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Letters To The Ones I Once Loved, Especially My Crushes / The Ones Called Dogs (the Full Story) / An Excerpt Of The Ones Called Dogs (2) (3) (4)

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Re: The Tarnished Ones by Konphido(m): 12:56pm On Dec 12, 2020
The woman paid the supreme price..
This is getting more intense..
Mr Royver, weldone..


Re: The Tarnished Ones by Kaycee9242(m): 7:59am On Dec 13, 2020
Hmm mm mm nawaoooo. Nice one op
Re: The Tarnished Ones by Royver(m): 8:15am On Dec 14, 2020
Softy I have replied your email.
Re: The Tarnished Ones by hottadiva(f): 10:32pm On Dec 14, 2020
The intensity of this last update though. Pheeww
Re: The Tarnished Ones by lozanni(m): 1:33pm On Dec 16, 2020
Pity that the old woman ended up a casualty.
Re: The Tarnished Ones by smartigo: 7:13am On Dec 23, 2020
I love this.
Now, the is getting interesting as the beast is about to be unleashed.
Re: The Tarnished Ones by MightyFortress: 9:09am On Dec 29, 2020

Poor Madam Balle... Paid a high price...

Even though this is not the first time I am coming across your writing, Sir Royver; I am still blown away at your superb descriptions of the supernatural happenings around us... I really do not know what other superlatives to use... I only request that you somehow convince me that everything you described is just pure fiction... Fragments of the fertile imagination of a writer... Or else, fear go begin catch me oh. shocked cheesy

Your description of those beggars and the angelic occurrences around them... shocked

I am trying to imagine what Chukwudi would see if he looks this way... shocked smiley

Wonderful work Sir and I still reiterate that I would make good my promise of getting you a simple drink if our paths ever cross. You are such a brilliant and engaging writer, one of Nigeria's best presently, I dare say.


Compliments of the season and wishing you a beautiful, blessed and fulfiling year ahead.

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Re: The Tarnished Ones by oluwadabira222(m): 8:58pm On Dec 30, 2020
boss we still dey wait for update oh
Re: The Tarnished Ones by Royver(m): 6:38pm On Dec 31, 2020

Poor Madam Balle... Paid a high price...

Even though this is not the first time I am coming across your writing, Sir Royver; I am still blown away at your superb descriptions of the supernatural happenings around us... I really do not know what other superlatives to use... I only request that you somehow convince me that everything you described is just pure fiction... Fragments of the fertile imagination of a writer... Or else, fear go begin catch me oh. shocked cheesy

Your description of those beggars and the angelic occurrences around them... shocked

I am trying to imagine what Chukwudi would see if he looks this way... shocked smiley

Wonderful work Sir and I still reiterate that I would make good my promise of getting you a simple drink if our paths ever cross. You are such a brilliant and engaging writer, one of Nigeria's best presently, I dare say.


Compliments of the season and wishing you a beautiful, blessed and fulfiling year ahead.

Embarrassed blush embarassed embarassed embarassed kiss

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Re: The Tarnished Ones by Royver(m): 6:57pm On Dec 31, 2020

The next few hours went by like a blur. I had insisted on waiting behind to assist Thomas the beggar in any way possible concerning the disposal of the dead woman’s body. He directed me on some people I could alert, all within the neighbourhood and in a few minutes they had all gathered together. Many of them expressed profound shock in hearing the old woman had died, but none showed too much surprise as to how it had happened. I had wondered what Thomas would say caused her demise but he was truthful albeit brief about it. She had been carrying out a spiritual exercise when she was attacked. For some reason the neighbours understood that well enough and her body was carried away for burial amidst loud wailing and shouting. I stood behind the scenes, helping as much as I could and generally trying to make myself useful while fighting feelings of guilt. The old woman had been well known in the community and a lot of the common folk came around to pay their last respects before a grave was dug and she was buried.

Time passed like in a dream and before I knew it night had come and I found myself sitting weary and hungry in Thomas’ room. I looked at my watch, it was seven o’clock. The single yellow light bulb hanging from the ceiling gave adequate illumination.

