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Selene: The Moon Goddess (erot!c, Romance 18+) by MultiTv007: 5:08pm On May 21
War Of Hearts
Selene: The Moon Goddess
Shelique Lize

Chapter 1
It’s a bittersweet return home. I hear them chanting my
name— over and over. It echoes in the distant as my horse
rides further and further into the kingdom of Elis. Beside
me rides Damon, my friend. The only man I would trust
with my life.
From the corner of my eye, I see that Damon looks on me
with a bereaved expression but he doesn’t say a thing. He
worries about me and he has all the right.
I knew one day that I would wear my father’s crown, but I
hadn’t thought the day would be today. I thought I had
more time. I thought my father, the king of Elis would have
more time but I was mistaken. It wasn’t until I reached my
kingdom, that the reality of the situation became a heavy
burden. Doubts like never before came crashing down in
the thousands.
The people of Elis cheer on myself and men because they
are happy that we won another fight. That is what I do— I
conquer. I love being a general and fighting wars. I was a
prince and I earned the respect of my men. From the
moment I could hold a sword, I knew my calling. I wanted
to fight and my father accepted that. My skills had not gone
unnoticed and as time passed I felt more of a warrior than
a prince of Elis.
Taking a deep breath, I ignore the uneasiness and keep
my head forward. Upfront the guards manage to clear a
path for myself and soldiers. Whether I want the crown or
not, my people need me and I can’t let them down. I was not the only one who lost someone. My entire kingdom has
suffered a loss of a great king and I need to show Elis
strength. They need to understand that despite this, we will
rise and become even greater.
I hear when Damon calls my name and stopping I climb off
the horse. He says to me, “Endymion, allow me to speak to
the people. You have enough to worry about,”
Heeding his words, I know that he means well but I still
shake my head. “Why should this time be any different?” I
ask while passing Damon and stepping up the stone stairs.
Since I’ve been general, for every triumphant win I have
been the one who speaks to the people of Elis.
Standing on the podium, my presence commands their
attention. All their curious gazes are on me, wanting to
hear the truth straight from my mouth. Elis would have
heard from word of mouth weeks ago that we won, but that
wasn’t the truth they wanted to confirm. That truth was
evident as my men return home exhausted and worn, and
despite their strife of over five years of war, they are
smiling and embracing loved ones. The evident truth is
also within the carriages of riches that we have taken from
our enemies. No, my people do not want the easy truth.
Elis heard rumors about their king and that is the hard truth
they seek. The truth is simple, four words that clutches my
On a deep inhale, I do not waste another moment to
confirm the rumors. “Our King is dead!” I yell for the busy crowd to hear and
everyone quiets. When I have their undivided attention, I
continue on with my speech.

Re: Selene: The Moon Goddess (erot!c, Romance 18+) by MultiTv007: 5:12pm On May 21
Chapter 2
Three Months Later
The woman’s blissful scream fills the room as I thrust my
rooster inside of her hot, throbbing pussy. I have a nice view
of her back and ass, and I pull on her wild hair while
penetrating deep and hard. She moans my name,
whimpering and making incoherent sounds and Bleep yes—
I love it!
“Say my name!” I demand on a rasping breath and she
Fucking yes!
Releasing the servants’ hair, I slap her ass and grabbing
onto her hips I thrust deep into her wet cunt. Picking up the
pace, I glance down and admire the view of my hardness
gliding in and out of her heat. My balls slap against her sex
as I thrust inside her, feeling her pussy clenching trying to
push me out. The flush of her orgasm has the servant
screaming for the entire castle to hear and I’m reveling in
her juices.
I ride out her orgasm and it’s not long before my own
orgasm is on the pinnacle, and I don’t hold back.
Lying on my bedroom floor, the servant and I have our
limbs intertwined. We are both laying on our backs, too
lazy and tired, to get up and find our clothes. Too
exhausted to walk across my chambers and lay on the bed. The thought alone seems complicated and I don’t
want to partake in such an action.
A knock on the door has my lackadaisical thoughts stirring.
“Who is it?” I ask and without answering, I hear the door
open and the servant makes no effort to cover herself. She
has no need to hide because everyone within the castle
knows that I like to sleep with the servants.
Heavy footsteps walk toward our naked bodies and there
is only one man brave enough to enter my chambers
without permission.
Damon kicks my barefoot, “I need to talk to you.”
“Right now?” I ask mid-yawn and I don’t sit up with his
urgent tone. I’m staring at the ceiling.
I can hear the frustration on his tone, “Preferably.”
“Then talk,” I reply.
“Alone,” Damon snaps and I don’t have to look at my
friend, to know that he is glaring at the young woman. She
scurries from my side and I shift my gaze to catch a
glimpse of her bare ass. The servant slips on her
undergarment and leaves the room.
When the room door shuts behind her, I sit up. “What is so
important, that you could not have waited?”
Damon shifts his attention down to me and quickly diverts
his eyes. “I cannot have a conversation with you
Perfect, now leave me alone. Should be my response
because whatever he’s going to tell me, I don’t care to hear. I want more wine and pussy.
“If I refuse will you leave?”
He shakes his head, brown eyes narrowing. “I cannot
leave. The situation needs your attention,”
What doesn’t need my attention?
Standing up naked, I murmur. “What is it?”
Damon keeps his eyes distracted, “Endymion you cannot
keep ignoring her.”
“Who?” I ask knowing exactly who Damon is talking about
but I had hoped I could put off Princess Arianna a while
Across the room, I see my himation. It’s a shawl that you
drape over your shoulder. Designs vary from different
colors, sizes, and textures. Walking across the room, I pick
it up and wrap it around my waist.
Damon accuses, “You know very well of who I’m speaking
“Unfortunately…” I sigh and passing Damon, I spot a bottle
of wine near the decorative columns. Those pillars lead out
to my private courtyard.
Picking up the bottle from off the ground, I extend out an
arm. “Want some?” I ask Damon and he drops his gaze
down to my face. He’s reluctant to see my naked lower half
and I don’t blame him.
“It’s safe,” I say.
Damon asks, “Is this all you want to do now?
“Living in intoxication and indulging in sex, yes.” I pull out
the cork and guzzle back the remaining alcohol.
