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Re: The Wall Between Us. A Novel By EneChelsea by millieademi(f): 5:59am On Aug 12
Babe, how far na!
Re: The Wall Between Us. A Novel By EneChelsea by Khriztarl(f): 3:37pm On Aug 12
Owk. I've been quiet for a while. Culin please bring it on am waiting.
Re: The Wall Between Us. A Novel By EneChelsea by enirock(m): 9:43pm On Aug 16
Culin!!! How far na? I be think say na before birthday ooo Birthday don pass ooo. Hope u are good though? We've not seen nor heard from u. Just 'hi' us if u are good.
Re: The Wall Between Us. A Novel By EneChelsea by adeboizy11(m): 9:58am On Aug 19
Culin Haba na walahi this waiting fa, ba mai kyau. Dan Allah if na only half update kuma. Yankuri.
Re: The Wall Between Us. A Novel By EneChelsea by peacy26: 8:55pm On Aug 19
Op hope you're ok? interesting story. pls give us back to back update when you can

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Re: The Wall Between Us. A Novel By EneChelsea by enirock(m): 4:36pm On Aug 21
Anyone close to Op who can tell if she's ok. Culin hope you are good? If this is suspense, it haff do na.

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Re: The Wall Between Us. A Novel By EneChelsea by Presh204(f): 11:29am On Aug 22
Culing we are patiently waiting for ur update...but I hope you are good.
Re: The Wall Between Us. A Novel By EneChelsea by Culin(f): 2:09pm On Aug 23
This one is for you Millieademi . So sorry I missed your birthday. Happy birthday girl, you inspire me everyday!

Chapter 27 -before I go

"Lean on me, when you're not strong and I'll be your friend. I'll help you carry on...for it won't be long 'til I'm gonna need somebody to lean on.."
-Bill Withers

Song- If the world was ending by JP Saxe


I looked around the room to make sure I'd packed every of my stuff into the last luggage, which was the smallest among all the three and the only one I was to travel with. Tanya was going to send the rest later through courier service. I'd been so busy packing I didn't notice the day was far spent. Closing the suitcase and lifting it off the bed, I dragged it to the corner of the room , then headed downstairs to grab a late dinner.

Not that I was hungry-the thoughts of Nathan tying the knot with his fiancée by morning was enough to kill my appetite- but my babies needed the nutrition. Putting on a pot of noodles on the stove to simmer, I brought out bananas and a carton of yoghurt from the fridge and unenthusiastically dumped them into the electric blender and turned it on.

In no time I was sitting at the dining table, eating noodles and scooping banana flavoured yogurt while scrolling through my social media feed. My father would have snatched the gadget out of my reach if he was here, he hated it when people were glued to their phones especially at a meal. Luckily he wasn't and wasn't going to see me until an hour before my morning flight.

The intercom at the front door buzzed and I glanced at my phone to check the time.

Ten P.M

I dropped the phone and spoon on the table, dashed to the kitchen and grabbed a knife, just in case I needed it-like an intruder would use the doorbell or even get past Everest who was busy being invisible somewhere around the building. But even though I wanted to believe Everest would never hurt me or let anyone, I couldn't trust my life in the hands of a man who took part in hiding an important secret from me. I sashayed to the front door, snuggling the oversized cotton robe tighter.

I stood on my toes and peered through the peephole, but the heel of my foot came back down immediately. My heart must've skipped ten beats seeing Nathan standing outside. I opened the door slowly and got into attack mode, rehearsing all the hurtful words I was going to send him back home with. But I paused, everything seemed off about his disposition, he looked broken and crushed, something I'd never witnessed. His hands hung loosely to his sides as he raised his head to reveal a sullen look. My eyes travelled down to his body, his shirt was dripping wet and it clung to his body, making the unrhythmic heave of his chest and slight shiver of his body even more pronounced.

Was he robbed? Did he get into a fight? I slowly dropped the knife behind the door and stepped aside so he could come in. He walked into the large living room area with slow shaky steps and stopped in the middle. I leaned in to shut the door, pausing shortly to put my mind together. My first instinct was to be hostile, but when I turned and stare into those eyes under the light, I didn't recognise the eyes that stared back at me. His eyes had always carried power, excitement, anger even. Now they held nothing but brokenness and emptiness.

He sat in silence in the lounge upstairs, wrapped in a duvet I took from one of the spare rooms. I put on the room heater and joined him on the couch, examining his now shirtless body for injuries but finding none. We sat in silence for what felt like eternity.

"What happened?" I asked, turning towards him with one leg on the couch and the other on the ground. Instead of an answer, he put his head down and avoided making eye contact.

"Just hold me," he said. Though he'd always loved been held, tonight his plea wasn't of a man needing pleasure. It sounded like that of a man drowning on the inside and looking for an anchor to hold.

I shuffled closer, one hand pulling him to my body and the other bringing his head softly unto my shoulder. His large frame covered me and because of his weight, I rested my back on the couch.

My thoughts were flying in different directions. Was it work? But the business news had reported the Asian deal to have fallen through. Nathan was always in control of his emotions. I'd never seen him this distraught and it made me even more restless. Was it related to his father or Annabelle? He'd mentioned few days back that he was working on something, did that have anything to do with his present state?

"Did something happen?" I asked. Of course, something must have happened for him to be in my arms on the eve of his wedding. I just didn't know which other way to get him to talk.

"I'm just going to turn out like my father. I'm no better than him," he drawled, raising his head from my shoulder.

