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The Greatest Heartbreak 10 by graceola001(f): 1:51pm On Sep 26, 2020

I got ready and followed Lizzy to the club. That would be my first time of going with Lizzy even though she had always been persuading me and telling me of how I needed a break from Justin and that I should at least come and enjoy my life but I had always refused telling her that Justin was my life.

But that day I had had enough of Justin and was really optimistic about starting a new life and moving on. I knew it was going to be hard but I was determined to give it a try and save myself from my present misery.

We got to one of the most famous clubs in town and I found a good spot to have a clear view of everything going on. There were a lot of people there; old and young, male and female and it seemed like a different world entirely where everyone was happy and it seemed as if they had no worries at all.

I watched some people as they danced wildly to the buzzing sound of the music and while some drank vigorously as if they wanted to drown themselves and some others like me looked as though they were there for the first time.

Lizzy went away and later came back with some bottles of alcohol. I had never taken alcohol before but I was willing to give it a shot just to get Justin out of my mind. At first it tasted badly and I was having a hard time swallowing it but after few cups it was tasting better and I finally lost count of the many bottles I drank.

Lizzy dragged me to the dance floor and I made sure that I danced away my sorrows. I was smiling wildly and was screaming as the sound of the music was soothing me. I must confess that I had a great time that night.

Lizzy finally found herself a man to go home with and she left me there alone. I got behind the wheels and drove home. Even though I was so high and tipsy and was feeling drowsy and nauseous, I was able to drive back home successfully. I found myself outside the door knocking fiercely and then Justin opened up.

“What are you doing in my house?” I said to Justin as he opened the door.

“You are so wasted. So you now drink?” Justin said but I didn’t care to listen to him.

I vomited everywhere and was feeling like my intestines would come out from my mouth. Justin helped to clean up the mess I created and I just slept off.

I woke up the following morning with serious hangover. I looked around and was surprised to see that I was at Justin’s house. I tried to remember what happened the previous night and I discovered that I had driven to Justin’s house in my drunken state. I was so ashamed of myself and was trying to sneak out when Justin came downstairs and I knew that I had to face him.

“I’m sorry for coming here like that, I started. I had no intentions of barging on you,” I said sincerely and Justin just laughed.

“Just tell me you could not bear to live without me and that was why you got drunk so as to have the courage to crawl back to my house after causing such a mess. I thought you said you were done and now you are back here,” Justin spat angrily.

I waited for him to calm down before I finally spoke.

“I’m sorry but it was not really intentional,” I said with tears forming in my eyes again and I had to look away from Justin.

“Don’t cry yet o, wait till I pass my judgment before you cry,” he said and brought out a file.

The file contained some papers. The first was a relationship contract and then another one containing reconciliation agreement and then the last one was payment for damages. I kept looking at the file without understanding what was going on.

Justin sat me down and explained to me that if I wanted to continue with our relationship then we have to agree on basic things and if I can’t agree then I should walk out of his life and never come back. He walked away and left me seated there like a zombie wondering what just happened.

I got home that morning to find Lizzy in my house with the man she left the club with the previous night. I was so angry at her because I had warned her never to bring a man into my house again and there she had done it again. The man quickly got dressed and ran out of the house.

“Useless man,” I hissed after shutting my door.

I went back to Lizzy to give her a piece of my mind but she just shoved me away.

“Don’t even yell at me, go and yell at that your useless boyfriend. You have the energy to get mad at me but can’t even get mad at the man that has been mistreating you all this years,” Lizzy had said that day and her statements were like daggers in my heart.

Lizzy had always been a blunt person but I would not allow her use my weakness to insult me. I tried to defend myself but she spoke again.

“You went back to his house to apologize as usual right? You are such a weak girl. I don’t even know where I met such a dumb-ass like you,” she said and walked into the bathroom.

I don’t know why the people I loved constantly treated me like trash and I won’t even be able to get angry or stay angry at them.
“Am I even normal at all?”

To be continued...

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Re: The Greatest Heartbreak 10 by graceola001(f): 1:56pm On Sep 26, 2020

I made breakfast, cleaned up my house and totally ignored Lizzy and all her remarks. She wanted to make peace and just like Justin she didn’t want to say the words and I was not ready to forgive her until I hear the words.

“I’m sorry,” I finally heard Lizzy say as I cleared the used dishes.

I pretended not to have heard her and I went into the kitchen. She came behind me and gave me a back hug and that was all I needed to melt again. I think my heart is made of ice that melts at every sign of heat.

I forgave her and told her about what Justin did again which she was so eager to hear.

“Justin asked me to sign some papers,” I said to Lizzy as I sat down.

“What are the papers about?” She asked.

I brought them out and showed them to Lizzy.

“Are you for real? This guy is officially crazy,” she remarked.

“So you mean you would have to adhere to all this terms and conditions just to be his girlfriend. What if you eventually get married to him? He will make you sign an undertaken,” Lizzy said out of disgust and I kept looking at her because she had not gotten to the worst part.

The relationship contract which was the first contained the terms and conditions that I needed to adhere to in order for Justin to continue in the relationship.

They include: I must not visit him unannounced. I must not acknowledge that I know him if I should see him in a public place. I have no right to question him on anything he does. I must not check his phone for any reason. I must not harass any of his visitors especially ladies and I must always stay clear of his personal space.

The second one which was the reconciliation contract contained an apology. I had to apologize to the lady I slapped and made sure she forgave me otherwise he wouldn’t forgive me.

The last one which was payment for damages was a list of things I would buy for the lady to pacify her and I would be the one to fund her upcoming birthday party and get her a befitting present.

By the time Lizzy was done reading the contracts her jaw had dropped and she just could not hide her surprise.

“This guy don mental, who does he think he is?” She hissed and looked at me.

“What do I do? I asked her to her amazement.”

“Are you seriously asking me that? You mean you are confused or what? I thought you are done with this guy already and I can’t believe you are considering agreeing to his terms,” she said angrily.

But really I was confused. A part of me wanted to just burn the papers and never have to think of Justin again but another part of me wanted to give him a chance again and give our relationship the last chance to see if it would work.

Even though Lizzy advised me not to have anything to do with Justin again, I could not stop myself.

After much consideration, I agreed to his terms and signed the papers. After which I took them to Justin who was beaming with smiles as if he had won a lottery. I sought out the lady and I apologized to her. Though at first, she was reluctant but after I persisted and gave her all the things I bought she forgave me and called Justin to inform him that she had forgiven me.

Her birthday party was held at one of the most expensive resorts in the city and I spent a fortune to put everything together. In fact, I had never organized such an exquisite party for myself before.

Justin attended the party and since I could not acknowledge him in public I was left to watch him from afar as he paraded himself with the lady all through the night. I was hurt with the public show of affection he was showing her but I could not do anything since I knew that I was his main chic and the girl can only pass as a side chic.

Lizzy ditched me once again because of my decision to go back to Justin. She said she was tired of having a foolish friend and could not stand my stupidity.

But was I really stupid? I mean I love this guy and there was nothing wrong with me trying to make our relationship work even if it means that I would have to play the fool.

To be continued...

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Re: The Greatest Heartbreak 10 by graceola001(f): 1:56pm On Sep 26, 2020

It had been over two months since I got back with Justin but it only felt like a torture chamber. Justin had become worse and I can’t even question anything he did. I had not seen him for over a week and I could not go to his place unless I asked for his permission first and he had not answered my calls, texts and chats the entire week. Lizzy had also not been answering my calls since and she didn’t visit me either and I felt so lonely.

Luckily for me, after calling Justin for the umpteenth time, he finally answered and though he didn’t sound delighted to hear my voice I was really happy to hear from him.

“How are you and how have you been?” I asked excitedly.

“I’m fine,” Justin replied from the other end of the phone.

“How is work? Hope it has not been too stressful. I hope…” I was saying when Justin cut me short.

“I’m very busy Jemima, just go straight to the point,” he said bluntly.

“Can I come over?” I asked him.

“I just told you that I’m busy so do you want to come and disturb me or what exactly do you need?” He asked.

“I’ve really missed you dear and I was hoping we could spend the weekend together,” I answered.

“Sorry to disappoint you but some of us are not self-employed so we have work to do during weekends since we have deadlines to beat,” he answered sounding angry.

“I don’t mean it like that. Just for us to spend some quality time together. I promise not to disturb you,” I said pleadingly.

“Alright you can come but not this evening. Make it tomorrow in the afternoon and you can help me do some grocery shopping on your way,” he said and didn’t even wait for me to reply before hanging up.

“Well, that’s my Justin.”

I made a list of the possible things he could need and kept the list in my bag. I also took some clothes as I was ready to spend the week at Justin’s.

I also had the plan of convincing him to allow me move to his place so we won’t be far from each other. I had a premonition that he won’t agree since I would be close enough to monitor him but I would still try my luck.

The night went by slowly as I kept thinking of various ways I would make Justin happy. I had read some books and even attended some seminars on how to make your spouse love you unconditionally and I was ready to try those methods with Justin so we would enjoy our relationship.

I was also seriously hoping that Justin would mention marriage because my mom had been on my neck lately and I was getting tired of her constant nagging about getting married and giving her a grandchild. I didn’t want to push Justin by asking him but I know he would mention it soon.

I slept that night thinking of Justin and woke up the following day with so much enthusiasm. I was eager to see Justin and as soon as it was 11am I set out. I went to the grocery store first and at about 2pm I was already in Justin’s house. He had moved from the apartment I rented for him and was now living in his official apartment since it was closer to his place of work.

