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The Perfect Couple by emperorblog21(m): 6:55pm On Jul 29
Perfect couple
Episode 1
Nick stood in his balcony and
continued to watch his new
neigbours as they gently
their belongings into their new
home. They
were an interesting pair to
watch and so Nick
had continued to observe them
for more than
thirty minutes.
From his observation, Nike
could tell they were
newly wedded, a least not
older than six
months, and he could also note
that they were
gentle and generally carful
about life. He also
felt they were a born-again
The last thought amused him
as he reflected
into his own kind of person.
Nick was nowhere
near being Godly. He had
broken every law in
the bible and was sure his
name had been long
erased from the book of life.
He couldn’t tell if the couple
was in love with
each other; all he could detect
was that they
had mutual respect for each
What is my business, he
thought. He’d better
get inside and prepare for
Boma, the new girl in
his life.
He quickly took his eyes off the
busy couple and
looked towards the street.
Green Rich estate
was quiet as usual and the
atmosphere this
evening was cool and airy.
Boma would be
visiting his home for the first
time and he
looked forward to having her
around. Somehow,
Nick felt that his newly found
relationship with
Boma would be an experience
he would never
forget. There was something
different about her
that made him feel this way.
The first time he had met her
was in a public
bus and she had dared him to
kiss her just
minutes after he opened
conversation with her.
She was pretty and neat. And
the way she had
said it had set his heart beat
racing. She was
mischievous; something he had
seen right after
he had kissed her. She had
smiled in a devilish
way and he instantly became
crazy about her.
Then she had done something
during their first
date that had made him never
forget her for
the past five days. She had
worn a black short
gown for the date looking as
hot as temptation.
She had the shape that could
make a male dog
get a hard on. Her firm middle
sized bosom was
working real hard to shoot out
of their cage and
her butt shot out her back like
it was artificial.
The short dress allowed her
light complexioned
fleshy thighs to be well
revealed and again, her
presence got his heart beat
racing. She was a
bad girl and he wasn’t sure he
would be able to
keep up with her. Yet, just the
thought of her
brought all the demon in him
During the date, which was in a
restaurant that
had about 11 customers at the
time, she had
systematically taken off her
black pant right
there on her seat with
everyone around and
handed it to him, “I will come
to your house to
take it whenever I come
visiting. I will not wear
any when I am coming, so
don’t misplace it.”
This act had gotten his head
spinning and right
now, he couldn’t wait to see
Nick looked at his time piece
for the ninth time
and decided to stop starring at
the couples and
go and have his evening
It was a Saturday evening and
he had spent
the better part of the morning
doing some
office work; now was time for
Nick was a twenty nine years
old graduate of
Economics who worked in a
since he started working two
years ago, he had met and
slept with different types of
girl; short, tall, rich
poor, but had never met
anyone as crazy as Boma.
Nick was just a little above
average in height
with a broad shoulder and an
athletic figure. He
was a jovial fellow with
enough swag that had
attracted him to so many
females. He was also
good at his work and got along
with many of his
colleagues. Despite his obvious
love for women,
he avoided flirting or dating
any of his female
colleagues. He also didn’t allow
his social life
affect his job and so he knew
when not to step
beyond his set boundaries.
Also, he never dated married
women. They
were a ‘no go area’ for him and
that was why
he didn’t even notice if his new
neighbor’s wife
was pretty or not.
He left the balcony and quickly
entered into the
house; it was a well furnished
two bedroom flat
that was decorated to suite the
life style of a
Nick wasn’t even thinking of
marriage in the
nearest future.
He got into the bathroom,
quickly had his
shower and had barely came
out of the
bathroom when his mobile
phone rang. He
quickly rushed to answer it,
almost very certain
that the caller was Boma. His
heart beat began
to race again just as he saw the
caller ID, “hello
Boma,” he answered the call,
trying to hide his
“I am in your estate; please can
you remind me
how to locate your house
again?” the soft
female voice asked. It was
totally unlike the
female personality that had it.
“Just tell the cab to bring you
to number
fourteen B close.”
“Alright,” she said and cut the
Ten minutes later, she was
knocking on his
Nick opened the door to face
pretty Boma,
dressed in a dark blue blouse
with a black mini
skirt underneath.
This time around, his heart
stopped racing.
“Come in,” he instructed and
the angel gently
walked in, looking all over her
surrounding in
obvious admiration.
“Mmm, you have got a
beautiful home,” she
“Thank you,” he replied. “You
are welcome.”
She looked at him. “You have
new neigbours
and the wife is pretty.”
“Is she? I didn’t notice.” Now
he didn’t know
what she was up to with such
topic, “Feel at
home. What will you like to
take?” he asked,
trying to sound all friendly.
“I am okay.” She sat down on
one of the yellow
and blue seats. There was a
mischievous smile
on her face. She didn’t make
any effort to cover
up her legs as she sat down.
He could see everything from
where he stood
and he began to perspirate.
She knew what she was doing,
“I don’t have
my panties underneath, I hope
you have it?” It
was a seductive voice. She
obviously didn’t
come here to play around. She
came for action.
“Ye… yes, I have it,” he
responded. Sounding
more like a teenager.
She smiled confidently, “or will
you like to find
out if I really got anything
Perhaps this girl was crazy,
Nick thought. She
had barely stayed up to five
minutes and was
already trying to seduce him.
Yet he still felt
excited and the bulge in his
trouser began to
increase. It was a different kind
of feeling,
something out of this world
and he just couldn’t
wait to devour her.
“Come closer, come and check.”
She gently
He didn’t know what to say,
but his legs began
to carry him towards her like a
She remained sitting and he
knelt down in front
of her once he got to her.
She raised her hand up,
signifying that he was
free to check her up.
Nick loved everything that was
happening; he
slid his right hand into her
black skirt and felt
her bare butt skin. It was soft.
She raised
herself up a little and allowed
him to have
access to her whole
underneath and he could
also feel her wetness. This
energized the animal
in him and he quickly pulled off
all her cloths
and she hurriedly did the same
for him. Within
seconds they were caressing
and kissing each
other all over right there in the
sitting room.
Her moans were exhilarating,
and he wished
she could continue forever. He
liked the feel of
her firm mango shaped bosom
and he didn’t
hesitate to hungrily lick them
with his tongue
as well as caress them with his
hands. While
she moaned, she grabbed his
right hand and
led it to her dripping wet
private part as she
grabbed his joystick and
caressed it too.
Suddenly she squat down and
bean to lick the
stick like flesh.
His head began to swirl in
response to her
touch and he quickly pulled her
up, turned her
round, made her kneel on the
sofa and entered
into her from behind.
Boma’s moan was different as
the whole of him
buried itself into her. Nick
actually thought that
the new neigbours could hear
her, but he
didn’t care and he also didn’t
want her to lower
her voice. The sound actually
made the
moment more pleasurable.
Boma’s wild response to his
constant pounding
made every moment special, it
made every
minute memorable and Nick
knew instantly
that his S£x life had risen to a
new level.
He continued humping her
until his body
couldn’t take it anymore; he
reach c—-x and
the height, he knew he was
way higher than any
c—-x he had reached in his
A minute later he fell on the
sofa, breathing like
he had ran round the estate.
Boma sat close to him and
leaned on his chest
with a satisfactory smile on her
face. “That was
great,” She said and quietness
followed while
they both tried to catch their
More stories @ www.chorusman.com
A minute later, she stood up
and walked Unclad
towards his kitchen, “I need to
take some
water,” she said.
While his eyes were fixed on
her lovely behind,
he said, “The fridge is right
there in kitchen,
help yourself.” He couldn’t take
his eyes off her
until she disappeared into the
kitchen. He
instantly looked forward to
having another
piece of her.
In the kitchen, Boma got
herself a glass of
water and relaxed on the
kitchen sink to drink it
while she continued to admire
the cleanliness of
the cooking room. Then she
looked out of the
window noticed that the
neighbour’s backyard
was very visible. She could
clearly see the
neighbour’s kitchen window
and it was obvious
that anyone in the neighbour’s
kitchen would
also clearly see her if she
comes out of the back
balcony from the kitchen. It
was the closest
house from that side of the
building and both
flats shared a common
backyard with just a
short fence dividing it.
Then she heard sounds from
the other kitchen
and wondered who was there.
perhaps it was
the pretty gentle woman’s
husband, she
thought. She didn’t think the
gentle man had
ever seen a body as perfect as
With the cup in her hands, she
slowly opened
the kitchen exit door and
stepped outside,
stack Unclad. She could feel
two eyes staring at
her from the neighbor’s
kitchen. She was sure
of this because the sound had
stopped and she
could see a human form
standing by the
Then she heard the sound
continue again; she
gently walked back into the
kitchen and
straight to the sitting room
where Nick sat. He
looked up expectedly at her
and she thought
he looked ready to take on her
the second ti