“Endymion you cannot continue to ignore your
responsibilities,” Damon warns. Heeding his words, I finish
the remaining wine and I toss the bottle at my friend with a
grin. He catches it at the last moment and Damon frowns.
“You’re playing a dangerous game,”
Turning away from him, I look out on my private courtyard.
I lean against one of the many columns and cross my arms
over my chest. “I will make sure that I win.”
“This is not a game in which you can manipulate the
players. Arianna’s father allowed you to use their soldier’s,
with the agreement of an engagement. The princess has
been generous to give you more than enough time to deal
with your father’s death. She did not make a fuss when
you held a small coronation, but now…” From behind,
something nudges me on the shoulder. I shift my eyes to
see a letter and I take it from Damon.
The letter states that the princess should be reaching Elis
tomorrow. I breathe out a curse and I crumple the paper.
She is coming down so we can proceed with the pre￾wedding ceremony. I hadn’t sent for Arianna and nor do I
want this union.
The princess was making a bold move to travel here
without an invitation. But a move that must be admired
nonetheless. This shows that my bride to be isn’t a
pushover, but still an unwanted presence.
The arrangement that our father’s agreed upon happened
three years ago. It was during the warfare when my father
decided to remove me from battle. I was taken to Arianna’s kingdom and he did not tell me what he was planning until
everything was set in stone. If I had known, I wouldn’t have
agreed and my father knew that, which is why he didn’t tell
me until it was too late. A few days later, I was able to
return to the battlefield and we won the war within two
I had the confidence that my men and I could have
defeated our enemies, without help. My father worried and
doubted the size of our army. In the end, he doubted me.
Clenching the crumpled letter in my fists, I turn back
around to face Damon. “I suppose we should have the
servants make this castle look presentable then?”
Damon asks, “That’s all you are going to say?”
I shrug my shoulders, “What more would you like me to
He narrows his eyes, studying me. “You want me to
believe that you are now okay with this marriage?”
“I am not okay with the union, but my father wanted it and
my people deserve a queen. They deserve an heir. Elis
needs confirmation that we will continue to be a great
My friend continues to watch me. “What changed your
“You ask me the question as if I ever had the option to
change my mind. I was only avoiding the inevitable,”
“The inevitable comes with perks, “I can get sex from any other servant,” I tell him knowing
that those are not the perks he is speaking of.
Damon shakes his head, “No other kingdom will dare strike
against you. Not with Arianna’s father having your back,”
With a scoff, I step back inside and begin looking for my
chiton, feeling embittered.
This whole situation annoys me because my father kept
his sickness from me. I hadn’t known he was ill until it was
too late and by that time he had already set his plans in
motion. He knew he was sick and wanted to make sure
that myself and Elis were secure. I’m upset but I don’t want
to be because that was who my father was. He took care
of everyone he cared about, whether it was with your
consent or without.
Spotting my chiton on the ground, I untie the himation and
slip on the garment. Before Damon has a chance to speak,
I thank him for delivering the letter and dismiss him. He
leaves without question but I know this conversation is far
from over.
I summon one of my servants and demand that he brings
me wine. Sauntering back into my courtyard, I stand in the
middle of the private space. I gaze up into the night sky,
filled with stars and a radiant full moon. Taking a deep
breath, I know what I must do for my kingdom. My father
always did what was best for everyone, and I must do the
same. I always knew what to do as a General, but as a
king, I don’t have a clue. I know my reign has just began
but I feel like this is not where I belong.
Nevertheless, I will rule to the best of my abilities because
it’s my rightful place. My father fought to make Elis powerful. I will not allow my kingdom to slip through my
fingers but I cannot help feeling like there’s more to my life.
“King Endymion,” the male servant says from behind me
and I swivel on my heel. He goes to pour the wine into a
glass and I tell him I want the entire bottle. Obeying my
request, he hands me the bottle and I dismiss him.
Looking into the sky, I bring the bottle to my lips and
swallow back the wine.

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Re: Selene: The Moon Goddess (erot!c, Romance 18+) by MultiTv007: 5:20pm On May 21
Chapter 3
Tonight the mortal sky is enticing with all the bright stars
and massive full moon.
I twirl while standing in middle of the ocean not caring that
my chiton is now soaked from my knees down. Above me,
the moonlight glistens on the surface and I sway my hand
in the water.
Next, I extend it in the air and watch as a small fraction of
the water follows my hand as it ascends up. I have the
ability to manipulate water. It only happened when I started
to visit the mortal realm more frequently.
A smile parts my lips, as I twist my wrist and the water flies
off to the side. I continue to play with the ocean, shaping it
to my will and I become absorbed, losing myself. Before
you know it, I hear a voice behind me.
Startled the water drops from the sky and splashes back
into the ocean. I get soaked in the process and turning to
the voice, I wipe my wet face.
When my eyes are able to focus I see a man. A mortal
male to be exact and I don’t move or say a thing. I have
never seen a mortal in the flesh, because I am a moon
goddess and I don’t live on earth.
I’m here because the earth has captivated me and I’m
helpless when it comes to this place. I do not understand
the foreign desires or the pull that tugs on something
inside of me. I had never wanted anything, needed anything, craved anything or yearned for not a thing. I was
content until Gaea showed my siblings and me the mortal
realm. But once I saw it, my mind became consumed with
this magnificent place full of life.
The mortal speaks again, “What are you doing?”
He’s a mortal. Is all my mind can think, a real human
The man continues to talk to me, “Whatever you were
doing was exquisite.”
He was talking about me moving the water to my will.
The mortal liked that but I do not know what I was doing
exactly. I was only having fun.
I push aside more damp hair from out of my face and I am
unsure of what to say. When the silence lasts for far too
long, the male speaks again.
“Tonight is chilly for you to be out in the water,” and I notice
that he’s holding a rein, connected to a horse. “You might
get sick,” is all he says before reaching into a sack,
attached to his animal and pulls out some kind of colored
When I don’t budge he promises, “I won’t hurt you.”
“Why would you hurt me?” I ask cautiously while staring at
him from the small distance and I can’t stop myself from
staring. I know I should turn away and return home, but my
body won’t allow me to leave. His green eye’s hold me still
and I begin to feel warm and tingly.
