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KINGS 2(battleground) / Last Gang Standing 2: Killers and Fallen Kings.(Crime). / Kings (where Evil Men Dwells, Bad Things Follow) (2) (3) (4)

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Re: KINGS 3(7 Days Of Chaos) by sly12345: 10:17pm On Mar 10
I can smell war
Re: KINGS 3(7 Days Of Chaos) by Christipsy(m): 11:01pm On Mar 10
Na wa o o o
More action still coming ..thanks alot silver1996
Re: KINGS 3(7 Days Of Chaos) by purity23(f): 7:50am On Mar 11
Kess be careful please

Thanks for the update
Re: KINGS 3(7 Days Of Chaos) by shakibell(f): 9:43am On Mar 11
silver kess must not die oooo
Re: KINGS 3(7 Days Of Chaos) by izaray(f): 11:30am On Mar 11
Kess you have to be very careful o, no one is worth dying for
Re: KINGS 3(7 Days Of Chaos) by moorevic(m): 11:37am On Mar 11
A dey follow you like shadow, thanks for the update.
Re: KINGS 3(7 Days Of Chaos) by moorevic(m): 11:39am On Mar 11
Two in one update that's lovely silver. Any day you decide to open up your own website lemme know make i follow you.

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Re: KINGS 3(7 Days Of Chaos) by moorevic(m): 11:40am On Mar 11
Re: KINGS 3(7 Days Of Chaos) by kelvyncruz: 11:48am On Mar 11
Kess wan show himself ni undecided
Re: KINGS 3(7 Days Of Chaos) by Ann2012(f): 2:04pm On Mar 11
Thanks for the update
Re: KINGS 3(7 Days Of Chaos) by egwolopretty: 9:37pm On Mar 11
Kess be careful please, this people are dangerous
Re: KINGS 3(7 Days Of Chaos) by JerryOJerry6429: 9:59am On Mar 12
The war is against everybody o cheesy
Re: KINGS 3(7 Days Of Chaos) by Ibroslank(m): 6:44pm On Mar 12
There is a mole in palace that girl that ouerheared tiger's coversation may be one of them
Re: KINGS 3(7 Days Of Chaos) by do4luv14(m): 3:16pm On Mar 13
Which gal, the Mole is Aaron, dont you read him making calls and giving information about the prince

There is a mole in palace that girl that ouerheared tiger's coversation may be one of them
Re: KINGS 3(7 Days Of Chaos) by Patotelli(m): 4:10pm On Mar 13
Time to comment is now or never! Been a silent reader and follower of kings.


But uncle koman opdat already biko.


Re: KINGS 3(7 Days Of Chaos) by purity23(f): 4:21pm On Mar 13
No update yet, what's going on dear?
Re: KINGS 3(7 Days Of Chaos) by Silver1996(m): 7:20pm On Mar 13


Nostrils flaring, Kess stood from the table, the gun firmly in his hand...., his muscles grew tense, his wits telling him the DPO is with them....., when Dorathy called his name again, he hesitantly dropped the gun before letting out a soft growl of annoyance....

"You're suspended..."The DPO snarled...

Dorathy eyes enlarged with shock at the DPOs sudden decision...."But sir..

"He should be lucky I'm only suspending him for now.."The DPO cut in brusquely...."This isn't over officer, now get the hell out of my office...."

Kess glared at him and quickly left the office before he did something he will regret..., Dorathy saluted and ran after him....

Still smouldering in his angry look, Kess walked into his office...

"Kess..."Dorathy said entering the office with him...."What do you think you've done..?"

A boiling fury swelled inside of him and he quickly turn his angry gaze at her....., he flare his nostril before the words engulf in rage leap out of his mouth ...
"Scumbags like these men took everything away from me..."

"So this is personal...?"Dorathy riposte....

Kess turn away his face...

"You're letting what happened to you get in the way of your job, that isn't professional at all..."

"He's with them..."Kess scowled turning to face her again...."I've seen this before...., he's with them..."

"How do you know that...?"