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Re: The Perfect Couple by emperorblog21(m): 6:55pm On Jul 29
Perfect couple
Episode 2
“…father Lord in heaven; please
bless this food
we ask through Christ our
“Amen,” Ruth murmured in
response to her
husband’s prayer.
They were about to have their
breakfast that
Sunday morning but there was
an obvious,
embarrassing tension in the air.
Mr. Paul easily noticed
something wrongs
in the way his wife had
responded to his prayer.
She was still unhappy about
what happened
yesterday, barely a few hours
into parking into
this new neighborhood.
She had been excited about
living in this house
and had insisted they use this
weekend to
ensure they started their new
life here.
Paul had married Ruth five
months ago and
they had since been living in a
one room
apartment where he had been
living before
they tied the holy knot.
Her Christian upbringing had
taught her that
the most important virtue of a
Godly woman
was patience and content. And
both had always
believed that in no time God
would get them a
better apartment.
Paul had always planned and
wished to make
his wife comfortable and so
had secretly been
saving for a bigger house. She
was a good
woman, one he had met a
virgin and felt she
deserved the best life could
offer. Paul believed
that Ruth was a special gift to
him from God
whom he had been very
faithful to in worship
and holiness. Ruth was not just
homely and Godly; she was
also a very beautiful
woman. And meeting her a
virgin was the
height of his excitement.
Paul, even though a strong
Christian for the
past twelve years, had never
considered male
virginity to be of any
importance in a
relationship. He had been
sexually active in his
late teens before he repented
and had a few
flings in his baby Christian
days. But for the
past seven years he had
sacrificed his body to
Christ and kept his body holy,
keeping away
from Sexual immorality. It was
not easy
especially as a bachelor, a
handsome thirty
years old bachelor for that
S£x was wrong in the sight of
God and the bible
instructed that one should flee
from it. The
immoral act was a gateway for
demons to find
their way into one’s body; it
also causes one to
lose his spiritual identity.
So Paul had trained himself to
let go of immoral
thoughts and with the help of
the Holy Spirit,
living a perfect holy life
became very easy. Then
when he was spiritually and
ready to marry, he asked God
for a good wife
and the Lord once again was
faithful to him.
Paul worked with an insurance
firm and his
salary was not huge, but he
always had faith
that God would always see him
through difficult
times. His life style made it
easy for him to save
and this was why he was able
to afford their
new apartment.
Ruth was a HND holder and
was at the
moment looking for job. The
man of God in their
church had prophesied that
their marriage will
be blessed with money and
children. This was
three months ago and they
were still waiting on
the Lord to have his way in
their lives, Ruth was
yet to get pregnant, but the
couple were not
perturbed about this state of
affair. At the
Lord’s time he would make her
He had disvirgined her on the
eve of their
wedding, a night she would
never forget. It was
the first night she ever saw a
man standing
Unclad in front of her and also
had felt great
shame being Unclad in front of
him too. It was
not as easy as she had thought
it would be and
this had made her wonder why
all those bad
girls in her school and
neigbourhood had lived
through having S£x with
different men like it
meant nothing.
Only having her husband get a
glimpse of her
bare bosom had been tug of
war. Ruth could
say she had been a born again
Christian all her
life. Of course there were few
moments of
anger, gossip, selfishness and
sinful thoughts
but her weakness had never
gone beyond that.
She had always seen her body
as a holy vessel
for the lord and had never
given Sexual
immorality a second thought in
her life. Her
body was of Christ and she was
determined to
give it only to her husband.
She knew she was pretty. Her
slim straight
feminine body with full sized
bosom, smooth
face and cute Buttocks had
always attracted the
male folks. But she had made
unapproachable; they dared
not walk up to her
to tell her sweet nonsense.
Didn’t they know
her body was the temple of
And so when she found her
husband staring at
her bosom, it was strange and
But she had loved the touch.
The feeling had
been heavenly. He had sent
electric waves all
over her body and her brain
had almost
shattered with pleasure. She
had loved the way
he touched her and kissed her
deeply. He had
used his tongue all over her
body and
concentrated more on her
bosom, it was a
wonderful feeling. The feel of
his hand all over
her bare buttock was simply
sweet and when
he had caressed the lips of her
virgina, cause
her female core to swell, she
had come to a
conclusion that S£x was a bit of
heaven on
earth. The wetness all over her
virgina had
contributed in making his
touch more
pleasurable. Then he
disvirgined her and
despite the initial pain, she
loved it. She loved
having S£x with her husband.
This was her private feeling,
the thought that
only her could know of. This
thought was
accompanied by fear. She was
afraid that she
was loving S£x more than God.
But her actions
or desires were justified by the
fact that S£x in
her matrimonial home was
good. This was why
she wanted to have more of
Paul every day.
Unfortunately, Paul’s Sexual life
was modest. He
really was working hard not to
make it a habit.
To him, S£x, despite how
pleasurable the act
was, was a secondary issue
when compared
with ensuring one lived a holy
life. Besides, at
times of fasting and praying,
which were part of
his everyday life, one needed
not think about
S£x, even with the wife.
He was right as far as she was
concerned and
so she always prayed to the
lord to help her
suppress her desire and love
for S£x. She was
doing well so far. Yes,
sometimes the desire
could be so strong but she
would just pick up
her bible and study the word
of God and only
enjoyed the act when her
husband wanted to.
She had never had any other
kind of Sekual
experience apart from what
she had had with
her husband; just the normal
caressing, kissing,
ensuring she got wet while he
joystick charges
and then a normal pleasurable
missionary style.
She didn’t think she was
missing anything,
even though she was not sure.
Okay, perhaps she always
wished he could last
longer, but she came to believe
that that was
how S£x was experienced even
with all men.
But she was very surprised to
find her husband
staring at the Unclad girl
yesterday evening. In
fact, she had been
disappointed in him. He
wasn’t supposed to stare, he
was supposed to
flee; take his eyes of the Unclad
devil. What
kind of human was she
anyway? Ruth has seen
her when she came visiting the
male bachelor
who had nothing to do but to
stare at them all
Why was her husband staring?
What he did was
as good at committing Sexual
immorality in the
eyes of God. She didn’t know
how to handle the
situation. It was embarrassing
as well as hurtful.
How could her husband be
staring at the
unclothedness of another
woman. She had
thought about this all through
the night and it
had weighed her emotions
down this morning.
He had quickly continued with
what he was
doing once she had come in
and caught him
staring at the unclad lady. He
had seemed so
carried away and that was why
she had looked
towards his
direction of interest.
Now she couldn’t even look
him in the face.
How could a child of God be
lost in the lust of
another woman?
She felt pained, yet she knew,
as a Christian,
that she should forgive him
and give him the
opportunity to repent from his
The tension throughout
breakfast was awkward.
This wasn’t the way the almost
perfect couple
wanted to spend their first
night and morning
in their new home.
Paul, on the other hand, knew
that what he did
was wrong and he had spent a
better part of
the night asking the Lord for
forgiveness. Yet
the image of the Unclad girl
couldn’t just get
out of his mind. The weight of
guilt made him
really depressed.
She was simply hot, like
something from out of
this world. Did he think she
had a better body
than his wife? No! He shouldn’t
be thinking this
way. He should ask the Lord for
help; he must
take her off his mind at all cost.
The firm bosoms were worth
watching; there
was a way she had walked
across the balcony that
had made him imagine what
she was like in
bed. Wow! It’s been long he
saw a different
kind of Buttocks apart from his
wife’s. He was
already used to seeing Ruth’s
beautiful Buttocks.
Had she lost the attraction it
had when she was a
virgin? He had thought she
would always remain
as new
as he had met her. Why did he
even think that
that LovePeddler’s body was
fresher than
Ruth’s? Why did he even stare
at it? He
couldn’t just tell what it was he
saw in that
shameless girl that tingled
something in him.
She had a different style in the
way she walked
and held her shoulders. Ruth
didn’t have style.
Ruth was just Ruth and
nothing more.
Their love making was just
modest. Both were
ashamed to dwell on the
pleasure in it for too
long. Ruth hardly moans out
loud because she
probably thought it was sinful.
He also thought
it should be so. What is
pleasurable in this world
anyway? What shall it profit a
man to gain the
whole world and lose his own
soul? He loved his
wife and that was all that
mattered and he was
going to use that whole day in
church to ask
the Lord forgiveness

Re: The Perfect Couple by emperorblog21(m): 6:56pm On Jul 29
Re: The Perfect Couple by Ann2012(f): 9:31pm On Jul 29

I've actually read this story, thanks for the mention Boss cool

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Re: The Perfect Couple by emperorblog21(m): 9:39pm On Jul 29

I've actually read this story, thanks for the mention Boss cool

okay posting some later
are u hearing from lighqueen ?
Re: The Perfect Couple by Ann2012(f): 9:41pm On Jul 29

okay posting some later
are u hearing from lighqueen ?

It's been a while I heard from her, but I believe she's fine by God's grace

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Re: The Perfect Couple by emperorblog21(m): 10:37am On Jul 30

It's been a while I heard from her, but I believe she's fine by God's grace

same here also
Re: The Perfect Couple by maleeknasri(m): 5:19pm On Jul 30
nice update boss......following

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Re: The Perfect Couple by excelmerry: 6:10pm On Jul 30

I've actually read this story, thanks for the mention Boss cool
Where did u read the story?
Re: The Perfect Couple by Ann2012(f): 6:17pm On Jul 30

Where did u read the story?

