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It's Not A War Against Black People Its A War Against God And His People by KingClovisone: 11:35am On Oct 18
Most if not all the churches in Nigeria and elsewhere are lead by cultist. The issue with SARS is not that having a task force of brave police who pursue after major and dangerous criminal organizations wasn't a great idea, including the new SWAT, it's that they were greedy and corrupt cultists. Yet to be on that list of task force officials will be determined by cultists. The pastor is a member of one of the many cults in Nigeria which are ran by Freemasons. So how are Nigerians going to improve themselves spiritually if their spiritual leaders are involved with corruption and living a lie? All Cults are paganistic in origin and have multiple gods worship. The leader is ineffective in leading the people to God because he is not true to God. He lives in a mansion and they live in uninhabited conditions. The pastor and his family eats well and have plenty while the average Nigerian he ministers too eats whatever crawls on the ground and never has enough. The pastor sends his children to European and U.S top universities while most of his flock are poor and illiterate. In this light no mere words will ever change Nigeria for the good until the leaders bow to the one God.


In the U.S they call cults Freemasonry


Re: It's Not A War Against Black People Its A War Against God And His People by KingClovisone: 12:30pm On Oct 18
All right is connected to Allah and this in the Torah, Qur'an and the Vedas, that is God is God alone. Allah makes every right move and He is above any misfortune, death and loss. Those who give to themselves to Allah as His humble servants will find protection. We all need protection from the wolves of this world.
Re: It's Not A War Against Black People Its A War Against God And His People by KingClovisone: 3:03pm On Oct 18

Re: It's Not A War Against Black People Its A War Against God And His People by KingClovisone: 3:35pm On Oct 18

By Republic Reporters New York


Update: Expose: 85% of Imo State Govt are homosexuals, belong to Ogboni, I will publish their names

New York[RR]Owerri–In the first place, the State Governor, Rochas Okorocha [pictured] said that he is going to fight Corruption. Even, he initiated the Imo Anthem, and in it, one of the Stanzas says, “Corruption must stop!” So at the Office, I saw what was going on and I tried calling the Speaker, Benjamin Uwajumogu to order. I told him, ‘look, you did not give me Appointment as a Politician. I accepted the Appointment because I am a Social Crusader. So there is no way I will be here.

Yes, in our Office we were like a family. So naturally, nobody should expect me to come out and start talking about what was happening, but within us, I made him to understand that people should be reasonable. I did not accuse him directly because accusing him directly while I was under his authority would be an act of insubordination.

I accused the Chief of Staff and the Senior Aides directly because they were very fraudulent and fetish, and a whole lot of things they were doing.

Then, I used my own Department, the Media Department as an instance to let the Speaker know what was happening. But the Speaker didn’t like it. He never liked it at all, because investigating the Chief of Staff meant also investigating him, because for every hundred naira stolen by the Chief of Staff, Kodichi Anamekwe, the Speaker knew of it and that is the simple truth.

So rather than him taking action, he wanted all the Senior Aides to swear to an oath. Yes, that was how the problem started. So, sometime in May 2013, I got a text message sent by the SA Admin, Mr. Kingsley Nkemka, now late. He said that if we arrive at the Office we should head straight to the Speaker’s house. So when we arrived at the Speaker’s private residence in Umuguma, we were all ushered into his Bedroom, 8 of us Senior Aides.

For me, I knew I was the target. We saw a Native Doctor in his bedroom. The Speaker himself was stack naked.

He was stack naked. I wanted to do a comprehensive account so that the whole world will know and I will still do it. The Speaker was stack naked with a Native Doctor, then the Chief of Staff, Kodichi and his mother, the mother is the head of the ghost workers. I mean the mother of Kodichi. In my petition to the EFCC, I also mentioned her name.

So it was the woman that addressed us before the Native Doctor will call your name, he will make some pronouncements which you will repeat after him, he will now give you that fetish thing, you would drink and go to where Uwajimogu was standing and then kiss his manhood and all that.

I was the only person that refused to do that. In fact that was why I was suspended and not even that I did anything wrong, but I fought my way back and the battle continued.

