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In The Billionaire's Bed *written By Emelradine* / The Billionaire's Secret Heartthrob / My Billionaire Boyfriend (2) (3) (4)

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FIRE AND ICE (the Billionaire's Toy) by emperorblog21(m): 11:50am On Jun 19
(The Billionaire’s Toy)
Written by,Adesola Adeomowole.
( # Pweety_Adesola )


I just wanna be a little bit unpredictable and
totally different, so enjoooooy what i composed
# Synopsis.
…who do you think Beauty really is??….
An assistant chef or a stripper that dances just
to satisfy men lustful gaze!
Beauty is the name of an ordinary,soft,fragile
and tender lady.
Shout at her and she will faint.
(I don’t know why).
She’s born with a silver spoon but sadly the
silver spoon did not last. Learning good things
the hard way became the only way she can
Struggling with her step mother made things
easy but it became worst when she gained
entrance into her dream high school.
The world of the Rich’s and billionaires.
The only place where King and queens dine.
How did she get there
(Find out)
She became an assistant chef then later she
became a stripper that dance just to satisfy
men lustful gaze and yet she knew nothing
about men but she sees them as gods.
“No friends”
“Don’t talk back to any of the billionaires”
“Working hours starts immediately after school
hours,so that we can put up with our feeds”
Those are the rules of her step mother.
She acted as if she does not exist,
She read more and talk less.
….what happened when she came across the
perfect rich guys……?
(And that’s exactly what her step mother is
trynna prevent).
But can she fool all of the people?
Can she avoid the dreadly handsome looking
Seven Miles.
Seven Miles is the richest billionaire and also
the hottest.
He is spoilt ever since birth,
He is as rude as Bleep and a no attention giver.
Playing dirty games is his sport,
Striping and ravishing a woman is his hobbie,
Winning a challenge with every other
handsome billionaires is his goal.
Getting things with a snap of his fingers is his
Seven Miles noticed Beauty and he became
more mean to the general of the dead.
Seven turned into a fire and made sure he
would melt the ice(Beauty).
What is the solution to this tongue
Find out in my book
Extract from my book
“You’re staring at me”
He yelled to me in a sweet voice at the library
and my heart jumped into my stomach.
I didn’t utter a word,i just kept my head low
since Mom said i shouldn’t speak back to any
of the billionaires.
His eyes moved in shades of red balls,he
moved closer to me and pulled my long hairs.
“Don’t even try your luck on me”
“I don’t like girls with brown long hairs”
He shouted at me and pushed me backwards.
My head started turning me,all i saw were dark
empty spaces and i slump downwards slowly, i
found my unconscious body lying in another
masculine figure.
Ohhh no!!!!
This isn’t happening!!!!
I screamed in my faintest voice till my heart
develop a seizure.
Remember; shout at her and she will faint
Oya,should i start

source: https://www.emperorblog.com.ng/2019/06/17/fire-and-ice-new-story/
Re: FIRE AND ICE (the Billionaire's Toy) by emperorblog21(m): 11:51am On Jun 19
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Re: FIRE AND ICE (the Billionaire's Toy) by izaray(f): 12:04pm On Jun 19
ann2012 lightqueen izaray devilpen youngicee okafor2007
Abeg carry go ahead ahead as e dy hot smiley

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Re: FIRE AND ICE (the Billionaire's Toy) by emperorblog21(m): 4:06pm On Jun 23
The Billionaires’ To¥
( # Pweety_Adesola )
Now enjoy
_________ Beauty’s POV ________
My hands keeps trying to remove the strong
legs that pinned my head like a slave down to
the bed but it could not.
I keep struggling over the legs but it would not
just let go of my small body.
I finally gave up on struggling with the leg. I
shut my eyes and find myself drowning in
The leg let me go and it’s soft arms surrounded
my neck. I gave a small smile still in sleep and
pulled the blanket over us.
Next day 6:00am .
Dyna get your legs away from me!!
Get your arms off me!!!
I pushed Dyna legs all over me and jump outta
our bed.
What a crazy step sister i got??
Dyna! Dyna!! Dyna!!!
Get up or else you’re gonna get your ass
kicked off by Elva”
I threatened Dyna but she did not seem to get
Beauty i wanna catch some sleep.
Mom won’t do anything to us and besides its
not time for work”
Dyna grinned in sleep.
You have 30minutes or else you’re gonna be in
trouble with Elva”
I uttered and rushed into the bathroom.
I can’t copy Dyna.
She has a mom while i got nothing in this little
Elva is Dyna mom and also my step mother
that treats me just like her own daughter.
Learning good things the hard way is the only
way we survive.
Beauty are you in
Dyna knock in the bathroom door.
Yes, I’m in.
But can you help me with your towel, mine is
not washed”
I uttered,feeling a little bit embarrassed by my
Sure sis,anything for you”
Dyna hung her towel on the bathroom door so
that i can make use of it.
I stepped out minutes latter with her towel
wrapped around me.
Gosh 6:30am
And the restaurant open at 7:00am.
Dyna you gotta be fast”
I voiced out to Dyna who is already having her
I pulled out the same outfit for Dyna and i”
You’re done!!
Dyna asked.
I replied and turned in a swift.
Dyna came out of the bath room Unclad with
water dripping all over her body.
What type of crazy step sister have i
I was about saying before she cuts in.
Don’t Dyna me because i was the one that
allowed you make use of my towel”
She smiled and started putting on her
Fine,you can make use of it”
I unwrapped the towel and stretch it to her
since i already had on my underwears.
Scratch that off sister,
We are running out of time you know”
Dyna seethed and started wearing her clothes.
I did the same.
Are you done
Elva stepped into the small room we both
Yes mom,we’re done”
Dyna replied while i gave a small nod.
We followed Elva to the dining.
Our dining room had only four wooden chairs
and a medium sized table at the center.
Elva dished out yesterday’s left over into two
equal portions for Dyna and i.
Thanks” we muttered and started eating.
Dyna had almost finished half of her own food.
Beauty are you sure you can finish that food!!
She questioned me.
No, i can’t.
Do you care for some”
Yes” she replied immediately while i gave out
half if my own food to her.
Minutes later,we’re done.
Beauty avoid trouble”
Dyna protect her from trouble”
Elva uttered and kissed our cheeks before
opening the door for us to get out.
Dyna you’re getting carried away”
I pinched her ears in other to get her attention.
Can’t you see that the restaurant is a bomb.
It’s always beautiful each passing day.
Delight Miles!!!
Dyna read out the inscription on the restaurant
in astonishment.
Delight still remain the richest man here.
And his cute son”
Beauty….he’s really cute.
Seven Miles is really cute”
Dyna shuttled.
We are here for work….
Don’t forget the rules!!!
I brought back Dyna to reality by pulling her
into the dressing section.
We changed into the restaurant dress of white
long sleeve shirt, black short skirt,white pop
socks and a chef cap to cover our hairs before
working to Miss Chloe’s stand.
You are all welcome to Delight restaurant.
Today’s dishes;
Macroons with spiced chicken
Fries salmon with steak
Indian rice with Spanish stew.
But let’s start with macroons.
Y’all should go to your separate stand and
start,Seven Miles is coming here for breakfast”
Miss Chloe dismiss us and adjusted her
Dyna kept grinning.
Get a hold,Dyna” i retorted and faced my own
____ Seven’s POV _______
You,you,you,you and you!!!
I want the five of you at the border right away.
Make sure the goddam security is tight.
I love hardworking guys”
I signalled five of the body guards before
moving into my Bugatti with three escort behind
Two sat the front seat while one sat beside me
at the back seat.
I wanna have breakfast in one of my restaurant
before going to school.
Sir,we are here” Shiva opened the car door
and gave me a slight bow.
I stepped out and allow my blue hair fall on my
face. I was soon in the huge restaurant. I
ignored the staffs greetings and took my seat
at the center.
I already became the center of attraction
Like seriously, why can’t they stop staring at
____ Beauty’s POV _____
I am almost done with the macroons…
It will soon be ready.
I don’t want Chloe shouting around.
I will just faint. I don’t know why.
That’s why i just try my possible best to prevent
A glass slipped from Dyna’s hand and gave a
loud crack.
I jerked back in fear.
Who did that?
Who broke that goddam glass in my dad’s
A voice rants.
I raised my lashes and saw him.
Light blue hair!!!!
Is he really human?
Who did that now?
He yelled but he has not started shouting,he is
just yelling.
You broke the goddam glass!!!!
He pointed at Dyna who was visibly shaking.
You broke the glass
He questioned Dyna,
She didn’t say anything,she just kept mute.
Mom told us to act like that, we shouldn’t speak
back to the Rich’s.
Which type of people are working here
He went mad with Miss Chloe instantly with his
gaze still on Dyna.
I don’t know what came over me, i found myself
“No i was the one who broke the glass”
I lied in my calmest voice.
You you!!!!
You broke the glass”
He’s about shouting…..his dark eyeballs
started moving in brick reds.
Dyna knew it that I’m going to faint any
No, she’s not the one,
I’m the one!!!!
Dyna cut in again,leaving the billionaire in a
confused state.
We both break the rule at the same time.
Re: FIRE AND ICE (the Billionaire's Toy) by emperorblog21(m): 4:07pm On Jun 23
The Billionaires’ To¥
( # Pweety_Adesola )
# Chapter~•2
Now enjoy
______ Beauty’s POV ______
I keep trying to swim hard for myself not to fall
but i can’t seem to get more air. The pounding
headache has arrived again and i will faint any
moment from now.
If only he can stop shouting.
I wanna know who broke that glass right
He yelled in a sweet voice and it was more or
less like a tiny shout.
Is this guy really human
How can he be so as rude as Bleep??
Who does he thinks he really is
Seven Miles……
The son of the richest man my foot.
Get that person fired right away!!!
He said in a calm voice but his eyeballs were
still rolling in shades of red balls.
Dyna you’re fired!!
Chloe charged at my step sister.
No,she was not the one that broke the glass,i
am the one.
Get me fired right away!!!
I stepped out and started removing my cooking
I can’t just let Chloe fire Dyna.
Dyna loved cooking.
She wanted to be a chef even when we are not
opportuned to go to school,we don’t have that
I want her fired right away”
Seven stood up while his escorts followed him
Don’t cry,
I see you have a golden heart,
Come,i see what you’re doing.
You really want your sister to get the job. You
want her to keep the job”
Chloe pulled me into a tight hug.
I finally pulled away and walked into the
dressing section. I changed into my own dress
and kept back the chef clothings.
I removed the chef cap and allowed all my hair
to fall freely on my face.
Dyna called my name and walked into the
dressing section.
It’s gonna be fine” she uttered and pull me into
a tight hug.
“I can always do anything for my own sister
even if we are not from the same mother”
I just see us like we are twins….
Like you’re my own better half”
I mumbled and pulled away from the hug.
Beauty where are you going
You’re going home??
She moved forward and pushed my head
No,I’m gonna wait for you outside the
I can’t possibly go home and. ….
What will i tell Elva?
That we met one of the billionaires…
You know that’s what Mom hates.
She hates it whenever we are discriminated.
So i will just wait for you outside till you’re
I waved at Dyna and stepped out of the
I sat on the dry floor,just few centimeters from
the restaurant.
I’m happy with all i got.
I’m not rich but i have a pure heart and a crazy
What else can a simple girl ask for
_______ Seven’s POV ________
Who does she thinks she really is
She even spoke to me
I don’t speak with dirty fellows like her.
Hey,why are you staring at me like that?
Get me my phone and notepad!!!
I glared at Shiva who trembled at my feet
instantly like i am some idols.
Yes sir,it’s here”
He shuttled and handed me my i-pod and my
note pad.
He opened the door for me and gave a slight
bow again.
Get out!!!
I shouted at him and he moved away instantly.
C’mon let them stare at me….
It’s a free world.
I walked arrogantly to the class. I’m late
again,just as usual but no one dare hold me
nor question me.
I removed my earbuds and replaced it with a
white headset.
The glass door slide open for me to get into the
dancing room and it close automatically by
Daisy was standing in front of the smart board
with her hands on her waist.
“You’re here Seven”
She uttered and flashed a smile.
I replied her and took my seat at the second
She rolled her eyeballs,looking really
disappointed before facing the class.
“Like i said, I’m gonna group you guys into six,i
will give you a song and you’re gonna find the
perfect step by yourself”
Daisy keep uttering her words.
“You know what to do whenever you’re
“Dancing is not as hard as you think”
“Some people shut their eyes whenever they
You know what that means
It simply means the person is dancing just to
wipe away bad memories.
So now,
Back to the latter….
We are gonna have six lists
Pop dance
Slow dance
Lovers dance
Royal dance
Crazy dance
Fast dance.
So the best group dancer is gonna represent
us in the WBM and probably bring back our
Daisy explained and left the class.
Immediately she left,
Girls came drooling over me again.
“Seven what’s the model of your i-pod”
Fiona questioned.
“Seven is your headset new”
Claire chipped in.
“Can i make use of your jacket??
Just for a night”
Fiona pleaded and made a baby face.
What the heck Fiona
Len burst in and pulled Fiona to himself.
Perhaps,you should tell your bitch to stay off
I spoke to Len in horror and left the class.
Bleep Fiona, Bleep Len.
That stupid Len is always competing with me
just like a predator does to it’s prey.
We both like playing dirty games,
Let’s just see who will win.
It’s the best player.
I left the class for the library and picked one of
my favourite writer novel.
It is titled BLACK HEART .
A novel written by a Nigerian named Adesola
Adeomowole.It’s gonna be interesting since
her books are pretty cool.
I’m as rude as Bleep but I’m a book freak.
With the book in my hand,i walked back to the
parking lots.
Shiva gave a slight bow again and opened the
I gotta go back to that restaurant to see if that
commoner has been truly fired”
I smirked and positioned my headset very well.
This Is it,the beginning of trouble.

