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My Student Confessed Her Love For Me In My Office So I Took Her Home And Did / Mr Right Crush ( A Story By Christopher Stanley) / Eva Nneka's Story: High School Crush To A Forced Husband (2) (3) (4)

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My Office Crush by ogug8: 5:57am On Jun 25
Hi, after reading so many stories from people like @shewries etc, I was inspired to write mine, I hope you guys enjoy.

A little background about me.

I work for this multi-national company like that, as an intern, I just finished serving a while back and I got hired, the pay was good for someone just starting in the industry, plus I get to travel for training. I had a car as a gift from my parents, and a cool 2 bedroom apartment in a chill part of town.

Now back to my story.

6 months into my internship they hired this new girl, lemme nor even lie I used to think about her when I want to ehm... let’s not get carried away, Even my bosses had declared interest in her, so as someone that values his job I decided to avoid her like a plague. Some months later during usual Friday meeting our supervisor announced that we had a new product...

We would like to introduce to oil companies and as such we would need to come up with a sales pitch by the following Friday, I thought to myself that means I get to slave through the weekend again. I just sighed. I dosed off after the announcement, I only woke up when people started moving. As I got back to cubicle,my boss calls me “Ugo I need you to come up with something for this by cob (close of business) Monday” as if I didn’t already know, “yes sir” I humbly replied and left his office, ‘well this is going to be a long weekend’ I said to myself as I walked back my cubicle, as I sat on my chair ,I knew I had to Impress because my internship review was coming up soon. I powered on my system and went to work. Luckily for me I was part of the team that worked on developing the product so I had some notes with that data, I pulled up a spreadsheet and did a side by side comparison of the existing and new products I was in my zone because my headphones were on and my Aftobeat playlist was straight up fire. I was typing away when someone tapped me, out of shock, I shook and fell off my chair, I got up and dusted myself, “I’m so sorry I startled you” she said, I was just mute staring at her, she stretched her hand and said “I’m Cynthia”. Still starring at her, like the girl of my dreams was talking to me, like me, someone should please wake me up, when she extended her hand and I took her smooth soft palm into my hand and shook it, the electric shock that ran through my body convinced me I wasn’t dreaming. “I’m Ugo” I finally murmured, “hi Ugo, do you mind if I sit” she said, “ yeah, yeah sure” I replied as I offered her my chair and went to the next cubicle to pull another chair, “do you really work this late?” She asked. “Late it not that l...” I cut myself short as starred into my watch “past 8, damn, I didn’t even know it was that late” I continued, “I was asked to join up with your department to get the sales pitch ready but it looks like you’ve got it handled” she said looking at my system”, My office crush is finally talking to me I’m definitely not letting this opportunity pass, “I would appreciate a second pair of eyes, you know what they say about 2 heads” I said, “well do you still want to work now or we could meet tomorrow” she said. Now the grumbling in my stomach was really loud “why don’t work on this tomorrow am really starving” I said, “ok, I could tell, because the rumbling from your stomach can be heard from space, I guess I’ll be seeing you tomorrow, what time” she said as she got up to leave. “I guess you must be hungry too I know a great place not far from here” I said, she sat back “I’ll take you up on that offer it’s late to start cooking anyways” she said, “ just give me a minute let me save this and pack up” I said she nodded her reply and brought out her phone.

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Re: My Office Crush by Ann2012(f): 7:42am On Jun 25

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Re: My Office Crush by ogug8: 3:21am On Jun 26

‪We both swipe our cards at the turnstile to exit the building. As we get outside everywhere was dark and chilly like it was about to rain. The car park is quite huge and my car was at the middle of the lot. ‬
‪As we were in front of the building,I noticed she was shivering a little bit, I guess her sleeveless bodycon dress did justice to her shape by rising and falling in the right places but offered not much protection from the elements. Taking off my jacket and turning to her.‬ “Why don’t you take this” I said offering her the jacket, “I’m fine thank you for the offer” she replied, “how will I ever stand before my fellow men if I allow a queen like you to shiver to death” I insisted, she smiled and took the jacket from me‬, ‪“My car’s over there” I said pointing to the car in the middle of the lot, she just nodded and followed me. As we reach the car, I unlock it and we get in, I put my bag behind me, she holds onto hers. I turn the keys and the car roars to life, I put it in gear and moved. Once we got past the gate, she turned to me “thanks for the jacket” she said, with my eyes still on the road I replied “you’re welcome”. A short drive later we pulled up into this fast food Restaurant’s parking lot, and I turn to her and say “we’re here”.‬ She looked out the window and said “I never knew this place was a restaurant, I’ve always thought it was a mall or something”, “well when you service several multinational companies you’d have to look the part” I replied, ‬