"Have you asked yourself whoever killed the man I caught at the saluit house, how he knew the man was been taken to the hospital...."

"Kess, this kind of news spread..."

"And today...."He said crisply....."The DPO knew we needed to ask that man questions about this drugs and the Godfather..., yet he processed his bail..."

"Kess this is a serious accusation and your reaction was reckless..., even if he's one of them, you think pointing your gun at him will make him talk..., your little charade out there was a total bullshit..."

"I lost my cool okay..."

"Well you shouldn't have, no matter what you know still remember he's your superior.., what you did today could make you lose your badge..."

Kess grunt and turn away his face again...

"You should go and apologise..."Dorathy said

"For what..?"Kess replied returning his gaze to her..."He suspended me, why should I apologise..."

"Your suspension can lead to your total dismissal.., is that what you want, to be dismissed from duty.. .?"

"I'm right Dorathy.., the DPO is with them..."

"Look, we had no proper evidence against him to keep him locked up..."

"The drugs was with him.."

"We've arrested a lot of people with drugs on them..., they got bailed out...."

"And you think it's normal...."

"Well you won't know that if you get fired, so drop your ego and go apologise...."

"And what exactly am I going to say to him....?"

"Tell him you're sorry, you let your anger get in the way of your job, just say something that won't worsen the situation...., if you don't apologise Kess..., then I guess I'll have to start expecting another partner..."

Kess nibbed and walk towards the wall.....

"Fine..."He returned over his shoulder...."But after I do that, we are going after them and this time with a full speed..."

"Roger that officer...."


Lawrence walked sluggishly, each step getting in front of the other like he wants to fall, his tiredness comes in both forms, physical and mental, his body needs to rest yet his mind needs it to move..., keep moving until he finds a way out of the bush...

He slumped on the ground, dropping the gun and the torchlight on the grasses before his eyes scanned around and settled on a squirrel a stone throw from where he's sitting...., hunger zipped at his stomach prompting him to make a move towards the squirrel...., he slowly picked the gun and aim at the squirrel, just then he realise he was only left with two bullet and it wasn't worth wasting on a squirrel..., he dropped the gun and before he could stand up, the squirrel went underneath some leaves and boom it disappeared from sight....

Lawrence stomach rumbled, a reminder he was too slow....., when he tried to stand up again, his stomach growled from hunger and thirst for water and he squirmed to try to silence the rumbling.......
He got to his feet, lour down to pick the gun again and continue with his journey..., his eyes searched for anything that could fit into his stomach but besides the trees and many leaves, there was nothing in sight once again reminding him of his horrific situation..., he shook his head and trudge on, when he look at his side, he saw a familiar tree, he could attest he had seen the tree before, he saw it the previous day when he left the hunter's hut.....

His eyes enlarged with shock as he quickly realise he could be walking in circles but with different angle..., he sigh with disbelief, hunger and tiredness..., before his mind whirl into the thoughts there could be food in the hunter's hut, perhaps he could find his way to the hunter's hut, give him a proper burial, search for food and bullets before taking another path out of the confused forest or perhaps, his confused self...


Samie took a deep breathe as he look at the dissipated car...., he looked from the broken glasses to the drop of blood on the car seat....

"They must have jumped off..."London said..

Samie grit, search under the car seats, there he saw Justice phone.......

"Is that the prince phone...?"London asked curiously..

"No.."Samie replied taking a careful look at the phone..."The prince phone fell off at the airport.., this is the driver's...."

He opened the phone, he saw several missed calls, many from Sulieman, the rest from different numbers......, he sigh, put the phone in his pocket and look around.....

"If they jumped off, what direction do you think they went...?"Samie asked curiously

London shook his head before speaking..."Don't know..., this is a bush man, the grasses don't leave footprints...."

Samie exhale, look around the car again....."Come on, let's move on...."He said and the rest of the boys followed him deeper into the bush.....


Kess took a deep breathe after he packed his car in front of chief Dario house.., he look at his broken windscreen..., if the mad drugged man hasn't broke it with his head, he'll still have a full windscreen....., he quickly alighted from the car and trot towards the front door..., he lour his head, took a moment to stare at the debris outside the door before he knocked...

