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Hannah's Tale (episode 2) / MUST READ: Adventures Of Hannah (completed) / ****Hannah (2) (3) (4)

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Re: Crazy Hannah - By Lady C by izaray(f): 4:18pm On Sep 09
See as I just dey look two of Una dey argue unnecessary topic, na me and my sister Izaray by property abi angry
I neva get una time now
Sis no mind them jare smiley

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Re: Crazy Hannah - By Lady C by izaray(f): 4:25pm On Sep 09

I dey the vex with u shocked You no want complete The Badboy Diary again ni angry
Re: Crazy Hannah - By Lady C by emperorblog21(m): 6:25pm On Sep 09
I dey the vex with u shocked You no want complete The Badboy Diary again ni angry

d writer no wan drop am again o...,i wan find her something so dat she go send me d rest
Re: Crazy Hannah - By Lady C by izaray(f): 11:18am On Sep 10

d writer no wan drop am again o...,i wan find her something so dat she go send me d rest
Ok abeg make you try do, thanks!
Re: Crazy Hannah - By Lady C by PrudySara(f): 2:14pm On Sep 10
Lemme just waka and pass
Nne you are the one busting my bubble
Re: Crazy Hannah - By Lady C by Emex100(m): 8:44pm On Sep 10
Lemme just waka and pass
Where you dey waka go. you better come back here and do the needful

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Re: Crazy Hannah - By Lady C by emperorblog21(m): 4:03pm On Sep 11

Where you dey waka go. you better come back here and do the needful
baba agba

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Re: Crazy Hannah - By Lady C by emperorblog21(m): 11:28am On Sep 14
Crazy Hannah�
By Lady C �
Episode 5�

Harry’s pov �️
What the f**k!!.. I was expecting her to stand up, but she just laid on top me with her lips on mine, staring into my eyes with her hair falling to the sides..
“Oh my goodness! Mr Harry are you okay?” Mr Cha asked rushing towards me..
As if released from a trance, she blinked and hastily stood up,
“Aiggoo, Hannah, are you okay?” A nurse asked rushing towards her, I stood up and the guards started Dusting my clothes..
“Ju sung, are you okay?” Father asked using my Korean name, I nodded looking at the “Hannah” who bumped into me. She was busy cleaning herself, while the other nurse, who I assume you be her friend assisted her.
“Miss Hannah are you okay?” Dad asked sternly.
“Yes sir” she said bowing slightly, her hair covered her face and I couldn’t see her properly.
“I’m sorry sir” she said bowing to me
“It’s okay, just be careful next time” I muttered brushing my hair backwards.
“Yes sir, ” she said bowing again. I looked at the other nurse standing beside her, she looks so familiar,
“Anyways, ju sung meet miss Hannah shù, she’s one of H.R’s best nurses, very intelligent and smart” he said with a smile.. wow, I have never seen Mr Lee smile or introduce a staff like this before, she must be really special, well we’ll see what makes you really special..
“Miss Hannah meet Ju Sung Lee, my son and the new CEO of H.R, and yes he’s a surgeon, you both will be working together from now on, and I’m sure you guys will make a great team” dad said smiling. I looked at Mr Cha who also looked at me with same expression.. seriously, what’s so special about this nurse.. I’ve never seen dad smiling at a common nurse before.
“Okay sir” she said with a bow again..
“It’s nice to meet you doctor Ju Sung” she said professionally stretching her hand for a shake. I still couldn’t see her face properly, her black her was really long and it covered most part of her face.
“Same here Miss …?” I drawed trying to remember her name
“Hannah” she cut in
“Miss Hannah, you can call me Harry, Dr Harry” I said avoiding the frown on Dad’s face.
Wow her hands are so soft, just like her lips.. arrhh!! What are you thinking Harry! Focus!!. I said mentally to myself
“Ok.. Dr Harry, I look forward to working with you, if you may excuse me.. I’ve got to check on a patient” she said sternly.
“No problem, I’ll see you at the theater” I said looking at the other nurse.
“Thank you. Have a nice day sir” she said and bowed to dad, who nodded slightly.
After which she walked out with the other nurse behind her..
Gosh, she looks so strict, she’s gonna be a tough one.. I wish I could see her face.. I watched as she took a turn and walked out of sight..
“Ahehm” I turned to see Dad looking at me,
“If you’re done observing.. Mathron Linda will show you around.. I’ve got a flight to catch” he said and walked off with his guards.. I turned to see Mr Cha smiling, I removed my shade and handed it to him.
“Where’s the Mathron?” I asked.
“Right here Sir” she said startling me, I jumped and stood behind Mr Cha.
“Gosh! You startled me” I said holding my chest.
“I’m sorry Sir” she said smiling warmly, she looked young.. maybe in her late thirties, with brown hair packed in a neat bun and ocean blue eyes.
“I’m Mathron Linda.. Mr Lee asked me to give you a tour of the hospital and also show you to your office” she said looking at me.
“Okay.. so which way?” I asked looking around.
“And, this is the children area, here the ward is only occupied by kids who are ill, some are to undergo surgery while…”
“I Know what a children area is Linda.. I used to head a hospital in France remember!” I said matter of factly ..she smiled and nodded, we walked into the ward and we walked around looking at the kids, a lot of them were getting better, while few were still bed ridden..
Just then I felt something pulling my sleeve, I looked down and saw a chubby kid smiling at me..
Mr Cha moved forward probably to take the kid away from me.. I raised my hand and stopped him..
“Hey mister” she said smiling sweetly,
“Hi cutie” I said as I reached down to picked her up.. she was a little lighter than I thought though.
“How are you?” I asked moving her hair backwards
“I’m fine thank you” she said shyly.
“How about you?” She asked looking at me
“I’m fine sweetheart..” I said smiling
“I like your hair” she said touching my hair, I smiled and kissed her cheek.
“Awwn, thanks but Yours is more pretty” I said
“Are you a doctor?” She asked
“Yep” I popped
“Can you heal my Friend?” She asked with her eyes filled with hope.
I chuckled
“I only treat pumpkin, God is the one who heals” I said and she smiled.
“What’s your name?” She asked.
Wow this girl is reaaally inquisitive
“Harry, but you can call me Ju Sung, cause you’re my friend” I said, and she smiled widely
“Really?” She asked
“Okay, well my name is Jumík” she said smiling.
“Jumík.. that’s cute, so Jumík where’s your friend” I asked..
“She’s over there” she said pointing to the direction..
We walked to the extreme end of the ward and I saw a girl laying on her bed probably sleeping, with an oxygen mask on her nose..
“Seyina Yung, acute heart failure.” Linda muttered behind me,
“She has been here for a while now, and I must say; she’s really brave, nobody can stay this long, not even an adult.. she’s on the transplant list, we are hopefully waiting for a donor” she said sitting on the edge of the bed
“What about her parents?, Aren’t they supposed to be here?” I asked
“Well.. her parents are rich folks, her father only comes once in a while to check on her, but her mother stays here with her, I saw her last night.. she must have gone home to freshen up” she said
I walked closer and examined the girl,
“Can I see her file?” I asked
“Sure” she pressed the beeper and asked a nurse to bring the file..
Minutes later the door opened and a nurse walked in holding the file..
She gave it to Linda, who handed it to me.. she carried Jumík from me and walked away.. I opened the file and flipped through the pages, I sighed and closed it,
“Who’s the doctor in charge of her case?” I asked
“Doctor lan”
“And where’s he?” I asked
“Today is his off day” she said.. I slipped out of my suit jacket and handed it to Mr Cha.
“Prepare her for surgery” I said turning towards the exit.
“Bu.. but, sir, the donor?” Linda stuttered rushing after me..
“If we don’t get a donor, then we’ll have to use the bypass method” I said loosening my tie
“Get my team ready, we start in fifteen” I added and walked out of the ward
Hannah’s pov�

