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BILLIONAIRE BOYS. by Authorfeathers: 12:58am On Dec 07, 2019
I've got numerous novels that I had written on Facebook. Those on Facebook should know AUTHOR FEATHERS. and for the nairalanders, we hope you feel our vibes

My current page name on Facebook is AUTHOR FEATHERS NOVEL

So I'm commencing my first story here, it's an American classical romantic Novel of 16 Episodes.

Let's ride!

Ps; You can go through my works to ascertain my proficiency and professionalism in writing, I write for blogs and for publishers, I'll be willing to work for your blog 'Writing of stories of all genre ' niche precisely. Contact me on WhatsApp 08137230830
Re: BILLIONAIRE BOYS. by Authorfeathers: 1:07am On Dec 07, 2019
� Billionaire Boys �

Authored and produced by Feathers ( Oyebamiji Samuel )

Episode 1

Ivy's POV

"Next" One of the judges called and I step forward

"Miss Ivy, your project is as stated, based on the faculty you are and your vast intelligence in this field of nursing, we had dim it fit without all bias to appoint unto you this project; you are to live with the most cruel American twin whose hatred for ladies had made them killed their girlfriends in the past and even their own mother.
You gonna be asking them questions on daily basis at their convenient time and keep asking them relevant questions that can aid the success of what you are sent to do in their house, we wish you good luck" The judge appointing projects to all students said and I bowed my head

I walked outside with a heavy heart. Crying inside of me as a result of the fear that overwhelmed me. Why in the world will I be asked to go to Lion's den and study how they live

Why me? What if they end up doing something worse for me? I'm kinda scared. If not that this project is compulsory,I'll have rejected it. But I practically have no choice. This is my final year in the school of nursing and I must come out in flying colors and make my mum proud.m y mu m has to be my sole carer and sponsor of me since I luckily gained admission to this school of nursing

We are so poor in our family nevertheless, I'm proud of my mum, she works all day just to earn monies and spend it on me, our rent and food.

We hardly buy clothes, but I ain't moved. I just wanna become a great nurse in the future and take good care of her.

I had tried all my possible best to stay off problem all my life, I stayed off boys issue and concentrate on my studies just so I can make momma proud

But this project before me is the mountain, it's a scary giant. How can I be sent to study the cause of the cruelest American twin's behaviors

Everyone knows they hate ladies even though they are madly rich. Their wealth is know all over America and the last time I checked, they are the number 24 richest men in America.

They have all it takes to be happy but like seriously, what made them dislike ladies so much. Humann! I think I'm suddenly finding interest in this

Something must have caused their hatred for ladies. I think it's a challenge and I'll find out. It isn't normal to dislike the opposite sex to the extent of killing their girlfriends and even their own mother

Interest to find outgrewand I walked out of the school, I have no friend either male or female, they say, you only have issues with someone you close with, as long as I maintain distance between me and other students, I won't have issues with anyone

And I'd successfully done that all my years in this school

I stopped a cab and chattered it to my house to inform my mum. I was anxious and nervous at the same time, I have no idea what mum will think about it but as for me, I'm ready to take up the challenge

I entered the house and I saw my mum sitting on a chair while resting her head at the bed

"Mum!" I called she opened her eye and took her head off the chair and welcomed me with a smile

I walked closer to her enthusiastically and hugged her gently We exchanged peck her in our checks

"Mum, how you doing?" I asked

"Fine," She said while looking at me and smiling

"You know what? Every time I see you, happiness always fills my heart. I believe you gonna be the great nurse you had always wish to become " My mum said and nodded like a kid and smiled

"Mum, but your face looked pale and stressed, " I said

"Yeah, Today's work is somehow stressful, I'll be resuming night duty in two hours time," She said and I feel pathetic for her

"Mum, I believe all this is gonna end someday, you won't need to work to earn again, I'm gonna be taking good care of you just like you doing your best to take good care of me now" I promised and she nodded

"Mum! I've got news said and she sat very well ready to listen to me

"I'd been awarded my final project. The project is to spend six months examining the cause of the cruel behavior of the billionaire twin" I said

"Sorry! You mean the one and only cruel billionaire twin here in America?" My mum asked and I nodded in respond

"Those ones that hated ladies to the extent of killing their own girlfriend and their own mother, are you glad you going?" My mum asked

"I can't say mum but I know I'm really interested in finding the cause of their so much hatred for ladies," I said

My mum took her face away like someone who is lost in deep thought and thinking of possible outcome of what may happen to me

She brought her head back to me

"Ivy, did you have a choice?" She asked

"No mum, Every student was awarded by the judge according to our performance in school and our intelligence," I said

"Be strong??" She said to me and I was stunned at what she said

"Thanks, mum" I replied but I could see an expression of sadness on her face

I guess since she knows that I have no other choice than to go for the project, she had to encourage me to be strong since I can't become a great nurse we had always wish I become if I do not go for the project

We talked about some other things, ate and went to our various room to sleep

I woke up the following day and checked my Email, the address to the billionaire twin's house and all other information I need has beessenbethererestered the address and I wasn't surprised when I saw that I'll be resuming today

All other students that had been accorded projects use to resume the following day

I arranged and packed my luggage well in my traveling box and walked to my mum's room, I bade her goodbye and she tried as much not to express any emotions

I must become a nurse no matter what it takes

I chartered a cab to the address given to me. I stepped down from the car as soon as the car came to a halt

I arched my brow at how beautiful and magnificent the house is, it's a fair-sized house built of red Lyons Sandstone with the most god-awful-looking picket fence I’d ever seen

I brought out my warrant that will make anyone know what I'd come for in that estate

I walked towards the entrance and I was welcomed by a well and neatly dressed in white and blue security man

"I'm a nurse given a project here, I said and handed over my warrant to the man. He ran his eyes through it and handed it back to me

He signaled for me to enter and I did.

Everywhere was Gleamed with the spotless silence. I must say that I'm currently the most nervous man in the universe

I walked in fear mixed with anxiousness to the entrance of the room I guess to be the living room. The door is slightly opened so I twisted the knob and entered.

The room is barely big enough to exhale into

Two boys dressed in school uniform with an average height stepped down the stairs with a bag pack slung across their shoulder

Our eyes met and I was stunned at what I saw. They are absolutely identical and I can hardly recognize anyone of them

Could they be the twin? But are they a student? Why should they be going to school when they are rich already and which school would even allow the cruel billionaires two be student else they end up killing all female students in the school

"Are you perhaps the girl sent from the school of nursing?" One of them asked with a stern voice

"Yes...s...s.. sir" I answered stammeringly

They both nodded and walked closer to me while I quickly bowed my head in fear

"Lookup" One of them shouted and I shook like I'll faint and quickly raised my head at them

"Are we some kinda king that you be bowing for, look into our face cus I guess you will be staying here for many months that's if you survive a week here though?? " One of them said and I keep staring into their faces

"Call me Ethan " One of them said

"Call me Ev n,he other said

"Yes sir" I replied still trying hard to look into their face

The first problem I'll be having with them is how to recognize them, one seems to be chatty while the other just keep looking at me with fear mixed with surprise on his face as if he recognized me somewhere

Ethan is the chatty type while Evan is the silent type. They are both alluring, appealing and charming

Very handsome and cute. Their presence is glamorous and prepossessing

Their cruel face is still elegant, exquisite and resplendent

"Come over here," They both said and turned

They led me to the backyard of the house. The backyard is well placed and beautifully structured

"Cursed be ladies" Ethan yelled

"For they are not supposed to be created with men" Evan shouted stressing-ly

"May we successfully kill all-woman race on earth " Ethan roared like a roaring lion

"Amen" Evan prayed

"Carry that heavy stone over there on your head and keep going to and fro with it on your head, be fast too else I shoot you and you die," Ethan said and brought out a pistol from his pocket

Holy Jeez! What!

