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Letters To The Ones I Once Loved, Especially My Crushes / The Ones Called Dogs (the Full Story) / An Excerpt Of The Ones Called Dogs (2) (3) (4)

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Re: The Tarnished Ones by oluwadabira222(m): 8:39am On Nov 21

.thank you very much.
hey bro how can i get the concluding part of i see things other do not.and nice story by the way!

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Re: The Tarnished Ones by Nostradamus: 9:48am On Nov 21
To the readers,what do you consider chukwidi's ability to see beyond the physical as?

A curse or a blessing?
Re: The Tarnished Ones by oluwadabira222(m): 4:29pm On Nov 21
To the readers,what do you consider chukwidi's ability to see beyond the physical as?

A curse or a blessing?
it is a curse and a blessing from my own POV.
Re: The Tarnished Ones by Nostradamus: 2:36am On Nov 22
it is a curse and a blessing from my own POV.

More opinions from people.
Re: The Tarnished Ones by ashatoda: 5:47am On Nov 22
a real blessing wish I have something like that
Re: The Tarnished Ones by Royver(m): 6:20am On Nov 22
hey bro how can i get the concluding part of i see things other do not.and nice story by the way!

Send me private message and I will have it delivered to your address.

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Re: The Tarnished Ones by Royver(m): 7:02am On Nov 23
I caught my breath in horror. Really? Tonight of all nights? And a restaurant? Who in their right minds would rob a new restaurant?

But then again I remembered the large crowd outside, the sudden surge of patronage and the low security at the back entrance. It was going to be an easy target.

These folks were going to spoil the romantic mood I was trying so hard to create! There was no way I wouldn't have to intervene in this matter.

The men approached seemingly casually, making a straight line for the waitress behind the bar. I got up silently from my seat, followed them from behind and waited patiently for them to make the first move.

"Here, sister! Come here!" one of the men beckoned.

"Can I help you?" she asked innocently as she approached. Suddenly she froze. One of the men had shown her a gun. He flashed it at the DJ as well who quickly raised both hands in alarm.

"If you make a sound I will shoot you.” He whispered. “Oya, open this teller and bring out all the money."

"Quickly and silently!" the other one hissed.

The other customers were totally oblivious to what was happening. The men didn’t turn around for a second; they were totally occupied with the task at hand. My guess was that they wanted to do a quick job and get out of the place without causing a scene. That didn’t mean they weren’t prepared for trouble though.

The waitress was a young girl, barely out of her teens and scared out of her wits. She went to the cash register and worked it, gathering all the money in her trembling hands.

“Put all the money in a bag and hand it over!” the first man spat. “Be fast!”

"Yeah but why should she though?" I said loudly and the men whirled round to face me. "It’s not like it’s your money."

The first man brought out the gun that he had been concealing and pointed it at my face. It was a 9mm glock. I heard someone gasp as the customers became aware of what was going on.

"So you think say you be hero abi? Move back-"

He hadn't completed the sentence before I had the gun in my hand. It was a quick and deft move that took him completely by surprise. Both men looked bewildered for a moment as I gently set the safety to off and put the gun on the nearest table.

"Gentlemen, I know this is going to sound weird, but can you do this another time? I'm expecting my fiancé and I don't want to spoil the ambience of this eatery."

"How did you...na jazz you use?" the other man asked, mouth agape.

I shrugged. "Cat-like reflexes. You get it after fighting creatures like a man-animal. It’s a long story, never mind...look, if you leave now nobody will stop you, after all you haven’t stolen any-"

The first man threw a punch that connected squarely with my jaw. So much for cat-like reflexes. I was knocked backwards as the waitress screamed and the couple at the corner struggled to hide under their table. I turned to face them...and saw that the white-shirted Michael Jackson character had entered the fray.

He punched the first man that had struck at me in the nose and ducked the blow from the second man, sticking his foot out to trip him over in the process. As the first man recovered and made a grab at him he whirled round and karate-kicked him in the gut. The man buckled, going down and vomiting all over himself. He never got up for the rest of the fight.