"Ok?" I replied with a wavering voice. "Did you try to murder someone?" I stared at him for an answer and was relieved when he bobbled his head.

"Then what is? You show up to my door a total mess and you won't even tell me what's wrong! Please make me understand what's going on."

He threw back his head on the couch and groaned. "How do I make you understand when I don't understand myself?" He grabbed his head with both hands and he let out a low-pitched cry. "This is too much to understand."

I should've kicked him out since he obviously wasn't in any danger, but I found myself cradling his face and bringing it down to my shoulder again.

He fell asleep leaning on me and I laid him on the couch, covering him with the duvet. His phone kept buzzing with calls and text, I had to switch off the device.

I heaved a deep sigh. I was physically and mentally drained from staying up and watching him sleep. Even in his sleep, his eyebrow creased and his breath was ragged.

My mind finally went on a hiatus and the only thing I could think of was laying on my bed and hopefully, catching an hour or two of sleep, although that luck wasn't on my side these days.

At three A.M, I sauntered to my room and set an alarm for seven. Pulling off my robe, I sunk into the bed. A part of me prayed for Nathan to be gone by morning, but another part-the honest part wanted to find him there and talk about what was bothering him. If only my heart would stop betraying me.

I woke up with a start, thanks to the annoying alarm tone that was coming from underneath the pillow. Cursing time and whatever wizardry that made it run so fast when I'd finally managed to find little sleep, I reached under the pillow and shut it down.

My flight was for ten A.M but Tanya and Jameel were going to be here by eight, that would give Tanya enough time to work her magic with Everest and still give Jameel ample time to beat the morning traffic.

I sat up on the bed, pushing the duvet off me and placing both hands behind me for support. The last time I'd gotten four hours of sleep, I'd spent the night at Nathan's and dozed off in the bath tub.

I yawned as my eyes fully opened, the view of Nathan staring at me from the doorway welcomed me.

Oh God. He was still here? Three hours to his wedding...he was still here.

I reached for my robe and draped it over the satin lingerie. "You should really stop doing that."

He smirked. "Why? The view is great."

"It's lovely to see you're feeling better," I replied, emphasising the sarcasm in my voice with an eye roll before getting off the bed.

He chuckled, attempting to put on his signature corky smile but he failed as I still saw the sadness lurking behind his eyes.

He walked in and sat at the foot of the bed. "Are you going somewhere?" He threw a glance at the packed suitcases by the corner of the room.

"No. Just rearranging," I began to fold the duvet, a tedious effort to avoid meeting his intense gaze or answering any more questions.

"Rearranging? With the closet completely empty and name tags on your luggage?"

"Yes." I let go of the duvet and turned to him with hands clutching my hips. "Don't you have a wedding to attend? The last thing you want is to keep a woman waiting on the altar."

He exhaled and clasped his hands, then bent forward to support his elbows with his knees. "Nine months ago I'd have thought today was going to be a normal Saturday." A brief smile broke at the corner of his lips. "How can you your life be ending in months and you don't get to see it coming. Not cool."

I scoffed inwardly. Was he seriously trying to play the victim card? "Your life isn't ending, you're just getting married. A decision you made in your right senses."

"It's not just about the wedding. So much has changed in such a short time," he said, sweeping his large palms across his face. "I don't even know who I am any more." His breath quavered and his eyes turned misty. "Everything I stood for...everything I thought I wanted...none of that makes sense any more." He let out a bitter laugh and turned his head to me. "Don't believe what they say about clarity; it isn't so peaceful after all." He smiled again.

His eyes were like an open door to the internal struggle he was having, the more I looked into them, the more I wanted to go in. "You were a total mess last night," I said, hoping he'd talk about why he showed up last night looking like a homeless man.

Instead he stood, two long strides was all it took for his overpowering figure to tower over me. "I don't deserve you," he let out a string of short broken laughs, "I never did. And even after I'd forced you into my world, you never really belonged in it. You were too good for it. I wanted you from the first day, I thought...maybe loving you would make me feel more human, alive, and real. But in the end, I'm just my father in a younger body. This life of romance was never made for me. I'm sorry I dragged you into it. I'm sorry I couldn't protect you."

A weak breath escaped me. I swallowed as I watched his Adam's apple bobble and eyes grow darker. Was this the official breakup and apology I never got? It just hurt to hear him say he didn't deserve me? Why did I want him to believe he did?

I should have never let him in yesterday, now the weight of reality was crashing down on me and it didn't matter that he was only half a feet away. This was the end of us, an official goodbye. And all the pain I'd felt for three months felt like a joke compared to the torment ripping through my soul. I wanted to clutch my chest, stop my heart from sinking, salvage what was left, but I let it sink anyway, it was going to be of no use to me after this.

"Yeah, it's all good," I managed to say without breaking down.

It's all good

"It's all good," I whispered to myself as he held my head in both palms and placed a soft kiss on my forehead, my eyes closed as his lips lingered for a brief moment. The feel of his lips ended but I didn't dare to open my eyes, by the time I'd gotten enough courage to, he was gone.

"Babe, why aren't you dressed yet?" Tanya said as she rushed into the room. "Jameel is already waiting in the car."

More than forty-five minutes after Nathan had left, I was still sitting on the bed, panting and clutching my bump. The tears wouldn't drop. I looked at her and her eyes went soft.

"Babe?" She removed the long strap of the handbag from her shoulders and stooped low. "Are you ok?"

I bobbled my head in response. "Nathan just left."

