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Letters To The Ones I Once Loved, Especially My Crushes / The Ones Called Dogs (the Full Story) / An Excerpt Of The Ones Called Dogs (2) (3) (4)

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Re: The Tarnished Ones by Konphido(m): 7:45pm On Nov 29, 2020
Royver my man!! Oh, I have missed you so much... Welcome back..

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Re: The Tarnished Ones by silverlinen(m): 9:58pm On Nov 29, 2020
I am glued to this
Bring more updates buddy


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Re: The Tarnished Ones by Royver(m): 11:09pm On Nov 29, 2020
Just a friendly reminder; copies of my previous works are available for purchase. Send me a private message and have them delivered to your doorstep. Thanks!

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Re: The Tarnished Ones by Calismart(m): 8:45pm On Dec 01, 2020
Thanks for inviting me here. let me quickly grab a seat
Re: The Tarnished Ones by Royver(m): 9:02pm On Dec 01, 2020

Ajoma Estate is a small settlement just after the Berger Bridge in Lagos. It’s a very busy neighbourhood, filled with the swarming bodies of people hurrying to and fro, hustling for their daily bread, boarding molues and private vehicles turned charter services and taxis.

The expressway divides this estate into two and to cross from one side of the estate to the other, you have to use the walkover pedestrian bridge. Failure to do so might earn you a fine or even a night in the local jail. Regardless, people still take the risk and cross the express directly, some due to the inconvenience of climbing the pedestrian bridge, others because they are in too much of a hurry to bother about their own safety. But a good number of people avoid the pedestrian bridge because of the many beggars that can be found there littered on its path.

The beggars colonized the bridge more than ten years ago and have turned the place their permanent begging ground leaving only a small path through their middle for at most two people to pass comfortably side by side. Beggars of all religions flock this place; the crippled, the blind, the deaf and dumb and a few charlatans who have no physical impediment but who disguise themselves to look destitute in order to squeeze off a dime from unsuspecting passers-by. It is also a hunting ground for pick-pockets.

I once passed that bridge when I was running an errand for my boss three years ago. I had taken my parcel and gotten to the Express, taken one look at the pedestrian bridge afar off and was going to risk crossing the road on foot when a traffic official sternly warned me not to try it. I had heaved a sigh of resignation and trudged a few hundred feet to where the bridge was teeming with people. I climbed up the steel steps, trying to ignore the hot rays of the sun beating down on my already sweating forehead as I shaded my eyes with my free hand. I had climbed to the top of the bridge and was about walking across when I saw...

The beggars were sitting in a scattered row on each side of the bridge. Essentially to get past them, one had to walk between these two rows. One had to also walk past thier row of empty tin plates, beseeching voices and outstretched hands, and it took a certain amount of bravado and nonchalance to not drop anything into any of the plates. Most people mustered up this nonchalance quite well and many a prayer was met with a cold shoulder and an increased pace in footsteps. A few people however stopped to dip their hands in their pockets and spare some change for the beggars. And it was from these people I saw one of the most amazing visions I had ever seen in my life.

As each of these people gave, their guardian angels manifested beside them in a flash of bright light only I could see. Beings clad in shimmering gold garments with wings of purest white manifested beside their wards in an instant. These angels would stretch out their hands in return and collect parcels of silver light from the guardian angels of the beggars. I never could see what was in this parcel but I knew the parcels of light were blessings. No matter how little the giver gave, no matter how it was given, a quick spiritual exchange was made between angels as gifts were given back to them. I had walked some distance and then stood stock still in the middle of the bridge, awed by the sight of so many flashes of gold and silver lights as the angels came and went. I found myself surrounded by givers, receivers and angels alike, and for a while I quite forgot where I was until someone bumped into me, swearing under his breath. The vision disappeared; I apologized and turned to continue on my way when I saw him staring at me.