The second man who had recovered from his fall charged the man in white and shoved him to the service counter, smashing his back against the hard wood. I made to run forward to help but the guy in white grappled the man by the neck and put him in an elbow lock. As he squeezed, the second criminal choked and gasped for breath. In a final effort the criminal raised the guy in white from his feet and flung him over his head. He landed in a crash behind the bar and beside the waitress who apparently had been hiding where he fell. She screamed and ran out of the way. As the criminal looked over the counter the guy in white struck out, smashing a beer bottle on his head. The second criminal promptly passed out.

I watched in fascination as the man in white jumped over the counter and tied up the two men. The first guy who had been kicked in the stomach was still writhing in pain. After securing their hands and feet with very strong plastic clips, he sauntered up to me. His ghost girlfriend followed behind looking proudly at her man and for a moment I lost my guard and smiled, winking at her. She gasped inaudibly.

"You know, you could have helped." He said.

"Well I wanted to, but you were doing so well by yourself" I replied. "I'm impressed. Do you fight for a living?"

"Haha, not really. I'm security personnel.”

“Wait, you work for this establishment?”

“Surprised?” He grinned smugly. “The Manager takes security very seriously but doesn’t want to make it too obvious in the VVIP section so as not to make his guests nervous.”

“Well, I daresay you handled those men very well. My name is Chukwudi. And yours?”
“Jeffery. Jeffery Ebi.”

We shook hands as security men and bouncers rushed into the place and hauled the men away.

“What about you?” He asked suddenly, looking at me with interest. “The way you confronted those men; that took some guts. I was half expecting you to do my job for me but then you got socked in the jaw…”

I scratched my head, embarrassed. “Yeah, well, I’m kind of proposing to my fiancé tonight and wasn’t concentrating on the fight.”

“Nice!” He nodded appreciatively. I’ve never been one to pop the question myself. I’m more of a hit-and-run kind of guy.” He winked and his ghost girlfriend rolled her eyes. I stifled a laugh. “You into security as well?”

“More of public relations and stuff.” I replied. The door swung open again just then and I peered around anxiously, but no, it wasn’t her.

“You looked a little worried when you were seated at your table.” He remarked, “Hope I’m not intruding if I ask what the matter is?”

He had been observing me? He saw the look on my face and laughed.

“I watch all the customers when they come in. It gives me an idea of what to expect from them if there’s going to be any trouble.”

I sighed. “Nah, it’s nothing. Had a little argument with my girlfriend and she left the house kind of upset. I thought we made up though, we’ve been communicating via text. We were supposed to meet here by 7pm. So far she hasn’t shown up.”

We both glanced at our watches.

“It’s almost eight bro.” He said.

I sighed dejectedly. Nina had never been this late before. It was obvious I was being stood up. Jeffery saw the look on my face and grinned again.

“Yeah, I definitely know that look. Why don’t you try calling her and if she doesn’t pick you can go to her place.”

“Tried that already, her phone is switched off.”

“Uh-oh. Not a good sign man. Looks like you messed up more than you thought.”

I shook my head, feeling sorry for myself. Of course I had messed things up, she had been answering monosyllabically and I didn’t bother to call her or go to her place and make things right. I was so hell bent on making this night about the proposal I had forgotten to take her feelings into consideration.

Jeffery was looking at me with a smirk on his face. “You’re an idiot.”

“Yeah, I guess I am.” I sighed. “Don’t you want to even know what I did though?”

“Doesn’t matter.” He shrugged, taking a seat. “As long as it’s a lady you love, you go to her place and drop on your knees if you have to until she forgives you. Works every time for me and I don’t even have the mind of taking them to the altar!”

He laughed cheekily and I followed suit, caught in the infectiousness of his hilarity. He seemed to be more or less a jovial fellow. Someone who didn’t take things too much to heart. Not a single bad manifestation around him, except of course for the girl. I thought of using the full force of my sight to probe deeper but decided against it. I liked his spirit and realized he would make an interesting friend. We exchanged numbers and sat a while longer as the manager rushed about pacifying the customers and ordering free drinks for everyone in the VVIP room, his hooded observer following silently by his shoulder.
By half past eight there was still no word from Nina. I stood up.

