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IRIS By Victoria Ezekiel by vickyluvspices(f): 4:36pm On Sep 05, 2020
#1 highest rankings in Top Hot 22 billioniare stories wattpad

IRIS is the first series of four books
A love that bounds despite all odds.

the past is bound to repeat itself when Iris Ezinna a village girl with big dreams set to a big city to study in a prestigious university where she was awarded schorlarship but falls in love with a prince

There is a big price to pay when everyone around her is after there own selfish interest.

A story of true love, betrayal, class clash, secrets and scandals...sit back and enjoy this toe curling romance.
Though they are worlds Apart would fate give them a chance at love

This book is not allowed to be produced or used in any form without the writers permission.

To all those who are hopeless romantic like me and don't intend to give up on love.
To all niaralanders.

Re: IRIS By Victoria Ezekiel by vickyluvspices(f): 4:38pm On Sep 05, 2020


Before we begin
Kindly put your Playlist here

Aren't you something to admire
Cause your shine is something like a
And I can't help but notice you reflect in
this heart of mine
If you ever feel alone and the glare makes
Me hard to find
Just know that I'm always parallel on the
Other side
(Mirror by Justine Timberlake)

BENIN 2009

The rain seemed to have increased this middle of the year since the friendly sun oddly peeked through the white clouds with a slight glow that didn't seem to please mother earth,because the rain had no intention of ending any sooner.

Iris Adanna Ezinna held her small red umbrella to shield herself from the drizzling rain as she left her hostel paying little heed to the wet tarred road which led to the campus it was only a twenty minutes walk from her lodge,she didn't have that kind of money to waste on shuttle plus her roommate already left with her car.

The young girl was clad in black Jean trouser and a long sleeve yellow sweat shirt to shield herself from the cold,because it was believed these little rain that drizzled down the earth were the ones responsible for fever,malaria or possibly pneumonia and that she must avoid,because things around this side was darn expensive,so she couldn't afford to fall sick.

Iris didn't think she would be able to make it to class before her lecturer did,she cursed the damn rain which was the cause for her woes,she didn't mind the water that tickled wetting her slippered feet at least she didn't have to worry about stepping her foot in a mud .

Apart from most part of the road that is waterlogged the prestigious royal university of Benin owned by a wealthy traditional ruler in Edo state and was living up to its name as been modernized, equipped,flexible and came along with an attractive environment, most times Iris found it too good to be true she had finally been given a unique opportunity and privileges to achieve her academic goals in one of the most expensive university in Nigeria, if someone had told her a year ago that she would further her Education she would have doubted them back then such wishes were like asking the moon for breakfast,she had solely given up on furthering her education due to her grandfather illness which had required funds.

Growing up with her mother and maternal grandfather in umueze a local village in Anambra state still yet to be developed Iris had kept to helping her family in the oil mill business since it was there means of lively hood,her grand father had hoped that she would enroll in one of the state universities immediately after her JAMB (Joint Admissions And Matriculation board) examination but was met with partial stroke that left him paralyzed ,the old man became bed ridden since her mother could not afford a wheel chair lots of money had been exhausted on her grandfather medication which had made her shun any hope of furthering her education.

Mr Ufoma Iris former school principal who had always admired her intelligence had told her about the scholarship in Benin and had helped her apply without the family permission ,she passed the exams and was granted admission on scholarship immediately ,it was indeed a great thing to celebrate, her grandfather was elated amidst her mother been against it,
she couldn't tell why but through constant cajoling and the intercession of her former principal Mr Ufoma ,her mother agreed with much reluctance.

" Adanna you know you are all I have ,please stay safe for me oh" Iris mother had wept
" make your mother proud,go to this school and come out with flying colours let me be counted among mother's that have educated children H

The words of her mother rang in her ears ,now in her second year,she didn't mind the challenges a university which was meant for rich men kids had to offer.

All Iris needed to worry about was her upkeep and feeding money thankful she met a generous lady who gave her a part time job in the school canteen whenever she was free from the school activities.

With a profound feeling of assurance iris felt she could take on the world...she turned her back as she heard the roaring sound of a power bike coming with speed from behind her,deep in thought she hadn't realized she had walked close to the center of the road,she quickly pushed herself out of the road when she lost her footings the bike speedily passed her splashing water all over her.

she shouted at the top of her voice but the occupant couldn't hear her with the outrageous sound of the bike and that damn helmet she could had sworn he saw her out of anger she threw her umbrella at the already distant figure.

"What was it with Spoilt rich kids born with platinum spoon in there fragile mouth,was it that they were all breeds of arrogance "

she shouted out of frustration when she couldn't fathom anymore abusive word to throw at the reason for her woes.

Could this day be anymore unkind to her not only was was she late and wet for her class,she didn't want to miss the test or risk her name from been marked absent,with tears she looked at the horrendous damage done to her and her note book .

"that dratted devil" she swore silently with

"that was exactly what he was a devil incarnate clad in all black"
Left with no choice she limped to school enduring the mocking stare from the people that saw her.

"I am going to make sure that jerk have a piece of his own medicine whenever i see him again"
She mumbled to herself feeling down in the dumps.

*Sometimes the dreams that come through
are the ones you never even knew
you had*
Re: IRIS By Victoria Ezekiel by vickyluvspices(f): 4:41pm On Sep 05, 2020

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Re: IRIS By Victoria Ezekiel by Lakesc(m): 5:57pm On Sep 05, 2020
Sit taken...

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Re: IRIS By Victoria Ezekiel by Zara20(f): 6:46pm On Sep 08, 2020
already seated....more inspiration to u

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Re: IRIS By Victoria Ezekiel by vickyluvspices(f): 7:00pm On Sep 08, 2020
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Help invite friends

update starts next week Monday.
Re: IRIS By Victoria Ezekiel by SpiceyD2020: 9:12pm On Sep 08, 2020
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May ur oil never run dry

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Re: IRIS By Victoria Ezekiel by vickyluvspices(f): 11:19am On Sep 14, 2020
Chapter 1
Kindly put your playlist here

Wait a second let me catch my breath
Reminds me of how it feels to hear
Your voice
Your lips are moving,I can't hear a thing
Living life as if we have dreams
(Sing me to sleep)
Alan walker

"Iris...Iris Ezinna "

Iris heard her name and paused when she recognized the familiar voice of her roommate turning towards the direction she saw Ivie Enaghoro her roommate and close friend hastily walking towards her using a long note book to shield herself from the still drizzling rain which showed it had no intention of ending any time soon.
Lectures for that day was over Iris only tried to hide the fact that she felt embarrassed of her disoriented state sulkily dragging her pained leg out of campus. Ivie hurried into the umbrella her face lit up with excitement

"Nawa oh! if you dey waka for road you no dey hear your name" (if you are walking on the road you don't hear your name)

Ivie asked vanacular English was her favorite way of communicating gregariously with friends.
The young lady took a moment to scrutinize her friend with a light scowl on her face

"This is definitely not your favourite kind of looks. What happened to you" Ivie pointed out
"And I saw you limping"

Iris openmouthed stared at Ivie
"shouldn't it be one question at a time" with a shrug she explained what happened to her

"Am this way because some doff jerk almost ran over me,he didn't even bother to stop just sped off,I had to come to lecture like this because of an important test" she spoke with anger.

"Sorry" Ivie sympathised "have you gone to the school clinic to get checked"

"No I didn't have the time"Iris replied

"Wait up so I get my car "Ivie said concerned for her friend

"Wait why did you leave the hostel without an umbrella" Iris frowned at her friend

" look at you now you are a bit wet from the rain" she eyed her dressing snorting in disapproval

"Sorry mum" Ivie joked" I just had to leave in a hurry...I was following a story"Ivie said smiling

" you and this your gossip career eh,yesterday someone tipped you with the silly notion of getting rid of cold with ice,now you left this morning under the rain, you are not even covered well"
Iris queried oblivious of her friend scowling

"What is this na, maybe I should rethink following you back to the hostel"
Ivie groans"have asked you several time if my mum pays you to always be on my neck"
she fumbled with her fancy hand bag to find her corrola car key
"Have told you before phuemonia no be small paracetamol case"

"Abegee ! You should know am bigger than that"

finding her keys they walked towards the school parking lot waving to a few students that waved back in greeting
"Do you want to hear the latest gossip in this school or not" Ivie asked

" you will still tell me even though am no interested"
Iris knew how persistent her friend could be.

