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Templars by Devilpen(m): 8:31am On Feb 15
from: the Prime Insane Universe
Written by: Olusegun Ayomide Shedrach


Tags: religion, killing, horror, strange, disease, ancient, angels, demons, war

Everyone is going to hell, everyone will be damned, the Christian man sees the Muslim man as "unrighteous " and also same way the Muslim man sees the Christian man.
Religion has been the biggest threat. Threat to finances, people brainwashed, fighting for a god, fighting to convert other, killing within just, milking poor members off their hard earned money.
a very small church suddenly began a bloody movement, a movement to get rid of injustice, bit waiting on Jehovah to do it himself was a slow and tiring process
They made a movement called "War Against Corrupt Church " (WACC)
It went well, bringing every corrupt churches to book and leaving them to the mob to do justice, but this movement gave rise to different organizations
Churches rises against each others, blood, water, lives, souls, people perished. This made another body to rise up and bring about world peace.
In a bid to defend themselves, a little organization began to practice dark arts, arts of magic, shape-shifting, transformation, they began invoking different forbidden spirits, giving themselves various different powers. They literally set Jehovah aside

The TEMPLARS take responsibility to end all this, but............
Re: Templars by Devilpen(m): 10:20am On Feb 15
Everyone in the cathedral took turn passing around the wide offering box, dipping their hands into the opening of the box and walked back to their various seats.
The cathedral was magnificent on both inside and outside, with the statues of archangels on each door corners hanging from above on the middle of the hall was a huge flat Brick with had numerous candles placed on it which illuminated the room.
"May the Lord answer in time of need, may his right hand uphold us, Amen" the Priest said from the alter
"Amen! " The congregation chorused and began to vacate the cathedral.
After the entire all was empty leaving the Priest and three other senior behind
"Father" A voice said from the right side of the alter and from the dark, a man revealed himself
"Templar" the Priest replied and focused on the Red Cross which was stitched to the blue dress of the man and the rosary hanging around his neck.
"How long have you been their?" The Priest asked and sat himself on the red chair in the middle of seven others and slowly crossed his legs together and call locked his hands together.
"Not too long, I have news about the sorcerers that went after the convoy that was sent out of Africa " The Templar replied maintaning his position
"Hmmm" The Priest grunted and signalled to the others to vacate the vicinity
"Continue" He said once they were alone
"Matthias, he attacked from within and changed course but presently we don't know where it is"
The Priest giggled and focused on the Templar
"Sir, if I may asked what was in the convoy so we know how to send word across to other churches to have their templars look into it"
The Priest stood up walked up to the Templar
"My son, look at the world around and tell me what you see, since the movement of WACC things have changed, powers that are not to be known are already unleashed, what was in the convoy is meant to be confidential, but since you insist"
The cathedral door came wide opened, allowing entrance to who it was
"Regional Priest" The Priest said with a smile on his face "leave us"
The Templar walked back into the dark corner and somehow vanished.

"I heard the convoy was ambushed from within" the High Priest asked and held his garment by the edge while climbing the steps of the alter.
"Your Honor " The Priest greeted and kissed the right hand of the High Priest
"Yes, but I already have the TEMPLARS on it, and they already have a lead "
"No you can't involve the TEMPLARS you know now secret this is, is a weapon to rule over other powers and totally gain the world, you know the plan, that weapon must not be leaked "

The Templar that had been with the Priest earlier withdrew his head from the top of the cathedral, after both Priests walked out-of the hall.
"The end should be here quick, even the Priest we trust are funding the killing of innocent souls " The Templar said and ran down the rooftop

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Re: Templars by germaphobe(m): 10:34am On Feb 15
We have come again
Re: Templars by Devilpen(m): 11:58am On Feb 15

A huge billboard with the inscription LIGHT WAY suddenly fell hard on the ground and shattered into many pieces, grabbing the attention of passer by
The door to the building suddenly came open, due to the force of the person thrown against it from the inside.
"Arrghhh!!! " the lady the came out screamed in agony as the sun burned through her skin and rapidly eat up her entire body, turning her into black dust.

