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Re: MY CAMPUS LIFE: A Love Gone Wrong {18+ AN EMOTIONAL STORY TO READ} by Ciara9251(f): 9:15am On Dec 26, 2020

  We got home from picnic, I myself not uttering any word, as I made for my bedroom, still shocked over Patrick's words. His conversation with mum wasn't just a coincidence, I thought. Could it be -I shrugged the thoughts off immediately, not wanting to think about it. "Dad's my father, and no one can replace him!" I said to myself, looking at a picture of us from when I was nine. That day we had gone fishing for a father-daugter's day adventure. I remembered how he and mum had fought that day. I didn't know what they were arguing about but my little self could tell that they were at it again. Dad had wanted to take a break from her constant nagging, and had brought me along so I could keep him company; one memory I'll never forget. I was starting to ask myself if I truly resembled him. My character... everything. Why do I have these feelings that what Patrick said is really true? I paced back and forth, not wanting to answer the door.

  "Trish, it's nanny." I heard nanny's voice, and I quickly wiped my tears off.

  The door came open as I rushed into her arms, surprising the old lady. "Nanny, thank God you're here. Thank God." I kept on saying in her arms, my breath unsteady.

  All I needed at that moment was to be wrapped up in my mother's arms, but I couldn't bring myself to trust her... not now things were being like this. I had always believed everything she said to me. But now, I couldn't tell who was saying the truth — whether Patrick... or mum! I had to hear from them. Mum shouldn't be hiding things from me. What does she take me for?

  "Oh, dear, dear. What's wrong?" Nanny's voice brought me back to reality again.

  And I sniffed and pulled away from her arms. "It's nothing, nanny. It's just -" My lips remained shut.

  "Just what, my dear?"

  "Boy problems." I smiled faintly, realizing that I had just lied to her.

  "You do know how your father is about those things?" She crossed her arms and looked at me.

  "Yeah." I replied coyly. "I need a glass of milk, nanny. I think I'm getting sick — like I'm coming down with the flu." I faked a sneeze, hoping she bought it.

  Okay. That last part must have come out wrong because I knew nanny was going to go telling mummy about it, which I didn't want. I wasn't ready to face my mum just yet. I might end up saying the wrong thing again.

  "Sick?" Nanny gasped, reminding me of her presence once again.

  "Does your mum know about this, my dear?"

  I only gave a nod, not wanting to say anything that'd get things complicated.

  "Then you ought to be in the hospital by now."

  I looked up at her in panic. "You're not going to tell her, are you?"

  She threw a really odd look at me. "I thought you said you told her?"

  "I did." I bit my lower lip so hard. "Nanny, please don't tell her. It would get her worried, you know. It's just stress." I told her  hoping my last sentence sounded convincing.

  "The more reasons that we should tell her."

  It didn't!

  "Nanny, please!"

  "What's going on here?" My mum interrupted as she walked into my room.

  "Nothing, mom. I'm fine!" I gave her a cold shrug, and walked back to my bed, not in the mood to talk.

  "Come on, baby. I know you." She placed her right hand on her waist as she said.

  "I said I'm fine."

  "Are you sure, baby? Do you..?"

  "Mum, please just go. I'm not in the mood." I cut her short. I knew the response I gave had gotten her hurt, but I couldn't care less. I just wanted her to explain things to me, and not to go about keeping me in the dark, like I wasn't her daughter. Is that too much to ask? I wanted explanations; things that would prove that I'm daddy's biological daughter.

  "She's been like this ever since." Nanny Pearl spoke.

  "I just hope she's okay." She sighed. "I wonder why she's so mad at me."

  I didn't bother looking as I heard the door get closed.

  I had to see Patrick again. I needed answers from him, and was going to get them no matter what!

  I shut mum out for a day, avoiding her and trying not to let her talk to me. She was the one keeping secrets from me, even though I am yet to believe.

  I snuck into her room one day, and got her diary out. I flipped it open, hoping that I had gotten the right one where all her friends' numbers were, as I scanned the pages, praying Patrick's would be there. I came upon the fifth page, almost giving up - as the name just right below some 'Oliver Johnson popped up, bringing my search to a stop. There! I pointed and smiled. I copied it right away, and made to drop the diary back as a piece of paper fell out. "What's this?" I squinted at the sight and bent to pick it up. I was about placing it back in the dairy as my mother's handwriting made me want to read. My hands was starting to feel really itchy, and I slipped it open slowly, not expecting to find anything attractive, as the words flashed before my eyes.

  When we're a hundred miles apart, I can't stop thinking about you; that charming smile I wish to see; that fair skin I wish to feel. You've always got a way to make me miss you, and I think it's happening again. I miss you, Patrick. I miss everything about you. I know what happened many years ago was a mistake, but I can't back out now. Please understand. I still love you... and I always will.


  Mum and Patrick were lovers? Does dad know about this? My heart raced faster than I could count. Did mum end up pregnant for him? No, that's not possible. Mom will never do that to Dad. Right? She loves him. Mum will never hurt him. No -


  I turned at the recognition of the voice.


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Re: MY CAMPUS LIFE: A Love Gone Wrong {18+ AN EMOTIONAL STORY TO READ} by Ciara9251(f): 7:37pm On Dec 26, 2020


  "Baby, what are you doing in my room?" She asked, and made toward me.

  "I-I was cleaning." I swallowed hard, still clinging to the diary behind me.

  "Cleaning? Oh, baby, you shouldn't have bothered about it. Josephine's there, you know?" 

  I forced a smile. "Don't worry, mum. I'm done already."

  Her eyebrows arched up at the answer I had given, as I excused myself, not wanting to talk to her.

  "Baby, what's wrong?" She caught my hand. "Why don't you want to talk to mommy?" She questioned with a worried tone

  And I said, "Don't worry, mommy. It's nothing." I shook my head and continued, "Besides, I don't want to talk about  it, especially not to you." 

  "Oh, you better do, young lady cause I don't understand why you've been acting this way." She raised her voice.

  "Mum, can you just stop?! I don't wanna talk about it... period!" I slipped my arm out of hers angrily.

  "Baby, please."

  "Just leave me alone!" I shouted and moved backwards - and turned my back on her as I left the room for her.

  I sobbed uncontrollably in my room, knowing I had hurt her with my words. But she deserved it. How can she be keeping something so big from me? If Patrick ever turned out right about him being my dad, it'd be really drastic. My tears kept flowing to the extent I didn't know when I drifted off to sleep - the sharp smell of a week old bread awakening me, as my eyes slide open, making me realize I was on the bathroom floor. What am I doing her? I asked with surprise, and ran my hand on the doorhandle without wasting time. 

  It came open and I walked out, realizing that I was no more in my room but on the porch, as I wondered how I had gotten there. The bathroom led to my room, so how come I ended up on the from porch? I gave a slight thought about it, and concluded that my situation was bewilderingly unclear. The whole place was without light; with the creepy sound of crickets and frogs filling the night, as the hooting of an owl got my legs trembling on the ground. I pushed the door open and a dark empty room came into sight. I was forced to move in, blindly locating the switch with my fingers, as all the lights in the house came on at one push. Weird!

  "Hey, sweetie. You're back." 

  I watched mum walk toward the dinning as she clasped a pan.

  "Back from where?" I stood dazed for a minute, giving my eyes several rolls. "Where am I exactly? And what happened to our house? I asked one at a time, not recognizing our living room, which had litters of all kinds, with the once milky coated wall now black, making it look like a villain's lair. The brown sofas which mum had the housekeepers clean all day were now torn and dusty, with cobwebs gathered on every angle.  "What happened here? And by the way, where is dad? I wanna see him." I demanded, making towards the stairs.

  She uttered no word but called to his attention, "Honey, our daughter's back."

  Back? What does she mean by that? I've always been here.

  I heard the steps creak as a man in a white polo and jockey shorts came running down them.

  Since when did those steps creak, I paused for a second, looking up at the buff figure in front of me. Whoa. Dad sure did gain a lot of weight. How come? I wondered, not taking my eyes off him.

  "Welcome, honey." His head came up fully, revealing his face

  "Oh my God!!"

  It's happening already.

