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The Curse. .... His Three Generations Shall Suffer / Godspower Oshodin Meets Jacob Caesar And PLO Lumumba In Kenya / Jacob Goes To Church. An Excerpt From My Upcoming Book Titled "The Chukwuma's". (2) (3) (4)

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Re: Jacob's Curse by KelvinCoaster(m): 5:37pm On Oct 06, 2019
Nice storyline. Whats delaying the updates?

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Re: Jacob's Curse by Ann2012(f): 6:22pm On Oct 06, 2019
Well done OP

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Re: Jacob's Curse by Babysuccess02(f): 10:31pm On Oct 06, 2019
very interesting. keep the update coming dear

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Re: Jacob's Curse by ghostwritter(m): 5:18pm On Oct 15, 2019

More To It

When Jacob got home tired at night, Sarah handed him a sealed letter on his way to his room, he inquired what it’s about but Sarah informed him it had been from a postman. Jacob shot tight the door of his room before reading the content of the letter. Inside the envelope was just a small note with a message boldly written on it, he was shocked after reading it all over again. Jacob went back to Sarah who was then watching a movie in the living room.

“I am sorry to interrupt, but who did you say this letter was addressed to?” Jacob asked.

“You of course” Sarah replied with her eyes still glued to the television.

“Are you sure?”

Sarah turned around to stare at her brother curiously; she could see the seriousness on him. “Jacob is everything alright, what is the letter about?”
He shook his head, shrugged and masked himself with a dry smile “Nothing, just that I wasn’t expecting the letter today”. He inquired about mother and father, Sarah replied they were both fast asleep in their rooms. Jacob returned back to his room, went through the letter again and then he began to search the room for something but couldn’t find it. Again, he read the letter again this time consciously and concluded that Jacob’s way of life wasn’t as easy in the eyes like he had thought. By morning, Jacob jolted up from sleep by the rapt knock on his door, it was Mrs. Zantiba standing, staring furiously at him as he opened.

“How many times have I warned you against seeing that girl?” Mrs. Zantiba yelled pointing to the main door.

Jacob was puzzled, “What girl Ma?”

“That prostitute who calls herself Vivian, who jumps from one man to another in the neighborhood all for money, she came here wanting to see you but I chased her to go wait outside, whatever she wants to discuss with you should be done outside the house, I don’t need any Jezebel influencing my children”.

Jacob went outside and it wasn’t much of a surprise to see a lady clad in skimpy outfit leaving virtually nothing to his imagination. Vivian slapped Jacob before he had the chance to talk.

“What was that about?” Jacob asked staring bewilderingly with a hand pressed to his cheek.

“My money, where is it?” snapped Vivian looking vexed. “You liar, so you think you can just have a nice time with me and go freely ehn?”

“I don’t understand, can you please explain?”

Vivian again slapped him before warning him never to humiliate her, she left with a promise to return in a more fierce and aggressive manner if he fails to come pay his debt. Jacob was awestruck as he stood watching Vivian cat-walk away. As he opened the door of the house, he saw Mrs. Zantiba waiting close to the entrance, obvious she had heard it all by the way and manner she stared at him disgustingly.

“Ma, you have got to believe me, I don’t…”

Jacob’s words were interceded by a slap from Mr. Zantiba.

“Shut up!” she yelled furiously and paused, looked at him all over for a moment, ending her gaze to his bemused eyes, she added calmly “So you had slept with her as well, and yet couldn’t pay her. You are a disgrace Jacob” she turned to leave but hesitated and then turned around “I don’t want to ever see her here again, so you must go pay her all that you owe and report to church for confession, I will report you to Rev. Father Ezekiel this time”. She ordered with much anger in her tone before dashing into her room.

Jacob headed to his room dumbfounded; he lay restless on the bed trying to figure out the puzzle surrounding his new life. What the hell is happening? He made a mental note to get more clarification from Pious when next they meet.