The mortal corrects, “I said I won’t, I ask looking at what he’s holding within his grasp, “What is
that for?”
“It’s a blanket,” he informs.
“For what?”
“Aren’t you cold?”
I shake my head and answer. “I do not get cold.”
Heeding my words, the mortal drops his arms but he
doesn’t put the blanket away. “If you don’t mind me asking,
what are you doing in the water?”
“I don’t know,” I answer. “But I find it delightful,” and a smile
parts my lips thinking about my abilities and how much fun
it is. I sway my hand above the water and it rises. “Can you
not do this?” I ask.
“Humans do not have your abilities,” Lifting my hand the
water rises higher and higher and then I let it drop. It falls
back down, splashing into the ocean.
My eyes find his gaze, which sends a shiver down my
spine and it’s like everything else disappears around me
and there is only him. A warmth caresses my flesh, and I
look away almost immediately. In the short moment that
our eyes touched, I had felt something other than warmth.
It was like I knew him since forever and something just
clicked into place.
But how is that possible, when we had just met?
Instead of looking back at his eyes, I focus on his full lips
and I have this scary desire to kiss the human. I close my eyes completely shocked with my thoughts and I blame
Pan for the feelings.
It’s been a few days since I asked Pan to take me to earth
but a lot happened within those days. I know I have
changed in the short time of visiting the mortal realm. The
fact that I can now control water is a definite change. Also
my emotions are all over the place. Like how nervous I am
with this human when I never used to get nervous, or
scared. Before Pan, my life used to be a lot simpler.
The mortal asks, “How long are you going to stay in the
He wants you to come out, my thoughts whisper and I
raise my eyes, still unsure about the human.
Go home, I warn myself.
I frown at him, “Is this wrong?”
The mortal chuckles shaking his head, “I must be wrong,
because a beautiful woman like yourself is actually
enjoying the ocean.” His laugh was a surprisingly pleasing
sound. It was deep and calming.
The sky is beautiful. A flower is beautiful, how can I be
Staring at the male, I ask. “Why did you call me that?”
“You said I was beautiful,”
“Because you are as radiant as the moon that shines
above you. Are you going to come out of the water now?"

Contemplating his request, my eyes stay on the human.
When too long of a silence as stretched on, I sigh and take
a small step toward the mortal.
Leave, urges a small voice in the back of my head. I know
I should return but I don’t with each step that brings me
closer to the human. This world intrigues me, the mortal
intrigues me
Reaching the shore he says, “Forgive me, but I cannot
ignore the fact that you are soaking wet. And despite that
you tell me you do not feel the cold, may I?” he asks
glancing on the blanket in his grasp.
I nod my head, giving him the approval.
Eyes locked, the mortal closes in the space between us
and behind me, he extends out an arm. He covers my
damp shoulders with the thick blanket and when I inhale, I
take him in. I hadn’t meant to breathe in his scent but it
My eyes close, now wanting to remember his smell.
Do all humans smell this incredible?
Opening my eyes, the human withdraws and I falter
forward with his lack of presence. Quickly, I regain back
my composure and I hope that he hadn’t noticed. I look
away and hold onto the edge of the blanket that’s hanging
in the front of my chest. I cling to it, trying to comprehend
what this mortal is doing to me.
The human questions, “What is your name?”
“Selene,” I answer timidly and I hate my tone. I glance
back at him, looking into his emerald eyes. “What is your name?” His eyes are as green and luscious as the trees
and grass. Such a vibrant color.
“Endymion.” He answers, staring at me and this time I
don’t look away, I challenge myself. “I come here quite
frequently, and I have never seen you here before,”
“I was passing through,” I tell him, which was the truth. I
was exploring earth when I stumbled upon the ocean.
“Just passing through,” he repeats like he didn’t believe
me. “What are you?”
“I am a goddess,” I tell him. “What are you?” I counter,
already knowing that he is human but I wanted to continue
to speak with him.
Endymion smiles with my question, “I’m a king.”
“What is the meaning of a king?”
“I rule this land, that you have happened to pass through.”
Like Zeus who is the ruler of Olympus and the god of all
gods. “You are the ruler of earth and humans?”
His lips hint at a smile. “The kingdom of Elis,” and his eyes
glisten wildly while staring at me.
Did I amuse him?
Elis must be like Olympus, “Elis is your kingdom?”
Endymion nods his head, “Elis is not the entire earth,”
“Can you show me?”
“Elis?” he asks.

Endymion doesn’t answer me right away. Instead, he
diverts his gaze and takes a few steps back. “We are in
Elis and this is my kingdom. If you mean my home, then
perhaps another time when I’m not trying to escape it, will I
take you to my castle.” Endymion focuses on stroking his
horse and I notice that the human’s mood has shifted.
I ask, “Why are you trying to escape?”
He doesn’t look at me when he responds. “What is a
goddess doing passing through the earth?”
“I was curious,”
“And I needed some time to think.”
“Think about what?”
Moments go by before he answers and when I assume
that he won’t reply, Endymion says. “I will answer that
question tomorrow,”
“Why tomorrow?”
“I need to return before my guards come out looking for me
and I would like to see you again.”
“Tomorrow?” I confirm.
“If the goddess wishes to see me again,” and he climbs up
on his horse. “I will wait until sunrise,” and with those final
words, he rides off into the night.

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Re: Selene: The Moon Goddess (erot!c, Romance 18+) by MultiTv007: 5:46pm On May 21
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Re: Selene: The Moon Goddess (erot!c, Romance 18+) by MultiTv007: 6:05pm On May 21
Chapter 4
I watch as the human rides off and all I can think about is
tomorrow. I don’t understand why I want to see him again,
or why my mind can’t think of anything else. It doesn’t
make sense, the light sensations and the fact that I can’t
stop staring at the man riding off in the distance.
I inhale a cool ocean breeze and Endymion’s scent is still
present, when I realize it’s the blanket wrapped around
me. I clutch it tighter and bring it up to my face and take a
deep whiff.
My eyes closed, taking in the aroma when abruptly I begin
to hear a soft melody. Its music I know all too well. I turn
toward the sound and see a forest up ahead. The forest is
in the opposite direction of Endymion and it’s there the
soothing melody emanates from.