"Oh, my baby. Come here." She enveloped me in tight hug. "Are you sure you still want to leave?"

Now more than ever. I nodded. "Yes. I'll just clean up and be down shortly," I said, detaching myself from her arms. I glanced from her head to toe in slight amusement. "For God's sake, what are you wearing?" I asked, gesturing to the short black fish net dress she was putting on.

She smiled and jumped to her feet, twirling around in a 'check me out' manner. "Beach wear. I'm taking him to the beach."

"Beach wear? Looks like a fishing net." I examined the dress again.

"Fishing net for catching a very big fish!" She winked.

My God. I face palmed. This distraction act was already destined to fail from the start. Everest wasn't going to take her serious dressed like this. "You better not screw this up, Bunny," I said, sending her a warning glare and sauntering to the bathroom.

"You underestimate me Enitan Alaide, you underestimate me," she called from behind me.

[b] Authors note: Alexa play me "broken record" by Enechelsea. I know, I know, I'm tired of the excuses too. I've had this chapter and the others saved (as first drafts) for almost three weeks now, the plan was to update on my birthday then edit whenever I had time, but mehn! I read the chapters again and I couldn't help but cringe at the many rubbish I encountered. Ah! So I  had to do fleshing out and grafting and word replacements and change of scenes and.. just restructure everything. But I didn't have time for that immediately because I got a new job few days to my birthday and had to deal with moving to a different state and fitting in at a new job and then, a breakup, so please go easy on me. Right now I'm just trying to be on my toes at work, it's covid era, people are loosing their jobs left, right and centre without doing anything wrong, I'm lucky I even got hired, sooo I'm going to be giving my work all the attention until I settle fully. That being said, I'll edit the remaing chapters and post gradually. I already have the completed draft and it just needs a bit editing. Thanks for sticking with me and reading this awfully long epistle and not scolding me for going AWOL but instead showing concern. Y'all make me feel too special.


Re: The Wall Between Us. A Novel By EneChelsea by Culin(f): 2:19pm On Aug 23
Chapter 28- Wedding bells

"A great marriage is not when the 'perfect couple' come together. It is when an imperfect couple learn to enjoy their differences."
David Meurer

Song- Us by James Bay


It must have been over an hour I stood outside in the rain before Ms. Maria gave up on trying to walk me back into her house. Enitan's was the only place I could think of going to soothe the numbness that had overtaken every part of me.

And though she took me in, I couldn't bring myself to tell her for fear of her perception changing, I was glad she didn't press further. Her arms felt too right, too perfect for me, I wanted the feeling to last forever.

I'd woken up from the couch at dawn and watched her sleep and knew for sure, my life was bleeped without her. It had taken all my strength to say goodbye and leave the room, but was that not the least I could do for her-walk out of her life so she could finally live a normal one. I was going to let her be until she was having my babies, then I'd show up and be the dad my children needed.

Before leaving the beach house, I instructed Everest to keep an eye on Enitan to make sure she didn't attend the wedding, she didn't deserve to witness that.

I didn't know how I'd managed to drive home safely with all the emotional turmoil in my life. My thoughts were still muddled from the bombshell Ms. Maria had dropped on me, but a few pieces were starting to fit; the subtle tension that existed between Ms. Maria and my mother, also the fact that she'd taken a liking to me for no apparent reason.

It was all so confusing. But nothing was going to change the way I saw Mrs. Margaret. She'd shown me the love of a mother and more, that was all that mattered.

I arrived the penthouse in time to meet Ivan dropping off a garment bag which I assumed contained my suit. She was already dressed in a beautiful dark green off-shoulder lace gown and dramatic red ashoke gele. The diamond studded earrings and necklace that adorned her sparkled from meters away. Her make-up was heavy, especially the bright red lipstick but it was flawless. She was party ready, the only things missing were her heels and clutch, which I assumed were ditched in the car for comfort.

"You're here? I must have missed your car downstairs," I spoke in monotone as I approached the glass coffee table and dropped my car keys.

I found it hard to believe we didn't share the same mother, we were closer than Siamese twins.

"You had everyone worried. Where did you spend the night?" She squinted her eyes in a scrutinizing manner.

I cleared my voice and averted my eyes. "Thank you for the suit."

Ignoring her question, I took the garment bag from her and trudged to the master bedroom. She followed behind but I could feel her eyes boring into my back. I sat on the accent chair beside the night stand with my head in my hands.

"Wow!" She said, her eyes bulging wide in realization. "I can't believe you right now!" She chuckled and folded her arms across her chest.

"Ivan, not now." My head throbbed no matter how hard I massaged it.

"Then when!" she asked. "You spent the eve of your wedding at your ex's house! We should talk about it."

"No. I'll see you at church," I dismissed her and made for the bathroom but her small slender hands held on to my arm softly, bringing me to a halt.

"Look at you, you're miserable! Why do you still want to do this?"

I watched as her eyes burn with passion, I was impressed at her guts, flattered even. But would she give this same amount of love and concern if she knew I was only her half brother? Or would she despise me for being a result of her father's unfaithfulness?

"Please Ivan, I need my space. I'll see you in church."

"I'll leave," she said, throwing her hands up in surrender. "But know that after today, there's no turning back. Father would always remain the ungrateful and insatiable man that he is. How much more do you have to loose for him to be satisfied! You can back out now and let us fight this the Adakole way, it doesn't matter if we loose, we're loosing this way already-"

"Fine! I've heard you," I interrupted, not hiding the frustration on my face. She was igniting the thoughts I couldn't bare to have. Not just because of Avalon loosing their fortune, but me. What would become of me when words of my illegitimacy and claim to Avalon got out?