On a blog

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Re: The Perfect Couple by emperorblog21(m): 12:50pm On Jul 31
The perfect couple
Episode 3
Boma decided she was not
going to tell Nick
what transpired between her
and his new
neighbor that afternoon before
coming to his
office. It was going to be her
secret game and
she was sure she’s going to
have fun doing what
had in mind. This idea to play
games with the
neighbor didn’t occur to her
until she spoke
with him and discovered he
saw her standing
Unclad at the backyard balcony
on Saturday
He didn’t have to say it, his
reaction said it all.
She had recognized him once
he walked into
the office hall. She had also
noticed that he had
walked up to her because she
was female and
he was somehow attracted to
her. There were
other customer care agents
who weren’t
engaged at the moment but he
chose to walk
up to her. He could be calm and
perhaps a born-again Christian,
but he still had
the male instinct in him. It’s
funny how God
created men with this
uncontrollable instinct
and still expect them to be
perfect and
monogamous, she thought.
“Good day sir,” she had quickly
saluted with a
broad professional smile on her
lips. She was
aware of the effect this smile
had on men. “How
may I help you?”
“Thank you, I want to inquire
about your
internet package for offices.”
“Alright sir, I will definitely be
able to help you.”
quickly, she told him all he
needed to know
about their internet services.”
He had concentrated on her
face as she spoke
to him but she couldn’t tell
what was going on
in his mind. The face had
remained straight
forward and it enabled him
conceal all internal
emotions perfectly. Perhaps he
was just
interested in the business that
brought him here
and wouldn’t have time to flirt
with her. But she
wasn’t going to give up. There
was something
about this man that had
aroused Boma’s
curiosity. He was good looking
but that was not
her cause of interest. It was the
righteous aura
he exhumed as he walked and
talked. He
looked and acted like a good, if
not perfect,
man. He looked like he would
be a hard knot to
untie and it felt like a challenge
to her. It was
like a difficult Sexual
adventure; something new
that she had not tried before.
She was going to
untie him and find out if he
was really perfect.
“Thank you very much for that
information. I will get back to
you once we
make a decision on which
package to go for.”
Paul replied.
“I will be looking forward to
seeing you sir.
Meanwhile you can have this
flier with you, it
has in it all the information I
gave you.”
“Aright.” He replied and took
the paper from
“Why do I feel I have met you
before sir?” she
asked, just as he was about to
He stopped and concentrated
on her once
again. “Are you sure? Which
church do you
“I am very sure I didn’t meet
you in the church
sir. Oh get it… you are my
friend’s new
neighbor. I recall seeing you
pack your
belongings into your new
home at Rich Green
Estate last weekend.”
She was right, he thought,
“You must be very
observant. Yes I just packed
into the estate.”
“I hope you like your new
environment. I don’t
stay there though; I just came
to see a friend.”
“You don’t stay there?” he
asked and Boma
saw a trace of disappointment
his face. But Paul was
wondering how she was
able to see and take note of
him so easily. He
wondered which house among
the ones in his
new neighborhood she had
seen and noted him
More stories @ www.chorusman.com
This was her chance to go for
the kill, she
thought. “Yes, I came to visit
the single male
bachelor who shared the same
view with your
back yard. That was the day
you were packing
in. I remember standing at the
back yard
balcony, and watching your
And she instantly noticed and
intense look on
his face. He was remembering
something. That
was when she knew he saw
her. He suddenly
looked guilty and
“I was Unclad…” she said and
let the words
sink. “I hope nobody saw me
from your house,”
she apologetically added.
This gave him the courage to
speak out. “You
were the Unclad girl from the
balcony? How could such a
pretty and responsible
looking girl like you act like
that? Do you not
have respect for God?”
“Excuse me sir,” she politely
said, looking all
innocent and ignorant, “I am
sorry if my
unclothedness offended you.
It’s not my fault
that I don’t meet your
expectation all because
you have a pretty wife. I didn’t
even know that
someone was watching me
from your house.”
Paul didn’t understand why
she was lying.
Wasn’t she the one who had
brought it up?
Was she expecting him to
smile at her and tell
her well done for coming out
of her house
Unclad? Yet her last statement
had made him
remember watching and
almost admiring the
“Of course you should know
that you will
be seen.”
“And I looked so ugly that it
offended you?” she
tried to look hurt.
Paul actually thought she was
serious, “I didn’t
say you were ugly,” he
defended and almost
took back his words.
“Oh… Thank you.” she smiled. It
was her best
smile and it was appealing.
“Thank you Mr.
Paul, I will be looking forward
to seeing you
again,” she quickly said, once
again looking all
professional. “Please I will be
here in case you
want anything… and I mean
He understood what she meant
but didn’t know
what to say. He just picked up
the flier and
walked away. He already
swore within himself
that he would never come back
to the office
But even as he walked away,
Boma knew he
would be back. She was yet to
start with him,
this was only the beginning.
Re: The Perfect Couple by emperorblog21(m): 12:50pm On Jul 31
Episode 4
Paul couldn’t tell if his wife had
forgotten about
what happened last weekend
or not. She was
acting all normal only that she
had been
taciturn for the past five days
since he was
caught watching the Unclad
lady. Apart from
that she had remained the God
fearing and
loving wife he had married. He
could see that
what happened was more of
an embarrassment
than offensive.
He loved her and wouldn’t
want to hurt her. He
also wouldn’t want to hurt God
whom he had
vowed to serve with his whole
heart. But
something had been
happening in his mind
since he last spoke with the
devilish girl at her
work place. He had found
himself replying their
conversation over and over
again in his mind,
despite efforts to let go of the
memory of the
meeting. The cunning girl had
forced him to
confess he didn’t think she had
an ugly body.
Those were filthy words and a
Christian like him
was not supposed to express
whatever he felt
about her body. In fact he
wasn’t even
supposed to think of it.
Why did he have to see her
again? He was sure
that the devil was at war with
He decided that he was going
to fast
throughout the week.
Today was his third day into
the fasting. He was going to
ensure no Sexual thought came
into his head. He wasn’t even
going to do anything with his
Another guilty thought was
that he was
unconsciously comparing his
wife’s body with
the devil lady’s. His wife was
beautiful with an
equally beautiful body but she
didn’t carry
herself the way that lady
carried hers;
Ruth didn’t have style she was
just herself. Paul was
sure she was sent by the devil
because she was
making him have these evil
sinful thoughts in
his head.
These thoughts were the
reason why he had
been praying all evening since
he came back
from work. Ruth had been
coming close to him
like she wanted him to have
her but he had
promised God that he wouldn’t
involve in any
Sexual act until the fast was
over. He was
definitely going to rid every
sinful thought from
his mind and not even S£x
from his wife was
going to stop him.
Ruth had almost forgotten
about what
happened last weekend. After
much thought,
she didn’t think it what her
husband did was a
strong reason enough to be
angry with him.
she had been able to see it as
the work of the
devil and so had decided that
she wouldn’t
allow the devil get between
she and her
husband. What she didn’t
understand however,
was why her husband was
acting all guilty since
the event. Why can’t he see
that she was ready
to let go and make up with
him? Why can’t he
just let it go and make love to
Now she had gotten even
more restless with
the fact that he’d just started
fasting. Why was
he fasting again? Didn’t he just
finish one the
previous week just before they
packed into this
neighbourhood? He hadn’t
even made love to
her since then. And now, only
God knows when
she would feel his touch again.
This thought also made her felt
guilty and
sinful. She knew she wasn’t
supposed to
complain within her about the
fasting her
husband was doing. She was
supposed to
appreciate it and thank God he
was equipping
himself spiritually. What was S
£x compared to
what her husband was doing
for the Lord.
Yet, he body desired to be
touched despite all
prayers and reading of the
word of God.
He had just finished praying
when she walked
into the room. She knew she
had been taciturn
since she caught him staring at
the Unclad
lady; she felt it was time she
opened up a
discussion with him, hopefully
he would stop
acting guilty and relax around
Deep down in her mind she
was not sure of why
she wanted him to relax
around her. She wasn’t
also sure of why she entered
the room to meet
him. Oh! How she wished he
could just make
love to her.
“So how was work today?” she
asked as she sat
on the bed.
Paul had just picked up the
bible to read one or
two chapters, she looked up at
her, “Work was
nice. I thank God for
“Yes… this new neighbourhood
is quiet but I
prefer it to our former place.”
She said.
“With time, you will get used
to it.” He said,
recalling again how the so
neighbourhood had welcomed
them the first
day they had parked in. but
that didn’t stop
him from noticing how pretty
Ruth looked the previous
evening. She smelt nice too
and he almost felt like reaching
out his hands to grab her to
He really loved her.
“Yes, I will get used to it.”
“I trust that the good Lord will
soon provide you
a job and you will be busy.” He
said. “Why don’t
we study the bible together
and pray?” he
“Oh.” She felt it was a good
idea even though
prayer wasn’t the reason why
she had entered
the room. Yet, she knew that
as a Christian, she
must pray without ceasing.
She sat beside him and
together, the two love
birds began to study the word.

