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Re: MY CAMPUS LIFE: A Love Gone Wrong {18+ AN EMOTIONAL STORY TO READ} by Ciara9251(f): 11:11pm On Jul 17, 2020
Her smile,
that smile
Her beauty that yonder shines,
and her love which doth strengthens me
Like the wind,which blows unceasingly across the white eastern region
Shall it forever be?
Oh,I wish
If only wishes do come true

  I laid in my bedroom reminiscing
on my past life and what would have become of me if things ever took the wrong turn.

"Gosh!What am I saying?"I muttered coldly,rolling the duvet off me as I took my chin in my palms,resting my elbows coolly on my smooth legs."Things are actually taking the wrong turn,aren't they?"I murmured to myself staring vaguely.

Oh Trish,you really have suffered a lot.When will this end?I continued with the yammering as I heard footsteps come from outside my bedroom.

"Trish,it's me"came Phil's voice.

His sweet charming voice made my heart skip a bit as it aroused the fluttering feeling in my belly.I blinked for a moment,staring blankly in the air as the thoughts of what I was going to say if he ever walked in ran through my mind.

"Trish"his voice came the second time,as the tapping sound persisted,jerking me from my thoughts.


"Phil?"I muttered under my breath,scurrying out of bed as I slipped my night robes on so my sleeveless gown won't be any visible."Coming!Oh,I'm coming,"I said nervously,brushing my stubborn strands aside as I heaved a sigh of pain at the sudden dash of my foot against the piece of building block that laid on the rug"Ah,Stacie!"I groaned out loud,wincing a little as my other foot came upon another piece,making me almost loose balance."Ow!"I groaned again,giving out a sharp cry this time.

"Trish?Trish..."I heard his soft gentle voice echo as the door slid open abruptly.

"Oh Phil.I...uhm..."I stammered as his hands came upon mine,making my heart go thump."I...I...!"I stuttered trying to force myself to speak as nothing came out.

Oh Gee.So embarassing!I thought,taking a deep breath as I wriggled out from his arms gently,trying not to seem uncomfortable in his eyes.

"You okay,Trish?Wh-what made you scream like that?"he asked worriedly,arching his full brows.

"Oh,it's nothing"I said,hastening towards the bed."Um,why aren't you asleep?It's almost midnight if you don't know."I said shyly,making to sit as he held me back.

"Trish...."he called calmly,rolling his gray eyes at me with his hands clutched on tight.

"What's the matter?"

"You'll have to forgive me Trish..."

"Hmm,your acting weird Phil"I chuckled nervously."Forgive you for what actually?Did you do something wrong toughy?"I asked,feeling a bit flustered by his actions.

I felt lost as I stared deeply into his eyes and before I knew it,he bent his head towards me,brushing his lips against mine to my surprise.I could see the burning desire in his eyes.My head spun around instantly at his sudden moves and all I could wish for at that moment was to have him all to myself.

It didn't seem right in anyway but my body seemed like it was being held by an invisible magnet that I couldn't see and my legs stood rooted to the ground beneath us.

"Oh,I shouldn't have..."he muffled,pulling away."I'm so sorry.I shouldn't have done that."he breathed as his gray eyes crinkled,revealing his innocence."God!This is really hard for me.I can't help it anymore."he muttered,averting his eyes from me.

"I...I know that..."I swallowed bitterly.

I drew closer to him as I turned him around,moving my hands upon his face as I made him look into my eyes.

"I know Phil but you really have to be strong.You have to hang in there..You have to my love,"I said soberly."For me...for our babies"I sniffled.

I'd be damned if I said I knew what I was saying that night but I can say that there was a part of me that still yearned for him.In fact,a whole of me if I'm being sincere but it just couldn't be at that moment,owning to the fact I was still Derek's.It felt so wrong and I couldn't deny it in any way.

"Trish,look here,"he said,lifting my chin up."Look...I promise you,when all this is over,I'll take you far away...far away where no one will ever bother us.No one at all"he said,pulling me into his arms as his breath came warmly upon my neck.

"I'll be waiting patiently for that day to come"I replied,letting out a sigh of relief as he brought his lips upon my forehead,kissing it passionately....

  It was finally Chelsea's baby shower and Christian had a marvellous party thrown just for her at their house.Everyone was present,including Daphne and her family.It hasn't being quite long they returned from Los Angeles,with her husband,Jesse and her two kids,Seth and Daphne,who were exactly two years apart.Such adorable creatures they a
were.But hmm,I guess that's all for the Brittlyns family.

Sophie and her family were not left out either.Her husband,Lance Jones seemed a bit gentle and wasn't much of a talker unlike his wife.Haha!Soph will definitely freak out if she ever heard me say that.And oh,her kids,Lawrence,Larry and Lenz and let's not forget the little one heating up in her oven.Bet that one's gonna be a girl but Lance strongly objects.Well,let's see who wins in the end.

"Here,Give me that,"Daphne said,taking the gift basket from me."Whoo!It's so heavy."

"Oh,c'mon D.I can do it"I objected,raising my brows at her.

"I'm not the one heavily preggy here."she joked."If you fall,I'm definitely not gonna catch you."she laughed.

"Oh,you're exaggerating.This is just my sixth month,you know?"I chuckled softly,taking the basket from her.

"Humph!You really are one stubborn lady Tricia Parker"she scoffed,feigning a frown.

"Oh,dear!How I wish I brought my mirror with me."I laughed as we headed straight to the counter where baby bottles,which held some fancy scotch and wines laid elegantly.

Baby showers are indeed hilarious.I thought inwardly,smacking my lips with my lipstick making some really funny sound.

"Argh!Why,you silly child.You really haven't changed,have you?"

"Oh,you certainly haven't seen anything"I chuckled,rolling my eyes at her in a funny way.

"Oh,really?Hold on,hope that weird-ass isn't disturbing you anymore?"

"Oh,he wouldn't dare,my sweet."I said feigning a smile as I made to change the subject."So....how was LA?I bet you ate all the food while you guys were over there"

"Uh-huh!And drank all the wine....and...Oooh,let's not forget the Mrs Clause special present"she chuckled,rubbing her palms.

"Aww,really?"I said enthusiastically,letting out a squeal."Hang on,hope mine is included?"I demanded.

"Why,of course.I wouldn't forget my precious starling,you know?"she smiled,motioning her eyes on my belly.

"Humph!So you only bought for baby and not me?"I frowned,folding my arms playfully."Oh,I'm so mad at you Daphne Brit"

"Awe,c'mon sweedy.There's still a lot from where that came from"she laughed,squeezing me."And,ooh,I also bought those favorite pumps you love wearing"she said as my eyes shone magnificently.

"Aww,I love you so much"I giggled,embracing her.

"Oh,I love you bestie...Mmmm!"

"Mama....Mama!Look,"Ryn said,running towards us with Seth following behind."Mama,look what Seth did to my pony tails"she giggled,showing me the red ribbon that wiggled behind.

"Oh,how sweet.You look beautiful,my love"I said delightedly,taking her up in my arms.

"Seth,where's your sister?"

"Hmm,I don't know mommy.She should be with aunt Trishy's kids"

"The girls?Oh,I thought I saw them go outside..."Daphne chipped in.

"Outside?"I cut in panicky."Ou-outside?They can't go outside all by themselves...."

"Oh,calm down you.They had their father with them"

"Oh,better"I heaved a sigh,dropping Ryn down."Baby,you better go play with your mates.I'll join you guys later,all right?"

"Awe,not fair mommy.Come stay with us"she frowned,tugging at my sleeves.

"Sweetheart,you know mommy can't for now.She's a little busy"

"Oh,she isn't.Trish,you really need to go get some rest,so you won't break down.Even if it's a little.You don't need to work in this condition."Daphne persuaded.

"I told you I'm not tired yet but since you said you're gonna be fine,doing this all by yourself..."

"Oh,I'm not the only one,"she said.I've got Soph remember...and the house keepers too"she added.

"Oh,I forgot,"I chuckled,clasping at the little ones hands."I'll go rest then.C'mon my darlings.Let's go..."

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Re: MY CAMPUS LIFE: A Love Gone Wrong {18+ AN EMOTIONAL STORY TO READ} by Ciara9251(f): 1:40pm On Jul 18, 2020
The storm that blew across our path a day ago was nothing to write about.It was one stormy day and the rain continuously poured down nonstop till the exent I feared it was never going to stop but it eventually did,leaving behind crystal clear skies and lower temperatures though it felt a little cozy or perhaps I was the only one feeling like that.

I awoken to the sound of my alarm clock which kept on buzzing by the corner,irritating me to an exent.I was the sensitive kind and I simply hated being disturbed by anything at all.The day sparkled so bright just like crisp and hard rock candies or so I thought.I sluggishly got out of bed,with my eyes wearied and my head,a little too spinny from the previous day activity.D was right.I needed a day out without anyone disturbing me but I can’t really bet on that.Most especially when you’ve got three kids chattering here and there,each and everyday.But at least,thanks to them,I get to take my mind off some things worth not hovering over.

I gave a faint sigh,turning the door knob as I stepped out.Downstairs,
I could hear grandma Hennia’s voice,humming a tune I knew not.Everywhere seemed so quiet and I was starting to think something wasn’t right or maybe,it’s just me.

I wonder where the kids are?They shouldn’t have left for school by now,should they?”I thought wryly,walking down the stairs gently so I wouldn't fall.”Grandma Hennia?”I called as the stairs’ floor board creaked.

“Oh,watch your steps dear.The last floor board is a bit wobbly”Grandma Hennia said cautiously.”Hmm,I wonder why he’s taken so long”she muttered,making towards me.

“Who grandma?”I curiously asked.

"Mr Clearridge child,"she answered.

“Oh!Of course.The wood worker.”I chuckled slightly.He hasn’t come?I thought you’ve been calling him for days now?”

“Oh,I have dear.I wonder what’s takimg him so long,”she sighed.

“Great!Well,he better hurries.I don’t want any of my babies getting hurt in the process”I shrugged,making towards the puff.

“Mmm,you worry so much, my child”she chuckled,taking her glasses off.”Well,why don’t you come sit with me dear?”she beckoned to me,ushering me beside her on the brown hairy couch that stood in the middle of the living room.

"Um,grams?Where are the kids…?"I asked worriedly."And aunt Suz of course?I don’t see them around”I continued,rolling my eyes around the living room.

“Oh dear!You missed them,”

“I did?”I exclaimed as my eyes trailed itself on the wall clock at the opposite side.”9:00?I gasped.”Whoa!I really did sleep in...”

“You sure did child”

“Gosh!I never should have worked myself out yesterday,”I said,yawning for a second.”But how come nanny Suz went to drop them off?I thought their bus always came early?”

“Well,actually,Phil wanted it that way….”

“He did b-but why?Hold on grandma,did he stop by?”

“Oh,no,no dear but he did call earlier though”

“Really?”I asked,feeling delighted.

“Mm-hmm”came her response with a slight nod.”He wanted to speak with you but you were still asleep then.So,he told me not to bother about it."she smiled."And oh,you do know Phil,he's always busy these days."she added,caressing my curly hair.

“Right”I shrugged,remembering what he said about working on some case.

Oh no!Hope it isn’t what I’m thinking?I thought,mumbling silently as my mind went to James.”Grandma,is Phil okay?Is he going to come home this night?”I asked with eager-longing eyes.

“Oh,he’s doing just fine.He can take care of himself,you know?He’s a grown man now”she smiled softly,caressing my cheeks.

“Well,grandma,I’ve been thinking lately…”

“Thinking about what my dear?Grandma Hennia cut in.Is something wrong?”

“Oh,not that”I laughex nervously.”But grams,sometimes I do tell myself that all these wouldn’t have being happening if Phillip didn’t get to know me”I swallowed bitterly as tears dropped from my eyes.”I…I don’t know grandma.Why do I feel this way?”I sobbed burying my head in my palms.

“Oh child!Stop crying.Why do you feel that way?Did my grandson say anything to you?”

“Oh,no grandma.He didn’t.But I do blame myself for the feud that’s being going on between Derek and Phil.I do blame myself grandma.There never would have been something like that if I hadn’t come into their lives and now….and now…”I stammered as my words got choked.

“Oh,please child.Don’t say that,”she quickly interrupted,shoving me into her arms."You shouldn’t blame yourself,dear one.My grandson loves you so much and your husband also does.I know,it’s quite sad having two brothers fight over one,but you see,no one’s to be blamed here.No one knew things were ever going to turn out this way.No one knew.”she snivelled,raising my head up."And you’re not to be blamed in anyway"she continued,comforting me."Look on the bright side,my dear.You have three wonderful children,ready to lit your face with a smile and a little one…waiting patiently,to be brought into a whole new world”she laughed,placing her hand on my protruded belly.”So,you needn’t beat yourself up,my precious,cause believe it or not,everything that’s happened,have a reason.And I must say,if not because of you,I doubt we would have ever known that my son was alive,”

“You think grandma?So,you don’t think I’m a bad person?”

“Not at all baby.I don’t.I’ve always loved you right from the start and I always will. And remember,you’re a Mac-Kenny now,so nothing will ever make me see you as that.Nothing at all!”she smiled,embracing me again as I felt much relieved.

“Oh,thank you grandma.I’m so lucky to have someone like you.”I smiled,sniffling a little.

“Oh,you needn’t thank me,my child.Now let’s dry those tears,shall we?We don’t want you all stressed up before it gets to noon.”she teased,wiping my tears with her palms.

“Oh,grandma.Thanks again”I laughed,hugging her delightedly as a tap came on the front door.

“Hmm,I wonder who that could be”Grandma Hennia said getting up immediately as she hurried towards the door,sliding it open.

“Derek?”I muttered under my breath with my countenance changing.

“Hi grandma”the buffed figure greeted,stepping inside as he planted a kiss on the old woman’s cheek.

“Humph!What a drama king!”I scoffed,averting my eyes,pretending he wasn’t there.

“Oh,Derek.Welcome my son,”came grandma’s Hennia’s voice as the sound of the door closing could be heard.”Come sit down”

Blurf!I wonder why grams is making him feel so special?He doesn’t deserve any courtesy."I said sighing as I made to go upstairs.

“Hi baby”

“Hi”I said,halting to a stop as a crooked smile enveloped my lips.

Argh!Why did I just say that?I yanked inside,squeezing my face again.

“Here.These are for you”he smiled,handing me the marigolds he had in his hands,still clutching on to the fancy bag he had in his other hand.

Humph!Marigolds?Not even my favourite flowers.I mocked inwardly.WHAT…AN…I-D-I-O-T”

“Um,so I gotta go do something upstairs.I’ll leave you two now.”Grandma Hennia chipped in,giving a funny chuckle.

“Sure grams.”we both said.

We watched her hurry upstairs,with her slippers making some silly flop noise as it dashed against the floor boards.And now,it was Derek and I all alone in the living room.


“Well,uhm,thanks for these”I breathed,relieving myself of the swarms of nervousness that were starting to snuff me out as I made to place the flowers inside a vase.

“And oh,one more thing…”he said swiftly,clasping my hands.

“Derek!”I snapped,giving him an eye he captured immediately.

“Oh,ahem...Sorry baby.I just…”he paused,staring deeply into my eyes as if he was searching for something I knew not.

“Yeah?”I asked impatiently,arching my brows at him.

Some doofus!I cursed inside,taking a deep breath

“I…Uhm,I wanted to give you this,”he chuckled nervously as he handed the package to me.”They’re toys….For our baby.He’s definitely gonna need them all.”he said throwing a wink at me as he lowered his face on belly.”Oh,hi baby.Daddy’s got you,all right?”he said sweetly,making me uncomfortable.

Gee!What's he gonna do next?Try kissing my belly?Yuk!I can’t believe I married such a jerk.I frowned,rolling a disgustful eye at him.How disgusting!

“Right.I forgot about the whole not-nearing stuff”he said scoffingly,biting his lower lip.

“Thanks!”I sighed,feeling relieved again.”I’ll go pack these up with the rest of the toys”I said,making to leave as I felt his grip on me.

“C'mon baby.Don’t be like that,"

“Don’t be like what?!"I shot back,eyeing him."I’m sorry but I’ve got no idea what you’re talking about.”

“You know exactly what I’m trying to say Tricia.Why are you making this so hard?You know,we can’t be like this... ”

“So hard?So hard,you say?"II chuckled with disdain."God!You’re really one annoying dude.”I scoffed,making to leave again as he clasped my hands so tight.”Derek…”

“Please my love,you have to come back.I miss you...You and our daughter.You have no idea how living without you both these past few months have been for me,”he said soberly,placing his hands on my face.

“This is my home now Derek.Just please go home.I don’t want any trouble."I pleaded.


“I swear to God,if you come any closer,I’m going to have to call the cops on you.”I cut in sharply,glaring at him.

