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"Captain Jack": A Val Story Written By John Mfon / Writing Is Not For Little Children By John Chizoba Vincent / Hidden Desire By Blair (2) (3) (4)

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Re: "Desire" By John Mfon by Glossystar(m): 5:38pm On Jan 14
My ribs crack at "prayers of intent". Lol! Quite fascinating, keep pace...
Re: "Desire" By John Mfon by Noblejohn32(m): 9:19am On Jan 15
My ribs crack at "prayers of intent". Lol!
Quite fascinating, keep pace...
Thanks Boss

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Re: "Desire" By John Mfon by vm231: 10:26am On Jan 15
John u no go kill me oh, my ribs don dey shift 4 d mata oh
Re: "Desire" By John Mfon by Noblejohn32(m): 2:01pm On Jan 15
John u no go kill me oh, my ribs don dey shift 4 d mata oh
Re: "Desire" By John Mfon by Noblejohn32(m): 5:34am On Jan 16
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Re: "Desire" By John Mfon by Khriztarl(f): 5:57am On Jan 16
i dan die 4 laff o..oga inspector nawa o..Noblejohn32 weldone
Re: "Desire" By John Mfon by Noblejohn32(m): 6:24am On Jan 16
i dan die 4 laff o..oga inspector nawa o..Noblejohn32 weldone
Thanks my lady

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Re: "Desire" By John Mfon by bigbauer(m): 8:13am On Jan 16
Fresh episode loading.........

Now you don't need to start begging for comments. You're doing a great job. Kudos
Re: "Desire" By John Mfon by Noblejohn32(m): 9:36am On Jan 16

Now you don't need to start begging for comments. You're doing a great job. Kudos
Respect! Boss
Re: "Desire" By John Mfon by Noblejohn32(m): 5:23pm On Jan 16

Uyo, Akwaibom State.

I'm trapped in abyss
Locked up between trees
Everything in me hisses

I have no hope again in life
In the deepest sea i thrive
To safety i hope to dive!

But it seems there is no safety
Everything in life seems hefty
I've tried to be crafty
But i end up daftly.

*Life Servitude by NobleJohn*

Smart mumbled the wordings of the rhyme as he wobbled down the pathway leading to Vera's lodge. He repositioned his cap on his head to conceal his identity. Since he escaped death, he has been living as a fugitive from justice.

.Flash back.

Sugarland Crib

Smart kneeled on the ground, shedding tears and pleading for leniency. He knew his death that instant was inevitable.
"Matters don cast for you!" Darkness screamed.
"Boss abeg, i fit reason..."
"Shatttap!!!" Darkness cut him short."We never finish the former case with dem parambus,you don add another give us" Darkness screamed, clutching his head.
"Boss i fit explain" Smart pleaded.
"State the ethical code!" Darkness roared.
"All no...n en..."
"You no fit talk!" Darkness roared.
"All non entity,thou shall not mate or Bleep without okuku gospel" Smart stuttered.
"Without?" Darkness screamed.
"Without okuku gospel!" Smart replied.
"Na that code wan play you now!" Darkness retrieved the revolver hanging round his neck. Smart knew it will be fruitless begging the hardened Darkness, he cursed Philip under his breath.
"Makanta! Shakanta!! Pakanta!!!, when you go overboard, greet my other fallen brothers".Darkness roared and roostered his gun.
"Abbbbbegg!" Smart screamed.
The trigger was pulled.
"Damn it" Darkness screamed in anger when he heard the click sound. He slammed the gun in anger and retrieved a sharp dagger from his pocket and charged at Smart.
Smart quickly rose up, his reflex was sharp as he grabbed Darkness' wrist and tried to twist it. Darkness rage grew when he realised that his subject is about to fight him. Smart sent him a blow and he staggered backwards and the dagger fell of. Darkness bent low to pick it up and he received a straight kick from Smart, he lost balance and fell. Smart swiftly picked the dagger and rushed to stab Darkness but he rolled off and quickly stood up breathing hard.
"Bleep you bastard, you'll pay for this" Darkness roared, he grabbed the revolver and charged at Smart. Smart swiftly dodged the gun blow and stabbed him on the lap. Darkness groaned and dropped to the ground on his knees. Smart slashed his face with the dagger and he fell on his face.
"That was so easy" Smart breathed nervously. He heard shuffling of feet and he hid beside the door. The door gave way and four men moved inside the room. They stared at their boss' lifeless body in shock. Before they could mentally regain themselves, Smart raced out of the room in nitro speed. The men cocked their guns and raced after him but refused to shoot. Smart, being a swift athlete outran the men and escaped.

