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Job Hunting Strategy by EmploymentHubCV: 9:18pm On Aug 10
Job Hunting Strategy!

A practical and proven approach to landing a job!

1. Prepare!
Opportunities and preparation will get you a role faster!

2. Dress the part
3. Research the role
4. Communication etiquette
5. Marketing and Sales: Use of social media
6. Network with Recruiters/ Employers
7. Value Addition: Give and it shall be given unto you
8. Follow up when necessary
9. Volunteer and Gain Experience
10. Get a side gig!
11. Get all the knowledge
12. Ensure you have a good CV.

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Re: Job Hunting Strategy by EmploymentHubCV: 3:37pm On Aug 12
I am currently headhunting for an E-Commerce sales manager. Recommendations will be much appreciated.
Candidates must have proven experience working for top e-commerce brand like Jumia, konga etc. Kindly send resume to moysemiriam@gmail.com
Re: Job Hunting Strategy by EmploymentHubCV: 4:25pm On Aug 17
Are you hearing nothing but crickets after you submit your resume? There are ways to remedy that.

It's a frustrating cycle to spend hours searching for jobs, sink time into perfecting your applications, and then … *crickets!!*.

Before you throw in the towel (or throw your computer out the window), here are some common reasons your resume is probably getting ignored — plus exactly what you can do to finally get noticed.

Either the company is actively Hiring or the position has been put on hold, you are definitely going to get lost in a sea of resumes so how do you stand out from a hundred of other job applications?

*Not playing smarter than the resume bots*:

If you don't know about resume bots (more technically called applicant-tracking systems), here's a quick rundown: Companies, especially larger ones, use software to rank resumes. This system automatically sorts and scans resumes, weeding out the ones deemed “unfit.” That could mean your resume is getting passed over before any actual human hiring managers put their eyes on it. You could be qualified for other but unqualified to the resume bots. Hence another crickets!!

*Keep the design simple* : Get rid of complicated templates and don't bury information in headers, tables, or footers.

*Include keywords from the job description in your resume* : These are typically transferable skills used frequently throughout the listing.

*Don't save your resume as a PDF:* It appears cleaner, but it's not ATS-friendly.

Not focusing on the job description.

You should be tailoring and tweaking your resume for every job you apply for. Not only can this help you beat the resume bots (those keywords are important), it can also help you charm the actual humans who are reviewing your resume.

Take note of the qualifications, skills, and requirements in the posting, and make sure you incorporate those throughout your resume when relevant. The easiest place to tailor your resume is in the "Areas of Expertise" section. You can also tweak your resume summary to showcase specific facets of your experience that match up to the job description.

Not showing your successes
To show your accomplishments, think about what you did to complete your job. Did you design a spreadsheet? Receive recognition? Hit company quota? When possible, be specific and use numbers to back up your claims.

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Re: Job Hunting Strategy by EmploymentHubCV: 12:22pm On Aug 21
Re: Job Hunting Strategy by EmploymentHubCV: 12:12pm On Aug 22
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Re: Job Hunting Strategy by EmploymentHubCV: 10:02am On Aug 23
Happy Sunday , ❤❤❤❤
Happy New week✴✴✴✴
Re: Job Hunting Strategy by EmploymentHubCV: 8:10pm On Aug 23
we are still here
Re: Job Hunting Strategy by EmploymentHubCV: 8:36pm On Aug 25

Is Your resume is getting lost in the black hole?
Do you apply to job after job and never hear back? If so, then your resume may be falling into the infamous job-search black hole.

Most job applications must pass through a software program known as an applicant tracking system (ATS) before they make their way to the hiring manager. If your resume isn't formatted properly or optimized with the right key terms, there's a good chance it never got past these initial screens.

A professional resume writer can help your application avoid the resume black hole and make it through these initial reviews to the top of the hiring manager's pile.

Engage our service today and let's change the narrative!

Our Professionally Written CV is designed to showcases your strengths & achievements.

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Quantify whenever possible.
Appropriate resume length for each level
Focus only on relevant information.

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Re: Job Hunting Strategy by EmploymentHubCV: 7:20pm On Aug 28
A great resume does more than simply list your work experience and education. It calls attention to your accomplishments and contributions that are worth "showing off". If you find it difficult to quantify your work accomplishments, ask a professional to do it for you. A resume writer will find the words to describe the value you bring to a potential employer.