“Babe,please.I’m really sorry for every pains I caused you in the past.Just please come back to me.I miss you so much.More than you even know”

“Oh,in the past?Well,thank goodness you said so yourself.You’re my past now Derek and I can’t go back to a garbage dump like you.You’re…You’re….Argh!”I groaned,squeezing my hair.”You know what,screw you.We’re way over!”I said angrily,facing the opposite direction.”And ugh!Take this with you,please”I continued,throwing the flowers at him as he stared with mouth agape.”I don’t want it.In fact,I don’t want to have anything to do with you!”I spoke in pains.”I loved you.I loved you Derek…With the whole of my heart.I was ready to be with you,I was ready to tolerate everything you ever did to me even though they were quite awful and inhumane.I wanted to,so our little girl won’t get caught up in everything but still,you didn’t care…I…I was ready to give you everything you ever wanted.My body,my soul..Everything Derek!I gave everything to you but you threw ’em all away.You threw everything away.Everything we ever shared.God!I wish I never met you.”I snarled as my heart got heavier

It felt as though tons of invisible loads were piled up on every part of my body as it ached so much.I couldn't stop my tears from flowing...I couldn't stop the words from flying out.My heart ached so much alongside my body.I felt so hurt...So hurt and broken that I feared I will lose control of myself.But I was nothing like him.Nothing like the demon that had called himself my husband.I hated him and I wanted nothing but to see him suffer for everything he's ever done.How brutal!


“Don’t!Don’t even dare.Just get out!”


“I said get out.I never want to see you.Not even around my daughter…”

“You mean our daughter!Our daughter Tricia!”he bellowed loud,glaring at me.

“She’s not your daughter Derek and she never has being”

“Oh,it's about Phillip,isn’t it?”he laughed aloud,rolling his eyes at me as if he wanted to make some really huge-size hole on every part of my body.”Look at you!Look at you Tricia!Aren’t you ashamed of yourself?Aren’t you ashamed choosing him over the one you call your husband.Heh!I really thought you were one smart girl but I thought wrong.You’re nothing but a stupid….”

“How..Dare…You!”I growled,slapping him really hard.

“Trish...Goodness child!”I heard grandma Hennia say as she approached us.

“Leave me grandma.I’ve heard enough,"I snapped without thinking."You!How dare you barge into my home and utter such words in my face?Just who do you think you are?”

“Ha-ha!Your home?Your home,Trish?Ha!I don’t think I heard you well.Repeat please,”he spoke vaguely,chuckling like an idiotic maniac he was.

“Oh,you heard me right.It’s my home Derek.My home!If you’ve forgotten so soon,I’m also a part of this family and not just that,I’m only not a Matthews but a Mac-Kenny either.So,I’ve got every right to call it mine.So, get out.Get out,you slowpoke?!!”

“Ha-ha!I see.Now,you’re kicking me out?In case you don’t know,this house is as well as mine now cause it belongs to no other person but Phillip.And guess what,Phillip is my brother.My own blood!So if you’re smart,you won’t…”

“Son,son.Please!Just let her be for now...Please!”Grandma Hennia begged.

“But grandma…”

“Please son,let it go.Just go home.Go home,all right?”

“Ugh!Fine but you’re so gonna regret this,Tricia.I promise you!”

“Oh,do your worse!I ain’t afraid of you”

“Ha!Then,let’s see who gets the crown.”he chuckled menacingly,stepping out as he slammed the door loudly making the whole place echo....

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Re: MY CAMPUS LIFE: A Love Gone Wrong {18+ AN EMOTIONAL STORY TO READ} by Ciara9251(f): 1:46pm On Jul 18, 2020
Re: MY CAMPUS LIFE: A Love Gone Wrong {18+ AN EMOTIONAL STORY TO READ} by Ciara9251(f): 10:04am On Jul 19, 2020
“Mum….We’re going to play now.”came the twins voice from the living room.

“Oh,all right.Have fun you guys.”I said from the kitchen as I heard their little chatter,followed by a bass voice which certainly wasn’t theirs.

“Oh,hi you guys.How are you?”

“Daddy!”I heard Ryn’s happy voice.

“Uncle Derek!”

“Argh!Why now?”I scoffed,drying my hands with a towel as I hurried out.

“Mommy,daddy’s here.”Ryn said happily,clinging to his arms as they made towards me.

“Hi baby,”

“What are you doing here Derek?”I asked,rolling my eyes at him as I stooped to carry Ryn.”Baby,come”

“Actually,I didn’t come here for you.I came to see my daughter.”he chuckled,annoying me more.

“Your daughter?!I snapped."Seriously,don’t you ever…”I paused,taking a deep breath as I remembered we weren’t alone.

“Kids,why don’t you go outside and play.I’ll see you two later,okay?”

“All right mum.Bye Uncle Derek.”

“You too Ryn”I smiled,looking back at Ryn who clutched on tightly.

“No mama.I wanna go with daddy.I want to go with daddy…Daddy,please take me with you,”she said adamantly,tugging at his shirt.

“Oh,baby.Daddy’s always going to be here for you.Okay?”came Derek's reassuring voice as he caressed her loose hair.

“You promise,daddy?”

“Yeah.He promises baby”I cut in swiftly.”Now go on,go play with your sisters..."I continued persuasively."Stacie,take her with you.Make sure no one goes out on the street”I cautioned softly.

“Okay mommy.Come Ryn.Let’s go,”she urged,taking her up in her arms.

“Daddy…Stacie,let go!I want to stay with my daddy.I don’t wanna go...”she sobbed,making me pity her.

Oh Derek!It's all your fault.It really is.I can’t believe my little girl’s suffering because of everything.I went on in my mind,letting out a sigh.”Oh!”I breathed,making towards her.

“Baby,you really need to go play outside.Daddy’s not going anywhere.He’ll be right here for you.”I said,trying to calm her down.

“Oh-Okay mommy”she sniffed,wiping her tears off with her tiny arms."But please mommy,let me give daddy a hug.I wanna give him one.”she said.

I gave a slight nod,beckoning to her to go ahead.Watching my daughter walk quietly towards Derek and wrapping those little arms of hers around his denim made me remember a lot.How life used to be so grandiose for us back when we were still a family.It brought back so many memories and I couldn’t help it anymore as tears dropped from my eyes.Goodthing no one saw as I quickly wiped ’em off with the sound of a squeaky "I love you" coming from their direction.

"I love you daddy”I heard her say as I watched with emotions flushing over me.

God!Why do I miss him so much?I breathed,averting my eyes with some sniffling sound being heard.But gosh,I can’t get so soft now,not after everything he’s done.I scoffed,shoving the silly thoughts off me as I rolled my eyes back on them.

“Daddy loves you more,flower.”I heard him chuckle to an extent as he lifted her up in his arms.

“Uhm,mmm,well that’s enough.Baby,go now I’ll join you later,okay?”

“And daddy too?Daddy,will you come play with us?”she asked,looking up at him.


“No baby.Daddy’s got loads of work to do at the office,”I quickly interrupted as he threw a quick glance at me.

“Heh!Don’t mind your mommy,sweetheart.I’m totally free and guess what?”

“What daddy?”she asked happily,with her blue tender eyes glistening with delight.

Yes Derek!What?!!!!!I fumed inside,faking a smile.

“I’ve got tickets just for you”he smiled,taking out some white colored papers from his pants.”For you,my love,"he chuckled,placing them in her palms."And also for your sisters…and mommy and daddy too.We’re all going to the water park today.”he smiled as the kids yelled happily.

Ugh!So like Derek!I boiled inside.

“Yay!We’re going to the water park….We’re going to the water park…Oh-yeah…Uh-huh…Oh-yeah!”they sang happily,jumping with delight.

“Ha-ha!That’s right my sweet peas.Now,let’s go change into a nice cool outfit,shall we?We haven’t much time left.So we need to get going”

“No,we don’t-“I scoffed,raising my brows at him.”I mean seriously,how could you think of something like that without even telling me…?”

“Chillax baby.I just wanna spend sometime with you guys.C’mon,it’s gonna be fun.”

“It’s really going to be fun mommy.Please don’t say no...”the twins pleaded,clinging to my arms.

“Please mommy….Pleaseeeee!”Ryn followed,staring up at me.

“Oh,those eyes.Now,they've got me”I giggled softly,running a swift thought as I finally gave in.

“Yes!Thanks baby.Damn!I could kiss you right now,”

“Don’t even dare”I shrugged, moving backwards.

How delusional!I thought inwardly,giving a sigh."I’m just doing this for the children…So,don’t be all grumpy,now”

“Heh!Well,that’s all right.I guess everything’s settled”

“Oh,you’ve got no idea…"

At The Water Park
“Can we try the kids fun slide,mum?I heard it isn’t that scary like the teenz.”Stacie asked,as we watched them slip into their swim suit.

“Why,sure honey.Just be careful,all right?”I said to them as the trio scurried off happily.

“Ha!Kids”Derek’s voice came from behind me as I felt his hands On my shoulders.

“Too close!”I snapped,staring back at him grumpily as I shoved his hands off.

“C’mon baby,we’ve got eyes watching”he smirked,motioning to the crowd of people hanging around like swarming bumble bees.

“Well,I don’t care what they think,"I shot back rudely."Just get your hands off me,please.It’s making me uncomfortable.”

“Ahh.And why would it make you feel uncomfortable?”

“I…Well,don’t ask me.I’m not in the mood for any silly questions now.”I scoffed,averting my eyes on the huge water fountain that graced the park.

“Oh,admit it,you.You still love me,don't you?”he laughed,rolling my hair down.

“You punk!Now,look what you’ve done…”I said,as an unexpected smile broke across my cold lips.

Ugh!Vermont’s weather is really something else…Ah!Trish,what’s wrong with you?Everything’s not right and you’re busy talking about the weather?Oh,girlie!You really are confused.My inner side came fluttering as if it had a different mind of it’s own.

“Ha!See.You just smiled”

“Oh,it wasn’t for you.What a jerk!”I sighed,turning around.

“I love you Tricia”

“Please stop…”

“C’mon baby,don’t be like that,”he continued,ignoring my resent.”I really do love you and I’ll never stop.Just please give me another chance…I promise to change…”

“I said stop Derek.I don’t want to do this with you…Not here.”I said,shaking my head.”I’ll go check on the kids now.”

“Let me do so baby.It isn’t healthy for you to be walking around in this your condition…”

“I’m fine,thank you”I shrugged,pulling my hands away.”I’ll be going now.”

“Then,I’m coming”

“No,you’re not!”

“I insist Trish.C’mon,let’s go and then when we're done,we can stop by a photo booth.I think I saw one by the elephant slide earlier.”

“Why are you being like this Derek?You’re making it so hard for me.”I swallowed,turning to face him.

“Heh!Being like what?I’m only trying to…”

“I said you’re making it so hard.Just please stop…The sweetness and all that,just stop it…Please!I don’t want my baby getting caught up in all this.It would hurt her and you know that.”I continued,holding my tears back.


“If you really do love me like you said Derek,you’ll forget about me.Forget about everything we ever had.I…I can’t bear this.You’re hurting me too and it’s killing me inside.”

“I never meant to hurt you Tricia.All I wanted was for us to be happy and that’s all.Believe me baby.And without you,that happiness won’t exist.I’m sincerely sorry for everything Tricia.I regret everything…really.Just please baby,let it go.I promise that things will be better this time.I promise.”came his emotional pleas as he got me into a warm embrace.

“I’m sorry Derek but it’s too late,”I muttered shakily.

“Too late?”he cut in.”Wh-what d-do you mean by that?"he stammered,rolling his eyes at me.

“I’ve filed for a divorce already and I’ve got a friend who’s working on it.I’m sorry but there’s no turning back now.”

“What?!”he gasped as his eyes widened.”No,that’s not possible!I know you can’t do that.”

“Oh,you have no idea what I’m capable of.I’m sorry but it’s already done and there’s nothing you can do about it."I uttered without any form of remorse."You only think of yourself Derek.What about me?!Don’t I deserve to be happy?!Of course I do.I ought to.I just want to be free from all these…Everything!You need to let go Derek.You have to…for me!I love you but I...I can’t do this anymore.I’m sorry.”

“No Trish.Tell me everything you just said is nothing but a lie.I mean,how could you?What about our daughter..and our unborn child?What about them?”

“Hey!Quit it.You’re making a scene.”I said nervously, rolling my eyes around.

“Gosh!What have you done?No?You can’t do this.You can’t!”

“Mama,mama!”Ryn came interrupting us as she ran towards us with the twins following.

I quickly dried my tears off so they wouldn’t see as I watched them race towards us innocently.

Gosh!Why does it have to be this way?I sulked inside."Oh,hi babies.You guys done already?”I asked,faking a smile.

“Sure mum.Can we go over to the elephant slide?It’s just over there.”Stephanie chipped in,pointing at the pink watery slide that stood at a distance.

“Oh,I’m sorry baby.But we have to go.Your dad just called.”I lied instantly.

“Daddy’s home?"the two girls asked in unison as their faces beamed in delight."Oh,finally”they smiled,clutching on to my arms.

Ouch!Can’t believe I just said that.I sighed with regret.

“Trish no.You can’t do this…You can’t!”Derek continued,making to touch me as I clamped my arms to my sides.

“I already have!Let’s go kids.”

Do u guys think our Trish was wrong here?Was filing for a divorce the right step to take?I need your answers,please.I'll be posting the next episode pretty soon.Enjoy!

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Re: MY CAMPUS LIFE: A Love Gone Wrong {18+ AN EMOTIONAL STORY TO READ} by Ciara9251(f): 11:40am On Jul 20, 2020
“Mama,”came a babyish voice from behind as I felt a tap on my right arm.”Where are you going,mama?”she asked inquisitively,tilting her head to one side.

“Oh,baby.Mommy’s just taking the trash out,all right?Go stay with daddy.I promise I won’t be long.”I smiled,caressing her cheek with my other hand.

“Okay mommy.”

“That’s my baby.Stay here,okay?Don’t go anywhere.”I said to her,stepping out of the porch.

It was way past seven and the crickets and all kinds of night birds were going about their usual nighty activities.Aside from that,everywhere seemed so quiet,with the streets empty.

Oh,Mr Ledger’s light is on.I thought.Thank goodness for that.I heaved a relief sigh,giving a nervous chuckle as I dumped the trash in the waste bin,making to leave.

At first, I felt someone was watching as the rustling sound that came from the bushes was starting to freak me out a little.I shivered with fright,averting my eyes in the direction of the sound as I saw a white bunny hop out,staring at me with his whiskers twitching.

”Ha!Hi there,little fella”I chuckled as I watched it hop off.

Awe!Poor guy!Guess I freaked him out instead.I smiled to myself,making to head back again as a hand fiercely gripped me form behind.

I made to scream but before I knew it,I got knocked out by the smelly napkin he wrapped around my nose as I fell into a deep slumber,remembering nothing else.

“Hmm,I wonder what’s taking Trish so long,”Grandma Hennia’s voice can be heard in the living room as her eyes made some rapid motion on the rectangular clock that hung on the wall.

“She’s not back yet,grandma?”

“Yes daddy.Even Ryn’s not inside,”Stephanie chipped in worriedly as she got up from beside her sister.”I saw her go outside earlier."she added.

“Outside?And you two let her?”

“Of course,daddy”Stacie followed.”Mommy was there,so we didn’t have to worry but they’re taking really long now.”she panicked.

“Oh My Goodness!"Grandma Hennia exclaimed."Phil,Derek,we have to go look for her.Something might be wrong..."she continued,pacing around the living room.

“C’mon grandma.Be positive.I bet they won’t be long now…”

“But we have to check."Derek interrupted swiftly,getting up."Well,if you’re not going,I am!”he volunteered.

“Oh,you know there’s no way I’m letting you go find them all alone,”Phil protested.

“Cause you don’t trust me?Heh!C’mon bro,Tricia’s my wife and I’ll never hurt her.”Derek scoffed.


“Ugh!Stop it,you two.We’re talking about Tricia here.Do you two have to fight all the time?”

“Sorry grandma,”they apologized together.”We’ll go look for her now”they said as they made to go outside.

“Oh,I’m coming daddy,”Stacie followed.

“No,you’re not."Phil objected."Just stay here with your sister.Mommy will be back soon,all right?”he assured the girls as they affirmed,calming all again.

The brothers walked out the door together,slamming it behind them as they searched around for Tricia and the little girl.The had worried looks imprinted on their faces and their mind wasn't at ease,owning to the fact that they couldn't find them...

“Tricia!Tricia!”the two brothers voice could be heard echoing loudly in the still of the night.”Tricia….”

“Mommy….Mommy!”Ryn’s tiny voice rang in the air,jerking them.

“Baby?”Derek muttered under his breath as he listened.”Baby,where are you?”Derek called loudly as he and Phil hastened their steps,running in the direction of the sound.


“Ryn…Oh no!”Phil watched with terror as he saw a car with no headlight,pop out on the street as it aimed for her.”Ryn…Ryn run!”he yelled, rushing towards the frightened little girl.He was able to close to her in time as he swiftly pushed her out of the way with a hard thump and a loud screeching noise following Immediately.The car quickly swerved around,zooming off as Phil laid motionless on the ground with his whole body covered up in blood,making it much of an eye soar.

“Uncle Phillip?Uncle Philip....”Ryn called,shaking him vigorously as Derek raced towards them.

“Phil?"Grandma Hennia called from behind as she looked at her grandson's blood-stained body.Oh…Oh My God!"she said breathlessly,bending towards him.Son…My grandson..."her painful wails could be heard in the neighborhood as the twins followed.

“Daddy…Daddy…Daddy wake up….Wake up daddy…Wake up…..Wake up…….”