Fear keeps making my heart beat like it will be ripped off itself

I carried the stone on my head, very heavy that I can hardly carry it but I did. I keep running to and fro the backyard, sweating and praying they will tell me to stop soon but no, they didn't

They were just watching me

"Cursed be ladiiiiies " Ethan yelled forcefully again

"For they are not supposed to be created with men" Evan replied with a red eyes

Something about ladies makes them angry, what was their past like? When did they start seriously hating on ladies

I tried all my possible best to keep the pace, I got tired and I could run no more, I'd exhausted all my strength, I closed my eye gently and felt myself falling, I lost consciousness

Drop your comments, let me know what you think of the story
Re: BILLIONAIRE BOYS. by Authorfeathers: 1:11am On Dec 07, 2019
� Billionaire Boys �

Authored and produced by Feathers ( Oyebamiji Samuel )

Episode 2

Ivy's POV

I opened my eye and found myself lay on a very soft and well-laid bed

I turned my eyes to the left and saw either Ethan or Evan, I can't say cus I can hardly recognize them, they are so identical

I turned my head to left and saw the other twin, they were both staring at me, I guess they carried me in my unconscious state here

"What faculty are you?" The one at my left asked

"Psychology sir" I replied

"Define psychology?" The one at my right asked

"Psychology is the scientific study of the human mind and its functions, especially those affecting behavior in a given context" I replied

"Smart. You must be good, you gonna be helping us in school cus we do not have time to be reading, we are busy with business, I think she should be useful for us" The one at my right said and the one at my left nodded

They stood up and signaled for me to stand up

They led me to a room that I'll be staying and I arranged my luggage and quickly went back to meet them in the sitting room

"We attending night school, you gonna be following us and by listening to lectures for us, " One of the twins said and I nodded

We both walked outside and I hoped inside their car. We were driven to their night school

Students had sat in order at different classes, everyone in the school is on uniform even at night, well, since it's a night school

How will I enter the class with them when I'm not putting on any uniform, nevertheless, I stepped inside the class with them

But I noticed that everyone in the class are males.
I thought as much, they can never attend a school of males and female, they would have killed all female students

But how do they carry me? They must have used their cute hands to touch me or do they use an object to carry me?

They are both cute really but there is one of them that stares at me too much, It's the gentle one among them, I think he's Ethan. He keeps staring at me always even when we were inside the car as if he recognizes me somewhere

I do not think I've ever met him, how is that even possible? Where does a poor girl like me want to meet a billionaire like this

We all sat at the class and although I feel odd, I still had to listen to all the lectures

"Hey" One of them called. I think it's Evan. His face seems gentle a bit at least compared to that of Ethan, hat one's face is killing and so cruel but cute and alluring

I turned my head at him and bowed my head in response to him

"Am I some kinda king, your girl? You repeat the same mistake, Ethan has wanted to kill you when you fell down unconscious, I was the one that told him to stop cus I wanna know who you really are. Who are you?" Evan asked

"I'm Ivy, a nurse attending the school of nursing, psychology department" I replied

"We received your profile before you came here, I know everything about you but ..." he said and paused and turned his head away from mine

I have no understanding of why he is behaving that way and asking such questions

" Are you perhaps a twin?" He asked and my face turned red, it became puffy and teary as the flashback of my twin sister came running through my mind

I bowed my head and allow tears poured from my face. The cloth that my sister wore out that very day she died was seen by a sea, and they assumed that somebody probably stripped her off naked and killed her and then throw her into the sea or something close to that must have happened to her

"Why crying? Are you a twin for real?" He asked again and I nodded

And he jerked back in fear and turned fretfully at his brother

He turned at me and looked into my face as he moves his head closer, you are a twin for real?" He asked and I nodded in response again

"What happened to your twin sister ?" He asked and I explained to him

His mouth dropped open and he couldn't close it

He looked away and looked at his brother again

What the hell is going on? Do they know my sister? For him to ask me, does that imply he has seen a face like mine before?

I continued listening to the lecture until the man left the class and we all went out of the class for a short break

"Hey you, I hate you so much. I would have killed you if not because he said I should stop" Ethan said and I bowed my head humbly but quickly raise it up when I remembered that they had scolded me for that before

I stared into their face in fear

"Sir, I will like to ask you some questions ?" I asked them in my mind and closed my eye and quickly open it again

How will I ask them questions that I'm supposed to

I sighed heavily and they led me to a shed and we all sat

I'm just gonna give it a try, I can't allow fear to stop me from asking them questions, that's my primary objective here by the ways

"Sir," I said and my heart dropped like it had given up pumping blood

They both stared at me probably wondering why I'd call them. Gosh! Maybe I shouldn't have called them

I set my eyes on them and faked courage, my heart was being rained with fear but I maintained a brave expression on my face

"Sir, I'll like to ask you few questions," I said

"You such jerk, you get the f*cken audacity to..." Ethan yelled angrily but Evan interrupted

"Ask" Even said softly

Ethan turned at Evan while breathing fierce-fully as a result of how angry he is. He directed his face at me and shot me a killing look

"Fine, ask," He said as he bowed his head and shook it vigorously like he's tryna fight some beast inside him from finding expressions

" Sir, Please why do you hate ladies ?" I asked and Ethan groaned angrily as he shook the table but Evan quickly held him and hugged him tightly. His anger increased as he kept shaking his body and he finally burst into crying

Jeez! Cry! Do billionaire boys cry? I said it. Something must have happened in the past they made them hate ladies this much

I'd stood up in fear already regretting that I ask that questions

Evan turned at me and shot me a gaze mixed with fear and horrors

Who in the world are these billionaire boys and how did they have an idea I'm a twin?

If you want more episode, then drop your opines about the story, please.
Re: BILLIONAIRE BOYS. by Authorfeathers: 7:35pm On Dec 14, 2019
� Billionaire Boys �

Authored and produced by Feathers ( Oyebamiji Samuel )

Episode 3

Ivy's POV

Ethan controlled himself and cleaned his face with his hanky . He maintained his beast-ful face and looked away

"Let's go" Evan said and we all walked away to a solitary place, we sat on a small rock and I can't stop asking myself many questions

What made him gat so much angry that he ended up crying , did he lost something or has he being a victim of something terrible in the past?

" Staying here with us irritates us so much, but we just gotta allow you cus we hardly listen to lectures , our minds are filled with so many things" Evan said

The only reason why I can recognize them is because one talks gently while the other talk harshly

One looks sternly while the other does not express any emotion on his face. He is neither smiling nor Frowning and that is Evan

I was scared to speak , I just keep staring at the ground like I keep something there

"Sir" I called softly to Evan and Evan turned at me

"You asked if I'm a twin sir, did you know me somewhere ?" I asked softly but foolishly cus I know it's impossible for us to ever meet

He turned at his brother who was looking away and placed his finger on his lips telling me to keep quiet

He stood up and signaled for me to follow him to somewhere not really far from where we all sat

Ethan didn't seem to care either we left him or not

"Your question again ?" He asked and I repeated my question

" I ain't the one that knows you. I only saw your picture stapled on Ethan's diary" Evan said and I squeezed my eyebrows

"My picture" I exclaimed but he didn't reply

"How did he get my picture sir ?" I asked

Evan sighed and turned at my face looking at me squarely while I maintained a straight gaze at him too cus he has scolded me not to bow for him cus they are not king

"What date did your twin sister die ? " He asked

"December 23" I replied and he took his face off me.
After many seconds , he still hasn't brought his face to me so I stretched my neck a bit and noticed that tears was pouring heavily from his eyes

I quickly bowed my head slightly but wondering why he is crying too.

