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My First Love by Viciyoung(m): 6:28am On Sep 13, 2018

Sequence 1

Daddy please don't do this, I thought you said am your daughter please! Please!! Please!!! Will you shut up or you want me to kill you he said and put a knife on my neck.
" I will cooperate please don't kill me I said and cover my mouth crying slowly as he was ripping my clothes, I keep praying for God to save me but I think he wasn't listening to me, I closed my eyes praying when I felt a sharp pain below my abdomen I screamed louder and he gave me a deafening slap which makes me unconscious and the only word that came out of my mouth was you are going to regret it I said and fade out.
" My name is Temiloluwa Rogba, I am 18yrs old. I just finished my high school and was waiting for my admission letter. My mum gave birth to me out of wedlock to her school mate when she was in high school.
" I was told my dad rejected me saying he wasn't sure if am his daughter so I was raised by my mum's parent while she further her education.
" My mom later got married to a very wealthy man after she finished her education and I was adopted by my step father who my mum thought he loves me.
" My step dad as been giving me this attitude like spanking my buttocks When my mum is not around or telling me he likes the shape of my breast " I tried talking to my mum about it but she was always complaining she is busy and never give me the time to explain myself to her.
" I tried my best ignoring my step dad, am always going out when my mom is not around, anytime he calls me to take something into his bedroom I will either find an excuse or sent the maid to take it to his room.
" I was in my room watching "Acrimony " when I heard a knock on the door, I stood up sluggishly because am really enjoying that movie " I opened the door and was surprised to see my mum for the first time at my door step I know you guys are surprised, my mum never came to my room what she do is either chat me up on WhatsApp or drop a note for the maid to give me.
" (Smile ) My mom loves me oo is just that she likes money more than herself, my mum prefers eating money than food that's why she hasn't given birth to another child, I have seen her several times in the guest room running away from my step dad saying she is tired and I think that's why my step-dad was behaving like that to me because my mum was sex-starving him .Well that's their problem not mine.
" I know you are surprised to see me here, well I have a good news for you, Am two weeks pregnant and am going for a maternity rest and shop for my baby for three months.
" Three month? You must be joking mum, how did you expect me to live without you , okay, I will use that opportunity to spend sometime time with granny " Oh stop it dear your dad is always there with you and he was the one that brought the idea so am sure he is gonna take care of you but mum..... (kisses) I love you she said and bid me goodbyeI stamped my feet on the floor angrily and went back inside crying.
" I stand up and lock my door because of the evil step father and lay on my bed and I didn't know when I slept off. " I woke up and look at the time it was 11pm , I checked my phone and saw 5missed call and 7messages from my mum " I didn't bother checking it because am still angry at her. I sluggishly walked myself to the bathroom and take my shower when I heard a knock on my door, I was rest assured because my door is locked, who is that I said putting on tying a towel around my check.
" Is your dad TEMI, can I talk to you for a moment, am sorry dad I can't let's discuss it tomorrow am feeling sleepy I said sat on my bed feeling scared. I can see you don't want to listen and am going to break this door he said and start hitting it with stick.
"Oh God please save me I said and close my eyes.
Kindly drop your thoughts about this story..
Please don't forget to invite as many as you can to read this story with you...

