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Re: The Bodyguard - An Action/romance Thriller by Oyinprince(m): 11:31pm On Jul 06
The Bodyguard - Episode 6

By Tisa Phiri


I took a bath after I sent my rescuer to another room to clean up. He was a totally messed up, but I respected his braveness. If it were not his good deed of coming to my rescue. I had no idea what those idiots were going to do to me.

Recalling the moment Ackim came in the room I was tied up, all my hopes where gone. All I knew that any moment I would die at the hands of those thugs. My hands had gone numb from being tied up. The many hours they kept me seemed like forever.

Then, I saw him..Ackim, he stood behind the guy who was almost going to hit me again so I shut up. His face was covered in a long and bushy moustache. However, I could see how honesty eyes were. He charged forward and slit my captor's throat and I frooze. I had never seen a dead body so close to me. As Ackim walked behind to untie me I was so scared my voice wouldn't come out right when I asked who he waa. later on as we ran in the dark night, my running abilities charged in and I ran like I was in a race on the running track. I was always a good runner but at that moment fear added to my speed. I had to ran like my life depended on it.

Though I was at first not comfortable being with a total stranger, there was something about his voice, he sounded to be an honesty and good man. I mean, who would risk his life for someone he didn't know. He's combat told me he was in some kind of army, but definately not Zambian army uniform. Everything about him showed he was Zambian even his accent.

I fall asleep on his shoulder covered in his Jacket. Under normal circumstances I wouldn't lay besides a stranger and use a jacket with a strong scent of dirty. but I needed to keep warm before I could worry about the scent, it just felt safe being close to that stranger.

With each step I took walking with Ackim I realised he trully had a big heart, though he thought he was more of an animal because of What he was subjected to in Congo. I still thought he's humanity was still intact.

When I finished taking a bath, I sat down in my office and called my father. I had to let him know I was alive. I needed to be a bit relaxed when talking to him no wonder I cleaned myself up first.

"Helo!" Dad answered at the third ring of his telephone. I had guesed well, that he was in his office that afternoon.

" yes dad it's Paula" I answered back..

"Paula? My baby where are you? I have been so worried. I sent people to look for you all over. what happened to you?" he asked further without giving me a chance to respond.

"Dad calm down" I said softly.

" am fine now.. some people had me kidnapped but am safe. am at the lodge I thought it wise I stay here today not knowing what is really going on."

I heard my dad sigh.

"I thank Jesus you are alive Paula I was loosing my mind and my enemies almost succeed in getting what they wanted from me. I think it's a good idea you stay over there in a couple of days until we put in place the people who did this to you. so I will come over tomorrow. I don't want to act fast. By coming there i might risk exposing you. Am suspecting someone from the inside my company or friends is working against me." Dad explained.

"Sure dad, I will fill you in on the details of how i was rescued by a stranger later then"

" take care my baby" dad added before hanging up.

Whatever it is my father's enemies had planned against him was serious and I intended to ask him now that I was alive and well.

I walked to Ackim's room an hour later, stood by his door shocked. The perfect guy that stood before me didn't look like the one I spent hours with. Ge was so hot, my heart skipped a bit. His bulged muscles and broad shoulders were like that of an American basket ball player. I tried to compose myself when I noticed he saw me drolling over him. I stammered as I told him he looked different, his well shaved face and head showed off his handsome face. His weak and soft eyes looking at me, made my throat move up and down swiftly. I was embarrassed and I quickly walked out leading the way to the eating table.

All the time i was marvelled by his speech, he smiled most of the times especially when he talked about his home. I had to control my drolling owing to the fact that, the man I was admiring was a stranger who would probably leave the following day never to return again.

I had not gotten involved in any serious relationship since I broke up with my boyfriend back in Australia. I had gotten myself a couple of men but non of then caught my attention to the extent of me wanting more from them than some one time hook ups.

After our dinner, Ackim patted my back and told me to rest well. For some reason he didn't pay much attention to me as I did him, so I guesed i wasn't his type of girl after all.

Early in the morning I woke up and took a quick shower, pulled a pair of brown skin jeans and a white sleeveless blouse then I put an orange throw on. Satisfied with my casual looks I let loose my hair, the curls from the previous day were still visible.

I heard a soft knock on my door.. "come in!" I called out.

I peeped from the bathroom door and i saw Ackim standing his hands in his pockets.

"good morning !" I called out.. "morning!" he answered in his gentle voice.

" did I disturb you?" He asked as he looked around my room.

"Um, no you have not" i chuckled coming out of the bathroom. I suggested we sit by the eating table. So we discuss the way forward.

" My father will join us soon" I looked up at him..

"Alright." he smiled putting his hands in his blue jeans again. I smiled inwardly..

My designer instincts were perfect. just looking at him I had known the exact size of his clothes and shoes and the good part is that the the person I sent, bought the exact things I told him.

My father joined us and I explained about Ackim. He was so grateful for his actions and immediately wrote a cheque to compesate him, but Ackim turned down the cheque.

"Sorry sir, we just told you I have been away for some time. so I don't even have my valid papers and an account. I would rather you give me cash if you don't mind and then I will head my way." he added.

"Sure I understand young man" my father told him.

" but it means you will have wait up until tomorrow so that my bank can issue the cash."

"thank you again." Dad told him.. "it's unfortunate you want to leave otherwise I wanted to propose you stay here and work for me as my daughter's bodyguard am afraid her life is still in danger and I don't trust my own men. my instincts tell me to trust you more than them Ackim.." he continued.

"Am glad you regard me like that Sir" Ackim smiled at dad.

"but I have to go home and try locating my family, besides, am still indented to my unit as a commando. I need to report back and probably help rescue the other guys who remained behind..." he explained..

I knew it was hard to convince him to stay. I too felt safe around him but it wasnt fair of me to ask him sacrifice his life further more..

"it's okey dad." spoke up.

" let him go and sort his life and if he would decide otherwise he might as well come back and work for us" I said looking at Ackim. He smiled and nodded his head to agree with me.

Dad left us after we chatted and he filled me in on what was going on with his political issues and how the enemies wanted to get him to surrender a big sum of money for my release. He had almost given up the money but the bank delayed the process and luckily I should up before he handed them the cash.

Later that afternoon, I asked Ackim to drive me to town to get a few clothings for both of us. I couldnt risk going home to get my clothes and the clothes i had put in the room at the lodge were not enough to take me for more days.

I noticed Ackim look around as we headed to the shops. He walked a step back from me and I wondered what was going on. I was still wondering when Ackim shouted.. "get down.!."

confused, I lay down and watched in fear as he stood up after a gun shot missed us. He pulled me back to the car and ran after some guy. Holding his gun

"don't come out!" he told me before going. Trembling with i got my phone and dialled dad's line.

"Dad !" I shouted.

"someone just attacked us in town, you have to send someone here. Ackim is gone after the shooter he might be in danger." I told him crying.

" am coming Paula" dad's panicking voice responded as i hang up.

To be continued

Read more here - www.youngicee.com/category/the-bodyguard
Re: The Bodyguard - An Action/romance Thriller by Treasure17(m): 12:37am On Jul 07
Paula's life is in danger. Thanks for the update.
Re: The Bodyguard - An Action/romance Thriller by skubido(m): 3:25pm On Jul 07
Why not stay indoor for now

Tanks for the update
Re: The Bodyguard - An Action/romance Thriller by Oyinprince(m): 3:59pm On Jul 07
The Bodyguard - Episode 7

By Tisa Phiri


I looked around as we reached the Boutique in town, my instincts strongly warned me someone was following us. I was not so much for the idea of going into town with her but I couldn't get the idea out of her mind. she was determined to buy new clothes for both of us. "you cannot go to Ndola with only two pairs of trousers" she insisted.