"You've heard me? That's all you have to say?" She hissed and walked out after I said nothing.

I bounced on my feet with my eyes closed.

Of course there was no turning back, not just because our pre-nuptial agreement (drafted by her lawyers and signed even before the false proposal) stipulated that in the event of a divorce, I'd forfeit half of my Avalon and Foxtrap shares to Annabelle, but because Enitan would never forgive me.

Today and the moment I took those vows, I'd loose her forever. I'd lose her trust and my worth in her eyes and lose my kids to the doctor.

It was already ten minutes past ten a.m. when I exited the shower. I got dressed under five minutes and stood in front of the mirror, adjusting the red-patterned satin bow tie and admiring the cream-coloured three piece suit. Ivan's fashion choices were never wrong and I owed her a lot for taking care of my outfit.

I swallowed a lump as I walked out of the penthouse. In fifteen minutes I was going to be in St Mathew's cathedral, standing before the priest and my family, proclaiming tales of love that didn't exist and making promises I had no intentions to keep. Was that how I wanted to live my life?

I rode the elevator downstairs and on getting into my car, I realized I'd not even bought a ring. I pinched my eyebrows together and hit my forehead with my fist. I didn't need a reminder when I got a Vera Wang diamond ring for Enitan last Christmas, one I stashed away before the planned proposal for fear of rejection.

'What a nice start to your marriage Nate! What a nice start to your marriage.' My inner man mocked.

Turning on the ignition and exiting the underground parking lot, I fished out my phone from my pocket, switched it on and dialled Patrick's number. I knew he was going be so furious from trying to reach me all night, and I was right.

"You're so dead man! How dare you ghost on me on your bachelor's eve?" He spoke on top of his voice. Patrick never raised his voice, not even when his extremely annoying actress girlfriend annoyed him.

"I promise I have a good reason, but now is not the time. I forgot to get a r-"

"And you may never get the time to tell me if you don't get down here real quick." He wasn't willing to listen to whatever I had to say. "Find your way here before Annabelle develops a heart attack or strangles me. Please," he grunted into the phone before ending the call.

I pursed my lips and blew out a long breath.

'Whatever happens, happens.' I braced up as I continued driving to the cathedral.

From the parking lot where I sat in my car, I could see a fretting Annabelle and her family at the back of the church building. I alighted the car and strolled into the main auditorium, ignoring curious glances and honest 'congratulations' from a few bystanders outside. The church was packed with familiar and happy faces, extravagant outfits, different perfume and cologne scents that made me dizzy and hyperventilated.

It looked like the processional hymn had been on for a while, because by the time I walked the aisle, past my seated parents at the second pew, I was met with a scowling middle-aged priest on the altar and an unexcited choir who sang like they were on their death beds.

My friends-Patrick and Tochi, my cousin-Oche and my brother-Kevin were surprisingly in matching dark blue suits as they all stood at the front pew.

My brothers.

I didn't plan on having groomsmen but they were here. I wished the circumstances were different and we could all enjoy the moment like every other day when the energy between the boys and I was off the roof.

Right now I was battling hyperventilation and the view of Annabelle walking down the aisle with arms interlocked with her father's wasn't helping. She looked suffocated in the tight wedding dress and I wondered how she'd managed not to trip with the long layered train of the dress. Tight as it was, the dress was unique and she looked beautiful. Just beautiful to my eyes-my heart didn't flutter as it did whenever Enitan was in a jaw dropping outfit.

Everything was unfolding before me like magic. I was barely part of the wedding planning and yet it had all taken shape nicely. I was surprised to see Monic's son and Annabelle's niece in cute page boy and miniature bridal outfits. They both trudged in front of Annabelle while her bridal train walked behind.

Her father brought her to the altar and stepped back while the bridal party went to their seats at the left row of the church. I unveiled her and the activities that followed were a haze as I kept falling in and out of deep thoughts until I found myself seated.

"Dearly beloved, we're gathered here today, in the presence of God to witness the joining together of our Children, Nathaniel Adakole and Annabelle Martins in the holy covenant of marriage," the priest's voice echoed around the solid walls of the large church as the congregation sat and listened attentively. "Nathan and Annabelle recognize the significance of marriage. They know that marriage was God’s plan for mankind since creation and they have accepted to be part of this plan. Marriage is not a social function with a touch of religion, it is a declaration of your obedience to God's will."

My fingers drummed on my laps and my feet tapped against the tiled floor rapidly as Patrick and Kevin who were sitting on both sides stole glances at me.

Kevin nudged me with his shoulders and bent his head sideways to my ears. "Are you going to be alright?"

I shook my head. "I'm leaving the only woman who's ever truly loved me for me to marry another who only wants me for all I have," I chuckled and ran my palm across my face. "Am I not the dumbest person ever?"

"Why are you still sitting here If your heart knows this?"

"Because unlike you, my burden is heavier and I don't have the courage to face whatever is to come."

"You don't need courage to face the future, you just need to want your sanity so bad and well, throw in a little bit of madness." He smiled.

"What if I regret not doing this?"

"You're going to have to figure that out yourself. But I have a feeling you already know which choice you'll regret," he whispered then turned his head back to the priest.

"Who gives this woman to be joined in marriage with this man?" I heard the priest ask.

Annabelle's father stepped forward and echoed an 'I do.'

