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The Dog Attendant (T. D. A) [COUNTLESS Part 2]. A story By Darousmart Emmanuel. / The Enemy Within - A Tale Of Love, Lust And Betrayal / PERFIDY- A STORY OF LOVE,BETRAYAL AND DECEIT (2) (3) (4)

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Unfinished Business (21+ - A Story Of Betrayal, Sex And Infidelity) by Georgewrites: 2:40pm On Apr 19, 2020
This is a story(confession) about lust, greed and wanton disregard for friendship. This should serve as a warning to men who trust their wives with friends or families. Never ever trust two people with active sexual energy together. This story contains graphic desriptions of foreplays and. I am not a writer but just need to spill this out
I met Alfred in 2002 at a Jamb tutorial center and we became friends almost immediately. We got admission in 2004 while i went to Oyo state he got his in Lagos State. We kept in touch often and I stayed at his place during breaks, strikes and holidays. We were really close. Fast forward to 2010 Alfred got married to Thelma and had 2 girls in quick succession. I became a barber when jobs were not forthcoming after school and had two kids but never married. I got a shop and included agame center as well. Business was really good I was staying in a 4 bedroom apartment in Igando while Alfred was staying at Maryland, he was working in a bank but lost his in 2016 and couldn't afford to pay the rent. I offered him my place since I had extra rooms I was not using. His family moved to my place thereafter. Luck however smiled on him and he got a visa to belgium in 2017, he relocated with the promise to move his family under 6 months. I should have insidted he moved them to his parent's place but i didn't pay much attention to it. What happened after his relocation is a sordid tale of betrayal, lust and a wanton disregard for friendship. I hope someone learns from this
Re: Unfinished Business (21+ - A Story Of Betrayal, Sex And Infidelity) by Georgewrites: 2:54pm On Apr 19, 2020
I had to come home early on a particular Monday when Police raided the game center. A mother had accused the shop of allowing children to bet on FIFA games. The shop was locked up and I and the attendant had to leave but I stopped at Iya Abike’s stall under the tree close to my house while I took erujeje and thinking of how to bail myself out of the current predicament. After taking 4 sachets I decided to go home and play some games to get my mind off the situation. I got home around 2pm and met Thelma in the sitting room. We have our separate keys. She was watching Zee world but she was lying on the rug face down. First thing I noticed was she was wearing a short gown and her legs to part of her thighs were visible and she made no attempt to adjust her position while I sat on the sofa. The devil in me should have sent me to the game room but he asked me to sit down there while I was watching her. Before that day I have never looked at her sexually before. She was surprised to see me at home and I explained to her what happened. She went back to her zeeworld while I was checking my phone to see if there were any available games to stake on that day but it was on a Monday and there was not much so I dropped the phone and the following conversations followed
Me: Thelma I never knew your legs were this smooth and fine
Thelma: How would you know when you hardly stay at home and spend time with us? You ignore us and do not act as a father to the girls. They miss their father a lot and you are supposed to be the father figure to them and talk to me to help cure the boredom of missing my husband.
Me: Why didn’t you say anything all this while I could have make time for you and your daughter?
Thelma: It is not fair you know. I stay at home alone and work all day.
Me: Opens mouth (Erujeje making me feel sleepy)
Thelma: Even when you are home it’s either you are holed up in your office or drunk
At this point I moved closer to her to pacify her and apologized for my insensitivity. I patted her on the back and my hands moved to her neck. They were stiff and I started to massage them down to her shoulders and back to her neck. She said nothing. After about five minutes I moved to her ankles and worked my way up to her calves and the back of her knee. I looked up to her and she had stopped watching TV and her face was down. This gave me the confidence to continue. I moved to the back of her thighs and moved back and forth. At this point my di’k was rock hard and wanted her to feel it. I moved in between her legs and was working up her thighs. My di’k was in between her calves while I continued to massage her thighs slowly I summoned courage and lifted the gown to expose her bum cheeks yet she said nothing. I moved to her bum cheeks and braced them as if my life depended on it. After a while I moved my hands up the gown and removed her bra. I held both in my hands she assisted by adjusting her position. At this point I knew there was no turning back but at the back of my mind I knew the first round is always a disaster but I was a bit tipsy and just wanted to get the sh’t out of my system but I needed to please her more. I removed my shirt and singlet, Removed my trousers as well then she stood up and went into her room. I was almost embarrassed and didn’t know what to do but she came out with a pillow and a wrapper and I breathed a sigh of relief. She went back to her previous position but her head was on the pillow and the wrapper was laid on the floor also. I went back to handling her brea’t slowly while my di’k was in between her bum cheeks. I was rocking her bum and handling her brea’t at the same time. I arched my head sideways and sucked on her nipples one after the other while handling the other. At this point she was making muffled sounds. I turned her and wanted her to touch me I placed her hands on my nipple she did nothing initially after about 5 seconds she adjusted and started sucking on them vigorously. She brought out my di’k and was wanking at top speed. The balls, the di’k were in her hands and her lips on my nipple. I was in heaven! I moved to handling her breasts vigorously as well. She ensured my boxer was off and she removed her gown and und’es as well. She went back to the pillow and guided my di’k into her dripping pus;y and pushed my bum cheeks into her. I started to thrust slowly as I assumed she had not had sex for almost a year that her husband left the country. I continued thrusting while she tried to suck my nipples while I was at it. I interchanged from slow thrusts to fast thrusts. In order to not release early I started counting the number of thrusts from 200 down to 1 but alas before I could get to 100 the chicken came home to roost. She had gotten to the climax as well and I noticed a tear fall down her face I started to apologize but she said I shouldn’t bother that she would have even done it if her hubby was around. That she had been waiting for a long time for me to do that to her. She had heard numerous stories from her husband and wanted to feel it for herself and she was not disappointed. She then kissed me and played with my now soft di’k. She whispered that I should get back it up quick as her girls would soon be back from school. I stood up packed my clothes and headed for my room to take a bath. I reflected on what had just happened and how I will ever face my friend again knowing what I just did. Anyway he was a chronic womanizer before he left I told myself. I let the shower run through my body and thinking of what to do next.