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Re: My First Love by sistar007(m): 6:34am On Sep 13, 2018
I Don't Understand
Re: My First Love by zinnydan(f): 6:43am On Sep 13, 2018
Re: My First Love by Viciyoung(m): 8:09pm On Sep 14, 2018
MY FIRST LOVE Sequence 2
” He kept banging the door and keeps it hitting with a big stick ” Oh God what am I going to do I said and quickly ran into the bathroom and took some water and poured it on the floor i sat on my bed shivering , I took my phone and call my mum but she wasn’t picking up.
” Mummy please pick your call I said crying when the door was suddenly flung opened , I dropped my phone and started begging him.
” Please don’t hurt me daddy I said crying.
” He smiled mischievously and slowly walked towards me but fell down due to the water on the tiles.
” He stood up again and said you just worsened the situation Temi he said and jumped on the bed with me and hold me, ” I screamed and start struggling to free myself from him but he was way too stronger than me.
” He removed a knife from his pocket and put it on my neck “I have nothing to do again than to accept my fate ” I closed my eyes praying to God to show a miracle when I felt a sharp pain below my abdomen I screamed and he gave me a deafening slap which make me passed out but I murmured you gonna regret it.
” That’s how my step dad deflowered me and forcefully raped that night.” I woke up the next day and met myself on the hospital bed with my mum besides me.
” I screamed and the doctors rush in, I don’t want to see her I said angrily pointing at my mum.
” (Sobbing ) Am the cause of all this, this is all my fault.
” I was on my bed doing some work on the laptop when a call came through, I checked the caller and it was Temi .
“Why is this girl calling me by this hour I said and put the phone down to ring itself and face my work back.” When the calls where becoming something else I decided to picked the call Temi why…… but was cut short when I heard No!!! Daddy please don’t do this ……..”I dropped my phone and and start shivering so the man I love is forcefully raping my daughter, I pick up the phone and tried calling her back but the phone was switched off.
” I tried to booked a flight that night back to Nigeria but I was told I will have to be patient till tomorrow what! I said and hang up.
” I have no choice than to wait till morning, to cut the story short I arrived in Nigeria and drove home straight.
” Surprisingly I met the devil watching TV comfortable in the living room “I wanted to first shout at him but I frame innocent and said dear am back.
” He was surprised to see me, what happened dear? Hope my baby is doing fine he said and came to hugged me.
” Am fine sweetie I forgot a document at home that was why I came home, where is Temi? She… is…. Dear what’s the problem I said framing innocent.
” Nothing, she is upstairs he said acting boldly. I ran upstairs and call Temi but there was no response ” I opened her door and screamed when I saw my daughter lying in a pool of blood.
” My husband run upstairs and screamed too like he knows nothing about it, let’s rush her to the hospital that’s what came out of my mouth.
” My daughter was taken into the theater immediately because she has lost a lot of blood. I cried my eyes out and the devil husband was petting me to take it easy.
” The doctor later came out after an hour and told us the operation is successful and she has been taken to another ward .” I told my husband to help me go and pack my clothes that am going to stay with my daughter and he obliged.
” I cried my eyes out throughout the night and think of what’s the best revenge to do for him.
” A thought came through my mind, I picked my phone and call BAD Man I know him when I was in university, he was the dangerous guy among his group back then.
Hello Baddy I gat a work for you.
To be continued..

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Re: My First Love by Viciyoung(m): 10:57pm On Sep 17, 2018
Sequence 3

” I didn’t allow my mum to See me or talked to me, she stay outside my door every day crying begging me to please hear her out but did you think you I can easily forgive her if you are in my position? I doubt it ,this man took away my pride with force and I can never forgive him them never! ” My granny came the next day to check on me, granny I said and hugged her crying on her shoulder while she pets my back saying Temi is okay but you have to forgive your mum not just for her but for yourself because is gonna be killing you inside please my child she said and raise my head up please I know is entirely her fault but you know she loves you and she never plans for this to happened dear please forgive her she has been crying herself her since the day you refused to see her.
” Granny called my mum to come inside but the moment I saw her all the memories just keeps flowing back and I couldn’t hold the tears that keeps flowing like a river in my eyes.
” I felt so weak when I saw my daughter crying in pain Yes! Am a bad mother call me any name I think I deserve that ” I walked slowly to her and kneel down in front of her am…so… so… sorry Temi please find it in your heart to forgive me I know am not worthy to be your mother but give me a second chance to correct my mistakes I said and burst into tears.
“She came down from her bed and hugged me while we both burst into fresh tears, is okay mum she said on my shoulder while I kissed her hair and whispered to her don’t worry he is going to regret ever laying his hands on you for the rest of his life.
” I know my mum so well once she told you this phrase ” rest of his life ” please just run away because she is not longer the good woman again I smiled and say come on mum he deserved it am with you even if I don’t know what she wants to do with him but I know is gonna be a dreadful crime.
” Why are you guys whispering to yourselves and smiling said granny and we both burst into laughter, I like what am seeing now said granny and I look at my mum eyes and she gave me that assuring look.
” I wasn’t myself Since the day I raped Temi but you know what surprises me is that my wife never shows any sign of hateful to me, it seems like the girl didn’t tell her anything so I was happy within myself but something keeps telling me am gonna regret doing that to the innocent girl but I wave the thought off my mind.
” Temi was discharged a week after the incident and I went to pick her and her mother up even if I don’t want to go but to avoid suspicious from my wife who told me Temi confessed she aborted a pregnant that’s was why she passed out in her room but I know that’s a big lie but who am I to tell her so since she believed what her daughter says I decided to play along and you know what shocked me most was that Temi hugged me the moment she saw me telling me to forgive her for not been a good girl I looked at her mum’s face but I couldn’t read anything than the smile on her face.
” Is okay dear but don’t do such thing next time I said and told them to get into the car and off we went home.
” It has been two weeks after the incident and everything was fine ,we all lived as a one big family and my tolu Tommy has been coming out while Temi was still kind and nice to me until one fateful day night.
” We were eating fried rice with turkey on the dinning room when we heard a knock on the door.” I stand up to checked who is it ,I opened the door and was given a deafening slap which makes me loose my balance I fell on the floor .
” Temi and my wife rushed to me but shifted back after seeing four hefty man with gun in their hand.
” Please don’t kill us, name any amount you want am ready to give you I said while Temi and her mum her hugging me tightly.
” We don’t come here to steal we came here to satisfy ourselves said their leader.
“He came closer to us and first drag my wife who was screaming please leave my wife she is pregnant I said shivering.” Oh I see said the leader after inspecting her.
” He dropped tolu and takes Temi saying this one is not pregnant, I wanted to say she is not my daughter you can do anything you like to her but because of my wife I told them again to please leave her that she is my only daughter.
” Who did you want us to pick now man said the leader angrily.” Please leave me and my family alone am ready to give you any amount 1millon, 50million….. …Shut up said angrily by the leader and he start laughing so hard.
” You know what I think I know who to pick now which is you he said and point at me
” What! Am a man I said feeling afraid tell me is not what am thinking? Four hefty man I don die.
To be continued..