  It isn't dad.



   I jerked up before I could complete my words, my pants increasing.

  "Hi, baby."

  I turned at the sound of a voice, realizing I wasn't the only one in my room. "Wh-who are you?"

  "Your lost daddy is home!"

  I screamed so loud—

  "Tricia... Tricia, what is it? What's happening? What's wrong?" Mum's panicky voice rolled in at the swing of the door.

  "Mum... mum... mum -" My constant breathing didn't let me talk. I was happy mum was there at that moment, and I rushed into her arms, holding her tight, for fear of that horrible man with a scar carved on his face, coming back. It was a dream after all, I realized - shutting my eyes as I relieved myself of the shock. 

  "So, ready to tell me all about your dream?"

  I kept mute, no words ready to come out as I looked to where I had placed mum's diary. It was still on the shelf, good - it was better there as she won't be able to see it.

  "Are you still angry with me? Huh?"

  "I don't know, mum. Are you hiding anything?" I asked with brows raised.

  "Honey, you know I can never hide anything from you."

  I scoffed. "Great. Why do I have this feeling that you are?" I moved my lap from under her hand, and threw my head away.

  "Believe me, sweetie. I'm telling you the truth."

  I looked back at her as my brows got raised. "Really? If you're really telling me the truth, then why do your eyes keep moving?" I threw her a smirk.

  "Oh, holy Jeez. If you know something, baby, why don't you just tell me?" Her expression grew into an angry one. "You know really well that your mother cannot hide anything from you. Why are you acting this way?" 

  "I'm acting this way cause there's some guy claiming to be my father out there. Who won't get fussy at the sound?!" 

  "Some guy?" My mum's eyes widened. "Baby, who the hell told you that... and who is this fella you're talking about?"

  Her questions sounded genuine. Maybe mum isn't hiding anything. "You're seriously not hiding anything from me, mommy?" I stopped making circles on the sheet and looked up at her.

  "Of course, sweetheart. You know I'll never do that." She pulled me into a hug and began caressing my hair.

  I loved the way her fingers teased the nape of my neck, and I couldn't help but giggle.

  "So you're not angry with me anymore, are you?"

  I pulled away from her and answered with a smile. "Not at all, mommy. I trust you." I moved back into her arms, and she wrapped them warmly around me.

  I didn't worry about seeing Patrick again. Mum was right. I shouldn't have doubted her in the first place. 

   I was now ready to go back to school. I went shopping with mum, bought some things for school and got back home ready to get them all packed in my box.  I was sure Phillip had gone back to school on the first day, because I knew that he wouldn't miss it for anything. But there was something missing. One I couldn't help but think about all the time - Chelsea. This was the time that I was going to feel her absence more than anything. It looked as if she was still here, and I could feel her whenever memories of both of us flooded my mind - her favorite chair, the way she enjoyed those tasty lasagnas... all were hard to forget.

  Mum walked in few minutes later so she could check up on me. And I had promise me that she and dad were going to be all right when I'm gone.

  The search for James' body was still ongoing, and I was starting to wonder if he was really dead, or he just went into hiding or such. I didn't want him bothering my life ever again, and wished he wouldn't try coming close to me— or even try thinking of harming me.

  I also promised myself never to go back to my old ways but to be that girl daddy and mommy have always wanted.

☆ TBC ☆


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  Okay, I'm kind of having a hard time creating this story, with the ideas and everything coming in bits... unlike before. I just noticed. I don't know if it's because of the loss or what, but I'm still shaken from it. I wanted to take a week off, but I realized that I won't be doing any good if I did that, because of the people that are reading. This time of year have been really... really bad, I must say. But with God, I know we can overcome anything... no matter the situation.

   May the souls of the departed rest in perfect peace. Amen.

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Re: MY CAMPUS LIFE: A Love Gone Wrong {18+ AN EMOTIONAL STORY TO READ} by Ciara9251(f): 2:01pm On Dec 27, 2020

  It was time for me to get going. Dad kept on insisting that he drove me to school, but I made a strong objection about it, stating I was going to take the public bus like every normal adult. Kissing mum goodbye, I headed out, pulling my luggage behind as I got into dad's car. He was going to take me to where I'd catch the first bus out of Henson. I was really going to miss Henson, and was also glad the drama was over.

   This was going to be my first public bus adventure, and I couldn't wait to experience it. Though it turned out not like I had imagined it to be, with the bus itself, reeking of human sweat, and the not-so-accomodating smell of rotten fish. The beautiful scenery outside made me forget all about the pungent smell anyway, as the tall buildings caught my attention.

  We got to Fitchburg after six hours on being on the road, and I flagged down a cab that'll take me straight to Campbell.

  "Oh, Trish. You're back." Daphne's jolly voice rolled in as she rushed towards me.

  I embraced her warmly and pulled away. I was wondering if she knew I regained my memory. And, just as though she had read my mind, she said,

  "Oh, Phil told me everything. I'm so happy the amnesia later cleared out." She hugged me again, getting her hands much tighter around me this time.

  She helped me pack in, and I got to know that she'd be staying in the same room with me all through the semester.

  Joan and Karen were no more Campbell students. I was glad to have known that Karen won't be bothering my life with her unpleasant ways... not to talk about that girlfriend of hers.

  As I was unpacking, I noticed the bracelet Phil had given me wasn't on my wrist. I became panic-stricken from the thought of losing something so dear, as I began searching for it frantically, hoping it wasn't lost for good.

  Daphne also helped as she looked outside while I looked inside, leaving no bed unturned. My heart kept beating nonstop as I thought about how Philip would react when he got to know about it. Just the first time I try to make something last... it disappears, I kept pacing as millions of thoughts ran through my mind.

  Daphne came in after, only to announce that she didn't find it anywhere. I was so saddened, and I concluded that it was gone for good.

  Under the bed, rang a voice in my head.

  "Under the bed?" I repeated, knowing I hadn't seen it there when I searched for it. It can't possibly be under the bed, I reluctantly got on my knees and bent to look. "My bracelet!" I shouted on seeing it.

  "You found it?" Daphne hurried to my side as I got up with it, the dangling chain suspended in the air.

  "Mmm-hmm." I nodded as I wore it back on.

  The soft creaking of the door came, making Daphne and I turn around, as a girl clad in a pink polka dot gown came walking in, uninvited.

  "Who are you?" Our question came simultaneously as a mischievous grin broke out on her lips.

  "Your worst nightmare!"


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Re: MY CAMPUS LIFE: A Love Gone Wrong {18+ AN EMOTIONAL STORY TO READ} by Ciara9251(f): 3:51pm On Dec 27, 2020

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Re: MY CAMPUS LIFE: A Love Gone Wrong {18+ AN EMOTIONAL STORY TO READ} by Ideadoctor(m): 4:34pm On Dec 27, 2020
I like giving advice to people like Tricia, they find it difficult to hold emotions, and they get confused easily.....weldone Ciara9251...more please

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Re: MY CAMPUS LIFE: A Love Gone Wrong {18+ AN EMOTIONAL STORY TO READ} by AntiBalogunodua: 4:59pm On Dec 27, 2020
I like giving advice to people like Tricia, they find it difficult to hold emotions, and they get confused easily.....weldone Ciara9251...more please
Re: MY CAMPUS LIFE: A Love Gone Wrong {18+ AN EMOTIONAL STORY TO READ} by Ciara9251(f): 9:09pm On Dec 28, 2020

  We burst out laughing at her ridiculous villainy entrance.

  "What's funny?" She asked.

And with shoulders shrugged, and lips not moving, we ignored her and went back to what we were doing.

  "She's a weird girl, I must say." Daphne whispered to me.

  "I know, right?" I glanced over my shoulders. "Just take a look at her outfit." I mocked, "So not classy at all."

  "Uh, I can still hear you two, you know that?"

  I turned to face her. "And so what if you are?"

  "Trish -" Daphne struck her elbow in my ribs.

  "Ahem! Sorry." I faked a smile and brought my head down.

  "So, um, who are you?"

  "Natalie - " She replied. "Natalie Allen." She said in full, and walked towards us with her right hand stretched out.