When no answer came, he knocked again but this time the door open the momnet his knuckles hit it.....

Surprise, he opened it widely only to see Dario standing beside the house mini drink counter, with only a towel around his waist ......
Kess insufflated and step into the house and gently close the door beside him...

"Don't you think your coming here unannounced is becoming a habit...?"Chief Dario queried over his shoulder...

Kess suck on his teeth and step closer to him....

"I knew you'll be back after that boy got released....."Chief Dario said turning to face him with a glass of American honey in his hand...

"How did you know that...?"Kess asked anxiously...

"You mean how I knew he got released...?"Dario asked walking towards a chair to sit...

Kess eyes followed his movement before the words force their way out of his mouth..."Yes.."

"I bailed him out.."Dario said before taking the glass to his mouth..

Kess hand slowly reach for his side, just then he realise he had no gun, he dropped it and his badge in the DPOs office when he went to him to apologise for his recklessness but the DPO insisted with the suspension.....
Painfully frustrated, he walk over to Dario and stood across him....

"Why did you do that...?"Kess asked, resentment building in his voice..

"He was just a boy..."

"Just a boy....!"Kess reiterated furiously..."That boy was caught with the killer drugs on him...

"He was bringing it to me.."Dario cut in...

"So you produce these drugs..?"

"No..., I take the drugs sometimes to take my mind off things, that boy was just a servant..., I send him over to get the drugs since I can't go there myself..."

"If you send him to get the drugs, you must know where these drugs are produced...."

A smile circled Dario lips and quickly, he gulp down a bit of his wine.....

"Tell me, where are this drugs produced and who's producing them...?"

"One question at a time officer...."

"I don't have the patient..."

"Only a fool will think these killer drugs are produced here in Saruza...."

"If they aren't produced here, then where, and who's in charge of them, is it you, chief Borgias, Miguel or the Godfather....?"

"Officer, the only thing I can tell you for now is, there will be a shipment coming into the town today...."

"What shipment?"

"A shipment of the drugs.., and if you really want to stop the supply of this drug, start by confiscating that shipment....."

"Where is this shipment coming from...?"Kess asked anxiously

"For now I don't know, but I do know it's getting here by 12PM...."Dario said with a cringe at the time...."You have an hour and thirty minutes to get to the boundary between our land and the city...."

"What route are they taking...?"

"My source said, they will take the german route at the boundary but if I were you I'll keep my options open...."

"How do I know you're not leading me into a trap...?"

Dario scoff..."You led yourself into a trap the momnet your superiors transferred you to Saruza...., and as you officer, I too wants the complete cease the supply of these drugs...., it's killing people..."

"Yet you take it.."

"I don't abuse it..., and I'm tired of taking it...., so if I were you officer, I'll start leaving to get prepared...."

"How many people are coming in with the shipment....?"

"I don't know officer, but no matter what you can't let them get to the point of handover because once it gets there, it'll be dangerous to do anything funny...."

"Where is the point of handover...?"

"The cave..."

"Cave..., where is this cave..?"

"Even I don't know officer, I just heard it..., all illegal business transactions are done there...I don't know where the place is but I'm finding out and soon I will know..."

Kess sigh..."If this is a trap, believe me when i say this, I'll find you and gun you down...."

"You'll thank me officer, now get out there.."

"I have a problem..., I got suspended, have no access to my gun..."

"Oh, I see you need a gun..."

Kess bit his lower lip...."Yes..."

"Well if you're suspended, how do you intend on taking down the shipment...?"

"I went to the saluit house alone, I can do it.., just pray you telling me the truth..."

Dario took a long glance at him before saying...."Follow me..."

Hesitantly, Kess followed him, they trot towards the backyard..., Kess watch as Dario approached a compartment....

"Open it...?"Dario ordered

Kess look at him suspiciously, before he walk towards the compartment, his eyes stare at the dust that clung at the iron door..., with a full force, he unbolt the door and open it widely, allowing the sun rays shine inside...