He sat there in his own filthy corner of the bridge, an elderly man surrounded by dirty brown tattered rags. His face was dirty brown as well, and filled with wrinkles. His beard was a dirty grey colour and his teeth were mostly rotten and black. Below him swarmed his agbada, a flowing brown mass of clothing, wrapping the rest of his lean body up like a poorly packaged item.
And his eyes were white and opaque.

I looked down at his placard as I passed him to read his ailment. Sure enough, he was a blind beggar. But the way he looked at me with those eyes was as if he could see me, and he smiled and nodded knowingly as I passed. I walked a short distance and turned back and saw as a passerby drop something into his outstretched palm.

“Bless you, my son.” He said to the person.

There was a flash of light and I saw a guardian angel appear beside him. But this guardian angel offered nothing. Instead it left the blind beggar’s side and accompanied the young man who had just given. It called forth the young man’s guardian angel and began ministering to it until the man’s guardian angel glowed with strength. Then the angel went to the young man himself and wrapped him with his wings for a short while. Every spiritual mark on the man’s body, ever scar, hurt, chain, disappeared. The man stood up straighter and looked younger, like a lot of weight had been lifted from his shoulders. I gasped audibly, enough to elicit strange stares from people around me. A young lady passing by also gave something to the blind beggar and the manifestation repeated itself. The bling beggar had then turned to me, smiled again and mouthed the words

I see you

I had quickly turned and hurried away to continue my errand.

On a few occasions I had returned back to the pedestrian bridge and each time I saw the same event occurring, reality bending as the beggars and the old blind man in particular rendered out services in the other realm. The blind beggar would look up at me out of those opaque physically unseeing eyes and smile and I would smile back. We never spoke, only exchanged the occasional nod of recognition.


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Re: The Tarnished Ones by dawno2008(m): 10:29pm On Dec 01, 2020
Thinking of going to that bridge right now,I can really do with some angelic hugging and realignment and rebooting in my life grin
Thanks Mr Royver for the update and heads up cool


Re: The Tarnished Ones by Konphido(m): 11:28pm On Dec 01, 2020
Thanks for the update, Royver...

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Re: The Tarnished Ones by EkoroPrince(m): 10:47pm On Dec 02, 2020
Boss, I'm with you here. I have been following this story for years now. And I could have missed it cus the name kind of changed. 'I see things others do not see' that's the name I know the story with. This particular work gave and still gives me insight on what that is happening around me. Sincerely, I see things others do not see, all thanks to this spiritual work. Thumbs up, and remain blessed. More updates please...


Re: The Tarnished Ones by Nimen(m): 9:30am On Dec 05, 2020
thanks for the mention Royver I'm in for this ride.
Re: The Tarnished Ones by Royver(m): 1:20pm On Dec 05, 2020
Today however I was determined to have a word with him. I had packed a small backpack containing some change of clothes, toiletries, and a bible. I cleaned up the apartment as best as I could and left, locking the door behind me. I had made up my mind that I wouldn’t return home without Nina. And thus determined, I set out.

It was close to 3pm when I finally reached the bridge. Traffic had been terrible and by the time I got there I was sweating, irritable but undeterred. I climbed up the stairs, hoping desperately that he wasn't absent for any reason. The beggars were at their usual spots, praying and chanting and singing hymns. I walked past them determinedly, not pausing for a moment to spare any change, and sure enough he was there, pleading for alms as usual. I took a deep breath and approached.

As my shadow fell over him he paused momentarily, not turning towards me, but more seemingly lost in thought. Tired of waiting for him to notice me, I slipped a new thousand naira note into his begging bowl.

He grunted and felt in the bowl for the money even though it had barely made any sound. He picked it up and finally turned towards me, a blank expression on his face.

"Bless you my son." He said. "Let us hope that it is that simple."

Before I could ask what he was talking about, a slice of light ripped through the air and a guardian angel appeared. It walked towards me momentarily and then stood, hesitating. Then it bent and whispered into the old beggar’s ear. The beggar smiled and nodded and the angel disappeared.

“You do not need my help, brother.” He said, his voice hoarse. "Not this way."

