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Black Maria: Legends A Story By LarrySun / Maria: The Sequel / The Nemesis Of Ezra Season One:beginning Of Karma. (2) (3) (4)

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Re: Black Maria 4 (Nemesis) by jayman00004(m): 9:11pm On May 02
Re: Black Maria 4 (Nemesis) by aprilwise(m): 9:12pm On May 02
Peter black was lucky. Solo will pay
Re: Black Maria 4 (Nemesis) by Calenikan(m): 9:17pm On May 02
Actor no dey die
Re: Black Maria 4 (Nemesis) by Rumpleslitskin: 9:23pm On May 02
As per peter na soothsayer

Oga larry you no tell us say peter possess super powers na
Re: Black Maria 4 (Nemesis) by pelvicky(m): 9:44pm On May 02
Peter set him up.

There is another plan to break out
Re: Black Maria 4 (Nemesis) by XXXXTENTACION: 10:01pm On May 02
Oga i no understand this thing again oo why would peter sleep off when he was planning a break out ?
Re: Black Maria 4 (Nemesis) by Bukolaberry(f): 10:08pm On May 02
hmmm nice one, so Peter is aware of the plan and why did he betrayed otunba.
Re: Black Maria 4 (Nemesis) by Sadrey1(m): 10:16pm On May 02

What the title of the prison break of America, you watched?
"Escape from pritopia" is the title
Re: Black Maria 4 (Nemesis) by Rick9(m): 10:19pm On May 02
This update is nice but very confusing.
Re: Black Maria 4 (Nemesis) by LarrySun(m): 10:20pm On May 02
And so when the time struck 1 a.m. Peter slowly stood up, kept the wooden key where he knew it would not easily be found. Then he went to bed.
In a few minutes, Peter Black had slept off in his cell.

A logical explanation for him staying back wasn't provided.
The story hasn't ended.
Re: Black Maria 4 (Nemesis) by sheba222(f): 6:34am On May 03
I am happy that otunba is gone. But that solo guy na betrayer him be.
Re: Black Maria 4 (Nemesis) by Niwdog(m): 7:40am On May 03

What the title of the prison break of America, you watched?
he's talking about escape from pritoria
Re: Black Maria 4 (Nemesis) by Ann2012(f): 9:02am On May 03
Nice plan Peter

Thanks for the update boss
Re: Black Maria 4 (Nemesis) by ChemicalReaction(f): 9:25am On May 03
Is it that Peter suspected fowl-play from Solo's end?
Re: Black Maria 4 (Nemesis) by jenifer007: 4:12pm On May 03
I guess the warder that provides Black with information told Black about solo's move hence the change of plan.
Re: Black Maria 4 (Nemesis) by Bukolaberry(f): 7:17pm On May 03
I think peter got the information from TBF,
Re: Black Maria 4 (Nemesis) by Nmezor(f): 12:49pm On May 05
Thanks for the update...Black set Otunba up smileyBaad dude. smiley
Re: Black Maria 4 (Nemesis) by Rick9(m): 10:50pm On May 07
TBF on my mind.
Re: Black Maria 4 (Nemesis) by LarrySun(m): 10:24pm On May 09

Update 33


The governor of Ikoyi Prison Service was filled with rage. This was not how he wanted things to turn out; this was not the plan he had. He had not planned for Otunba to be killed; even though the man deserved what he got, the governor still didn’t think he should be killed, and he had given strict instruction that the criminal should be caught while committing the crime. Now that Otunba had been killed, it would be hard to get to the bottom of it. After everything, the governor had two mysteries he had to unravel. Who had pulled the trigger that killed Otunba? Why had Peter Black not joined Otunba while he was escaping? That same night, he had questioned all the guards on duty about who had shot the man. They all denied pulling the trigger; no one came out to claim responsibility for Otunba’s death. The governor found it extremely frustrating that someone had disobeyed his order. He desperately wanted to know that person and punish him accordingly.

When dawn approached, the news about Otunba’s attempted escape and death circulated all around the prison. Those who knew the man and his reputation were utterly shocked to find out that he was dead. Some of them had actually thought Otunba was invincible, that no one on earth was powerful enough to kill him, but he had been killed. Perhaps that was why his killer refused to take responsibility; he was probably scared that Otunba’s people would take revenge on him if he was discovered to be the killer. But then again, if it became public knowledge that a particular guard was responsible for killing an escaping convict, such a guard would be promoted – the governor would not be able to punish such a person as he had intended; yet, no one admitted to doing the deed.