  I made no move of shaking her suspended hand as Daphne brought hers on it, shaking it delightedly.

"Pleasure meeting you,"

  I rubbed my chin with thoughts, pondering on her last name. It sure sounds pretty familiar. I clasped my fingers together and looked up at her again. "So, um, what was that entrance speech you made? You shooting a movie or something?!"

  "Trish!" Daphne poked me again.

  "What?!" I asked with arms stretched.

  "Do you have to be bitchy all the time?" She said in a low tone that sounded more like she was scolding me.

  "I only asked, you know?" I twisted my lips as the new girl's noisy laugh filled the room.

  "But seriously, what was that about?" Daphne folded her arms as she asked.

Her sudden moves got me grinning inwardly. "Have you suddenly gone deaf?" My mean side sprang up again.

  "Oh, you guys are one funny peeps." She teased annoyingly, and tossed her back on the bed - not just any bed, but mine!

  "Oh, you gotta be kidding me!"

  "You ain't seen nothing, hon." She chuckled madly as the door came open again, revealing a full grown man.

  "Hey, honey. You left this."

  Daphne and I gasped at the sudden recognition of who it was.


  "Daddy?!" We both exclaimed, watching as the tiny waist girl embraced the black-suited man.

  "Are you seeing what I'm seeing?"

  "Oh, I'm seeing it, sis." I replied, still in shock. "Mr. Wane's actually here," I tried to hold myself from losing balance.

  "Who knew they were of the same blood?" We talked amidst ourselves as the professor and his daughter walked towards us.

  "I see you've met my daughter."

  "Yes, daddy. They have." Natalie answered.

  Oh, she's such a nosy-parker, I scowled inside, not catching the rest of Mr. Wane's words.

  "Okay , girls. I'll be going now."

  "Awe. Why don't you stay some more, daddy?"

  We watched as the two exited the room to our relieve, and the door slammed shut.
  "Awe. Why don't you stay some more, daddy?" I mimicked, and the two of us began laughing. "She's such an actress." I said.

  "Oh, you'd better believe it now."

  The new girl was a big problem to us. She'd bring in dozens of her friends into our room, and wouldn't respect anyone's privacy. She'd nag all the time, leave her clothes hanging on all corners, and would sometimes leave the door open for rats and all kinds of things to come crawling in. It's a good thing our hostel was free of rats, else our room would have been their headquarters. Her attitude was getting really out of hand, and it seemed she was on a mission to frustrate our lives.

  "grin, she has got to go!" I said to Daphne one day.

  "I know, right? I could barely sleep last night... not with all the noise." She complained, the sleepiness in her eyes not hidden.

  "Me either." I yawned also, the thought of having a good night sleep making me yearn for it so bad.

  "But there isn't anything we can do." Daphne sighed. "Her Dad's the Vice Chancellor's younger brother... and our lecturer as at that." She reminded once again.

  "But it's gotten too much. I can't even feel my butt." I rubbed my backside with tiredness, not forgetting to give a wince.

  "Guess we'll just have to bear it." She sighed again.

  "Another semester... another trouble." I sighed alongside and looked to where my phone was.

  "I think someone's calling you." Daphne alerted as the light shone almost immediately.

  I stretched my hand and took it up, a name I never expected to see shining brightly on it. He's finally come to his senses, I grinned and swiped the answer button. "Hello."


Tricia's always got the boys on her side. I wonder how she does it.

"Mm-hmm. Uh-huh. I see. So you're not mad anymore? That's good. Great, great. See you then."

I couldn't help but stare as she went on with whosoever that was calling. What's so special about this girl that makes Philip love her? That makes him choose her over me? It just doesn't make any sense. I should be the one with him and not her! He doesn't deserve her. He doesn't at all. I gritted as my fist tightened downward. She bid the caller goodbye and looked back at me, as I relaxed my face again, a fake smile concealing my emotions.

"So, um, where were we?"

"We were talking about how to get rid of her...?"

"Wachow, people. Guess who's back?" Natalie's voice brought me to a stop.

"Great! Her Royal Empress is back." I said in a sarcastic tone, and muttered to myself. I wonder what she's got in store for today.

"Guess you jolly bees missed momma."

"Oh, please. I'd rather miss a caterpillar than you." Tricia snorted at her words.

Never for once did I like her. Her attitude was becoming unbearable, and was left with no choice but to let it roll off my back. She had stepped over me many times than I could count—first taking my man from me... and, my popularity which meant everything to me. I've never been so dragged down until she came in. It's all her fault I lost everything—everything I'd ever worked for! And now, I was going to make sure that I got them all back... if it's the last thing I'd do!

☆ TBC ☆


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Re: MY CAMPUS LIFE: A Love Gone Wrong {18+ AN EMOTIONAL STORY TO READ} by Ciara9251(f): 12:29pm On Dec 29, 2020

  And, with shoulders shrugged > take note ✔.
  And so what if you can?
  If it's the last thing I do > There, there ❤❤❤


  Derek came to see Tricia the day after. He felt sorry for shutting her out all through the holiday after hearing all she had passed through, without him knowing all this time. He apologized for everything, and she forgave him knowing it wasn't his fault.
  But the latter knew that she had to focus on her studies this time, and not just on the two boys. What happened between her and   James was a big lesson she would never forget—though she had learnt it the hard way.

  She was determined to make things right now, and promised herself that she wouldn't let anything get in her way... all through her stay in Campbell.

  Back at home, a big storm was coming on. Mr. Parker had just read his wife's diary, and now he feels she is hiding something from him—something she didn't want him knowing of, getting him suspicious. He had found the diary lying right next to his business book up on Tricia's shelf. And just as he was taking up the brown-cover book, the diary fell... and out came a white paper, which had caught his gaze.

  He knew the handwriting on it was no different from his wife's, so this made him anxious, and got him picking it up so he would know what it contained.

  A name he had never expected to see got goosebumps all over him as his throat went dry at that moment. He read the words all over, leaving no line unread, and his heart felt as though it had just been pricked with a needle, as he gnashed and tore the paper into shreds—tossed the shredded piece into the wastebasket, and left the room, heartbroken.


  Raymond still hasn't come back home. It's so unlike him. I paced up and down the living room with uneasiness, as I feared that something bad had happened to my husband. I couldn't understand why he would leave me in this panicked state without a phone call or even a message that he won't be coming home. It's being two days—has he lost track of time? Or has something bad happen to him? The negative voice kept ringing in my head, getting me more worried.

  "Oh, God. Please save my husband." I prayed as the sound of the door got me beaming with smiles.

  "Ma'am. Ma'am. Ma'am."

  My forehead wrinkled on seeing my housekeeper. "Josephine, what is this? Why did you have to barge in like that?"

  "Aunt, is uncle," She panted heavily as I gaped at her, confused.

  "A-and what about him?"


  "He what? Josephine, speak up?!" I ordered frustratedly, with anxiety get control of me.

  "Uncle Raymond's being involved in an accident."

  "My husband?!" I shouted at that instant. "Y-you mean my Raymond?" I didn't know what to do as my heart felt heavy on hearing the news. I pulled my car keys out from under the table and rushed out the door, towards the garage.

  I got my hand on the door of the first car my eyes came upon, and I got it open and got in, Josephine getting in alongside.

  All I thought about was Raymond, and prayed that nothing happened to him, else I would die.

  I've been so harsh on him these past few months, I thought bitterly, feeling really sorry for making it seem like he wasn't wanted. If he'll ever be able to get out of this, I promise to make things right—I promise, I sniffed as the thought of my husband being in a bad condition brought tears to my eyes.

  I asked my housekeeper how she had gotten to know, and she replied, "A newscaster had reported an incident on Milton street," She said, "The plate number which was on the car was no different from uncle's." She added, "Was at Jaylen's house then."

  "Hold on. Did you say Milton?" I checked the GPS to be sure. "We're almost there." I looked at her and fixed my eyes on the road.

  The scene was already packed, with men in uniform securing the perimeter. It really is his car, I recognized, though in its awful state.

  Josephine and I came down from the car as we saw a man being taken into the ambulance.

  Raymond! I shouted and rushed towards the ambulance, as one of the cops blocked me from getting closer.