Earlier her father had called me aside..

" please Ackim look out for my daughter am really worried but I can't show it to her. I don't want to stress her more than she already is " Mr Benson pleaded..

"I only wish you had taken the offer to work for me, it's pointless for you to go back in the army after many years. I would offer you a salary more than what the government would, besides you can go and see your parents and family after working here for a while" he added.

" after all you have already been away for some time."

I looked at his emmerging grey hair and a small moustache, the man was in his middle 50s. He seemed to be a good person though tough at the same time. I understood why he was interested in politics his manner of speech explained the characteristics of a politician and business man.

I would confess he convinced me. I thought through what he had said though I didn't want to give him my answers there and then. I decided to make him wait a bit. so I told him I would get back to him after thinking about his offer.

"I could use a job" I thought to myself. I really nothing to My name and I was almost certain my parents got the little benefits from the army the time we disappeared.

Mr Benson cautioned over letting Paula out of my sight during the time i was to give him my final response.

So here we were, as she told me her stories about her mother. I spotted a guy behind a black car packet on our left. Quickly before he could fire the gun, I doged down pushing Paula down as I shouted for her to get down.

I rushed her to the car park and locked the doors as I ran after the shooter my gun pointed out.

I ran after him as he went behind the shops the distance between us reduced as I ran forward. I admit he was a fast but I had some persistence. I saw his speed reduce as he headed to a corner joining the main road, quickly I placed my gun behind in my jeans when I noticed it was attracting a lot of attention. People stood by the road sides and watched us.

I stoped for a second and watched him, then I took the short cut when I noticed there was only one way ahead for him.

With a bang I hit him in his face with the back of my hand sending him to the ground instantly as he was caught unaware. Before he could stand and fight back.I gave him 4 more hard knocks and he fell down unconcious that's the goodness of my training, when you have to beat someone using some skill would help you knock off a person without taking hours of hitting them. You just have to know the right places to hit and a person goes dark instantly.

I grabbed the small phone Mr Benson had given me to call him in case of emmergence and called him.

" I got the shooter Sir!"

I reported.

"Am heading to the road now am certain Paula has called you already."

"Yeah, she has" he's shaky voice answered

" I sent guys over where she is and am on my way too."

"Good" I sighed breathing heavily with the guy I was carrying on my shoulder taking part of my strenght.

"tell the guys to meet me by the main road side to the west of town then." I added, pushing the phone in my pockets after hanging up.

As soon as the road appeared before me. I saw the ranger I left Paula in halt in front of me. one of the guys opened the trunk and I pushed the shooter inside and tied his hands from behind with a rope I saw placed in the trunk.

Paula came out panting

" are you alright?" She asked checking me.

" am fine" I said looking at her. she sighed in relief..

"How are you?" I too asked her.. "thanks to you, you saved my life again," she said hugging me.

"sure thing, we have to go now" i smiled at her..

"yeah we do" she responded as she let go of me.

I noticed she had had this attachement to me like we knew each other for a long time but I was not for the idea of being attached to anyone especially a woman. For some reason all i felt was the need to keep her safe and alive. I saw her fear and more than ever at that moment what her father had told me made sense. she was in a lot danger than I had anticipated.

I decided that moment to work and be her body guard. The cut Paula's Father had promised was great. It was an offer I would benefit more from.

I sat in the back seat with Paula as the driver, the man who drove her after I left her alone in the parking lot at the boutique drove on keeping his speed steady.

She relaxed and held my hand as we moved back to the lodge. I looked at her and she smilled. "thank you again" she said.

"it's my job" I told her with with grinn..

"What?" She asked excited.

"your job? Do you mean you are staying? "

"Yeah Paula I am, I have decided to take your father's offer, so I guess am your bodyguard from now until this danger is over" I explained. she looked ahead but I could see she was so happy.

" wow thank heaven's" she let a smile.

". I know you will protect me Ackim " she continued without turning to look at me.

"I hope I will," I told her as the vehicle pulled in the gate of the lodge.

The guy who drove us opened the trunk and I lifted the guy to the back yard of the lodge. I asked for some kind of store room with some space and I was directed by Paula.

I dropped the shooter on the floor as he started moving coming to.

Quickly I tied him to a chair like they did to Paula, without untying his legs.

All i had to do was wait for further instructions from Mr Benson before I could take the next step, which I presumed would be an interrogation.

To be continued

Read more here - www.youngicee.com/category/the-bodyguard
Re: The Bodyguard - An Action/romance Thriller by Twenty47(m): 9:19am On Jul 08
Wow... This story is getting more interesting. Thanks for the update op
Re: The Bodyguard - An Action/romance Thriller by Treasure17(m): 12:08pm On Jul 08
Thanks for the update
Re: The Bodyguard - An Action/romance Thriller by skubido(m): 5:09pm On Jul 08

Tanks for the update
Re: The Bodyguard - An Action/romance Thriller by Oyinprince(m): 8:48pm On Jul 10
The Bodyguard - Episode 8

By Tisa Phiri

I walked to his vehicle as Mr Benson opened the door.

"hey Ackim!" He shouted..

"you okay?"

"Am fine Sir.." I responded

" and your daughter too"

"Good," Mr Benson answered..

"so what do we have here ?" he asked as I lead him to the storage room where I had tied the shooter.

"I managed to catch him Sir but I was waiting for you for the next step" I told him standing in front of the now wide awake guy, his dark scared face held high. I felt the urge to knock the pride out of his funny face but I had to play cool in front of my new boss.

Mr Benson bent down and asked the man almost in a whisper..

"who sent you? Tell me now who sent you to kill my daughter or else I will be forced to get you killed."

The stupid guy let a laugh and shook his head...

"you are wasting your time" he said rising his eyes at Mr Benson.

I saw his face frown. he was upset. He raised his fist and hit him in his face and to his surprise the thug started laughing historically.

"is that all you have got!" He shouted amid his laughter.

I knew I had to come in at that point..I too let a laugh in my head, though I didn't dare show it. Mr Benson's blow couldn't even make a small boy spit a piece of meat from his mouth.

I then went forward and hit the guy , my blow broke his nose instantly and he started bleeding. Before he could take in the first blow, I gave him two more and his face was a mess.

"Now" I sighed calmly..

" I am certain we understand each other." I paused and walked around him trying to defeat him psychologically.

I knew a person like him was only good for jobs like shooting and hitting people. He had nothing close to a spirit of endurance. Just that moment I saw his fear emerge. I could bet he didn't anticipate that action from me.

I continued in my silence and I could see Mr Benson wondering what I was doing. Then I pulled a small tin from the empty tins in the corner, placed it in from of him as he's head bow down blood oozing from his mouth and nose.

I sat on it looking at him

" now" I sighed rubbing my fist.

"are you ready to start talking?"

He raised his head to say something and then spat.

" you won't get a thing from me man."

Oh I see," I told nodded, still calm.

I almost stood up to give him another blow but before it could reach him he screamed..

"ok ok! Stop I will tell you everything I know.."

I could see Mr Benson pay much attentuon now

" listening" I responded..

The guy explained he was hired by some guy to shoot Paula.

"this guy just gave me the photo of the lady and I have been looking around for her since yesterday, that's all i know.." he winced.

"Give me his name!" I shouted back.

"I don't know I swear!" he pleaded.

" we don't ask for names all you do is pull out the job man and get my money, thats it.."

"Well, how clever.." I chuckled and gave him a second round of beating until he finally explained the place he was hired from and he gave me the description of the guy who hired him.