" I heard from peter-

"Who is peter again self" Iris asked

"Are you sure you are in this school or is it memory loss" Ivie gave her a wield look " Peter Okafor "

" oh! Is it that Hot ashewo (more like a douche bag) I wonder what reasonable information he gave you this time "
she said hissing quit loud to show her displeasure
Ivie looked at her knowing that peter was one person in the whole of the school that Iris felt repulsive towards

" the son of the owner of this school had been in this school for three years and nobody knows"

"Really so that's why you want to get yourself early on a sick bed,besides since when did you start rolling with peter" Iris asked annoyed

"Yes oh my main attention is to find out who the unknown prince is...it would be a big story on the school magazine,the guy has the information na"

"Ivie Enaghoro stop poking your nose in other peoples business,its not a career oh,and you know peter okafor is a womaniser,a chronic one at that"

"Dont be a joy killer common" Ivie shrugged.

They both entered the car oblivious to the attention they were creating without much effort.
Unlike Iris who came from a poor background,Ivie is the last daughter of her family, her father is an Eligible figure on the media business who owns several radio stations and television channels recognised in Benin and other states while her mother was an international fashion designer with her two siblings abroad,Ivie was forced to study in Nigeria due to her reckless nature and care free, spirited way of living...but Iris felt there was more behind that facade she let people see.
   The two girls had a genuine relationship given the fact they were both different in many ways
Ivie was a chocolate complexion, tall with pretty long legs. Iris had always encourage her to go for modelling she insists it suits her more than her gossiping career,she was freely endowed with the quality of a model

    Meanwhile Iris inherited the features of her mother light skinned, averagely tall and well endowed,she wasn't as skinny as Ivie but still doesn't fall under slim,she had this striking feature that drew attention to people her striking fishlike coffee eyes only that Iris lacked the basic requirement to outshine herself.
It was her second semester in year one she didn't really care what people thought of her she just wanted to do her best and graduate ,unlike Ivie who stood out much in the crowd Irhs felv like a square in a peg hole but never forgot her reason for been there in school.

  'How will I know when I find you
My heart awaits too long in
anticipation '

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Re: IRIS By Victoria Ezekiel by vickyluvspices(f): 11:21am On Sep 14, 2020
Chapter two

Kindly put your playlist here
When you hold me
In the street
When you kiss me
On the dance floor
I wish that it could be
Like that
Why can't it be like that
Cause am yours
( secret love by Little mix)

        Prince William Esosa Obazee came out of the huge library carelessly he slug his Prada designer brown shoulder bag over his shoulder busy with his android phone, clad in a black tight designer pant an Armani black shirt covered with a black jacket and brown matching boots.

One would wonder why the uproar in the suppose to be serene part of the campus,the ladies couldn't  avoid risking a second glance as he passed,others made an attempt to gain his attention or try talking to him.

  Liam was already used to their silly putty lines on him,not surprised they knew his name,he only waved passed them pretending not to notice.
His friends had found it quite amusing that girls always flocked around but none of them seem to pique his interest either they teased him that he lacked passion or his libido was dead which of course made him laugh,well they couldn't blame him because he just wasn't the ladies kind of man,he was a business minded person,the conservative type,apart from his foreign accent ,Liam had a staggering gorgeous good looks to compliment him,he was light skinned and ruggedly handsome to a fault with thick dark croppy hair that contributed to his beautifully chiseled face ,he was tall with a muscular body shape,he exude that aura of authority he was born with.
    Liam spent most part of his life in France his maternal side that explained his accent,his father the Oba of Benin had cajoled him to come back to Nigeria and learn the ways and culture of his people as his only child he came on one condition to be treated normal and he wanted to keep a low profile not wanting any scandal on his long stay to school in Nigeria.

   He walked towards his power bike about to place his helmet when someone tapped him slightly on his shoulder he turned to see Erin Osazuwa smiling widely at him

"here you are have been looking all over campus for you"
she spoke with a phew sign of relief he kept silent with his brow irked at her wondering if she came to throw another of her tantrums at him,she was such a drama queen and very unpredictable.

   A week ago he had decided to keep his distance from her...hell so many times he had sworn to keep his distance but she keeps on throwing herself at him,she had gone about spreading irrelevant story of them been a couple,though it was of less importance to him only that she expected a lot from him,she literally fights with everyone that even tried  to get close to him. She had accused him of been immobile and blind that's why he couldn't see her advances.

  The two stood there saying nothing to each other,Erin fiddling with her hair knowing she had to apologize if she really wanted to achieve her aim of making the prince fall in love with her.
Liam was every woman's dream good looking and wealthy she didn't want to build castles under the air fantasizing of what can be Liam was hers and hers alone.

"Look there is somewhere I have to be. What do you want?"
Liam asked in a blunt tone that lacked warmth

"Is that how we are now,you haven't even seen me for days Liam,don't tell me you would dare walk away leaving me like this"

Erin pouted placing her two hands in the side pockets of her designer white stripped jeans
"Seriously Erin I don't want to start another brawling match with you if that's why you were looking for me,so just give me a break okay"
he whispered quietly as he climbed his bike.

Erin quickly grabbed his hand and he couldn't tell what she was playing at so he just watched her

"Am sorry about the other day Liam,the last thing I want is for you to hate me,I have really given it a deep thought ---

" what are you talking about"
Liam asked impatient

"I love you Liam and am willing to wait for you,so let's go back to been friends"
Erin spoke hoping she sounded desperate.

he gathered her two hands together taking a deep breath

"we have already talked about this, I don't know what my mother told you but it can't work between us can we just be friends at least that's what I promised you"

"I love you Liam,is it a crime"

Erin asked already letting the tears drop but Liam knew better she was a drama Queen

"Just don't harbour any feelings for me because I don't feel that way and can't force myself to"
he dropped her hands and sped off leaving her standing.

She quickly wiped the tears from her eyes,what was it about her that he didn't like or was he just playing hard to get,her reason for coming to this school in the first place was to win his love.
Erin was classically beautiful,chocolate skin and tall she was the daughter of a senator in Edo state,they were family friends to the Obazee royal family and she tried to get close to the prince her family saw this and encouraged her to not give up her feelings for him..hopefully one day he would give in.

Though it had always plagued her why her mother was so intent on making her be in good favours with the prince,her mother was always calling to know the latest update about her relationship with Liam if there was any improvement, Ivie sensed something fishy going was on.

Sometimes not all wishes come true

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Re: IRIS By Victoria Ezekiel by Zara20(f): 1:16pm On Sep 14, 2020
just coming in. More inspiration

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Re: IRIS By Victoria Ezekiel by vickyluvspices(f): 8:38am On Sep 17, 2020
Chapter three

                Iris cursed for the umpteenth as she  prepared her working uniform for the next day limping in pains the drugs the pharmacist had prescribed to her was yet to fuction in her system and it left her restless through the night.
Ivie turned from her side of the bed with a frown etched on her face as she spotted her friend mumbling words she couldn't decipher

"I hope you are not thinking of going to work in that condition... Isn't that ankle enough stress to handle"she queried

" I can't sleep the drugs seem to have left me restless "Iris shrugged

" as lame as it seems I don't know why you took that part time job in the first place--

"Oh please girlfriend do not start again" she growled using a pillow to shield her two ears
Ivie signed tossing the pillow out of the way with a worried look
"it makes me feel bad that I can't help you because you won't allow it"

"Am so lucky to have met you Ivie but I won't take your generosity and kind gestures toward me for granted, my pride won't let me"

"Pride they say goeth before a fall " Ivie blotted out not ready to give up

"Chilvarous heart like yours deserve a gold medal " Iris joked

"What? That's a lame joke do I look like a knight to you" Ivie smiled

"What's up with you and that Philip guy,he's really head over heels for you"she said diverting her attention

" what do you mean he likes me"Ivie asked resting her back on the bed

"Is it that you don't know or you are just feigning interest"

"Love is not what I want now ohh"

"At least loosen your sleeves a bit when you are around him"

"What on earth is this ,why don't you loosen your sleeves too around Peter Okafor and all those other guys throwing themselves at you"

"That's not funny..peter is a man LovePeddler you know that"
Iris said shocked tossing a pillow at Ivie who did the same back at her they ended up exhausting them selves with pillow throw and slumped on the bed breathless

" I hope we both find that Man that would make us at least stay in love "Ivie chuckled

" yeah! Don't you think we place our dreams too high to allow ourselves fall in love"
Iris signed
Distant in thought Ivie signed too

"love most times ain't the best experience... Me I never want to fall in love again"

"Good night girl sweet dreams"
Iris whispered as she gave in to exhaustion letting sleep take over her.

Ivie signed again her eyes roaming through the slightly dark room ,someone who had been stung with the bee of love wouldn't want to taste the honey again.  Ivie felt her past resurfacing back of how beautiful it felt to be in love...she cursed silently closing her eyes knowing heartbreak was  the price she paid .