read more here: https://www.emperorblog.com.ng/?s=fire+and+ice
Re: FIRE AND ICE (the Billionaire's Toy) by YoungBruzzy: 7:29pm On Jun 23
I'm here with my bowl of popcorn with chill Pepsi!!! Front seat booked.. gbam!! Ride on OP
Re: FIRE AND ICE (the Billionaire's Toy) by emperorblog21(m): 8:07pm On Jun 25
The Billionaires’ To¥
( # Pweety_Adesola )
# Chapter ~•3
Now enjoy
_____ Dyna’s POV _____
ironically,i hold on more tight to my work even
when i know that my sister is waiting outside for
me. And she must be damn hungry.
Poor Beauty,her throat must have been sultry
and dry.
I waved off her thoughts and focused on the
sauce that i am making.
“Ain’t you done Dyna??
Chloe shouted and i felt like strangling her.
Hmmm I’m almost done” i bite my lower lip and
replied her.
“The fries are not ready”
I added and started dishing out the already
fried Salmon fish.
“What are you still doing??
Chloe appeared in the presence of my stand.
“I have dished out the salmons but the fries is
not yet ready”
I replied her and brought out five plates of fried
“It remained one because as at the last time i
checked,i remembered giving you six plates”
Chloe adjusted her spectacles and cast me a
cold glare.
“Yes,you gave me six plates Miss,
But you never told me to make six salmons” i
spoke back politely to Chloe.
I’m just trying to be leniet with her because I’m
not Beauty that she can order anyhow she
“Goodness sake Dyna!!
Where did you keep your thinking cap??
I gave you six plates-and that means you’re
gonna make six salmons”
Dyna you have just 20minutes to make another
Chloe uttered and left me speechless.
Ooooucchhh my hand
It really hurts!!! I withdraw my hand from the
last dish and shaked it vigorously.
The hot steamy salmon had burn my little
I made six dishes but i kept one and gave her
five. I wanna give the last one to Beauty. She
must be hungry and tasty.
I wrapped the fried salmon in a paper roll and
placed it carefully in my apron.
Chloe is coming”
I quickly picked a tray for disguise.
Minutes later,i was out of the restaurant.
Look here” i raised my head and signalled her
to come forward.
Common walk faster”
I grabbed her hands and took her to the
backside of the restaurant.
Take this!!!!
I unwrapped the salmon and offered it to her.
You can take water also whenever you’re
She took the water first and gulp down the
whole content.
Thanks” she muttered and started eating the
Sorry, i just have 2hours to spend, then we will
be going home.
I excused myself from her and hurried back to
Chloe didn’t see me,So i grinned to myself. I
deserve some accolades..
____ Seven’s POV ______
That guy won’t hear any word.
He does not no who Len Donald really is.
“Jake are you deaf or what
Can’t you just follow simple instructions.
I told you earlier that you should cover the
boarder but you wouldn’t listen.
I want the area and perimeter of that house to
be covered tightly.
Just put more projectors and camera’s around.
“Idiot,put more security around”.
I want it covered tightly.
You know what
You will be so sorry for yourself if any intruder
should step in.
“I told you what to do already but you’re acting
You acted more of an idiot that you made that
motherfucker saw those new designs of the
club that i planned buying.
You know who Len Donald and Fiona Mali
They both like playing dirty games and winning
challange is also their goal.
“Jake if you should allow Len Donald outsmart
me again, just consider yourself a dead meat
because i won’t hesitate to feed your balls to
the birds.
I hung up on Jake (my right hand man) while
Shiva opened the door for me to step down.
Again,he gave that idiotic slight bow.
“So foolish”
I rolled my eyeballs and pushed my hairs
I walked freely into the huge restaurant and
scan through it.
“That blonde is not there anymore”
Good for her!!!
I smirked and ordered for a coffee.
Soon, my phone beeped.
It’s a message from Dianne(Fiona’s scholl
She just texted me some messages.
I saw what her plans are.
She will be going on a date with Len Len
is so bent on stealing your designs,the one you
wanna make use of at the club.
A cute rich handsome guys just arrived
today in our high school.
His name is Bryce Kali
I don’t know if he’s probably working with
len,but to me,he look more of an informant.
Len and Fiona will be coming to your dad’s
restaurant by 7:00pm”
Diane’s message read.
What the Bleep han?
It’s already 6:57pm.
That brat will soon be here.
I stood up abruptly and walked to the back side
of the restaurant.
“That Len thinks he’s smart…..
What the Bleep is happening
I ran my hands into my hair in frustration and
heard some squeaking sounds.
Is someone there!!!
I speak loudly and moved closer to the place
that the squeaking sound is coming from.
_______ Beauty’s POV _______
I munch the fried salmon Dyna gave to me in
silence but i stopped when i heard some
footsteps behind me.
It was the strong expensive collonge that filled
my nostrils first.
I knew it instantly that someone is coming.
I’m in trouble!!!
I sniffed with my hands on my head.
There’s no hideout here.
Not even a single place to hide.
What I’m i going to do
The person is really coming,and the rate at
which the expensive collonge smells keeps
There is not a single place to hide.
It was only a small drum that is half filled with
I was still deliberating on what to do when the
sweet voice came up.
Is anybody there
The sweet voice questioned,and it sent strong
shivers down my spines like an ice was drop
on my spinal cord.
I didn’t think twice,i jumped into the drum if
water and covered myself with the lid(cover).
Ohhh no….
No one is there!!!!
I saw him clench his fist before leaving in
That was a narrow escape!!
I muttered under my breath and tried opening
the lid of the drum but i can’t.
Goodness sake,
What’s happening to me
I said to myself and tried opening the lid but it
never slide open.
Open! Open!! Open!!!
I punched the cover from inside but it still
refuse to open.
Dear drum please open!!!
I promise i won’t get into you again, just let me
out” i started pleading the inanimate object but
my pleas were just rendered useless since the
drum does not have ears.
Tears welled up in my eyes….
How am i going to get out?
I keep struggling with the lid but it wouldn’t let
me go.
Where are you?
I heard Dyna’s voice……
It’s time to leave for home,where are you??
Dyna keeps ranting.
Dyna come!!!
Come,come and open this drum,I’m inside
I replied but i got no response.
Silly girl show your face or else i will leave”
Dyna threatened.
I shouted in my highest tone till my voice won’t
let me speak again.
Yes Beauty,where are you
I heard her saying again.
Just come,open the drum,I’m inside there” i
I don’t even know if she heard what i said or
You must be really crazy….
How can you hide in the drum..
She starlted and i heard her footstep coming
close to the drum.
Are you inside here?
She asked.
I’m there” i replied her but my voice turned out
just like I’m whispering.
Dyna didn’t hear what i said…..
I lit my eyes up and met the lid of the drum
Did you just hide in a drum
Dyna burst out laughing while helping me out of
the drum.
I felt a little bit embarrassed by my actions.
Re: FIRE AND ICE (the Billionaire's Toy) by emperorblog21(m): 8:08pm On Jun 25



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Fiction Story
June 21, 2019 AdminLeave A Comment On FIRE AND ICE – PART 4


The Billionaire’s To¥
# Chapter ~•4
Now enjoy
_______ Beauty’s POV ______
Like seriously, Dyna you are driving me to the
tangent by telling me to take that job.
And that was funny right
What do you take me for!!!
Dyna get a hold because I’m not gonna take
the job”
I pushed Dyna off me and threw the bikinis and
heels she gave me away.
What if Elva knows of it??
What do you want me to tell her??
“That i wanted to be a stripper just because i
got fired from the restaurant.
“Dyna i thought youbare smarter than this but to
be sincere,your thinking ability is really down”
I snarled at Dyna and pulled the duvet over
She wants me to be a stripper so that we can
get more money.
“Look,beauty it’s not like that”
It’s not even what you think. The club just got
built and it’s the newest in town”
Dyna blurted out while picking the pair of bra
and parties that i threw away.
I swear Mom won’t know about it and
besides,being a stripper does not mean you
will be going after men.
Strippers are not sluts,
They just dance….or do you think i will like it if
you become a stripper?
Not at all, i won’t like it but we need to get more
Let’s do it like this,
You can continue with my own job while i take
up with the stripper work…”
Dyna cried on my already sleeping shoulders.
It’s okay.
Stripper or no stripper, go to bed” i uttered and
pulled the duvet over us.
****Saturday (next day)
At the dining
“Beauty how are you coping with your
restaurant work
Elva questioned me.
Well Mom… I’m… I’m…
“I got fired then Dyna lured me in becoming a
I can’t possibly tell her that,she will be so mad
at me.
It’s fine ..I’m coping well” i replied her and bite
my lower lip,just to feel the pain of lying to her.
Are you sure?
Elva asked again.
Yes we’re doing fine” Dyna cuts in and sip a
large quantity of her juice.
Done…. Mom bye!
Dyna stood up and grabbed the bag that
contained two bikinis, a mask, a wig and a pair
of heels.
Are you hiding anything from me
Is there anything you don’t want me to
Just tell me,I’m always here for you.
Look here,I’m your mother and you can always
speak to me”
Elva spoke in a motherly tone.
It’s… I…you….we…
I wanted to tell Elva everything but on seeing
the look on Dyna face,i can’t tell her.
It’s gonna be fine”
I pulled her in a hug instead and sob on her
I pulled away and followed Dyna out.
I’m sorry but we just have to do these.
We need Money….”
I know” i cut in and head Dyna hand.
I got you two black bikinis,a mask that you can
use to cover your face,a dark wig that you will
use to cover your real hair and a pair of heels”
Dyna blurted out and handed me the bag.
“Don’t forget to act smart”
“It’s one of the billionaires club….so outsmart
yourself and don’t let anyone touch you
She squeezed my hand and left me in front of
the club.
I read the inscription aloud.
i never thought twice,i stepped in.
“Are you one of the new strippers??
“You don’t look bad yourself”
A stout man spoke in a husky voice.
Yes,I’m one of them” i replied politely.
Okay,go this way” he directed me to a room.
Like a fool that had lost it’s sanity,i stepped
into the room and met four young girls.
What’s your name?
One of them stood up while the three others
surrounded me.
“I love your hair”
“You look tender”
“I bet you will be a better asset for us here”
A blonde pulled my hairs and made a loud
I was visibly shaking,i don’t want noise and
they are making noise.
Stop it!!!!! I yelled at them in my tiny voice.
They back off instantly and move to their
various positions.
Oh my Gosh
Was i mean to them
I just yelled at my new friends..
Arggh” i held my head in pain,my pounding
headache is back again.
Look,I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to yell at you like
I’m Beauty” i introduce myself.
I’m Juliet
They introduce their self with a smile.
Dress up,it’s time already.
The billionaires will soon be here but don’t
allow them touch you”
Just dance for them so that you can get their
Johann picked up a conversation with me.
I gave a slight nod and start pulling off my
clothes. I wore the bikini Dyna packed for me
and slip my feet into the medium sized heels
before wearing the dark curly wig.
I was about putting on the mask when Johann
stop me.
“We don’t wear that unless you want to get
Okay” i retorted and drop the mask with a
shattered heart.
It’s her turn to dance” Mitchell uttered in an
aggressive tone and pushed me out of the
*it’s better you start going to the stage now”
Mitchell words hunts me as i took slow step to
the stage.
All lights went off, it was only the blue light on
the stage that fall on me.
I just stood like a fool.
Hundreds of eyes are already feasting on my
small body..
What a life?
So i will be dancing just to satisfy their lustful
Give me a breath
And now you are killing me slowly
And now you are hurting me so bad
Nobody again
But you are turning it away
Slow music play on the background and i move
my hips to the rhymth of the song.
My hips swayed right with my hands up. I shut
my eyes and did the splits,i allowed my fake
hair(wig) move randly.
I hung my body on the pole and made some
romantic moves.
Money were thrown on me.
“Oh you”
“Come and do the splits on my dick”
Just for a night”
Money kept flooding in the floor.
I got off the pole and packed all the money, i
was still packing them when my gaze met with
the blue haired (seven)….but his hair was not
blue,it was dyed brown….
He he was staring at my lips lustfully,
He was staring at my small breast…
He shot me that deadly glare meaning you’re
mine tonight,I’m gonna have you tonight.
I look away slowly and continue packing my
I was not thinking straight again because he
was not the only one looking at me with that
I’m really lost here..
I packed my money and rushed out of the
stage,i really need to get out of here.
The money laid on my left hand while my heels
were dangling on the other hand.
I was about opening the door when those voice
stopped me….
“Shapely legs,polyester covered thighs,broad
hips, an amazing set of tilts under a black bra
and the fucking face of a goddess….
How am i going to miss that
They are all mine” Seven gave a wicked grin
and slammed me against the wall.
He tilted my jaws and held my chin.
Who are you
He shouted in a deadly voice….
I couldn’t speak back to him, my lips were just
I’m….. I’m….”
I stuttered and fainted in his broad arms.
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The Billionaire’s To¥
# Chapter ~•5
Now enjoy
I fainted on his broad chest…..
But why I’m i always getting into trouble
What’s gonna happen now
My eyes is not opening at all,my sight is really
blurry and all i saw were just empty dark
My hearts starts pounding faster with my face
burried in his chest.
What is he gonna do with me
What I’m i going to tell Elva??
Ohhh no this isn’t happening to me!!!
He he he even held my chin and made my lips
smulged his bloody lips.
Who are you
I felt him touching my fake hair(wig),he wants
to pull it away.
Who are you
He shouted and that’s what i hate.
I hate noise and I’m really allergic to it.
The rate at which my heart pounds keeps
increasing with each shout he makes.
Ohhh you need water!!
I gotta get it for you”
He laid me on the floor and went out.
He isn’t here again but my head really hurts….
I stood up and took three steps, i tried taking
the fourth step but my nerves failed me,i fell
back to the floor with my head knocking big
“You’re okay”
Seven uttered and poured me water instantly
on my fake hair(wig).
I opened my eyes again and packed my money
and heels.
I took many steps away from him.
I’m so much unlucky because Seven keeps
following me like a predator does to it’s prey.
Just let me be!!!!
Stop following me!!
I spoke to him in a soft whisper even when I
don’t want to.
But who I’m i kidding,I’m still very much
unlucky because the strong head won’t hear
any of that,he keeps following me till i entered
the dressing section.
No one was in,it was only Mitchelle.
That aggressive bitch .
I looked away from her and kept my money in
my bag.
I changed back into my normal wear and keep
the bikinis and heels but i did not remove my
fake hair (wig).
I took my bag and opened the door.
Instead of stepping out,i tripped and fell into
Seven’s arm again.
I’m so much unlucky….
I fell into him or he bump into him and my lips
were almost crushing his lips.
What nonsense?
Beauty remember the rules
Dyna’s words echoed in my ear.
I stood up abruptly,instead of gaining balance
on my feet, he pulled me back like i weigh
nothing till i fell back on his strong masculine
His strong arm cage me to the walls of the
He wouldn’t just let go..
Just let me go!!.
I promise i won’t come here again ..
I won’t come to your club again!!
I won’t strip again!!!
I resulted to pleading with him.
Surprisingly,he let me go and help me up.
“You won’t come here again”
He asked me,not breaking the eyelock that his
eyes shared with mine.
“What’s even your business.
How does that affects you??
Just let me go!!!!
Leave me alone!!!!!
I felt like speaking sense into him but i can’t.
“I won’t come here again”
I gave a nod and collected my bag from him. I
avoided his dark gaze and slip my bag into my
______ Seven’s POV ______
A combination of high cheek bone,full lips,
golden black eyes that are sly and sexy….
She does not want me to look at them.
Her hair was pulled into a short curly
ponytail,the colour of dark wood and cherry …
My body instantly reacts to her.
She took her bag from me and turn to leave.
“Won’t you tell me your name
I asked her but i got no reply.
She nodded negatively and increase the speed
at which she is walking.
You won’t tell me han
I was too fast to have cut up with her.
She slipped her hand away from mine and
started running away.
Is she deaf?
Again,i cut up with her and took her waist
She tried wriggling out of my hold but hell
no,it’s impossible….
“If i should shout at you…
You will faint and you know that”
With you fainting, it will even make it easier for
She stopped struggling with me and replace
her frown with a smirk.
“You’re smart right”
I’m not smart…
But please just let me go”
She spoke in a soft tone and stared into my
I was lost
She gently slipped her wrist away from mine
and ran off..
She’s smart….
Sir,the meeting is about to start”
Shiva cuts in,with my iPod in his palms.
Plus you have a call from Jake” he added and
then gave a foolish bow.
“Cancel all the meetings i have for today”
I blurted out and collected my phone from him.
I dialled Jake digit, he picked on the second
“I don’t care what it takes to get those permits
pushed through,if you don’t get them by the
close of business today, consider yourself
I snarled into the phone and stepped out of the
I need to get going home before that bitch will
step into my father’s house.
“Massey Miles is more deadly than a snake….
She’s my aunt and she wants nothing than my
She will be back from Germany today..
That deadly Human being
She wants me dead so that she can be the
apparent heir of the Miles…
My enemies are just getting increasing each
Len Pablo is always competing with me
Fiona won’t allow me rest,
Bryce also wants my downfall by acting as an
informant and noose it’s Massey ( my stupid
Where did i ever get an idiot as an aunt??
So teribble….
I plung in my headset and walked to the
parking lots….
I met her again….
That same stripper…..
She’s just sitting on the cold floor.
Is she that homeless?
Do you care
My subconscious judged me.
No,i don’t give a damn”
I clicked my lower lip and she met my gaze.
She quickly look away and grab her bag tightly.
She stood up and embrace her bag tightly…
Why is she looking like that
As if she’s dumb?
I took few steps from where i stood to the other
side of my car…
Just then, another girl of her age showed up
out of the blue….
They both stood,uttering what i couldn’t figure
Let’s get out of here!!!
She uttered in a tiny voice and took the girls