The other officiating minister signalled Annabelle and I to climb the altar. We both did and he asked us to hold hands. We obeyed but there was no spark or excitement, just coldness and dread. Was I ready to live with this for the rest of my life?

"Annabelle Martins, if it is your intent to marry Nathan Adakole, please respond with 'I do,'" the priest spoke as one of the servers held the microphone to her mouth.

"I do," she replied faintly, her barely audible voice caused the priest to rooster an eyebrow at her. "I do," she repeated, this time a lot louder.

"Annabelle Martins, do you take Nathan to be your lawfully wedded husband, to live together in holy matrimony and forsaking all others, keep yourself only unto him, for as long as you both shall live?"

"I do."

He turned to me and returned his gaze to the book in his hands. I stood numb, waiting for an earth shattering sign or miracle to end the moment, but there was none.

"Nathan Adakole, if it is your intent to marry Annabelle Martins, please respond with 'I do.'"

I bowed my head, my mouth opened but nothing came out. The priest repeated his line and I looked up. If looks could kill Annabelle's intense glare would have struck me dead.

The priest focused an amused look on me. "I think the young man is so love-struck he can't even speak. Because I don't see a reason why he'll be here and nicely dressed if he had no intent to marry."

The congregation erupted in laughter and chatters before going quiet again.

What nonsense!

"Aha, let us move on," he chuckled, ending a laughter of his own.

"So, Nathan Adakole, do you take Annabelle Martins to be your lawfully wedded wife, to live together in holy matrimony and forsaking all others, keep yourself only unto her, for as long as you both shall live?"

Enitan. My kids. My future.

I was making the same decision as my father-picking myself and dignity ahead of Enitan, even though I knew how much it hurt her. I didn't want to turn out like him, but with the choices I've been making, I was half-way there.

Every sound faded into the background, except the beating of my heart that stuck in my head like a timer to a ticking bomb.

I'd be stupid to have been blessed with a woman like Enitan and let her go, just because I was scared of being termed illegitimate or lose my position at Avalon. How selfish, hiding myself from the same judgement I was exposing my own children to.

"Nathan Adakole!" I heard the priest yell from a distance, though I knew he was only a feet or two away. "We don't have all day to spend here. I believe some people are already looking forward to Jollof rice ehn," the congregation broke into another bout of laughter and I became more aware of my surrounding.

"Mr Nathan, do you take Annabelle Martins to be your lawfully wedded wife, to live together in holy Mat-" he started saying again.

"I can't do this," I said, more to myself than the congregation, but the microphone carried the sound around the whole building.

There were chatters and whispers and heads turning around with confusion plastered across their faces. I glanced at the pew my parents were seated and my mother-or my father's legal wife shut her eyes and hung her head low while my father stood and stared fiercely at me. Ivan and Monic who were also seated at the second pew clutched their chest as their faces beamed with smile.

"Say again, young man?" the bewildered priest asked.

"I'm sorry Annabelle." Her face was now filled with dread. A part of me felt awful but it didn't change the fact that my heart was with someone else.

"Nathan, don't you dare!" she warned, gritting her teeth.

"I'd be lying before God, before man and to myself if I go ahead with this." I moved the microphone away from my mouth and stepped closer to her. "I'll be signing up for a lifetime of depression, self loathe and hatred for you if I let us do this."

"Are you out of your mind! You can't do this to me. Nathan!" She shrieked, throwing the red rose bouquet to the floor.

"I'm sorry it took me this long to realize how big of a mistake I was making." I bowed my head and walked down the steps of the altar.

There were mutterings from the congregation but Annabelle's voice could still be heard over the ruckus. "You'll regret this, I promise you!"

Not sparing a glance at the congregation, my family or friends, I walked out of the church.

Authors note. This chapter has been restructured and restructured and I'm so tired, I'm leaving it at this. So much for a climax huh? What are your thoughts on this chapter. Currently cooking and posting, if my food fall inside fire, just know y'all are getting me a new one! grin


Re: The Wall Between Us. A Novel By EneChelsea by Culin(f): 2:31pm On Aug 23
This Chapter is dedicated to Millieademi , girl I'd dedicate the whole chapter to you but them other readers (I don't want to call names) gon be jealous! cheesy

Chapter 29- All aboard!

"Dear past, thank you for all the lessons. Dear future, I'm ready now."

Song- Bitter love by Pia Mia


Jameel pulled up outside the domestic terminal of the airport few minutes before ten.

Though it took time, Tanya had somehow managed to get Everest to take a walk down the beach. I still couldn't understand how she did it but I was so relieved to be out of the beach house-out of the Adakoles' lives and soon, out of Lagos for good. We were lucky to beat the morning traffic but I was running late for check-in and could only count on 'African time' to have a little chat with my father before boarding.

Jameel stepped out of the driver's seat, put on his dark Burberry sunshades and walked to the back of the red Toyota Camry. The light from the sun was blinding and the heat unbearable, it was hard to believe it had rained till the early mornings; Lagos weather was crazy and unpredictable like its inhabitants.

I adjusted my white tank top over yellow palazzo pants and joined Jameel at the back where he already had the trunk opened. He heaved the suitcase from the trunk and dropped it on the ground then waited for me to pick up the carry on backpack that contained my laptop, makeup and skin care products, when I was done he shut the trunk and turned to me.

"Are you ready?" He asked for maybe the tenth time this morning.

"Yup!" I replied, adjusting the multi-coloured shoulder bag and backpack over my right shoulder.