Cleaning the school canteen had not been easy today since Iris winced in pains through her task,griped with exhaustion she slumped down at the chairs close to her in few minutes people will start trooping in for breakfast she needed to gather enough strength,Ivie had persuaded this morning not to  go to work but she was determined and here she is regretting why she didn't call in sick.

"Seem like you had a bad night" Jude one of the canteen staff asked from the counter where he sat observing her

"Actually the whole of yesterday was so not my day"

"That bad huh"

"Yes Jude you just can't imagine" she sighed
The restaurant pushed open sending in early morning chills as two young men walked in,they sat at the other end of the table by the left where they could get a clear view of the outside field.

   What caught Iris was the helmet the other one held,it was the same as the one from yesterday
She recognized the macho built student as Philip limping to where they both sat,one could glint the hostility in her eyes, the idiot was smiling while she was in pains,he wasn't all black today this time he wore a black knee stripped Prada jean which hung tightly on him with a Burberry grey shirt and a grey jacket which of cause reeked of money.

"Good morning Phil" she looked directly at Philip ignoring the other guy.

"Good morning pretty" Philip greeted catching her obvious mood

"What would you like to order"

    Liam raised his head to look at the young server,clad in a faded jean trouser and an XL polo shirt that had the signature of the canteen,as much as he would love to compliment her good looks which he rarely does to anyone he thought other wise with the way her coffee eyes turned cold towards him he wondered why.
She was also acting all rude, mentally he searched if they had met somewhere he did not realize he was down sizing her until when he caught her glare with a smile that didn't reach her eyes

Now she looked at him with a slight frown etched on her face before he realized she had said something
"What?" He snapped looking stupid

"I was waiting for you to place your order"
She slurred

Liam found himself admiring the smooth melodic voice instead of annoyed at her manners

"Emm... I would like to have black coffee,no sugar please and anything edible for breakfast"

"Sure even the devil himself lack taste"
she muttered as she jotted down his order
Liam furrowed his brow in a derisively questioning grow

"sorry did you say something "

"Huh!" Iris raised her brow"oh no nothing at all"

   She limped back to the counter passing the order to Jude, well the jerk should be greatful she was excerting control,his presence alone upsets her with that she decided to put the events of yesterday behind her.

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Re: IRIS By Victoria Ezekiel by vickyluvspices(f): 8:48am On Sep 17, 2020
Chapter 4

     Liam watched the retreating figure limped back to the canteen counter

"Do you know who she is?" Liam asked Philip who gaped wide mouthed at him

"What? Did I say some thing wrong"

"No...no...no... Do you realize this is the first time you are showing interest in a girl" Philip explained with a wild playful grin

"Am not in the least bit interested in her just that she is a wield character" Liam plainly explained with a snort
"did you notice the way she was shooting daggers at me,that is if looks could kill I would have been a gonna by now,literally"

"Seems like you did something to her is unlike pretty to act way out of character with people" Philip mentioned his eyes still fixed on his friend

"Is that her name 'pretty'" Liam snorted out stressing the name "for someone as cranky and grumpy as she is"

Philip chuckled enjoying how ridiculous his friend seems at that moment "I prefer calling her pretty suits her well"

Liam hummed" with the likes of how defensive you are effortlessly trying to be over her,you two must be that acquainted"

Surprised at why he was so eager to know about her Liam frowned at nothing in particular

"As much as I like calling the name to ruin the moment she is Ivie friend "
Philip replied with a  frown etched on his face.

Liam had always been curious as to what happened between the two.

"Ah! God helps the unfortunate man who allows such pretty face to get in his way" Liam mused to himself

"So you think her pretty then" Philip teased

"No I think her over impulsive and rude"

"I wasn't talking about the character aspects"

"Then sorry to say this man,since the character is so lacking then I think your so called pretty is Damn ugly and scary" Liam concluded with less care in the world.

  Any hope of putting aside the events of yesterday flew out of the window as Iris stumped the tray of served breakfast on the table which caused a few drop of hot coffee to spill on Liam thigh.
Liam felt his nervous system react to the burns as he grunted in pains.

Iris couldn't care less she was boiling in anger and Liam wondered if she had heard what he said,well if she did,he just honestly spilled the truth unintentionally he admitted to himself looking at her with a painful frown etched on his face

"Arrrgh! Couldn't you be more careful...and am sure being contrite for your carelessness wouldn't cause any harm" Liam shrieked at the sting on his thigh as he struggled to clean the liquid with the handkerchief Philip had offered him

"Am sure an arrogant fool like you don't deserve a damn bit of apology" Iris gritted oblivious of the few students that had troop in to eat now watching them

"Excuse me! have we met before ,I wonder why any reasonable human would hire you who obviously lack manners or is it mental issues" he blunted out eyeing her closing as they could both feel their hot breaths fanning at each other

"No...no sir am not as dimwitted as you" she fired back

"I can only see a psycho in front of me" Liam scowled at her as he got back to drying out the liquid.

Philip felt as much as he was enjoying the ramble between them since he has never seen his friend react this way he needed to stop the already heated banter

"Liam" he touched his shoulder lightly shaking his head in disapproval "Pretty why are you mad at Liam"

"I wouldn't be limping this way if not  because of your arrogant doff he goat friend who is suffering from an eye sight disease"
she cursed glaring at Liam who snorted in disapproval, mentally he noted her madness also came with a loosed tongue

"How do you mean by that" Philip asked

"This crazed drunk devil lacking human feelings ran over me yesterday without as much as apologising"

    Liam's stormy gaze met hers,clearly he knew he did not run over anybody and it was all her fault she was in whatever condition she is suffering from

"you and I both know what ever you are suffering from now was your mistakes,I should be damned to apologize to you"

"Well you still want to keep up with the facade, let's  just call it even" she said limping away  ignoring those who whispered behind her well she only prayed she still have a job to keep.

"That was cool girl" Jude smiled raising his hand from the counter for an high five but was ignored "those arrogant rich spoilt brats need to be taught lessons" he said praising Iris
Meanwhile Philip and Liam both watched the retreating Iris
    Liam basically was trying to put his anger on check as he sat down.
Never had a girl insulted him in such a manner,who the hell was she.

Philip did the same with a whoosh sign of relief
Liam ignored him picking a chuck of fried eggs,he chewed without tasting it,it must be because of the terrible cooking.

Damn that wild cat and that loosed tongue of hers

"Arrogant doff he goat,suffering from an eyesight disease... Crazed drunken devil ...lacking human feelings" Liam found himself listing the insults she had throw at him

"Don't forget arrogant fool,dimwitted..." Philip chided in but held his tongue when Liam shot him a cold look that could have made most  people quiver in fear
      Iris had really gotten under his skin Philip realised and kept his mouth shut as he ate his own breakfast enjoying the best emotional display he had never witnessed since he had known Liam
     Liam with an angry look stamped on his face ate his food in silence he felt like wiping those stupid smirk off Philip face if he did not stop those stupid grins.
The young prince stood up dropping his cutleries as it clattered on the plate  dropping wads of naira notes on the table he faced Philip picking up his helmet

"The food taste like sawdust, pay and give the rest to her for damages she had accused me off"
With that he walked away  without a backward glance ushering himself out of the canteen.

       Most times we are blind as to what we see,
       What we have right in front of us

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Re: IRIS By Victoria Ezekiel by vickyluvspices(f): 10:47am On Sep 19, 2020
Chapter 5

     The morning air greeted Liam nostrils,he cursed putting on his helmet ignoring the winks and stares from female gender...God! women are so dramatic.
Starting his bike he zoomed off.
Liam asked so many times why he was angry.
One hot blooded girl wouldn't do to ruin his mood but this particular one had gotten under his skin,though he admitted she was beautiful but what's the use,she  lacks manners and have a loosed tongue,no woman had ever humiliated him like that,they all pretends around him,but this one was just so different...so different