"Holy shit....."Kess slack-jawed when he saw different types of guns hung on the wall....., he quickly turn back to face him wondering who exactly he is....

Even with the hunger threatening to rip Lawrence stomach apart, he felt a pickle of happiness when he finally saw the hunter's hut again, he quickly ran towards the hut and stopped at the door when he saw the hunter's covered body laying there just the way he has left it and it made him wonder if the hunter have a family...., he shut his eyes, dragged in a deep breathe and was about walking in to find a shover or anything to dig a grave and bury the hunter..., the moment he decide to take a step, he felt something prick the back of his head and that was when a command came....

"Don't move...."A voice sneer from behind him

Lawrence gulp a dry lump in his throat, he shivered as the intruder press the weapon on his head, he felt terror washed across his face when he tried to turn to face the intruder....



Re: KINGS 3(7 Days Of Chaos) by kelvincoke(m): 9:04pm On Mar 13
this one na egungun be careful na express you dey go... silver my main man, Weldone sir.
Re: KINGS 3(7 Days Of Chaos) by purity23(f): 9:16pm On Mar 13
Who is this again na, Lawrence please be safe.

I think chief Dario is the Godfather o

Thanks for the update
Re: KINGS 3(7 Days Of Chaos) by Christipsy(m): 10:56pm On Mar 13
Na wa o o o
Any way thanks for the update
Re: KINGS 3(7 Days Of Chaos) by Mavikolo2020: 11:38pm On Mar 13
This prince go reach house so grin

I don't trust that chief Dario o

Thanks for the update dear

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Re: KINGS 3(7 Days Of Chaos) by petersononome: 9:25am On Mar 14
I'm really scared for Lawrenece o, the people chasing him are just too strong, meanwhile I think Kess should for help, he cant go to that operation alone

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Re: KINGS 3(7 Days Of Chaos) by Ann2012(f): 2:36pm On Mar 14
Thanks for the update
I just want the prince to be safe

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Re: KINGS 3(7 Days Of Chaos) by shakibell(f): 8:39pm On Mar 14
kess abeg oo nha trap

Lawrence abeg no die

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Re: KINGS 3(7 Days Of Chaos) by Themmycruz: 12:32pm On Mar 15
Well done, thanks for the update.
Please what time do you update and is it everyday??

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Re: KINGS 3(7 Days Of Chaos) by Thebigdream: 1:47pm On Mar 15
Oboy comman update cool
Re: KINGS 3(7 Days Of Chaos) by Lilly4endu(f): 6:18pm On Mar 15
Sliver dear come and do Sunday for us nah

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Re: KINGS 3(7 Days Of Chaos) by Silver1996(m): 12:02am On Mar 16

Hot fluid dribble down Lawrence legs, a touch of relief in a primal torture......, his breathe raise and quickly fall and that was when he decided to attack by quickly turn around and hold the weapon..., his heart raced with shock when he realise the weapon was just a stick...

"Who are you..?"The intruder retorted holding the other side of the stick with the aim of re-taking control...

"Who are you..?"Lawrence asked back holding his own side of the stick firmly

"What are you doing here..?"The intruder queried..

"Are you one of them..."Lawrence asked back his eyes rooting for the hunter's gun that he dropped earlier....

"Harry..."A feminine voice chime in from behind them

Lawrence eyes followed the direction of the voice, his eyes ran wide with surprise when he saw a girl walking towards them making him wonder who they were and what they were doing at the hunter's house...

Lawrence watch as the girl's eyes moved from him to the entrance of the hut.., his eyes followed her as she approach them and then looked inside the hut, the shock in her eyes made Lawrence realise they know who the hunter is...

Heart beating in her ears, the girl ran towards the covered body and quickly take off the clothes Lawrence had covered the hunter's corpse with....
"Father..."She cried out

Lawrence heart snaked and he quickly let go of the stick.., he couldn't believe it, she's the hunter's daughter.., his mouth moved to talk, to explain what happened to her father but no words could come out..,perhaps it's the shock, the shock of been stuck in a bush without food and water......