Six days passed and yet Jacob hadn’t set eyes on Pious in the bar, and so was his absence on media. Jacob feared for the worst with Pious’ absence. And on the seventh night, the man Pious walked up to the counter looking ill, frail and exhausted like he had lacked good sleep for days. He even looked pale under the blue and red light that illuminated the bar in it fancy way.

Jacob and Meyame looked up and were shocked by Pious’ appearance.

“Please we need to talk…now!” Pious said to Jacob before staggering away towards a shadowy corner of the room.

“Please I need your help, something is wrong with me” Pious broke out painstakingly as soon as Jacob was seated in front of him. “I keep having these nightmares” he added with his eyes widened in effect. “I now fear to sleep, these dreams gets terrible with every passing night. Doctors claimed nothing is wrong with me but the pains I feel within me tell otherwise, “He leaned towards Jacob and asked “Have you ever felt same way?”

Jacob was hesitant to speak, he looked around the room for preying eyes…or ears. “I don’t know what you mean”

“Please I beg you, the pain is killing” he groans “I need you to tell me how to stop it. Please”

“Worse” Jacob said appearing indifferent.

“What do you mean worse?”

“There are more pains, sufferings, and torments yet to come”.

Pious eyes widen in horror and disbelief, “I don’t get it. You mean to tell me the severe pain I feel right now is nothing compare to what’s to come?”

Jacob nodded “Yes” he began “every night doubles the pain and torment of its previous, every night turns a curse upon your soul”.

Pious was taken aback, he couldn’t believe what he heard. “Please, you have to help me, every part of me hurt so bad”.

Jacob for a moment looked around the bar ones again to ensure no one was paying attention to them and when he was satisfied, he leaned slightly to his listener, “I will tell you how to cure the pain only on three conditions. One, you must keep our true identities a secret. Two, what’s your relationship with the lady know as Vivian. And lastly…” Jacob brought out a letter from his pocket and handed it to Pious “I want you to tell what business you’ve got with Black dogs?”

Pious quickly went through the letter, his hands began to tremble. “Oh my God!” he exclaimed as he appeared taken aback.


“It all began three months ago on my way to work “began Pious after he had sworn never to reveal Jacob’s identity, explained his relationship with Vivian and as well her location –as Jacob demanded- to go pay his debt. “A man accosted me with a gun and instructed I opt into a waiting car, I obeyed and beside me was this man I had never seen before already seated inside. I was frightened as there were armed men standing guard beside the car. The stranger man neither looked at me nor spoke, rather he inscribed his message in a note and handed to me”.

“What did it say?” Jacob interceded impatiently.

“He wants to poison Mr. Pious Oshulolo, he wants me to poison you with a potion he gave to me before letting me go”

Jacob quickly sat up “And I guess you didn’t”

Shaking his head slowly, unable to look up at Jacob, Pious said naively “Yes, I didn’t, I couldn’t”.


Pious slowly raised his head to meet Jacob “I almost did it on one of those days you asked for a glass of water but I couldn’t, I couldn’t bear such act knowing they intend to hurt you”.

Jacob stared at Pious remorsefully, he asked curiously “And this strange man, did he tell you why he wants me poisoned?”


Jacob looked absent minded, deep in thought as to what he just heard.

“Jacob! Jacob!!... please you need to help, my body hurt” Pious cuts in through the awkward silence.

Jacob explained “Go back to the mansion, in the bedroom, check under the bed for a box, inside of it is a small diary, read it carefully as it contains all you need to know about your new self”.

“Is that all?” Pious asked surprisingly like he anticipated for more.

Jacob stood up with a beam. “As you can see Mr. Pious Oshulolo, I have got customers waiting to be served, good night” he said and walked away to go take orders from the new customers that entered.



Re: Jacob's Curse by jenifer007: 5:52pm On Oct 15, 2019
Thanks for the update
Re: Jacob's Curse by queenitee(f): 4:53pm On Oct 19, 2019
Re: Jacob's Curse by Ann2012(f): 6:43am On Oct 20, 2019
Serious wahala

Well done OP
Re: Jacob's Curse by ghostwritter(m): 10:07am On Oct 20, 2019

Black Dog

(Thirty-six years ago)

Mbala had sat vigil upon one of the strong branches of the tallest trees, watching keenly for any strange figure that would move within the village. For hours, through the silent night, he had watched and listened at the darkness of his sleeping village Osia but as it appeared that his mission would be futile, yet his instinct had him convinced that the beast would show forth itself.