Re: My First Love by Viciyoung(m): 11:04pm On Sep 19, 2018
MY FIRST LOVE Sequence 4

" I don't know when I start crying and begging them like a baby but all my pleads fell on their deaf ears. " They drag my wife and Temi from me and lock them in the guest room.
" I can see you don't want to cooperate said their leader and he order the three guys to start beating me. I was beaten badly with blood all over my face, then it was dawn on me if I didn't cooperate they are ready to kill me. I told them I am ready ,to please don't kill me.
" Scorpion strip our runaway bride Unclad said their leader and I was strip Unclad in front of them.
" I use my hands to cover my libido when the leader told me to come, I walked slowly to him and he told me to kneel down in front of him and he brought out his huge pintle and told me to suck it.
" I looked up at him , please don't let me do this I said shivering when he gave me a punch and said is either you do what I want or I cut that little thing of yours.
" Yes! He is right ,his libido is far bigger and longer than mine. I suck his pintle like a child sucking his mother breast while he moan in pleasure.
" He cum in my mouth and told me to swallow all. I suck each of them rooster and they all cum into my mouth forcing me to swallow it. I thought to myself I think am going to get pregnant with all this am swallowing.
" After I finishing sucking their rooster, the leader instruct me to kneel down and face the wall.
" I screamed so loud when the leader pintle penetrated my ass. This is so painful I thought with tears streaming down my eyes.
" They took turns anal raping me and the painful experience made me recall how I forcefully raped Temi and I didn't know when I start seeking God's forgiveness.
" I was anal raped for 8hours with no mercy. I felt so ashamed of myself as they got their way.
" They unlocked the door Temi and her mum is and left saying they really enjoyed it.
" I couldn't look up to face my wife and step daughter, I just kneel down with tears streaming down my eyes because am so sure my ass is no longer a ass again.
" My wife rushed to me with tears in her saying sorry darling, I looked at her and say take me to the hospital before I passed away.
" I was scared when those guys drag me and my mum into the guest room. I looked at my mum and she gave me this assuring look that there is no problem and it was dawn on me this is all my mum's doing, I smiled at her and hugged her saying thank you mummy while she pets my back.
"I giggled when I heard my step dad screamed in pain , I feel like telling the guys to beat him to death because the more he screamed the more the memories of how he raped me and took my pride that night keeps flowing in. My mum hugged me from behind and I rest my head on her chest sobbing quietly.
" You haven't seen anything yet this is just the beginning of paying for raping my daughter I thought and smiled when I heard him screaming.
" I let out a crocodile tears when I saw him groaning in pain, take me to the hospital he said and passed out.
" Don't blame me at all he deserved more than this and by the time am through with him he will never touch a woman talk less of raping for the rest of his life.
" I rushed him to the hospital and told the doctor not to give him any pain relief, I want him to feel the pain hundred times for what he had done.
" I called Baddy and thanked him for the well done job, I have another plans for him I have sent 2millon Naria into your account I said and smile mischievously and hang up.