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Re: Job Hunting Strategy by EmploymentHubCV: 12:33pm On Sep 02
*6 Social Media Mistakes That Could Damage Your Career*

Social media is a platform with opportunities for some business and professionals, it's a means of networking and an arena that can boost your career to new heights or deter it if you are not careful.

Social media is also a reference and integrity check for recruiters/HR to investigate potential candidates or employees So you might want to be careful of the following

*Social Rants*: Political rants on social media is a red flag to most recruiters, you will be considered a grouser.

*Social Bant*: The use of abusive words is turn off to most persons and recruiters too, showing your word prowess on social media and engaging in word war with an unknown person put a dent on image and can adversely destroy your career. Be careful how you let your emotions out in public, people are watching you.

*Lewd pictures:* This is mostly for the youth, posting lewd and sexy pictures for cheap likes can only get you that "likes" but it can't get you a career.

*Showing off wealth and big purchases.*
No one likes a show-off – including recruiters and employers. A little less than 20 percent of recruiters say this is a turn-off. This shows immaturity and inability to keep your private life private!.

*Alcohol consumption.* Excessive partying can damage credibility, and recruiters may believe it could negatively affect your performance at work.

*Bad-mouthing previous/present employer or fellow employee* You might want to keep your grievances within the office with your superior, putting it on out social media can not only cost you your job but also your career because when potential employers see your comments about other companies, they wonder what you will say about them too.

As an active job seeker, you need to check your online presence and clean it up. Ensure you have nothing online that puts you out in a negative way, avoid offensive or vulgar communication keep your plate clean.

As an employee, try to manage your career and your networks, keep your private life private and that includes your job. Be careful what you put out there!

*There are so many people watching!!!*

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Re: Job Hunting Strategy by EmploymentHubCV: 9:43am On Sep 03
Tick Tock
Does your resume pass the 6 seconds text?
Will your resume pass the six-second test? Ask these questions to find out.
In today's competitive job market, it should come as no surprise that recruiters, hiring managers, and other HR professionals are often pressed for time when reviewing the loads of job applications they receive for each open position.
studies have shown that, on average, a recruiter scans each resume for only six seconds before deciding if it belongs in the trash. In other words, you only get six seconds to capture the hiring manager's attention and convince them you are the only professional for the job — that's a big task to complete in so little time.

So how can you do that?
Click on the link below to find more about resume writing and how you can impress a recruiter withing 6 seconds or you can register for our profile optimization services (CV rewrite/LinkedIn optimization) by calling or sending a WhatsApp message to
Re: Job Hunting Strategy by EmploymentHubCV: 4:01pm On Sep 04
*Are you emphasizing your achievements on your CV?*

Depending upon how your resume is worded, you may come across as a “doer” rather than an “achiever.” This is something employers — and resume writers — are always looking out for. Take a second look at how you describe your work experience and make sure you're emphasizing the results you've achieved, rather than the tasks you've been assigned. 

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Re: Job Hunting Strategy by EmploymentHubCV: 7:56am On Sep 06
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Re: Job Hunting Strategy by EmploymentHubCV: 1:03pm On Sep 18
*Hurray!! September to Remember!!*
*10% off this season*

Dear Job Seeker/Career Professionals,

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A professionally written resume will help position you to get more callbacks, land a job faster, earn more, and even step into a higher position. Our expert writers will craft a resume that:

*Tells your unique story by showcasing your achievements, experience and career goals*.
*Highlights keywords so you can beat the recruiting bots and target the right jobs for you*.
*Stands out and gives you the confidence you need to move forward in your career*.

Don't miss out on this special offer to save, upgrade your resume, and get ahead in your job search!

We're rooting for you!

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Offer last till September 30th
Re: Job Hunting Strategy by EmploymentHubCV: 4:29pm On Sep 24
”Take Note, When Hiring A Resume Writer”

I was contacted a few weeks ago by a client for a CV rewrite, after she registered for the service.

I contacted her and ask some questions, the Cv draft she sent only have her contact details as the relevant information, the rest information were very unclear

I asked for more details about her work experience, company name and location, role title, summary task and reporting relationship, Tech proficiency, certifications, Training etc...she answered a few and got irritated at a point and said ”Why are you asking me too much questions, figure it out! that's why I am paying you!” I was awe �. How can I figure what I don't know? Your cv is not detailed enough!