Over six months, Mbala had been relentless on his mission to hunt down a beast that had been tormenting his village Osia, the people of Osia believes that the beast strikes it victims ones in a full moon as it renders their corpse heartless. No one had ever seen it coming or heard it, and that was why the villagers were quick to belief the words of the village priest when he said the beast is called Ikuku, one of Devil’s favorite pet that had been unleased to the village as a punishment for a sin someone within the village had committed. Going by the recommendation made by the priest, the villagers did everything to please the Devil against the wrath of Ikuku through many sacrifices that involved shielding blood of three virgin ladies. The strike stopped to the pleasure of Osia community but for it to resume after five full moons later.

Mbala’s cousin Nafuso had been struck by the beast, his chest tore open causing a deep bloody hollowed sight on his corpse with nothing missing but a heart. Keen observation at corpse revealed to Mbala that his cousin had struggled with the beast at the face of death as there were deep scratches all over his alms. Mbala was convinced right there and then he would strike down the beast no matter what it takes and for six full moons, he stuck strictly to his plans, he would sit on a tall tree from dawn till dusk watching down at the village and listening to every sound so as to familiarize himself with it usualness. Within the six months of his observation, the beast had struck six times in the same pattern ones in each month, every dead was a pinch to the determined Mbala. On the seventh month, he had studied the pattern of the beast enough to predict it move that night, the moon betrayed the village to a pitch darkness enough to assure Mbala of a strike. Down around the village, Mbala could hear a dog bark from a distance, he quickly aimed forward his long riffle from above the tree he had sat for hours, he was certain the beast was around. Shortly after, another dog joined in calling attention to something strange but Mbala couldn’t see what it was even as he strained his eyes. He climbed down from the tall tree and headed as fast as possible to where the dogs where, on getting there, one of them was dead while the other was dashing away with its tail within it legs whimpering aloud.

“Ikuku, Show yourself” Mbala called out while confidently as he aimed him gun around to the emptiness. After a while, he scrambled his hand down through his hunting purse tied to his waist, brought out a wrapped leaf and quickly opened it, he sniffed heavily the substance in it and waiting for it effect. Gradually, his senses heightened, his eyes were sharp that they could see clearly into the dark, his ears easily picked up every sound from around him and his nostril were as effective as that of a dog. He smelt something strange and heard footsteps fading away from behind. He swiftly turned around, met a figure walking away. It was the figure of a man unclad. “Stop there before I shoot you!”. But the figure forged on like it didn’t hear. “I won’t repeat myself again; otherwise I will shoot you in the head” Mbala shouted threateningly as he maintained his aim. “Stop there and turn your face to me!” he added.

The figure halted, slowly turned at him and Mbala was awestruck by who it was. “Chief Ake!” He gasped with his eyes wider in horror and total disbelief. Chief Ake stepped much close to Mbala staring keenly at him “Mbala, can you see me?”

Nodding, Mbala replied “Yes, I can see you clearly. But Chief, what are you doing walking naked in the middle of such dangerous night?” Mbala still surprise.

“Mbala truly you have seen me” Ake paused and gently rested his hand on the hunter’s shoulder in a cordial manner, “You see, just like you, I am also going hunting- emphasizing word ‘hunting’. Mbala was greatly puzzled as he sized up Chief Ake once again. Nothing made sense to him. “But Chief, you are not a hunter and besides, you can’t go hunting like this’. Chief Ake let out a charming smile, “you are a good man Mbala but you shouldn’t have seen me, you could have simply walked away”.

“What do you mean? I don’t…” he paused like something had crossed his mind, he stared in shock. “or are you…Ikuku, the beast?” He asked realisingly.