“Voo….Voooo”Derek’s phone kept vibrating non-stop alongside the wailing of the siren that came from the ambulance.

He reluctantly took his android phone out of his pants as he saw an unknown number pop up on the screen.His heart skipped a bit and he hesitated a little bit,completely confused on what to do.He thought for a second and then,he summoned courage,running his thumb on the answer sign before the buzzing sound came to a stop.

“I see you enjoyed the lovely show I put up for you,Matthews”the caller's husky voice crawled in with a loud laughter following as his heart jumped into his stomach.

“James?"he muttered under hus breath.

“Oh my!You don’t sound scared,"came his laugh again,infuriating Derek more."Unlike your precious little puppet here.”he chuckled louder,stopping low as he nibbled on the tips of Tricia’s ear.

“Don’t touch me,you fool!”Tricia’s voice echoed loudly in the background.

“Baby?”Derek’s eyes widened as he got all fidgety.”You son-of-a-devil!What did you do to my wife?!”he bellowed loudly as grandma Hennia’s brown eyes averted on him.

“Who’s that son?"she whispered."Who are you talking to?”

“Oh,is that nana’s voice I hear?Aww,I really thought she would have been dead by now”James chuckled sinsiterly.

“You’re a monster!”Derek cursed,boiling with anger."I swear to God,if you dare touch a strand on her hair,I’ll make sure I haunt you to the face of the earth.Mark my words Holton!”he threatened,making grandma Hennia’s eyes widen more.

“Son…”she made to talk as Derek signalled to her.

“My,I’m so scared.Ha-ha-ha!”James laughed out loud."You actually think I’ll hurt the woman I love?Heh!You’re such a F-O-O-L”he thundered on the last word,caressing her hair gently.

“Let me go James…Derek…Derek....”

“Oh,quiet you.You know there’s no way I’m gonna hurt you.You’re mine Tricia and mine you’ll always be”

“Rot….In….Hell!”she growled,spitting on his face as a slap came flaring on her face,making her groan in pains.

“Tricia…James stop!What do you want?Tell me,I’ll give you anything-anything at all,"Derek demanded,feeling remorse."Just please James...Please,let Tricia go.She hasn’t done anything.”

“Tchk…Tchk…Tchk!I really did play you there and you made it so easy for me”he laughed louder.

“What?!"Derek gasped."So,you’ve wanted Tricia all this time?"he muttered breathlessly.

“Awe,does it hurt that much?"came James mocking voice."Ha!Now enough talking.We haven’t gotten all day.”

“You’re so heartless…”

“Oh,I do know that.You do know you’re wasting time right cause you’re time has being counting all this time.And my,we have just 45 minutes left."he added."Guess you haven’t much time left after all.Will you like to say your final goodbye?”

“James no...No!Just please let her go.Please!”Derek begged.

“And you think it’s gonna be that easy?Ha!Why,unless,I’ll have to give you to sunrise and then,if I don’t see you here,I’m gonna roll her head off along with this bastard you shoved inside of her."

“James please.You don’t want to do this.Please leave my baby out of this…..Please….”Tricia’s cry came rapidly as the line went dead.

“Tricia….Tricia!!!”Derek screamed as tears dropped from his eyes.”No!I have to end this.I have to end this once and for all.”he muttered,sweating profusely as grandma Hennia grabbed his arms.

“Son…Son,where are you going?”her cracked voice rang in the air.”I heard you say James name?As in Phillip’s James.D…Does he have her?”she shivered intensely.

“Grandma I need to go.I just can’t stay here and do nothing.Tricia’s in trouble and it’s all my fault.It’s all my fault.God!Have mercy on me”he cried feeling sorry.

“Your fault?No child,it’s no ones fault and you can’t go alone into that devil’s abode.He’ll kill you.Please son.I can’t lose you too”she cried,embracing him.

“I’m sorry grandma but I have to.I have to end this once and for all.Everything started with me and it has to end with me.I know you may not understand but I promise that I’m surely going to come clean if I make it out alive”he sobbed like a baby,clutching tightly to her.

“Son no…”

“I’m sorry grandma…For everything,”

“No,don’t say that son.You are not going to die.You and Trish will come back to us safely.I know you will.I’ll call Christian right away.He’s got contact with the SWAT team.He…”

“There’s no time left.I love you grandma....”he whispered,wiping her bitter tears off as he let go at last.

.....If only he knew.......

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Re: MY CAMPUS LIFE: A Love Gone Wrong {18+ AN EMOTIONAL STORY TO READ} by dachiwife(m): 1:39pm On Jul 20, 2020

I lost track of the narrator in this chapter

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Re: MY CAMPUS LIFE: A Love Gone Wrong {18+ AN EMOTIONAL STORY TO READ} by Ciara9251(f): 12:40pm On Jul 22, 2020
“Oh, I so missed you my kitty.Need anything?”

“Argh!Stop touching me!”I snapped at James.

“You ungrateful….”

“Let her be!”I heard a familiar say from outside,as the door slid open,revealing a white skinned lady that seemed a bit younger.

She walked towards me gently,as she slipped her coat hoodie down,taking me by surprise.

“Cherry?”I gasped,staring at her with mouth wide open.”Impossible!”I exclaimed,rolling my eyes at her with disdain.”Cherry wh-what are you doing here?”

“Haha!Hi aunt or should I even call you that,”she chuckled,making towards James as she kissed him stylishly.

What?These two have been working together the whole time?I thought.

My heart felt heavy at that moment and I couldn't help but gape at them.”Cherry,you’re…”

“Sally Sinclaire!”she chuckled,bending towards me.”Does that ring a bell Mon Chérié?”she continued with a slight grin,as her brown eyes glistened.

“Sally Sinclaire?Hold on,Sally?!”I uttered breathlessly,looking at her,as the memories of what happened many years back came flooding my mind in a rush.
James and I were in twelfth grade then.We usually saw each other most times without my parents knowing.Then,he still resided in our rez.So I could see him anytime I wanted.

But that day,things didn’t go well as I planned.I was enthralled that at least I was going to see him again after going about my usual sneaking skills.

So,I skipped happily as I came upon his house.I made to knock but then,I realized that the front door was partly shut,so I just had to open it myself,making things a lot more easier.

I pushed it open gently,stepping inside with the offensive smell of sweat and pre-cum mixed together,welcoming me.It was such an eye soar as I saw my bestfriend right on top the riff raff I’d called my friend…SALLY SINCLAIRE!


“James!”I yelled,glaring at the two.”What are you…?”

“Baby…Baby is not what you think,”James stammered,shaking like a leaf about to fall off from it’s branches,as he got up instantly.

I stormed towards he and Sally,pouncing on the backstabber,as I gripped her by her wacky layered hair.

“Grrrr!Paws off my man,bitch!!!”I snarled,grasping her hair tightly.

“Ow Parker!Owwww”she groaned in pains,as I pulled her with me,kicking her out furiously.


“Don’t!Don’t…You…Dare!”I shot back at James,picking up my purse.”Do you think I’m stupid?!You’ve been going around,sleeping with that skinny worm behind my back and gosh,a junior,James.A junior!Aren’t you ashamed of yourself?”

“Baby I’m sorry…I–I’m sorry,all right?I didn’t mean to…”

“Oh,please,"I hushed him."I’ve heard that billions of times.You don’t even care about me.You don’t!"I went on shouting."You know what,it’s over.Way over,Holton!Good-bye!”I hissed,racing out before he could stop me.

I really thought that was going to be the last for James and I but we still went on and now,I’m starting to pay for everything.For every life I went on living in high school and on college grounds.How tragic!

I sat,staring blankly as Sally’s voice came again,bringing me back to reality.

“I guess it does ring a bell,”she continued,chuckling deviously."Well,how’s my pretty angel?I bet she’s all grown up now?”

“Don’t you dare ask about my daughter,woman!"I snapped."Grrr!You’ve got no shame!”I said angrily,rolling my eyes.

“Ha!You hear that,honey?She doesn’t want me asking about our baby.”she grinned,wrapping her arms around James as she ran her slick tongue on his neck making me want to puke.

“Our?Gosh!You two are so disgusting!”

“Aww,you jelly now?Heh!Too bad lover boy ain’t here to satisfy you.”he mocked.

“Haha!You mean that tweak?"Sally cut in."I thought he got squashed into tiny pieces like sardine.”she said as a devilish chuckle erupted in the small room.

“What?!”I gaped at them,horrified.”James what did you do to Phillip?”

“Oh,you haven’t heard Loca?"he replied with a question,infuriating me.

"Answer me!"I demanded impatiently."What did you do to him?"

"Aww,your precious jam lost his life while trying to be a martyr,"he chuckled menancingly."Too bad he had to go save someone else’s kid.”he added heartlessly.

“No!"I gasped,terrified."No…It can’t be.Phil’s not dead,"I sobbed,burying my face in my palms."My daughter?"I muttered,raising my face up."My daughter,James...What the hell did you have them do to her?Sally,she's done nothing.She never did anything to you two!!!”I yelled,as tears flowed freely from their tear glands.

“Oh,chillax,my sweet.Phillip has being the target all along.We knew he was gonna save that little girl and voila,it worked.Ha-ha-ha!We had him right where we wanted him and now,guess who’s next?”she asked.

“You’re an animal!"I yelled,as my eyes widened."Don’t you dare touch my husband.He’s never done anything to you.He never has,James.Why are you doing this?Why…?!”I sobbed uncontrollably.

“Awe,quit being all teary my sweet.I’m doing you a huge favor killing them faster.Would you have preferred them dying a slow,terrible death?”he laughed,grabbing me by the chin.

“Ugh!Let go of me…Let go!”I shook,struggling to be let free as he slapped me real hard again.

“Heh!You act so tough but you don’t look it,"he mocked."You’re nothing but weak.Yes!You are Belinda.You should thank your stars I spent some time doing some rethinking,I’d have so matched this fool right out of your belly”he chuckled,raising his right foot above my belly,as the under of his mud-stuck boot came in sight.

“James no…”

“Baby…Baby stop!"Sally cut in,holding him back."Not the child.Not the child…”

“Buzzkill!”he chuckled,as the sound of his voice echoed loudly in the nasty empty room.”Get up!It is time.”

“Time for what?”I muttered shakily,as my voice cracked.”Wh-where are you taking me?Wh…where…”

“Oh,why do your lips keep moving?”he asked rhetorically,as they both led me out.”Ugh!You’re so lucky I didn’t have your tongue cut out the minute they brought you here.”he continued irritably,as I kept mute,uttering nothing else.

We went on for some minutes before we got to an empty land that had only what looked like an apple tree in the middle of it.It felt really creepy as the darkness made everything much worse.

Ugh!At least they should have brought a much brighter torchlight with them,I ssighed inwardly,shrugging my shoulders,as Sally pushed me,almost making me stumble.

”Hey!Watch it!"I scolded."You’re not the pregnant one here.”I went on,glaring at her,as she glared back.

“Oh,you wouldn’t have worried about that if I didn’t stop James from beating it out.”she smirked,shoving me aside.

“Oh”I let out a low moan,touching my neck,as it felt fairly hot.

“Let her go!”I heard Derek’s voice come from the opposite direction,as Sally’s torchlight fully revealed him.”Baby….”

“Derek!Derek don’t come any closer.He’s gonna hurt you.”I warned,as Sally ran her smelly palms on my mouth,covering it tightly.

“Ah…You’re just in time,Matthews”

“I said let her go…”

“Oh,I’m not even touching her…yet!”he chuckled loudly,pulling me out from Sally’s arms roughly,as heencircling his hairy arms around me.

He ran his disgusting lips all over me,letting out soft moans like some freak-aholic."Mmm,you’re so beautiful,my queen.”he continued rasply.

I could hear his voice tingling haphazardly in my ear,as I could tell the expression on Derek’s cold face.”Mmmm…ah!”came his moans again,as he planted kisses on every part of my body,irritating me more.

"My!You’re as sweet as honey.Gosh!You gotta try this,man.You really are missing.”he teased,as Derek raged towards him with danger written in his eyes.


“Ah-ah-ah!Don’t come any closer or I’ll drive these bullets straight into her head!”he threatened,taking his gun out of his pants,as he placed the tip on my head.

“Oh,dear Lord.Have mercy on me,”I prayed silently,as I felt hot tears roll down my cheeks.

“And ooh,did I just hear the word "baby" come out from your mouth?Oh,poor Trish.This guy has being deceiving you the whole time.”he chuckled loudly,as I stared with confusion.

“Wh-what do you me-mean?”I stuttered.

“Baby,don’t listen to him.He’s only trying to get you on his side.Believe me,Tricia,I’ll never do anything to hurt you…”

“Oh,really?Ha!Well,why don’t you tell your wife whose idea it was to get rid of her unborn babies eight years ago?!”he voiced clearly,as cold chills ran up my spine,and my head spun abruptly.

“Derek…D-Derek is this true?”

“No?No,Tricia.It was never my idea in the first place.I couldn’t stand against your dad when he brought it up.I--I was scared baby…I…”

“You were scared?So you knew all along and you never even tried telling me?”I yelled with pains lingering in my heart.”God!Derek…I…I trusted you.How could you do this to me?”

“Oh!"James interrupted."And that’s not all,baby.He was also the brain behind your parents death.Uh-huh!That he did too”


“Tricia,that’s not true.I never wanted it to be that way.Baby you have to believe me...James!What stupid games are you trying to play?Why are you doing this?”

“Oh,you’ve got no idea how long I’ve waited for this day to come,my sweet sweet Derek.”he chuckled maniacally,as I watched Derek’s face grow pale,making me pity him.

But no!You don’t deserve it Derek.You don’t!I groaned inside,staring at him with disdain.

“Baby…James,just please let Tricia go.I..I promise to give you anything…anything at all.Just please,let her go!”he begged endlessly.

“Hmm,you’ll give me anything?But how will I be able to enjoy when I’ve got no Parker with me?"James fumed."You think I’d let my plans get trampled upon…Just like that?Heh!You’re really pathetic!”he chuckled,punching Derek real hard on his stomach as he fell to the ground.

“Derek!James…James please.Don’t do this,”

“Oh,so you still want him to live after everything he’s ever done?And oh,I totally forgot,can you guess who your husband’s bestfriend really is?”

“I don’t care.Just please let him…”

“JACKSON EMBRY SMITH!!!”he continued,ignoring my pleas.

“What?!”I gasped,as my legs stiffened.

“That’s right,chica.And that's not all,the one you’ve been calling your husband for years have been plotting to seek revenge on your one true love.Oh,well I’ll say past,since he’s nothing but history now.”he chuckled loudly.

“No…No.Derek tell me everything he’s saying is nothing but a lie.I don’t believe any of this,”I sobbed,as he made no utterances.”So,it’s true,then...”I said,rolling my eyes at him.”Derek,God!I loved you.Why would you…”

“I’m sorry Tricia.I never wanted it to be this way.I’m so sorry…”

“You’re sorry?Sorry won’t do anything."I snapped."It won't!Now look...Look what you’ve gotten us into?”

“Oh,so adorable.But frankly speaking,Derek never got you into this.You did!You did,Tricia”he yelled in my face,as his bad breath enveloped the hot air."The life you lived on campus brought about this…You,loving that warthog added to it,and now ,you’re so going to pay for everything.You deserve it...You deserve everything you’re going through right now!You're nothing but a worthless bitch!!!”he spat out,making my whole body tremble.”But my,I do marvel at how you were able to seduce two innocent brothers.They knew nothing..Nothing at all!But then,you came into their lives and ruined them both...”

“That’s not true!"Derek cut in.It was never her fault.”

“Oh,it’s really my fault”I muttered frustratedly,slumping to the ground.

I remembered everything.Everything that went on between me and the two brothers.I remembered my past ordeals...Everything!Gosh!How I wish I could turn back the hands of time?How I wish I could mend everything?Everything I ever caused them!How I wish?How I wish?I stood crying,as those words repeatedly rang in my ears.I felt so sore and bitter that I wished the ground beneath me would just open up and take me with it.

“My,such scenery...C'est Magnifico!”James chuckle came again.”Ah,it so reminds me of how I was able to convince that lesbian roomie of yours into sticking with me.”he uttered.

“What did you say?”

“Oh,you didn’t know?I guess she never told you we were a thing."he laughed."Ah,I forgot.I killed her too.”he confessed,as my hate for him grew more.

“You animal!”

“Ha-ha-ha!It was me all along Tricia.I shoved the abortion pills down her throat the night she revealed to me she was carrying my child.And if I could recall,that was also the same night she and I got you all hooked up with that wonderful fellow,Lucas Shale,after paying him off handsomely for the task ahead”

“What?!Lucas?Oh…Oh My God!"I breathed.But h-how come?You never even knew…”

“CAROLINE SWAN!”he said out loud.”And mm,I must confess that she was one delicious lady.”he said naughtily,licking his lips as Sally’s countenance changed.

At least,that felt good.I chuckled inside,staring at her.

“What?!Baby don’t tell me you had a thing for that bitch?”

“Oh,I sure did,"he replied."Didn’t you just hear me say she was carrying my child or were you born deaf?”he scolded,as she kept mute again,making a thin smile break across my face.”And about your late dad’s useless plaza,I burnt it to the ground...Yes Tricia!I…DID…IT…ALL!!!”