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Let's go there
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Let's go there

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The Billionaire’s To¥
# Chapter ~•6
Now enjoy
One more look at the beautiful stripper, i turned
my back at her and step into my car.
Shiva gave a slight bow before rushing to seat
at the driver’s seat.
“Sir you like that commoner
He pick up a friendly conversation with me.
“Why are you asking??
Is that the work i ask you to do
It’s better you get a tight grip on yourself now
or else,consider yourself as a gonner” i
sneered at him in horror.
“Sorry sir” he apologize and focus on the
steering wheel.
I have missed some important text from Jake.
Len Pablo has opened a club just exactly
like yours.
I am still trying to hack into the data of
Bryce Kali because he look more of an
Fiona and Len gave out five schoolarship
papers to commoners so that they csn gain
entrance into Miles Dreame high school with
the help of Massey Miles.
I don’t know what will happen to our own
restaurant and club house since Len built his
own just exactly like ours. It seems Massey
Miles is trynna act like a green snake under a
green puppet to your dad and once she is with
tge properties of the Miles,you know whats
next,she will make you a dead meat.
Anger surpassed me while hot temperedness
took over my veins…
How can Massey do this to me??
She wants to take over Miles Dreame high,
She wants my restaurant,
She wants my clubs….
She wants everything that my mom left in my
And that bitch was the one that killed my mom
and now,she wants me.
She’s ruining everything i have.
She’s smart but I’m smarter than her…
She likes playing dirty games not knowing that
I’m the master of gambling…
She loves winning challenge and that’s my
Can i have the names of those
Sure boss,they are just five girls” Jake sent me
a text instantly.
Mitchelle Darren
Ann Lemon
Curly April .
The last two are yet to summit their scholarship
Jake,keep an eye in those five girls,they
might just be serpents like Massey” i replied
Jake and step out of my car.
Shiva rush and opened the door for me.
“Get out of my way”
I clench my fist and walk into my huge living
I met her….
Massey Miles my aunt.
She sat on a flashy purple couch with a
trending fashion magazine on her hand.
She can never change,she’s still the same
woman she is.
She’s always putting on golden bracelets in her
“Is that how your dead mother taught you how
to greet!!!!
She dropped her trending magazine and send
me a cold glare.
“Your fucking goddam mother taught you to
stare at your elders without greeting?
“Little boy hurry,just come and kiss my feet and
i will forgive your stupid manners”
Massey stretched her feet forward.
I was so lost in thoughts…it’s just that i don’t
beat ladies ….
“Kiss my feet and i will forgive your stupidity”
“I don’t bite”
She uttered and gave that cold glare.
“I should bow down and kiss your feet”
Trust me,i will do that.
“I will just kiss your feet do that you can forgive
my stupid manner.
I gave a small smile and bow at Massey feet,
instead of kissing her feet that bear golden
rings,i push her to the pouch and grab her wine
hair tightly.
“Listen Massey”
I prefer kissing the sand than kissing your
goddam feet….
Your stay in this house is gonna be so
uncomfortable because i will make your life
I push her hair away.
Stubborness is in your blood,
That’s what killed your mother…..
And that’s what will kill you if you’re not careful
She tucked her hair properly and pick up her
“Let’s see who will kiss the dusk”
She retorted.
Its definitely you”.
I replied her with a mocking smile.
Ohhh dad,you’re here”
She changed her cold glare into a smile.
Yes,i just needed to attend an important
meeting” dad replied her.
Take care of your cousin”
Sure Miles, i will take care of your son*
Massey moved closer to me and pulled my hair
like a little kid.
“He hasn’t change a little bit”
“He still get that cute face and body”
“He is just getting more handsome each
passing day”
She comment on my looks right in the presence
of dad.
She’s just the exact opposite of a chameleon.
“Don’t touch me Massey”
I removed her hand from my hair and walked
into my room.
All this nonsense must stop with Massey……
____ Massey POV ______
I will win Seven this time around,not
immediately but definitely.
“Hey you,get your smelling ass here”
I signalled at Seven’s driver (Shiva).
Yes ma” he answered and gave a slight bow.
“Where is Seven coming from
I questioned authoritatively and sip a small
quantity of my vodka.
He staemmered.
“You’re not deaf right
I tap Shiva forehead.
Yes ma,he went to one of his best selling
And he met a beautiful…. .”
Shiva stopped his sentence.
“Why did you stop
“He met a lady right!!!!
Who is she??
What’s her name because i wanna hack into
her data right now!!!!!
I bombarded Shiva with loads of questions and
waited for an answer..
I don’t know what……”
You don’t want to talk right
“Okay tell me everything and i will give you
“I don’t know her name,
Sir did not mention her name, she didn’t even
tell Sir her name”
Shiva shakes in fear.
I’m coding it…….
What happened between her and Seven
Did seven kiss her?”
No they didn’t…. Yes they. ”
Shiva trembled in fear at my feet.
Get out!!!
I uttered and he took to his heels like a wild
Come back!!! I voiced out …
Me”” Shiva asked.
No,not you. ..I’m calling your ancestors..
If you don’t come back here before the
counting of three, consider yourself a dead
I shot Shiva a glare.
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The Billionaire’s To¥
# Chapter ~•7
Now enjoy
Shiva get out of here” i uttered and left for the
guest room.
Seven seems smart,
He’s so much unpredictable just like his mother
and that’s what make him much better than Len
He’s smarter than Len Pablo,
He’s so much brainy and he can’t be easily
He has is own personality and he follows them
Smart like the idols.
I peep into the hole of his door,just to check if
he will open his laptop but he didn’t.
He just lay on his soft bed with a pen and
I wonder what he’s writing.
He soon keep the paper aside and rush into his
private studio,that’s the most calm place in this
big house.
I didn’t move from where i stood…
“What’s that strong head writing in that
I was so tempted to bang into his room and i
I was quick to have grab the paper,i read it’s
content aloud.
Massey i see what you’re doing,no point
trynna hide….
I know you asked Shiva about my
You’re so much desperate to hack into the data
of that beautiful stripper…
Anyway,i wish you good luck!!!!
I read aloud and squeazed the paper in my
He’s proving smart.
I fumed and bang into his personal studio. I
stood at the entrance and watch every move he
He moved from one painting to the other…
Paintings of his mother,
Paintings of himself,
Paintings of his enemies,even me!!!
He smirks at my painting and picked his guitar.
“Massey i know you’re standing at my door”
And so fucking what I retorted and rolled
my eyeballs.
I see you’re getting courageous,just like I’m
getting more cute each passing day”
Seven smiled and revealed those killing
dimples he had been hiding.
“Just watch and see how you will kiss the dust”
i replied him and move to his front so that he
can see me clearly.
Just like the idols,
Massey I’m not in for revenging my mother’s
I will just sit and watch how karma will bitch up
your ass mercilessly”
He smiled and focused on his guitar.
Sweet voice
It’s a beautiful world
A beautiful people
Some smiling everyday
With a loving heart
And make the world a better one”
Seven sang in a sweet tone.
I see you’re in love with that stripper” i scoffed
at Seven..
Who cares
He shrugged and drop his guitar.
I know you care” i retorted.
When you’re done talking,make use of the exit”
Seven voice out at me and left his studio.
He’s so strong headed..
“Look seven, i know you love that commoner!!!
I gone after him and raise my hand to touch his
sparking diamond ear ring but he held my hand
“You want to steal my ear ring”
“Massey i can’t fall for your silly traps..
You cannot always fool all of the people”
Seven smirks at me.
I held my hand down and gave a small but
wicked smile.
You’re smart” i grin at him.
Yea,I’m smart while you’re dumb”
He replied me and i changed my wicked smile
into a frown.
“If you continue frowning, you might get
wrinkles” Seven hurt me.
My eyes rolled with anger.
Seven!!!! I called his name with a cold tone.
“Yea I’m Seven….”
You know what my name means,….
Seven means perfection so be careful with the
way you call my name”
He raise his seven fingers at me…
“Look at you Massey….
Massey,who bears such name
Massey is a name given to pigs….
And that’s what you are….
Massey the badasss” Seven rained insults on
Enough!!! I shouted at him and left his room.
Lock the door” i heard him saying.
_______ Beauty’s POV _____
In the dark,i was alone counting the money that
i made from striping.
“Pink lips,mom is calling you”
Dyna shuttled from behind.
I packed the money and joined them in our
small sitting room…
Here Elva” i stretch the money to her.
Beauty where did you get this huge money??
Elva questioned.
“Mom we are working hard” Dyna cut in and
pinched me to say something.
Yes….yes…we ….we are working” i nod my
head vigorously.
“Are you sure?
Beauty when did you turn into a starmmerer
Elva questioned again.
For a start,i became speechless,i was tempted
to cry but i can’t.
Instead,i pull her into a tight hug.
“Is everything okay!!!
She fondled my hair.
Mom…..i…..Elva i…..”
I stop and swallow the lump that clings to my
Mom,don’t mind her..
She’s just emotional” Dyna pulled me down till
we both land on the soft chair.
“Check this out!!!
We are gonna make it into Miles Dream high on
No worries,it has been signed by Massey Miles
and she’s a good person”
Dyna brought out two neat forms.
Elva collected the papers from her.
Beauty is not gonna attend”
No, Elva but why? I stared into the blank
“Do you want to kill me
“You can’t attend that Billionaire’s school”
“You don’t need noise!!!
So you won’t attend”
It’s only Dyna that will attend and that’s final.”
Elva stood up and left me in awe….
“You see what you’ve caused, it’s your fault…..
When you will be crying like a fool?
Dyna hiss at me and i felt bad.
I just sat in the dark and curled my legs in a