“I am sorry Mbala, it’s too late”, Chief Ake transformed into a beast and swiftly dipped his hand through Mbala’s chest who stood watching in disbelieve to a mystery he had never experienced, and the beast ripped out his beating heart, it watched the hunter fall dead.


It was a sunny afternoon, Jacob was determined to locate Vivian’s apartment and after asking around the neighborhood, he found it. One of the flats attached to a three storey building. He knocked at the door hoping Vivian opens, gives her her money and never to come embarrass him in the presence of his newly found family. He kept knocking at the door but no one showed up to open and so he tried to open and was surprised it wasn’t locked.

“Good afternoon Vivian, I had come to return the money, it’s me Jacob” He called out but yet no one answered. The room was well furnished with all sought of gadget befitting a single lady. There were pictures of smiling Vivian hung on the wall, she looked lively in most of it. Jacob couldn’t help notice she lived alone and more reason she had made her apartment a brothel. “Is anyone home?” Jacob called out now feeling uncomfortable and as he turned around to leave he caught a blood stain on the floor. He was shocked seeing there was more of the blood leading into one of the rooms. Jacob traced the blood into a room where a lady laid dead on a bed already soaked with blood. On a closer look Jacob realized it was Vivian’s mutilated body, her heart was missing.


Jacob kept pacing restlessly within the small bedroom, he had to dashed off Vivian’s apartment as discrete as possible and had been unable to take his mind off what he saw that afternoon. Then a rapt knock was heard on his door, it was Mrs. Zantiba calling his attention to a visitor waiting to see him. Jacob wasn’t surprised to see it was Pious standing outside the building, waiting by the car. Mrs. Zantiba had hinted him on his way outside. Jacob couldn’t fail to notice Pious’ healthy appearance but as well nervous and angry. They strolled to a secluded corner of the building and when it appeared they were out of open view, Pious suddenly rushed at Jacob with two heavy blows to his face which caused Jacob to stagger in pain.

“So it was you all along, you were the murderer” Pious accused with pointed fingers at Jacob. Jacob looked around and was relief no one was there watching.

“Why don’t you let’s talk this out somewhere else some other time? Jacob said calmly rubbing his arching cheek.
Pious frowned as Jacob’s words got him more furious “You and I are going nowhere, I need an explanation here and right now”, he yelled insistently.

Jacob sighed deeply after thinking it through “If you insist, then let’s get into the car”. He said and both men embark on the ride through a lonely road on Jacob’s plea. Pious halted the car along a secluded part of the street as instructed by Jacob.

“I am sorry you had to find out that way” Jacob broke the long awkward silence in the car, “I couldn’t have explained it better till you read for yourself, I wasn’t the man people thought I was, I was a monster, I hunt for life to survive the excruciating pain I go through each night” Jacob turned his stare away from Pious to the trees and birds, boys and girls passing by in their school uniform, traders hawking. He smiled much appeased, heaved much lively “Life is truly beautiful in its simplicity”.

“I still don’t want to believe that all I read in that book last night were true”. Said Pious looking more frightened than worried as he thought aloud. “I can’t believe I had to kill someone last night before the pain could stop, I can’t explain how I did it, it appeared like a dream but too real, I was like a…a beast” he paused, turned to Jacob and resumed calmly “Please, whatever this thing is, I don’t want it anymore, the riches, the fame, your body, you can have them back”. He pleaded.

“I am sorry, that will be impossible as I don’t wish for them any longer”. His voice was firm.

“But you were the one who gave me this life”. Pious reminded.

Shaking his head in refute “No I didn’t, it was you who wished for it and that was why it was easier to channel it to you” Jacob explained, “if you wish to give out that life then the recipient whoever he may be must genuinely wish to have your new kind of life” Jacob added conclusively.
Pious fell back resigningly; he stared thoughtfully as he remembered the event that transpired in the night of the exchange. He was scared to admit Jacob was right, knowing he had truly wished for a ‘Pious Oshulolo’ lifestyle. Jacob opened the door in an attempt to step out but paused, he turned to Pious who still appeared disturbed “I will advise that next time you wish to hunt, you don’t strike prostitute, women or children, go for the strong men with healthy heart who live in the outskirt, with that it will be hard to trace the murder back to you, good bye sir” he said and opted out of the car, walked back the long distance the car came. Pious felt scared, guilty and exposed all at a time, he was more surprise at how Jacob had detected he was the one behind Vivian’s death so easily, he now feared for the many days –of hunting- ahead, he concluded right immediately to give out his horrible life to any unsuspecting willing human as soon as possible.