“Hannah.. you have to calm down, it wasn’t so bad.. besides it wasn’t even a French kiss” Sofia said for the tenth time.
“Seriously?, Jamaican kiss or not.. a kiss is a kiss, besides why should I calm down.. my first kiss was stolen from me” I said moving my hair from my face.
“Accidentally” Sofia pointed out, and I rolled my eyes
“Okay, let’s just say it doesn’t count as a kiss.. it was just an accident and nothing more” she added sitting beside me.
“Nothing more?, It’s everything Sof, my first kiss was the most stupid kiss I’ve ever seen, very brief and …”
“Oh you wanted it to last longer?” She cut in grinning sheepishly.
“No!.. I didn’t say that” I yelled
“Anyways how was it? Are his lips soft?.. what about his skin?” She asked curiously..I picked a pen and threw it at her, she ducked and it landed on the other side.
“I’m not answering that question..” I said, she was about to protest when a knock sounded on the door, it opened and a nurse walked in.
“Hannah, surgery is about to start” she said
“What!.. I don’t understand, I don’t have any surgeries today” I said
“Yes, but this is urgent, Dr Harry is starting his first surgery in few minutes, he wants you there” she said and rushed out.. I sighed and looked at Sofia who nodded for me to go on.
“Just don’t…” She mumbled inaudibly
“Don’t what?” I asked sharply
“Nothing” she said
I glared at her and walked out,
“Kiss” she yelled from inside the office..
“I’ll kill you later” I yelled back.
I was briefed about the surgery, it’s a transplant and luckily they found a donor. .
A PICC line was put in place for the IV fluids and IV medications that will be given during and after surgery.
We all walked into the operating room clad in our nose mask, hand gloves, hair net and blah blah blah..
Surgery begins as general anesthesia was provided by the anesthesiologist.
Once the patient was asleep, the procedure begins with a large incision in the middle of the chest cutting through both the skin and bone of the chest to expose the heart. In many cases two surgeons are supposed to operate together to make the transplant process faster and smoother.. but Harry was really fast and he seemed to be doing great, while I provided him with each tools before he even requested for it..
A heart-lung bypass machine was placed on the patient, so that blood is continued to be oxygenated by the lungs and pump to the body. This part of the surgery is the key, because the heart is then stopped, then removed.
The donor heart is then sewn into place and restarted, the heart starts beating and the final work of placing tubes for drainage is completed, and the chest is closed by wiring the sternum (breast bone) closed and closing the skin with Staples, steristrips or sutures.
After which the patient was then taken to the ICU to recover and to slowly wake from sedation over the next day.
Wow.. that was really fast, and it was just him, I must admit he’s really good.. he finished a surgery that would take two surgeons about five hours to finish in just 2 hours.. really impressive..
I walked out of the room and hastily peeled out my gloves and dumped them in the trash basket, can’t wait to get back to my office.. I said mentally..
I reached for the nose mask and was about to pull it off.. when someone tapped me from behind.
I turned to see Dr Harry staring at me..
To be continued o�

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Re: Crazy Hannah - By Lady C by emperorblog21(m): 11:28am On Sep 14
Crazy Hannah�
By Lady C �
Episode 6�

Hannah’s pov �

I turned to see Dr Harry smiling down at me, he was holding his nose mask In his right hand, and his hair net was still on, he kinda looks cute though, and tall too, for a minute I felt intimidated looking up at him, and did I say he looks so familiar?..
“Hello… Are you listening?” He asked snapping me out of my thoughts.
“Uhm.. I’m sorry..was just uhm.. what were you saying?” I asked, mentally slapping myself.
“Uhm.. nevermind, you were really great in there, I’m impressed” he said smiling
“Oh, thanks” I said avoiding his gaze.. gosh! Why do I feel so nervous?
“So uhm.. I’ll..see you around?” He asked staring intensely at me.
“Yeah, sure” I replied shifting my gaze to my fingers..
“Okay, uhm, bye for now” he said
“Bye” I mumbled simply, he turned and walked out simonteneously pulling off the hair net.. I exhaled and removed my nose mask..
This is gonna be a loonngg week..
Harry’s pov �
Wow, the team was really impressive, they knew what to do and exactly when they should do it.. and that nurse.. Hannah, she’s really smart, handing me each tools before I even asked for it..and I have a feeling we are gonna be good friends, I looked around the hall becoming conscious of my surrounding.. I stopped in my tracks and scratched my hair..
Which way now?, I can’t remember the road to my office.. uhh!!
I looked around and saw people walking around, a nurse walked out of a ward and I recognized her as Hannah’s friend.. the familiar one..
“Uhm, excuse me miss” I said walking towards her, she stopped and turned towards me smiling, for a moment I saw recognition in her eyes as they widened and her mouth opened slightly in shock.. I guess
“Uhh, are you okay?” I asked, she suddenly closed her mouth and nodded frantically..
“Okay?.. uhm please do you Know where my office is? I’m Kinda lost and my assistant already went home” I asked looking at her..
She nodded and pointed to a direction..
“That way, take a bend and you’ll see the elevator by your left, your office is on the last floor.. with your name inscribed on the door” she rushed..
“Okay, thanks” I said, she bowed and rushed past me..
Why is she suddenly acting weird?
“Wait” I said, and she wheeled around to look at me.
“Have we met before?” I asked.. she blinked severally and shook her head negatively..
“No sir, we have never met before” she rushed
“Oh okay” I mumbled simply, she bowed and hastily walked out..
I sighed and shook my head,
“Korean women, always so dramatic” I muttered and saw the ladies staring at me,
“Did I say that out loud?” I asked rhetorically, while a nurse nodded.
“Sorry” I mumbled and walked out..
I followed her directions and found my office, I walked in and was stunned by the architecture..
I closed the door behind me and looked around..
Opposite the door was a whole glass wall, revealing cars, buses trucks and people walking and moving down the street and the highways.. I could see the whole city from here, it has everything an office required.. book shelfs, files, desk, a couch.. two chairs, a TV, fridge and others.. I walked towards my seat and spotted a glass rectangular frame on the desk.. Dr Ju Sung Lee, was inscribed boldly on it.. Ju Sung really?, Whatever happened to Harry?.. I slumped on my chair and picked my phone..
“I’m hungry order something for me” I texted Mr Cha..
“Okay Sir” he texted back seconds later..
Sofia’s pov �
Oh my God! Oh my God!.. I can’t believe this, where’s Hannah!
I rushed out of the elevator and hurried towards our office, I rushed in and saw Hannah packing her hair in a ponytail..
“Oh hey Sof, I was about to call…”
“There’s fire on the mountain �”I yelled rushing towards her desk..
“What?” She asked furrowing her brows
“Hannah.. we are finished!, Convicted! destroyed!, Exterminated! Expelled! Infact we are dead!!” I yelled looking directly at her..
“Are you okay?, The asylum is not far from here you know” she said smiling..
“Seriously?.. Hannah I’m serious! We are done for” I said locking eyes with her
“How?” She asked becoming serious
“The chairman’s son.. ”
“Dr Harry?” She cut in
“Yes.. he’s.. well, he’s Mr shades” I blurted out.. she looked at me for seconds and slowly started laughing..
“Oh goodness, you’re so funny Sof, Ju Sung is Mr shades?.. pranking clearly doesn’t suit you girl… ” she said laughing, then slowly stopped when she saw the angry expression on my face
“You are joking right?” She asked sternly
“I’m dead ass woman!” I replied
“No.. no.. no, you don’t say dead ass unless you’re really dead ass.. so please tell me you’re not dead ass” she said standing up from her chair
“I’m so dead ass” I replied..
“Oh my God! We are dead” she said with her eyes open wide..
“Yes we are”
“What did he say? He’s probably going to fire us and get us arrested right?” She asked looking at me
“Well, I don’t think he recognizes me yet.. but I think he will soon and my instincts tell me it’s not gonna end well for us, you especially” I muttered
“Oh my goodness! What are we gonna do now?” She asked scratching her head.. I leaned over to her and she fixed her gaze on me.
“It’s time for you to do what’s right Hannah, you have to return everything and apologize.. ” I said looking at her.
“What?.. I can’t, what if he calls the cops on me?” She asked
“It’s now or never Hannah, besides you never know, he might forgive you. Its better than just sitting here and doing nothing” I said..
“I can’t Sof.. I’m sorry” she said sadly..
“You’re going Hannah, I’m not ready to be convicted and fired at the same time.. you’re going and that’s final” I snapped
“Well then come and make me” she said giving me a daring look..