"Great, let's go." He had taken my news about moving away so well and was helping in every way that he could.

I walked behind while he pulled the trolley towards the automatic airport doors. Immediately we got into the busy ticketing hall, I rushed to the check-in desk for Jos travellers. Luckily, there were still about three people on the queue who were yet to print their boarding passes. Using the few extra minutes I had at the back of the line, I scanned the waiting area for any sign of my dad, he was a man who kept to time so I knew he had to be somewhere around.

I spotted him seating on one of the stainless steel chairs but he wasn't alone, he was sitting with my mom. My mood soiled immediate and I began to wish I'd not asked him to meet me before my flight. Three weeks ago he didn't want her around and I thought he'd finally moved on, but clearly the manipulative woman hadn't got back into his head. What did she want from me? I fumed on the line as I waited for my turn.

"Morning ma'am. Your ID card and booking reference number, please," The plump lady in a neatly ironed white shirt and blue tie asked.

"There!" I slammed the voters card and flight tickets against the counter.

"Thank you Ma'am." She gave a puzzled look then smiled politely and I felt stupid.

"I'm sorry, I'm a bit cranky today," I apologised.

"It's fine ma, trips can be nerve-wracking," she smiled politely.

No. Runaway mothers can be nerve-wracking. I corrected in my mind.

I waited as she inputted some details into her computer and printed out my boarding pass. "The Arik wing and your departure lounge is just on the first floor to your right." She pointed to the escalator to her left. "Please proceed immediately as the plane will begin boarding in twenty-five minutes."

"Thank you!"

I rushed back to Jameel who was now sitting with his AirPods on and sunshades hanging in front of his T-shirt, I tapped him on his back and he turned.

"I have only twenty-five minutes to pass through security. Got to go."

He stood up. "Whoa! Without a hug or proper goodbye?"

I smiled and cleared my throat. "My father is seated behind us and most likely has his four eyes on me."

I was grown but that didn't exempt me from my father's scolding. It was all thanks to the elevator accident and self guilt that I escaped a mighty chastisement for getting pregnant. But I was sure to get one if he caught me hugging or being pecked by a strange man at an airport terminal while I was pregnant for another man-one who was getting married this moment.

"Oh! Hands off then," he laughed. "Take care of you and my babies."

I smiled at his joke. "Sure."

"And I hope you let me visit soon, as a friend of course." He placed his hand on mine that held the trolley handle. "But then again, I hope you consider my request one day."

I swallowed and shifted from one foot to the other. I was hoping he wasn't going to mention his proposal. "Alright." I nodded and gave a brief smile.

He made no attempt to leave first, his eyes secretly pleaded for me to stay, his warm hands never left mine. It felt good to be needed, but I was done with this city.

"Got to say goodbye to my dad too."

"Yeah, sure!" He lifted his hand off me and chuckled nervously, "you do that. Bye." He placed both hands in the side pockets of his jeans and slowly turned to leave.

I pulled the suitcase and carry on bag to the other side of the sitting area while my dad stood up to meet me.

"Who's the fine young man," he asked, his gaze on Jameel's retreating figure.

I resisted the urge to roll my eyes but I did it inwardly anyway. "An old friend."

"Ok." He captured me in a bear hug and I pouted like a little baby. "I don't understand why you're so adamant on leaving," he said not letting go.

I heaved a deep sigh. We'd argued over the phone about my leaving for days, nothing I said was going to make him feel good about it.

"I'm going to miss you too dad, but I'll see all of you when I'm settled." I freed myself from the long hug and began to pick my stuff, hoping to leave before he got the chance to mention my mum.

"Your mother, she's here to talk to you and if you don't listen, say goodbye." He pointed to our side where she sat with fidgeting hands and a bowed head.

"I don't have much time dad, I'll miss my flight if I stay back to talk." I stressed on the last word. "I'll let you know when I'm settled." I moved to hug him again but he moved backwards.

"It is important that you speak with her." Something about the final tone in his voice and the serious look in his eyes made my stomach churn.

He gestured with a wave of hand and she stood from the chair to join us. How long has it been? Six years?

She looked so much different-skinnier and three shades darker. Surprisingly, she wasn't wearing any expensive jewellery or flashy accessories, just a plain black jumpsuit and blue satin scarf.

"My baby," she smiled but the edges of her eyes wrinkled like in a frown. Her palms reach for my face and instinctively I jerked away.

"I'm not your baby."

A painful expression crossed her face but I wasn't going to fall for acting skills.

"Do you really have to go?"

"Like you have any right to ask that! What do you want?"

"Forgiveness." Did that word even exist in her dictionary? It didn't even sound nice rolling from her tongue.

"Wow! Such a perfect timing to ask for that." I folded my arms across my chest.

"I've been trying to reach out to you for some time now-"

"Stop running around in circles and tell me why you're really here." I was getting frustrated now.

She was always after something-money. After all that was the reason she left us without looking back.

"When Tolani told me you were pregnant, I knew I had to come see you and be there for my grandchild-"

I laughed, interrupting her. 'My grandchild.' This woman had some nerves.

"I'm dying, baby. End stage liver cirrhosis and carcinoma. And I want to be with my family, you and my grandchild in the little time I have left."

I laughed louder, attracting curious looks from few people close by. What! This woman would even claim terminal illness and death just to extort someone!

"Look, mum. I know Tolani told you I was pregnant for a very rich dude, but he's not involved in my life anymore. As you can see, there's no sign of money on me. In fact, all I have currently is what I intend to start a new life with. So if you're here playing tricks because you consider me your new gold mine, you've wasted your time."