I was so happy to see Justin and expressed my excitement but I got the cold response as usual. His house was looking neater than I expected and I could only conclude that someone else must have tidied up the place because Justin does not cook, clean or wash.

I gave the shopping bag to him and he took it and walked into the kitchen without even a thank you. I didn’t really do it to be commended so it was okay by me as long as I was making him happy.

We ate, played, watched movies and did other things that lovers do together and when it was evening I suggested we went out but Justin refused and we were forced to stay back in the house.

“When are you leaving?” Justin asked me that evening.

“Next week,” I replied without looking at him.

He kept quiet for a while before responding.

“You want to spend a week in my house and you did not deem it fit to inform me before hand?” Justin asked with his voice displaying disgust and a little bit of anger.

I was a bit scared and had to choose my words carefully to avoid adding fuel to the fire.

“I’m sorry I was going to tell you,” I said shivering.

“Since you didn’t tell me then you are not allowed to stay,” he said and stood up to walk away.

I grabbed his hand and went on my knees pleading with him to let me stay. He stopped and looked at me pitifully and then said I could stay before walking out.

Should I have really had to beg before spending a week in my boyfriend’s house? I guess my case was special or was I just being stupid? I was really grateful to him and I promised myself to do everything in my capacity to make him love me more.

To be continued...

Thanks for taking out time to read through this series. Feel free to share with others but don't edit out the author's details. God bless you!

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Re: The Greatest Heartbreak 10 by graceola001(f): 1:57pm On Sep 26, 2020

Justin left the house that evening and didn’t return until midnight. I tried to stay up for him but I slept off and only woke up when I heard the sound of his car. He came home looking really worn out and I wondered where he had been. He had a woman’s scent coming from him and I could only guess that he had been with a woman but I could not really ask him so it was just my assumption.

I left my house to come and spend time with Justin to show him how much I loved him but there he was leaving me in the house to go and spend time with another woman. I was really hurt but I was determined to do whatever it would take to have Justin by my side forever.

I could not sleep again that night as I was busy thinking on what to do to keep Justin to myself. I searched Google for possible methods and I was able to find some new things I could do with what I had been doing before.

The following day was a Sunday and we were still stuck in the house together. Justin spent the whole day on his computer and only came to eat breakfast and lunch without saying much to me. I really wished we could talk like we did when we were growing up but Justin had become so distant that I felt it would be difficult for me to catch up with him but I was willing to give him a chance.

When it was evening I suggested we went out and luckily for me he agreed. We went to a resort and I had what could be termed as the best night I ever had in a while. We climaxed the night when we got back home and I felt Justin’s love growing in my heart as I gave him my whole.

After the heat of the moment, I suggested to Justin that I moved in with him permanently and that was all I needed to ruin the blissful moment. Justin disagreed vehemently and insisted he got angry and left me alone in the room. He spent the night in the sitting room and even though I went to him to apologize and beg him to come back to the room he refused.

I woke up very early the next day to make him breakfast and also pack lunch for him. Justin didn’t say a word to me and even refused to eat the food I made for breakfast. And I had to forcefully put the lunch pack in the car and hoped that he won’t throw it out on his way.

I was so tired from all the stress that I had to go back to sleep. I didn’t prepare for work until noon, which was one of the advantages of running my own business. I didn’t stay long at work and I had to run to the market to get some fresh stuff to prepare a sumptuous dinner for Justin to pacify him.

“That weekend was the worst weekend of my life and I can’t imagine that I would spend another week with her in the same house and now she wants to live together. Sometimes I even wonder if she thinks at all. She’s just so obsessed with me and it is choking me.”

“I had tolerated her all these years just because there were a lot of benefits I derived from the relationship and not because I loved her or anything like that. As a matter of fact I don’t think I can ever love any woman. I just need them to satisfy me and do my biddings and that’s all.”

“But this Jemima is the most possessive of them all, she acts like she owns me and I can’t deal with it anymore.”

“I had shown her many red signals but she is just so daft to understand. She was my first love and I must confess that I felt something for her then but I was only a young naive teenager who just had a fling with an available girl. But I guess she was my worst mistake.”

I was still lost in thought when two of my colleagues, more like friends, walked in.

“Hey man! How are you?” Marvin asked.

“He is definitely fine with that bitch in his house I’m sure he had a great weekend,” Steve replied.

I had told my friends about Jemima’s visit when we met at the club on Friday to stop them from bringing any girl over to my place since that was what they always did. They were both married and so could not go home with their side chics and any time they needed a place to use, they would come knocking at my door.

Marvin noticed the lunch pack Jemima forced into my car on my table and roared in laughter and Steve joined him.

“This babe has resumed wifely duties o,” Marvin said and laughed again.

“You guys are definitely crazy,” I said and took the pack from Marvin.

I had no intention of eating the food but could not bring myself to throw away food so I would just give it to a beggar on the street on my way home.

“Let’s taste the food to know if she’s good in the kitchen too and not only in the other room,” Steve said and snatched the pack from me.

He took a plate and dished the food. It was fried rice and chicken (my favourite) and at that time I regretted not checking it out.

Jemima was a good cook, a good friend and a great woman but I just don’t know why I can’t bring myself to see her as more than a pest in my life. Sometimes I tried to open up my heart to see if I could really love her but no my heart just can’t love her at least not the way she wanted.

“OMG! This chic is a damn good cook,” Marvin said with rice still in his mouth.

They were eating the food without even asking me if I wanted to eat or not.

“My guy, this one na jackpot o. Please if you don’t want this girl abeg pass her to me o. I can divorce my wife and marry her if she would be serving me this type of food every day,” Steve said and we all laughed.

These guys are crazy. They were one of the reasons why I had never really given marriage a serious thought. I could not imagine myself being stuck for life with a woman and having to cater for her and watch her nag me and monitor my life. It was something I couldn’t do or at least was not ready to do. I can’t be sneaking around like my friends and not have peace in my own house. And the thought of having kids running around and calling me “father” is another responsibility I was not ready to shoulder.

I guess I was happy the way I was but Jemima was bent on killing me with her clinging attitude. I wished she could be more like Caroline and Betty who just dealt with our relationship casually and never bugged me for attention.

They finished the food and trashed the waste after which they washed it down with a soft drink and I watched them behaved as if they had never eaten anything that tasted as good as that. Even though I didn’t taste the food, I knew it was good.

“Thanks for the food, man,” Steve said and patted my back.

“You are welcome,” I said with a smile and he noticed I was faking the smile and asked what was wrong.

“What’s up man? You don’t look happy,” he said and they both started staring at me expecting me to say what the problem was.

“The bitch asked to move in with me,” I finally said.

They both looked at me for a while and laughed out loud. I really didn’t find anything funny at that moment so their laughter kind of made me felt embarrassed.

“It’s not funny guys,” I said to make them stop but they just increased it and I was just looking at them till they stopped.

“How is that a problem?” Steve asked.

“You know he is a playboy and having one of the chics in the house is like limiting his chances of spending time with the rest,” Marvin said and he chuckled.

“You are my friend after all and can understand me,” I said and gave him a knuckle.

“But you are a man you should know how to manage ladies even if you are dating ten of them. Put them all in their places and as long as you are not married to any of them then you can do and undo,” Steve advised.

“The problem is that this particular girl is possessive. She acts like she owns me and she is always trying to monitor me and all that and you know I hate that,” I tried to explain my plight to my friends.

“She is the main chic now and that is what they do,” Marvin said and they laughed again.

“I’m serious guys,” I said and they quieted.

“If you ask me I think you will benefit more from having her around. She would make your food, wash your clothes, clean your house, take care of all your needs and also warm your bed. You can deal with the other chics by meeting them elsewhere,” Steve advised.

“The professional playboy!” Marvin and I hailed Steve.

“You know all these things well. I just hope your wife will not catch you one day,” I said and they both laughed.

“This guy is a learner,” Marvin commented.

“You mean you still don’t know how to deal with a woman?” Steve asked.

“I know a little but can learn from your professional skills,” I said and we all laughed.

“You will make her feel sorry for your wrong doings. You will never apologize to her and even if she catches you, you will still put the blame on her and make her beg you,” Steve explained.

I was stunned to hear this. I had always maltreated Jemima and sometimes I felt bad for her but then I was discovering that what I was doing was the right thing to do and that I had to always maintain my manly position without allowing any woman to push me around all in the name of a girlfriend or wife.

I went home that day with the determination to have Jemima around and use her as much as I wanted to without giving her the chance or right to question my movements.

TO BE CONTINUED... (Sorry for the late update�‍♀️)
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Re: The Greatest Heartbreak 10 by graceola001(f): 1:57pm On Sep 26, 2020


I bought the best of everything I saw in the market that I would need for dinner. I had made Justin’s best meal for lunch which I seriously hoped he ate and was determined to make his second best for dinner.

I got home so tired from the long trekking throughout the market to purchase the best things. I would have gone to the grocery store but I wanted fresh things and not the frozen and preserved stuffs they sell there.

I would have rested a bit but having looked at the time I knew Justin would arrive anytime soon and I didn’t want the food to be delayed. I wanted to treat him to a banquet that evening and I had even prepared the gown I would wear to make him fall head over heels for me.

I hurriedly prepared the meal and made chocolate cake for dessert. I also bought Justin’s favourite wine. I set the table neatly with new table clothes, cups and cutleries.

I went to have my bathe and just as I was getting dressed, I heard Justin’s car drove into the compound. I quickly finished my make up and went downstairs to welcome my love. I played a beautiful romantic song in the background and I could feel love flowing from the song to my heart and filling the atmosphere. I had candles everywhere and used the coloured light bulb to give the house a more romantic look.

