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"Captain Jack": A Val Story Written By John Mfon / Writing Is Not For Little Children By John Chizoba Vincent / Hidden Desire By Blair (2) (3) (4)

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Re: "Desire" By John Mfon by Noblejohn32(m): 4:27am On Nov 27, 2019
"Date him jare! and enjoy the money!" Praise offered.
"Vera you want to cheat on Smart?" Mfoniso asked.
"Nope just wanna enjoy the cash and watch how it last, but this should be our little secret no one should hear of this" Vera admonished.
Victoria gave an evil smile "is gonna be a big fight".

Victoria had a big crush on Smart since her 100Level she met him on their matriculation ceremony and was wowed at his charisma, swagg and his bucaneering personality.
Victoria had tried all her best to win Smart over but he ended up with Vera her friend and this got her mad with rage back then and she gave up but now she determined to fight harder.
The battle line is drawn.


"Okon my guy,my best friend i been commit but i beg say forgive me so dat ur popman no ko turn for grave.i don sin and fall short of your glory.the satan of thy village moveth me to call thy wife a rabbit but she na rabbit so please accept my condolence report! From your guy Garri" Harry concluded his mouth- watering apology letter.
Harry and Okon weré ordered to write an apology letter to unite and solidify their bond of friendship.
"Oya Okon knack your letter" Udoh ordered.
Okon cleared his throat and took a deep breath "Garri my man God bless you" Okon ended his letter.
"Omoh na only dat one you sabi write" Peter fired at Okon.
"Na God bless you i sabi spell" Okon said sorrowfully. They ordered for heneiken and dried fish.
"Men abeg no vex we gast go school" Harry said keenly watching his friend's reaction.
"Meaning?" Peter asked
"I said we need to begin school" Harry clarified.
"Chai Garri you don run mental u mean at my age make i follow pikin go skul? Make i no hustle again?" Udoh stated in disbelief.
"Wetin deh do Garri sef, pray say ur brain still deh factory settings" Peter interjected. Harry turned sharply to Peter "oya mention one part of the brain collect 5h" Harry said placing the currency on the table.
"I no sabi" Peter answered.
"Simple answer Bobola" Harri stated.
"Bobola your final answer?" James mused.
"Oya na evening school we deh go" Harry stated.
After series of beer inspired debate they all agreed and choosed 'Nema Evening School'.
"U sabi why i deh love una?" Harry asked.
"Una deh act like say here na senate and we be senators" Harry said.
"Wetin be senator?" Peter asked.
"Ask babangida he ko sabi" Harry replied.
"Senator na person weh deh smoke for government house" James added.
"U deh craze senator kill you dia" Okon screamed at James.

Sorry esteemed readers I'm devastated this is the best i can do for today. Your comments will boost me up.

John Mfon®

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Re: "Desire" By John Mfon by Noblejohn32(m): 7:08pm On Nov 27, 2019
Chapter 7 loading........

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Re: "Desire" By John Mfon by bigbauer(m): 11:02pm On Nov 27, 2019
Well-done, let's see how the updates go, I'll send invites. But let's see first.
Re: "Desire" By John Mfon by Noblejohn32(m): 6:04am On Nov 28, 2019
Well-done, let's see how the updates go, I'll send invites. But let's see first.
I'll try my very best pls send out invites
happy xmas in advance
Re: "Desire" By John Mfon by bigbauer(m): 2:44pm On Nov 28, 2019
PrudySara, Kikiwendy, crislyn, Do4luv14, Noblejohn32, Queenitee, khriztarl, skubido, Asemark, Ann2012, Treasure17 y'all need to see this.


Re: "Desire" By John Mfon by Treasure17(m): 3:22pm On Nov 28, 2019
PrudySara, Kikiwendy, crislyn, Do4luv14, Noblejohn32, Queenitee, khriztarl, skubido, Asemark, Ann2012, Treasure17 y'all need to see this.
Thanks for the invitation
Re: "Desire" By John Mfon by Noblejohn32(m): 5:30pm On Nov 28, 2019
Chapter 7
Rough games!
★Uniuyo campus★

Most of the times, humans are faced with a dilema they can't understand. They tend to fight forward but then some external forces brings them backward and they try to put the blame on abstract factors but only the determined are ready to play it rough till the end.
Victoria felt that powerful flow in her subconscious to play it rough with Vera till she gets her trophy. Most best friends are the ones who quickly betrays the friendship code. Jealosy might be lurking round the corner when the bond of friends thickens. Victoria was passing by a business centre when she sighted Smart(Vera bf). They exchanged pleasantries and from Victoria vocals Smart could pinpoint a bad aura but couldn't decode the reason behind.
"Vicky are you ill?" Smart asked with concern.

