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Poetic Genius – Inufin Ayomide D’great X Ras Godisoh / Whoever Wrote This' Monkey Money Madness(mmm) Story Is A Genius (2) (3) (4)

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Re: Everybody Is A Genius by sammyLuvin(m): 12:12pm On Feb 24
Welcome on board Profmaojo. I could remember you as one of my story readers in those days. Pls show face here sir.
Re: Everybody Is A Genius by sammyLuvin(m): 12:15pm On Feb 24
Dedicated to Profmaojo for following me on Twitter Nairaland cheesy

Ted said, “Henry, thirteen minutes left for you to become a murderer of twenty.”
“Huh—it’s true,” said Henry, bugging out his eyes in horror. Then a suggestion came to his brain, which seemed to make him appear as if he had just been relieved from the effect of the supposed inebriation. Henry suggested, “Why not let’s tear the map into two, so you can go with the part with the US and I’ll go with Egypt.”
“Yeah, that’s a good idea,” concurred Ted. “Where have you kept the genius in you all this while?”
Without any further ado, the boys rend the paper in two. Just then Henry remembered and said in apprehension, “Ted, hope you’re with the Rose flower.”
“Yeah, here’s it,” said Ted, producing it from his pocket.
“Goodbye Ted,” Henry waved.
“Goodbye Henry, I’ll come help you in Egypt later, after the cure is complete,” said Ted and in a matter of second the two had disappeared, having clicked their respective destinations in the different pieces of the papers with them…
The citizens of Gyrus were known for possessing a particular odd ability; they could stay awake for an extra-time of five minutes after being declared dead scientifically. Such opportunity had often been utilized by some of them when dying, to do something unimaginable.
Re: Everybody Is A Genius by Profmaojo: 7:23am On Feb 25
Welcome on board Profmaojo. I could remember you as one of my story readers in those days. Pls show face here sir.
alright sammyhoe now sammyLuvin...I really enjoyed reeading your story...welcome back
Re: Everybody Is A Genius by sammyLuvin(m): 8:15pm On Feb 25
Rising swiftly while the old sage was chasing after Henry and Ted, the Power Guard disappeared from the Island of Forgetfulness. He lamented as he stormed his fairly large salon. The room was well furnished, having a huge lounger which had always been the relaxation seat for the man. It was on that particular seat Kent Robins landed on his arrival to his home.
“No ear must hear this, that I died by the hands of kids. Something must be done! Something must be done!”
Kent Robins was ill at ease, wanting to do something. With tears flowing down his cheek he began to scribble something into a piece of paper, gazing at the clock from time to time, trying to beat the time. At last he said, “That’s settled. The magichood must not know the truth. They must believe in a lie.” Then the thirst for revenge overwhelmed him.
“But it’s not possible now,” he whispered sorrowfully, believing that his strength would not tarry long enough for him to retaliate. He lifted his head again to look at the time. It was only three minutes left for him to expire.
Pacing about aimlessly in the room, having placed the letter in a conspicuous place, the man suddenly said, “Yes, Harrison will do it for me. He must avenge my death.” As if crawling would be faster, instead of walking, the man crawled swiftly toward his mirror and set his eyes on it yelling Harrison’s name. Harrison appeared in it.
“Harrison!” he called out. “I’m dead already. My death must be a mystery to humankind.”
“How? How did you die?” asked Harrison in disbelief.
“It must be a mystery to you also.” As a result of the grief Harrison read from the man’s face he believed him.
“Get my wand from them!”
“From who?” asked Harrison, who never understood what he meant.
“Ted and Hen—” He was not able to finish pronouncing Henry when his mirror exploded. He collapsed and passed away. Harrison said, “Trust me,” beating his chest, but the man seemed not to have heard his allegiance, since his corpse was already absent-minded.
Re: Everybody Is A Genius by sammyLuvin(m): 6:23am On Feb 26
Good day peeps
Re: Everybody Is A Genius by sammyLuvin(m): 6:23am On Feb 26
Morning meal is ready


The twenty patients were lain on trolleys and pushed away for a dump in the morgue. Their remains had been wrapped up in white cloths and their nostrils stuck with pieces of cotton wool. Sympathizers had almost wept their eyes out. Many students, whose friends or lovers were involved in the incident, had begun a serious hunt for Henry. They were going to exterminate his life too.
Professor Wilson hurried to the hospital and met the Doctor in annoyance.
“Doctor Clifford, I said these people ain’t dead.”
“Sir, I waited till the time you gave me. They’re but bunch of corpses now.” The irritated dean held up his gold wristwatch toward the Doctor and spoke into his face, “Take a look, fifteen minutes left. I said after twenty-three hours…see, fifteen more minutes left, but you’re not a bit patient.” Professor Wilson was panicking as he was getting prepared to leave the Doctor.
“You’ll regret your action,” he turned back and said to the Doctor who was looking at him in awe.
Professor Wilson had been to Henry’s room five times since Henry’s departure, to check if he was around. He had done these secretly making sure no one was around before inserting the ‘abstract key of magic’ into the keyhole. He was now confused and losing hope, being aware that no one had ever reached Selemis Cave and returned alive in the past. He could recall how he had made the move himself too when he was twenty-five, but was not left with the memory of where he reached before forfeiting the journey then. The only thing he could remember sharing with the magic folk then was that he got to a place called the Island of Forgetfulness, but since he was not able to share a single memory of what happened in the said Island they passed him for a liar. He was almost punished by the renowned leader of the planet then if not for the pleas that was raised by the citizens on his behalf.
The dean doubled his pace to get to Henry’s place once more, realizing that the absence of the boys again would mean a dash to the slim hope he had.
The people at the door were making a lot of bangs at it with their weapons. Many were using mallets of different sizes, while some were bludgeoning the door. Everyone had improvised in other to make sure the goal of breaking into the room was carried out. They were of the belief that the dean deliberately hid Henry inside the place because they had spied on the Professor all the time he was stealthily ducking to the door to get it opened. Since they never saw a key with him those times, they resorted to the belief that Henry had been opening the door for the man from the interior.
“Henry must die too!” they chorused as they dauded hard at the door, their noses covered up with some thick nosepieces.