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The Billionaire’s To¥
( # Pweety_Adesola )
# Chapter ~•8
Now enjoy
“You are the cause” Dyna snap at me.
“No it’s not my fault” i raised my hand on the
“It’s your fault and i don’t know why you’re not
sharp” Dyna hiss at me.
“Am not sharp at all han” i stood up abruptly
and held my long hair in other to prevent it from
falling on my face.
“Yes,you’re not sharp enough”
If you had not cry earlier,Elva would have allow
you attend Miles high school.
B,you know how much you wanted to attend
that school,yet you got the opportunity but you
Allow it slip away”
Dyna hiss again.
Like seriously,you just keep blaming thing on
me and i don’t blame you either for doing that.
Gosh Dyna,you don’t understand”
What’s there to understand!!!
Ohhh you want to continue striping so that you
can continue seeing that young Billionaire
Is that not it!!!!
Dyna yell at me and it was more of a shout.
“What did you just say
So you’re using style to call me a stripper
Or have you forgotten you are the one that
push me into the act!!!
I slam my forehead and that’s it,my pounding
headache has arrived.
“B,are you alright!!! Dyna rush to my aid and
made an attempt to touch me.
“Don’t touch me Dyna….
“You’re sucking the life out of me by reminding
me that I’m a stripper”
“Yes,I’m a stripper”
“Just let me be” i walk out of her to the small
room that we both share.
Argggh,my drugs has been exhausted”
I stamp my feet on the floor and go to bed.
I pulled the blanket all over myself and drifted
into a deep slumber.
Hours later
“Beauty I’m sorry….
“I swear i didn’t mean what i said earlier
“I was just mad at you because Elva won’t
allow you attend your dream high school and
you really want to attend it”
I heard Dyna speaking to my sleeping body. I
didn’t even look at her.
Instead,i pull the blanket to my face and turn
my back at her.
“Pink lips please can you help me with my
towel” Dyna pleaded.
“Sure” i replied her and took the towel to the
She step out minutes later with water dripping
down her hair.
Hmmmm,i wanna make a request”
“Can you help me out with my restaurant work
till i will be back from school?
“I didn’t tell Chloe that i will be resuming
“Can you be of help Dyna pleaded.
“I’m sorry but i can’t”
I shrug while putting on my shower cap.
“Why, are you still angry with me??
Nah,I’m not mad with you but what if Seven
recognize me as the girl he ask Chloe to fire” i
blurted out to Dyna.
“How can that happen
Seven won’t come to the restaurant today, he
will be in school” Dyna argued.
“Ohhh you forgot in a hurry that he usually
have breakfast in the restaurant”
No,he won’t recognize you with your brown hair
because you’re gonna use a black wig. With
that, he won’t recognize you,he will only see
you as that stripper”
Dyna confused me the more.
“I’m sorry i can’t”
“What do you want him to see me as??
“A commoner,an assistant chef and a
Common Dyna, scratch it off….that’s too much
for me” i seeth at Dyna.
“Please Beauty,can’t you just forgive and
forget about yesterday”
“I remembered telling you sorry”
Dyna uttered,almost at the verge of tears.
“Fine,i will help” i replied her like a fool and
step into the bathroom while she dress in her
high school wear of red skirt,white shirt,red
jacked and a white long socks.
She made her hair in a fringe and leave for the
Ohhh goodness, what’s happening to me
I scratch my neck and quickly pull out an outfit
for the restaurant work, i also pick a perfect
bikini,a pair of heel and a wig for my striping
“What else?
Nothing….’ I move into the bathroom and did
my business.
I step out minutes later and quickly dress into
my outfit,with my black bag,i joined Elva and
Dyna at the dining.
“A cup of coffee,bread and jam for breakfast”
I sat down and ate in silence.
“Mom,please allow Beauty attend Miles high
Dyna pleaded with Elva but she would not just
hear any of that.
Bye Mom” i stood up after i had taken breakfast
and left for the door.
“Bye Dyna, enjoy your first day at school” i
winked at her before i finally step outside.
At Miles Restaurant
“Welcome Beauty”
I hope you’re with the black wig for disguise so
that Seven won’t recognize you as the girl he
asked me to fire”
Chloe questioned.
“Yes ma’am” i nod and rushed into the
dressing section.
Black skirt,white shirt,white long socks,black
wig and a small chef cap.
I change hurriedly and move to Chloe stand.
“You look good just as always”
Anyway,today’s dish;
Spicy rice cake
Stir-fried noodles
Ox-bone stew
Fermented vegetables
Mixed rice
Sweet syrupy pancakes.
Just get started” Chloe uttered and left me at
Dyna’s stand.
Soon,the cuisine was filled to its brim.
“Take a plate of Spicy rice cake to table 226”
Chloe ordered.
I adjusted my cap and carried the tray that
contained the expensive food to the required
“Ohhh goodness,I’m in trouble already”
“Here is your order”
I panick before dropping the tray in front of a
young guy with thick dark hair and a whitish
“What did you bring here
He questioned with a smirk.
“Ohhh,i just saw him very well,he is putting on
Miles high school wear,he attends there”
“Spicy rice cake” i replied him with my hands at
my back…
What type of restaurant is this
“You only brought food,where’s the water!!!
He chuckle wickedly and pierced into His
expensive wrist watch.
“I will get it right away” i said and turned to
“Oppps,i just saw his name on his jacket tag..
He is Len Pablo”
Such a rude jerk.
I rush back to the huge refrigerator and pack to
glass bottle water in a small tray.
I must not get into trouble today” i uttered
inwardly and start moving from one section to
the other.
“What’s happening to me,this is not the right
way and it’s not like it’s my first time here!!!
I walk straight again…. I had forgotten the
name of the table…
The more i walk,the more I’m getting lost in the
section of the huge restaurant.
Ohhh no,this jerk again!!!
I froze on my spot and squeezed my fingers.
I slam my forehead and moved left and i did
bump into Seven Miles.
I’m doom totally” i flinch backwards as the tray
fell off my hand.
The glass bottle water shattered into millions of
pieces,the water spilled on Seven’s expensive
For a start,i found my lips shaking…
Ohh Seven don’t recognize me as Beauty the
assistant chef,just recognize me as Beauty the
No,Beauty the commoner…
No,don’t even recognize me at all” i spoke
shakily inwardly.
Can’t you just face where you’re going han
He yell and it was more of a shout.
I flinch backwards with a pounding heart.
His dark gaze met mine….and i am really
becoming uncomfortable with the manner in
which he stared into my dark eyeball it’s
becoming more intense .
Did he recognize me as the chef he asked
Chloe to fire
Ohh no!!!
Hmmmm….i…i…ammm…sorry” i starmmared
and pick up the half broken tray.
I made an attempt to leave but the idiot took my
“Scratch that off because i remember you” he
smirks and my mouth moved into my stomach.
For a second,i become speechless…
He recognize me as…..
You’re the stripper right He questioned and
cage me to the sapphire tiled wall of the
“Shiva,get out of here” i heard him say to his
“Yes sir” he gave a bow and left.
“Back to you” Seven faced me and took my two
tiny hands together.
Ohhh no,what is he gonna do with my hand,is
he going to cut it off!!!
“You’re beautiful you know!!
He uttered and brought his pink lips closer to
my forehead.
Ohh no,this is bad…
I moved my forehead down and played with my
God why did you made me this short,my height
reach his chest region and I’m always getting
into trouble.
“No no,i don’t do boys”
I replied him and moved my head
sideways.Again,my head hit his breast tag and
that made my fake hair (wig) tangle with it…
Ohh no,this is trouble in trouble”.
I can help” he made an attempt to remove it..
Ahhh he will know that it’s a fake hair… And he
will definitely know who i really am…
No,i can do it” i touch his hand and untangle
the tag from my hair.
He blink his lashes again and took my hand,
he clasp them romantically.
is he going crazy or what
What’s happening here,is that the water i ask
you to get!!!
Len burst in and shouted in an high tone,and
that’s what i hate.
I hate noise.
My pounding headache arrived and i found
myself fainting again on Seven’s arm with my
lips brushing his jacket.
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(The Billionaire’s To¥ )
# Chapter ~•9
Now enjoy
_____ Seven’s POV _____
I got drunk in anger immediately Len Pablo
voice came up. The anger that surpass me
burns my spines,i could not just hold it
“Len,you have just 3minutes to leave my
restaurant” i shot him a glare.
“What if i say I’m not leaving
He shrug back at me rudely.
I clicked my lower lip and carried the chef in a
bridal style.
“Len you know me well” i blurted out to him and
took the chef to the restaurant clinic.
“She just fainted,help her gain consciousness”
i spoke to the restaurant nurse and left.
“Darn it!!
Len has gone,he left already and i know fully
well that he came here as a spy.
“The car keys” i stretch my hand to Shiva and
took the key from him.
“Shiva,I’m all over you. If you should inform
Massey Miles about my whereabouts, i swear
you gotta get your ass kicked off” i release his
collar and hopped into my car.
I plunge into the cushioned seat and press my
feet against the accelerator pedal before
smashing my head on the steering.
Soon,i was home. I rushed into my room and
changed my wears. I even change my
hairstyle, i fixed my earbuds well before
returning to my car.
“Make sure you put more security around just
to cover up the boarder…
Massey must not step out,if she should step
her goddam feet out,then y’all are doom” i
instructed the guards before i finally drove out.
I’m late for lectures just as usual. I’ve missed
Now, I’ve gotten another enemy or should i just
say a partial enemy…
Donald teaches Numeracy and i must say he is
a total definition of a no nonsense man.
I walk into his class quietly with my hands
tucked into my pockets.
Our eyes met…. I look away slowly and
purposely sat beside Len Pablo.
“Seven you’re late and….”
Donald grinned.
I ignored him and hung my headset around my
neck….i gave the eyes that were feasting on
my lips a cold glare and they adjusted their
selves instantly.
“See me after lecture”
Donald retorted and faced the class.
He continue doing his talks which look rather
foolish to me,he solved on the electronic smart
board and gave lots of illustrations….
I ignored them and step on Len’s feet.
I did that on purpose.
“Are you blind….
Len spoke while staring into my dark gaze.
“So you had the gut to step into my restaurant
“I know you’re planning with Massey…but I’m
just pitying you’re silly ass because you don’t
know who you’re dealing with”
“Sincerely speaking,i came to school today just
to deal with you or do you think i came for
“Nah….i came for you and I’m going to bitch
you up”
I gave him a killer glare and met Donald’s gaze
on me.
The fool had been looking at me.
“You’re talking right!!!
“What are you talking about
Donald faced Len. He can’t possibly face me.
That’s only if he wants to get fired.
“Sorry” Len blurted out to Donald…
“Stand up Len” Donald commanded Len who
rolled his eyeballs before rising on his feet.
“Why is it that whenever we wanna discover
the properties of a particle,the neutron is not
always included
Donald questioned Len.
“Hmmmm……” Len uttered and ran his fingers
into his hair.
I was tempted to laugh.
“Look Donald, when you’re teaching,he was
busy watching phonography in his phone” i
took Len phone and cook up silly lies.
“Len go straight to the detention room.
“You will be grounded for two days…
“No free movement in the school for two days”
I gave a wicked smile at Donald’s punishment.
“How do you know he was watching pun
Donald made an expressionless face that was
devoid of emotions.
I plung my headset into my ears….
“I was listening to your teachings” i answered
him nonchalantly.
“You’re listening!!
Okay,answer the question!! Donald made a
puppy face.
The question….i don’t know it” i rolled my
“Then you’re going to join Len in the detention
“Answer my question now or else you will join
Donald threatened.
Again, i clicked my lower lip and poured them.
All eyes already fell on me,they want to hear
my answer.
“Well,neutrons are useless” i uttered and the
whole class gasped.
“Why are they useless?? Donald face
brightened up… He wants me to continue
“Neutrons carry no charge so they are useless
and that’s why they are not included” i replied
“Good and impressive” Donald smiled at me….
He’s really making me forget the main reason
why i came to school today.
I came for those 5commoners Massey Miles
sent to Miles high and only 4 are present.
I just wanna know why Massey sent them.
Donald left the class and it became rowdy
instsntly as i became their centre of attraction.
“Fiona stood up and loose her ponytail.
“Who wanna challenge me
“My hair is the longest in Miles high”
“can’t you see it’s 9inches long”
Fiona brag about her long hair that stop right
on her stomach line.
“It’s a lie!!!
“There’s a newbie here and her hair is 14
inches long” a tall Blondie stood up and
challenge Fiona.
“Who’s talking to you
“You can’t compare my hair with some
commoners like you….
If not because of Massey,you would have been
in the bush”….
“And besides,who’s that girl with 14 inches
long hair”
Fiona spoke in a tone of jealousy.
“You will see her whenever she resumes and
guess what,she’s more beautiful than you with
perfect curves”
The Blondie spoke back to Fiona.
I smilled to myself, i finally found 4 of the
commoners,the last one is yet to resume.
Still ony seat, i watch the drama that transpired.
“You this tall thing,you have the audacity to talk
back to Fiona han….
Do you really know who she is
Dianne(Fiona’s maid) challenge the blondie.
“Who cares?
“Look at yourself…
“Is this what poverty has turn you into”
“You suddenly became Fiona’s maid”
The blondie replied the furious Dianne.
“Smart” i mumbled under my breathe and make
a mocking glare.
“I stood up and took my iPod.
I had bearly taken 9steps when the noise
“It’s mine….i took it first!!!
Opps,they are fighting for my handkerchief.
______ Beauty’s POV ________
I’m doing fine” i gave Chloe a nod and continue
with my work.
Are you sure
“Yes ma’am” i replied her and faced my work.
“B,I’m here” Dyna pop out of the blues and
gave me a hug.
“How was the school?? I questioned.
It’s fine but it’s full of rude jerks…
“Rude brats especially Fiona who is always
bragging about her 9inches long hair not
knowing that your own is 14inches long” Dyna
Hope you didn’t mention my name??
I arch my brows.
“Nah,i didn’t mention your name. I just spoke
sense into the idiot” Dyna uttered while moving
into the dressing section. I also change my
“You’re leaving for the club”
“Yes” i replied her,with my bag,i made my way
to the exit door.
*****At Miles Club*******
I made my way to the dressing room and met
Mitchell the aggressive bitch.
She’s holding a neat handkerchief close to her
She’s making some noise that’s really affecting
He’s mine!!!
The handkerchief smells just like him!!
Mitchell shouted and brought the handkerchief
close to her nostrils.
“Let me smell small”
Juliet shouted and that made my pounding
headache arrive.
I eyed the handkerchief and took it from
Mitchell. I threw it on the floor before i finally
toss it into the trash bin.
“What did you just do?? She flapped her
golden hair and sprang up.
“I just threw the handkerchief into the trash bin
because you’re making some noise with it” i
shrug her aside and drop my bag.
“Do you know what you just did
“Do you know how i got that handkerchief
Mitchell rush to the trash bin and pick it up.
“Beauty i swear down, you will watch it for me”
Mitchell yell and it’s more of a shout.
My pounding headache increased.
Fine,i will wash it for you!!
I took the handkerchief from her in other to
avoid further shouts from her.
“I will wash it for you but not today”
I shove the handkerchief aside.
“I want it washed now” Mitchell sprang up
immediately and she look more like a devil.
I frowned my brows and took the
I’m always getting into trouble.
Where’s the washroom??
I slam my forehead and roamed through the
huge club house.
For a start,i heard footsteps behind me,i turned
back in a swift but i saw no one.
I took few steps again……it just look like
someone is following me behind .
Who could that be
I turned back and drop the foolish
I tip toed to the front but i met no one….
I’m i suddenly hallucinating?
I questioned myself aloud.
“No,you’re not just hallucinating”
“It’s just that you girls are like leopard and you
can’t change your spot!!!
Who said that?
I flinch back and took to my heels……
I rushed to the back door but i was so
unfortunate because it was already locked. .
Soon,the lights went off…..
All i needed right now is a place to hide.
I couldn’t find any place to hide.
Not even a single hole.
The footsteps is becoming intense and i really
need to hide…..
But where I’m i gonna hide
I’m totally screwed.
I dash left and right but i found no place to
“You can’t change your spot!!!
Can you
The voice came up……and it was a cold one….
“I didn’t do anything”
I clung tightly to the door and finally found a
place to hide.
“Under the chair”
Thank goodness I’m short…
I gently squeezed myself under it.
Then,the light came up.
Gloominess drips like perspiration beads before
the voice came up again.
“Just come out of your hiding place before i will
fish you out”
I didn’t talk back….i just held my breathe under
the chair.