“But I do, I do need your help.” I replied desperately. “I am at my wit’s end. Please, I’ll give you more money.”

The moment I said it I realised I had made a mistake and I knew why the angel had retreated. I was trying to buy thier help. The beggar looked up at me with those white physically useless eyes and his face was filled with disgust.

“God’s gifts are not for sale.” He replied, turning away. I bent down and quickly grabbed his arm. He turned back to me as people began to stop and stare.

"I apologise, my approach....I didn't think."

"You thought, 'give the poor blind man some money and he will sell his blessings to you,' right?" He sighed. "Real blessings cannot be bought."

"Then will threats do?" Rumbled Chukwudi the Stronger through me. To my shock and consternation the man sniggered and tapped my forehead lightly. "Threaten away inner one. It will do you no good.You are going about this the wrong way, Chukwudi. You won’t find the girl if you go about it like this.”

I caught my breath. He knew my name! More importantly he knew about Nina! I grabbed him tighter by the arm and his face took on a perplexed and slightly alarmed look. I relaxed my grip.

“I’m so sorry sir, please forgive me...er...us... I’m not behaving properly at all.” I let go of him completely and knelt before him, ignoring the stares from passers-by. “Please help me find her. I’ll do anything you ask.”

“Are you kneeling?” He chuckled. “People will be staring at you.”

“I don’t care sir. Please help me.” I repeated.

He stared in my direction for what seemed an eternity, his opaque eyes appearing to bore into my very soul.

“Alright, alright. Help me up.” He said at last and attempted standing. I held him by the waist and assisted him to his feet. I heard his old joints pop and creak as he put his weight on them.

“Let us go to my place. We can discuss more freely there.”


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Re: The Tarnished Ones by Royver(m): 1:48pm On Dec 05, 2020
The beggar’s residence was a hostel for the homeless built by the Lagos state government many years ago. A row of ten single rooms with three toilets built adjacent to the rooms gave the structure of the building an “L” shape. As we passed by the toilets the stink of urine and feces assaulted my nostrils. I held my breath and led the blind beggar through the hallway to his room which was the third in the row. He stretched out his hand to the door and pushed it. It wasn’t locked and swung open quite easily.

“How do you manage to get home by yourself?” I asked, glancing through the room and taking note of the single foam mattress and stool that made up the whole furnishing of the room. The blind beggar laughed.

“Esilios shows me the way. He is my guardian angel. Also I have my trusty walking stick.” He felt his way to the mattress and sat down. “But most of the time I get home through acts of human kindness; a bus conductor, a charitable stranger, or a street urchin. It is preferable I get home that way as I can then bless more people.”

"Why would someone with your, em, gifts, stay in a place like this?" I asked. "Surely you can bless yourself to get a little money, maybe afford better conditions..."

"The vanities of life are a distraction from what lies ahead, my son." He smiled. "The bible says the Son of Man had nowhere to lay his head, not that he couldn't afford it, but it may have distracted him from his mission. The vanities of this world will crumble soon enough."

"I see..." I said. But he saw my hesitation and smiled.

"And yes, I know you can see the chains binding my feet and held by my own hands...I may also be punishing myself for deeds done in the past...but that does not concern you. What concerns you now is this girl with the giant wings whose face I cannot see. I suppose she is missing?"

I nodded. “So you have the gift of sight…”

“Just like you do, my son.” He frowned. “Just that it seems you hardly ever use yours.”

I coughed uncomfortably.

“You could be great, my son. You could be a Pastor or a Seer…”

“No thanks.” I replied hastily. “I just want to live my life free of any hassle.”

“And how is that working out for you?” He chuckled and motioned for me to sit down. “You still seem to be getting into a lot of trouble.”

The time now was 4pm. It had taken almost an hour to get to his place on foot. He had insisted on walking and honestly I was a little worn out. I sat on the stool, testing its strength gingerly before putting my whole weight on it. It creaked a little and was still.