     Iris went back to collect the breakfast bill but was disappointed to find the other seat empty with the meal hardly touched
Why did he order the food in the first place when he has no plans of eating it.
"Rich spoilt brat" she mumbled to her self
"Should I add that to the list of insults" Philip asked grinning at her with a profound interest
     "Am sorry you got caught up in the middle of that...
" No don't be -actually I enjoyed myself"he said with an impish grin
"Why would he waste food like this with how expensive it cost -well i guess spoilt brat like him have no economy management in the world"
"Please pity the poor guy already his pride have already been crushed ,he is not just a Radom guy in this school pray he doesn't get you expelled"
"Why will he do that" she asked unfettered by Philip words
"He is not used  to been crushed down especially by a woman"
Philip explained feeling a bit sorry for Liam
"Well I guess it serves him right" Iris added not in the list bit affected
"He offered money for any damage he might have caused"
Iris frowned "arrogant coward! If in his own world money solves everything then tell him he can shove his damn money down his throat"
Taking out only the bill for the food she stomped out with a slight limp irritated
Philip savoured the breath of fresh air as he walked down the road hoping to hitch a ride back to the  campus since Liam had left earlier.
Deeply in thought Philip admitted he had never met a personality  like that of Iris which have a complete change in disposition from been pleasant and ingenious to been testy and provocative
Seems like Liam have finally found his perfect match .
Whistling loudly he turned his back to see if he would get any lift from anyone of the students he was familiar with or get a shuttle to stop at least.
Philip felt different today since he was clad in one of Liam favourite blue Armani jean with a designer Versace polo shirt and matching boots he wondered where the Liam does his own shopping
The guy never seems to run out of quality  accompanied with expensive designer wears his family must be that rich to have designers trooping in on a monthly basis.
The pieces did fit though apart from Liam aura of supreme confidence,intelligent looks included his natural born grace of Authority ,the silent respect he gets from the school administration, Philip has no doubt he is the son of the owner of the university ,there was no mistaken to the surname Obazee...
Oba Osenwengie Obazee
Philip found himself reciting the names though he had never met the Oba physically but curiosity had made him google it out and from TV stations there was no picture of Liam but there was that striking resemblance .
It had baffled him why his friend would hide his Royal blood,it was a thing to be proud of,it still didn't stop the attention he got also the truth that most people were envious of him.
Philip felt privileged to have him as a friend  knowing beneath that rugged gruff exterior Liam was warm hearted he had showed him many times without knowing it himself that he possessed such a feeling.
Philip thought about how he had lost his parent to a misterious death and had lost everything he was on the brink of been withdrawn from school but Liam had helped him and his sister and had treated them like a family since then to him it was a way of making up for the family he had lost.
Philip hastenly gave up any hope of hitching a free ride since he remembered he had a test to catch
"What was it with lecturers and their damned tests"

Liam lay on his bed he had just finished working some maths problem   for Esther a second year student,frankly  Philip younger sister she had actually pestered him to help her work out the difficulties and explain it to her tomorrow.
Now the young prince admitted that solving a few maths questions was enough to lift his mood since he had been rather acting out of character since morning over some irrelevant personality that should not have in the list bit mattered.
"Hold my hand" by Akon emanated from the stereo player at the other side of the living room,
he was the only one lodging the apartment situated inside the school hotel his father had insisted for security reasons after Liam had adamantly turned down his offer about staying in the school hotel built for the Oba and inspecting visitors.
His room was opulently furnished to suite his taste and comfort he raised his head from his laptop when he heard a soft knock,he lazily stood up with a soft groan,praying it wasn't one of those demented girls he had warned the securities not to let any one  close to his doorsteps without his permission.
"Who is it"
He opened the door ajar to see his friend Philip standing with a broad smile displayed on his face
"Hey man can I come in"
Philip asked already welcoming himself as be pushed past Liam
"Emm!sure be my guess " Liam replied literally Philip lives there too and acts Like he owned the place
"I hope you have beer or vodka in that fancy fridge of yours " Philip asked helping himself to the fridge as he groaned in grim satisfaction at the sight of beer.
Excited he brought out two cans of Gulder for himself turning to Liam "care for something"
"Vodka" Liam shouted out settling down at the two settee coffee couch he tapped the remote to switch the TV on surfing through several channels and styled for a sport channel.
"So what happened this time guy" Liam asked as Philip tossed him his requested bottle of Vodka and settled at the creamed Italian rug gulping down almost half of  the beer content
Philip shrugged "I know am a pain in the neck just needed a place where I can get free beer and a pal to chat with"
"I don't mind been used" Liam chuckled Philip had been his buddy since his early days in the university ,apart from him having the knack of getting into trouble,he was a man's man that is if you separated him from Alcohol though Liam admitted Philip getting drunk was an entertaining sight it still bothered Liam that he was still grieving the loss of his parents who died mysteriously and  suddenly  left with nothing but the clothes they had on there back .
"Since you left the canteen I have not seen you"
"Been busy" Liam replied curtly as the incidents of today came rushing in
"Like stew alone" Philip asked as he erupted in gales of laughter "I have never seen you so pissed no girl in this school not even miss high and mighty could get under your skin like pretty"
He tried not to laugh at the nick name Philip had given to Erin
"That girl at the canteen lacked manners for sure" he gulped down the rest of his vodka carefully tossing the bottle on the floor
"Tell me something Liam " Philip spoke"have a girl ever stirred any heart warming feeling like love inside you"  carefully he scrutinized Liam's reaction
"Aren't those stuff melodramatic, those emotions are pathetic and popular lines I hear from people only after me for money"
Liam Was somewhat disgusted at the question
Philip gave his friend a sarcastic look  pacified at Liam's blatant view of love,Philip was not a hopeless romantic but he believed love existed.
"My dear friend when you find your Juliet  it will shape your view of things"
"For the love of God stop blabbering nonsense,have never been a fan of Romeo and Juliet though I was forced to sit through literature in high school but thier story was  melancholic and too disastrous to be called love" Liam stood up and walked to the adjoining room totally forgetting the match he was waiting to watch
"You are welcome to spend the night and not drain my fridge by emptying all the drinks in your stomach...Christ all this gibberish talk of love just make me want to sleep"
Philip laughed as he found his way to the bathroom to tend to his business .
Liam admitted something was missing in his life as he dropped flat on his bed but he was still a vibrant young man with dreams he wants to achieve.
He closed his eyes as he drifted off to sleep dreaming of eyes that looks like two droplet of coffee  in cream milk.
In his self consciousness he rolled his eyes at his lame attempt on poet.

             When we get to a certain chapter of our
              Lives we are amazed of what we have been      
              Ignorant of.

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Chapter 6

Ànambra state
      Chief Chibuzor Madueke sat down propped in his favourite comfortable upholstered chair with his legs crossed, an elderly man in his late sixties black in complexion,he wasn't classified as tall or short ,his robust belly could have been what had slightly reduced his height , his hair showing evidence of ageing with a receding pate of hairline.
   Chief as popularly addressed adjusted his medicated reading glasses to his comfort apparently something is keeping him busy ,the sun newspaper had published the weekly stocks of well to do companies in the state been a man who enjoys getting information he scrolled down the paper.
  Instead of whirling away his vacation outside the country Canada to be precise some trivial issues had made him stay back in town to settle for a few days.
   Chief signed in frustration when the creeking sound of the door and approaching footsteps distracted him from his peaceful reading he raised his head up to meet that of his first son as he stood totally at a distance totally unruffled his gaze literary burning holes into chief heart.
"What is it Chukwudi this one you are acting as if you want to fight me"
Chief asked not in the list bit shaken by his attitude
   Chukwudi a tall young man was in his late twenties dark complexioned like his father,his seven o clock beard sprout out  on his chin showing obvious sign of maturity .
"Well,what is it?I don't have the time to amuse myself with this drama you are displaying" chief  said quite amused though he hid it well
"What is this i hear about you arranging a marriage engagement for me without my consent" Chuks asked
"Oh!i don't think i need your consent chuks" calmly chief replied as he dropped the sun newspaper at the glass side stool close to him carefully he removed his medicated glasses placing it in its case those slow actions made Chuks snort loud with irritation getting all riled up at every passing seconds
"Cancel it. There would be no damn marriage Chuks spoke with finality in his tone as he curled his fist into tight balls
" This is more like a bethrodal, if ever you will take over the family business then you would need to settle down with a wife that would set you straight"
Chief explained trying to be logical
"Dad you have no damn right to do that,besides I don't intend to get married  now or anytime in the future"
he was screaming at the top of his voice now
"All you have done is cause me problems since the day you were born,I spent millions of naira that I would have been of good use to me getting you out of the bunches of dumpholes  you always get yourself into instead of been ungracious you be agreeing to everything I tell you"
"Seriously" Chuks grunted "if it is all about the millions of naira you have spent on my behalf  Dad I don't feel compelled to be sorry because I am your son" he spat out
"A son who has been nothing but a pain in the neck,you think you will succeed in sending me to an early grave,it won't work I am a step wiser and ahead of you idiot,if I know where they discard sons like you that are abominations to parenthood I would have done that a long time" Chief said now standing up
Chuks was now in a for of rage"if not that you give a hoot of what people would say I know you can be that heartless,but I would be damned if I do what you say Chief"he mocked
Chief hastily went to jack the already unglued Chuks at the hem of his shirt holding him tight heaving in anger
"Now you shut up and listen to me fool you are going to marry the girl I have picked for you because I have wasted my money on that family,you have no choice in this or else I will disown you not only that I will disinherit you"
"You must be joking"
Chuks choked out as he felt a pang of hysteria take over his senses laughing out loud
"Off course Chief chibuzo make sacrifices only if it involve his filthy lucre"
"Ah What was that saying again money the root of all evil...it runs in our vain as much as I hate to admit it....we are both alike dad...so alike"
With that Chuks pushed his father hands away and stomped out of the living room with a pause when he reached the door "you and your damned asset can go and burn in hell for all I care" he left slamming the door being him with a gratifying loud bang.
Chief forced himself down to the wine bar with the urge for something strong he poured himself a glass of strong whiskey gulping all down in a jiffy
Why has God decided to punish him by giving him a devil incarnate as a son,the old man was finding it difficult to admit he was paying for his past mistakes because Chuks was an incarnation of everything he was in his youthful days stubborn,impertinent and cunning,having been threatened with expulsion several times from school for either beating up someone to a pulp,arrested for doing drugs or for molesting a girl.
Chief claimed his mistakes was what made him who he was today his mistakes favoured him,he was able to secure a good future for himself but seems the price was loosing his wife to child birth and having miscreant as children.
Chief found himself studying the spacious living room richly furnished with expensive upholsteries ,ornately carved chairs at the wall hung a family album of him Chuks and his daughter everyone seems stiff and awkwardly close  another wall opposite hung a masterpiece of African most possessed art. He realized he was lonely and was going to die sad and lonely without his children love.