Everything was set and I smiled to myself adjusting my clothes for the last time before opening the door for Justin. I gave him a big hug, took his bag and ushered him into the house.

To say he was stunned was an understatement. He was just looking at me as I led him to the table, served the food, fed him and also motioned to him to feed me. He didn’t say anything but I saw him smile and he looked at me in a way that he had never done before. I was so happy that all I learnt from Google was finally working in adding spark into my dying relationship.

We left the table after the meal and I led him to the sitting room where I served dessert and played a romantic adult movie that would spice the mood. I was not a fan of such movies but love made me do crazy things. We had not even watched up to five scenes before Justin grabbed me and the rest was history.

I once again had a wonderful time with Justin and seriously wished we would continue like that and be forever happy. I laid on the bed that night with smiles on my face as I watched Justin slept peacefully. My love for him had multiplied in many folds and I just wished to never recover from it.

I woke up the following morning still feeling happy and thrilled from the paradise I experienced the previous night. I guess there was no relationship that could not be restored with a little spark. I smiled to myself as I replayed the scene from the previous night in my head.

I suddenly jumped to my feet when I discovered that the sun had risen already. I must have over slept as Justin had left for work and I felt so bad that I didn’t make breakfast for him. I was about calling him to apologize for that when I noticed a note under my phone. My heart skipped a bit as I picked it up.

“You can move in your things by weekend if you still want to” that was the content of the note and I jumped up in happiness.

“My methods had worked and now Justin had fallen so flat for me,” I thought to myself.

I called him to apologize for not making him breakfast and he didn’t seem to mind as he said that I had gone through a lot the previous day and that I needed to rest and that was why he didn’t disturb me. I asked to bring him lunch but he declined asking me to rest for the day but when I insisted he finally agreed.

I ended the call and broke down in tears. Justin was finally making me happy. That was all I ever wanted and when it was finally happening, I could not believe it. I remembered my friend, Lizzy, and wished she was around to witness the change in Justin.

I left her a message about all that had happened and she only replied that she wished me well and that she would be there to console me when he breaks my heart again. I was so pissed with her reply but just decided to let it go since I didn’t want anything to ruin my happy moment.

“Some people are just so negative,” I said as I went to the kitchen to get started.

To be continued...

Thanks for taking out time to read through this series. Feel free to share with others but don't edit out the author's details. God bless you!
Re: The Greatest Heartbreak 10 by graceola001(f): 1:58pm On Sep 26, 2020

The week went by so fast and I was enjoying every bit of it with Justin spoiling me with love. There were no harsh words, no outburst of anger even when I did wrong things like burning his shirt while ironing it. He just said it was a mistake and not to make a fuss about it. He always gave me information about his movements without me even asking and I felt really happy for this transformation.

I was eager to move in with Justin and give myself fully to him. At that point I felt like I could die for Justin if he asked me to. He helped move my stuff and in no time I had arranged my things in Justin’s house leaving my other things back at my house. I bought the house already so I was thinking of renting it out while I stay at Justin’s house and I would sell it off after I get married to Justin.

It had been two months of living together with Justin and I had not had any reason to regret my decision of moving in with him. Even in my opinion it was like that was what our relationship was lacking before, true intimacy, but it had been restored and we were doing just fine.

I had been feeling sick for a while and was so scared to do a check up because something in me was telling me that I was pregnant. I knew Justin did not like anything about pregnancy and the last time I got pregnant was when I was an undergraduate and I just hoped it had not happen again. I had always been careful and was always using my pills so it might just be ordinary malaria.

After much hesitation, I bought a pregnancy test kit and my worst nightmare was confirmed, I was pregnant again. I cried bitterly that day because I knew pregnancy was the last thing we needed at that time and not when Justin was already becoming warm towards me. I was confused and didn’t know what to do.

I remembered Lizzy and wished she was there with me. I called her and luckily for me she answered the phone. I cried my heart out to her and she insulted me once again for being daft and stupid but after which she advised me to tell Justin and that we were no longer kids and we were old enough to take care of a child.

I reasoned with her and decided to tell Justin about it. I thought of the best way of presenting it to Justin and finally decided to send him a text. I took my phone and hurriedly composed a message and I included in the message that the doctor had warned not to abort the pregnancy because it was risky. I sent the message to him and laid down on the bed expecting him to return.

Lizzy had told me that Justin was at the stage in his life where I can use a child to tie him down and make him mine forever. If I should keep the pregnancy, he would be forced to marry me and I was happy at the thought of that and decided to include a lie in the message to make him not suggest abortion.

Justin came back pretty late that night and I knew that he must have thought of what to do with the pregnancy. I welcomed him to the house and served his food which he ate without saying anything to me. I had determined not to mention anything about the pregnancy to him in words if he didn’t say anything. The atmosphere that evening was filled with unsaid words hanging in the air. I slept peacefully that night satisfied that Justin didn’t nag about the pregnancy.

After about a week of sending the text to Justin, he had pretended as though he didn’t know anything. I had begun to show signs of the early stage of pregnancy and could tell that I had passed the first six weeks already. I was scared of what the outcome might be if he decided to stay quiet. It would mean that he was not accepting responsibility and that could be dangerous for me and the baby. Justin came back that evening and I engaged him in a heart to heart talk.

“Did you see my text?” I said to start the conversation.

“What text?” Justin asked.

“The one I sent to you last week,” I replied staring at his face to read his expression and know whether he was faking ignorance or being sincere but his face displayed no emotions.

“I’m sure you sent more than one text to me last week so which one are you referring to?” He asked again.

At that point I was getting irritated with his questions but I just maintained my cool.

“Which of those texts do you think we need to talk about?” I asked him.

“It seems like you don’t have anything to do right? That is why you are here drilling me with questions. If it was a text then wait for a reply via text and stop bugging my life,” he hissed and stood up but I pulled him back and he fell back on the chair.

“What?” He screamed.

“I’m pregnant, Justin,” I said looking at him. He didn’t look surprise so he must have seen the text and was just playing dumb with me.

“Congratulations!” He said and started pressing his phone.

I was shocked at his reply and waited to see if he would say something else but just then my phone beeped and I got a message from him. I opened the message and it read
“Dear Jemima, I thought you are matured enough by now to take care of things like these but I was wrong. If a doctor asked you not to abort it then look for another doctor. I’m not responsible for whatever you do with your pregnancy. It is yours so keep me out of it.”

Tears came down from my eyes and I just let them flow freely. He looked up at me but didn’t seem to be bothered by my tears.

“Do you even love me at all?” I found myself saying without even thinking.

He just laughed and said, “do you want the truth?”

I nodded and he said, “I don’t love you at all. I once had a feeling for you but that was when we were teenagers but now it’s all gone. I loved the idea of being the first guy to sleep with you. I love the idea of having someone to do all the dirty things for me and also treat me like a king and you just came in handy and were useful. The truth my dear is that I don’t love the person called Jemima but I love all she does.”

I broke down in uncontrollable tears as the words of Justin were piercing my heart like arrows. If someone else had told me this I would have fought the person with everything in me and beat my chest that Justin loved me. But then it came directly from his mouth and it felt like my whole world was crashing before me.

He walked away from me and left the house and I just sat there and was staring into space for hours. I remembered how we met, all the good and bad times we had together and how Lizzy was always telling me that Justin was using me. I guess she was right after all and I had been wrong all along.

To be continued...

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Re: The Greatest Heartbreak 10 by graceola001(f): 1:59pm On Sep 26, 2020
After brooding for hours, I rose up with the determination to take my revenge on Justin. I had loved him all my life, gave everything I had to him and even slept with a man for him to get a good job and also aborted two pregnancies for him and had tolerated all the ill treatments he gave me all the while and suddenly he claimed not to love me again and wanted me to just walk out of his life.

I was determined to frustrate his life and make him regret all he had done to me and made sure that he won’t find peace with any other woman except he comes back to me. I became desperate and resolute to do anything to be in Justin’s life forever. I would also keep the pregnancy as a snare unto him and a hook to tie him down.

After that incidence, I moved out of Justin’s room and cleared the guest room for myself, I won’t move out of his house but I would no longer be a toy that he could use any how he liked.

I stopped cooking or cleaning anywhere in the house and I was always going to work early and coming back late. I became a regular visitor at Lizzy’s house and she was always giving me thumbs up and encouraging me to pay Justin back in his own coin.

Justin didn’t seem to mind as he would always come back late and paid no attention to me but I cared less. In no distant time, we became strangers to each other and no longer shared even the common greeting. I made it a duty to monitor his movement and was sad to discover that he was seeing other ladies.

I hired some thugs to follow him around and deal with any woman they saw with him and in less than a week they had beaten about five girls. I was sad to discover how promiscuous Justin was and I would have asked those thugs to deal with him too but somehow deep down my heart still wanted him back.

My thugs had rid Justin of all his girlfriends and he had to spend more time at home. I would cook for myself alone and watch him salivate at the aroma of the food. I was feeling sad about punishing him but I just had to do all I had to do to make him know that my love for him did not make me a fool.

He went out that evening and came back while I was eating the food I had prepared for myself. He looked at me maybe expecting that I would pity him and ask him to join me but I was gone past that stage.

He left his phone in the sitting room and went upstairs and my mind started telling me to check his phone and see if I would see anything to nail him for. I was fighting the thought and telling myself that I need not cross my boundaries. Just then, the phone rang and I ran over to answer it and just as I was trying to know who I was speaking with, Justin came out and gave me the beating of my life.

Justin was every bad thing but not a woman beater. He could insult me, nag, humiliate me, give me silent treatments and even cheat on me with many women but he had never laid a finger on me.