"Jephthah!!" A man screamed angrily, revealing the long fangs in his mouth and the sticky saliva around it.
"You'll talk or I help you do the talking" The Templar, Jephthah said and brought out a pistol revolver from his back and inserted a bullet

"What do you want from us, we've been out of trouble for months now and you still find us to-do what? " The man which seemed to be the head said calmly with fear in his eyes.
"Calm, tell me what I need to know and I'll be out " Jephthah said and raised his head and saw minions vampire hanging on the ceiling of the building.
"I'll tell you what I know "
"Last week a convoy going out of Nigeria to Egypt got ambushed by one of our own, what do you know? "

The vampire growled lightly in frustration and looked at Jephthah
"The church isn't the holiest of all places after all, ask your Priests in various community, bringing all churches together under one denomination is the biggest scam of the century "
Jephthah groaned and pushed the mirror beside him to the floor which startled the vampire
"You're not telling me what I want"
"If you really want to know the tech, start the cleaning from the church, judgement will start from my house"
"I don't know what the convoy is all about, but it contain mysterious power"
A loud scream suddenly came from outside which got Jephthah's attention as immediately ran out to see what was happening.

"I see everything going to happen in near future" A mentally deranged lady said and let out another painful scream
"move it's the mad girl again" someone said and continued to walk on.
"You! " the lady said and pointed to Jephthah
"You must stop it" She said and pointed a shaky finger at him.
Jephthah only looked away and walked off.
Standing at the entrance, guiding the huge Senate building were three TEMPLARS, making a thorough search on everyone that entered into the building.
Jephthah zoomed in his bike and off the ignition before alighting.
"What's the status?" he asked the guard TEMPLARS as he walked up to them
"Nothing strange so far" one replied as Jephthah proceeded into the building
"Silence!!! " the High Priest shouted
Immediate everyone calmed and paid full attention to him
Jephthah stood at the last floor of the building watching every activity that was taken, looking at the last end was another Templar a female probably from another district, cause he had never seen her face around.

"All TEMPLARS should vacate the room" The High Priest ordered
Jephthah suspicion rised on hearing the statement
What could be so important that a Templar could not hear of, also what could be so important that just seven of them was present in the meeting hall.

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Re: Templars by Devilpen(m): 4:28pm On Feb 15
Chapter 2
Jephthah stood last by the right beside five other Templars, the earlier threat apart from the missing convoy had really had the need for intervention.
Three nights ago fight broke out within vampires and sorcerers, and instead of keeping it within themselves they brought it to the city, among pure humans and corrupted them.
One issue the Church faced was people getting power and seeing themselves as High as God, this considering them unclean and corrupt.
When these powers first were realized it spread like disease mainly among the so call worshippers of Jehovah since the churches rised against each other and brethren turning against brethren.

The Priest walked in alongside his assistant and made himself comfortable on the chair assigned to him, while the assistant was beside him.
"You might heard the things happening in the remote village where they successfully put an end to our Christain faith, it won't spell bad if those demons in human body are all put to death " the Priest said and adjusted the ring on his right middle finger.
"Priest" Jephthah called out boldly and continued "Nothing justifies this killing, instead of showing this people the way, we are killing them, how does that justify our missionary work and winning souls?" Jephthah asked calmly.
"Jephthah, one day responsibility will rest on you and some decisions are hard to make "
"No, this is not the way it should be done, same way the missing convoy has been going on beneath, at the end of it all, we Templars are just puppets" Jephthah said
Other templars focused their gaze on Jephthah and wondered how bold or what gave him confidence to speak to the Priest in such way.
"I have had enough, you don't question you only do your assignment "
Jephthah giggled and shook his head
"I am not into such again, an authority I can't question " Jephthah said and walked out of the hall
The Priest stood up, watching with total disbelief as Jephthah walked out on him.
Re: Templars by Devilpen(m): 12:32am On Feb 16
Jephthah alighted his bike, turning it off and dipped the keys into his pocket, he proceeded towards a house on the street and knocked on the door repeatedly
The door slowly came open by itself and without hesitation, Jephthah walked in.
Contrary to what was on the outside the house on the inside was another city, having streets and houses in it, and also allowing transportation.

