss. smiley
Re: Let The Guns Speak by LarrySun(m): 6:15pm On Mar 15
Well done OP
Thanks dearie.
Re: Let The Guns Speak by LarrySun(m): 6:15pm On Mar 15
You are a living artifact!
thanks for the update
And you're a legend!

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Re: Let The Guns Speak by LarrySun(m): 6:16pm On Mar 15
Mehn, this is getting serious
You haven't seen anything.
Re: Let The Guns Speak by LarrySun(m): 6:25pm On Mar 15
this is a wonderful work of art, Weldon
Thank you, ma'am. smiley
Re: Let The Guns Speak by LarrySun(m): 6:26pm On Mar 15
Such a lovely story smiley smiley smiley Is there going to be a sequel? Like letting us into their happily ever after grin grin I simply don't want the story to end
Hehehehe! What happily ever after?

And no, there's no sequel. Lol!
Re: Let The Guns Speak by LarrySun(m): 6:33pm On Mar 15
Nice one Larry Sun. I just bought 6 of your books on Okadabooks. You are a great writer, keep doing your thing.
Wow! You're the true fan! May God bless you abundantly. Thank you so much.

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Re: Let The Guns Speak by LarrySun(m): 6:34pm On Mar 15
Larry is that you wearing a ladies wig,holding a gun
Loooooooool! I wish!

That's supposed to be Irele.
Re: Let The Guns Speak by LarrySun(m): 6:34pm On Mar 15

Larry baba abeg no vex much na
this one is concentrated
LOL! Don't mind the guy.
Re: Let The Guns Speak by Jagaban880: 6:52pm On Mar 15
nice piece op...,
Re: Let The Guns Speak by kayo80(m): 7:01pm On Mar 15
Wow! You're the true fan! May God bless you abundantly. Thank you so much.

Re: Let The Guns Speak by Rosemary33: 7:24pm On Mar 15
Adrenaline pumping story, I have booked my space here
Re: Let The Guns Speak by Kaycee9242(m): 10:30pm On Mar 15
am not surprise Larry is a legend when it comes to writing, keep it up bro
Re: Let The Guns Speak by lonesome501(m): 10:44pm On Mar 15
Abeg,,d lady just komot 4rm her room in her birthdae suit lyk dat
Re: Let The Guns Speak by maxxy26: 11:47pm On Mar 15
Dude U Are Good,i Must C0nfess
Re: Let The Guns Speak by skubido(m): 4:05pm On Mar 16
Open ma cap for u ooo...

U too much
Re: Let The Guns Speak by LarrySun(m): 6:05pm On Mar 17
Baptism of Blood

The Present
Location: Port Harcourt, Rivers State
Date: January 27, 2019
Time: 1930Hrs GMT

Abubakar had just done a tiresome job for a decent price and he needed calm himself with something cold. It was still too early to go to bed. He took a long shower as he washed the blood off his body. After the bathe, he treated the cut on the left shoulder and plastered it. Someone had managed to stab him with a knife. That person had immediately paid with his life. He stuck the stained clothes into a trash can and changed into a Tommy Hilfiger T-shirt and a pair of jeans trousers. He strapped on a pair of black Nike sneakers, then he completed this dressing with an equally black cap on his head.

By 7.45pm, Abubakar was already driving out of his compound. He thought about visiting the beach this cold night. He wanted to be somewhere cold to soothe the burning sensation on his shoulder. Bonny Island was the closest beach resort to him, and so he drove towards it. He could barely hold the steering wheel with his left hand as each gallop or bump the car made sent a stabbing pain to his injured shoulder. He shrugged as he drove on. Well, that was the little price to pay for killing five armed rogues wanted dead by the same organization that recruited them. Abubakar wasn't concerned about why they went rogue or the reason they were wanted dead, his own job was to carry out the order as soon as he received the credit alert from his bank. Today's job had made him a few millions of money richer.