I noticed he cleaned his face and turned at me

"This place will be hell of a living for you" Evan said and I arched my brow

" I wish he had killed you on that day you lost consciousness "Evan said and fear gripped my soul

" sir" I tried to call but he walks away from me

He whispered something into the ear of Ethan and Ethan stood and walked to me angrily like I'd offended him somewhere

"Cursed are ladies " He yelled as he moves closer to me like he is about to devour me

"For they are not suppose to be created with men" Evan replied and walked behind his brother to me

"You and your kind are not suppose to be here , you irritates us so much , Damn it!" Ethan cursed and stared into my face

"I'll use my bear hand to kill you after I'd tortured you for months, I want you tortured first . Now start to do press up" Ethan commanded

Press up! That is more like an exercise and not a punishment

I commenced the press up while they sat and watch, I noticed that the next lecture has commenced but they obstinately refuse to enter the class cus they want me to continue which I did. After many minutes , I'd loosed a lot of energy and I wish they will tell me to stop.

My breathing increased and my heart became heavy. The pain in my hand becomes unbearable

Sweats were forming and increasing all over my heads down my chest to my stomach

This is an horrible experience now , I think I should beg them cus it seems they will not tell me to stop anytime soon

"Please " I said and raised my face at them but they ignored my plea and maintained a scary face

"I'll do whatever you want, please release me sirs " I pleaded again tiredly

"Not like you have a choice , you must obey us, you gonna do that till dawn when the night school is over " Ethan said and I lost all hope

The press up became very slow as a result of the pain and I feel that I may die soon

"Hey ! B Boys!" Someone shouted their name from the entrance of the class and they looked up at the person

"We've gat a short text , come around " The person yelled again

"My bad! We'll fail as usual ?" Ethan said

"Sure, but let's do it" Evan replied and they both stood

"Sir, please let me write the exam for you, I may help you pass" I said while doing the press up

They stared at themselves and Evan signaled for me to stand up

I wanted to stand up after many pressups but my strength failed me and I fell to the floor

I tried to stand again but I can't. Sweat was forming rapidly all over my body and I was trying to catch some breath

"Stand up now" Evan said sternly

I gathered little strength and tried to stand

I finally stood breathing heavily

They walked towards the class expecting me to follow them , I stared at the floor and saw the sweats from me formed the shape of my head and hand

I ignored the pain and walked painfully after them and entered the class with them

"Time starts now" The lecturer said and everyone logged in into their accounts cus there is a computer before every chairs , on the desk of every students

The chairs of Ethan, Evan and I were close

I have no account so I can't log into the system

"Check this out!" Evan said and I set my gaze at the questions displayed on the screen of the computer and luckily enough for me , they are questions I'd already being taught in my first class at school .

I should be able to prove my intelligence this time.

It's just five questions, I placed my hand on the mouse panel and quickly answered the five objective questions for Evan

I turned at Ethan to do the same and he shot me a devilish look

"Let her do it for you" Evan said and Ethan exhales a bit and allowed me handle his mouse panel

I clicked on the same answers I'd clicked for Evan

"If I fail, I'll kill you today with my gun" Ethan said while shooting me a very devilish look

"Ivy, did you pick rubbish for us or you sure of the answers you chose?" Evan asked

Oh! One of them called my name! I'm kinda glad but scared cus I ain't so sure of the answers but we did it in our first class at school of nursing three years ago

I hope the answers are what I picked

"I pick the right answers sir" I replied and Evan looked away from me

"Time up" the lecturer said and They both clicked on submit

I watched the lecturer as he stares into his system probably checking their answers

"The robot I designed your answers in had marked all your answers , listen to the result " The lecturer said and my heart beats faster than regular

"If you fail, you stop attending this very class for three weeks cus you have just proven to me that I'd being wasting all my efforts in teaching you all this while. A question is 10 marks , I know no one can ever score 50 marks but if you do, I'll appoint you as the course rep of my class, 30 over 50 is the pass marks, listen attentively to your result " The man said and my heart beats heavily

Oh! I pray they at least score 30 marks !

"Ethan Paxton " The man called and look up

Jeez! Why his name first

Ethan raised up his hand and everybody chuckled mockingly at him and with the rumors I heard about him, they said he has never passed any course text , always failing

"You score is ...."

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Re: BILLIONAIRE BOYS. by Authorfeathers: 7:36pm On Dec 14, 2019
� Billionaire Boys �

Authored and produced by Feathers ( Oyebamiji Samuel )

Episode 4

Ivy's POV

"Your score is 50" The lecturer said and the whole class suddenly went Silent like they observing a one minute silence for a lost one

Ethan turned at me and shot me an expressionless gaze. I looked into his face like a kid and he took his face off me

"Evan Paxton, your score is 50" The man said and the whole class murmured in confusion probably wondering how the most dullard in class scored all

The man called the result of the the other students and sadly no one got more than 30 marks

"Wow! I'm impressed , when did the B boys start reading? How did your intelligent grow so fast" The lecturer asked staring intently at them but they refused to reply

"Keep it up, come forward" He called Ethan and Evan and they obliged

" which among you can I choose as the captain for my course . i need a course rep and I'd promise to pick the student with the highest mark and luckily enough for you guys, you had the highest mark

"Choose both of us cus we are inseparable " Evan said and the lecturer nodded staring at them interchangeably

"So be it, the B boys are my course rep now, is that understood?" The man asked

"Very well sir" The students replied and the lecturer whispered some things to them then they came back to their sit

The man gat done with his teaching and everyone dispersed out of the class excluding Ethan, Evan and I

"You smart" Evan said looking at me while Ethan looks away

"We'll be needing you more. Ethan you see why I say we shouldn't kill her yet?" Evan asked and Ethan turned at him without saying anything

This Ethan of a guy is just so weird , Evan is at least manageable compared to Ethan. It seems like his past has taken hold of him so much

"Let's go home" Evan said and we all stood and went to their car and was driven home

We hopped out of the car into the living room

"You woman, you suppose to be dead by now but my brother saved you. I'll have killed you but my brother stopped me, but you gave us prestige in class by making us score the highest mark. Can a woman be useful? Guess you are" He said and sat at the living room while I stood

"Sir, I'm sorry for the question I asked the other time" I said and he raised his head up at me

"You wanna know why I hate ladies? " he asked and I nodded

"Everything about women pisses me off, it makes me angry , I love to kill ladies , I even killed my own mother cus she's a woman" He bragged

I think I should proceed in asking him more questions

"Sir, you cried after getting angry , why ?" I asked and he bowed his head

"Kiss me slowly
For your lips are soft and sexy
It makes mine long for more" He said and my heart beat faster than a running machine

This are the words my sister always state anytime she is alone doing something

How did Ethan know the exact same uncommon and unique song that my sister do sing?

"Sir, how did you know that song?" I asked and he grinned wickedly

"Ivy, enough of that now, go and have some rest" Evan said and I obliged

On my way to my room, I saw a room opened, I stared around like a thief ready to steal but not wanting to be caught

I tip toed inside my room and what I saw flabbergasted me

I saw the posters of my sister , her framed pictures all around the room, I saw three old diaries arranged in order

My sister? What:s the picture of my sister doing here ? Another thing is if Evan recognizes me cus I look in the exact same way like my sister , why can't Ethan recognize me?

I tip toed fearfully hoping no one would see me and took the Diary, it's numbered, like Diary 1, Diary 2 and Diary 3

I picked Diary 1 , these diaries might probably be an answer all my curiosity

I was tip toeing to the exit of the room when I suddenly heard footsteps walking closer to the room I was

Jeez! What will I say I'm doing here ? And the diary in my hand, what will I say I'm doing with it ?
Re: BILLIONAIRE BOYS. by Authorfeathers: 7:36pm On Dec 14, 2019
� Billionaire Boys �

Authored and produced by Feathers ( Oyebamiji Samuel )

Episode 5

Ivy's POV

The footsteps moved across the room I was and I exhaled heavily and happily.