  "That's my husband, officer. Please let me through." I cried so bad, and he let me, making me able to get into the ambulance where Raymond was placed.

  "Raymond, Raymond, please stay with me. Raymond. Raymond, please don't leave me. Don't leave me!"

  "Ma'am, please stay here—" came a lady's voice.

  I couldn't tell who she was as my vision was blurred from too much crying. "That's my husband," I insisted on going in. "That's my husband!"

  "Trust us, ma'am. We'll do all that we can to save your husband."

  Her words were not enough to console me, or even stop my tears from flowing. I watched as Raymond was taken into the theatre as the door came shut.



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Re: MY CAMPUS LIFE: A Love Gone Wrong {18+ AN EMOTIONAL STORY TO READ} by Ideadoctor(m): 12:58pm On Dec 29, 2020
weldone Ciara,I am learning new styles from your work,I must say you have done a wonderful work so far,more ink to your pen

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Re: MY CAMPUS LIFE: A Love Gone Wrong {18+ AN EMOTIONAL STORY TO READ} by Ciara9251(f): 9:07am On Dec 30, 2020
weldone Ciara,I am learning new styles from your work,I must say you have done a wonderful work so far,more ink to your pen

Aww, thank you so much, dear. I really appreciate.
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I like giving advice to people like Tricia, they find it difficult to hold emotions, and they get confused easily.....weldone Ciara9251...more please
kissThank you, dear. I really appreciate. U dnt know what this means to me kiss
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EPISODE 34 & 35


  I've been having this odd feeling ever since. It seemed like something wasn't right, but I didn't know what it was.
  I picked up my phone from my bag and dialed my mum's number. Her voice rolled in at the third dial, and it got me worried because it sounded different.
  "Mum. Mum, why is your voice like this?" I asked inquisitively.
  It came again, and I knew she was hiding something. And was trying to conceal it so I wouldn't find out.
  "Mum, please tell me. Did something happen?" I asked again.
  And she said, "No, baby. Everything's all right." her voice trembled.
  I could tell she was lying. Her voice alone gave her out. Mum always had this jolly kind of voice, but now it sounded as if she and dad had just had a fight.
  When will they stop?
  "Um, baby, how are you? Are you doing okay?"
  I heard her sniff on the phone, and it got me really worried.
  "Mum, are you really sure you're okay?"
  "Yes, hon. Mommy's okay." she replied, assuring me.
  But I wasn't still satisfied. I had to go see for myself, and was going to pay them a surprised visit.
  We spoke some more and she ended the call, assuring me that she'd call to again.
  All this time I forgot I was still at Philip's.
  I couldn't quite catch the kind of relationship we had. Were we best friends? Were we not best friends? Normal friends? I just didn't understand the mutuality.
  I wanted more than just being friends, but it looked as if he wasn't interested in the whole relationship stuff, so I didn't bother pressing the issue.
  He asked me if everything was all right, and I gave a nod instead, not wanting to bother him about anything.
  Things were becoming pretty awkward between us, especially with him going solo.
  I didn't want to have him panicking over anything that had to do with me, and I certainly didn't bother about telling him, either.
  He's got his own issues, so I rather not add to it.

  The next day I decided to go back to Henson, just to be sure everyone was okay. I got home, only for our housekeepers to break the bad news to me about my dad being hospitalized.
  Having Josie take me to the hospital, we went straight off, and was able to locate the private room as we found him, still not awake.
   Mum was no where to be found. And I wondered where she had gone to, and also why she had chosen to lie to me about my father being admitted.
  My heart felt heavy looking at him lying unconscious, and I couldn't help but sob at the sight; his once smooth skin now pale.
  Why did this have to happen? Why did it have to be Dad? I kept asking myself, with no one giving answer to my questions.
  Mum came in some minutes later, and was surprised to see me. She moved quickly towards me, and got her arms wrapped around me, though shakily. I needed to be just there—her arms... which I've always longed to be...
  This shouldn't be happening to our family. Dad shouldn't be in this condition. I cried endlessly, looking to where he laid as the sound that came from the machine, drowned out the sound of my cry.

  Mum had me go back to school that same day. I got back to Marionette, my mind still not at ease, as I kept on calling, and hoping dad would regain consciousness at the same time.
  Two days passed, and there was still no sign of my mum calling. I tried calling her several times but she left my calls hanging, or sometimes had them on voicemail. I was starting to get really worried, and I grew sick in the process, knowing mum was still yet to call—and even if she did get to, she wouldn't tell me anything, which she knew got me crazy!
  The thought of dad ran through my mind all morning, and even in class, I couldn't take my mind off of him. I prayed constantly for my old man, with hope that he'd be back on his feet before the week comes to an end.

  "Tricia, there's something you need to know."
  I looked at Daphne in an odd way, noticing the sad expression on her face.
  I got alarmed by it and dropped my bag on the floor. "What's wrong?" I moved closer, anxious to hear what she was going to say.
  She made no utterances but embraced me, her heart beating wildly, as though she had run up a flight of stairs, twice.
  I stood dazed for a minute, not knowing what to say—as she released the four words that turned my world upside down!



  "What did you say?" I staggered backwards, not believing any of it.
  "No, you're lying. I said you're lying!" I shouted on top of my voice, pointing at her. "How dare you say such a thing? Who are you to throw such at me?! Who are you?!"
  "Tricia, calm down..."
  "Don't tell me to calm down! No! No! My dad can't be dead. My daddy's not dead!"
  "Tricia, please..."
  "Let me go! Let me go! I want to see my daddy. I want to see my daddy. My dad can't be dead. My dad can't be dead! Please let me go. Let me go!"
  My roommate clung to me as I went on. My Dad can't be gone. He can't be! He promised to always be there for me. He promised to never leave me! Why did he have to let go? Why did he have to...?


I felt sorry for Tricia, and at the same time happy about what she was going through. It wasn't fair to her but I couldn't care any less about how she felt.
  This is just the beginning of your pain, Tricia Parker! You haven't seen anything! I chuckled inwardly, a grin getting a hold of my lips. You wouldn't know what hit you, until it does!


  I was having a hard time coping with the memory of dad still fresh in mind. I missed him, that I could never stop saying, but I had to stay focus and be that girl he's always wanted—the strong, daring girl he's always looked forward to seeing.
  Our home was never the same without him, but the thought of him being at peace got me moving.
  I never really thought that I'd be spending this year's Christmas without him—without he and I setting up the Christmas tree and lighting up the house with Christmas lights, as our tradition made it be.
  "I miss you, daddy. I miss you so much." I cried into my pillow, with his picture held close to my bosom.


  "There! You place your sand into the bucket. Turn it over like this—and poof! Our castle is ready!"
  "Yay! We have a castle—Mommy, come see."
  "Awe. Isn't that cute?"
  "It sure is, mommy. Daddy taught me how to make it."
  "Mm, I see you two are having a fun time together."
  "Yes, mommy."
  "Now, who's daddy and mommy's little munchkin."
  "I am!"
  "That's our little girl!"

  "Trish. Honey, wake up?"
  "Mm? Dad, is still early."
  "Baby, it's me."
  I yanked up, realizing it was my mum. "Mum?"
  "Baby, you have to eat."
  "I'm not hungry." I said drowsily, and laid back down.
  "Come on, Tricia. You have to eat."
  "I'm not hungry, Mum... really." I yawned tiredly and let go of the picture, as my mum picked it up.
  "He was a fine young man, your dad." she smiled faintly, and lowered the pic. "I wish he was here with us." she sniffed, making me realize that she's been crying.
  "I wish so, too, Mum." I sat upright, having the urge to hug her.
  I wasn't the only one having a hard time moving on, and I knew mum needed no other person than me.
  Countless times she had blamed herself for being the cause of his death. And most times she'd cry all night, getting herself locked up in her room—to the extent I feared that something bad was going to happen to her, when I'm gone.
  I couldn't leave her in this state. Even though she insisted that I went back to school. I wanted to be with her, to be there for her, and to keep her strong. This year has been one awful one, and I certainly couldn't wait for it to be all over.