Have you ever been a prisoner for love? A kind of love that will physiologically make you long for even a spittle from your lover.

Smart's voice made Vera shiver emotionally. The name 'Vicky' sounded like music in her ears.
"How will you feel if someone you love, doesn't reciprocate the gesture?" Victoria asked.
Smart inhaled deeply obviously, he knew where the question was heading to but he decided to play along.
"I won't be happy" Smart replied.
"Describe the emotional feeling, don‘t surface it!" Victoria said.
"Vicky i still doubt the fact that you stoped me on the road for an interview" Smart deadpaned.
"You don't know what is at stake now" Victoria chuckled.
"Damn you Vicky I'm not a gambler how will i know what is at stake" Smart stated at the verge of loosing his cool.
"We need to find somewhere to talk i have something to discuss with you" Victoria said.
"Vicky i know where this lovey dovey interview is heading i only love one lady" Smart reasoned.
"And who is that?" Vera asked with a mock grin.
"I got other important things to do"
Though Victoria was more angelic and beautiful than Vera. Any guy will kill to have Victoria but he won't cheat on the love of his life Vera.
"Damn you Smart! many guys will kill to have me i have this kind of mesmerizing effect but you are immuned to it you deserve an award" Victoria stated bitterly.
"Thank heavens you know! Vera remains my heart, i need to go" Smart said and turned to leave.
"You are one big asshole! Vera is galivanting with every ‘dick n harry' and here you are claiming to love a LovePeddler".

God have mercy!!!!!!!!!!
What do you mean?" Smart asked puzzled.
"What you mean is what i mean" Victoria stated.
"Damn! be articulate for once" Smart screamed.
"Keep your voice low boy! Vera is a slut! I have a lot of secret about her that might interest you".


The five men agreed unanimiously to commence school. They dressed like the 15th century primary school teachers but they still had some element of doubt except Harry whose resolve to school was unwavering.

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Re: "Desire" By John Mfon by Noblejohn32(m): 6:22pm On Nov 28, 2019
"Garri you sure say this your idea ko work?" James asked.
"Believe my instinct no be white ticket weh deh slack. Make i commot the keke?" Harry asked.
"Blat of chisos! Make we deh inside keke like small pikin no do make i curse you" James fired at him.
He retrieved his bike and off they went. Harry the rider sat on the fuel tank, the space was barely enough.

"Why this your bike deh move like snail?" Udoh asked.
"Una much na" Harry replied.
"Peter your perfume deh smell like corpse! Why u flit am" Okon commented.
"Shebi you get wife for house why you still deh flit perf" Okon ranted.
"Okon so i no fit flit perf again? becoz i don marry beta close ur mouth" Peter screamed.
"Make una sharrap una deh disturb me" Harry screamed.
Harry navigated the bike into a narrow pathway.
"Harry see mad womenoooo she deh mount road block" Okon said.
"Na only one deh dia so na singular, na woman.wo and man" Harry clarified.
"Sharrap dia! You too deh form prof" Peter screamed at Harry.
"Peter or wetin dem de call you na me kill your fada? I get problem with your family? Why u no gree leave me" Harry rattled on. He was shocked when the lunatic refused to leave the way.
"I ko jam u oooo i no deh play! Commot for road no be me been give u madness" Harry screamed repeatedly horning. The lunatic didn't bulge, he swerved the bike from hitting her and almost landed in a nearby gutter. His friends jumped off like frogs on heat.
"Yeeeeh! Harry you stupid u for involve me for accident with mad woman" Okon gasped.
"Make we run she deh come" Peter said in fear.
"Oboi! Na mad woman you deh fear?" Udoh said standing properly to see what the lunatic would do.
The mad woman moved closer to them and was pointing at them and murmuring some incohorent words.
"Peter na you been put that woman belle? She deh point at you" a terrified James said. The lunatic picked up a stone and immediately Peter took his heels with the speed of Usain Bolt.
"Na Peter perfume deh attract dat woman" Okon said while removing his belt.
"If you wipe dat woman with dat belt no carry am climb my bike" Harry warned. The mad woman flunged the stone to Okon and the latter dodged. She bent down and picked up a nine inches block.
"Abasi mi ooooo! Madam no vex no be me been drive I'm just an innocent passenger" James begged and immediately they all took off deserting Harry to carry his cross alone.
"God where art thou?" Harry prayed.
"Why did your friends run?"
Harry stared intently to know who spoke.
"Mr. are you deaf those fucking niggars why did they run.yoo! they all suck mehn!!!!" The lunatic rapped.
"Madam were you a hippop artist before you ran out of sense?" Harry asked.
"I love you"
"Blood of Jehovah u love wetin?" Harry asked in disbelief.
"I love you marry me"
"Jessusss! I bind you no be me been give you madness! U no fit marry me i reject marriage" Harry screamed tense. He wondered how the mad woman could speak impeccable english.
"Come let me teach you how to Bleep"