Ted landed in Henry’s room.
“Wow!” said Ted. “Twelve minutes left, I’ve got to hurry.” He opened the door and hastily stepped out.
Bang! Bang! sounded hammers of different makings on Ted’s head as he came out of the room. He fell flat but the dean had just arrived the spot.
“What are you doing here?” he yelled at the hoodlums who were already precipitated with fear and astonishment as they bent their necks, gawping at the wrong chap on the floor, whom they had brought down.
“We thought it was Henry,” they said, but the angry dean shouted, “Get lost!” and instantly they fleeted away, leaving the dean alone to continue the rubbernecking.
“Foolish ones!” abused the dean as he bent quickly over Ted who had managed to stay conscious, head swollen and sweating out blood.
“Ted! Ted! Where’s Henry?”
“Egypt,” Ted managed a whisper.
“Where’s the flower? Did you get it?” For a reply Ted slowly inserted his hand into his pocket. The man was not patient enough for the boy to bring it out. He violently snaffled the thing from Ted’s pocket and fled, saying, “Get better.”
It was conspicuous that Professor Wilson had cared less for the boy who was gasping for life on the bare floor the way he had just acted. The care he had showed for the flower more than the human on the verge of death could be justified by the fact that it is better for one person to die for twenty; but for twenty to die for one it would be illogical. But Ted must have had it this way (if at all he was still conscious); twenty pauper can die for someone of affluence. It happened in some countries where political thugs were used to fight the cause of a political mogul, who would want to assume a political position by force, but some of them got murdered, not waiting to see if the cause they fought for came to reality eventually.
The Professor was soon back there to give the cure. He took no preventive caution to make sure blood transfusion was avoided since he was making use of a single syringe.
“You novices, will you watch and see how I’ll cure them?” he said to the medical practitioners who were headed by Doctor Clifford. Some students were watching too. They looked at the man, stupefied.
Re: Everybody Is A Genius by dlawsamesq(m): 6:18pm On Feb 26
sammyhoe,I suspect u skipped some episodes. Please check the updates. I dey gbadun you.
Re: Everybody Is A Genius by sammyLuvin(m): 6:21pm On Feb 26
sammyhoe,I suspect u skipped some episodes. Please check the updates. I dey gbadun you.
Where exactly should I check?
Re: Everybody Is A Genius by Mavchamp(m): 11:10pm On Feb 28
So this story is back
I was ur ardent follower and ebiag.com that year

This story was just caught short

But there is ability in disability was completed though..

And also lemme end by saying

Re: Everybody Is A Genius by sammyLuvin(m): 6:46am On Feb 29
So this story is back
I was ur ardent follower and ebiag.com that year

This story was just caught short

But there is ability in disability was completed though..

And also lemme end by saying


Are you an ex-student of AMMSSSA?
Re: Everybody Is A Genius by sammyLuvin(m): 6:57am On Feb 29
sammyhoe,I suspect u skipped some episodes. Please check the updates. I dey gbadun you.
Thanks I've detected the errors and corrected them.
Re: Everybody Is A Genius by dlawsamesq(m): 9:12am On Feb 29
Thanks I've detected the errors and corrected them.

you are the bomb. keep rolling in the updates

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Re: Everybody Is A Genius by sammyLuvin(m): 9:58am On Feb 29

you are the bomb. keep rolling in the updates
Re: Everybody Is A Genius by Mavchamp(m): 10:54am On Feb 29

Are you an ex-student of AMMSSSA?

Yeah sure...
I even know about ur recent get together...
Re: Everybody Is A Genius by sammyLuvin(m): 10:59am On Feb 29

Yeah sure...
I even know about ur recent get together...
Oh, that's good. Which set are you?
Re: Everybody Is A Genius by Mavchamp(m): 11:02am On Feb 29
Oh, that's good. Which set are you?