Thomas felt about his room with his walking stick until he found the mattress then he pushed himself forward and sat down heavily. He started singing and chanting and it occured to me that he had forgotten I was there. I coughed.

“Are you still here, Chukwudi?” He asked, looking up.

“Yes sir.” I replied quietly.

“I thought I told you to go home. Forget this quest you were about embarking on. It’s a fool’s errand. Your girlfriend will most likely never be found. A lot of people go missing every day in Lagos. And she isn’t officially attached to you. Take it as one of those things in life and go back to living yours.”

“Most likely…” I said.


“You said ‘most likely’, my girlfriend will most likely never be found. Most likely is not absolute. That means there is a small chance that she can be found.”

“That small chance is at risk of your life.” He said and leaned forward. “The people that took her are not playing around. These are professionals. They hired a very dangerous man to help them. You don’t want to get involved in this. Leave it for the police to handle.”

“No.” I replied immediately. “If there is even the slightest chance I can get her back I’m willing to take it.”


“Listen sir,” I said, “My mind is made up. I’m getting to the bottom of this with or without your help. If you send me away I’ll simply look for another means to find her. I will not stop. I will not relent. I cannot imagine going back to my life without having tried my best to help Nina. Do you understand?”

Thomas sighed. “Unfortunately I do. I can see your passion for her is strong. Your body burns with embers so bright it almost threatens to blind my Sight. To vanquish this foe you will need all your wits about you. You shouldn’t underestimate this man no matter how powerful you think you are.”

“After all I have seen today, I’m thinking ‘not so powerful’.” I replied nervously. “But all the same I want to do it. I love Nina.”

“Courage is always an admirable trait and a welcome quality in any undertaking.” Thomas paused. “But Egbegradudu is involved...”

“Who is this Egbegradudu?” I asked. I had noticed anytime the name was mentioned Thomas would shake his head almost surreptitiously. He shifted uneasily on his mattress.

“He was initially one of us; blessed with the gift of Sight so strong he could almost foretell the end of the world itself. But he turned himself over to darkness many years ago and never looked back. He engages in all sorts of dubious deeds for money and will not hesitate to make and give out charms of questionable powers to those who seek it. He is a charlatan and a thief. And one of the most powerful seers of our time.”

“And what does he want with Nina?” I asked.

“That I don’t know.” Thomas replied. “It seems in this case he is just a hired help. You said you heard other voices in the background, correct?"

I had earlier recounted my experience in Nina’s place to Thomas when he had asked for an explanation to give those that had come to bury the old woman. I had to tell the story twice; he seemed to want to know every little detail in case I had missed something.

“Yes, though it wasn’t clear. It appears he was trying to reassure someone, told him not to worry, let his money do the worrying for him, something like that.’

“Did your girlfriend have any enemies? Someone she would have offended greatly? Someone very rich?” Thomas asked.

“Nina? No, she is a sweet lady, friendly to everyone around her. If anyone has any axe to grind it would most likely be against me, not her.”

“If they wanted to use her to get to you they should have contacted you by now. They would have left clues, not left you spiritually blinded.” Thomas sighed again. “As it is, you were just an obstacle they factored into the whole issue.”

“I am NOT leaving her to her fate, Thomas.” I declared. “How do I progress from here? From what the old man…what’s his name…?"

"Egbegradudu" Thomas enunciated each syllable like he didn't want me to forget it.

"He said we have only a few days left to find Nina before…”

I couldn’t finish the statement, didn’t know how to. What did they want to do with Nina in three days? How was she faring now? The thought of her being alone in some dark unknown place hit me hard in the gut and I suddenly felt powerless and angry at the same time.

Thomas reached out and touched my arm.

“Take it easy. Since you have decided to go on this journey despite the risks I will do my best to assist you. Take down this address, it is an inn located in Ikeja. Those bald men who took your friend away would most probably have been hired from there. Use your Sight wisely.”

He gave me the address and I typed it down in my phone. Coincidentally it was just some distance from where I lived. Then getting to my feet, I walked briskly to the door. It was pitch black outside especially as there were no streetlights. The only source of light was from the night hawkers selling their wares of tobacco and kolanuts beside their smoky lanterns. I hesitated for a moment.