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Is this your story? @op cos I've read this story in another site.
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Is this your story? @op cos I've read this story in another site.

not Mine o
Re: The Perfect Couple by emperorblog21(m): 3:21pm On Aug 13
Nick couldn’t understand why
Boma had
insisted that he take sick Leave
this Monday
morning. It just didn’t make
sense despite the
fact that she had insisted that
she needed to be
with him. Why hadn’t she just
come around
during the weekend to hang
out with him? Not
that she had any reasonable
thing doing all
through the weekend.
She had also explained to him
that she had
taken a sick leave too.
Once Nick had called his office
and told them
he wouldn’t be at work
because he had fever,
he was expressly granted
permission to take a
Nick had felt guilty because his
co-workers had
expressed concern, knowing
that Nick seldom
stayed away from office.
But despite the guilt he felt,
Nick looked
forward to seeing Boma in his
home. He was
sure she had some tricks up her
sleeve and
couldn’t help but wonder what
package she
had for him.
He was beginning to like her
crazy ways of
doing things and he was also
thinking that she
was making him change from
his conventional
way of doing things. Yes, he
was sure he was
fast becoming a different
person because of
Boms’s influence. He could
recall how Chioma
had been staring at him
suspiciously since she
caught him leaving the female
toilet last week.
She had even told him that
Boma had revealed
to her that they had just made
love in there
and had also added that he
was good at it. Why
would she do such a thing?
Now Chioma was
seeing him like a crazy guy too.
She didn’t
think he was just the modest
fun loving guy
everyone had always thought
he was. Nick was
sure Chioma had told other
ladies because he
had been observing the way
everyone had been
staring at him like he was a
weird person.
Now Boma had got him taking
in sick leave. What other crazy
thing would she make him do?
Time went slowly just because
he was idle at
home waiting for Boma to
show up. She had
promised that she would come
around in the
early hours of the morning; it
was a few
minutes past nine a.m, she was
yet to show up.
He felt silly, sitting all at home
on a Monday
morning waiting for a woman.
The only
consolatory thought was the
pleasure of having
the wild girl around.
Boma came visiting twenty
minutes later
looking very stunning in a
black skin tight
female pant and blue female
shirt. She was a
real beauty with a lively
expression that made
Nick thought of nothing but
happiness. His
spirit lit up and he instantly
knew today was
going to be a great day.
Boma had deliberately decided
to come around
on a Monday morning. It was
all part of her plan
for the Christian couple.
Everything was like an
adventure to her and she
meant to go all the
way to see how what she had
in mind would
materialize. She needed Paul’s
wife to be alone
at home for her plan to work
Nick couldn’t help but stare as
she restlessly
walked in and out of the
kitchen, the glow still
on her face.
“You also told them you were
sick at work?” he
“Nah, I just said I had to take
the day off so that
I could see a sick aunt.” She
replied almost
He knew something was in her
mind, but
couldn’t really make a guess.
He watched her finally sit
down, with a glass of
water in her hand. He walked
closer and sat
beside her.
“Everybody in my office now
thinks I am crazy.”
He said.
She laughed, “Of course you are
crazy. We all
are crazy. We all have that
animalistic tendency
to want to have S£x in the
open even if we fail
to notice this desire in us. Trust
me, given a
reason not to fear, we would
act worst than wild
“But why did you have to tell
her that we made
love in the bathroom?” he
asked. Nick didn’t
discuss this with her on the
phone all these
while because he wanted to
really understand
the motive behind what she
“I don’t know,” she replied, “I
didn’t want her
to go making wide wrong
guesses. Sometimes
people need to know the facts
even when they
gossip. Don’t you get tired of
being just an
ordinary co-worker
“No, I have no problem with
that.” He replied.
She laughed once again, “An
ordinary guy is in
no way a special guy. I know
every human likes
feeling special.” She stood up.
“Stop all these
side talks and come and make
love to me.” she
was walking towards the
kitchen as she spoke.
He didn’t stand up. He knew he
was going to
make love to her, but she could
have made the
invitation sound sexier.
She stopped at the kitchen
door. “Are you not
Now he became suspicious,
“Where are we
She stood in a thoughtful
position, “You know
what? Give me two minutes,
then you can join
me at the kitchen balcony.” She
slipped into
the kitchen just as she finished
Exactly two munities later, he
stood up and
walked through the kitchen,
into the
balcony. Boma was standing
stark Unclad with
a glass of cup still in her hands.
Her cloths
where hung on the iron bar
that guarded the
small space. She was leaning
on a small reading
table in the balcony while her
eyes focused on
the new neighbor’s kitchen.
“What are you doing,” he
quickly asked,
alarmingly looking towards his
building. “Why are you
standing here Unclad,
don’t you know someone could
see you from
that building?”
She looked at him and her eyes
were just
dreamy and inviting. “Make
love to me here.”
“I… why… I can’t do it here. I…”
She stopped him by dragging
him closer and
giving him a deep French kiss.
His body easily
responded. Even seeing her
Unclad had already
aroused him. She looked like a
goddess, a mad
He began to handle her bare
bosom and Buttocks. It
felt good and she moaned
loudly to his touch.
As he touched her, he noticed
her moans were
getting louder and her
response was wild. He
liked it, but he wished she
could keep it low so
as not to stir up the
neighbour’s wife whom he
was sure was at home.
Quickly, she began to work on
his belt and soon
his pant was down. She bent
down and began
to suck his Joystick like a real
professional in the
game. He couldn’t help but
moan too. It was a
heavenly feeling and he
wished she could never
“I need you to suck me!” she
commanded and
sat on the table, quickly
spreading her legs
Without hesitation, Nick bent
towards the
opened legs and used his
tongue to lick her
Boma wasn’t moaning any
longer, she was now
almost screaming causing Nick
to never want to
stop. She caressed his head and
back while he
maintained his action. Ten
minutes later, he
drove his hardened Joystick
into her wetness as
Boma gave out a pleasurable
moan. His t—-t
was rough and steady, yet she
enjoyed it all
asking him not to ever stop.
Then she pushed
him away and jumped out of
the table. She
quickly turned her back and
bent down, giving
him access to enter her from
the rear. He
quickly did.
She loved it and he was
enjoying himself too.
He continued to slam until she
turned around
again and made him carry her
while he bleeped
her. Soon they were standing
face to face and
having wild S£x while she
kissed and caressed
Boma didn’t tone down on her
wild pleasure
screams until he ejaculated
into her.
From her kitchen, Ruth couldn’t
help but
watched the wildest S£x she
had ever seen in
her life. Now she knew what
evil really meant.
Re: The Perfect Couple by emperorblog21(m): 3:22pm On Aug 13
Episode 6
Ruth couldn’t really say how
she managed to
breathe normally after the
insane act she had
seen earlier that day. What in
the world were
those two crazy people
thinking by having s*x
out there in the open like
What she saw was simply
unbelievable, it was
pure evil.
She was sure this was the same
girl that had
walked around Unclad for her
husband to see
some days ago. Wasn’t the
whole house
enough for them to have their
abominable act?
What kind of demon was in
possession of these
She didn’t know what to think
neither was she
able to get the memory of the
grotesque sight
out of her head.
She tried to get herself busy by
doing some
house chores but everything
she thought in her
mind couldn’t allow her do
meaningful. The thought kept
screaming in her
Why was the lady even
screaming like that?
Why did she allow him to use
his mouth to… oh!
Ruth felt like going insane.
Never had she seen
two people have s*x before,
not to think of
having it in such a bizarre way.
Was that the
way every other couple had
s*x? Everything
was insanely different from
what she always
had with Paul. Yet Ruth had
always known that
there was more to the act than
she always got
from her husband.
Yes, why was she even
screaming like that?
Was she just acting crazy? Why
did she allow
him to make love to her in
different positions?
How was s*x even possible in
all those position?
Ruth couldn’t imagine herself
being made love
to that way. It was barbaric
and animalist. It
was wayward and worldly.
Her screams… somehow, Ruth
could relate with
those screams. It was pleasure,
but why was
she so loud? Was the feeling
different? She had
always wanted more when
having s*x with
Paul. But she didn’t know all
those positions
and all those oral stuffs were
possible… and
enjoyable too, given the way
the lady had
She could remember her pastor
MouthAction once and could
also remember
wondering what in the world
he was talking
Well, she had seen it… it was
nauseating. Yet
the lady screamed.
She must be an animal, Ruth
thought. She was
full of energy and allowed
herself to enjoy every
bit of the moment. The lady
didn’t even care if
what she was doing was a sin
to her creator.
Ruth was even sure that the
young man was
not her husband!!
Ruth felt sinful for even having
seen the act.
She wished she could plug her
eyes out. She
couldn’t delete the thought of
the young man’s
tight Buttocks slamming in and
out of the lady with
so much energy. He was good.
And he lasted
for too long too.
The scream… it made Ruth
imagine the
pleasure she must have been
going through.
The worst part was that she
had somehow been
turned on by what she saw
that morning. She
had gotten wet and had
desired instant s*x.
She hated the guilt she felt. She
hated herself
for wishing her husband could
make love to her
in such and energetic way. She
found herself
wondering, for the first time in
her life, if she
was missing something.
Wasn’t it God that created s*x?
Wasn’t it meant
to be enjoyed? Why then
wouldn’t she have it
and enjoy it with her husband
just the way the
girl had enjoyed it with her
neighbor. Why must
she feel she needed more each
time she had
s*x with Paul?
Ruth didn’t like all the
questions her mind was
throwing at her. She regretted
going into the
kitchen when she heard
strange sound coming
from the background and she
was sure it was
all the devil’s plan. She wished
Paul could just
come around and keep her
company and
perhaps make love to her. The
urge to have s*x
became uncontrollably strong
even though she
knew she would never have it
like that girl.
Later in the evening, Ruth
thought she might
go crazy if she continued
staying alone at home
and thinking about s*x. She
had tried
meditating in the word of God
and praying but
she knew she was just
deceiving herself.
So she decided to take a stroll
out of the house,
perhaps go to the estate
supermarket and but
Ruth quickly dressed up and
left the house.
Had the girl gone home? Ruth
wondered even
as she constantly looked
towards the quiet
building while making her way
to the
supermarket. She was simply
dressed in a black
long skirt and a female blouse
with a white
head tie to cover her hair.
The supermarket was half a
kilometer away
from her new house; it was the
more reliable
retail outlet one was sure to
get anything she
wanted in this estate.
She got to the shop and quickly
went to the
detergent shelf. She also
decided to look
around before leaving the
She got to the provision
section and behold she
could see her neighbor trying
to select from the
pack of beverages. He was
carried away while
doing his shopping.
Ruth stopped and stared at
him. At first, she
had believed he was a devil,
but she found
herself remembering how his
tight Buttocks had
been so visible to her while he
made love to
that lady earlier today. He was
like an enigma
and she couldn’t do anything
but stare.
Nick had thought he’d better
do some
shopping right after Boma had
left his home
earlier that evening. It had
been a crazy and
fun filled day and it was worth
not going to
work. Boma was showing him
the other side of
life and s*x. Making love to her
in the office
toilet and right there in his
balcony had given
him a whole new S#xual
sensation. After she
had left, she decided he needed
to take milk so
as to regain his lost energy but
didn’t have any
at home. So he decided to go
to the estate
supermarket to get some.
Somehow, as he made a choice
on what to buy,
he felt someone was watching
him. He
reflexively looked towards his
left and saw his
pretty married neighbor
looking at him like he
was an alien.
Their eyes locked for about ten
seconds and
Ruth quickly took hers off and
hurriedly left the
supermarket. The sight of him
had stirred up
something in her, but she
didn’t know what it
was. She wanted to hate it but
she seemed to
like it.
Re: The Perfect Couple by emperorblog21(m): 3:22pm On Aug 13
When Paul came home later
that evening, he
easily noticed that there was
different about his wife. She
was acting like she
was hiding something. The
way her eyes
glowed was strange and she
was not her
normal dull self who took her
time in everything
she did. She also couldn’t stare
at him straight
in the eyes, yet she kept on
stealing a glance at
him, but would quickly look
away whenever
they had eye contact.
“So how was your day?” He
asked her while
having his dinner.
“My day?” she quickly asked.
She didn’t know
when she became alarmed.
“My day was okay,
just the same usual boring
He noticed this alarmed
reaction too, but didn’t
know what to do about this
Ruth wanted S£x and wanted it
any moment
from now. Today was the last
day of his fasting
but she wasn’t sure if he would
want to touch
her. She needed him even
though she wasn’t
sure she would have the same
pleasure as the
lady in the neighbor’s balcony
had had. She
just needed to be touched.
Paul couldn’t just understand
what was wrong
with his wife. She was touching
him here and
there, something she had
never done before.
She watched him eat, saying
Was she still angry at him for
what happened
last week? Paul thought. But
she didn’t actually
look angry. He also observed as
she quickly
parked the empty plate right
after he was done,
dropped the plates in the
kitchen and came
“Let’s go into the room dear.”
Ruth said.
There was also something
different about the
way she talked, he noted. Did
she want S£x? He
didn’t want S£x. He was tired
and needed to
just pray and sleep. But how
could she be
acting like she wanted S£x?
That’s a worldly
behavior. “I want to read the
bible a little before
coming into the room.” he
replied her
“Alright, I will be inside.” She
stood up and
entered the bedroom.
Paul could see that she was
His wife wanted to make love
to him and it was
his duty as a man to do that
with her. Even the
word of God said so. He should
be with her
even though he was tired. He
read a few verses
in the bible and quickly stood
up to join her in
the bedroom.
He put on his night gown and
joined her on the
Ruth turned around once he
lay on the bed and
began to caress him. This was a
strange act as
far as Paul was concerned. His
wife never
initiated S£x. There was an
unfamiliar hunger in
the way she touched him. It
quickly turned him
on and soon man and wife
were Unclad.
Ruth wanted him to be wilder
in his touch. She
wanted him to make her
scream like the lady
had screamed today. But Paul
wasn’t cut out
for this new style of love
making. What had
gotten into his wife’s head?
Why is she just
rushing him, he just wanted to
take his time; it
seemed like he was about to
make love to
another person and not his
Ruth wasn’t feeling him; she
felt frustrated but
kept on trying.
His fingers toughed her virgina,
caressed it a
little and went up to her
No! She was not going to have
a few minutes of
caress and then S£x without
energy. She
wanted him to finger her
harder and suck her
bosoms harder too. She
wanted him to make
her scream. Couldn’t he see
that she was all
wet? She wondered how the
lady felt with the
young man’s tongue in her
virgina. She was
sure the feeling the tongue
would have on her
femalecore would be heavenly.
“Please don’t take off your
hand,” she pleaded.
“Touch me more,” she couldn’t
believe she was
the one saying this. She
wanted him to rub
harder on her femalecore. She
just wanted to
feel all the pleasure she could.
Paul was surprised at the way
she had talked.
What in devil had gotten into
his wife? Was she
demanding a worldly kind of S
£x from him?
Somehow, he wanted to give it
to her as she
demanded but couldn’t bring
himself up to do
such dirty things. Why does she
want him to
over caress her virgina? He
wasn’t just
expecting this.
He just touched her a little and
quickly caressed
her bosom before driving his
joystick into her.
Ruth almost cried out in
frustration but loved
the feel of him inside her. She
wanted to tell
him to suck her bosom hard
but knew she
would sound as worldly as the
lady in her
neighborhood. She was lying in
a missionary
style but hoped that she would
also have him
drive into her from the rear,
just like the dog-
like style she saw her neighbor
did to his girl
But he was getting over
excited and needed to
have S£x with her before he
ejaculated in the
process of romance. She was all
wet and he
liked the feel of her virginal
walls. This got him
even more excited as the walls
of the warm
environment contracted and
gave him a warm
He ejaculated before he got to
his thirteenth
Ruth noticed he was pounding
her faster, he
was coming!! “No, no don’t,
please don’t come,
don’t stop pleaaase.” She
please, surprised at
herself once again for saying it
out loud.
But it was too late. Paul’s
joystick was already
shrinking. He rolled off her and
lay face up on
the bed, breathing heavily.
Ruth couldn’t understand what
was wrong with
her. She was plain angry. The
emptiness she
felt inside was so deep that she
felt like crying.
Was this all she could get after
all the
anticipation all day? She
wanted to despise her
husband for leaving her this
empty, but she
knew she shouldn’t. She was
acting sinful even
with her thoughts and she
knew she should
She felt sad. Then a realization
downed on her.
She was never going to have as
much joy
during S£x as that lady. She
was never going to
be satisfied. She was stuck and
would never
find the happiness she desired.
She became
scared. The possibility of living
the rest of her
life in this emptiness was
Re: The Perfect Couple by emperorblog21(m): 3:23pm On Aug 13
part 8