Re: Everybody Is A Genius by sammyLuvin(m): 12:14pm On Feb 29

Re: Everybody Is A Genius by sammyLuvin(m): 12:17pm On Feb 29
The man glanced at the wall clock and found out that it was only two minutes left for him to get the work done. Without any delay the man began to pierce the patients with the pointed object in a way an extremely aggressive stabber would do when using a knife to achieve his goal. The victims remained stiff and still even after he had performed the treatment on them. Just when everyone was sweating in hopelessness, two boys rushed in immediately to spread another bad news, bearing Ted in their hands. “Sir, Henry has killed one more student. We saw him dead at Henry’s door.” “Drop him on the floor, the doctors will take care of him,” said the dean exasperatedly, having lost hope on the twenty lifeless victims. All of a sudden, the victims began to rise up one after the other: Sussie sneezed and rose up. Willie coughed and got up too; so did Matthew, who thumped up with a smile. Like a sleeping beauty woke Jane, yawning, and Collins was up too, laughing loudly, but when Mary woke, she was hiccupping while Hannah was belching… None of the patients was left without performing one reflex action or the other. Professor Wilson said, “You see, I told you. It’s only the combination of laughing gas and Hydrogen Sulphide with Ammonia and a little quantity of Hydrogen Peroxide and Hydrogen Chloride gas plus Methane and lots more that can cause this reflex actions.” As the Professor ended his prolix and unproved illustrations, the people around him cheered him up with a round of applause. Some hefty ones shouldered him in a sudden manner, regarding him as a celebrity. “Doctor of all Doctors!” they chanted, inflating the pride of the dean, who instantly began to blow his trumpet. “Yeah, I’m a Professor. My title’s more than that of a doctor,” he said. Journalists rallied round the Professor. His deed was broadcast in the media to the world. Titles of several forms were made to appear on newspapers and magazines. “The Professor who saved twenty.” “Professor genius has done it again.” “The CCUL Professor became the best medical doctor in the world.” “The dean is the dean indeed.” Ted was pushed aside during the hurly-burly, only to be attended to after falling into a coma.
Re: Everybody Is A Genius by sammyLuvin(m): 12:17pm On Feb 29
Next update coming soon
Re: Everybody Is A Genius by sammyLuvin(m): 2:02pm On Feb 29
Dedicated to Mavchamp