We undid the sit belts, I faced her and said “if you need to change the heels, I have a slipper that’s if you want” I said, “the hits just keep coming with you” she said, I smiled and said “a true gentleman is always prepared” and I brought out the slides for her from behind me‬. She took it from me and changed, by by this time it had already started drizzling, so I pulled the umbrella, from the back and stepped out of the car opened the umbrella and went over to her side and opened the door for her, as she steps out of the car.‬ ‪The rain had started picking up so we hastily made our way inside and handed over the umbrella to the doorman as he swung open one side of the door for us. As we step in, I scan the area allowing my eyes to get used to the brightness of the room before we make our way to counter.‬

‪At the counter; a tall skinny boy with a T-shirt and a cap approached us and said “welcome sir, goodevening ma, what can I get for you”, “well I’ll have the usual, and you?” I replied facing her, with her eyes at the overhead menu she said, “I’ll have jollof rice with fried fish”‬.‪Another waiter ushers us to our table and goes to get our food, “so your usual” she said, “yeah when you have the kind of bosses I have this is where you’d spend most nights” I replied, “wow, my bosses have been chill, so far” she said ‬


Re: My Office Crush by ogug8: 6:42pm On Jun 27
My Office crush prt 3‬

‪“I thank God for you, I wish I had it that easy” I replied, the waiter returned to our table with our food, I guess I wasn’t the only hungry one, because the way her food was going down, I stopped for a little bit and she lifted up her head.‬ ‪“I’m so sorry I eat real fast when I’m hungry, she said, “hey there’s no need to apologize, the goal is for you to be comfortable around me” I replied, “well that’s a little hard to believe coming from someone who ignores completely me at the office” she said,‬

‪“The truth is you know how the office is when the bosses declare interest in a lady, any chap they see around her is a competition, so they frustrate the person, and I know it’s not an excuse, I could have always at least said hi, so I hope this dinner makes up for it” I said, “Well, you know you can’t trust promises made after a plate of jollof rice right” she replied smiling, “so how do I make up for this” I replied with a worried look, then she started laughing, “this gesture is nice enough all is forgiven” she replied.‬

‪“And with this sales pitch we are going to be seeing a lot of each other, and from what I heard we are the pitching it to the company in Abuja” she continued, ‘really this company is going to pay me to chill with my crush, chai Baba God You too much’ I thought to myself‬. A snapping of fingers and a hello from my table mate brought me back to earth, “huh” I casually tried to play it off, “for a second there I thought I had lost you” she said, “Haba it wasn’t that bad” I replied, “for a second I was genuinely scared” she said with a concerned look‬

‪“that wasn’t my intention, a thought just came in that’s all, sorry about that” I replied, “so what were you thinking about?”, she asked, “well, I can’t believe that they would allow us to actually pitch this thing that’s huge you, know” I replied‬

‪“Well hold up its not yet certain, that depends on what we come up with” she said, “then let’s do our best” I replied, “here’s to doing our best” I said raising a glass like a toast, she raised hers too, “enough about work” she said, so we digressed into other topics,soon we were done eating.‬ ‪By the time we were leaving, we knew more about each other, like how we shared the same hobbies and movie interests and more, we got to the car and I opened it for her, now the rain had subsided, “I feel like I’ve bothered you enough for today I can catch a cab” she said‬

‪“I don’t mind besides your place isn’t too far from mine plus it’s late” I said and with that she entered the car and I closed the door, got over to my side and got in and we were on our way to her place, on the radio the Dj wasn’t letting up playing love song after love song,‬ ‪after a while it was becoming a little awkward, so I opted to change the station, she stopped me and said“I love this kind of songs, they kinda make you feel warm and tingly inside”, “well yeah I guess” I replied. ‪