My body sways unconsciously to the sound and I begin to
walk toward the forest. Once inside I’m surrounded by the
tall, dense tree’s and I don’t stop treading through the
woodland. I keep going, following the entrancing aria, until
I see a figure hiding within the dark shades of the forest. I
pause knowing exactly who that it is.
I catch sight of Pan when he steps out from obscurity and
into the light of the moon. He is the god of everything wild
and eccentric.
Pan is massive with thick, bare brown shoulders and arms.
Hairy hindquarters and he has a cloth covering his loins.
On the top of his head are two massive bronze horns that
curve backward and they look rough. He has wild black hair that reaches down to his collarbone and long, pointed
Pan looks threatening and it doesn’t help with the scowl of
a mask that is his face. He has such sad, pale blue eyes
that are intense and hard. More hard, than sad. But still, I
see his misery although he tries to hide it from me and
everyone else. Maybe I’m the only one who sees’s the
Pan takes another step toward me. He continues to play
his flute and he’s swallowed back within the shadows of
the overbearing trees. Another step, and the moonlight has
embraced his return. The music stops when Pan removes
the flute from his thin lips and drops it. It swings low
around his neck.
The flute is the one thing that Pan refuses to talk to me
about. Anything else he will answer, but that flute is off
His eyes narrow on me, and this time it’s the hardness that
I see. They hold such dark intent and my stomach tightens
with mild panic—a feeling I have gotten accustomed to.
Whenever I’m around Pan, feelings of dread try to
overtake me. But I’ve learned not to let it get the better of
me. I learned to control the rising emotions that threaten to
unravel me.
I felt familiar sensations when I was with Endymion but
minus the fear. Despite that he is mortal and I do not know
him, I had felt safe. I could have spoken to him all night.
“Calista, you disappeared.” Pan’s deep voice resonates
inside of me and raises the hairs on my forearm. I can feel the slight tremble of my heart.
Calista means most beautiful.
“I got distracted,” I admit to him, I was to stay in Arkadia
but my mind took me away and I meant that literally. As
gods, all we have to do is think of a location and with a
blink of an eye, we can be there. I saw the ocean when
Gaea had showed my siblings and I visions of the earth.
I have never been able to use that ability when on earth,
only in Olympus. The Olympian gods can come and go as
they please.
For the first time ever, I thought of the ocean that I saw in
the vision, and I was brought to it.
“How did you know where to find me?” I ask Pan because I
don’t think where he found me and where Arkadia is
located, they are near each other. Arkadia is Pan’s home
and unlike the other gods, he doesn’t live on Mount
I have been to Arkadia and have never seen a body of
water that huge. There are many smaller rivers and
waterfalls but not an ocean.
A coldness sweeps across my bare arms as Pan studies
me. “Calista, you are mine.” One simple word has my
blood stirring. “You belong to me,” His voice is fierce and
Pan’s gaze lowers, lingering on my mouth. The intensity of
his stare tricks my brain into thinking that I can feel the
ghost of him pressed up against my lips. The taste of him
forever branded on my tongue. I draw my thighs together,
not liking how he awakens parts of me with only a wicked look. If it weren’t for Pan, I would not know what my body
is capable of feeling. The sensations that he manages to
haul from the deepest parts of me is exciting and chilling
all at the same time.
Pan drops his gaze, devouring my chest with just a look. “I
got a present for you.” Cerulean eyes hungrily search my
body before finally settling back on my face.
I don’t understand how I can feel so many conflicting
emotions. I feel both excited and fearful of the god. With
the human, I was nervous but curious.
My ears perk at his words and I can’t help the flurry of
excitement. “What is it?”
His gaze cages me in and one look and my body is a slave
to his eyes. One look and I can feel my nipples perk and
the pulsating between my thighs.
I need it and crave it.
One look and I swear my body temperature has spiked to
new levels. One look and I’m weak in the knees.
Pan’s one dominating word whispers through my mind,
The god saunters toward me and stops a few inches in
front of me and his body is much more massive up close,
and dangerous. His bare upper body is burnished with
many scars. Pan is not slim with well-pampered tendons,
like most of the gods in Olympus. He is thick everywhere,
utterly treacherous, yet enticing.
Pan questions with a grave tone, “Why are you covering
yourself?” His rough hands reach out and yank the blanket from off of me. It brushes against my perk nipples with the
sudden pull and I breathe in an aroused breath.
Endymion’s scent invades my lungs one last time before
the blanket falls to the forest ground and I’m left in my wet
Pan notices my arousal and with a beastly growl, he grabs
one of my nipples and pinches. A moan escapes me and
closing in the remaining space between us, huge hands
clutch my face. He pulls me up easily, holding nothing but
my cheeks and forces me to stand on the tip of my toes.
Pan’s embrace is feverish, “The mortal gave you that. Why
were you with the mortal?” He nudges his nose against my
face, taking me in. Smelling me, remembering my scent.
But it’s simply another imprint because his scent surges
into my nostrils and fills my chest. Like the many invisible
scars Pan has scattered across his body, Pan has marked
me just the same.
I hate it and love it.
A chill takes its time to crawl down the ridge of my back,
and goosebumps scatter across my bare flesh. “I just met
“Calista, are you lying to me?”
“I’m speaking the truth,”
“Calista…” Pan whispers against my cheek. His hand
works their way over my ears and entangling possessively
through my long, black hair. “I do not like how close he was
to you,” and he rests his forehead down against mine.
Pan was watching me.

Was he watching me while I was playing with the water?
Like how Endymion had been watching? Or did he only
see when Endymion and I started talking? Either way, why
would he watch in silence? Why not make his presence
Pan curls his fingers into his palm, tightening the grip and
stretching my neck.
My heart pounds as if trying to break free from the hold
and I shake my head, “You do not need to worry. He was
only a mortal.”
I want to believe my words.
“Prove it to me,” he commands with a bite to right ear and I
sucked in a sharp breath. “Give yourself to me,” is his
request and it’s the one part of myself that I haven’t given
to Pan. He hates it but I’m afraid to give him full control.
He sucks on the earlobe, soothing the ache and I falter into
the god. The feeling is automatic; my body drums to a
rhythm that Pan has mastered.