He took his phone from me and gave me a dirty slap that left me crashing to the floor. I gained my balance and stood up to return the slap and that was the last I could do. Justin held my hands and started kicking me and when I fell to the ground he stomped on me and I could only wish for death at that moment.

At first, I was shouting for help but at that point my voice had faded and life was going out of me. I watched as I began to bleed and I knew that I had lost my pregnancy and he didn’t even pity me at all and he just left the house. I was in so much pains and I wished my life would just end at that moment. I called Lizzy for help and was able to give her the description to the house before I blacked out.


Jemima suddenly changed after the conversation we had where I told her the truth about how I felt for her. I somehow wished I didn’t tell her because I was enjoying her services and had gotten so used to it that I regretted the outcome of telling her. She stopped doing anything in the house and was always cooking for herself alone making me salivate. I went back to eating fast food and junks and taking my clothes to the laundry since she was no longer willing to do that for me.

I also noticed that the girls I was with the past weeks have been falling into accidents and I was left to guess that it was not mere accidents and that Jemima was behind it. I had a premonition that she was monitoring me but could not decipher how she was doing that.

All the emotions I had left for her were anger, hatred and disgust. I wanted her to just disappear from my life if she would just be good for nothing. I was tolerating her excesses in my house and was waiting for the best time to kick her out. I came home that day after I was able to secure a secret place to meet with Betty to prevent her from falling victim of any attack from any thug.

I was eager to get ready and breathe fresh air once again when I heard my phone rang downstairs. I rushed down to answer it and met Jemima with my phone and I just lost my cool. I had been controlling myself all those years and had never raised my hand to hit a woman because I felt it was a sign of weakness for a man to do that. I would always walk away whenever she or any other woman provoked me to prevent doing what I might regret. Seeing her with my phone that day just provoked the beast in me and I did not even realize it until my hand met with her face.

I turned to leave but she attempted to retaliate and that was all I needed to lose my cool. I vented all my anger and frustration on her. I remembered the battered face of Caroline on the day she was attacked when we went out together and I got angrier. I kept on hitting her and didn’t even mind when she was shouting because I knew that there was no one to rescue her.

I wanted to hit her again when I noticed blood coming down her leg, I stopped abruptly and knew that my worst nightmare was over. I had been thinking of how to force her to abort the pregnancy because I didn’t want any baggage from my past to disrupt my future when I decide to settle down.

I took my keys and stormed out as guilt was beginning to rise in me and I could not bear to watch her in pain. I might not love her but I never wished she would die in my hands and I just wanted her out of my life and not to kill her. I seriously hoped she would make it. I cancelled my appointment with Betty as I needed to be alone to think about my life and to forget the horrible sight of watching Jemima bleed.

I opened my eyes in a strange place and saw Lizzy seated beside my bed. I was still feeling a little pain in my abdomen and I groaned as I tried to sit up. Lizzy helped me and called the doctor who tested me and assured me that all would be well.

I discovered that I was in the hospital and I had been there for about four days. I had lost the pregnancy and the doctor had to perform surgery on me to remove the dead foetus and also to remove my womb that was already ruptured to save my life. I cried bitterly as Lizzy explained all that to me.

To be continued...

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Re: The Greatest Heartbreak 10 by graceola001(f): 7:57pm On Sep 27, 2020

I had finally lost everything, all because I chose to love Justin. I asked after him and was told that he had not visited since I was brought to the hospital and Lizzy said she could not contact him. She asked what happened and after I explained to her she was hell bent on getting Justin arrested but I persuaded her not to do that.

“I don’t understand why you don’t want this guy behind bars,” she said to me.

“I just want to make him suffer in my own way,” I replied and Lizzy chuckled.

“In your own way indeed, like you did the last time and almost got yourself killed. Look here Jemima this guy can kill you and it is better for you to end things with him now that you can still move with your legs than wait for him to finish you,” she said.

I was not ready to let Justin go and I would do everything in my power to make him suffer but not behind bars I want to do it in my own way.

I was discharged from the hospital after another five days and I was sincerely grateful to Lizzy for all her support all the way. She was a good friend indeed and I blessed the day that I met her. She insisted I stayed at her place for a while before going to get my things from Justin’s place and I agreed. I needed time to plan my revenge very well and made sure that Justin suffered for all he had made me go through.

After carefully planning my comeback, I got my things ready to go back to Justin but Lizzy had a contrary opinion.

“Should I come with you?” She asked me.

“That would not be necessary, thanks I can manage on my own,” I answered her while getting all my things together in my bag.

“You would need help in moving your things out of his house,” she said.

“I’m not moving out of his house yet. I’m going to suck him dry and make him pay for all he did to me,” I said with great determination in my voice.

“You and I know that you can’t do that. The best thing to do is to stay away from him and forget him and let God judge him,” she said.

“He can’t go scot free after damaging my life,” I replied amidst tears.

“You don’t have to cry my dear. You have made a mistake by loving this guy already but you can still move on,” she advised.

“Move on to where? I can’t even give birth to any child again and that stupid Justin would just be walking around freely and want to live a good life after destroying mine. I won’t let that happen,” I said in tears.

Lizzy got up and hugged me as I cried on her shoulders. The thought of all Justin had done to me still hurts and I couldn’t bring myself to forgive him but all the same, I still wanted to be by his side and live the remaining part of my life with him and if I would die let it be that it was Justin that killed me.

“How do you intend to do that?” Lizzy asked me and I explained my plans to her.

“All these your plans are so lame and I tell you that this guy deserves something worse than that and I know you are a chicken hearted fellow you won’t be able to do it,” Lizzy said after I told her of how I planned to get my revenge on Justin and make him live his life at my mercy.

“I will give it a try and call you if I need any advice,” I said and left Lizzy’s house.

I got back to the house around 7pm due to traffic and difficulty in getting vehicle to take me home. I wondered why Justin didn’t even bother to check up on me and never called either. He left me in the pool of my own blood and came back to discover I was gone and didn’t even make any attempt to look for me. It was like he actually wanted me dead and gone from his life but I survived and was back to make his life a living hell.

I knocked on the door for a while before someone opened up and guess who?

It was another lady, staring at me like she had seen a ghost but I didn’t even care. I just asked her to make way for me and I found my way into the house. She locked the door behind her and asked if I was looking for someone. I told her no and she looked at me puzzled but I had promised myself not to get angry with any lady I found with Justin since I had no business with them, all my anger and frustrations would be vented on Justin.

She went upstairs and came back with Justin who just stood there and was looking like a dummy. I went to give him a big hug and the look on his face was priceless. I went into the room and arranged my things to move them back to Justin’s room. That time around, I was determined to choke life out of him. The lady came back upstairs shortly and took her bag angrily but I stopped her to give her a sisterly advice.

“My dear sister let me advise you,” I started

“You see, men are not the kind of human beings you can give your heart to. If you want to be happy in a relationship then you must not love the guy.”

“Look at me for example, I learnt this the hard way. I loved Justin so much that I had given my whole life to him but what did I get in return, he cheats on me with likes of you. And I don’t blame you for that because you might also be his victim. He must have promised you love the same way he did to me and won you over but all men are liars. Don’t commit to them just use them as much as you want and be happy with the services they offer not with them. So that when they misbehave you can easily replace them without blinking an eyelid.”

She just looked at me and hissed and walked away. I also could not believe that I said all that but wait, I think I have learnt my lessons already and will do well by guiding other girls to use their head before entering into any relationship. But as for me I was yoked with Justin for life and nothing would separate us.

Justin came inside much later and even though he pretended not to notice me I narrated all that happened to me at the hospital to him and finally said, “Now we can be happy together since I can’t get pregnant again.”

He pretended not to be listening to me but when I said the last part he looked at me with the kind of look that said “what the hell are you talking about?” But he didn’t say anything to me and I didn’t mind.

I wanted to pretend that I didn’t care about all Jemima said the other day but it was hard to do because I could not stop blaming myself for all that happened to her. If I could turn back the hands of the clock then I would, so that I could reverse the mistake of ever getting involved with her in the first place. But the deed was done and I just wanted her out of my life for good so that I could let go of the guilt and move on with my life.

I had tried to be nice with her and let her know that the two of us could not be together again but she seemed to have gone deaf or maybe it was her condition that was making her behave like someone that was mad. But all the same, I was tired of having her around and could do anything to see to it, that she left my house and life for good.

Justin thought he could destroy my life and enjoy his own life but I’ll make sure that he paid to the last drop of his blood for everything he had done to me. He came to me the other day to plead with me that I should move on with my life and leave him alone.

“Can you imagine that?”

“Move on to where?”

“After ruining my life.”

I was determined to stay with him no matter what.

At that point I didn’t feel any love for Justin anymore but pure hatred and I was bent on making sure that he also would not enjoy peace in his life. He thought he could chase me away by being arrogant or ignoring me like he did in the past but little did he know that I was not with him to receive affection from him but to pull him down and watch him fall. However I had been gentle on him and we only lived together as house mates with little communication. I didn’t do anything to help him with house chores or house hold expenses and he never asked me to.

It is true that the leopard cannot wash off his skin. That was also true for Justin as he could not change from being a womanizer.

After about three months of living as house mates, Justin came home that day with a lady. She helped with his clothes, cleaned the kitchen and even made dinner. I was angry but just kept my cool since she didn’t cross my path.

Justin came to the room much later and asked me to vacate the room for them that his guest would be spending the night. I pretended not to hear him and continued pressing my phone. He came closer to me and pulled me up and that was what provoked the anger in me. I brought out the big stick I had kept with me for self-defense and used it on him. I kept on hitting him until he fainted and I saw blood coming out of his head. I carried him to the chair and used a big chain to tie him to the chair and I left him there.