“Arrrgh!You’re so heartless.God!I can’t believe I had something to do with you”I said coldly.

“Awe,but you did enjoy having me in between your legs,didn’t you?”he grinned,making to kiss me.

“Ugh!Don’t touch her…”Derek yelled from behind,as he swerved around impulsively,pointing his gun at Derek,as I watched him pull the trigger heartlessly.

“Derek!!!!”I screamed at the horrifying scene,as the bullet cut across his chest.

“Tricia…”he muttered weakly,as his red shirt grew redder from the blood stain.

“Ha-ha!That’s right.I’ll kill anyone who gets in my way of being with you,mi amor.”he chuckled,raising his gun at him again.

I quickly pulled away from him,getting in front,as the bullet pierced through me,getting embedded in my shoulders.I groaned out loud,falling backwards,as I felt Derek's hand on me.

“Trish…Oh…baby…baby look at me,”I heard his weak voice call out to me,as I fought to breathe.”Trish…No…No!”

“Derek?"I muttered weakly."Derek….I…I…I…love…you”I finally said,as my eyes shut closed,and I felt life drift out of me.

“Tricia…Tricia…”he wept.

“Oh,well,I guess everything’s over now.I can bid my final farewell to you…Goodbye Mac-Kenny!”James spat,pulling the trigger at them,as Derek slowly got on top of Trish with his last dying strength.

He owed her one and he knew for sure,as he felt the bullets drive through him like piercing arrows.

“I’m sorry….”he muttered,and with a final kiss on her cold-bound lips,took his last breath on her,clasping her hands….

“Yes…Yes!I did it…I…DID….”and then came bullets flaring from behind,piercing through him,as he slumped to the ground,face down,getting soaked in blood alongside.

“Surrender…Surrender…”the SWAT team’s voice rang in the air,as siren wails followed rapidly….

“Commence CPR…Commence CPR!She’s crashing.We have to save the child…..She’s crashing….”

“We’ve got no pulse.It’s now or never…"loud voices rang in the air.

"Nothing?”came one of the surgeons voice,as he ran the cardiac defibrillator on her chest.

“No....Try again...”

“Hi,I’m Phil…”came a voice from behind me.

“Oh!I’m Trish.”I responded sweetly,turning around.

“Trish?As in Tricia?”

“Ha-ha!You got that right.So uhm,you school here?”I asked but no answer came.

I stared,feeling flustered,as I saw no one else again.I felt someone's hand on me,making me shudder,as I turned around swiftly,breathing a sigh of relief.

“Derek?Oh,Derek,"I smiled,embracing him."Boy,am I glad to see you.Wh-where are we?”

“Trish,you have to listen”

“Oh,I’m listening.Man,what are you?You’re all muscular now.How come?”I gaped at him,pleased.

“Heh!It doesn’t matter.I have something to tell you,Tricia”

“To tell me?Hmm,well that’s cool.But hey,hold on first.I need to go see my kids before we leave.”I spoke hastily,making to leave.

“No,Trish.You’re going no where,"he objected,gripping me firmly.

“Oh,c’mon don’t be like that.I want to go with you.”

“No,it’s not yet your time.It isn’t your time yet…”

“Not yet my time?I…I don’t understand.W-why are you crying?”

“Tricia you have to be strong…For Ryn…For your daughters.Promise me you’ll be.”

“Of course,I am strong.Why are you talking like this?It’s not as if something’s happening.C’mon,soften up.I’m never leaving your side...”

“I’m sorry,but I have to let go now,"

"Let go?"

"I’m sorry for everything,Tricia.Go…Be happy.I bet my brother’s waiting for you.”

“Your brother?No?No…I’m not leaving you.Derek no!”

“Phil is the better man,Trish.I love you very much...Always…and….Forever!”he smiled,kissing me,as a bright light came upon my face,followed by a swift gust of wind,as I saw him no more.....

“Derek…Derek...I love you….I love you…..”

“We have a pulse.We’re getting something..She's coming back….."

“Derek,I’m back.I’m really back….It’s being twenty years.Twenty years,since you left me for the world beyond.I’ve never forgotten.Today happens to be our anniversary…June 21st.I can never forget that day.The day,you completely became a part of me,and even though years may pass,you’ll always remain a part of me,no matter what.Oh,and I forgot to tell you.Our daughter’s a grown woman now,and she’s about getting married.I bet Lawrence will make a fine husband for her.And our son,Leonard...He’s just a replica of his father.He has your eyes,your smile and he talks a lot like you too.Whenever I look at him,I see you in him…Gosh!I know it hurts to see me cry,but I just can’t help it.The tears keep on flowing.I miss you so much baby….”

“We all do baby bro..”I heard my husband say,as his hands came upon my shoulders.”You okay?”

“Yeah,"I nodded,wiping my tears off."Let’s go…”

I turned around again,uttering my final words to him.”I LOVE YOU DEREK...ALWAYS AND FOREVER!”,as a light kiss blew across my cheek or so I thought…

Hmm,guess it’s just my mind rumbling out again…..



…In Loving Memory Of Those We’ve Lost….

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Re: MY CAMPUS LIFE: A Love Gone Wrong {18+ AN EMOTIONAL STORY TO READ} by Ciara9251(f): 12:46pm On Jul 22, 2020
The episode we've all been waiting for is here at last.For our ghost readers or silent readers if I should say....Now's your chance to say anything you wanna say about the novel.....I want to see your reactions here....Now's your final chance cx I wnt be coming back here .Not until I'm done proofreading and making some editings....Remember,it's still your girlie...
Re: MY CAMPUS LIFE: A Love Gone Wrong {18+ AN EMOTIONAL STORY TO READ} by Ciara9251(f): 12:53pm On Jul 22, 2020
But faa,this SWAT team need serious beating.How can they come when James has finished everything?Ahh!Some people sef
Re: MY CAMPUS LIFE: A Love Gone Wrong {18+ AN EMOTIONAL STORY TO READ} by donproject(m): 3:15pm On Jul 25, 2020
"Boss you're really getting good at this!"Henrik praised as he sat in front with Ray Butch,Mac's bestfriend.

"Heh!You know it"Ray cut in as they went for a chop knuckle round."You really should have seen her face yesterday when she followed me to Mr Scott's hotdog counter"

"Ha!You mean ma'am Trish?"

"Of course.Who else will I be talking about if not Mac's baby mama.Man,you should see the way he stares at her picture everyday"he said mockingly as he rolled the dice on the desk.

"Ha!Ray!But I gotta admit,we really put on quite a show back there"

"That's right boss.Too bad you had a change of heart,I bet we would have had her by now"Ray sighed.

"But boss,you really should have let her come to you.Isn't that what you wanted?"Hen asked with an arched brow.

"You know I can't do that man"Mac smiled as he got up from his desk.

"But why not?I can bet a million dollars that chick still loves you"Henrik chipped in.

"I do know that.She's still got that bracelet with her but you know,our plans will totally get ruined if she comes right in"he smiled looking out the window.

"Ah,true!But dude,now you've seen for yourself,what are you going to do?"Ray asked with rapt attention rubbing his chin.

"I'm gonna get her back man"he grinned facing them.

"And I'm with you....Phillip"Chelsea stepped in taking them by surprise.

"What the Bleep!"Hen exclaimed as he stared at the mystery lady on black shades.

"Hi old friend!Missed me?"she grinned catwalking towards them as she got her spec off.

"Who are you and how did you...Security!"Henrik fidgeted tightening his fists as he made towards her.

"Woooo!"she said wiggling her fingers as she let her expensive deuxfallon cologne fill the room. "Easy boys.I mean no harm"she laughed slumping to the sofa by the corner as she got her legs crossed with the tip of her plumes shooting out from underneath.

"Hang on,did you just say old friend?"Henrik questioned with amazement.

"Uh-huh!He's my....."

"Guys!I got this"Mac cut in,signalling to them as they both left shutting the door behind.

"Mrs Singer!"Mac called as he wore a grin on."My my my,you really do have some nerves barging into my office just like that.I could call my bodyguards on you,you know that"he laughed walking towards her.

"There there Phil.There's no need to get all fussy now.It's not like I'm some stranger"

"Ugh!You've grown so arrogant fish face.Ha,I do miss calling you that"

"Oh,how sweet"she smirked giving him a silly stare.

"Ha!So....to what do I owe this visit madam?"he teased."Oh,I'm sorry,I would have had my sideman get you those fancy cocktails you love if I knew you were coming"he laughed again not taking his eyes off her.

"Oh,I'm flattered"she said getting up as she got her coat off."Anyway,you should know why I'm here"she said curving her lips.

"Hmm,not really but do go on please.I'm all ears"

"Well,do try.It's pretty sketchy"

"Argh!Cut to the chase,will ya?I've got tons of work cut out for me"

"Humph!Such a kill joy you are"she shrugged.*Anyway,I'm here because of Tri..."

"Oh,please.Just hold it"he cut in rudely."I don't want to hear you utter that name in front of me"

"And why Phil?You said it yourself,that you wanna get her back.You still love her...I know you still do even though you're still hurt over what happened but..."

"Yes!Yes I do love her but Chels,don't you see,we can't be together anymore and I do blame her for that cause she should have waited for me instead of running off with that good-for-nothing "he shot back impulsively not letting her finish.

"Phil pipe down.You can't be mad at her for that and besides,you've got something of hers that she's totes not aware of.You just need to tell her everything.You can't hide it anymore,you know?"

"I know but I'm waiting for the right time.I'm just not ready yet.Have you forgotten what her family did to me?Have you?"he barked,glaring at her.

"No but this has got to end Phil.Your plots and everything.Please!For Trish sake.For your kid's sake"she pleaded emotionally as she held on to him."I'm begging you.Go see her Phil.My bestfriend is falling apart and I hate to see her like this"she sniffed.

"I...I don't know what to say but I can assure you that no harm will come to her.Trust me.I'm certainly aware of what I've got my hands on"he assured taking her hand."Just take good care of her...for me all right?.I know things will be better soon.That I promise"

"Oh,thank you.Thank you so much"she said pleased hugging him."I should get going now.Take care Phillip"

"You too Chels.And oh Chelsea"he called back"Thank you...For everything!"he continued as she turned the door knob.

"Don't mention it"

"Ohh!Good Lord!"Janine breathed as she closed the toilet door.

"Janine!You've been in there the whole time?"Phil asked with surprise as he saw her walk out from the restroom.

"Ha!Yeah right.And my,I did hear a lot.Oopsie!"she said playfully as she took out her purse from the drawer.

"You're such an ass"he teased pinching her.

"Ha!Whaaaat?You do know she's right.You can't hide the truth forever.You really have to tell her.Especially now you got everything under control.You ain't getting any younger,you know?"

"Gosh!I knew this day would come"he muttered banging his fist with fury."But you know I ain't ready yet.Have you forgotten what her family did to me.If not you and mum found me back then,I doubt I'll ever be here"

"Awe,C'mon Mackey,don't be like that.You really have to tell her and I really do mean it this time"she said massaging him.

"I do agree with you but let's see how things will turn out.I'm ready to show myself now to the Parkers.What about you sis?You ready?"he chuckled looking up at her.

"As ready as I'll ever be"she chuckled alongside.
"It's showtime brother"

❀ ❀ ❀ ❀ ❀
"Ryn!"I called as I searched my eyes around Ryn's room."Baby,where are you?We're leaving now"I called again as I heard tiny giggles inside the wardrobe."There!I see you"I sang playfully as I tilted the wardrobe open a little.

"Mommy!"she exclaimed jumping into my arms.

"Baby,what did I tell you about hiding in here?You could get hurt,you know?"I said caressing her hair as we went out.

"I'm sorry mommy.I'm sorry I scared you too"she said with a puppy face.

"Ohh,you didn't baby.C'mon now,we're off to aunt Chelsea's house now"

"Wheee!I'm going to see Ralphy again"

"That's right my love"I chuckled softly as we hurried downstairs.

Ha!Oh,don't mind Ryn.Ryn just gave the little boy that.His name is Ralphael...The Singer's only child.Chelsea's kid to be exact and he's about three years of age.So literally,Ryn's a little older but nevertheless they're still too close just like Chels and I...Hashtag twinnies...Haha!Just teasing!

"Whoo!Ryn I got 'em"Cher said from behind panting heavily as she handed the pink shoes over to her.

"Yay!My barbie shoe"she yelled happily jumping down from me.She calls anything pink Barbie.Oh brother!

"Oh my!You really worked aunt Cherry out there baby"I teased as I watched Cherry wear the shoes on for her.

"Daddy,daddy,we're going to see Ralphy"she said excitedly as she saw Derek come in from the backyard with some bunch of boxes in his hands.

"Baby what were you..."

"You mean this?I'm just cleaning out the garage.You going somewhere?"

"Yeah,I was about telling you before..."

"Oh it's okay baby"he smiled kissing me to my surprise.

"Uhm,babe,are you all right?"I asked with suspicion.

"Ya honey.Is something wrong?"he asked as he carried Ryn.

"Um,no.Not at all.We should get going now so we won't get caught up in traffic.Come on baby"I smiled faintly taking Ryn from him.

"Aunt Cherry c'mon"she called babyishly tugging at her t-shirt."Bye daddy.We love you"she yelled babyishly as we walked out the front door.

"I love you more flower"

❀ ❀ ❀ ❀ ❀

"Coming"Chelsea's husband said pulling the door open for us.

"Good day Sir"Cherry greeted politely.

"Oh Christian.Long time no see.Didn't know you were back though"I laughed as we matched right in.

"You know business and all that.Chelsea's starting to hover about that"he said playfully as he took Ryn from me."And oh good day to you dear"

"Hi Uncle Chrissy"

"Hi to you too princess.My,you've grown so big.Trish what are you giving this girl?"he teased as we went into the living room.

"Tiger popsies!"Ryn cut in punching the air.

"Ahh!Cereals!I should have known"he laughed.

"So um,where's Chels?"

"She's not home yet but I bet she'll be back soon"he said getting up."Let me just get you guys some refreshments.I'll be right back"he smiled as he made to leave.

"Corinne...Corinne!"Ralph came rushing towards us with his tiny legs sweeping the floor.

"Ralphy!"she yelled excitedly hugging him.

"Oh finally.Son,say hi to aunt Tricia first"

"Hi"he said shyly moving behind Chris.

"Aww,hi honey.My,you're also getting bigger"

"Yeah yeah!Put that on Chels.She's the cause"he smirked as we both laughed.

"Mommy can I go play now Ralphy's here?"

"Of course baby.Go on now"I urged her as they both scurried off excitedly clinging to each other's arms.

"My,it's taking really long now,I wonder why Chels hasn't come back home yet"I mumbled checking my phone as I got up when the telephone rang from the dinning room.

"Chris!"I called."Christian"I called again but no answer came.

"Hmm,I guess he's asleep"I thought."Baby,stay right here.I'm coming okay?"I said as I got Ryn off my laps before hurrying across the livingroom.

"Whoo!Finally!"Phil's voice rang clearly from the other line making me freeze.

"Ph-Phil?"I gasped under my breath .
"Phil!"I called again as no answer came."H-how am I talking to you right now?"I stared eye-opened as the line went dead."Phil!!!"I yelled as hot tears rushed out speedily.

"Tr-Trish!"Chelsea called from behind as she stared at me with shock.

"How could you?!"I turned abruptly glaring at her with hatred and despair 

"Trish,I-I can explain"she shivered making towards me.

"Don't touch me"I shot back slapping her hands away."Chelsea,how could you!How could you.I trusted you,you back-stabber.Why didn't you tell me you've been talking with Phil all this time I've been looking him?You deliberately hid it from me.Gosh!I can't believe you could do this to me.I thought you were my bestfriend"

"Quiet down girl.Come with me"she said tucking at my cloth arm.

"Let me go!"I yelled,pulling away as she held me back."I'm sorry Trish but you need to know the truth.Phil is alive babe.He's really alive.I'm sorry I kept it from you but it was never my intention.Please understand"

"Where is he?I said where is he Chelsea?"I sobbed moving towards her.

"I-I can't"she said looking away.

"Please tell me.I want to see him again"I pleaded unendingly.

"Trish you're making this really hard for me.I know you love Phil.I know you still do but think about Derek.What if he gets to learn about this?He'd get really furious.I don't want to put you at risk my friend.Please understand"she said passionately cupping my face.

"I don't care.Just please tell me where Phil is.I want to see him.Why hasn't he asked of me Chelsea?Did I do something wrong?"I weeped in her arms.

"No,no you didn't.He's just....You know what,you and I will go see him tomorrow.How's that?"

"You'll take me to him?"I sniffed looking up at her.

"Yes.I will do just that.Just please stop crying.You're starting to hurt me,you know?"

"I-I won't anymore"I said wiping my tears off.

"There there.Now let's go have some hot cocoas.I bet that'd make you feel lots better"she assured ushering me up as we headed out....

Don't you consider publishing a book instead or find a better site to write and submit your stories? Don't think Nairaland is the best place for this. This piece will make a good book. The real fact is that most Nairalanders won't sit and read content of this length, not when the content doesn't talk about sex and sexuality. I'm sure most of the people that managed to send their replies didn't read one-tenth of the story, they just sent them may be to encourage, the views the thread gets doesn't translate to how well people read the piece.