Re: Unfinished Business (21+ - A Story Of Betrayal, Sex And Infidelity) by Vykinx: 10:50pm On Apr 19, 2020
Interesting please continue
Re: Unfinished Business (21+ - A Story Of Betrayal, Sex And Infidelity) by juninhouj: 7:10am On Apr 20, 2020
pls continue, I think its gonna be an interesting piece we are hungry for more updates bro. thanks for the this though
Re: Unfinished Business (21+ - A Story Of Betrayal, Sex And Infidelity) by Georgewrites: 12:01pm On Apr 20, 2020
EPISODE 2 – The Bathroom S’x
After about 20 minutes reminiscing in the bathroom I felt a presence close to the door I pushed it open and there she was in her towel fresh from her own bathroom she removed it and joined me inside. She went for my di’k first and kissed me passionately. I held by the bum cheeks to avoid us both falling as the floor was wet. I braced her bum cheeks slowly while we continued kissing. I then tried to get my finger into her pus;y from the back but my finger mistakenly went to her as;ho,e. She stopped kissing and said she never knew I was that freaky not knowing that was my first time of doing something like that we continued that for a while and she stopped that it was her turn. She went on her knees and started sucking the life out of my di’k while rubbing the balls at same time. Her hands were all over from the balls to the bum cheeks and back to my belly button. In my head I was wondering how a mother of 2 could be this grotesque. She was sucking and trying to roll the di’k at same time. She then did something crazy she stopped sucking the whole di’k and just the tip only. My legs were shaking as the sensation when through my whole body. I held on to the walls for support to avoid me from falling. She continued doing this while rolling her tongue down the length of my di’k. She then moved to my balls sucking them and rolling her tongue down my perineum. I have never felt such sensation before. I was sounding like a man in distress making sounds I could not even understand. She stopped and said time is of the essence there was a keg in the bathroom used for storing water she sat on it while I went on my knees and started handling and sucking her brea’t at the same time. I moved my other hand to her pus;y and started finger f’king her vigorously she held my heads and was trying to thrust with the speed of my finger I then put another finger to have a full grasp of the walls and sort out her cli’oris. She was almost shouting at this point and said she needed the big boy that her kids would soon be home. I stood up and she turned placing her hands on the stool and I entered her from the back. It was so refreshing I started my count again downwards from 200. This time I started with fast thrusts as I wanted to release early but it didn’t come I then put the tip only in to enjoy the maximum sensation. It was heavenly I didn’t want to release anymore I continued this slowly while she was calling my name and said she wanted it harder but I wanted it go on more. After about 5 minutes I felt it coming but I didn’t want it to stop so I paused (This is a trick if you can hold the c’m and let it come out itself the di’k will still be hard) I waited till the sensation ended she didn’t move as she was still feeling the hardness in her. I continued to thrust this time faster as it will only remain hard for few minutes before coming again. She then rolled her waist and started to thrust backwards to meet the movement of my di’k. it was a lovely sensation after about 5 minutes or less I felt it coming but I didn’t have the strength to continue thrusting and it was close to when the kids will return from school. Luckily school bus drops them so more often than not one will hear the horn. The sensation was lovely to behold her little fat as’ bouncing on my di’k and the feeling of coming I didn’t stop. I continued to thrust with the sensation and poured all in her I sat on the floor immediately as my legs could not hold me. She sat in front of me and kissed me passionately whispering that I made her feel 21 again she was 32 then. I couldn’t kiss back she got some water and cleaned my di’k and herself. Took her towel and ran out of the bath. I struggled to get up and moved to my room locked the door and fell into a deep sleep.