After a while “we’re here, and thanks for today” she said as we pulled up beside a huge black gate, she got out of the car and so did I, “what time would you want to meet up for work”she said, “well give me a call when you’re ready” I replied‬

‪and with that we exchanged numbers, “thanks once again” she said, “ the pleasure is mine” I replied, and she started walking to her gate, “em aren’t you forgetting something” I said pointing to the jacket, ‬ ‪“Oh I’m so sorry” she said taking off the jacket and handing it back to me, “it’s ok” I replied, “where did you get it, I’d like to get for my boyfriend” and with that my heart sank, “I’ll text you the sellers info” I said, “ok thanks” she said as she walked into her compound‬, ‪I waited till she was out of sight before getting into the car and driving off‬.
Re: My Office Crush by Austine8090(m): 8:42pm On Jun 27
Good one, coolGood one,

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Re: My Office Crush by ogug8: 5:03pm On Jun 29
My Office Crush part 4‬

‪My drive home was long, and the useless Dj had the mind to play “can’t help falling in love”, I turned off the radio, and drove home in silence, my mind was a mess, different thoughts were rushing into my head at this point the rain had returned heavily.‬ ‪Visibility became very poor, even with my full beam on I couldn’t see far. A ahead truck was trying to overtake the other, and came into my lane, before I could act, he hit me, and my car started spinning, I held on to the steering, as the car hit a pavement I blacked out.‬ ‪I opened my eyes and I was walking on tiny path between a thick forest, I wasn’t afraid, the breeze made the tree leaves swing and it was soothing, suddenly an old man appeared beside me and said “young man now isn’t the time” and with that everything went dark again.‬

‪I opened my eye again and the light was so bright I tried lifting my hand to cover it, and it was so heavy, I felt myself drifting, I opened my eyes again, the white light, smell of drugs I knew I was in a hospital.‬ ‪I tried remembering what brought me here, I felt a sharp pain in my head. I let out a little cry of pain, from the corner I heard “hey, hey, you should be resting”, I turned to see who it was, it was my friend from the office Tunji, “bro what on earth happened” I said,‬

‪“I’ll tell you later, let me call the doctor, he said I should contact him when you wake up” he said as he got up, “bro could you get me water on your way back” I said, “yeah sure” he replied as he left the room, as he left I tried sitting up, my body felt like concrete.‬ ‪I just laid back, I tried closing my eyes, I got flashes of an accident scene, it was so intense, I tried opening my eyes I couldn’t, pain, fear, swept through my body, I tried moving I couldn’t, I heard a truck horn,‬ ‪I turned all of a sudden I was in the middle of the road, and truck approaching me, I felt like I was planted on the road, I tried shouting for help my mouth couldn’t open, the driver wasn’t stopping,‬ ‪And the continued blaring of his horn wasn’t helping the issue, my life flashed before me, as the truck was a hairs breath away, my mouth finally opened and I shouted at the top of my lungs,I didn’t stop shouting when I woke up till I realized I was fully awake.‬

‪My scream sent two nurses flying into my room, I was just panting and sweating profusely, the nurses did their best to help me calm, soon enough I was calm, they helped me sit up, when they were certain I was fine they left,they put a remote in my hand that if I need anything,‬‪ I just tap a button and they’ll come and attend to me, all this commotion had woken up my Tunji, who wrapped himself in a blanket on a chair in the corner, “welcome back to the land of the living” he said handing me a bottle of water,‬ “thank God” I replied, taking the bottle of water and taking almost I’ll of it in one gulp, “easy there man” he said almost laughing, “well I’m the one in the bed not you, and what on earth happened me bro” I said, “we’ll according to your dash cam,‬ ‪You were hit by a truck then a car, the second impact made your car to go over a pavement, thank God your sit belt was on” he said, “damn, what day is it?” I asked “well today’s Monday” he replied, “thank God, it’s been only two days” I said,‬ “Nah bro you’ve been out for 2 months” he said‬

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Re: My Office Crush by oloyedprince1(m): 12:19pm On Jun 30