I myself opened the thread hoping it is just a short story about campus life, I'm not a type that read stories (novels), I only got to your page because I perceived you to be a poet because I love poetry works. if you are writing about computer programming, technology, information telecommunication, those are contents that catch my own attention.

I wish you luck in your endeavours.

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Re: MY CAMPUS LIFE: A Love Gone Wrong {18+ AN EMOTIONAL STORY TO READ} by hardeybhayour(m): 11:29am On Jul 26, 2020
Just my own assessment of this piece, your Trish great character, but then you somehow alienated lots of characters along the way like James in prison part, no law enforcement presence

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Re: MY CAMPUS LIFE: A Love Gone Wrong {18+ AN EMOTIONAL STORY TO READ} by Ciara9251(f): 10:38am On Jul 27, 2020

Don't you consider publishing a book instead or find a better site to write and submit your stories? Don't think Nairaland is the best place for this. This piece will make a good book. The real fact is that most Nairalanders won't sit and read content of this length, not when the content doesn't talk about sex and sexuality. I'm sure most of the people that managed to send their replies didn't read one-tenth of the story, they just sent them may be to encourage, the views the thread gets doesn't translate to how well people read the piece.

I myself opened the thread hoping it is just a short story about campus life, I'm not a type that read stories (novels), I only got to your page because I perceived you to be a poet because I love poetry works. if you are writing about computer programming, technology, information telecommunication, those are contents that catch my own attention.

I wish you luck in your endeavours.

Oh,thank you.Thank you so much.I love what you just said.
Re: MY CAMPUS LIFE: A Love Gone Wrong {18+ AN EMOTIONAL STORY TO READ} by Ciara9251(f): 10:39am On Jul 27, 2020
Just my own assessment of this piece, your Trish great character, but then you somehow alienated lots of characters along the way like James in prison part, no law enforcement presence
Oh,I know dear.It was stated that he and his guys got involved in some crime like that...But I'm certainly going to bring that into the open when I'm done editing the book...

And oh,thanks so much.
Re: MY CAMPUS LIFE: A Love Gone Wrong {18+ AN EMOTIONAL STORY TO READ} by Ciara9251(f): 4:51pm On Aug 05, 2020
Hey,my lovelies.
I got to add some things,words,characters.All that you wouldn't know,and I definitely want to share them with y'all.So no one will get left out.Hope this time will be better than last time.It's good to be back.

And oh,please don't forget to mention your friends.I'm certain they'd love it all.Enjoy!

And oh,one more thing....Follow me on w-pad...@CiaraJessy
Yes!That's it!
Re: MY CAMPUS LIFE: A Love Gone Wrong {18+ AN EMOTIONAL STORY TO READ} by Ciara9251(f): 4:53pm On Aug 05, 2020
One girl...
Two brothers...
Can Tricia,the young,beautiful daughter of the rich aristocrats,and honourable owners of the biggest ville in the whole of Hennsen,love them both?Even when she learns the truth?!Well,I guess we'll never know until we read deeper this time.Join us on this fascinating adventure and witness love true wonders.....
A Ciara's Romance

Re: MY CAMPUS LIFE: A Love Gone Wrong {18+ AN EMOTIONAL STORY TO READ} by Ciara9251(f): 4:54pm On Aug 05, 2020
Her smile,
that smile
Her beauty that yonder shines,
and her love which doth strengthens me
like the wind which blows unceasingly across the White Eastern region
Shall it forever be?
Oh,I wish
...If only wishes do come true...


I am Tricia,the only child of Mr and Mrs Parker,honorable owners of Gravantees Ville.

...Like I actually care...

Mum and dad were really harsh on me on the course of growing up,right from when I was still a kid,and even when I reached puberty,it got even worse,freaking me out.I was never allowed outside;not on their watch 'cause they were too scared of letting me out,or so I thought.So technically,I was never really allowed to explore the outside world like the rest of the people.It didn't matter anyway.I still had my own way of going against their bullshit rules,without them actually knowing.

...Let's just say,I'm one bad-ass...

Years swiftly passed and I gained admission into this popular college at the far side of Mitzchburg,a town where James resided.James was a very close friend of mine,my bestfriend as at that.

...My,such sweet lad he was...

Right from kindergarten,he and I have never parted ways,but since he got into college before me,he had to leave town.It felt pretty lonely not having around.But now I've also gained ad,I'm never leaving his side.


I never really had a boyfriend.I don't fancy guys much but when it came to James Holton,things were quite different.

...Damn!He was literally good at everything...

We were simply partner in crimes,and as a result of his sweet,fancy charms,I got to love him even more.Although,he had such a huge influence on me,that I could see,but it mattered less to me cause I was already blinded by his charms.

...Now,that's hilarious...

Anyway,sit tight.This is all about me!!!
Re: MY CAMPUS LIFE: A Love Gone Wrong {18+ AN EMOTIONAL STORY TO READ} by Ciara9251(f): 4:57pm On Aug 05, 2020
"Tricia,hurry up.Today's a big day for all of us,"my mum called from downstairs.

Her voice echoed so loudly from the living room,and I feared it was going to bring down our storey building.

...Ha!Totally kidding....

She's the paranoid one,unlike my dad who's out working all the time.I can't help but think he and work were created on the same day.He's barely even around.Most times,he'll come,and then,go all again.

...Ergh!So annoying....

"Oh,Tricia,"my dad followed almost immediately."Come on downstairs,Honey.It's past seven already."he said.

...Argh!Why can't those two just stop?It's not like I'm getting married or anything...I thought inwardly,rushing downstairs with my right arm clutching tightly on to my backpack.

"Oh,there you are,sweet pea,"my mum said,embracing me warmly.

"Mu-mum.Mum,you're squeezing me"I heaved a deep sigh,trying to wiggle free."Mum!"

"Oh,you."she chuckled,releasing me."Mm,you look gorgeous,my baby."she complimented sweetly,eyeing the red jacket I had on my tank top.

...Yeah,yeah.I do get that a lot...

I was one average size teen,a bit huge in size and had really admirable,welcoming boobs and a smashing-looking booty to match.It shook rhythmically whenever I moved.Guess that's why boys in our neighborhood never failed to look at me whenever I walked passed them.

...Haha!One perks of being asleep adorable...

"Aww,thanks ma."I giggled,snatching my box from Josie's hand rudely.

Josie was our house keeper,a pigtailed,Browne eyed girl,who seemed a lot quiet than usual.But that still didn't make me like her.She was so perky and all,and the fact that she was also the same age with me,made me detest her even more.

...Humph!So annoying...

But no matter,I'm much prettier.


"So sweet,hope everything's all packed up?"my mum spoke up again."Remember,you don't wanna leave anything behind."she added,accompanying dad and I to the garage.

"Mm,yeah mum,"I affirmed.

"Oh,I'm really going to miss you,my baby."she sulked,pulling me into another embrace.

...Bluff!Such teenly drama...

"Oh,mum,"I made to talk."Mum,please,quit it.I'm not a baby,you know?"I shrugged,wriggling out from her arms.

...Oh,my mum can be really embarrassing at times...

"Ha-oh,you,"she chuckled,caressing my cheeks."Take care of yourself,all right?I know you'll make us proud."

"And oh,"dad cut in."Always remember those significant advice your mother and I have been giving you.They're really going to help you a lot."

"Sure daddy."I concurred.

"Oh,my baby's all grown up,"my mum spoke up again.

I watched as tears dropped from her eyes,rolling down her white rosy cheek,surprising me.

...Wow!I exclaimed.I can't believe my mum's crying 'cause I'm going off to college...

"Oh,mum.Stop it."I laughed,wiping her tears with my thumb.

...Gee!I've really got dramatic peeps here.Can't believe I'm stuck with this kind...

"Yo guys!Wrap it up."dad interrupted,getting into the family's SUV."We gotta beat traffic,you know?"

"Oh."we both laughed.

"I love you,mum."I said,getting in  right next to dad.

"Oh,I love you more,baby."came her warmly response as she bid us goodbye.

"Bye mama,"I waved back."C'mon daddy,let's go."

             ❀ ❀ ❀ ❀ ❀ ❀ ❀

I'll be updating once in a week or twice at least.So sorry the first two episode are a bit short,but I promise it'll grow.Love ya.

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Re: MY CAMPUS LIFE: A Love Gone Wrong {18+ AN EMOTIONAL STORY TO READ} by Ciara9251(f): 7:47pm On Aug 05, 2020
Campbell university!Ain't it sweet?!I smiled,stepping out of the car."Dad,do you think the girls over here will be better than ours at Hennsen?"I asked nostalgically.

"I don't know baby,"came my dad's voice from behind me."Just try fit in,okay?"he smiled."I know my little Sunshine's gonna make us proud."he added,grinning with pride.

"You really think so,dad?I mean,what if I mess up?"I continued,rubbing my arms.

"Oh,I know so,baby.I know you will."he spoke with full assurance.

"Oh,thanks,daddy."I sighed,relieving myself of whatever nostalgic feelings that still lingered inside of me.

"Uh,honey,"My dad spoke again."What about these stuffs you packed in here?Need help moving them inside?Gee!They're so heavy."he laughed,taking the boxes out of the trunk.

...Ugh!Why can't he just stop worrying about me?I'm almost eighteen...

I frowned,watching him place my luggage in front of me."Dad,you worry so much."I joked,taking my gray knapsack from him.

"Why,of course I should,baby.I don't want you getting yourself all worked up,you know?"

"Yeah,right!"I scoffed.

"Whoo!That's the lot...I guess."he shrugged."You ready,princess?"

"Dad!" I feigned anger,and he burst into a loud chuckle,making me laugh alongside.

"Come on baby,you don't have to be like that."he teased.

"Seriously,dad.It ain't funny!"I frowned,taking the boxes from him.

"All right.All right.I'm sorry."he burst into laughter again."But are you really sure you're going to be okay taking all these inside?All by yourself?"he arched his brows at me."They seem pretty heavy,I must say..."

"Oh,yes daddy.You promised,remember?"I said looking back at him.

"Ahh,so true.My,you're feeling really feisty today."he said."Got something you're not spilling?"

"Oh,c'mon daddy.You know it's college causing all that.This' my first time being here,you know?"I giggled,rubbing my cheeks.

He looked at me,and before I knew it,he got me into a father-daughter embrace as I melted in his arms."Oh,I can't believe my little baby's leaving home."he sighed."I'm really going to miss you,Belinda.Your mum,not excluded."he laughed,releasing me.

Gosh!I'm starting to miss mum and dad already,I thought sniffling a bit as I brushed my layered hair aside.

"I know you'll make your mum and I proud.I trust you.We do,baby."

"Yeah,dad"I nodded,throwing a final glance at him."I love you so much."I finally uttered to him.

"Oh,I love you too,Princess."came his happy reply with a dashing smile beaming across his white-skinned face."Now be a good girl,and don't go about moving side by side with those petty losers that are up to no good."he cautioned sweetly."You never can tell what they've got in mind."

"Mm-hmm.Got it!"I smiled,giving him a thumbs up.

...Oh,how ironical...

"I'm serious.Those guys are..."

"Dangerous and not ought to be friends with,"I broke in."I know,dad.See.Told you I can handle myself."I laughed.

"Now that's,my sweet pea.Mmm,can't believe I'm leaving you so soon."

"Oh,dad.It's best you go now,so I won't make you stay."I said,acting all sober.


"No buts.daddy."I wiggled a finger,signalling a no.

"Haha!Oh,well.I trust you."he chuckled,making towards his car as he pulled it open.

I watched him get into the drivers seat,and I couldn't help but feel all emotional again as he inserted his car key into the key hole.

"You're gonna be okay,berry."he smiled,rubbing my fingers as though he knew what I had in mind.

"I hope,"I replied with a nod,pulling my fingers out of the car.

The SUV door got shut at the remote's command,and at that moment I couldn't help but let go of the tears I've been trying so hard to fight."I love you,daddy,"I managed to say.

"Oh,I love you more,baby."he responded,rolling the car window up.

Hearing my voice crack that minute,got me amazed.Was I actually crying?I thought to myself,not taking my eyes off my dad's car as it drove out of sight.And then I knew,I was alone.

...Much alone than I've ever felt...

"Ohh"I muttered under my breath,walking in the direction of my soon to be hostel.

Though I felt really exhilarated being all alone,but all the same I still missed having mum and dad around.

Could this day get any worse?I murmured,climbing the flight of stairs that stood in my way.

Marionette's hostel was a four-storey building,and it had really long stairs that could get one all worn out and fatigued.And if you weren't careful,you could get lost in the whole no-boys zone.

...Can't believe it actually is...

"Ohh."I let out a low moan,staring at the number on the red door,and looking down at the paper slip I had in my left hand,still clutching on to my bag tightly,for fear of it slipping off my grip.

"Room 328.Here,we are."I muttered tiredly,pushing the door open as my new room came in sight.

The milky painted room wasn't anything like my beauty room back at home that seemed to have wallpapers of talented artistes hanging on all sides.But I gotta say it still looked pretty cool to me.

"Hope to love it here.Whoo!"I said,tossing my bag on the bunk at the window side.

So this is what a bed looks like over here?I thought within me,staring at the creaky metal bed with mouth agape.

...I wonder what my roomies look like.Hope they ain't bitchy though.I thought with a mischievous grin spread across my face.

I brought out my MP-3 player,and my apple phone out alongside as my mind went to James.


"Oh,jeez.He's really gonna be mad,thinking I deliberately didn't  put a call through."I sighed,dialing his number.

He answered immediately,like he's being expecting me,and I stood blushing with every response that came."Hey baby.Uh-huh.Yeah,campus.You know it!I'll text you my address in a bit.Love you.Bye-bye."

...And that's how we roll.Yeah-eh...

"Um,who are you?"a grumpy voice came from the door.

Oh,good Lord!

She must have been there all along.Bet she was listening to our conversation.I thought,eyeing her.

"Oh,sorry.You must be the new girl Chris Singer talked about."the black eyes,ponytails girl smiled,offering me her hand."I'm Joan,"she said.

"I'm Trish.Tricia Parker to be precise."I said,studying her.

Heh!Well,she seems nice.I thought,examining her closely.

Her eyes met with mine and she began laughing to my surprise.

"Hm,what's funny?"

"Ha!Forgive my manners,dear.You'll get use to it."she added.

... Oh,she is weird...

"Btw,which means 'By The Way'.Sorry,I'm the abbreviation type.Haha!"she chuckled again,giving an oops sign with her nicely clipped fingers.


"So,like I was saying;I'm a final year college student.Theater Arts to be precise.What 'bout you,love?"

"Hm,well,I'm a newb.You already know that."

"Oh,right!"she laughed."Freshers are always my favorite.Well,I hope you enjoy your stay here,Parker.You'll love it.Trust me."she said with a wink,blowing a kiss in the air.

Eww,like did she just do that?

"Oops,it's lecture time."she announced,taking her red ripped-off bag up again.

...Yeesh!So not classy...

"Lectures?Well,guess we'll talk later then."I said to her.

"So right,baby.Catch you later."she said,hurrying out the door.

And there's the silence I've been looking for.Oof!

Don't forget to give me those smashing comments,my dearies.YOU KNOW I LOVE YOU


Re: MY CAMPUS LIFE: A Love Gone Wrong {18+ AN EMOTIONAL STORY TO READ} by Ciara9251(f): 11:38pm On Aug 09, 2020
I ran through the hallway,aiming to get to class before the time clocked eight."Grr!"I groaned."I can't believe I'm going to be tardy."I muttered under my breath,hotfooted.

"Whoa!Take it easy."a calm voice came halting me from behind.

I blinked for a second,turning around as I looked deeply into two charming gray eyes.


"Hey.I'm Phillip."the gray eyes,black hair boy said.

Oh,my.Such an amazing voice,I thought inwardly,quaffing and staring.

"Uh,hello?"his voice came again as he stared at me as though I was some weird geek.

I gave a soft laugh,brushing my hair aside."I'm Tricia."I said,and he smiled.His smile like that of an angel.

I wonder if he's from this planet,I wondered.

"Mm,nice name."he said,and I blushed within me,my fingers clinging to my bag.

"Thanks."I blushed,still staring at him.

I forgot all about class and wished instantly to ask him more but then came his voice again;

"Well,we better hurry,Trish or we'll be late."he said.

"Sure."I affirmed,and we walked together.

Walking side by side with him made me nervous and I couldn't fathom out why.Could he be the one?I went on thinking.

"Well,Trish,"he spoke."I think this is where you're going."

"Huh?But is this...."

"LSAT hall!"he announced,his right hand stretched out,revealing his nicely,washed palms.

I gaped at him,wondering how he knew where I was headed.Damn!I love this guy.My mind came talking.

"Zip it,you!"I scolded without thinking.


Oh no!He heard me,I gasped."Sorry,heh-he."I chuckled nervously.

...Gee!That was close...

"Uh,are we interrupting,sir?"a British accent-marked voice came from inside the hall.

We both turned around,staring at the white hair,bearded man."Sorry,sir."we apologised simultaneously.

He seemed fifty and his moustache looked funny.He raised a brow at us,and beckoned to us."Take your seats,please."he said to us.

I sighted two seats not so far off the front row."Phil,"I called."I see some seats up ahead."I pointed,and the two of us walked in the direction.