So the truth of the matter is that in any Socio Political gathering or call it office or whatever, you are bound to meet such things because people will be fighting for positions but as for me as a Crusader I saw a lot. They planned to kill me on several occasions but they didn’t succeed. So eventually I resigned on 17th of December 2013. If I did not resign on that day they would have killed me. And of course many people died in that office.

One of the Police Orderlies’ following Speaker was poisoned to death because when he followed the speaker to Ihitte Uboma, sometime in October in 2012, he didn’t like what he saw. So when he came back, he complained to us that he saw how a young lady was killed and buried inside the compound. Of course the young lady was used for ritual. So he was poisoned so that people wouldn’t know. And of course Emmanuel Adoba was killed as well. But the outside world was made to believe it wasn’t political.

While I was in prison Nkemka was also murdered. The style of killing was the same. Even they came here wanting to kill me, of which by the grace of God I was not around, eventually Architect Franklin Okoli was killed. It is still the same thing. So the truth of the matter is that when I resigned, for me, I didn’t initially start to accuse the Speaker. I started with the Chief of Staff and other aides before I now summoned enough courage to confront my boss. I alerted the Governor. Of course, the Governor is one of them. They are all the same people, members of the reformed Ogboni Fraternity. As am saying this, I want people to know what is going on in the State. That is the simple truth. The Governor is a Grand Master of the reformed Ogboni fraternity. The Speaker is a nominal member of the reformed Ogboni fraternity. And the current Chief Judge, Hon. Justice Paschal Nnadi is also a Grand Master of the reformed Ogboni fraternity. Everything is just Ogboni fraternity all the way, if you don’t believe in their system or if you don’t tow their line they will look at you as somebody who has come to spy on them unless you are one of them. Or at least you take an oath.

Then, the issue of homosexuals’ is a terrible thing. The Speaker is not a homosexual. I will stand on the truth but of course the truth of the matter is that many people at the Executive arm of Government, more than 85% of them are homosexuals and ‘am going to publish their names. Both elected and appointed Political appointees. They have all been initiated. Then is it drug addiction? Hard drugs!

Even the women political appointees. Homosexual and lesbianism are incorporated. I will talk. I am not afraid. Or is it burying of charms prepared with new born babies and even adopted babies, killing of people? Do we talk of the kidnap of the Principal Secretary to the former Deputy Governor, Sir Emenike Ihekwoaba? Do we talk about the brutal murder of Laz Anyanwu?

Yes, on the issue of the murder of Architect Franklin Okoli, the Speaker, having been frightened, Because I forced him to set up a panel and he refused. I went to EFCC. Then the Governor was afraid. The Governor now made a u-turn and went on a local Government road assessment tours and openly indicted the Speaker. It was all over the news and the speaker Himself made a u-turn and set up a Kangaroo Panel. While they were still inside the Chambers I did my Press Release and described the Panel as April fool Panel and I made nonsense of that Panel. They invited me and I told them I will not come, and nothing happened. That proved that it was a Kangaroo Panel.

So the man felt humiliated, and the truth of the matter is that the Governor also felt embarrassed because I also started writing letters to the Government, official letters entitled; Imo State Government Silence on Speaker Uwajumogu’s Criminal and Fraudulent Activities is embarrassing’. I also wrote and said, ‘your personal Silence on Uwajumogu’s Criminal Activities is Worrisome’.

That was when the Governor invited the Speaker and ordered him to kill me. I am telling you the truth. The Speaker left Government House and started calling some of his friends, saying: the Governor has ordered me to kill Samuelson.