I took the diary and tip toed to my room. I opened the first page of the diary

Ethan's POV in the diary

( Flashback )

Three years ago

"I know our business does not permit us to fall in Love, but this is what I have to do " I said to Evan who was making fuss about the fact that I fell in Love with a girl I barely know

"Ethan, a game business is not a type of business you dedicate little concentration on, this girl will distract you, remember we have goals that we have lay down to achieve for the year, how will our employees and father most importantly feel when we fail to accomplish It all because you are in Love" Ethan advised

"Bro, I totally get you and I understand where you coming from, dad has advised us many times to stay away from ladies just so we can keep achieving our goals but when our heart chose to fall in Love , shouldn't we follow ?" I asked

"It's alright, as long as it does not affect our business goals" Evan said

"It won't" I replied assuring-ly

"Who is the lucky girl?" Evan asked and I blushed

"You can't believe I've never spoken to her , I see her work as a chef in a restaurant and I admired her so much" I said shyly

"Now I get, that girl you are always staring at when we go to eat right?" Evan asked and I nodded while smiling

"She's beautiful though but she's a low class " Evan said

"I don't care. I'll make her high class, I have a lot of money, I'll bless her with as many monies as possible so she can become high class like us " I said

"Oh!" Evan exclaimed

"I just need you to support me , I'd never fallen in love before and l'm kinda scared. I do not know how to confess my feelings for her, I do not know if she loves me or not but her Love is killing me here already, I Love her so much" I said expecting my brother to advise me

"Humn!" He hummed and adjusted very well on the chair

"What if I speak to her for you" Evan said

"Oh! How?" I asked

"Just gonna tell her you love her " Evan said

"Just like that?" I questioned

"How else ?" He asked and stood

"When next are we going to the restaurant?" He asked

"Sincerely, I won't mind us going now" I said and he nodded

I stood and we both went outside , we hopped inside our car and drove to the restaurant

We entered and sat like we had come for food not knowing that we had come to see the pretty girl my heart desires

"You welcome sir , Have you selected your choice of food sir ?" An attendant asked politely . We raised our head to see who it was and it's that girl we had came to the restaurant for

"Not yet, your name please ?" Evan asked

"It's against the job profession to tell our customers our name" She replied politely

"Guess you have no idea whom we are" Evan said and put a call through to someone , I know at once that he has just put a call though to the C.E.O of the restaurant

The girl was called away from us by one of the chef and came back few minutes later to where Evan and I sat

"I'm sorry sir. Please pardon my manners, I'm Olivia by name" She said

"Why treating us like strangers , is this our first time of coming here to eat?" Evan asked

"I'm so sorry sir. I just didn't want to go against the laid down ethics of the job" Olivia said

She's gat a sweet name , I can't wait for Evan to help me confess my Love for her

"Sit" Evan said and she obliged gently

"Guess your CEO has told you whom we are , We are the B boys, meaning Billionaire Boys, my brother here, Ethan Loves you, what's your say?" Evan asked Olivia while I bowed my head shyly

I heard her chuckled and I raised my head wondering why she's chuckling

"What's funny?" Evan asked

"Nothing sir, just that I'd always crush on him too even though it's hard to recognize who is who between the two of you, but my heart tingles cus of Love anytime I set my eyes on him" Olivia said and happiness spread across my soul

She raised her head boldly staring at me while I was trying to avoid her gaze

I finally summoned courage to look at her

"You love me!" I said in a questioning tone and she nodded sheepishly

I turned my head and shot Evans an appreciative look

"I'm overwhelmed right now , can you stop this work you doing and let me bless you with money" I said

"I'll " She replied and I already imagine myself giving her a tight hug

Evan put a call through to the CEO and ordered for the immediate termination of Olivia's work appointment

Evan confirmed that the C.E.O agreed to Olivia's work termination and I held Olivia hand in hand outside

We entered the car Evan and I brought and left Evan at the restaurant, I'm sure he's gonna sort himself out

Flashback Ends!

Ivy's POV continues

For real? This imply that he has once being in Love with my sister , this is driving me crazy now.

So my sister is in Love with a billionaire all this while and he didn't tell me . but! I look exactly like my sister , why didn't he mistook me for my sister and why did he did not even recognize me whereas Evan does?

This curiosity is driving me mad already, I just need someone to sit me down and answer all this baffling questions

Ethan should of course know about the death of my sister , who could have killed my sister or is it what I'm thinking.

Did Ethan kill my sister ? Oh no! How can he kill someone he loves.

Could it be Evan? It can't I guess. He loves his brother so much. So what resulted to them disliking ladies this much cus according to this diary, he has no problem with ladies as at three years ago , at least, he even fell in Love

All his problem with ladies must have stared after his encounter with my sister

I sighed, I'm kinda nervous to continue to read this diary but I still have to anyways

What killed my sister and why didn't Ethan recognize me?

I opened the second page of the diary and it reads

Ethan's POV in Diary

( Flashback. Three years ago )

I brought Olivia home and we became so close. She told me she didn't want her family to know about our relationship yet so I do not bother visiting her house

We sing and dance together, and she comes to my place anytime she's less busy

My Love for her grew so strong until she stopped coming to my place abruptly

I started getting bordered wondering why she decides to stop coming to my place. I thought that I'd probably offended her or do something worse to her unintentionally

I went to Evan's room after many days of keeping the pain of not being visited by Olivia for many days

"Hi Evan!" I greeted as I entered his room

"Brother , good afternoon" He retorted

"Such a bad afternoon, did you notice that Olivia had not come here for some days now " I lamented in pain

"Sure I do, I thought you guys had a preposition on that" Evan said

"Oh no! There was no discourse between us , she just stopped coming , I know a zilch about why she stopped coming and I miss her badly" I lamented

"Like seriously, you mean you know nothing about her sudden absence , I guess you've tried every means of reaching her but it isn't going through right?" Evan asked and I nodded

"I'l go to their house myself and ask her welfare , she may be sick or something close " Evan said and a faint smile appeared by the corner of my mouth

My heart was seriously aching me cus I miss her so much , I just hope that nothing bad happen to her, she is the first woman I'll ever fall in Love with and I'd fallen in Love so deep with her that I may hurt myself if anything negative happen to her

"Let me go bro" Evan said and I nodded

He walked out of the room and I walked sullenly to the sitting room with an heavy heart and an aching brain

My eyes were dim and sadness parades my heart.

"Olivia, I Love you so much. Nothing must happen to you. I miss you always." I muttered to myself sadly
I pray Evan comes with a good news, if not that I'd promised her not to go to her house until she allows me too, I'll have gone there myself to know what's up

I staggered to the fridge and took a bottle of drink and went to my sit and sat

I held the bottle and started drinking trying to forget my sorrow but instead , the pictures of Olivia keeps flashing across my memory

I keep seeing Olivia in my mind

I dosed off after so much heavy thought , I woke up suddenly as a result of the consistent and continuous beeping of my phone

I took my phone off the chair it lay and checked the caller

My goodness! It's Evan

I picked the call

☎ Hello brother , I need you to come to fifty sixth street, Alen Avenue now " Evan said and my heart beats faster that I only ended up opening my mouth to ask him some questions forming in my heart but I couldn't utter it

He hung up and negative thoughts started parading my heart

Is an hospital at that address, I quickly checked google to see the buildings at that address so I can know the fate that awaits me when I get to that address

But there is nothing like an hospital or health center there, every houses there were extremely beautiful houses

Jeez! What's going on

I stood up and quickly changed into a befitting cloth. I jugged out and hopped into one of my car and drove off

What could be happening?