I went downstairs to meet the lady and found her comfortably watching movies in the sitting room. She was looking at me disgustingly but I didn’t mind. I made food and sat there with her, she was uncomfortable around me and I could tell. She finally asked after Justin and I narrated my story to her. After which she apologized and left and I was left to torture Justin.

I had no intentions of inflicting physical pain on him but seeing his level of effrontery when he asked me to vacate the room for them just made me mad and I did things without thinking.

At that point, I was enjoying the sight of watching him suffer and beg for his life. I took away his phone so he would not be able to call anyone and when his pleadings became unbearable, I had to cover his mouth with a tape.


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Inside life
Re: The Greatest Heartbreak 10 by graceola001(f): 12:55pm On Sep 28, 2020

It was over fourteen hours since I tied him down and he had messed up the whole place with urine. I had to vacate the room to avoid the stench. I knew deep down within me that if Justin should miss going to work for a day without seeking for permission he would lose his job and I wanted that to happen. I got him that job with my body and was ready to take it away from him.

I left him there and went to work after taking a few pictures of him to send to Lizzy. She was surprised and called me back immediately.

“What the hell?” She screamed as I answered the phone.

“That’s the beginning of my revenge girlfriend,” I said excitedly, though a part of me that I hate to admit was feeling bad for what I did to him but I had to suppress that part so I won’t ruin my revenge.

“Wow! That was smart of you and very brave. I never knew you could do that to the same guy you claimed to love,” she said still sounding surprised.

“If you love someone too much and they hurt you then you will hate them twice as much as you loved them before,” I said as part of my many ideologies from my years of experience in the school of love.

“Just be careful my dear,” she advised.

“Thanks,” I responded and was about to end the call when she asked what I was going to do next.

“I had not thought about that,” I said.

“I just want you to know that you can’t tie him down for too long since you are not feeding him. He might die from starvation and after you release him you must be prepared for the worst because he won’t let you go for this for sure,” Lizzy said and I reasoned with her.

She was a very intelligent lady and full of crafty ways and that was why she was always on top of her game and never a victim like I was.

“What do you suggest I do then?” I asked her and my wonderful friend didn’t disappoint me at all.

“Get a bodyguard for yourself and file a complaint to the police that someone is threatening your life and make sure he would hear you, give them his details and you would see how handicapped he would become,” Lizzy said.

“Wow! Bad girl, you are just so crafty,” I said and thanked my friend.

I went to an agency and in less than one hour I was able to hire a good bodyguard. He looked so macho and I was sure that his sight alone was enough to terrify Justin. I explained to him his duties and told him to wait for my call.

I had Justin’s phone with me and when he got a call from the office I picked it and told them that he had travelled and was sorry for not informing them that he had gotten another job and could not inform them because he had to resume urgently. I knew I was doing something that Justin would never forgive me for but I have stopped caring about him accepting me or forgiving me.

I went to my shops and made sure everything was ok before going back to the house. I called my bodyguard and he was on his way. I took care of the stench in the room and could not just stop the smile that was breaking out on my face.

The almighty untouchable Justin had been reduced to a chicken, he could not even utter a word after I pulled off the tape from his mouth and unloosed the chain. He just fell on the floor and remained there for hours. He came downstairs and I offered him food, he ate and I gave his phone to him. He just looked like a fool and I felt good as the hero of the night. He didn’t say anything but I knew he was angry.

The funniest part was the following day when he got ready to go to work. I just could not hold back myself from laughing and he must have been wondering what was wrong with me. I watched him leave and called my bodyguard to stand on guard because I knew that his return would be deadly.

I knew Jemima had gone mad but I didn’t know it could be to that extent. I brought Julia to the house to make her feel jealous thinking that she still had feelings for me but she was indifferent and I was doing everything to make her flare up and leave my life for good. I never expected such outburst from her when I asked her to vacate the room. I thought she would cry and probably fight Julia but I got the greatest shock of my life. She had a bat with her and before I knew what was going on I was already blacking out. I woke up with a terrible headache to find myself tied to the chair in the room. The chain was big and she had a big padlock to lock it.

At that point I concluded that Jemima was dangerously mad and I tried to cajole her with sweet words but they had no impact at all. She just covered my mouth with a tape and all I could do was to watch her. When I saw her with my phone, I knew that she was up to no good. I wanted to unleash on her after she released me and was scheming the plan on how I would make her pay especially for making me miss work. But I was handicapped when I heard her calling the commissioner of police. I initially thought she was joking but when I saw a man seated in the sitting room I could not do anything. I was being choked in my own house and needed to just get out and I hurriedly got ready for work. She was laughing at me and I wondered why.

I got to work and received a suspicious look from my secretary, she finally said she was surprised to see me and after that my boss sent for me. I wondered what the occasion was because he hardly calls for his staffs but I knew that my staying away from work must have triggered the meeting.

I was surprised at the gibberish he was saying about me resigning from work inappropriately and I just knew that Jemima must be responsible. I tried to explain myself but he just didn’t listen to me and asked me to properly hand in my resignation and other official documents and properties in my possession. I had just lost my job, my house, my car, just because of Jemima.

I wished I could lay my eyes on her at that moment and I would strangle her with my bear hands. My friends were so busy with work that they hardly had time for me and I just went over to a bar nearby to brood.

Having Jemima in my life has finally costed me things that were precious to me. I had been the one benefiting from the relationship right from the beginning but then I had to experience the bad side and it felt so terrible. I could not overreact because I didn’t even have a house anymore, I had 48 hours to vacate the premises and I knew that I would have to probably live at the mercy of Jemima till I could sort myself out.

I got back from work and met Justin in tears and I knew he really loved his job. My heart melted at once and old feelings started coming back. At that point I regretted my decision and wished I could do something to undo it.

I made food for him and watched him eat in silence. He told me he had lost his job and I was expecting him to blame me or curse at me but he just apologized for all the hurt he had caused me.

I was humbled at his gesture and once again my heart was calling out to him. I tried to stop myself but the love just kept filling my heart once again as I watched Justin on his knees. He cried for mercy and said he won’t stand up if I didn’t forgive him and I had to forgive him.

A broke man is really vulnerable I thought to myself as I held Justin in my hands. He told me about the house and the car and I just thanked God that I didn’t sell my house when I moved in with him. I told him not to worry that we would move to my house and he agreed. I knew it was because he had no place to go and that was why he was becoming nice since I was his only hope but my heart was just happy that he could turn to me in times of his challenges. We got our things ready and moved out of the house the next day and I felt a sense of hope rising up in me again like it was going to be the start of something new between us.

“I just hope Justin is fine wherever he is,” I said to Lizzy on the phone.

“He would be fine just keep trying his number and remember that he is not a kid so stop treating him as one,” Lizzy said scolding me.

“I’ll try but I’m becoming really worried and if I don’t hear from him today I’m going to inform the police first thing in the morning,” I said to her.

“Lover girl, just calm down,” she said teasing me.

“Thank you I’ll stay calm,” I said to her and ended the call.

It had been over six months since Justin lost his job and we moved back to my apartment. Justin had changed tremendously and in fact I was sincerely grateful that he lost his job.

He would make breakfast for me and serve me in bed most times, do the dishes, clean the house, wash my clothes and his, go to the market to get household stuff and other things. He would proclaim his love for me like ten thousand times a day, okay I’ve exaggerated that, but at that time I felt it was like that.

Justin stopped complaining and he would complement me always. He started taking me out or rather I was taking him out because I paid the bills but those outings were always awesome with Justin treating me like a queen. He stopped cheating and hardly went out without me. At first it was too good to be true so I didn’t believe he could really change.

“I don’t know if this is real or he is trying to play games with me,” I had said to Lizzy on the phone one afternoon after I had received a wonderful treatment from Justin.

“Just hold on, if he is pretending you would soon find out,” Lizzy had replied.

“But I seriously believe that he had changed,” I said.

“Give him time my dear, it might be the heat of the joblessness that is getting to him and he is just grateful to you for still staying by his side,” Lizzy said.

“All the same, I hope it’s a real change,” I said hopefully.

“I hope so too,” Lizzy said.

After that, Justin came to me one night and went on his knees, he said the most amazing things I have ever heard from him.

“I’m sorry for all the wrong things I had done to you my love. I was childish, selfish and insensitive. Please find a place in your heart to forgive me and please give me another chance to love, pamper, cherish and adore you. Because you are a special gift to my life and I can’t trade you for anything or anyone else,” he said and I just broke down in tears.

I kept crying uncontrollably as I remembered all the pain, anguish and sufferings I had gone through because of him. I remembered the abortions and even the pregnancy I lost due to his beating and tears would not stop running down my cheeks. I also remembered that I won’t be able to have a child of my own and I wept the more.

But more importantly I cried for joy at that great transition that had happened to him. The Justin I knew would not apologize for anything, but there he was apologizing to me and it was just too good to be true. I forgave him that night and I began to see a new Justin.

About two weeks later, it was his birthday and I had taken it upon myself to organize a small party for him with few friends in attendance. He was very happy and was virtually smiling wildly throughout the event. I had bought him a nice suit and a pair of shoe for the occasion and I made sure he was looking dope.

Towards the end of the party, he called for everyone’s attention and gave me the shock of my life.

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I never see this kind mumu before oh wonder wonder wonder wonder
Re: The Greatest Heartbreak 10 by graceola001(f): 3:19pm On Sep 29, 2020

“Ladies and gentlemen can I have your attention?” He had said and everyone stopped their chatting and the music was turned off and all eyes were on him.