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Re: "Desire" By John Mfon by Noblejohn32(m): 6:59pm On Nov 28, 2019
"No be me you ko possess" Harry said and took to his heels. The mad woman laughed her ribs out.
"Something never do you yet as for your bike na me ko ride am."

★Uniuyo Campus★

Love is a feeling that encompasses every other feeling. It has the strength to place its victim on the brink of confusion. Love is simple, true love has its complications. But be sure of one thing when cupid shoots a heart, doubt sprouts out. Doubt that concotes confusion.

"U must be joking Vicky, Vera can't do this to me" Smart spoke after a prolonged silence he was still analyzing the 'movie script' Victoria presented.
"Believe Smart! That's the truth" Victoria said standing up.
"I need to confront Vera she needs to explain this shit to me."
"Calm down lover boy she must never find out i told you this" Victoria said, she was obviously enjoying her games.
"Dn't worry you are covered" Smart breathed.
"And if i find out that it is not true...God help me" Smart cursed under his breath. "you will pay for defaming her character".
"And if it is true" Victoria rolled her eyes.
"Hell no! It can't be true, it better not be true cuz heaven will come down" Smart roared.
"And hell will go up! Vera has hypnotized you" Victoria stated.
"Watch your tongue young lady! I'll get to the root of this" He closed his eyes and inhaled.
"Then you will need my help" Victoria offered.
"Yea we are in this together" Smart said defeated.
"Then we have a deal" Victoria said stretching her hands towards Smart.

"I be damned for eternity" Smart cursed.

The begining of the ROUGH GAMES
'DESIRE' is getting more intense.

John Mfon®

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Re: "Desire" By John Mfon by Ann2012(f): 8:22pm On Nov 28, 2019
PrudySara, Kikiwendy, crislyn, Do4luv14, Noblejohn32, Queenitee, khriztarl, skubido, Asemark, Ann2012, Treasure17 y'all need to see this.

I'm with you boss

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Re: "Desire" By John Mfon by Khriztarl(f): 4:15am On Nov 29, 2019
PrudySara, Kikiwendy, crislyn, Do4luv14, Noblejohn32, Queenitee, khriztarl, skubido, Asemark, Ann2012, Treasure17 y'all need to see this.
thanks dear
#in_rema's_voice# another banger
Re: "Desire" By John Mfon by Noblejohn32(m): 7:50am On Nov 29, 2019
All new invites are most welcome
you guys are amazing
love you all and I'll order two crates of heneiken, four carton of beta malt and chicken laps for everyone.
Merry xmas in advance to all #DESIRE FANS#. One more update cooking get yourself comfortable and order for what you need.