The professor got talking again and Phil and I got seated,eager to know what we've missed.

...Or I was...

We sat in silence,eyes focused on the projector and none of us uttering a single word.It seemed my insides were starting to burst out being with this one guy that's making me play nice.In well-


Part of me wanted so much to focus on the class that was going on right in front of me but my mind couldn't let me in anyway.It was so far off now,and I couldn't help but throw quick glances at the charming,gray eyes lad sitting right next me.

...Seemed my eyes were going to make holes on his white,smooth skin any minute...

I continued with the stare and then our eyes met.Oh,no!I gasped,quickly bringing them down.

He gave a slight chuckle,averting his eyes back on the screen.

I felt a bit shy,thinking of the next move to take."So...."I made to start another conversation."Where' you from?"I managed to ask,making circles with my fingers on my jeans.

"Britten Hills,"he smiled."What about you?"

"Uh,never been there."I gave a less sounding laugh.

He slanted himself at a slight angle and with his lips curved,stared at me.

...Does he think I'm Psyche?

"Well,I'm not surprised."he said,giving a slight nod."It's a small town,you know?"he added.

"Hm,all right."I said."Well,I come from Hennsen."

"Hennsen?You're joking right?"he laughed sweetly.

"Well,I'm...not."I uttered with a sigh,my right hand scribbling on my notebook.

I returned the stare,waiting for him to answer."Been there?"I curiously asked.

"Been there?!I grew up there."he said."Well,once."he uttered with a head shake

"Oh,well,what happened?"I whispered,tilting my head to an angle."Care to tell?"

"Well,I don't mind.You know,my mum and dad used to go to this rich ville there..."

"Gravantees?"I gasped.

"Yes.Gravantees Ville."he completed.

My eyes stood wide open."Whoa!Dude,"I exclaimed."Are you serious?"

"Man,I am."he whispered back.

"Wow,small world."

I watched as a vague smile broke across his face,showing his dimples partly.


The vague expression disappeared,and he threw a soft chuckle at me,shrugging his shoulders."Was though."

"Was?"I asked,flustered.

"It's a long story,"he gulped."Don't worry.I'll tell you all about it when class is over."he said to me.

"Well,all right."I said with a faint smile,and we both went writing again.

An hour later,we were done and Professor Wyatt as I had come to know,marched right out as chattering filled the air once more.I was a bit surprised.

...I certainly wasn't expecting class to end so soon...

I felt a soft tap on my shoulders and I turned around,curious to know who it was as an almond eyes stared into mine.

"Hi.I'm Chelsea.Chelsea Hamilton,dear."she said,her voice sounding like an angel."I see Douchy here's showing around."the brown hair girlie joked.

"Douchy?"I asked."Oh,heh.You mean him?"I said,turning to Phillip.

I watched him talk with some leopard skin,jump suit-clothed,black-skin,girl.His girlfriend,I suppose.I assumed,giving a shrug as jealousy arouse in me.

Wait a minute.What's with that?You barely know this guy.My conscience came countering.

"That's Daphne Martinez,"Chelsea's voice came again as though she knew what I was thinking.

"Daphne?Oh,heh,you mean the black girl?"

"Mm-hmm.I caught you staring at them."she giggled,eyeing me.

"Nope."I replied with a shrug."Wasn't staring."I said,my conscience pricking.

You know you're falling for him,Trish.Admit it,already.

...And there goes my mind again...

What's so special about this guy anyway?I went thinking,looking back at them,my eyes centered on Phil.

Phil?Gee,Trish.You're already giving him nicknames?I bit my glossy lower lip so hard,yanking myself out.

"You're staring...."Chelsea teased again.

"No,I'm not."I scoffed,giving a slight laugh.

"Don't worry.I won't tell."she winked."Phil's a great guy,you know?He and I went to the same high school."she continued.

...Great!Maybe he likes her too...

"Oh,wow."I managed to say,trying to contend myself."By the way,I'm Tricia."I hurriedly added,changing the subject."Do forgive my manners,please.And oh,what a nice name you've got Chels."I threw her a smile,eyeing the fine red pumps that perfectly matched her flowery yellow gown.

"Oh,thank you."she smiled."I love yours too,"she complimented alongside."And gosh,that totally suits your eyes."she smiled,pointing at the shiny jewelry hanging around my neck.

I looked down at the pendant,raising it slightly with my fingers."Aww,thanks,B."I said.

The moon-shaped pendant was my mum's.Well,it was grand mum Corinne who had it first and then she passed it on to my mum,and then me.I'd received it in the early hours of the morning.

...My sixteenth birthday if I could recall...

I would say it was the best gift I'd ever received.Not like my dad never offered his.He was almost never around and he wasn't one for birthdays and such.He believed birthdays were meant for children and them alone.

...Good old,daddy...

"Oh,don't mention it."I laughed,jiggling my fingers at her.

"Hey,Chels,"came Phillip's voice,interrupting us.

"Oh,hey,Douchy.You doing well?"

"You know it!"he laughed as the duo gave each other a chop knuckle.


I averted my eyes on my notebook once again,my palms cupping my chin.I wanted so much to chip into every conversation they went on having,but what do you know?

...I'm a lone wolf after all...

"You ready to go,Trish?"Phillip asked.

"Go?!"I gasped,surprised.

I looked down at my glass watch,seeing the clock tick a quarter to ten."But it's not even ten and besides,class isn't over yet."I said.

"Oh,class is,dear."Chelsea answered."Oof,gotta go now.I'll catch you lots later."she said to us,taking her bag up from the chair."And oh Tricia,welcome to Campbell."she smirked,winking at me

I rubbed my palms together,giving a slight chuckle."Thanks again."I said to her.

She got up from the table,giving a call me signal to Phil as she hurried off,disappearing out of the hall.

Hmm,did she think I didn't see that?I gave a thought.

"So uh,the answer to your question is...Yes.I sure I'm ready to go."I said to Phillip,and we got up to her feet almost immediately.

He and I walked out of the class,down the hallway and out the building,we went.Chatting happily as the warm breeze blew across our faces on the vehicle-free road.

"So,Phillip,you said you were going to tell me something earlier,"I reminded him,arching my brows.

"Oh,right."he chuckled swiftly."Well,about my parents.."

"Yeah,what about them?"

"Oh,they're not here."

"Hmm.So you're like a loner now?"

"Kind of."he smiled."They're in heaven,I believe."his shocking response came.

I stopped,my legs rooted in astonishment."T-they're dead?"I gasped,covering my mouth.


At that moment,my countenance fell and my face grew pale.I'd never witnessed anyone dying around me and I certainly didn't wish to."I-I'm so sorry."

"Oh,don't be."

"No,really,"I cut in."I shouldn't have brought that up or even reminded you..."

"No,no,it's cool.I actually stay with my grams."he went on and we began moving again."Oh."he breathed a sigh."Uh,Trish,I think this is where we part ways."

"Part ways?"I asked,hands akimbo.

"Ha.No,not that kind of parting."he smiled,and I let out a a sigh of relief.

...Good heavens!

"Oh.I guess we'll see some other time,Phillip...."

"Mac-Kenny."he completed.

...So that's his surname.Charmed...

"Mac-Kenny?Cool surname.Mine's Parker,actually.But Trish will do,please."I laughed.

"Oh,sure."he laughed along."Take care,Trish?"

"Mmm-hmm.You too,okay?"I said to him.

I felt like hugging him at that moment,but couldn't bring myself to-


We finally bid each other goodbye,and I stood,watching as he passed through the other side of the road having coconut trees and beautiful flowers lined up on all corners.

...Oh,I love college...

"Missed me?"a voice came startling me as a firm hand came upon one part of my shoulder.

My lips quivered,my brain interpreting the actual owner of the voice as I stood,thinking of what to say.

...Why do I feel guilty?

The masculine figure came in front of me,and with a naughty grin on his face,cupped my cheeks."Oh,I've missed you so much,my love."he said,taking my lips in his hungrily.

I made to resist but my feelings betrayed me instantly at the sudden capture of the erotic feeling that was gathering up inside of me.I let out a soft moan,tightening my arms around him."Ohh,James...."

"That's right,baby."he grinned,his hands moving down my back as it came upon my enlarge butt cheeks,gripping it so hard.

"Ja...James,you know we can't do this here."I muttered breathlessly,breaking off from the kiss.

"Oh,please!"he scoffed."It's campus,baby.No one cares."

I made to pull away from him but he pulled me closer,my body rubbing firmly against his as he pushed the stands of hair covering my ear backwards,aiming to nibble on my earlobe."James,that t-tickles."

"Oh,I know,baby."he laughed."So uh,who was that guy?"

"Uh,what guy?"I asked,rolling my eyes.

...So James' been watching all this while...

"You know,the guy on black denims?The one you were talking with?"

"Uh,ahem,sorry."I coughed nervously."He's my friend."I managed to say.


"Yeah.What else?Don't tell me your jealous."I frowned,eyeing him.

"C'mon baby,you know I trust you."he winked.

"Right."I chuckled nervously.

"You're nervous,Belinda.What are you not telling me?"

"Are we doing that now?!"I yelled,pushing him off me."I thought we were way past the insecurities?"

"Oh,c'mon.You know I was only pulling your legs."he teased,pulling me in his arms again,with his arms encircling my waist.

"Well,you better be."I scoffed,arms crossed.

He drew me back,his eyes peering into mine."You promise there's nothing?"

"Of course.You know I'm not that kind of girl."

"Oh,I trust you,pea."came his whispers in my ears.

He pulled me backwards again,and before I could make any utterances,glued his lips on mine as his tongue came entangling in mine,eluding soft moans from my lips.He brought one hand upon my endowed bosom,cupping one side,getting it into one squeeze as my moans filled the air.I knew if we continued,we would end up making out against a tree or something-


I slipped my lips out of his and took them all in again but this time,I was starting to feel gross.

...Whoa!How come?!

My instincts may be right,I wallowed in thoughts.

"Baby,what's wrong?You don't look so good today.Did something happen?"James questioned suspiciously.

"Mm,"I replied with a nod as he went on giving me the suspicious look.


"James,can we not do this.I don't like it here."I managed to say,feeling sick inside.

...If only Phil could see...

Ouch!Did I actually say that

"Hey.You okay?Come on,baby,talk to me."

"I'm totally fine."I lied,faking a smile."

"Oh,well if you say so."he said,planting a final kiss on my already moist lips."You're gonna come see me tomorrow,hm?"

"Well,uh-huh."I chuckled,wrapping my arms around him."I'll be right where you need me..."

Okay.I'm using the little battery I have remaining with me to post this.So do show some love,okay?Next episode loading....Have a goodnight,you guys❀

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Re: MY CAMPUS LIFE: A Love Gone Wrong {18+ AN EMOTIONAL STORY TO READ} by Puvo: 8:44pm On Aug 11, 2020
Enjoyed every bit of your story grin

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Re: MY CAMPUS LIFE: A Love Gone Wrong {18+ AN EMOTIONAL STORY TO READ} by Ciara9251(f): 8:52pm On Aug 13, 2020
Enjoyed every bit of your story grin
Aww,thanks so much.

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Re: MY CAMPUS LIFE: A Love Gone Wrong {18+ AN EMOTIONAL STORY TO READ} by Ciara9251(f): 8:54pm On Aug 13, 2020
I sat deeply engrossed in what I was writing and the loud chattering wasn't helping the situation in anyway.I adjusted myself on the chair,a low moan escaping my wet,gloss lips."Oh!"

I shut my eyes slightly,slipping them open again,and with a sharp roll tried working out where Phil was;the only person I've come to know so far.And let's not forget Chelsea-


I wonder where they are.I thought aloud.Hmm,sure hope they're all right though.I said to myself,catching not a glimpse of them anywhere.

I shrugged a bit,going back to writing again.College was really different.A lot more different from Bouvillean!

...My former high school...

"Oh,why can't these ass-holes just quit making a noise."I mumbled irritably.

I lifted my palms,and with them,covered my ears,shutting my eyes alongside as I tried so hard to separate myself from the unending noise that was starting to puncture my eardrums.

...Such exaggeration...

"Hi,Trish,"a familiar voice greeted.

I flung my eyes open immediately,turning around as a magnificent smile came in sight."Oh,Phillip,"

"Hi to you,too,madame."he laughed,sitting down beside me."How are you?"he asked.

"Oh,you have no idea."I blushed."You do know you don't have to be formal with me,right?"I teased.

"Oh,I know that."my gray eyes friend laughed again.

I watched as his eyes got averted on my LSAT notebook."Well,well,well,what do we have here?"he asked rhetorically.

He shifted forward,and with his eyes peered directly into the pen-scribbled open page,scanned the writings."Having problems,huh?"

"Yes."came my laconic reply as a frustrated sigh accompanied it.

The two flesh folds surrounding his mouth grew into a welcoming smile as he looked back at me."Well,the questions are pretty catchy,I must confess."he continued,taking a notebook out of his bag.

...His,I suppose...

"You've done yours,already?"I gaped at him.

"Partly."he laughed."But we can do it together,if you'd like."he opined.

"Oh,gee!"I exclaimed."Thanks,man."I thanked ecstatically.

He and I began putting heads together and went on for about an hour with the lecture-free time our expecting professor left in store.

...Well,at least that saved our ass...

It felt really nice being around him and I could say we were one great team."Oh,Phil!Whatever I'll do without you."I said aloud,getting up to my feet.

He got up as well,and with a great smile carved across his lips,turned to me."Hey.I,uh,I forgot."he said,helping me with my bag.

"Yeah?"I cut in eagerly.

"Well,I was just wondering if you'd care to join me at Murphys."

"What's a Murphys?"I joked.

"Heh.It's not an a,Tricia."he smiled,curving his lips.

"Oh,I know.Was totally kidding."

...Like does he think I don't know?

"Heh.Yeah,yeah."he chuckled."So what'd you say?You coming?"

"Errgh,that won't hurt."I answered,throwing a slight chuckle as we walked out the door.

"Oh,look at them being all...Ugh!Can't even say it."James Holton scoffed,gulping the last of his mountain dew.

"Hey-yo!What's the matter?"his companion asked-


A grumpy,black eyes Arizonan chap whose braided hair and glare features made him look more like the devil-

...Only he walked in the sun...

He made to turn again and with an angry stare,watched the two friends laugh."Well,isn't that bastard!"he said with a snort,rolling his eyes back at his friend.

"Hm?"came Jeffrey's mutter and a confused raised brows.

"Right over there."he gestured,fists clenched tightly.

"Isn't that...?"

"Tricia Belinda Parker!"

"Damn!Dude,you serious?I mean,what the Bleep is she doing with some low geek?!"he questioned,staring with irritation.

The Holton guy shrugged,glancing back at them and then at Jeffrey."That's what I wanna know!"he boiled.

"Dude,you're doing it all wrong,"Jeffrey continued."You really gotta show that ass who's the boss here..."

"Heh.Like,you want me to go kick his butt?With all eyes on us?"

"Yes!That's exactly what I'm saying,man"Jeffrey opined,striking his fist on his left palm.

"And end up facing panel,is that it?!"

"Since when did you care about that hellhole?Don't tell me you're scared of that...RAT?!"he demanded,surprised.

"Ha!Leech,oh,you've really got no idea what your best friend's capable of,do you?"James grinned.

"Whatever,man."Jeffrey scoffed,raising his glass."Just do your thing.I got your back."

"Good.'Cause the game has just begun!!!"

Next chapter loading,fellas.I think I'm going to be taking a break on the whole typing stuff.Well,just a little break.Got some things up,but no worries,I won't take long.Well,as long as the whole no-school stuff's still up.Remember,like,comment,share and love it.Still your favorite Cia.


Re: MY CAMPUS LIFE: A Love Gone Wrong {18+ AN EMOTIONAL STORY TO READ} by Ciara9251(f): 8:56pm On Aug 13, 2020
Abeg,anywhere u see bleep...Just know it's "Bleep".It just changed in the site.Sorry.
Re: MY CAMPUS LIFE: A Love Gone Wrong {18+ AN EMOTIONAL STORY TO READ} by Ciara9251(f): 12:47pm On Oct 07, 2020
One girl, two brothers! Will Tricia the daughter of the aristocrats be able to love them both, even when she learns about the duo? Guess, we'll have to read deeper now. Let's go!

Her smile,
that smile
Her beauty that yonder shines,
and her love which doth strengthens me;
Like the wind which blows unceasingly across the White Eastern sea
Shall it forever be?
Oh,I wish
If only wishes do come true...


I am Tricia. The only child of Mr and Mrs Parker, honorable owners of Gravantees Ville.

...Like I actually care...

Mum and dad were really harsh on me on the course of growing up, right from when I was a kid, and even when I attained puberty, it got even worse, freaking me out the more. I was never allowed outside;not on their watch 'cause they were too scared of letting me out, or so I thought. So technically,I was never really allowed to explore the outside world like the rest of the people. It didn't matter anyway. I still had a way of going against their bullshit rules, without them actually knowing - Making me one hell of a badass!

Years swiftly passed and I gained admission into this popular college, at the far side of Fitchburg; a town where James resided. James was my best friend - Such sweet lad he was.