Henry arrived Egypt. Being weak and famished, he traipsed along in the arid region like a hobo, appearing not a bit interested in the journey he was making. He was nursing the insinuation that Ted never got the flower across to the dean, so the victims were dead.
The hotness of the desert caused a rapid increase in the rate at which transpiration was taking place through Henry’s skin. He perspired persistently under the scorching sun. As if Henry’s condition never deserved pity at all, two men on chariot rode after him to have him captured. The men had already alighted before Henry lifted up his head and discovered their presence. Henry could see how firmly they had begun to tie some thick pieces of rags across their noses. He could sense that they had done such because of the odor coming out of him.
One of them spoke harshly in his native language but Henry never understood him. Going by the gesticulations made by the taller aborigines Henry knew he was asking a question.
“Can’t understand you,” replied Henry in trepidation, then the man spoke again in an adulterated English, “Who you, bogeyman?” Henry felt that telling them he was an American would sound facetious to the men, thinking that his long and untidy beard would give him away if he said so.
Henry’s silence made the men to suggest that he was possessed of something evil.
“He smells,” said one of them and the other fallaciously said, “He is mad.” Trammeling him quickly by tying his hands and feet, Henry was lifted unto the carriage, which the men drove quickly away as soon as he was bundled into it.
Henry was not sure of the action to take but he said facetiously, “You will regret this.”
“Regret what?” asked one of them in an Arabic accent.
“Your actions,” said Henry. “Don’t you know who I am?” he raised his voice but one of the men gave him a slap on the face.
“I’m Pharaoh,” Henry said stroking his beard with the back of his tied hands. His speech did nothing other than eliciting hilarity from his foes. As they drove along Henry never had the thought of putting his magic skills into play to save himself since he was not remembering that he was a magician, probably because of the effect of the journey he had made earlier, through the Island of Forgetfulness.
The men halted before an ancient structure, a pyramid, whose facade was only suggestive of the fact that the structure had been there before 50bc. The pyramid of great antiquity was now dilapidated for the reason of age.
Henry’s sweaty face beamed great fear when he was being led into the pyramid and tied down somewhere inside the structure. What had exacerbated his fear the most was the metallic coffin that he saw in the pyramid. He heard the men speak Aramaic as they pointed to the pyramid. Already conjecturing what the men’s intention was Henry trembled, then his tremors received more vigor when one of them suddenly whispered into his ears and pointed to the direction of the coffin Henry had earlier spotted in the pyramid.
“Tomorrow, you we shall mummify,” they chatted with each other as they spoke to Henry. Before Henry was able to make meaning out of what they had said, the men had almost gone out of the pyramid. However, Henry screamed, “Please! Please! Don’t do that!” but his pleas fell on deaf ears or perhaps on the backs of the earlobes of the unconcerned men. Henry knew so well the meaning of the term “mummification” which the desperate men had agreed to put him to.
Henry had read in Egypt how corpses were mummified, not knowing then that he was soon to face such. Henry’s sweats were thick and smelly. He made attempts several times to get himself free from the bounds but his trials had only caused him more hurt, yet he never for once gave the idea of using the magic a thought. He gave up eventually.
As if the bounds were not efficient enough to hamper Henry from escaping, the men came with three large dogs, whose eyes was barely visible having been covered with the folds of their skins around the head regions. The dog had short necks and long tongues, which had stuck out ferociously all the time.
As soon as the dog owners released them, they ran enthusiastically towards Henry as if to tear him apart. They seemed to him as the Lion of Truth the way they were fleeting towards him, so he screamed, “No! No!” never wanting to believe that he was about to be chewed up by ordinary dogs, but he was wrong as they were not coming for such weird intent. The well-trained dogs surprisingly rushed to Henry’s tied feet and lay silently, looking unconcernedly at their owners as they departed.
Henry twirled frightfully as the Rottweilers suddenly began to lick up his feet. His twirls angered the dogs, which had retaliated fiercely by barking out threats at him. Henry in turn had to stop the twirls and return to a tranquil state.
The stubborn dogs, which had deemed it fit to make Henry’s feet some chocolates to lick up, put their thoughts into practice again as they resumed the licking with ineffable avidity and agility. Pitifully, the activities dealt a blow to the dreams of the dogs bright future (if they had had any). The dogs fell dead because of the humongous quantity of contaminated air they had absorbed from Henry’s body.
Henry’s feeling towards the ‘dead’ was animal-like, not humanlike, since he was trying to stick to the rule; give to Cesar what belongs to Cesar.
“Dead animals deserve animal-like pity,” he whispered, not having any remorse feeling. However, Henry unintentionally kept silent for one minute (which was tantamount to a minute silence observed in honor of the dead dogs) and later said, “Did Ted make it or am I a murderer of twenty already?”
Since the way Henry was postured was in the horizontal manner, he had no problem acquiring sleep early enough, something that wouldn’t have happened if the dogs had not died.
When Ted’s eyes flicked opened, he was on a bed inside a place that appeared to him like a hospital ward. Ted had no problem recollecting the event that had led him to such a state—the hammer blows. Quickly gazing at his wristwatch, Ted discovered it was morning already, next day. His body made a jerky movement instantly and he felt a pang on his head at once.
“Dang!” Ted said touching his swollen head, which had received many conks just a day ago. Ted had his mind on Henry, so he said instantly, “I must see Henry, now.”
Meanwhile a nurse was busying herself more than the rest of the practitioners in the clinic, looking for the way to get Ted out of his coma by all means, but the nurse never realized that Ted was now conscious.
At last a thought lingered in the mind of the nurse and she had it settled in her mind to give such thought a trial. The nurse had picked up the used syringe of the dean and found out that a flyspeck quantity of the liquefied rose flower was remaining in it. The goodwill nurse carefully pricked Ted’s skin with the needle with unexpected propitiousness. It came unexpectedly to Ted, who had shut his eyes beforehand, when the nurse was approaching so as to make her hold the belief that he was still unconscious then.
Ted yelled loudly, “Aaaaaaaarrrrggh!” as he jigged up from bed and darted for the door.
“Gush! It worked!” hollered the nurse in excitement, but she was overwhelmed with glumness when she eventually realized that her patient had vamoosed. The nurse impulsively began a chase after Ted, screeching along.
“Catch him! Catch him!” she cried. “He’s running amuck!” Before anyone could volunteer to help join in the chase Ted was already out of the structure, taking a course that would lead to Henry’s place. He got there as fast as possible, pulling the door to see if he was in. Not seeing him in sent a sensation to Ted that Henry was yet to arrive.
Ted picked the wand of the Power Guard from the floor of Henry’s room where it had fallen while Ted was receiving the deadly hammer blows. He tucked his hand into his pocket to produce the half-torn map which would serve as his aircraft to Egypt, but unfortunately, there was no Egypt on it, since it was in the other pieces with Henry.
“Gush! There’s no Egypt in here,” said Ted. “I must get the dean.” Ted wrenched the door open swiftly as his head oscillated to and fro to see if anyone was monitoring him. He rushed out, heading for the dean’s office.
The nurse had not relented at all. She now had two men to her assistance who were perambulating around her in search of Ted.
“We don’t know where he has entered,” a male voice spoke.
“We must find him,” the nurse replied as they marched quickly along, determined to get Ted caught.
Ted made some furtive moves until he was right before the door of the dean’s office. Exerting much pressure the dean’s door flung open and Ted, uninvited, jumped into the roomy office.
“Hey, are you mad?” shouted the gutted face of the dean. “You nearly damaged my door.”
Ted gave the man‘s word not the slightest thought, saying, “I need a map—a map.” Then he raised his voice, “I must need see Henry now.”
“I’ve got no other map here with me,” explained the dean. “How d’you get back to America without the map?”
“Not at all!” responded Ted. “We tore it into two; Henry took the part where we have Africa and me, America.”
At last the dean advised Ted to get to the library instead, to get another map, since there was no map left in his office. At first the boy stood, gazing at the man, with the thought that the man was only trying to be funny, because Ted never imagined that the university would have a magical map kept in the library. He moved away at last, but until after the dean had asked, “What the hell are you still standing here doing?”