When Solo heard about Otunba’s death, guilt immediately overwhelmed him. Tears ran down his face as he thought Peter Black was a casualty too. He leapt in joy when he eventually discovered that Peter Black was not seen with Otunba. When the elation subsided, he carried a puzzled look on his face. He was confused. How come Peter Black was not with Otunba? Did he somehow escape or something? Where was he when Otunba got killed? A lot of questioned teemed his mind as he returned to his cell that morning. He was both surprised and glad to see Peter in the cell.

“How are you feeling now?” Peter asked him genuinely.

“How did you do it?” Solo demanded.

“Do what?"

“How did you escape?”

“I don’t think I fully understand what you’re talking about.”

“You told me you would be escaping last night,” said Solo, slowly getting frustrated. “How come you are still here? How are you here and Otunba is dead?”

Genuine shock took possession of Peter’s expression. “Otunba is dead?”

“You didn’t know?”

Peter shrugged. “Well, he asked for it.”

Solo stared at him. “How do you mean?”

“I gave him the choice to either stay alive or act stupid. I’m surprised that with his reputation he could still behave that way.”

“I’m not following what you’re saying.”

Peter smiled and said, “You really thought I was planning an escape, didn’t you?”

Solo’s eyes opened wide. “You weren’t planning to break out?”

Peter nodded.

“Then why did you tell me you were? What were all the wooden keys about?”

“Everything was part of my plan.”

“I still don’t understand anything you are saying.”

“Everything was a trap for Otunba. I was the one who approached him and offered to break him out of here. And for some reason, he believed me. Well, I was convincing. And truly if I wanted to break him out I could easily do that; but that wasn’t my intention. Otunba was a monster; he delighted in terrorizing people. Someone needed to stop him. I didn’t agree to his way of handling things. It was wrong for someone like him to hold a position of power in this prison. Even after all the terrible things he had done he was still living in luxury here. That wasn’t actually my concern; what didn’t sit well with me was the fact that he still continued to terrorize innocent people in the world out there. And in this prison, he was breeding thugs and hooligans. The government is already messing up the lives of the inmates, we shouldn’t also suffer the cruelty of Otunba. So I decided to do what no one else was willing to do – I decided to put him in his place. You should know that my intention was to strip him of all the benefits he was enjoying in this prison. I didn’t plan for him to die. I’m not that cruel.

“And so to convince him further, I created the duplicate keys. Then I decided to include you. I knew you would want to join us if you discovered that I was planning a breakout. I intentionally said all those terrible things to you so as to annoy you. I wanted you to feel so betrayed that you would report our plan to the governor. I guess it worked. Even though I suspected that your complaint of headache might actually be false I still cared about you. I was worried that you might actually be having headache. And when you were made to spend the night in the dispensary, I was conflicted. That night, I suspected that some guards would have been stationed somewhere around waiting for me to leave my cell – but I had no intention of leaving that night. I gave Otunba the instructions to leave his cell and wait for me somewhere close to the main gate. I told him I would join him by 1 a.m. but I had no intention of joining him. It was when the time struck 1 that I decided to go to bed.
“I gave Otunba an opportunity to save himself. I told him to return to his cell if he didn’t see me by that time. I knew he was a stubborn man but I didn’t know he would attempt to escape on his own – and that was what led to his death. If he had followed my instruction by returning to his cell when the time struck 1 he probably wouldn’t have died. The worst that would have happened to him was get arrested and tried for attempting to break out of jail. That was originally my plan. I wanted him tried. I wanted his sentence to be longer. I wanted all his benefits stripped away from him. I didn’t know he was going to die. I feel sorry for him, but honestly I think the world would be a better place with him being gone now.”

“Nobody knows who shot him,” said Solo.

“If it’s not any of the guards, then it must be one of the wardens. I have a good idea who that person might be but I’m not going to tell you. That’s not any of my business anymore. Whoever killed him had a good reason for doing so.”

“So you had been using me all along?”

Peter nodded. If you had not reported what I told you, Otunba’s cell would not be watched last night. He would probably have escaped – which, of course, would have been very bad for humanity. A man like Otunba should not roam the streets. Thank you for reporting the plan to the governor. This wouldn’t have been possible without you.”

Solo’s expression suddenly became gloomy. “So basically, I’m responsible for Otunba’s death. He’s dead because of me.”

