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Intimacy 18+ Prologue by Clustergist: 5:16pm On Nov 05
� Intimacy �
�[My Virgin Girlfriend]�

By: Blessing D writes

�Prologue �
Meet Charlie Bran, the only son of his wealthy parents.

Pampered and spoiled, made to believe he could have anything he wants.

He is the world’s best musician and a song writer. That happens to be the only good thing Charlie could do right apart from screwing different ladies.

Yea, what do you expect from a spoiled guy like him?

As far as you’re attractive to him you’ll get a chance to have a taste of not only his d**k but also his money.

He spends money anyhow too. Tho he is spoilt, he doesn’t forget to help the poor and needy.

His act earned him a lot of awards, and a lot of crazy fans.

Whenever he hosts a show or is invited to perform on stage, the number of people that attends are in thousands and millions.

Yea, that’s how loved he is despite his ugly behaviours.

His act of screwing attractive and pretty girls earned him a child from one of his numerous celebrity girlfriends.

Here on the other hand is Rosana Pedro.

A model and a chief.

From a middle class family and a very pretty and attractive young lady.

She happens to be one of Charlie’s fan but its not as if she’s so deep into him like her other friends and colleagues.

They can virtually kill to spend a night with Charlie, and you no what a night means, its doesn’t only come with pleasure but also plenty cash.

Fate did its part on the two celebrities and they crossed part.

When Charlie set his eyes on her it was as if the whole world stopped moving.

He couldn’t see any other person expect her.

But on Rosana part, she was damn happy to see him but was too shy to stand him so she left.

Throughout the whole week Charlie couldn’t do a thing, her image just kept popping into his head and later on after inquiring about her, he decided to go for her….

But was met with a no.

Along the line Charlie did something that he regretted his whole life.

He did something he wasn’t meant to do because of her constant rejection…

Something that could make Rosana hate him for life.

He took something away from her..

Something so precious…

You wanna know what he did and if they will get together…..Click on the like button.

Note: it’s different from the short story own

Click on the link for episode 1���


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Re: Intimacy 18+ Prologue by Museitz: 10:48am On Nov 06
Episode 1
�Intimacy �
�[My Virgin Girlfriend] �
By: Blessing D writes

�Charlie’s POV �
“Come on baby” I hushed as I slammed my lips on hers.

She took two steps backwards and her back hit the elevator.

I slid my finger into her short miniskirt and started fingering her.

She moaned into my mouth as we kissed roughly, her hands wrapped tightly around my neck.

I slid in two more fingers into her p***y making it three fingers and her moans became more loud.

She tilted her head backwards disengaging from the kiss as she moaned in extreme pleasure.

“Oh my CB, you’re..so so good” she moaned out, eyes closed.

“Yea, I know right, want more?” I asked increasing the pace of my moving finger.

“Ye…of course” she stuttered a bit and leaned back to kiss me but unfortunately the elevator stopped and opened.

“Damn! why now?” I groaned at the elevator as I removed my finger from her and she dressed herself properly.

“See you at 7:00pm tonight, land mall hotel” I whispered to her before stepping out to meet my manager who was already starring at us knowing fully well what had just happened between us too.

I headed straight to the restroom in that particular floor to wash my hands ignoring my manager who was saying whatever sh*t behind me.

I got into the restroom, turned on the tap there and washed off the sweet p***y scent off my hand.

I starred at the mirror as I did that.

A smirk formed at the corner of my lips when I saw how handsome I looked.

Is there anyone as cute as me? I thought and chuckled.

Then left the restroom afterwards to bomb into my manager who was waiting at the entrance of the restroom.

“What were you doing with her at the elevator? What happened between you two? She looks as if she just won a lottery” mike asked even if he knew what had possibly happened.

He just likes hearing me narrate stories to him. I don’t no if he’s actually a man or a woman considering how he enjoys gist.

“The usual mike, what do you wanna hear again?” I replied then asked.

“I just..I wanna know if you’re done with her or you’re gonna continue from where you stopped so I can reserve a hotel room for you two” he replied.

“Well you can, at 7:00pm” I replied him and he chuckled as we headed to the garage so I could get home.

I haven’t set my eyes on my sweetheart all day, I know she must be searching for me by now.

If you’re wondering who am referring to then know its my daughter.

Yup, my four years old sweet daughter.

I have been busy with recording all day here in CB recording company.

Well, CB is the short form of my name so this company is actually mine.

I’m wealthy, I have wealthy parents who supports me in anything.

So I’m the most luckiest person on earth, I could have anything I wish at any minutes.

Its been like this for me since I came to earth.

I got closer to my limo and the guards standing around it quickly opened the door for me and I got in. My manager got in and sat facing me in the limo as we drove out of the company.

� Rosanna’s POV �
“Baby girl, I heard CB is gonna be performing a live show next month, I’m so so excited about that” my best friend and colleague said full of energy as she stayed and watched me cook in the kitchen.

“Really?” I asked turning the pan which contains scrambled eggs on fire.

“Yes babe and the bigger news is…guess” she said then paused.

“Come on Tara, I don’t like stressing my brain just head straight to the point, tell me” I replied her pouting.

“Okay okay, I’m so excited to say this, I heard CB is gonna be coming to our modelling company next week” she revealed then ran and embraced me from behind.

“Wow, really?” I asked smiling.

“Yes babe, do you no what that means? Its means I’m gonna be seeing him at a very close range and I might possibly happen to be one of the ladies that might catch his attention.”

“Geez,I’m gonna go shopping so he’ll notice me before that day, I can’t wait” she continued talking and talking.

I turned off the gas cooker and dished out all the cooked meals, then carried them on a tray and left for the dinning while she followed.

“Are you gonna follow me to shopping babe? You also need to look pretty you no?” She asked after a while.

“No Tara, I’m saving my money up alright, I don’t have much money to waste” I replied her and she rolled her eyes.

“Even for the Prince charming? Well if you agree and follow me, I’ll get you a very pretty dress too, just follow me please?” She pleaded sitting across the dinning facing me.

“Well, if you say so, I’m always available for free shopping” I replied and she laughed.

“Spoiled brat” she slapped my arm and said.

“Ouch, but that’s the truth, I love free stuff” I said then got up and left to get water from the fridge.

“Hurry up Ros, we don’t wanna attend the showcase late, hurry up” I heard her voice ring from the dinning.

� Charlie’s POV �
The car drove into my private quarters and I came down immediately without waiting for the guards to open the door for me, I already sitted my angel sitting at the balcony looking out in space.

How I hate seeing her lonely.

I hastened up my pace along the staircase totally ignoring the numerous greetings from the maids then I went to her at the balcony.

“Sweetheart” I called and immediately squatted down to her.

“Why are you here alone”? I asked but she didn’t turn to stare at me.

“Baby, what is it? Did anyone offend you?” I asked turning her to face me.

She was holding unto a pink teddy tightly and that’s the reason I can’t get hold of her hands

“Come on, why are you here alone?” I asked for the third time and she finally blinked.

“Where is my mommy?” She asked taking me by surprise.

“Your..your mom?” I asked my voice coming out weakly.

“Yes, where is she?” She answered and asked.

“Baby..why are you suddenly asking me about her? I thought we have talked about this a long time ago” I said to her.

“No, we haven’t, I heard you and mom aren’t together, is that true?” She asked and I opened my mouth to talk but couldn’t think of any reasonable thing to say.

“Is it true?” She asked again.

“Um sweetheart, where did you hear that from?” I asked trying to divert the question.

“I heard it from one of the maids, they were whispering it amongst themselves and I think what they are saying is true because I don’t even no how my mom looks like” she replied sounding really bitter which only got me angry.

Who is the useless bit*h? Where are they? I thought and stood up on my feet.