Chuks parked his car at the front of his friend compound,drinking from a bottle of McDowell his attempt to cool his burning rage with alcohol only fueled it more
"Damn damn damn" he cursed hitting his steering drawing the attention of  few passerby but he didn't care he had long ago been branded crazy he stepped out of his car banging the door a he paused at the black painted gate that had lost its touch he hit the gate hard as if it was the reason for his plight
"Guy wetin na! Is it my gate that offended you this afternoon"
The young man named pascal tall, dark complexioned was clad in shorts and a white singlet he stood akimbo outside his fathers compound watching his friend as he strolled towards him
"I have not even banged the gate well,am in deep shit because of you" chuks lamented refusing to accept pascal offered hand
"You looked pissed man lower your voice my old man is around" pascal said wondering what was getting him all worked up
"If you have not pushed me out out of  my house that night I guess wouldn't be in this shit right now"
He gulped down the McDowell badly in need of drawing a smoke or two
"Are you drunk chuks you need to lower your vioce"
Pascal said turning to peep inside the gate thinking it will open any minute if he didn't take   his drunken friend out of the compound.
He quickly dragged Chuks a bit further from the house "what shit are you in"
"Chief is getting a marriage fixed for me"
Pascal burst out laughing as Chuks glared at him
"You think this is funny punk ass"
"I thought you have been disowned and kicked of the house"
"I will be disowned and he threatened to disinherit me too if I don't do as he says"
"And what did you do" pascal asked now serious
"I faced the bulls by the horns telling him to go to hell"
"So what do we do"
"All I care for now is a wrap of Coke got any" Chuks replied
"You know I can't keep that at home" pascal chuckled as he stroked his chin mentally trying to figure out what to do
He was yet to tell his parent the reason for his long stay at home having been expelled from the school with a serious allegation against him,he could already guess his father reaction.
The old man was a proud and dedicated  catholic,recognized in several pious society in the church and also been recently appointed the catchiest of umueze catholic church, he predicted the old man would die of shame but now he had to figure out how to help his friend.
Pascal had always been the brainstorm ,the one with solutions while chuks was the one who always got the money to spend, now this involved his inheritance one he was certainly going to benefit from because Chuks sure can't do without him.
School was a waste of time in his understanding because the only fun part he could remember was the women,gambling,drugs and dealing with terrible hangovers in the morning,soon when the father get the news of his expulsion he will be disowned and homeless "we will figure out a way"
"All I know is I can't keep on letting that man control my life but I bloody need his money" chuks ranted
"Why does he hate me so much,most times I feel I should just strangle him and he is giving me every reason to do it"chuks went on ranting viciously
"Its not getting to that chucks, I will find a way" pascal assured
"How long"
"Is it not me again"
"Go change lets look for where to get that wrap before I lose my mind" Chucks replied walking towards his car as pascal smiled at the thought of having a smoke or two.

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Chapter seven

               The late afternoon weather turned out to be favourable the shining sun smiled down on mother earth slight breeze bristled silently as students and lecturers trooped in and out of the ever too busy  canteen most students wore their expressions on there faces,the loud creaking of chairs,clatters of plates and cutleries,the place was rather crowdy and noisy.
Iris and Ivie walked into the canteen accompanied by sagbore there close friend and a course mate of Ivie they both work at the school press club but Iris was yet to understand the mystery between the two why he always seems to get on Ivie nerves though she thought he was a perfect match for her loquacious and tenacious friend,the moods between the two was rather lackadaisical.
"My love tell me what you would like to have for lunch,I will ensure you are treated like the princess you are" Sagbore purred he was in a playful mood as he drew out seats for the ladies"see I can be a gentleman"

Ivie grunted as she sat down facing Iris "I told you it was a bad idea following him here the whole school will know he is the one treating us for lunch"

Iris chuckled as sagbore drew his seat closer to them.

Sagbore was as tall as Ivie dark complexioned with a polished chiseled face that looks almost innocent hiding any trace of sin he had this smooth sweet voice that caught people attention whenever he speaks,he wasn't fat but was all meaty and fresh smooth skin which he treated with delicate care spending most of his free time in a spa or massage house .
The first time Ivie had introduced her to him she had almost confused him for a sissy,never the less he was just a cheerful person and fun to be with he was that kind of guy that was rather seen in the company of girls rather than his male peers.

"Will you stop fussing over me at least Iris is here too"
she complained as he smuggled more closer fussing over her hair

"I have just missed you so much love of my life"
he stole a quick kiss from her cheeks he made an attempt on arranging the strands of weave on that had dropped to her face but she quickly swatted his hands away sagbore laughed obviously enjoying himself he just didn't know why he enjoyed getting to her.

"Pretty do you believe me when I say am head over heels for this girl"
he chuckled turning his attention to Iris who seem to be enjoying the childish banter she replied with a muffled laugh

"yes I do believe you "

"Wetin that one come mean na...I reject every sagbore in my life" Ivie replied with a smile

"Okay I think I have gotten under your toes enough for today,can we order"

"Finally" Ivie leaped with excitement "am going to make sure I empty your pocket before we leave here"
she threatened as she motioned for the server

"The pleasure is all mine"sagbore smiled

" so I heard you finally put Mr jerk in his place"
Ivie asked as they were served the food they had ordered with a wave from Jude who sighted Iris it was her half day today

" how news travel fast...though serves him right...he called me names "Iris mind brewed at the thought of him

" like what"sagbore  asked with a chuckle

"Impulsive,rude scary and ugly..." she tried racking her head for others but her two friends was finding it funny.

"That guy must have gotten under your skin...even peter didn't made you that pissed"

"Lies they both make my skin crawl" she pointed out

"Whatever" Ivie slurred 

"So you guys coming for the girls night or what"sagbore asked excited of the next day that happened to be Friday

" why does it had to be in a club"Iris frowned she had never been to a club before and had several times  declined to follow her friends there

"Loosen up spoil sport jeez!...it's not a club its just a night lounge and many of our students  will be there and you are coming "Ivie replied glaring at her

"Fine ...am coming with you guys" she spoke with a slight hesitation

"Good girl...you won't regret it" sagbore clapped happily giving her a wink as she flipped her tongue at him.


Liam sat down at the other end of the restaurant he had purposely choose that spot when he spotted miss firecracker that's iris sitting with a group of friends there he could get a clear view of her.
He was beginning to admit grudgingly that the damn name Philip gave her really suits her when she wasn't all wild and scary,she no longer wore the oversized worn out shirt but a chocolate faded tank top that did little to accentuate her shape ,even from a distance her smile was contagious, he didn't realize he was smiling too.
If she kept that up the world will lit up
he thought her musical laughter rang out through out the restaurant

What was it about her ?

Picking at his food he had for a moment forgotten that Erin and Philip were sitting close to him

"Helloo am here flesh and blood ,alive and breathing" Erin spat our irritated as she waved her beautiful manicured fingers at him

"Isn't obvious" Philip drawled as miss high and mighty glared at him then turned to Liam

"Care to share what or who might have piqued your interest"
Erin smiled painfully a trace of sarcasm in her vioce

"Well you wouldn't guess" Liam replied her

Philip scoffed given Liam a knowing look of what had piqued his interest
Common intrigue me" Erin let on

"Quit it Erin,can we just eat and make out of this day a peaceful one,you promised"

"I wasn't making a fuss or anything" she replied wanting to have the last say

"There she goes again" Philip rolled his eyes

"Just mind your damn business nose pucker"

She cut him off she just hated the guy he was just one of the many obstacles that stood in the way of her and Liam getting together.