Hannah’s pov �
“Okay just so you know..” I started as we walked out of the elevator
“I’m only going cause I don’t want you to get fired and it’s truthfully the right thing to do” I continued as we walked down the hall looking for Harry’s office..
“Yeah.. whatever, let’s get this over with” Sofia muttered walking beside me.. we got to the last door at the end of the hall and saw his name boldly inscribed on it..
“Okay, it’s now or never Hannah” she said handing me my bagpack..
“Don’t forget, no matter what happens I am solidly behind you” she said looking into my eyes..
“Awwn really?” I asked
“Yeah, what are friends for” she mumbled as she knocked on the door
“Come in” Harry said from inside the office
“But spiritually though” Sofia muttered
“What? Where are you going?” I asked as she started walking away
“There’s no way am gonna go in there with you, I didn’t help you strip him Unclad did I?” She asked
“Traitor!” I yelled
“Don’t screw this up” she yelled back rushing out of the hall..“Don’t screw this up” she yelled back rushing out of the hall..
So much for being solidly behind me..
I turned to the door and made the sign of the cross..
For a moment I felt like taking a U turn and running home..
But Hannah never runs!
I reached for the door and it suddenly opened.. I looked up and saw Harry staring down at me.. his eyes suddenly lit with recognition.. as he gasped.
“Miss psycho!”

To be continued
Please comment, like, review and share o .�
Anna loves y’all ��

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Re: Crazy Hannah - By Lady C by emperorblog21(m): 11:29am On Sep 14
Crazy Hannah�
By Lady C �
Episode 7�

Harry’s pov �
“Miss psycho!” I asked surprised..
“Surprise…” She mumbled and laughed nervously..
I quickly shut the door and locked it, I can’t believe Hannah is miss psycho, why didn’t I notice since, is she here to strip me again? Or finally kill me?.

“Sir please open the door, I really need to talk to you” she said banging lightly.
“What.. why are you here? What do you want?” I asked
“Well. ., I came to apologise Sir, please open the door” she said
“How am I sure you are not going to kill me this time?” I asked
“I haven’t killed before Sir, but if you don’t open this door.. I might” she blurted out..
“What?” I asked
“I didn’t say anything Sir, please open the door.. I even brought your clothes back, I’m not gonna hurt you… I promise” she said
I made a sign of the cross and slowly opened the door..
The first thing I saw was her brown sparkling eyes and long lashes.. then her straight nose and small soft pink lips.. I can’t believe I actually kissed them.
“Sir, can I please come in?” She asked snapping me out of my thoughts..
“Oh.. uhm, yeah sure” I said and moved to the side, keeping my distance from her.. I closed the door and walked to my seat, while she stood behind the desk.. I picked the chopsticks I was using to eat, and held each one in my hands�.. just in case things go rough, I’m not gonna chicken� this time..
She looked at the chopsticks and scoffed, then muttered something inaudible, I moved my chair backwards and gestured her to sit…
She sat and dropped her backpack on the floor..
She looked around as if taking in all the details of the office.
I cleared my throat and she looked at me.
“So… What do you want?” I asked sounding as bold as I could
“Uhm… I came to apologise Sir, for the way I treated you the other day. I’m really sorry, I have never done it before.. “.
“Then why did you do it?” I cut in
“Uhh.. it’s was five minutes madness sir” she mumbled looking at her fingers
“Huh?” I asked totally lost
“Five minutes madness, it runs in our family… I’m sorry” she said
“So are you saying your family members can do what you did?” I asked
“Uhh… Not exactly, they each have their own way of doing it.. every one except my kid brother. Nicky and my dad” she said looking at me.
“Oh really?”
“Yes… Jeremy my kid brother, he’s the first son and second child.. his madness is based on girls, women flock around him like a sherpherd and his sheeps.. and he goes crazy whenever he sees cute ones, he has dated almost all the girls in my street and they don’t even last for a month” she said and I chuckled.
“My only kid sister, Sona. Her madness is for make up, fashion and music.. once she gets any of those things, she starts transforming into something else and it’s really annoying.. especially when she plays the music loud at night. One time, she tied me to a bedpost just so she could make me up and braid my hair” she said and I laughed
“My mom’s is the worst, whenever I go to her restaurant.. she tries to link me up with one guy or the other. And it’s so annoying” she said demonstrating with her hands.. I smiled and dropped the chopsticks on the table.
“They sound fun to me” I said
“Well they are all fun to be with.. including Nicky..” she said and suddenly stopped smiling.. she looked down and I noticed a tear slid down her cheeks, she hastily cleaned it and exhaled..
“Why are you crying?” I asked as I stood up and walked to her side
“Is something wrong?” I asked squatting beside her
She shook her head and smiled lightly
“It’s nothing sir, I just .. I’m so sorry for everything I did, I even brought all your stuffs back” she said and picked the bag up. I stood up and sat on the desk, I watched as she brought out the clothes, shoes, and my bracelet..
I instantly picked it and examined it, all the diamonds were still in place..
“I don’t understand, why didn’t you sell it?, This could cost a small fortune?” I asked surprised
“I couldn’t bring myself to Sir, although I wanted to, i saw it on the floor minutes after you left, and I thought it fell from your hands, someone wanted to buy it for 6 million, I would have sold it. But I felt that, it might be important to you… I even stood in the road this morning, I thought I might see you again…” I didn’t let her finish, I leaned down and hugged her. .
“Thank you so much, this bracelet means alot to me.. thank you for bringing it back” I whispered into her ears..
She reciprocated and I could feel her hands shaking. I guess this is the first time she hugged a guy.. I slowly withdrew and looked at her face.. she looked down at her fingers and sighed
She finally looked at me and fixed her gaze on the table,
“And that’s for you” she said pointing to a bunch of notes..
“I .. don’t understand” I said scratching my hair
“I kinda sold your chain.. for 250, 000 won, it’s all in there, like I said I’m sorry for everything, I’ll accept any punishment you’ll give me, but please don’t fire me or my Friend, she has no hand in this. I really need this job Sir.. there are bills, lots of bills I need to settle.. if you fire me, I’m done for” she said joining her hands together..and a tear slid down her cheek.. I reached down and wiped it with my thumb..
I placed both hands on her cheeks and our eyes locked,
I stared at her lips and then at her eyes, she did same and swallowed..
For a minute I was tempted to take her lips in mine..
Focus Harry!! That is not why you’re here! My mind yelled at me..
“Stop crying, Angels aren’t meant to cry” I said and smiled.
She smiled and looked down, trying to hide the red shade forming on her cheeks.. I smiled and walked back to my seat, I sat down and placed my legs on the desk .
“I’ll forgive you on three conditions” I blurted out
She sat up and placed her hands on the table
“Anything Sir, I’ll do anything”
“Anything?” I asked looking intensely in her eyes
“Uh.. uhm, any.. anything that is good” she said and I chuckled.
“You’re so spoilt” I said
“Anyways, don’t worry, I’m not like that.. if I like a woman, I ask her out.. I don’t take advantage of them” I said and she smiled.
“Okay, number one,” I said and pushed the notes over to her side. She stared at me confused .
“Take it, you need it more than I do.. besides I spoilt your phone, buy a new one and sort out your bills.. if it’s not enough, don’t hesitate to ask me for more” I said
“No buts, you have to accept it or I’ll fire you” I added
“It’s too much sir, I can’t accept this” she rushed.
“I guess I’ll have to call the cops then” I said and picked my phone..
I dialed Mr Cha’s number and placed it on loud speaker..
“Hello . Good afternoon officer” I said
Looking at her face
“Okay.. I’ll accept it” she rushed.. I smiled and hung up.
“Good girl” I said and she smiled
“Thank you Sir” she said and bowed slightly
“Number 2, don’t call me sir, Harry or Ju Sung is preferable”
“Okay sir.. sorry, Ju Sung”
“Why Ju Sung?” I asked
“It’s the one I like” she said and I smiled..
“Okay..” I said and glanced at my watch
“Lunch break is 20 minutes from now, right?” I asked
“Your mom runs a restaurant?” I asked
“Yes” she replied simply.
“Great.. number 3, you’ll have to take me there for lunch” I said
“But.. but, there are other fancy and classic restaurants, why not pick any of those?” She asked
“Because, that’s the one I like..you can leave now, I’ll call you when I’m ready” I said..
She reluctantly stood up and walked out with her bag and the money..
I smiled and closed my eyes, I have a feeling that this is gonna be the beginning of a beautiful relationship..
To be continued

read more here: https://www.emperorblog.com.ng/?s=crazy+hannah

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Re: Crazy Hannah - By Lady C by emperorblog21(m): 3:29pm On Sep 16
Crazy Hannah�
By Lady C �
�Episode 8�

Hilton high�
Jeremy’s POV �
“And that’s all for today guys.. don’t forget to do your assignments” miss Choi said, and walked out of the class,.. other students followed with their books and bags..
“So.. cafeteria?” Ryan asked looking down at me, with his bag on his right shoulder..
“Yep” I said as I stood up and we both walked out..
“Where’s blaze by the way? I didn’t see him in class” I asked as we walked down the hall to my locker..
“He’s with Kiera, in the store room” he replied with a grin.
“I thought he dumped her ass” I muttered
“He did, he’s just using her to pass time.. I guess” he mumbled..
�Wow.. Jeremy looks so cute
�What are you saying? He’s always cute..
�I love his hair warmer
�Well, I love his outfit.. he looks so dashing..
�I wish he can just go on a date with me
� Don’t even think about it, Zee will kill you..
�Yes, you better shut up..
I chuckled and looked at Ryan..
“That’s what you get for being the most popular guy in school” he blurted out..
I opened my locker and dumped my books in it..
We walked into the cafeteria and the ladies started whispering..
I looked around and spotted Zee chatting with her cheer squad..
She met my gaze and smiled seductively, I winked and blew her a kiss.. the girls started shouting..
We walked to the counter and bought our lunch.
Then we walked to our usual spot, and sat down, Ryan sat beside me and just then blaze walked in with Kiera..
They walked over to our table and sat down..
“Hey guys” Kiera greeted.
“Hi k”
“Uhm, Kiera.. why don’t you go get something for us to eat?” Blaze asked slipping some notes into her palm
“Okay” she said and walked out after giving him a brief kiss..
“So.., I thought you guys broke up” I said taking a sip of my soda
“We did..but we got back together today” he said
“Wow.. you never get back with a girl after breakup, what happened?” Ryan asked surprised
“I don’t know man.. there’s this thing about Kiera, I think I’m really in love with her man” he said
“Whoa!” I said
“I know it sounds crazy, but it’s true” he said, just then Kiera walked back to the table holding two trays, she set one in front of him and placed the other in her front..
“So are you guys going to the party?” She asked
“Nope, we are having a boys night in my house” I said..
“Really?” She asked
“Yes” Ryan replied
“Okay” she mumbled and started eating.
“Jeremy!” A familiar voice shouted, I looked up to see Sona walking towards our table with her cute Friend.. Miya..
“How many times have I told you to stop yelling my name Sona?” I asked looking at her, she rolled her eyes and sat beside Kira, while Miya sat beside her.. wow we are both Wearing same color, she looks so cute..
“Jeremy.. I need your help” Sona. Said looking at me
“No” I said
“But you haven’t heard what I wanted to say” she muttered
“Whatever it is, my answer is no” I replied, then she started forming her crazy puppy eyes
“Okay fine, what is it?” I asked
“I need 100 bucks” she said
“What!” Blaze yelled
“What do you wanna use 100 won for?” I asked
“Well.. there’s this dress I wanna buy, I only have half of the money..”
“No way” I said cutting her short
“Please, Jeremy…” She said with her puppy eyes
“No!” I said
“Please J” Miya said quietly,
J.. wow, this is the first time she called me that, I smiled mentally and looked at Sona
“Fine, I’ll give you when we get home” I said
“Thanks Jeremy.. you are the best brother ever” she said and blew me a kiss..
“Keep your kiss to yourself” I muttered
“Whatever” she said as she reached over and picked Ryan’s chips..
“Hey baby” Zee called from behind and pecked my cheek..
Sona scoffed and started chatting with the guys.
Hannah’s pov�
“Wow… He’s so nice, I told you he would forgive you” Sofia said excitedly and I smiled..
“So what kind of phone are you buying?” She asked
“Phone?.. I’m not buying anything” I replied simply
“But he asked you to buy a new phone”
“He did, but I won’t”I said
“Half of this money is for Nick’s surgery, the other half is for the other expenses” I added..
“Oh, that’s nice” she said
“So are you excited?” She asked
“For what?” I asked back
“For your date with doctor Evans” she said
“Oh.. I’m not going” I mumbled
“Why?” She asked
“I don’t feel like” I replied
“You’re going Hannah, I mean you already gave him your word.. ” she said glaring at me.. I shrugged and continued twirling my hair around my fingers..
She continued glaring at me and I sighed
“Fine, I will go, but how do I know the place, he didn’t come to work today and my phone is spoilt” I asked
“Don’t worry, I’ll call him” she said smiling..
“But..” I was interrupted by a Knock on the door..
“Hi guys” nurse Kim greeted as she walked in
“Hi” we both muttered back
“Dr Harry said you should meet him at the garage in two minutes” she said
“Okay” I replied
She smiled and walked out.
Sofia looked at me with a huge grin on her face,
“Wow!.. he’s really serious” she said.
“So it seems” I said and stood up.
“Good luck with the drama queen” she said referring to my mom.
“I just hope she’s not there” I said as I picked my bag and walked out of the office..
..�for those that don’t understand, Hannah has three siblings, Jeremy, Sona and Nicky.. Ryan and blaze are Jeremy’s friend, Miya and Kiera are Sona’s friends , and Zee is Jeremy’s latest girlfriend.. if you still don’t understand, read episode 1 and 7�
Hannah’s pov �
I walked into the garage and saw Harry standing beside a black sparkling car, with tinted glasses..
He smiled when he saw me..
“Hi” he said
“Hi” I mumbled back
He opened the door for me and I stepped into the car, he closed the door and walked over to the driver’s side, he opened the door and slipped in.. while I battled with my seatbelt..
“Let me” he said stretching his hands
“No.. don’t worry I can do it” I said
“Okay” he said as he started the engine, I finally locked the seatbelt and he drove out of the garage..
“So.. tell me about yourself” he said breaking the silence
“What do you want to Know?” I asked glancing at his face..
“Everything” he replied
“Okay… Uhm my name is Hannah Shù..I am..”
“Wait don’t you have a Korean name?” He asked, cutting me short..
“No.. My mother is American and my father is Korean, mom didn’t want a Korean name for me so she named me after her mother..” I replied
“Okay…”he drawed.
“So how old are you?” He asked
“22” I replied simply..
“Wow” he muttered
“What about you?” I asked
“I’m 25” he replied..
“Are you serious?” I asked looking at his face
“Yeah, why?” He asked taking a glance at me..
“You look younger than your age” I said
“Really?” He asked
“Yeah” I replied.
“So.. how long did you stay in France?” I asked
“Ten years” he replied
“Wow!.. so you didn’t see your parents and siblings for ten whole years?” I asked
“My sisters used to come for holidays, so I saw them maybe once or twice a year” he replied,
“What about your mom?, I haven’t seen her since I started working at the hospital” I asked
For a moment I noticed something like sadness in his face..
“She’s gone” he stated simply,
“Gone?.. gone to where?” I asked confused
“She’s dead” he said.
I gasped and covered my mouth, he sighed and continued driving..
Now I feel so guilty, why didn’t I just mind my business, now he’s gonna hate me for being nosey..
“She died during child birth, some minutes after she gave birth to the twins.. I stayed for two years before I traveled to France” he said..
I looked at him and blinked my eyes,
“I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to..”
“It’s okay, you’re my friend after all.. besides you’ve told me a lot about your family, it’s only fair if I do same” he said with a smile..
Wow.. he looks so cute, I can’t believe the first guy, I am actually comfortable with is my boss.. I feel so free with him, like I’ve known him forever.. and for the first time since I turned five, he’s the only guy that has hugged and kissed me without getting beaten up.. and even though I stripped him half Unclad on the road, he still showed me kindness.. I’m really lucky to have you as my friend Ju Sung..
“Which way now?” He asked snapping me out of my thoughts..
“Oh.. uhm” I drawed as I looked around,
“That way” I said
“Okay” he muttered…
“So what’s the name of your sisters?” I asked
“Jodi and Josi” he replied..
“Wow.. nice,” I mumbled..
Harry’s pov�
We both stepped out of the car and I slipped my hands in my pockets..
“Uhm.. Sir, ” she started and I glared at her
“Sorry.. Ju Sung, are you sure you want to go in there with me?” She asked looking at me.
“Uhh durhh.. of course” I said walking towards the door..
“Well.. sir, Ju Sung.. I..my.. mom is..”
“Shhhh” I whispered and walked into the restaurant.
It wasn’t that classic or fancy like she said, but it was okay.. I saw a woman who looked exactly like Hannah, maybe her sister, she was busy talking to a staff, who was holding a tray..
Hannah rushed to my side and looked around..
“Sir, quickly come and sit before she sees you” Hannah said holding my hand, but it was too late, the lady turned and was shocked to see us, she looked down at our hands and smiled happily..
“Uh oh” Hannah mumbled..
“Oh my goodness!!!, Finally Hannah has brought her boyfriend” the lady said excitedly
“Ethan.. come quick, Hannah is here with her boyfriend” she said and started walking towards us..
“No.. mom, he’s not..” Hannah started..
Mom? Did she just say mom?.. wow! Her Mom is way younger than I expected..
“Come on Hannah, you don’t have to be shy.. your boyfriend is so cute” she said smiling at me..
“Good afternoon ma’am” I greeted..
“Oh please, you can call me mom.. you are part of the family now..” she said giving me a hug..
“Urrhhh” Hannah whined with her hand on her face..
“Wow.. are you a model? Or an actor? You look so cute.. I love your eyes” she said
“Thanks.. ma.. I mean mom” I said
Hannah frowned and rolled her eyes
“Just to be clear.. you are Hannah’s boyfriend right?” She asked..
“Uhh.. kinda” I muttered, Hannah scoffed and walked away..
“Thank goodness.. please have a seat” she said..
“What would you like honey?” She asked sweetly.
“Uhm.. anything” I replied
“Hannah dear, bring your boyfriend some refreshments.. ” she yelled
“He’s not my boyfriend mom!” Hannah yelled back..
“Oh don’t be silly” she said
“Don’t mind your girlfriend sweetie, she acts abnormal sometimes” she said and I chuckled..
“So what’s your name?” She asked
“Ju Sung ” I replied simply..
“Awwn, i like it, ” she said..
“Oh my goodness!.. is he really Hannah’s boyfriend?” A guy asked catwalking towards us..
“Yes .. Ethan” she said with a smile.
“Oh my!.. baby you look so cute” he said sitting beside me with his legs crossed..
“Uhh thanks?” I said..
“My name’s Ethan, what’s your name?” He asked placing his polished nails under his chin..
“Ju Sung” I mumbled
“Wow.. I love it” he said smiling.