"Enitan!" My father scolded. He'd been quiet all through our exchange I almost forgot he was still here.

"But it's true, dad! She leaves then comes back pretending to be sick just to gain pity and money from me. It's preposterous."

"She's not pretending!" There was a new fire in his eyes that hadn't been there, a new determination to make me see reason. "I've seen the medical reports and scans myself."

"You're not a doctor dad, you can't tell a fake."

"Here!" He pulled out a piece of paper from his pocket and unfolded it. "Read this and tell me if it looks like a fake!" He shoved it towards me.

I glanced at the a4 paper with a bold letter head of 'University of Abuja Teaching Hospital Gwagwalada' splashed in green colours. Refusing to take the medical report from his hand, I looked up to him.

"Dad, have you forgotten the pains she put us through. Letting me raise two teenage girls when I needed her to raise me. Making us subject of ridicule in church and at school, how could you forget!" I wiped a tear that sneaked out.

"It's my fault that all that happened, I can see it now."

"Stop it, dad!" I grunted. I was done taking his self-blame whenever things went wrong.

"No it's my fault," my mum interjected. "When the diagnosis had come back as hepatitis, I thought there was a way out, your father and we were handling it just fine."

She was once diagnosed with hepatitis and my father knew but never mentioned it? What if they planned this story to stop me from travelling.

"But it began to damage my liver about same time he'd lost his job, I couldn't bring myself to tell him because I knew he was going to go all out. So I left to cater for my health."

"You left to enjoy the good things of life! Don't you dare insult our family by giving a logical explanation to your actions!"

"Fine. I'm everything you say I am. But can you not leave, please! I just need this time with you so bad."

She was joking if she thought I'd cancel my trip for her sob story.

"Dad, I have to go now. I'll let you know when I land." I grabbed my luggage and stomped towards the escalator leading to my departure lounge without looking back once at my parents.

"Ladies and gentlemen, this is Sandra Lay and I’m your chief flight attendant. On behalf of the captain and the entire crew, welcome aboard Arik airline, non-stop service from Lagos, Nigeria to Jos. Our flight time is one hour thirty minutes.

At this time, make sure your seat backs and tray tables are in their full upright position and that your seat belt is correctly fastened. Ensure that your carry-on luggage is stowed underneath the seat in front of you or in an overhead bin.

Also, your portable electronic devices must be set to ‘airplane’ mode until an announcement is made. Thank you.”

I lifted my head from the plane window as the flight attendant finished her announcement and the plane door was closed. I followed all take-off protocols the buckled my seat belt.

Since boarding, I'd been crying silently and dreading the choices I made. Not only was I leaving the only place I knew as home for twenty-four years, but I was leaving the man I loved and running away with his kids. And now, a possibly sick mother. What if I was wrong and she was really dying?

'No. She's fine and just trying to get to me.' I comforted myself. I was just having cold feet.

She wasn't going to get forgiveness or a dime from me so easily.

But what if she was really sick-she looked thinner and feeble unlike her former energetic self. My heart was literally breaking and I couldn't bear the thoughts.

Was I making a big mistake? In the attempt to loose my past would I loose my mother too?

Authors note: What do you think about this chapter? I love comments and feedbacks. Please check my Wattpad for each chapter's pictures and asthetics. I'll format (bold and italicize) the chapters later I promise. Thanks for reading and have a wonderful Sunday. See you soon!


Re: The Wall Between Us. A Novel By EneChelsea by abubakarbabang7(m): 2:44pm On Aug 23
Culin please am begging u in the name of God come and give us more please am begging you.
I can’t bear this type of suspense
Re: The Wall Between Us. A Novel By EneChelsea by Khriztarl(f): 2:45pm On Aug 23
100% Interesting. Culin, thankGod for your new job. Sorry about your breakup. Thanks for returning to us. Happy new environment.
Re: The Wall Between Us. A Novel By EneChelsea by PrincessSheris: 5:38pm On Aug 23
wow thanks so much for the updates,i have been a silent reader but I must really commend ur writing it's unique n captivating, I just feel relieved that the wedding didn't hold n I really hope dat guy gets his sanity especially now that
enitan has left, patiently waiting for more updates
Re: The Wall Between Us. A Novel By EneChelsea by millieademi(f): 5:50pm On Aug 23
Hey baby

How've you been? Congrats on the new job. I tap into the anointing. I'm so tired of getting fat at home.

So my birthday is the 28th, so you haven't missed it.

P.S. I'm not giving back the dedication though.

Thanks for the dedication. You're an inspiration to me as well. I'll be continuing with OOS on Wattpad because of you.


I feel for Annabelle (don't hate on me)

It's better not to show up than to humiliate someone in front of guests.

I once wrote a story where the mother left the family to take care of her health. I think it's a terrible, scarring decision to leave and never look back. It's one of the worst things a parent can do to a child.

And as for Jameel *sigh* I hope you find love. This is the first time I've ever rooted for the second best. Somehow this reminds me of Triumph of Love. Jameel reminds me so much of Alonso(without the chronic disease)

Eni, I honestly don't know.

Nathan's still shoddy to me, so I can't give you advice. Trust your heart. Well, since you complained it's not in the right place, trying praying about it.

Culin, I missed you.

Please, keep us in mind o. I know work can be tasking.
Re: The Wall Between Us. A Novel By EneChelsea by millieademi(f): 5:53pm On Aug 23

I just read about the breakup.