“You have a lot of growing up to do son.” The Beggar said, and stretching forward touched my chest with his hand. “Both parts of you.”

I felt Chukwudi the Stronger stir within me “Tell him that we are looking for our friend.” he began, but the beggar put his hands to his lips and Chukwudi the Stronger fell silent. The beggar sat on the bare floor and crossed his legs, muttering something that sounded like a prayer. Then he touched my forehead.

There was a bright flash of light and I suddenly saw myself in the room in my mind where Chukwudi the Stronger resided. Only this time the beggar was there with us. And his eyes were not opaque but fully opened, full of life and shining bright. He was regally dressed in flowing white robes embroidered with gold designs and magnificently adorned with gold and silver necklaces and bracelets.

“How…How are you here?” I gasped, looking around the imaginary room in my mind. Chukwudi the Stronger stood beside me, his eyes narrowed and alert. The beggar smiled at the both of us.

“Greetings once more. You are in a trance of sorts.” The beggar replied throwing his now golden robes around him. “I needed to talk to both your personalities."

“Who are you?” I asked as he conjured up a seat in my mind and sat down.

“My name is Thomas. And a long time ago I could see as well as you do. But then I used my Sight for evil and was punished for it. I spend the rest of my days now paying for my mistake, blessing those who deem it fit to seek my blessing.”

“We need your help Sir.” Chukwudi the Stronger sat beside him boldly. “Our friend has been taken and we have no idea who they are or what they want from her.”

“Your vision did not lend you a clue?”

“No manifestations whatsoever,” I replied. I sat down too as we all faced each other.

“It is like my powers were completely neutralized.” Chukwudi the Stronger said.

“They still are; I haven’t been able to use my Sight even with his return.” I said, gesturing at Chukwudi the Stronger. "The chains you spoke about binding you, your real regalia...I didn't see any of it just now. The last time something like this happened there was a ring, but so far I haven't come across anything like that this time."

“I see.” Thomas replied. “Stand up, Id”

The Stronger and I looked at each other and then back at Thomas.

“I mean you sir.” Thomas said, pointing at Chukwudi the Stronger.

“My name is Chukwudi the Stronger.” He replied.

“A name is not to be used carelessly, especially an Id’s name.” Thomas chided. “From henceforth he shall call you his Id. Your name can be used to summon you and from what I am seeing it has happened already.”

“I don’t understand.” Chukwudi the Stronger and I said in unison. Thomas smiled.

“You both need a lot of growing up to do. Let me demonstrate.”

With that Thomas stood up, took a few steps back and his eyes began to blaze fire as his soft features hardened and his face suddenly became fierce.

“Chukwudi the Stronger, Arise!” He commanded.

To my surprise, Chukwudi the Stronger bolted up from his seat, back straight, arms at his sides like a robot. He gasped in consternation.

“Come here Chukwudi the Stronger!” Thomas boomed.

“I…I cannot…resist!” Chukwudi the Stronger said as he began to walk unwillingly towards Thomas.
“Hey, what are you doing?” I yelled, jumping from my seat. Thomas stretched a palm towards me and thick vines materialized and wrapped around me until I was immobilized. “Stop this!” I shouted again, straining hard against the vine which only got tighter.

"Don't struggle." Thomas mocking voice reverberated round my mind. "It is already over."


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Re: The Tarnished Ones by oluwadabira222(m): 2:24pm On Dec 05, 2020
Tanks for the update bro!

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Re: The Tarnished Ones by oluwadabira222(m): 3:54pm On Dec 05, 2020
Cc divepen and obinnau,seems the OP has been ban by spambot.and his second update has been deleted, pls kindly unban him and restore his second update thanks in advance!


Re: The Tarnished Ones by hottadiva(f): 4:43pm On Dec 05, 2020

Send me private message and I will have it delivered to your address.