To Be Continued after comments................

Kindly Drop Your Thoughts

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Re: My First Love by Viciyoung(m): 2:37pm On Feb 26
Sequence 5
(Laugh ) I can’t just believe it, is been two months now and those guy came every two days to anal raped my stepfather and he always land in the hospital.
” My mum has bribed the police so anytime my stepfather went to make report they never listened to him.” I begged my mum one evening to please stop the game that he has learnt his lesson in a hard because I felt pity of him, he was now lean and scared anytime he heard a knock on the door.
” Temi you can’t tell me to stop it, this man forcefully raped you, took away your pride and leave you in a pool of blood and you expect me to let it go Just like that said my mum angrily and I didn’t expect this coming out of your mouth.
” Mum I know but you know this is entirely your fault, if you heard listening to me when I wanted to talk to you and money wasn’t your first priority this couldn’t have happened in the first place. You are to be blame too mum i said and look into her eyes .
” Am so sorry Temi I know I have did you wrong , please find it in your heart to forgive this your useless mother she said with tears in her eyes and about to kneel down when I suddenly hold her.
” Mum is okay, you know this is not good for your condition , you are now seven months old please don’t cry again I said and hugged her from behind because of her baby bump.
” We are still hugging ourselves when my step father walked in and prostrate in front of us and it was dawn on us he is eavesdropping our conversation.
” Please forgive me he said crying I know am at fault and I deserved what you make me go through but believe me I have learnt my lesson in a very hard way. “Temi please forgive me and beg your mum for me I promise to be a good father and loving husband from now on he said and burst into a fresh tears.
” We were all crying and I stand up and lift him up and hug him saying I forgive you dad and he cried on my shoulder for five minutes and we both walked to my mum and hugged her.
” To be honest I still love Ben but I love my daughter more and what he did make me another person .I was surprised when he came in and apologize for what he has done, he is the father of my unborn baby and I don’t have a choice than to forgive him even if the scars had heal but the mark is still intact.
” We hugged each other and I called Baddy to drop the plan.
” I was in the living room lying down on the couch when I heard a phone ring, I stand up and check whose phone was it and it was my wife phone. ” I called her name and there was no response so I decided to go and give it to her.”I was about to knock when I heard she and her daughter talking about me so I stopped on my track and listened to all there conversation and I couldn’t believe the girl I raped Was the one begging her mother to forgive me. I couldn’t take it any more I opened the door and prostrate flatly on the floor with tears streaming down my eyes.” Temi and her mother forgive me and I was the happiest man on earth.
” My mum has given birth to a bouncing baby boy, my step-dad love me like am an angel he cares for me, gives me anything I want and we are now best friend.
” I have gained admission into Babcock University with the help of my Dad I don’t call him step again. My mum resigned from her work to take care of her baby and have time for me too.
” We lived as a one happy family and am so glad everything is back to normal.
” Dad! Stop it you are embarrassing me I said to my Step-dad who refused to let the driver pack my loads into my hostel he was the one doing the job.
” You don’t have to worry Angel he said and smiled and I smiled back shaking my head . We both arranged my room before he left.
” I was on my bed resting when I heard a knock on the door, I sluggishly stand up and opened the door and was surprised to see my best friend Lovet standing in front of me.
” Will you stand there or hug me she said and I gave her hug before gesturing her to come inside.
” What are you doing here girlfriend I said feeling excited . I know you guys are surprised let me explain to you.
“Lovet was my only best friend when I was in secondary school, she was like a mother to me because she gave me a listening ear whenever I need her and she was like a sister to me” So back to the present.
” Temi I was so surprised when I saw you and your dad drive in to the hostel. I never knew you also gained admission into Babcock too said Lovet.
” We talked , gist like we haven’t seen each other for ages and I told her to moved into my room since I was the only one which she obliged too.
To be continued