Satisfied, I nodded to Mr Benson who was watching in silence.

"I think I have seen the guy he just described" I told him when we stood outside.

" how? Where?" Mr Benson asked surprised..

"Yes sir. He is one of the guys who had held Paula in the forest. I knocked him down, am sure they know she's alive and they are trying to finish what they started." I added as Mr Benson listened attentively.

"Good Job soldier.. " he commended.

" I will get some guys to check out the place he just told you."

"Of course Sir" I told him..

"if you may, let me lead the group." Mr Benson smiled..

"does it mean you are staying?"

" I am sir" I smiled back.

" I will take your offer, though I only have one request."

"What's that Ackim? " He asked me.

"Well I think you should help me find my family in Ndola. am sure you have a lot of connections. I need to know about there whereabouts so I can easily go back home when am done here."

"Sure thing soldier" he assured me..

"right away I will hire someone to investigate."

" Thank you" i shook his hand.

"I will take care of him" I added pointing inside.

"probably hand him to police later."

" yeah.." he answered as he walked away

" Keep me updated. Whatever you need just make a call" " he said walking away.

I pressed the guy some more to make sure he didn't hide anything else. I told one of Mr Benson's men to call the police and hand over the shooter after the mission was complete.

I walked inside the lodge and found Paula hugging her father

"good bye" dad she told him.

" I will see you later" he responded as he nodded his head at me.

Paula told me she had to go to her room.

" I need to get rid of these clothes.. " she scoffed.

"sure" i nodded looking at her skin jeans which were dirty from the point she lay down at the shoot out in town.

I walked to my room too. Opening it, I found Shila cleaning my room whilst she hummed to a song.

"Hey! " I called out. Instead of the dirty look she gave me the day we arrived, she that moment wore a wide smile.

"hey stranger !" she shouted back cheerfully.

"looking hot!"

I looked at her and smiled back.

"wow..I thought I disgusted you the first time we meet. I didnt know you were friendly" I teased as i put my hands in my poackets .

"Sorry about that" she said raising her hand.

"just that you looked um....... you know" she shrugged patting the bed to finish placing the sheets.

"It's okay" I told her still standing next to the door. I had not closed it.

"Am Shila" she introduced herself extending her hand to greet me.

"I know." I smiled grabing her hand and shaking it

"am Ackim" I added.

" it's a pleasure to meet you again."

"Yeah sure, same here hot guy." She winked, before walking past me close enough to rub her shoulder on mine..

"call me if you need anything " she whispered

"Oh women!" I muttered to myself.

"She is not bad"

Instead of going shopping that afternoon Paula Told me she made an online order of clothes from Lusaka and that they would be delivered the following day.

"you just had to?" I asked her as a sat in her office. I was waiting for the guys Mr Benson told me would join me to check the place the shooter guy had told us.

"Yes I had to. You need clothings, at least dad Will bring me something from home." She shrugged

" mmmn great then" I said standing as my phone beeped.I received a text with details of the place we would meet the other guys. I was to be driven by the guy who drove us earlier since i wasnt so familiar with the places around Solwezi.

"Stay inside." I told Paula before walking out

".from now on you dont leave my Sight without my permission" I added.

She raised her Hand and saluted teasingly.

" yes Sir! " I laughed and left the room with long steps. It was action time and that reminded me of the army and General Loko's camp only that, this time i was doing it for a good cause, thats what I thought anyway.

"Lets go" I motioned to the driver as i got in front of the car.

"step on it man!" I ordered

"we are Running out of time..."

To be continued
Re: The Bodyguard - An Action/romance Thriller by skubido(m): 11:32pm On Jul 10
Tanks for the update

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Re: The Bodyguard - An Action/romance Thriller by Twenty47(m): 9:18am On Jul 13
Thanks for the update bro

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Re: The Bodyguard - An Action/romance Thriller by Markzy1991: 8:31am On Jul 14
when is the next update?
Re: The Bodyguard - An Action/romance Thriller by queenitee(f): 4:19pm On Jul 14
Thank you

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Re: The Bodyguard - An Action/romance Thriller by sunnez1(m): 5:48pm On Jul 14
Thanks When is de next update coming

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Re: The Bodyguard - An Action/romance Thriller by Oyinprince(m): 7:13am On Jul 16
The Bodyguard - Episode 9

By Tisa Phiri

I cleared my throat after driving for about 5 minutes in silence.

"so what's your name?" I asked the driver

" and how long have you been working for Mr Benson? "

"Am Simon" he looked at me adding a Kaonde surname which I couldn't pronounce.

" so" I sighed.

" Simon it is," I said looking at him. He was very tall and dark, in fact very dark if I may add.

He answered my second question after negotiating some potholes ahead if us his long hands holding the steering tight. I was almost becominy bored with his driving, he was too slow but I let it pass for that day..I was always a fast driver and with the emmergence of the case at hand I really wished he could go faster.

"I have worked for the big man for almost 4 years now" he told me when the road was finally smooth.

"Well you must know much about him and his family?" I giggled leading him to say more.

"Not much" he declined.

"all i do is run small errands for him and sometimes am asked to drive him or his spoiled daughter around."

Something clicked in me..

"what?" I thought to myself.. 'spoiled' well, that was something. Judging from his expression, I could tell he was either jealousy of Mr Benson and his daughter or he was Paula's admirer. I kept to myself though. I didn't want to show my concern in that area, so I played along just to take as much information as I could.

"You know these people just come from God knows where and think they can just take our mines" he added.

I smiled sheepishly..

"yeah you know, you are right. it's somehow not fair aiii" I continued just to encourage him to speak out his heart. It's easy to find clues from people working close because they might just give you an idea of what is trully going on around someone's life, especially the type of Mr Benson, the rich and famous.

So I let him say some more but what came out later was just some words that indicated jealousy and envy. I even discovered he did nothing worth talking about in terms of education he only managed to pass in 2 subjects at grade 12, though he was still holding on to the fantasy of persuing further studies.

I received a call as I was busy analysing the driver Simon.

"Helo!" I answered at the second ring of my phone.

I was told to wait at some place and I asked Simon if he knew where the place was, he nodded.

We had been driving for almost 25 minutes by then and when we came to a halt. Simon pointed at some bar on the outskates of town..

" that's the place" he pointed at a small thatched building with a small poster written, Welcome to Chinsaka's Krall.

Instead of waiting for the other guys Mr Benson had sent, I told Simon to driver back further away from the Bar, walked there slowly as usual hands in my pockets.

I was greeted by a fat and light in complexion woman who smiled or maybe I can just say grinned widely exposing her yellow teeth, which I could notice even when it was almost getting dark.

"Helo!" I greeted her back in my poor kaonde. she smiled and instead answered back in Bemba.

"stranger ?" She asked, I smiled at her..

"I would prefer visitor" I suggested.

"What can i offer you" she asked as she indicated me to sit down.

"oh not yet" I said politely.

"Am waiting for someone but I would love to ask you a few questions" I added before she walked away. she stood close to me and I almost regreted calling her back she had a strong scent of sweat, rather a combination of dirty and sweat.

"What kind of people do you normally have here?" I asked her smiling as I pretended to be checking her out. I could see her coming on to me and I had to use it to my advantage..

"All kinds" she said raising her hands like saying 'the whole' world. I let a laugh in my head. she trully wasn't exposed at all and according to her that was the best Bar in the whole world.

"Well I love it here it's quite and nice. who are those guys then?" I asked her further pointing with my eyes at some group of boys seated in the corner with their table filled with bottles of Mosi and Castle lagers.

"Oh those are the top boys in Solwezi" she whispered..

"don't dare mess with them" she added getting closer to my face.. "their boss will soon be here, you will see" she told me..