While Jacob was heading back home, a long black all tinted-glass Limousine stopped abruptly beside Jacob and right behind it was a black Jeep, two neatly dressed men in black suit rushed out of the Jeep towards Jacob. One of the men calmly but threatenly ordered that Jacob entered into the car. Jacob been confused and smart not to argue in the face of obvious threat went into the Limo whose door had been opened wide for him. There was a man there already seated, dark in complexion, he was dressed in an all black suit as well, so was his glasses and hat. Seated at the driver’s seat was a chauffeur who wouldn’t hear a thing because of the thick glass partition, still the man in black chooses not to speak a word but inscribed before handing the note to Jacob without turning a head.


Jacob read and was lost for a moment but he quickly masked himself up with an conscious appearance, “Black Dog?”

The man turned to him with a frown like he had been greatly offended by such question.

“Yes, Black Dog” he answered deeply.

Jacob almost jumped out of his skin as the man in black revealed a mouth filled with hidden fangs.



Re: Jacob's Curse by Ann2012(f): 7:13pm On Oct 20, 2019

Well done OP

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Re: Jacob's Curse by SirCalito88(m): 10:49pm On Oct 20, 2019
You will never ceased to amaze me sir.
Your stories is out of this world, keep it up bro.

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Re: Jacob's Curse by queenitee(f): 12:25am On Oct 22, 2019
Wow shocked shocked shocked this is serious

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Re: Jacob's Curse by Nobody: 8:50pm On Oct 29, 2019
things that wish for... i wish i was these, i wish i had so and so. be careful.

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Re: Jacob's Curse by ghostwritter(m): 9:26pm On Nov 05, 2019


Mbala’s corpse was laid before his pregnant wife Banya and her two little boys Taati and Willie, seven and four respectively couldn’t understand what dead was all about. As the customary rite to the dead before burial, Banya vowed upon her husband’s corpse to revenge his death in whatever means possible but after the that day, Ikuku forever ceased to strike within Osia or it environment. Twenty-one years later, Taati and Willie both encountered strange death in their quest in hunting around various communities for the mysterious killer that was said to strike down it victims exactly as Ikuku the night beast.

Jacob made his way home all terrified, he couldn’t believe he had encountered Black Dog up-close, His body still shivering even as he sat on the small bed in his room trying hard to figure out what he had been instructed, the man ‘Black Dog’ insisted he must poison Mr. Pious within seventy-two hours or he risk the death of his entire family member. He couldn’t imagine losing his new family to the hands of…someone knocked on his door.

“Who is that?” Jacob panicked.

“It’s me your mother…Jacob I hope all is well between you and Mr. Pious?” Mrs. Zantiba sounded curious having noticed how Jacob walked in cold from where she watched from her Kiosk.

“Yes Ma” sounding gloomy.

“Just make sure you comport yourself well enough and keep being a good young man to Mr. Pious, I think God wants to make use of him to bless this family”.

“Okay Ma”. He could hear her footsteps fade away. He wondered what Black dog would do to Mr. Pious if eventually gets hold of him, Jacob was certain it could only be horrific. He was too sure Black dog would show no mercy to the creature that killed his father and two brothers Taati and Willie.

By evening, Mrs. Zantiba had served dinner to her twins and was in her husband’s room to nurse him. Jacob sat with Sarah as he munched his dinner absentmindedly, he seem to have so many things going on in his head. Sarah on the other hand had her full attention on the television; another mysterious death had turned breaking news.

“It’s her, Jacob it’s her!” Sarah alarmed pointing to the television.