I drove faster than I use to and finally get to the address

I stepped down with my heart beating very slowly like I'm about to faint, nervousness has taken hold of my soul

I saw Evan waiting for me , I walked closer to where he stood and as he saw me , a strand of tear formed in his eyes and it fell in a line down his check

"I'm happy I never fall In Love cus cursed are women and it's kind" Evan said and I moved closer to him gently , slowly but fearfully like the next words of his is about to kill me

I was trying to decipher a meaning from the words he just spoke but I can't

"Tell me what happened ?" I finally asked softly hoping for a positive answer but expecting a negative one cus I already saw him cry

"Take a look at this house " Evan said and I stared around the house

"Before we walk inside this house and I'll have to show you what you have to see, watch the preview on my phone" Evan said and handed over his phone to me

I blinked and collected it gently, I wanted to open it but I still didn't

At this point, I've gat no choice , I need to see what's going on

I unlocked the phone by swiping right and the video played

�� "Tell me this is not real? Tell me this is a dream ? Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaa���
Ha �
Ha �
Ha �
My eyes closed in anger , fury, deep pain and brokenness as I fell and lost consciousness

Ever since I start Billionaire Boys, I've being posting two episodes per day but the likes and shares are discouraging, now if I start posting one, our fans will start requesting for two not knowing that your attitude to the times I was posting two episodes made me change.
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Authored and produced by Feathers ( Oyebamiji Samuel )

Episode 6

Ivy's POV

I closed the diary but parted it with my fingers.

Omg! What video did Evan show him, I hope it's not what I'm thinking. No it can't.
My sister is playful and reckless but not wayward I guess. She is mannered and cultured and wouldn't do what's coming to my mind

I sighed slightly and opened the diary and turned to the next page

Ethan's POV in diary

( Flashback. Three years ago )

I opened my eye and I discovered that I was laying on the ground. I noticed that Evan was squatting beside me

"Brother " He called and held my right hand and pulled me up

"Hope you are fine now?" Evan asked and I suddenly remembered what made me fell in the first place

"Follow me " Evan said and I followed him inside the house. It was when I entered that I saw the inscription on the wall that it's a special class hotel.

I followed Ethan sheepishly and we finally got before a room

"I'd arranged all before you came that's why we do not need to go through any process before we get here, they key to the room is here with me, have it, open it and see for yourself whom ladies are" Evan said and handed over the key to me as he stepped back

I collected the key sullenly and moved closer to the door. I inserted the key and pushed the door open

I could cry no more. I'd already seen the video of Olivia having s*x with a man and now I'm seeing it live before me

She jerked back in fear.
she's stark naked.

I moved closer to the bed she and the man were having s*x on

"I Love you so much Olivia but ..." I said and my mouth started shaking

I was trying to form strong man but I'm very weak and broken inside. I wish I'm in a private place at that moment so I can sit and cry all my pain out

She covered her face with a palm probably feeling guilty, I can't say.

" I Love you and showed you all the Love in the world but you betrayed me, just tell me you didn't love me and I'll have ... Maybe let you go" I said weakly and broken

My voice was shaking and cracking in disappointment

I turned pathetically and pityfully without bordering to take a glance at the man he was having sex with

I walked out of the room and walked out of the building with my brother

He drove me home without saying a word to me inside the car. He probably knows that there is no advise he could give that can save me from being broken and hurt

It hurt so bad when you are betrayed by someone you love so much.

The car arrives home and I stepped down and walked sluggishly to the kitchen to get myself a drink. I started drinking on the spot and staggering around the room

"Aishhh! It hurts so bad" I yelled painfully as I leaned on the wall of my dining room

"It hurts , it hurts! Damn it! I wanna die right now! Olivia , I Love you so much. I do. Why ? Why did you do this to me? " I muttered to myself as I took few steps away from the wall I leaned on and gulp more drink

My head was spinning and I can't see things clearly again

It hurts so bad. She is the first woman I'll ever fall in Love with my life. I didn't even bother having intimate Intercourse with her cus I'm planning to take it farther than this

Tears fall gently on my check. Heat spreads across my ear that I can barely hear anything , sweats formed in the middle of my chest and spread across my stomach

"I wanna die right now" I yelled painfully and sunk to my knees with the bottle of drink in my hand

"Olivia! .... Ha ...ha " I called her name with a shaky voice and my whole body aches suddenly

The pain in my heart can make me do worse right now. I wanna take a poison and die.

Yeah, This pain causing me heartbreak will never leave me, it will stay there permanently , the only way I can let go is to kill myself

The pain of watching the person I love so much betray me before me is killing my soul. It has killed my heart.

I fell to the floor and littered my hair with the remaining drink in the bottle

I threw the bottle away without bordering to know where I threw the bottle to

I keep groaning in pain on the ground, crying like I'll never stop crying

Ivy's POV continues

My heart pounds in an agitative manner against my ribcage after reading what my sister did.

Olivia had sex with another man for real?

Jeez! Is that why he hate ladies ? Maybe
Or are there other reasons why he hates ladies this much

Okay, why didn't he recognize me cus I look exactly like my sister cus I'd taught he's gonna fight with the man he met with Olivia and the man might have probably hurt him and make him loose his memory

But according to this diary, there is nothing like that

More so, did he kill my sister cus of that?
No! He still loves her , I can vouch he didn't

I guess I have to read on to satisfy my curiosity , but there are two other diaries and I'm not even close to finish this one, is there a bigger picture to all these ?

I sighed heavily and opened the next page of the diary

The door cracks open and someone stepped in , I quickly closed the diary and hide it behind me

"Hey, we need you outside " Evan said and walked out

I exhales gloriously , I'm happy he didn't notice the diary in my hand

I kept the diary in my wardrobe, I ensured I locked it and quickly went out of my room , out the house to answer their call and see what they are requesting my presence for

I saw the two of them sit on a sofa

I stood before them almost making the mistake of bowing before them but I quickly stopped myself from doing that and set my gaze at them

"Our exam is next month , we've gat no time to read. See that" Ethan said and I turned my head to where he pointed at and I saw series of piled big textbooks arranged on each other

"You've gat less than one month to read those six textbooks , read everything and master it cus you gonna be choosing the right answers for us just like you did for us in our text" Ethan said and I moved slowly to the textbooks

Jeez! Who in the world will finish reading all this big heavy textbooks in just a month ?

I squatted before the textbooks and start to examine it one after the other

"Once you've helped us achieved our objective of succeeding in this exam , then you are no longer useful here which implies I'm killing you with my gun on the day we done with our exam" Ethan said and fear engulfed my whole self

I swallowed and stood up

"Carry those textbooks to your room and start reading it " Ethan said and I nodded

I squatted and carried two of the textbooks and took it to my room, I came back the second time to do the same while they sat

I came back the last time to take the last two textbooks

I had carried the heavy textbooks, turned , ready to leave when I heard my name

"Ivy" Evan called and I turned

"Ethan, her breeds had hurt us in the past and killed us , they shouldn't survive a day" Evan said

"You were the one that stopped me that day I wanted to kill her , it doesn't take me a second " Ethan said

Evan looked at me and placed his two palm on his face and moved his head front and back like someone thinking of a terrible thing that had happened in the past

"Seeing the breeds of women irritates me" Evan lamented with his palm still covering his face

"Argh , me too, I'm angry ...I'm hurt , cursed be woman and it's kind.... Argh...cursed be women and its kind" Ethan said loudly and angrily

He was staring around like someone looking for something

"Seeing you hurts me so bad. It hurts.... Oh ! Argghhh! " Ethan cried and stood still searching around like someone looking for something

He was angrily searching his pocket like someone that doesn't know what he's doing again

"Evan, I thought I brought my gun here " He said in a questioning tone

"Take it inside " Evan said still covering his face

Evan shook his head and lay on the bare ground. He started weeping seriously and shaking his head

This is serious than I think, I guess I haven't even read the big part of their past