Re: Unfinished Business (21+ - A Story Of Betrayal, Sex And Infidelity) by oloyedprince1(m): 2:56pm On Apr 20, 2020
dis na serious gbege
Re: Unfinished Business (21+ - A Story Of Betrayal, Sex And Infidelity) by oloyedprince1(m): 2:58pm On Apr 20, 2020
need more of the the update
Re: Unfinished Business (21+ - A Story Of Betrayal, Sex And Infidelity) by Georgewrites: 11:51am On Apr 21, 2020
Episode 3 – A day in the Office
The next morning I called the attendant to head on to the police station while I called my contacts to sort out the issue. Thelma had gone to school so I was alone in the house. Since I did not have anywhere to go I took my breakfast and was in my office doing some research. It is the only place in the house nobody enters as I do not want to be disturbed while I’m working. About 11.30 I heard someone open the sitting room I knew it could only be Thelma but since I don’t really follow her daily routine I didn’t bother leaving my office. She called my line and I told her where I was and she asked if she could come in I answered in the positive. I didn’t see her when she left in the morning I was stunned by her gorgeous look. She was wearing an Ankara gown a tad above the knee. She noticed my looks and said I made her feel young again so she’s living it. I didn’t say a word. She came close to my seat pushed the chair backwards and sat on my laps. I asked her why she was home she replied that they were on an hour break and she guessed I was going to be home since the shop was still under lock. She unbuttoned my shirt and placed her hands on my chest and rolling my left nipple. I felt a twitch down there and we started to kiss deep throat kissing I moved my hands to her right breast and started to handle but it was not effective as she was putting on a cup bra. I unzipped the gown and unstrapped the bra and moved my hands to her right nipple pushed down the gown to expose her brea;t I stopped kissing and started to suck them slowly. She said she had about just 45 minutes before her next class told her that’s enough time. I continued to suck them while she made her hands to my di’k she removed him from my shorts and started to self-service and was making sounds in my ear and kissing them. At that moment I had forgotten the husband is my closest friend and was seeing her as the s’x I have long wanted. She stood up removed her gown and I did same by removing the shorts. We returned to the same position and she guided my di’k into her dripping pus’y she started to ride slowly at first and tried to push her left nipple into my mouth I obliged and was following her movement with my lips. I was feeling on top of the world nothing could stop I was getting the best sex was all I could think of my contacts were calling me back as per the situation. She then did another freaky thing as she was riding on the di’k she put a finger down there to go with the flow. I then moved my hands to her bum cheeks to increase the speed of her ride. We continued this and she was reminding of time saying it repeatedly. I cared less I was enjoying the moment. That’s one of the positions that make a man last longer as you are not thrusting. I knew we could go on like that for 20 minutes if she doesn’t c’m early but with her current body disposition it was a matter of time before she will stop which she did after about 10 minutes she stopped and hugged me tightly. We stood up and I asked her to hold on to the chair while I entered her from the back. I rammed her nonstop the sight of her bouncing as’ was making me see things but it wasn’t comfortable for her she turned and placed a foot on the chair and faced me she held on to my shoulders while I entered and rammed the position widened the pus’y and the sensation was too much for my di;k. I rammed for about three minutes more and felt the big boy coming, I continued ramming making crazy noises till my di’k became soft in her and it fell out. She kissed me passionately again while hugging and said she wants more when she’s back from school. She picked up her gown and left the office while I fell back to my chair. I placed my head on the desk and asked myself how long this will last. I liked her already very much.
Re: Unfinished Business (21+ - A Story Of Betrayal, Sex And Infidelity) by MisterChairman(m): 1:04pm On Apr 21, 2020
Interesting story .. I will love long episode
Re: Unfinished Business (21+ - A Story Of Betrayal, Sex And Infidelity) by topmost1102(m): 1:04pm On Apr 21, 2020
Re: Unfinished Business (21+ - A Story Of Betrayal, Sex And Infidelity) by Georgewrites: 11:04am On Apr 22, 2020
Episode 4 – A day in the Car
After she went back to work I picked up my phone and saw a whopping 32 missed calls from my shop attendant and my contacts I promptly called back and was told to head on to the station as they were ready to talk to the DPO to open the shop back. I promptly put on new clothes zoomed off in my Hyundai i110 to the police station. On getting there my attendant told me they have settled and he had been waiting for me to sort the police. I did what I had to do, collected the shop key and we went to the shop where met some customers waiting, did some transfers and the kids were back to their normal game. Within 3 to 4 hours we had made about 4k in transfer fees and game play. I needed to replenish so I headed to the supermarket to get some beverages and sausages with bread. I returned to shop but all the while I was thinking about Thelma but the shop was busy I couldn’t leave early, my personal phone was in the car and I missed her calls. When it was around 5 the traffic had reduced I picked up my phone and explained to her what had happened she was glad the shop was open but sad because she needed me at home but her kids were back already she begged me to come home that we would find a way, I didn’t want to take the risk so I told her I will be home by 7 to 8 and she should tuck in the kids to bed early. I left by 6 to Iya Murewa took my assorted meat but with fufu this time and 2 chilled bottles of trophy. I got home about 8.30pm I called her from the compound and she told me the kids refused to go to bed early I decided to go back to iya murewa but she called back that she will meet me downstairs. When I saw walk down the stairs in a nightie I lost all sense of reasoning I could see the shape of her brea;t in silhouette and her hips swinging with grace and I knew then there was nothing underneath. I wanted to f’uk bad at that moment. She entered the car and I drove to the far end of the compound just opposite a neigbour’s house that hardly stays at home and the place is always dark. As we were in a safe distance to the compound light I inclined her seat backwards and kissed her with passion and lust. I nearly bit off her lips. She responded by grabbing my removing my belt and unzipped my trousers. She complained about the beer breath so I moved to her brea’t there was no bra which made it easier I sucked on them like a baby. I picked up honey from the back seat from what I bought earlier I poured some on her chest and brea’t and I started to lick them off her slowly. Her body was vibrating. Her hands were on my dick the honey dripped to her navel to down below I continued to lick them off her nippl; and navel. She begged for the D as time was going and she didn’t want her kids to come look for her downstairs I had forgotten about them in my lustful state. I pulled down my trousers and put a little honey to see how it will feel I entered her gently and it was so warm. I needed to release early so the ramming was fast and furious. I arched her hips upwards and held them in my hands it wasn’t a comfortable position but I wanted to feel the inner of her pus’y, this went on for about 6 to 7 minutes and the market had to close it came rushing with full speed and in my lustful nature I poured all in her. I was on top of her for about 5 seconds before I rolled back to the driver seat and relaxed. She adjusted back her night dress and left the car. The time now was around 9pm, there was still time for one more bottle I drove out of the compound the gateman oblivious of what had happened he was playing ludo with his assistant. I drove into the night telling myself I had committed the original sin ‘Lead us not into temptation’. I allowed the temptation and asked myself what my punishment would be. I needed a break from her before it becomes a bore and end it. I continued driving into the night thinking of the dark fate that awaits me for my betrayal.
Re: Unfinished Business (21+ - A Story Of Betrayal, Sex And Infidelity) by Georgewrites: 1:33pm On Apr 23, 2020
Episode 5 – A day in the motel.