“I’m coming, stay here and wait for me” I replied trying my best not to show how angry I was then I got up, I’m so gonna deal with them.

All of them! I thought angrily and left to look for the head worker.

TBC Rosanna.

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Re: Intimacy 18+ Prologue by Clustergist: 12:24pm On Nov 07
Episode 2
�Intimacy �
�[My Virgin Girlfriend] �
By: Blessing D writes
(You are fired)

�Charlie’s POV�
“Billy!!” I shrieked as I got closer to the kitchen and he rushed out.

“Who are they? Who are those bit*h*s gossiping about me to my daughter!?” I questioned in extreme anger.

“Sir..sir..we..I don’t no” came his reply.

I grabbed him by his collar and pulled him closer to me.

His gaze remained on the floor as I did that.

“You don’t no? then, YOU ARE FIRED!!” I groaned at him and he trembled.

“Si.r..sir please, I’ve been working for you since I was a boy, please don’t do this, I promise to fish all of them out” he cried out as I turned to leave.

Then I paused and turned to look at him. Everything in him seems to be pleading.

“Before I show up tomorrow, there won’t be any second chance” I said to him before I proceeded up to meet my daughter.

“Dad, what was that? I didn’t ask you to yell at poor Billy, he is my friend” her tiny voice came out.

“Sweetheart, I’m sorry” I apologized and carried her up in my arms then left the balcony headed towards her room.

“Please stop listening to whatever anyone says, always believe in me and you’ll be fine alright” I told her and she nodded her head then placed it on my chest still holding tightly onto her teddy.

I got to her room and dropped her.

“Where are your nannies?” I inquired.

“Well, I sent them away, I don’t need them” she answered.

“You sent them away? Why will you do that?” I asked.

“I can take care of myself dad, you gat to stop treating me like a baby” she said cheekily which made me smile.

“Ria, I’ve got somewhere to be once its 7:00pm, so before then, I want you to narrate everything that happened at school to me” I requested and she smiled then adjusted properly where I kept her.

“Its the usual dad, I have a lot of friends, they all like you dad, one of my friends, Beatrice said her big sister loves you with all her heart” she narrated describing the heart with her tiny hands which made me laugh.

“What? I’m serious dad, its doesn’t end there, even…..”


I dressed up handsomely after making sure little Ria was already sleeping.

I grabbed my two phones which were on the dressing table and headed out.

I was climbing down the stairs when one of my phones started ringing and I picked it up when I saw who was on the line.

�Hello mom.

�Hi son, when are you coming over to see us? Its been ages, she started ranting almost immediately.

�mom, I thought we last saw each other two days ago, I don’t understand where the ages seems to be coming out from.

�Come on Charlie, that’s why we need to stay under the same roof, I want to see my son everyday and not only on TV.

�Alright, I’ll find time to come over with Ria tomorrow, she said she misses you guys too.

�Okay that’s good, let me start preparing to welcome you guys, extend my greetings to her.

�Yea mom, gat to go.

Then the line went off.

I fixed the phone into my trouser pocket then got outside to see mike relaxing on one of my favorite cars.

My Lamborghini.

“Mike!! Are you nuts? Have you seriously lost it upstairs, get away from my baby” I screamed at him then immediately ran and dragged him out from the car.

“Never you relax on it and by the way, what are you doing here? Aren’t you supposed to be somewhere else?” I asked.

“Well, I was waiting for you” he replied with an annoyed look.

As if I care anyways.

Mike and I are actually age mate, tho he is a year older than I am, I consider him my age mate.

“Why? You are done with work for today, what are you waiting for?” I questioned fixing my hands on my waist.

“Well…just wanted to make sure you get to land mall without getting caught by secret cameras” he responded.

“When did you start worrying about that?”

“Just now, I am your manager and should be concerned about your image…”

He was still talking when I left him and got into one of the sport cars there.

“I don’t want guards or any driver or even anyone, I’ll get there by myself” I announced to the guards who were about getting into another car to follow me from behind.

“Um..CB, I don’t think that’s possible,you see your father…”

“Have I made myself clear?” I cut the head guard that was about protesting in and he gave Mike an eye before agreeing.

“Ye..yes” he responded then I immediately kick started the engines, drove out of my private mansion.

I was dressed in a way i will be hardly recognized with a turtle neck cloth that covered my neck up to my nose region, then a black face cap to join.

I was still driving on the road when I noticed a car behind me.

This f**k*ng guards won’t ever listen to me. I knew they will follow me secretly.

They just never listen at all. Its high time I fire them all but I understand why they are like that, its because of my father’s orders, they were ordered never to leave my side.

I sighed deeply then increased the speed of the car because it was already past 7pm.

I got to the hotel and then got down.

One of my father’s numerous hotels actually.

The receptionist recognized me and immediately handed me a key without questions.

I bet mike had already booked the room if not she couldn’t have just handed a key to me.

I got to the room number, the number written on the key and made to unlock the room but found out it was already unlocked.


I pushed open the door gently and then got in to see her there.

“Prince charming” she called seductively and immediately ran to me and embraced me.

“Vivian right?” I asked pulling her away from my body.

“Yes CB” she replied winking.


“Oh that? Well I explained things to the receptionist, I wanted to surprise you and I can see that you’re really surprised, come, I prepared something for you” she cut me in and said.

Then she cajoled me to a mini set table there, in which a bottle of wine and two glasses were on top.

She made me sit on the bed there, then she opened the drinks, decanted it into two different cups and offered one to me which I collected then took a sip from.

“How is it CB?” She inquired licking her red blooded lips seductively.

“Its okay” I answered then dropped the cup.

“You ready?” I asked taking off my shirt.

“Always ready for you, anytime, any day” she responded then took off the linger she was putting on leaving her standing stark narked in front of me.

TBC Charlie.
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Re: Intimacy 18+ Prologue by Clustergist: 7:43am On Nov 08
Episode 3
�Intimacy �
�[My Virgin Girlfriend]�
By: Blessing D writes
(It’s CB)

�Charlie’s POV�
She cat walked towards me with silly smiles.

I kept my eyes fixed on her big sized b*o*s and her V.

Damn they looked so appetizing.

When she got to me, she placed one knee on the bed beside me then bent down a bit and started kissing me.

I reciprocated the kiss and she worked on my shirt, she pulled even the cap and all off.

Then you no the rest.

� Rosanna’s POV �
We walked into the company room just in time.

The showcase is just getting started.

Tara and I sat side by side and watched the whole show.

Hours later.

“Ros, if you’re asked to wish for something, what could that be?” Tara asked me as we walked down the road after the showcase.

“Um..that will be to get wealthy” I answered her.

“What about you? What will be your wish?” I asked her.

“Well, to get to be with the love of my life” she replied and placed her hands on her chest dreamily.

“Huh, and who could that be?” I inquired.

“Well, its CB, he is really really dreamily, just watching his shows and watching him perform live is the best thing ever, I wish to hold him…I wish to be with him, I wish…”

She was still saying when I left her.

She must have lost it, how can she be dying for someone she barely knows? Someone that doesn’t even no if she exits or not.

I know we all like him, I also like him and I find him handsome but geez, I can never give up my pride for him, not someone like him.

I heard he has slept with a whole lot of celebrities, he even got a daughter without a wife, the girl’s mom is even currently married to someone else.

Geez, I can’t dream about him the way most of my colleague does.

“Hey Ros, wait up” I heard her scream as she ran up to me while I increased my walking pace so she will not meet up with me.

“Come on, wait up” she half yelled and held my arm.

“How could you be so cruel to leave me?” She asked making a puppy face.

“Because you’ve finally lost it upstairs, you have loss your brains to CB” I replied rolling my eyes.

“Come on, everything I said is true, every damn thing I said is true, why are you pretending as if you’re a saint, I know you think about him late at night” she grinned with a dirty wink which almost made me puke.