When In the world will I get to read it when they are about to kill me now

Should I run away? Oh no! That will be worst

But I can't just die like this, mum is really expecting me to come out with a pleasant certificate of successfully completing my course in becoming a nurse

Ethan walked inside like a blind man and came running in few seconds with a gun in his hand

"I shall.... Shall kill... All breeds of women on earth ... I , Ethan, shall destroy every females on earth" He breathed heavily and dangerously as he spoke

His face looks like that of an angry lion and his hand are fully tightened to the gun

This is death staring at me now

Ethan placed the gun on my forehead

"You woman!" He shouted and his lovely scent filled my nostrils

His beast-ful face looks cute and his mouth widely opened looks smart, rigid and sexy

He looked into my face angrily and my face drifted to his lips instead. They are pink and sexy

His body is well built and the abs are tempting , I looked into his eyes and they are deep blue and inviting my soul

This guy is a perfect definition of handsomeness , who is the cruel person that broke this guy's heart and made him this heartless

I'm not really so afraid of death right now, I feel like hugging him tight and telling him all will be fine

I wish I can be the lady that will mend his broken heart and give him a hope that some women might have broken him in the past but there are good women too

I just wanna embrace him and tell him all will be well, I wanna heal his broke heart

I keep looking into his deep blue eyes affectionately and he keep looking into my eyes angrily

After few seconds , he suddenly started taking few steps backward , he dropped his stretched hand but still held the gun

His face changed from that of an angry devouring beast to that of a totally broken man

He sunk to his knees, dropped the gun he's holding . He tore his clothes as he cried out loud

He cried loud till his voice start seizing

I feel so sorry for him, his past has taken absolute grip of him and he can't help it

I didn't know when a string of tear formed a line down my check

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Authored and produced by Feathers ( Oyebamiji Samuel )

Episode 7

Ivy's POV

I watch them as they express their agony. I can't stand it anymore. I turned with the books in my hand and left them there

He wanted to shoot me, why did he stop? Why did he move back? Why does his anger always result to agony

I dropped the two past textbooks in my room. I arranged it and squatted before them. I was dropping it on the floor one after the other and scanning through the pages

They are topics I know a zilch about. I need to strategize how to read all this textbooks in just one month

I scanned throughout the pages of the six textbooks just to have an idea of what the textbooks are all about

I sat down on the bed and the memories of what just happened appeared visibly in my mind. Ethan and Evan are in so much agony cus of what?

I left the other side of the bed and went to the side of the bed where my wardrobe is. I opened it and brought out the diary

I opened the page I stopped my reading and continued

Ethan's POV in Diary

Flashback. Three years ago

I have no idea that I'd lost consciousness until I saw myself on my bed. The last thing I remembered was that I was littering my hair with the remaining drink in the Bottle I was holding

"Are you getting better" I suddenly heard Evan's voice and I turned towards the direction of the voice

"I helped you here bro, you get yourself drunk and slept off on the bare floor , I had to help you here" Evan said and I stared around then finally returned my gaze to him

"Thanks" I said and he nodded

I felt a sharp pain in my heart as I remembered the memories of Olivia and the man

I tried to shut my mind from thinking about the terrible incident but instead it keep coming

The more I try to forget it , the more the horrible memories become clearer

I sat upright on the bed and turned at Evan

"What can I do? I'm hurting myself already, is there something I can do to get rid of the memories of Olivia? " I asked

Ethan looked into my face for a while then looked away

"Watch movies and play games , I'm sure when you get yourself fixed up with other activities , you will soon forget about him" Evan said

"I'm in, where do we get started?" I asked

"Let's start by playing table tennis at the court " Evan said and stood

I stood and followed him

We both both changed into our game wears and took our rackets ready to play

We got to the table tennis court and held our rackets with gloves in our hand

I served and we stared playing , my heart keep falling as a result of how broken it is

I was trying to concentrate on the table tennis but instead my heart was drifting to Olivia, how our love life all started at the restaurant and the positive plans I had secretly made for her in the future. It breaks me totally to see her not just with a man but also having s*xual intercourse with another man

If she truly loves me , she will never do that Right? I would have said she likes my money but she has never even asked me for anything monetary before

The ball Evan played to me mistakenly met me at my forehead and I staggered and fell to the floor

He quickly ran towards me and helped me up

"Sorry bro" He pleaded and I nodded as I robbed the place where the ball had met me in my head

"It's not working" I lamented feeling frustrated

Evan sighed and bowed his head like someone in deep thought. It's obvious he's thinking of something that might be of help to me

"Alright, let's watch movies " He suggested and I nodded

We both walk to the living room and he set the TV to a channel displaying an action movie

"You should like this " Evan said

"Let's see" I replied trying all my best to concentrate my full attention on it

After thirty minutes that the film had being playing, I must confess that I'm only watching it with my eye, my mind is not there

"Did you see that he finally kissed the girl" Evan said in the middle of the film referring to the scene currently on display on the screen

I set my gaze at Evan and with the look on my face , anyone can confirm easily that I'm not watching the film with my mind. I do not understand a thing about the film

"Brother " Evan called pity fully and I bowed my head cus I understand that he's really tryna help, just that it's not working

Evan went inside and came with a book in his hand

"Can you read this ?" Evan asked

I collected the book from Evan and read through the front cover of the book

It reads " How to heal a broken heart"

"Why don't you read it and just tell me what to do " I said not ready and willing to go through the stress of reading the book

"Alright" Evan replied and he started reading the book

After few minutes , he raise his head

"We've dome some things they listed here , the only one left is quiet hard to do " Evan said and I adjusted very well on the chair

"Tell me?" I requested

"You gonna forgive the girl and bring her back to you , ask why she did that? Ask her if there are things he wants in that man that she did not see in you, then take absolutely care of her and do all that she wants" Evan said and I watched him without expression

I took my face away from him and lunch myself into deep thought

"But she betrayed me, isn't she suppose to apologize to me ?" I asked

"According to this book, true love does not think that way. She will be feeling too guilty to apologize " Evan said and I reasoned with him

"What do I do now?" I asked

"Gonna set you guys up , you guys are gonna see in a solitary place , do as this book I've said" Evan said and I nodded foolishly

Yeah, I really can't think straight at that moment , I'm totally immersed in Olivia's love. I'm more than happy that there is hope of getting her back despite all she had done for me

"When will that happen ?" I asked Evan

"You mean the set up? You know I don't procrastinate, give me few minutes " He said and walked inside

After what looked like an hour, he came to meet me in the sitting room

"Brother, you can go and check her at this address, she's waiting for you there already " Evan said as he handed over the address to me and I nodded appreciatively

I went inside , dress my best and went outside to my car . I drove off to the address Evan said she is

What she did keep paining me seriously as I keep driving . I can't believe the relationship expert will still ask me to apologize in his book

If it will heal my soul, why not? I still love her and I'll apologize

Ivy's POV continues

Wow! This is just awesome now!