He suddenly found himself in a thick traffic. This was annoying. Why must there be traffic when he wanted to have a nice time. He swore and cursed as the traffic moved so slowly to his chagrin. He wished he could convert his car to a jet and fly out of this near-standstill. Someday, perhaps soon, he would buy a helicopter for himself. He wondered if there was a place where he could land his helicopter at Bonny Island. Having no choice, he followed the slow movement. Twenty minutes later, he saw a turning that led to somewhere particularly far away from his destination. He took the turning. To hell with Bonny Island tonight. He would make do with any recreational centre he found. He just needed a place with music and drinks and girls.

He heard beats of jamz and he followed the sound. A 2Baba-party-classic was playing. Abubakar knew the song. His favourite hip-hop star was 2Baba, and MI. The former an amazing lyricist and the latter a talented rapper. He had to turn into two other routes before he discovered where the music was coming from. It was a magnificent hotel. He drove about fifty metres farther from the place before parking. He got out of the car and trekked his way back to the hotel. Bouncers at the gate collected ten thousand naira from him before allowing him entry. Ten thousand naira only. A chicken feed.

The compound was filled as he had suspected. The music was loud. There was a large swimming pool in the middle of the compound. It was so filled with swimmers that bodies melded together in the water. He saw a young boy and girl doing something nasty to each other in a poorly-lit corner. Some other spoilt brats were baptizing themselves with champagne just to impress ladies about their wealth. The others, both male and female, were dancing maniacally to the music playing, and groping each other disgustingly.

Abubakar shrugged. He was here to have fun anyway. He walked into the dancing crowd towards the bar to get himself some shots of brandy, liquour, whiskey and whatever strong stuff they had in their cellars, or racks.

The bartender was a white woman with a smooth face, long legs, curvy hips and generous breasts. Wherever they found a foreigner to tend bars?

“What's your poison, handsome?” The lady asked, obviously flirting with him.

Abubakar smiled and replied, “Serve me your most lethal.” He knew she was an easy pick. He didn't even have to say more than two dirty words and the lady would beg him to wait till about 12.00am when her shift would end. But Abubakar would not be waiting that long, so he didn't lead her on. He wasn't very excited about her anyway for he had had more white women than he could count; hotter women.

“I have a personal cocktail I'm sure will knock you out,” The lady said proudly, “I call it Devil's Blood.”

“Nothing knocks me out,” Abu replied.

“This one will,” The lady said as she mixed drinks together, “By the way, my name is Evelyn, what's yours?”

“John,” Abu replied.

The lady gave him an expression that told him she knew he was lying.

“Nice meeting you, John,” she said as she handed him the cocktail. She didn't offer her hand for a shake.

Abubakar collected the drink thankfully and drank. Evelyn looked at him curiously. She was expecting to see him swagger with drunkenness as she had seen with other men. Abubakar did not even blink; it was as if he had just drunk water.

“What did you call this drink again?” He asked her.

“Devil's Blood.”

“It tastes like devil’s urine,” he said absent-mindedly.

Amidst the noise, Abubakar heard someone chuckle behind him. He turned around and beheld a lady so gorgeous he had to rooster his head sideways to access her shapely assets more curiously. She was dressed in a red gown that stopped only below her waist. Now this one interested Abu. She would be a quick lay. He wouldn't even have to inch her dress up before entering her. The curve of her behind could hold a candle steady. Abu was already picturing himself screwing smokes out of her.

The lady herself didn't fail to give Abu all indication that she was ready to get laid. As she chuckled, she gave him one funny seductive gaze. She catwalked herself to the table beside him and sat down, her legs parted enough to give Abu the view of her clean-shaven netherland.

“What's funny,” Abubakar tried to strike a conversation.

“You,” she replied. She was still staring seductively at Abu when she put her left forefinger into herself and licked it like a stick of ice-cream.

“What's your name?”

“Call me Jezebel,” She said and stroked one of the firm breasts, giving him a quick glimpse of the dark n*pple.