He flinch and his bottom lip quivered when the girl raised her wet eyes to him....

"You killed my father...."She growled...

"No.."Lawrence replied immediately..

"You killed my father..."She snarled standing up to meet him..

Lawrence was about explaining totally oblivious of the stick that was coming for him...., he grimace in pains when the stick in Harry's hands landed fiercely in his back..
The hit sent him staggering but he quickly stood his ground when Harry intended to hit him again...., with added vigor, he manage to counter the attack by holding the stick despite some part of it hitting hard at his stomach....

Harry dragged the stick but lawrence didn't let go, he hold it tightly as once again he tried to talk and that was when Harry pounce on him giving him an elbow in the jaw...

Pain erupted from the point of contact and Lawrence jolted back from the sudden hit but before he could get himself again, Harry punch him in his face and quickly he hands slipped from the stick once again giving Harry control over it..

"Murderer.."She latched out crunching beside the hunter's corpse with tears rolling unstoppable from her eyes..

Infuriated, Harry hit Lawrence legs with the stick.., lawrence squish almost breaking down, when Harry hit him again harder than the first, he quickly rushed at him not stopping to give him a moment to counter his fist.., he dive at Harry and they both landed on the floor, their bodies crashing on a rickety table on the ground....

Lawrence sneer in pains as pain jolted throughout his body, his almost covered bullet wound crack open and once again blood began to gush out... and just when he thought it was over, Harry climbed on him and rolled him over to the other side as their bodies crumbled on the sand and dust.....

Angrily, Harry threw a punch at Lawrence face, his strong fist breaking his nose...., Lawrence blinked in terror and with added strength, he punched Harry on the rib..

Harry cried out and Lawrence seize the opportunity, he rolled Harry over, clenched his fist and with angry eyes, he slammed his fist across Harry face again and again until blood pooled from Harry mouth, he was about punching Harry again and that was when he heard the rooster of the gun followed by a violent outburst....., he quickly turn back only to see the girl has taken the hunter's gun and was pointing it at him...

"Stop..."She cried out firmly holding the gun ...

Lawrence gulp a dry lump in his throat as he try to catch his breathe.....

"You killed my father..."She scowled and a tear fell from her face...

"I..."Lawrence stuttered getting up to his feet..."Please put the gun away, you can't handle that..."

She quickly pulled the trigger, the bullet hitting the mud walls and sands dribble down to the floor.....

Lawrence eyes rolled to the back of his head, shock almost ripping his heart out...

"Don't think I missed..."She sneer..."Because the next bullet is coming for your head..."

Lawrence swallowed dryly...."I..I.. I didn't kill him.."

She flare her nose wrapping her hand firmly around the trigger.....

Lawrence exhale, pain jolting throughout his body, he quickly realise she didn't buy his words.....
"I swear.., I didn't kill him.."

"Liar..."Harry chimes in from the floor as he tried to stand up..

Lawrence extended his hands to him to help him get up but Harry slapped his hand away and stood up himself...

He spat out blood before fusing his furious gaze on Lawrence....
"I saw you.."He sneered.."I saw you coming in here with that gun..., you killed him.."

"You think if I killed him I would cover him with those clothes...?"

"Who are you and what happened to my father..?"She jumped in infuriated...

"Miranda..."Harry said walking towards her..."This man killed your father, shoot him..."

Lawrence shudder, a bit scared she'll listen to him...
"I didn't kill your father....."Lawrence quickly replied....

"If you didn't kill him, who did..?"She queried

"Miranda you really listening to his rubbish, if you can't kill him, I'll do it..."

"I swear it.."Lawrence chimes in.."I didn't kill him..."

"You were holding a gun.."Harry sneer.

"Did you hear a gunshot..?"Lawrence fling back..

"I don't need to hear a gunshot to believe you killed him....., you murderer..."

Lawrence swallowed forcefully...."Look, I didn't kill your father, he was good to me..."