The Present

Smart readjusted his cap and knocked. He heard some slight sounds from the neighbourhood and he reached for his gun, one could hear his heartbeat from a distance. His ears prickled at the slightest sound of the wind. He heaved a sigh of relief when the door was unlocked by Vera.
"Who are you?" Vera asked to confirm the identity of the man before her.
"Is there anyone with you?" Smart asked.
Vera looked at the stranger before her and tried to raise an alarm but she was pushed in, Smart locked the door and scanned the room with his eyes.
"Kill me if you wish" Vera deadpanned, the few life threatining attack that happened to her had traumatised her, so she mentally prepared for death.
"Vera sit up!"
She jerked as she heard the voice.
"Is there anyone with you?" Smart asked.
She nodded in negative.
Smart removed his cap and detached his artificial beard.
"Smart is this you?Vera gasped in horror.
Vera made to hug him but he restrained her.
"Sit we need to talk!" Smart ordered.
"What can i offer you?" Vera said.
"Sit the hell down lady!" He growled.
Vera sat reluctantly and examined him for a few seconds. "Where have you been?".
"Listen to me, my life is not safe on campus am not even safe in this state" Smart rapped.
Vera jumped up and sat still.
"There is an organisation i worked for and i discovered a deadly secret so..."
"Which of the organization is that?" Vera cut him short.
"A supply organization"
"What kind of su......"
"Damn you! Let me finish" he breathed. "The organization is a textile industry but i discovered that they dealt on human part".
"Jesus" Vera screamed and covered her mouth.
"When i realised that i resigned but somehow they knew that I discovered them and they sent hired assasins to kill me but i managed to escape" Smart said with a downcast gaze.
"Baby don't leave me" Vera sobbed.
"I just wanna lay low somewhere far away" Smart said.
"Let's inform the police" Vera said and made for her purse."I have a friend who is an inspector".
"Don't dare inform the police, i can handle this myself".
"How can you handle this yourself. You'll get killed" Vera scratched her head.
"Trust me! I want you to do something for me" Smart said.
"I'll do anything"
"Good! what of that your friend?" Smart asked.
"Which of them?"
"That your mugu money spender!" Smart chuckled.
"I don't underst....."
"Huh! how does he concerns this?" Vera asked confused.
"I want you to contact him" Smart said.
"Since the day you warned me to discard him, i did so" Vera lied.
"We need him now!"
"We? How?"
"Try and get his contact and communicate with him" Smart sniffed in air.
"Baby you're confusing me"
"I'm in dire need of cash now and the guy can help out" Smart scratched an itchy spot on his head.
"I don't see that possible"
"Then make it possible" Smart roared.
"Easy there! So how much are we talking about?".
"I need like fifty K" Smart said after a brief thought.
"God! Where do you want the guy to get such amount from?" Vera gasped.
"Why are you talking like a mosquito! Are you in the guy's pocket?" Smart charged.
"Ok I'll try" Vera nodded."how much do you have with you?" Vera asked.
"I have only twenty K" Smart said.
"I'll give you15K" She said.
A smile cut across Smart face. "Bring the money".
"I don't have the physical cash with me but I'll transfer" Vera said.
"Make it fast atleast i need about 80K" Smart stood. "I need to go if anyone ask you about me tell the person you haven't seen me".
"Ok so where will you stay now?" Vera asked.
"I won't disclose the place to you" Smart pecked her and made for the door.
"You don't trust me" Vera felt hurt. "After all we've been through together" Vera approached him and held him by the collar.
Smart breathed. "Vera i understand you perfectly but the truth is i don't have a place to lay low, i plan on renting a hotel outside the state" Smart wiped her tears with his thumb.
"Which state?"
"Rivers or Benue I don't know yet" Smart said.
"I need to know where you'll stay so that I'll pray for you" Vera sobbed.
"My baby forget those things, prayer won't work in my case now!" He chuckled.
"No, don't say that Heaven watches us, they know our deepest secret, they know our deepest fears, they can help if only we believe in their power. Smart, heaven knows us if we cry out to them, they will surely help" Vera whimpered.
Smart breathed. "Do it on my behalf!"
"We'll do it together!" Vera sobbed.
"No time, no time" Smart disaggreed.
"Let me kiss you" Vera claimed his lips and they sucked each other for a while.
"Make love to me" Vera moaned in tears.
"Nah! No time" Smart gently pushed her away.
"Please cuz i have this pressing feeling that this gonna be our last time together" Vera sobbed and moved closer.
The words hit Smart and he managed a bitter chuckle. Vera knelt down and tried to unbuckle his trouser.
"Philip stop this!" He gasped.
Vera withdrawed, "what did you say?".
Smart mentally punched himself on realising his mistake, the urge to bleep Vera wasn't in him, all he felt was Philip's body on him.
"Good bye Vera till we meet again, i don't know when all these will be over but if you love me, you'll wait for me cuz love is patient" Smart breathed, he unlocked the door and exited the room.
Vera fell to the floor in tears, the door was opened again.
"The money transfer, don't forget" Smart slammed the door.
Vera screamed in tears. "Smart don't leave me". Her eyes popped in horror as she felt a presence in the room, the hairs on her body stood straight.
A chair dragged itself closer to Vera.
"Do you call that love?" A voice asked.
Vera gasped in fear. "Who are you?"
"I wish you could see Smart beyond the realms, his soul is trapped in abyss, his heart is dark with a bottomless pit dug in it. He is ready to drag everyone with him, i made that mistake and i don't want you to make same, look on the brighter side baby" the voice said.
"Victoria stop haunting me!" Vera screamed in fear.
"I'm glad you can hear me, you and Smart are deceiving yourselves. There is always a voice crying and the voice still continue to cry. Leave Smart and look beyond there is another with a helping hand, with an outstretched hand. The very Smart returns and you let him into your life consider a chain of bloodshed" the voice said and the room returned to normal. Vera shivered in fright, her head felt as if an explosion was about to occur inside. She reached for a chair but couldn't as she felt her consciousness slipping away. She embraced the darkness, at least her soul felt peace in it.