"okay then thank you swity " I said with a flirt smile..

she rigggled her big behind as she walked back to the counter. I shook my head.

" wonders shall never end .. how posible is it for this old hag even think I would lay with her.." I asked myself laughing almost showing off my teeth before I composed myself and concentrated.

Their was something fishy about the group in the corner. Though the lady didn't say much I could tell the Bar was some kind of meeting place and hide out for the bad guys. I slowly walked to the counter and ordered a bottle of water just to make sure I had a good sight of the guys in the corner. In seconds I counted 6 of them, probably drug dealers and thieves. I thought. I took a couple of seconds to grasp atleast 3 of their faces, satisfied. I walked back to my table but before I could sit, I saw their leader walk in.

They were few other people in the bar but it's like he got everyone's attention. I looked closely without him noticing, he was the guy I was looking for.

My skin grew some goose bumps, not that i was scared but my couriosity grew large. I almost went for him but I tried to pretend pressing the small buttons on my phone as he passed by my Table. I could bet his eyes where on me but I didn't raise up my head to look at him, my looks were obviously foreign and probably better than theirs. I knew for sure he would not recognise me to be the person who knocked himout in the forest. since he never got the chance to see my face.

My phone beeped and I walked out, two guys stood by the small road leading to the bar. I quickly realised they were the ones sent by Mr Benson then called them and told them about about the guy inside.

"Let's wait for him here" I suggested.

"there are 7 guys, it won't be easy for us to confront them straight on. we are out numbered.."

Almost an 3 hours later, the guy walked out with two other guys with bottles beer in their hands, we durked in the car to avoid being seen and as he opened his Corona car parked a few meters from us. I whispered to the driver to follow him. The two guys with him remained behind and We saw him join the road alone.

We drove behind him for almost 15 minutes before he joined a township road, the street lights shining on us and I instructed Simon to reduce the speed and follow at a distance.

He parked at a well built house, with a short wall fence, it was incomplete. I knew then that our guy was involved in some shoddy business for him to have bult such A house for himself. He didnt look like one who was working nor Educated for that matter.

I decided to watch his house for an hour from outside, satisfied there was no one outside, i told the two guys with me to wait outside as I climbed the small wall fence and jumped inside..

Slowly I went in through the back door. I had to be fast cause the lights were giving me away, I was too exposed..

The good part is the guy was so drunk he left the door open so I pushed the handle and opened it.

I was inside a room with some cheap sofa and a small screen LG TV. As I debated which room to go to I froze, in the passage. Someone opened some bedroom door and I stood like a statue...

"Dammit!" I screamed in my head.

To be continued
Re: The Bodyguard - An Action/romance Thriller by Oyinprince(m): 7:15am On Jul 16
The Bodyguard - Episode 10

By Tisa Phiri

"Oh" i breathed out as I waited for the person to completely show himself. luckily the boy of about 10 years old walked with his hand rubbing his eyes, he didn't see me. Quickly, I doged and stood at the back of the sitting room door. he slowly walked to what seemed like a convenient room. I sighed with relief as he closed the door behind him..

I waited for what seemed like forever for the boy to come out almost irritated the boy was wasting my time. I had to drag his father or whatever their relationship was before the entire house woke up..

My phone however gave me away, it's loud tone filled the house at the moment the boy walked out. I struggled to turn it off and by the time i succeeded, the boy in the bathroom came out and screamed on top of his voice..

" Thief thief ! " He screamed alarming the entire house. In seconds everyone was running out to the passage others in undies only.

The guy I followed came out holding a gun but I quickly pulled the boy and held a gun to his head .

"Drop it or i blow his head off." I warned sternly the woman who seemed like his wife started shouting and crying as 5 other kids joined in the noise .

"Shut up! " I shouted still holding the boy at gun point.

"you," i said pointing at the guy.

"let's go out " I instructed letting him go ahead of me. I could see his facial expression that he was dying to fight back but the fear in the eyes of boy I was holding giving him no other choice. He slowly walked to the outside and I pushed back the boy, closed the door behind me with one hand pointing the gun at the guy I followed.

" to the car !" I shouted..

Instead, he charged at me. I was however faster than him so I hit him in his face with the gun, he fall back and realising I wasn't going to kill him just yet. he came for me again, this time i shoot one bullet in the air and he froze.

I heard the kids screaming inside the house at the sound of the gun.

Mr Benson's guys also ran to the house and they both grabbed the guy before me and dragged him to the car outside.After securing him with some ropes, we dumped him in the trunk and drove away.

I called Me Benson and instead of the lodge he directed me to one of his incomplete buildings.

" take him there and have the guys guard him. I want to be there as you talk to him tomorrow. You will go back to the lodge and rest.."

" Yes sir!" I answered sighing deeply.

Later after doing as told, I took the car keys from Simon and drove to the lodge leaving Simon and the guys to guard the thug. Instead of going direct to the room I sat at the small bar inside the lodge and ordered some beers. Since I was told I could order what ever I wanted, I didn't have to worry about paying the bill.

I was there deep in thoughts as I drunk, that night's activities just reminded me of how I had helped In the kidnapping and murder of some high government official who according to general Loko was getting in their way. For some reason, General Loko always used plural whenever he addressed us and sent us to do his dirty works he would always say ' we'..

Unfortunately I never got tbe chance to know the other people invoved in the deals he had.

I recalled how one day he made me and the other guys burn some thatched houses with people inside.

"Kill them all ! " He ordered us

"or you die in their place, people in this area are dull and can't use their brains to vote wisely, so I want you to kill them and burn their homes before voting time" he added holding a gun in our faces.

I remember reaching a certain house had saw a small boy hidden in the corner as th bodies of his dead parents lay in front of him. I looked around and when I saw no one was looking I went to the boy and lifted him to the bushes nearby. I quickly rushed to get his mother who i had noticed was still breathing. I tried saving her and when she was conscious, told her to hold her son and stay put until it was quite.

she murmured some blessings holding my hand and I quickly ran back to other soldiers.Thoughts like that always gave me sad feelings.

Looking at my phone i saw some missed calls from Paula, but i didnt call her back.

"she's probably sleeping" i thougt to myself. It was past mid night. lifting the bottle, i poured half of it in my mouth, I looked at the TV mounted on the wall and I could barely make sense of the match being played, my mind was occupied.

I drunk some more and didn't realise Shila was watching me from a distance. After an hour of drinking I slowly pushed the chair I sat on and staggered a little before I stood straight and headed to my room.

Going straight to the bed and as I unbuttoned my trousers I saw Shila standing in the corner with a short Skirt showing off her body contures.

"What are you doing here?" I askee almost in a whisper. I was drunk...

She just smilled and walked closer to me, pushed me down and sat on top of me without giving me a chance to say another word. she pulled out my t-shirt and started working her had hands on me. I tried to resist her but she made things difficult when she pulled down my jeans and squized my sacred man.

I lashed out and pushed her down going for her breasts, she smiled naughtly enticing me to go on.

With the period I had stayed without a woman, well, it came like a bonus for me. I went into her with full force and she responded with some kaonde moves sending me to some places I had not visited in 5 years.

I don't know whether it was the beer or that girl was really good in bed but I was fully satisfied after I had calm. I fall asleep instantly....

