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Once Upon A First Love Story By Tope Omotosho. by TopeOmotosho(f): 4:36pm On Jul 25
Peju Adams rang the doorbell and let out a slow, calming breath. No
answer. She raised her hand to the bell again, right when he opened the
Her heart leaped at the sight of him. Just like it always did. Smiling,
he shifted aside to let her in.
“I didn't think you would show up,” he said.
“Neither did I. I guess I couldn't help myself.”
He was casually dressed in jeans and a black t-shirt. Black had
always been his favourite colour. On his feet was a new pair of Nike
sneakers. She took a seat on his leather sofa, restraining herself for the
millionth time that week from pulling him close and wrapping her lips
around his. She was curious to know if her body would still respond like
it did years ago.
“Yeah, I've missed that.”
“What?” Was I thinking out loud? She quickly turned her gaze to his
apartment. The décor screamed rich bachelor pad, just like the kind in
“I've missed you checking me out. It feels good to know I still appeal
to you.” He smiled. “So what would you like to drink? Water, a soft-
drink, hot-chocolate…. me?”
She raised a brow at his cheekiness. “Mr. Layeni. Water is fine. Ice-
cold please.”
He nodded and headed to the fridge to pull out a bottle of water, a premium brand. He handed it to her ever so gently. “You can start talking when you’re ready.”
“Abdul -” she said wearily.
“When you use that tone, it makes me feel weird.”
She ignored him. “What happened back in school needs to stay there. Our love was just play-play. Nothing serious.”
His expression suddenly grew solemn. “I don’t want to believe you mean that. It was never like that for me. Why do you think I sought you out when I arrived?” He inched closer. “I’m back now. Back for you.”
She shook her head in disbelief and dropped the bottle beside her on the dark, marble tiles. “Can you hear yourself? Time has passed, Abdul. We can’t just pick things up from where we left off. We have both grown. Things have changed, and we don’t have the same values.”
“What values?”
The words Christian values hung loosely on her tongue, but she held back.
Abdul moved even closer, enough to caress her burning cheek. She flinched at his touch, and it wasn’t because his hand was cold.
How do you do this to me, Abdul?
“Nothing matters but us. Plus, it’s not like we didn’t keep in touch, at least for the most part. You’re still the same person I left in Nigeria years ago, only older and sexier,” he teased. She elbowed him back, gently, “And I’m more in love with you than ever before. We can make this work. No restrictions. No barriers. Give us another chance, Habeebah.”
The name sent shivers down her spine. He called her that during their most intimate of moments.
“Abdul. Please. This isn’t secondary school. This isn’t a movie script or a novel. This is --”
“Love, Peju. This is love.”
He cupped her chin, willing her to look at him. She gazed into his eyes and found some of her answers there, but not all. Yes, she loved him. Yes, she would like to be with him forever. What they had was now, and if there was anything she learnt from her late father, it was she had to seize every opportunity when it presented itself. Tomorrow could be too late.
Damning the quiet nudge in her heart not to, she made the move to kiss him and was glad when he responded with as much urgency.
Come out from among them and be ye separate.
The words were whispered against her heart but her desire took over. She didn’t stop. Couldn’t stop. Even her gospel-themed ringtone couldn’t interrupt, no matter how hard it tried. She would call whoever it was later.
Maybe tomorrow.

You can get the full book on Okadabooks at [url][/url]https://okadabooks.com/book/about/once_upon_a_first_love/19766

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Re: Once Upon A First Love Story By Tope Omotosho. by TopeOmotosho(f): 5:17pm On Jul 25
All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced in any form or by any electronic or mechanical means, including information storage and retrieval systems, without permission in writing from the publisher, except by reviewers, who may quote brief passages in a review.
Characters and events in this book are fictitious. Any similarities to real persons, living or dead, is coincidental and not intended by the author.
Scripture taken from The Message. Copyright © 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996, 2000, 2001, 2002. Used by permission of NavPress Publishing Group.
Scriptures marked KJV are taken from the KING JAMES VERSION (KJV): KING JAMES VERSION, public domain.
Scriptures marked NCV are taken from the NEW CENTURY VERSION (NCV): Scripture taken from the NEW CENTURY VERSION®. Copyright© 2005 by Thomas Nelson, Inc. Used by permission. All rights reserved.
Scriptures marked AMP are taken from the AMPLIFIED BIBLE (AMP): Scripture taken from the AMPLIFIED® BIBLE, Copyright © 1954, 1958, 1962, 1964, 1965, 1987 by the Lockman Foundation Used by Permission (www.Lockman.org)

Once Upon a First Love
Copyright © 2018 Tope Omotosho
ISBN: 978-978-55520-7-2

Hi everyone! So I'm posting here on nairaland hoping to share my work with you. I love love and I love to write Christian Fiction!

Enjoy this love story of two teenagers who fell in love and what happens over 10 years when life comes in the way of their love.

You can follow Tope Omotosho:
Instagram: @topeomotoshowrites
Facebook: Omotosho Temitope
Twitter: Temiluv360

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Re: Once Upon A First Love Story By Tope Omotosho. by TopeOmotosho(f): 5:28pm On Jul 25

Earlier that day, in the afternoon…

After sorting out his bill, with a very generous tip, Dr Femi Alakija received the cup offered and smiled back at the waitress.
“Pretty,” Osaz, his colleague turned friend, chipped in. His eyes followed her as she left their table.
“Yes, she is.”
“Maybe you should ask her out.”
Femi’s eyebrow rose up a notch. “Excuse me?”
“It’s only a suggestion, my brother. You never know what can happen.”
Not when there is Peju, Femi thought. Memories of last night rushed into his mind. She looked beautiful in her red, flowy dress. He had known, from the day their eyes locked at His Glory Centre that she was someone special. The woman he had spent years waiting for. She was warm and kind, and also feisty if the occasion called for it. But beyond that, he knew there was a certain softness he would find if he dug deeper. And he definitely wanted to dig deeper. He was done searching and believed God approved of their relationship. Peju’s friend, Eliana, had been kind enough to introduce him to her weeks back. Now, Peju just needed to let him woo her.
“Oluchi sends her love by the way,” Osaz interrupted his thoughts.
Femi nodded and took a sip of his steaming, black coffee. “How is she? And the twins?”
“They are fine, but I swear I’m almost running mad in that house. One child will cry and the other will follow suit. Then I have to run up and down for Madam, and now Mama has joined the picture.”
“Do they get along?” Femi asked, referring to Oluchi and her mother-in-law.
“I don’t know. I no fit kee myself on top their mata. But I think they do.” He picked up his phone off the table and glanced at it briefly. “Last night, they were watching Africa Magic and talking about the travails of promiscuous husbands. I just exited before they pounced on me and made me their victim.”
Femi coughed out a laugh as he reached out for his glass of water. I wonder if Peju and Mum would have gotten along? “When conversations like that start, it’s best to not be there.”
“Hehe. I can’t wait to hear you vent about things in your marriage. Scratch that, I’m done waiting.”
Not again.
“You and I both know you aren’t getting any younger. You’re clocking the big three-seven soon. I already know what I’m going to face planning my kids’ future and all the money I will spend. It means I’m probably going to be working till I’m like -”
“What? God forbid. Maybe until I’m sixty. But my point is, if I planned ahead, I would have married on time and not dragged my feet up and down.”
“With all those girls you were chasing back then?”
Osaz waved his hand in dismissal. “Don’t change the subject. Oluchi and I are concerned about you. You keep saying there’s a girl you have spotted. That was a year ago and up till now, I haven’t laid eyes on her. Abi na spirit you dey chase? Make I carry you go my church for deliverance.”
“Na true na. When are we seeing this mystery woman?”
“Soon and very soon.” He wiped his hands with a napkin and immediately stood up. “Lunchtime is over. Let’s get back to work.”
Osaz rose as well. “Work that only you enjoy the fruits of. If there was a Mrs. in the picture, different story.”
Femi was definitely done with this conversation, but still maintained his calm. “So you expect me to just pick a random woman, marry her and start a family? You of all people should know better.”
Osaz sighed.
“Patience. She will come around soon enough.”
As his friend drove them back to the hospital, his thoughts shifted back to Peju. What is she doing right now? Is she thinking about me? He was supposed to call her but he didn’t want to do so when he was tired and worked up. She deserves my full attention, after all. He could have called during his break but he didn’t want Osaz listening in. He would call later on in the evening.