Re: "Desire" By John Mfon by skubido(m): 9:46pm On Jan 16
Thanks for the update
Re: "Desire" By John Mfon by Noblejohn32(m): 5:19am On Jan 17
Thanks for the update
You're welcome
Re: "Desire" By John Mfon by Noblejohn32(m): 8:25am On Jan 17
Say No to ghost reading in this new year.
Re: "Desire" By John Mfon by Adeola25(f): 8:41am On Jan 17
Welldone Op and thanks for the update.
Re: "Desire" By John Mfon by Noblejohn32(m): 10:34am On Jan 17
Welldone Op and thanks for the update.
You're welcome
Re: "Desire" By John Mfon by Noblejohn32(m): 6:07pm On Jan 17
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Olybaby23 i am waiting for your comment
Re: "Desire" By John Mfon by bigbauer(m): 10:08pm On Jan 17
Fresh episode loading Olybaby23 i am waiting for your comment
How long will it take to load?
Re: "Desire" By John Mfon by vm231: 12:14am On Jan 18
Oga John... I'm not in support of u waiting for comments oh... pls Noble do what you know how to do best, make us laugh with your wonderful work... up you John
Re: "Desire" By John Mfon by Noblejohn32(m): 4:18am On Jan 18
Oga John... I'm not in support of u waiting for comments oh... pls Noble do what you know how to do best, make us laugh with your wonderful work... up you John
Oga I'm not waiting for comments, I'm just missing olybaby's special comments lol


Re: "Desire" By John Mfon by Noblejohn32(m): 5:48am On Jan 18
Chapter 18

Agbero with the brain

.Nema evening School, Eket.