The story is far gone on the site, you can continue reading it through the link in case you can't wait for updates here - www.youngicee.com/category/the-bodyguard

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chop and clean mouth,

hahhaha e dump shila d next morning with a very strong warning to keep off
kia Ackim don chop, na so e clean mouth sharply
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Pls help check for d meaning of d word, "eloded."
cos hav not seen such word in my dictionary. But u r doing great. keep it up. I still remain your broad. am following u. do well to leave a reply.
Re: The Bodyguard - An Action/romance Thriller by ernestita3(m): 5:52pm On Jul 17
( captivated) means attracting , pls check for its usage too. also " I hid a gun in d bushes" hw many guns and hw many bushes.?
Re: The Bodyguard - An Action/romance Thriller by Oyinprince(m): 11:01pm On Jul 17
( captivated) means attracting , pls check for its usage too. also " I hid a gun in d bushes" hw many guns and hw many bushes.?
Pls help check for d meaning of d word, "eloded."
cos hav not seen such word in my dictionary. But u r doing great. keep it up. I still remain your broad. am following u. do well to leave a reply.

Hmmm, I'd have to get your comments to the writer.
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The Bodyguard - Episode 11

By Tisa Phiri

I woke up the following morning and before I could open my eyes I felt my head pounding loudly. I had a serious headach. I sat up my eyes still closed, opening them, I saw a small note besides my pillow.

"I had a good time.. you are so sweet Ackim.. later."

I shook my head and peeped in my sheets then I realised what I just did the previous night. I was so disapointed with myself.

"how stupid Ackim" I hit the wall.

"I was so wasted I couldn't control myself? Damn ..! "

I really felt disgusted I had sex with a woman I didn't even know and the fact that I allowed a woman to come after me, instead of me hunting her pissed me off.

I quickly took a bath. It was almost 7 hours in the morning and I had an appointment with Mr Benson. I had to finish the night's job and interrogate the guy I kidnapped. I was supposed to go earlier but now it was evident that wasnt possible. i was already late.

I wore the last pair of clothes Paula had bought me, a grey cargo pant and a muscle t-shirt. I didn't like the way it outlined my upper features like I was in some kind of beauty contest but I had no time to worry about looks. I pulled on the black sneakers I had worn the previous day, took some water from the small fridge and headed out immediately.

I met one of the female workers coming to my room with a try of breakfast..

" i will pass that" I told her pointing at the food..

"maybe some other time.. "

"But sir" she almost said something but i cut her short..

"not now dear, am running late" i told her without looking back..

Upon reaching Puala's door, i stood to knock but dropped back my hand right back..

"maybe she's still asleep" I thought to myself.

"I gues I will see her when I come back" I sighed walking ahead in the lit passage.

As I passed the reception I saw Shila talk with another worker. she wasn't in her uniform and was holding a small hand bag. I guesed she had knocked off without paying attention to her I went outside and got in the car I was given the previous night.

Before I could start the ignition, Shila knocked on the window wearing a big stupid smile. Irritated, I pulled down the window..

"hey handsome!" She smiled..

"how is your morning? "

"Am fine and I don't have time to waste" I scolded without looking at her. I saw her frown from the corner of my eye.

"Oh so you are ignoring me after sleeping with me?" She asked in a low voice..

"you know what? whatever your name is am not playing your games. what happened last night was a mistake and it won't happen again. I was drunk and you just had to take advantage of that so let me warn you, stay away from me and find a toy to play with.." i snapped.

She opened her mouth to say something but I started the car and drove out. I saw her hold her waist and watched the car as I drove away. I just had to put an end to the nonsense. knew such women were a danger to a man and I wasn't ready to be caught up in silly issues. I looked at the wide road ahead of me and accelerated the car.

In 10 minutes I was at the unfinished building the guys I left guarding were no where to be seen as I got out of the vehicle. I rushed inside and my heart skipped when I found 2 dead bodies on the concer floor. looking around the place I tied the guy and it was empty only a rope placed on top of the chair I tied him too.

"What the hell is going on here?" I shouted loudly my echo going round the big house i was in. I hit the wall twice and blood come out of my left knuckles, adding to the frustration I already had that morning.

I heard some winning from outside and when I ran out the back yard I found Simon laying down the ground his legs with some deep cuts and a bullet wound in his right shoulder. He was so weak I feared he might die in my face.

I quickly lifted him and took him in the front.

"what happened here? " I asked him.

"The guy manged somehow to get loose when all had dozed off. he shot at us, the two guys died instantly, but I somehow survived. i tried to escape but couldn't. Before he left he cut me up in the legs and left me to bleed to death" he explained crying in agonising pain.

"How long was that Simon?" I asked him looking at my watch.

"About 30 minutes ago "

"dammt ! that fool !" I screamed hitting the small stones on the ground.

"how could 3 men fail to handle a that guy ?" I shouted forgetting he was injured.

"you are all useless!" I addrd frustrated.

"Call Mr Benson and tell him what happened. let him send someone immediately to take you to the hospital" I instructed as i started the car engine .

I took off at a high speed leaving some tire prints on the wet ground. I had to get to that thug's house before he escaped.

I parked in front of his gate with screeching tires my mind racing, everything seemed to be slow like time had stopped.

With a kick I opened the door and ran inside my gun pointed. searching all the rooms I found the house empty, he was gone and he took his entire family.

"uuuuhhhhuhuhuhh!" I scremed looking up the roof my blood raising causing me to sweat.

"shit ! Where could he be?.."

In an instant I remebered Paula back at the lodge. she was unguarded..

"oh no.. !" i said running back to the car like a mad man.

In less than 10 minutes I was running inside the lodge screaming..

"Paula! Paula! Paula!" I shouted as all the people watched me, some guests came out of their rooms and looked out as i passed them they looked surprised. with A bang I opened her door and it flew wide open.

"Paula! Where are you?" I called heading to the bathroom when I noticed her bed as empty and un made. The bathroom was empty and I felt so weak.

"oh no!" I whispered holding my head with my gun still in my hand.

I felt a sharp pain in my heart. I had just failed my job. In fact I felt useless feeling disapointed with myself for getting so wasted the previous night and to top it lay with a strange woman I had no idea exactly who she was.

"Ackim What have you done?" I scolded myself hopelessly.

To be continued
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The Bodyguard - Episode 12

By Tisa Phiri

I walked slowly to the door way the people watching me in silence. I didn't know whether to call Mr Benson and tell him they got his daughter again or go after them searching all directions.

Then I heard a car park outside and the door banged. I was still in the same spot when Mr Benson walk towards me and I knew the moment of judgement had come, before he could reach me I saw Paula behind him with a running outfit, headsets in her ears and she was sweaty.

"Oh God" I sighed in relief.

" she had just gone for her morning run." I heard my inner voice calm. I ran to her and asked her if she was okay ignoring her father who stood aside watching me.

Paula looked at her father and back at me..

"am fine Ackim " she spoke her eyes wide open surprised that some people were watching and my facial expression showed worry.

" what's going on here ? " She asked me..

"Um.. um am sorry I was just thinking that maybe they got you" i explained looking at her and her father..

"What are you talking about Ackim?" Mr Benson asked me also shocked.

I indicated we sat in my room

" let me explain sir" I told him realising that Simon had not called him. If he had I thought, he was going to understand me.

So I led them both to my room and people started withdrawing, those in the rooms went back in and the workers went on with their business..

I explained what I found at the unfinished building and how I told Simon to call Mr Benson.

"I don't receive any calls" he told me

" and I came here to see my daughter first before coming that side to see what was with that guy you caught yersterday."

"Am sorry Sir." I apologised..

" it's just that I secured the guy and I didn't think he would outsmart 3 guys, now we need to move Paula out of here" I suggested before he could say a thing.

" am thinking the enemy might not be politically involved, otherwise they would go direct for you and not your daughter or probably they could have made some demands for you to drop a position or something.

Mr Benson shook his head and stood..

"what do you think is going on Acki?" he asked me wiping his forehead

"all this while I thought it was my political enemies, now you say otherwise?"