I got to the bar at about 9.20pm and ordered for a bottle of trophy. The waiters were already packing the chairs to close for the day but being a loyal customer I was allowed to take just 2 bottles. I finished around 10.30pm but I was not in a position to drive home, I walked down to the nearest motel paid for a room and ordered noodles, switched off my phones and slept like a baby. I woke up at about 8.30am called my attendant I wouldn’t be coming in. I paid for an extra night and slept again after eating breakfast. When it was about 7pm I went to the bar and met Thelma waiting, she was visibly disturbed and wondered why I wasn’t home. Iya Murewa knew and was surprised to see her caring and touchy. Sat down and started talking. I wasn’t comfortable as Iya Murewa kept looking at me with one kain eye so we had to leave early told her I was staying in the motel as I was expecting friends but she insisted on staying with me till she was ready to go home, I knew what was going to happen. Got to the room and she entered the bath and took a bath and asked me to join her. Had a normal bath and came out but she told me not to dress up and pushed me to the bed and spread my legs as far as she can then she came in between my thighs and took my balls in her mouth and was stroking the tip of my di;k at the same time, I was shaking like a feather. She moved from my balls and took all in her mouth and was sucking vigorously and held my legs in place with her hands and her bouncing on the di’k. It needs to be experienced. The feeling went down from the tip to my balls to my brain. At that moment I couldn’t care less about what I was doing. I was in lust with another man’s wife and who happens to be my bosom friend. This went out for about 10 minutes and muffled to her I might not be able to hold back for long then she stopped and moved to my right nipp’e and sucked on it slowly and with her right hand guided my di’k into her wet and warm pus’y. I muffled ojigbijigbi as she started riding slowly, ramming on the di’k as a man would with a precision I had never seen before, she will take it all in ram out and her as’ will bounce up till the pus;y gets to the tip and take it back in. She did with precision without missing a shot. Oh my I was in heaven, even my baby mama never handled me like this. After about 12 to 15 minutes she climaxed and fell over to the other side of the bed. I turned her to view the nice looking as’ and gently placed my di’k into her and rode her slowly at first to mimic what she did to pull my di’k out to the tip and put it back in but I was in learner, she muffled and told me with time I will be able to do it that it is now I will know I’m a mucking a woman and not those small girls I bring to the house, so I tried my own trick too I squeezed her bum cheeks tight to make the down under tighter and it worked she stopped talking as I increased the tempo and all I was hearing was muck me harder. Chai someone’s mother I thought and then remembered her kids were home alone. I continued that for about 2 more minutes and stopped, picked up a below and placed it under her stomach to push up her bum and entered her and then I pulled back her hair to arch her back for me to hit another spot it her, I increased the tempo and this time she her voice was louder and I could hear was George continuously but I couldn’t hold on for long and before I could withdraw I loaded the pap fully in her, dropped her hair a still continued to ram till the di’k became soft, I pulled out kissed her bum cheeks like a fool. At that moment I could do anything for and to her, I turned and kissed her passionately she responded but the climax feeling had gone I pulled my lips and she placed my head on her bosom and said George I think I’m in love with you. I should have stopped then but I was too carried away by the moment and hugged her tightly
Re: Unfinished Business (21+ - A Story Of Betrayal, Sex And Infidelity) by kelutofoods: 3:06pm On Apr 24, 2020
Update ooo
Re: Unfinished Business (21+ - A Story Of Betrayal, Sex And Infidelity) by Dsweetnigga: 9:23am On Apr 25, 2020
Very interesting story...

Keep it coming
Re: Unfinished Business (21+ - A Story Of Betrayal, Sex And Infidelity) by Georgewrites: 12:52pm On Apr 25, 2020
Episode 6 – Kitchen S’x
For the next few days after the motel incident I was busy trying to get allocation from the state government for a shop I had taken out a loan to pay for in a much better area than where I currently was. It was ready within a week and plans to move there before the end of the year and I still had 4 months on my current rent. Thelma was the first person I called to share the good news with she was elated over the phone and asked me to come straight as she was going to prepare my delicacy. I rounded up at Alausa, took a cab and went to Iya Abike first took 2 sachets of erujeje as there was still enough time before Thelma would finish cooking. I go there just to have a feel of what’s happening in the area as all manner of people gather there every day with all manner of tales. I chilled there for about 30 minutes and trekked home. I met Thelma in the kitchen as she said cleaning up after preparing lunch. She was putting on a flared gown that didn’t get to her knees I couldn’t help but hugged from behind and kissed her neck repeatedly she told me to wait for few minutes as she was almost done. I asked about the girls and she responded that she put them in for extra lessons and won’t be home till 6 so that she can have extra time for me whenever I decided to come home early for her too. I couldn’t resist the hard on and I hugged her tightly from behind again and this time slowly kissed her neck to her shoulder, I unzipped the gown and kissed her from the neck down to her lower back, I unstrapped the bar and she let it fall off she said we should we go to the room but I wanted here there at that moment. I let my two hands slide from her back and fo’dled her brea’t slowly at first then faster she held on to the zinc with one arm and tried to touch my di’k from her position, she couldn’t get a good grip so I removed my belt and pulled off my trousers she turned to face me and kis;ed me passionately sucking my lips slowly and pushing her tongue down my throat I removed the gown and my boxers and bent to suck her brea’t while I let my fingers into her pants and started finge’ing her, she was really wet underneath and she responded by tickling my right earlobe with her tongue. The sensation was out of this world, I couldn’t hold it together after a while I pulled off the pant then I tried to part her legs to get into a good position to muck her, after I did and before I could thrust she told me to wait then closed her thighs and then she wriggled her waist and I could all her insides to her thighs on my di’k, it was heavenly. After we both got a good grip she placed my hands on her bum cheek and knew what to do, I increased the pace of my thrusting and even I could hear my voice and I could feel the big boss coming but it kept going back and the feeling made me increase the ramming more, she held on to my neck and couldn’t stop calling out my name that even increased my pace, I wanted it to come out at the same time I didn’t want to stop as the feeling was going from my head to my toes. The feeling you get when you take a correct brand of we’d that sends electric sensations from your head down to your spine to your toes and back up again. This feeling with Thelma at that time was triple that and then after about 6 minutes of this feeling the rooster finally came and it was as if it was from my head to down under pouring everything into her. I couldn’t stand after that, fell to the kitchen floor immediately, she smiled and sat on my legs picked up the kitchen tissue and cleaned herself and covered me too, I was too tired, she came close to my face and kissed me but I felt nothing I was gassed out. She picked her clothes and said she was going to clean up, I managed to crawl out of the kitchen to my room and I slept off not thinking of the wrong I had just done.