That night, Nick lay on his bed
and wondered
why the pretty gentle lady had
stopped to stare
at him at the supermarket.
Could it be that she
had seen him make love to
Boma? Then why
should that make her look at
him like he was a
strange being?
It was funny, the way she had
acted. He
wanted to called her back and
ask her what the
problem was, but she had
walked away so fast
like she regretted being caught
staring. Why
was she staring? Nick couldn’t
tell if she was
giving him a disgusting look or
a look of
approval. Perhaps she liked
how he had bleeped
Boma. If she hated what she
saw, she wouldn’t
have taken her time to look at
him like that.
Could it be that she was
fantasizing about him
making love to her instead?
This thought got
Nick excited for a moment.
Boma had made him study the
gentle women
in the past few days. The
naughty girl had
exposed him to the fact that
the woman was
good looking. He had since
then studied her
and realized that Boma had
been right. The
lady was quite pretty but that
didn’t give Nick
any reason to lust after her.
She was married
and therefore was not an
option. But he had
thought that the husband was
a lucky man.
Despite the fact that she
always dressed
tastelessly, Nick had noted that
she had firm
sizable bosoms and cute
Buttocks. He had
wondered how she would
handle the man in bed. You
never can tell with such gentle
looking ladies,
they could be as wild as Boma
in bed or even
crazier. Yet Nick had never
lusted after her. He
just allows his imagination to
run wild and
would quickly forget about her.
She was
someone’s wife.
But why had she stared at him
this evening?
He was lonely in his house and
decided he
should talk to Boma before
retiring for the
He picked up his mobile phone
and dialed her
number. She answered the call
as soon as it
rang. “Hi lover boy, missing
“Of course I am missing you.
What are you
doing awake by this time, It’s
past 10pm.” He
“Nothing, just preparing myself
up for work
tomorrow. You?”
“I am just reminiscing on the
wonderful time I
had with you today. You were
She laughed, “I had fun too.”
“You didn’t tell me when next
you will come
around.” He asked.
“I don’t even know that. I am a
person. I might decide to come
at anytime.
When the time comes you will
“Okay… I am already looking
forward to another
meeting with you… that
reminds me, I caught
my new neighbors’ wife
staring at me in a weird
way this evening.”
“You did? Perhaps she saw you
make love to me
at the balcony. Perhaps she
wants a piece of
you.” she said, excitedly.
Nick laughed at her joke,
“Unfortunately for her,
she is married. She can’t have a
piece of me.”
“I doubt the gentle husband is
capable of
giving it to her like she saw
you gave it to me
“How are you sure she saw
us?” he asked.
“Why would she be staring?
She must have
seen us. She might want it…
you can be of
“Are you suggesting I go for
her?” he said,
really amazed, “I said I don’t do
women. Besides, you are my
girl; you are not
supposed to be giving me this
kind of advice.”
“I heard you the first time you
said you don’t do
married women. What has me
being your girl
got to do with this? Are you
now a saint? So you
can commit any other sin but
wouldn’t do a
married woman? What if I
came around this
weekend with a friend of mine,
would you not
do a party?”
Nick always loved the idea of a
party, “party
would be fun but…”
“If the lady wants you to have
her, I don’t think
there is anything wrong in
helping her out.”
“But that would be too bad
and the husband
would get hurt.” Nick said. He
thought she was
sounding like she was sure the
lady wanted to
have him. The possibility of
that was in itself
“You are not going to scream it
to his face that
you slept with his wife would
you? All I know is if
she wants it and makes the
move, there would
be no harm in trying her out.”
The idea wasn’t a bad one, Nick
thought. The
lady was good looking, and it
would be nice
knowing what the very gentle,
innocent looking
lady would be like in bed. But
he thought they
were both getting way ahead
of themselves.
The lady just stared at him;
that does not mean
they should start getting ideas
into their head.
But Boma never ceased to
amaze him. How
could she be making him break
all his rules?
How could she advice him to
sleep with a
married lady? “We don’t even
know what she
“Trust me; she must be
imagining you making
love to her at the moment.”
Boma said
“And how did you know that?”
he asked.
“She would soon come
begging you to do it to
her; I just hope you would be
man enough to
give her want she wants.”
“Of course I am man enough,”
immediately replied. He felt
“That means I might consider
coming around
with a friend, she is hot and
Sexy and having
both of us will be the best
experience you will
ever have.”
Nick instantly became excited.
He loved the
idea of a party with two Sexy
chicks. He had
never had one before and
would sure love to do
it someday.
“When will you come with
her,” he asked.
“Take it easy lover boy; I will
bring her once I
confirm that you are capable to
Handle the married lady like a
man when she comes asking
for it, then
you will have me and my
“What if she does not come?
What if she really
does not want it?”
“I told you she will come, trust
me. Meanwhile, I
am beginning to feel sleepy.
Let’s talk some
other time.
Boma almost screamed for joy
when she cut the
call. Her plan was working. She
would give it
some days and ensure the
neighbor’s wife was
really lusting after Nick before
going for plan B.
Who said life wasn’t fun.