“Here’s your ‘refreshment” Hannah said placing a tray on the table with a frown..
“Hannah, that’s not a way to treat your boyfriend.. ” her mother snapped..
“Apologize to him now” her mother said . Hannah frowned and looked at me..
“Sorry.. babe” she said with a fake smile..
“It’s okay mom.. that’s how we express our love, right baby?” I asked placing my hand on Hannah’s..
She blinked severally and nodded..
“Ye.. yes, yes he’s right” she stuttered.
“Well.. that’s a really crazy way of expressing it..” her mother said
“Ju Sung dear, I’ll be back, let me go get something for you to eat” she said and stood up..
“Okay” I muttered
She smiled and walked away, Hannah quickly withdrew her hand and adjusted her seat.. I chuckled, just then I felt something on my hair, I looked up and saw Ethan touching my hair with a smile on his face..
“Oppa, I like your hair.. it’s really soft and curly” he said..
“Quit it Ethan, he’s not gay” Hannah scolded..
“You’re not gay right?” She asked looking at me.
“No!. Of course not, I don’t do guys.. that’s gross” I said causing a gasp to escape from Ethan’s mouth..
“Girlfriend, your boyfriend just hurt my feelings” he said looking at Hannah..
“Sorry” I mumbled..
“Apology not accepted” he said..
“He said he’s sorry, what else do you want?” Hannah asked
“A kiss” he said smiling
“What!” I yelled
“Come on, just one” he said moving his face closer to mine.
“Ethan are you crazy! That’s my boyfriend! You can’t kiss him” Hannah yelled
“But .. I thought you said he’s not your boyfriend?” Ethan asked looking at her.
Her face turned red and she started blinking.. I bit my lips to hide my laughter
“Well.. he’s .. he’s”
“Where’s dad?” She asked changing the topic.
“He’s at home with Nicky” he said
“Okay” she mumbled…
Hilton high�
Sona’s pov�

Amongst all the girls Jeremy has ever dated, Zee is the worst..
She’s a complete baby doll, and she’s so full of herself, just because she’s rich and she’s the cheerleader..
And of course, I know the main reason why she agreed to be Jeremy’s girlfriend.. Because he’s the most popular guy in the school and the captain of the basketball team..
I mean I know, every girl drools over my brother, he’s got the looks and everything except for money of course..
And he’s super intelligent.. which girl wouldn’t want a guy like that?..
Miya on her part has been crushing on him since God knows when.. and I Know he likes her too.. but what I don’t understand is why he can’t man up and ask her out..
Although I would love to see them together, sometimes I’m just glad they aren’t dating, cause I wouldn’t have to worry about my best friend not lasting more than a month with my brother..
“Hi cutie” Jeremy said pecking her lips..
“Can we please leave?” Miya asked quietly.
“No.. I still need to do something” I whispered back
“Uhm Ryan” I called
“Yes?” He answered
“Can you please exchange seats with Miya?.. I wanna tell you something” I said with a smile..
“What!.. no way” Miya whispered looking at me
“Yes way” I replied..
“Okay” Ryan said and they both switched seats, now Miya was seating beside Jeremy..
“Uhm.. excuse me, I wanna seat there” Zee said looking at Miya
“I’m sorry, but the table is filled as you can see” I said looking at her.“But there’s some space beside you, adjust a little” Jeremy said looking at me
“Well my bag is there, and I can’t move it” I said placing my bag on the space
“Can you just stop being a b*tch for once in your life?” Zee asked angrily..
She’s already getting angry, that’s what I want .. I smiled and looked at Jeremy
“Did you just call my sister a b*tch?” Jeremy asked looking at Zee.
“Uhm.. I.. no baby, I didn’t” she stuttered
“Better” Ryan muttered
“Zee.. go sit with your friends, we’ll talk later” Jeremy said
“But I want to sit with you” she whined
“You heard him puppy, run along, shuu” I said
She glared at me and frowned
“Baby… She just called me a puppy” she said
“But that’s what you are” I mumbled
“Sona! Zee is my girlfriend, stop talking to her that way” Jeremy said faking a frown.. and Zee smiled
“Girlfriend, that won’t last more than a month” I muttered and the guys started laughing.. Zee frowned and stormed out angrily .
“Sona.. did you really have to say that?” Jeremy asked
“But it’s true” I said and he smiled
“I love you because you Know me” he said and we high fives..
To be continued �
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Crazy Hannah�
By Lady C �
Episode 9�
Hannah’s pov �
This is the worse day ever!!.. I can’t believe mom and Ethan don’t believe me, and Harry is certainly not helping matters.
I sat on a different table and watched the three of them chat on..
Mom and Ethan have been asking questions like journalists, and Ju Sung is happily answering their questions.. he looks so happy, I can’t believe he’s playing along with this whole boyfriend stuff.. is he using it as revenge? Payback for what I did?.. it has to be it, cause there’s no way someone like Harry would even think of having someone like me as a girlfriend.. right?..
“So how did you guys meet?” Mom asked curiously
“Well.. It’s kinda embarrassing to say, baby why don’t you tell Mom how we met?” Harry asked looking at me with a mischievous smirk on his face.. I said it! I knew he was seeking revenge, urhh!
“Go on Hannah, I’m listening” mom said staring at me
There’s absolutely no way I’m gonna tell them about how I stripped him on the road.
“Uhh.. well.. I . Uhm, you see.. we.. met in.. no.. I.. actually saved him from a gang of thieves” I said and Harry choked on his drink..
“Really?.. oh my goodness.. hope they didn’t hurt you?” Mom asked looking at Ju Sung, who was still coughing slightly.
“No.. I was just in time, I dealt with those criminals.. you should have seen me mom, I was like a one woman wrecking machine” I said demonstrating with my hands, earning a glare from Ju Sung
“I trust you Hannah… You are your mother’s daughter afterall, I only wish I was there. I would have taught them a lesson of their lives” mom said hitting her fist on the table.. Harry flinched and cleared his throat
“And I would have smacked their asses for even thinking of hurting my baby” Ethan said putting on his tough face..
“So are you a model? Or a movie star?” Ethan asked linking his hands under his chin
“I’m a doctor” Harry replied
“So, you’re not a model?” Ethan asked a bit disappointed
“Nope..” Ju Sung popped
“Well isn’t the Lord wonderful?, Your girlfriend is a nurse as well..”mom said smiling
“Mom!! He’s not my boyfriend okay!, He’s Ju Sung Lee, my boss’s son.. the heir to everything Lee.. so you see, he can never be my boyfriend, Even if I was ready to date..we are just friends and nothing more!” I yelled causing every eyes to look at me..
The trio stared at me for what felt like forever, then mom and Ethan started laughing.. while Harry just stared at me expressionless
“Like I said sweetie, your girlfriend acts abnormal sometimes..but she’s the most sweetest and kindest girl I know, and she’s definitely a good wife material” mom said with a smile,and Ethan nodded approvingly.. Harry chuckled and looked at me.
“Uhh!” I groaned..
“We have to go now mom.. lunch break is over” I said
“Aww” mom whined
“Don’t worry mom, I’ll come visit some other time, I enjoyed the meal by the way” Harry said standing up
“Oh no you won’t” I mumbled and mom glared at me
“Okay dear, Hannah will bring something for you tommorow, she’s a good cook as well, so she’ll prepare it herself” mom said
“No I won’t” I snapped
“Yes you will” mom said sternly..
“That would be great mom.. ” Harry said smiling
I rolled my eyes and headed for the door
“Bye Mom, bye Ethan” he said and rushed after me.
“Bye baby” Ethan cooed
“Bye sweetie” mom said..
“What’s your last name by the way?” She asked
“Lee” Harry replied as I stormed out of the restaurant
Harry’s pov �
I walked out of the restaurant and saw Hannah standing beside my car with a frown on her face.. I chuckled and pressed the remote in my pocket, the car opened with a sound, causing Hannah to flinch..
I smiled and walked to the driver’s seat, ignoring her glares..
Hannah has been quiet since we drove out of the parking lot, I guess she’s still mad at me for pretending to be her boyfriend.. but her mom is so sweet and irresistible, I couldn’t help but play along with her.
Her expression when I told her my last name was very hilarious..
I mean, who wouldn’t be surprised to know their daughter’s ‘boyfriend’ is a multi billionaire?..
“Are you happy now?” Hannah asked breaking the awkward silence.
“You’ve got your revenge right? Are you fulfilled now?” She asked again
“I don’t understand” I said glancing at her face and then back at the traffic
She exhaled and closed her eyes
“Was that your way of paying me back, for stripping you?” She asked looking at me .
“There are better ways to do it you know, you didn’t have to pretend as my boyfriend” she added..
I chuckled and laughed..
“Oh my.. girl.. you are so funny” I said amidst laughing
“I’m not angry at you Hannah, I bear no grudges against you honestly, your mom looked so happy because she thought I was your boyfriend, I didn’t want to take the happiness from her, and that’s why I played along.. ” I said taking a bend
“Really?” She asked looking at my face
“Yeah..” I mumbled
“Plus, your mom is amazing and sweet.. I couldn’t resist her” I said and she smiled happily..
“Now.. you look more beautiful, you should smile more often.. frowning makes you look like a koala” I said jokingly.
She smiled and punched my right arm playfully,.
“Christ!” I yelled, rubbing my arm, with my eyes still on the traffic.. i feel like I was punched with steel..
“Oh.. sorry, I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to” she said with her hands on her mouth.
“Are you okay?.. does it hurt much?” She asked placing her hands on my arm..
“Ouch!” I screamed..
“Don’t touch it.. it gets more painful when you do” I said with teary eyes..
“Stop the car” she ordered
“Why?” I asked
“Just do it okay?” She rushed looking worried..
I drove into a parking lot and stopped the car..
“Can you raise your hand?” She asked
“Yes.. I guess” I raised the left one and she shook her head
“No.. the right one” she said looking at me.
I nodded and tried to raise it.
“Ouch!!. I can’t” I said holding it with the other.
“You have to take off your shirt” she said looking at me.
“What!” I yelled
“Do you want to strip me again?” I asked with my eyes open wide
“No.. just do it” she said already frustrated
“But why?” I asked
“I need to see something” she said
“I can’t” I mumbled
“Do it or I’ll do it myself” she said removing her seatbelt..
God help me..
To be continued