Re: Unfinished Business (21+ - A Story Of Betrayal, Sex And Infidelity) by Dsweetnigga: 2:03pm On Apr 25, 2020
Thanks for the update

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Re: Unfinished Business (21+ - A Story Of Betrayal, Sex And Infidelity) by Dsweetnigga: 2:37pm On Apr 25, 2020
All this things you dey pour inside.. expect your baby soon.. grin

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Re: Unfinished Business (21+ - A Story Of Betrayal, Sex And Infidelity) by kelutofoods: 12:06am On Apr 28, 2020
Update bro...we are still on lockdown
Re: Unfinished Business (21+ - A Story Of Betrayal, Sex And Infidelity) by Georgewrites: 5:31pm On Apr 28, 2020
Episode 7- In the School
For some days thereafter I was busy getting the new shop in order and most of the time Thelma would have slept before I got home and she leaves with her kids in the morning to school though there was a morning I saw her still putting on a short towel while she was sweeping the sitting room I couldn’t resist and I grabbed her by the as s, her daughter could have seen us but she came into the sitting room with her head buried in her school bag, she was surprised to see me sitting close to where her mother was sweeping and asked her mum why she didn’t sweep before trying to take a bath but she waved her off and told her to prepare for school, I couldn’t leave there as I already had an e rection and I was on shorts. The daughter reluctantly left the sitting room and Thelma told me I shouldn’t do that while the girls were at home as they talk to their Father almost every day. She noticed the hard on and then said I should pick her from school that day and we can have enough time while the girls were at school. I grudgingly stood up and went back to my room. I did not make it that day as there were a lot of things to be done in the new place but the following week I promised I was going to pick her up. She closes by 2pm and I got there at about 2.05pm but their head teacher called them for a meeting after school, I had no choice but to wait fortunately there was a bar close to the school I sat there with a bottle of trophy while they finish up, the meeting didn’t finish till about 3pm but she couldn’t leave immediately, I then bought her lunch and sat with her while she finished up on a report. She was putting on a skirt and while she was working I slid my hands on her thighs and down to her under, she said nothing as by that time there was just one teacher but was sitting on the other side and couldn’t see us, after about 10 minutes he left and it was just us left, she then stood up and sat to somewhere far from the door and windows. I buried my face in her thighs and my hands were f ondling her brea’t, I couldn’t bring them out so I let my hands in under her blouse and bra and was playing with her erect n ipples, her hands were rubbing my head, ears at the same time and one time she also put her fingers in my mouth and I sucked on them, by this time her legs were shaking and was mumbling what I could not hear from under the table. While still kissing her thighs all over I moved her pant aside and let my fingers in, as expected it was dripping already fortunately it was a black skirt. I couldn’t stay in that position for long and I had to stand up she stood up as well and placed the chair in front of a wall pulled up her skirt but left the pant on, I moved closer to and kissed her like my life depended on it. My fingers were in her pant and she brought out my d ick from the joggers I was on, she started playing with it and kept on swallowing what I couldn’t fathom, she then moved towards the chair place her right leg on it moved her pant aside and guided my d ick in to her, she let out a loud sigh when it entered fully she then grabbed my bum cheek told me not to thrust into her and then started controlling the pace of the thrusts into her, she was alternating the pace as she wanted, slowly at first then faster then back to a slower pace, I had to place my hands on the wall for support, she climaxed as I could feel my d ick being wet but she didn’t stop, Thelma was a s ex machine she knew what she wanted and how she wanted and I was ever willing to oblige her, at that time I didn’t know I was just a tool to her and nothing more, I believed we were in love. The s ex was enjoyable to me even at that pace as I could feel all her insides, she wriggled her waist to the movement of the thrust and her tongue was inside my ear lobes at the same time. Not long after I had to start thrusting when I felt it coming she noticed it and quickly moved to the table and laid chest down on it and pulled her pant, I entered from behind and rammed till the tank was emptied into her. The sight of her as s always weakens me and I continued rubbing on them, she told me we should leave as we still had enough time together at home. She pulled back up and arranged her dress properly then went on to the ladies to clean up, told her I will wait in the car. I was satisfied with myself at that point in my life, my business was moving good, just got a 4m shop and I was having the best sex of my life, what more could I want. Little did I know that a storm was gathering ahead and I was driving myself into it by myself.