I hit her on the head and left her there again.

She is really crazy.

� Charlie’s POV �

“My prince charming, you are the best” she giggled happily as I put on my clothes.

She was still lying on the bed narked.

I didn’t reply her until I was done.

“You are also good but you’ve gat to put more effort next time” I said in a non mocking way.

“Mike will settle you once I leave this room he is gonna come in” I told her and made to leave but paused.

Hold on.

I turned to look at her with a straight face.

“You mustn’t disclose what happened between us both to anyone and don’t get pregnant because I’ll force you to abort it, so you better take care of yourself” I said sternly then finally left.

I can’t afford having another kid.

No, Ria is enough for me.

They are troublesome and hard to control.

Immediately I stepped out of the room I saw mike there.

I knew he also followed me here.

“Just settle her very well and make sure to warn her to take pregnancy pills, I can’t afford having another child from a different person” I said to him then left him before he could even reply.

I got out of the hotel, then to my car. Got in then drove out.

� Rosanna’s POV �
We were still cat walking on the road when suddenly Tara screamed.

“What? What??” I asked looking at the direction she is pointing at.

“Its CB, Ros its CB” she pointed to a sport car driving at a slow pace about to divert to our direction.

I starred carefully at the car as its finally diverted and before I could say anything to Tara she already left my side with speed then ran to the incoming car, she stood in the middle of the road which made the car stop.

Its really him.

By now, everyone around had already seen him and were rushing to his car which had stopped.

Tara was already at the window side of the car trying to open the door.

She is over crazy.

You might be wondering how we got to no that he is the one, well he rides this particular sport car and the glass window was won down which made us see him.

A lot of people crowded the car and for few minutes he remained stuck in that position until he opened the door slowly and stepped out looking so magnificent.

“Wow” I wowed at the cute figure up ahead of me.

TBC Charlie.
Let’s see what happens next.

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Re: Intimacy 18+ Prologue by Adeola25(f): 11:12am On Nov 09
Nice story, keep it coming.
Re: Intimacy 18+ Prologue by Museitz: 9:35am On Nov 10
Episode 4
�Intimacy �
�[My Virgin Girlfriend]�
By: Blessing D writes
(I really love him)

�Rosanna’s POV�

More people rushed towards him and before you know it, they made it impossible for me to see him.



Was echoing everywhere but that didn’t last long. I tried moving closer to them, to see if I could stare at him at a close range but a car pulled over behind us and they turned out to be his guards.

They started pushing the crowd away from him and soon, they got into their cars and left.

“Oh my gee!!!” Tara screamed as she came towards me.

“Ros!! Ros!!!” She continued screaming, then she jumped on me almost making us fall down.

“Those silly guards, you won’t believe CB was about writing a cheque for most of us because those idiotic guards came and disrupted everything.”

“All my efforts didn’t really go to waste tho, I got to see him, I got to stare at his delicious face, do you know what that means Ros?!!” She kept on screaming and dancing.

Geez, she is really happy, meaning she’s crazy over.

“Do you really like him that much?” I was forced to ask.

“Of course, I love him, I really love him” she answered placing both hands on her chest.

I shook my head, then smiled as we continued going.

“You really crazy tho, look at the way you jumped in front of his car, what if he was drunk and couldn’t control the brake? Then he could have hit you” I said to her.

“Well, I’ll be happy to die by his hands” she replied giggling.

“You’re really crazy” I rolled my eyes at her then continued on my way, leaving her behind.

�Mike’s POV�
“Charlie, are you okay at all? Why on heaven’s sake will you come down from your car when the guards aren’t there, do you want to get killed by those crazy fans?” I questioned with my eyes widely opened.

“So what? I should stay stuck in the car? You want me to suffocate to death there? That was the only way and beside why weren’t you guys close enough to stop it when they weren’t that much? You arrived late and you’re here blaming me?” He asked back.

“So, you’re blaming us now? Do you remember you told us off earlier? Or did you suddenly develop brain cancer?” I asked in a mockery manner.

“Hey, are you nuts? Are you insulting?”

“F**k*ng get your disgusting a** off my car right this instant” he yelled but I stayed where I was.

“You can yell all you want CB, I aren’t getting down from this car” I replied relaxing my head on the chair.

He huffed, then ignored me and continued driving away.

Two days later.

�Charlie’s POV�

“So what are my schedules for today Mike?” I asked sipping from the glass of red wine in front of me.

“CB, your contract with DN fashion industry is today, since you’ve agreed to be their model for a whole week, you’ll have to go over there today to seal the contract with them” Mike replied me.

“Today? How come its today, I thought it was next week?” I asked confused.

“Well yea your work there fully starts next week but you’ve got to seal the contract first, I could have gone to seal it but the contract requires only your signature” he answered.

“Hmm okay, so what time is it?” I inquired.

“In an hour time, have some rest till then, one of your ex works there as a model, I heard a lot of models there are crazy about you so…”

“Who isn’t?” I cut him in with a proud grin.

This is gonna be fun, maybe I’ll be able to get another sweetheart from there, models are very attractive, I thought aloud.

“That’s what you’re perfect in anyways, screwing attractive ladies” I heard him mumble as he stepped out of my office.

�Rosanna’s POV�
I was in the dressing room selecting a dress for my next shoot when Tara ran to me.

“This is huge Ros, this is huge, I heard CB is gonna be coming over in less than an hour to seal a deal with our company, I’m sad, I don’t have a suitable dress here, what should I do? Should I borrow the company’s clothes?” Tar rushed her words making me a bit confused.

“Coming over? Why? I thought it was next week?” I inquired.

“Yes but he has to sigh some papers first babe, what should I put on?” She answered then started running around like a mad person.

She came back with two dresses and asked which one is more suitable, I picked one out for her then she ran to the restroom to put on the dress.

She was not the only one in a haste to put on a dress, other models were rushing up and down changing into different dresses.

Wow! I wowed starring as the whole place turned upside down with noise.

Close to an hour later.

Tara who had put on a new dress, new makeup, repacked her hair came to me.

“He is here Ros, he has arrived, come let’s go see him” she said and grabbed my hand running out of the room we were in.

My shooting is about starting but I’ll go see him for some minutes.

We got to the entrance of the building where everyone had already gathered up, waiting for him to step into the building and its didn’t take long before he showed up with his guards looking so so adorable.

Immediately my colleagues rushed to embrace him but as expected the guards didn’t let them come close.

The guards kept paving way for him to pass and they succeeded, they got him into an elevator and we didn’t see him again.

Some people went after him using the stairs and some waited for the elevator to reopen so they could also go up.

I sighed happily and took the second elevator to the shooting floor.

Its okay. I managed to see him two times in a week, that’s okay.

He is extremely handsome. No wonder Tara and the others are crazy about him.

He is really lucky too, for someone that makes people do crazy things for him, he is really lucky.

Few minutes later I arrived at my destination.

But I got to no that the shooting has been pushed to an hour later.

I sighed then left for the restroom to ease myself and to see if my dress and makeup are still okay.

But the restroom is in the third floor.

I pressed opened the elevator and was about to step in when I realized someone or some people were in the elevator.

I raised my head to look at them and my heart sank deep into my stomach in shock.

I opened my mouth and stepped backwards.

I can’t believe who is standing in front of me.

Its…its CB and he was only with his manager.

His eyes remained fixed on me as I moved backwards.

Its impossible, I can’t possibly be in the same elevator with him.

Is this a dream or what? I thought still there.

“What are you waiting for? Aren’t you getting in?” I heard a very sweet calm voice ask, then I realized it.

He just talked to me.

What? A superstar? World’s best song writer and musician is talking to me?

This must be a dream.

TBC Rosanna
What will happen next?