  Dear Diary,
  This year has been really... really bad for me—so bad that I can't help but wonder how I have been able to push through. Well, I can say that it's always being God, because without Him, I'd have being dead by now. It's few weeks to Christmas, and I still don't know how it would be. Mum's probably not cooking her special Christmas dishes this time around, not with dad gone—and me... well, I'm thinking of spending my own Christmas at Campbell, and not have to go back to all that past memories that'd get you weeping. Why, I have to go now. I bet Derek's already waiting downstairs.

  "Hey, Trish."
  "Hi, hi. What brings you here?"
  My teeth clenched at the stupid question I had asked. Of course he's here to see me. What else?
  My mind went talking again...
  "You weren't crying this time, were you?"
  I gave a 'no' for an answer, which I knew was a total lie—or not!
  "Just a teardrop, I could say." came my teasingly answer, though true.
  "So how are you? Are you feeling any better?" He asked as we walked to the bench.
  Instead of telling him how I really felt at that moment, I chose not to—not because I didn't want us talking about it, but because I wanted it to be with Phil.
  Philip should be the one here, I told myself. He should be the one I was letting out my emotions to, but it seemed my emotional side wasn't cooperating—as I found myself letting all that I felt to Derek. What am I doing? Did I just have my arms wrapped around Derek?
  "Stop crying. You're hurting me by doing that." Derek's soft voice got me still.
  I felt safe in his arms. And I hoped that he wouldn't take them off, or let go... in anyway.

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Well done
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   "She's such a trollop."

  "My God! What a slut!

  "Who knew she could lead the poor guy on?"

  Lead the poor guy on? Why are they all looking at me like that? I walked to my seat, feeling nervous about being the topic of the class.

  Why were they doing that? It's not as if I killed someone, I thought with twisted lips as I took my seat at the usual place.

  I looked around for Philip and Daphne. And was relieved when I found them walking towards me.

  They're holding hands. Why are they holding hands? I winced at the sight, a feeling of jealousy sweeping over me like a wave.

  "Hi, hi, girlie." Daphne greeted.

  "H-hi." came my shaky response.

  Eyes moving to Philip, I expected him to say something—but he said nothing, and excused himself.

  Was he mad at me? I knew not.

  But Daphne's chuckle got me surprised. "What's funny?" I asked.

  "Cos you're all over the internet." the boy by my side broke in.

  "All over the internet?" I gasped, fixing my gaze on him. "What do you mean that I'm all over the internet?"

Daphne chuckled again, and walked off, like Philip had done.

Why are they all acting weird? Why is everyone acting weird?

I looked to where Philip was, as his expression was one that I couldn't understand. Why couldn't he just tell me what was going on? I wondered.

  "Here." the whiskey brown-haired boy said to me, getting his laptop in front of me.

"And what am I supposed to do with this?"

He gave no reply, but went back to writing in his notebook.

Gluing my eyes reluctantly on the screen, I was taken aback by what I saw. "What the hell?!" I exclaimed, holding the laptop closely.

"Where did you get this?" I asked rhetorically, knowing the answer already.

  I brought my eyes back on the screen and read the headline again, this time rolling them repeatedly, in a bid to digest the words.


Multiple men? The last two words struck me so hard. Why would someone accuse me in this way? What have I done to deserve such?

Tears trickled down my cheeks as I took the laptop off me.

I didn't bother reading the rest of it, as I rushed out of class, down the hallway, and into the bathroom... I went.

I wasn't ready to talk to anyone, especially not Philip. I couldn't believe he actually thought I was capable of doing that—when I've never been with any man—well, except James.

I gritted on remembering James. It can't possibly be him, can it? He's been long gone, I consoled myself with the thought.

I couldn't come to a conclusion, so I was left with no choice but to waved it off, and get back to my normal self!

Tricia never lets anyone step on her, I said. So why would she now? I grinned and walked back to class, not minding the prying eyes lay in wait.

I also didn't care if Philip wasn't talking to me. One thing I knew, was that I wasn't going to talk to him, either—some childish attitude he's got!

"So you mean to tell me that some dufus made your name go viral? I mean, he didn't, like see any other reasonable thing to do?"

I laughed as Derek went on. "A dufus indeed." I agreed on it.

I loved the way Derek made things sound hilarious—and the way he made me smile.

Who knew we would be best of friends one day? I would say, when I looked back at the time we were at each other's throat.

I was glad to know that at least I had someone who believed me, unlike some!

"So, what do you say we talk about us?"

"Us?" I repeated, not so sure if I had heard right.

"Yes, us." he affirmed.

Oh, sweet Lord. I hope today isn't the day? My tummy tightened as I held on to it. "So... uh, I don't know..."

"Tricia, please."

"Derek, I don't think we can do this."

He got his hand on mine, and brought his head closer. "No, no. I'm not insisting that you give me a reply now."

"Good." I heaved a sigh.

"But," his fingers came up as he spoke. "You are gonna do something for me."

"Something like what?" My heart skipped, anxious brows arching up. What thing is he talking about now?

"Just wait."

I pouted my lips as I waited for him to get out whatever thing he was searching for in his right pocket.

"Close your eyes," he demanded.

And I made no objection.

His breath came upon me as I felt something around my neck —something not so different from a—

"For you,"

I got my eyes open eagerly and looked down, a shiny new necklace embracing my view.

"Oh my gosh. It's so pretty." I blushed at the sight, and ran my fingertips on the inscription below.

"T as in...?"

"Tricia!" he completed the words as I couldn't help but feel loved at that moment. "Put this on for me, will you?"

"I will. It's so pretty. And shiny, too." I said admirably, not taking my hand off the jewelry.

"I knew you'd love it."

"Oh, I so do. Thank you."

"No, thank you." he smiled.

"For what? I didn't even give you any present."

A chuckle escaped his lips as he said, "You needn't give me anything—because our friendship is the one gift I'll always cherish."



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This is a lovely piece. Fascinating, Captivating, Emotional & Suspense filled. Nice one. Please do keep it up

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  Tricia's always been the one that captured my heart, but she couldn't see it. And I've always not been the one who could walk up to a girl and let out my feelings just like that.

  It was becoming more of a torture to me, and I couldn't take it anymore.

  I loved Tricia, but I wasn't sure if she felt the same way for me.

  Right from childhood, I've always had a crush on her—the rich bratty kid whose parents never let her out. Though I didn't understand why they called her the bratty kid, as she seemed nice, I still didn't let it get my hatred on.

  Tricia could be extreme, I knew. But when you get to know her, you'd love her kind of person.

   She ran through my mind all day, as I couldn't get my mind off her. I couldn't help but wish that things were going to be easier than they looked, and hoped that one day she'd come to accept me.



  Am I developing feelings for Derek? Oh, no! No, I can't—I can't let that happen.

  "Guess who's back?"

  I turned around on hearing Daphne's voice. Daphne! I glared, making toward her.

  "What?!" she asked with arms spread.

  "Don't act all innocent. You're quite aware."

  "Wait a minute. Why are you so mad at me?" she asked, with eyes bulged outward.

  "Daphne, you've changed. You have changed so much! What happened to you?"

  She jeered at my words. "Oh, look at you. You just say anything that comes to your mind. Not bad." she shrugged, and walked to her bed.

  I clenched my fists, furious that she was finding everything funny.

  How could she change so fast? How was I never able to see her true colours?

  I never really wanted to think she was the one behind it, but she's giving me reasons to go on suspecting her—

  "Do you still love Philip?" I asked suddenly, not thinking it through.

  "Love?" she turned around, a smirk seated comfortably on her lips. "Oh, friend." she chuckled, her fingers lifted to her mouth.

  "Well, are you in love with him?"

  "Why, yes. Oh, he didn't tell you?" she gasped intentionally.

  "Tell me what?"

  "That he and I are back together." she spilled the beans.

  "You're lying!"

  "Of course not," she shook her head. "Why don't you ask him yourself? Besides, you're the one always throwing yourself all over him cheaply." she mocked. "Well, I got no time for cheap sluts like you. You can have fun interrogating the air." she cackled, and walked out on me, with her head raised.