Paula was quite and just looked at me as we spoke her headsets now hanging around her neck .

"If I may Sir" I suggested..

"let me try give you my theory."

"sure go ahead" he insisted sitting down again..

"I think this was engeneered by some local people who are sort of jealousy of you and your success. They feel intimated that their fellow African can acquire so much wealthy and controlling their economy. if it were A white person they would gladly accept but they are kind of jeaslousy for you a fellow black man." I went on giving him details of my theory. I even told him how I was now suspecting Simon.

"It's kind of Akward that he was left alive and the two guys killed. I told him to ask for your help before leaving the building but he didn't. If my suspicions are correct we won't find him at the building. I have to go and check sir " I told him..

Mr Benson told me to go ahead and investigate more and give him an update. he told me to move with Paula to his house

"it's safer that side because there are a lot of guards. If you are right it is Simon who is the mole, then it should be safe but still I need you close to Paula and protect her" he told me before leaving my room.

"I have to go and check on the building for Simon" I told Paula.. "just get your things and go with your father for now, I will join you later" I told her..

she walked close to me and smiled,

" I heard you screamed your lungs out for me." she teased with a smile, i smiled back..

"I agree I was so scared" I told her honestly. she held my shoulder and rubbed it gently

" take it easy soldier" she whispered..

"will meet at home" she added before leaving my room..

I watched her go and went out as well. I had to confirm my suspicions of Simon. I was almost certain he was a betrayer, otherwise he could have called in for help.

Upon reaching the spot I left him I found he had disappeared. some blood stains drying on the ground..

"I knew it" I whispered to myself wishing I had carried him with me. Now I was back to square one.

I drove back to the Benson's house as I was directed i stood in front of a mansion. it was true the man had money. I could bet it was the biggest house in Solwezi.

I was led inside by one of the workers, Paula welcomed me. she had changed into black shorts and a sleeveless body top, her flat tummy properly outlined, her long hair let loose. she looked good but I couldn't get to think of her past the fact of her just being the person I had to protect anything else was to be ignored..


4 Months later... The situation had calm down it seemed the danger wasn't that much. I had gone several times to the forest guy's residence but I didn't find him nor his family. He had put someone on rent in the house.

One day I went back to the Krall to go and have a talk with the fat woman and ask her something about the gang but she declined seeing the guys gather there for some time. she however told me the name of the guy I was looking for that he was called Kakoma ..

she was quick to mention that i was not to tell a soul about our discussion after I handed her some cash.

I had no luck finding Simon, I looked and asked around the lodge for him but all was in vain. I however never asked Shila a thing. The time I tried she went on her mission to seduce me, but I turned her down and couldn't finish asking her further questions.

I went to Paula's house, After talking to the lady at the bar..that was of course my new home Mr Benson's mansion. I was working several other jobs for him especially to do with investigations of some mine workers in cases of disputes.. he also sent me out to deliver and collect some equipments for the mine and I was pleased with the pay..

Since everything was provided for me I saved most of my income. Mr Benson told me he was still trying to find my family but I didn't want to rely on his word, so i hired my own investigator. The time i had passed through Ndola I was told my father had moved out of the barracks after retiring but I couldn't risk going inside to ask more. I wasnt ready to face the commander and explain my case just yet. so I had the idea of hiring a private investigator to help find my family....

Walking inside the house I found Paula watching TV her legs lifted on the arm of the couch.

" hey Soldier" she called out.

"come here" she said patting the couch near her. I looked at her swallowing hard.

" let me put this in my room" I told her showing her a small file i was holding.

I stood behind my bedroom door and closed my eyes my heart raced. lately I was avoinding Paula cause i didnt like the strange emotions i was having around her and to stay focused, i had found myself a lady i was dating for the past month. She was the Secretary to Paula.

To be continued

Read more here - www.youngicee.com/category/the-bodyguard
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Well done OP
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This Ackim funny sha. You better be careful before you dig your grave.

Thanks for the update.
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Ackim Ackim, easy o jeje take it slow ooo

Tanks for the update
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Re: The Bodyguard - An Action/romance Thriller by Oyinprince(m): 7:27am On Jul 24
The Bodyguard - Episode 13

By Tisa Phiri


4 Months past, and I grew so much in love with Ackim, everytime i saw Him my heart felt vulnerable. Even just him shake my hand or giving me a hug made me wanna cling to him and scream my heart out.. "I love you!"

But I had come to learn that in African culture it was kind of off for a woman to tell a man who had not proposed you loved them and from what I noticed with Ackim he was a man who prefered him going after a woman and not the other way round.

I had seen how Shila the house keeper at the lodge always flirt around him but he showed no interest in her, not only her but other women too. Especially at the office in the mine, he completely ignored any lady that acted in a way to lure him. so I gathered well, let me not rush myself.

I was believing he didn't have interest in me, like he was always taking me more of a job than a woman. He was always concerned about my well being and nothing more, it hurt me a lot that my efforts to show him I considered him more than my body guard failed

I recall one day we sat together watching some movie, dad was out. I saw he wasn't even interested in the movie but he stayed on just to make sure I went to sleep before him. I tried telling him to go and rest but he insisted he wanted to finish the movie too.

I deliberately dozed off and moved closer to him placing my head on his shoulders. He didn't make any movements. His eyes fixed on the TV. I withdrew later on frustrated and went to bed before the movie could even finish.

"What is wrong with him?" I asked myself upset.

" am I not that attractive or maybe he doesn't just like me?" I fall asleep feeling sad.

The following morning I called my friend from UK. I told her about Ackim and the strong feelings I had for him.

"Oh my God Paula" she had said.

" if the guy have the looks you are telling me and he's the one your heart longs for. Then go for him girl you have nothing to lose. At least try and when you find he's not intrested then you move on" she suggested. .

"Plus someone here is still longing to have you, in case all that fails" she went on referring to my ex boyfriend..

"Oh no i won't go back to that womanising jerk" i told her.. "remember he still goes out with that stupid girlfriend of his . Oh please don't even mention his name, am better off alone that with that lieing and cheating jerk just because he has it all, money and looks. No Thank you!" i shouted raising my hands as we chated on a video call.

So I kind of followed my friend's advice and I decided to comfront Ackim. I was suspecting he was in some kind off afair with my Secretary but since I had only seen her from home where i had been working from for months, I had no proper conclusion they were together. I just had to try my lucky.

It was not easy for a person like me who had wealthy and beauty to find love, every man I met seemed more scared of my status and never dared to come any closer. so I felt really lonely.

Every guy I felt attracted to ended up being far from me. This time i wasn't going to let the one that my heart beats for just slip through my hands.

I called him one day when he walked in holding a file. I wore a bum short and lifted my legs on the couch deliberately. I did some proper make up and let my long hair lose around my neck . I knew I looked hot.

However, when Ackim stopped after I called him, it seemed I wasn't looking the way i thought I did. He didn't even look straight at my face.

"come sit here." I called him and he excused himself to put the file in his room.

I threw the small pillow I was holding at the wall feeling rejected but I was determined to face him. So , when I noticed almost 5 minutes had passed and Ackim wasn't out of his room yet I stood up and walked to his room before I could debate myself out of the idea..

I didn't even knock, I just pushed his white bedroom door open and entered. There he was standing his hands in the pockets. I looked beyond him his file was on the table. I glanced back at Ackim his calm face staring at me without giving me clues of what he was thinking about.

"Mmmn" I started..

"I see you are still putting the file" I teased..

"I um um ...am sorry I was just about to head to you" he stammered..

"but since you are already here am sure you can tell me why you called me. do you want to go somewhere I escort you?" He asked quickly.