Liam silently chewed on his lunch,he inwardly wondered what his mom had seen in Erin to try to encourage a thing between them all he saw between the both of them if they happened to end up together was an imminent crash he wouldn't have the patience to endure her dramatic display,he  wondered why she was after him her father has his own fair share of wealth and a senator of the country,what does she really want from him.

Liam eyes drifted to where miss firecracker was paying less attention to Erin who was going out of her way to be chatty with him as she hovers close dotting her attention on him he knew her better she was creating a perfect picture of how close they are she was like a dog ready to bite at any girl  who came close to him
He followed Iris every move with his eyes even when she went to the counter to talk to the mancho guy that looked like a sack of rice the familiarity between them made him frown.

"You are staring at her again" Erin spoke with a frown etched on her face "could you at least get a grip of yourself and respect the fact am here"

"What? Do I look like have lost it,you are been irrational" Liam replied surprised at himself too

"Is she the latest" Erin asked not minding if she was actually creating a scene
Philip almost choked on the water he was gulping
Liam glared at him unsmiling.

"Even if she is what is it to you" he asked now testy

"Is she the reason why you are rejecting me" she asked ignoring Philip upsetting presence

"What is it she has that am lacking in tell me Liam, as far as my senses permits me isn't she the canteen staff" her eyes widened as if in disbelief

"How could you stand me up for some random impoverished gold digger,a scruffy staff at that"

Liam snapped dropping his spoon

"Do you know what you are lacking Erin,self control,you are too overly illusive and irrational for my liking" he glared at her and spoke in a low tone"and don't you dare give me that sassy attitude maybe you have forgotten who I am I can do as I damn well please"

Erin was in no way close to his level and can never be his type,he couldn't even consider been with her it would turn out a disaster

"Besides I don't even recall giving you an impression we have an us" Liam added knowing there quarell had attracted peoples attention he saw as Mrs firecracker looked at him with disdain and turned away from him
Erin gave him a chagrined look picking her fancy handbag and half ran out of the canteen.
He couldn't careless if she was crying

"Am not certain if you really put her in her place, trust me she would come back to stake her claim"
Philip replied with a worried frown

"At least I have a few hour of peace and rational thinking" Liam signed with a loss of appetite

"And an eyeful of someone I guess". Philip completed grinning from ear to ear

" you know what I think my friend "
Liam asked motioning for Philip to come closer

"What?" Philip whispered with a chuckle

"You are really feather brained"
Liam concluded his face expressionless doing his best to ignore wiping the stupid smirk off his friend face.

       Love is like the wind
      You can't see it but feel it
         *Nicholas Spark*

Hey FAM super excited
So I have started taking classes on scriptwriting
Guess who I met today
Solomon Akiyesi a great actor and movie producer.
Am so loving this new found passion
Gonna give in my best.

So check my already completed story
On niaraland.

Update till next week,
Aint getting the vibes here.



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Chapter Eight

    CHILL girl the party has just started and you are all tensed up"Ivie told  her friend seeing her discomfort as she ordered another bottle of wine

"I can't chill when am this exposed" Iris frowned

"I feel all eyes are directly on my chest and laps"

Ivie laughed as her eyes scanned the spacious lounge that at the moment it could pass for a club the place was clogged with people and different activities going on most were lost in the rhythm of P-SQUARE ALINGO dance style blasting from the DJ while orders were lost in there bottles  she noticed truly several glances were thrown there way actually they had warded off a lot guys who obviously thought they were playing hard to get

"Where is that fat fish anyway"

"Am sure going to tell him" Iris smiled as she sighted sagbore at the dance floor with a pretty girl that really outdid herself "he is probably busy with a big fish he caught" they both burst out laughing

"That's what you should do loosen up and have fun" Ivie handed her wine in a disposable cup

"Make a toast girl" she raised hers up smiling at Iris

"To having fun and friendship"

Iris smiled deciding not to try adjusting her dress since it proved futile.
She was wearing one of Ivie sleeveless gown that had a V neck spilling her cleavage and exposing her legs with  low heels to avoid pains from the already healing foot she twisted.

    The wine tasted sweet with a flavour that lingered the two girls giggled as they found joy in sipping and savouring the taste of the wine.

."Am not ever refusing wine from you again" Iris smiled at how exciting her first taste of alcohol has turned out

"Hey girls care if I join you guys"

Ivie raised her head to meet the tall cute guy as he stood grinning foolishly he was probably doing his best to be charming

"No" Iris slurred

"Yes" Ivie replied too quickly"but I don't want to sit I want to dance"  she stood up as she staggered a bit holding the arms of the guy

"Oops! Easy" the guy snaked his arms around her waist as he smiled sweetly at her

"Just a bit tipsy but not foolish" Ivie admitted as they sauntered to the dance floor .

Iris watched as her friend shamelessly moved to the beat of All I WANT IS YOUR WAIST BY IYANYA and Mr tall seem to take advantage of the fact she was tipsy as his hands seems to be all over her having donned the last drop in her cup feeling all alone she stood up from their table feeling a bit too lightheaded and hot as if she was been baked in an oven.

Iris pushed through the crowd wanting nothing but a breath of clean air the lounge smells of alcohol smoke and sweat she had refused company of all the guys that had asked her to dance or hang out.
Outside the lounge was dark but she could hear the loud smooching from the corner where she could see the two couples all over themselves obviously that wasn't privacy what's wrong with every one. 
Almost every guy and girl had their lips locked on each other and hands wondering she felt so out of place wishing she was in the comfort of her bed with a novel or sleeping.


Iris gave a loud yelp as someone slap her on her hips with a low whistle she turned to see Peter Obi Smiling widely
"hey sugar"

Iris frowned peter is like a torn in her flesh since she entered the university he is a renowned skirt chaser but Iris saw him as a mental case who was meant to be in an asylum.

"Are you mad" she moved backed a bit feeling her skin crawl at his closeness

"Yes sugar,mad for you alone " he whistled again as his eyes travelled from her chest down to her legs

"Damn you look hot sugar"

"Stay away from me" Iris warned as she walked away from him wanting nothing but to go home she didn't even want to go back inside she felt so out of place here

"You can't run away from me forever sugar,soon I will make you mine"

The average height man ,muscularly built in his early twenties was good looking with a lip ring that made him look beautiful but he was a mess upstairs he had constantly boasted on his father owning a shipping company with millions to spend he obviously wasn't used to been turned down as he blocked her way enjoying her dishelved state

"If you touch me I will slap you so hard " she warned again slightly frightened as he made a move to touch her .

"Let her go dude" A calm voice rang out from the dark directly at her back she could feel the hairs standing

"Who the hell are you,if I were you I would puck my nose elsewhere"

peter bellowed back as he glared at  Iris supposed defender trying to prove a point he tried dragging her away.

Iris slapped him hard on the chin giving herself much distance her back hitting on a hard surface loosing her balance she yelped as hard arm circled her waist keeping her from falling she felt fragile and small in his arms.

"Damn you witch..." Peter cursed rubbing his chin as he took a step closer

"You should have a rethink,if I were you I would back off" her defender warned again in a calm tone she felt a strange Summersault of butterflies in her stomach as he drew her close to his chest.

"Bastard..." Peter cursed "sugar am sure you know you won't get away with this" he made the words lingered in the air as he went back inside .

Iris took a deep breath"than...thank you"she stammered slightly as she moved away from his arms surprised to see the last person she expected to be her knight in shining armour


"Yes me " Liam replied as his eyes scrutinized her from head to toe she was transformed from the oversized T-shirt girl he knew damn any man would go crazy seeing her dressed like this

"And am sure you took a look at the mirror before you left your room are you that stupid"

"What?" Iris seemed confused

"What?" He mimicked "you are half naked outside this godforsaken place in the middle of the night  why won't any one want to touch you"

"I didn't ...am not..." Iris caught herself pushing him out of anger "who the hell do you think you are"

"I am the guy who just saved your ass"

liam replied her annoyed as he pulled his jacket wanting to cover her from all the hungry eyes that ogled her

" take this and give yourself a bit of decency"he tossed it at iris "and if you can't hold yourself avoid alcohol" he glared at her

"you are not my father I can dress as I please and you are no one to tell me what to do"

Iris thought Liam was another madman she had to deal with everything he said was a word of insult to her for a moment she felt like slapping him too as she tossed his jacket back at him a whift of male scent and expensive Cologne lingered on her nose.

"You are a real firecracker" he chuckled

"You are a real jerk"

she fired back not finding any fun in it, turning to move away before she slapped him but he moved closer and caught her hands they both yelped as some sought of electric current jolted through them there eyes met in confusion Iris holding her breath as his warm breath fanned hers she studied him lost for a moment his kind of looks was the kind that screamed heartbreak
The pure male assessment jolted her heart into a frenzy the way he looked at her made her felt torn between running away or kissing those full lips

She found herself staring into his dark eyes.      