  Philip's been playing me? He's been playing me all this time! I realized, feeling miserable and hurt. No! No, it can't be. He wouldn't do that. He wouldn't do anything to hurt my feelings. I know him. Phil will never do that to me. He'll never do that—

  I sobbed endlessly, for the one person I had gotten to love ended up hurting me...

  "Phil, why didn't you tell me that you and Daphne were dating?"

  I got no reply.


  "Because I knew you'd get hurt!" he shot back.

  "And you chose to lie to me? How's that any better?"

  "Trish, please..."

  "Oh, there's no please here, MacKenny. You lied to me! Don't my feelings mean anything to you?"

  "Trish, please let's not do this right now..."

  "I want to do it."

  "Trish, just go. Go, please."

  "Now you're asking me to leave?" I clasped my hands together, not believing he was the one throwing such words at me.

  "Yes, Tricia. Please!"

  I felt hurt hearing him say that. I couldn't believe that this day would come—the day that I'd have to give Philip up.

  I wasn't ready for anything, but he gave me no choice!

  I wanted where I'd get my mind at ease, and forget all that had happened. I thought of no other person than Derek. Talking with him would make me feel better, I sniffed. He would make me feel better.

  I took the first cab I saw straight to his hostel... and luckily, he was there.


  "Oh, Derek." I rushed into his arms the moment the door came open.

  "Hmm. What's the matter?"

  "Kiss me!" I said.

  "I'm sorry, what?"

  "I said kiss me." I waited no more as I pressed my lips against his, making him unable to object.

  He pulled away, staring into my eyes, as he pulled me in and closed the door.

  He brought his lips on mine, more willing this time around, as his tongue lightly swept between my lips; his warm, soft lips nicely pressed to mine.

  A soft moan escaped from within me in response to how he was making me feel. My body craved him as the tidal wave of lust churned within me, my primal needs now awaken—



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  For the bonus story, "MY GOD LIVETH"
, feel free to check it out please. It's such an amazing one.

  For the errors and mistakes caused by fast typing, you guys will have to bear with me cos I really can't proofread them all, not until I get an editor. So, I guess the story will be like that for now.

  Oh, and a HAPPY NEW YEAR to all of you.


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This is a lovely piece. Fascinating, Captivating, Emotional & Suspense filled. Nice one. Please do keep it up

Aww, thank you. Thank u so much.

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cheesy cheesy cheesy
Re: MY CAMPUS LIFE: A Love Gone Wrong {18+ AN EMOTIONAL STORY TO READ} by YungTemy(m): 12:12pm On Jan 02

Aww, thank you. Thank u so much.

You're most welcome

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   We made love.

  Who knew that would happen?

  Derek and I... together? I certainly would have laughed if it was said...

  That day, I had loved the way he made me feel—the way his body moved in rhythm with mine, with his lips working magic on me; the erotic sensation of his flesh against my tongue quickening my pulses.

  "Love me—" I muttered many times than I could count, not wanting to pull away.

  I remembered telling him that I loved him, even though I wasn't sure if I really did.

  It didn't matter anyway. Using him to fill a void Philip had left? That didn't matter, either, as I wanted him to love me back...to satisfy my flaring desire!

  "Do you regret doing this?"

  My fingers stilled hearing him ask. "No." I replied coldly. I raised my head up to look at the clock on the wall. "I should go." The time it struck got me alarmed.

  I stirred and got my naked body out of his arms, making to stand as he held me. "Thank you," his melodious voice rang as the warm breeze blew.

  I nodded and turned, pulled my lips into a smile, and got up fully, so I could get dressed.

  "Where have you been?"

  "Excuse me?"

   What a pest I've got! I cursed inwardly, trying not to show my disdain. "Why are you asking me that?"

  "Was worried." she got her arms folded and left for her bed.

  You are so getting on my nerves, Daphne Martinez! I gritted.

  "Hey, Trish," a girlish voice rang behind me, its sound... coupled with the door coming to a shut, getting me fully aware.

  "Hey!" I said sharply and uttered nothing again.
  I walked to the bathroom, her eyebrows furrowed in suspicion as I slammed the door, not looking back!

  Daphne's situation was really getting out of hand, I thought, half worried, half annoyed. What could have brought about her recent attitude? It's so not like her! I couldn't help but think.

  I was starting to feel uncomfortable being with her, and was having second thoughts about her moving in with me.

  I had gotten over the fact that Philip wasn't mine, and was happy to know that I still had someone to cheer me up.

  The week we ought to have gone home, I stayed back, the Christmas spirit not being all that merry for me—it wasn't all that nice being the only one not celebrating Christmas, but what was I to do?

  It was better off celebrating Christmas alone... than going home to an awful, painful memory!

  The subject, like every other holiday passed, and a whole new year came knocking.

  I had my new year resolution all set, and was glad to know that it won't be long before Sophomore year flew in.

  The college students no longer talked behind my back, and even my popularity still stood.

  I was determined to make daddy proud, and I wondered what his reaction would be if he got to know about my little secret, which I was so eager to tell mum about—



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What do you think the secret is?


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You're most welcome

Anytime kiss

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I called mum later at night and told her all about my relationship with Derek. I didn't want to keep anything from her this time. I didn't want anything going wrong.

"Well, what about Philip, baby?" she asked. "Are you two quarreling or something?"

I sighed, not wanting to talk about it. "Mum, he's fine." I answered with a shrug. "Well, how about you? Are you doing okay?"

Her voice ceased as I expected her to say something.


"I'm fine, honey. Momma's just fine."

"Lucille. Where should I drop this?" a voice rang in almost immediately, getting me alarmed.

"Who's with you, Mom?" I asked with suspicion, wondering why it sounded familiar.

"Oh, baby. I gotta go now."


"I'll explain later. Trust me." she spoke hurriedly and hung up on me.

I was surprised by it. Mom's never in a hurry. Why, unless she's got something doing? "Something's up!" I snapped my fingers, not letting go of the thought.

I picked up my book and soon began reading. Not long after, I slept off—this time having a dream about my father.

"Tell your mother that I'm coming home. Home. Home—" his words echoed around me, though I wasn't seeing anyone.

What was Dad trying to tell me? I kept on asking, wishing he could explain to me. Can the dead really come back? Is there another world that I do not know of?

I wasn't one who believed in the supernatural world, but this got me curious.

I stopped asking questions and focused on the reality in front of me. I had to let things not bother me, but to get over the nostalgia that I was feeling instead.

If mum was moving on already, she would have told me. She can't move on that fast, I shrugged the feeling off and got up from where I laid.

The rumbling in my stomach reminded me of the sandwich that I had left in the rack. So, I made for it and grabbed ahold of the plate where it laid—swiftly taking it out, with so much hunger, making me unable to resist its appealing looks, though I knew the taste would not be as it were.

I sank my teeth into it, humming as I took a bite out, and savored the taste. "Not bad!" I took another bite out, this time coming to a stop.

"Oh, this is bad." I burped, my hands placed on my stomach.

I made to stand, unable to do so at a try—staggering backwards as I fell, my mouth giving way for a frozen scream to come out, the burning pain I felt paralyzing me from head to toe.

I wanted to get back up but doing so made it worse. My breathing was starting to get heavier, and I made effort to gasp as doing so brought no good.

I saw myself on the brink of death, the felt of something murky gushing out of me. "Ahhh!" I groaned in pains, feeling it run down my legs as it came into sight.

"Trish—" I heard a voice.

Someone was clearly calling out to me but I couldn't in anyway stand.

"Will my daughter be okay, doctor? Why isn't she awake yet? Mrs. Parker asked with worry.

She clasped her daughter's hand, leaning closer to place her chin on it, as the hope of her daughter waking up soon, got her mind at ease.

"She'll be fine." the doctor assured. "It was only the baby in her womb that was affected."

She swallowed hard, wondering why her daughter would think of committing an abortion.

She remembered the doctor's words: Your daughter had taken some really hard pills, ma'am.

"What pills?" she had asked.

He explained everything to her as she stared in shock, still not believing any of it.

"To kill a young one in utero?" she gasped. "That doesn't sound like my Tricia at all!" she found it so hard believing him. She didn't raise her daughter to be a killer. Why would she think of doing such a thing?! her fingers trembled at the thought.