I let a laugh.

"Ackim you are unbelievable, so you mean all i am to you is work right?" I asked seriously.

He kept quite and I felt bad.

" tell me, am I not beautiful enough for you? Or am not your

type?" I asked sounding pissed.

"No no no..!" he said coming close. "Paula you are very beautifull and attractive too. Don't ever think otherwise. But why are you upset with me?" he asked..

Sounding so stupid like a child.

I couldn't take it any more. It was clear the guy had nothing for me so without another word I walked out and ran to my room tears falling from my face.

Ackim followed me and before I could close the door he steped in..

" Paula are you okey?" He asked concerned.

"just leave me alone!" I screamed laying on my bed. He stood by the door way and watched me for a minute. He wanted to say something but i screamed at him again and he slowly walked out closing the door.

That night I cried myself to sleep my heart broken.

To be continued
Re: The Bodyguard - An Action/romance Thriller by Oyinprince(m): 7:28am On Jul 24
The Bodyguard - Episode 14

By Tisa Phiri

I slowly closed the door and walked back to my room, feeling bad about Paula. I couldn't bare seing her cry but I couldn't really understand what was going on with her.

" was she crying because I didn't pay attention to her or there was something she really wanted to tell me and i played a blind eye?" I wondered as I sat on my bed .

I knew how I felt about her but I also knew I wasn't her type nor class.

I recalled her asking me if she wasn't beautiful and what came to my mind first was that someone had disapointed her and she was feeling less of herself. I even thought of the possibility she wanted me but then, I shook my head..

"no way." I was nothing close to what she could probably want being her body guard and practically her employ didn't give me so much courage to place myself to her level.

"No Ackim forget it" I shrugged trying so hard to surpress the urge of going to her room and hold her in my arms.

Moving out of my clothes I took a quick bath, as I wiped the water on my head, my Phone rang.

"Helo !" I answered carelessly, it was Lisa , Paula's Secretary..

"yes babe are you coming tonight? " she asked her voice excited..

"oh no!" I screamed in my head. I had forgotten I had a date with her.

" oh sorry Lisa" I told her honestly .

"I completely forgot we planned to go out today."

She lashed out her temper shouting..

"I knew it Ackim. I don't even know why we are in this relationship. you always forget the most important things for both of us it's not fair.!"

I was just listening on as she talked.. she was too loud for me I don't even understand why I had to pick a noisy woman out of all the women I saw around. I actually thought she was funny and cheerful. someone who would help me calm my feelings for Paula but I was wrong. Instead of being funny I realised she had a large mouth and that got to me. I was however not the type to easily give up What I started so I tagged along the past month.

"It's okay Lisa" I calmed her down.

"I don't say am not coming am actually preparing to come there right now." I heard her sigh. I knew I got her, for some reason Lisa could do anything for me. I bet that's the main reason I was still with her.

I quickly dressed up in my causal clothes and grabbed the keys to the car I was given to be using if I was going anywhere alone.

Just as I switched off the light and turned to head outside I met Paula standing by her bedroom door, which was opposed my room. I was given that room so that I could of course keep an eye on her and get to her if anything went down unexpectedly.

"Where do you think you are going this late?" she asked almost in an intimading voice like to let me feel she was the boss..

"Am going out but will be back before 22" I told her looking at my watch. It was slightly past 19 hours..

"well, am going out too " she said bluntly.

"but if you are busy it's okay I can just drive myself" she added walking back in her room.

"Oh no.. you can't!" I quickly walked to her.

" you know i won't let you go out alone especially in the night. Remember your father said..."

I couldn't finish my sentence and she burged in.

"well my father should know that am woman and not a child to be escorted by some body guard everywhere" she responded her facial expression serious..

I felt she was still upset with me but letting her go out alone was out of question I would never allow myself do that, risking her life. So I walked to her and grabbed her hand.

"Am sorry you feel that way but it's my job to protect you. I won't leave you alone. so if you are going out I am coming with you."

She looked at me and sighed deeply

"you know what? since you are going out too then we will go where you want to go in that way I won't make you councel your outing " she smiled.

I knew what she was asking would make Lisa uncomfortable and myself too. But if I had to put her safety first it was the best thing to do. besides, I could at least keep the promise to be with Lisa that night.

"Okay then" I told her finally

"let's go am having a date with someone though, so if you are ok with it then we can go" I added..

She looked at me and ignored my last sentence..

"whatever.." she shrugged..

"let me change then.."

She came out a few minutes later wearing a red dress reaching up her knees exposing her light and soft thighs. It was tight too and very sexy, her black heels added to her height and she was now slightly taller than me. she looked perfect with her hair falling on her shoulders, covering part of her cleavage but I still could see the skin of her round breasts.

I swolled hard as she walked towards me. she really did her best to punish me that night. my mouth went dry and I let her lead the way and followed without saying anything.

I opened the the door to the Range Rover and she hopped in leaving her dress moved up wards. She made no effort to pull it down and my brain was scattered.

I drove in silence to some place where they were playing live music by some popular band in town. she then cleared her throat as I was parking the car.

" who is your date Ackim?" she asked me. Realising i had not told her about Lisa.

"Lisa." I answered not looking at her..

"oh I see" she said in a low tone.

"so you decided to pick on my Secretary of all women." She accused sadly.

"Am sory I didn't take it that way" I tried to defend myself..

" it's just that am.."

I couldn't complete my word and she interrupted again..

"do you love her?" She asked looking straight into my eyes like trying to ascertain if I was being truthful.

I felt bad I had to discuss that with her but i had to answer..

" I don't know" I said honestly .

" we started dating a few weeks ago and am not sure about us so far."

I saw her smile and shake her head..

" mmmn you are complicated Soldier" she said in her father's tone. which he used when referring to me as soldier, As she opened the door and stepped down.

I walked close to her my eyes searching everywhere for any signs of danger, satisfied nothing seemed unusual, I walked behind her as we entered the reception of the hotel hosting a live band.

Lisa walked towards me with a smile. she too looked great in her silky short dress outlining her well shaped hips. But for some reason I felt Paula had nailed it more than anyone in that room. even some other guys stared at her as we walked and I couldn't help feel jealous.

Lisa's smile faded when she saw Paula. i knew that would happen so i had no choice but to escalpate myself. Paula was greeting some elderly man it seemed he was some manger for the mine at that point Lisa grabbed the opportunity and pulled me aside.

"What is she doing here Ackim. ? " She asked furious..

"calm down Lisa I had no choice but to come with her, she wanted to go out and you know i can't let her go alone. so instead of cancelling my date with you i thought it's better I come with her" I explained to the now mad Lisa..

"It's always about her Ackim" she scolded..

"you never have time for me but you can go anywhere, anytime with time her."

"Don't tell me you are jealous of the person who pays both of us." I told her my eyes watching Paula who seemed not to mind my absence. I then cut Lisa off as she almost said some more.

"Let's sit down already" I suggested leading the way to the table..

Paula was calm all the time and she and Lisa said less to each other. I was so uncomfortable I almost ran out to get some air, but leaving Paula without guard was risky so I played it cool and tried to bring up some small talks. Paula was drinking heavily and by the time it was 23 hours she was drunk. i had a couple of wine glasses and didn't take any more. I had to stay sobber.

At exactly 23 30 i told the ladies we had enough for the night. Paula staggered and almost fall but I was quick and grabbed her. she let a laugh and held my neck..

"I cant walk Soldier" she whispered in a drunk voice.

I could see the rage on Lisa's face but I ignored her, lifting Paula she Leaned her head on my shoulder closing her eyes as we walked to the car Park.