Re: Once Upon A First Love Story By Tope Omotosho. by TopeOmotosho(f): 6:32pm On Jul 25

Her alarm went off. Again.
You’ve got to be kidding me.
Peju was tempted to hit the snooze button, but decided not to. It had been a tough night of constant heat and opera-singing mosquitoes. And right when sleep showed up, the morning came with a rude awakening.
Grudgingly, she pushed herself off the bed and dragged herself to the bathroom. Getting to work late was not an option, even if her boss was her ex. Or lover. She hadn’t decided yet.
Saturday night memories with the ex/lover were beautiful. No, they didn’t go past kissing, cuddling, spooning. Instead, they talked all night, catching up on each other’s lives and the latest movies. Being the perfect gentleman, he dropped her at home early Sunday morning, right in time for church. And their kiss goodbye? It felt unreal. A part of her longed for more as she watched him drive off, her heart firmly in his grasp. He’d had it since she was sixteen. What they had was teen love. Puppy love. But love nonetheless. The highlight - the night she gave herself to him. She had shed a few tears from the pain of having her virginity taken from her, but the pleasure that followed after made up for it. Notably, she was also his first, making the moment even more magical.
With time, they made plans to marry. Little did they know they were basking in a bubble life was set to pop.
Many are the plans in a person’s heart, but it is the Lord’s purpose that prevails.
Peju shook her head as the scripture came to mind. She recognised that soft prompting anywhere, the same that told her not to kiss him.
Maybe we aren’t supposed to be together at all.
She pushed the thought aside and brushed her teeth. Peju, you’re late for work. Think later.
Twenty minutes later, she was standing in front of her bedroom mirror, admiring her black dress. She took in a deep breath to reassure herself. No she wasn’t longing for Abdul’s eyes to sweep her frame when he saw her. No she didn’t want his eyes to light up at the colour. It was a simple dress, and that was that.
As she stepped out of her apartment, enroute the bus stop, her phone rang. Femi. She closed her eyes and gently tapped her forehead. Crap. She forgot to call him back on Saturday.
“Hey, Peju. Good morning. Hope I didn’t call at a bad time.”
“Hi Femi. Well, I’m heading out of my house now.”
“Oh. I assumed you would be on a bus.”
She looked at her watch. Crap times two. She should have left the house fifteen minutes ago. “I woke up late. Had a tough night.”
“Pele dear. Would you like if I called you back?”
“Yeah, sure. You can call back later.”
“Fifteen minutes is fine.”
“Alright then. Talk to you soon.”
He ended the call and she hurried out of the house. It was scarcely dark yet the streets were swarmed with yellow-black tricycles. How she flew to the bus stop, she couldn’t tell. And thankfully, the queue hadn’t built up much.
Femi called back when she was entering the bus.
“So what happened? Why did you have a rough night?”
She swiped a stray hair from her face. “You know Nigeria nau. Mosquitoes, heat, generator noise. All join.”
He laughed. “You must be really tired. Hope you’re seated.”
She smiled. “I’m seated.”
“Good.” He paused a bit before clearing his throat. “I’ve been meaning to ask. Can I take you out soon for another date? Say Friday?”
Hmm, wahala. “Can I get back to you on that?”
“Sure. Just let me know the time and I’ll clear my schedule.”
“Okay.” She bit her lower lip. “Oh, and Femi?”
“I’m sorry I didn’t call you back. I was preoccupied and later forgot.”
“No worries, Peju. Have a great day.”
“And you too.”
Minutes after the call, she got a text.

Hope you had a restful night. I missed you a lot...Looking forward to when we can spend more days and nights together. See you soon love.
P.S. I dreamt of you in a white dress looking beautiful. Could that be a sign?

Double sigh. She had an important decision to make, her heart racing at the truth behind the thought.
Her close friend Eliana, had recently played the role of matchmaker, hooking her up with a fine gentleman in their church named Femi. Asides from his good looks, he ticked off a number of boxes in her mind.
Patient. Check.
Mature. Check.
A good listener. Double check.
The ten-year age gap was a bit of a concern, but not a complete red flag. Admittedly, they had a good time during their date at a fancy restaurant in VI, and he made her laugh. One would think he was still in his early thirties. But was that it? Was that enough for her to have butterflies in her tummy and fall in love?
Peju wasn’t sure.
Motion stopped. Piercing insults followed, from the market women surrounding her. They were loud outbursts from the top of tired lungs, in a range of Nigerian dialects. Peju asked the man seated next to her what happened. Apparently, the bus driver had parked at the side of the road and hurried off to ease himself. The man took her question as a cue to make conversation but she nipped it at the bud by thanking him and facing the window. From the corner of her eye, she spotted a huge rat scamper into a house through the gutter. She didn’t want to be rude, but she was in no mood for small talk. She needed to plan her life.
See, if I can’t picture myself with a man ten years from now, then there’s no point being with him. Can I confidently say I’d be happy with Uncle Femi, sorry Femi, as a husband? Not sure.
Not like I was with Abdul.
She once asked her mother what it felt like to be in love when she was in her second year in university.
“How do you fall in love? How do you know if that person is right for you?”
“You just feel it deep within you that that’s the person you want to spend the rest of your life with. Love is unpredictable. It can happen when you least expect it and it is a bondage that can not be easily broken once you entangle yourself in it.”
Peju frowned. “So is it wrong to love?”
Her mum shook her head and Peju saw beads of sweat travel from her mother’s brow to her chin. She wiped them as she stirred the yam porridge. The smell of it was making Peju want to break her fast. “It’s not wrong to love. But it’s wrong not to love the right way.”
Honk! The bus driver was back and so was her present-day reality. She looked out the window and watched as hawkers got ready for the day. Not far from them was a young boy, barely a teenager, kneeling in front of his goods with lips moving. Why can’t life be so simple? she wondered. But she knew better. Life itself had taught her better. Her mind drifted eleven years back to when the lessons began.

Peju and her friends were seated at the far end of their large classroom. They had just finished their third term exams and were excited about the holiday and what they had planned to do together. Peju knew she would spend most of her time at her mother's shop; washing plates, cleaning and attending to customers. Most of them were annoying and condescending. She was still thinking of how she would make out time for herself when her friends stopped talking and smiled at each other. Their sudden silence, strange to her.
"Why are you guys smiling?"
"Abdul just walked in," Antonia answered with enthusiasm.
Peju made a face. "And so? Is that why you just stopped talking?"
"Yes! I mean, look at him. He’s so fine."
Peju hissed.
"Am I lying? Stop acting like you don’t have feelings."
"I have something better than feelings and it's called common sense." She turned around to look at the object of her friends’ attention. He was seating on a desk with a leg on a chair and another on the ground. Laughing at something, he turned his gaze to hers and winked. Peju quickly looked away.
"I think he's crushing on you," Titi said.
Why would you think that?"
"Because he's been stealing glances at you since he walked in. I heard he's having a party at his house. One of his friends invited us."
"All these silly rich boys that like to waste their parents’ money. You girls have fun. I'm helping my mum at the shop today."
"Ahn-ahn nau." Titi spoiled her face. "Come with us. It’ll be fun."
"No, and when were you two going to tell me about the party? It doesn’t matter sha. I'm not going. Eat, drink and enjoy yourself but don't go and quarve anybody sha."
Antonia laughed. "I'm surprised you even know the word. You always act like you are better than all of us. What’s wrong with having a little fun? We have finished our exams and now we can play. Just come with us jor.”
Peju was ready to give a curt reply when Titi said, "Shut up! He's coming here." Antonia and Titi gave a friendly smile, but Peju didn’t blink in his direction.
"Hello Antonia and Titi. What’s up, Peju?”
Peju waved briefly before flipping through the novel Titi gave her.
"I came over to personally invite you guys to my party this Saturday. It's at 2pm. Hope to see you there. Especially you Peju."
This time, Peju turned around to look at him. "Why?”
"Because... I would like to see you."

