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ROMANCE NOVEL:Rise Of The Blue Phoenix (Chronicles of The Girl Who Went Viral 1) by tyty321: 1:22pm On Jun 30, 2019
[center]PROLOGUE: [/center]
Do you know the truth? Think again.
Illusion is an instance of a wrong or misinterpreted view of a sensory experience. Perception is the way in which we regard, understand, and interprets something. Information is facts provided or learned about something or someone.
In other words, what you think you know right now is perception of the information provided to you but is it facts or your perception of lies presented to you as truth.
It is the story v your view and their truth v your truth.

[center] CHAPTER 1[/center]
[center]Diamond Boulevard.
The ovation accompanied closing bells rang aloud as the short arm of the clock touched the number five and as the long arm tiptoed to number twelve.

"It is a minute past five here at the New York stock exchange and the executive Chairman of Li group, Mr. Huang Jie Li rang the closing bell with GX up six hundred and sixty-three points for the eight weeks since the release of the Smartphone GXs10." Television stations ushered the closing of the tough business day.

The twenty-six years old CEO of Generation Extra, Mr. Wang Wei Li shook hands with three business executives in an elite restaurant at Diamond Boulevard and exited but his determined steps came to an abrupt halt as his eyes scaled the little scratch to the hood of his car and his nostrils flared with a curt hiss eluding his lips. His phone rang as he entered the car and he picked up using the hands-free function.


"There seems to be a widely reported problem with the newly released smart phones needing your immediate attention."

The car windscreen ignited with an email notification and his brows furrowed as he read the mail. "This is a software problem and not hardware. Send it to team five immediately. I'm on my way." His thumb touched the finger prints ignition function and the car purred to live.

"Also, some staffs have come up with a class action suit against the company over alleged maltreatment and wrongful termination of employment. The press is having a field day with it. Miss Zhang is about to send out a press release and would like a quote from you, sir."
"It's my company and I can fire whomever I want."

"I'm quite aware young master but I will need that quote."

"I just gave you a quote."

"Oh! That? Are you sure that this is how you want to approach? The press really doesn't like you at the moment after you called them viruses worse than Ebola."


"I'll tell her to run with that. In addition, the model from Peru will be landing soon. What hotel should I put her in?"
"Li luxury."

"You still have a meeting with your father today."

"I'm aware."

"Your mother will like you to make some time for tea tomorrow."

"I’m busy." He dropped the call and tuned to his favorite radio station as he slammed on his shades, matched the throttle, and zoomed after the luminous sunset as if he was chasing after his own life.

Some lives are on full throttle until they are hit by a certain force that veers them from their path and Wang Wei Li was about to be hit by that powerful force of nature and he'll never see coming.

[center] Guila metro intersection.[/center]

A loud clearing of throat could be heard underneath a dirty green 1984 Volvo wagon in an equally dirty mechanic garage at the intersection connecting Golgotha city to Diamond city.

Sounds of tools dropping and gathering continued until Mr. James a bulky and short African American man crawled from underneath the vehicle to see her swaying impatiently on her feet and humming a soft tune.

His eyes went over all five feet and six inches of her clad in dirty thrift denim pants and crop top that came to a curt and jagged end right underneath her bust line. Her long limbs gave the impression of a much taller person and she was adequately slim and curvy in stature.
She has a beautiful oval face that is easy on the eyes, brown luminous in complexion, rich and bouncy long brown curls, long pointed nose and beautiful brown eyes shaded by long lashes and defined by slightly arched brows.

The crop top displayed an interesting large flower tattoo covering from the top of her right rib and disappeared into her pants. The tattoo is a combination of a poisonous pink flowered plant called Nerium Oleander (The sweet scented killer) and a poisonous purple flowered plant called Aconitum (The devil's helmet or Wolf's bane).

Her back carries a large tattoo of an upside down dagger pierced through a skull signifying death and her elbow carried the popular spider web tattoo, on her collarbone is a delicate and beautiful multicolored tattoo of a butterfly with angel wings, Ivory was written above it and right underneath was my heartbeat written in quote.

She raised her head "You're done?"