Can I also get it ? Pleeeeeeaaaaasssssssssseeee

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Re: The Tarnished Ones by hottadiva(f): 5:05pm On Dec 05, 2020
Totally blown away.
Welldone Royver.
Eagerly waiting for the next update

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Re: The Tarnished Ones by Royver(m): 6:06pm On Dec 05, 2020
Cc divepen and obinnau,seems the OP has been ban by spambot.and his second update has been deleted, pls kindly unban him and restore his second update thanks in advance!

Thanks man! I appreciate smiley I no know wetin I do spambot
Re: The Tarnished Ones by Royver(m): 6:07pm On Dec 05, 2020

Can I also get it ? Pleeeeeeaaaaasssssssssseeee

Yes of course. Just send me a pm with your address and you can have all my published works smiley

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Thanks man! I appreciate smiley I no know wetin I do spambot
no mind them na overwork dey worry dem!
Re: The Tarnished Ones by Konphido(m): 8:46pm On Dec 05, 2020
Gengen oh...
Double wahala.
Re: The Tarnished Ones by Ofez(m): 12:02am On Dec 06, 2020
bro, i sent u a mail, pls try and reply
Re: The Tarnished Ones by Royver(m): 5:44am On Dec 06, 2020
bro, i sent u a mail, pls try and reply

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Re: The Tarnished Ones by Ofez(m): 6:28am On Dec 06, 2020
[quote author=Royver post=
Done. didnt see any messagd, ofeoritsem@gmail.com
Re: The Tarnished Ones by spicyuzo(m): 3:00pm On Dec 06, 2020
What's happening, are the Chukwudis seeking help from the one who is their enemy in the first place?
Keep up the good work sir Royver


Re: The Tarnished Ones by littleguy444: 3:10pm On Dec 06, 2020
I don't know why chukwudi doesn't want to settle down to help people, he keeps coming up with the same flimsy excuse that he wants to live a normal life.But as far as his sight is concerned he is far from normal and the earlier he realizes that the better it is for him.


Re: The Tarnished Ones by Kaycee9242(m): 3:38pm On Dec 07, 2020
Nice one op, hope Chukwudi dem have not made a grave mistake
Re: The Tarnished Ones by Ice4jez(m): 4:55pm On Dec 07, 2020
Bros I need ur books , even dis one , I stay far north , but if u stay in Lagos , it’s cool also . Olaleyeojeyinka@gmail.com


Re: The Tarnished Ones by Royver(m): 5:42am On Dec 12, 2020
By now Chukwudi the Stronger was standing beside Thomas. Thomas seemed to be looking for something on his body, then called his name again, commanding him to turn around. All the muscles in Chukwudi the Stronger’s body bulged in protest but he turned around all the same until he was backing the two of us.

“You won’t get away with this!” I shouted and my body began to catch fire. The vines squirmed against the heat and loosened a bit. A surprised look came over Thomas' face as he observed me, and then he smiled. It was a most unexpected, carefree smile that took the anger and flames out of me immediately.

“You have nothing to fear Chukwudi.” He said, genially. “I was only trying to demonstrate the power of a name. And also to show you this!” He pointed at Chukwudi the Stronger’s back.

Right there, in between Chukwudi the Stronger’s shoulder blades, was an inscription.

“Your id was summoned and imprisoned by a great power. How he escaped at all was a miracle.” Thomas smiled again and made a gesture with his hands and the vines disappeared. “Having said that, you are indeed very strong.”

“What’s going on back there?” Chukwudi the Stronger yelled. “I can’t turn around!”

“Calm down bro.” I replied. “You have something on your back.” I turned to Thomas. “How do we take it off?”

“It’s a simple but clever spell.” Thomas replied. “Finding it was the hard part.” He placed his hand over the inscription and made the sign of the cross on it and the inscription disappeared. “You are free to go, Chukwudi the Stronger.”

Chukwudi the Stronger suddenly fell forward, free what whatever bond had held him. He got to his feet, muttering angrily, then turned and saw Thomas’ calm face. He shook his head and chuckled.

“That was one heck of a lesson sir.”