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Re: Intimacy 18+ Prologue by Museitz: 10:47pm On Nov 11
Episode 5
�Intimacy �
�[My Virgin Girlfriend] �
By: Blessing D writes
Who the hell is she?)

�Rosanna’s POV �
“Come in I say” I heard him say again.

“N..no.. I’m..I’m..”

I sighed as I didn’t no the excuse to give, then I decided to go in.

Yeah, it’s won’t last long. It’s won’t, I thought reassurdly.

I walked in then stood beside him with my heart still beating too fast.

“Which floor are you headed to?” I heard his voice again then realized myself.

“Floor…second floor” I managed to reply him.

I hugged myself and couldn’t even bring myself to stare at him although I feel his gaze on me.

Well, I wonder why he is starring at me in that manner.

The elevator kept on moving and finally got to the second floor and opened.

I jumped out of the elevator and ran all the way to the restroom.

Geez, I’ve started sweating.

It’s not as if I committed a crime, what’s wrong with me? I thought then shook my head.

�Charlie’s POV�
“Mike” I called as soon as the female model left us.

“Yes” came his reply.

“Who is she?” I questioned.

“Well, she is obviously one of the models here, why do you ask?” He answered and asked.

“Well, nothing, I’m just asking” I responded then we got to the final floor.

The guards were already waiting there.

When the people down here saw me, they started struggling to even get a grip of me.

Well, I’ve been leaving like this for the past 8 years. It’s has gotten used to me.

This kind of lifestyle.

The guards prevented them from getting close to me till we finally vacated the building.

“Wow, it’s hell in there” Mike breathed out as soon as we got into the waiting van.

Then we drove off to my company.

Hours later.

I am currently in the recording room trying to see if I could record anything but nothing seems to be coming to my head.

Like I can’t think of anything. This is very usual.

It’s unlike me.

I can’t concentrate, my mind is on something else entirely; on someone else.

I just can’t stop thinking about her.

That model.

That model that used the same elevator with us. The non crazy girl.

But why? Why can’t I stop thinking about her?

Maybe because of how she acted. Yeah, I bet it’s because of that.

But why do i even care?

Hmm maybe it’s due to stress. Lemme go home and rest first.

When I do, I’ll be able to remove my mind from her, I thought and with that left the company headed to my parents house.

That’s where my little Ria is. I left her in my parents house when we went there yesterday.

Soon, accompanied with my guards I got there but was lucky.

I didn’t find anyone at home, not mom, dad or Ria.

Guess they all went out together or so.

This will give me the chance of getting to have some rest.

Yeah, I won’t be bothered by any of them so I’ll be able to get my mind off that lady soon.

I went to my room then lie down on the bed to sleep.

I closed my eyes, remained in that position for long but couldn’t sleep.

I turned to the other side of the bed but still nothing.

There is just one thought that is still occupying my mind.

Just one thought and it’s that of the model.

I still can’t stop thinking about her.

Who the hell is she?

�Rosanna’s POV �
“What did you just say babe? You mean you got into the same elevator with Mr handsome? With Charlie Bran?” Tara exclaimed on our way home.

“Yes” I answered her.

“Then what happened next? What happened?” She asked sounding excited.

“Nothing” I replied grumpily.

“Nothing? What do you mean nothing? You didn’t hug him? Collect anything from him, like his autograph or even money, nothing?” She sounded shocked.

“Yes nothing okay, I couldn’t even stare at him. It’s was really uncomfortable”I replied her.

“Damn!! F**k! I know he is a superstar, one of a kind but you should have at least tried babe, swears if it’s were me, I could have seduced him right there, damn Ros! You screwed up big time” she ranted.

“Yeah, continue insulting me alright” I frowned at her.

“I’m sorry, but you disappointed me, well it’s okay, I’ll still make my move on him, he’ll still come over next week, the whole of next week he’ll be coming over so it’s isn’t too late, if you gain that kind of opportunity you should make use of it cause as for me, I rock” she beamed and I shook my head.

“Are you after his money or you really like him?” I was forced to ask after a while.

“Both, I’m after both girlie” she replied then winked at me.

�Charlie’s POV�
No!! This is the height of it.

Why? Why can’t I f**k*ng think of another thing?

Why? Why? Am I going crazy or what?

Yes, I agree she is really beautiful and attractive but this kind of feeling I’m feeling right now is different.

I have had a lot of attractive and beautiful girls but I don’t think about them. I seriously don’t so what wrong with me this time around?

What’s wrong? I thought seriously as I sat up on the bed unable to sleep.

What’s it about her?

I picked up my phone from the table beside the bed and decided to search about her.

Lemme find out why I can’t seriously thinking about her.

Why I can’t get her off my mind.

Why do you think Charlie can’t get Ros off his mind?

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Re: Intimacy 18+ Prologue by Clustergist: 3:09pm On Nov 17
Episode 6
�Intimacy �
�[My virgin Girlfriend]�
By:Blessing D writes
(Her mom)

� Rosanna’s POV �
We got home, I took my bath then go into the kitchen and started preparing our dinner.

Tara and I actually live in a small apartment.

I love cooking a lot but I also love modeling.

Out of the two,i can’t tell the one i love more but I know i love them both.

I know that i haven’t really introduced myself to you guys.

Well I’m a chief and a model.

23years of age, slim tall, I love red a whole lot.

I have a younger brother, I senior him with just a year tho.

He lives with my parents far from where I am.

I love money and I want to make lot of it, but one shocking fact about is that I value my body more than anything.

I’m actually still a virgin, a lot of people don’t believe tho but its okay.

Am actually keeping myself for marriage, don’t wanna be like other models that can give their bodies to anyone just for money.

I’ve actually made a promise to myself that I’ll keep myself so I strongly believe that I can do it.

Now back to reality.

“Babe? Babe??”I heard Tara called excitedly as she approach me I the kitchen.

“Yes” I answered.

“Oh my gosh! You can’t believe this” she exclaimed as soon as she had gotten to me.

“What is it now? CB?” I asked.

“No, no, not him,its about you babe” she replied.

“Me?” I questioned turning to face her.

“Yes you, the cooking contest, you have just been accepted as one of the competitors” she announced and my eyes widened.

“Really?”I asked snatching her phone from her to check it out.

And then I scrolled through their announcement to find my name there.

“Oh my geeeeeehhh! Girlfriend i made it!!” I yelled happily and she hugged me.

“I know you’ll make me proud, you’re one hell of a cook Ros, I knew you were gonna get picked” she said smiling widely after we had disentangled from the hug.

“Really? You knew?”

“Yes, congrats” she replied.

“Thanks thanks,lemme continue with the meal”I told her then returned back to what I am cooking.

�Charlie’s POV �
After searching for a long timd but couldn’t find her. I don’t even no her name to begin with. I then decided to ask mike to do it for me. I know he’ll ask me questions tho.

“Mike, search up that girl, that model at the elevator today” I instructed through the phone then immediately disconnected the call.

I laid back on the bed but the door opened distrupting my thoughts.

I turned to see mom coming into the room.

“Mom” I called sitting up back.

“Son, how are you? I’m sorry that you couldn’t find any of us, I took your daughter out on a picnic because she was complaining of loneliness.”

“Okay mom and where is she?” I said then asked.

“Well, she slept off after taking lot of ice cream but charlie, she brought up a disturbing topic when we were having the picnic” she stated.

‘What did she say?”I asked getting more interested.

“Her mom, she asked me if I know who and where her mom is, I couldn’t even reply her truthfully, what should we do?” Mom asked and I sighed.

“I don’t no” I replied sincerely.

“Can’t you plead with that lady to come see her daughter?” She inquired.

“Which lady? Mom don’t even go there, that bit*h is happily married” i replied rolling my eyes.

“I didn’t say you should get back with her, just plead with her to come over and see..”