Miranda sniffle and a single tear rolled down her face again but she didn't stop pointing the gun at him.., her eyes moved from her father's corpse to Lawrence.....
"Who are you..?"She queried...

"I'm somebody looking for ways to get out of this Bush..."

"Who are you...?"She retorted, this time more serious in her tone....


She quickly rooster the gun again as her fingers went for the trigger...

"Please don't shoot..."Lawrence replied immediately..."You already shot one bullet out, there's just one left, you can't waste it...."

"This is my father's gun..."she sneer..."And if there's only one bullet left on it you should know it's for you so you better start talking before my fingers takes an action without a command from my head..., who the hell are you...?"

Lawrence heart raced as his breathe rose and fell shallowly....

"I.."He stuttered..."Some people are after me, they're the same people that killed your father..."

"What people...?"Harry queried...

"I don't know, all I know is they want me dead.., I've been in this forest since yesterday, I met your father last night, he took me and brought me here after he saw me unconscious, he took a bullet from my arm..., I owe your father for saving my life, I'll never kill him.."

"Story story story..."Harry crowled walking towards him....."You kill a man and you tell such lies to save your own skin..."

Lawrence gawked at him before turning his face to Miranda....
"Look at me.."he said to her walking close.."You'll know I'm telling the truth..., I didn't kill your father but I do feel responsible for his death..., if he had not met me, I believe he would still be alive..."

A muscle twitch involuntarily in Miranda's face....."Why are they after you..?"

Lawrence sigh....."They want me dead.."

"Why..?"She slurred

"I don't know...."

"Who are you..?"She asked again still pointing the gun at him

"I told you I'm...

"Don't give us that bullshit.."Harry cut in angrily....."Right now you're going to tell us who you are or I swear to God I'll kill you myself...."

Lawrence glared at him before turning his look to Miranda.....
"It will be safer for you if you don't know I am.."

"No.."Harry jumped in.."It'll be safer for us if you're dead..., you were found alone with my friend father's body yet you say you didn't kill him, are...

"I didn't kill him.."Lawrence yelled directly at his face....

"Where are they..?"Miranda chimes in..

Lawrence burrowed his eyes into Harry before returning his furrowed brows to Miranda....

"The men you claimed killed my father..."

Lawrence suck on his teeth wondering what he'll do if he's found, he have only one bullet left....

"I don't know...., I haven't seen them today.."

"Why did they kill my father...?"

Lawrence huff..."Look, I promise I'll explain everything about me after you take me out of this bush..."

"My father is dead...?"She stated angrily..."I saw you here and everything in me keep screaming at me you killed him so you better start rethinking about getting out of this bush because I'm not leaving here until I find my father's killer..."

"Look.."Lawrence mutter crisply walking closer to her..."You don't know these men after me...."He took one more step before Harry push him backward...

"Get away from her.."Harry snarled..

"What's your problem man...?"Lawrence sneer infuriated with his attitude..

"What's my problem...?"Harry returned, then he scoff before snatching the rifle from Miranda and pointed it at Lawrence......

Lawrence shivered and took a step backward as his eyes stare into the muzzle..

"What were you saying huh.....?"Harry sneer..."You were asking me what's my problem huh..."

A ball of resentment swelled inside Lawrence and all he wanted to do is break his nose..., when Miranda moved, his eyes followed her as she crunched down beside the hunter's body and more tears rolled down her eyes...., he was about talking to her when a bullet came into the hut, hitting the mud wall as the sands rumbled on the ground....

The three of them quickly hid themselves at the corners of the mud wall...., when Harry heard footsteps, he fired back and hid again.....

Hot fluid dribbled down Lawrence legs on realization Harry just fired the last bullet....
More bullets hit the mud walls and the three of them quickly crunched to the ground before the sandy walls of the hut and the roof dismantled and everything came down on them....

Antonia quickly kicked on her brakes bringing the car to a stop when another car speedily stopped in front of hers..., infuriated, she came down from the car with the Hopes of seeing who dared stop in front of her......

She stopped when her attacker came down from the other car with four more men....