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Re: My Office Crush by ogug8: 8:42pm On Jul 01
My Office Crush pt 5‬

‪“Nah bro you’ve bro you’ve been out for 2 weeks” he said laughing, “dude can you not like play with this” I said, “this is my one shot at this joke and I’m never passing it up, never, like you won’t do the same to me” he said still laughing,‬ ‪“just remind me how we’re friends again” I said, trying to asses the damage on my body, he noticed and said, “let me save you the mental stress, you have two broken ribs, sprained neck, broken right leg, concussion, the doctors had to put you in an induced coma,‬ ‪to help reduce the swelling in your head, and yes lest I forget your is flying in as we speak, your phone was smashed to bits, and the office laptop was somehow, safely tucked under your seat” when he mentioned office laptop I remembered the project I was working on,‬ ‪“Bro, what of the pitch?” I asked, “dude you’re bearly awake for six hours and you’re asking about work, I always, knew you were a workaholic, but this is a new level” he said, “dude come on” I replied, “well, everyone was amazed that in 5 hours you almost finished the pitch,‬ ‪It just needed a few touches and it was done, the mock presentation was awesome, and I’m not supposed to be telling you this but, you’re going to Abuja in a months time to pitch this, you and that girl from marketing, that one you like” he said, ‬‪“Who?” I asked, “guy, don’t do that o, you know who I’m talking about now, Cynthia” he said, “bro I can assure you I don’t know who that is” I said, “guy...” in the midst of our petty squabbles, the door opened and it was my Mum and my sister, they both rushed to my side, ‪and in a typical African woman style my mum broke out into dancing, I just shot my sister a look to get her to intervene, she caught it and hugged my mum, “mum you know what the doctors said about loud noises near him” she said, “He has given me victory I will lift Him higher”.

‪My mum continued singing and dancing, after a while and a couple of awkward glances between the three other people in the room, my mum stopped dancing and turned to my sister, “why should I stop dancing when my enemies thought they could steal my joy, but my God never sleeps”‬

‪Then she started crying “ofu mkpuru anya m’ji ahu uzor (the one eye I use to see my way)” she said as she hugged me still crying, I hugged her back and said “mum I’m fine ok”, Ugochukwu you are not fine, tell me the kind of work you will be doing that you will be going back late”‬ She said, knowing better than to argue I said “mum I’m sorry ok, I got carried away with worki didn’t even know it was late ok, I’m sorry”, she let go of me and pulled a chair close to the bed and sat down, that’s when others took their seats.

‪“We were in the market when your friend called that you were awake, so we had to rush back, we could only get you a phone, I wanted to make bitter leaf soup for you, hope you will eat?, thank God for that dash camera, the police are already looking for that idiot” She said‬

‪“Thanks mum I’m a little hungry, but I think eba will be too strong for me maybe rice” I said, “no problem, chicken pepper soup or goat meat?” She asked, Tunji was signaling me for chicken, I smiled and said “chicken would be fine Mum”,‬ ‪“by the way your dad wants to talk to you so better turn on the phone, and hope you will eat too Tunji?” She asked, “yes ma” he replied, “ok then, I and your sister will head out, I’ve sent for snacks already”‬ ‪she said as they both got up and left both waving at me before closing the door.‬
Re: My Office Crush by ogug8: 7:20pm On Jul 05
My Office crush EP 6‬