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Re: My First Love by mariopepper(m): 3:21pm On Feb 26
that is awesome.. i like it a lot smiley
Re: My First Love by skubido(m): 5:14pm On Feb 26
Re: My First Love by Viciyoung(m): 9:59pm On Mar 07
” Temi stand up and go and take your bath we will be late for lecture said Lovet who was sitting in front of the mirror making up.
” Hmmmm why did you wake me up? said Temi stretching her body.
” (Laugh) Didn’t I told you not to drink any soft drinks at the party yesterday, see the results ” You better stand up now because is the pot belly man lecture today and you know he don’t tolerate nonsense.
“Oh my God! I haven’t done his assignments , not to worry girlfriend have done it for you ,temi hugged her from the back thank you so much that is why I can’t replace you with anyone. Get your a-s into the bathroom we gonna be late said Lovet.
” Thank God we got there on time because the lecturer is a no-nonsense man. I sat down on my seat listening to the man’s lectures when my phone beeps , I checked the message and it was Lovet ” Girlfriend the guy over there is staring at you, I smiled and looked up and to say the truth I saw the guy staring at me and I was like is this one listening to the lecture or the lecture was listening him.
” I looked back and whispers to lovet he is such a looker when the pot belly man hit my desk.
” Miss Temi I can see you are not with us, can I ask what caught your attention? N… Nothing sir I said with shaken voice I was listening to your lecture.
” Oh I see, okay can you please explain what have said to the class again.
” I stood up sluggishly and explain some I have jotted down .
” And you said you are listening said the man with raised voice and I know am doomed for today.
” The whole class eyes are all on me and I thank God I dress well, Lovet you will pay for this I thought when the man hit my desk again and I was scared.
” Am very sorry sir I….. When a voice interrupt me Mr Awolowo stop scaring the life out of the girl, I turned around to see who talked and it was the same guy who was staring at me.
” Is all my fault okay he said jiggling his shoulder while I opened my mouth because nobody as ever talked to the lecturer like that.
” You can sit down said Mr Awolowo and whole class was surprised because the man never allowed anybody to bullshit him.
” The lecture ended and everyone was wondering who that guy was. I searched for him in the class to thanked him but he was nowhere to be found when Lovet wave her hand across my face.
” Leave me alone joor, you know you are the cause of all this I said forming angry.
” Am so sorry sweetie I just want you to know someone noticed you said Lovet with a puppy eyes and we both burst into laughter.
” Did you know the guy I said while packing my books.
” No darling but am sure he came from a wealthy home and I think he likes you said Lovet teasingly while temi hit her playfully and they both walked out of the class.
” There is only one thing I prayed for, wished for, is for Temi to opened her heart to love and see the right man because after the incident with her stepfather she thinks all men are the same and love don’t exist in real life expect in movies.
” I have sit her down several times to tell her your father abandon you doesn’t mean you are not love, your step father forcefully raped you doesn’t mean all men are wicked but she would never listened and anytime I raised this topic we always go to bed with fight .
“To be honest Temi is more beautiful than me, she has all the structure that goes for a model but she is with a closed heart.
“So many guys have tried there best to win her heart but their efforts are all in vain now another one I hope this one show her how to love when I was jolted out of my thoughts by the ringing of my phone, I checked the caller and it was my boyfriend Charles.” I smiled and picked it up Hello honey I said while Temi rolled her eyes.
” Oh okay just give me 15mimutes I will meet you I said before I hang up.
” Temi am so sorry you will have to go alone Charles said he want to see me and it is urgent.
” I just hope that guy won’t snatched you from me at last she she said and I hugged her saying I love you more than Charles and she threatened to tell Charles while her playfully pinch her and run and waved goodbye to her.
” I just don’t know what Lovet see in this guy named Charles, I just hate him for no reason but I have to frame I like him because of my friend.
” I put my headset on my head and play Right Now by Tatiana Manosis and walked slowly to my hostel.
” I was in front of my hostel when I saw the same guy sitting on his car in front of my hostel.
” I wanted to first thanked him for saving me but when he smiled at me I just wave the thought away and was about to walked into my gate when he hold me by my hand and I gave him seven sounding star slap.
Re: My First Love by Ann2012(f): 7:53am On Mar 08
Re: My First Love by blesynnath5(f): 11:13am On Mar 08
pls dear this story is captivating pls don't stop hear we need update more grace.
Re: My First Love by skubido(m): 2:40pm On Mar 08
OP wait oo, seven what? Uptop wetin na.. Ha, 123... Ha no ooo