“Thomas, sir, can you give me an angel? I think I’m going to need all the help I can get.”

“It is not I who gives out the angels my son,” Thomas said. “Or else I would have called upon a legion of them to accompany you. You will have to commence this journey on your own. In fact, you have already begun. And despite all that has happened, I can tell that you are doing well.”

“Oh?” I laughed nervously. “How so?”

“You know how to ask for help. You were humble enough to come to me, a lowly beggar. Humility will never get you in trouble, Chukwudi, remember that.

He bent his head and sighed yet again.

“There are no shortcuts. I learned that the hard way. I wasn’t always blind, Chukwudi. In my youth, I could see just as well as you. My blindness came to be as a result of disobedience, recklessness, and pride. I thought I could do it all, and I went on a quest that I was expressly warned against going, even though my reasons were far less noble than yours. I threw my friends aside in my selfish ambitions and used all the powers at my disposal. By the time I realized I needed help it was too late. My friends came to my rescue and sacrificed a lot to set me free. And it seems they are still sacrificing to this day.”

He bent his head again and I knew he was talking about the late Madam Balle. I looked beyond him and for the first time saw shadowy figures of his past standing and sitting by his side. Many of them had chains and ropes which were attached to an iron collar around his neck. The collar was secured by a padlock but beneath that padlock hung the key that would set him free.

“You are holding on to your past, Thomas, can’t you see it?” I asked taking a step forward to the key but he stopped me.

“No, leave it.” He shook his head. “This is my cross to bear, my burden. It’s a reminder of how a lack of wisdom can lead to the downfall of everything and everyone you know and love.”

“Those chains are also preventing you from seeing your future and forging ahead.” I replied. “Holding on to past mistakes is never a good idea. Best to learn your lesson and move on. You might even regain your sight.”

“You have no idea what I did, my son…”

“But I am quite sure whatever it is, you have redeemed yourself after all these years.” I said taking another step. “Let me help…”

I reached out for the key, knowing that with my powers it ought to be tangible in my hand even for a few minutes, but my fingers went right through it. I tried again to no avail. One of the shadowy figures manifesting behind him suddenly came forward. I took a step back and gasped as I saw it was an Angel. It looked ragged; its armor was lacking in luster, cracked and dented. The angel smiled resignedly at me and shook his head no.

“Only I can touch that key, Chukwudi.” Thomas said. “Only I can set myself free. I am the exiled one, and I must learn my lesson to the fullest. And neither you nor my guardian angel can convince me otherwise.”

I backed away slowly.

“I have to go.” I looked at his guardian angel “Take care of him.”

The angel nodded solemnly.

“Good luck my son,” Thomas said, “And may God be with you.”

“Thank you sir.”

I closed the door behind me and walked out into the night. The previously desolate street through which we had come had now turned into a night market. It was one of those nights where the veil between the physical world and the supernatural one had all but vanished. I didn’t need to look between my legs to separate the mortals from the spirits. I saw them plainly with my gift of Sight, interacting as one creation, the physical haggling with the spiritual, the metaphysical exchanging pleasantries with the mundane, ancestors of the land walking the earth in native garb. I ignored them all and hailed a bus going down to Ikeja.

There was no time to waste.



Re: The Tarnished Ones by Royver(m): 6:57pm On Dec 31, 2020
Pls comments and criticisms will be highly appreciated.

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Re: The Tarnished Ones by littleguy444: 9:50pm On Dec 31, 2020
.welcome back sir

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Re: The Tarnished Ones by Oluwatimi2000(m): 10:15pm On Dec 31, 2020
been waiting for this update thanks a bunch I hope next one wouldnt take long... lol

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Re: The Tarnished Ones by Kaycee9242(m): 3:54am On Jan 01
Keep it up op

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Re: The Tarnished Ones by oluwadabira111(f): 8:21am On Jan 01
pls endeavor to update more bro

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Re: The Tarnished Ones by Konphido(m): 11:53am On Jan 02
The more I read this story, the more I am convinced "ignorance is bliss".. Cox e be like say Chukwudi problem nor dae finish oh... Royver, thanks Mann..