Abu smiled. He liked them naughty. “Let's f**k,” he said. The bartender heard him and broke a wine glass in jealousy. Those were the words she wanted him to tell her, and she was ready to get screwed by him right there on the service table. She didn't care if anyone would watch them. This was a club anyway. But hearing him say these words to another woman brought her a kind of raw but unnecessary anger.

“Should we do it here,” Jezebel asked, giggling.

“Spoken like a true bitch,” Evelyn said under her breath.

“What did you just say to me, Ms Kardashian?” Jezebel retorted angrily, ready to fight the bartender over this handsome fish.

“Not here,” answered Abu, trying to cleverly quell the rising feud between the two sluts. “My home is thirty minutes away from here.”

“That's too far,” she replied and Abubakar wondered what was too far. The house or the time. “F**k me in your car.”

Abu knew she was a b*tch but not a prostitute. She didn't carry herself like a prostitute. She just liked to have fun. She wasn't a girl that allowed herself to get screwed for money. She looked well-to-do herself. Her life was simple. She saw what she'd wanted and wanted to have it. She just wanted to f**k him and move on. No commitment. No attachment. She was his kind of girl.

“Fine by me,” he said.

“Don't make love to me,” she said as they walked away from the bar, “just f**k me hard. I want to be screwed so much that I won't be able to walk.”

“You'll beg me to stop but I won't listen,” They dared each other.

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Re: Let The Guns Speak by LarrySun(m): 6:06pm On Mar 17
To be continued...

However, you can download the full story from the link below:


Re: Let The Guns Speak by skubido(m): 6:38pm On Mar 17
Tanks for the update
Re: Let The Guns Speak by Kaycee9242(m): 7:15pm On Mar 17
nice one larry
Re: Let The Guns Speak by LarrySun(m): 10:18am On Mar 20
Then just as they neared the pool, a tall guy of about seven feet with bald head walked up to them.

“Where do you think you're taking the girl,” the thug asked.
“I'm taking her to my car,” Abu replied politely.

“To do what exactly?” The guy looked menacing.

“To f**k her.”

“How dare you –”

“Go to hell, Bruno,” Jezebel said, “I don't f**k the same guy twice. I already told you that.”

“You heard the girl,” said Abu, “Go to hell.”

On hearing that, the big guy tried to punch Abubakar. The swing was easily dodged and Abu replied it with an uppercut to the base of the brute's chin. That stretched his neck upward a few inches, disorienting him for a few seconds. And before he could retaliate, Abu had picked two bottles of champagne, both half-full, from the side of the pool and smashed them simultaneously on Bruno's temples. Blood mixed with the expensive drinks and the giant went down like a roll of tissue paper.

Two others guys suddenly materialised from nowhere. Within seconds, the pool was empty of swimmers after the connection of two bottles with a bald head. A lot of the dancers were now finding their ways out of the club through the gate. This brawl immediately served as a catalyst that awoken other fights from other parts of the compound. Everywhere soon went up in chaos.

The first guy landed a hard punch in Abu's belly. It knocked the wind out of him. Without allowing the attack a second late, Abubakar returned the punch to the attacker's belly. As the guy bent his head down in pain, Abu met the side of the guy's head with his knee which knocked him upright. The second attacker was punching Abu from behind but the pain was taken as he concentrated on the first attacker. He could withstand whatever pain. These idiots didn't know whom they were dealing with. He gave a final swing at the first attacker which sent the thug flying into the swimming pool. Abubakar could see that the idiot couldn't swim. To hell with him. Let him drown.

He abruptly turned to the guy hitting him from behind. The guy stopped in his tracks when he saw the pistol Abu was holding. Abubakar walked towards him and pressed the muzzle of the gun against his forehead. He pressed it so hard that it left a circular impression on the man's head. When Abubakar looked down, he saw wet patches expanding on the man's crotch; the guy was pissing himself.