Pan whispers against my flesh, “Calista, I want to be
absorbed in your cunt.” With his other hand, he grabs the
bottom of my damp dress and slips a hand under it. I feel
his intrusion against my thighs moving up and closer to my
sex and through the thick tree’s, I notice a bright light
I call out to Pan, for him to heed the blinding light but the
brightness gives me no choice but to close my eyes.
Within moments, I can no longer feel Pan’s presence.

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Please drop the remaining chapters,this is a really interesting story. cool cool
Re: Selene: The Moon Goddess (erot!c, Romance 18+) by MultiTv007: 5:31pm On May 23
Chapter 5
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I hear Pan’s struggle and his feral growls.
Finally, when the brightness diminishes, I open my eyes. My sight is able to focus and I see the towering back of Zeus.
How do I know it’s him?
Well for one his size, the curly blond hair and his purple, knee-length chiton. And the obvious sign, Zeus has a natural golden glow to him. Although his back is facing me, I know without a doubt it’s him.
“What are you doing?” Zeus demands and his voice is sonorous and powerful. I feel the tremble against my flesh and I know that he is not talking to me. Zeus is speaking to Pan.
Oh no!
I scramble to the other side to see that Zeus has Pan by his throat. His hindquarters are not able to touch the ground and Pan is struggling to breathe. He tries to fight against Zeus’s iron grip but is unprevailing. “Zeus!” I scream. “It is not his fault, I asked to be taken to earth.” It was the truth. “I was not taken against my will.” “It does not matter. Pan knows very well of the decree,”
The decree is that I am to never walk on earth. The rule has been around for as long I’ve existed. I am not only the goddess of the moon, but I am a Titan goddess. I have animportant role within the cosmo’s and it’s not just me alone
who shares the burden.
It’s Eos, my sister who is the goddess of dawn and Helios,
my brother, the god of the sun. Together we are to hold the
balance within the universe.
We are not like the Olympian gods, for our purpose is far
greater than theirs. If we do not stay true to the balance,
we will thrust both the mortal realm and Mount Olympus
into eternal chaos. I do not know what that means and nor
have I ever questioned anything my entire life. I have
accepted my life and responsibilities. I have never gone
against what I have been told, until most recently.
It all started when I became enthralled with the earth.
Without a word, Zeus hurled Pan into the air and his body
smacks into a tree and he falls to the ground. Pan groans
terribly and I try to go to him.
Zeus grabs my arms, “We are going to return to Olympus.”
“That was uncalled for,” I yell at him and I begin to
experience hot emotions raging inside of me.
Why am I feeling this?
Zeus shakes his head, his curly blond hair falling above his
eyebrows. He narrows his lethal blue eyes on me, “Gaea
has expressed clear worries about you and your siblings.”
Gaea is the mother of all beings, mortals and immortals
alike. She is the only one, who Zeus listens to.
“I have done no wrong?” I say quietly and I can’t believe
my own words.Haven’t you? Wonders a voice in the back of my head.
You can’t think straight. You doubt yourself and other’s
around you, and now you are feeling sensations like never
before. You allowed Pan to make you feel things like never
Zeus’s gaze softens, “It’s what Gaea wants.” And with
those final words, he focuses his attention to Pan who is
now getting up from off the ground. “If you bring Selene
back here again, I promise you a century in the
underworld. If you so much as talk to Selene in Olympus, I
will put a thousand talons into your flesh from the Erinyes.”
The Erinyes are deities but they are not like gods. They
uphold justice, whether it’s in the mortal realm or Mount
Olympus. They were born from Gaea and the blood of
Uranus. Their talons are lethal to gods. It will not kill us
because gods do not die but it can do tremendous damage
and make one wish for death.
Not waiting for Pan to respond, there’s another blinding
light and before I know it, I’m back home. I focus my eyes
and I see the same night sky as the mortal realm, with the
stars and the moon. I also notice that I am on the highest
peak on Mount Olympus.
It is known as the Mytikas and here on the highest
mountain is where Zeus’ palace resides. A sweet aroma
fills my lungs and I turn to see the ΜΗΛΟ tree. Pronounced
Meelo. It’s a tree that grows succulent golden apples. Also
behind me is Zeus, standing tall and mighty.
I cross my arms, “I would have returned.”
“That is far from the point.”“Pan and I did nothing wrong,”
“Pan knows very well of the lines he crossed,”
I argued, “I asked him to bring me to earth,”
“Pan brought you to earth for selfish reasons. He always
wants, what he cannot have. Every move he makes is for
his own pleasantries. Do yourself a favor Selene and
remember that,”
Glowering on the god of all gods, I argue. “Pan has not
been selfish with me,”
“Hasn’t he? You foolish goddess, Pan is only consumed
with desires.”
I shake my head in disbelief, “I don’t believe you.”
“Selene, I am not telling you lies. Tell me, has he told you
about his flute and how it came to be,”
The flute that Pan always wears around his neck and he
never takes it off.
“What about it?” I ask.
“Pan became obsessed with a nymph, who did not care for
him. If he could not have her, no one else could. Pan cast
a spell on her to make the nymph desire him, but the only
problem was that the spell would wear off. During one of
those moments when the spell was weak, the nymph used
a charm to escape Pan and she unknowingly turned
herself into reeds. Those same reeds pan took them and
turned them into his flute. Pan does not care about anyone
other than himself and if he claims otherwise, you would
be a fool to believe him.”How can that be possible when the nymphs adore Pan?
On a sigh, I turn away from Zeus frustrated and not
wanting to believe him.
I hear him behind me, “We are not here to discuss Pan,
you disobeyed Gaea. Why can you not see that you and
your siblings are special not just to her but to our entire
existence? I know I don’t have to tell you about the
balance; you understand it. You live it every day of your
life, but understand that Gaea has had a hard life with her
children. She only wants what is best for everyone,”
“You are wrong,” I swivel on my heel, to face the god of all
gods. “I do not fully understand my place within the
cosmos. I get it to one extent but I still have questions
Zeus interrupts, “This is the first time you have thought to
question your place.” I nod my head, feeling overwhelmed.
Yes, from the beginning of time, Gaea has told my siblings
and me about our purpose. But up until recently, there was
not a reason for me to question anything. The thought was
just not there.
Watching me carefully he continues, “Selene, why are you
now questioning your place?”