One of his friends, and I will mention his name. His name is Chief Emeka Ibe,(Emeka South), from Obolo in Isiala Mbano, so that people will know what am talking about. He called me and told me what Uwajumogu revealed to him. And of course the whole world knew because I was alerting the world, ‘my life is in danger oooo’, my life is in danger oooo’

So when this cult war started in Owerri, between Vikings Confraternity and Movement, the Imo State Government now queued into that Cult War. Uwajumogu sent 5 armed boys to come here and kill me. And if they had succeeded in killing me, I would have been termed a victim of Cult War. But unfortunately for them, I was not around. So from the report of the security meeting which was held at Government House on Thursday 5th June 2014 on the orders Sir Jude Ejiogu, Chief of Staff to the Governor, Uwajumogu was contacted by those boys, and Uwajumogu told them to just kill anybody, that they will still hang it on my head, so that I will be arrested. So that was what happened. I did not kill anybody. And that is the truth. And luckily for me, God made sure that I did not come back. I only returned to meet Policemen in my compound. How can I kill? A crusader? Eh?

When I was in my office, I was returning unspent funds, the only political appointee in Imo State Government that was returning money. I had the opportunity to make money, I said no, because I got this appointment based on my Social Crusade work, speaking up against ills of the society. I was very honest. But look at what has happened to Uwajumogu today. He crashed out completely. A man I gave so much love. Before God and man, if somebody had told me I would quarrel with Uwajumogu, I would have given that person a bloody knock out, because I loved this man with all my heart. I didn’t just see him as my boss, I saw him as my own father, my own brother, my uncle. In short, I saw him as Samuelson Iwuoha himself. I saw myself as the Speaker of the Assembly. I protected that Office. But look at, that place has collapsed, the entire Office!

And am sure having fought the battle and lost completely, in his sober moments he would be reflecting on what actually happened, and his conscience would tell him that Samuelson actually protected him. I gave that man undiluted love but he abused and missed it.

Well, I have just come out of prison and thank God, somebody like Buhari is now the president of this Country. He would be sworn in soon. I stayed in Prison for 328 days in all, 65 days at the police, that is 2 months at the police and then nine months at Prisons.

My wife was in prison for Six and half months; two months at the police and four and half months in the Prisons. Well, God took care of my children. He took care of them through my brothers, sisters and in-laws, my parents. My children suddenly became emergency orphans, but we give God the glory.

Well, taking stock of what happened and taking a look at my businesses, to re-organize my businesses and Social Crusade work. Of course, giving thanks and glory to God because the mere quashing of the case against me is a proof that God has always been on my side. A lot of my goods running in millions of naira spoilt in my warehouse! But I thank God am alive. My lawyers are preparing to take action against these criminals.

I was arrested and kept in police custody, who took the matter to Court. I have contacts. You know, I was writing from Police Cell. So, instead of the Police doing investigation, they were only interested in finding out how I was writing. So, every morning, the then Deputy Commissioner of Police, Mr. David Folawiyo, he was always coming to my cell to search to see if he would see writing materials on me because I was writing on daily basis.

I am a strategist. I was writing and all my write-ups were published on the Internet. So I was able to pull down people from Abuja, Senior Police Officers. I was able to contact Inspector General of Police, even the Presidency. They all were involved in this matter and they sent Senior Police Officers to come and pull the matter from Owerri here to Abuja.

And when they came down here, the then Commissioner of police, Mr. Abdul-Majid Ali, they have posted him out now, but he alerted the Governor who came out openly and stopped them because they knew that if I had been transferred to Abuja, I would have been released and Abuja would have come down here to pick those five boys and they would have confessed and the identity of their Sponsors being Rochas Okorocha and Speaker Uwajumogu would have been unmasked. So in order to frustrate that effort of taking me to Abuja, my wife and I were rushed to the Court and were remanded in Prison custody. So in a way, I fought from Police Cell and we striped them naked and the whole world started to see their unclothedness and emptiness. So in a bid to cover that unclothedness, they rushed us to Court in an attempt to use the judiciary as fig leaves to cover their unclothedness, just like Adam and Eve. But the main thing is that Citizen Ikenna Samuelson Iwuoha is out and they would see the true meaning of activism. Rochas Okorocha would not go scot free, am going to deal with him.

I have lawyers. My lawyers fought hard, and of course, the matter finally went to court. we knew we would win but they simply used executive power to suppress us.

The matter finally struck out on Monday 27th of April, five days ago. Even on that day, the Governor, immediately he learnt that the matter had been struck out he went mad and said, ‘that Judge? She went and struck off the matter and released the boy so that he would come out and destabilize my Government?