"That depends on what you mean by done. There are so many things wrong with this vehicle. I advise you to save up and buy a new one. This piece of shit belongs in a junkyard. You're driving a moving coffin young lady, heed my warning or you'll be buried in it."

"I don't need a new car Mr. James, what I need is money. Besides, why waste money if it's still moving?"

"Then have it repaired properly. The car needs steering oil, gear oil, brake pads and some electrical work. Not forgetting a whole lot of body work."

"What I can get right now are two used brake pads. Why fix what's not broken?"
"You are such a cheapskate."

"Wrong sir, I am just really poor."

"When next are you going to stop by? I want to introduce you to one of my newly widowed cousins."

A hint of amusement colored her cheeks. "I'm interested but he'll probably run away after he gets an ear full of the legendary Mallory Obey and I'm guessing you'll be the one to fill his ears. We all know how much you love to gossip Mr. James."

He laughed awkwardly as she paid him, entered the car through the window because the door does not open, and connected two wires underneath the steering wheel and the motor ignited after several rounds of hums, coughs, and hiccups.

Smoke filled the mechanic garage and Mr. James covered his nose with a napkin. She shifted the gear stick three times and the vehicle produced some kicks, farts and grinding sound before it thrust forward and belched another set of smoke enveloping Mr. James like a sand storm. He coughed and looked at the dirty napkin with his head shaking disapprovingly.

"Stay healthy Mr. James. Your health is your wealth."

"I pray I don't die by your cheapness first."

"Good bye Mr. James. See you when I see you!" Her voice rang from distance.

The vehicle grabbed every attention on the road as she drove while eating groundnuts from the passenger seat with her right hand, using a hand fan to fan herself with her left hand because the window to her right does not crank down and steering the wheels with her elbows whilst listening to her favorite radio station.

She grumbled at how slow her car was moving which is a great example of her life's pace but some lives do not begin until a certain point and Mallory was about to hit that point right in the middle of its eyes.

Mallory sang along to Tina Turner's proud Mary as she drove down the road smoke belching, brake pads screeching and smelling like toxic city until the traffic lights signaled yellow and she matched the brake but she was still rolling and rolling like she was on a river no matter how religiously her foot was pumping.

"You still need two brake pads."

"Why fix what's not broken?" Her conversation with Mr. James echoed around her.

"Oh shit!" She pulled the handbrake but the handle broke off. "Shit! Shit! Shit and quadruple shitloads!" She tried to steer off the road but the steering wheel remained stiff.

"You need gear oil and steering oil."

"Mallory you're a fucking cheap-skating bitch!" She tried honking but no sound rang out.

"There are some electrical faults in the car." Mr. James reminded her again and beads of sweat rolled down her forehead as she gave up and sat waiting for the worst that could happen.

"Good evening, time is a quarter past five, it is your favorite girl Michelle Nathan, and this is your favorite radio station Joy 98.5 FM. It is a remarkable day, as people all over the world will be stargazing tonight in hopes of watching the stellar collision of two stars orbiting too close to each other and are predicted to collide. Stellar collision is the coming together of two stars caused by stellar dynamics within a star cluster or by the orbital decay of a binary star due to stellar mass loss or gravitational radiation. Events of this type occur about once every 10,000 years and the explosion will be visible with the naked eye for the first time in history as it will cause an outburst of light so bright that it will become the brightest object in the sky. My earnest prayer for those searching for the one is that your star locates and collides with your destined partner in a beautiful stellar collision of two hearts just like the stellar collision we are about to witness. Here is counting stars by One republic. I’ll be right back with live updates of the most anticipated stellar collision, do not touch that dial."

A brash sound graced the intersection whilst a beautiful burst of light colored the night sky.

"Oh, that is a disrespectful sight to behold." Someone commented and laughter echoed around from the people taking photos of the worthless wagon and Lamborghini Veneno Roadster worth millions of dollars’ collision.

"The spectacular view above you is as a result of the two stars colliding and I believe that your star has collided with that of your soul mate tonight. I am going to leave you with Connection by one republic, it's still your favorite station Joy 98.5 and I am your favorite girl, Michelle Nathan the voice of the passionate west."