“Can you swim?” Abu asked calmly.


“Good. Now jump.”

“Thank you, sir, thank you!” The guy said gratefully and jumped into the swimming pool with his drowning friend. They were both struggling with the water together.

Abubakar looked around but couldn't find Jezebel again. All he could see where the others beating the hell out of each other. Even the bartender had disappeared.

“So much for having fun,” he said as he walked to his car.

His phone rang as soon as he turned the ignition. He decided to pick up the call before driving.

“Hello Don,” Don was his friend, a colleague; he, too, was a contract killer like Abubakar.

“Your brother is dead,” came the reply from the other end of the line.


“I'm staring at his body now,” replied Don.

Abubakar closed his eyes. The pain that enveloped him was beyond description. The only family he had had been killed. A certain rage took hold of him. He dropped the phone, opened the door of the car and went back into the hotel. He walked to the pool where the two men were already managing to climb out. He walked up to them and shot them point-blank in the heads, he put two bullets in the unconscious giant's back. The other fighters immediately scattered in different directions.

Abubakar walked back to the car and put the phone to his ear. Don was still on the line.

“Who killed him?” he asked, “Who killed my brother?”

Don gave only one word in his reply: “Tobi.”


Re: Let The Guns Speak by LarrySun(m): 10:19am On Mar 20
To be continued...

However, you can download the full story from the link below:


Re: Let The Guns Speak by Vulcanheph(m): 10:43am On Mar 20
This op won't make heaven ...I swear, always taunting us with sweet little updates.....
Re: Let The Guns Speak by Kaycee9242(m): 11:36am On Mar 20
nice update
Re: Let The Guns Speak by Vulcanheph(m): 9:57pm On Mar 20
Dear larrysun
Love this story, it's not much yet but it's already captivating.... But I feel that the title"LET THE GUNS SPEAK" doesn't do justice to the story.
Re: Let The Guns Speak by LarrySun(m): 10:01pm On Mar 20
Dear larrysun
Love this story, it's not much yet but it's already captivating.... But I feel that the title"LET THE GUNS SPEAK" doesn't do justice to the story.
Lol! Thank you, sir.

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Re: Let The Guns Speak by LarrySun(m): 11:59am On Mar 24
Assaults on the Mainland

The Present
Location: Ikoyi, Lagos State
Date: January 27, 2019
Time: 2000Hrs GMT

“Where are you taking me?” Irele asked the man behind the wheel but got no reply. She might as well have been questioning a dry wall. It was worse that she was dressed in only her towel. The man didn't even allow her to wear any shoes. They had been driving for hours. They had only stopped at a filling station to get more fuel before continuing the journey to a place unknown. The attendant at the petrol station at looked at them weirdly on seeing a woman dressed only in towel sitting in the front seat. Something told her she might not be returning to her home again.

She wondered who this stranger was. Why had he saved her life? Where did he come from? Irele was sure she had never seen this man anywhere before. She would definitely have remembered that handsome face if she had. The driver had a kind of face that would linger in the minds of ladies for eternity. He was so beautifully chiseled that he looked like a famous Pop star ladies would kill their men, or other ladies, to have for a night stand.

“Where are you taking me?” She asked again; her voice was rather forceful this time, still the man granted her no answer. He was concentrated on the road, occasionally checking the side mirrors for any car trailing behind them.

Tobi knew what he had just got himself into; he had sealed his fate by meddling in the affairs of the Fans. He wouldn't have intervened if he knew that the men were Fans. And to make matters worse, he had rescued the marked woman and taken the red document. Every Fan across the federation would be on his matter. They would search every corner, turn every stone to locate him. And when they did, he would be killed in the most brutal way possible. He knew he should have left immediately after the shocking discovery. He should have run away and never look back. He should have left the lady and the document. But he could not. He was never a coward. He was not programmed to leave helpless people behind and let them get killed. He had a new responsibility now; he must protect this woman at all cost. And most importantly, this woman was the only person who could really break open the old legacy that bothered on conspiracy among the elites.