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Re: The Tarnished Ones by EkopSparoAyara(m): 1:36pm On Jan 02
It's time to do some catching up..
Re: The Tarnished Ones by Royver(m): 3:48pm On Jan 02

The bus ride to Ikeja was more or less an uneventful one. Night had set in completely and the tarred roads were flooded with moving lights from vehicle headlamps. There was some traffic on the way and the bus seemed to be filled with employees returning home after a hard day’s work. I sat at the extreme back seat and watched them come on and jump off at their desired stops. For a moment I envied them. They each had their problems hovering over their heads but it was mostly superficial; how to pay for rent, what to tell the boss the next day, what lie to give the wife for returning home at this hour when they should have been back much earlier, whether to give the conductor change or not.

There was a lady who entered the bus and I could see immediately she didn’t have enough money and was contemplating how to get out of paying her transport fare. When her bus stop was called she came down and brought out the money she had. It was a very paltry sum and the conductor’s eyes flashed in anger. He began hurling insults and threats at the girl and she pleaded quietly in front of him. I was about to intervene when I saw a Being gently put his hand on the conductor’s shoulder. The conductor sighed, relented and jumped back into the bus, ordering the driver to move on as the girl shouted her thanks and started walking away, totally oblivious to the Being a few steps behind still following her.

These things fascinated me for a moment but I knew deep down I was trying to use my powers to distract my mind from thinking about Nina and what she might be going through at that moment. I took a deep breath and closed my Sight and all the manifestations disappeared.
My heart skipped a beat as I considered what would happen if I saw the men that had kidnapped Nina in the vision with Madam Balle. They had looked extremely vicious. I couldn’t imagine the likes of them keeping Nina company for days.

At least she was alive.

For now.

“’keja last bus stop!” The conductor shouted as the driver parked his vehicle. I jumped down along with the rest of the passengers and headed in the direction Thomas had given me.

As I walked down the street I noticed the area was almost deserted. There were a few night hawkers selling cigarettes and sweets but even they seemed to be packing up to go home. It was now almost ten o’ clock my watch. I walked further down and turned a corner into another street.

At the far end of this street was an island of light illuminated by a huge flood-lamp tied to an electric post. An old blue and white building stood conspicuously at the centre of the island of light, surrounded by haphazardly placed plastic chairs. Night hawkers thronged around the place and two Suya spots added their flaming oil lamps to the luminance, their grilled spicy meats sending off savoury scents into the air, making me remember I hadn’t eaten since morning. A cloud of smoke hovered over the area and highlife music filtered out of the closed doors. Some prostitutes were gathered outside, exhibiting their fleshly wares and casting seductive glances at any one who passed by. I stopped by the suya spot and ordered for some spiced meat, wolfing it down with a bottle of chilled soda one of the hawkers was selling by the entrance. Thus sated, I made my way to the building.

I walked determinedly towards the main entrance but was stopped suddenly by a huge man in black three-quarter jean shorts and a grimy brown t-shirt that must have been pure white at some brief point in its existence. He smelled of beer, marijuana and sweat. His eyes were small and piercing and his outstretched arm revealed a hairy armpit. I looked up into his eyes and smiled pleasantly.

“Who you dey find?” He asked gruffly.

“Your papa,” I promptly replied.

He rose to his full height as if he wasn’t big enough already and glared at me. I stood my ground and maintained eye contact, my smile changing from pleasant to maniacal in a way I knew my id would have approved of. My hands hung lazily by my side but in reality they were tense and ready for action as adrenaline began to course through my veins. Nothing was going to stop me from getting in here.

He glared at me for a moment longer then suddenly burst into raucous laughter.

“Enter, maybe you go see ya mama there too!”

I shrugged and shook my head at his lewd joke and he stepped aside and opened the door.