Wang looked through the rear-view mirror and the first image he saw was of her hand as it rose and grabbed the roof of the car animated by the thick smoke emitting from the engine of the crumbled car lying flat on its stomach at the middle of the intersection.
She slipped out and her middle fingers arose at people taking her photographs. Those fingers lowered as the black beast’s doors opened, and an exquisite pair of shoes touched the tar of the road.

Her palms clasped tightly over her mouth as she recognized the intoxicating personality coming straight at her like an enigmatic eagle in flight.
"Name?" His stern voice reverberated through her eardrums and her chin quivered slightly.

"Ma...Mallory Obey."

He took off his shades to reveal a condescending stare perched on the tip of his nose and pointed at the dent to the hood of his car. "Miss Mallory, how do you plan to take responsibility for your crimes?"

She opened her mouth to speak but his raised finger silenced her as his phone rang. "Wang Wei Li speaking…I'll be there in five." He ran into his car and sped away.

SweetAnn: Someone just bashed Mr. Wang Wei Li’s expensive car at Gulia metro intersection today. Did you people see the photos?

Fukai223: @SweetAnn. I just saw the pictures. One wretched looking girl hit my Wang just like that and still dared to be rude. Who does she think she is?

Mikel3423: @SweetAnn. She sure is looking for death and who drives such a car in this generation? I am shocked Mr. Wang let her go so easily because she is such a rude girl and could she have hit him on purpose. She is looking for compensation money and I guess she is one these desperados.

Justina_0022: The tattooed girl is so nasty. Just see the way she used the middle finger in public and she dare to bash our prince’s car and still be rude? I hate her. Does anyone know her handle? Let us invade her comment session.

Luciousbaby: Mr. Wang did not even do anything to her and drove off just like that. How can she be so shameless to drive such a scrap and hit such an expensive car? Does she not clearly see that traffic light or is she colorblind? If I was Mr. Wang, she will definitely pay for the damages.

MeiMie: Justina _0022. I do not know her ID yet but I am searching. She is nasty and I personally hate her.

Twinsaffair: Does she even have shame? How could she drive such a worn-out car and how did the police not even arrest her yet? That car was clearly road unworthy.

MexiTakos: I witnessed this accident today and even took some photos. She raised the middle finger at me and she looked crazy.

Mikel3423: @Twinaffair. How she escaped the authorities all these while still makes me wonder and I am just happy Mr. Wang is unharmed.
Sweet16: Mr. Wang looked so perfect in that blue suit. My god, how can there be such a perfect man on earth? I am literally drooling. He looks so handsome damn it.

HanaJimoto: Who is the crappie girl that nearly killed my senpai? I want to know the tattooed girl anyone knows her handle.

Fukai233: @Sweet16. I know right. You should join his fan club that I just opened. The gods constructed him and I bet he has six packs under that suit.

Sweet16: @Fukai223. You are such a perv! What is the name of the fan group?

Fukai223: @Sweet16. The fan group is WangTitans.

Sweet16: @Fukai233. Omg! Thank you so much. I just joined the group now. #TeamWang

Fukai223: @User667. Do you think he will marry an Asian girl from a rich family or a white girl? I cannot guess. Do you have any idea?

User6667: @Fukai223. I think he will definitely marry a rich heir like him for sure still I cannot wait to know the lucky girl.

MaryLu: I wish to be Mrs. Wang Li because am so in love with him, he is so manly.

Fukai223: How can someone be so handsome and rich? Omghad! He is Mr. Perfect an actor fan Bing Bing will fit him perfectly.

Kluay11_2: Mr. Wang please let me have your children, too bad I’m not rich but am pretty, I have the whole qualifications except that am an orphan, my ovaries.

PeteUk: How can a man be this rich and handsome? I am jealous but I’m Team Wang all the way.
Their collision was only momentary but fleeting ventures that impactful tends to leave an engraved trail in our memories like the images filtering through social media feeds.

Continue to read here for FREE: [https://okadabooks.com/book/about/rise_of_the_blue_phoenix-_adult_only_18%2B_-_adult_only_18%2B/27943]

Re: ROMANCE NOVEL:Rise Of The Blue Phoenix (Chronicles of The Girl Who Went Viral 1) by queenitee(f): 4:50pm On Jul 03, 2019
Okay, let's go

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