Harry breathed a sigh of satisfaction as he rode his bike into the school garage and he alighted together with his friends.
"Now which class we ko deh?" Peter asked.
"JSS1" James replied.
"You deh mad, maybe na only you ko deh JSS1" Okon fired at James.
"But na normal thing na, make we start from JSS1" Udoh said.
"You sabi say JSS1 na for small children? Make we enter SS3" Harry finalised.
"You sabi 'feaces'?" James asked.
"Wetin be 'faeces', na simple thing" Harry said and they marched to the Principal's office for registration.
"Good day sir, how can we help you" Harry said.
The Principal, a man in his early fifties ,who was engrossed in a paper, tilted forward and observed the five men through the tip of his eye lens.
"Yes good day I'm Mr.Imoh Etukudo how may i help you?".
"Sir we asked you the question first, why did you ask us again. Thats goromatic!" Harry switched to his sky-rocketed english. The Principal jerked in suprise. "What do you mean?".
"What i mean is that, i asked you a question instead of you to reply in same manner you now constabulated and refired that same question to me" Harry fired.
The man looked at them for a while and smiled. "My apologies! So what brings you to my office".
"My leg"
"I said my leg. You see me with two legs but you still ask what brings us to your office. Ok i came on wheelchair" Harry ranted.
"That's not what i meant, i mean your mission".
"Do i look like a missionary?" Harry fired.
The principal sighed. "Ok, what is your purpose here?".
"We came for accreditation!" Harry said.
"You're welcome“
"Oga any item 7?" Okon spoke for the first time in the office.
"Item 7 ko deh?" Okon asked.
"What do you mean by item 7?" Mr.Imoh asked.
"Sir you no deh attend burial?" Okon asked.
"What do you mean?" Mr. Imoh slammed his fist on the table.
"Item 7 na refreshment" Okon said. "You are not serious" he turned to Harry. "Yes continue"
"Sir we all came here with a carnivorous mind to register as undergraduate in your noble institution" Harry said.
Mr.Imoh breathed. "Can you break it down?".
"Break wetin! You no be Principal" Harry fired.
"Ok continue!" The principal said.
"Like i said earlier, we came to register as a student in this school" Harry said.
"No problem! I'll be admitting you guys into JSS1".
"That devil is a liar! so with all my consolidated grammatic grammar you still want to admit us into JSS1" Harry ranted.
"You don't get it!"
"Get what! Do we look like breast feeding children" Harry screamed.
"Have you guys attended secondary school before?"
"Do we look like drop out?" Okon screamed.
"You guys are mad!" Mr. Imoh muttered inaudibly. "Ok what class do you wish to be admitted to?".
"I said SS3" Harry said.
"That means you are ready to write GCE".
"You say?"
"Are you sure you'll be able to cope in SS3, remember this is an adult school".
"Are you trying to call us olodo?" Harry screamed.
"Let me test you guys on a general subject. Are you ready?"
"Are you science or art?"
"Are you a science student or art student?"
"Don't you understand simple question?" Mr. Imoh asked.
"I am an okada rider!"
"Holyghost!" Mr. Imoh gasped.
"Your questioning is confusing me" Harry complained.
The Principal turned to Okon "are you a science or art student?"
"I yam a carpenter" Okon replied.
"Fine I'll test you on biology" he pointed to Harry. "List some characteristics of Living things".
Harry thought for a while.
"First and foremost, we have to understand the modus operanakus and the coffeelentalacoius of the living things and from my experience on planet Africa, i haff mentally reasoned with the divine inspiration of ogogoro that Living things Bleep, Living things deh carry belle, living things will go to hell or heaven, living things are politician where deh chop money, living things are womanizers"