"What is the meaning of this Caleb...?"Antonia queried with a cringe at the other men..."How dare you stop me like this, how dare you..?"

Caleb raise his brow before a mirthless smile made way to his lips...

"Do you realise the implication of what you've done....?"Antonia yelled..

Frown lines encroached on Caleb face and quickly he walk back to his car and took out his gun....

Antonia froze to the spot at the sight of the gun...

"Did your son tell you what he did to me...?"Caleb queried...

"No.."Antonia said, her eyes rested on Caleb's gun..

Caleb scoff.."Mmm, you're lying..."

"What do you want Caleb...?"

"What I want..."He reiterated looking at the rest of the guys...."What I want...., I want revenge bitch...."

Antonia widen her eyes before bursting into laughter...

"Something funny...?"Caleb queried

"You're funny.."She returned putting a stop to her laughter..."If you don't have anything tangible to say, get your car and these mòrons out of my way..."

"You see this scar...?"Caleb ask leaning his face closer to her...

Antonia eyed him and walk back to her car, then she hum loudly...

"Get the hell out of my way..."She yelled from the car..."Or I'll run you over, do you understand that mòron...?"

Caleb curl his lips, he stare at the other guys before walking up to Antonia.....

"Get out of my way.."Antonia snarled

Caleb grit...."Well I was about telling you your son, Liam, gave me this scar...., now I'm sending him a bigger scar...., see you in hell bitch....."

Before Antonia could react, Caleb shot multiple bullets inside her, blasting the windscreens, steering and car seats with her blood.....

Without time wasting, he jumped into his car with the rest of the guys and they drove off leaving Antonia dead body to be discover by anyone who cares....

"Bring the slowpoke out..."Riot ordered...

Lawrence cough and try to stand up but the pain was much.., he couldn't do anything when a hand grabbed him and dragged him outside...., he shook off dust from his hair, close his eyes and reopen them only to see Miranda and Harry on the ground....., he look around and quickly notice the three men standing before him...., just then he knew it's all over..., this is certainly the end of the road for him....

"Finally got you moròn...."Riot said walking close to him..., he glare at him before delivering a fatal blow to Lawrence stomach...

Lawrence growled in pains and quickly fell to his knees...

"Sit those two up..."Riot ordered...

The two guys grabbed Miranda and Harry and push them to their knee...

"Now who are you two moròns...?"Riot asked, a taunting smile accompanying his words...

Riot glance at Harry and then Miranda...., he wipe off a layer of dust and sand from Miranda face...

"Don't touch her..."Harry dared to interrupt...

Riot quickly put a pistol in Harry's head....

"Don't kill him..."Lawrence chime in..."Please..."

"You kill one of my man stupid..."Riot retorted..."Let's call this even..."He added before blowing Harry's brains out, Harry's blood splashing on Miranda's face....

"Harry...."Miranda cried out loudly...

It's just the beginning




Re: KINGS 3(7 Days Of Chaos) by Silver1996(m): 12:05am On Mar 16
this one na egungun be careful na express you dey go... silver my main man, Weldone sir.
Thank you man
Re: KINGS 3(7 Days Of Chaos) by Silver1996(m): 12:06am On Mar 16
Who is this again na, Lawrence please be safe.

I think chief Dario is the Godfather o

Thanks for the update
You welcome dear
Re: KINGS 3(7 Days Of Chaos) by Silver1996(m): 12:09am On Mar 16
Well done, thanks for the update.
Please what time do you update and is it everyday??
My updates depends on my day, if I had a busy day, I won't find time to update o.., but I try my best in making sure I deliver updates if not every day, atleast five or four times a week.
Re: KINGS 3(7 Days Of Chaos) by Silver1996(m): 12:10am On Mar 16
Sliver dear come and do Sunday for us nah
Happy monday cheesy, saw you viewing this topic when I logged in, wish you had wait longer.. grin

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Romance Story- The Neigbours / [story] The Perfect Couple (adults Only)…part 1 / Mercy Said No! - A Christian Romance Story

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