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Re: "Desire" By John Mfon by Noblejohn32(m): 7:54am On Nov 29, 2019

thanks dear
#in_rema's_voice# another banger

Thanks for responding! Once again u are welcome. * cleans his seat with rag*
Re: "Desire" By John Mfon by Noblejohn32(m): 7:56am On Nov 29, 2019

I'm with you boss

Ann2012 i haven't seen you for a long time
Re: "Desire" By John Mfon by bigbauer(m): 10:45am On Nov 29, 2019
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Come and see!! Invite others
Re: "Desire" By John Mfon by izaray(f): 10:48am On Nov 29, 2019
Interesting story

Keep the update coming
Re: "Desire" By John Mfon by megareal: 12:18pm On Nov 29, 2019
I really like this. It's different and downright funny. You need to do a lot of editing though.
Re: "Desire" By John Mfon by Ann2012(f): 12:30pm On Nov 29, 2019

Ann2012 i haven't seen you for a long time

I've always been here with you oooo
Re: "Desire" By John Mfon by Noblejohn32(m): 3:20pm On Nov 29, 2019
Interesting story

Keep the update coming
Re: "Desire" By John Mfon by Noblejohn32(m): 3:21pm On Nov 29, 2019
I really like this. It's different and downright funny. You need to do a lot of editing though.
I'm glad you love it
Re: "Desire" By John Mfon by Noblejohn32(m): 3:23pm On Nov 29, 2019
WILLYBABS, abefe99, olujuwonj, stardomberry, sirblero, Shakyroh320, Babsopey, toboski1, Missmossy, OMO1234567, Daniluv2k4, fattprince, Hargbo, xtanlee, sirfolarin, nikkybeez, PopoolaTaiwo, saxwizard, livingimage, Prinxxdave, OLAFIMIX, oluwatymylehyn, MzDarocha,
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oluangelkay, Iamfelicia, Just30, lillyana, Nmaglit, BEAMBOR13, tonye72, gentlebeeholar, mofy1, Precial419, Hundreddegrees, swanky47

Come and see!! Invite others
Double twaile sir! I salute you
Re: "Desire" By John Mfon by Noblejohn32(m): 4:35pm On Nov 29, 2019
Uniuyo Campus

Anger amongst other things is what a man should learn to control but when its missile is to hot for the inbuilt freezing factor what do we do? A shattered mind can't with-hold a strong feeling of antagonism. Love when clicked on the wrong button comes displeasure, anger, hostility, jealosy. Hmmmm! Life itself is an atom of confusion itself. Not everything that looks good is actually good. Even life itself is harsh but we have all refused to die!

The door to Vera's lodge was at the verge of collapse as the impatient person banging at the couldn't wait for the door to be opened.
"Who da hell is at the door" Lydia screamed almost in fear.
"Vera, lydia,Praise open this fucking door now or I'll be compelled to break it down" The person roared.
"Jeez! Is that not Smart?" Vera gasped.
"Why is he shouting like that" Victoria chirped in rather absent minded. Vera immediately rushed and opened the door.
"Vera Paul how could you?" Smart asked shivering in anger.
"I don't understand your question" Vera replied in fear for the unknown.
"Quit the pretense girl" Smart screamed holding Vera's shoulder seriously.
"Smart stop this you are hurting me" Vera shrieked in agony.
"I'll deal with you now if you don't tell me the truth" Smart threatened, his eyes flashing daggers of anger.
"What da hell is wrong with you Smart. Even though she is ur girlfriend you can't just barge in here and harass her" Praise said in anger.
"You all, should stay out of this" Smart screamed pointing his index finger at them.
"You are hurting me Smart" Vera sobbed.
"Vera who is Harry?" Smart deadpanned.
Vera developed fear automatically she began to stammer.
"I'll pull out your incisors if you dare lie"
"Enough!, Smart enough!! don't you dare threaten my friend on some malicous accusation." Lydia stated.
"Shut the hell up Lydia" Smart roared.
"Shut the hell up Smart who the hell are you?" Lydia bashed.
"I be damned! What have you been telling these bitches they know you don't regard me if not they won't be saying thrash" Smart said in gritted teeth.
"Calm down i can handle it" Vera said in quick breath. Without wasting time, Smart slapped Vera.
"That is for trying to play on my intelligence!" Smart deadpanned.
"God are you for real?" Vera asked in disbelief as she rubbed the affected part and sobbed.
"Shameless maggot! You dare slap my friend?" Lydia screamed moving toward Smart.
"Noo please let us not fight over this." Vera said stepping in between Smart and Lydia. Smart stared keenly at the ladies, gave a sinister growl and left the room.
Vera breathed out in relief and sat on the bed. She moved her eyes to and fro on her friends.
"Who dare betray me! don't stir the beast in me! Smart wouldn't have known except one of you told him. Who stabbed my back?" Vera screamed. Victoria scoffed and lay on the bed.
"I smell conspiracy" Praise muttered.
"Vicky i suspect you"
Re: "Desire" By John Mfon by Noblejohn32(m): 5:32pm On Nov 29, 2019
"You don't seem to be concerned in our plight" Lydia pointed.
"Because it is not of my bloody business" Victoria retorted.
"I see" Lydia nodded.