“Thank you all for finding time from your busy schedules to grace this occasion. I must say that I’m really overwhelmed by the gifts and all the love I’ve received from you guys and I really appreciate you all,” he said and everyone clapped.

“Can you join me here my angel?” he said looking at me.

I was a bit embarrassed because I used to be a very shy person who did not like to stand before the crowd or be in the spotlight and even though there were few people there, I was still embarrassed. I summoned courage and moved closer to where he was standing and he held my hand before he started talking again.

“I have been a naughty boy and silly most times but this beautiful woman here has loved me with all my imperfections. She has shown me the true meaning and shape of love and I must tell you that love is not blind but it is selfless,” he said and people giggled.

“If I should continue to mention all this woman has done in my life then we would be prepared to sleep here,” he said and the people cheered in excitement.

At that point I was already blushing and wondering what he was driving at.

“To the love of my life,” he said and faced me.

“I want to ask this question out of the jealousy of my heart and I would be glad if you would say yes.”

My heart was already beating fast and could pop out of my chest anytime.

“Will you please be my love forever? Will you give me the privilege of being the man you would spend forever with? Will you marry me Jemima?” he finally said and got on one knee while bringing out a beautiful diamond ring.

Everything around me stopped and I could no longer hear a thing. I felt it was a dream and too good to be true.

“Was this really happening I asked myself?”

The echoes of friends that were saying ‘say yes’ brought me back to reality and I said yes with the happiest smile I had ever made. To say I was happy was an understatement. I was bubbling with joy and I didn’t want the night to end. Friends came to congratulate me and even Lizzy could not stop admiring my ring.

“I admire your kind of heart,” Lizzy had said to me later that evening.

“You really loved this guy and fought for him. Even when I saw it as a foolish thing to do, you were so determined and now he is all yours,” she said with smiles.
“Thank you my friend for all you did for me,” I said to her.

I could not sleep that night as I kept admiring Justin’s sleeping face and was really grateful that I didn’t give up on my love.

I knew if we would prepare for our wedding and other things Justin would need a job so I went job hunting for him. He had been seeking for a new job since he lost the previous one and had gone for many interviews but there was no result. I tried my luck but nothing came out of it and I was discouraged.

I noticed Justin was no longer lively and though he was treating me well, he hardly smiled or even make any joke. He was always quiet, moody and lost in thought. After dinner on a particular night I asked him what he wanted to do.

“You can’t keep searching for a job forever,” I had said to him.

He had agreed with me and when I told him to join me in the running of my business he refused stating that it was not good to put one’s eggs in one basket. I reasoned with him and asked if he had anything in mind. He said yes and brought out a plan he had made for an importing and exporting business. It was so good and I commended his wisdom and all but the capital for the business was huge. I asked if he could start small but it was evident that he needed a lot of money to venture into the business.
I could not raise such amount of money at least not at that time and I remembered the look of disappointment on Justin’s face that night as I explained to him. He said it was okay and that he would source for the money elsewhere but I wondered where he would get such money.

I wanted to make Justin happy by helping him out so I sold part of my boutiques with everything in them and also took loan in three different banks using my house, land, car and my remaining boutiques as collateral and in less than two weeks the money was ready for Justin to make his first trip to get the goods.

Justin was so happy that night when I told him and I was so proud of myself. He asked where I got the money from and I explained to him. He promised to pay back once he starts making profit and I could not wait for that to happen. He was so happy about the trip but I could not imagine he would be gone for a month.

“I’ll be back before you know it,” he said that night as he packed his clothes into the box.

I was moody the whole day and had refused to eat and even though he tried to force me I didn’t eat much.

“Come on say something,” he said when he noticed that I was not replying and I just burst into tears.

“You are being so dramatic,” he said before coming to pet me.

I could not sleep that night as I kept thinking on how I would survive for a month without him. I wished I could go with him but I couldn’t and somehow I was having a bad feeling about the trip. As if he would leave me for someone else and when I confronted him with my fears he only laughed and told me that I had his heart with me and that he was travelling without a heart that would be attracted to other ladies.

The drive to the airport was quiet and I could not hold my tears as I watched him walk away to the restricted area. I went home with a sorrowful heart and could not eat till evening.

I had waited for his call for a week and he did not call. I was worried that something might have happened to him. I had gone back to the airport to enquire if his plane left and landed safely and I was told it did.

I thought initially that he was trying to settle down and would call me once he had the chance but after a week I was feeling agitated that something bad must have happened to him. I had called Lizzy earlier like I always do every day since Justin travelled to give her heads up and she told me to calm down but I was losing my patience and was determined to go to the police station the next day to lodge a complaint.

I had gone to the police station, asked his friends if they knew anything about his whereabouts and they all said they didn’t and I was really frustrated. I went ahead as to call his mother but she said she has not heard from him in a while and that she hope he was doing fine and I had to lie to her that her son was fine whereas I didn’t know for sure.

It had been over a month since he travelled and yet no call from him and even the date of his arrival passed and there was no sign of him.

“I just hope what is happening is not what I’m thinking,” Lizzy had said when she paid me a visit.

“What are you thinking?” I asked absentmindedly.

I had not been able to do anything since Justin travelled and I found it difficult to even concentrate at work so I stopped going all together and only received report from my assistant.

“I think Justin just duped you of your money and has gone away to start a new life,” she said and I could not help laughing.

I showed her the ring that he gave me as a sign of his love and she just laughed.

“Don’t be deceived my dear, this guy is already enjoying his life somewhere else,” she said.

“Enough Lizzy, I won’t sit here and listen to that rubbish you are saying, I said angrily.

The possibility that Justin had left me was high and whenever I thought about his disappearance I always felt that he did it deliberately and was gone for good but I didn’t want to believe that possibility. But hearing Lizzy say it was like bringing my worst fear to my face and I could not deal with it that was why I had to shut her up.

She kept quiet and I kept staring at the door hoping that Justin would disappoint her and walk through it and explain to me that he probably lost his phone and his flight was delayed and he would hug me so tight but it was not happening and I was afraid and sad.

To be continued...

Thanks for taking out time to read through this series. Feel free to share with others but don't edit out the author's details. God bless you!
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foolish girl
Re: The Greatest Heartbreak 10 by graceola001(f): 7:00pm On Sep 30, 2020

“Wake up! Wake up! You need to see this,” Lizzy said shaking me violently and disturbing my beauty sleep.
It had been over six months since Justin travelled and I had begun to accept that he had dumped me for good and was never going to come back to me but sometimes I would still hope that he would come back.
I had stopped wearing the engagement ring and was at the verge of losing my house and business because of the loan I took for Justin’s business. I had cursed him under my breath and wished that he would also meet his own karma that would make him pay for all the evil he did to me.
I was depressed for months and could not sleep or eat as I mourned my life. But I had gotten better all thanks to Lizzy and her encouragements. She spent more time in my house to see that I was alright.
“I’m awake, what is it?” I said trying to open my eyes and I sat up.
She gave me her phone to read something but I could not understand what I was seeing.
“What is this?” I asked her.
“Look at it closely,” she said.
I looked at it and saw that it was a wedding invitation.
“Congrats to them. Are they your relatives?” I asked Lizzy and she gave me a funny look.
“Are you for real Jemima?” She asked me.
“Yeah or do I know them?” I asked sincerely and she took her phone from me, scrolled through and handed it back to me.
I was so shocked and could not believe what I was looking at. Justin was holding a woman and they were smiling at each other in pictures that looked like pre-wedding pictures.
I was quiet for a long time as the reality was dawning on me. Justin used me and finally dumped me and disappeared to marry someone else. He gave me a false hope and took away my money and I had to pay back the debt while he was living large somewhere else. The height of Justin’s wickedness brought tears to my eyes and they began to flow like a river. Lizzy stayed with me all day and was encouraging me but my heart could not bear the betrayal. I had fainted four times that day and could not explain how I felt. I had cried until tears were no longer flowing but my heart was still bleeding.
Lizzy tried everything to cheer me up but the hurt was too big. I could bear the cheating, beating and insults but Justin finally got to the peak and my heart got broken into uncountable pieces. Lizzy tried to put me to sleep and when I was empathetic towards her for all she had been through because of me even though she warned me; I pretended to be asleep so she could sleep.
Once she was asleep, I took my car keys and drove out of the house with no destination in mind. It was 11pm and I wanted to end my miserable life since there was nothing to live for anymore. I went to a bar and got drunk before heading to the bridge where I would drown myself and made sure that my ghost would haunt Justin till he won’t be able to enjoy life and he would die a miserable death.