Re: The Tarnished Ones by Royver(m): 4:05pm On Jan 02
As soon as the doors were opened a blast of hot air hit my face. Cigarette smoke and Indian hemp wafted into my nostrils. The room was quite large with a high roof and crammed with tables and chairs upon which many bottles of beer and other hard drinks were meeting their demise. The Deejay played his music on full blast and the booming from the speakers sent strong vibrations into my body. I walked down a small flight of stairs and headed to an empty table and took a seat.

The place was full of shady characters. Thick plumes of smoke billowed from every occupied table with most people trying to shout above the din while some contented themselves with just sitting and drinking or dancing to the music. A young light-skinned girl in a revealing red top and short black plastic skirt that barely covered her nether regions sidled up and took a seat beside me.

“Oga buy me stout.”

“No thanks.” I replied. She batted her eyelids and leaned forward with a coy smile.

“You sure?” she asked, her voice flowing like honey. Her bosom was huge and threatened to spill out of the skimpy piece of scarlet clothing holding it captive.

“No, I mean, yes I’m sure.” I said faltering a little. Deep within me I heard Chukwudi the Stronger’s rumbling laughter.

She persisted, “how much dey your hand?”

A man walked past behind her. He was bald headed and quite muscular with a black sleeveless top and black trousers.

I remembered the men from the vision that had carried Nina away and my eyes widened in realization. I recognized him immediately as one of them.

The prostitute flicked her fingers in front of my eyes angrily.

“Wetin you dey look? I dey talk to you, you dey look another place, you no go face me?”

I turned to face her and grasped her hand. She gave a little cry and withdrew it as my hand ignited momentarily with Chukwudi the Stronger’s fire.

“Go away.” I whispered.

The girl fled.

I got up and hastily went after the baldheaded man. He walked briskly through the crowd, shoving aside anyone in his way. Most people that saw him seemed to know him; for as soon as they saw him they averted their eyes with some even apologizing for standing in his way. He went through the dance hall and opened a door at the far corner and went through it. I followed behind quickly, not sure exactly what I wanted to do but knowing I wouldn’t let him out of my sight for anything. This was the first real lead I was having on Nina and I wasn’t going to let it slip by.

I was walking behind him when he suddenly turned a corner. I followed suit and was startled to come face to face with him as he stood in the corridor waiting for me.

“You better have a good reason for following me oga.” He said quietly although I could feel the viciousness in his voice. “Because if you don’t then that means I don’t have a good reason for letting you leave here alive.”

He stared at me with cold-blooded eyes and my throat went dry. I didn’t see any weapon on him but I doubted he needed it. Those big arms could snap a man’s neck like a twig in seconds. There was the manifestation of a big chain around his neck that shone red, I had never seen the likes of it before and couldn’t imagine what it meant. I decided to think fast.

“I want to have someone kidnapped.” I said. “One of the girls pointed you out."

He sniggered, his lips parting to show yellow tobacco-stained teeth.

“And why do you think I have anything to do with kidnappers? Do I look like a criminal to you?”

He was sizing me up, I could see it. His aura reflected a deep grey fire whose embers glowed fiercely. This sort of person would appear cool and calm but could explode at any moment. I thought of my next words carefully.

“I was told the last job you did two days ago was so professionally carried out that till today the police don’t have a single clue of her whereabouts.”

The man’s eye’s turned to narrowed slits as he assessed my every word.

I hazarded a guess.

“I’m willing to pay whatever the master paid you. Provided you and your friend do as good a job on my matter as you did with his.”

The man stood there contemplating me for a moment. Finally he spoke.

“All right, come inside.”

He opened a door to his left and gestured for me to follow before he walked in. I looked around me; there was nobody in the corridor, nobody at all in sight. I took a deep breath and followed.
The new room was brightly lit by a fluorescent bulb which had been placed at the very centre of the ceiling. It was furnished with two wooden chairs and a square wooden table. Another bald headed man in a similar attire sat at the table in the middle of the room cleaning a gun. He too had the same invisible red chain around his neck that only I could see. He glared at me as I came in.

“Don’t worry, the guy na correct.” The first man said and his counterpart grunted and went back to his cleaning. A strong smell of Indian hemp filled the air.