While Ted was in the dean’s office, the nurse and her accessories were making plans on how to have Ted caught and referred to the psychiatric hospital, since they had already taken him for a mental patient. Two hefty men were helping her to keep vigil.
“Listen guys,” said the nurse. “Grab him as soon as he comes out of there.” They had seen him enter the dean’s office already and therefore were waiting for his exit.
“Yes, we are ready,” said the two hefty men whose statures were making them seem analogous to their interest in the job they were carrying out. It was fun to them performing it.
“But, please be very careful, you know he’s mad,” warned the nurse, but they seemed to be unflurried, having the feeling of over-confidence instead. “Can you hear me?” the nurse asked but they shrugged in response.
“We are mad ourselves too,” said one of them. “You can count on us.”

All of a sudden, Ted skittered out of the dean’s office and the two men spotted him from their hideout. They were going to ‘get him alive’. As if he had perceived their intents, noticing them Ted swerved swiftly from the direction of his foes. In a quick move, Ted had hid himself away from the twosome laying in ambush for him. The men began to roam about wearing out themselves in looking for the smart guy. They made ajar every closed door in the process, setting open a toilet where an aged Professor was passing the time in the agony of passing out stubborn and indurated stool.

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Re: Everybody Is A Genius by sammyLuvin(m): 2:04pm On Feb 29
There's an Illustrator on this page. The Ebiagites are out there watching you. If you don't comment they will arrest you o. grin
Re: Everybody Is A Genius by sammyLuvin(m): 2:04pm On Feb 29
And I can also see one Mrufai44, Ebiag Soldiers, pls track and arrest them if they don't leave their comments grin grin grin
Re: Everybody Is A Genius by sammyLuvin(m): 2:06pm On Feb 29
Expectantly they heard, “Are you crazy?” from the ‘laboring’ and peeved man, but the chasers quickly shut back the door to avoid being noticed by the walrus mustached man in the ‘labor room’.
Pre-planning it the two chasers went the opposite directions to one another. One was coming close to the poorly lit corner, which was presently serving as Ted’s den. Ted was peeping at the sinewy human who was making Ted’s direction his course. He was expecting to utilize whatever slim chance he would have.
As envisaged, the gigantic man came close to Ted’s asylum but Ted’s legs, wittingly stretched towards the seeker’s direction, made him stumble and fall. Ted spotted a rope fall from the man’s grip, which the man had initially intended for tying Ted up. Before the poor man could gather himself up again, Ted had put his opponent on headlock, like an experienced wrestler. He twisted backward the two arms of the restless man, who seemed not to have a wrestling experience, and tied his hands together with on end of the tough long cord. Then he wrapped his entire body with the remnant of the rope, like a dead body, which had undergone mummification.
“I’m not mad,” said Ted. “Don’t come after me, okay.” He whispered to the man’s ears as he was preparing to leave him there. The trammeled man was left alone to twiddle on the floor.
Ted rushed out of his corner striding away for safety with long and fast paces. However, the other hefty man noticed him as he skulked out of the chamber where he had left the other chaser. The man dogged patiently after Ted like a bear. When Ted eventually noticed his presence he took to his heels and the man chased after him. The chaser had to wait behind when he heard the sound of agony made by his counterpart.
In a flash, Ted was in the school library. He hurried to the catalog, stealing a quick glance at it. Then he rushed away and was soon with an atlas of about twelve centimeters in length and a width of almost eight and half centimeters. Ted flicked through the book and stopped where the map of Africa was drawn. As if not having any conscience, Ted unscrupulously tore out the page, not minding that he had just flouted one of the most paramount rules governing the smooth running of the school library:
“Do not mutilate any library book or material in any way.”
Ted crumpled the torn pages and concealed it snugly in his left shoe. He ran into the hands of his seekers. They cruelly bundled him up and made jest of him as they made for the clinic.
“We’ve got you at last,” said Tom, who had been conquered earlier by Ted. He was pulling hardly at Ted’s hair, inflicting pain on him.
Jerry pulled up Ted’s coat and noticed the wand jutting out from beneath the upper part of Ted’s trousers. Jerry pulled it out rapidly.
“What is this stick inside your trouser?” said Jerry as he waved the stick to Ted’s face. Ted, totally scared that the Power Guard’s wand would automatically begin to display again, gave Jerry a head-butt, which landed on his stomach. The hefty man was not able to resist the momentous blow as he fell backward, letting the wand fall from his grip but not deliberately. Ted smartly freed himself from their holds. Picking his wand, Ted fleeted away, but they fleeted after him too, shouting, “Catch him, he’s mad!”
If Tom and Jerry had known beforehand that such expression was going to facilitate Ted’s escape, they would not have uttered it. Those who heard the shouts had only taken it as a timely warning, avoiding Ted like a plague. No one was ready to catch a mad fellow.
However, Tom and Jerry were persistent, not ready to give up the chase. Ted made a toilet, a place for dumping organic refuse, his refuge, locking up himself there. Tom and Jerry stared at one another, winking and smiling.
“He’s set a trap for himself,” said Tom gladly. “Let’s get to work.”
Re: Everybody Is A Genius by sammyLuvin(m): 2:07pm On Feb 29
Ebiag soldiers, watch out for Pofgrace, arrest her if she leaves without commenting here cheesy cheesy
Re: Everybody Is A Genius by Mavchamp(m): 4:43pm On Feb 29
Thanks for the dedication...