Dear professionals, resume writers are not magicians, we can only modify you and bring out achievements from your work history and show a prospective employer the value you bring to their team but we can't put in details that are not real, we need some information to do the mental work of ”showing you off”

Any resume writer that refurbished your resume without your active impact will only lie on your resume and while that can get you an interview it won't keep the job. We trained to magnify ONLY the TRUTH and not tell a lie...

While you hire a resume writer please be involved in the rewrite process, ask questions and give detailed information so they know how to defined YOU in a professional wa

your skills and achievements, along with the right industry keywords, will stand out to hiring managers.

Please don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions. We'd love to work with you to improve your resume and get you on the road toward your next great job.

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Re: Job Hunting Strategy by EmploymentHubCV: 12:40pm On Sep 29
*Fast Route To Finding A Job*

Quit your job? Laid off due to rona? Fresh out of school? Want to change career? You need a job?

Here’s a few tips that could speed up the search!

*Set A Career Goal*

Before you start hunting down jobs, take a few minutes to set a career goal
Ask yourself: What are my career aspirations What am I looking for in a job? A company? Write down a few key words or sentences and keep these in mind as you search for jobs.

*Perfect Your Resume*

Before you apply to a job, you need to spruce up your resume. This document is your key to getting a company to notice you, so it needs to shine.
Most organizational employs computer software for Cv review and not people. While this is favorable to the hiring manager is it very disadvantageous to the job seeker as if your result lacks the necessary resume key words whether qualified or not, it will land to the resume black hole.

Not only do you need a strong resume, but you also need to write for the bots.

*Build A Professional Network*

One of the best ways to find a job fast is to tap into your network, and that means getting active on LinkedIn. Share articles, comment on others' posts, even join a LinkedIn group to interact with other professionals. You can also connect with recruiters and let them know you're interested in jobs by scrolling down to your LinkedIn profile dashboard and updating your “Career Interests” section.
You can also network the “old fashioned” way by reaching out to former professors, classmates, co-workers, and mentors and seeing if they know of any opportunities for you to take advantage of.

*Set Up Job-Search Alerts*

Sign up to different job boards and create newsletters

*Tailor Your Cover Letter*

Cover letter is not generic! There is no one for all cover letter. Use the job description to create each cover letter. Yes, it takes time to customize a cover letter, but this doesn't necessarily require you to start from scratch each time you apply to a different job. Simply create a fill-in-the-blank cover letter, and customize the introductory paragraph, your relevant skills and abilities, and the reason you want the job to fit each position you apply for.

*Practice Interviewing*

While you apply for jobs, remain optimistic and prepare for interviews. Then, when the time comes for a phone screen or an in-person interview, you'll feel prepared.

Don’t settle for less and don’t give up!!

Need a professional written resume/CV or a LinkedIn optimization for professional networks and job search?

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Re: Job Hunting Strategy by EmploymentHubCV: 7:41pm On Oct 05
*Why you need an ATS-friendly resume*

An expertly written resume complete with a sleek design and optimized resume keywords could still fall short if the formatting isn’t ATS compliant.

When you upload your resume into an ATS as part of your job application, the ATS then parses out the text of your resume to make the it searchable for a recruiter or import the information into a digital candidate profile. If an ATS can’t accurately parse your resume, your chances of getting picked for an interview are low– even if you’re perfectly qualified.

That’s because your resume content is garbled or your candidate profile is incomplete based on poor formatting. And if your profile doesn’t reflect that you’re a strong match for the job, you won’t rank as a viable candidate.

you don’t need to design your CV like an artist, simplicity is key... ensure important texts are not embedded in headers.

Get a professionally designed ATS complaint Cv from The EmploymenthubCV

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Re: Job Hunting Strategy by Themploymenthub: 12:49pm On Oct 17
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Re: Job Hunting Strategy by Gerer: 12:45am On Oct 18
A student should always be motivated to develop. But if he is already an interesting person and has a thirst for knowledge, but can not write an essay - do not force him. Now there are great services like this https://writemyessays.me/ . Who will be happy to help with writing any work
Re: Job Hunting Strategy by Themploymenthub: 2:48pm On Oct 18
Looking For A Professional CV Writer?
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