read more here: https://www.emperorblog.com.ng/?s=crazy+hannah
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Crazy Hannah�
By Lady C �
Episode 10�
Sona’s pov�
“You guys are something else” Kiera muttered sipping her cola
“Tell me about it” Miya mumbled
“But it’s cool though, I like your style” Ryan chimed in
“I like Hannah’s Style more” blaze added with a smile
“Yeah.. me too, she’s like the female super Man.. uhm super woman,” Ryan said
“She’s so beautiful” Kiera added
“And intelligent too, plus her hair is amazing and soft” Miya added with a smile.. Jeremy smiled and looked at her face
“Have you touched it?” He asked
“Yeah.. when Sona tied her to a bedpost and braided her hair, I was the one who helped her loosen it” Miya replied shyly
“Do you guys still remember when she caught us drinking bear, in junior year?” Blaze asked
“How can I forget?.. she got us all beaten up and hung Jeremy with his pants on the wall” Ryan said and we all started laughing..
“Haha.. very funny” Jeremy mumbled with a frown
“Wow . I never knew my sister had so many fans” I commented
“Anyways, Sona.. we are going to the party right? Cause I need to come over to your house first, so you can do my makeup and style my hair” Kiera asked looking at me.
“Nah.. jeremy isn’t going, so I can’t.. “Hannah’s rule”, besides we have math test tomorrow.. we need to revise” I said twirling my hair around my fingers..
“Test?” She asked with her eyes wide open.
“Yep.. besides where weren’t you in class, we looked for you everywhere but we couldn’t find you” I asked
“Uhm.. I was .. well, stomach ache” she said.
“Have you taken drugs?” Miya asked worriedly
“Yeah” Kiera replied simply
“Hmm.. what kind of drugs?” I asked
“Uhm.. you Know, the normal kind” she said avoiding my gaze.. the guys started laughing and I chuckled..
“So what time should I be expecting you for the make over?” I asked excitedly
“I am no longer going to the party, I need to revise as well, can’t afford to get a B, besides it would be boring without you both” she stated.
“Awwn” Miya cooed
“Okay, but are you sure you don’t want the make over? It’s free.. ” I asked
“She doesn’t need it Sona.. she needs to revise, no signal for you today, you can make yourself up if you like.. ” Jeremy muttered and they all Started laughing
“You are sick” I said and threw a chip at him..
Hannah’s pov✊
“Okay fine” Harry mumbled
He raised his hands to remove the first button, he groaned and dropped the right hand.
“What?” I asked
“Its really painful Hannah, what did you do to my hand” he asked and I rolled my eyes.
“You are really lazy Harry, I mean I used to hit Sofia almost every day, although it hurts her, but she definitely doesn’t break any bones.. but your case is different, just one tiny, whinny punch and your bone is broken.. what if I had punched you for real?” I asked angrily
“But your hand is like steel, it didn’t feel like a man’s hand not to talk of a lady’s..” he retorted
“And that’s how you broke my shade with just a squeeze, i mean who does that?” He asked
“Are you really human?” He asked again.
“Of course, do I look like an alien or an animal?” I asked
“No, but you act like one” he snapped..
I frowned and sighed.
“I guess I’ll have to help you unbotton your shirt” I said changing the topic
“That’s if you don’t mind” I added.. he stared at me and finally nodded.
I carefully removed the first button, then the second, I could hear the sound of my heart beating in my ears.. I removed all the bottons and helped him slip out his right hand.. his skin was so spotless.. like a baby’s..
His packs were visible, wow! I didn’t see them the other day..
“Ahehm.. you could have just said you wanted to check me out, you Know” he said snapping me out of my thoughts
“..i wasn’t checking you out” I mumbled.
“Yeah right” he muttered.. I glared at him and looked down at his arm.. gosh this guy is so soft.. the spot where I hit him was already bruised and swollen.. I gently placed my left hand on it and I felt tingles like electric shock travel through my body, I quickly removed my hand and looked at him.. what just happened?, This has never happened to me before..
“So? Is it bad or not?” He asked looking at me
“Uhm.. well, its already swollen” I said
“What!” He yelled
“I don’t know if the bone is broken, but I have to massage it a little” I said
He looked at me with his eyes open wide
“I’ll be careful, I promise” I added.. he sighed and finally muttered
I nodded and placed my hands on his arm, I have to do it like this, since there’s no ointment here.. I just hope he can bear it,
He groaned as I touched the spot, I added a little pressure and he yelled.
“Hannah, do you want to kill me?” He asked
“But I didn’t even hold it properly” I said
“Are you serious? You almost killed me” he snapped
“You are a doctor for Christ sake Ju Sung, you should be able to bear things.. stop being a chicken and man up” I snapped back..
My words seemed to have effect on him because he stopped talking and looked out the window..
Good.. I placed my hands on his arm again and applied lesser pressure.. I can’t continue like this, I need to just massage this properly and he’ll feel better after few minutes..
I looked at him and he was still looking outside the window.. now is my chance..
I placed my hands on the spot again and applied pressure.. he screamed and snapped his hands from mine..
“Don’t worry, I’ll call my assistant, he’ll do it himself” he said with teary eyes..
“I’m sorry” I mumbled sadly, he tried to move his hand but couldn’t
“What is it? Do you need something?” I asked
“My shirt” he stated simply..
“Oh..” I helped him with his shirt and bottoned it.. he picked his phone with his left hand and after few seconds placed it on his ear.
“Can you please come pick me up from the hospital?” He asked
“Okay.. thanks” he said and dropped the phone.
I hope he’s not angry with me..
“Can you drive?” He asked without looking at me.
“Yes.. yes I can” I replied..
“You’ll have to drive us to the hospital.. my assistant will take me home, and he’ll fix whatever thing you did to my arm” he said..
“I’m sorry Ju Sung, I didn’t mean to hurt you” I mumbled,
He nodded and opened the door with his left hand..
I drove into the garage and turned off the engine.. I looked at Ju Sung and met his gaze.. his eyes was filled with pain.. he hadn’t spoken to me since we left the parking lot, and for some unknown reason, I feel so hurt..
“I.. we are here” I said
“I Know” he mumbled.
“Uhm.. I guess I have to go in” I said and picked my bag, he just kept staring at me
“Aren’t you coming in?” I asked
“No.. my assistant is already here” he replied quietly..
“How did you know?” I asked
“He sent me a text” he replied
“Oh.. okay, uhm ” I started
“I’m so sorry, for your hand.. I didn’t mean for it to..” I stopped as I watched him lean closer and pecked my cheek..
“I enjoyed every minute with you, even
when you broke my hand,” he said with a smile
“Apology accepted, I’ll see you tomorrow.. and please don’t forget to cook what mom said you would for me” he added .. I smiled and nodded.
I stepped out of the car and rushed out of the garage.. oh goodness.. my face is about to catch fire.
Harry’s pov ✌️
I chuckled as she rushed out of the garage.. Mr Cha stepped out of his car and started walking towards mine.. I stepped out and he smiled warmly..
“Mr Harry.. i thought you were going to stay till closing hours?” He asked
“Something came up, and please enough of the ‘Mr’ we are alone here” I replied..
He smiled looked towards the exit.
“I see you’ve become good friends with nurse Hannah?” He asked
“Yeah.. anyways that’s not why I called you.. my hand is seriously hurting” I said changing the topic
“Why? What happened?” He asked worriedly
“Long story, but it’s swollen and I can’t Raise it properly..” I said
“Okay, let’s go” he said walking towards his car,
“What about my car?” I asked
“I’ll send someone to come pick it up” he replied
“Okay” I mumbled
“Your dad called” he said as we both slipped into his car
“Why?” I asked
“He said Nina is on her way to the suite” he replied starting the engine