Jephthah continued to walk on to his destination, this world was hiding to normal humans especially to those who followed gullible the wrong teaching of their leaders, who always preached a better life while they themselves were hypocrite
Jephthah walked into a bar and looked around, sighting his target, he walked on and stood before the boy who was seated alone at the right end corner of the bar, positioning himself in the dark.
"Miracle" Jephthah called out and tapped his hand on the table
"I need your help" Jephthah said calmly and bent down a bit to look the big in the eye.
"You rarely ask for help, what is it this time"
Jephthah looked around and pulled himself a seat.
"The Priest, I don't think their handmade clean either, apart from fooling the congregation and everyone and robbing poor members in broad day light, I suspect they are into deadly things " Jephthah said and looked around again.
"If we came out to tell you no one will believe, I can count on one finger the numbers of Pastors, Bishops, Priest who belong to some cult or the other and they fool us everyday" Miracle said and flipped a coin at Jephthah
"You'll find them at Senate building, and that's the pass, promise me to lay waste on them and show the world the demon they truly are "

"Eat from this bread for it is my flesh, drink for this is my blood and do this in remembrance of me" The Priest said and he broke the bread with him into parts and poured wine from the glittering kettle into wooden cups.
The congregation took turn to drink from the cup and eat from the bread.
"Rejoice brethren for thy rewards are in heaven, be glad for you follow the right part, the Lord has gone to prepare us a place "
Jephthah halted his bike distance away, seeing three templars already standing on his, and it could only mean on thing, they were here to kill him and this was the right spot for them, an abandoned road, where they know no one sees them.
Jephthah made a fist and watched as the templars dashed at him, holding tight to their swords which was a secondary weapon, while their gun was stucked to their belt.
Re: Templars by Dybala11(m): 4:49am On Feb 16
The master story writer is here again with another beautiful piece, I'm following you bumper to bumper OP.
Re: Templars by Devilpen(m): 8:31am On Feb 16
Jephthah smacked his fist hard against the jaw of a Templar holding him by the wrist and pulled him to his shoulder and threw him to the ground.
A kick came at Jephthah's back forcing him to the ground, the Templar that hit quick swiftly withdrew his gun and shot at Jephthah who was quick to roll over on his side to dodge the bullet. Jephthah quickly slide forward entering in between the Templar's leg and used his knife to slash the tendon joint on both legs, instantly making the Templar paralyze.

The last Templar pulled out two pistols from his back and fired rapidly at Jephthah.
"Argh! " Jephthah groaned and fell lifeless to the ground.
The Templar walked forward, taking cautious steps towards Jephthah, he bent down towards Jephthah and all of a sudden Jephthah stabbed a knife to his right eye.
"ARRGGGHHH" the Templar screamed out in agony as blood gushed out from his eyes uncontrollably.
Jephthah groaned as he sat himself on the ground and looked at the bullet wound on his stomach.
The Senate was filled to the brim a very unusual thing. Pastors heading different churches in different communities, Bishops from different states, Priest, High Priest and other powerful people.
From the entrance of the entrance came different calibers of sorcerers, shape shifter, wizards and witches, a meeting of evil and bad.
"Welcome to the Brothers Society " a man said from the podium once everyone were already settled down.
"As you all know this meeting is very urgent at least it does not affect we the sorcerers and every other body except the Men of God among us" the man paused and then continued
"You know the type of powers we rendered them, to perform miracles, speak with authority and to defend themselves since the war against church which began with WACC, but the church in South West of the country are facing a rather challenging time from a boy" the man said

"All Father, we know but this same church sent their TEMPLARS after us, slaughtering us and our children without mercy and now they can't take care of one of their own, who proposed this theory, that we should defend those that killed and haunted us" a shape shifter said
A loud cheer came from every corner of the building
"Wrong, totally wrong, you all were once leaders in your various assemblies but the thirst for power turned you all into monsters " Another man said
"How dare you, if WACC didn't start their stupid movement, the Story won't be this way, and that does not justify your actions since you are the greatest liars of all time, a pastor by day and a blood sucking monster by night, who are you deceiving, God or man? " A wizard said angrily in response
All Father screamed out angrily, the staff on his hand glowing brightly, to recognise his authority
"Irrespective of who we are we are one"

"No you are not" Jephthah's voice suddenly came from the entrance of the hall, with everyone paying attention to him.
He held tight to his wounded stomach and walked forward slowly, with a grinning fave looking from on end to another, and ignoring the attention on him.
"Who are you and how did you get in here"
"I'm Jephthah, leader of the seventy arch warriors, servant of the living God, a witness of faith" Jephthah said and halted.
"So it's you and you still find your way into the Den of death "
"I know, but I promise you, none or you can harm me, I'm here for just one person, the Priest from my region, call him out, he needs to testify to this" Jephthah said coldly and winced in pain.