Scumbag! Fool! Crazy idiot! I was screaming on the top of my voice as I took my sit on the side walk across the bridge. I was giving my life a final thought before I ended it and the reality of what Justin had done to me was hitting me deeply.
I screamed and cried tirelessly at the fact that I lived the life of a fool and I wished to have another life where I won’t be a fool in love anymore.
I checked the time and it was some minutes to 1am. I stood up and made an attempt to climb the cliff so I would fall into the river but someone stopped me.
“Excuse me young lady, what is the time?” A woman in her late thirties or probably early forties asked me.
I was surprised to see her because I had checked everywhere and made sure no one was around before attempting to jump and I was also hurt because she had interrupted my mission. It took me a lot of courage to push through with the idea and then a random stranger had gotten in the way.
“Get away from me!” I screamed at her but she didn’t move away.
“I need you to tell me what the time is young lady,” she said pleadingly and somehow I felt I could help one last person before I die.
“The time is 1:23am,” I said and she smiled.
“What are you doing here by this time?” She asked out of the blues.
“That is none of your business,” I said angrily.
“It is my business because I’m concerned about your safety,” she said with care in her voice.
“You don’t know me and how would you be concerned about me?” I asked getting confused.
“You are Jemima and you want to commit suicide,” she said looking straight into my eyes.
I was surprised at such knowledge she had of me and I wondered where she got the information from. She was not looking like all those hungry people that walk about the street deceiving people to get money from them but I was still skeptical about her.
“What do you want from me?” I asked her.
“I want to hear your story and tell you mine before you leave this world,” she said smiling.
“I don’t have time for that,” I said and made an attempt to jump but she held my hand.
“Don’t be in a hurry to die, lady. I just need 30 minutes,” she said and pulled me off the cliff.
She took me by hand and I followed her like a fool as we walked to her car. She gave me coffee to drink and I felt a bit sober as the effect of the alcohol I took was wearing off.
“I’m Sophia, an author and a reporter, do you mind telling me your story?” She said.
I kept quiet for a while trying to process what she wanted to do with my story.
“Why do you need to hear my story?” I asked her.
“I want to tell you my own story too but before that I would like to hear yours and don’t worry I won’t publish your story without your permission,” she said with a smile.
She was smiling a lot and that made it easier for me to warm up to her. I decided to trust the stranger and I started from the very beginning.
She listened to me with rapt attention and when I was crying uncontrollably she consoled me and gave me a handkerchief to clean my tears. She gave me a warm hug and it was nothing I had ever experienced before. I started feeling secured and could confide in her even though I didn’t know more than her name.
When I got towards the end of my story she was already shedding tears and she apologized for being emotional but I could not blame her at all. My story was pathetic and it would take an emotionless person to not be moved to tears at the height of the tragedy that I had gone through. I finished telling her all about me and we both sat quietly for some minutes before she spoke.
“And you think killing yourself was the best option?” She asked me.
I was surprised at her question, it was like she didn’t understand me at all.
“What else am I living for?” I asked her.
“What have you been living for before?” She asked sarcastically.
I thought for a while and felt so ashamed to admit that I had been living my life for Justin. Everything about me had revolved around him. I went to the university because of him. I moved to that particular city because of him, even when my parents wanted me close by.
“You have been living for a wrong reason,” she said when she noticed I was silent and I could not agree more with her.
“Let’s leave that for now. Do you want to hear my own story?” She asked and I nodded because I was eager to know if her story was similar to mine and have the sense that I was not alone because I felt alone at that moment.

Thanks for taking out time to read through this series. Feel free to share with others but don't edit out the author's details. God bless you!
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Re: The Greatest Heartbreak 10 by graceola001(f): 9:42pm On Oct 01, 2020

“I was the only child of a poor farmer and my mother died immediately after she gave birth to me,” I started narrating my story to the eager young lady seated beside me.

My father did all he could to raise me well but he developed a strange illness and died when I was five. I was left alone in this world and since we had no relatives I started wandering about. I would beg to eat and sleep wherever night fall met me.

I continued like that until one day when I met a boy around my age. He was so friendly and gave me a lot of food and money. He asked where I lived and when I said I had no home he offered to take me to his house. I got to the most beautiful edifice I had ever seen, it was like we travelled to another country. The house was gigantic and a beautiful sight to behold and everything was made with pure gold.

I felt filthy and unworthy to even enter the house but he held my hand and we walked in together. I was given a warm welcome and had a change of cloth after I was properly taken care of. I felt blessed to have met such a wonderful friend. His father and mother accepted me to their family and started taking care of me. His father was the king of the kingdom and he was the prince. I started living in the palace from that day and attended the same school with the prince. We were treated the same way and in no time I was regarded as the princess of the land even though I was not even from that land.

My friendship with the prince grew and we were so fond of each other and inseparable. When we were about 17 years old, the prince promised to marry me and I thought he was joking until he told his parents and surprisingly they both agreed and even loved me more. I was grateful to him and could not express my gratitude enough as I was overwhelmed by the height of favour I had received from them.

When we both graduated from high school, the prince travelled to another city to further his education while I remained in the city. I was offered admission to the university in the city and was given first hand treatment as the future queen of the land.

I got missed up with bad girls on campus and they would always tease me for having bodyguards following me around and not having the liberty to live on campus. I felt pressurized and talked to the king and he agreed to my request of moving out of the palace and not having guards trail me around.

I joined my friends’ way of life and we were cruising the campus together. We attended every party and did everything you can imagine young girls doing. I stabbed lectures and was always paying my way through, since I had the money.

I made sure to maintain a good composure whenever I visited the palace and was glad that my foster parents and future parents-in-law didn’t notice the change in my behavior.

I was always criticized for refusing to sleep with guys but I always reminded my friends that I was engaged to the future king of the land and could not mess up myself. They would taunt me by saying that I didn’t know what the prince also was doing in school but I trusted that my first and only lover would not betray me, so I kept myself for him.

He would call me every day to tell me how much he loved me and how he was missing me badly and could not wait to see me. Soon enough I got tired of the distant relationship and decided to explore other men before he returned. I stopped answering his calls and would seldom reply his messages. I got involved with other guys and was living so carelessly until I discovered that I was pregnant.

I was so confused and scared because I could not even recognize which of my many boyfriends was responsible. I had disappointed myself, my lover and even his parents. I felt so used and didn’t know what to do. I asked my friends and they suggested abortion but it was an abomination in my kingdom and I would be hanged for it. Getting pregnant out of wedlock was also an offence worthy of death especially if the lady can’t point to the father of the child.

I wanted to run away from the land and save myself from death and as I was packing my things, the prince arrived. He was worried because I stopped communicating with him and he left his studies to check up on me to know what was wrong.

He came to my room that night and an idea came to my mind. I begged him to sleep with me but he refused stating that it was abomination. I tried to seduce him but his mind was made up and I even tried to force him but he was too strong to yield. I got frustrated and I screamed and just then his parents walked in, they were surprised to see us in such compromising situation and without thinking about it, I started shedding tears and accused him of raping me. He was surprised but didn’t say anything and I was shocked that he didn’t try to defend himself.

The king was a very just man and won’t condone his son’s misbehaviours so he asked the guards to seize him and lock him up after I said he had committed the abomination already. Since I was the one raped I won’t be killed but no man would marry me. I saw tears in his eyes as the guards took him out of my room.

I felt guilty and wanted to kill myself as the news of the prince’s bad behavior had travelled round the kingdom. The day of his execution was announced and the whole village came out to stone him to death. I would be the one to cast the first stone on him and I could not do it. I bowed my knee to apologize to him and he took my hand and said.

“I knew you were pregnant and didn’t know who was responsible. I had hired someone to check on your welfare when you started acting strangely and I knew all the bad things you did on campus. When you got pregnant, I knew you would get a death sentence for keeping or aborting the baby so I came so I would talk you to telling everyone I was responsible so we would both be banished and you won’t be killed.”

“I was surprised when you framed me but I knew you did all that because you wanted to live so don’t spoil the plan. You have come too far to give up. Just pick up the stone and cast it on me without looking back. But do me a favour, raise that child as mine and give him/her to my parents as mine so they would have a child to call their own,” he said with a smile.

I was so heartbroken at my wickedness and touched that he was still concerned about me even when he was to die unjustly and I was responsible for accusing him.

I could not cast the stone at him and locked myself up for days. I blamed myself for betraying him and also his parents. For paying them back with evil after all the good they had done to me and I could not cause them harm anymore. I wanted to kill myself but I always remembered the prince’s last wish and just kept living with the guilt till I gave birth to the child after which I ran away from the land without a trace.

Episode twenty eight
I listened to her story with keen interest and was touched with the kind of love the prince had for the lady. I secretly wished I had met the prince and the lady met Justin so the bad people would be together and we loving people would enjoy life.

“That is sheer wickedness,” I said without even thinking what she thought or felt.

I could not imagine the pain the guy felt and also he had to die a shameful death just because he loved a wretched orphan.

She smiled at me and asked, “do you know who the lady in that story was?”

I was surprised at her question because I thought she was telling me her life story.

“You of course,” I replied and she let out a laugh.

“On the contrary Jemima, the woman in that story was you,” she said and I was thrown into uttermost confusion.

“I don’t understand,” I managed to say.

“I’ll explain she said,” and I nodded so she would know she had my full attention.

“You see that story is a replica of the sacrifice that Jesus the only begotten son of God bore for us all. You said what the lady did in the story was sheer wickedness right? Then I want to tell you that what you and every other sinner out there are doing to Jesus is sheer wickedness.”

He left His glory above and came to the world He created to save the mankind He created from their self inflicted burden and yet men crucified Him out of their jealousy and still He took their sins with Him to the cross.

He endured the pain, shame and ridicule just to make man worthy to stand before God. He left to heaven and is still making intercession for us and also provided everything we needed to live a good life. But man still go about committing sin and doing the things He has asked them not to do.

The bible says that God is angry with sinners everyday and that is making Him sad. He is not willing that any should perish but that all should come to repentance.

Jemima, God loves you so much that he doesn’t want you to perish, the bible says “for God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten son that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.”

He gave you this life for you to live for Him “Even every one that is called by my name: for I have created him for my glory, I have formed him; yea, I have made him” (Isaiah 43:7). But you chose to live your life for another man whereas you are hurting your own maker by indulging in things that He had commanded you not to do. He loves you so much that even after you have wasted your life by living your own way He still sent me to come and stop you from committing the biggest mistake of your life. If you had committed suicide today you would have gone straight to hell and I tell you that one minute in hell is worst than anything you have faced on earth.