"Hey please stop before i die" Mr. Imoh gasped.
"Living things can die, they can also shit!"
"Blood of the lamb!" Mr.Imoh gasped.
"Jesus died for all living things!" Harry kept reciting.
"Please I'll recommend you to start from SS1".
"Nooo! I want SS3, I'm in love with SS3" Harry screamed.
"Can i test you?" Mr.Imoh pointed at Peter."What are the chemical compound in water?"
"Ask Jehovah, no be me create water i born come see am" Peter rapped.
"Obongowo stop those your question, how much is the fees? James said impatiently.
"For the five of you, that's fifty thousand" The principal said.
After much negotiations and rant, the payment was made and they left the office to the classroom.
"Omoh! Babes deh this school!" Peter gasped.
"Make we find SS3" Harry said.
They wondered aimlessly round the premises.
"Make i ask that babe something" Harry breezed past his friends and ran after a lady.
"Heyy!" He screamed.
The lady turned towards him and he freezed in shock.
"Hi" the lady waved and approached him with slow and steady steps.
"Mirabel!" Harry gasped in shock. He couldn't beleive the sight that hit him, Mirabel was looking too beautiful. He cleaned his eyes repeatedly.
Common Harry it's not a dream I'm for real" Mirabel chuckled.
"Are you Mira...b..el?" Harry asked in a state of confusion.
"Yea, so what are you doing here in my school?" Mirabel said.
Harry scratched his head repeatedly, this is Mirabel, the girl that desired him, the girl that wanted him so desperately. He was blind towards her gesture. He somehow felt foolish, he couldn't stand the transformation. This is Mirabel speaking english.
"Harry!" She tapped him.
"Yes yes" he gasped."I'm just suprise, did you do plastic surgery?".
"See your mouth like plastic surgery, it seems you do not have what to say I'm leaving" She turned to leave.
"Please don't go, I'm looking for SS3 class" Harry said.
"Are you in SS3?" Mirabel gasped.
"Yes" Harry faced downwards.
"Who promoted you to SS3?" Mirabel chuckled.
"What do you mean?" Harry flared.
"Is just a harmless question baby" Mirabel gave a disarming smile.
"Over there" Mirabel pointed.
Mirabel turned to leave.
"Wait!"Harry said.
Mirabel turned.
"I'm sorry, i know i offended you in the past. I been underate you, please have mercy let us be best friends" Harry pleaded.
"What do you take me for? You treated me like a leper, i wanted your love but you gave me pure hatred!" Mirabel breathed.
"I was a very big foolish idiot those days but now i just want to be your friend. I know I'm not worthy to be called your best friend am prodigal but please make me your friend" Harry knelt down.
"Gosh! Harry with all the embarassment i received from you, you still have the guts to beg?" Mirabel chuckled.
"Please I'm a sinner wash me with your blood" he sobbed.
"Which blood?"
"Your menstral blood".
"God punish you" Mirabel cursed."what of your girlfriend?"
"She is in school!" Harry answered in low spirit.
"Harry look at me, I'll make it in life and you'll be jealous and i promise you'll regret".
"Amen! Amen!!" Harry screamed.
"Mirabel, no vex but i gast tell you something" Harry stood and dusted his knees. "I'm in a state of paralysed confusion, I'm confused whether i even have a girlfriend or a looter!" Harry said.
"What do you mean?"
"The girl I'm currently dating has been looting my money, she don't even use to call, anytime she call she always ask for money, she can't even tell me that she love me. everytime is wire me money, hello baby have you sent it infact she is a scammer!" Harry rapped.
"I'm leaving i have a class now" Mirabel left him. She consciously swayed her waist and catwalked.
"Oh lawd what blinded me in the past?" Harry muttered.