It's a good thing her roommate found her, if not—" the doctor stopped, his head moving in a way it sent frightening signals to her.

Tricia's thumb wiggled slightly on her mother's palms, the latter's beating like a drum—and at the same time beating with delight.

"Mommy?" the sound of her daughter's voice got her face into a warm smile.

"Hi, baby." she said, and with a kiss on her knuckles, brought her head closer even more.

"Mommy, what am I doing here?" the sick girl made to sit upright as her mother held her back.

"You should rest, my dear. Mommy's here now." her mother's soothing voice got her at ease.

The doctor excused himself and left to tend to the other patients. Both mother and daughter talked, the former asking the latter if anywhere ached—an uncertain reply gotten in return.

"I think my tummy still hurts." she winced at the sensation that her lower abdomen kept giving.

Tricia was curious to know what had happened to her. Memories of the previous day moved in in bits, the leftover sandwich she had eaten last, making her remember the sudden pain that had accompanied it.

"The sandwich!" she cried.

"What sandwich?" asked her mother, who was taken aback by her sudden yell.

"Mum, I had this sandwich, like, um—" she came to a stop, raising a brow at her mother. "How long have I been here?" she asked, rolling her eyes around the room once again.

"Just since yesterday." her mother replied.

"Yesterday?" she panicked. "I've been here since yesterday?" she looked down to know what she was wearing, the blue hospital wear getting her even shocked.

"Mum, you really mean that I've been here since yesterday?" she repeated her question, rolling her eyes repeatedly.

"Well, yes." her mother sighed.

She bit her bottom lip and sighed too—hers not as relieving as her mothers'. "So," she began, "I had taken a bite out of this sandwich." she got her mother listening again. "I was about taking another, when I felt a sharp pain cut across my abdomen." she winced at the feeling. "Oh no! No, no, no!" she gasped, remembering the last thing she had seen before her eyes got closed. The blood, what did it mean? her heart raced.

"You were with a child, Tricia," her mum made up her mind to say. "I mean, how did you let that happen? And why the hell did you get rid of it?"

"A-a child?" she sat stunned "I-I was carrying a baby inside of me?" her words felt heavy in her mouth.

"Do not play dumb here, young lady!" her mother warned. "You promised you were never going to do anything on the contrary with that boyfriend of yours! How could you break that promise?!"

"Mum—" she tried to calm—but poor Tricia couldn't tell that there was no calming down, with her mother knowing all that had happened!

"You know what, Trish? You and I are gonna have a chat when we get home! And you are never going to see that boy ever again!"

"But mum...!"

"Don't!" she let go of her hand and turned to leave.

"Mum, please hear me out. We didn't mean to do it. And besides, I had no idea that I was with a child." she tried to explain. "And even if I did, I would never have thought of getting rid of it. Believe me, mother!"

"Oh. So the pills the doctor had mentioned, found themselves inside your stomach? Is that what you're trying to tell me?"

"Pills?" Tricia's brows arched up in shock. "What pills are you talking about, mother? I don't remember taking any?" she recalled clearly. She would never do such a thing. Why would she think of committing an abortion? she was lost in thoughts. There's something fishy going on—something fishy!

Guys, do you really believe Tricia would do such a thing? Killing her unborn child?

Well, why don't you think real hard while you like ☆ and comment. Make sure you stay tuned for the next.

~☆ ☆ ☆~

~Your loving ❤ Authoress ✍️

Re: MY CAMPUS LIFE: A Love Gone Wrong {18+ AN EMOTIONAL STORY TO READ} by Ciara9251(f): 10:50pm On Jan 03

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Re: MY CAMPUS LIFE: A Love Gone Wrong {18+ AN EMOTIONAL STORY TO READ} by Ciara9251(f): 8:47pm On Jan 04

The latter's heart beating like a drum*

I got discharged the following day and mum had me pack my things, so we could go home.

I didn't know why she took the whole stuff serious, and the thing that got me even angrier, was the fact that she didn't believe that I had nothing to do with any of it.

Her silence was killing me, and I couldn't wait to get out of the car.

"Mum, will you quit it already. It's been six hours!" I whined.

"Six hours. Good." she slammed the car door and left me standing.

"Unbelievable!" I scoffed, and moved to the back of the car. "If she's ignoring me, I'm not talking either."

"Hi, ma'am Trish." our housekeepers greeted as I walked in.

Mum was already seated on the couch, her eyes focused on the big screen.

She was still mad at me, that I could tell. And I couldn't but feel bad about being the only ally there—mum, who ought to be comforting me, was the one being mute. I was also a victim. I lost my own child—Derek's child! If I was ever going to tell him...

"Mum, you gotta believe me. I had nothing to do with getting rid of the pregnancy." I brought the topic up again, the disdain in her eyes not hidden.

"Oh, really?" she stood up. "Now, why don't you explain what got you sleeping in the hospital for a day?"

"That's what I can't say, Mum. I really don't know!" I struck my palm, trying not to scream at her.

"Trish. My child—" she called, her hand placed on mine. "Tell me the truth. I want you to look me in the eye and tell me that you had nothing to do with killing your unborn child."

I did as she requested, and said, "I had nothing to do with it, mother. Please believe me."

"Then who must have done it?"

I couldn't say. I was the only one present that day. And besides, why would anyone think of such? I haven't done anything wrong.


"Mum, I don't know. I can't say, alright?" I rolled my eyes and clasped my hands together.

"Well, that settles it. You are not to see that boy again!"

I shouted. "Seriously, Mom?!"

"Don't make me ground you, young lady!" she raised her voice.

"But Mum, I'm not a kid anymore. And I've got a libido." I made clear.

"You better control it, then! What were you thinking having sex with someone you barely knew?"

I kept mute, not knowing what to say.

The doorbell rang, and Josie went to answer it.

"Is Lucille at home?"

The voice that had rolled in, got me still.

Mum and Patrick... together?

Seeing mum's face turn pale, already answered my question.

"H-honey, go up to your room," mum said to me, as though I was a kid they could bribe with a fancy candy.

"Mum, what is this I see?"

"Baby, just do it."

"Oh, I'm not going anywhere, until you explain to me! What the hell is Patrick doing in our house?"

"Baby, words!"

"Mum, you're so unbelievable!" I couldn't believe it. "You're going out with Dad's coworker? Is that it?"

She threw me an angry stare. "Baby, please!"

"You shouldn't talk to your mother that way, Tricia!" Patrick stepped in.

"And so what if I do?" I folded my arms and gritted my teeth. "What are you doing here anyway? Did anyone invite you?"

"Tricia!" hushed my mother.

And I turned to face her. "Mum, you really have to explain to me. Are you and Patrick together?"

"Tricia, I can explain." she made to touch me, and I moved backwards. "I can't believe you right now." I unclasped my arms and rushed upstairs.

Awe. Poor Trishy poo.

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Re: MY CAMPUS LIFE: A Love Gone Wrong {18+ AN EMOTIONAL STORY TO READ} by Casan0va: 8:58pm On Jan 04
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Re: MY CAMPUS LIFE: A Love Gone Wrong {18+ AN EMOTIONAL STORY TO READ} by Ciara9251(f): 3:44pm On Jan 05


  I watched as my daughter climbed up the stairs. Why did Patrick have to come now? "And what are you doing here, you? I told you Tricia wasn't going to be home until the semester's over!"

  "And you lied!"

  "I lied so that this wouldn't happen," I growled. "And now, look what your stubbornness has caused!" I put the blame on him.

  "Look. I only wanted to see my daughter. That's all."

  "Are you kidding me? I made it clear to you that she won't be coming home soon."

  "And she did, didn't she?"

  My brows shot up at his question. "How did you know that she'd be home anyways?"

  "I didn't." he answered swiftly.

  I wasn't convinced by it but had to let it go.

  "Does she know?"

   I looked at him in surprise. "What is she supposed to know?"

  "That I'm her father!" he made to go upstairs.

  "Wh-what? Are you crazy?!" I tried not to scream.