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Re: Unfinished Business (21+ - A Story Of Betrayal, Sex And Infidelity) by kelutofoods: 10:56am On Apr 30, 2020
How is it going
Re: Unfinished Business (21+ - A Story Of Betrayal, Sex And Infidelity) by Georgewrites: 3:22pm On May 01, 2020
Episode 8 – The 3 some
While driving home we met a friend of Thelma, Hannah also a fellow teacher she had been to our place several times and even slept over on some occasion she also like Thelma is married but her as a second wife to a rich man in Edo state who comes to see her once in 3 months, she has a daughter Sapphira. I had asked Thelma to hook me up with her but she refused so I brought up the matter again while we were driving close to her, she said she wanted me first that was why she refused, asked her what she meant by that, she smiled and said Hannah wanted the same too and she told her she Thelma will be the first to have me and she can come in later, Guys even if need to leave your wife alone for months please don’t when making your travel arrangements make it for both of you. It is a crazy sex filled world we live in now. Hnnah is voluptuous, her brea st is massive and she knows how to package them in a sexy manner but she has a tiny waist with a beautiful face and sparkling fair skin. Thelma’s behind is more than average and her bre ast is also average and complements it with a dark toned skin. We met up and she entered the car and they started talking about school and stuffs I couldn’t partake in, I asked her where she will alight but she said she will chill with Thelma till evening as Sapphira was with her aunt, I drove up and took a bath immediately and Thelma and Hannah entered her room. I changed clothes took up my car keys and was on my way out to shop, I called out Thelma but there was no response, since it was just both of them I went to her room and opened the door and I was astonished at what I saw, Thelma was su cking Hannah’s brea st vigorously, they were both stark naked and I could not move and I just thought that all this while Hannah had been coming it was not just a friendly but for this? Then Hannah noticed me standing in the doorway then she stopped responding to Thelma, she noticed and looked up to see me, she stood up and came to me and pulled me in and said You are not f ucking her yet, she smiled then kissed me and pulled my shirt off. I was uncomfortable as I had not been in such a situation Hannah noticed and got up and placed my left hand on her massive bosom, I couldn’t resist, and Thelma led me to the bed, I laid down and Hannah came on to me and I started sucking her brea st, they were soft to the touch, velvety in nature and she had a good scent, nothing more a man could want in a bre ast, Hannah had it, Thelma pulled my joggers( I always wear them with a jersey and sneakers, that’s the way I dress every day, I got my jerseys at Oshodi for 800n and I even resell some in the shop for 2000 after packaging). Next Hannah was sucking my d ick and I was sucking Hannah’s brea st and she was moaning too loudly and I later discovered that Thlema’s fingers were in her while she was sucking my d ick, she moved around my under, from the di ck to the balls, it was a new experience for me I was passing on the sensation to Hannah and among us she was feeling it most. Thelma then moved up and started kissing Hannah while I continued what I was doing, Thelma would then switch from sucking my ni pple to kissing Hannah then I switched places to Thelma’s brea st and Hannah responded in kind by sucking my d ick and her fingers were in Thelma, the moaning was loud from Thelma, and she came at that moment as I could feel her waist wriggle uncontrollably

To be Continued
Re: Unfinished Business (21+ - A Story Of Betrayal, Sex And Infidelity) by Counter24(m): 3:31pm On May 01, 2020
more bro.... the update is kinda short today Thanks for the update tho
Re: Unfinished Business (21+ - A Story Of Betrayal, Sex And Infidelity) by Georgewrites: 3:46pm On May 01, 2020
Here it is, was having copay and paste issues

I grabbed her bum and squeezed tightly and she then started kissing me passionately and then moved away to pick something, it was a strap on, she then went on behind Hannah and entered her with it. Hannah didn’t stop sucking but it was faster and I was scared of her biting me in the moment. Thelma noticed and moved Hannah to the other side of the bed and she pulled me closer and started to kiss me while she was ramming into Hannah while kneeling, I stood up and placed my d ick in her mouth and was ramming down her throat with it flowing with the pace she was ramming into Hannah and then she came and she had to stop, I wanted to enter Hannah but Thelma refused and said I can only slam her bre ast, she then placed her hands on Hannah’s bre ast to make a kind of tight hole and then I placed my d ick in between. It was tight and that was just what the d ick needed and after about five minutes Thelma then pulled me and she spread her legs wide, her right leg was on Hannah’s body, I entered her and Hannah moved closer to her and sucked on Thelma’s bre ast while I was ramming her profusely, it was my second time in the day and I knew I was not going to come early I then stopped and kissed Thelma and whispered into her ear to let me enter Hannah , in the heat of the moment she agreed and I moved to Hannah, she grabbed my d ick and guided it into her slowly, it was wet and tighter than Thelma’s and also softer, I couldn’t resist the flow I was ramming faster than I was with Thelma, she then moved towards me and sucked my ni pple for a while then moved to Hannah’s too and switched both ways, these women were freaks and I was also encouraging them, after about 6 to 7 minutes Thelma pulled me to her side and mounted me and she started riding on the D, she wriggled left and right, front and back nonstop in a controlled pace Hannah joined by sucking on Thelma’s ni pple and the sensation was much for her as she increased her pace. I was enjoying every moment not long thereafter I felt it coming and paused Thelma and I started ramming her from below, she moaned loudly while I was energetically pouring into her, I relaxed back on the bed while Hannah and Thelma kissed.