“Mom, that’s gonna be worst, once Ria sets her eyes on her, she’ll yearn to see her more, like everyday.”

“I can’t even risk losing my daughter to her, I can’t risk it”I answered.

“So, what are we gonna do? We can’t keep ignoring her, can we?”She asked disturbed.

“Well, we can’t but I don’t no what to do either” I replied.

“Okay, why don’t you introduce someone to her, like maybe a girlfriend or so?” She suggested.

“A girlfriend? You mean I should introduce someone else to her as her mom?” I asked curiously.

“Yes, do that,at least for now” she said.

TBC Ria.
Do you think its right?

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Re: Intimacy 18+ Prologue by drupleez: 10:53pm On Nov 17
Wao, interesting
Re: Intimacy 18+ Prologue by Clustergist: 3:03pm On Nov 19
Episode 7
�Intimacy �
�[My Virgin Girlfriend] �
By: Blessing D writes
(Meet up with him)

Two days later.

� Rosanna’s POV�
I was busy preparing for the contest that is gonna hold tomorrow.

Geez I’m so so excited, if I emerge as the winner I’ll be so so happy.

I have confidence in myself that I am gonna win tho,even if no one tells me that I already know that I’m a good cook.

The money involved in it is a wow. Even the popularity I’ll gain is massive.

I continue cutting the tomato I am gonna use when sudden I started hearing sounds from my phone.

I went to my phone to see a new message sent by Tara, then I clicked on it and viewed it .

Babe, you won’t believe this come over to the company now!!

Hmm what’s it again? Its sounded urgent,I thought then dropped everything I was doing, rushed to the bathroom,had my bath and soon I was off to the company with the only car I have.

I actually got the car with my savings tho I don’t really use it often, let’s say its hasn’t really mastered me.

I drove with a little speed and soon I got to the company.

I got down from the car and rushed in to search for her. Everything in the office seems fine I wonder why she sounded urgent.

I continued searching for her but was informed by one of my colleagues that she is at the roof top.

What could she be doing there? I hope she is not in danger.

I climbed the stairs to the rooftop quickly and soon I sighted her but she Wasn’t alone.

There was a guy standing with her there.

They were both backing me.

I paused for a few seconds starring at them both.

Who is he? I wondered then started walking towards them.

Tara immediately turned and saw me.

“Hey sweetheart” she beamed.

“H..hi” I replied my eyes fixed at the guy who was still backing me.

“What’s up? You gat me running all the way here” I inquired then spared her a stare.

“Well…” she paused then starred at the guy who turned to look at us.

What? Isn’t he Mike? Like mike charlie’s manager?

How come he is here? I wondered starring at him.

“I…i guess i’ll have to leave you two” Tara said after a while then started leaving.

“Huh, Tar…”

“Hi, I’m Mike” I was about asking Tara to stay but he cut me in then I took my attention to him.

“Yea..hi, what can I do for you?” I questioned curiously.

�Charlie’s POV�
This past days I’ve been thinking seriously,like more than before.

First about the elevator lady and model, then second about what mom and i discussed about getting Ria a mom – more like a fake mom tho.

I hope she forgives me in the future but i can’t just help it.

But the main problem now is who am i gonna introduce to her?

I don’t want someone that is bit*hy, i need a cool lady. When its comes to my daughter things gat to change.

I don’t no any lady that will play that role in my daughter’s life for the main time and that seems to be the bigger problem here.

All the lady I’ve had one or few things to do with are unfortunately the same.

I don’t even have friends who can do that.

Its seems like a very big problem.

But then still thinking about it, my mind went to her.

The elevator girl, the model.

She seems to be quite different from the other ladies, like I can’t even get her off my mind even with the pressing issue on ground.

Wait, what if I use her as Ria’s fake mom at least for now?

Hmm that will give me a good chance to get closer to her and probably find out the very reason why I keep thinking about her.

Yea, she’s different and perfect for it and that’s the very reason I’ve sent Mike to go to her.

My very plan will start from there.

� Rosanna’s POV�
“I’m here to pass a very crusial information to you.”

“I heard your name is Rosanna right?” He inquired.

“Ye..yea,what message is that and from who?”

“You’re to meet up with him at land mall hotel” he started.

“Land mall hotel?” I half yelled.

“Who the hell is that?” I found myself yelling even if I am already suspecting who its might be.

“CB, he wants a meeting you and it’s not actually the hotel room part but the resturant part tonight by 8:00pm” he announced.

“W..why..why could CB wanna meet up with me?” I asked trying not to sound too shocked.

“You’ll find out once you get there, remember tonight by 8:00pm” he replied then started walking away.

Like is he being serious?

CB? Tonight? Land mall hotel?

TBC Rosanna
I fulfilled my promise o

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Re: Intimacy 18+ Prologue by Clustergist: 4:39pm On Nov 20
Episode 8
�Intimacy �
�[My Virgin Girlfriend] �
By: Blessing D write

�Rosanna’s POV�
“Girlfriend be fast, your hair is still not packed, it’s 7:00pm already” Tara kept shouting as she ran up and down the house to get me a dress.

I just sat down in front of the mirror thinking about about the outing.

Why on Earth could he want to meet up with me?

Did he find me attractive and wants to have me in his bed cause I know that’s the only thing he does with ladies, especially celebrities.

“Rosanna!! Come on, get up and try this dress” Tara yelled standing behind me.

I turned and saw a red armless dress with her, one of my best dresses actually. Then I sighed, got up and collected the dress from her and changed into it.

“Gosh Ros, what are you thinking? You have been sitting down without dressing up your hair all this while?” She shriked then pushed me to the bed. I sat down and she started working on my hair while I kept thinking.

I hope he doesn’t wanna get tight with me cause that’s a big no, but hell! How I’m I gonna face someone like him?

How am I gonna do that and in public? I might as well faint.

“Go check yourself out in the mirror” Tara’s voice distrupted my thinking then I stood up and went to stand in front of the mirror to check myself and I was looking really great.

“I’m sure he is gonna trip for you girlfriend, I’m quite sure because you look so pretty, now sit for your makeup, it’s gonna be light and quick because there is no more time” she kept rushing me.

� Charlie’s POV�
I stood in front of the mirror with a creepy smile on my face buttoning my shirt.

“CB, what do you seriously want with that model?” Mike who was standing behind me kept questioning.

“Mike, must I tell you everything? Can’t I have my own privacy?” I asked.

“No, you can’t” he retorted.

“Why? Why can’t I?”

“Because I’m your manager and I deserve to know every little thing you do or say” he answered.

“I’ll reveal my plans but not now Mike” I said then faced the mirror again and continued dressing myself while he kept giving me dangerous stares from behind.

He always wants to know every damn thing! Everything!

�Rosanna’s POV �
I got into my car after getting done with everything.

“Be careful girlie and make sure you don’t loss this opportunity cause I know he wants something with you” Tara grinned holding my car door.

“Okay, I’ve heard you, the time is far spent, can you let me go now?” I asked rolling my eyes.

She removed her hand from the door and I shut it close and ignited the engine.

“Make sure you charm him with your pretty looks alright” she yelled to me as I drove out of the apartment.

The time is almost 8:00pm, I hope he won’t get mad that I didn’t arrive earlier, I thought then increased the speed of my car.

I got to land mall hotel and parked inside the garage.

I sighed deeply and got down from the car, as I was about to go in I saw one of his cars driving in.

I stood there and watched as one of his guards upended the car door for him and he stepped out.

My mouth fell open immediately as I watched him.

Gosh, is he a human being? Why is he so handsome? I wondered still with my mouth slightly opened.

Then his eyes ran into mine.

From there, he released a light smile which made my heart pound.

I don’t think I can face him. What do I do? I don’t think I can face him.