“Ah, but the lesson is not over.” Thomas’s eyes blazed again and he commanded, “Chukwudi the Stronger, come to me!”

Chukwudi the Stronger looked at him, then at me. “Nothing is happening this time.”

Thomas relaxed. “Good. Lesson complete. You’re Chukwudi’s id and you will be addressed as such from now on.”

“Sir, yes sir!” Chukwudi threw a mock salute.

Thomas chuckled and motioned for my id to sit and he obeyed. I sat down too, eager to learn more.

“You should be concerned.” Thomas noted. “Someone else knows you id’s name besides you.

“Well, yes, my Dad knows him. He named him in fact.” I said.
Thomas turned to me sharply. “And that is the last time you will proffer such information without duress.” He scolded.

“Yes Sir.” I replied quietly.

“Do you have any issues with your father? Could he have done this to you?”

“What? No!” I exclaimed. “My dad knows nothing about this, I’m sure. From the explanation you’ve given, he was the one who rescued Chukwudi the Stronger in the first place by calling him forth.”

“Alright then, someone else knows the name and can use it to neutralize your id at any time.”

Thomas replied. “You have to be vigilant.”

“Okay, now that the inscription is gone, my gift should be fully back right? Can I return to the scene of the crime, find out if I’ll be able to pick up something?” I asked.

Thomas shook his head.

“I doubt if that would be a good idea. The spell activated as soon as you entered the place your friend was kidnapped. It would simply suck your id out again. Even if you were able to resist it, it would alert the one who set it up. I suggest you go through another route.”

And so saying Thomas stood up and clapped his hands twice.



Re: The Tarnished Ones by Royver(m): 5:58am On Dec 12, 2020

Suddenly we were back in the blind beggar Thomas’ room again. I jumped from the stool, startled, and it fell over and clattered on the floor. The blind beggar was before me again, his opaque eyes glistening in the evening sun, his tattered rags swathed around him.

“The person that took your friend is very powerful. He was prepared to render your powers of sight utterly useless, and he succeeded. This isn’t a foe you want to face without being prepared yourself.” Thomas said.

“I’ve faced something like that before.” I said, remembering Jenny and the Revealer ring, “Rings that suppress my ability to see.”

“This is nothing as trivial.” Thomas insisted. "This person was able to keep your id at bay for…how long did you say? Two days without any contact with you.”

“Whatever it is, we…my id and I… can handle it.”

Thomas sighed.

“You have to take this very serious Chukwudi. The people you are after know about you and might guess you are coming.”

“Okay I’ve taken the hint.” I replied. “Things are going to be pretty serious from here on in. So what do I do? Because either way I’m still going after her.”

“There could be a way of investigating her apartment without involving you directly. That would be a start.” He suggested.

“Okay, and how do you suppose we do that? Can you work some magic there as well?”

“I don’t do magic.” Thomas replied with a wistful smile. “At least not any more. But she does.”

He pointed behind me and I turned around.

Standing behind us was a very old woman. She was short and fat and wrinkly all over. Her eyes were both glazed over with cataracts and judging from the way she stared vacantly into space she was blind as well. I jumped, wondering how and when she had entered into the room. She showed no sign of acknowledging my shocked reaction but spoke to Thomas like I wasn’t even there.

“Is he ready?” Her voice sounded old and cracked but strict reminding me of a headmistress.

“Yes Madam Balle.”

“He looks easily frightened though,” She eyed me disdainfully. I guess she wasn’t so blind after all and I shuffled my feet, embarrassed.

“He is stronger than he knows.” Thomas smiled. “I think he can handle it.”

“Very well,” She turned to me. “Sit.”

I sat down on the stool but one stern glance from her and I removed the stool from under me and sat on the floor. I noticed there was a circle drawn in chalk around where we stood and without being told I sat inside the circle. She joined me in a comfortable looking squat and began mumbling some incantations. Thomas sat as well but behind me and outside the circle. I turned warily to Thomas who nodded encouragingly.