“Answer my question, Mr Man,” She asked again, “Where are we going?”

Tobi turned his head to look at her. It would be a waste of beauty if she got killed. She really didn't know what she had mixed herself up in. “You should count yourself lucky for you're still breathing. Where we're going should be the last thing you should worry about. For, as a matter of fact, there's nowhere we go that we won't be found. We are dealing with a very powerful group of people. They know how to locate people like us. They know how to make people like us disappear. Where we're going is just a place for us to buy time. We can't stay in the same place for long.”

Irele was scared anew. Even though the man did not say it, she knew he was emphasizing that they were walking corpses. No matter where they go or what they do, they would be found and killed.

“The only leverage we have is that document. We have to find out the power it holds before we get killed and have it taken away from us. The document is the key to everything. However, it is also our ticket to get killed on time.”

“Why?” Irele asked nobody in particular, “Why me? I'm just a common citizen. Why is it that I have to be a part of this deadly palaver? I don't know anything about any document. I don't know why those men wanted to kill me. Why me? I don't know anything. I don't want to die!”

“I know. I saw everything.”

“They shot that man in the back! I saw it! A man was killed right before my eyes.”

“That was the man who dragged you and me into this mess.” Tobi explained, “If he hadn't dropped the document in your car, you wouldn't have been hunted.”

“Why my car? Why did he have to choose me of all people?”

“He was being pursued. He knew he was going to die, but he needed to keep the killers from taking the document from him. You happened to be the closest person he could find."

“But I drove away! How come the men discovered my house so quickly?”

“I told you. Those men worked for powerful people. They had sworn their lives to their service. You were not very hard to find. They must have recognized you.”

“How? I don't know any one of them.”

“Have you forgotten what you do? You're a television presenter, aren't you? You anchor a TV programme called True Talk. Searching for someone like you isn't exactly like looking for a needle in a haystack.”

“But only few people find my television interesting.”

“That's what you think. Even I follow your programmes, and so are thousands of other viewers too. Someone like you having access to that document is not acceptable. That is why they will do everything to make sure we are found and killed. They will kill us and everyone remotely associated with us. Well, as for me, I'm a lone soldier. I have no one else but me. The problem is that I can't say the same about you. That is why I have to protect you as much as I can. I'm not saving you alone, I'm also saving a lot of innocent people out there who don't know what is going on.”

“Why did you come to rescue me?”

“I didn't come for you,” Replied Tobi, “I came to settle an old score.”

“Tell me about it,” said Irele, “The third killer seemed to know you well. There appears to be something between you and his brother.”

“It's a long and sad story.” Then his phone rang. Shit! He should have switched off his phone. They could easily be traced with his phone on. When he checked the screen of the phone, the name on the Truecaller made him pick up.

He was silent. The caller was silent too. One was waiting for the other to talk. After about thirty minutes, the caller spoke up:

“Wherever you are, I'm going to find you and kill you, even if it takes the last ounce of blood in my body. I will find you and kill you. This is a solemn promise from a brother.”

Tobi replied, “I'll be waiting for you –” he immediately turned to Irele and asked, “Is your phone still on?”


“Switch it off and remove the battery now!”

Hardly had he finished the words when a gunshot sounded from behind. The left side mirror was shattered instantly. Irele screamed. They were being followed.

The time was 9.30pm.



Re: Let The Guns Speak by LarrySun(m): 11:59am On Mar 24
To be continued...

However, you can download the full story from the link below:


Re: Let The Guns Speak by LarrySun(m): 12:01pm On Mar 24
This op won't make heaven ...I swear, always taunting us with sweet little updates.....
Hahahaha! You have access to the full story, buddy. wink

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Woes Of The Dark Night / Top Book Publishers In Nigeria / Nigeria: Report Indicts Nigerian Poet For Molesting 19 'daughters'

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