“Ehen, bros sit down.” The first man offered me the other chair and I took it and sat down while he leaned against the wall. “Tell my guy here what you said outside.”

“I want somebody abducted and I heard you two were the men for the job.” I said. “I need something like the job you pulled off two days ago. I heard it was very professionally done.”

The man cleaning the gun laughed out loud and began to load it. The other man looked at him irritably.

“Why are you laughing? Shebi I told you not to tell anybody about that operation?”

“I didn’t o, bros.” the second man said, still loading the gun.

“Then how come this guy here knows about it? He even said a girl at the bar told him, I don’t need anyone to tell me it is your girlfriend Becky. You always tell her everything and you know she can’t keep her ugly little mouth shut.”

“I repeat, I no tell Becky anything!” The second man said angrily. “Ask this guy well because I don’t know how he found out but it’s certainly not from her!”

My throat went dry as the first man turned to look at me. Realizing I was about to be found out, I quickly changed my tactic. I had already seen a greed demon hovering over him and decided to use it to my advantage.

“Bros you better start talking or we finish you here. Are you the police?”

“Do I look like the police to you?” I asked calmly.

“And the guy no just dey fear sef!” the second man scowled and pointed the now loaded gun at me. “If I end you here now nobody go know!”

“If you end me here now you will never in your life make the amount of money I am about to offer you, ever again.” I replied, appearing unfazed.

The two men looked at each other and the first man shook his head at the second, motioning for him to wait and hear what I had to say. The second man hissed disapprovingly but put the gun back and the table. Apparently they didn’t think I was much of a physical threat.

‘Oya talk na, how did you know about the kidnapping? Was it Oga that told you?”

“No, a colleague of Egbegradudu did. He said you two can help me.”

At the mention of the name both of them glanced at each other meaningfully and they both visibly relaxed.

“Sorry bros, you know in this kind of business one must always be careful.” The first man said and leaned closer. “When do you want the job done?”

“Two nights from tonight.” I replied. “The target is a young girl as well, the daughter of an oil magnate. I’ve managed to get quite close to her and the family and I know the house in and out. Her parents will be traveling tomorrow and security at the house is quite lax. It’s a straightforward job.”

“Then why do you need us specially to do it?” The first man asked, “If you talked to Egbegradudu or his friend then you should know we don’t kidnap ordinary people. What’s the catch?”

“I need a good hiding place.” I replied. “Her father is extremely fetish and will leave no stone unturned in looking for his daughter. He’ll go to any length and I mean any length. I need a place where no one on this earth will be able to find her physically or otherwise.”

“Then you came to the right place!” the second man said, clapping his friend on the shoulder.

“We just happen to know somewhere that will suit your purpose very well. In fact, that was where we dropped our last victim…”

“Shut up Bawo.” The first man said.

I stiffened inwardly. The first man was definitely smarter than his friend despite his greed. He put his hand on his chin thoughtfully.

“How do we know you are not just stringing us along to find out where we put the other girl?

I shrugged, feigning nonchalance, although I was becoming deeply agitated inside. I saw the greed demon hovering above him gradually recede. That wasn’t a good sign at all.

“You’ll just have to trust me.” I said.

“No I don’t.” The first man replied. “Just because you know our boss’s name doesn’t mean you should be trusted.” He leaned forward. “You could be one of Oga’s numerous enemies you know.”

“Indeed.” I replied.

He straightened up and eyed me curiously. “What did you say your name was?”

“You never asked.” I replied.

“Well I’m asking now.” His words hissed through his teeth like pent up vapour from a pressure cooker. “Your name bro. We will check it out on social media just to make sure. And don’t you dare tell me you’re not online.”

The game was up.

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Re: The Tarnished Ones by Sazzy07(m): 5:46pm On Jan 02
Wahala be like French for Shukwudi

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Re: The Tarnished Ones by Kaycee9242(m): 8:58am On Jan 03
Getting more tense, op well done
Re: The Tarnished Ones by ifyken(f): 9:35am On Jan 03
This story is becoming more interesting. Keep up the good work
Re: The Tarnished Ones by lahrra(f): 11:45am On Jan 03
Thank you oga Royver for the update.You are amazing
Re: The Tarnished Ones by Royver(m): 2:19am On Jan 04
I felt a surge of adrenaline course through me as I surreptitiously moved my hand under the table to have a better grasp of it.