“Because I don’t understand?”
“Did you understand it before?”
Yes, no. I don’t know.
I shrug unsure of an answer.I never questioned anything before, but that doesn’t mean I
understood it. At the time, I hadn’t known that I had no
Unable to give him a response, Zeus informs. “Selene you
seem unhinged,” He is making note of my emotions
because I never used to get upset.
“I don’t understand how visiting earth would disrupt the
“It is not you visiting Earth that Gaea is afraid of. She
worries about the temptations that you will encounter and
she wants to keep you safe,”
“Safe from situations that one cannot control?”
“Safe from life. Safe from distractions. Safe from anything
that would disrupt the balance, because the balance isn’t
there for no reason. The mortals and the immortals need
you and your siblings. Temptations can change and
distract you from your purpose. Gaea knows that the
balance cannot be threatened and you cannot deny that
you have changed,”
When I don’t say anything to argue his point, Zeus
continues. “From now on, if you step a foot on earth the
Erinyes will come for you. If you think for a moment that
you can outsmart me and return before the Erinyes finds
you, you will deal with Horai.”
The Horai guards the gates of Mount Olympus and they
are the goddess of law and order.
Glaring at him, I can’t believe his words. “You would not
dare,”“It’s an extreme measure but it’s needed.”
I shake my head, backing away from Zeus and I clutch my
hand to my chest, “That’s absurd.”
“You brought us here to this extreme,” And swiftly Zeus
strides toward me and takes my hand. With his other hand,
Zeus pulls out a hidden dagger and cuts the middle of my
palm. I cry out with the sudden pain and ichor begins
bleeding from my palm.
Zeus begins chanting, “From blood you were born, from
blood I summon thee.”
It doesn’t take long before the shadows around us begin to
move and suddenly a dark form emerges. The shadow is
not the true form of the Erinyes.
Zeus releases my hand and the cut on my palm has
already healed, but still, I clutched it my chest.
Zeus commands the shadow that if I step a foot on earth,
they are to bring me back to Olympus. The shadow
disappears without a word, but I knew it understood
everything that was said.
Glowering at Zeus, there are many words that I want to tell
him but can’t and not because he is the god of all gods. I
can’t because if I open my mouth, too many words will
come out at once and I won’t make sense. Not to mention
the volume of my tone will no doubt rise. The fury of
emotions swirling inside of me feels like they will explode if
I open my mouth.
Inhaling deeply, I decide to keep my mouth shut and Zeus
dismisses me.***
I hadn’t realized that my thoughts had carried me away. It
wasn’t until I felt the warm, feather-light strokes pulling me
back to reality. A red orb floats by my head, no bigger than
the palm of my hand.
The orb has a long, soft golden-red tail. I lift my hand to
embrace it, but the tail disperses around my hand, leaving
warm tingles in its wake. I giggle with the sensations and
see speckles of red and gold dust from the contact. The
dust will go away soon—it never lasts—but it’s fun to
touch, to feel.
I know Eos has started her ceremonial dance that will
awaken the sun for Olympus and Earth. Hurriedly I pace to
the golden circular landing decorated with markings. Up
ahead, I see Eos moving in such a way that all the orbs
are gravitating toward her. It’s her ceremonial dance to part
the skies and awaken the sun. Eos has caramel skin,
opposed to mine that is pearly white in comparison. She
has long, wavy orange hair that reaches down to her waist
and pale lilac eyes.
Our ceremonial dance is something that we cannot deny.
It’s a call to our very existence, something that hits right to
our core. It’s how we control the balance. To keep both the
mortal realm and Mount Olympus from slipping into eternal
I take a seat on the ledge of a pearly white fountain and
watch my sister. Her arms extend and the orbs swirl
around them in a beautiful flow, moving with her. Eos
closes her eyes and with the movement of her feet, her
hair sways behind her back. Some of the red orbs disperse
into red dust, and new ones descend into her steps.My skin begins to tingle with a burst of warmth and
Even though I’ve been going through a lot, one thing that
never changes is watching my siblings perform their
ceremonial dance. All of us has our own dance to perform.
It’s familiar and fills me with immense happiness. I can’t
help but dismiss my worries and allow its soft arms to
embrace me back home.
Watching my sister is an affirmation that I am home, and
this is where I belong. I should let go of earth and its pull
on me but I know deep down it won’t be easy.
Around me, the many crimson orbs begin to dissolve into
dust and disappear. Gaea has told us that the orbs are the
prayers from mortals. Our ceremonial dance bequeaths
their desires.
My skin becomes temporarily embellished with red dust
and when Eos finds my gaze, I smile at my sister, who
returns the smile. She steps off the golden landing, walks
toward me and gives me a hug.
Inhaling, I take in her aroma: a powerful, musky, sweet
scent. Always sweet, like her personality. Thick waves of
her orange hair fall over her shoulders when she
Eos extends an arm, her hand caressing my face. “My
dearest Selene, what are we going to do with you?” Eos is
gentle in her embrace but her wide pupils are full of
She continues. “I feel like I only see you when one of us
are completing our ceremonial duties.”Dropping my gaze, I reply. “I know, I’ve been withdrawn lately…” “What has your mind so occupied?”
Biting down on my bottom lip, I look anywhere but at my sister. I don’t want her to see my strife. Eos does not have those abilities per se—but I know the opposing emotions are swirling inside of me.
Two forces raging for control, and they claw at my insides with an unforgiving fury. Two forces demanding to be unleashed.
One slip of a word, an action and I’m afraid of the outcome.
Before I am able to answer, Eos splashed me with water.
“Since you’re already soaked, I figured you won’t mind.” She smiles and I squeal with the cool liquid that had splashed my face. “Oh, you’re going to regret that,” I tell her and standing up I step into the fountain. Eos turns to run away and I thrust the water at her back. She screams arching her spine and laughs. Here, my water abilities don’t work but I can still have fun.
Turning on her heel, Eos runs and jumps into the fountain declaring a water war.

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Chapter 6

The following night my brother and I are racing through the Olympian skies. Everything is moving at a fast pace and the skies are sweeping by me in a blur. My sight is invaded with images and streaks. Massive structures, of white and golden blurs. I am unable to make out a single shape because of the speed of my horses.