She raised a brow at him. “That's not a good reason.”

Peju distanced herself from her thoughts. Quite frankly, time was not on good terms with her. She would have to reminisce much later.

Enjoying the story?�

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Re: Once Upon A First Love Story By Tope Omotosho. by AryEmber(f): 6:38pm On Jul 25
This should be fun, make I spread ma mat here

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Re: Once Upon A First Love Story By Tope Omotosho. by TopeOmotosho(f): 9:16pm On Jul 25

She dashed into the office at 8.30am, thirty minutes behind schedule. Luckily, Abdul’s leather seat was empty. She settled in her corner of his office to do the needful - put on her high stilettos, adjust her dress and put the unruly strands of her weave back in place. It wasn’t long before the brown office doors flung open. It was Abdul. Her heart fluttered at the sight of him in his tailored black suit and navy blue tie.
“Good morning Miss Adams,” he said loud enough for the employees to hear and closed the door. “Nice dress.” He added with a lowered voice. “You look ravishing. How was your night?”
“Fine. I didn’t sleep too well but I'm here. Thank God.”
With a concerned look, he asked, “Oh no, why didn't you sleep well?”
“Mosquitoes. They kept me up all night.”
He was in front of her now, his cologne filling her senses. His gaze piercing her soul. “How did you get to work?”
She shifted her gaze to the door. In her mind, it was far too early to entertain unholy thoughts. “How the average human gets to work – public transport. But enough about me. Let’s begin your day, shall we?” She pulled out his schedule and scanned through her notes. It was an arduous job being a personal assistant, let alone, his. At her last job, she had worked as a secretary in a tax office. The pay was less, the job unexciting. But she did her job well. It was a given for her to put her back into whatever she was doing.
“So, you have a meeting with Chief Ojukwu at 10am. An investor is set to come by thirty minutes later, and you’ll need to put a call through to your --”
“I’m getting you a car.”
“Uh, no.”
She looked up at him, and smiled to ease the blow of her rejection. He was still her boss after all. She also knew it was a rare word for him. Not many people had the guts to say it to his face. “I don't really need one right now. But thanks.”
He sighed. “Okay. No problem.”
Back to Assistant mode. “Then, you have a meeting with some of the directors coming in from the States. That's at 2pm. Then later in the evening, you should be on a flight to Aberdeen. That's at 10pm. So your meeting can last only for two hours so you can head straight to the airport. Have you packed your luggage?”
He shook his head as he backed away from her, heading to his office. “Nope. That’s your job. And pack yours too.”
She blinked, confused at his statement.
“I'm not taking no for an answer this time.”
“I don't have a visa.”
“Handled.” He pulled out a passport from his suit pocket. Hers. He had requested for it a week after she resumed work. For official documentation, he said. Now she knew better.
“We leave at 7.” He winked at her, answering a call as he went into his office.
She stood there, boiling. Peju, what have you gotten yourself into?


He sat not too far from the entrance so he could keep an eye out for her. He had hoped she would come. He had spoken to one of her friends to make sure of it. But still, all he could do was hope. And now, there she was, at his house.
Abdul couldn't place why he liked her. She wasn’t his type looks-wise with her petite, busty frame. Her natural hair, flying all over the place. Perhaps it was her tough exterior that had him hooked. It was different from what he knew. His mother was ever at his father's beck and call, and never riled up for an argument. She never had anything of her own except what was given to her.
Right from when he was slightly mature enough to have a girlfriend, he knew he wanted someone different. Someone he could relate with. Someone bold and blunt – not like the few girls he had come across. A woman who could hold her fort without him but then was vulnerable enough to want him.
His mother had always said he was too wise for his age.
“It's good to see you, Peju. I'm happy you came.” He walked up to her, hands in pocket. She stood with friends, but his eyes were locked down on hers.
She said dryly, “Thanks for inviting me. I hope it's worth the trip.” She looked anything but happy to be at his party.
“Don't mind her,” Antonia nudged Peju’s arm. “Thanks for inviting us.”
“You're welcome. What would you like to drink? Fanta, Coke, juice,Chapman or water?”
“Chapman works,” her friends answered.
“Cool. Peju, please follow me to the kitchen. I can't carry everything by myself.”
Scowling, she opened her mouth but a slight push from her friend made her feet shuffle forward.
Alone with her in the kitchen, he jokingly asked, “Is it all guys you hate? Or just me? Keep squeezing your face up and down, or you h --“
She slapped him. Right there and then, she slapped him But he wasn’t angry. No, more like amused.
“Don’t talk to me like that again.” She withdrew her palm. “Is this why you invited me? To run your mouth anyhow?”
I love this girl. “No, but I just wish you smiled more around me.” He paused. “Because I like you.”
“You like me? Why?”
“You're independent. Smart. Pretty. I even like your sharp mouth.” Then he said the next thing that was on his mind. “I would love to be your boyfriend if you let me.”
She blinked for a moment then burst out in laughter. “Just like that? I didn't say I like you back.”
“You don’t have to, Peju. I know you do.”
She raised a brow, her lips pouted. All he wanted to do was pull her face to his and taste those lips. But he knew what would follow next and his cheek couldn’t take another hit. “You do? How?”

“Two reasons. One, you didn’t say you hate me and two, you're still talking to me.”

“Mr. Layeni?”
Abdul turned around in his swivel chair to face the love of his life.
“How was the meeting with Ojukwu?”
“Not bad. The partners are warming up to me. They’ve definitely bought the vision of me running this place. A few concerns but nothing we can’t handle --”
“I can't go with you to Aberdeen.”
He sat up then, resting his back on the chair. In a dismissive tone, he continued, “Just grab a few clothes, or you can do some shopping over there. Anything you like.”
She folded her arms against her chest. “It's not about clothes. And stop throwing your money in my face.”
Same old Peju. The words were at the tip of his tongue, but he refrained from giving a retort. He concluded she was on her period, and from experience, he knew it would be a terrible mistake.
She sighed. “Abdul, what are we doing?”
“Retracing steps, Habeebah.” He rose from his seat and moved to where she stood. “Come with me. Let’s figure out what this is together.” He placed a hand on her arm, loving the feel of her soft skin against his fingers. “Please.”
Peju looked into his eyes. Warmth looked back. “I.. I....”
“Good. Then, it’s settled. Pack your bags and we will meet up at the airport. I’ll have the driver get you.”
Abdul pulled her into his arms. Letting her go once was a mistake he would never make again in his life. When he told her about his plans to relocate abroad, the thought of a long distance relationship scared her, so she asked him to end things. She believed it would only end in heartbreak for both of them. He never accepted it and fought hard to keep in touch for the first two years. School work and life won, leading to her long-winded email on a breakup. All efforts to reach her after that were futile.
Thankfully, the past was past. He was back. Fate had given them another chance to be together. It was almost magical, the way their paths crossed at their secondary school reunion almost a month ago. He didn’t think she would make it. But she did, looking as stunning as ever in a white dress that accentuated her beautiful curves.
They were together again. That was all that mattered.
Meanwhile, back at Peju’s desk, her phone vibrated. It was a text message, from Femi.

