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53 Brutal And Sad Facts About Life Everyone Needs To Know by Rickbronz(m): 12:55pm On Nov 15, 2020
andn life, we constantly experience disappointments and problems that make us go through pains, emotional trauma and sleepless nights. Sometimes, these problems make us question ourselves, our capabilities and our credibility. Personally, I've had my own fair share of problems and troubles in life which has prompted me to come up with this write up. From my personal experiences, from the experiences of people I've had the privilege of knowing and from researches I made, I've come up with a list of brutal and sad facts about life that everyone should know. You will probably never hear about these facts at home, in school, church and the likes, but they can help you see life for what it truly is and save you a lot if brooding, stress and heartache. So let's go.

1. Your friends may help you from time to time, but none of your friends wants you to be better than them. This is the reason you shouldn't reveal everything about you to your friends no matter how close they are to you. Revealing things like your goals, ambition and future plans to your friends should be on a need-to-know basis.
2. Your parents are the only people who will love you unconditionally without expecting anything in return. Every other person in the world will love you conditionally including your siblings, and once you can no longer offer them anything, they'll try to cut you lose from their lives seeing you as a liability. Also your parents are the only two people in the world that will never get envious of you no matter how successful you become. Never take your parents for granted, call them often and make sure they know you love and care about them.
3. Never put your complete trust on anyone. Anybody can betray you. Your siblings can betray you, your best friend can betray you, your bf/gf/husband/wife can betray you. Honesty, anything can happen. Just be careful with what you trust people with.
4. Never lend a friend or a relative money you know you can't spare. If they don't pay you back, it could destroy your relationship with them. Trust me, you don't want that to happen.
5. Not everyone thinks about you all the time. You are a lot less on people's minds than you think. Don't be upset when people forget small things about you and don't be sad when they don't text or call. In fact, don't get too attached to anyone otherwise you are setting yourself up for an unnecessary heartbreak.
6. You will get attracted to different people at different points in your life. Sadly, not every person you are attracted to will feel the same way about you. So stop thinking about that person too much as you may not be in their minds at all.
7. It is okay to share your problems with people a d open up to people when you are troubled. But don't show people your problems and wounds every time everywhere. Some of the people you share your problems with don't really care at all. While most even feel happy and laugh at you behind your back.
8. Some animals are more humane than actual human beings. So be careful who you mingle with.
9. Women are more cruel than men. Sadly. You will do well to be careful with your dealings with women.
10. If you don't start taking care of your health now, your health will fail you tomorrow. Many people do not take care of their health and have lived to regret it later in life.
11. Don't take life too seriously. Do get easily offended by other people's actions. You will cause yourself so much problems and heartache when you take life too seriously.
12. The more you care about someone, the more that person can hurt you. Some people have been known to completely switch off their emotions in order to prevent such scenario. Easier said than done though.
13. No matter who you finally choose to be with, you will regret it at some point.
14. Tomorrow you could wake up and the person you love can love somebody else and not give a crap about you anymore.
15. You could have a goal you want to achieve in life and yet you could spend your entire life following the wrong path and after everything, you end up not realising your goal. This is one of the reasons you need to read more, ask questions more, and never stop learning and acquiring knowledge.
16. Being busy doesn't mean you are doing anything worthwhile.
17. Life is ridiculously short and time is not on our side. Your clock could expire at any time, so start doing the things you don't have time for now.
18. If you find a person that truly loves you, lets you be you, respects you, is loyal, makes you laugh etc... Hang on to that person. Never let go cause they are hard to find.
19. At the end of the day, only you can make yourself happy. Start building the life you love
20. No matter what you do in this life, some people will still hate you. And the best revenge to those who hate you is to be successful and to live well and comfortable.
21. The person who gives you food is twice more important than the person who loves you.
22. If you have access to clean drinking water, you are already richer than the majority of the rest of the world.
23. Somewhere between hello and goodbye, we have learned to live our lives.
24. You will have very few real friends no matter what you do for others. Because unlike Facebook friends, real friends are hard to come by.
25. When you get married, your marriage will not be perfect and you will experience different problems in your marriage that you never imagines/expected. This is because people who were once almost perfectly compatible can just slowly grow apart over time.
26. Married spouses will continue to cheat on each other. The biggest reason men cheat is because men want sexual variety. It doesn't matter how beautiful a woman is, even if a man is married to Ms Universe or the sexiest woman alive, he'll still fantasize about sleeping with other women.
27. People are selfish. No one cares more about you than themselves and most people are not interested in you as a person but for what you can do for them.
28. Most people today live fake lives both online and offline. Among the reasons people live fake lives are (a)they want people to admire them (b)to fit in (c) to give people the impression that they are happy and living well.
29. No matter how wise you are, or how rich you are, or how careful you are, or how good you are you can never avoid problems in life, because at the end of the day, shit will always happen. It could be a tragic death in the family, or sickness or losing all your money to a fraudster, or getting dumped by someone you love or an accident or marrying the wrong person. Which ever the case, life will always throw one problem or the other at you. But whatever happens, always remember: time heals all wounds.
30. Everyone has got a skeleton in their closet. You never really know who someone is or what they might be hiding. All you know is what they chose to show and tell you. Unfortunately, everyone has a skeleton in their closet. Something they haven't told you. Something they don't want you to know. Your family, friends, your boyfriend/girlfriend, your husband/wife. Everyone.
31. Racism is not going anywhere anytime soon. One if the reasons is because racism is common everywhere. White people are racist. Asians are racist. Africans are racist. African Americans are racist. Europeans are racist. Middle Easterners are racist. Every race wants to believe that they are better, special and superior to other races, and that they are God's chosen people living in God's chosen country.
32. Rape, false rape accusations and sexual assault are some of the major worldwide problems today. And rape isn't just something that affects only women either. World's, men are frequently raped in the military and in prisons.
33. War is inevitable, is a fact of life and will never go away. Even if you live in a peaceful country/community and don't want war, war might be forced upon you if your county/community is attacked or invaded by another county/community. If that happens, your only option is to defend yourselves and fight back or be taken over.
34. When a man loves a woman, she becomes his weakness. When a woman loves a man, he becomes her strength.
35. You will meet a lot of people, have a lot of friends, but eventually, only few will stay or maybe even none. So learn to enjoy your company.
36. Life is not fair. Aka, life no balance. Some people have things in abundance without doing much, whereas, some have very little even after working 10 times more.
37. Your problems are "gossip" and "time pass" for everyone. The only people who genuinely care about your problems are your parents and no one else. When you fail in life, people might sympathize with you, but your parents are the only ones who will actually be having an headache and look for solutions.
38. Almost everybody craves sex. Some go to great lengths to have sex. But at the end of it all, sex is a mere act. It is highly overrated and has little significance. It is hyped for no reason. Sex has nothing to do with love. Having sex with someone doesn't guarantee a long lasting relationship.
39. Sometimes you have no choice but to move on
40. One of the hardest decisions in life is deciding whether to walk away or try harder.
41. We might be worthless to one person but priceless to another. I won't tell you which one to stick to.
42. Expectations usually result to hurt and disappointment. So it will be better to help people without expecting anything in return.
43. Money is very important in life. Money brings respect and comfort. Unfortunately, if you are poor, you'll get little or no respect from society. Anyone who tells you that money isn't important in life is telling you a beautiful lie.
44. Life is so messed up that it doesn't matter what we want in life, once we get what we want, we start wanting something else.
45. Every person you meet is going through one problem or the other that you are not aware of. So be kind to people.
46. We are all raised to believe that one day we will be millionaires and rich. Unfortunately, the chances of you becoming a millionaire is very slim. And most people in the world will die still remaining poor.
47. When you are in love with someone, that person becomes your priority in life. Unfortunately, at some point in time in your life, you will get dumped and your heart broken by that same you love, and he/she will cease to care about you.
48. You will become depressed and hit rock bottom at some point in your life.
49. Sometimes working very hard does not lead to success. Other factors like talent, having a solid backing/support plays a huge role in becoming successful.
50. Sometimes in life you have to bring yourself down to the lowest ebb, be ready to receive insults, rejections and abuse in order to be successful.
51. Marriage is hard, loneliness is also hard but you must choose one. In fact, everyday in life, you have to make choices. Most of them are hard, but you have to choose with hard you want.
52. Loving your kids and caring for them doesn't automatically mean they will repay you back when you need them. In fact, don't expect much from anyone even your children so you don't get shocked.
53. Good things do happen to bad people. Being good doesn't guarantee good things will happen to you. There are some lazy people around who don't work but make far more money than you. This fact shouldn't stop you from being good though.