Tanks for the update
Re: My First Love by Viciyoung(m): 12:06pm On Mar 12
MY FIRST LOVE Sequence 7
” What I hate most in my life is for a guy to hold my hand so he can get my attention. The way he hold my hand makes me remember how my step dad pin me down and all the memories just keep flowing in and I just keep slapping him and what surprises most was that this guy just stood there like a statue.
” Please don’t blame me have been having this nightmare anytime I sleep and this was the reason I turned down all the guys that asked me out.
” (Laugh) I could remember the one who tried to forcefully kissed me guys guess what I did to him , I bit his lips to the extent that he can’t eat for God’s know how many days.
” When it get to the seventh slap that’s when I get my senses I looked up at him and his face was priceless, I looked at my hand and ran inside with tears in my eyes.
” I was on my way to Charles house when he called me that he received a call and needs to get to the office that he is very sorry.
” My lovely Angel am so sorry I have to go I will come and pick you up in the evening said Charles on the phone.
” Charles this is unfair you make me leave my friend on our way home now you are telling me not to come I said angrily and hang up on him.
” I dare not tell Temi Charles changed his mind she will just make jest of me. I quickly ran so I can catch up on her .
“I saw her about to enter the gate but she stopped, I looked at what makes her stop and it was the mystery guy.
” I quickly dodged so I can give them time but to my surprise Temi didn’t wait for the guy to to talk as she was about to entered the guy dragged her back and I was surprised when she gave him how many slap sef? This guy is a mumu he just stand there while she keeps slapping him like a drum.
” Guys can be stupid sometimes is this love or stupidity he stand there like a statue and the slap keeps hitting his cheeks I trust my Charles he can’t take more than three slaps before he returned his own at least he supposed to stop her.
“This drama makes sense I said when Temi rushed in, I came out of my hideout and walked quickly to the guy.
” He was still holding his cheeks when I get to him, so sorry for the slap I said and was about to go inside but stopped and looked back guy you are very stupid can’t you atleast stop her I think you have to go and meet your mum and asked her which kind of what water she take bath you nonsense I hissed and went inside.
“I saw Temi crying inside like a mother who lost her child.
” Girlfriend to be frank with you what you did is very bad how could you slapped him not even one but a whole seven you are so lucky that he is very stupid because if not he would have beat you black and blue.
” I regret slapping him, how am I going to face him I said crying when my mum call’s came in. I cleaned my face and picked up her call.
” Hi Mummy
“Temi dear what’s wrong with your voice.
“Nothing ma I just woke up.
“Alright dear I just want to tell you that your dad is having a dinner party at home and he would like you to attend.
“Alright mum I said and quickly hang up because I know she will still asked why my voice was like that. I dropped the phone and walked into the bathroom and cry my eyes out in the bath tub.
” I didn’t mean to hold her but there was a stick with nails on it and she was about to step on it that’s why I dragged her back and the next thing I saw was stars.
“You can say am stupid, dumb or call me any name but there is no guy in my shoes that won’t be shocked when a girl suddenly gave you a nonstop slap.
” Never in my life as a lady slapped me like this, to make the matter worse the friend abused me and sent word to my mother.
Kindly drop your thoughts