You can get the full book on Okadabooks: [url][/url]https://okadabooks.com/book/about/once_upon_a_first_love/19766

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Re: Once Upon A First Love Story By Tope Omotosho. by TopeOmotosho(f): 11:59am On Jul 26

On the other side of town, Oba Afolayan was in a predicament. Ten text messages, and all from a Nene.
This girl won’t kill me. He placed a call quickly, releasing a familiar sigh.
She answered on the third ring.
"Hey babe. Sorry I just read your messages.” All one million of them. He listened on. “Sure, I'll come by and pick you up when you're done. Just text me when you're ready. Okay love?"
"Thank you baby. I didn't want to call earlier on," She sighed, "But I don't know why my car keeps giving me issues."
"Have you called a mechanic?"
"Yes, he came by to pick it up. What I wouldn't give for a new car… hmm. Let me get back to work. Kisses, baby. Love you!"
"Love you too." He got her message loud and clear.
"Love you too," Timilehin, Oba’s cousin, mimicked in a high pitched tone from the stairwell. "When are you asking the big question?"
"Which question?"
"Will you marry me?"
"God forbid. Why would I marry you?"
Timilehin raised his left hand at Oba and splayed his five fingers in front of him. "You're sick."
Oba laughed. "Don’t mind me. I don't know jere. Still thinking if I should. We've been together for two years now, you know. That’s got to count for something"
"True true. Your anniversary was last month or so abi?"
"Yup. Treated her to a spa weekend and restaurant in Mauritius.”
Timilehin’s eyes opened wide. "Sorry, what?”
"She's worth it." What he also said to comfort himself after going broke that week.
About half an hour later, Oba and Timilehin set out to a nice bukka joint. The Amala and gbegiri he was going to order had been on his mind all day, long before Nene’s texts. They hopped into Oba’s car, and talked some more on the way.
"I just want to be extra sure. This marriage is a lifetime thing and I don't want to make any mistake.”
“Wise decision.” Timilehin smiled, but deep down, he wasn’t Nene’s biggest fan.
“Yeah. I’ll keep you updated sha. But enough about me. How far with you? Any babe?"
"Nothing serious yet, but there's this babe I'm eyeing sha. She's really pretty.”
"Nice. And where does her boyfriend work?"
Timilehin raised his hands in surrender. "What's that supposed to mean?"
"That you always go for girls in relationships. Am I lying?"
"Yes. Yes you are! The last time was just a coincidence jor. I don't know if this current babe is in a relationship but I will find out and prove you wrong."
Oba smirked as they pulled up in front of the joint on the busy Lagos Marina stretch. It was his last day before his trip to Ibadan, where his parents lived, and he planned to make the most of it. Lunch with the Cousin first, and then he would head out to see Nene.

[b][/b]Hi! Please would love some feedback from you guys if you're enjoying the read or not. And if you're enjoying it please share with friends. Thank you!

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"Oba, thank you so much for coming to pick me," Nene said as she wore her seatbelt. "You're the best." She leaned over and kissed him on the cheek, not caring for the extra stares from the outside. He didn’t mind as well. Oba liked PDA, no matter where.
He also like what she had on, particularly the grey skirt that drew up to her slim thighs. All he wanted to do was take it off, her blouse too, and do crazy things to her as she screamed in appreciation.
His mind went into planning mode as he joined the traffic. Reaching his goal was tough considering all the obstacles to face. Traffic to Victoria Island was light but he knew it was going to take another thirty to forty minutes before they got to her house. Also, her parents were home. There was no use. He aborted his mission, his face sunken.
"How was your day with Timilehin? Were you able to rest?"
He shook his head. "No. We played basketball, went to eat, gisted… that’s about it.”
"Sounds like a typical guy day. And all set for tomorrow?”
“Yeah babe. Can’t wait.”
“Great. I wish I could follow you to Ibadan to see your parents.”
He knew as well as she that that was a lie. Nene had no problems with his father, but with his mother? That was another situation entirely. The two were like oil and water. Like Tom and Jerry. Like the Nigerian sun and an eskimo. They just could not get along.
Nene was innocent, as always. It was his mother's fault; the thought of him dating an Igbo girl, a bitter taste in her mouth.
“I also got some things for Mum. I hope she would like them.”
Oba spared a smile, and fixed his gaze back on the road. “That’s nice. Thank you, love.” Knowing Mrs. Afolayan, she would most likely give them to their house-girl.
“Again I ask, why do you want to marry this girl?”
He raised his brow, wondering if she was the one dating her, or he was. “Mummy, please let's not do this again. I like Nene.”
“Because she has big breasts and nyash?”
Oba almost choked on his bowl of garri. He looked at her, but her face was numb, like she said nothing out of the ordinary.
“No. I assure you.”
She snorted. “Tell that to yourself. You men are like that. Your eyes lead you first before your head.” She hissed and walked out of the parlour leaving him confused.
“Oba, did you hear me?”
“Sorry, what did you say?”
“I said you should let me know when you arrive tomorrow.”
He couldn’t blame her. He was also worried about of his mother’s next move. For all he knew, she had a Yoruba woman ready for him at home.

NOTE: Full book can be gotten from Okadabooks: https://okadabooks.com/book/about/once_upon_a_first_love/19766

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Death always carried its own tune.
Femi dropped his phone and rubbed his eyes with the back of his hand. He was exhausted from a long day of seeing patients. But he wasn't just physically tired, he was emotionally drained as well. He had lost a long time patient earlier in the morning. A ten year old boy with kidney problems. It had been hard watching the parents mourn the loss of their first-born. Femi had prayed everyday for the boy to be healed, or receive a kidney donor.
But there were complications.
God did it have to be this way? Couldn't something have been done?
[b]Rejoice in the Lord always... I say it again rejoice!

[/b]The scripture was soothing to his heart.
Yes, Lord. I praise You for You are the giver of life and nothing happens without You knowing about it. You are the Almighty. He knew James was resting in the bosom of the Lord. Yet, death was always painful. Even his history in the medical field couldn’t help him come to terms with its blow.
Could anyone?
Till date, his mother’s death was the most gripping experience in his life. She lost her cancer battle years ago. He wished she had lived long enough to see his kids. He felt bad and yet, he knew God's timing was best.
Yes, there were times he doubted God really cared, or was interested in him. Why was he still single after so long? Why was he all alone? Why didn’t he have a family? Despite his moments of uncertainty, God had shown Femi countless times He was faithful and enough for him. His siblings were married and had children of their own. All except one who had been waiting on God for the past three years. She was on a low and her husband's family was breathing down her neck. Occasionally, she had called to share her burdens with him. She had done tests that showed she was fertile but still, the waiting game continued. All they could do was wait on God.
There was an urgent knock on his door and he looked up as a nurse walked in, file in hand. “Good afternoon Sir. There's a patient here to see you. I know you're off duty now but she says it’s a really pressing issue.”
Femi signalled for her to come closer and collected the file from her. He read through. The patient had an abortion done last week, but there were complications. “Dr Kola’s supposed to handle this case. Alright, let her in but please no more patients. I'm heading out after I see her.”
“Yes Sir.”
A young woman walked in. Dressed in a polished navy blue pant suit, she appeared to be deeply troubled. “Good evening Sir.”
He glanced at his watch. “Good afternoon, Miss Ali.”
“Oh, I'm sorry.” She glanced at her fine leather-strapped watch as well and turned back to him, apologetic. “Just a lot of things going on. Good afternoon.”
He smiled. She also had a distinct accent. Femi guessed she was Fulani. “It's fine. Please, have a seat. What seems to be the problem?
“Well, I've noticed red spots in my urine which I assume is blood, but I would really love to be wrong.”
He opened the file and wrote a few things down. “Any burning sensations when you pass urine?”
She nodded. “Yes.”
“What else?”
“Sometimes I have pains in my stomach. Serious pains.”
Femi nodded. “Can you show me where?”
She placed her hand on her pelvic region and he saw her wince.
“That's fine. It says here you had an abortion last week?”
“Yes.” He wasn't sure but he thought he heard her say she didn't have a choice. “I told Doctor Kola and I asked for painkillers to suppress the pain. I didn't think it would be anything serious.”
“Okay, were you tested for any sexual infection before or after the abortion? Have you ever had any sexually transmitted disease?”
Her eyes widened. “Sexual infection ke? No o. I didn't. I haven't had any STDs in my life. I just had the abortion done and that was it. Is there something wrong?”
“I can't say at the moment, but I'll need you to do a few tests to rule out some things. Is that okay by you?”
“Yes Sir.”
“Great. Don’t get yourself unnecessarily worked up. I'm sure you're already worried.”
She nodded. “I just hope there's no problem.”
He said softly, “Worry or fear doesn't make the problem go away.” He jotted a couple of things in her file. “Just meet the nurses and they will draw up blood. You can come back in three days for the result. I would advise you to abstain from any sexual activity within the next few days until this is sorted out.” He handed the file to her while she rose to her feet, adjusting her bag strap on her shoulder. She seemed less flustered than when she arrived at his office minutes ago.
“Thank you very much Doctor - ?”
“Alakija. Femi Alakija.”
She gave an easy laugh, her smile, revealing beauty that caught Femi’s attention. “Really? Are you the owner of the hospital?”
Femi nodded. “Guilty as charged.”
She nodded, thanked him once more and left. He rose from his seat once she walked out.
Femi stretched. His back ached. His head hurt. He needed a hot meal, a warm bath and a cold bed. He also needed to see Peju. Lately, she seemed preoccupied. She was either really busy or avoiding him.
He prayed it was the former. But what if she really doesn't want to see me? He shook his head. Why would she be avoiding him? He knew she enjoyed herself on their date. He was just worrying over nothing.