However I still hunger for more episode please...


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Re: Everybody Is A Genius by Pofgrace: 10:12pm On Feb 29
Ebiag soldiers, watch out for Pofgrace, arrest her if she leaves without commenting here cheesy cheesy
it's. A he bro nice story you got here

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Re: Everybody Is A Genius by sammyLuvin(m): 2:30am On Mar 01
it's. A he bro nice story you got here
Thanks so much. I'm dedicating the next post to you for your comment.
Re: Everybody Is A Genius by sammyLuvin(m): 2:34am On Mar 01
Pofgrace this is for you for your comment.
Welcome to EBIAG where Every Body Is A Genius
grin grin grin

In the lavatory, Ted shook his head sideways, glad that he was going to escape at last. Without further ado, Ted pointed his wand up to the ceiling and a portion of it was broken, therefore creating an opening in the ceiling, which was wide enough for Ted to escape through, but Ted’s gimmickry was known to himself alone, because he was never intending to escape through the opening he had just engendered. Instead, Ted touched Egypt lightly in the map and he disappeared from the toilet.
“Get outta there!” shouted the hefty men in vain. They sent a lot of kicks to the door, which had not offended them, and eventually the door was forcefully opened.
Greatly astonished by the emptiness, they yelled, “What!” in fright, but the fret soon gave way to suppression when they later gawked at the ceiling.
“Jerry,” Tom called, having noticed the breakage on the ceiling first.
“See… he must have escaped through this,” he pointed at the ceiling.
“Gush!” shouted Jerry.
“This mad fellow is very wise.” Then on a second thought Jerry said, “Tom, are you sure this guy was mad at all?” Then Tom replied, “If he was not then we are the mad ones.”
The two ‘wild goose chasers’ unanimously agreed to the latter statement as they traipsed dejectedly out of the toilet. They turned and skulked gently away from the elderly Professor they had seen earlier having ‘fun’ in one of the toilets. The old Professor had just emerged from the ‘White House’ having ended his laborious moment of defecating.