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Re: My First Love by felixawe(m): 5:14pm On Mar 12
No, he's not stupid it just shock of his life. tanx d update is too short
Re: My First Love by Ann2012(f): 5:58pm On Mar 12
Well done OP
Re: My First Love by Viciyoung(m): 2:16pm On Mar 13
Sequence 8
“I haven’t set my eyes on the guy after the incident, he didn’t come for lecture either and I was so worried because have make up my mind to beg him no matter what he did or say to me.
” Baby don’t stressed yourself I don’t think he is coming back to school again , you gave the guy a whole seven slap and you think he will be alright said Lovet teasingly.
” This is not the time for joke Lovet what if the guy is a cultist and he is planning how to get back at me.
“I have asked almost the whole school but non of them know his name talk less of where he came from. Lovet please help me out am going home this weekend said Temi .
” I will call once I get any information about him said Lovet while Temi hugged her thank you so much you are such a darling.
“It was my dad that came to pick me up , I bid lovet goodbye before entering his car.
” Temi what’s wrong you have been quiet since I picked you up from school said Ben.
“Nothing Dad am just a little bit stress up I said putting on a fake smile.
” No problem darling but always know daddy is here for you when you need a listening ear. Temi I have a request for you and I will be glad if you grant me.
“Go ahead dad anything for you.
“I have been after this contract for a very long time and I was told the CEO son will be the one to represent his father and the guy just came from Syria that’s why am hosting a welcome party for him so we can discuss about the contract too and I will like you to attend to him.
“No problem dad I will do everything in my power to make him give you the contract I said and he gave me a smile.
” I met my mom at the living room watching cartoons with Bobo in the living room, I greet her and quickly went to my room because if I wait a little bit she will start asking questions about school and only God knows when she is going to stop. I dropped my bag on the bed and quickly picked my phone to call Lovet if there is any information about the guy but she isn’t picking up . I dropped my phone on the bed and check my wardrobe to see the dress I can put on tomorrow but none of them catch my taste when I remember dad gave me a dress as a present on my birthday.
” I looked under my bed because that’s where I kept all my presents.I opened the the box and bring out the dress, it was a pink dress below my knees and I love it , I was still admiring the dress when a call came through I checked the caller and it was Lovet I quickly dropped the dress and picked her call.
“Lovet why are you not picking my calls?how far any information?
” Am so sorry dear I left it in the kitchen when I was cooking for Charles. Well Charles help me did a little digging about the guy and you won’t believe the guy ………………
” I have to hang up because my mom just came in and I don’t want her to know what I did because she knows the way of asking you a question and you won’t know when you let out the cat in the bag.
“Temi food is ready ”
Alright mum I will meet you downstairs, No, you have to follow me right now she said and drag me down and I was unable to call Lovet back for that day because she suggested I sleep with her and there was no point arguing with her.
“I dressed myself up and looked at my mirror and I love the image starring back at me. My Dad came in and compliments my looks because he has never seen me on make up because am not a fan of it but I have to dress well because the party involves a lot of rich people.
” He is waiting for you by the second stairs be a good girl and have a nice dinner he said and kissed my cheek before going out.
” Temi you can do this please keep your anger for tonight I said to myself putting on my heels. I walked out of my room and breathe in and out before walking towards the stairs.
” Everywhere was full with man and woman chatting and dinning with each other and by the look you know they are business partner. I saw my mum chatting with two men, she looked at me and smile and I smiled back .
“Why am I so nervous, how I wish Lovet was here I said to myself and walked slowly down the stairs but stopped on my track when I saw him waiting for me at the end of the stairs giving that smile. I didn’t know what to do should I continue walking or run back to my room but it seems my legs refused to answer me .
” He gestured with his hand for me to come and I close my eyes Dad am sorry I can’t do this I said and was about to turn back when I loose my balance. I was about to scream for help when he grabbed me by my waist and looked into my eyes.


Re: My First Love by izaray(f): 3:50pm On Mar 13
What a nice and interesting story

Lightqueen, Treasure17 fall in here

Thanks for the update
Re: My First Love by Treasure17(m): 4:43pm On Mar 13
What a nice and interesting story

Lightqueen, Treasure17 fall in here

Thanks for the update
Lol. Thanks for the invitation izaray. Hope Op's descriptive method is not too graphic. grin
Re: My First Love by felixawe(m): 8:39pm On Mar 13
Re: My First Love by izaray(f): 9:45pm On Mar 13

Lol. Thanks for the invitation izaray. Hope Op's descriptive method is not too graphic. grin
That's d reason i invited you to come see for urself na wink
Re: My First Love by Treasure17(m): 10:38pm On Mar 13
That's d reason i invited you to come see for urself na wink
Lol. Think it's cool for now.