‪As soon as my mum left the room, I handed over the phone box to Tunji, who went about fiddling with it, soon there was a knock on the door, “who is it?” I asked, “sir it’s the snacks you ordered” said the voice from the other side of the door‬ ‪“Ok please come in” I replied, the door opened, “I think my mom ordered the whole menu they had” I said to Tunji, he got up to help the dude bringing in the food, “who’s mom wouldn’t” he replied. Three minutes later all the chairs were filled with snacks,‬ ‪and we started sorting through the ones we could eat, I called on the nurse and asked about the children’s ward and handed over some snacks to her and asked her to share it to the kids, she thanked me and went off.‬ When the door closed, we settled back into the meal, a short while later, I asked for the phone and turned on and went through all the new phone modalities, and once the phone was fully operational, the messages started pouring in, I looked at Tunji, he looked back‬ ‪“This is going to be a while” I said, we both laughed, we decided to catch up on office gist, after a while I picked up the phone the messages were still pouring in but not like before, so I dailed my dad’s number.‬
‪At the second ring he picked “hey son” he said, “hey dad” I replied, “sorry I couldn’t make it to see you at the hospital, I had a shareholders meeting in the UK, and it’s taking longer than I expected” he said, “hey dad don’t worry I’m fine ok” I replied‬ ‪“Son, I’ll make it up to you when I get back” he said, “dad there’s no need, you’ve done so much for me ok and I’m grateful” I said, brushing the topic aside he said “how are you feeling, I hope you’re being given attention”, “yes sir” I replied, ‪“ok son I’ve got to go” he said, “no problem dad” I said, “get well soon son, and if you need anything call me ok” he said, “yes sir” I replied and with that the phone line went dead. ‘Well that went well’ I thought to myself, I started going through my phone,‪the messages were just too much so,I start sifting through the important ones, soon there was a knock on the door, “yes come in” I said, the door opens, and almost all the staff I know and some I don’t are in the my room with gifts, ‬after a lot of shaking and saying thanks and smiling, they started to file out but two of my bosses stayed behind, they had been silent all the while, “Ugo how are you feeling” said Mr Akan “I’m fine sir” I replied,‬‪ “That’s great to hear” he said looking at Tunji, he got the message and left the room, as the was shut he continued, “I spoke to the doctor and considering your current recovery rate, you should be out of here in two weeks time‪ and you need ‬at least two months of physical therapy, so once you’re discharged, we would need you to check into our staff house, so you can get all the help you need during this time” he said, “wow thank you sir” I said, “well no need to thank me, it’s a package for our employees and ‬since you’re now one, I just wanted you to know about it” he said, I just had a puzzled look on my face, “oh yes I guess you didn’t know about it, Ifeanyi, is retiring in a month’s time, so he chose you as his replacement” he continued, at this point I didn’t know what to say.‬

‪“So I guess you have pretty big shoes to fill, however your work on that pitch gave us the push we needed, lest I forget the actual pitch is coming up soon so you’d better get to know your team, I’m sure they’ll show up soon, HR will send you the paperwork to sign ‬once you’re out of here, so congratulations” he said as he shook my hand and both men left the room, ‘what on earth just happened’ I thought to myself, ‘this must be a prank’ I was lost in thought when I felt tap,‬ ‪I raised my head up and there stood the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen.‬

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Re: My Office Crush by ogug8: 5:00pm On Nov 22
My office crush EP 7

“Hi” said the lady by the door, “hi” she replied, noticing she had something her hand, I motioned her to come in, which she did, “please sit down” I said pointing to the chair by the side of the bed, “hi I brought this for you” she said, as she got up to give me the neatly wrapped package, “and also” she continued, “I want to say congratulations on your promotion”, “thanks I guess” I replied, “word sure does travel fast in the office” I said, “ yeah I really does” she concurred, but I noticed she kept staring at my hands with the package which she gave me and after a while she would stare at the floor, all this was going on while we were talking.

I said “could you help me open this” stretching out the package in my hand, her face lit up and she practically sprung up from her chair and took the package from my and opened it up and she handed it over to me, it was a neatly packaged hamper, and I started emptying the contents of the hamper unto my bed, when I was done,I placed the hamper on the floor beside my bed.

I looked at the contents on the bed, and it was everything I loved, from a t-shirt of my favorite club with my nick name on it, to my favorite chocolate, a pack roasted almond seeds, to a stuffed figurine of my favorite Japanese anime, “wow, you didn’t have to go all out for me, this is so amazing, I can’t believe this wow, thank you so much” I said with so much excitement in my voice.

I turned up to look at her, and there were streams of tears rolling down her cheeks, “hey it’s ok, I’m fine” I tried reassuring her, she calmed down, still sobbing she wiped the tears off her face with her kerchief, and I continued “by the way how did you know to get all these, I feel like this hamper was tailored for me, have we met before” and with that she lost all control and started crying and ran out of my room.

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Re: My Office Crush by idmicheal20: 3:28pm On Nov 25
Nice one

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