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4th of November, 2015

The village missionary trip was amazing, with lives being won for Christ. I know it’s all the Holy Spirit’s doing and I’m so grateful He used me.
We visited a village just south of Abeokuta. It was a small village with very few social amenities available. Then, there was the toilet “situation”. I wasn't interested in pit-latrines so I had to poo in a nylon. I’m definitely bad at throwing things because on two occasions, it landed on someone’s roof instead of the bush! When it started smelling, I didn’t know how to act innocent and shocked. Thank God it rained. Showers of blessings, showers of blessings we plead. Mercy drops round us are falling, but for the showers we plead.
I loved teaching the children about Jesus, and teaching them songs. They were a joy to be with. There was this cute baby boy who always wanted me to carry him every time I met with the children. I won't forget his name in a hurry. Light. I pray he bears the true meaning of his name.
I came back home a week ago. Life has been interesting since my return. First, my dad finally agreed to lend me money for a course on interior designs. (That was after sounding it in my ears that I wasted his money reading English in school). He clearly doesn’t want me sitting at home all day. He’s also really worried about my obsession with God and zero love life after my breakup with Kene. Maybe it's because he doesn’t want me to be a nun?

“I’m reading from Zechariah 8 verse 2, New Century Version. This is what the Lord All-Powerful says, “I have a very strong love for Jerusalem. My strong love for her is like a fire burning in me.” In Kings James Version it says, Thus saith the LORD of hosts; I was jealous for Zion with great jealousy, and I was jealous for her with great fury.”
Stella, Eliana’s Bible study leader for that evening, raised her head before continuing, “Our topic tonight is the Jealous Lover, in line with what we have been discussing in our Love series.” She clasped her hands. “I love the passage we just read. It stood out to me, after praying for God to lead me on what to share tonight. I was brimming with excitement when different scriptures popped up in my spirit. So let me just go straight to it so we have time to discuss.”
“The word jealous usually has a negative meaning. It says in Galatians 5 that people harbouring jealousy in their lives can’t see the Kingdom of God. So you may think, why is God described with such a negative word? But that's not the case. Jealousy in this text, or in any text where it gives reference to God, simply means zealous. God is zealous over me. God is zealous over you. Do we follow?”
Eliana nodded along with others in the small group. The fatigue from earlier in the day had waned considerably; her body was still recovering from the village life. If it wasn't in such an intense atmosphere, where God's presence felt so tangible, she would have dozed off. She had missed the sessions during her missionary trip and was glad to be back. She had also missed Stella’s deep teachings.
“God is guarding us so intensely and closely that He doesn't want anyone to steal our hearts. Especially anyone who's not worth it. Zechariah 8 says God has a strong love for me, Stella. His love for me is like a fire burning in Him.” She paused briefly as she spoke in tongues and a few ladies shouted ‘Hallelujah’
“Sisters, that's pure love. That's true love. It's not the love this world has to offer. It's not the love my husband gives me, though he's working on becoming more like Christ every day. It's a love that just is. He loves you and I so much that He doesn't want us to be tainted. He loves us intensely and passionately. And you know what? He expects us to love the same way.”
On her way home, after the study, Eliana digested the lessons. She wondered how anyone could be like Paul and serve God so wholeheartedly in this day and age. How could a person be so passionately in love with Him? Eliana felt ashamed and guilty somewhat. For a while now, her thoughts were centered on how a man could love and care for her, amongst other things. It wasn't about how she would care for God, or how she would care for her future husband.
She was mostly thinking of herself.
Forgive me, Lord if I have been selfish. I love You, Lord. I adore You. My life is absolutely nothing without You. Two hours later, she was back at home. She took a quick inventory of her day’s activities. The highlight - her morning design classes which had been tasking but exhilarating. Eliana loved everything about it, anxiously waiting to put her skills to work. She closed her eyes, but in her heart and mind it was full of thanks to God. He was just too good to her.

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"Baby, what's up?" Nene asked, placing her head on his bare chest. Strands from her Peruvian weave lightly tickled him. He rubbed her back in circular motions, loving the feel of her skin against his fingers.
"Nothing. Just thinking jare." He couldn't tell her what was on his mind for fear of hurting her, or driving a bigger wedge between her and his mother.
"What's the time?"
He grabbed his phone from his bed stand. "Past nine."
"Past nine?" She sat up abruptly. "Why didn't you wake me up since nau? You know I have to be at work by eleven." She tossed the covers off her body and got out of bed.
"I'm sorry. I was being selfish. I wanted to spend time with you."
The frown on her face turned to a smile. "Awww, that's so sweet." She sauntered back to him, and with one knee on the bed and a leg on the ground, she brushed her lips against his. "I love you too babe. But you know how important it is that I get this contract." She worked at a real estate company and wanted a promotion badly.
"I know. I will make it up to you when you get back."
"How?" She had a twinkle in her eyes as she smiled at him.
He winked. "Just you wait and see."
Nene got off him and strode to the bathroom. Barely five minutes had gone by when she squealed and ran back to the bedroom. A pillow flew fast his way.
"Hey! It's a yes or no deal. Don't throw a pillow at me."
She screamed again and jumped on him. "I love you. I love you. I love you."
He laughed as she stared at the ring. It had cost him a lot but the look in her eyes assured him that he had made the right decision. Life was short, he felt, so he might as well start living it.
"Will you marry me?"
"Of course I will!” She pulled him to her and kissed him passionately.
"Aren't you supposed to be getting ready for work?” Not that he wanted her to leave. He loved the sudden attention she was giving him.
"My client can wait a little longer. Let me attend to my future husband first."
Oba smiled as her lips took his. In between celebration sex, he fought back memories of his Ibadan trip. As he suspected, a young woman was waiting for him at home. She was gorgeous with skin as sumptuous looking as a bowl of hot pap. But she wasn’t his Nene. Far from it. His mother introduced her as his wife, leading to a heated argument. An argument that eventually drove him back to Lagos. Oba knew his mother loved him but she couldn't control who he wanted to love. It was the very woman in his arms. But despite his victory, why did he feel a heavy mass in his chest?