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Episode 9
In the days that followed, Ruth
became a
different person. She was
unhappy and didn’t
try to hide this fact. Her prayer
life reduced too
and all she could think was
that she was stuck
in this marriage. She wasn’t
sure she even
loved her husband again. She
spent her days
wondering what she was really
missing in her
love life even as it related with
She didn’t think she deserved
what she was
getting, not after remaining a
virgin all her life
until she met her husband.
Seeing those two
make love a few days ago had
exposed her to
the fact that she was not
getting the best in
S£x. How long would she
continue to live like
this? Paul’s presence was
simply annoying and
she was finding it difficult to
stand him. Why
couldn’t he just give her the
best in S£x? Why
couldn’t he make her scream?
She stopped talking freely with
him and spoke
to him only when it was
Paul was worried too.
Something was eating his
wife up. She was acting like
someone who had
been possessed with evil spirit.
He couldn’t
forget how she had acted the
last time he made
love to her. She was acting like
a LovePeddler or
like a worldly woman. She had
asked him to rub her female
core like a worldly
lady would do. Christians don’t
act that way.
More stories @ www.chorusman.com
Now she had refused him
touching her. What
had he done wrong? Why had
she decided to
starve him of S£x? He had
somehow liked the
energy she had brought in
during their last S£x
even though it had sounded
worldly and he
would love to have her again.
Why was she
starving him of S£x? What had
he done to
deserve such treatment from
Ruth had always been such a
gentle lady and
had always been homely and
well mannered.
S£x had never been an issue
between them.
Paul had also noticed a decline
in her Christian
life. What was wrong with his
wife? He was sure
she was angry with him for
something he didn’t
know he had done.
Ruth on the other hand didn’t
know why she
was suddenly acting this way.
This was not the
first time she had wanted more
after S£x with
Paul. Why was she allowing it
to get at her this
way? Why was she suddenly
letting the devil
have his way with her? Why
was she forgetting
her Christian virtues?
She was afraid of the future.
Afraid that the
emptiness she felt could make
here run mad
soonest. The worst part was
that she knew
prayers wouldn’t solve this.
The only thing that
could solve this problem was
for Paul to step up his
game. She was angry at Paul
for not knowing
her problem. How could he not
know that he
was not satisfying her
sexually? Why couldn’t
he be like their neighbor? Does
teach that one shouldn’t be
much active and
energetic during S£x?
Now she can’t help but stare at
her neighbor
whenever she saw him. The
memory of his tight
Buttocks and strong legs would
come flashing into
her head. She would clearly
remember him
giving it to that lady like she
had never
She would run into the kitchen
to have a peep
at him whenever she hears a
sound from his
kitchen. She would spend
minutes watching
him and wishing he would just
make love to
Her Christian virtues entailed
that she would
never have a taste of another
man all her life.
She would never know what it
felt like to have
another man inside her. the
young neighbor’s
manhood was a little bigger
than Paul’s. She
just wondered how it would
feel like.
He had caught her staring at
him several times
recently but she didn’t care
anymore. The more
she saw him, the more she
wanted to have him.
But she knew that she would
never do it.
She had always frowned at
fornication, how
could she think of committing
adultery? The act
was simply abominable and
she had seen
women who do it as devils
themselves. How
could a married woman sleep
with another
man? God forbid.
But why was she suddenly in
the situation
where she was lusting after
another man?
Again she couldn’t bring herself
to talk to Paul
about this. All her life she had
never been
opened about her sexuality.
She had never
discussed her Sexual life with
anyone. How can
she look into Paul’s eyes and
tell him she
wanted him to give her more
in bed. That
would definitely sound
Paul had already decided he
would talk to her
that evening and find out what
was wrong with
She went into the room once
she had served
him his dinner. Usually she
would hang around
and discuss about how the day
went with him.
After eating, Paul joined her in
the room.
“Can you please talk to me and
tell me what is
bothering you?”
Ruth hadn’t expected him to
talk to her this
evening. She had not prepared
an answer for
him. So she remained silent.
She was lying on
the bed.
“Ruth, please talk to me. What
wrong have I
done to you?” Paul tried again.
“Silence can never solve any
problem dear. We
can’t live as man and wife like
this forever.
What wrong have I done that
cannot be spoken
out?” he came closer and sat
on the bed. Why
have you refused to allow me
touch you as your
Ruth suddenly faced him and
looked into his
“I am not happy. You have
never satisfied me
sexually. You married me a
virgin and the least
you can do for me is make me
happy when it
comes to love making.”
Paul was very surprised at this
revelation. What
in the world is wrong with this
woman? “But
you have never complained
about this before.
Why is this suddenly an issue
“I am bringing it up now Paul.
You have to do
something about it now
because I can no
longer bear it. Do something
before it is too
late. I just need to know I
married a man and
not a woman like me. Make me
feel like a
woman for once in my life.”
Paul was short of words. His
loving gentle God
fearing wife had just debased
him by telling him
the most embarrassing words
any woman had
ever told him.
He was so embarrassed that he
felt like crying.
Ruth had just stripped him off
his manhood.
Re: The Perfect Couple by emperorblog21(m): 5:00pm On Aug 21
In the days that follows Paul
found himself
sinking deep into his misery.
He felt turned apart
with his self esteem reduced to
the lowest level.
He lost every sense of pride
and felt shame
whenever he beheld his wife or
even thought of
He couldn’t bring himself to
hate her for what
she had said about his S£x life;
instead, he hated
himself more than ever.
He didn’t pray about his
situation because he
didn’t know what to ask God in
prayer. Was he
going to be like, ‘dear God
please give me the
strength and wisdom to make
better love to my
wife’? That would be the most
senseless and
useless prayer any human had
ever made.
He didn’t fell like a man any
longer around
Ruth. And to think that she had
been bearing
his ‘unsatisfactory’ love making
all these while
even made him wonder how
she had been
managing him.
Ruth was the woman he loved.
She was an
innocent woman he had
brought into his home
and she had made him happy
all these while.
He had lived for her and had
tried to be the
best man he could ever be just
for her. How
could he have known that he
had been making
her suffer and live a life of
regret for marrying
Why had he even taken their
love life for
granted? Yes, he had never
given his S£x life a
second thought. He had
thought it was a
secondary issue that didn’t
really require much
attention given the fact that
they were more
involved in heavenly race.
Paul had also never seen Ruth
as someone who
would bother much about how
he made love to
her. She had always been this
reserved girl he
had married as a virgin. He
thought she didn’t
really care. She didn’t know
anything about S£x
before he married her, how
could he have
known that he was not giving
it to her the way
she liked it. He had never even
known that
there was actually a way she
liked it. She had
never been open about her
If such an innocent, loving and
gentle woman
could complain about his style
of love making,
then he must be really bad at
it. And that was
why he felt very bad. Wasn’t he
really a man?
Coming home every evening
became a torn in
his flesh. Seeing her and eating
her food,
knowing that he hadn’t been
able to satisfy her
as a man all these while made
him felt useless.
At the moment, he just sat
alone in his office
and pondered on his situation.
For the first time in a very long
while, Paul took
a mental journey back to his
worldly days. He
had, in his late teens, craved for
women and
had slept with a couple of
them but that was a
long time ago. He hardly even
what sleeping with a different
woman, apart
from Ruth, was like. He had
always been a
moral person and had avoided
fornication right
from when he repented at the
age of twenty
As a young Christian, he had
practically avoided
Sexual intercourse by
outrigthly pushing the
thought out of his mind. It was
an abomination
to his God and the thought of it
was a sin.
Thinking about his past life
brought him to the
realization that he knew
absolutely nothing
about S£x. He had in the course
of trying to
live an absolute Christian life,
neglected a very
important part of living. S£x
must be very
important to a man’s ego, if
not, why had he
felt really bad at the realization
that he hadn’t
been able to satisfy his wife?
He was suffering alone and
didn’t know who to
talk to about this issue. How
was he going to
tell his pastor or friends that
his wife was angry
with him because he wasn’t
able to satisfy her
in bed? They would laugh
behind his back and
even blame his childless state
on him.
How was he even going to
know how to satisfy
her sexually? If what he had
been doing to her
had not been good enough,
what was he
supposed to do to make her
happy? Worst still,
there was nowhere in the bible
that gave S£x
Perhaps he should try once
again with her and
see if he could improve over
time. No, he wasn’t
supposed to touch her again
until he was sure
he would satisfy her.
Suddenly a flash image of the
Unclad girl he
had seen in his neighbor’s
balcony some days
ago came into his mind. Paul
was sure it was
the devil trying to make him
lust for the girl