Right from kindergarten, he and I never parted ways, but since he had to leave for college, we were left with no choice. But there's always a bright side to everything like they say, 'cause hear ye, people! I'm going to be schooling alongside with him

I can't exactly say I had a boyfriend. Didn't fancy guys much, but when it came to James Halton, things were literally different. And my, such sweet partners we were. Guess his fancy charms and sweetness made me love him even more. Although,he had such a huge influence on me, that I could see, but it didn't matter to me. Anyway, sit tight. 'Cause we're going on one amazing, fun ride I bet you're gonna love.

Re: MY CAMPUS LIFE: A Love Gone Wrong {18+ AN EMOTIONAL STORY TO READ} by Ciara9251(f): 12:49pm On Oct 07, 2020
"Tricia? Tricia! Hurry up, baby. Today's a big day for all of us." My mum said shrilly.

Her voice echoed so loudly from the living room and I feared it was going to bring down our storey building. She's the paranoid one, unlike my dad who's out working all the time. I can't help but think he and work were created on the same day. He's barely around. Most times,he'll come, and then,go all again.

...So annoying....

"Oh, Tricia," My dad followed almost immediately." Come on downstairs, Honey. It's past seven already." He announced.

Argh!Why can't those two just stop?It's not like I'm getting married or anything. I sighed, rushing downstairs, my right arm clutching tightly onto my backpack.

"Oh, there you are, sweet pea," My mum said, embracing me warmly.

"Mu-mum. Mum,you're squeezing me"I heaved a deep sigh,trying to wriggle free. "Mum!"

"Oh, you." she chuckled, releasing me. "Mm, you look gorgeous, my baby." She complimented sweetly, eyeing the red jacket I had on my tank top.

...Yeah, yeah. I do get that a lot...

I was one average teen, a bit huge, and had really good, welcoming bosom and a smashing, hot booty to match, which shook rhythmically when I walked. Guess that's the reason why the boys in our neighborhood never failed to steal a glance whenever I walked passed them - One perks of being adorable.

"Thanks ma." I giggled, snatching my box from Josie.

Josie was our house keeper, a pigtailed, Browne eyed girl who seemed a lot quiet than usual. But that still didn't make me like her. She was so gullible. And the fact she and I were the same age made me detest her more - Humph!

"Hope everything's all packed up, my sweet?" My mum's voice came again. "Remember,you don't wanna leave anything behind."she continued, accompanying dad and I to the garage.

"Mmm-hmm,"I replied with a nod.

"Oh, I'm really going to miss you, baby." She sulked, embracing me.

...Bluff!Such drama...

"Ma-" I stopped. "Oh mummy. You know I'm not a baby anymore."I laughed.

"Oh, you. Do take care of yourself, all right? I know you'll make your father and I so proud." She smiled, caressing my cheeks.

"And oh," Dad cut in. "Always remember those advice we've been giving you. They'll sure be of help."

"Sure daddy." I affirmed, giving my lips a slight lick.

"I can't believe my baby's all grown up,"

"Gee," I gave a mutter and turned to face her. "It's just college, mother. I'll be fine."

"I know, baby."

"Yo guys! Wrap it up. We gotta beat traffic, you know." Dad interrupted, getting into the SUV."

"Oh."we both laughed.

"I love you, mum."I said, getting in  right next to dad.

"Oh, baby, mama loves you most." She said, bidding us goodbye.

Campbell! Ain't it adobes?! I smiled within, shutting the car door.

"You okay there?"

"Never been better." I replied with doubts. "Dad, do you think the girls over here will be better than ours at Henson?" I asked curiously.

"I don't know baby. Just try fit in, okay?" He said. "I know my little Sunshine's gonna make us proud."

"You really think so, dad? I mean, what if I mess up?"I continued, clasping my box.

"Oh, I know so, baby. I'm sure you will." He spoke with full assurance.

"Oh, thanks,daddy."

"Uh, honey, what about these stuffs you packed in here? Need help moving them ? They're so heavy." He laughed, taking the rest of my luggage out of the trunk.

I faked a frown. "Why do you worry so much, dad?"

"Why shouldn't I? My daughter's entering a new chapter, which I know would be-"

"Yeah, yeah, dad. I know."

"Ha- Goody. Whew! Guess that's the lot. Still need me?"

"Dad!" I yelled, my brows arched at him.

"Come on, baby, you don't have to be like that." He laughed, poking my sides.

I made to laugh, but took it all in, my eyeballs enlarged, sending him a signal he understood.

"Alright. I'm sorry." He gave a funny chuckle, getting into his car. "I love you."

"Love you, too, dad."

Marionette hostel was one gigantic one, and had really long stairs. And if one wasn't careful, he or she could end up lost in the whole no-boys zone.

...Can't believe it actually is...

"Room 344." I muttered, turning the doorknob.

The milky painted room came in sight and I couldn't help but marvel at how convenient it looked. I can't say why I've got a nice feeling about this place - But loved it!

I tossed my bag carelessly on the bed that laid in the middle, giving a slight shrug as I took out my MP-3 player and my phone, a gasp eluding my lips as I remembered James.

"Damn! He's really gonna be mad."

I gave a sharp slide on my phone, dialing his number swiftly. "Shit! He's not answering." I groaned.

"I'm sorry, who are you?" A female voice came.

Oh, good Lord!

"Ah. You must be the new girl Singer talked about. I'm Joan." She said with a British accent.

"Tricia. Tricia Parker." I said.

"Parker, huh? Any relation to the Brooklyn's."


"Heh! Forgive me, dear. Welcome to Campbell. Be sure to have such an ecstatic stay here. I'm a final year student, by the way. Theater Arts." She said at one stretch.

...Doubt her words ever have commas in them...

I smiled. "Lovely. I'm a newb, which I'm sure you already know." I said, my right hand suspended in the air.

"Oh, right." She giggled. "Newbies are always my favorite." She smiled, throwing a wink at me. "Oops! Almost time." she said, stealing a glance at her watch. "I'll see you later, Roomie."

"As will I."


I ran through the hallway, hotfooted, a groan escaping my lips. "Can't believe I'm gonna be late."

"Whoa! Take it easy." A calm voice came halting me as I quickly turned around, my eyes meeting with his.

Such charming gray eyes, I thought, blinking simultaneously.

He gave a welcoming smile, as my heart skipped a bit. "I'm Philip." He said to me.

I gulped, wanting to say something, but no words came out.


"Oh, sorry. I...I'm Tricia," I stammered.

"What a lovely name you got, Trish."

"Oh, thank you." I blushed, forgetting all about class.

"My pleasure. Come along, now. Class' this way." He gestured, as I followed.

Walking side by side with him made me nervous and I couldn't fathom out why. Maybe he's not human. Or maybe....Just maybe he's -

"We're here!" He announced, a smirk dancing across his perfectly, curved shaped lips. "Welcome to LSAT hall. Come on in."

The two of us walked right in, taking our seats at the middle row, neither of us uttering a word, as a white bearded man walked in.

"That's Professor Wane," The gray eyes lad whispered to me.

Feeling the warmth of his breath on my left ear, and hearing the softness in his voice made me wish he wouldn't stop.

"He'll be taking us English Language, since Professor Shane isn't back yet." He added, much audible this time.

"Oh." I said.

I went about wondering how this one guy could make me act really nice - Nicer than ever before.

We sat in silence, eyes focused on the screen, except for the fact my mind remained unrest, with the frequent glances I kept throwing at my new friend. He seemed to notice, as our eyes met, and a soft chuckle escaped his lips.

My eyes glistened, and I felt a bit shy, thinking of the next move to take. "So...where are you from?" I asked, drawing invisible circles on my jean.

"Britten hills," He smiled. "Ever been there?"

"Nah." I gave a less sounding laugh.

He paused for a moment, his lips slanted at an angle. "You don't say."

...Great! I'm sure he thinks I'm Psyche...

"Well, care to tell me yours?"

"Oh yeah. I come from Henson."

"Henson, huh?"

"Mm-hmm. Been there?"

"Been there?! Girl, are you kidding me?" He laughed, his words, half a question. "I spent half my childhood there." He added.

"No way!" I exclaimed lowly.

"I know right? You know my mum and dad used to go to this rich resort..."

"Gravantees?" I cut in, and his eyes stood wide open.

"Yes! That's it!"

"Small world." I said ecstatically.

The smile he wore slowly disappeared. "What's wrong?"


"All right, guys. Let's call it a day." Professor's Wane's voice echoed in the hall.

Wait. That's it? I questioned myself as I watched students exit the class.

"Be right back." Philip said to me as he hurried off in the opposite direction.

A red-hair black girl, dressed in a mini skirt and a matching slender top gestured to him, and I felt an ounce of jealousy gather up inside of me.

"Oh," A soft moan escaped my lips and I instantly buried my head in my palms.

"Hey there," Came a soft tap on my shoulder. "Welcome aboard." She said, coming in front of me. "I see Duchy's showing around already. The name's Chels. Chelsea Valentine." The brown hair girl said to me.

She had a black leather jacket atop a stylish pink gown that partly covered her smooth, slender legs.

"Mm? You mean....?"

"Philip-" She smirked. "Saw you two come in."

...Great! Maybe she's girlfriend number two...

"That's Daphne, though. Daphne Martinez." The brown hair girl continued.


"Mmm-hmm. I caught you staring at them." She giggled, moistening her lips.

"Heh. I certainly wasn't staring." I shrugged, my conscience pricking me.

"Oh, I won't tell." She winked. "Phil's a great guy. We both attended the same high school."

Well, that explains a lot, I thought.

I faked a smile, getting up. "Well, Chels. It's being nice talking to you."

"Whew! I'm back. I'm sorry I took so long, Trish." Philip broke in. "Oh, hey, C. You doing well?"

"You know it!" Chelsea laughed as I averted my eyes swiftly.

"So Trish, you ready to go?" Phillip's question came.

"Yes," I replied laconically.

"Goody. You coming, Chels?"

"Ergh, I still got some things to do." She smiled, throwing a quick look at me and back at Phil. Guess, I'll see you two later." She said to us as we bid her goodbye.

The gray eyes lad and I walked side by side, under the warm airy breeze, the sun lighting our path as we walked on the less busy road, lined up with flowers and coconut trees, which made it such an amazing sight to behold. We chatted, and then I remembered we haven't really talked about the one thing I was wanting him to hear him say.

"So Phil, what happened back there in class?"

Did I just call him that?

"Sorry?" He stopped, confused. "Oh, you mean with the girl I was talking with?"


"Oh, you mean before we got interrupted."

I affirmed. "That one."

"Well, it's just family related. Nothing much." He laughed, as we began walking again.


"Yeah. I got none. It's just me and my gran." His shocking response came, and my legs stood stiffly.

"T-they're dead?" I swallowed hard. "Oh, gosh. I'm so sorry."

"Oh, it's fine. I think this is where we part ways, Trish."

"Part ways?" I asked, a bit surprised.

"Ha! Not that kind."

Thank goodness, I exclaimed. "I'll see you soon, Philip...."

"Mac-Kenny. But call me, Phil.".

"Oh, wow. Mine's Parker."

"It's such a pleasure meeting you, Tricia Parker. Hope to see you again."

I smiled. "Sure hope so, too."

I watched as he slowly disappeared, and was about taking the next turn when a hand came on my bum, startling me.

"Oh my goodness!" I uttered aloud.

"Missed me?"

"Ohh!" I yelled as the mystery guy came in front of me, and with a naughty expression written on his face, cupped my cheeks. "Oh, how I've missed you." He grinned, nibbling sweetly on my lower lip.

I made to resist, but my feelings betrayed me at the sudden capture of the erotic feeling that was starting to gather up inside of me.

I let out a soft moan, my body melting totally in his arms. "Ahh, James...."

"That's right, baby." He smirked, moving his hands down my back onto my enlarge butt cheeks as he gripped it in a way my kitty-cat made a spurting sound.

"J-James, you know we can't do this here."I purred, vibrating from his touch.

"Oh, please! No one really cares about us doing this here. You have no idea how much I've missed you." He grinned between kisses.

"I know baby, but-" I made to pull away, but he pulled me back, my bosom grazing his broad chest, which I could see clearly.

He went further into brushing my hair aside as he made to nibble on my earlobe.

"Oh, that t-tickles." I laughed, feeling the wetness in between my legs.

"Oh, I know, baby. You're gonna come see me tomorrow, right?"

I looked up at him, giving a slight chuckle, my arms still wrapped up around him. "I'll be right where you need me, baby."
Re: MY CAMPUS LIFE: A Love Gone Wrong {18+ AN EMOTIONAL STORY TO READ} by Ciara9251(f): 12:50pm On Oct 07, 2020
I sat deeply engrossed in what I was writing and the loud chattering wasn't helping the situation. I adjusted a little, a low moan escaping my gloss, wet lips.

I shut my eyes partly, slipping them open again, and with a sharp roll tried working out where Philip was - The only friend I've made.

I wonder where he's at, I wondered, catching not a glimpse of him anywhere.

I gotta admit, college was really different. A whole lot different from Bovillean - My former high school. There were so many people, so many culture I craved so much to learn, most especially the Mayan.

"Oh, why can't these assholes just quit it!" I mumbled irritably.

I lifted my palms and with them, covered my ears, my eyes shut alongside as I tried so hard to separate myself from the unending noise that was always making me want to explode.

I searched around for the pretty new girl I longed to see again. She sat all alone looking ravishing and calm. I walked towards her, not taking my gaze off.

"Hey there," I greeted, a magnificent smile eluding her lips.

"Oh, hi. How're you?" She asked.

"Heh. You got no idea." I joked, averting my eyes on the book that laid in front of her. "What have we here?"

"Oh, just, you know, trying to cover up some things." She replied.

Her smile was perfect; Her oval face matching her perfectly pointed nose, alongside everything she had.

"You got such an amazing smile." I remarked.

...Shit! Shouldn't have said that...

"T-thanks." She shyly said, and we began talking like we've known all along.

It felt really nice being around her and I couldn't help but marvel at such unparalleled grace God has created.

"So tell me, what have you been up to?" She asked, jerking me out of thought.

"Well, nothing. I was just wondering if you could join me for lunch? You know, before the lecturer comes in."

"Lunch?" She paused for thought. "Bet that won't hurt." She managed to say.

"Alrighty. Lunch it is."

At late afternoon, I went to see James. I wore a smashing, red, hot, sleeveless mini gown that partly revealed my sides and a blue fancy slippers to match, alongside a light make-up. Not like it was of any use, but I certainly didn't want to look unattractive in his sight.

"Hi, baby." I said happily as the door swung open, revealing a hot figure with a towel wrapped around his waist, and the smell of aftershaves enveloping my nostrils.

He grinned, pulling me into his arms. "You made it." He added, "Never thought you would."

"Well, why won't I?" I laughed, feeling the coolness of James' body around my warm skin.

He shut the door behind, still not letting go as he began kissing me hungrily, without any pause. "Damn! You're hot." He breathed, slowly sucking on the side of my neck.

I gave a soft giggle, "You certainly couldn't wait, could you?"

"You got no idea," He laughed, slowly pulling the hands of my gown down as the enlarged part of my breast came in sight.

He made to suck slowly on them, one hand trying to set them free from the partly loose bra which held them gorgeously in place. I yearned for this and if there's anything I ever wished for, was for it not to stop - Never to end!

I was stark naked, left in a world of lust and love as we made love, our bodies entwined at the mercy of the sheet underneath us: The atmosphere reeking of nothing, but the driving sweat birthed from our constant love making and lubricious body rhythm.

I couldn't return back to Marionette, not after the long day I had. So I stayed back, and my, we sure did have such an amazing night to remember.

"Leaving already?"

"Yeah," I nodded slightly, turning backwards. "Will you, please?" I said as he helped me with my zipper.

He made to kiss me as I put a finger across his lips. "No, baby. Some other time." I added.

"Awe, come on, just one more kiss," He persuade

"Oh, fine. Have at it..."

I walked through the narrow path, my earplug inserted into my ears, trying to distract myself from some thought. The thought of having gone in bed with James after I told myself I wasn't - Again!

Ah, Parker, I muttered and stopped, taking out my earplug as I rummaged in my bag for a free gum.

I got it out, unwrapped it and took the whole in, allowing its sweetened chicle taste enclose my mouth. I began moving again, but this time, was held back by a strong grip - Who could that be?
Re: MY CAMPUS LIFE: A Love Gone Wrong {18+ AN EMOTIONAL STORY TO READ} by Ciara9251(f): 1:08pm On Oct 07, 2020
So....I'll continue from here, guys. I don't know what made me do this, but all I can say is, I changed a whole lot in the story line...Which took a great deal of effort and sacrifice, by the way. I know, I got a lot of story to cover up, which I'll be tending to, soon. It's just this whole not-having-a-laptop thing that's making me write really slow. But don't worry. It'll be over pretty soon, that I can assure you. Whew! I sure hope this feels right...
Re: MY CAMPUS LIFE: A Love Gone Wrong {18+ AN EMOTIONAL STORY TO READ} by Ciara9251(f): 11:11am On Oct 08, 2020

❀ ❀ ❀ ❀ ❀ ❀

"Why, isn't this such a surprise?!" His husky voice spoke, as I turned, my eyes looking deeply into two glistening brown eyes.

Gasping, my eyes shone alongside. "Derek?"

"Hello, Parker," The light-haired lad said to me.