I removed my eyes from his direction and fixed it on the floor as his guards guarded him to me.

Then he asked them to leave us.

“Hi Rosa” he called with a very sweet voice.

I lifted my eyes and stared at his. They were sparking white which made my heart beat increase.

“H..hi Charlie” I responded.

“Sorry i arrived a bit late, so shall we?” He said calmly and beckoned on me to go into the hotel first.

“Ye..yes” I answered and got into the hotel with him behind me.

Then a waitress took the both of us to the VIP louge of the hotel’s restaurant as requested by Charlie.

We both sat facing each other as he sipped from the cocktail he ordered few minutes ago.

“Are you sure you don’t want this?” He asked and I nodded positively.

“I don’t drink, I can only take water” I replied and heard him chuckle.

What’s funny? I wondered but couldn’t stare at him.

My eyes has been fixed on my legs ever since, I couldn’t bring myself to stare at him.

“Alright, so can we order now?” He asked again.

“Order? What are we..”

“Aren’t you gonna eat anything? Of course you are, this is actually a dinner so you have to” he cut me in and said.

“Oh..okay” I mouthed still unable to stare at him.

He pressed something that looks like a bell on the table and a waitress came in.

“What’s your order CB?” She asked smiling.

“What could you like to take Rosa?” He turned to me and asked.

“Well, I’d love to take..um..” I paused and thought for a while.

I seriously don’t no what to say, I’ve forgotten everything I use to know just because of him.

“The menu can help you” the waitress said after a while of waiting then she handed the menu to me and I just picked out a meal randomly.

“What about…”

“Give me whatever she ordered” the waitress was about to say but was interrupted by CB.

“Okay, I will be right back with the meal” she smiled and said then left.

I took my eyes to my legs immediately but felt him starring at me.

He kept quite. Everywhere became quite making the whole situation more terrible.

What is he thinking? Why is he looking at me like that? I kept thinking but couldn’t even bring myself to ask him.

No, this is the height of it. I will have to ask him why he called me out.

I have to so we can round things up and I can go.

I cleared my voice then took my eyes up to look at him. Due to the fact that he was staring at me our eyes ran into each other’s and I felt my heart skip.

The worst is that he continued starring at me without blinking and for me to quit looking at him became difficult.

Just like that, our eyes remained fixed for about 5 straight minutes until the waitress accompanied by two other waitress came in and served what was ordered.

“Go on” he urged me to start eating.

“Wait..CB..why do you ask to meet up with me?” I inquired.

“Because i have a very great proposal in which you won’t be able to reject” he answered.

“What is it? The proposal” I asked again.

“After we are done eating I’ll tell you, let’s eat” he said then begin eating slowly.

Proposal? I wonder what it is.

TBC Rosanna

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Re: Intimacy 18+ Prologue by Clustergist: 10:57am On Nov 21
Episode 9
�Intimacy �
�[My Virgin Girlfriend] �
By: Blessing D writes.
(I like you)

�Rosanna’s POV �
After we were done eating and the table was cleared.

He faced me again and released a soft smile which made my heart skip.

Like it was kind of unexpected. I wonder what he really wants from me.

“I was planning on taking it slow but I don’t think I can do that anymore, I just can’t” he started making me wonder what he meant.

“Sorry? I don’t get you CB” I forced myself to say.

He adjusted properly with his hands placed on the table.

“Rosanna” he called making a very serious face which got me more curious.

“Yes..yes” I answered.

“If you were asked to take care of my kid will you accept?” He asked shocking me.

“Your..your kid?” I asked wide eyes.

I didn’t expect that from anywhere but thank goodness it’s not what I imagined it to be.

“I..I don’t no CB” I answered with my eyes fixed on the table.

“You won’t do it free, it will come with a lot of benefit Rosanna, think about it” he said further making go into deep thoughts.

“B..but why me?” I suddenly asked and he cracked.

“Well, I won’t beat around the bush, it’s because I like you” he stated blunty and my heart skipped multiple times. I restricted myself from pinching myself.

It will be very embarrassing if I pinch myself to check if I’m dreaming or not.

“What?? You..you like me?” I found myself glaring at him.

Like, is he the real Charlie? The popular billionaire? Or an imposter? I wondered.

“Yes, I like you, well it’s might be more than that but I don’t no yet” he said simply.

I coughed and drank from my bottle of water that was still there.

“It’s kind of weird right? Well I want you to think about both request, I’ll be expecting both answers by tomorrow” he continued.

My heart was still beating real fast and I was started to get sweaty.

How did this happen? This must be a dream right?

Yes, there is no way this is real.

“Rosa” he called after a while of silence and I raised my eyes to his.

“Think about it carefully, tomorrow let’s meet, same place, same time and this is my card in case of any emergency” he said and placed his card on the table for me.

I picked it up and starred at it with disbelief.

“Let’s go, you should get home now” he cooed standing up.

I picked up the small handbag I came with and also stood up with him then we went of the restaurant then to the garage where my car was parked.

“Get home safely so you can think about it, I’m expecting a positive answer tho” he smiled and said and I only nodded.

I was sure lost of words.

I opened my car door and got in then ignited the engine and drove out slowly from the hotel.

�Charlie’s POV �

I watched as she drove out keenly with a smile plastered on my handsome face.

She’s really beautiful, I thought and walked to where my car is.

Mike stood on my way as I was about to enter.

“I’m afraid someone took pictures of you and her, I wasn’t able to get the person on time” he stated worriedly.

“Well, it’s okay” I smiled and placed my hand on his shoulder.

“But CB” he stopped me again as I was about to pass.

“What do you really want with her?” He inquired.

“You wanna know? Why don’t you find out everything about her for me?” I asked back.

“I just did, heard she’s one of the constestant in foodies and chief competition” he revealed.

“Really? Well make sure she wins that contest” I instructed.

“Yeah heard she might win even without you getting involved but I’ll still make sure of that but tell me why you want her” he kept pressuring as we got into the car together and the driver took off.

“Let’s just say I’m more than attracted to her” I replied him.

“Really? So you want her this time as your girlfriend, not just a one time s*x partner girl?” He inquired.

“More than that Mike, I hope she accepts” I cooed and rested my head on the chair.

�Rosanna’s POV �
I drove into our apartment and gracious! I found Tara waiting outside for me.

I came down from the car immediately and went to her.

“Why on Earth are you standing out here? You wanna freeze to death, let’s go in” I said to her and we went in together.

“I might sleep off and won’t be able to hear the gist of you and CB tonight, that’s the reason I stood outside” she replied and I shook my head.

Gosh, she sure wants to know everything.

“Okay then, I’ll explain everything that happened” I started then explained everything to her.

She exclaimed immediately and jumped up.

“Really? Oh my gosh that’s really nice.”

“I know I really like CB but it’s nice hearing that he likes you. So he wants you to be the daughter of his child or babysit his daughter for him?” She inquired and I nodded.

“Wow girlfriend, you’re so lucky, I wish I was in your shoes. Please promise me you won’t let go of this opportunity alright” she said and I managed to nod.

Right now I’m still in doubt.

I don’t no what to even think but tonight I’ll give it a long thought because I have till 8:00pm to accept or reject his proposal.

“Lemme go in and rest babe” I cooed standing up.

“Yeah, go on, goodnight” she yelled to me as I went to my bedroom.

� Charlie’s POV �
I got to Ria’s room and walked to her bed without making much sound so she won’t wake up from her sleep.

It’s been a long day. She surely needs someone by her side.

I hope pretty Rosa accept the proposal, it’ll really mean a lot, I thought and fondled with her hair before leaving her room.

Next day.

� Rosanna’s POV �

I got to the modelling company the next day with Tara and noticed all eyes on me.

I don’t no why tho but they all seems to be talking about me.