“Chukwudi.” I said, staring straight into the man’s eyes.

A strange look came over the man’s face as he stiffened. It was obvious he was familiar with the name and his face contorted in fear and consternation. I didn’t know what it was they had been told about me but apparently it wasn’t pleasant. He backed away slowly.

“It’s him!” He whispered urgently to his colleague who looked at him blankly.

I decided to take advantage of their indecision and moved quickly, upturning the table in the face of the second man ‘Bawo’, who was still seated and looking confused. The table slammed him hard on the forehead and he fell over backwards while the first one fumbled for the gun which had been thrown along with the table into the air. He missed and it fell to the floor and I quickly kicked it aside. It slid under the door and out of the room.

The first guy exploded just as I thought he would. Initial shock gone, he charged at me like a mad bull. My brawling nature came alive in an instant. I aimed for his stomach and kicked hard. The kick caught him mid-charge but he was still moving forward and so he crashed into me, writhing in pains. I pushed him back into Bawo who was getting to his feet. Bawo flung him aside and in turn charged me, this time more cautiously. We locked arms and struggled while the first man recovered and got to his feet.

“You don die today!” he shouted and rushing forward he landed a punch on my mid-section. Pain shot through my belly and I tasted bile. They both threw me back against the wall and the second man grabbed my neck in a chokehold while the first punched hard at my ribs and stomach. I struggled to break free and couldn’t.
This fight was much different from the fight I had had in the bar three nights ago. Whereas those men had appeared violent but clumsy, these men fought with skill and a strength that just couldn’t be natural. Each blow was like a thunderbolt and shook me to my very core. Luckily I recovered quickly much to their consternation. The men paused for a while as I struggled to catch my breath.

“Zeke, he’s not going down oh!” Bawo shouted in surprise.

“Don’t you remember the Oga saying this guy has special powers?” Zeke grunted as he kept me pinned to the wall. “Normal person by now suppose drop with one blow, he no go fit get up again. Hit him again!”

It was then I noticed the rings on both their fists. A talisman of sorts supposed to discombobulate me with one strike. No wonder each blow hit me light a freight train. I took a deep breath and shouting, pushed them both back, feeling the old rage returning.

“Where is she?” I barked, “Where’s Nina?!”

Zeke picked some dirt from the floor and threw it at me and I looked away to avoid being blinded. Bawo rushed forward and knocked me to the ground and as I struggled with him Zeke came from behind and grabbed me in a choke hold. I felt myself being lifted up my feet as Zeke pulled me up while Bawo resumed punching me in the chest. The pressure in my neck was excruciating and I began to black out.

And then my id came to the surface.

As I struggled for my life and the pain from the tormenting blows coursed through me, I felt a fire come alive in my chest. It coursed through my arms and feet and up to my head until I felt it all around me and the pains and breathlessness completely disappeared.

“Wetin be that?!” Bawo shouted in alarm as black smoke started billowing out from my nostrils. I glanced at him and grasped his striking arm with my hand. He screamed and let go as the part of his skin I had touched turned black and began to blister. Zeke quickly let go as well, scampering out of the way to avoid my touch. Black fire, the worst kind of flames, emanated from both my hands from the wrist up. Although very useful in times of emergency, these belligerent flames didn’t last more than a few minutes and took a lot of spiritual energy. I let the flames die out immediately but the message had been passed. Both men were not going to attempt grappling me again.

“Tell me where you kept Nina,” I demanded, getting to my feet “And I will let you go!”

The two men looked at each other.

“Ezekiel, levels don change o.” Bawo said.

Zeke nodded and put his hand into his pocket. He brought out a small egg and threw it at me before I could make another move.

Suddenly I was frozen to the spot. Try as I might I couldn’t move. I looked down and with my Sight I saw the egg manifest into a powerful thick cord that wound around my hands and torso, making me immediately immobile.