“She can channel your energy.” He said by way of explanation. “She will see what we can’t. This process can drive a normal person mad as it will involve the total invasion of your mind.”

“Isn’t that what you just did?” I queried and Thomas smiled.

“I simply entered your mind. Madam Balle here will find your memory of your friend’s place and then use that memory to take you there now. It’s like being in two places at once and can be very disconcerting. But I’m sure you can handle it.”

“But, how did she come into the room?” I asked.

“Shush!” Madam Balle hissed sternly. “Pay attention. Concentrate on the day in question.”

I pressed my lips together and was quiet. I began to think of Nina’s room.

Madam Balle muttered some more incantations and started to weave back and forth, and the incantations got louder. All of a sudden Madam Balle cried out and grasped me by the hand. I felt a jolt like an electric spark had gone straight to my brain. The pain was excruciating and I thought I was going to lose consciousness.


We were standing in Nina’s room. It was dimly lit, and the atmosphere had a certain cloudiness as if something like a veil covered the whole room. Madam Balle stood beside me, silent and still; then she stretched her hand forward and made a cutting movement through the air and the veil came apart. Everything became clear and bright. I felt hot and cold at the same time and all my hair seemed to stand on end. I could feel that I was still sitting on Thomas’ dirty floor while standing in Nina’s room at the same time. The room was well lit up now and scattered as I saw it that day. Then as Madam Balle clapped her hands a cloud covered the vision and cleared and the room came into view again only this time I could see Nina had just arranged it, her clothes laid out neatly on the bed. It was a wine red dinner gown with matching shoes and a purse.

“This was before I got here,” I whispered. “How come-”

“Silence!” She hissed again. “Use your Sight. See.”

I shrugged and concentrated. And slowly the room came to life. The radio came on, playing a popular tune and the sweet smell of Nina’s perfume filled the air.

“Awesome.” I whispered.

Nina came in from the bathroom, putting finishing touches on her makeup. I averted my eyes as she put on a matching set of polka-dotted black and white bra and underwear and approached the bed to put on the gown. Madam Balle sighed irritably and drew my face back to continue watching. There was this smile on Nina’s face that made my heart melt. I hadn’t seen her in so long and now here she stood before me, although I knew instinctively that this was just an illusion, she could neither see nor hear me. Through the powers of Madam Balle I was watching an event that had already taken place.

I watched as she slowly put on her dress, taking care to smooth out any rough edges. I saw her put on her wristwatch and glance at the time in alarm, realizing she was going to be late. She put on her shoes and put some items in her purse. She looked around the room once more to make sure everything was in place when suddenly there was a knock on the room door and she glanced up.

Everything happened so fast. Since I seemed to be able to only see what was happening in this room I didn’t know how the intruders had gained access into her apartment. One moment she was looking up in alarm, the next moment two hefty looking men dressed in t-shirts and jeans barged into her room and attacked her. Both men were bald and their jaws were set and their faces mean-looking. She screamed and tried to get past them and out of the room but they pushed her back instead. She fell over the bed and hit her head hard on the tiled floor, sustaining a cut on her forehead that began to bleed profusely. I shouted and moved forward but I couldn’t touch her, couldn’t make contact. I was like a ghost in the room, they couldn’t see me and I couldn’t touch them. I shouted in indignation as they rushed at her again and she made wild efforts to avoid them, striking out with her purse and kicking viciously, but it was hopeless. They managed to subdue her and one of the men pinned her arms behind her back while the other covered her mouth with one hand and with the other hand brought out a small bottle from a pouch in his waist. He opened it and poured the contents of the bottle in her face and she began to gag and sneeze violently. Gradually her body became limp and she soon stopped struggling.

I watched in horror as they proceeded to bind her hand and foot and stuffed a piece of cloth in her mouth to stop her from screaming should she suddenly gain consciousness. Then one of the men hefted her unto his shoulder like she was a rag doll and the two men exited the room.