"Harry you don Bleep up" Okon joined him.
"Mirabel don upgrade" James folded his hands in bewilderment.
They all made a dramatic entrance into the class.

"Hey the five of you are behind schedule!" Mr.Armstrong pointed at Harry and his friends. "Didn't i pass a rule that when I'm in the class no one should come in. This is a school not a village council hall".
"Brother i senior you. Because you've been demoted to a rank of a grade1 teacher doesn't give you the automerism to talk to me anyhow!" Harry ranted.
The whole class cheered.
"You are a stupid Old man if you want to claim your rights, do it at home. When you're in school, you have to listen to the authority" Mr. Armstrong ranted.
"And who is the authority?" James chirped in.
"I am the authority!"
"You have the face of an elephant and a voice of a mosquito!" Harry cursed.
"You are a fool, how dare you insult me. Do you know i can jail you?" Armstrong screamed.
"Who you be sef! Who sabi you for this town" Udoh roared.
"Don't underate me, i am a master degree holder, i just came here to advance my knowledge" Harry said and sat close to Mirabel.
"You see how backward you are? What is a master degree holder doing in secondary school?" Armstrong chuckled.
"Respect yaself I'm an adult" Harry warned.
"And i am an Elder!" Armstrong charged.
"There is difference between elder and adult consult your dickdicksionary" Harry said.
The whole class roared in laughter.
"Harry you're disgracing your self!" Mirabel whispered.
"Alright let's leave those old baboons and concentrate on the topic. What's the topic on the board?".
"Reproductive system" the class replied.
"So, who can tell us the meaning of reproductive system?".
Harry quickly raised his hands up.
The teacher pointed to him.
He cleared his throat and took a deep breath. "When we look at the concept of the reproduction, it is all about sensational charisma in multiplication albionist. Reproduction from my acoustic sereverial research is the art of fucking. The fucking I'm trying to talk about is not the ashawo type but the normal type which man and woman do. For example if i control a girl on the street then i Bleep her in an hotel, that is reproduction. Then the system i use in cawoosing her into believing my efficiency is called reproductive system. I hope I've spoken the mind of the class. Those supporting the answer say hi, those against say nay. "
"The hi(s) have it so if....."
"My friend will you sit down did i tell you to involve the senate" Armstrong screamed.
"Bro, from the look of things it seems i know better than you!" Harry deadpanned.
"You are an idiot. Call me Sir!" Armstrong screamed.
"You are like a baby to me, i can't call you sir" Harry said and sat.
"You are a fool! Infact teach the class" Mr. Armstrong left the class in anger.
"See what you've caused" the whole class screamed.
Harry rushed to the podium and signalled the class to be quiet. The class stared at him in wonder.
Harry cleared his throat.
"I am your new teacher for today, most of you pupils might be wondering where i came from, i am a supervisor call me Harry the garri. As you can see i am better than your teacher. There are a lot of beautiful ladies and a lot of ugly men but that is not what i came for. The topic is reproduction and i want someone to tell me the meaning of reproduction".
"Harry commot for dia" Udoh screamed from the backseat.
"I can see that half of the class are illiterates! Reproduction is the art of fucking and it is very crucialistic in the life of every living soul. If you are a virgin, this topic is not for you. If you are an ashawo, this topic is not for you. I wonder why ladies wear short skirt with rainbow coloured pant to school and they will sit in front and open their legs. For your information, i am an ordained bishop so better close your legs before the host of heavens close it for you, thanks in advance for your cooperation. Like i said earlier reproduction is a vialelidoforous topic that everyone of us needs to practicalise. I know many of us have practicalised this with our wifes and girlfriends. But for better understanding, we need to do it among ourselves. Please we have to be in twos. If you are a virgin please walk out. If your dick is upto fifty inches walk out, i don't want any complain from any woman that her pussy has expanded like elastic. Class should we do it raw?"
"Harry when did you become a teacher?" Mirabel asked.
"Since the day i gave my life to christ. Ok since no one is willing to answer me I'll move over to the ......"
Everyone packed their study materials and left the classroom.
"Continue! Madman" Okon cursed.
"Mirabel wait na" Harry pleaded.
"Your friends are waiting" She said and left the class.

To be continued.......
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Olybaby23 i am waiting for your comment
grin grin grin I could not comment earlier because laugh been wan kii me die, oh my God how did you think of such hilarity grin grin cheesy cheesy. Vicky's ghost sha awon creepy and scary something, Harry's grammar on the flip side na real wa, I almost bit my tongue trying to pronounce some words, him be real professor abeg grin grin
Re: "Desire" By John Mfon by Diamond2019: 11:07am On Jan 18
Bro,u swear u dey bust my brain.....ride on brother
Re: "Desire" By John Mfon by vm231: 12:50pm On Jan 18
John John my man
Re: "Desire" By John Mfon by Noblejohn32(m): 6:43pm On Jan 18
grin grin grin I could not comment earlier because laugh been wan kii me die, oh my God how did you think of such hilarity grin grin cheesy cheesy. Vicky's ghost sha awon creepy and scary something, Harry's grammar on the flip side na real wa, I almost bit my tongue trying to pronounce some words, him be real professor abeg grin grin
Thanks for your interest
like i said,i love the way you talk.