Jemima, accept Jesus today and let Him take care of your pain and heartbreak. He said come unto me all ye that labour and are heavy laden and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you and learn of me for I am meek and lowly in heart…

She was saying and the picture of how I had lived my life was coming to my mind. I have indeed wronged God and I knew I didn’t deserve His pardon. I broke down in tears as the gravity of what I had done to the only one that loves me genuinely dawned on me.

He gave me good parents, I was healthy, I had successful businesses and I could afford to live a decent life. But I grieved Him and broke His heart by committing fornication, abortion and lying and all the evil things I had done.

I felt so bad because even in the midst of all I had gone through I had never thought about God. I do go to church but I just played religion and I didn’t have any relationship with my maker.

I was busy running after Justin and forgot that I would stand alone before God when I leave this world and I would give account of how I lived the life He gave me. And if I didn’t have the stamp of His son on my life then I would be doomed for hell. I cried as all this reality dawned on me and I was grateful that it was not too late before I understood it. It would have been too late if I had died and discovered that I would be condemned to hell.

I prayed to God sincerely from my heart and asked Him to forgive me for breaking His heart all those years. Sophia led me to prayer and I asked the prince of Peace to come and reign in my heart. I took my heart from Justin and I gave it to Jesus the real owner of my heart and I was able to forgive Justin for all he had done to me.

After the prayer, I could not explain the kind of joy and peace that filled my heart. It was different from anything that I had experienced before. I felt like a new person and indeed Sophia confirmed it that “if any man be in Christ he is a new creature old things are passed away and behold all things are become new.”

I was happy that God loved me to the point that He sent Jesus to save me from death and when I despised that with ignorance He still sent Sophia to me. I felt special, fulfilled and was eager to share my experience with Lizzy.

To be continued...

Thanks for taking out time to read through this series. Feel free to share with others but don't edit out the author's details. God bless you!
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God bless u for this gem. God's love is truely supreme

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Re: The Greatest Heartbreak 10 by graceola001(f): 8:15pm On Oct 04, 2020

Episode twenty nine
I stood outside my house that Saturday morning and looked at all the good things that God has done for me. My life had taken a new turn ever since I gave it over to Jesus. I was still worshipping God for all He had done when Peter, one of my children brought my phone to me.
“Mummy your phone is ringing,” he said showing his missing tooth.
I took the phone from him and smiled when I saw the caller I.D.
“Yes love,” I said as I answered the call.
“Are you ready?” My husband answered from the other end of the line.
“Almost,” I replied.
“You guys should get ready on time because we can’t afford to miss our flight,” he said.
“Alright King,” I answered and we laughed.
We were going on a family vacation for a month to enjoy the summer with our children and stay off the stress of work and ministry for a while.
I got home at the early hours of that day and I just went straight to bed. I felt so much ease that I slept almost immediately my back landed on the bed.
“Good morning,” I said to Lizzy with a smile and she was looking at me as if she had seen a ghost.
“We are in the afternoon Jemima,” she said.
“Well, good afternoon then,” I replied and gave her a hug.
She escaped from my hold and kept looking at me surprisingly and I knew what was on her mind. She was probably wondering what happened to me that made my mood changed so much. I was ready to tell her but that would be after I have talked to my new found love.
I got off from my bed and I knelt down beside it. I didn’t really know how to pray but I just knew that when there is a will there would always be a way.
I closed my eyes and began “Good afternoon Jesus, thank you for the gift of another day. Thank you for forgiving me. I seriously don’t know how you were able to do that but I guess you have a big heart. Thank you for loving me just the way I was and also making me to be the way you want me to be. Thank you for my friend for making her to stand by me through this trying times. Thank you for sending Sophia to me. Thank you for my parents and my business. I’m really grateful for everything. Help me to live well today and make you happy always. Amen”
I stood up from where I was kneeling and was about walking away when Lizzy pulled me back.
“This is unbelievable, you, Jemima, praying, am I dreaming?” she said wiping her eyes.
“You are not dreaming dear, it is real,” I said smiling.
“I’ll tell you all about my experience after I have freshen up and eaten something,” I added and walked briskly to the bathroom before she would get the chance to pull me back.
I told Lizzy about all that happened to me the previous day and when I shared the story Sophia told me with her and the meaning, she was so touched and I was glad that my best friend also surrendered her life to Jesus. I felt so glad sharing the good news with her and was also happy when she wanted to accept Him.
It was different from when I had told her about Justin and when she said she wanted to meet him then I was so afraid that she would snatch him away from me. But the love of Jesus is so different that when my friend wanted Him I was so eager to share Him with her just because He has room enough for all of us.
I had thought I loved Justin but I was coming to understand that I only had lust and emotional fling that led to obsession for him because there is no true love outside Jesus. Sophia had given me her contact and I went to her place that day with Lizzy.
After two months that I made the greatest decision of my life, I was having the best times in my life. I had joined the church where Sophia was attending and I had met her husband and four children. Lizzy and I had also joined the discipleship class of the church and I always looked forward to those times where we would be taught the word of God.
I had always had zero interest for reading but ever since I became a Christian my love for reading had grown to my amazement. I had finished reading the whole bible in less than a month and had started again. I had read countless books on spiritual growth, sanctification, prayer, power, Holy Ghost baptism and lots more. I spent most of my time in my one-time closet that I had converted into my library.
I felt the leading of God to write down my story in a book and though I didn’t even know jack about writing I just decided to obey God. Because I had learnt that God doesn’t ask us to do the things we don’t have the power to do. He always gives us strength before sending us. I told Sophia about it and she advised I started immediately which I did.
In less than a month I was done with the book and Sophia helped with getting an editor and the book was ready for launching in another two months. I was happy and grateful to God that He could use my life to minister to others. I got ready for the book launching event and I broke down in tears at the caliber of people that left all they had to do and came to the event. It was so glorious that at the end of the event there were more than 100 people that wanted to surrender their lives to Jesus. I could not withstand it as I left the hall and stood outside to worship my God.
“I never knew you would honor me this way. I never knew you would use me this way…” I was singing and crying profusely when someone touched me.
It was a bit dark but I still knew it was a man. He gave me a handkerchief and I just took it without saying a word since I was crying out of joy not sorrow. He stayed with me for a while before introducing himself as Emmanuel, a business man and many other things he said about himself that I didn’t register because my heart was so overwhelmed. We exchanged contacts as I was eager for him to leave and thank God he did. As he walked away I sighed and went back to worshipping my God.
The book was selling so fast and there were a lot of demand to translate it into various languages. I also started receiving letters from schools, churches and organizations who wanted me to share my story with them and I initially wanted to reject such offers but Sophia advised I prayed and heard from God first before making any decision.
I prayed and when I was convinced about it I agreed. I became so busy as the invitations were increasing and Lizzy had to be my P.A because I needed assistance and she no longer had a job. She was a dancer at a club before she met Jesus and could not continue such.
I was returning from a meeting when I received a call from Emmanuel, he wanted us to do dinner but I was seriously tired and wanted to talk my way out of it but he always won and I had no choice but to drag myself to the place.
We had become so close since we met and we related more like siblings. I wore a frown as I approached him where we were to have our dinner and he pretended not to notice my frown. And I didn’t even know when I started laughing at his jokes. I caught myself and I stopped laughing immediately. He noticed and asked what was wrong but I just said I needed to leave and before I could walk away he asked me the question I had dreaded for years.
I ran out of the restaurant without giving him a reply. I cried all the way home as I regretted my past. Though I had been forgiven but the scar remained, I could no longer conceive, and when Emmanuel asked me to marry him I felt the pain once again.
Emmanuel was so bent on knowing why I ran off like that and even though I felt he was a man I could spend the rest of my life with, I was not ready to make him pay for my sins. After much consideration I told him about my condition and he just took it lightly.
“I had read your books, Jemima, and I know everything about you and besides I’m convinced about us,” he said that afternoon to my amazement.
“So what?” I asked him.
“So will you marry me?” He said again smiling and I was silent. I asked for time to pray about it and I did.
I had decided to have a low-key wedding and my parents and Emmanuel’s parents agreed but there was a massive crowd on my wedding day. I had invited few friends and family but I was shocked to see how many people turned up and seriously I felt honoured. A lot of them came to see how God changed my story from sorrow to exceeding joy. The wedding was successful and the marriage life was like heaven on earth. Emmanuel was the best gift God gave me after Jesus. He was caring, loving and understanding.
A shocking thing that happened was that I became pregnant after about six months of our marriage even without praying about it. I had felt unworthy to even ask God for a child after killing the three children He gave me.
I carried the pregnancy to full term without much stress and though the scan told us I was carrying a male child, I gave birth to triplets- two boys and a girl.
My husband, parents, Sophia, Lizzy and her husband(yes! God also blessed my friend with a prince charming) and all my friends were so happy and I decide then to add that goodness to my book to make my story complete.
A lot of people were eager to see my children and when the reporters came around I had no choice but to let them. I received a lot of congratulatory calls and emails. I also received an email from Justin asking for forgiveness and also telling me that he had met Jesus and I was so happy for him.
It had been ten awesome years of being married to Jesus my heavenly King and seven wonderful years of being married to Emmanuel my earthly prince and I can say with all humility that I am the most blessed woman on earth.

Are you still breaking God’s heart? Is your life still making God sad? Repent today and accept His love to enjoy a blissful life here and in eternity. Jesus loves you but hates your sins.
Till I come your way again with another exciting, inspiring and Godly story, remain blessed.

Thanks for taking out time to read through this series. Feel free to share with others but don't edit out the author's details.
Till I come your way again with another inspiring story, remain blessed.

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Wow! Great STORY

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Wow! Great STORY

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