Re: Unfinished Business (21+ - A Story Of Betrayal, Sex And Infidelity) by oloyedprince1(m): 12:24am On May 02, 2020
hmmmm... d guy nemesis is coming soon
Re: Unfinished Business (21+ - A Story Of Betrayal, Sex And Infidelity) by Vykinx: 10:32pm On May 07, 2020
please continue
Re: Unfinished Business (21+ - A Story Of Betrayal, Sex And Infidelity) by Georgewrites: 4:48pm On May 24, 2020
Episode 9 – The morning se x
For several days after the incident with Hannah, Thelma avoided me for reasons best known to her, she would have been asleep before I return home from the salon and always ensures she leaves the house in the morning before I wake up. In as much as I missed her I used the time off to replenish my body in preparing for my next move on her, little did I know all what she was doing was part of a grand plan that will soon begin to surface. After about 2 weeks I monitored her when she was to take a bath and met her by the entrance and tried to stop me from talking to her that her girls were awake already, I pleaded with her to tell me what was on her mind, she dragged me into the bath and said she never expected me to go down with Hannah when she came around that Hannah belongs to her while she belonged to me and I should not have mixed it up, I explained to her no one belongs to whoever, they are both married and the real owners will one day come to claim their prize and that in as much as I was falling for her we should use our head and keep on the low since it was obvious to both of us what we were doing wouldn’t last. She smiled sheepishly and kissed me and bolted the bathroom door. She asked for a quickie but I wasn’t comfortable as the girls could come out of their room at anytime and hear her moans, She then said I should come home early as she will and be waiting but I couldn’t resist her in her short towel and I moved closer and moved my fingers up her thighs to her down under, she let go of the towel and wrapped her left leg around my waist, I delved in further and she grabbed my neck and bit my right ear slowly but not painfully. By then I had forgotten about the girls but just to satisfy my inner craving and she as well, she found her way into my shorts and brought out the D and started stroking it slowly while I delved into her harder. She made sure her lips were in my ear to muffle her moans and whimpering, they were music to my ear and the D responded in kind by growing harder. She moved her fingers to the tip and stroked slowly, I arched my head downwards and sucked on her nip ples. We were both cuddling in the sensation and forgot about the girls completely, she moved away, removed my shorts and switched on the shower, we both had a quick one and she moved away to a part not so wet turned her back and spread her legs, I obliged and entered her slowly from the back she then asked me to pause, she moved further down and assumed an almost dog gie position and told me not to thrust and in that uncomfortable position she started to move her waist in a circular position to bouncing her a ss, the movement of her a ss alone wowed me. The sight of a well proportioned behind that has a good grip on the D was a sensation out of this world coupled with the fact that she was getting more lubricated with each thrusts and I was feeling all on the D. After some minutes she couldn’t keep up and moved up higher with the D inside and said F’ck me, In the state I was I promptly obliged with some fast thrusts, the sound of the shower hitting the floor subdued the sound and I was able to thrust as I wanted and she was able to keep her moaning in check and even at that state she was able to still thrust and meet mine. I was able to delve into her as deep as I wanted and I could hear her choke a bit when I really went deep. I kept on the thrusting and after some minutes my knees were buckling and not long afterwards I felt it coming, She felt it too and told me not to pour into her as she was not in a safe week, told her I have to thrust and drop it for the maximum feeling, she then turned and placed the D in between her upper thighs to have a feel of that tightness, I rammed as fast I could and all I could see afterwards was the ocean dropping from her thighs to her calf, she kissed me and got under the shower, I rested a bit on the wall, cleaned up and crept out of the bathroom to my room for another round of early morning sleep not knowing the evil about to befall me
Re: Unfinished Business (21+ - A Story Of Betrayal, Sex And Infidelity) by suraaj(m): 9:14pm On May 25, 2020
not knowing the evil about to befall me /waiting patiently to witness the evil about to befall you.
Re: Unfinished Business (21+ - A Story Of Betrayal, Sex And Infidelity) by Georgewrites: 1:40pm On May 28, 2020
Episode 10 – The role play
Things were good for the next few days but I was busy at the new shop due to new customers especially at the game center. We even organized a mini tournament as there was a midterm break in between. Thelma came to the shop few times to familiarize herself with the works there and they seem not to bother as they all knew the husband quite well through numerous video calls made to him when we were setting up the place. A day after their midterm break there was a stage play in Thelma’s school with the theme on the Medical profession; Thelma played a nurse in the play and on her way from school that particular day she dropped by with the girls to know the shop as well as we had enough spaces for kids to also play some offline games but I was not in the shop on that particular day, I went to the market to get some shop supplies, she called and told her she can stay as I would be in the shop in another 20 minutes. She hung up and sent a text that I should meet her at home and she will call Hannah to come stay with the girls. In anticipation I drove home straight and met her in the sitting room with a low nurse gown, she had ripped the bust of the gown showing her boobs clasped together and the also made it shorter, wore a glasses to look like a slutty nurse. I couldn’t resist the look and dove in on her straight but she told me not to rush, brought out a Doctor’s gown from her back and told me to change, I ran to take a quick bath and changed into the clothing she gave me and also gave me a glove that as a Doctor I have to examine and rock her and make her cum without penetration. I didn’t know how to start after she led me to her room and lie on her back and spread her legs, I couldn’t resist the view I just wanted to dive in and smash her in different places. She smelled fresh thus I had no inhibitions touching any part of her body, I had not sucked her down there before but I decided to today. I rubbed her foot gently and to her individual toes and to her ankle, she sighed slightly and I moved on to her calf and back of her knee, I spent considerable time there when I saw her try to touch herself, I moved up slightly to her thigh and let my tongue move up and down her thighs, she bit her lip and brought out her brea st and caressed them while she wriggled her waist to the sensation of my tongue on her, I moved further up and discovered that there was nothing underneath I moved closer and her thighs were shaking and even hit the side of my head with it. I moved to the inside and the smell was wonderful just as if she had sprayed or used a cream, I could not place it but I moved and let my tongue did some magic on her down there ensuring I hit the cl it with the tip of my tongue, she couldn’t take it and in few minutes my face was full of her sq uirt. She apologized and picked up a small towel and cleaned my face with it. She then unzipped my trousers and brought the hard D. She stroked it slightly but I could not hold on any longer, she turned and then said she wants to be fu cked like a slut. She then turned and moved the gown to just expose her bum cheeks. She asked me to move further back and told me neither to remove the gown nor the trouser but I should come into her like I would a slut. I was stupid enough to obey all her commands. As I entered her from behind she started to make noise like a nurse in distress making statements such as Please don’t do this!, Please make it stop and then switched to George in a sleek tone Faster! Faster!! I was as fast as I can and She then changed to Why are you doing this at this time?!. This is bad! And at the same time wriggling her waist to the movement of the D and also shouting Stop! I would do any other thing you want!. I kept on hammering believing it was all part of the role play. After some minutes I felt it coming and went on faster and poured all into her I rested on her back and tried to kiss her but she pushed me away and started to cry, I smiled as we were still acting she then asked me to leave her room, I removed the gloves and dumped them and went on the clean myself.