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Re: My First Love by Viciyoung(m): 11:29pm On Mar 14
MY FIRST LOVE Sequence 9
” My name is Luhan Francis, my father is a German while my mom is from Ondo state. Am 25yrs of age , I studied Civil Engineering In Syria for five years .
” My mum likes calling me a yoruba name Abayomi while my dad calls me Lulu. Am the only child of my parents.
” My dad have 5 different companies all over the world and am the heir to his companies. I was call by dad one evening that I need to represent him in one of his company in Nigeria.
” My mum was very happy when I told her am coming to Nigeria, she came to pick me up at the Airport the day I arrived. Abayomi she said and I hugged her, have missed you mum I said and she ruffled my hair because I take after my dad’s hair.
” Mum! She looked at me and said you know I like doing that, what of your dad is he still not coming? My mom gave birth to me in Germany but came back to Nigeria after I was 6yrs old and my dad doesn’t like the idea of it.
” You know I can’t spend the rest of my life here when I have all my family in Nigeria that’s the statement my mum keeps repeating anytime my dad brings the topic up.
” My mum is the principal of Babcock university, she told me to come to her school so I won’t feel alone since the dinner party is one week time.
” I just entered a class and I love the lecturer lecture so I sat down like am one of the students when my eyes suddenly caught a beautiful girl sitting opposite me. I was busy staring at her when the lecture hit her desk angrily and I think is entirely my fault so I stood up and told him to leave the innocent girl alone.
” I wanted to stay after the lecture but I received a call from my mum that I should come and see her in the office right away.
” Abayomi why did you have to talk to Mr Awolowo like that said my mum.
” Mum the man is so wicked if you see how she scared the life out of the girl you won’t like it either.
” This is Nigeria dear please don’t interfere to their matter again if you know you can’t tolerate it just walked out of the class, I don’t want the lectures to think you are a spoilt brat because you studies overseas.
” Am so sorry mum, it won’t repeat itself I said and kissed her cheek while she hit me playfully Naughty boy, get out of my office I have a lot of things to do she said and smiled at me.
“I ran back to class but she is no longer in the class. I don’t know why Nigeria girls like guys that came from abroad, if you see the way this girl are flocking at me like am the only guy in the universe.
” Excuse me I asked a lady who was busy chatting on her phone. She smiled at me and asked what can I do for you?
” Can you please tell me which hostel…….You mean the girl you defend earlier she interrupt me.
“Yeah, Can you please tell me.
” Alright, she brings out a pen and book and write something on it before giving me, that’s is the her hostel address and room.
” I thanked her and quickly excused myself because I don’t want her to ask me any irrelevant questions.
” I drive straight to her hostel and waited for her outside, I came down from my car and sit on top of it when I saw her coming. I have nothing to tell her than am so sorry because am not a type of guy that woo a lady out on a first day.
” I gave her a smile when I saw her walking towards me but she stopped and turned towards her gate when I saw she is about to step on a stick full of nails.
” I grabbed her by her hand and she gave me seven sounding slaps and I was short of words because my parents as never raised their hands on me before but a stranger gave me a whole seven slap.
” She looked at me and the hand she used to slap me before running inside. I was still in a dazed when her friend came to me and said am so stupid and walked out on me.
” I felt so embarrassed and quickly entered my car drove straight home. I met my mom at the dinning waiting for me, she stood up and came to me when she saw how red my cheeks was.
” Luhan what happened? Who is the b-----d that did this to you? She said caressing my cheeks.
” Nothing mum I said and ran into my room while she keeps yelling for me to open the door.
” I refused to follow my mum to her school since that incident because I felt so ashamed of myself and I never knew what the girl might do to me again and I wasn’t raised to beat a woman.
” I was at the dinner party my dad’s employees host for me when a man came to meet me that his daughter could like to meet me.
” I smiled at him and he told me to wait here for her at the end of the stairs and to my surprise it was the same girl that gave me slap.
” She look so beautiful in her dress and I must say my jaw dropped. Is this fate I said to myself.
” She stopped on her track when she saw me and I gestured with my hand for her to come but she closed her eyes and murmurs something before turning back when she slipped and I quickly grabbed her by her waist.
” I looked into her eyes and said you know you owe me seven kisses for the slap you gave me and I kissed her.
“She first struggle for me to released her but I hold her tightly and she later reprocicate back.
To be continued..

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Re: My First Love by Ann2012(f): 7:39am On Mar 15

Thanks for the update
Re: My First Love by skubido(m): 9:49am On Mar 15
Mo fo ooo

Tanks for the update
Re: My First Love by izaray(f): 10:41am On Mar 15

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Happy Birthday Yewande1234 / Ìyàwó Wa (our Bride) / Story Of My Life (inside The Life Of A 'gay') Short Story.

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