“Okay man, I gotta go. Probably branch by my lady’s place and make an ass of myself apologizing.”

Jeffery gave me the thumbs up. “Don’t take no for an answer. Sing a romantic song in the crankiest voice possible. They love that kind of stuff.”

We laughed over it and I left the place, surreptitiously waving goodbye to the ghost girl as she looked at me with interest. I was able to flag down a taxi and take a drop straight to her Estate. Usually the gates were closed by 9pm but the security guard recognized me and opened it. I smiled and handed him a crisp naira note and he grinned.

“Should I wait for you to come back sir?” He asked.

“I should hope not. Be like say madam dey vex for me. Give me an hour then if I’m not back you can lock the gate.”

He nodded and I walked down the row of houses to her apartment.

As I approached I noticed the absolute silence of the place. Through the window I could see the lights were on in the parlour and in the kitchen and caught a glimpse of the television displaying a news channel somewhere within. I took a deep breath and walked up to the door and knocked.

No response.

I knocked a little louder. “Hey, Nina, you home?”

Maybe she was sleeping. I knocked some more and then peeked in through the window. The window blinds obstructed my view a bit but I could see enough of the parlour to know it was empty. I went around the back to her room and found that the window blind there had been pulled back. I didn’t want to look like a pervert but I needed to know if she was at home or not, if she was sleeping or simply ignoring me.

I drew up to the window and looked in.

My heart skipped a beat.

Her room was in shambles. The window blinds had not been pulled back; they had been yanked off the rails and lay haphazardly on her bed which had been pulled out of the corner. Her mirror had been smashed to pieces and one of her wardrobe doors had been torn off its hinges. Lying on the floor was a dinner gown and a pair of shoes, like she had been preparing to go out when something happened. As I studied the scene more closely my heart skipped another beat.

The hem of the dinner gown was stained with blood.



Re: The Tarnished Ones by oluwadabira222(m): 7:36am On Nov 23
Hope nothing serious happen to nina sha!

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Re: The Tarnished Ones by Kaycee9242(m): 9:14am On Nov 23
Op this kind of suspense is not good for my health. Thanks so much for this great piece u are doing great


Re: The Tarnished Ones by dawno2008(m): 9:28am On Nov 23
Ghen Ghen shocked shocked shocked wahala yav start

Thanks for the update, but don't delay on next update to avoid monitoring spirit grin

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Re: The Tarnished Ones by purpose32: 8:38am On Nov 24
I'm new here, i must confess OP you are doing well.
Re: The Tarnished Ones by Royver(m): 6:54am On Nov 25

I’m lost.

I’m confused.

I don’t know what to do.

Oh God, what do I do?!

It’s been two days already since Nina disappeared. This was the morning of the third day and I was lying on my bed looking at the time listlessly as it struck 7am. I barely had any sleep last night despite being thoroughly fatigued. I had spent the whole of yesterday and the day before making calls and running to and from the police station hoping for some lead on Nina but there seemed no hope in sight.

I remembered how that first night had been. I almost went mad running through her apartment, using my full powers all over the place, looking for any clue as to what might have happened to her. And the more I used the sight the more everything became a blurr and the more confused I got. Damn well woke up the whole neighborhood running around outside like a lunatic and screaming her name. The security man and local vigilantes had soon appeared on the scene and none of them had seen any suspicious activity. After a thorough search of the Estate, they suggested we report to the police.

The police kept asking annoying questions, who I was, how was I related to her, what was I doing at her place, how were they not sure I was the one who kidnapped her and so on and so on. I lost my temper and yelled at them a couple of times and the security guard had to vouch for me, begging them in the local dialect else I would have been thrown into jail to cool off. I called our boss and intimated him about what had happened and he made a few calls. Less than an hour later some soldiers came over to the station. They took me from the station back to Nina’s apartment and searched the place again. They asked the security guard if he had heard anything or seen any suspicious person enter or leave the estate and he replied no. They then went further to search every house in the estate. The more unfruitful their search was, the more distraught I became.