Despite what my sister did, Ethan still drove off to apologize to her

Who in the world does that? I can tell he is madly in Love with my sister

I stood from the chair I sat and went to serve myself a cup of water. I drank and came back to sit

I opened to the next page

Ethan's POV in Diary

Flashback. Three years ago

I finally arrived at the address given to me by Evan

I heard few steps behind me and I turned

My heart beat faster than regular and my stern face became weak as I saw Olivia approached me

Her love grows stronger in me and the pain of her betraying me increased in the same proportion

"I'm sorry" She said still looking into my face

She took few steps closer to me and stopped before me

"O...livia... Why? Why have you betrayed me?" I asked with tears pouring down my face

"I'm sorry. I was seduced by that man. I truly love you but the cuteness of the man got into my head and I became gullible to his touch and that was why we ended up on the bed together" Olivia said

"Is there anything the man has that I did not have , is there anything he does that I did not do, why did you prefer the man to me? " I asked with a cracking voice

" I truly Love you Ethan, I have no feelings for the man. You are the one my heart desire , please don't cast me away, it's a mistake on my side , please " Olivia pleaded and I tried to understand her plight

I moved closer to her and hugged her tight

"Please don't make such mistake again" I pleaded and she nodded while crying severely on my shoulder

We disengaged and I looked into her face affectionately. My eyes drifted to her lips and I feel like kissing her but I controlled myself

"Kiss me" She said and I stood confused

I haven't kissed before and I'm not ready to kiss either , I have a weird feeling to kissing . Maybe I'll be able to kiss freely in the future but not now. I do not just feel like kissing in any way

"Not yet" I said and she locked her lips on mine instead

I arched my brow and returned the kiss

We disengaged after a while and she hugged me and placed her head on my chest

"Are you gonna follow me home?" I asked and she shook her head

"I need to go home cus of mum , please , I'll come and spend the whole day with you tomorrow" Olivia said and I reasoned with her

She's a responsible girl for real. She doesn't sleep outside at night , she is going home now and she'll come tomorrow to my place to play with me all day.

well, that's cool for real.

"I'm okay with that, where should I drop you?" I asked

"Don't bother , I'm passing a different route , just go home, I'll take a cab, I'll be the first person you will see tomorrow " Olivia said and I smiled

My broken heart is healing little by little

I entered my car and waved at her as I drove off

After few minutes of driving, a call entered and I packed by a packing lot to receive the call since it's from Evan, it may be urgent and very important

"Brother , turn back now, follow a red cab with number 001BWW" Evan said and hung up

My mind couldn't think anything at that moment , what does he mean by that, is anything the problem again?

I entered my car and reversed , I drove faster till I sighted the red cab with number 001BMW

I keep following the car in a way that the cab will not know
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� Billionaire Boys �

Authored and produced by Feathers ( Oyebamiji Samuel )

Episode 8

Ivy's POV

I finished Reading that very page and I closed the diary. The secretes are getting unveiled gradually

Could it be that my sister went to another man's place or what? My sister don't sleep outside at might, that's certain so she couldn't have gone to another man's place

Well, I guess , I just have to keep reading . I need to find a way of getting the other two diaries

I do not know the fate of the billionaire twin outside now , but knowing why they are like that will give me the ideas on how to help them especially Ethan , he seems to be the most broken one while Evan just seems to be a good brother who is sharing and bearing the pain of his brother on his soul

I opened to the next page and read

Ethan's POV

Flashback . Three years ago

I drove and keep following the cab till the cab came to an halt. I turned to the other side of the road and packed my car.

I concentrated my attention on Olivia as she stepped down the cab

"This isn't her house, why in the world did she get down here ?" I muttered inquisitively to myself

Olivia stepped down and stared around then I noticed that her face met with a man who was sitting on a public beautiful wooden chair

Olivia smiled and walked towards the man. I didn't identify the man I caught her sleeping with cus I have no business to do with the man , I'm more disappointed with my own girlfriend who cheated on me

Olivia hugged the man and sat beside the man while the man hugged her with his right hand

I didn't want to believe they are into something , maybe they are just friend , I shouldn't think too far just because I see her with a male

Olivia moved her lips closer to the man playfully and the man planted his lips on that of Olivia

My heart bleeds like someone had Peirce it , I feel like dieing and being buried at that moment

Is this really happening or it's just a dream. I closed my eye sadly trying to think on what I'd just seeing

I pray in my heart that it's just a dream but no, it isn't a dream, it's real life

I opened my eye after few seconds and saw them still kissing and playing

Tears were pouring from my face like a rain falling angrily. My heart was forming into a stone that will never be broken

The painful part is that I still Love her . I have a feeling that she's doing all this cus I'm probably not as romantic as the man

Maybe she wants sex and I'm not making the move of having it with her, maybe she wants me to be Kissing her often

Maybe she wish that I'm like that man she's kissing , sadness parades my heart and I could feel my heart pounding in pain like someone about to give up

My heart suddenly start to become swollen that I can hardly think again , I feel like I'm choking

"I Love Olivia, I truly love her. Olivia why? I Love you" I keep saying to myself while loosing balance on the sit of the car till I lost consciousness of my environment

Ivy's POV continues

I heard a knock on the door and that force me to quickly close the diary and hide it

I walked towards the door and twisted the knob and the door gave way itself

" Get dressed, we going out" Evan said and turned and left

Oh! Where are we going?

I hurriedly went to the bathroom to bath, I did all my dressing swiftly and looked my best

I walked outside majestically towards the sitting room. They had changed their clothes and are now putting on suit.

They looked handsome and identical as always , but I've being trying to recognize them, and the only way I'd being able to do that is that one's face seems cool while the other 's face looks like that of a beast

Evan is the one with the cool face while Ethan is the one with a stern face, but they are both wicked and cruel

"We've gat a call to attend a special function for the CEO's of many game company in America. Everyone is to come with a female or I say a girlfriend, we do not have any and many atimes, we look odd when we go to occasions like this without a female but everyone understands that our hatred for ladies made us that way. But we wanna make tongue waggling about our new appearance with a female and not only that, they will respect us more cus they believe anyone with a girlfriend or wive is responsible " Evan said and I watch

I didn't say a word cus I do not know what to say

"She can't dress like this, she's dressing like an old nurse " Ethan said looking at me irritatingly like I'm some kinda sh*t

I examined myself from head to toe to confirm what he said

"do I look like old nurse really? " I thought while taking a look at my dressing pathetically

I don't know what , but his words seems to have effect on me that I totally and suddenly feel unworthy to follow them to the occasion

I really wanna follow them cus seeing how all these rich people relate and interact is an opportunity and they are all CEOs

I can't imagine, they will see me as an important person , not knowing that I'm just a poor nurse on a six month project

But like seriously, I really wanna follow them but this my dressing has disqualified me already .

I guess I have to learn how to dress well cus of future opportunities like this

"We gonna take her to BB's place , they are good at selecting best dress for men and ladies according to the day and function they going to" Evan said and my face brightened

Ethan nodded and walked outside

Ethan respect his brother , he doesn't go against any of his suggestion, I guess he's humble but his problem is just ladies

We walked out together . we all stepped inside the car while Evan drove off

I wonder why they don't employ a driver to drive them around with all the monies that they had

We arrived at a very big and magnificent building, just like anyone, the first thing I looked for in the building as soon as I stepped out of the car is the inscription on it

I saw BB and I know at once that, that is where they will change for me.

Evan stepped down while Ethan stayed inside the car.

"We'll be back soon" Evan said to Ethan who was sitting inside the car and that was when it came to my knowledge that Ethan will wait for us inside the car and that he won't follow us inside

Evan and I walked inside , the attendants approached us and Evan explained what we had came for to them

They took me into a room, did a special kind of bathing for me, then took each part of my body trough a lot of processes that I even got tired at some point

Applying different chemical or is it lotion or cream who knows , applying different ones to different part of my body like I'm some kinda house they painting

They were finally done with me and I wasn't even allowed to choose a dress , they just selected one after examining me and the whatever that was painted on my face and wore it for me

They selected a beautiful shoe also then I was brought before a golden mirror to see their works on me

I ran my eyes through my body to confirm if it's Ivy or they have actually converted me into a model

"This is so beautiful !" I exclaimed happily with a wide grin forming on my lips

"Money makes people beautiful"One of the workers said and I nodded shyly

They walked me outside of the room like I'm the wive of the president and presented me to Evan

Evan arched his brow and I almost jump up in happiness that my new beauty had a crazy effect on him

He controlled his emotions and pay the company then he walked me out while he keep stealing glances at me