Henry had given up, since it was already the next day and therefore his death day. Still held fast by the bounds all Henry was left to fiddle with was the thought of doom. He was neither wishing that his captors should return nor was he wishing to remain there for a couple of seconds more. Henry tried not to magnify the surge of hope that had just crept into his line of thoughts. It was the thought of Ted coming to his rescue. Not wanting to chase after a wild goose in his mind, Henry quickly doused the mustard-seed-sized feeling of hope in him, by bearing in mind that Ted’s coming to Egypt would never be of help to him, since the boy in question wouldn’t be able to locate him let alone rescue him. The deadened feeling of auspiciousness resulted into fear for Henry, whose heart was now pulsating at a rapid rate. Ted landed inside the Nile River. Back in the toilet on campus what Ted had intended touching on the map was the bank of the great river Nile, not its heart where he had just found himself in. Despite the fact that Ted was not a good swimmer, he swum fast this time in the river, moving at a rate far swifter than that of the greatest swimmer of those days; thanks to the great shark which had appeared to Ted, therefore making him swim away from the mighty creature at such great velocity . Ted managed to get onshore when the shark’s nose was only two inches away from him. He heaved a great sigh of relieve but his breath was heavy. Ted suddenly looked frustrated when he remembered his mission. He never knew if Henry had arrived Nile already. There was no way Ted could communicate with Henry, since Henry was not with a communicating device, having known earlier the task of swimming he would have to face in the Nile River, so deeming it fit to keep his cell phone back in his room on campus. Ted himself was not with one; their mirrors were not with them either. Waiting for Henry at the bank of the river, Ted was not at ease at all, feeling that the great shark, which had just chased after him, must have devoured Henry earlier. “I must go find Henry in the water,” Ted thought as he got set to dive into the river again. He changed his mind when he had another thought came haunting him. “Henry’s such a coward,” said Ted. “He will never enter the river all alone.” Reasoning in such a way, Ted turned back and made to leave the river. Having slogged few meters away from the bank of the river, Ted noticed some footprints, which were very conspicuous due to the nature of the earth on which the impressions were made in. It took Ted not long to recognize who the owner of the prints was. Hunkering before the impressions, Ted said, “Wow! Here are Henry’s shoe’s heels. I can vividly recognize them.”
In tandem with his discovery, Ted noticed other impressions. They appeared to him like the wheel of a vehicle. As Ted traipsed along, he noticed that the impressions of the wheels were getting closer and closer to the footprints he was initially tracing. Along the way the footprint vanished, but the wheel prints continued. Ted, like any one with a common sense, had no problem concluding that the carriage must have borne Henry. Ted was having some ambivalent feelings concerning what he had just seen. After giving room to the notion that Henry would be safe if he had made use of his magical power, his fear was allayed. Insinuating that the ideated vehicle must have travelled far already, Ted exerted more effort, walking faster along the paths the impressions had followed. Ted’s heart missed a beat when he spotted few meters ahead of him a decrepiting pyramid. Ted said out of fear, “Pyramid!” with gibbous eyes. “They’re used for burying the Pharaohs. Henry must have been interred there.” Intensifying his celerity, Ted was not aware that he was already running, though his eyes were still set to the ground, looking at the prints. As earlier envisaged, Ted was led eventually to a pyramid by the mystifying prints he was following after. He prowled around the amazing structure for few minutes before summoning the courage to get into it. Taking furtive steps, Ted got himself into the pyramid. Henry’s heart lurched as he heard the stamping of feet. Thinking that it was his captors, he lifted up his eyes, but caught the glimpse of Ted.
Re: Everybody Is A Genius by sammyLuvin(m): 2:36am On Mar 01
]“Henry!” yelled Ted, his voice concurrently sounding with the “Ted!” Henry had shouted too. For the following few seconds, the two were silent, mouths wide agape and eyes gawking at one another with shock.
“Ted, you’re here,” spoke Henry at last. “How d’you know I’m here?”
“Your footprints and the wheel prints,” Ted replied. “Who tied you here?”
“Two Egyptians,” replied Henry, gasping for breath. “They’re intending to have me killed today. I’ve been here since yesterday. I’m glad you came at the right time.” As Ted moved closer to have Henry loosed, he noticed the dogs lying lifelessly at Henry’s feet. Ted was shocked.
“Hey, what are these for?” Ted asked.
“Guards, ensuring that I’m securely captured over here,” said Henry whimsically, but the relaxed state of the dogs baffled Ted.
“They’re not moving,” Ted remarked. “Do dogs doze on duty?” Then he added, “You used the magic on them, isn’t it?”
“Magic!” Henry thumped up in astonishment as he genuinely said, “I never remembered I had any magic power at all since my arrival here. If I had known that I would have used it to defend myself against my captors from the onset.”
Ted, setting Henry loose, said in disbelief, “So—why are these dogs sleeping if really you never used the magic on them?”
“They came too close to me,” said Henry. “They licked my feet and died.” Henry’s word sounded absurd to Ted, who asked quirkily, “Do you mean your legs are poisonous? I’ll advise you get them amputated with immediate effect.”
Ted’s statement educed a brusque laugh from Henry, who, amidst the laughter, said, “That’s not what I mean. What I mean is, the dog inhaled my body smells and that must have killed them all.”
“As it killed the twenty back on campus—huh,” said Ted with a superficial veneer of seriousness on his face. Henry was scared, having got up to his feet, since Ted had completed setting him free already.
“They died?” whispered Henry in an exasperated manner.
“They live,” said Ted, whose words elicited a hug instantly from Henry.
As the two were about to leave, Henry asked, “But why did I forgot I possess magic power?”
“The wine of the Island of Forgetfulness is still intoxicating you,” Ted replied as he exerted all his efforts on kicking one of the dogs away like a football.
“It’s true,” admitted Henry. “But I’ll never forget to remember not to forget that you must need remind me of the forgotten seventh question.” Barely had Henry completed his speech when an ear-piercing noise diverted their attentions. It was the voice of a man who must have been undoubtedly angered by something. They saw the man. It seemed the dead dog Ted had just kicked landed on his face and that was unarguably what had engendered the cry.
Henry pointed at the two figures standing at a very close range ahead and said, “Ted, they’re here.”
“Oh, it’s these two lazy men,” said Ted, as if he had known them somewhere before. “I’ll deal with them without the magic,” Ted boasted.
The two men, who were now standing in awe, were wary of Ted’s approach towards them. As Ted came close, he threw a kick at them, but they ducked it and one of them grabbed his thrown leg. Ted hopped with the other leg for two seconds and, like a good striker, swooshed it suddenly towards the men, to send them a kick, but like a more experienced goalie, the other man took hold of Ted’s swooshed leg. Ted hit his head on a pile of sand. After swirling with him for ten seconds, the men threw Ted away.
Henry was already coming for his friend’s rescue, but Ted shouted, “Back off!” while still on the floor. He tried to get up his feet but the sensation of vertigo would not allow him. Like a toddler, Ted fell twice before finally regaining himself. Getting to his feet at last, Ted drooped towards the men, having pushed Henry backward.
“Let’s use the magic,” advised Henry.
“Stay out of this—uh,” Ted said. “I will deal with them physically.”
The two men began to move towards them again. Ted leisurely waved his right hand at them and they soon began to sleepwalk.
Henry was dazed.
“Ted, did you use the magic on them?” queried Henry in wonderment.
“Why should I? Maybe they’ve just smelt your body,” lied Ted. “It makes twenty-two persons your body smells have killed.”
The way Ted had just presented his speech sent big fear into Henry’s spine at once. Henry was prompted to speak:
“Ted, tell me… are the twenty dead?”
Ted laughed and said, “It’s only a joke man, Haven’t I told you earlier that they live?” Hearing this, Henry received not a little relief, which he was depicting with smiles.
Knowing little about the use of magical power, Henry was surprised at the dexterity Ted had manifested in making the two men go to somnambulism. At last the sleepwalkers fell before the boys like a jellyfish, sleeping and saw logging continuously like babies.
Henry asked, “The sleep—how long?”
“I don’t know,” Ted replied and instantly changed the topic, “Henry, do you have a knife with you?”
“No?” answered Henry. “Why—?”
“To mummify them,” said Ted, placing his hand on a sarcophagus right inside the pyramid, which was the same the two men had intended to put Henry into after embalming him.
“Let’s leave them alone,” Henry said passionately. “They’ve learnt their lessons.”
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Good day y'all. Happy Sunday.
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St grin ry C grin ntinuati grin n