read full episode here: https://www.emperorblog.com.ng/?s=fire+and+ice
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Well done OP
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(The Billionaire’s To¥✴)
Now enjoy���
“You girls are like leopard and can’t change your spot”.
“Can you change your spot??
“Just come out of your hiding place before i fish you out”
The cold voice beckon.
No,he is not talking to me” i held my breath, still under the chair.
“Just show yourself or i fish you out”
The voice was becoming intense,it was more of a loud shout.
“Come out of your hiding place now”
The voice shouted and i found my heart falling down and down,lonely tears drop down my high cheek bone,my full lips became moist and wet as i pop my head out of my hiding place.
“Don’t raise your voice,i will show myself” i said in my most calm voice and wriggle under the chair.
Len Pablo!!!
Why is he looking for me
I did not do anything wrong…..
For a start,i find myself in trance of deep oceans…my nails become rotten fell…i just feel like my heart is not working again…even my lips were shaking.
“Don’t allow fear show your emotions”
“Don’t even make the slightest mistake by showing your enemy your weakest point-if you do,then consider yourself as a looser” Elva’s word echoed in my ear lobes.
Instead of getting composed,i find myself shaking the more.
I’m just a commoner….an assistant chef….
A stripper that knows nothing about men.
I only see them as gods.
All i know is that they usually clench their fist whenever they are upset,i know nothing else.
“I did not do anything”
I uttered in my calmest voice even when my heart still pounds.
“Who are you?? He questioned.
I didn’t reply,i just stood,watching him like i don’t know what he his talking about.
“Who are you!!! He blurts out and it was just like a shout.
Still,i remained sturbon and drop my head down with a pounding head.
Bit by bit,my consciousness was getting out of hold.
“I see you don’t wanna talk. If you don’t wanna talk,i will do the talkings” Len smirks and pull my hands…he twisted it like it’s a toy.
“Stay away from Seven Miles”
“Seven is not good for you at all”
“Seven is a fire that knows nothing about love”
“He does not like women at all especially the ones with long brown hair”
Len yelled and push me to the wall like i am some piece of trash.
“You can always fool everybody but not me”
“I know you’re putting on wig(fake hair).
“Your hair is not black at all….it is brown.
Len knows I’m putting on wig(fake hair)
I could not silence the thoughts of him knowing my little secret,all i need right away is for him to get out of my sight.
I squeaze my face and move away from him. I don’t want to look into his brown eyes neither do i want to listen to the rubbish he is blurting out.
I don’t wanna see anybody!
Bleep Len!
Bleep Seven!
Bleep Mitchell!!
To hell with Miles high school….
I don’t want any problem, i just want to remain the happy girl that i am.
“I’m still talking to you, you don’t have the right to walk away whenever I’m still talking”
He yell to my face and push his dark hairs backwards.
“What do you want from me!!! I say to his face since he knows my little secret.
“I want you to leave Seven alone…
“Leave Seven alone,stay away from his restaurant, stay away from his club”
Len clicked his tongue.
An idea pop into my head, i decide to play Len as a fool.
Who’s Seven I questioned him slowly. He became confused and furrowed his eyebrows.
“I don’t know what you’re talking about??
I feigned innocence and turn my back at him.
He became confused and brought out a thick paper that look more of a map.
He drop the paper and clasped my two hands.
“Do you think I’m a fool
“You’re the same person i saw with Seven in his restaurant!!!
He uttered with his eyeballs moving in shades of anger.
“No,I’m not the one!!
“I don’t work in a restaurant, i only work here….
“It’s my twin sister that work in a restaurant” i fake up lies.
“You’re a twin”
“Yes,I’m a twin” i nod abruptly and made an attempt to pull my hands away from his grip.
“You are not a twin,you’re that same girl that is making Seven going crazy…
I’m here to stop you from making him going crazy.Stop making him going crazy because he is gonna use you and toss you away like a toy”
Len caught me off guarded and push me to the floor.
Like i weigh nothing,i fell badly to the floor.
“Stay away from him if you don’t wanna get killed” he put on his face cap and sent me a killing look.
He’s leaving already.
I really need to speak for myself so i drag myself up and limped forward.
“You must be…..” I stop my statement and fell back to the tiled floor.
“You wanna say something!!
“Not even on your next life….”
He opened the back door and left.
I opened my mouth to say something, nothing came out. Not even a single word.
“I don’t know why I’m always like this”
“Mom,why did you give birth to me������
“Enough of this threats and torments�
“Just stop it!!!!
I shouted loudly and held my head….
My shout only came out as a faint one.
“Mom why did you leave me alone in this imperfect world�����.
I drag myself up and met the least person i never imagined i would meet…
Seven Miles!!!!!
Ohhhh why me���
I fell back to the floor and curled my legs in a bell…
Seven came closer to me and waved his hand at me.
“Don’t touch me!!
“Stay away from me���
“Leave me alone����
“Leave me alone����
I limp backwards and yell at him….but who am i kidding?
Seven does not hear words!!!
He’s so strong headed.
He moved closer to me and stretch his fingers that is already adorn with rings and pretty bangles to me.
“No,i won’t take that!!!
“Seven,leave me alone��
“Leave me alone..
“I don’t want…..your hand, take it away”
I scream it loud to him.
“Ohhh,it’s Seven!!
“You’re calling me Seven and not Sir”
He uttered and stare at my bleeding wrist.
“What happened
He pointed to the blisters that form on my wrist.
“It’s nothing,just go away”
I uttered and hide my bleeding wrist.
He didn’t leave neither did he utter a word…
I felt his gaze on my lips���.
“Is there something on my lips
I questioned foolishly.
“There’s nothing on your lip.”
“It would be better if you start telling me what happened now”
Seven gave a smirks and saw the paper Len forgot on the floor.
Ahh,no,he must not know Len came here. I don’t want to cause more troubles…
I was too fast, i ignored Seven’s question and pick the paper up.
“If you don’t answer my question,I’m gonna kiss you” Seven pouted his lips at me and he really mean it.
“Ohh goodness…
“Why I’m i always surrounded by people that only think about silly and naughty things.
I squeeze my face and left Seven all alone to himself.
He’s following me again��
“If you don’t talk now,I’m gonna kiss you..” He uttered.
I stopped on mh track and face him…
“Seven leave me alone���
“Can’t you hear that i don’t want to talk to you” i yell to his pretty face.
Instead of him to leave me to myself,he took my hands and slam my small body on his chest.
“I won’t take much time”
I hear him saying…..
I have no choice than to push him away.
Either billionaire or no billionaire….
I push him off me and crutch the paper tightly in my hand.
He fell flatly to the floor….and looked at me with a smirk.
“Did i just push him away
No….. I just told him not to kiss me…and i just push him slightly…
I did not push him that much that he will fall on the floor.
I did not no what to say to him…
I can’t even touch him…..
“Jeba(please)” i uttered with my hands crossed.
“I will help you up but i promise i will close my eyes”
I stretch my tiny hands to him. He took it from me.
Instead of him standing up,he pull me to the floor and made my lips come in contact with his own.
He slip the paper from my hand and and kiss my lips wildly…
“Can i slap him
“No,i can’t do nothing…. I just drop my head down,my eyes were shut in embarrassment…
“Len came here
He questioned.
I didn’t answer him,because my eyes are still close.
I don’t want to break this last rule.
“If you don’t answer me,that means you want another kiss”
Seven smirks,it was a wild one.
“I wonder why I’m always screwed between boys and yet i know nothing about them.
“I won’t answer Seven neither will i open my eyes….
“I don’t want to break this last rule”.
“Then you want another kiss”
Seven clicked his tongue.
“I opened my eyes instantly.
“No, i don’t want” i uttered slowly….
I’m always breaking the rules each passing day.
Brought to you by���
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The Billionaires Toy�)
Now enjoy���
______Seven’s POV_________
I find myself in a parallel universe back to the beginning of time.
If there is another word greater than hate,I will use it for girls. I don’t like them anymore after my encounter with Emily.
Since then, I don’t want to see anything that resemble brown hair especially long ones.
Ordinarily,I hate girls….
I just play with them a little bit then I will dump them like trash…just because of the scar Emily left in my heart.
I don’t like girls and in I’m here drooling over the lips of a commoner.
Even the press must not know I talked to a commoner,not to talk of kissing her.
The more I keep looking into her dazzling eyeballs,the more I felt the urge of kissing her….and I keep telling myself I don’t like her.
I will just use her and dump her.
She’s my toy and nothing more and am gonna do to her exactly what Emily did to me. I will make her fall deeply in love with me before I dump her.
I smirks and look into her face.
She’s still closing her eyes.
“Open your eyes or I will kiss you”
I made a wild smirk.
“No no no I don’t want another one”
She speak calmly and flaped her eye lashes.She hide her bleeding wrist behind her back.
“Can i go
She pouted her lips and that made me feel like kissing her the more.
“No,you can’t go because you have not answered my question”
I uttered and kept a straight face on her full lips.
She squeeze her face and made her high cheek bone drop down.
“I don’t know”
“Leave me alone����
She started crying and I became pissed off at her childish character.
“Why is she crying
Everything about her is just weird and strange.
“You can’t tell me to leave you alone because I am not holding you. I just asked a simple question”
“What did Len do to you??
Answer now or I will do the unexpected” I uttered and gave her cold glare.
She didn’t reply..
“It’s better you start talking!!!!
“If you don’t talk then I will strip you Unclad!!!
I said to her and break the word Unclad.
She didn’t reply.She only look sober with a pale face.
“I see you don’t Want to talk…
“It means you want me to strip you Unclad” I tap her shoulders and smoothen her cheek.
“Seven you’re driving me to the tanget
“Strip me Unclad and I will show you what commoners are made off”
“You are just making everything difficult for me.
“Enough of all the threats and torments because I am not a toy that you can play and toss aside”
She finally speak to my face.
She just refused me…..
No one has ever refused me not even a commoner.
“You want it in a hard way right!!
I pulled her hand in other to prevent her from walking futher away.
“That’s funny right”
*Where did I ever get silly and rude jerks around me han?
“I told you I’m not your toy…if you want to know what happened then go ask Len by yourself and stop disturbing a commoner that means nothing to you”
She made a tiny yell with her eyes closed.
“You’re denying me….you just keep denying yourself.
“Why are you closing your eyes before you can speak to me??
I moved close to her and watch the manner in which her lashes curl.
She mumbled something I couldn’t figure out and ran out of my sight.
I knew instantly that Len is up to something fishy. I opened the paper he forgot,it look more of a map.
I walk out of the club and phoned Jake (my private investigator)
“I want you to track Len movement down…and report any suspicious movement to me urgently just before the close of business today”
I hung up on Jake.
“Boss you’re alright” Jack asked me with a bow.
Jack is the only guard I’m friendly to,I talk to him just like a younger brother.
“Yes I’m alright”
I took my keys from Shiva and dismissed them.
“Go and cover the boarder”
I snarled and hop into my car and plunge into the cushioned seat.
Soon,Beauty step out of the club with her bag,she’s waiting for a taxi.
Taxi! Taxi!!!
She waved her hands to the main road and finally find one.
“P.O box 298”
She opened her bag and wanted to pay the chauffer before entering.
“She is not going to enter that taxi”
I smirks and step out of my car,I was quick to have grab her bag.
“Follow me” I said in a commanding tone and asked the taxi man to leave.
“Why should I follow you han
“I told you to let go……
“You wouldn’t just…….”
She starts yelling and I don’t give a damn about her yell because I usually have my way.
“If you don’t meet me in my car,I will do the unexpected…..”.
I tucked my hands into my pockets and walk back to my car.
“What can she do??
She dare not disobey my order.
She made a sober face before joining me in my car.
“Good, now fasten your seat belt”
My eyes were all over her.
“I am not taking you to your house…I will just keep driving you to where ever I want” I made that wicked grin and her face became more teary.
“What did I ever do to you
She yell and that made her look more pretty.
“You did nothing…
“Its just that I can’t get your lips away from my mind”
I replied her and pierce into her dark gaze.
What if Seven Find out about who beauty really is?
He does not know he is with a girl that have a long brown hair…..
And that long brown haired girl is making him going crazy����
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source: https://www.emperorblog.com.ng/?s=fire+and+ice
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Haa...i don dey miss oo...Tanks for d mention...ah don arrive fully...OP....More wisdom
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(The Billionaire’s Toy�)
Now enjoy����
________Emily’s POV________
I so much miss him but are you sure he is going to take me back Massey”
“Why not,he is gonna take you back because he have no choice”
Massey speak to me over the phone.
“If you’re sure he is going to take me back then I have no choice than to come back to Miles High School”
I replied Seven’s aunt and hung up.
So,seven is still going to be mine after all I did to him…