My chariot curves around the Mytikas flushed with green trees and a beautiful waterfall that cascades down the side of the mountain. Colors and aromas interlace together, as I don’t slow down my chariot. I make a call my two horses understand and whip the reins. They drive forward at full speed, dashing through the sky. At a distance, I see the shimmering Olympian gates.
I take a chance to look behind me and see my brother catching up to me at an astonishing speed.
Helios yells out, “You will not defeat me!”
With a smile, I focus ahead and without halt allow my horses to rush through the gates, bursting them wide open. I let the mares take a steep dive, straight toward the earth. Animosity raises my neck hair with anxiousness. I balance my feet with a horrible sinking feeling inside of my stomach and my nerves boost the adrenal glands into full throttle.
Excitement consumes my body.
I hear Helios yelling my name. He hates it when I take such dramatic dives; it gives him a fright, which is why I love to do it.Down below, I see the luscious lands fast approaching. A
quick pull of the reins and I’m lifted back into the air. My
carriage is soaring, flying in the sky and Helios passes me
—I whip the reins to speed up.
Helios had won the first round and truthfully I was
distracted. Or maybe I let him win on purpose.
While Helios and I were getting our horses ready I found a
sack on the ground of my chariot. Opening it, I found a
green ring and a letter with Pan’s handwriting. It states that
the ring is his gift for me and it will allow me to go to earth
unnoticed. Pan must have gotten the ring knowing that we
were going to get caught eventually.
Either way, I kept on getting distracted because the ring
was green. I could not stop thinking about the human’s
eyes. How captivating and vibrant they had seemed.
Glancing back down on my hand, I think about Pan’s letter.
Was it true and I could walk the earth without Zeus or
Gaea finding out?
I want to test it, are my curious thoughts and I know that’s
a big risk but I can’t fight off the urge.
Maybe I can see the human again?
What if it doesn’t work?
It has too, I tell myself. After all, why would Pan give me
something that doesn’t work? Simple answer, he wouldn’t.The downside, if it doesn’t work then the Erinyes would
come after me. If I made it back to Olympus before the
Erinyes got a hold of me, I would have to deal with the
Horai. Either option is not good. Both options will get me in
trouble, and I would like to avoid that at all cost.
Every move he makes is for his own pleasantries. Is what
Zeus has warned me but how true could that be when Pan
showed me the mortal realm when I asked? He took a
chance on me, despite knowing that Zeus and Gaea were
against me leaving Mount Olympus.
How selfish could one be when they are risking the wrath
of Zeus?
Zeus and Gaea are the selfish ones. They are the ones
keeping me and my siblings confined, afraid of the
Why can we not experience the mortal realm and still keep
the balance?
I don’t understand why it has to be one way or another.
On a heavy exhale, I glide through the sky no longer
seeing Helios’s chariot. At the corner of my eye, I see the
ring glistening and I pull on the reins. The chariot turns with
the swift gesture and in the back of my mind, I am trying to
talk myself out of my next plan of action.
I know that I am wrong for continuing to plow through the
sky with one intent, but I can’t see myself going anywhere
else. I look down on the ring once again and I remember
the human had wanted to see me again.
Hovering in the sky, I see the vast ocean with the
moonlight shining on the surface. I see the mortal standingon the shore, while his horse is off to the side. I watch him
swinging his hand and see something skid across the
What is he doing?
I watch him do it again, and I realize that he is skipping
rocks along the surface of the water. When he does it
again, I lift my hand and a heavy wave comes up and
throws off the balance of the rock. He tries again and I
have the water return back his rock. He does it again and
this time I have the water part, so his rock falls straight to
the sandy ground.
Endymion turns with that last one and arches his head
back, to look up at my chariot in the sky.
He has a frown furrowing his brows but it doesn’t stay
there for very long because he smiles and I smile back. I
lower the chariot taking a chance on the ring, and when my
horses land on the ground, I’m holding my breath.
Endymion comes over to the back of the carrier and
extends out a hand, “I was thinking about you.” I take his
hand and it’s warm.
“Why?” I ask although I was also thinking of him.
Why was I thinking of him? The ring is one reason but is
that enough? Shouldn’t there be more of a reason?
I step off my chariot and Endymion releases my hand but
not before his thumb gently rubs the back of my hand. The
small space where he had caressed me is hot and tingling.
Holding my gaze he says, “I thought maybe you could see
me up in the heavens and join me on this wonderful night.”I could have seen Endymion if I looked on Gaea’s mirror.
That is how she shows my siblings and I, the visions of the
earth. I don’t tell him that.
Instead, I ask, “What were you doing?”
Endymion raises his eyes, “Skipping rocks on the water.”
“It helps me to think. Have you tried it?”
I shake my head, and he gives me a small smile. “Come,
I’ll show you.”
Walking back to the shore, the lazy tide wets my feet.
Endymion looks for the perfect rock and when he finds it,
he positions himself and flicks his wrist. The rock skips
across the ocean surface. When I try it, it sinks. I try
another few times and I get the same results. Becoming
fed up, I use my other hand to manipulate the water to
guide the rock on the surface. Endymion catches on and
lets me know that he is aware of what I am doing.
Giving up, I sit down in the sand and bring my knee’s up to
my chest. “Why do you like this?” I ask.
“The night is soothing, the water is relaxing and-” he
pauses skipping another rock. His last one goes pretty far.
Endymion doesn’t finish his sentence and so I ask
something else. “Why do you leave your home during the
nights,” Humans sleep during the night.
He continues finding rocks and skipping them across the
ocean. “My father died a few months ago and he taught
me how to skip rocks.” Endymion begins and I rememberthat when humans die they do not return back to life.
“When he died, his responsibilities became mine. He died
without truly doing anything for himself. Everything was for
the kingdom, or for me, or someone or something. Never
once had my father done anything selfishly. I do not want
that to be me because my father wasn’t truly happy.”
Zeus had said that Pan only had selfish motives, which is
bad. “To do something selfishly, isn’t wrong?”
“Yes, and no.” Endymion answers and holds onto a rock in
his hand.
“How can it be both?”
“To do something that makes you happy isn’t wrong, as
long as it is not at the expense of other’s.”