  "Lucille, you have to tell her!"
  I gasped at his words. "You're not trying to steal my daughter from me, are you now?"

  He chuckled, annoying me.

  "Okay, just because we're friends, does mean you can go about making the rules in my home."

  "I ain't making any rules here,"

  "You know what I mean!" I shot back.

  He ignored me and walked all the way up. I huffed and followed him, half scared, and also in thoughts about how Tricia would react on hearing him spill everything.

  No. No, I can't let him do this! I yelled in my mind, running after him. "Patrick please—" I begged. "Don't do this."

  "I'm already doing it, Lucille. Tricia is my daughter!" he yelled.

  "And mine too! What do you think will happen when she gets to know? It'd leave her shattered! I can't have my baby go through that."

  He stopped and turned. "Then you better let it out now!"

"Patrick, you can't do this," I still didn't give in to the idea. "Didn't we talk about this? Why are you acting this way?"

  "I am acting this way, Lucille, because you have kept my daughter from me for so long. Maybe you should try being in my shoes, so you could see the pains that I've been through all these years."

  I could really see it in his eyes—and could also feel it.

  Patrick's right. He also had a right to my daughter. But what am I to do now? God! I have to make things right. "I-I'll do it."


  "I said, I will do it," though the words felt heavy as I spoke, I needed the courage to do what I had in mind. It's now or never! I took his hand off the handle and turned it myself.

  "Tricia. Honey?"

  "Go away!" my daughter's angry voice greeted me.

  "Baby, please just listen,"

  "What else do you wanna explain? That you've been having an affair with Dad's coworker? That's messed up!" she threw her head to the side.

  "Baby, Patrick and I are just friends, and..."

  "And what?!" her head came in my direction, a glare rested upon her face.

  "And... and—" I couldn't say what I had in mind. I can't do this. Tricia will never be able to forgive me.

  "You know what, Mum? Just go! I don't wanna talk to you." she said, and my breath grew thinner at that moment.

  She doesn't even want to see me, I gulped in pain. My own daughter doesn't want to see me.

  "Tricia," Patrick walked in.

  He must have overheard us talking as I had forgotten that he was just right outside. "Patrick no!"

  "Lucille, we have to tell her the truth,"

  "What truth?"

  The words that came out of Patrick's mouth, made her stand.

  "What truth is he talking about mother?" she asked, with brows furrowed in confusion.

  "It's nothing, my child,"


  "I can't. I really can't." I buried my face in my palms and ran out.

  Patrick followed me as my vision got blurred from the tears that kept flowing from their glands.

  I couldn't believe the truth was going to be out. After all these years—these long long years, my daughter was going to have a reason to hate me!

  "Lucille, wait up!" Patrick called.

  But I chose to ignore, rushing out the front door.

  "Lucille! Lucille!"

  I had no idea what I was doing. But I knew I had to be far away from here—away from my daughter. She shouldn't know about this. She shouldn't know...

  "Lucille! Lucille—"

  A screeching noise brought me back to reality, as I came hard on the floor.


From your loving Authoress

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Re: MY CAMPUS LIFE: A Love Gone Wrong {18+ AN EMOTIONAL STORY TO READ} by Ciara9251(f): 4:51pm On Jan 05
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I really appreciate, dear

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Re: MY CAMPUS LIFE: A Love Gone Wrong {18+ AN EMOTIONAL STORY TO READ} by Ideadoctor(m): 8:26pm On Jan 05
weldone Ciara, you have done a lot of work so far

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Re: MY CAMPUS LIFE: A Love Gone Wrong {18+ AN EMOTIONAL STORY TO READ} by Casan0va: 8:58pm On Jan 05

I really appreciate, dear

Saw your mail on Sunday, replied.

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Re: MY CAMPUS LIFE: A Love Gone Wrong {18+ AN EMOTIONAL STORY TO READ} by Ciara9251(f): 10:15pm On Jan 05

  I pulled myself up from the ground, and swung my head in the direction of the sound that I had heard before. "Patrick!" I gasped at the pool of blood not so far from where I was.

  Patrick was the one that saved me. He had saved my life—


  I looked up to see Nanny Pearl and the rest of the maids coming in our direction.

  "Nanny! Nanny, call an ambulance." I called to her, dragging myself to where Patrick laid.

  I couldn't believe he risked his life for me. Why did he do that? I asked myself, not understanding his reason. I had forgotten all about the bruises that I had gotten from the fall, as I was only concerned about Patrick.

There's no how I'll be able to bear it if the father of my child dies too—I sobbed endlessly.

  "Mum. Mum!"

  I raised my head as Tricia rushed towards me.

  "I'm okay. I'm okay." I spoke breathlessly, wrapping my arms around her.

  I held her tightly. I didn't know how to tell her that it was her father that was covered in blood.

  Gracious Lord, please save Patrick. Please save the father of my child—those were my prayers.

  "Your husband will be okay, Mrs..."

  "N-Nielsen." I completed his words, and Tricia looked at me.

  "Mum, what are you...?"

  "It's Nielsen, doctor," I continued. "How is he now?" I wished to know, my voice containing a hint of the panic I still felt, as I was still shaken from the incident—and couldn't stop blaming myself for being the cause of him getting run down.

  What have I done? What was I thinking?

  "Doctor, are you really sure he's going to be okay?"

  I looked at Tricia as she asked.  Oh, my baby. All this started with your mother. If only I had told you the truth long before now, this wouldn't have happened!

  "Mother, what were you thinking?! Why did you have to rush off like that? What got into you?" her multiple questions came at once.

  "Baby, can we please not do this now?" I hoped that she'd listen and stop. "Now's not a good time." I went further to say.

  "Oh, yeah?"

  I averted my gaze, not wanting any of her problems. "So, what are you saying now, doctor? Are we allowed to see him?" I inquired hastily

  And he said, "You can't do that now, Mrs. Nielsen—oh, and please call me Robert. Doctor Robert."

  I managed a faint smile, as he excused himself and left.

  "What was that?"

  "What was what?" I arched my brows at my daughter.

  "You know what I'm talking about!"

  "Ugh! Do you always have to argue with your mother? I mean, seriously, why can't you just let me rest?"

  "Let you rest? Mother?" her eyes glistened with disbelief.

  "Yeah! I'm serious here!"

  "And I'm serious, too!" her right foot struck the floor. "What was the whole Mrs. Nielsen stuff about?" she stressed, not giving up.

  "Baby, come on. Can't you just let Mommy be for a while? Aren't you tired yourself?" I faked a yawn.

  "Do you love, Patrick, mother?" her sudden question glued me to the spot.

  I was giving her reasons to ask. This was a mistake. She shouldn't have come.

  "Well, do you?"

  I got up to my feet, not wanting to answer her, and left to her surprise. Lame! But I rather did so than faced what came after.


  Mum should better not be in love with that guy. I mean, why would she even think of such? Dad died last year. How is it that she moved on so fast? I still couldn't believe it.

  I felt sorry for Patrick, and also didn't know why I had some strange feelings about him. Mum seemed down knowing he was in a bad condition, giving me more reasons to believe that their relationship was barley a friendship one, like she claimed it to be.

  I got home that day, happy to know nanny was around. I was determined to ask her certain things that I had in mind, and hoped she would give me just what I wanted.


  "Yes, child."

  "Do you have any idea who Patrick Nielsen is?"

  The smile on her face disappeared, and she dropped the spatula in her hand.



  "Nanny, what is it?" I drew closer as she took her apron off.


  "I'm not allowed to say, all right? You can ask your mother. She'll know more."

  "But Nanny, she wouldn't say." I got my arms folded, surprised that she didn't want to tell me.

  "Ask your mother, Tricia. Please!" she tossed the apron on the kitchen chair and left me rooted to the ground.

  I must find out what's going on—I must get to know who this Patrick really is!

Will she ever do?

What will happen when she does?

Don't forget to drop your comment.

Your loving Authoress ✍️

Re: MY CAMPUS LIFE: A Love Gone Wrong {18+ AN EMOTIONAL STORY TO READ} by Ciara9251(f): 10:21pm On Jan 05
weldone Ciara, you have done a lot of work so far

Thank you, dear. I really appreciate.

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