Eventually we all returned back to the police station in the early hours of the morning, where I gave a statement and Nina was declared missing. There was a procedure of waiting for 24 hours before lodging a complaint but the blood on the gown was too ominous a sign to ignore. Knowing how close we were and how emotionally affected I was, the boss had given me some time off from the office.

I had touched the blood earlier. I knew it was Nina’s blood, my Sight had shown me that much. The authorities could only speculate but I knew! If Nina’s blood was on the floor it meant Nina, my Nina, was hurt. Maybe even…

I couldn’t bring myself to think about it.

I sat in my room perplexed. I was still wondering why I hadn’t gotten any supernatural trigger from her apartment despite the obvious violence that had ensued there. There should have been a clue, a sign, something! It was like someone came in after the deed had been done and cleared the area of any spiritual signature or activity. It was uncanny. Even touching the bed at the height of my powers should have given me an apparition of her last minutes in her room before she was forcefully removed, but I had felt nothing, seen nothing. I was only able to decipher the blood was hers because as soon as I touched it I saw her face. And even then that was a past image. It should have at least shown where she was at the time. In desperation I had tried calling Chukwudi the Stronger forth and it seemed to be working for a moment but then he too slipped into oblivion. I had suddenly stopped hearing or feeling him.

What was going on?

“Pachios! If you can hear me, I really need your help right now!” I cried out, falling on my knees, feeling completely helpless with tears stinging my eyes.

Chukwudi the stronger is my alter ego of sorts. He is me manifested at the height of my powers, my full potential as a supernatural being buried deep within my soul, inhabiting my flesh like a vessel. For years he lay dormant within me as I tried to live a normal life but was reawakened in my clash with Nina’s evil uncle. As a personality he is pure, childlike, undiluted and brimming with supernatural power. The last time I saw him manifest completely was during the incidence with the man-animal in Asaba. Since then he had been idle, coming just below the surface on a few occasions like the night before when I needed reassurance of Nina’s safety. However since the time I entered Nina’s apartment I had been unable to call him forth. Sometimes I would hear a whisper from deep down in my mind, like he was at the end of a long tunnel, but when I closed my eyes to find him the whisper would vanish like a wisp of smoke lost to the wind.

This was not supposed to be a new phenomenon. I had lived without Chukwudi the Stronger for most of my youth. But I had grown so used to him the past two years, felt so invincible knowing he was right there within me, that now he was gone it was like I had lost it all.

"Pachio? Stronger!" I yelled in desperation.

No word from Pachios. No Chukwudi the Stronger. I was talking to myself.


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Re: The Tarnished Ones by spicyuzo(m): 3:17pm On Nov 25
Keep up the good work Royver..
We are with you ...
Re: The Tarnished Ones by dawno2008(m): 3:57pm On Nov 25
Seems a tougher and stronger element is coming into the picture, but what do they want with Nina?
Thanks for the update, please keep it flowing.
Re: The Tarnished Ones by Royver(m): 4:44pm On Nov 25
@blueyes1 you have been tagged.
Re: The Tarnished Ones by oluwadabira111(m): 6:57pm On Nov 25
Nothing should happen to nina oh!

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Re: The Tarnished Ones by Kaycee9242(m): 12:46pm On Nov 26
Nice one op
Re: The Tarnished Ones by Dybala11(m): 10:33pm On Nov 26
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It's an honour to invite you all once again. Come with your friends. This is the last (apparently) in the Chukwudi the stronger series. Hope you enjoy the ride.
Thanks for the mention Mr Roy, I dey with you boss. Another banger from the master of suspense himself.

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Re: The Tarnished Ones by oluwadabira111(m): 7:45am
Abeg Mr royver come update na.

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