once again. But the thought of
the Unclad girl
lingered. Who wouldn’t lust for
such perfect
body? Then Paul felt bad that
someone like him
would never be able to satisfy
such a girl. He
couldn’t even satisfy a novice
like Ruth.
But couldn’t it be possible that
his Sexual life
was unsatisfactory because he
was only having
S£x with a novice like Ruth?
Come to think of it,
how could he perfect in the act
of love making
when he only slept with just
his innocent and
inexperienced wife? She was
the one who had
made him this way! He had
come to accept she
was okay with their
lovemaking because she
never said otherwise; neither
does she bring in
her own energy into the game.
Yes, the onus was on him to
satisfy her, but he
was also somehow a novice
too as regard to
The lady, Boma, had giving him
the green light
the last time he saw her at her
office. Did she
want him to sleep with her?
Paul couldn’t believe he was
thinking this way.
But he really didn’t care. He
didn’t want to
think of the consequences of
such thought. For
now he would do anything to
make his wife
happy. He would do anything
to make himself
feel like a man too.
He allowed himself to
reminisce on Boma’s
beautiful body. Then he
remembered how she
had acted towards him at her
office and all he
could see was enough reason
to believe she
must want to sleep with him
He usually closed early on
Thursday’s for weekly
fellowship, but today, he was
going to go to
Boma’s office and if she
continues to give him
the light, he would hang out
with her today and
attend fellowship next week.
Re: The Perfect Couple by emperorblog21(m): 5:01pm On Aug 21
Episode 11
I looked beside me but couldn’t
find her anymore. “Jenny!”I
called her name but the sound
coming from me was different.
“Am I possessing her body
right now?”I said touching my
face. The temperature felt
warm just as a human body. I
placed my hand on my chest to
feel the heartbeat. To my
surprise, it was beating. I
quickly ran to a car packed by
the side. I looked at myself in
the mirror, I could see Jenny’s
face in the mirror. “Wow. It
works. It really works.”I said
smiling. A man was passing by,
I moved to his side smiling”can
you see me?”I asked him. He
looked at me In confusion
“what’s this crazy girl talking
about?”he said and went his
I was so happy I could be seen
by people but I was sad all was
fake. Am possessing another
person body.
I felt something vibrating
inside her pocket. I dipped my
hand inside and brought out
her phone. “Sweet mum”it was
written on the screen. I was
staring at it not knowing what
to do. I was thinking if I could
pick it or not. But when I
thought of how she talked her
mum, I think she was worried
about her. I answered it and
placed it to my ear. “Jenny.
Why are you not home
yet?”she asked sounding
worried. I don’t know how to
reply her. What, should I say to
“A…am…on my… W..way
home”I said in a stammer
voice. “OK dear. Don’t be late
OK?”she said and ended the
call. I brought down the phone
and put it back into her pocket.
“How should I get out of her?”I
thought to myself. I tried going
out but it doesn’t seem easy to
do like the first first time. I
tried and tried but to no avail.
“What should I do now? I think
your mum is worried”I said
feeling bad. I unlocked her
phone to check if I could find
her address. Luckily for me, I
was able to find it on her
Facebook timeline. I followed
the address there until I was
able to get to her street. I don’t
know which way to go again
so I started walking slowly. I
accidentally bumped into
someone. “Am sorry”I said
looking at the girl. “Oh Jenny.
Where are you heading to this
late?”she asked looking at me.
I had no idea of who she is. I
think she might be one of her
friend. I was staring at her for a
while like a deaf and dumb.
“Oh am heading home”I
replied smiling. “Really? So you
mean that’s the way
home?”she asked looking at
“Oh it’s not this way”I said
looking at her. She was staring
at me awkwardly. “That’s your
building over there. Why are
you acting wield?”she asked
looking at me. I started
laughing on hearing that. “Am I
really acting wield? I think I
drank too much that’s why”I
said laughing. “Oh it seems
so”she said looking at me. I
quickly walked towards the
gate she pointed to and
opened it. I walked towards
the building looking around
the compound. It looks like an
average class home. Not too
rich and not poor. I walked to
the door and pressed the bell
on it. “Welcome home dear”a
woman’s voice said. She
opened the door smiling. She’s
so pretty just like Jenny. She
has a short blond hair and was
putting on a red fitted gown. I
entered and she closed the
door behind us. I walked down
the passage while she followed
behind, few seconds later, I
was in the living room. “How
was practice today?”she asked
smiling. “It was good ma”I
replied looking at her.
“Ma?”she repeated looking at
me. “I mean mum”I corrected
myself. “OK that’s good. Go and
take a warm shower before
having your dinner. Since you
prefer doing that”she said. I
stood up not knowing which
way to go. “Where could her
room be?”I thought to myself
looking around. “Let me check
She left the living room
heading somewhere. I quickly
went to one of the room and
opened the door. I looked
inside and saw how it was set.
One could tell it’s her room.
Because it was decorated in
pink and purple and some
celebrity poster on the wall. I
entered and walked around in
her room. I think she might
caught on later. How should I
keep this on?
John’s POV
I sat in the living room
expecting the ghost girl, but
she was no where to be found.
After waiting for some
minutes, I went to my room to
The following day..
Till I arrived at work, I couldn’t
found her anywhere near my
house. When I got to the
company, I became more
worried about her. “Could
something bad had happen to
her?”I thought to myself.
As I was still thinking about
her, a girl came to me smiling.
She was putting on a black T-
shirt which has blue stripes on
it and a Jean pant trouser. She
braided her hair into two tying
the end with colorful bonds.
She got to me and was smiling.
“Good morning Mr
handsome”she said smiling.
“Mr handsome?”I said looking
at her. That sounds familiar.
“Sorry I didn’t show up
yesterday. Something funny
came up”she said. “Wait. Don’t
tell me you….”I stopped
looking at her. She moved
closer to my ear. “It’s me Stella.
I possessed this pretty girl’s
body”she said in a whisper. My
eyes went wild on hearing
that. “How could you? Why?”I
asked in surprise. She looked
around and looked back at me.
“I’ll tell you about it later. I
need to go for practice at the
sixth floor.”she said and left.
“Wow I can’t believe she did
that. This is driving me crazy”I
said looking at her.
Stephen’s POV
I was staring at john and the
girl as they talk. The first time I
saw her, I was so shocked and
surprised. She’s so bold as
She could even possess a
human body? Impressive.
“I can’t believe we could meet
again. Long time no see Suzy
Mick”i thought to myself
looking at her as she left.
Re: The Perfect Couple by emperorblog21(m): 5:02pm On Aug 21
Episode 12
Boma didn’t have to plan on
how to execute
plan because her object of
interest walked into
her office that Thursday
Despite having predicted
earlier on that Mr.
Paul would definitely come
back, her heart had
skipped in response to a slight
shock at his
sudden appearance. He had
gently walked into
her office and had hardly
looked towards her
direction as he sat down on
one of the
customer seats. Other customer
care agents
were free and had signaled to
him to come up
to them but he had politely
rejected their offer
and pointed towards her
She smiled; he had come to see
her. He had
come to screw her.
She wondered what must have
between him and his wife that
had made him
got the courage to come back.
Perhaps his wife
had indicated obvious interest
to F–k Nick.
Perhaps he is on a revenge
mission. Boma
was certain that he must be
lacking in some
aspects of Sexual touch and
this could easily
make his wife want to consider
f—–g Nick
after seeing the way the young
man had
banged her in the balcony.
The cute man looked funny as
he sat down in
the lobby waiting for her, yet
making great
effort to avoid eye contact with
her. From the
way he was acting, Boma
thought he might
change his mind at any
moment, so she hurried
to finish up with the client that
she was
attending to. The client would
be her last for
the day.
Somehow, she almost pitied
the man, but she
also couldn’t wait to handle
him; she intended
to screw the hell out of him.
Well, he’d better hold on there
and not change
his mind; she was definitely
going to guide him
through this process of
She finished up with the client
and signaled to
him to come over. She planned
to make this
easy for him.
“Good evening Mr. Paul, I am
really glad to see
you. Can you just hang on a
few minutes; I will
be with you in a short while.”
She said once he
had gotten to her desk.
There was a professional
attractive smile on her
face and it made his heart melt.
The girl was a
real beauty and he felt
honored that she found
him attractive.
He just nodded his head like a
baby and walked
back to his seat.
It was so funny that Boma
almost laughed out.
Soon she was through for the
day and quickly
led the obviously nervous man
out of the office.
Once they got outside, she
turned to him, “I
would have loved us to take
some snacks in a
nice eatery, but fortunately, I
have some drinks
at home and I can prepare us
something better
to eat in my house. Don’t you
think its better
we hang out and talk in my
“Yes… that would be fine,” he
nervously replied.
Paul was feeling so weird. His
conscience was
prickling him and he was sure
the Holy Ghost
was battling with evil spirits to
convince him
not to do what he was about
to do. He couldn’t
believe he had come here on
his own to meet
this lady. What was wrong
with him? Was he
going to go against all he had
preached and
believed just because his wife