Slowly the Priest walked out from where he was seated and stood opposite Jephthah
"You all must of in one way or the other heard about a missing convoy going to Egypt but didn't get the full details "
"All Father, this is mere gibberish, the boy needs treatment or he bleed to death"
"Silence" All Father said and signalled Jephthah to go on
"It was ambushed, at first I thought it was the other way but then, High Priest and Priest sent one or our own to hijack it and make it look like an ambush, they made us search for the wind, while they did their operation beneath, the convoy contains materials for an unending power, that's all I know, my words are testimonies " Jephthah concluded
For a moment every where went into whisper, people talking lowly among themselves
"How true is this? "
The Priest chuckled and looked at All Father
"True, but it already late"
All Father got irritated and pointed his staff at the Priest and fired a red ball at him.
The Priest raised up his hand and instantly the red fury ball hanged in mid air.
"The taste of unlimited power " The Priest shouted and sent the attack to Jephthah
The shot hit Jephthah hard on the chest, instantly burning up his entire boy like an acid reaction.
"Arggghhh" Jephthah screamed in agony as he rolled on the floor with his skin coming off behind him.
"Save the boy" All father shouted and jumped down the alter.
The hall instantly went into pandemonium.
"This is just a little taste of power " The priest shouted and disappeared
Re: Templars by Devilpen(m): 9:00pm On Feb 16
Who do we trust, who do we really follow, this is the time the Holy book talked about, something called the perilous times, times of trials for true brethren, let he that have ears hear and those that have eye should see.
People who we think are second to God, leading us the wrong path, their unquenchable thirst for power, turning every ounce of opportunity to their gain.
What and where have we gone wrong, WACC thought they were fighting for God, they had the zeal but did it the wrong way.
Should the devil be put to blame or the the corrupt heart of man.

The movement really turned things around, pastors, prophets, reverends, who were false were cut off.
But humans have their way of doing their things, now they had to result in powers, carnal weapon.

But still they were those who were steadfast and true, but they never lasted and those that lasted were put into total misery, oppressed by evil, taunted by witches, making it seem like God had forsaken them.

John 16:2

"They shall put you out of the synagogues: yea, the time cometh, that whosoever killeth you will think that he doeth God service."
All Father stood by the door of the dark room, illuminated by just two candle lights placed before the mat where Jephthah laid, with his severely burnt body, wrapped in band aids

Two female sorcerers entered into the room and greeted All Father before walking up to Jephthah
Another sorcerer walked in, with a brown leather box and laid it beside Jephthah and brought a wooden box from it looked at All Father
"Are you sure about this? "
All Father only nodded his head in response
Priest opened a hatch in the middle of his room and walked down the stairways deep into the ground, holding a torch to illuminate his way.

After what seemed like hours of walking, he finally began approaching his destination, hearing inaudible voices and a faint light.
Jephthah suddenly saw himself standing on the shore of a beach, as peaceful breezes blew on his body and hearing the pleasant flow of the ocean.
He heard someone whisper his name and suddenly turned around to know who it was, but was meet with nothing but emptiness, he heard it again this time from the ocean.
"Who are you? "
"I am the beginning, present and end" the voice said, this time more audible and with a soft pleasantness
The ocean suddenly gathered itself together and formed the image of a man, which Jephthah could no look directly into his eyes, because of its great height, which seemed to be deep into the cloud.
Jephthah immediately went on his knees and bowed his head
"I see you zeal, I see the light and pureness in yo, I hear your spirit yawning for justice, the evil done by the royal priesthood, bargaining with the devil" the voice said and continued
"You're a chosen vessel, one of honor, Son, you have unfinished business, turn my people back to me"
"Lord, I have bloods on my hands, and you've seen how the world operates, no one are hiding who they are, how do I bring this people back to you when I can't do that alone with prayers, the world is gone, let they judgement come on time " Jephthah said calmly.
"You're that weapon"
The Sorcerer with the box opened Jephthah's mouth apart and carefully opened the little bottle beside him and emptied the content into it to bid mouth.
Jephthah's body began to glow mildly as his veins trailed around his body.
"Let him rest, it worked well with his system, the boy is not ordinary, he has natural power yet to be manifested, he his a threat to us all" the sorcerer said like he was warning All Father.
Re: Templars by TerrorX: 9:31pm On Feb 16

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