After all the angers and hurtful words that I said to him, he’s still gonna take me back.
“Miles high school get ready because your runaway Queen is coming back.
I drop my pink palmtop and picked my diary…..the one that Seven bought for me before I broke up with him.
It still smells like him,it still had that sweet strawberry smell and that’s how seven smells. I drop the diary and made my long hair fall freely.
It’s just 10inches long while Fiona’s own is nine inches long.
I became the dragon girls queen….before I legt miles high just because my hair is the longest.
And now,that’s what I’m gonna do….
I stood abruptly and picked the few things that I will be needing….
What else
I scan through my huge room before stuffing more chocolates into my bag.
“Emily ain’t you done
“We are gonna mid our flight!!
Nora bang into my room.
“Just a minute” I roll my eyballs and check myself out in the mirror before stepping out.
I joined my family in the car that will take us to airport.
�On my way to the city now!!!
I text Fiona….
�Are you for real
�Yea,I’m coming to take back Seven and also to bitch up any ass that is clinging to him” I replied Fiona’s text
�I am sort for you because you might end up losing if care is not taken…..
I text her back
�Don’t ask me anything…. We are going to talk better whenever you are in town…
�Just spill it out and stop putting me in the dark”
I was becoming impatient with Fiona’s suspense.
Seven now keeps to himself…. He rarely talks in school unlike before.
The only person he now speak to is Len and that’s because they are competitors…..”
Fiona replied.
�hunnnnn Fiona you’re a liar.
Seven’s aunt said he’s gonna take me back”
�i wish you good luck in catching the fire which is Seven…
�DTA(don’t text again)
Fiona finally sent a sleeping sticker.
You’re okay” Nora waved at me.
*yea am okay* I took her hand and squeeze it.
Nora is just my little sister. She is the only pure being in my life.
“No no no my bigggg sister is not okay”
“Me too I will start crying”
Nora speaks just like the 5year old girl she is.
“Can’t you see I’m smiling”
I tickled her.
“Liar,you’re not” she cuts in sharply.
“You want chocolate” I changed the topic and stuff out chocolate.
“Yea” She clap excitedly and stuck her tongue out.
We got to the air port and took our flight.
We gotta be in town in the next 9hours.
I can’t just wait to see my Seven.
________Seven’s POV_______
Seven what the heck did I ever do to you??
“My step mom and sister will have been looking for me;!!!
“Seven stop the car,you just pass through my house”
“Just stop the car!!!
Beauty Keeps ranting into my ears.
“You did nothing….
“It’s only your lips that offended me”
I replied her sternly.
“My lips!!!!.
How did they offend you
“Just pardon their manners and stop the car”
She pleaded and made that baby face.
I chuckled and look at her.
“You want me to forgive their manners” I snarled.
“Yes” she nod abruptly.
“Then stop talking because I won’t stop the car”
I uttered and kept my attention on the steering.
“Seven stop it!!
“Because you’re driving very far away from my house”
She starts hitting my arm with her tiny wrist.
“Just stop it…..
“My step mother and sister will be worried sick about me”
She keep yelling and hitting my arm.
“If you talk again,I will shout at you so that you’re gonna faint….and with that I can do whatever I want with you”
I smirk at her.
She kept quiet instantly and face the window.
Breathing in all of the air that is natural, I stole glances at her cute sober face.
It’s getting dark and I decide to play a little prank on her.
I stop the car instantly in between the woods.
The car has stopped…..
It’s not moving again” I fake up lies and push my hair backwards.
She looked at me with a frown….
“Ohhhh the car is not moving!!!
“Get down and let’s start trekking” I gritted in between teeth and watch how she look like someone who has been suffering since birth.
She opened the car and step down.
“No,not that direction!!!
“This way” I pointed to a more longer route. If we should take the direction that she’s trending, she will get back to her house.
She shut her eyes and opened them back….
“I’m lost”
This is not the way……Seven take me back home”
“Elva will be really mad at me…
“What do you think Dyna is gonna say to me
She opened her eyes waiting for an answer.
What’s she saying!?
Who are Elva and Dyna? I scan through her and she’s acting more like a psycho.
“Seven stop it!!!
“Elva might beat me”.
“If she finds out that I have broken so many rules,she’s gonna send me to my possessive grandma”
She blink back tears and carried her bag on her head.
“Nothing has happened to this car,just stop your foolish prank and get me outta here” She keeps yelling to my cute face.
“You called my pranks foolish”
I whirl her to my face till her lips press my chest.
“Seven stop, ammo will blame my actions”
Ammo?…. Are you going crazy…
“Stop talking because I wanna kiss you right now” I uttered and held her waist…
When my hands came on her waist,she froze like a statue…..
Her heart starts beating fast ,her body was moving down slowly……
“Stop it!!!!!!!!
She shouted and fainted���
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(The Billionaires Toy✴)
Now enjoy����
__________Massey’s POV_______
“You’re not smart enough. You’re so dumb that you left the map that shows a short review on how to charge against Knight.
“Len are you that dumb!!
“How can you be so forgetful??
“You forgot the map,you forgot to take a picture of that stripper.
What are you thinking with your crainy skull
“I thought you can win a little challenge but you failed.
“You cannot just get a girl picture!!
“A common stripper Len!!
“What happened to the map??
I planned on destroying Seven most treasured being on earth(his only brother named Knight) but you ruined my plans.
Now, I don’t know how to get Knight killed.
“Knight is seven’s only brother….
He is the second heir of the Miles and he stays in Dehli…
“He’s a super god in Delhi with his own emperors but you also made me lost the only map that shows how I can sneak into his chamber…..
“You lost the map that I can use to track him down…..
“Do you think Seven is a fool
“He’s not!!!
He allowed his only brother stay in Dehli so as to prevent him from the eyes that are feasting on him…
Knight does more of talent work while Seven does more of thinking work…
After Seven,Knight is the next Semi idol and that’s why he is being protected by 401guards.
“But you made me lost the only map that can trap Knight down!!!
I smirk wickedly at Len with anger burning beneath my vocal cords.
“I’m sorry Miss Massey Miles”.
“I can’t just explain what’s happening.
“Seven is always getting the fames each passing day….
“His restaurants and clubs are always filled than ours….
“That stripper,it seems she has some magical powers in her eyes….
“I still can believe I forgot to take her pictures.
“I got lost on her essence…” Len fidgeted with his head bowed down.
Magical powers!!
Magical powers you say!!
How can that be
Len are you drunk!!!
“You cannot just handle a woman”
I voiced out to Len with pitch of darkness in my throat.
“Miss Massey, you can’t just understand….
“That girl is so much capable of getting men at their feet just by one look.
“She might look dumb and strange but she is……”
Len stammered, looking for the perfect word.
Total darkness surpass me,I find words floating in my mouth till they became needless.
I couldn’t just control my angers. I landed Len two slaps on both ears like am possessed.
“Fool,there is nothing like magical power….or are you also falling in love with her!!!
I arched my brows at him.
“Me fall in love”
“No, I have a girlfriend named Fiona”
He cuts in sharply.
“I see” I smirked and pull my laptop over myself.
I scroll down the data’s of the 5commoners I admitted into Miles high….
“Curly April”….her work in Miles high school is to send me details about all activities.
“Mitchell Darren”….. Her work is to lure Seven and also to send me every details about his whereabouts in school.
“Ann Lemon”….her work is to monitor Beauty whenever she resumes.
“Dyna Dana”…..her work is to be friends with Beauty so that she can gain her trust.
“Look Len, I don’t know how you’re gonna do it,I want that map back because it is the only one I have left.
“I can never miss my target for anything.
“Yes ma”
Len trembled at my feet.
“Keep the informant(Bryce Kali) under your nose” I said and dismiss Len.
I stood up from the purple chair I sat on and tap the cobalt vase stesdily.
“Seven and Knight, I can’t just wait to have you dead before running away with your treasures.
I sip in a small Vodka so as to set my vocal cord on fire.
“I have you underneath my door” I smirks at Seven’s picture before raising my glass cup in the air.
“This is for you Knight…..
“You’re gonna knight with the deads”
I smiled in victory and slump back to my chair.
Where is my son??
Why is Seven not in at this time??
Miles bang into my room in a brown royal robe.
“Time to act as a responsible aunt”
Seven will soon be back” I stood up from my bed and cratch my neck.
“No,my son doesn’t stay out late in the night.Not for anything in this world. He would rather stay indoor and practice new trending dancing styles����” Miles said.
“His guards actually said he asked them to leave and besides he’s not a little kid” I speak back to Miles.
“Nothing must happen to my son”
“Not even a strand of his hair must get lost.
“Lastly, you’re not gonna sleep if my son is not back, so stand up and join the guards outside.
“Nobody sleeps if my son is not home” Miles ordered me and I dare not disobey his orders.
I grumbling stood up and walked to the boarder.
I’m gonna stand till Seven will be back…
“I wonder where the fool is?
I rolled my eyes with hatred…….
I just felt like having Seven and Knight dead instantly.
________⬇Beauty’s POV⬇_________
Whenever I shut my eyes, I say to myself that I won’t break Elva’s rule but I broke her rules beyong imagination.
Now,I Want to break my possessive grandmother rules.
Grandma first say to me that no one must kiss you…..
“No one must touch your waist
“No one must touch your brown hair
“No one must cut your brown hair
“Don’t make out with any guy..
“Whenever you see guys,run away.
“You may act dumb but don’t allow your stupidity blind you.
I’m breaking grandma’s rule….. I’m not a good grand daughter at all….
“Not after Seven showed up in my life.
They said he’s a fire, they said he does not like girls….
Ladies that have been working with him quit without nobody telling them to do so just because he’s mean.
But Severn is kissing me like he has never seen a Lady….
“His gaze is all over me and I am allowing him do whatever he wants with my body”
“I’m I the luckiest girl or I am just a toy for him to play with and toss aside!!!
“Stop it!!!!!!!
I shouted and pretend like I faint in his arms. I also need to play a prank on him.
I gently fake up a faint and shut my eyes….I left his body, just before I could fall to the floor,he cuaght me tightly by my waist.
“That’s it,he keep breaking the ruled������������
He slam my pretty figure on his chest.
“You didn’t faint, I know you’re playing silly pranks on me”
He bite my earlobes.
“My eyeballs opened at the mention of silly.
“You called my pranks silly!!!
I jump out of his arms and twitched his jacket.
“I wanna do exactly what he did to me
“You called my pranks silly!!!
I rants and continued twitching his jackets.
I left his jacket and puffed white sand into my hands and made an attempt to pour them into his cute face.
Hr didn’t stop me neither did he held my hands.
He just stand like I had my wrapped under my control.
“Why is he staring at me like that
“Did I do anything wrong?
I pour the sand on my hand away and turned my back at him.
“I’m shy�������
I don’t know anything about men….
I scratch my wig(fake hair) and face Seven again.
“Seven stop staring at me like that, I am shy” I blurted out foolishly.
Still ,he didn’t say anything. He just allow silence prevail.
“Severn are you out of your senses!!
I snapped my fingers at him….
He isn’t blinking his eyes at all and I am starting to go crazy.
“Severn stop it!!
“Just stop it if it’s somd pranks!!!
I continue ranting….still,he didn’t blink.
“You’re playing pranks right!!!
“Let’s see who knows how to play prank better”
I mumbled and move closer to him.
I gently dug my hand into his new dyed hair…. It felt so soft…
“I thought the idiot will blink but he didn’t….
“Idiot blink!!!!
I hit his chest till I got tired….he didn’t blink.
I smiled to myself and carried my bag.
“If I run away, he will blink….
“I did that but he didn’t even move from his position.
I became really pissed off…
“What sort of human being is he
I dropped my back and move closer to him again.
“Maybe if I stare back at him,he’s gonna blink.
“I joined him in staring!!!
We did the staring together…
Bit by bit,my consciousness was getting out of hold. I am getting carried away..
I was so lost…. And for a start,I find myself vision less and dumb.
“If you like, allow your stupidity blind you” my Granny’s voice shuttled in my ears.
Just before I could jerk back to reality,
I find myself in Seven’s arm…. I look so tiny in his arms with the way he took me in a bridal style.
He dropped me in the car and took my bag also. He sat at the driver seat and asked me to seat on his laps.
“No no no!!!
I don’t want to” I nod abruptly.
“If you’re not gonna do that, then I won’t drive” he smirk and took the car key in his pocket.
Ahhhhhhhh Beauty, Elva and Dyna are waiting for you at home”
My subconsciousness strike me….
It left me with no choice.
I squeazed my face and sat on his laps.
“Good!!! He brought out his car key and ignited the engine.
“Before Driving,I need a hot kiss!!!
He smirked and looked at me in a way I don’t understand….
“A hot kiss!!!
“I don’t know how to do that”
I started crying like a fool���
“Seven start driving,Elva will beat me for coming home late!!
I cried the more…
Instead of him to console me,he held my chin and connect it with his own.
“I will teach you how to kiss!!
But before that,
“Beauty is your hair really black or you’re on a wig??
“What’s the real colour of your hair
He questioned me with his heart pounding slowly…..
He yell with venom running through his throat.
Again, I became lost in his dark gaze……
I’m totally out of idea�����

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(The Billionaire’s Toy✴)
Now enjoy���
_________Emily’s POV__________
The old house isn’t bad, it still look much like it was before.
My room still had the same scent…
Scents that flood back old memories.
Memories of Seven,
Memories of the guys I have slept with,
Memories of Fiona and the rest of the dragon girls….
Memories of my bad lifestyle,
Memories of my betrayals,
Memories of when all guys are always bowing at my feet….
When I have seven underneath my rock….
I used him and threw him away like trash..
“I broke up with him openly,
The break up ruined everything for him….
“Seven almost ran mad,
“He became traumslized and emotionally down….
“He started paying dirty games….
“He started ravishing and stripping ladies….
“I,Emily made him to become the fire and the Demon that he is today.
“He became the hot fire that only me can melt…
“He lost his senses just by the snap of my fingers….
“He came back begging me yet I refused him and that brought down his fame.
“Guess I’m still the perfect girl for Seven!!!
I smiled and picked the last sweet paper he gave to me the same day I broke up with him.
(Emily reads)
�I saw myself moving in dark alleys�My own body diminished
�I drown and fall down and down
�My tears turned into blood
�Slowly lonely bang recreates in my brain…..
�Even after all the pain, your name is still tattooed in my heart.
(Emily stops reading)
A smile curve my mouth…..
“Seven is the sweetest guy I have ever known….
Just like his name implies,I love him just because of seven things.
➡Smartness(too bad he’s not smart in love)
➡Fame and wealth (he’s still young yet he had made the money)
➡Hotness(so cute as hell)
➡Pink lips…
➡thinking ability
Still on my reading chair,I brought out Miles Dream High trending magazine.
Seven picture appeared on the first page…since his dad owns the school.
He still look damn sexy in his school wears…
He keep different hairstyles….
His dimples are just awesome…
No doubt,he’s dangerously handsome.
I flipped through the magazine (the present one). I really need to read the students protests.
Vacancy for a new queen with the longest hair…
(Rubbish I’m still your queen and I’m coming back)
Seven will you accept Emily if she comes back↘ Ryder Dark
Will you mind if I clean your shoes↘ Curly April.
Seven we love you↘ Gina Jerry
Seven, I find out your name means something too….it means perfection. You’re not just a human,you’re a semi god↘ Miya Jones.
I read all the trending news about seven…
“That rich cute guy����
I can’t just wait to have him under my nose again. I want him to scream it loud that he loves me.
“Will that be possible?
I questioned myself aloud,waiting for an answer.
“No it won’t be possible!!!!!
Nora shouted and bang into my room.
“You this little brat,how can you say it’s impossible!!!! I smack the 5years old Nora on her head.
“Even you,Emily!!!
“can’t you just say it’s impossible!!
She shout aloud.
“I won’t get Seven back han?
I grab her hand and I saw the confused look in her face.
“No,that’s not what I’m saying Emily!!
She wriggled out of my hold and I gave a sigh of relieve.
“Then what!!! I glared at her.
“Mom want me to go back to Dehli and I said it’s impossible!!
She uttered.
“I thought you were talking to me that it’s impossible that I can’t get Seven back!!! I snarled at her and pushed my ten inches hair backwards.
“That’s your own cup of tea!!
“If you like go back to China….”
I pushed her out of my room and smoothen my hair.
“Seven is mine!!
He chose me only…..
Emmmmmm!! I stood up and cleared my throat… I start practising what I will tell Seven at school tomorrow.
(Emily speaks)⬇⬇⬇⬇
“My one and only Seven,
“I know I should stay away from you but believe me I have tried….
“I know I caused all your pains.
“When I left you, you almost ran mad..
But now,I’m back for you….
“I’m now changed… And I promise to dye my hair black!!!
“Then I will become Emily version 2”
I practiced my speech and fell flat on my bed…..
________Seven POV_________
My patience was getting out of hold..
She’s behaving dumb again…
Beauty’s dumbness is so much affecting me that I don’t even know what am doing.
“I asked her to seat on my laps!!!!
I’m I really out of my mind??
I don’t allow ladies in my laps…..
Not even Emily!!!!
And here.Beauty is sitting on my laps….
Everything about her is really affecting me!!!
The way she speaks…..
The way she looks…
The manner in which she stare at me.
They all made me weak…..
But is she a witch?
The feelings I’m getting from her is times ten of the one I got from Emily…
I came back to my sense and asked her if she’s a brown haired….
“Answer me??
What’s the colour of your hair?
I yelled at her….I saw her jump on my laps and I regretted why I had shout.
“Is your hair Brown?
I asked calmly,waiting for an answer.
“She stopped her sentence and made that sober face.
“It’s okay don’t talk again”
I shunned her and took her scaff….and one of her bangles.
I started driving….
“What if I have brown hair?
She asked again..
For a start I felt like grabbing her neck.
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(The Billionaire’s Toy✴)
Now enjoy����
“What if I have 14inches long brown hair
Beauty questioned me and for a start I felt like strangling her mouth.
“It would be better if you don’t have”
I replied her and kept a straight face on the road. I don’t want to remember Emily again.
Emily! Emily!! Emily!!!
She’s the pain that ate me alive,she brought out the demon in me just because she have me wrapped on her essence. I regretted the day I make out with her,I never believed she was working with Massey,they just want to scamper with my properties and wealth.
⬇Flash Back⬇
“Massey I will get your work done perfectly. You should trust me with this. Seven is really smart but he is not smart in love and I know how to get him easily.
“Okay I will send some information into your mail right away”
I overhead Emily talking to Massey over the phone.
“Emily who are you talking to over the phone!!! I cut into her conversation.
“Hmm nothing…. It’s nobody” she replied and flashed me a smile.
Like a fool, I dance to her tune till she helped Massey with all the neccesary informations about me and my brother.
After all the pains, Emily broke up with me openly.
For a month,I became traumatized…
I couldn’t breath at all,I just keep falling down and down.
The brown haired girl made me down,she failled me in all ways…
She used me like a rag and I keep dancing to her stupid tunes.
⬆End of flashback⬆
I looked at Beauty who had her face dropped on the window side, she looked as scared as hell. Her bright face became sober,she played with her fingers and grabbed her back tightly.
“What a strange girl
I pulled the car to a stop.
“Get down,you’re home” I opened the car door for her and watch her step out of my car.
She stood with her back turned against the car. She is not moving.
She’s so much unpredictable,she never close the door back.
“Close the door” I mumbled softly…
“Okay” she replied with a shaking voice and close the door…
She avoided my eye lock and I wonder why.
“Is it because of the brown hair stuff?
She better not try nonsense.
“Why are you not moving
“Is that not your house I speak to her.
“Yes,it’s my houseeee but!
But” she scratch her hair and stare deeply into my dark gaze.
“But what I arch my brows at her.
“Emmm I want to tell you something” she pouted her lips in a strange manner.
I swear I’m not even understanding her anymore. Her dumbness is really affecting me.
I step out of my car and walk up to her.
“I’m listening” I said and tuck my hands into my pocket.
I keep waiting for her to say something but it’s taking forever.
Beauty isn’t saying anything at all. She’s just shaking like she’s gonna faint.
“Are you gonna say something or I should leave I smirk and fix my earbud into my ears.
She raised her head and I saw the tears that are dripping down her cheek bone.
She keeps acting fragile and the tears keep pouring the more.
I raise my hand to clean them but she held them down and flung her arms around me. She allowed more tears to pour down on my chest.
I don’t just know why beauty is acting dumb or is she hiding something
She pulled away from the hug and stare deeply into my eyes while trying not to get carried away.
“Seven what if all my hair change to a very long brown one?
“What if it become brown and even 14inches long?
She questioned foolishly and that’s what I hate. I don’t want to hear brown hair……it only bring the bad memories of Emily.
“What if my hair change to brown
She asked again.
“Then you will have to choose between me and brown hair!!
I replied her and her heart start pounding faster.
She picked her bag and ran into her compound.
I push my hair sideways and hopped into my car.
_________Beauty’s POV________
There was dark and numbness, I start hesitating and panicking as I walk to the main door.
“What will I say to Elva and Dyna
I scratch my neck and pulled off my wig.
My brown hair fell down and covered my buttocks a little bit. It’s so much long and I keep wondering why Elva and Dyna won’t allow me cut it. I kept the wig into my bag and crossed my heart before opening the door.
I tip toed till I reached our small sitting room.
I was so unlucky because Elva and Dyna were there.
They sent me some glares that were devoid of emotions.
“Why are you late
“Do you want to kill us
“Are you with Seven?
“Did he hurt you?
“Are you alright?
They both bombarded me with questions.
I opened my mouth to say something but nothing was coming out.
Dyna helped me to a chair while Elva handed me a glass of water.
I will forgive you today” Elva left me with Dyna.
“You will attend Miles High School if only you will follow the rules”
Dyna uttered with a sad expression.