Justice Irene Duruoha Igwe, a very wonderful woman. High court 4 Owerri. Okorocha disappointed the whole world but am going to expose him. He has a killer squad, let him come out openly and kill me, but am going to mess him up. As I did to Uwajumogu, so will I do to Okorocha. Am not afraid of him.

The Nkwerre born social Crusader came to lime light during the Administration of former Governor of Imo State. Sir Ikedi Ohakim when he fought the Governor he alleged that Ohakim flogged him in Government House, and subsequently became one of those who fought to ensure that Sir Ikedi Ohakim did not have his second term in office.

At the dethronement of that Administration and enthronement of Governor Rochas Okorocha led Administration in Imo State in 2011, Samuelson Iwuoha was made the SA to the Speaker of lmo State House of Assembly, Chief Benjamin Uwajumogu.

But in 2013, things fell apart between them at the State House of Assembly and Mr. Iwuoha finally resigned his appointment as the SA on Media to the Speaker.

Months later, he was framed up and sent to Prison where he spent 328 days with his wife sharing the pains before the case was quashed on April 27, 2015 at high Court 4, Owerri where Justice Irene Duruoha Igwe presided.

In this article he recounted the whole incident that led to his incarceration and how he came out of Prison.

Credit: Citizen, Ikenna Samuelson Iwuoha

Republic Reporters: Standing Between Civilization And Anarchy...



DEC 17, 2018

Oracle Of God: “You cannot kill a man who carries prophesy-Signs & Wonders-Sign is about God that He is, wonder is about man that God is awesome..”–Apostle Johnson Suleman

Wherever you find sodomites you will find a pact of devil worshippers behind the spread of it. And they will insist its sexual preference yet that's not true for its apart of witchcraft.

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Re: It's Not A War Against Black People Its A War Against God And His People by KingClovisone: 5:05pm On Oct 18
Yet it's the Whites fault for why you are homosexuals. Yet please explain why it doesn't affect all Black people on Earth? grin And why do you celebrate homosexuality?

Re: It's Not A War Against Black People Its A War Against God And His People by KingClovisone: 7:49pm On Oct 18

Kenya ‘in grip of devil worship’

David Gough in Nairobi

Wed 11 Aug 1999 19.41 EDT

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Satanism is so common, says the report, that a special police force must be set up to tackle the problem. It says many schools and colleges have been infiltrated with devil worshippers, and calls the Mormons and the Freemasons "gateways to devil worship".

The report has been embargoed since July 1995, when it was first presented to President Daniel arap Moi. He announced that it would not be made public because it contained sensitive information with "legal implications".

But last week the report, written by a Catholic archbishop and leading members of Christian churches, was leaked to The Daily Nation newspaper, which serialised it.

Citing a case study, The Nation wrote about a student who witnessed a satanic ritual: "A human body was brought into the room and roasted at an altar. Those present drank human blood and ate the flesh with relish."

The four-day serialisation has triggered national debate.

Kirk Waldron, director of the Kenya mission of the Mormons, said: "We cannot accept judgmental and pernicious lies about our church."

But the majority of ordinary Kenyans have taken the report seriously. "Kenya is under the control of devil worshippers," said Tasneem Rehamanji, a 24-year-old secretary.

Journalist Gitau Warigi wrote: "The report is no more than narrow-minded prejudice from the mainstream churches, who sniff the hand of Satan in anything that does not fit into their religious world view."

John Githongo, a director of the African Strategic Research Institute, said there had never been a proven case of Satanism in Kenya.

"Religious superstition had inspired a ridiculous commission to investigate a ridiculous thing and write a ridiculous report," he said.

"The commission's findings... read likes a who's who of groups that deviate even slightly from Christian orthodoxy and their conclusions end up reeking of shaky evidence and a Christian bias."

The Weekly Citizen newsletter claimed that Nairobi businessmen Samuel Macharia and Chris Kirubi were the "gurus of devil worship".

Mr Macharia said: "People are desperate to explain why there is so much hardship and adversity in their lives, but their problems have more to do with politics and the economy than with the devil."