“Oh no. Don’t beat yourself up over that. You didn’t kill him. He made his own choice. He could have returned to his cell but he chose to escape on his own. Believe me, his death is not on you.”

There was silence between them for a while. Finally, Solo said brightly, “So you’re not leaving me?”

“I’m not. I sincerely hope I would be free when you gain your freedom too.”

“Oh, don’t worry about that. I’ll make sure we’re released together. I promise.”

Peter nodded and smiled. “I’m counting on you. All my hopes are on you now.”

Then at that moment, a new warden appeared at the entrance of the cell. Peter had never seen the warden before.

“Who is Peter Black between the two of you?” the new warden asked. He was a young man no older than Peter Black himself.

Peter raised his hand and said, “I am Peter Black. How may I help you, officer?”

Without giving a reply, the warden extracted a bunch of keys, picked the right one and inserted it in the hole of the cell door. He turned the lock twice; then he pushed the door open.

“Kindly come with me, Mr Peter Black.”


“The governor wants to ask you some questions.”

When Peter stepped into the governor’s office, the man he saw behind the desk was not the same person he thought he knew since the past year he had been in the prison. The friendliness and camaraderie they both share were gone. The man sitting behind the desk was stone-cold rigid. His jaws were clenched in indignation and he stared at Peter with eyes already reserved for the scum of the earth. Peter could recall the day the man had called him into this office and had asked him if he had any intention of breaking out. He had assured the governor that he had no such intention. As a matter of fact, the governor had considered Peter his favourite prisoner.

“Is anything the matter, sir?” Peter asked; his voice registered genuine concern.

The man stared at Peter silently for some time. Then he slowly stood up, crossed the desk and stood inches away from Peter. his eyes were dark with displeasure.

“I am going to ask you this question once and I want you to answer me honestly.”

“Of course, sir.”

“I learnt that you planned an escape with Otunba. Is that true?”

Peter looked into the governor’s eyes and said, “How could that ever be true, sir? I have no business with someone like Otunba let alone planning an escape with him. Who could have said something so terrible about me?”

The man studied Peter and said, “Are you telling me that you had no hand in what happened last night?”

“How could I? I was in my cell all through the night. I didn’t know anything.”

“My source told me you and Otunba planned to escape this prison last night.”

Peter sighed and said, “If that was true, why wasn’t I caught with the man? Why was I not shot dead like him? I’m telling you I had nothing to do with the events of last night. I’m already studying a university course. How would I forfeit that just to risk being shot in the head? Besides, I already told you I wasn’t going to break out of jail.”

“Three wooden keys were discovered with Otunba,” said the governor, his eyes never leaving Black’s. “I learnt that you made those keys.”

Peter shook his head slowly. “Whoever has been telling you all these is only out to discredit me. I don’t know anything about breaking out or any key.”

“Well, time is going to tell. Proper investigations will be made. Warden Mike is in charge of the cell keys. He will have to explain how the replicas of the keys got to the hands of the deceased prisoner,” he paused and sighed. “Peter Black, I sincerely hope you are really innocent as you claim. If I find out that you have the slightest connection with what went down last night, there will be hell to pay. You can return to your cell.”

As Peter left the governor’s office, he knew it was time for the next phase of his plan – the plan to really break out.


Re: Black Maria 4 (Nemesis) by elaavie1(m): 10:51pm On May 09
my goodness, this is a wonderful update but too short. we want more, we want more, we want more, we want more, we want more.....
Thanks a lot man.
Re: Black Maria 4 (Nemesis) by Calenikan(m): 10:59pm On May 09
Peter Black cool cool cool
Well-done Sir oga Larry
Re: Black Maria 4 (Nemesis) by Rick9(m): 1:32am On May 10
Awesome. What a feint move. I am impressed.
Re: Black Maria 4 (Nemesis) by aprilwise(m): 6:39am On May 10
Peter black is a smart character.
Re: Black Maria 4 (Nemesis) by Kaycee9242(m): 9:54am On May 10
This Peter is really a legend. Larry well done
Re: Black Maria 4 (Nemesis) by Bukolaberry(f): 9:59am On May 10
very impressive, I never see this coming.
Re: Black Maria 4 (Nemesis) by pelvicky(m): 3:29pm On May 10
Impressive. I love it
Re: Black Maria 4 (Nemesis) by Nmezor(f): 11:08am On May 11
Blackie the smart dude. smiley grin.. Thanks 4 the update oga Larry.

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