told him he was
not great in bed? Was that
enough reason to
sin against God? He wondered
how God would
be feeling at the moment,
watching his beloved
son walk straight into the
devil’s arms.
Paul wished God could do
something. He
needed every strength to
overcome this
temptation. He had made short
silent prayers
for the strength to walk away
but every time he
beheld the pretty angel, he
would just feel his
knees go weak. He shouldn’t
have come. Why
had he come here to face this
lady? That was
his first mistake.
He wanted to just walk away
but Boma was
making him a bit comfortable
in what he was
about to do. Then he started to
rationalize and
justify his action. His wife hated
him because he
was not good in bed, a little
adultery would
make him a better husband. He
was doing this
for the good of his marriage.
He needn’t feel
guilty. All he needed was the
experience so as
to make better love to his wife.
She stopped a taxi and they
hopped in.
“Take us to No. 3 Power
Street.” She said to the
driver. Then she tuned to Paul.
“So how was
your day sir?”
“Fi…fine, my day was okay.”
Paul knew he had
to be confident.
“Yes, mine was stressful. The
clients kept
coming and harassing us like
we were
practically robbing them. A
little network failure
and they would start acting
like old ladies.
People are just so difficult, you
can never do
anything to please them…” on
and on and on,
she kept on talking, until the
driver pulled up in
front of her home. “We are
here,” she
announced and paid of the cab
By now Paul had forgotten
almost everything
about Christian virtues. He was
already on a
mission and the mission must
be complete. He
would deal with the
consequences later.
He felt very welcomed once he
got into her
home. It was a one bedroom
flat and the sitting
room had an appealing
feminine look.
“Please have a seat and do feel
free. Emm…
what would you like to take?”
“Let me have water for now.”
He replied as he
sat down. He liked the fact that
her home was
neat and organized.
Boma dropped her bag and
rushed into the
kitchen to serve herself a plate
of rice. She took
a bottle of water from the
fridge and walked
into the sitting room to give it
to him. With the
plate in her hand, she walked
into her room.
She must set the room for the
show. She had a
naughty plan in mind.
Then she walked back to the
sitting room,
dropped something on the TV
and sat on an
empty seat close by.
“I really like you Mr. Paul. And I
want you to
know that I don’t intend to
make you stop
loving your wife. You are really
a cute man and
this is just a once in a life time
opportunity to
be with a man I really admire.
No strings
attached really.” She just
wanted him to relax.
He just nodded and tried to
hold onto a stare at
She stood up and sat by his
side and then she
touched his back and rubbed it
gently. Then
she dropped her plate and
dragged his head to
face hers. She kissed him and
he yielded and
responded to her kiss.
Paul found Boma extremely
attractive and so
the lust he had for her had
overwhelmed his
sense of reasoning.
Boma reached for his trouser
and unzipped it,
bringing out his already
hardened D–k.
He moaned with pleasure as
she rubbed it.
Then she quickly took of her
cloths and helped
him take his off too.
She liked that he seemed to be
enjoying every
bit of her touch; he was
actually acting like a
man who hadn’t had S£x in a
long while.
Once they were both Unclad,
she grabbed his
Joystick once again and stroked
them fiercely while
she kissed and rubbed him all
encouraging him to touch her
He enjoyed every bit of the
moment and loved
the feel of her beautiful body.
The energy she
brought in was exhilarating
and he wanted this
to last forever. He touched her
K—y-Cat and the
wetness was killing.
“F–k me!” she commanded
and sat on the
seat spreading her legs wide
He positioned himself and
slotted his Joystick into
her. The excitement he felt was
too much for
him to handle and after ten
thrusts, he
ejaculated into her.
“Please don’t tell me you are
through.” She
said, a bit surprised. She
reached out her hand
and touched his Joystick, it had
already gone
flaccid. He was breathing
heavily like someone
who had ran a hundred meter
She pushed him out off her and
stood up, her
body wanting more of the
action. She couldn’t
remember the last time she
slept with such a
weak man.
“What was that? Is this the
injustice you do to
your wife?”
He just sat there looking at her
and feeling all
“I want to guess this is because
it’s the first
round and you will soon be up
and ready to
give me a satisfying second
He remained silent and she
asked, “Are we soon
going to go for second round?”
He shook his head weakly, “I
am tired. Some
other time.” he already
regretted his action.
Everything had downed on him
after the S£x
and he felt shame and sinful.
He just wanted to
stand up and leave the house.
“Who is going to have another
time with you?”
she said. “Don’t tell me this is
what you do to
your with every night… wait,
do you just do a
two seconds first round and
sleep off?”
He didn’t reply and she
instantly knew that this
was the situation in his S£x life.
It made her
angry but she saw it as an
opportunity to help
him. “I am surprised your wife
has not yet killed
you. No woman deserves a
man like you.”
He felt more embarrassed than
regret. Now she
was making him feel even
worse than his wife
had made him felt a few days
He just wanted to leave.
“Please, I want to go home.”
he pleaded, and made to stand
up. He was
Unclad and really wanted to
cover his shame.
“Sit down! You are going
Paul sat down like he had been
commanded by
a soldier.
“You think you can come over
here, get me in
that mood and leave me
empty just like that?
You must be joking. I will
never let you leave
this house except you satisfy
me, get it?” she
picked up her skirt and blouse
and wore them
while he stared at her like she
was planning to
kill him.
Then she walked to the exit
door and locked it.
She turned to face him with a
mischievous grin
on her face. “Try to relax a bit
while I get you
something to eat.” With that,
she walked into
the kitchen.
Minutes later, she served him a
plate of well
prepered rice and a glass of
vanilla yoghurt. He
was now wearing just his
“Eat and refresh yourself.”
Like a confused baby, Paul
picked up the spoon
and began to eat. It was a nice
meal and he
enjoyed every bit of it.
After eating, she gently sat
beside him, “I just
want you to know that there is
nothing wrong
with you and you can actually
do better
sexually. I just want you to
relax and have your
partner in mind. Remember
she is a woman
and needs to be satisfied
during S£x too. That
should be your aim too.”
He nodded. He had actually
thought women
didn’t really like S£x. He had
thought only
promiscuous women enjoyed S
“Most time the first round
could be short but
you have to make it up with a
good second
“But I get fagged out and
undesirous of S£x
after the first round.” He said.
“That is how it is with every
man but that weird
feeling fades away with time.
Besides, you
mustn’t allow it to linger for
long, you must
bring in your energy. Again, do
not allow
yourself to be over excited
during S£x. Always
try to calm yourself down and
be in control of
your emotions when they are
trying to over
blow… now breathe in and out.
I want you to
take your time this time
around. Determine to
satisfy me and also have fun
while it lasts.”
She pulled him up and they
began to kiss once
again. Soon he got excited and
was in the
This time around he took his
time, allowing
himself enjoy her touch and
also the feel of her
body. He paid attention to her
reaction to his
touch and sought to make her
enjoy him more.
He loved the way she moaned
and responded
to his touch even as she
caressed him too.
She bent down and began to
suck his Joystick.
Paul felt excited but was
determined to control
his emotion. So he kept on
reminding himself
that he was yet to satisfy her.
He liked the way
her tongue caressed his
She stood up and pushed him
to the chair and
sat on him, her legs spread
Paul saw her wide K—y-Cat
staring at him and
used his finger to caress it. She
moaned and
begged him to F–k her.
While on him, she guided his
Joystick into her
wetness and began to ride him.
He enjoyed every feel of her
virginal wall and
touched her all over, loving
every moment.
She continued to ride him until
her thighs
began to pain her. Yet she was
enjoying the
fact that he was yet to Erupt.
She stood up from him
and lay on the chair, legs
spread apart.
“Just Bleep me,” she said
He drew himself closer and
guided his Joystick into
her and began to f–k her
following every
rhythm she asked of him;
faster when she
wanted it and slower when she
She was at her peak when he
ejaculated so
they both shared the delicate
He fell to the chair, two of
them breathing
Paul couldn’t believe he had
done that. He had
never enjoyed S£x this way in
his life. He
suddenly felt like a real man.
Boma looked at him and
smiled. The man
actually had it in him and she
was sure that he
could be better with time. “So
why did you
decide to come around to f–k
He looked at her; there was no
shame on his
face, just a little guilt.
“What did your wife do to you
that made you
take the hard decision?” she
wanted to know if
his lovely wife had f—-d Nick.
He might have enjoyed the
moment, but Paul
regretted cheating on his
lovely innocent wife.
Then he realized that he had
wanted to talk to
someone about what he was
going through at
“It all started the day we
parked into
Rich Green Estate, the day I saw
you Unclad in
my neighbor’s balcony…”
As he talked Boma could see
that Paul really
loved his wife. He talked with
so much emotion
and regret. And by the time he
was through
with his narration, emotional
tears were flowing
from his eyes.
On the television, the camera
continued to
record everything that took
place in the living

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