I pondered on his words for a while and I begin tracing the
pad of my thumb with my index finger. “And you do not
want to be like your father who was not selfish,”
Endymion nods his head before skipping the rock on
water, “I want to be happy.”
“But you want to be selfish?” I ask and continue the tracing
“Innocently so,”
“I don’t understand,” I tell him while the water reaches my
Endymion chuckles and striding toward me, he sits down
beside me. “Tell me why a goddess would want to leave
her home in the heavens?”
“I was curious,”“Curious about what?”
“About life outside of what I know, or-” What I thought I
I don’t say that, I can’t because the mortal wouldn’t
How could he?
Endymion nudges me with his arm, “You’re searching,”
“I am not,” What would I be looking for?
“That’s nothing to be ashamed of, you are like me.”
Like him? I look up at the human with a frown and his eyes
capture my eyes. “I am not like you,”
“I don’t mean that figuratively,” and he frowns. “But what is
wrong with me? Is it because I’m human?” Endymion
demands becoming enraged and I don’t understand the
sudden shift in his mood.
“That was not what I meant,” I say.
“Do you have a problem with humans? Do all gods have a
problem with humanity? Because there are a few temples
that I can dismantle.” His tone is frightening and I shift
away from him, confused on how we got here when he
gives me a huge grin.
The human was trying to be funny.
That was not funny.
“I can’t dismantle any temples,” Endymion lets me know
still smiling from ear to ear. “Honestly, that would be thefastest way for the people to lose faith in me. They love the
gods but I think it’s more of a one-way relationship.”
One way relationship? I let his words settle on my mind for
a while.
I know that Zeus and Gaea have kept my siblings and I
secluded because they are afraid we will get distracted.
They fear that we will neglect our responsibilities and both
Earth and Mount Olympian will be thrust into eternal
How is that a one-way relationship?
Still frowning, Endymion’s smile fades. “I was only jesting,”
“Why do you say that?”
“Say what?”
“That it’s a one-way relationship,”
He watches me before answering, “Forgive me, I did not
mean to upset you.”
“You didn’t upset me,” I lie shuffling my behind further
away from Endymion.
“Says the pouting goddess,”
“I am not pouting,”
Another smile of his, “It’s adorable.”
I’ll show him adorable. I move one hand and command a
fraction of the ocean to rise up and I drop on top of
Endymion’s head.He groans wiping his face. “You’re upset,” he says with
eyes closed.
“The gods have you mortals in mind, more than you will
ever know.”
Clearing his face, he opens his eyes. “My apologies,”
“Some gods are purposely kept away, unable to
experience the freedom that you take advantage of
because physical pleasures are a distraction.”
“Again, my apologies.”
“Some gods will unknowingly live an eternity without
knowing what they are protecting.” I’m thinking about Eos
and Helios. My siblings who haven’t become enraptured
with earth. They don’t desire it, like me.
Why only me?
Once again I begin tracing the pad of my thumb with my
index finger.
“That sounds like a lonely existence,” the human says to
me and my first thought is that he’s right.
Instead, I say, “It’s not lonely because I-” I have two
siblings who share the same fate as me. I don’t say that,
although it almost slipped out.
Endymion was right. It is lonely, to be the only one out of
Eos and Helios to be fascinated with the mortal realm. I
feel like the odd one out, when before it was like my
siblings and I were the same. In one sense we still are, but
in another, I can feel the difference.
I’m drifting.I squeal when I feel something touching me on the bottom
of my foot, and I realize that it’s Endymion’s finger. “You
get lost in your thoughts a lot,”
I pull my feet closer toward me, “The gods care about the
mortals.” I tell him again.
“I believe you,”
He reaches over and drags just one finger along the
bottom of my foot and I giggle. “The goddess is ticklish,”
I try to retreat back but he grabs onto my ankle. Endymion
begins tickling me relentlessly and a surge of unwanted
happiness takes over. A burst of laughter erupts and I kick
trying to set my foot free but he won’t let go. The water
reaches us, splashing Endymion and me, as I wiggle and
scream for him to stop.
Eventually, he stops with his hands settling on my thighs
and my dress is hiked up to my waist. I’m breathing
heavily, while short breaths of laughter escape me and his
touch is warm.
Endymion is watching me, like how Pan stares with eyes
drenched with desire. Pan’s eyes reflect dark hunger, but
the mortal’s gaze doesn’t glisten with darkness. Endymion
is looking at me like he needs me, like how he needs to
breathe and eat.
A flush of shivers sweep across my flesh and gathers
down to my center. I feel Endymion’s hand leaving my
thigh, and he withdraws back. Whatever just happened
between us, disappeared and he stands up. He extends a
hand out to me and I take it, wondering if I imagined what I
saw in his eyes.Endymion pulls me up, right into him and not wasting a
moment he swoops down and claims my mouth.
His tongue sweeps across my lower lip and I moan softly,
opening for him. His tongue finds mine and we kiss for a
while lost in each other while his arms wrap firmly around
my body.
Too soon Endymion pulls away, but he doesn’t go far. His
lips are a breath away from my own, “I need to return.”
“Right now,” I ask and lean back into his lips.
Endymion kisses me back, “The sun is rising and I will be
missed.” Pulling back I see far in the distance, that the sky
is changing colors. Meaning that the sun should be rising
soon. “Tomorrow,” he says.
“Tomorrow, can we go somewhere more secluded?” I ask
as an extra precaution. I have the ring but maybe not being
out in the open would help ease my mind.
Endymion takes my hand and pulls me away from the
shore. Now walking in a field of grass, he stops and points
to a tall colossal hill. “That mountain is Mount Latmus, and
it has an abandoned temple inside. Meet me there,”
With a nod, Endymion gives me one last kiss and when he
tries to leave I grab onto him and kiss him again. I love the
feel of his lips and the taste of his salvia.
“You’re a greedy little goddess,” he teases prying my
hands from around his neck.
“Tomorrow,” I confirm and release my hold.Endymion walks back to the shore, where his horse had settled down resting. Rising his animal, he climbs on its back and takes off into the night.
I watch him until I can no longer see Endymion and then I head back to the shore. Climbing into my carriage, I take off into the sky and return home.

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Good one.... I'm loving it already keep the updates coming and watch the whole of nairaland praise ur writing...so much appreciation from me

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