“Babe, what is happening? Seems they are all starring at you” Tara asked and before I could open my mouth to say a thing one of our colleagues ran up to us.

“You’re really lucky Ros, I can’t believe CB had dinner with you last night” she said eyeing me.

“What??” I found myself shouting.

There was no reporter or anything yesterday so how come they are talking about it? I wondered.

“It’s all over the social media” she further said and showed us her phone.

Tara and I starred at each other and I sighed.

Just a dinner, I’m becoming more popular with just a dinner with a superstar.

This is awesome.

I got to the restroom and entered one of the toilets to ease myself when I started hearing two different female voices.

“It’s obvious CB wants to use her too, I mean that’s CB for you or he might just get her pregnant and later pay her off” one of the voices said.

“Yeah,what else.. everyone knows CB but she’s really lucky to be chosen tho, it’s a thing one can die for” the second voice said.

“Yeah, I bet she gave in her best for CB to notice her the last time he came, she’s really lucky” the voices continued saying until I stopped hearing them.

I concluded that they were out already and I came out to wash my hands

I starred at myself in the mirror and signed.

I really don’t want people to think I’m his next screw girl.

I guess I’ll just have to reject his proposal no matter what. I have my dignity to keep.

Yes, I think that’s what I’m gonna do. I’ll just have to reject him, I concluded in my mind then brought out my phone and texted him.

TBC Rosanna
Sorry it’s coming late.

Been really busy.

Is she making a mistake?

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Re: Intimacy 18+ Prologue by Clustergist: 9:15am On Nov 24
Episode 10
�Intimacy �
�[My Virgin Girlfriend] �
By: Blessing D writes.

� Rosanna’s POV �
Immediately I dropped my phone it’s started ringing.

I picked it up and he was the one on the line.

“Let’s meet up like we planned” his voice rang out and then the call ended.

I sighed and dropped the phone.

Well I didn’t text him the answer. I just texted him that I was ready to give him a reply.

I felt it was better telling him face to face so he’ll know how serious I am.

�Charlie’s POV �
I dropped the call and my eyes fell on Mike who has been with me in the recording room.

“Mike, I’m kind of feeling weird about this” I told him.


“Because I expected her to give it a long thought but she already has an answer” I replied.

“So? Girls are like that, am I the one to educate you on them? Which lady in her right senses will refuse the offer? Expect well..”

“Expect what?” I asked when he stopped half way.

“Well, expect nothing but I haven’t seen that kind of lady before, they will be very rare if at all they exist and those kinds should be made to stay with you at all cost, like considering..”

“What exactly are you saying Mike? You’re making me nervous” I cut him in.

“I’m sure she is gonna accept, no need for long talks” he replied and I nodded.

Hopefully she will.

A lot of hours later.

The time is currently 7:45pm.

I decided to go alone to the hotel for the dinner with Rosanna. It took a lot of effort and bribing for the guards not to follow me.

I drove at a high speed and soon I got to the hotel to surprisedly see her standing in front of the hotel.

I quickly came down from the car and went to her.

“Hey” I called and her eyes met mine.

“Why are you standing outside? You should have gone in, let’s go…”

“No Charlie, I wanna leave now, I have a contest to prepare for, I wanna tell you my answer here, I’m sorry for acting like this” she rushed her words surprising me the more.

Truly, no one has ever acted like this to me. No lady.

“Alright then, you can go ahead” I gave her a go ahead to talk.

“Charlie, I’m sorry but I don’t think I’m the right person, how can I be? You should look for someone better, I aren’t fit for the position of both…” she paused and sighed.

“Your girlfriend and your daughter’s mom” she completed her sentence which made me scoff.

Like i felt bad a little about it. I suspected something like this after her text but she just proved my suspicions.

Like did she just reject me? It’s really shocking.

“I’m sorry about that, you should find someone better, I’ll get going now” she added and started leaving in a haste but I stopped her.

“What makes you think you aren’t fit for it?” I questioned and she stopped walking but didn’t turn to stare at me.

“I’m sorry but I gat to go” she said instead which left my mouth opened.

Never in my life have I experienced something like this. A very bad rejection.

I watched as she got into the car she came with and then she drove out of the hotel.

“Ahhhhh!! It’s CB!!” I heard screams behind me but didn’t even bother to turn back or anything.

Right now I need to get my head straight, I can’t seems to process the whole thing well.

I got into my car and drove out of the hotel too before anyone could get to me.

� Rosanna’s POV �
I drove out of the hotel but immediately parked on the road side and then placed my hands on my fast beating chest.

Did I really do that? I did it, I rejected both his offer and him.

I can’t believe it.

I had been practicing the way I was gonna face him and say it’s straight without stuttering or something and I did it.

Oh gosh! Hope he is not gonna get mad tho.

It’s must have come as a big shock because the face he pulled when I rejected him was as if I was speaking a foreign language.

I placed my head on the steering and continued panting.

At a point I thought I couldn’t be able to do it.

Tara is gonna get really mad at me for sure because what I’ll tell her is not what she’s expecting.

Slowly I ignited my car engine and started driving to the apartment we lived in.

I really need to practice for the upcoming contest that’s just coming up next week.

The whole of next week I’ll be really busy and CB is gonna be modelling for the company same next week.

Thank goodness I won’t get to see him because I won’t be around. It will be really weird seeing him honestly.

I got home and as expected Tara bombard me with thousands of questions but I only told her one thing.

“Tara, I rejected him and right now I don’t need disturbance okay” I replied and left for my room.

She didn’t say any other thing again and I bet she must have been so shocked.

�Charlie’s POV �
I decanted large quantity of vodka into my drinking glass.

I didn’t mind the fact that I was getting drunk already.

Like it’s still unbelievable to me that she rejected me.

I can’t seems to comprehend the feelings I’m feeling right now.

Like I felt stabbed. Like a feeling of betrayal i no I aren’t supposed to feel.

If it’s concerning Ria, I can still get another person if I search but I guess my heart is too wounded.

I guess I’ll have to deal with it like this. I’ll have to accept the fact that I got rejected for the first time.

TBC Charlie.
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Re: Intimacy 18+ Prologue by Clustergist: 10:44am On Nov 25
Episode 11
�Intimacy �
�[My Virgin Girlfriend] �
By: Blessing D writes.
�Writer’s POV �
Days ran by quickly with Charlie trying to get over his rejection and Rosanna trying to get her head straight and concentrate on the fast approaching contest.

And then the day came, the day of the contest.

All the contestant did their very best but of course Rosanna emerged the winner.

Immediately she became very popular, her name were all over social media, a lot of people that doesn’t know her got to know her.

Different modelling companies asked her to sigh a deal with them, companies and different brands used her as their model.

She became extremely busy going from one television show to an interview on Radio.

People got to recognize her and her perfect beauty but what she doesn’t still know is that Charlie was actually involved in her success.

Of course without Charlie she could emerge as the winner, the first or second runner up but with Charlie’s connection she was just awarded the winner without much thinking.

Charlie on the other side modelled as sighed throughout for the company Rosanna works in for a whole week but didn’t set his eyes on her, but he didn’t really bother because he knows the reason behind her absence in the company.

Everyday Charlie found himself starring at her on TV. He couldn’t still get her off his mind no matter how hard he tried.

It’s was as if he was charmed by her.

Then taking Mike’s advise again, he didn’t to ask her out for the second time.

It’s was just a simple lunch which Rosanna of course agreed to reluctantly because of Tara.

Charlie didn’t make any moves at first but later revealed his interest.

Rosanna wasn’t too shocked but she still stood her ground and rejected him. Now that she has become really popular every little thing she does tends to come out on social media, so not wanting to stain her name or give people reason to call her a bit*h, she again turned him down.

But Charlie wasn’t convinced, he was now determined to get her and currently he is planning on asking her out for the third time.