He thought I did not know but I know and I'm enjoying it, all this while , the expression on my face was that of sadness, horror or fear but this time around , with the present effect I'm having on Evan, my face is gladly emitting happiness

We finally got to their car and he went to the drivers sit while I stepped inside the owners sit of the car and sat with Ethan

His face was dull and sad as usual, he turned his face to me unconsciously and examined me from head to toe while I keep smiling shyly

" I hate women that smile, what makes them happy? I hate to see women smile, they should always cry" He said angrily and the smile on my face dropped to that of fear

"Don't start the car yet Evan" He said and opened the door and stepped down

He came to the side of the car I was and ordered for me to step down

I could see anger on his face

He ordered for Evan to open the boot of the car and he obliged from the drivers sit he is

"Lay inside this boot you woman, may your kind die and seize to exist from this earth" He cursed and I fearfully went and lay inside the boot with my beautiful cloth and beautiful face

"Oh!" I heard Evan exclaimed while approaching where Ethan stood

"Imagine, one of the breeds of women smiling, just imagine , gosh! I wish I can kill her, if not for our exams " Ethan said

"What exactly is making her smile when we live all our life in pain and sadness, I wish there is something we can do to her that will forever make her be in pain like us " Evan said

"I wish too, our exams should come quick so she can help us pass and I'll have to kill her. I can't wait to kill her with my bare hands just like I kill mother . Evan! I wish we can develop a technology that will bring all women in the world together in one place , then I'll set a bomb that will bomb them and they will all die , then women will never be seen in this world again, maybe we will be happy" Ethan said painfully and wickedly

"I wish, I hope our wishes come true , I wish she can suffocate inside that boot till she dies , but the function... " Evan said but considered

Evan closed the boot on me and I have no idea what they were saying again, I can hardly hear anything

I keep regretting the fact that I'm smiling while they are in sadness and pain. I shouldn't have laugh

I should have just remained neutral , now, I'll have to be here till we get to the function

So sad �
Re: BILLIONAIRE BOYS. by Authorfeathers: 7:39pm On Dec 14, 2019
� Billionaire Boys �

Authored and produced by Feathers ( Oyebamiji Samuel )

Episode 9

Ivy's POV

I was inside the boot and I heard the car moving.

After a while, I notice the car finally came to an halt and the boot was opened after few seconds

I stepped down feeling so sad and scared at the same time, I dare not smile for my remaining months with them hence they end up killing me or doing something worst

"Let's go" Evan said and I followed behind

When we almost get to the entrance of the function , Evan turned at me

"Walk with us side by side" He ordered and I stayed in their middle but they had already spoilt my mood . I'm not happy in any way

"You welcome B boys" One of the men there greeted as we entered, he shook hands with us all

"Is this your girlfriend?" The man asked and Evan nodded

"Like both of you share the same girl?" The man asked

"Of course not, she's my girlfriend" Evan replied

"Oh!" The man said and paved way for us to sit

We went to sit at a very decent chair and I watched the beautiful surroundings but I wasn't happy. Being inside the boot killed all my morals already

"Ivy, the programme will soon start now and I'm giving the opening speech , but we going out together" He said and I nodded

Not like I have a choice , he should have just commanded me to follow him when he is about to start going

The programme commenced and it's time for him to go to the front to give a speech. He stood and walked to the front while I followed him

We got to the stage and while he was giving the opening speech , I was force to smile even though I did not feel like, but the spectators will start wondering why my face is dull

My eyes suddenly met with someone sit at the back with a man

It's my sister. Oh no! My sister is dead. Am I hallucinating or what?

I turned my head to Evan who was giving speech. I want to leave him and run to meet that person that looks like my sister but I'm scared of the punishment I'll receive afterwards

My attention had being drifted away from Evan and is now with the lady looking like my sister at the back

She wasn't looking at me instead , she was playing with the man

Is this a kinda dream or what?

Evan tapped me me by my shoulder after few minutes of giving his speech

I turned and noticed that all eyes are specifically on me. Seems he has being calling me but I have no idea , my mind wasn't there with him

Hope I had not brought him disgrace

"Appreciate everyone for listening to our speech" He said and I collected the mic

But I was only looking at him, I feel like running closer to the lady sitted at the back who looks like my sister

"Thanks everyone for...for.." I said and blinked my trying to recover from the greatest shock of my life

Though I never get to see the corpse of my sister but I know she's dead

"Thanks for giving us your rapt attention " I said and returned the mic to Evan

He received it and dropped it and we both Walked out of the stage with cheers from the audience

I followed him to the place we sat before we went to the stage.

"What's wrong with you? Why can't you give a simple appreciative speech?" Evan requested

"I'm sorry" I said still thinking about my sister. I know she's dead and I'm so sure she's the one I saw

I want to stand up from their midst to meet the lady who looks exactly like my sister but I did not know how to

"Please sir, I saw something that looks like my sister at the back sit" I said

"Forget it , your sister is dead " Evan said and focuses on the front

He seems to be so sure , how did he know that my sister is dead ?

I turned and still see that girl playing with a man at the back sit

Maybe they just look like ?

The function was over and we went home

Isn't my sister dead?

I entered my room walking to and fro seriously thinking on what I saw

What is happening here , maybe she's not dead

I heard a knock on my door and I turned to the door to open it

It's Evan

"Have this pictures" He said and gave me some picture's

"Omg! " I exclaimed sadly as I placed my hand on my chest in fear

Tears poured from my face and my whole self gets overwhelmed in sadness

"I believe you can now see for yourself that your sister is dead for real, so stop the hallucination" Evan said and walked out

I took the pictures and spread it on the floor , they were the dead pictures of my sister

She is dressed in white and white wool were placed on her nose and her ears, she is lay in a casket

According to the police report, they couldn't find the dead body of my sister cus they assumed that someone raped her and throw her into the sea

How did Evan get this picture that proves beyond all doubt that my sister is dead for real

He must have being connected to it one way or the other

I walked out of my room and went to the sitting room where Ethan and Evan sat

I walked in sluggishly into their midst and placed the picture on the center table

" This is the dead body of my sister , how did you get it sir?" I asked Evan

Ethan looked puzzled but my questions is directed towards Evan

"Ethan killed your sister " Evan confessed

"Excuse me?" I asked not wanting to believe what Evan said

"You heard me" Evan said and I turned to Ethan

"You killed my sister sir" I said in a questioning tone but Ethan didn't reply

Instead he was confused and looked into his brother's face for help

"You killed her " Evan said and Ethan turned at me and nodded

"Yes , I kill her " Ethan replied and I bowed my head in sadness

I'm living with people that killed my sister , I must take revenge, I won't act too fast but I will add to Ethan's sorrow and agony

I stood up sullenly and walked sluggishly back to my room

I opened the diary to read but I can't even read anything, my soul is disturbed and I feel like dying , then it's not my sister that I saw at the function we went

Maybe it's someone that looked like my sister

I want to continue reading the dowry but my heart is longing seriously for revenge

I must help my sisters revenge her death

I stood up from the sit and went to the kitchen, I served two drinks and poisoned one

I brought the two drinks to them

"I guess you must have being tired as a result of the function , please drink this , it will relax your nerves" I said and Evan was the first to pick his

"Now that you know my brother killed your sister , what are you gonna do?" He asked

"Nothing " I replied

I served Ethan but he shot me a dead look, it's obvious he didn't feel like drinking

"What if you had poisoned the food ?" Evan asked and I nodded

"I did not sir " I defended and Evan walked inside his room

He came back with a yellow litmus paper and inserted it inside his drink , the litmus paper didn't change color then he inserted it inside that of Ethan and the color changed to red

"My suspicions were right, you wanted to kill Ethan " Evan said and dipped his hand inside his pocket and stretched his gun at me

I bow my head and gave up, I'll die , that one is so sure

My foolish act has brought my death upon me.

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