Jacob’s chain of thought was broken when Sarah tapped his attention to the news. He saw the image of Vivian’s corpse displayed shortly before the news channel correspondent appeared to reveal in an eloquent manner in full detail of what happened, Jacob could recognize Vivian’s apartment at the background, there wasn’t any eye witness as usual and so it was easy to blame it ones again on the psychopathic serial killer in line with the missing heart.

“I pray they catch the murderer” Said Sarah.

Jacob swallowed hard. He headed to Buzz that evening for his night shift with much heavier heart, he wondered how long Pious would keep up with the hunt descriptively before he gets caught by the desperate security officials scattered around Kutanga. He wishes Pious would be sensible enough to issue a statement condemning the latest tragedy and smart enough to donate large sums of money enough to cover his act, he would have done same.

Mr. Bobby his boss wouldn’t take it lightly with any employee who comes even a minute late; Jacob had somehow escaped many a time being sacked for same offence but Mr. Bobby knows a good head at work when he sees one. Jacob had proven himself an excellent employee of late as he had been friendlier, livelier, and more mature in his approach in his dealings with customers. Even Meyame had been astounded lately. Mr. Bobby to no one’s knowledge had been more observant of the activities going on within his bar lately; he had taken more interest of the affinity between his latest favorite employee and a man who frequently sit in the dim.

As Jacob entered the bar and was heading into the staff room to go change into his white on black uniform, Mr. Bobby called for his attention into his office. Jacob strangely felt nervous as he had his sit in front of his boss whose eyes were searching him suspiciously. Jacob would have sworn that that would be his last day at Buzz as he checked through his wristwatch to see he was twelve minutes late. He couldn’t afford to lose the job; he needed it more for his sanity than for the pay.

“Please Mr. Bobby, I know I do not deserve your forgiveness after so many of it but give me one more chance, I got held up…”

“By your mother?” Mr. Bobby cuts in.

Mr. Pious wish he could tell him the truth that he was yet to familiarize himself well enough to the twisted route leading to the bar ever since he took possession of Jacob’s body. He spared himself the long unbelievable explanation by simply nodding.

Mr. Bobby sighed resignedly not sure what to belief any longer, not that he believed the teenager anymore, he had employed many of his kinds.
“You deserved to be sacked, mummy’s boy” with much emphasis “but I will forgive you one last time” he sounded stern like he meant it; he reached for his table drawer and brought a small envelope, handed it to Jacob. “A courier brought in this letter few hours ago, it’s for you”.
Jacob’s heart sank, he feared he would scream ‘Black dog’. “For me?” he asked as his trembling hands held onto the envelope.

“Yes” Mr. Bobby replied as he stared curiously at Jacob’s hands “I will be right to say you’ve got admirers” he now smiled and learned forward to add scenically “I just pray to God you don’t do gay” he relaxed back to his seat to watch the boy confused. As much as he wishes to know the content of the letter on Jacob, Mr. Bobby motioned him out of his office like he had so many things else to do with his time but the suspicious eyes still on him.

Jacob made sure he was free enough and out of the curious eyes of Meyame before drifting into the empty staff room to unfold the letter. He was greatly relieved to see it wasn’t Black Dog’s handwriting and so calmly began to read the short note:
After what I had done to Vivian, I still couldn’t bring myself to belief that I now have to kill to live, I now feel so stupid to had admired a monstrous life rather than appreciate mine. I have decided to travel out of the community far into isolation where I will hurt nobody. I have also decided to let you know that there in the upper left of the shelf directly above the counter is a small bottle which contains the substance Black Dog wants me to use on you, you can do whatever you want with it”.

Jacob scratched his head thoughtfully on what to do, he was certain on one thing, Black Dog will come for him if he fails to use the poison on Pious as he promised the day before. He squeezed the letter into his pocket as he walked back into the bar masking himself with smile. He could see Meyame busy with orders from impatient customers. He rushes to join his partner.

“Where the hell have you been?” Meyame demanded like one would do if trying hard to appear furious to a junior colleague.