TopicsWorld news

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View on theguardian.com

As I have pointed out so clearly blue is used to communicate to satanists around the world they are in collusion. It means secret agreement.

Re: It's Not A War Against Black People Its A War Against God And His People by KingClovisone: 8:03pm On Oct 18
Did you know you can't conjure the Devil without performing homosexuality?
Re: It's Not A War Against Black People Its A War Against God And His People by KingClovisone: 8:13pm On Oct 18
The ruling class of this country are incapable of feeling the pains of the average Nigeria. The children of the elites drive around in expensive vehicles - that can feed the average Nigerian family for 10 years. The elites do not understand what it means to be struggling. Their families are doing as well or even better than the families of American and European elites. The ONLY thing that is keeping the 'peace' in this atmosphere of suffering and slavery, is that most Nigerians are extremely religious. And religion as the wiseman said is the opium of the masses. If you remove Islam and Christianity from Nigeria, it won't take up to a year before the slaves (average Nigerians) revolt and slaughter their slave masters ( Nigerian political elites).

Africa has the worst slavery upon Earth in the richest soil in all creation.

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Re: It's Not A War Against Black People Its A War Against God And His People by KingClovisone: 9:44pm On Oct 18
Black people are the root of all the world's evils. You will find every satanic God worshipped by Whites and other races, their names and origins originate with the Black races. No one has sacrificed the human being to the devil more than Blacks. Creators of Babylon, Egypt, Canaan, Greece,, Spatra, Rome and Ottoman Empire, they spread sexual perversion and human defilement around the world. A great judgement shall come against them.
Re: It's Not A War Against Black People Its A War Against God And His People by KingClovisone: 8:08am On Oct 19
The world is an ugly mess.
Re: It's Not A War Against Black People Its A War Against God And His People by KingClovisone: 12:11pm On Oct 19
It's a war against God and His people. And as you can see for yourself many Black people are not for God.

Wake up out your slumber
Re: It's Not A War Against Black People Its A War Against God And His People by KingClovisone: 2:45pm On Oct 19
If you do the math you would figure out quite easy that although Whites run around in this world they don't control it. If money is power then you might think the Rothschild Jews control the world because they have 100 trillion dollars. Yet the money is an illusion and is made up out of thin air. The real power behind Currency is precious metals and commodities. When you factor in Africa has the most precious natural resources than any continent and the lowest cost of living you have to adjust your figures. For instance, Nigeria is rich in oil and has a 58 percentage cost of living than the United States. The average wage earner in Nigeria makes about $2.00 U.S dollars per day. Nobody in America is going to work for that amount, even 2 dollars an hour. grin Yet a rich man can afford in Africa to hire lots of workers to build his mansion, work as servants and cooks for almost nothing. So these rich Africans aren't really spending any of their money to live or operate like businessmen abroad. They are living at an equal standard of high living as the Rothschilds while hiding behind 422 million poor souls living in abject poverty. Now who do you think controls the world? Remember the Moors were the manpower behind British, Belgium, and French colonization of Africa. Guns didnt defeat Africa or help the Whiteman win it was collusion.

Re: It's Not A War Against Black People Its A War Against God And His People by KingClovisone: 5:15pm On Oct 19
Remember blue is for collusion which means you will never find that White devil without that Black devil behind him in their long war against God and His people. 
Re: It's Not A War Against Black People Its A War Against God And His People by GodvsTheGods: 3:53pm On Oct 20
The war against God was raging when the Black Babylonians took the Black Hebrews into captivity and destroyed their temple to Allah.

Re: It's Not A War Against Black People Its A War Against God And His People by GodvsTheGods: 4:32pm On Oct 20
They lie to you with fancy produced video documentaries that the West implying Whites are keeping Africans poor. No the international brotherhood of rich, corrupt and greedy Blacks are keeping you slaves. It's a culture where men think and want you to think they are gods. The rich Blacks won't invest in their poor brothers and sisters.

Stop lying on White people. You can see all the wealthy and greedy Blacks in this post for yourself.


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