"These girls are devils" Smart mumbled by the window where he stood to eavesdrop.


Harry and friends filed out of the building they were dressed on their usual old school paraphenalia. Harry rolled his bike out and they hopped on it and off they went.
"Garri watch road well" Peter spoke.
"U deh fear?" Harry fired at him.
"No me na staunch man" Peter praised himself.
"Staunch man and you run common mad woman" Udoh commented.
"Leave am na mumu deh worry am" James said.
"Yeeh!" Okon screamed and jerked,suddenly recalling something."Peter abi you no flit dat perfume weh deh smell like demon shit."
"I don flit am wetin com happen" Peter sneered.
"I don dieoo" Okon lamented.
" i no get case with am i gast look neat and smell" Peter fired his blunder.
"When mad woman land you ko sabi" James said.
Harry rode the bike like a possessed man into the school compound.
"Harry u ko jam person car" Udoh screamed at him. Harry marched on the brake but it refused to respond he managed to control the bike from hitting a car but the bike swerved into a nearby bush. Harry kept on trying to control the bike it seems he was fighting traditional wrestling on his bike. his friends had already jumped off from the bike. They were trying to catch the bike with Harry on it dancing awilo.
"Okon i don die i no fit hold brake" Harry screamed marching on the brake pedal.
"Oya guys spread out! Peter pursue am for dat side make three of us deh here so that we ko catch the bike" Okon screamed giving directions like a drunk.
"Peter you sabi run dis one your leg deh like fowl own" Udoh fired.
"With all my swagg see wetin i deh do" James lamented.
"Peter you deh ready to catch the bike i deh come your angle" Harry screamed still trying hard to control the bike.
"Harry no make your scrap wound me oooo" Peter exclaimed. He stretched his legs like a goalkeeper ready to catch the bike. The men were suprised at Peter foolishness and started laughing.
"I deh suffer una deh laugh Baba God will judge una according to his riches in glory! ekpo" Harry screamed in frustration.
"Peter, Harry's bike ko keep you for motuary" James jeered.
Harry rode his wonder bike, instead of the bike to halt it increased in speed.
"Ok Harry, make Peter catch you jump commot for the bike" Udoh suggested.
"No the bike ko scratch, u sabi how much bike cost! Catch the bike leave me i ko fly" Harry said.
"Harry if you break that your cocumber teeth abi you know say ur own don finish" Peter said.
"Na your fada get cocumber teeth" Harry screamed still stepping ferociously on the brake pedal.
"If you injure, Vera don leave you be dat" James jeered.
"Guy love is blind"Harry voiced in frustration.
"Break your head na dere you ko sabi say love is open in the eyes." James offered.
Re: "Desire" By John Mfon by Noblejohn32(m): 5:59pm On Nov 29, 2019
"Call the bike name maybe the thing ko stop" James offered.
"For your village bike get name?" Udoh fired at him.
"Harry call am the factory name! Call am with faith infact you sef no deh go church" Okon who haven't visited a church for years said.
"Q-link i command you stop" Harry screamed.
"Amen" his lunatic friends echoed. "Fada lawd let your will be done in this generator" Harry prayed. Harry and the bike fell into a path hole filled with mud. His friends jointly laughed at him.
"Association of mad people! i hail una kwantinue" Harry greeted still clutching his leg on the ground.

"Where in hell did you homosapiens evolve from! You evaporate from your place of abode and condense here in this school to cause a breach in the atmospheric peace and tranquility! Just look at you guys bunches of nincompoop!" Mr.George the english teacher who was distracted from his duty post by Harry and co.
"Na ur fada u nack that one give" Okon cursed back.
"You are blasting your lowless indoctrinated pidgin in my presence! Are you guys or should i rather say old men high and intoxicated on any alcoholic beverage? Very well i call the law enforcement agent to catapult you ingrates to a progaratory place where your insatiable thirst for public disruption of tranquility will be quenched" Mr George roared at Okon.
"Back to sender! No be me been send you go skul go and insult your inlaws! 'Shaboratedal constibalcy' Okon said.
"Atterable! Okon! Wetin you talk! Pronounce that word again" Harry gasped.
"Make i show the man say i follow sabi book" Okon said.