Liam gulped realising he was deeply mesmerized by her eyes her thinned lips begged to be kissed

Gosh!...were devils meant to be this handsome Iris  thought to herself

the spell was broken when she felt something warm on her shoulder he tucked her arms in and took it upon himself to button the leather jacket covering her exposed chest

"That was easy" he said with a satisfied smile
Iris swore never to drink again maybe the wine had started playing games with her brains.

"Are you always an arrogant Jerk"
Liam gave her an intensed look as his hands grazed her cheek and then her lips sending tingles through her

"Maybe am doing a good Job in being a gentleman by depriving myself of knowing how those lips of yours taste"

"I hate you" Iris spoke weakly as she licked her lips moving away from him

"The feeling is mutual"

Liam replied her as she turned away and stomped backed to the lounge he followed her inside wanting to make sure she was safe from the hungry mongers that couldn't wait to pounce on her. What was he even doing Liam had asked himself but was not ready to give himself a perfect answer,he saw her whispered to the chubby guy he saw her with yesterday he assumed was her friend and whatever miss firecracker told him he frowned standing up and hugged her .
Liam didn't like the fact the guy was too familiar around her he cursed as they held hands half dragging the her friend out of the lounge
Iris sighted Mr arrogant leaning close to the wall that led to the exit she looked at him with disdain or that was what she thought as she followed her friends out of the disaster of a party not wanting to give a thought to why she was all fired up when he was close.


                    "One never knows what destiny has in        
Re: IRIS By Victoria Ezekiel by vickyluvspices(f): 12:09am On Oct 08, 2020
Chapter Nine

Senator James Osazuwa an averagely tall and robustly built man in his late fifties ,chocolate skinned complexion sat down outside the parasol shade overlooking the expanse and beautiful view of his estate in the capital of Edo state Benin,he was deeply in thought ,he was the type of man who wallowed more in his thoughts when left alone.

The senator was basically the type of man who wore his heart in his sleeves .
His family dreams had always been for him to become the governor of Edo state since his father who was also a renowned politician hadn't succeeded in that aspect.
He watched as his wife Esomo slightly robust who was also in her mid fourties walked towards him .

"Darling have been looking all over the mansion for you,I didn't know I would find you here"
Esomo queried as she sat opposite her husband pouring herself a glass of bottled water

"So how was your visit to the queen of Benin kingdom"
Senator James inquired watching her steadily as she gulped down water from the glass cup

"Hmmm! I got to persuade her to support my campaign as president for women forum initiatives "
She made a gesture with her right hand which was decorated with expensive trinkets.
"At least am positive ( WFI ) funds would rally slightly now I have gained her support maybe the first lady of the state would be on outside"

"That's great those upper hand we will need as allies for the next upcoming governorship election"
Senator replied quite satisfied with the progress

"But that isn't enough to be too confident" Esomo continued

"What do you mean"

"If you really want to win this governorship election,looking at it from my own perspective,i think we should find a way to get Erin and the prince shackled together in that way we would have more power"Esome supplied

Senator James stood up abruptly thus causing Esome to look up at him bemusedly
" I have already told you times without number to stop dragging our daughter into our business gamble"
He spoke with a wild frown etched on his face

"James this isn't also all about a business gamble ,it is to secure the future of our daughter,prince Esosa is a perfect match for our daughter, he is the heir to his fathers empire"

"Don't you think your daughter opinions matters in this" he asked quite baffled

"Like I will always tell you 'êñìõwo bùñgbe ùbê õwunmen rhìà êre' Esomo spoke in a popular Edo proverb translating
(Too much meat does not spoil a pot of soup)
That brought out a snort from her husband knowing who she was ,she always argued her point sorting out proverbs to summarize her arguments.

" Esomo I know you are trying to drive a point here as usual but Erin is our only child,I don't want to loose her ,how are you even certain the prince will choose her"
He as finding her ideas totally absurd

"Before you married me James you never loved me,it was a marriage of convenience, so marriage isn't always a bed of roses since mine started out with thorns before you could learn to tolerate me"
Esomo spat at him already getting aggregated

"What does this have to do with how our marriage started" Senator James asked infuriated

"Common James what I mean to say is Erin marriage to the prince of Benin would be a marriage of convenience, A marriage we are both going to benefit from as in-laws to to the royal household...Don't you get it not all bed are made with roses"

"Is that why you sent my daughter to that university"

She grinned mischievously at her husband who gulped at her in bafflement he knew Esomo was ready to do anything for him to win the Election but he suspected there was more reason behind her plots
'Òbò mà mìeñ ûhumùwm èvbìe' she replied him translating ( if the hand does not meet the head it does not sleep)
With that she she stood up leaving her husband to wallow in his thoughts

Esomo was really determined to get their daughter married to the married to the prince.
What was it with women
Senator James watched as she elegantly strolled out of the garden .
One could only wonder what goes through the mind of women.
He closed his eyes allowing old memories buried deep to come to life,it was a woman who had taught him how to love it was still a woman who had destroyed him he had no choice in then in his youthful days but to chose family ,his marriage to Esomo was of convenience indeed they started out with a loveless marriage, now it was different after so many years they have both learned to accommodate or rather tolerate each other.

Senator James found himself thinking of his first love Kashi ,he had always wondered where she was if she was happily married with children,he hadn't gone looking for her cause he knew what his family was capable of ,even though it doesn't seem to matter now,the memories of his past always comes back to hunt him.


The dull moon hid well in the clouds obviously showing no sign of coming out of its hiding ,cold breeze bristled giving signs it was going to rain through the night .
Iris emerged from out from the school canteen it was so late in the evening she and a few staffs had ended up doing the dishes late .
She was so exhausted to the bones ,she made an effort to stretch the cramps in her back as she walked down the side lane that led to her hostel only a few people were spotted around the cafeteria and a joint were barbecued suya and chicken was sold.
She had purposely taken the evening shift to rest through the morning then go for her mid morning lecture although the rest of the next day will be occupied with classes.
The streets light shone through the lane that led to her hostel Iris resisted the urge to pull out her mobile phone from her cheap brown handbag certain Ivie would be trying to call her,but the girl throws a hundred question in short seconds,Ivie had always called it the journalist traits which runs in her family bloodline.

"Hey sugar"
Iris heard someone called from behind her she recognized the voice to be that of peter she groaned hastening her pace remembering his threat at the party.
Its been two days since the incident at the party now no one was there to save her not even that overbearing jerk.
Peter father held a prestigious position in the shipping business so he boast about how fat his bank account was
Peter finally caught up with her gripping her arms to halt her movement which made her yelp in panic

"Caught you" he said turning her around to face him
Iris noted he was clothed in rugged jeans and a white shirt he wore a face cap too

"Let me go peter"

"Wow! Calm down sugar I have no dirty thoughts in mind"

"I couldn't care less what goes through your mind just leave me alone"
she snapped at him

The nitwit thought he could get away with just anything because he comes from money.
That was the main reason why she meticulously avoided them like a plague since they shamelessly flaunt their wealth to cover up their dirty mistakes.

"Is it that you despise me that much or is it all about that stuck up bastard at the party"

"What are you talking about peter"

"Is he the one that you open those cute little legs for"

"What ?" She opened her mouth

"You think I don't know the shit that happens around the school the way he follows you or eat you up with his eyes...so don't play dumb with me"

"Last time i checked I don't owe you any explanation"

"If I can't have you,that bastard can't have you too,I will make sure of that"

"Who the hell are you talking about" Iris yelled at him pushing him away from her

"The guy at the party"

Iris eyes widened in apprehension she found it difficult to believe that the jerk who had almost ran over her insulted her at the canteen and humiliated her at the party was watching her.
She looked at peter annoyed

"You are a stupid fool peter ,so you know I detest him as much as I detest you so stay the hell away from me"
With that iris hurried away from him

"One of this days sugar I will get you and then I will make you mine" Iris heard him shouted

"Stupid fool" she shouted back at him

"Am sure you have enough birds to snag so stay away from me peter"

Peter held himself from following her he instead walked backwards towards the Barbecued joint where his friends were hanging out his eyes trained on her swaying backside.
He needed to think of a more better way to convince the beautiful girl to be his ,for him Iris Ezinna was the only icing he needed on his cake.


He turned to face the obstructing tree he almost tripped on,silently he cursed at the tree kicking the offending tree as if it was the reason for his plight.

* The man who fetches firewood infested with insects invites lizard into his house*
Re: IRIS By Victoria Ezekiel by SpiceyD2020: 6:21pm On Oct 10, 2020
Nice update op
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Nice update op
More inspiration
Keenly following
thank you SpiceyD2020 for following ...