Eliana was busy whisking eggs that morning when a text message came in from Kene, her ex. Amidst the usual pleasantries, he had asked for them to meet up. Eliana’s heart thumped. Why would he think she would want to see him in the first place?
Love forgives. . .
I know, but he hurt me. It's hard to forgive him. I still feel the pain. Is it so bad if I keep my distance as well? We have nothing else to say to each other.
Seventy times seven.
Eliana squeezed her eyes shut. Sometimes, the whole love thing was inconvenient. Why couldn't she just avoid him forever? Why did she have to face him again? What did he even have to say to her? A phone call was enough.
But Eliana, you don't pick your calls.
She could almost feel God laughing at her. This was how her conversations with Him were, especially after the missionary trip. Talking to Him and getting a response. Sometimes, it came as a whisper, or nudging. Other times, He spoke to her through scriptures she read.
Fine, God. I’ll go. But please keep me calm. You know what I’m capable of.

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"You look good."
"Thanks. I wish I could say the same about you. Are you okay?"
He took off his dark sunglasses to reveal those dreamy eyes she once loved, along with the long, curly lashes she wished she had. He had always teased her about them, offering to lend them to her.
"I'm fine. It's work that's making me stressed. What about you? Have you gotten a job now?"
"Not yet. I’m doing an Interior Design course though. I just might start my own business." She shrugged her shoulders, like it wasn't a big deal. "But I'm still praying about it."
"That's awesome babes. It's what you've always wanted. I'm really happy for you."
"Thank you.” She clenched her fist. “So, let's get down to business. Why did you want to see me?"
"You don’t want something to eat or drink?"
“Nah, still full from breakfast."
“What did you eat?”
What do you care? “Pancakes.”
“Nice! I remember those fluffy, vanilla pancakes you used to make back then.” Laughing, he placed a hand on his tummy. “In fact, I have you to thank for this pot belly actually."
She responded with a polite smile, the only one she could muster.
“One second.” He rose from his seat and headed to the service counter. About five minutes later, he returned with a tray of jollof-rice, chicken and a bottle of water. What followed next was silence. Thick, heavy and uncomfortable silence.
She watched as he moved his cutlery, picking up every grain in sight. His full mouth rotated in slow circles. With every second that passed, a new thought came, asking why she was there in the first place. Just as she was about to ask out loud, he spoke up, "So you’re probably wondering what this is all about. Why I asked you to come.” He could barely look her in the eye. “I just felt I owed you a serious apology for my mistake. I never meant to hurt you.”
You mistakenly impregnated your colleague, right? Your mouth mistakenly hid the truth from me for two weeks? Your fingers mistakenly broke the news via text? She heard the grudges scream out loud and clear, but another side of her kept them calm. She was determined to move forward. "It's all in the past."
"If so, why don't you answer my calls?"
"Because I have nothing to say to you. To be honest, I was upset for the longest time but God helped me understand grudges weren’t helping. They were weighing me down and I needed to let them go. So from the bottom of my heart, I forgive you."
"Thanks. I really appreciate that."
"How's she? Pregnancy and everything."
"She's fine. Always complaining of one thing or the other. It's either her feet are paining her, or she has back pain and needs a massage. It's tiring."
Eliana didn't say more. How could she feel sorry for him when he was the one who cheated on her? After all, he was merely reaping the fruit of his labour.
"Can I ask a question? Since we are here, we might as well just talk openly." He nodded. "Why did you cheat on me? How did it happen?" She paused. “Was she more attractive than me?"
Kene wiped his mouth with a serviette. "Kemi…” She used to love the way he called her that, with his subtle Igbo accent. “It just happened. Honestly. We were spending a lot of time together and one thing led to another. I wasn't bent on cheating, and no, it's not that I found her more attractive. I guess I was just Hot."
When the full meaning of his words kicked in, she balled her hands to a fist to keep herself from dishing out a slap. "Really? I thought you agreed to be celibate with me?”
He laughed. "Kemi, I'm a guy. I'm moved by what I see and at that time, she moved me.”
"She moved you?" Realizing her voice was raised she calmed down and said, "Question. If the devil offers you cold water in the desert for your soul, would you take it?"
"If I'm really thirsty. . . maybe. See, you're taking it too far. It was a spur of the moment thing and it won't happen again."
Eliana shook her head, staring at him incredulously.
"You deserve happiness, Eliana Oluwakemi Awojobi.” She raised a brow at the use of her full name. “You're an amazing woman and will make a good wife. Unfortunately, you won’t be mine."
“Thanks. I admire you, you know. Your dad may have walked out on you, but here you are. You are ready to raise your child and be there for him or her. However, that doesn’t mean you should marry someone who isn't God's will for you."
She glanced at her watch. It was getting late. She had to head back home to make sure her teenage brother hadn't burned the house down.
"I have to go. Dimeji’s home alone."
"Ah! Dimeji my guy! Hope he's good. Has he passed level fourteen of that his game?"
"Do I know?” She rose to her feet. “Take care of yourself, Kene. All the best."
He smiled and said in a gentle semi-whisper, "And you too, Kemi. Thank you for agreeing to see me, and thanks for your advice. I just needed to clear the air between us so I don’t have heaps of curses on my head. My Baby Mama’s parents have done enough."
With nothing more to say, she smiled and went on her way. She was glad their relationship hadn't been anything more serious. And whatever love she had for him could gladly fade in peace.
She pulled out her phone in the bus and dialled Peju’s number. She owed her updates.

You can get the full book on Okadabooks:


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It was official. Abdul was Peju’s weakness. He was all she could think of even on a hot Sunday afternoon. At church earlier, the pastor had touched on God’s gift of grace to His children and how it helped them overcome life. But she couldn’t care less; the thought of Abdul, sitting front row in her mind.
Aberdeen was wonderful. He made sure to show her all its sights and sounds during their evenings together. They made out under the stars, and spent nights cuddled in each other’s arms. The urge for sex was real and deadly, but she held her own. He was understanding too, not wanting to rush things, and covering her with kisses instead. As for the shopping? She had two heavy suitcases to show for the shopping spree he took her on. They were full to the brim with designer clothes, perfumes, shoes, jewellery and chocolates.
That was love with Abdul. Fun. Exciting. Electric. The giddy feeling of knowing someone was thinking about you all the time. The deep knowing that you are loved and cared for. It was the best feeling ever.
Peju sighed. It had been so easy falling for him back when they were teenagers. There had been no worries or fears of the future. He was mature, and attentive to her needs, placing hers before his. Yes, he had his annoying moments but was generally a gentleman at heart.
It felt strange having him as her boss; it was something she was still trying to get used to. Sometimes it was distracting, when there was a lot of work to get done and he invited her to his office just so he could steal a kiss or two. Apart from that, things were perfect. Magical almost.
She wondered if they could really have a future together. After all, he was back for good. When he relocated to Canada, she didn't think she would see him again, despite his promises of returning. Titi, a former school friend, did same and they hadn't spoken in years. Antonia was also out of the picture. But Abdul was back. He was with her again and maybe, just maybe they could have a happily ever after.
Maybe they could get married. That got her excited, the possibility. After her father died, she had felt so lost, like something had died within her. There was no one she could talk to about her problems. No one who understood her, or could comfort her.
No one?
Peju was struck with guilt. Okay, that wasn’t exactly correct. How could she forget God? God had been there for her. His love had kept her going when times were hard. Together, they had picked up the pieces of her life and she was who she was because of Him.
"What do I do, Lord?" she asked, but no answer came. Again.
She knew if Abdul happened to propose, she would say yes. Yes, there was the daunting fact that he was a Muslim, but she loved him so much. She couldn’t imagine her life without him.
"What if you want to marry more than one wife?" she had once asked him.
"The more the merrier."
She shoved an elbow into his ribs, causing him to wince from pain.
"I was just joking jor. I'm not a one man many wives guy. All that one is wahala. I'm okay with you."
"Are you sure?"
He pulled away from her side and stared into her eyes. "Do I look like I'm joking? You should know when we’re talking serious."
She made a face.
"Don't think about that one nau. Like I said I was just joking."
"What if tomorr-"
He placed a finger on her lips, then caressed her right cheek. "What if this. What if that. Peju! You worry too much. Don't worry about tomorrow. Today has enough worries."
He kissed her then, his arms going around her waist. His soft lips melting away her fears. He pulled back, rubbing her back with his palm. His loving eyes driving away her fears and worries. "I love you, Habeebah. Whatever tomorrow brings, we will face it together. Alright?"
She nodded, afraid to say how much she loved him. Everything just felt intense. And so she did the only thing she could. She showed him, with her body. Despite the pain as her first, it was a beautiful moment. Alone, in a dark corner of his parents’ house, he made love to every part of her body, down to her toes. No questions. No regrets. Just love in its purest form.