To be continued........
Re: "Desire" By John Mfon by Khriztarl(f): 10:27pm On Nov 29, 2019

Thanks for responding! Once again u are welcome. * cleans his seat with rag*

Re: "Desire" By John Mfon by PrudySara(f): 10:42pm On Nov 29, 2019
I'm here... thanks for the mention
PrudySara, Kikiwendy, crislyn, Do4luv14, Noblejohn32, Queenitee, khriztarl, skubido, Asemark, Ann2012, Treasure17 y'all need to see this.
Re: "Desire" By John Mfon by bigbauer(m): 6:17am On Dec 01, 2019
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Re: "Desire" By John Mfon by Ann2012(f): 8:20am On Dec 01, 2019
That slap go reset Vera brain grin

Thanks for the update
Re: "Desire" By John Mfon by Noblejohn32(m): 9:52am On Dec 01, 2019
★From the desk of the Author★

Happy new month to all my literati(s) and merry xmas. You all are simply amazing. The best fans I'll ever have. I'll drop one update before sunset. Once again, MERRY XMAS!!!!!
You guys are the best
Re: "Desire" By John Mfon by Noblejohn32(m): 11:06am On Dec 01, 2019

★Uniuyo Campus★
Smart POV

Sometimes in life, we make decisions and try to abide by them but even with that, life itself can be melodramatic. Even with the concatenation of some invincible factors, little things can make one compromise his faith. Things that might look nondescript are things that will pull a man down and put you in a slough and make you pusilanimous. Life is not the way we think it is, believe me!

Smart sat in a pensive mood, the situation was maelstrom. With an unbriddled desire desire he felt for Vera he couldn't believe she could cheat on him. Vera to him was a sinequanon. He couldn't live without her. The whole thought made him soporific. He was jolted out of thought when he perceived a scent of a female cologne in the room.