I was about turning my eyes away in despair from the whole scene when I saw further movement and another man entered the room. This man was much older than the others and wore a simple brown and red patterned attire with amulets round his neck and beads on his waist. From his chin hung a well-groomed majestic silver beard and for some reason a shiver went through my spine. He brought out something that looked like powdered chalk and blew it into the air around the room. Then I heard a voice from the parlour. It wasn’t clear but the elderly man answered.

“It is done. Even he with all his gift of Sight won’t be able to see through the obfuscating charm. It should buy us a few days.”

I cocked my ears eagerly to catch the other end of the conversation but again was only able to hear murmurings and the reply from the elderly man.

“Do not worry; let your money work for you. I assure you in the next five days all would have been accomplished and you will finally have your revenge. The gifted boy will see nothing.”

So these people actually knew who I was! They knew about my abilities and apparently had come prepared just like I had suspected. What were they intending to do in the next three days, seeing that I had already let two days slip by?

The elderly man with the amulets continued to blow the chalk and mutter incantations.

Suddenly he looked in our direction. He stopped what he was doing and approached where we stood. It seemed…it seemed he could actually see us! He walked up to us, stretched his hand out to touch us but his hand went right through. I stood stock still and held my breath, wondering if I should do anything. But the elderly man waved his hands once or twice and decided whatever it was that had piqued his interest wasn’t worth investigating. He turned his back to us and continued his processes.

Then he paused.

“Just in case…” he whispered, and then turning around suddenly and plucking an amulet from his neck, he flung it to the floor. It fell directly in front of Madam Balle.

Madam Balle suddenly lost her concentration and stared down at her feet in horror. The amulet was on the ground right where she stood. As we both watched, green smoke emitted from it and the fumes wound round Madam Balle who shrieked and tried to move away but she was stuck firmly to the ground. She struggled more frantically but the more she did, the more the green smoke engulfed her feet and found its way up to her waist and torso. She looked up and tried to tell me something but I couldn’t hear her. However I could see the fear and urgency in her eyes. I put my hand to my side and sure enough, my manifested sword was there and my hands closed on its hilt. I pulled it out swiftly and with one wild swing, struck at the amulet with all my might. There was an explosion and a loud ringing in my ears and suddenly we were back in Thomas’ room and Madam Balle started to collapse. I grabbed her just in time and set her gently on the bed.

“What happened?” Thomas asked in alarm. “Why did she scream?!”

“I don’t know!” I replied, as Madam Balle began to convulse. “We were in this trance and the next thing this old guy throws an amulet down and she panicked!”

Thomas gasped and felt about frantically in his swarm of clothes. He pulled out a bottle with an oily liquid and stretched out his hand.

“I can’t see her! Place my hand on her forehead! Quickly!” He shouted. I grabbed his hand and guided it to the old woman’s forehead and he immediately started muttering some prayer and poured the contents of the bottle on her head.

Immediately the convulsions ceased and the old woman’s breath came back in short gasps.

But still there was something wrong.

She grabbed Thomas’ hand and dragged the beggar down to her side until his ear was just against her mouth.

“Egbegradudu…” she whispered.

Thomas stiffened.

“Egbegradudu…he was there…knew I would come with the boy…foresaw…”

“He set a trap?” Thomas asked

But the woman didn’t answer. Her eyes stared vacantly into the distance.

I stood up suddenly in shock as her hand fell limp at her side.

She was dead.

I backed up against the wall as a sob escaped Thomas’ lips and he hugged the body of this strange woman I had barely known but who had sacrificed so much for me.

“What…what happened?” I asked, aghast at what had just occurred.

Thomas was silent for a while as he stroked the lifeless body’s forehead sadly. Then-

“Go home boy. Forget this woman you seek. She is lost.”


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Re: The Tarnished Ones by littleguy444: 10:15am On Dec 12, 2020
now this is getting more interesting.
Re: The Tarnished Ones by daddio(m): 10:35am On Dec 12, 2020
Hmm, getting more interesting. Thanks.

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