Love is as strong as death; jealousy is as strong as the grave. Love bursts into flames and burns like a hot fire.
The words came quickly to her. It was one of the scriptures Eliana had shared when she was crazy about her then-boyfriend, Kene. Her hands flew to her chest and she could literally feel heat. Was this what Eliana was talking about? Was this what Abdul's love was doing to her? It felt so intense. She was going to fight to make it work, no matter the cost.
Her phone rang. It was Femi. He had called multiple times but she had been so busy. Not to mention, she hadn't seen him in church as well.
Hope he's okay.
She picked her phone then and there, and called him. It was the third time she called that he answered.
"Hey Peju."
"Femi! Sorry, I missed your call. Didn't see you at church today. Hope you’re okay."
"Yeah, I had a long day at the hospital so I ended up attending the second service. Thanks for checking up. Been trying to reach you for ages."
"I know. I've been busy.” Lies. “Went to Aberdeen the other day for work."
"Wow. Sounds exciting. At least no mosquitoes."
She laughed and tucked a loose strand of hair behind her ear. "No mosquitoes."
"Awesome. Can we meet up for dinner later this evening? Hope that's okay."
"Er-- sure." She didn’t have a choice, making him wait the way she had. She was surprised he still cared as much.
"Great! I will pick you up at 7. Is that fine?"
"I can’t wait to take you to this new restaurant I discovered. See you at 7."
An hour passed and Peju was dressed. For someone who had emptied out retail shops abroad, it was tough choosing what to wear. She finally settled for an ankara top, jeans and red pumps to match. One of the many pumps Abdul bought her on their trip.
Speaking of Abdul, he would be so jealous if he knew she was going out with another guy. Telling him was not an option. At least not now.
She dabbed some perfume on the back of her ears and wrists. It was a fragrance Abdul had specifically picked out for her, from a Selfridges store on the High Street. She couldn’t wait to spill details of her date with Femi eventually. Maybe when he was being annoying, she would share. She would let him know she had other men pining for her.
Yearning to hear his voice, Peju dialled his number.
"Habeebah!" he said, his voice upbeat.
"Hey hey. Where are you? What are you doing?"
"Just did laundry. Now I’m resting on my bed. What's up?"
Peju closed her eyes, imagining him shirtless on his bed. She opened her eyes to drive away the lewd thoughts. "I wanted to hear your voice. You're doing your laundry yourself? That's impressive. Maybe I’ll drop by later on. Let's say around eight-thirty."
"Sounds good. See you then, let me get some rest for you."
As she ended the call, she felt like an excited school girl madly in love.

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"You are a beautiful woman Peju," Femi said softly over the candle-lit table. They had just finished an exquisite main course in a fine Italian restaurant in an elite Lekki neighbourhood. Femi assured her that dessert would blow her mind. Tiramisu he called it, with a delicious cocoa centre and coffee exterior.
She lifted her glass of non-alcoholic wine and took a sip. "Thank you. And you look good too. Well rested."
"Really? I wish I could rest some more but I couldn't pass up the opportunity to see you. You're a sight for sore eyes."
She smiled at the compliment. It was going to be hard to say this was going to be their last date.
"So tell me more about this job of yours."
"Well, I work in RAFOL. We supply certain services to oil companies. I work as a P.A to the Managing Director who recently inherited the company from his late uncle. At work, there's always one appointment to make or cancel for my boss. Flights to book. Meetings to seat on and all that. Being called late at night to set some last minute things up."
Peju gave an easy laugh and swept a strand of her hair aside. She remembered the night Abdul had called just because he couldn't sleep. She had expressed her grievances over it but after begging her, they spoke for close to two hours. Thankfully, the next day had been a public holiday.
"It's hectic but I love my job."
"That's nice. Sounds like a lot of work. I'm sure there must be perks as well.”
Like travelling to Aberdeen at the last minute, she thought to herself.
"Yeah. What about you? You mentioned you became a doctor because helping people is what you love to do. You love the late hours and all that. How would you balance it all when you get married and have children?"
She almost pinched herself. Why did I ask that question? What's my business with his life?
"God first, family second, ministry and then work. I'm a family man. I would be sure to make out time for my wife and kids. Fortunately, my ministry and work are together. I counsel my patients and I ask God to help me deal with them in a way that brings glory to Him and not to me. Irrespective of my work as a doctor, I remind myself that I'm only a vessel being used by God."
Peju found his words profound and somewhat challenging. What could she say about herself and if she was in the will of God?
"So how do you counsel your patients? I've been to one or two hospitals where the doctors refrain from talking to the patients about religion."
He gave an easy laugh. "I feel like I'm on the hot seat."
She raised her hands. "Feel free to refuse to answer."
"No, I will. After all, we're getting to know each other better. Right?"
She nodded, still trying to decide how to tell him they were just friends. That whatever was happening between them was never going to go pass that level.
"Well, let's not look at it as me being a doctor or as you being a personal assistant or a lawyer, teacher or whatever - regardless of whatever field we find ourselves in. As Christians, we’re all ambassadors of Christ. We have the obligation to show forth the Light in our conversations, the way we dress and talk, showing the love of Christ to everyone. I know I run a risk of being queried, even though the hospital is my family’s, but I do what I can.” He laughed. “I feel like I’m preaching.”
“No, go on. Go on…” She found his passion intriguing.
"Okay. Well, I offer them faith in being healed as long as they are ready to believe. There are some patients on their deathbeds who know nothing about Christ. I see that as an opportunity to talk to them and most of them end up being saved.” He paused for a moment then said, “I have a boy who passed on last week. His parents’ firstborn. It hurt, but there was nothing I could do. I’m thankful knowing he died in Christ."
She stared at him and her chest tightened at his eyes drowning in pain. "The boy… were you two close?"
"Yes, we were when I think of it. He shared a lot with me, about his life, his hopes, his dreams." He sighed. "That's in the past now."
"I'm sorry for your loss."
"Thanks." He laughed. "Okay, it's your turn. Let me ask you a couple of questions. You ready?"
She rubbed her hands together. "Sure!"
"What do you do when you're stressed?"
A little taken back by his question, she sat back on her seat and folded her arms. "Well, I turn off the TV, switch off the lights, pull the curtains with the fans turned on and rest on the tiled floor."
He raised an eyebrow and she covered her mouth with her right hand while laughing. "Crazy, I know but it's what works for me. I just want to shut out the noise and do anything but think."
"Interesting. Do you have any favourite childhood memories?"
She had a lot, mostly sweet. Her sweetest were with Abdul. There were also the few times her family could actually be called a family. "Yes, I do. When my dad was alive he used to take me to Ibadan to see my cousins. We would go once a year, during Easter, and it was always fun. We would eat Frejon with garri and fried stew with fish. Delicious."
"Nice. I have never eaten Frejon before.”
“Seriously? You need to try it.”
“Maybe you would make it for me someday? I can imagine how cute you looked as a little girl. I'm sure you were a beauty then. . . as you are now." She saw his eyes move to her lips. They quickly shifted away.
“Okay.” She cleared her throat. "Femi, I think there's something you need to know. You are a great guy but what we are doing,” she gestured at the both of them, “It’s not something that’s really heading anywhere.”
Femi’s face fell.
“Let’s just be friends. Again, you're a great guy. You're fun to hang out with, but I think it’s best we stay friends."
"Does it have anything to do with my age?"
"No, not at all.”
"Is there another guy in the picture?"
She paused, then nodded. "Yes."
He managed a small smile, his lips twitching. "Then I'm happy for you. Disappointed a bit, but happy you're happy. That's what matters.”
Signalling for a waiter, he continued, “Okay, time for dessert."
"Nah, I think I’ll pass. I'm getting a little tired." And Abdul is waiting.
“Are you sure?”
“Sounds tempting, but I’m good.”
"Okay. Let me just sort out the bill then."
The rest of their evening was tense. Quiet. Uncomfortable. Femi barely looked in her direction the whole time. He was hurting and she knew it. She did that to him. Nice guys like him aren’t supposed to be hurt by good girls like me. But here it was, happening. She will find a way to make it up to him somehow. She would come up with a plan. But right then, she had to rush to Abdul’s and see what he was up to.