I had to drop Lisa first since she was just brought by her friend on her way to the hotel after i told her i would delay a bit.

All the way Lisa was quite and I knew i will pay for that the following day. Paula fall asleep in the back seat where i placed her.

After dropping Lisa I drove back to the mansion..

I lifted Paula to her room, removed her shoes and put her in the sheets to sleep. before I could stand from her, she opened her eyes..

"Ackim.. !" she called me.

"What is it Paula?" I asked..

"don't leave me alone here" she whispered closing her eyes.

"please am scared" she added.

" I will sit there then" I told her pointing at the small couch besides her bed.

When I noticed she had fallen asleep I tip toed to the door to escape, then she lifted her head slightly..

"hmmmmhmmmh dont" she shook her head

" sit there.."

I walked back deafeated and sat on the couch. she raised her eyes to look at me again and in a few seconds fall asleep.

I watched her quitely wishing I could crawl in and sleep besides her, but i dared not. Dozing off, i too fall asleep on the couch.

To be continued

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Re: The Bodyguard - An Action/romance Thriller by Oyinprince(m): 7:30am On Jul 24
The Bodyguard - Episode 15

By Tisa Phiri


I woke up about some hours later, realising I had fallen asleep in Paula's room. Rubbing my eyes I looked at my watch. It showed i had been in Paula's room for over 4 hours. It was 4am.

I looked at the still sleeping Paula. she had pushed her sheets one side, the dress was lifted high up almost showing off her pants. Quietly, I pulled the cover and placed it on her body leaving just her head out. she didn't make a move so I just watched her beautiful face for a couple of minutes and left to my room.

Mr Benson had gone out of the country that week so I had to pick him. He called me he was coming back that very day at 10 am and asked me to be in Ndola at the airport so I pick him up.

Mr Benson had other drivers but lately he had trusted me more than his old drivers.

I Decided to have a quick bath. I was to started off at exactly 6 hours if I had to make it on time. After I was done preparing myself, I went to tell Paula I was leaving.

She was already up ..

"Good morning" I greeted her.

"Morning Ackim.. slept ok? " She asked.

"Yeah.though I spent the whole night on the couch ..remember ?" I asked giving her an eye to indicate she told me to.

She smiled shly..

"Oh yeah? That sucks" she giggled. "sorry I was trouble I was just too wasted. I gues I had too much to drink" she added as she combed her hair.

"it's okey"

"though it seemed you drunk to purnish yourself for something, good you are okay now, I guess.guess"

She looked at me and smiled.. nodding her head.

"yeah am fine now " she said almost like trying to convince herself.

"Well good, I just came to let you know am going to pick up your father from the airport.."

"Oh no.. !" she screamed.

"I forgot he's coming back today. what the hell! oh my God Ackim am going with you, i promised dad I will be there."

I looked at my watch..

"unless we start off now we will be late" I informed her looking at her still in a towel.

"Of course.." she stood

" let me just dress up." she took a step and the towel fall down leaving her complete nude body exposed.

Instead of looking away I looked at her and I was frozen,

"oh my!" I heard myself scream inside. she just stood there also storned, for some Seconds none of us did anything.

Coming back to my senses I rushed to pick it and cover her and my move startled her too, we both bent down to pick the towel and I caught her hand.

The moment was like time had stopped. I followed her hand as she lifted the towel without letting go of her and part of the towel I was holding.

I couldn't take it anymore. I set my eyes on hers and she didn't look away either, slowly I moved my hand up from her palm to the shoulders. I touched her neck and she gasped.

My mind was like it had been switched off. I can't even remember what was controlling me but I pulled her close to myself my eyes still focused on her. She stood there like waiting for me to do something or maybe say something..

slowly and in a gentle way I pressed my lips on hers. I kissed them and she just let me without responding, a few Seconds later I withdrew..

"Oh my God! Paula am so sorry, i i. .." I couldn't finish my setence i felt so ashemed of myself. I failed to control myself and I felt terrible not knowing what she was thinking about me.

I apologised again and ran when she just stood there saying nothing.

I went outside not looking back, reaching the car I put hands in my pockets and paced around.

"Damn it! Ackim!" I cursed myself. "self discipline and control." I reminded myself of some of the military virtues. I paced around waiting for her so we start off. I knew I was in trouble.

"how could I.. oh God!" I frowned still confused my heart was pumping fast I could feel it in my palm.

When she can out about 15 minutes later, I couldn't let myself look at her. I even wished the trip was concealed. How was I going to drive with her seated so close to me for hours.

"It will be a long day" i thought to myself as i opened the door to let her in..

She said thank you and hopped in walking round to the driver's seat and wiped my sweaty hands.

"Forgive me Paula" I managed to say when I gained courage about 20 minutes after we drove in silence.

" I don't mean to. am trully sorry I did that" I spoke softly.

She looked at me.

"what did you do?" She asked like she wasn't there when it all happened.

I struggled to mention the word and when I finally said..

"I kissed you.." it came out more like a wimp and not a sound.

"It's okay" she sighed casually.

"am sure you were just caught up in the moment" she added camly....

I was glad she wasn't mad at me. so i tried to relax and fastened my seat belt as i increased the speed.

We had moved for almost an hour and where minutes away from Chingola town when I spoted a car following us.

I didn't tell Paula anything but i tried increasing the speed, the black Noah following us also increased speed.

My instincts warned me something wasn't ok. So I that moment i warned Paula to fasten her seat belt.

"I think someone is following us" i told her..

"What?" She asked looking at the side mirrow. I steped on the accelerater and increased the speed to 180. few minutes later a Grey Pajero came from behind the Noah and I saw he was catching up, coming direct at us.

"Shit !" I shouted. I let him get closer because I couldn't go beyond my speed unless i was alone.

"Hold on Paula!" I alerted her and swayed to the other side of the road as i stepped on the brakes, the tires screeched making a sharp noise.

The Pajero passed us at great speed leaving us behind and I quickly turned into the bushes, luckily the range rover would pass easily even in rocky grounds so I drove through the bushes at 120 km/hour, leaving a clear path where the vehicle passed.

I saw a clearing ahead and drove past it, thankfully the place was rocky. It meant if our persuers where following us they would not know which way we went from that spot.

I drove in cirles for an hour just to make sure we lost them and finally decided to stop in the middle of the bush.

"Are you okey?" I asked Paula who was still holding on to the seat scared.

She nodded.. "yeah am fine" she breathed out loudly.

"was just scared we would die" she said panting..

I moved out to her side and opened her door..

"you are safe now" assured her holding her hands.

" take deep breaths" I instructed trying calm her down.

A few minutes later she was calm. i removed the phone from my pockets and text her father about the incidence. He didnt respond and i decided to tell the driver from ndola where he had some other businesses to go and pick him.

"What happened out there ? Paula asked.

" why are people trying so hard to kill me Ackim, what have I done?" She cried.

I felt for her but I couldnt get close and comfort her, for fear of repeating my mistake for that morning.

"it's alright Paula, soon all this will be over." I tried to assure her..

" if my plan works, within a month I should be able to know the cause of all this. Am on yo something that I trust will give me a solution and help me put a stop to all this"

"Are you sure Ackim?" She asked looking at me.

"Am really fed up of not having the freedom to move about and do my own things, am even thinking of going back to Austrilia and live there away from all this." She complained..

"but i cant just leave my father alone here" she added crying..

If you can't wait, read the complete story here - www.youngicee.com/category/the-bodyguard

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Re: The Bodyguard - An Action/romance Thriller by Treasure17(m): 1:25pm On Jul 24
Ackim is greedy self. Why are they after Paula's life nah?

Thanks for the update.

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