�Charlie’s POV �
I stood in front of the few board members who were currently disclosing the situation of one of dad’s company.

“So Mr Bran, we need few more employees in that branch because the work…”

The one speaking stopped speaking because my phone started ringing.

I brought it out from my trouser pocket to see that it was one of Ria’s nanny.

Why is she calling? I wondered and picked the call.


�Hello sir.

�Yes, why are you calling?

�Sir it’s Ria, she..she is not feeling too good and she refused treatment saying she wants to see you.

�What? My daughter is sick??

�Ye..yes sir, came the reply.

�Hope doc William is there with you?

�Yes, he is and he said she might be running a temperature considering how hot her body is.

�Make sure you guys remain there with her. I’ll be there soon.

I ended the call, then faced the board members.

“I guess we’ll have to continue next time, I gat to go now” I said in a rush.

“But..Mr Bran” one of them tried protesting but I was out already.

I got down to the garage and luckily the guards were there beside the car. They unended the car for me and I got in.

“Be fast, I want you to get home in fifteen minutes” I told my driver and he nodded and drove out of the company without wasting time.

Minutes later we got home despite the little traffic we encountered on the way.

I got down from the car and rushed to her room to see her lying at one side of the bed.

Doc William was there with her two nannies and few other maids.

“Ria” I called and lifted her up.

“Why don’t you wanna take medication, huh!? You wanna get hospitalized huh, and how come she is at home by now?” I asked referring to one of her nannies in the last sentence.

“Sir, she came back an hour after we took her to school” one of them replied.

“Sweetheart, what is it? Why don’t you wanna take medication?” I asked her for the second time.

Truly her temperature seems to be acting up.

She didn’t even stare at my face, she kept starring at her doll which she held tightly.

“Baby look at me, why are you like this?” I asked getting more worried.

I don’t understand why she is acting like this.

A tear rolled down her eyes instead and I turned to stare at her nannies and the rest.

“You all should leave us, doc, you can leave, I’ll come over to your hospital with her” I instructed and they all left shutting the door behind.

“Ria, did something happen at school?” I inquired with the calmest voice ever and she sniffed.

“I promise if you tell me, I’m gonna solve it no matter what, just spill it” I urged.

“Why am I the only one that doesn’t have a mommy, dad?”

“All my classmates have, their moms pick them up from school after closing hours, not some nanny’s” she started in tears.

“Ria I thought…”

“No, I won’t listen to you anymore dad, I want a mom, I deserve one too” she cut me in and stated firmly.

“Okay, I promise I will look into…”

“No, I want one now!!” She cut me in the second time, escaped from my arms and ran out of her room.

I sighed and ruffed my hair.

Raising a kid is damn difficult but of course am looking into it.

It’s just that it’s not working out as expected and I seriously don’t want someone that’s after my money to act like her mom.

It’s really high time I act differently, maybe by being sincere about her or something she might up end accepting me.

Maybe she thinks I only want to use her like other ladies, it’s high time I make her realize that’s not my main aim.

Yeah, I should act towards changing her mind tonight.

A lot of stuff is gonna happen in the next episode guys. A whole lot of unspeakable stuff.

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How do you think Charlie is gonna do it?

Do you think Rosanna is gonna accept him after this night?

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Re: Intimacy 18+ Prologue by Clustergist: 12:33pm

Episode 12
�Intimacy �
�[My Virgin Girlfriend] �
By: Blessing D writes.
(Meeting up)

�Rosanna’s POV �
I dropped my phone down after receiving the reminder text from CB.

He wants us to meet up this night.

I’m I ready to face him again? I’m seriously tired of rejecting him. I so much want to give him a chance now seeing how he didn’t stop coming but not now.

I wish he can just understand and let me be for now, I’ll need to give it a little bit of thinking too.

Not now. I wish he’ll ask in maybe a month time but not now. I don’t think I can give him a chance even now.

I sat down on the couch in the sitting room and continued sipping from my raspberry juice when the door bursted open and Tara showed up.

“Hey babe” she smiled as she approached me.

“Hi, you’re back already?” I inquired sitting up.

“Yeah, it’s didn’t really take long” she replied and sat facing me.

“So, how are you preparing for tonight outing with CB? Hope you aren’t gonna act your usual self cause I won’t forgive you this time around” she cooed.

“Are you even sure he wants to ask me out again?” I inquired rolling my eyes.

“It’s obvious, seriously he is into you real well, I’ve never heard him stuck up on a lady before” she responded.

“Well, that because no lady has ever rejected him” I answered back.

She glared at me for a while and looked up.

“You are doing this because you no he is really interested in you right? You’re making him suffer unnecessarily, for goodness sake Ros, accept him” she yelled at the last part.

“Tara, you no what? I aren’t ready to argue with you over CB’s matter, I aren’t making him suffer unnecessarily too” I said standing up on my feet.

“I’ll just leave you to have some sleep before I leave for the dinner” I added and left with my raspberry juice.

Ever since I rejected CB from the first day. I’ve not had peace.

She’s always pissing me off, it’s not that I’m really doing it to make him suffer the way she’s putting it too.

I guess it’s because she loves him so well that’s why she’s always concerned about him.

I’d wished he liked her instead with the way she’s always reacting to things concerning him.

My recent meeting and all with CB has always popped up on social media.

A lot of people comment things that aren’t even happening, disgusting and discouraging things about CB screwing me and all that.

Heavens know I’m still a virgin and I plan on keeping it, at least till my wedding night.

One of my strong reasons for rejecting him in the beginning but I’m starting to think otherwise as he still continues showing interest.

What if I accept him? Will it be possible not to have sexual intercourse?

I don’t even think that will happen. I’m honestly a little bit afraid of that.

Once I accept him, it’s bond to happen.

I got to my room and decided to check what’s happening on internet.

I logged in to my Instagram account and continued scrolling down till I got to one of CB’s recent post.

“Still chasing her.”

It got millions of comments on it, I continued scrolling down his post till i got to one of his old post.

Pictures he took with his four years old pretty daughter. She’s really beautiful and adorable.

It could be a very nice thing playing mom to her, the best thing actually but I’m still considering myself. My dignity.

I did a little research and found out a lot about her mom.

Her married mom.

CB actually had a one night stand with her and she got pregnant for him. She collected millions from him for abortion and didn’t abort the baby.

She actually left to Mexico, gave birth to her then returned with the girl and presented her to the father which is CB.

CB was beyond shocked but got more shocked when he realized she has already gotten married to a man she actually really loved, she used the money CB gave to her for abortion and built up her beloved husband up.

Well CB had no option but to accept the six months old baby, then he raised her himself up till date.

Well some rumours stated that he had a lot of things with the lady. While some rumours stated that it’s was only a one night stand.

Whichever way, the real deal is that he got a daughter with her.

After searching the net for long, I dropped the phone and slept off.

I opened my eyes and it’s was already 7:45pm.

“Sh*t!” I cussed and dragged myself out of bed.

I won’t be able to make it 8:00pm. No way and Tara couldn’t even call me.

Guess she is angry with me.

I picked up my phone and texted him that I won’t be able to make it at 8, then I shifted it to 9:30pm.

Then immediately I started preparing, I firstly ran to the bathroom, then did the necessary, came out and rubbed lotion and cream.

Put on a black dress which had my back exposed. It is a free black gown.

One of a kind.

I didn’t apply much make-up, then I ran out with my blue purse, out to the garage.

In case you don’t no, one of the prizes given to me for winning the foodie chief competition is a black Lamborghini, latest model.

I unended it, got in before speeding off, I checked the time to realize that it’s was already after 9.

“Damn! Damn!!” I cussed repeatedly as I speed off into the highway.

The actions continues…

What will happen next?

I’ll drop another episode in less than 3 hours.

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