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Oya make una come read interesting tori oooo
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Abdul was lost in thought. Christmas was on its way, and he knew he would have little time to reflect, thanks to the constant meetings and the company's end of the year party. His lips curled up in a smile. He wanted to take Peju shopping for a dress and have her walk hand in hand with him. He wanted everyone to know she was his. All in due time.
His phone rang again and he assumed it was Peju till he saw the foreign caller ID.
"Good evening, Son. How are you? As-salamu alaykum.”
"As-salamu alaykum, Ma. I'm fine and you? How is Daddy? And Sherifat? And Biodun?"
"All fine. ” She clucked her tongue. “It's too cold over here. I have been telling your father to let us have holiday in Nigeria this time around. I need some sun and hot akamu."
He laughed, knowing fully well his father would be stubborn about returning to the country. He loved the stress-free life. "Let's hope he agrees."
She snorted. "He has too o jere. I have told him no more food for one week if he disagrees and on Christmas day, he would eat McDonald's." She whispered the next words. "I think he's gradually changing his mind."
He laughed. "Okay o." He rubbed his eyes tiredly and looked at the time. It was barely nine. He couldn't wait till Peju came around. Maybe he could coerce her into cooking for him.
"How's Peju?"
"She's fine.” His mother was elated when he told her they were back together.
"That's good. I’m glad you two still love each other. I'm hoping for wedding bells next year."
Abdul smiled as the dream he had of her wearing a wedding dress came to mind. "Insh’Allah."
"Greet her for me. I called to see how you are faring. We will talk later. Your father is asleep and your sisters stepped out to see a movie."
"Okay Ma. Talk to you later. Greetings to everyone."
He rolled out of bed and went down the stairs to take a bottle of water. Right then, the doorbell rang. He didn't have to ask who it was, flinging the door open with joy.
He pulled her into his arms and kissed her with desperate longing.
He gave her one last kiss and stepped back to stare into her eyes; glad that the love he felt could be seen.
"Thanks for coming," he said a second before his tummy grumbled.
Peju raised a brow at him. "You haven't eaten?"
"No. I was hoping you would make something for me."
She moved past him, and he had the pleasure of watching her swinging backside as she moved to the sofa and slumped her bag on it.
"Do I look like your cook?" She spun around to look at him. "Or your maid?"
"You would be my cook as soon as you marry me." He rubbed his stomach. "I'm very hungry and I think I have headache too."
"You better have mouth sores as well with your lying tongue."
"Haba, is it your husband you're talking to like that? Better behave yourself. Oya go to the kitchen and prepare food for me before I change my mind."
With laughter in her eyes, she asked, "Change your mind about what?"
Abdul took the remote control and turned on the TV, settling down on a seat. "Make the food first and I will tell you."
"Hmm, so what do you want to eat?"
"Surprise me."
Shaking her head, she gave a slow hiss and plodded to the kitchen. He laughed to himself as he tuned to a football match. He hoped she would make eba and efo-riro for him. Two days ago, he bought ingredients to make the soup but couldn’t find the time.
The thought of food triggered memories of Beverley, one of his Canadian casual flings. She was great in bed, but when it came to matters of the stomach, she stuck to what she could make - french toasts, eggs, pancakes and waffles. None of these could hold body like a typical Nigerian meal of amala and gbegiri, or semovita and edikaikong soup.
"Yeah? What's up?"
"Do you want iru in your soup?"
"Yes love."
The match wasn't of much interest to him. The players’ sprints across the field were all a blur. Instead of watching, he reflected on what his mother had said about wedding bells. In truth, what were they waiting for? He would marry her the next day if possible. He let the thought linger in his mind till dinner was served.
After a delicious meal of efo-riro and Poundo yam, Abdul took her hand and led her to the white loveseat in the living room. He sat down and pulled her down on his lap.
"You know I'm crazy about you," he said as he drew a line with his finger down her arm. "I'm your scapegoat."
"Awww. So sweet."
"What do you think if we got married next year?"
"Are you proposing?"
"Then you better go back to the drawing board because this isn't romantic." She pulled at his beard. "You should plan something nice and go down on one knee and ask for my hand in marriage. Not me sitting on your lap with you acting like a king."
"Am I not the king of your heart?"
“Cheesy much!” She stared into his eyes. "But always."
"Since I know what you want then I will plan towards it. Meanwhile, your lips are distracting me from thinking straight."
Peju threw her head back in laughter. "Are you complaining?"
"No. I should just kiss you now so my heart can stop pounding against my chest."
"Smooth operator. You have always had a way with words."
He smiled as she leaned close and kissed him. A moan escaped his lips as the kiss deepened. His arms moved to rub her back. "When are we taking the next step, Peju?" he murmured as he kissed her ear.
"After the wedding."
"Why not now?"
His question ended the moment abruptly. Peju stared at him with soft, yet piercing eyes. “Abdul, we have discussed this already."
"But you can always change your mind. I love you, you love me. We aren't testing waters. We are going to get married, so why can't we be together?"
She got off his lap. "How many people were you with when you left?"
"Two or three."
Her eyes widened. "Two or three? So you aren't even sure how many they are. For all I know, there could even be more. "
He licked his lips. "No. I was only with three people and they were all casual flings."
"Casual flings my ass!” Her eyes watered. “Abdul, you took what was sacred between us and shared it with everyone!"
"Peju -"
She held up her hand. "I'm going home."
"You can't leave like this. Let's settle the matter now."
Peju didn't answer as she picked up her bag and headed towards the front door. He followed suit. "Habeebah, listen to me."
She slapped his hand away as he touched her, before facing him with angry eyes. "I didn't go around sleeping with men while you were away. It didn't feel right. What is it with you guys just throwing around your thing with anyone in a skirt?"
Her pain hurt him. He tried holding her again but she shoved his hands away.
“I thought you were different, Abdul. I really did, but I guess I was wrong.”
He pulled her against his chest and held her down. She struggled to break free. "I am different. I'm sorry I did what I did. I'm sorry I gave what was only yours to others."
She gave up the struggle.
"I'm sorry I hurt you." He pressed his lips on her forehead while he whispered how sorry he was.
"It's fine. It's expected you would move on."
"But I'm here now. And I love you." He raised her chin and leaned down to kiss her. "Don't ever doubt it."

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I'm so loving this story
Well done OP
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Oya make una come read interesting tori oooo
Izaray, skubido, prudysara, youngbruzzy
Thanks for the mention sis

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I'm so enjoying this story. Well done O.P, nice story you've got.
thanks for inviting me Ann2012

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I'm so enjoying this story.
Well done O.P, nice story you've got.

thanks for inviting me Ann2012

Thank you! Please invite more friends if you can grin


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