"H-how are y-you here?" I stuttered.

For one thing, I could say I never expected to see any of my friends from my old high school here, but here I was, standing not a million miles away from one.

"How am I here?" He stared at me for a moment. "You do know you and I applied for the same school, right? I remember telling you," He spoke as I recalled.

"Hey, Peez. What's popping?" A savagely handsome, whiskey brown eyes lad approached me.

"Pass." I sighed, shutting my locker.

"Oh, c'mon, Parker. There's no need for that."

"Oh, there is." I shot back. "Now if you'll excuse me, I'll-" I stopped, taking a deep breath. "What do you want?" I asked. "You do know James got eyes on all corners, and boy, he'd be so mad if he saw the two of us talking right now."

"Peez, don't tell me you still worry about that loser?"

Hearing him call James that got me off steam. "You know, Matthews, why don't you just beat it, and quit poking at my man at every chance you got! Not like you're any better." I scowled, pushing him aside.

"Hey, hey, hey.... chilax! I'm sorry, all right?"

"Oh, you better be, dude! Look, I'm late for class, so if there's anything you wanna say, you'd better spill." I said to him.

"Since when do you care about class?" He joked, and I threw an angry stare at him.

"Oh, fine. I just wanted to ask you if you'd like to be my date to the..."

"Oh, please don't say prom." I cut in, raising a brow at him.

"I'm serious." He laughed. "You know Halton's gonna be out, and I thought maybe - Well, maybe we could...."

"Oh, you thought wrong! Ciao." I said, walking out on him.

"I'll be going to Campbell next summer." His voice rang. "Hope to see you there."


...Ah, those were the days...

The sound of his voice came yanking me out of thoughts. "Huh?"

"Oops! I forgot you weren't listening." He laughed, placing a finger on his lips, which were quite full and moist.

Jeez. Am I really noticing his lips? I asked myself as he went on talking.

"Oh, you still haven't changed, I see."

"You know I'm not the only one." He grinned. "Where' you headed, though? Certainly not to class. And certainly not in those." He laughed, staring at me.

Ah, jeez!

I shrugged. "Well, it's none of your business. Hope you enjoy your stay here. Happy talking."

"N-no, wait. Tricia! Tricia!!" He called, but I was already out of earshot.

Lots better!


Damn! She's always doing that, I thought with anxiety, feeling hurt. I sulked inside, forcing myself to walk, as I succeeded; if only it would be, when time comes knocking....

I got home early, and was so worn out from the short, yet tedious class we had, owning to the activities we did, coupled with the one I had previously. I hoped for Philip to come, but he was nowhere to be found and I couldn't help but miss his presence. I didn't know why, but a part of me did wish he came, and I couldn't help thinking something was up somewhere, keeping me in thoughts.

"You okay there?" Karen's voice came jerking me out. "You've been staring at nothing for a couple minutes, now." She said to me.

Karen was my other roommate. She was a Ghanaian, a half and half actually, as her mum was an Australian, and her dad, a Ghanaian. She had such pretty long hair, which she carried in braids, making her look more like an African queen, no doubt. She was slender, beautiful; her body like that of an athlete. She was in the same department with Joan. All this I learnt in one day - So me!

"Y-yeah. Yeah, I'm fine." I faked a smile, getting up. "Just need to head out for a couple minutes. I'll be back." I announced, walking out the door.

I strolled the sidewalks, stroking my arms, my head raised up, as I felt the warmth of the evening sun on every part of my body. I hummed a certain tune my mum used to sing to me when I was little, as I walked slowly, inhaling the nice scent of summer's airy breeze. I felt lost in the sweet melody, as I began singing, not minding if anyone was watching.

Sunflowers in the meadow
Red roses in the garden
One special as the other:
Scent of nature embracing summertime
Bringing to us happy memories

Memories, I stressed, a smile dancing across my lips.

"My! Such talent you've got." A voice came startling me.

"Oh my goodness." I jumped, panting for breath.

I turned around, a gasp escaping my lips. "You again?!" I said, my eyeballs enlarged as though they were about popping out from their sockets any minute.

"Oh, be quiet. I'm not here for you." He hushed, making to leave.

I thought for a moment, grabbing hold of his arm, "Wait! Don't leave,"

"Oh, how I've wanted to hear you say that." He laughed, turning around.

I feigned anger, pinching him real hard on his sides, and he gave a sharp groan. "Whew! Damn, woman!"

"Oh, don't damn me, man! You following me?"I asked suspiciously.

"Well, what do you think?" He smirked, making towards me.

I groaned, taking a step backwards, as he followed. "Oh, don't you dare....!"

"Or else what?"

"Or else -" I gasped, almost stumbling.

"I got you. I got you. There! There, there now. Steady as you can." He went on saying, the softness of his voice ringing in my ears.

It was calmly and very soothing. Not like I cared, really.

"You okay?"

"Oh, quit touching me."

"Me? You're the one who came falling. A simple "thank you" will suffice."

"You wish. By the way, I'm sorry about this morn." I said suddenly.

Like, what the hell?!

"Oh, it's nothing. Hold on, did you just..."

"Zip it, Matthews!" I hushed, rolling my eyes at him and making to leave.

He held me back, moving in front of me. "Hey, you can't go now. I still wanna talk to you."

"Talk to the trees, then! I'm quite sure they've got lots of earplugs with them."

"Seriously? Is that how much you hate me?" He frowned.

"I don't hate you! I just hate the fact that you're always there, sucking up every air I wish to breathe alone. You know what, just leave me be, please!"

Hearing my voice sound that way, made my heart feel so heavy. And my conscience pricked me instantly like I've been stung by gazillion of bees.

"I...I shouldn't have said that," I shook my head.

"No. No, it's fine." He smiled.

"Derek -"

"Good night, Parker."

"Derek...Derek, I'm sorry. Derek!" I called, but his back was turned on me.

I watched as he disappeared, and I felt really worse - Worse than ever before....
Re: MY CAMPUS LIFE: A Love Gone Wrong {18+ AN EMOTIONAL STORY TO READ} by Ciara9251(f): 2:57pm On Oct 15, 2020

Days passed and there was still no sign of Derek anywhere. I felt miserable, didn't know why, but part of me still wished so much to apologize and make things right once again. Ah. This is frustrating. Why do I say the wrong thing all the time? Why do I always mess things up?!

I rolled restlessly, my towel seeming it was going to roll off my body, right hand stretched to the table, searching aimlessly for my phone. Come on, where are you?

I found it lying on the far side, so I partly got up, took it with me and I swiped it open; logging on to Facebook as my eyes made a thorough scan of the zillion texts that laid in wait.

I groaned, giving a slight shrug as I reluctantly made to reply;




Don't pass...



"Pas- " I jerked up immediately, rubbing my eyes. "Please tell me I'm not dreaming," I rubbed again, bringing my phone a little closer.

Can't be. Totally can't be, I went on with doubts, clicking on the text. Three weeks ago, I gasped, rolling my eyes on the screen.

I stopped for a minute, giving a slight thought. No, no, no. I rather call. That'd be better.

Another voice came, Oh, no you don't, Parker! Remember your reputation. It said.

I curved my lips, burying my face in my palms as I yelled silently into it. I can do this...I can do this.

I took a deep breath, making for his profile as his number stood surprisingly on his wall like it's being waiting for me to embrace it.


I swiftly put it on the dial as it rang, "It's Derek speaking. Please leave your message." His voicemail came.

"Dang it, you!" I groaned, hanging up.

I tossed my phone on the bed, getting up on my feet as I headed for the bathroom, taking up my shampoo by the corner.

I got in, shutting the door as I turned the shower on, the warm water spraying all over my face onto my bare skin. I shampooed my hair for some minutes, sponging my body for about thirty minutes, finally getting off whatever dirt that laid hidden, as I washed the lather off my body, the sweet fragrance of my soap enclosing my nostrils as it covered my feet.

I stepped out, turning the handle as I walked back to my room, tossing my towel on the bed as I stared across where my mirror hung, admiring my pretty curves and glowing skin...one habit I formed.

It was funny, really, but it was something worth doing and I certainly didn't mind staring at that figure in the mirror all day long.

I stopped the admiration for a moment, moving towards the bed as a name popped up on my screen. "Oh yay. He's calling," I said happily.

I gave a slight cough and tried to relax my voice as I answered. "Hel...loo,"

"Hi, Tricia," His sweet voice rang from the other line as a blush coated my cheeks.

"Oh Phil. How nice of you to call,"

He chuckled, "You sound like you've been expecting me,"

"Oh, yes. Yes, yes, yes," I smiled, sitting down as I got my legs crossed.

"I see."

Guess he was smiling now.

"So...why'd you call?" I asked, making circles on my laps.

Damn! His voice is so hot, I imagined as we talked.

I was so lost in it that I wished he wouldn't stop talking.

"Guess I'll see you tomorrow then."

"Mm-hmm," I answered, nodding like he could see me. "Take care. Byeeee." I puckered my lips, ending the call.

Wheeee! I fell back on the bed, silly thoughts crowding my mind.

I stayed that way for a moment, the sound of my phone jerking me up as I picked it up. Derek! I groaned, almost ignoring him as I answered.

"Hello? Who is this, please?" He questioned.

"Derek I just wanna say I'm sorry for what I said to you some days ago," I saw myself saying.



I held my breath for a second, releasing it again. "Yes,"

"Tricia. Oh, man. I'm so happy hearing from you,"

"You are?" I asked, startled.

"I'm dead serious. Whew! I've been looking everywhere for you."

"You've been looking for me?" I repeated, my brows arched at an angle.

"Do you have to repeat everything I say?" He teased.

"I'm just...you know, wasn't expecting you to be all..."

"Cheery? Hmm?"

"Totally happy-ish?"

I shrugged. "Ye-yeah,"

"Oh, it's nothing,"

"Cool. Why'd you call?"

"I called? Or you called?"

"Totally wasn't me," I denied.


"Hush, hush. Got class now. I'm gonna see you later. Bye-bye. Love you." I said in a hurry, hanging up.

I made to dress as the door swung open. I didn't lock that, I realized.

"You're back," I eyed Karen.

"Yea, honey. Gosh! Quite a day we had," She narrated. "Professor Stuart didn't let us rest. Ugh!" She grumbled, tossing herself on the bed. "Going somewhere?"

"Oh, not at all. Just came back not quite long."

"Lucky you. I need that shower most." She got up lazily.

"That'd be great." I said to her and went back to slipping my shorts on.

I noticed I didn't hear the bathroom door creak so I glanced over my shoulders, seeing two eyes focused directly on bum as I quickly averted my gaze, hoping she hadn't notice.

Is she gay? I asked myself, making towards the bed.

"You're one gorgeous girl, you know?" I heard her say.

I scoffed, getting in bed. "Whatever games you're playing, you had better stop!"

"Oh, I'm not playing any here, Sweet. You're really pretty," She continued, cat walking towards me.

"I got up angrily, "Out of my way...now!"

"Or what?"

"You're Hot, Karen Adako, so I'm just going to leave," I pushed her aside. "And oh, one more thing," I turned. "I DON'T DO GIRLS! Read my lips!" I hissed, slamming the door. "Some LovePeddler..."
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Re: MY CAMPUS LIFE: A Love Gone Wrong {18+ AN EMOTIONAL STORY TO READ} by Ciara9251(f): 8:17pm On Nov 23, 2020

Guys, I'm really sorry for not continuing with this. You know, I started this story eight months ago, and when I was done with all the chapters in the fourth month of writing, I still felt like enhancing it and adding more details to make it sweeter - and so I did. I began doing it, and at a point, I saw myself losing interest. I never had an idea why I felt that way, but now I'm not gonna let anything keep me from fulfilling my wish of 2020; which is completing this story totally. I just need your support and everything, and hopefully, with God on our side, I know we can finish this together!

  My encounter with Karen last week still freaked me out. I couldn't believe she was gay, and all this time she's being pretending.

  I kept on walking, still lost in thoughts as some blind jerk bumped into me. 

  "I'm sorry," He apologized.

  I gritted and brushed my hair backwards. "Are you blind?!"

  "Tri... Trisha?"

  I cursed under my breath, "This pervert!"

  "Huh?" He arched his brow.

  "Derek, what are you doing here?"

  He laughed, ignoring me. "I'm late for class,"

  My eyes widened as he pushed me aside, and I huffed, throwing a scowl at him. "You're such a jerk!"

  He called back, "You're no different... oof-oof -" He stumbled and fell backwards.

  I laughed really hard, watching him get up again. He's so cute, I thought admirably. "Wait! Why am I saying that?" I winced and thought aloud, as I heard my name called.

  I turned my head in the direction and caught a glimpse of Phil and Chelsea heading toward me. I smiled inwardly and waved to them. 

  "Hey, chica," Phil greeted.

  Hearing the sound of that made my insides grow hot, and I guess that made Chelsea's "hey" unheard.

  "Um, Trish," Derek called. "I'll be going now." He said, and walked off.

  I bit my lower lip, watching him leave, as Chelsea's voice brought me back to reality. "So... you headed for Keely's?"

  I curved my lips and thought, so that's where they're headed? "Um, yes! Keely's!" I laughed nervously.

  "Okay. Let's go then." came Chelsea's voice, and we began walking.

  Phil's hand was partly touching mine and I couldn't help but blush at the contact. I really felt like holding those smooth arms of his, and prayed he wouldn't mind if I mistakenly slipped it in - and my, I did. Ohh! I shrieked inside, trying to hide my excitement.

  "We're here!" Chelsea announced, and he broke away.

  Chelsea! I groaned inwardly as we walked in.

  We ordered for lunch and sat down to eat; Chels so engrossed in her lasagnas, as Phil focused on his. I knew this was my chance, and I wasted no time moving my legs to Phil's.

  "Mm, this is so good," Chelsea spoke amidst mouthful, showing no mercy to the lasagna in her hand.

  I laughed and turned to Philip. "Seems you're having fun eating that."

  He nodded and smiled. "Aren't you?"

  "I am," I replied and took a bite out of mine.

  We went on talking for about some minutes, and I didn't know what made me look back, but I did, and, just at the left corner sat James and his friends. "Oh, no!" I gasped, averting my gaze.

  I thought about what to do and an idea struck my mind immediately. The bathroom -

  "Hey, you okay?" Phil asked.

  I smiled nervously and took up my birkin bag. "Can you guys excuse me for a minute?"

  They threw a suspicious look at me and shrugged. "Sure."

  I moved very fast, in a bid for his not to see me. Oh, God. I pray he hasn't.

  [center]JAMES'S P.O.V

  "That bitch! She's not going out with that bastard, is she?!" I boiled, clenching my fist.

  Trish was really getting on my nerves and I couldn't stand seeing her with another guy, especially not with some good-for-nothing! 

  "Relax, bruh. You don't want to make a scene." said my best friend Jeffrey who noticed my mood.

  I got up, feeling irritated by the sight of the peasant laughing with his friend like nothing had happened.

  "Hey, where're you going? You haven't finished your drink."

  I hurried off, ignored Jeffrey and my other pals, as I made for the bathroom, locating the ladies' room in no time.

  I felt so furious, finding it empty. "Tricia! Tricia!" I called, waiting for an answer to come. "I know you're here, Tricia. Come on, there's no need to hide."

  "I wasn't hiding," A voice spoke softly as I turned around.

  My eyes glistened with lust, seeing the nylon skirt that barely covered her legs. I quickly shoved the feeling of pulling her into my arms and planting my lips on that smooth body of hers, as anger enveloped me. "Are you avoiding me?!"

  "No. Why would you think such?" She let go of the doorknob.

  I shrugged and crossed my arms. "I don't know. You tell me."

  Such an ass, I heard her mumble.

  "What did you say?" I drew closer.


  "Good. That's what I thought." I smiled and rubbed her arms. 

  I drew closer, making sure there was no distance between my us, as I buried my head on her perfectly curved boobs, running my hands on the downside of it. "You're so beautiful,"

  She purred at my touch, the sweetness in her voice jerking my manhood alive, as I wasted no time lifting her up. Moving backwards, I went into the girls' bathroom, not minding if it was one, and shut the door. 

  I quickly lifted her skirt up to her waist, running a finger on the underside of her pants, as her lips gave way for a soft moan to grace the hot air surrounding us.

  "Baby, you know we're in the girls' bathroom, right?" She breathed, running her fingers on my chest.

  "Does it matter?" I laughed and kissed her lips.

  "Oh, just don't stop." She moaned between kisses and spread her legs for me, granting me easy passage.

    "Where have you been? We've been looking everywhere for you?" Chelsea questioned, eyeing me.

  I had totally forgotten that they were waiting in the cafeteria, while James and I went about our usual sex drill. Imagine if Chelsea had come in at that time? I asked myself, looking at the two. "I'm so sorry, guys. Something urgent came up and I had to tend to it." 

  I bit my bottom lip and looked at them, hoping the excuse I'd given sounded convincing. 

  They totally bought it, and I felt really bad having Philip kept in the dark. Oh, Trish. When will this stop?



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Re: MY CAMPUS LIFE: A Love Gone Wrong {18+ AN EMOTIONAL STORY TO READ} by ObinnaOG8: 1:20pm On Nov 24, 2020

You’re gooood
Started today, finished today
It’s been worth reading❤️

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