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Bro,u swear u dey bust my brain.....ride on brother
Thanks bro.
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John John my man
I deh ooo
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I believe your matter
Re: "Desire" By John Mfon by Noblejohn32(m): 6:05pm On Jan 19

.Nsitubium, Akwaibom State.

Four cars drove in high speed on a untarred leading to an hotel. The cars halted oppposite an uncompleted building and two cars sped towards the hotel and parked the car close to the fence.
"This should be the hotel" Philip said and cocked his mini ak 47 pistol.
"Yes" the driver replied.
There were four men, two sitted at the front and two at the passenger seat.
Smart had been tracked right from when he visited Vera's house to the hotel. Right from the day he butchered Darkness, he had seriously been sought-after by the sugar boys. Philip had been watching Vera's for quite a long time because he had already envisaged Smart's visit. And right from when Smart visited, he had been trailed.
"So what's the plan?" One of the men asked.
"You guys will have to wait here while one of you will follow me in. The security in there isn't tight. Incase he slips off our hands and runs out, don't fail to drill his skull with bullets" Philip said and exited the car with a man following him. They retrieved a luggage and moved towards the hotel, they passed the security check point without hitches and moved into the reception hall. "Good day Ma“ Philip waved at the receptionist.
"Yea good day, welcome to Neptune Hotel, we offer fi.....".
"We are looking for someone?" Philip said."We are looking for Smart Jacobs".
The receptionist scanned through the ledger.
"is he aware of your visit?" The lady asked.
"Yes" Philip retrieved a one thousand naira note and gave it to the lady."Tell us his room number".
"Room 6".
Philip raced on the stairs and followed the labels on the room lintel. He paused at the door labeled room 6 and pulled out his pistol, he attached a silencer and swiftly turned and shot his partner on the chest, The silencer masked the sound of the slug. His partner stared at him in shock and then suprise and dropped down dead. Philip scanned the corridor with his eyes and knocked at the door.

Smart wondered aimlessly in the hotel room, he had received numerous threats from his clan men and he wondered how he was gonna survive. No one knew his current location. somehow, he felt pity for Vera and the emotional stress he put her through. Several times he had been tempted to disclose his location to her but he didn't . He knew he had to be fastidious concerning his moves. A beep jolted him off his deep reverie, he took his phone and read a bank alert: Fifty thousand naira had been credited to his account from Vera. His weak bones immediately received strength.
A knock was heard.
"Is that room service?" He asked as he moved cautiously towards a bag that contained his sledge pistol.
"Is the cleaner!"
"Go away, my room is not dirty" Smart said.
"Please the pipe outside is leaking i need to trace where the fault is from" the man said.
Smart unlocked the door and the man moved in.
"Smart you can't hide forever!" Philip said and uncovered his hood.
Smart froze in shock. He sighed in regret, he should have suspected the cleaner.
Smart clenched fist and growled. "How did you find me?".
Philip pointed his pistol at Smart. "Stand down".
Smart not wanting to exhibit a pusillanimous behaviour retrieved a small knife from his breast pocket.
"You killed Darkness right?" Philip asked.
"If you wish to kill me, make it quick" Smart said.
Philip lowered his gun, "Doctor is out there with more men outside, pack your things let's figure out our escape" Philip said.
Smart stared at him in disbelief. "You're kidding me right!".
Philip ignored him and moved towards the window. "Delay yourself at your own peril".
"You caused this shit for me!" Smart gnashed his teeth.
"You caused this shit for yourself!" Philip screamed. "And I'm here to help you, i killed a brother to save the ass of the man i love" Philip moved closer and planted a kiss on Smart lips. "Let's get out of here".

"What's keeping Philip and Tom in there, have they been accosted by the securities?" Doctor asked troubled. He tried calling Philip and Tom but the call wasn't answered.
"Let's go check out" Doctor roostered his pistol and inserted it into a hostler. He signalled six men out of the car and marched towards the hotel.