Tramping along after leaving the pyramid, Ted suddenly said, “Henry, if it was you who had left for America yesterday from Selemis you’d be dead by now.”
“Why?” Henry asked inquisitively.
“As I stepped out of your room, flower in hand, my head was thumped with fatal hammer blows. I fainted and was taken to the school clinic. When I recovered I escaped from the clinic. Two hefty fools were sent after me to have me caught again, but I dealt with them and escaped.”
Ted was expecting a sympathetic gesture from Henry as he touched his hurt head, but what he heard was, “Did you die?”
“What a foolish question?” Ted screamed at him. “If I had died will I be here?” Henry smirked and said, “If you didn’t die, why then did you feel I would have died if it was me?”
Henry’s statement ignited a masked anger in Ted. He stopped abruptly, looked into Henry’s eyes, stone-faced and sulked. They strolled towards the Nile River, not conversing, at least for the moment. When they got to the bank of the river, they stood still and glanced at each other. Henry broke the long silence:
“How do we do it?”
“You asking me?” said Ted. “You are the one having a problem, not me. So you’ve got to go into the river while I stay back and watch.” Henry knew it was unbecoming of Ted to have uttered such grievous words that were possessing some gargantuan gravity. His conscience suggested that an apology would do.
“Ted…I’m sorry for not appreciating your friendly assistance earlier. Thanks for helping me get the flower across to the—”
“No problem, just get into the damn water.”
Henry made to enter into it, but stepped back suddenly and declared, “I’m afraid.”
“You shouldn’t be. Do you realize that you’ve got to bath in it to get rid of the smells on you?”
“I can take my bath here at the bank,” said Henry, “not inside it.”
Ted replied, “What about the beards, will you let them remain on you? Remember you can only get rid of them with the knife.”
Ted’s word threw Henry into a deep thought. To hasten things up Ted said, “I came through that water, it’s safe.”
“I don’t seem to understand you,” Henry responded, nonplussed.
“I mean I landed straight into the water at my arrival when I touched the map. Perhaps I had touched the Nile River itself instead of its bank.”
“And you came out unscathed?” Henry asked, goggle-eyed.
“Of course! The river’s free from danger,” Ted lied.
Henry was deceived by Ted’s slyness. He said, “Since you were not hurt I shan’t be hurt too.” He launched himself into the river at once and began to dive into it. Ted bent over the water at the bank of the river, looking at the swimmer, who was displaying some great swimming skills in there.
Ted yelled Henry’s name frequently when he was out of eyeshot in the water. No answer!
Ted waited impatiently for Henry to come out of the river. He had just perceived this particular mission as a wild goose chase, not seeing any possibility in the success of a search for a hidden treasure (diamond knife) which was supposed to be preserved under water. If not found he would have to miss his friend forever.
Ted had been glaring at his watch ever since Henry had got into the river forty minutes ago. One would have thought that the watch was doing him some evils, going by the way Ted was staring stonily at it on regular basis.
Afraid that the shark he had seen earlier had now attacked Henry, Ted felt he was going to join Henry in the river. He was almost jumping into it when he saw Henry emerge on the surface again, moving towards the bank of the river.
“Henry,” Ted waved, but instantly realized that Henry was not swimming at all. He was floating helplessly on the river. With the thought that Henry had drowned Ted jumped into the water to rescue him. The distance was almost fifty meters ahead. Ted soon got to Henry and began to push him along towards the shore.
Ted suddenly spotted the shark behind him, but it was still far away. Ted intensified his do-or-die urge to escape with Henry to land. With just twenty meters away from the bank, Ted noticed an object fall from Henry’s body, sinking swiftly into the river.
“The knife!” cried Ted, identifying the object. The shark was close and the knife was sinking very fast. Ted decisively dived after the knife, leaving Henry to fend for himself, if at all he was still alive.
Since Henry was not active, the Shark got to him and made to swallow him up, but by stroke of luck, Ted was present again, now holding the diamond knife. From below, he impaled the Shark with the diamond knife. The Shark wriggled violently, causing a whirlpool.
The water was red already with the blood of the angry but dying shark. It was a big shock that the shark soon gave up the ghost within a time far less than the one anyone would have expected of something of its physique. This observation gave Ted the impression that the knife was possessing latent extraordinary powers.
Ted hurriedly pushed Henry onshore. He tried all he could to resuscitate the lifeless body of Henry, pressurizing his belly to get water out of it.


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it's. A he bro nice story you got here
Okay, a 'he' not a 'she'. Noted. Thanks for your comment.

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