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Re: IRIS By Victoria Ezekiel by vickyluvspices(f): 10:36pm On Oct 10, 2020
Chapter Ten

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What makes a man wanna love you the way I do
By Westlife

         The next few days that had passed by Liam had spent it watching Iris mostly from a distance,his thoughts had been occupied with the hissycat.
Liam didn't understand why he suddenly became so self engrossed about everything that concerned her .
He knew she trekked or  hitched a ride to campus with her friend.
He knew she worked through shifts at the canteen,he enjoyed her sense of humor from a distance she looked so innocent yet so wild,he was yet to comprehend what made her so different, why she brought out feelings he never believed existed inside him,most times he found himself enthralled with the simple things she did, he could trade anything just to see that beautiful smile lit up on her face.
    Philip had suggested he  apologize to her and get to know her  since he had suddenly become so facinated with her but she must really despise him.
     All of Liam's life he had never encounter this silly display of emotional repression.
     He  always had everything at his beck and call
  Who the hell was she to trample on his pride, no one else had ever dared to except Erin but This case was different .
   Liam was a prince who had been taught to walk with his head high ,Authority in his lips ,control in his movement, everything was offered openly at the palms of his hands why would he stoop so low to her level.
   In the world where he came from she would be considered as a nobody then why does everything in him wants to have her close he knew his mother the queen will surely throw a fit at his choice.
   Most times when he indirectly brings on a question about her Philip would tease him giving him a knowing grin before giving out excruciating details about her.
Liam strolled towards the serene part of the abandoned story building in the area he had seen her entered one of the blocks ,maybe if he could get a chance to be close to her ,talk to her clear the bad air between them he might be able to understand this confused feelings he had for her.


Iris stood at the small reading block where she had always loved to study privately clutching her long note book to her chest as if her life depended on it
Her heart thumping hard in her chest the only escape route was been obstructed by the reason for her plight who stared at her lustfully with a puckish smile displayed on his handsome face, he seemed to take sadistic pleasure in tauting the poor girl ,after all the opportunity he had long awaited was standing right in front of him.

   "Peter I can't comprehend what silly games you are playing at,for the last time I am asking you nicely to please leave" she spoke rather too tensely

   Peter acting all deaf suddenly walked towards her what was she going to do her eyes darted round the secluded surrounding how was she going to defend herself even if she was to scream this place was so scarcely visited it was an abandoned building in the university .
Iris was left to quiver in fear as peter approached her bringing out a pocket knife which made her gasped never had  she ever thought this lunatic would make do his threat.
"Now sugar do you really think I would like to miss out this opportunity, I have you alone all to myself"
He approached her teasingly with a glint of anger in his eyes.

"If you behave good I will make this a promising one for you,just put off the act of innocence"

"I swear I will scream this whole building down if you come anywhere near me, what part of I don't want to have anything to do with you don't you understand" she moved backwards as peter kept on moving towards her unbuckling his belt as he fumbled with his trouser zipper

   'Oh my God am going to be raped by a lunatic'
she tried to think fast

"help ,somebody help"
She screamed loud at the top of her voice
     "Help me"

.peter hands caught her clamping hard hands tightly to her mouth depriving her of oxygen  he pushed her hard to the ground as  she struggled scratching his face hard with her fingers
Peter groaned in pain and anger as he slaped stars out of her face.

    "You stupid fool be still" peter half  groaned angrily his eyes glinting with anger as she struggled to pull away from his hold "that Bleep buddy ain't here to save you"

He touch the cold sharp blade to the nape if her neck which left her suddenly frozen.

"That's more like it...be a good girl and I won't need to use force on you sugar"

he said dropping the knife closer to him.
That was her opportunity as she pushed him hard away from her and screamed her lungs out.

Liam heard the loud screams of desperation as he followed the sound into a block where he found a man trying to force himself on the girl he had spent his time watching, he immediately leaped into action seeing his strong willed woman defenceless to the bastard.
   Liam surprised peter by hitting him hard on his head then giving him a blow on his face which made him rolled on the floor

   "You" Liam asked remembering the face from the party few days ago

  "So you are the one she is opening those cute legs for huh" peter gave a sadistic laugh wiping blood from his lips with the back of his hand

    Liam with  a deadly look  advanced towards peter who pushed him hard   making him loose his balance as he ran away .
Liam was set to run after him but stopped in his tracks as he realized he left the poor girl all alone in the building, mentally placing the image of the bastard at the back of His mind he walked towards the poor girl who was shaking and crying her head bowed low as she tried desperately to cover herself with what was left of her already torn blouse.

  "Hey are you okay"
He whispered not wanting to scare her but she looked startled as she raised her head to meet him she crossed her hands in her rumpled and torn blouse trying to cover her exposed chest.

Liam who noticed her discomfort hastily pulled his light blue Armani jacket handing it over to her,he was left with the grey shirt on.
She stared at him nonplussed ,wagging her head in refusal which made him to shrug indolently.

   "  Just take the damn jacket ,unless you want the whole campus to have an entertaining view of you being half clothed" He snapped

She hastily collected the jacket her nostrils caught a shift of his expensive perfume and his masculine scent which smelled comforting she put it on her eyes met Liam's own, she wondered why there meeting was always awkward ,this was the second time he had saved her from peter and offered her his Jacket to cover her exposed self how did he manage to get under her skin she didn't realized when tears started falling she was greatful he was there if not peter would have end up ruin her for life.
"Thank you" she said in a hoarse voice

Liam still stood where he was as he nodded at her now been close to her in her disarrayed state she looked more beautiful.

Beautiful was an understatement

   "Is okay ,that was the dude at the party right"
He helped walked her to the block which served as seat where she had placed her worn out bag making her seat he squatted beside her.

   " how are you related to that guy"

    Damn! He was so angry as he ran his hands through his well trimmed croppy hair,
Liam swore he was so going to deal with the idiot that touching another girl would make him freak out.

"His name is peter Okafor  he had incessantly made  sexual advances towards me since I stepped foot into this school which I had declined ,he is angry about the slap at the party and your interference ,he thinks am ...am" she looked at him unable to complete the sentence

"Sleeping with me" he finished

"What were you even thinking coming to this place alone"

"This where I read privately " she spoke out in defence noticing the scowl etched on his handsome face

"Well I hope you have Learnt  your lesson atleast " he scolded her as he stood up picking up her book on the ground.

Iris studied him he was indeed a godlike creature with those long legs and dangerously handsome face she watched as he put the note book into her bag slinging it easily on his shoulder he offered his hands turning to face her.

  "Can you walk"

Iris nodded as she made an attempt to stand placing her shaky hands on his the sizzling electric current that passed between them was enough for iris to jerk her hands away from his out of shock.
She raised her eyes to meet his curious to know if he noticed it.
Liam thought those beautiful eyes of hers made him wants to deeply swim in their depth.

Iris held her hands to herself refusing to touch him again

"Am William Obazee " he started to ease the tension around them

"I...I...Iris Ezinna " she stuttered turning her confused gaze away from him

'What was that all about 'Iris asked her self mentally.

"Let's get you out of here"
Liam  offered his hands again sensing her hesitation he smirked

  "I promise not to bite you "

Iris smiled at his lame joke as she placed her hands on his relieved there was no more shocks she followed him out not wanting to pay attention to the butterflies that danced in her belly .

If you ever feel alone and the glare makes
                Me hard to find
                Just know that I'm always parallel on the
               Other side
         (Mirror by Justine Timberlake)

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Can't wait to read the next update. Good work ma'am.
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Can't wait to read the next update. Good work ma'am.
Thank you lahrra

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I own no sole right to this pictures they just fit the description of my main casts

Others will come in in due time

You are free to send in yours

So meet

William Esosa Obazee
Iris Adanna Ezinna

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The name was changed from Worlds Apart to IRIS


I felt the name Worlds Apart was overly used in stories and movies

Hence the change of name

I apologise if it might cause any inconvenience to you.

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The name was changed from Worlds Apart to IRIS


I felt the name Worlds Apart was overly used in stories and movies

Hence the change of name

I apologise if it might cause any inconvenience to you.

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Nice story dear. However, I feel like ur covers could use a little more work. Keep it up!

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Well done. I just want to say that you should keep doing what you love. The comments motivate but most times you have more silent observers on your story and the number of reads should serve as motivation.

I have been a silent reader on people's stories before so I wasn't shocked when a lot of people did not leave comments on mine. It doesn't mean they do not like your story.
Well done momma.

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Nice story dear. However, I feel like ur covers could use a little more work. Keep it up!
hello waywardpikin


Will look into that in due time

Thank you

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