“Stay there!” Bawo shouted in glee. “You think say we be small boys abi?”

“So na this fool Oga dey talk say we no fit handle?” Zeke sneered. He stuck his hand into his pocket again and brought out a white powder wrapped in cellophane. He rubbed the powder on the palm of his hands while muttering incantations. Then he stepped forward and slapped me hard on my cheek. As he did so, I could see small chains appear out of his hand and attach themselves to my face. The other ends of the chains struck the ground and attached themselves there as well and became taut.

“Fall my friend!” He shouted while Bawo began to laugh.

I could feel the chains pulling me to the ground. A normal person would have fallen immediately and been unable to get up again. But I’m not normal. Not in the least.

I reignited my fire and pulled hard against the rope that held me still and it made a strange crackling noise as it gave way. Both men gasped in surprise as I forced my hands free from my sides. I turned and grabbed the chains attached to my face and pulled hard until they too came off and disintegrated into smoldering bits. Then I turned once again to face my assailants.

“Is that all?” I asked, feeling rage and unnatural strength surge deep within me. I could feel Chukwudi the Stronger just beneath the surface, lending me all his strength. “Are you done wasting my time or do you have anything else up your sleeves?”

Zeke made a sudden bolt for the door and I used my palm backed by my id’s strength to hit him hard on the chest. The force in which the big man was thrown back startled even me and he crashed against the wall and collapsed on the floor unconscious. Bawo, who seemed to be the more lily livered of the two immediately went on his knees.

“Bros, abeg…”

“I need to know where Nina is and I need to know now!” I thundered and raised my hand threateningly, the black fire still smoldering on it.

“Wait wait, I will tell you, wait!” He squealed. He took some deep breaths and swallowed hard. “We carried her out of Lagos; our Oga said we needed to take her to a special place where you won’t be able to track her with your powers…”

“Go on,” I urged.

Bawo swallowed again. “We took her south, to the Riverine areas. He made us swear not to reveal the exact location, but I can give you the name of the town, it’s…”

And then he stopped short. His eyes bulged outwards as the red chain around his neck suddenly came alive and tightened, strangling him. He put his hands around his throat and started to scream. A shiny red substance came out of his mouth and nose followed by blood. I took a step back as he collapsed on the floor and started to convulse. In a few moments he was dead!

Now I knew what the chains were for.


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Re: The Tarnished Ones by Ultimategeneral: 6:52am On Jan 04
Thanks royver. Happy new year
Re: The Tarnished Ones by Royver(m): 8:01am On Jan 04
Happy 2021 to all on this thread.

Last year looked like we were suddenly in a horror movie. People dropping left, right and centre. I still insist the oyinbo people found a hidden pandora's box in one of thier numerous excavations and opened it. And this time there was no indiana jones or tom cruise to stop them.

We thank GOD for His mercies in our lives.

And we pray 2021 brings succour and blessings.

HAPPY NEW YEAR once more.


Re: The Tarnished Ones by Kaycee9242(m): 8:37am On Jan 04
Nice one op
Re: The Tarnished Ones by littleguy444: 8:27pm On Jan 04
bring it on sir, it is getting hot.
Re: The Tarnished Ones by stevyno1(m): 11:36pm On Jan 04
Thanks royver. Happy new year
Happy New Year, bro

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Re: The Tarnished Ones by stevyno1(m): 11:38pm On Jan 04
Happy 2021 to all on this thread.

Last year looked like we were suddenly in a horror movie. People dropping left, right and centre. I still insist the oyinbo people found a hidden pandora's box in one of thier numerous excavations and opened it. And this time there was no indiana jones or tom cruise to stop them.

We thank GOD for His mercies in our lives.

And we pray 2021 brings succour and blessings.

HAPPY NEW YEAR once more.
Happy New Year, Bro

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Re: The Tarnished Ones by ifyken(f): 4:36am On Jan 06
This story is very interesting, please keep up the good work,by the way happy new year
Re: The Tarnished Ones by Adinije(f): 2:52pm On Jan 07
This is suspend filled. Good job bro.

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