I never knew the part of the s ex was on tape and soon the curtain will start falling down

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Re: Unfinished Business (21+ - A Story Of Betrayal, Sex And Infidelity) by maxxy26: 8:36am On May 31, 2020
follow bump to bump....
Re: Unfinished Business (21+ - A Story Of Betrayal, Sex And Infidelity) by Georgewrites: 12:14pm On Jun 09, 2020
Episode 11 – The Kanyamata S ex
Days after I was still basking in the fun I have been having with Thelma, Money was coming in from the game center and also taking care of my baby mama and the children and I was having the best sex of my life, What could go wrong I had always asked myself. Told myself that if and when Thelma moves to her place it will even be better se x as the girls would not be there anymore and I could have her wherever and whenever. I was to be shattered in few weeks time. I was already in her trap and I had no absolute idea. Thelma had said we should stay off se x for a week as she was ovulating and avoiding pregnancy since we never used protection and she also told me about kanyama ta that we need to explore more, She gave me some glucose cubes and a powdered tea called Bazooka that I will see the effect when next we meet, I was less bothered anything for my Thelma and she had also started cooking every evening for the house saying she would not want to zap my strength and unable to satisfy her for as much as she want, I was falling for her deeply, she would make assorted meat with okra and semovita to down it with it, other nights catfish pepper soup with a bowl of rice and in the morning she will drop a bottle of smoothie for me to take before going out, I was really into it.
The week ended and Thelma snuck into my room just tying a wrapper around her bosom and whispered into my ear that she wants the housewife treatment, it was on Sunday and I asked her about the girls and she replied they will be spending the day at Hannah’s and I asked her if Hannah won’t feel left out she told me not to worry about it that she is taking care of her, she grabbed my crotch and stroked for few seconds and it became harder than I could remember she then said I told you so, she kiss ed me and I was feeling her immediately, it was as if all the glucose I licked had converged on the tips of my balls , I kiss ed her vigorously and loosen the wrapper and sucked on her nipp le but she pushed me back that the girls are nearly done I should be careful and the door was unlocked she then promised to come back soon, she left and I could not but feel quite aroused unlike normal and she was too as her nipps were erect when I sucked on them after close to ten minutes she came back to the room and locked the door, I asked her about the girls and she replied she gave them a task that will take about 30 minutes for them to complete, I was no longer on the bed but standing by a table in the room, she came to me and kiss ed me and making muffled sounds, the wrapper let loose and she was naked underneath, I had just my boxers on, she moved to my crotch and stroked it and I even felt it become harder, she moved and pushed me to the bed, spread my legs and started to kis s my body down to the di ck, she pulled down the boxers and started to feast to down there, she rubbed and sucked her through, ensuring she was able take in the full length of the di ck even the balls she licked, I was ecstatic believing this feeling will last forever, the kanya mata was playing so much tricks and I was high on arousal, I pushed deeper into her throat and she was ever willing to take it in, she stopped after a while moved to my nipps and sucked them slowly while I was really feeling all she was doing, she paused then moved her body closer to mine and made sure she was lying directly on top of me, she kiss ed me and used her fingers to direct the di ck nto her now wet and squir ted pus sy, she took it all in and slowly started to ride, it was tighter than it used to be and she made a soft groan as it entered her and I assumed the kanya mata she took too has did some work down there, she started to ride faster and I could attest to the fact that the pus sy was now tighter and more pleasant, it was just as if we were both on drugs, she combined both slow and fast movement on the di ck and I couldn’t have enough, I had to meet her thrusts with mine and it was one of the pleasant moment of of our se x encounters, I felt it coming after a while but it kept drawing back, later got to know it was one of the pecks of the kanya mata, I increased the speed as I felt it coming and it will draw back then I will allow her do same, it was a marathon that was enjoyable, she reckoned it was close to the thirty minutes she gave her daughters and reduced her tempo to a slow momentum and changed the rhythm of her riding, she wriggled and turned her waist on the di ck, arched her back to ram slow and fast at the same time but with the kanya I knew were in for a long haul on that Sunday little did I know it was the last time I was going to have such fun with her and she was making sure I got the full of it, she made me so comfortable while carrying out her plans and I fell like a pack of cards.
She reduced the tempo and whispered that she had to go check on the girls but we still had a long day ahead of us and we can have our fun while they are out of the house, I grudgingly obliged and she stood and took her wrapper and left the room while I was still rock hard on but the day was going to be more interesting as her sister in law showed up when she took the girls to Hannah’s place.

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Re: Unfinished Business (21+ - A Story Of Betrayal, Sex And Infidelity) by chinedumo(m): 9:20pm On Jun 09, 2020
Sister in law

I wonder o.

Re: Unfinished Business (21+ - A Story Of Betrayal, Sex And Infidelity) by OPC90(m): 10:11pm On Jun 09, 2020
It's well

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