source: https://www.emperorblog.com.ng/?s=fire+and+ice

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(The Billionaire’s Toy✴)
Now enjoy�����
_________Dyna’s POV_________
I find out that Massey Miles (seven’s aunt) wants my step sister dead just because his cousin(Seven) found true love in her.
That woman is so mean to the grand of the dead,she is so much blinded by material things…..
I’m not a fool at all…
I know there is a reason behind the 5 scholarships she gave out to commoners, Massey wants the 5 commoners to work with her.
I was smart to have obtained 2forms.
I registered my name as Dyna Dana while I registered my sister as Beauty Dana.
Massey was so foolish, she never knew that me and beauty are sisters. Her selfish reasons blinded her.
“She’s in desperate need of the innocent Seven’s life so she wanna destroy the poor boy and his new found love.
Massey visited Miles dream high school and asked me to make friends with Beauty whenever she resumes..
She said I should try to gain Beauty’s trust just because of her evil deeds…
And she thought I would do exactly what she said…..
Not even on my next life!!!
Beauty is the bone of my bone and the flesh of my flesh….
I won’t betray her because she has gone through a lot…m
I prefer dying in place of her and that’s why I came up with a plan with Elva.
Elva too don’t want to loose beauty and that’s why she’s so much scared of allowing her in Miles Dreams High.
“You will go to school only if you can follow the rules strictly” I uttered with a sad expression to my poor sister.
“What are the rules
She raised her brows at me.
(Dyna read out the rules)
↘No fake hair (wig),you’re going in your real hair….
↘You are going to take me as an enemy in school….it will be very dangerous if Massey finds out that we are sisters.
↘Your name will be Eva Dana in school….don’t tell anyone your name is Beauty….don’t even tell Seven at all.
↘Stay very far from noise and Seven.
↘Don’t talk to anyone…
↘Working hours start after school.
I read out the rules and I saw her jaws drop.
“Will it work? Beauty questioned.
“Yes,it will work if only Seven can stay away from you just for a while”
I replied Beauty in a calm voice.
“Yes,you’re right. Seven does not like me anymore. He said I should choose between him and brown hair and Elva won’t allow me cut or dye my hair black”
Beauty slap her head in frustration.
“But Dyna what if Seven…..
“What if he get confused whenever he sees me in brown hair??
“What will I say to him?? Beauty asked.
“So simple!!!
“You’re gonna deny it.
“You’re gonna tell him that you’re Eve Dana and not Beauty Dana”
I replied her.
“I’m confused Dyna….
“I can’t do it…I will rather tell seven everything. I will rather tell him that I have brown hair and that Len is threatening me….
“Dyna let’s tell Seven the truth”
Beauty speak while holding my hand.
“Tell seven everything and you will become his toy..
“You’ve never told him you have brown hair and he is already saying you will have to choose between him and brown hair.
And you know it that Elva won’t allow you have your hair cut nor dyed.
Beauty see I am not even concerned about all that.
I am only concerned about your life.
If Massey find out about you, she’s gonna kill you and I don’t want you dead and that’s why Elva won’t allow you in Miles Dream High school.
She’s so scared of loosing you.
I don’t want you dead at all..
If you’re dead,who will I play with…..
Whose persons hair will I drag.?
“Beauty just try to understand Elva and me”
“You will have to avoid Seven at all cost for now and protect your own life first” I convinced Beauty and helped her up to the dining.
Trust me, I will always be there to help you even when am acting as your fake enemy in school”
“You can have this on me!!!
I assured her and dish out her food.
“Don’t forget the rules”
I reminded Beauty again before we start eating.
Minutes later,we are done I cleared the table while Beauty washed the dishes before we go to bed.
________Seven’s POV_________
After changing into my blue Royal robe,I tore a sheet of paper and took a sharp pencil. I really need to do this.
Again,I sat on the chair and tried to draw the map offhand. I did some drawing with my eyes shut….
I just continued drawing till I ran out of idea. I opened my eyes and take a glance at my sketch.
It look real it’s just exactly like the original one.
I took the original one and fold it neatly in a place no one would notice.
I grab my own sketch and go through it.
Like seriously, I was not thinking straight….nothing came to my memory….
It was only Beauty!!!!
Beauty get out of my brain map come inside!!!!
I tap my head in frustration.
I went through the sketch…..
“Massey is up to something!!!
The map had Len handwriting….
“Okay wait,I’m getting it!!
I move my hand into my new dyed hair and sip in cold water.
“Seven think!!!!
I continue hitting my head till I will get what Massey is trynna do.
I tried thinking but I started feeling sleepy with Beauty in my memory.
“No I must not sleep”
I took Beauty’s bangles and scaff,I scented it and smells just like her.
“I sprang up with the sketch maybe I will get a glimpse of idea but I didn’t.
Sincerely, Beauty’s dumbness is really affecting my thinking cap.
“What’s this map for?
I stared at my sketch repeatedly till I start getting it.
“Knight’s chamber”
“Routes to Mumbai”
“Dark alleys”
“Dark shades”
Can Massey ever change?
I took the map to my private studio and kept it.
I wonder why Beauty’s numbness is affecting me this much??
“She wanna blind me with her silly characters!!!
“Nah,I won’t dance to her tune…
“I won’t even repeat my previous mistake by trembling at her feet.
I tore out another sheet and wrote out some lines of song.
�Give me a breath
�but now you are klling me slowly�And you are hurting me badly
�Nobody else again
�That is what i need
�But you are turning it away
�I hope you know
�That you are taking mr back to yesterday��
Beauty you’re the same as Emily�
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(The Billionaire’s Toy✴)
Now enjoy��
_______⬇Seven’s POV⬇_______
Still in my royal robe and on my soft bed,gloominess keeps dripping like perspiration beads.
Bangs recreate themselves in my heart when I heard some footsteps.
I knew who it was…..
It’s no other person than Massey Miles( my stupid aunt).
I sprang up with immediate effect and rush into my private studio where I guess she would be.
I had not even entered, I just stood in front of the sapphire coated door.
Massey’s shrieking and light footsteps continued.
I know what she’s looking for,she’s looking for the map. I placed my hands on the wall till I found the switch. The light came up while Massey stood frozen on her spot.
She turned and faced me with millions of thoughts across her mind.
That’s it,she must always have something to say.
“Ohhhh Seven it’s a cat!!!
“Yes the cat was hiding under your trolley!!!
“So I was trying to kill it”
She cuts in sharply.
I never replied her, I just stood watching her with the way she is displaying her madness.
A smile form the base of my lip…..
“Why are you laughing han??
She frowned….
“Well,I was not laughing….
“I am only smiling at your intense stupidity”
I snareled,overlooking the fact that she’s my aunt.
“Shut up imp!!
“I am trying to help you and you’re insulting me
Massey shouted and I know where she’s driving at.
“What’s this noise all about early in the morning
“Don’t you have anything doing??
Dad speak to Massey and me.
“That question should be directed to Massey” I mumbled under my breath.
“Massey what’s with you and your cousin
“Can’t you stop all your quarrel and fights
“Sincerely speaking, it piss me off”
“You guys should just settle!!
“Settle with who I smirks at Massey.
“Actually Miles,it’s nothing….
“Seven is my kid brother, he’s just being silly”
“But there’s nothing!!!
“We are not quarrelling”
Massey quickly pull me into a motherly hug and immediately, dad left.
I pushed Massey off me and grab her wrist.
“I’m not a fool at all…
“You’re looking for the map right
“You won’t find it here”
I gnashed my teeth together before leaving her hand.
I moved into my room and selected my school outfits of black trouser,black pullover,black tie and a white shirt.
I did my business before changing my hairstyle…
I pack my phones, laptop,notepad…
What else
I scanned my room and saw beauty’s bangle lying on my soft bed. I scratch my neck and toss it into my pocket.
Minutes later, I made my way to the parking lots and threw the keys to Shiva.
“I’m taking the black……”
“Bugatti!!! Shiva completed my sentence with a bow before rushing to open the door.
“No restaurant today,just drive straight to Miles Dream high” I speak to Shiva while going through my iPod.
“Yes Sir!! He bowed again before plunging into the cushioned seat.
Soon,I got a text from an unknown number.
�Waiting for my dearest”
The message read.
“Nonsense…..i blink whike fixing a diamond ear bud on my left ear.
Shiva was almost close to the huge gate when i sighted my worst nightmare from afar.
“She is sitting on her car hood with her leg crossed.
“Emily Daniels!!
She is always taking foolish selfies with some random bitches.
“Bleep off bitches,Seven is here”
She yelled at her friends.
As if that long hair is still sharking her. I just feel like cutting it.
“Shiva stop the car” i instructed and he did stop the car. I step down with my hands tucked into my pockets.
“You’re gonna bring my phone,note pad and laptop with Me” I seethed and took off my jacket.
Emily remained in her position with other girls, she thought I will come back begging at her feet.
Nah I won’t do that.
Not even on my next life.
“Seven,can I touch your earring”
↘Ria Adams came begging.
I smirk at her before giving it out to her.
“Thank you” she smiled wildly and handled it with care.
“Who cares about the look on Emily’s face
I shrugged while Shiva keep following me.
“Seven what do you think you’re doing” Emily raised her voice in a possessive tone.
I faced her with a cold look.
“Emily get out” I uttered and made my way out of the crowd that were already piercing on me.
Some were even taking pictures…
They can’t just mind their business.
“Seven wait!!
Emily shout and starts running after me till she stumbled and fell.
She fell intentionally.
“Seven please help me up”
She stretch her hand forth and make a pleading look.
“Looks that reminded me of Beauty”
“Looks that reminded me of Beauty’s childish and weird characters”.
My heart melted and I help her up.
“Thanks Seven”
She speak in a croaky voice and for a second,I realize I was holding Emily’s hand.
“Jezzzz I was holding hands with Emily” reality struck me and I pushed her hand away till she fell back to the floor.
↘hmmm what’s happening
↘Emily on the floor!
↘Queen got rejected by Seven Miles!
↘It must reach the school website”
The curious mob muttered and start taking pictures of Emily.
“You disgust me!!!
I made a killer glare and continue walking with Shiva dangling behind me.
Emily sprang up and starts running after me till Shiva gave her a don’t trespass your limits look”.
“He does not like you anymore”
“Can’t you see Seven does not want you”
“I’m sorry my boss now hates you”
“He now has a sweet lover”
“She’s more beautiful than you so Bleep off!!!!
Shiva raised his index finger at Emily.
“Her name is Beauty!!!!
Shiva snarled at Emily.
I went wild instantly with Shiva..
Who asked him to mention Beauty name??
“Shut up your silly mouth Shiva!!!
“I’m not in love with any fucking person” I blink my lashes and press the green button on the door.
It opened and slam on Emily’s face…
Goodness sake why me?
Another brown hair again!!!!

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Re: FIRE AND ICE (the Billionaire's Toy) by emperorblog21(m): 3:18pm On Jul 14
(The Billionaire’s Toy✴)
Now enjoy��
________Beauty’s POV________
Dyna is really pushing me in doing so many things. She asked me to tie my hair in a high ponytail then she replaced my tag with the one that bears Eve Dana.
What a sister
“Dyna are you sure it’s gonna work
I keep asking that same question.
“It will work only if you can keep up with the rules” she answered me and led me to the huge classroom.
It’s really beautiful, just like an artistic eutopia.
No one was in,so I sat beside the window and watch different rich people. They are all cute.
I was still watching that I never noticed someone was in. I turned in a swift and met him.
Seven Miles!!!
I slowly look away and acted just as if I have never met him.
I’m Eve Dana here but at home I’m Beauty Dana.” I tap my head and walk out of the huge class.
“What a world
It really sucks to be alone.
I keep walking , not minding if at least I will get lost in this huge school . I just keep walking till I bump into someone.
“Did I bump into her or she bump into me?
“Can’t you see She half yell and it was more of a tiny shout.
“Emily Daniels!!! I saw her name clearly written on her tag.
“Curly who is this new birch Emily pointed at me while her friends cast me some glares.
“Can’t you see the way she’s looking han??
“Eve Dana!! Emily said my fake name with a chuckle.
“Not too bad” curly smirks and let out a smile.
After some taunts, they left me stranded in my own thoughts.
“Beauty!! Dyna called my name in a soft whisper.
“Your seat number is 36″
Stay very far from noise and trouble” Dyna utter and left.
I walk back to the class and start looking for my seat. I found it,it’s more close to the exit.
My seat is really far from seven’s own.
Just good like that.
I sat down and took down lectures till it was time for pop dance and other stuffs that look foolish to me
“Time for things that require noise and shouts.
I quickly stood up and picked my notepads.
I made my way to the exit door,I had not even taken fifteen steps when I met Len.
“Len Pablo!!
Seven’s rival.
“Good to see you here”
Len smiled wickedly.
I never talked back because Dyna said I shouldn’t talk.
“You know what to do, stay very far from Seven and stop working in his club if you know what is good for you” Len keeps ranging.
I squeeze mg face and walk past him but the idiot pull my wrist and twisted it till I let out a groan.
No one saw us and he is not done with me.
Len drag my injured wrist and keep dragging me down the hallway.
He left me alone in the lonely hallway. He pull my hair roughly till they all fell and covered the base of my skirt.
He keeps dragging my hair like a toy.
“Keep calm, I won’t shout at you” he shouted with a forceful push and my pounding headache arrived.
With my bleeding wrist,I pushed my hair away from my face and starggered backwards till I spit out blood.
My body detorirated and I was diminishing.
I was visionless and dumb.
I took a quick glance on my notepads that are already scattered on the floor,I start picking them while Len watch me with a very dark and lustful gaze till his eyeballs reached a peak where it is the darkest.
My mouth jumped into my stomach.
I traced his eyes and I found out he was staring at my lips.
My lips!
My lips!!
My lips!!!
Ohh no!!!!
I closed my eyes and opened them back…
All the books that i had already arranged pour back to the floor again just by a kick from Len.
________Len’s POV______________
I was overshadowed by darkness,jealousy, hatred and lust.
That’s it, Seven keeps getting all the good things.
He keeps getting the fame,
He keeps getting the fame,
He keeps getting the money….
Girls keeps flocking around him like flies…
Now he has found true love in the eyes of a commoner even if he’s yet to admit it.
Beauty Dana is the most beautiful I have ever seen….she got me captivated just by a look.
She’s just so fragile and and what
She will just faint if I shout at her.
I grab her long hair and pulled her up.
Even Emily can’t match with her.
I pulled beauty’s hair up like a toy.
I thought she will plead with me but she didn’t…. She just watch me like a fool even when she’s in pain.
I push her to the wall and connected my forehead with her own.
Again, she squeezed her face with the little strenght she had saved.
“Just let me go”
She finally speaks and it was like an angel speaking.
The more she speaks,the more I felt the greater urge in kissing her pinkish lips.
I was about slamhinpg my lips on her when she pushed me away.
She pushed me away and start picking her notepads.
She was too slow,I caught up with her and pulled her bleeding wrist.
“You pushed a billionaire”
I yell to her face…..
“You pushed……
I had not even completed my statement when she raise her hand to slap me. I held her hand down and twisted it the more and she cried slowly….
“Just stay away from Seven okay”
I seethed and left her in the floor.
I walked away and watch her cry for the first time.
I won’t lie,she’s so much beautiful with a fragile heart. I wonder why she met seven before me.
What are you looking at
Seven’s voice jerk me back to reality.
“None of your business” I rolled my eyeballs at Seven.
“Seven don’t move!!!
I rushed and block his way. He must not see the way I maltreated Beauty.
“Get out of my way!!
Seven yelled.
“Seriously seven you can’t pass”
I block his way so that he won’t see Beauty.
“Len out of my way!!!!
Seven clenched his fists.
“You can’t pass!!! I seethed and his face changed into a frown.
Before I knew what was happening, he landed a blow on my lips.
I staggered backwards and held the door of the hallway.
“Seven you can’t pass”
I mumbled with blood dripping down my lips.
Ohhhh goodness, another blow…
“Seven never miss his targets.
His blow landed on my cheek and I left the door for him to pass.

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