"Is ill manners to move into one's room without knocking." Smart breathed.
"Is also ill mannered to keep your door wide opened" Victoria said with a seraphic smile.
"What can i offer you?" Smart asked.
"Nothing, I'm Ok" Victoria said.
"Itz unbelievable" Smart said at the verge of tears.
"Big boys don't cry" Victoria mocked.
"I so love this girl"
"I need to get that guy, I'll do anything to deal with the bastard" Smart said with clenched fist. "Do you know where he lives?"
"God! What are you planning" Victoria gasped in pretense.
"I'll teach him a lesson of his life" Smart growled.
"Easy lover boy, one step at a time!" Victoria said swaying seductively on the chair, unbuttoning her blouse.
"You vamp!" Smart muttered.
"You need to cheat on Vera, the equation gast to be complete" Victoria approached him.
"I can't cheat on Vera i love her" Smart said trying to put up a brave but his concupiscence was obvious and felt as he tried to battle his 'little man' underneath who was nodding, ready for action.
"Funny you!" Victoria breathed. Her eyes communicated pure lust and lasciviousness. "Remember we had a deal" Victoria added in a hoarse voice.
"I'll be damned! Hell knows no fury like a woman's scorn."
"I need your manhood inside me" Victoria breathed.
"So help me God" Smart said.
Without much ado, he held Victoria closer to him and kissed her, it was a fierce lips battle. He kissed her neck region.her earlopes wasn't left out. He grabbed her blouse with gusto and tore it opened. He was wowed at the sight of her boobs. He stared at them contemplating on which of them to launch an attack at.
"Do you love what you see ?" Victoria cooed.
"I'm doomed" Smart cursed at the boobs. He grabbed one and sucked as if his life depended on it, chewing the already hardened nipples.
"Please, ouuch, help me! Ahhh,ooouch,ahhh,chhh,pleassss,ouch" Victoria moaned. Smart continued the onslaught on her boobs and it drove her mad with passion as her moans elevated to screams. She fondled with Smart joggers in an attempt to unloose it but couldn't as her hands were unsteady and vibrating seriously. Smart released his joggers down and held his dick flaunting it.
Re: "Desire" By John Mfon by Noblejohn32(m): 12:06pm On Dec 01, 2019
"Too small, no wonder Vera jilted." Victoria said. Smart felt hurt at her statement. He forced his dick into Victoria's mouth almost choking her. She gave him an 'oral ministration' that drove him 'gaga'. He pulled out and turned her over. He used his fingers to tease her clitoris, he rubbed the swollen part with his dick. The sensation made Victoria throw her legs in the air. Kicking imaginary object and speaking in tongues. Smart kept on with the sexual torture till Victoria couldn't bear it again. "Smart please" She called as someone in deep anguish. "You are killing me i want your dick inside of me my pussy is itching."
Smart proceeded to her boobs and began chewing the nipples, his hand still rubbing her vulva. Victoria began crying, tears of pure, intense pleasure. "Bleep, ohhh myyyyy! Smart please! My body will explode" She cried as her orgasm hit her like a tsunami. She shivered, wobbled uncontrollably on the bed. In tears,deep grunts and screams,she orgasmed. Her fluid poured in torrents. She convulsed and after some minutes she layed steady, gasping for breath.
"That was breath taking" She said.
"Very well then" Smart said and without warning slammed his dick inside her and she gasped in tears with eyes and mouth wide opened as her vaginal muscles stretched to accumulate the foreign object being inserted. A grunt escaped Smart mouth, inside of Victoria felt heavenly, warm and moist. He increased his thrust and slammed into Victoria severely, grunting.
Victoria cried in pleasure as Smart humped on her. "Ouuch Smart, please, Bleep, ahhhhh! I'm dying, ahhhhh,oucccchhh, my God save, gosh, plsssss,ouchhh" She moaned,grunted and soon began crying.
"My baby" Smart teased
"You are ashhh,killing ouuchhh me! aaahhh" She grunted severely in pleasure."don't stop, hit me harderrrrrr,ahhhh, kill me" She sobbed and began another round of tears as she felt another bout of orgasm.
"I'm cumming" Smart grunted, vibrating and slamming harder.
"Noooooo! don't leave me ahhhhh" Victoria grunted and wobbled, writhing on the bed. She screamed out suddenly and began crying as she felt fluid gosh through her. Smart with a loud grunt squimed and shot loads of semen into her. Victoria gasped and twisted as she felt Smart fluid travel in her. She gave a short cry as Smart dropped on her.
He rolled off and lay to catch his breath.
"Do you have a doctor's report?" Smart asked.
"You must be stupid" Victoria fired.

"Oboi that man na my role model" Peter said.
"Satan deh follow us for back, last time na madwoman, today na this your yeye bike." James cursed at Harry.
"Oh God of Herod, judas and David haff 'marcy' on we poor souls" Harry prayed.
"Na your soul poor! Who you be sef? are you a 'prayer'?" Udoh fired at Harry. Harry powered the bike and they all sat on it.
"Ewwwo! See my chinos! Garri u ko mad for life.ur bike don dirty me!" Peter cried.
"Tunda fire your family" Harry cursed.
Re: "Desire" By John Mfon by Noblejohn32(m): 12:35pm On Dec 01, 2019
"Tunda fire Vera" Peter cursed back.
"For all the girls weh deh una family, how many fine. I no talk about beauty. I mean fine! 'F' for fine" wise-man-Harry said. Peter ignored him and he stepped on the gas pedal and the bike jerked forward and increased in acceleration.
"Harry! U deh mad? That bike no gree hold brake and you still deh drive speed" Udoh said in fear.
"Leave i ko slap am for head that demon must commot" James said.
"Oya Harry no vex! ayam sorry! Stop make i come down i ko trek" Peter said in fear.
"Una still deh talk abi?" Harry marched the gas pedal again.
"Sorry! Agbero for christ, son of God, Chief fellowship of the holy spirit, prof! abeg no vex, please." his friends began calling him his nick names and pleading.
"Oya say this to me: 'Harry you will marry Vera'" Harry screamed to his friends for a repeat.
"Harry you ko marry mirabel" his friends screamed back.
"We die here!!!!"
Harry stepped on the pedal again and the friends commenced another session of pleading.
"Harry see truck" Okon screamed. Harry couldn't halt the bike and it was too late to swerve.

John Mfon®

Merry Xmas

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