“Sorry Boss, I went to use the rest room” Jacob teased.

“Someone just dropped a note for you, it’s on the counter, go get it” said Meyame while he hurriedly went from one customer to another with a tray filled with brands of liquor.

“Another note?” he thought aloud with Pious in mind. He dashed to the counter before Meyame would try suspecting a thing, desperately wishing no one had read it. He saw the piece of note carelessly lay on the counter, opened it. His heart ceased a beat and came up twice faster. The writing was unmistakable.



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Re: Jacob's Curse by jenifer007: 9:42pm On Nov 05, 2019
Nice update

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Re: Jacob's Curse by daddio(m): 11:19pm On Nov 05, 2019


Mbala’s corpse was laid before his pregnant wife Banya and her two little boys Taati and Willie, seven and four respectively couldn’t understand what dead was all about. As the customary rite to the dead before burial, Banya vowed upon her husband’s corpse to revenge his death in whatever means possible but after the that day, Ikuku forever ceased to strike within Osia or it environment. Twenty-one years later, Taati and Willie both encountered strange death in their quest in hunting around various communities for the mysterious killer that was said to strike down it victims exactly as Ikuku the night beast.


Thanks brother, God bless you. More please

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Re: Jacob's Curse by Ann2012(f): 9:49am On Nov 06, 2019
The clock is ticking......

Thanks for the update

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Re: Jacob's Curse by germaphobe(m): 8:49pm On Nov 06, 2019
i'm with you bro, blow my mind more and more

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Re: Jacob's Curse by ghostwritter(m): 11:10pm On Nov 07, 2019
Story Brought down

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Re: Jacob's Curse by Ann2012(f): 9:16am On Nov 08, 2019
This is deeper than I thought....
Who killed Otuete's father now

Thanks for the update

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Re: Jacob's Curse by germaphobe(m): 12:59pm On Nov 08, 2019
perhaps the medical doctor was the first carrier of the curse
Re: Jacob's Curse by Vulcanheph(m): 6:59am On Nov 16, 2019
This Curse must has been going For a long time
Re: Jacob's Curse by Lotiababe(f): 1:47pm On Apr 30, 2020
Ghost,don't tell me you didnt miss me? But anyways,this story isn't complete too nah
Why please. I enjoyed it
Re: Jacob's Curse by Paulscholari(m): 7:58pm On Jul 02, 2020

I promise you sir as well as every follower that I will drop the complete version of LUCIFER'S KEY and THE CORRIDOR OF HELL when I'm done with this by God's grace.
ghostwritter has done it again, 8 months gone no update.. Despite lockdown and everyone at home, not even a single paragraph.

Please join me and pray this prayer for ghostwritter

Every spirit of incompleteness in your life and success, break by fire, break by fire, break break break in the name of Jesus Amen. You are blessed.

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Re: Jacob's Curse by mhizv(f): 9:16pm On Jul 02, 2020
ghostwritter has done it again, 8 months gone no update.. Despite lockdown and everyone at home, not even a single paragraph.

Please join me and pray this prayer for ghostwritter

Every spirit of incompleteness in your life and success, break by fire, break by fire, break break break in the name of Jesus Amen. You are blessed.




Should we add fasting!?

Cos this his case is very serious!! Very talented,but people would continue to not take you seriously cos of this habit

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Re: Jacob's Curse by Paulscholari(m): 10:11pm On Jul 02, 2020




Should we add fasting!?

Cos this his case is very serious!! Very talented,but people would continue to not take you seriously cos of this habit
yes ooo! Let's add fasting join for him tomorrow. It's well.
Re: Jacob's Curse by KelvinCoaster(m): 2:34pm On Jul 04, 2020
Another abandoned story on NairaLand.
Re: Jacob's Curse by ghostwritter(m): 2:37pm On Jan 01
Thank you all for reading, you can buy and read more of my completed stories by contacting me on my WhatsApp line 09045956287 or email: lucidpublishers@gmail.com
Thanks for those that patronised me. God bless you.


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