Sofia’s pov �️
“What! How could you be so careless Hannah? You could have done more than just broke his hand if you weren’t lucky” I said looking at her
“I know.. but I didn’t mean to Sof, I never meant to hurt him.. plus I didn’t know it would break his hand” she said sadly
“What were you expecting Hannah?.. he’s fragile, he’s so soft. One real slap from you would render him unconscious for weeks and that’s if he’s even lucky” I stated.
“What were you thinking?” I asked
“Nothing, I was just so happy … I guess, if I knew this was going to happen, then I would have happily kept my mouth shut in the car” she muttered
I sighed and looked at her face
“Anyways it’s all good, the deed has been done..I only hope it doesn’t get serious” I said and she nodded
“Anyways uhm, I called Evans and he said he was going to send his driver to come pick you up.. I knew you would say no.. so I asked him to just send the address, that you’ll go on your own..he said okay and sent me the address” I said
“Okay..?, Where’s the place?” She asked
“The Stars restaurant” I replied with a grin
“Wait, isn’t that like a five star restaurant?” She asked sitting up
“Yep” I popped
“Goodness.. I’m not going” she said
“Oh yes you are.” I stated with a grin

To be continued abeg
Re: Crazy Hannah - By Lady C by emperorblog21(m): 12:45pm On Sep 18
Crazy Hannah�
By Lady C �
Episode 11�

Hannah’s pov �
If there’s one thing I hate more than dates?.. it’s picking the perfect dress for it..
I can’t believe I’ve been standing here for more than 30 minutes, I no longer have fancy clothes, I was so stupid to sell everything..
“What do I wear now?, I haven’t even taken my bath” I said as I scratched my hair..
I looked around for the tenth time and sighed .
“I guess, I’m gonna make use of you now” I said and picked a skirt…

Harry’s pov�
“So you’re telling me that Hannah is responsible for this?” Mr Cha asked pointing to my arm
“Yeah.. but it wasn’t intentional though” I replied..
“Aisshh” he said and hit my head with his hand.
“Ouch!.. what was that for?” I asked rubbing my head with my left hand.
“You mean to tell me a woman did this to you, and you’re not ashamed? What are these for?” He asked pointing to my biceps
“You spend hours in the gym and you can’t even bear a single playful punch from a woman.. just kill me Harry” he added and continued massaging my arm
“I’m not lazy okay?.. do you know what steel is?, Her hands is like steel and gold joined together.. and it didn’t feel like a man’s hand not to talk of a lady’s” I said defending myself
“Besides, I told you how she broke my shade with one little squeeze..”
“I thought you said, miss psycho was the one that broke your shade” he said cutting me off
“Well… Turns out miss psycho is miss Hannah” I muttered
“What?” He asked as he dropped the ointment on the table
“I found out this afternoon, when she came to apologise and return my stuffs” I said
“What about the bracelet?” He asked pulling my hands gently
“She returned it as well ..” I said and winced in pain.. he dropped my hand and threw my shirt at me..
“Wow.. that’s nice” he said
“Yeah it is” I mumbled as I slipped on my black T-shirt
“So, you like her?” He asked looking at me
“Nn.. no… Why would you say that?” I asked back
“Come on Harry, I’ve known you since you were thirteen, you have never entrusted your precious car to a lady before, even though she’s your girlfriend, plus.. I saw the way you looked at her after your accidental kiss.. ” he stated
I flushed and blinked my eyes
“Uhh.. I.. well . The situation was different.. I couldn’t drive with my broken arm” I stuttered
“Yeah right” he muttered
I glared at him and rolled my eyes
“Fine.. I like her, as a friend though” I mumbled..
He smiled and was about to say something, but was interrupted by the door bell..
He stood up and walked to the door,
“Who’s it?” He spoke into the intercom
“Uhh.. it’s me, tell oppa his girlfriend is here to see him” the person replied..
Uh no.. Nina!
He looked at me and I nodded for him to open the door..
He opened and Nina walked in smiling sheepishly..
She looks so different, more beautiful and hotter.. wow! But Hannah is more beautiful, and hotter, i mean her curves are just so perfect, her skin is really soft and spotless, her charming brown eyes and tempting pink lips.. everything about her is just so… Wait, why am I suddenly thinking about Hannah?..
Get yourself together man!..
Sofia’s pov �
The cab halted in front of Hannah’s house, I payed the driver and stepped out, I looked around and saw, her crazy neighbor and his dog.
“Good evening sir” I greeted..
He scowled and ignored me..
I hurried towards the door and knocked lightly.
“Hold on” a voice yelled
The door opened and I saw Sona standing there with earpiece on her ears..
“Unnie” she yelled and hugged me.
“How are you Sona?” I asked walking into the house
“I’m fine.. how about you?” She asked as she closed the door
“I’m fine..Where’s Jeremy and Nicky?” I asked.
“In Jeremy’s room, with his friends” she replied, sitting beside me..
“Wow.. is that a shopping bag?” She asked pointing to the bag in my hand
“Yep.. it’s for Hannah” i replied
“Hannah?.. is she going out?” She asked taking the bags
“She’s going on a date” i replied
“Wow.. this is so beautiful.. ” she said looking at the black gown.
“Yeah.. i thought it would look great on her” i said
“Wait.. Hannah is going on a date? And she didn’t call me to make her up?” She asked rhetorically
“Hey Sof” we turned to see Hannah walking down the stairs..
“O.. m… G” Sona drawed
“What the..”
“How do I look?” Hannah asked cutting me off..
What do I say..
What do we call a twenty two years old lady, wearing a long pink flared skirt that stops at her ankles, with white convas, lemon sweatshirt and black base ball cap, going to a five star restaurant for a date..
A psycho?.. or crazy Hannah?
To be continued �
Re: Crazy Hannah - By Lady C by emperorblog21(m): 12:46pm On Sep 18
Crazy Hannah�
By Lady C �
Episode 12�

Hannah’s pov �
They both continued staring at me for minutes and I was beginning to feel uncomfortable.. Sona just stared at me with her mouth open, I couldn’t help but notice the shopping bags on her hands, wow! She bought another dress?.. I bet her closet is now a boutique..
Sofia on her part continued looking at me from my head to my feet, totally lost.
“.. uhh! I asked a question guys” I said snapping them both out of their thoughts..
Sona shook her head and Sofia palmed her face.
“Hannah?.. where are you going?” She finally asked looking straight into my eyes
“The Stars restaurant, .. I have a date with Evans remember?” I said adjusting my skirt
“You’re going to a date.. like this?” Sona asked pointing at my clothes
“Yes.. of course” I replied simply
Sofia shook her head and sighed deeply..
“What?” I asked looking at the both of them
“Sorry to say this sis, but you look cray cray.. I mean we are in the 21st century, not the 13th.. who dresses like this to a date?”Sona asked
“But… It’s the best I could come up with” I defended quietly
“Seriously?.., the best you could come up with?.. Hannah you look crazy.. you look like a retired psycho.. you’re not even wearing makeup, and your hair is even rough..”
“I don’t have makeup anymore.. besides I didn’t want to be late” I said cutting Sofia off.
“Yeah.. right” she mumbled..
I glared at her and rolled my eyes..
“I’ll see you both later, I have to go now” I said and turned towards the door
“You’ve got to be kidding me Hannah.. you are not leaving this house dressed like this” Sofia said rushing to my front
“Look.. I’m sorry for my dressing okay, I wish I could Change it but I don’t have time to look for clothes.. besides I have a long walk ahead of me” I stated
“Walk?.. you want to trek to the restaurant?” Sona asked from the couch..
“I’m not letting you go to your first date like this Hannah.. thank goodness I went to the mall.. I bought you something, and it’s way more better than this .. thing you’re wearing, I mean you look so outdated” she said with her hands on her hips..
“Sona will style your hair and make you up.. it’s gonna be perfect, please just let us take care of it” she said pleadingly..
“Please unnie, it will just be for ten minutes” Sona whined
“Fine.. but, it should be something light, I don’t need the whole of Asia on my face” I mumbled and walked towards the stairs
“Yes!” Sofia yelled
“Yippee.. I’m gonna take care of you Hannah.. trust me” Sona said rushing up the stairs with the bags..
Harry’s pov �
“Oppa.. I’m so happy to see you again” Nina said catwalking towards me with her hands open wide for a hug.. she was clad in a yellow, body hug gown.. which revealed little cleavages.. her hair fell freely on her back, her long gold earings matched her bracelet, and necklace.. her black purse matched her black heels, which clicked lightly on the tiled floor
“Well, I am not” I mumbled
“Oh please.. I know you are” she said and hugged me tightly.. with her hands around my neck..
“Too… Tight” I breathed out..
“Oh .. sorry baby” she cooed and withdrew slowly.. then she sat beside me and placed her hands on my shoulders, then linked her fingers around my neck,
“Uhm.. I’ll be upstairs if you need me” Mr Cha said and rushed up the stairs without waiting for a reply.
“So.. how have you been oppa? You’ve been away for a long time baby, we have a lot of catching up to do.. I can’t wait to tell my friends that my boyfriend is back.. least I forget, a friend of mine is hosting her birthday next week Friday.. we are going together.. but we’ll have to shop for our clothes first.. oh I can’t wait to introduce you to everyone baby” she rushed
I scoffed and pulled her hands gently from my shoulders.. I adjusted and she did Same..
I don’t think she’s gonna give up soon.. she hasn’t changed a bit..
“What do you want Nina?” I asked rubbing my temple
“I.. don’t understand, oppa” she said looking genuinely confused
“Why are you here?” I asked looking at her
“Well.. I came to see you oppa” she said smiling
“Oh.. okay, so you’ve seen me, can you please leave now?” I asked picking my phone from the side table..
“Nope” she popped
“Why..?” I asked
“Cause I want to spend time with you, besides.. we have a lot of catching up to do Ju Sung” she said resting her head on my legs
“No.. we don’t, and it’s Harry to you.. you no longer have the right to call me that” I said and moved her head away from my legs
“Whatever.. we are going out, besides you haven’t been in Korea for years.. there are new places, I’d love to show you..
we could even have dinner at the new five star restaurant, it’s really fancy and classic, plus you don’t have to worry about security.. ” she muttered
“I’m sorry.. but i am not going anywhere with you” i replied
Hannah’s pov �
After taking about a hundred pictures, Sona finally let me out of her room..
I carefully walked down the stairs with Sona behind me..
Jeremy, Nick and his friends already moved to the living room.. they were all busy playing games with Sofia, that they didn’t notice me walk down the stairs..
“So? How do I look?” I asked looking at them,
“Oh my gosh!” Sofia mumbled
“Hannah?.. you look.. different, ” Jeremy drawed with a smile
“Is that really Hannah?” Blaze asked
“Marry me Hannah..” Ryan mumbled..
I chuckled and smiled lightly
“Oh.. my goodness” Sofia said sniffing
“Uhh.. are you crying?” Sona asked furrowing her brows
“No.. it’s just, you look so beautiful bes,” Sofia muttered cleaning her eyes
“Now you no longer look like Sebastian stalking Ariel and her little tour guide” she added with a smile
“Awwn.. now you’re starting to act like my mom”.. I said hugging her tight
“Thanks for the dress Sof, you are the best.. I love you so much” I said and kissed her cheek..
“You’re welcome” she said and slowly withdrew
“Noona are you going out?” Nick asked looking at me
“Yes sweetie.. but Sofia and Sona will tuck you in.. okay?” I said
“Okay..” he muttered with a smile
“You look so pretty Hannah” he added..
I smiled and kissed his cheek..
“I’ll see y’all later” I said and walked out of the house with Sofia.. who insisted on stopping a taxi for me..
“So .. are you excited?” She Asked
“Nope.. to be honest, I’m only going Because I promised him” I replied..
“Hmm.. okay, just try to have fun okay?” She said
“Okay.. I’ll try not to act cra..” I stopped as I mistakenly hit a stone.. we were already standing in front of Mr parks house.. that crazy neighbor and his stupid dog.. they are just so annoying. I haven’t forgotten what he did to me this morning though..
“Are you okay? Is it the heels?” Sofia asked worriedly
“No.. it’s this stupid stone” I said as I leaned down to pick it up
“Okay.. ” she drawed
“Why are you holding that rock?” She asked
“Nothing..” I mumbled, I looked at Mr parks house and the lights were already out.. I guess he’s sleeping.. time for payback..
“Sofia.. you might wanna get out of the way” I muttered
“What..why?” She asked
“Just do it” I said as I weighed the stone.. it wouldn’t do much damage though.. at least it will take out the glass window.
“Hannah.. hope it’s not what I’m thinking?” She asked moving to the side
“Yes it is” I said and angrily threw the stone.. the sounds of glass shattering filled the air.. I removed my heels and turned to Sofia, who was staring in shock
“Run Sof” I whispered and started running with my heels on my hands and my bag hanging safely across my shoulders..
To be continued guys…

READ MORE HERE: https://www.emperorblog.com.ng/?s=crazy+hannah

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Re: Crazy Hannah - By Lady C by Bobosneh: 5:14pm On Sep 18
thank you op but as a sharp guy i don sharpaly enter that link mehn there are so many stories there i know they really interesting like crazy Hannah

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Re: Crazy Hannah - By Lady C by emperorblog21(m): 10:23am On Sep 19
thank you op but as a sharp guy i don sharpaly enter that link mehn there are so many stories there i know they really interesting like crazy Hannah

oya nah enjoy dont forget to share d link
Re: Crazy Hannah - By Lady C by Humbleness: 2:03pm On Sep 21
Interesting. Keep it rolling

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