In the end, nothing is guaranteed in life. To avoid disappointments and shock, hope for the best but expect the worse.

Sources: https://lifelessons.co/personal-development/50harshfactsoflife1/



Cc lalasticlala

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Re: 53 Brutal And Sad Facts About Life Everyone Needs To Know by theFilmtric: 1:18pm On Nov 15, 2020
Re: 53 Brutal And Sad Facts About Life Everyone Needs To Know by daddytime(m): 1:52pm On Nov 15, 2020

Cc lalasticlala

I enjoyed reading this.
Re: 53 Brutal And Sad Facts About Life Everyone Needs To Know by Godwin2019(m): 2:17pm On Nov 15, 2020
Re: 53 Brutal And Sad Facts About Life Everyone Needs To Know by kunlesehan(m): 2:30pm On Nov 15, 2020
Quite true op. Thanks for sharing.
Let's continue to work smart, without giving up and pray for God's Grace.

This is the season when God's Grace saves people.
Re: 53 Brutal And Sad Facts About Life Everyone Needs To Know by Rickbronz(m): 2:56pm On Nov 15, 2020

I enjoyed reading this.
glad you did
Re: 53 Brutal And Sad Facts About Life Everyone Needs To Know by lalasticlala(m): 4:20pm On Nov 15, 2020
Re: 53 Brutal And Sad Facts About Life Everyone Needs To Know by tillaman(m): 4:26pm On Nov 15, 2020
Following back to back
Re: 53 Brutal And Sad Facts About Life Everyone Needs To Know by Rickbronz(m): 7:10pm On Nov 15, 2020
Updated with source.
Re: 53 Brutal And Sad Facts About Life Everyone Needs To Know by PlayerMeji: 8:52pm On Nov 15, 2020
Correct Infomate..
Re: 53 Brutal And Sad Facts About Life Everyone Needs To Know by Samylekey(m): 11:47pm On Nov 15, 2020
54 - Life is TRANSIENT

Say e good for you today no mean say e no go better for me tomorrow.

Be good to all and sundry, you will be betrayed most definitely but don't let that stop you from helping those you can.

In conclusion, Be at Peace with Man and your Creator.
Re: 53 Brutal And Sad Facts About Life Everyone Needs To Know by ABCthings: 1:00am On Nov 16, 2020
I was here.
Re: 53 Brutal And Sad Facts About Life Everyone Needs To Know by Ajibade123(m): 3:18pm On Nov 16, 2020
life no just balance

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