Smart and Philip froze in shock as they sighted Doctor and his crew marching towards the reception. They ran back into a corridor that led to the rooms.
Philip cocked his gun and pointed it towards the reception hall.

"Sirs may we know you?" The receptionist ask in fear as she saw six men with weapons. She almost peed in her panties as Doctor approached her.
"I need the room number!" Doctor growled.
"Which room number?" She whimpered.
"The room number of Smart Jacobs" Doctor slammed the butt of his riffle on the mouse, damaging it.
"Room 6".
"Sure!" Doctor signalled to his men.
Bullets rained into the reception hall and everyone scampered for safety.
Smart was a beast behind the machine, as he released slugs after slugs. Many men were down as they couldn't get a safe place to shield their body from the bullets. Doctor was swift enough to escape as he jumped into the receptionist cubicle.
Smart waited for a while before he and Philip moved cautiously into the hall. Doctor popped his face up and his eyes met Philip but he went low as Philip quickly sent a bullet to his direction.
"Shit!" Doctor gasped as he realised that Philip was a mole. He sent a text to the men outside to get ready.
"Is there any escape route to the gate apart from the main door?" Doctor pointed his gun to the receptionist but too his suprise, a bullet hole graced her stomach and she layed stiff with blood dripping through her nostrils.
He heard the police siren and he jumped out of the compactment. He loaded his pistol with more catridges and moved out of the reception hall. He heard a slight movement behind him but he ignored, the whole hotel premises was in disarray and he quickened his steps, he opened the gate and searched for his men but couldn't find any. He listened attentively and could hear echoes of gunshot from a distance.
Smart and Philip fired at the four men chasing them as they ran into an abandoned building for cover.
"I'm running out of bullets" Smart gasped.
"Same here" Philip muttered.
"I'm glad i have someone that is ready to sacrifice his life for me! I won't forget this" Smart said, he stared into Philip's eyes and wiped his brows.
"I love you" Philip breathed.
"I love you too" Smart breathed, he felt honoured that Philip could put his own life on the line to protect his. "When all this is over, we'll get married!" Smart breathed.
"And which church in Nigeria will wed us?" Philip laughed.
"We don't need a church marriage bro!" Smart replied.
"What of Vera?" Philip asked.
Bullets whizzed past their head as they lay low and rushed behind the pillars for cover.
Doctor loaded his revolver and fired at them in anger but it seems Smart and Philip were better gun users than Doctor's men as they dropped down the men with less bullet wastage.
"Philopa and Smart! You have bitten above what thee can chew, you've betrayed brotherhood!" Doctor screamed and loaded his revolver with more magazines.
"I did it for survival" Smart swung his gun towards Doctor and pulled the trigger, he cursed when he felt the soft recoil of the trigger. Doctor pulled the trigger and released the slugs but Smart was swift enough to jump into the adjourning room. Doctor on realising the men were out of bullets let his guard down as he crawled out of his hiding place with a smirk. Smart raised his hands up in surrender as Doctor stood with a victory smile. Philip immediately swung his pistol towards Doctor but he was faster as he released bullet on Philip. Philip fell weakly on his knees, blood oozing out of the bullet holes in quick succession.
"Damn! Philopa the rugged" Smart cried.
On hearing his name, blood rushed through his brain giving him a boost, with his last strength, he swung his gun and released the last bullet straight into Doctor's chest and dropped dead.
Doctor wobbled in suprise, he wasn't expecting such stunt from Philip. The magazine contained four bullet which was enough to weaken one to death. He looked up and saw Smart approaching. His vision got blurry and he fell down dead.
Smart rushed towards Philip and felt his pulse, he cried as he saw Philip's distant gaze. He felt guilty and he closed his lover's eyes.
"Goodbye Philip" He muttered and fled as he heard distant voices of the police.
Re: "Desire" By John Mfon by Oly23(f): 7:13pm On Jan 19
Nawa oo how many people has Smart being responsible for their death embarassed undecided cry
Re: "Desire" By John Mfon by vm231: 8:08am On Jan 20
John always making me happy
Re: "Desire" By John Mfon by Noblejohn32(m): 11:09am On Jan 20
John always making me happy
My pleasure, Sir

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