Are you okay?

Do you need us to go break his bones? I run an assassination Service, you know. Ask morshood22, he'll testify to my services.

On a more serious note, I hope you are good.

Don't cry it's over, smile it happened.

Take care of yourself boo.

Love ya.
Re: The Wall Between Us. A Novel By EneChelsea by Humbleness: 6:04pm On Aug 23
Thanks for the update

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Re: The Wall Between Us. A Novel By EneChelsea by enirock(m): 7:29pm On Aug 23
Love finds us all again and calm should you be. The change of scenery/work should help you cope but don't over immerse yourself. Learn, heal and move on. You would be alright dear. Hope the environment is good and work's not too stressful? Thanks for the updates and welcome back. Anita has so many reasons to stay but her hurts is blinding her to see that nature is begging her to stay. Nathan, your own dey your body but happiness in marriage is very necessary and the heart wants what the heart wants. Jameel, you are too good for love to pass you by, alast that's what fate has in stock. Thanks Culin. I dey wait to see how Nathan papa go take am and that devious blackmailing entity on the altaR with her threat.
Re: The Wall Between Us. A Novel By EneChelsea by millieademi(f): 8:01pm On Aug 23
Love finds us all again and calm should you be. The change of scenery/work should help you cope but don't over immerse yourself. Learn, heal and move on. You would be alright dear. Hope the environment is good and work's not too stressful? Thanks for the updates and welcome back. Anita has so many reasons to stay but her hurts is blinding her to see that nature is begging her to stay. Nathan, your own dey your body but happiness in marriage is very necessary and the heart wants what the heart wants. Jameel, you are too good for love to pass you by, alast that's what fate has in stock. Thanks Culin. I dey wait to see how Nathan papa go take am and that devious blackmailing entity on the altaR with her threat.

Guy are you sure you are not a philosopher, bayii

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Re: The Wall Between Us. A Novel By EneChelsea by peacy26: 8:05pm On Aug 23
thanks so much op and welcome back.
Re: The Wall Between Us. A Novel By EneChelsea by enirock(m): 8:29pm On Aug 23

Guy are you sure you are not a philosopher, bayii
Rara o. I am not. 'Love' has 'shown' us varied discriptions of what it's not through those we've held dear, so we have an inkling what love is but we may not be able to put it into words.

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Re: The Wall Between Us. A Novel By EneChelsea by Presh204(f): 10:20pm On Aug 23
Wow...thanks for the update and congrats on your new job..sorry for the breakup, the right one is on his way...nice story culin please keep it rolling
Re: The Wall Between Us. A Novel By EneChelsea by Ann2012(f): 12:00am On Aug 24
Thanks for the update Culin and congratulations on your new job, you shall be favored by God’s grace.
Love shall find you again smiley
Re: The Wall Between Us. A Novel By EneChelsea by succana: 9:57am On Aug 24
The most important thing is that the wedding did not hold. Nathan thanks for being a man once. My heartbeat when I was reading that wedding part could cause heart attack. Culin good job you are really doing well
Re: The Wall Between Us. A Novel By EneChelsea by Ochyglowsglows(f): 10:02am On Aug 24
Congratulations Culin on your new job. Happy for you girl. And about the breakup, hey, I'm not gonna tell you not to think about it, I'd only say, try not worry too much about it and don't beat yourself up. Take this from someone who had gone through so much hurt and had concluded God didn't write love in her destiny. Lol. I was in a terribly bad and hurtful place at exactly this time last year. I pulled through, it took several months, but I did heal eventually. And now exactly one year after, God sent the most amazing man ever my way. But if you want make we break him head sha, still PM me his details. I'd collabo with millieademi and we'd do him dirty.

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Re: The Wall Between Us. A Novel By EneChelsea by Odoogu(m): 3:20pm On Aug 24
what's the gist about the breakup and the plan of beating up some dude... I know say Na joke, but at least tone down on that word use... cos it's not gonna help her healing.
Re: The Wall Between Us. A Novel By EneChelsea by Presh204(f): 11:53am On Aug 26
Culin please we are waiting patiently for an update and I hope you are good
Re: The Wall Between Us. A Novel By EneChelsea by peacy26: 6:59am On Aug 28
thanks op. hope u're ok cos we miss ur updates.
Re: The Wall Between Us. A Novel By EneChelsea by Presh204(f): 5:16pm On Sep 11
What is happening to this story...op where are u
Re: The Wall Between Us. A Novel By EneChelsea by enirock(m): 1:21am On Sep 23
I hope you are all good Culin?
Re: The Wall Between Us. A Novel By EneChelsea by adeboizy11(m): 3:55pm On Sep 29
Culin how have you been? I hope work is not stressing the Bleep out of you? Just be safe o and don't forget to drop some chapters for your people. Love you scara
Re: The Wall Between Us. A Novel By EneChelsea by Jesubaby(f): 5:20pm On Oct 14
Wao! I've finally caught up with this fascinating piece. I wonder what will happen btw Nathan and his father and Martins family. Sorry for Annabelle her mouth was too sharp. More grease to ur elbow. Congrats on ur new job. I wish u success. Thanks Cubin.

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Re: The Wall Between Us. A Novel By EneChelsea by millieademi(f): 9:06am On Oct 17
Hi guys....

Spoke to Culin yesterday....

She's really swarmed with work and she apologizes for being .... well, AWOL?

Anyway, she said she might update on Sunday.

Let's keep our fingers crossed and pray for strength for her.

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